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Author Topic: Alternate History for the Successor States  (Read 2013 times)


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Alternate History for the Successor States
« on: 29 May 2014, 14:34:48 »
While reading the this (,38789.0.html) thread, I started thinking about a potential redesign of Battletech as a whole.  This thought experiment morphed into and idea for an alternate history for each of the Successor States.
Here are the rules I gave myself, the Successor States, as of the end of the 4th Succession War, must remain the same in name, leadership, and technology.  I was allowed to change their political structure to make them more "authentic", and I was able to elaborate on personalization options each state would use with their existing technology.  I tried to keep historic events (such as the Kentares Massacre) in tact, so any new cultural or political changes wouldn't have affected the actions of the Successor States.

Here is what I came up with:
Draconis Combine:
Government: Shogunate
With the rise of the Terran Hegemony, the traditional powers (monarchs and mega-corporations) of Terra became fearful of losing power.  As such many took the great risk of colonizing new worlds outside the Terran Space.  One such monarch was the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan.  Over the following decades, military warlords started to gain influence and power throughout the Draconis region of the Colonies.  Seeing the diminishing significance of their Imperial Authority, the Chrysanthemum Throne decided to revive a traditional government model from their past.  The Emperor asked Shiro Kurita to become his Shogun, and build a new empire, the Draconis Combine.  Shiro was good on his word and quickly subjected his neighbours.   Through out the history of the Draconis Combine there have been 3 Shogunates, The First Kurita Shogunate, The Von Rohrs Shogunate, and the Second Kurita Shogunate. 
The Draconis Combine is broken into several military districts.  Each district is ruled by a Daimyo that swears loyalty to the Shogun and the Emperor.  The Shogun in turn rules the Draconis Combine on behalf of the Emperor.  When the current Shogun dies, his successor asks for the Emperor's favour, if he gets it, the new Shogun is declared.  Otherwise the Daimyos vie for the Emperor's favour, usually leading to civil war.  The Daimyos are served by several Samurai and members of the ISF.  They make up the backbone of the DCMS.  While the Shogun has his own personal Samurai he can call upon as a Daimyo, he also commands, on behalf of the Emperor, the Imperial Army.  This army includes the most elite Samurai in the DCMS, and the order of the 5 Pillars.
Draconis society values skill and tactics over technology.  As a result the DCMS tends to use battle tested equipment that, in the hands of a skilled warrior, will have a major impact on the results of a battle.  Swords, SRM, Gauss Rifles, and Autocannons are common weapons.  Light, specialized armour with MASC equipment is favoured over heavier armour.  Most Mechs and vehicles are customized to meet the unique tactics of the DCMS.  Where possible, the DCMS prefers hand made equipment over mass produced equipment due to the higher attention to skill over accessibility.

Lyran Commonwealth
Government: Mercantile Feudalism
With the rise of the Terran Hegemony, the traditional powers (monarchs and mega-corporations) of Terra became fearful of losing power.  As such many took the great risk of colonizing new worlds outside the Terran Space.  Several of the most powerful mega-corporations of Terra saw the policies of the Terran Hegemony stifle their ability to make profit and force political change.  As such they moved their headquarters to what is now Lyran space.  Unshackled by government oversight and regulation, these mega-corporations quickly turned on each other leading to hostile takeovers, and corporate buyouts.  In the end the Steiner Corporation soon controlled a majority share in every corporation in Lyran space.  A system of subsidiaries was setup to administer the minor details of Lyran society.  As time progressed this corporate structure became feudal in nature, with prominent families (like the Steiners), taking and keeping positions of government.
The Lyran Commonwealth is broken into administrative districts.  Each district is controlled by a subsidiary corporation which is directly responsible for economic growth throughout the region.  All Lyran Corporations operate throughout the Commonwealth, and into other neighbouring states. 
As corporations, the Lyrans try to reduce risk where possible.  As such the LCAF prefers non-combative solutions to issues over combative solutions, and they prefer to maximize damage to an opponent while minimizing friendly casualties.  LRMs, ER Lasers, ER PPC, Autocannons, and Flamers are common weapons deployed by the LCAF.   Lyran mechs tend to be designed for defence over attack, and as such are larger, have more armour, and are slower than other Successor States.