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Author Topic: "I'm from the Word of Blake - we're here to help"  (Read 1669 times)

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"I'm from the Word of Blake - we're here to help"
« on: 13 September 2012, 13:50:12 »
...I've been coming up with some ideas for fiction for a while, to add to my New Clans project.  This one stuck in my head, and I couldn't help jotting down a rough framework for it.  I'll be putting something down later, but for now, I'd like to introduce the premises behind it.

Basically, ComStar has always been technologically advanced, suffering few of the 'misfortunes' they arranged for others.  One of the most dangerous intelligence agencies in the human universe, ROM authorized a series of experiments designed to complement the development of brainwashing techniques that made ROM operatives so fanatical and effective.  The project, code-named Picasso, took place in several phases.

First, researchers identified the root causes of several of the most severe psychosis, including multiple personality disorder, psychopathy, and several varieties of autism, particulary savant syndrome.  Over decades of study, chemical and environmental triggers were identified.

Second, a pool of subjects began to undergo experimentation.  The creation of many forms of mental illness studied by the Picasso researchers confirmed a great many theories - in particular, a great deal of the mysteries behind savant syndrome were explained.

...Sorry, have to log off for a bit, brb.  Next, the conclusion.
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