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Author Topic: Super Short Stories: The Scorpion and the Cage  (Read 1188 times)


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Super Short Stories: The Scorpion and the Cage
« on: 24 January 2015, 03:32:57 »
[Author]  Been way too long since I've felt like doing this.  So feel free to tell me it is crap.  :P  My longer term plan is to eventually start writing about characters I've wanted to use in A Time of War games simply because I've realized the only way I'm going to get a return on the investment I've put in them is to write about them instead.  That said though I'm going to warm up with a favorite of mine that I have used in the past and have actually evolved quite a bit from his early days.  [/Author]

Sometime before the Wars of Reaving
An empty Warehouse
unnamed inhabited system just Rimward of Clan Space.

Why Yeh stared out the window of the barely lit office he found himself in.  All he could see outside were ghosts of the past.  Cities burning, those he had lost in combat, and of course the numerous more he had killed in combat.  Reflecting on the past was nothing new for Why Yeh, or even other warriors of Clan Goliath Scorpion but many had told him he had elevated it to an art form.

The door behind him opened with a searing light from the hallway.

"They have come." A large female shape in a technician's uniform broke the silence.

"I knew they would.  A trueborn warrior of my age speaking the uncomfortable truth about our ways could only end one way."  Why Yeh smiled.

His travels as a Seeker had exposed him to a lot of philosophies and view points that other trueborn warriors would never dare to entertain, let alone examine for the truth.

"The terrible truth is the Clans have become focused on the wrong things and this has resulted in them becoming so inflexible that a great tragedy is now unavoidable.  You are sure my writings are safe?"  Why Yeh broke his reflection.

"Yes.  Enough copies have been distributed that I doubt even ROM could find and eradicate them all."  The technician answered.

"Good.  Time to meet my fate.  I'll keep them occupied as long as I can but you better get to the landing pad."

The technician stepped over to Why Yeh and kissed him.

"I know it has to be this way but I still don't want to accept that."  Breaking the kiss she stroked the scar running down his face.

"I know and I also know you understand the work I began must be finished someday and you have to survive this to see that it is."  Why Yeh slowly broke away from the technician.

As Why Yeh walked down the hallway the silence almost became unbearable.  It forced him to think back on what he had written and how so much of it came from particularly powerful visions induced by partaking of necrosia.  Despite the influence he found those particular works to be his most profound and bearing the most truth.

"Well I don't know how many of you it will take but at least now I know how many you'll be using.  Well come on then.  I'll die of old age if you keep just standing there."  Why Yeh said as he stepped into the warehouse storage area.

near the warehouse
unnamed inhabited planet

Sasha looked at the noteputer she was carrying.  All she could think about was the carefully hidden instructions for her on the noteputer.  She still didn't know who these people were but they would get her to the Inner Sphere where she would finish Why Yeh's great work.  Somehow they had convinced the Clanners who had come to extinguish the threat that was Why Yeh and his "treasonous" philosophy to grant them safecon.

Fortunately being a freeborn technician allowed her to slip in with this group with no difficulty.  She was glad of that as she knew if they had found her with Why Yeh they would have killed her too.

The shudder of liftoff and transfer to space seemed to take forever as Sahsa pressed into her seat.  Once it smoothed out time quickly began to blur together during the trip to the waiting Jumpship.

After having settled into a routine the first jump seemed to finally come in a snap.  Then feeling safe she finally opened the protected file.

"Well this will keep me busy you crazy old codger."  Sasha half smiled.