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Author Topic: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)  (Read 303091 times)

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Bridge, LAS Athens (Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser)
Nadir Jump Point, New Avalon System
Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th December 3060

   Archon Katrina (Katherine) Steiner-Davion sat in the rear of the LAS Athens bridge, she was strapped into the chair as the Athens lacked a gravity deck, something she had cursed during this journey, the WarShip had been created in a time when the Lyran Commonwealth (as the Lyran Alliance had been known then) needed a WarShip with no frills, capable of heavy combat, now however it would have been nice to have a gravity deck or two.

   Soon however that would be over the WarShip shuddered as the Compact K-F Drive activated and the WarShip appeared in the New Avalon system, capital of the Federated Suns, her brother’s no her father’s realm.

   “Archon Steiner” Fleet Admiral Lyn Hood asked, she had decided that the Athens made a far better flagship than one of the new Fox-class Corvettes still under construction. ‘Archon-Princess Katrina quietly corrected, technically she would be Archon-Prince if her plan went ahead perfectly.  Since she would be the saviour of the Federated Commonwealth, brining both nations under one leader once more, she could decide on what the title was and perhaps she would make sure all her descendants were Archon-Princesses, male or female, she smiled quietly to herself she liked the idea of her son or daughter being a Princess whatever happened, then again having a son or daughter was a long way off.

   Katrina had been close to three men the first Galen Cox, who had apparently died alongside her mother in a terrorist bombing, although Katrina knew that Galen had survived in Jerrard Cranston, a close friend and advisor to her brother Victor.  The second had been informally Thomas Marik, he had been a friend and confidant before Katherine became Archon of the Lyran Alliance but now Thomas had remarried and was a political rival nothing more.  The third man had been possibly the best, but definitely the most dangerous of the lot, Khan Vladimir Ward of Clan Wolf.  Following her capture by Clan Wolf during a secret mission she was on to speak with the Khans of Clan Smoke Jaguar.  During that encounter she had encountered Khan Vlad Ward and they had come to an arrangement, an arrangement she was running out of time on, they had also become close personally and still exchanged messages secretly each informing the other of potential threats to their rule or respected nation.

   “What is it Fleet Admiral?” Katrina asked breaking from her thoughts, the Fleet Admiral usually allowed her to think alone without disruption.

   “We have entered the New Avalon System, two Federated Suns Fox-class Corvettes are inbound, they will escort us in.”

   “Good, take us in then.”  Katrina said the Athens began to slowly accelerate, then suddenly the seven hundred-and-fifty thousand ton vessel turned strongly to the port.  “What the hell?!”  Katrina screamed as the air was knocked out of her lungs by the suddenly enforced gravity by the move.

   “Report!”  Lyn Hood shouted regaining her feet.

   “Enforced avoidance manoeuvre, mam” the helm officer reported.

   “Kowalski I’ve told you a thousand times its Admiral or Sir not mam.  What were we avoiding?  I don’t see anything out there.”

   “A vessel entering the system, sir” the sensor officer said “It’s a big one too!”

   “The Federated Suns has begun building the Avalon-class Cruiser, could they be miles ahead of schedule and putting on a show for our Archon’s benefit?”

   “Possible, sir, it’s a big one that’s coming in the K-F Frequency makes it as big as us, if not bigger.”

   “The Avalon’s are twenty thousand tons heavier than the Hyperion.”  Hood said remembering the basics of the Avalon-class cruiser as the vessel shimmered into existence “that is no Avalon” she said as the massive eight hundred-and-thirty thousand ton, Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser, Severn Lervoux appeared and began deploying its fighters and DropShips.  “Oh Hell!”  She whispered looking at the massive black vessel “report!” she shouted regaining her composure.

   “Unknown class, unknown configuration, closest Warbook places it is a Avatar-class Cruiser fielded with the first SLDF, the Clanners turned it into the Liberator, but that isn’t no Liberator, sir.”  The sensor analyst said incredibly in control of his emotions Lyn made a mental note to keep an eye on the young officer, he could be one to watch in the future.

   “Multiple contacts, I count four DropShips, two Titans, two Carriers, all are deploying fighters as is the WarShip!”  The second sensor operator “two DropShips a pair of Overlord-Cs still connected to target.”

   “Give me the hard facts” Lyn Hood said looking at her screens wave after wave of Nova Cat fighters were launching from all four DropShips and the WarShip.  She knew that the Titans carried thirty fighters each, the Carriers carried a further ten each that made eighty in total from them alone, double the Athens’ fighter complement of thirty-six fighters and twelve shuttles.  While the two Overlords could be carrying a Cluster of troop each, once the Aerospace Fighters had secured space in the New Avalon System the two Clusters could drop on the planet and cause heavy damage to the defending units and with air supremacy the force could move its WarShips into orbit and bombard Avalon City into dust without cause of concern.

   “One WarShip, bigger than us.  Four Deployed DropShips, to our none.  And thirteen stars of fighters giving them one hundred-and-thirty fighters when fully deployed and ready to fight to our thirty-six, still in the tubes.  Both Foxes are six minutes away at top speed.”  Lyn felt her heart drop the WarShip had deployed fifty fighters itself on top of the DropShips’ own complement they were in trouble, hell Lyn didn‘t think they could win this even with both Federated Suns Corvettes and every DropShip civilian or not in the system the enemy WarShip and auxiliary craft were far to powerful.

   “Prepare to deploy all fighters, tell the Corvettes to come in firing.”  Lyn said.

   “Belay that, Helm get us out of her!  Plot an immediate jump clear of the system.”  Katrina said moving into the front area of the bridge “this is not our nation, my brother severed those ties.”

   “Archon…” Lyn said her voice trailing off, the two Overlord-Cs could have two full clusters aboard and if they were elite clan troops then New Avalon would receive a heavy pounding, they could delay them allow the Federated Suns to call in reinforcements.

   “Do it.”  Katrina said, there was total silence in the room “now Admiral or you’re relieved.”  The Fleet Admiral turned back to her crew and gave the order, the Athens shimmered out of the system.

Strategic Planning and War Room
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th December 3060

   Yvonne Steiner-Davion watched as the Athens, with her sister onboard, disappeared and her heart sank.  “Did they just destroy the Athens?”

   “Negative Regent, the Athens jumped away.”  Yvonne curses, ‘always looking for number one’ she’d trusted Katherine to come here to help but it looked as though all she was after was a foothold in Victor’s realm and as soon as it got too hot she ran.  They were alone with two Fox-class Corvettes all that stood between them and an unknown WarShip and whatever forces it brought to bare.  “recall the WarShips to New Avalon and have them co-ordinate with our ground forces aerospace forces.  And order the Recharge Stations to issue their surrender.  Then signal Marshal Jackson Davion, we are going to need his people as soon as we can get them.”  She said, she just hoped the people at Hadrian’s Command had been able to do something with the secrets held there.

   “What’s that WarShip doing?” Admiral Andrea Petin asked, she was in command of the Federated Suns small navy.  She knew that by now a WarShip’s sensors had cleared and they had as good a picture as the people here, if not a better one.  Star League-era technology, which this vessel was of, and Clan technology, the people who probably controlled her, was far better than that available to any of the Succession Lords only ComStar came close and even then in military technology it wasn‘t as close as anyone would like.

   “Nothing Admiral” the sensor operator said after a couple of minutes.

   “They deploy four DropShips and over one hundred fighters then do nothing?  What are they up to?”  Andrea muttered quietly.

   “Send them a message, asking who they are and what they are doing in my system.”  Yvonne said, it was the only thing she could think to do, the WarShip at the jump point could destroy everything the Federated Suns could field and then some without the Lyran WarShip for assistance the Federated Suns needed help or it needed to talk its way out of trouble.
C&C, Severn Lervoux (Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser)
Nadir Jump Point, New Avalon System
Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th December 3060

   The Nova Cat WarShip had briefly detected a large WarShip in the system and feared that the Federated Suns had somehow found a vessel that could challenge the Severn Lervoux, however the vessel had jumped away almost as soon as the Nova Cat DropShips and fighters had launched.  Now both Recharge Stations, all JumpShips and all DropShips anywhere near the jump points had surrendered to the Severn Lervoux almost immediately, it was standard practice in the Inner Sphere for Recharge Stations to survive an assault forces arrival as the force could use the stations to recharge their own JumpShip K-F Drives.  Then they received a message from New Avalon, directly from the Davion Palace, Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion wanted to speak to them.

   Inside the Servern Lervoux’s C3 Centre (Command, Communications and Control Centre), or CIC, which was located deep within the vessel like a modern WarShip with monitors giving clear outside views.  Standing near the central Holo-tank Star Admiral Anders McKenna, the vessel’s commander, turned to Star Colonel Canin Rosse, as commander of the mission, who in turn turned to the two Federated Suns officers at the back of the command centre with two Elemental Guards for security.

   “She is your leader, Captain.”  Canin said signalling for the Federated Suns officer to step forward.

   “Victor is my leader, she is just a Regent” Ross corrected “but she will do for now.”  He said stepping up to comm. system and the Nova Cat tech showed him what to do.  “This is Ross McKinnon, Captain, Commander Fox’s Teeth Company, Seventh Crucis Lancers RCT, Service Number FS10...1997-FT-CL.”  He said just remembering his service number, he hadn’t used it for over a year.  “Regent, you are invited to join us aboard the Severn Lervoux, to begin negotiations for our release and to discuss future relations.”  He said the message was transmitted directly to the Davion palace.  The reply took several minutes to come.

   “Captain, this is Yvonne Steiner-Davion, who controls the vessel you are aboard?”  The Severn Lervoux had yet to be painted up with Nova Cat insignia or colours, the hull was still mostly a deep Star League green although the Cameron Star featured on all SLDF vessels was missing from the Severn Lervoux and all Clan WarShips.

   “I am not at liberty to discuss over an open channel.”  He said although he knew that every succession state had at least one spy on New Avalon it would take time for them to discover it was the Nova Cats, there was no point in telling the entire system who the Severn Lervoux was commanded by.  “Although I can guarantee your safety, and New Avalon’s security, there is no offensive intent here.”  He said as if on cue the Nova Cat fighter’s began to dock with their mother ships, although all four deployed DropShips would remain deployed ready to drop their fighters and one full star of OmniFighters would remain deployed from the Severn Lervoux at all times maintaining a perimeter for security purposes it wouldn‘t be below the Inner Sphere states to ram a WarShip with several DropShips if their WarShips were not up to the task.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Strategic Planning and War Room
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
19th December 3060

   “We believe the Severn Lervoux is a Clan Nova Cat vessel.” Field Marshal Christian Robert McCarthy overall commander of House Davion’s DMI agency.

   “Clan Nova Cat?  Why would you say that?  We are nowhere near a Clan border.”  Yvonne said, she had never even heard of Clan Nova Cat, why was Victor not here now?

   “Before the beginning of the Star League operations against Clan Smoke Jaguar ComStar informed the First Prince that Clan Nova Cat forces were near the Tortuga Dominion.  A few weeks before that we had sent the Fox’s Teeth to the Tortuga Dominion.  We have received no word from the Tortuga Dominions or the Fox’s Teeth since they landed on Tortuga Prime over a year ago.” Christian said continuing his briefing.  “It seems that ComStar may have underestimated how many Nova Cats were in the Periphery we must assume that the Nova Cats are in control of Tortuga.”

   “Or they have signed a pact with the Tortuga Dominions and are planning a strike at our periphery borders.”  Field Marshal Killian Reason, Director of the Department of Strategy and tactics said.

   “Unlikely since they are sitting at New Avalon’s Nadir point after slipping through the entire Crucis March.  Also Clansmen don't deal with Pirates other than with a gun, they barely negotiate with the Inner Sphere.” Major General Stephanie Hoover, Director of Intelligence on the AFFS General Staff said, the others took it on board and there was several moments of silence as they thought about what she had said.  New Avalon was nearly at the centre of the Federated Suns but there had been not one message from any force, listening post or civilian about an unidentified WarShip or even a strange looking JumpShip, moving through the Federated Suns.  “Where is Field Marshal Jackson Davion?”  She asked, Jackson although not a senior member of the High Command was the Commander of the Davion Royal Brigade of Guards, the overall commander of New Avalon’s ground defences and he was family which right now she would like, especially with Katherine running at the first sight of the Severn Lervoux ‘so much for her coming to help me!’ she thought quietly.

   “He is on detached duty from the Davion Guards.”  Yvonne said looking at Christian, he nodded his agreement, there was no point in getting people’s hopes up over Hadrian’s Command.  “So should I go to the Nova Cat vessel?”

   “No, Regent, with your brother still out of the Inner Sphere we cannot afford to loose you.”  Christian said immediately, surprising almost everyone in the room.  “Although, the Nova Cats obviously want to remain anonymous if we were to direct them to pirate point Zulu, it would hide them from all eyes except us.  Then we could invite the Nova Cats here…”  Christian said quietly then waited for the uproar, at least four members of the High Command stood up in protest but Yvonne signalled for them to sit “…if the Nova Cats are talking peace then they come here.  Ross McKinnon is one of the most able young commanders in the AFFS if he believes the Nova Cats then I would be inclined to believe him.  Also there were Rabid Fox troops with the Fox’s Teeth, unless they are dead I do not believe that they would betray us to danger, not that we could resist at present the Severn Lervoux could destroy every space borne vessel we have in system alone without its extensive support assets.”  Christian continued, the rest of the High Command were not looking in his direction favourably but Christian knew that even if Hadrian’s Command paid off they would struggle to defend against the Severn Lervoux, and if the Nova Cats could travel that far inside the Federated Suns with one WarShip why could they not do the same with the rest of their fleet, and the Clans had far more WarShips available then the Inner Sphere states.

C&C, Severn Lervoux (Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser)
Nadir Jump Point, New Avalon System
Crucis March, Federated Suns
19th December 3060

   The commander of the vessel Star Admiral Anders McKenna and the commander of the mission Star Colonel Canin Rosse looked at the command centre Holo-tank examining the co-ordinates the Federated Suns High Command had given them.  At the back if the bridge Ross McKinnon and Rachel Montgomery stood looking at the tank.  “We could be there in two days.  There does not appear to be any space defences in that area” Anders said.

   “Good, it appears they trust us enough to remain in the system but not for their Regent to come up here” Canin said “we‘ll work on that in the next communiqué.”

   “They don’t fully trust you Star Colonel” Rachel said drifting forward, one of the Elemental Marines moved forward with her, the ship’s crew didn’t fully trust the Federated Suns personnel, only Ross and Rachel were allowed off the DropShip.  Canin waved off the marine then Anders followed suit and the Armoured Elemental backed off.

   “What do you mean Leftenant?”  Canin asked.

   “The defenders of New Avalon have a staging base on this moon, although it is not in direct launching position now, in three days time the moon will have orbited to this position” she said pointing to a place in the system near the point.  “from there DropShips will be able to launch and attack within six hours.  Although this might not be their intention, it could be one of their contingency plans.”  She said, Anders cursed quietly but Canin simply nodded, he could see how that could be the Severn Lervoux was a major threat to the system.

   “Is there somewhere else we could go?”

   “Not that I know of, we use this point to enter the system quietly and land on the moon without anyone knowing.”

   “I know of another point” Ross said “one no-one else knows of.”  He said quietly, it was risky and foolhardy and would only be possible if the crew were extremely good and their timing was excellent.

   “There is a point behind Galahad” he said naming one of the system’s outer planets.  “every twelve hours there is a thirty minute window at a specific point of entry or exit.  You have to make it perfect and it clouds your exit strategy to only once every twelve hours.”

   “That is suicide!”  Rachel said, every system had such points created when a major gravity mass moved, if they failed the vessel would be crushed by the planet’s gravity.

   “Or it is perfect, can your people plot that jump?”  Canin said looking to Anders.

   “If the Captain gives us the specifics, aye.”  The Nova Cat Star Admiral said, trust a space jock to be ready to prove himself in a minutes notice.

   “Good, then you jump in, release us and jump away immediately.  We drop off the Fox’s Teeth and see how things go, if they go well you jump in at the point they suggested, if not use your own discursion in dealing with New Avalon.”  Canin said Anders nodded, they would jump away and rendezvous with the Thunderchild and its two escorting Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers, if everything went wrong then all four WarShips would jump back in and they would conqueror the New Avalon system both escort Cruisers carried three Clusters of ground troops each, New Avalon‘s defenders wouldn‘t have much chance against that kind of firepower.  “Make preparations for jump, Star Admiral, we are returning to the DropShip.”  Canin said heading to the exit both the Federated Suns officers motioned to move with the Star Colonel.

   “Aye sir, Captain, could you provide us with these details please.  And make them accurate I do not want the gravity to rip us to shreds.”  Anders said turning to Ross who remained on the bridge and gave the Nova Cats the details as much as he could remember, this was one of the most tightly held secrets of the New Avalon system and he was giving it to the Nova Cats like they were the closest allies, which Ross knew was not true but he also knew what having a Clan as an ally could do for them.

Strategic Planning and War Room
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
20th December 3060

   The High Command met again to as the Severn Lervoux had disappeared completely following its jump “perhaps they ran off, unwilling to start a war following the way we’ve dealt with the Smoke Jaguars.”  Killian Reason suggested.

   “I don’t think so, the Nova Cats are a Clan.  Once they find a target and lock on they hunt it until it is dead.”  Christian McCarthy said, “where ever they are they are close.”  Just as he spoke alarms sounded and the screens changed to an Overlord C-class DropShip making a fast burn into the atmosphere straight towards the Davion Royal Palace.

   “It appears you were correct Field Marshal, the Nova Cats seem to have evaded our contingency plans and our orbital defence patrols.”  She said cursing the WarShips in Orbit and two Aerospace Wings deployed from the ground had been totally useless, if the High Command got through this in one piece they‘d have to review the entire defence system of the Capital World.  “Have the control tower guide them to the ground” Yvonne said, she noticed several members of the High Command ready to protest but she continued on “have the First Davion Guards meet them, full force is authorized however if they do not attack then we give them a chance.”

   Almost thirty minutes later the Overlord-C was coming into a landing, on the ground was an entire Battalion of the First Davion Guards BattleMechs supported by an entire Battalion of over two hundred-and-fifty Battle Armoured troopers. In the surrounding hills there was the rest of the Regimental Combat Team, a total of eight Regiments, in the air there were three aerospace wings.

   The main doors of the Overlord-C opened and the Mechs of the Fox’s Teeth exited the DropShip followed by the troopers of the Rabid Fox in their Infiltrator Mk. I Battle Armour and then finally two trinaries worth of Nova Cat warriors.  “This is Captain Ross McKinnon, we are here to see the Regent and the High Command.”

   “Captain, this is Marshal Bishop Sortek, you are ordered to stand aside and allow us to guard our guests until something can be done.”  The First Davion Guards commander said.

   “Negative, Marshal” Ross said.

   “Captain, I am a Marshal, you are a Captain.  You follow orders now move or we take you down alongside your new friends.”

   “With respect, Marshal Sortek, that is a negative.  The Nova Cats could have take us as bondsmen and tried to turn us into members of their Clan instead they allowed us to remain members of the AFFS and keep our structure and discipline.  We will not abandon them now, we will also warn you that an offensive move against the Nova Cats is a move against us.”  Ross said there was no way he was leaving the Nova Cats now.

   “The Rabid Fox also stand with the Nova Cats and the Fox’s Teeth.”  Rachel Montgomery said the Infiltrators moving alongside the Nova Cat Elementals.  For several minutes there was a tense stand-off then Sortek came back on the comm.

   “Captain McKinnon, you and Leftenant Montgomery are invited to escort the Nova Cat commander to the Regent.  The rest of your commands will be cleared to remain here and ensure nothing happens to our guests.”

   “Agreed.”  McKinnon said after a moments pause, his modified Centurion moved forward as did Rachel’s Infiltrator Mk I squad.  Then a Timber Wolf stepped forward as well, five Elemental Warriors launched into the air on their backpack jump jets and landed on the Timber Wolf’s back, the Clan commander was taking security with him.  Marshal Sortek moved his own one hundred ton Devastator forward, looking at the Clan-built Timber Wolf Sortek thought of the OmniMech’s Clan, the Mech really did look like a hunter, just like the name suggested, hunched over heavy laser arrays in both arms, and over shoulder missile launchers then a heavy machine gun and pulse laser array in the torso.

   A small APC moved forward and collected Rachel’s Infiltrators, the and the group moved out, as they did the command lance of the First Davion Guards following the group to the meeting point.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Davion Royal Retreat
New Avalon, Davion Mountains
Crucis March, Federated Suns
20th December 3060

   The small contingent of troops arrived at the Royal Retreat, Canin Rosse dismounted from his Timber Wolf and pulled on a sold black jumpsuit with the Nova Cat insignia on the left breast.  As he dressed Ross McKinnon and Rachel Montgomery both joined him, both wore similar jumpsuits with gold Federated Suns on the left breast.  The Elementals deployed around Canin’s OmniMech as the three walked up to the retreat.  There they were met by Marshal Bishop Sortek, Field Marshal Christian Robert McCarthy and Field Marshal Jackson Davion, who had only just landed on New Avalon himself.  Ross and Rachel both snapped to salutes which the three Marshals returned but remained silent leading them inside past a pair of Rabid Fox troopers in brand new Infiltrator Mk II Battle Armour.

   Stepping inside the retreat was like changing worlds.  Led through a small entrance way they entered a large room which was well decorated and had a roaring fire, sitting in a chair near the fire was Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion standing near her was Barron Tarncred Sandoval, the Baron of Robinson.  “Please come in” she said the three Marshals bowed slightly then moved to the far side of the wall standing behind one of the sofas while Canin, Ross and Rachel stood near the door.  Both Federated Suns officers snapped to attention but Canin continued to stand at ease “at ease, before you strain something.”  she said both Ross and Rachel stood easy “and who is this?”

   “Regent, allow me to introduce…”  Ross said but Canin stepped forward interrupting Ross.

   “Star Colonel Canin Rosse, Clan Nova Cat, Clan Watch.”  Canin said bowing heavily, Ross noticed Christian McCarthy take a heavier notice of Canin as the Watch was mentioned.

   “Star Colonel, welcome to New Avalon.”  Yvonne said bowing slightly "words I never thought I'd utter" she whispered slightly flushed.  She did not recognise the Watch designation but from the look on McCarthy’s face it probably was intelligence. Canin remained bowed for a moment then stood up straight, Yvonne approached until they were standing centimetres apart.  “Now please tell me why you are here in the Federated Suns, why the Nova Cats are below the Tukayyid Truce Line and why you have been on/near the Tortuga Dominions?”  She said giving Canin some quick-fire questions.

   “We are here to return the Fox’s Teeth and their Rabid Fox Battle Armour Support.  And we are here to inform you of a gift we have for the Federated Suns.  We are below the Tukayyid Truce Line because we were not on Tukayyid and we did not lose to the Inner Sphere forces.  Also we have never acted aggressively to the Inner Sphere.  We have occupied the worlds around Tortuga Prime as that area has become our home, the Nova Cat’s Den, we have ninety percent of our civilians and the majority of our ground forces and our Naval forces.”  Canin said not moving out of the corner of his eye he saw Baron Tarncred Sandoval look at the Marshals who each looked to each other with deep worry, the Federated Suns was weak in their Periphery Regions.

   “Wait, you have taken over the Tortuga Dominions?  Why?”  Yvonne asked stepping away looking slightly stunned, the revelation there was another Clan on the Inner Sphere’s fringes and worse they were right beside the Federated Suns.

   “We needed a home closer to the Inner Sphere, but we did not want to assault a legitimate state.  A vision pointed to the Tortuga Dominions as a perfect target, and since moving there we have found plenty of interesting extras.”  Canin said Yvonne looked directly at him but Tarncred spoke up first.

   “Star Colonel, sorry to interrupt but a vision told you to go there?”

   “Aff, the Nova Cats are deep believers in visions, we followed a Khan’s vision and the Nova Cat’s Den has risen from the ashes of the Tortuga Dominions.”

   “And what of the people of the Tortuga Dominions.”  Christian McCarthy asked looking at Ross for an answer, he did not trust the Clansmen.

   “From what we could tell the Nova Cats have treated the civilians extremely well.  Large portions of the population have joined the Nova Cats on New Barcella, the Nova Cat’s new capitol world.”  Ross said Canin glanced in his direction and nodded slightly his agreement with what was said.

   “New Barcella?”  Tarncred asked, he knew of no such world.

   “A world we discovered and colonised, it is named for our Homeworlds Capital.  We mean the Federated Suns no threat, which is why no Nova Cat unit has attacked the Federated Suns and why we have returned your people unharmed by Nova Cat arms.”

   “You have returned them after almost two years of captivity.” Field Marshal Jackson Davion said.

   “We were not harmed” Rachel said immediately in defence of the Nova Cats, the Federated Suns personnel all exchanged glances with each other and the Regent, they were surprised that two of their most trusted young officers would rise to the Nova Cats defence so quickly.

   “And our Mech’s have been upgraded with Clan weapons technology, making the Fox’s Teeth far more effective.”  Ross said backing Rachel’s play.

   “Not to mention the fact the Nova Cats were very open with their knowledge of weapons technology and Battle Armour technology.”  Rachel added as Canin looked to the two officers wondering why he had bothered to come, ‘we should have just sent these two in the Thunderchild with Nova Cat Public Relations written on the side’ Canin thought quietly to himself.

   “Never the less you did hold AFFS personnel and property illegally and you have occupied worlds below the Tukayyid Truce Line against the ComStar/Clan agreement.”  Yvonne said pushing the fact that the Nova Cats had been aggressive by simply occupying Tortuga Prime and holding McKinnon’s command prisoner on Tortuga Prime.

   “We have not touched the Inner Sphere, but if you want us to we can."  Canin threatened, if the Federated Suns did not want peace the Nova Cats would bring war "we have the capability and many of our people would happily act like Wolves or Falcons and invade the Inner Sphere with no mercy, Our WarShip fleet could do twenty Turtle Bays a week if necessary.”  Canin said very coldly all the Federated Suns Marshals looked very worried at that idea and Yvonne looked visibly moved by the threat, not his intention to scare them but he could see he had exactly that affect.  “However, Clan Nova Cat are more interested in securing our new home and cultivating relations with our neighbours.”  Canin said there was far more threat to his voice and his words, if the Nova Cats turned back to their Crusader values the Federated Suns would be more vulnerable than they could imagine

   “Regent the Nova Cats do not lie, even with the little we have seen of their strength I have been able to count eight WarShips alone.”  Ross said, now he was back in the Federated Suns he had a duty to report to his superiors, he looked to Canin but the Nova Cat Star Colonel was focused on the Marshals and Baron Sandoval standing nearby.

   “Intelligence suggests the Nova Cats have something like twelve to sixteen WarShips, like most other Clans they have a fleet of vessels consisting mostly of old Star League-era designs.”  Christian McCarthy said looking at Canin who didn’t flinch.

   “We have thirty-two WarShips of various size and strength, our fleet is the third strongest of all the Clans and while many are newer designs you are correct most are of Star League construction.”  Canin said looking at the Marshal “and we are fully capable of using all of them.”  He said, there was an edge to Canin’s voice that neither Ross or Rachel had heard very often it turned the normal calm, almost welcoming Clan Star Colonel into a very dangerous sounding man.

   “Are you threatening us?”  Baron Sandoval asked.

   “Neg, we came here to return your property, personnel and give the Federated Suns a gift now do you want to try and capture me, and enrage the Nova Cats, or would you like us to give you your gift?”

   “My apologies Star Colonel, we did not think.  What does Clan Nova Cat want to give the Federated Suns?”  Yvonne said stepping closer to Canin trying to make the Clansmen focus on her and not the Marshals and Baron.

   “It would be easier if we showed you.”  Canin said “we have something held in an unpopulated system of the Federated Suns we do not have the resources to renovate the vessel, maintain our fleet and build our new home so because the vessel originated here in the Federated Suns we are willing to return it to you.”

   “Vessel?”  Bishop Sortek said quietly “you are giving us a DropShip or a JumpShip?”

   “A WarShip to be exact.  You could turn it against us but in its present condition we would destroy it easily, also since we have far more vessels with far more experienced crews we are confident we could destroy it even if you were able to repair it fully.  We can not field it and it originated here.”  Canin said turning his head to the Marshal.

   “A WarShip. What type is it?”

   “A…” Ross began but Canin interrupted.

   “A vessel that originated here in the Federated Suns.  You will have to come see it before I will tell you what it is.”

   “What are your conditions?”  Yvonne asked, she liked the idea of adding another WarShip to the fleet, and cultivating friendly relations with one of the Clans it would show her brother that the Clans were not just a threat to be destroyed, something she had said from day one despite reports to the contrary.

   “No conditions Regent, you may come aboard the Severn Lervoux, or you may take one of your own vessels.”

   “How many?”  Jackson Davion asked “I mean how many vessels could we take?”

   “The three vessels that came into the system with you should be sufficient Marshal.  I did not know the Federated Suns still fielded Davion-class Destroyers, they are a very old class of vessel I am impressed they are still operational.  You know we have records of the Whirlwind-class Destroyer used by the SLDF, Quiaff?”  He asked before carrying on not waiting for an answer “that vessel is a direct upgrade of your Davion.”  Canin said, everyone of the Federated Suns AFFS personnel present and the Regent looked shocked Canin had just spoken of the Federated Suns most secret piece of equipment like it was a nothing element.  “The Severn Lervoux and her fighters could destroy your entire fleet in system without much sweat, but we do not want a war.”  Canin boasted, he actually wondered if it would be possible but the Regent stepped forward to speak they were getting closer and closer and Canin was beginning to feel slightly hotter.

   “I will be safe aboard your vessel?”

   “Entirely, you have my word and the word of all of Clan Nova Cat, we do not want a war.”  Canin said promising her they looked into each others eyes for a second then Yvonne turned to the AFFS personnel.

   “I’m going with the Star Colonel.”  she noticed the three Marshals and the Baron ready to protest.  “You know where they are based, and my brother should be on his way back to the Federated Suns by now.  If I go missing then you know what to do.  Jackson you will remain here on New Avalon just in case.  Field Marshal McCarthy I need a protection detail, a squad” she turned back to Canin “is that alright?”

   “Aff, although the Leftenant Montgomery’s troopers should be plenty not to mention the Fox’s Teeth.”  Canin said, the presence of more Federated Suns personnel wouldn’t be a problem but Canin couldn’t see why they were needed.

   “They will not be coming, you have returned them to the Federated Suns.  Now they need time to be debriefed and for them to see their families, we believed them dead.”  Yvonne said, so that was why the extra protection was needed this was where the Nova Cats and their guests were split up.  Canin nodded and turned to the two people in the room he considered friends.

   “Take care of yourselves and of each other my friends, we will see each other again.”  He said turning to leave.

   “You sure of that Star Colonel, Quiaff?” Ross asked, in the corner of his eye Canin noticed the other Federated Suns personnel uncomfortable with Ross using the Clan talk and smiled broadly, this would not be a easy time for either of them.

   “Aff, I believe we will all see each other again.”  Canin said then turned looking over his other shoulder directly at Yvonne, who had once again moved closer to Canin, “Regent, my DropShip will wait six hours for you and your guards to arrive.  If you do not arrive we will rejoin the Severn Lervoux.  Please do not be startled when you see the vessel approach, they are only here to collect us.”  He said and with that he was gone, the Star Colonel walked straight out and returned to his Timber Wolf then within minutes the Elementals were back on the Mech’s back and he was away with the three First Davion Guards Mechs in escort.

   “I’m going.”  Yvonne said all four Marshals and Baron Sandoval stepped forward raising their concerns but she raised her hand “I’m going, no arguments.  Jackson you will remain here, and assume the position of Regent if I do not return, just in case the Nova Cats are lying…”

   “They are not” Ross said quietly under his breath, everyone noticed.

   “We will soon see, Captain.  Christian, I need four of your best men with me on the Severn Lervoux.”

   “Done Regent” the head of the DMI said confidently.

   “What about us?”  Rachel asked quietly again all eyes turned on them.

   “You have been out of contact and in enemy hands for almost two years.  You units will be placed under house arrest until we can assess how much you have been affected by the experience.  Please ensure they do not resist, Marshal Sortek’s men and women do not want to engage your units but there is an entire RCT in these mountains ready for a fight.”

   “Understood, none of us have anything to fight for or anything to hide from.  We will not resist.”  Ross said looking to Rachel who immediately nodded her agreement, they had spoken about this in length already they knew that the DMI and the High Command would want to fully debrief both units, it would be a long and hard process.

   “Yvonne, allow me to come with you.  I can be your escort the Nova Cats will not object to one more passenger.”

   “No they probably won’t Baron Sandoval but I will not give them a potentially more important prisoner than me.  If this is a trick then only I will fall for it.”  Yvonne said to the Baron, the two had become close over the last year and there was the beginnings of a romantic relationship there despite the age gap.  She thought it was sweet that he would risk his life for her but she would not let him endanger himself, this was her gamble.  “Marshal Sortek, please have an escort for my car.  Don’t want to leave the Nova Cats waiting.”

   “Yes, Regent” Bishop Sortek said leaving the room for a moment, within thirty seconds twelve medium and light Battle and OmniMechs arrived in front of the building.  “Your escort has arrived.”  The marshal reported and Yvonne travelled to the Nova Cat DropShip alone, once there the car was joined by four troopers in Infiltrator Mk II Battle Armour and all were escorted inside by the Nova Cats.  Once all Nova Cats were aboard the vessel took off leaving New Avalon.  The Fox’s Teeth and their Rabid Fox Infiltrator Mk I troopers were surrounded by the First Davion Guards and escorted away.

Several Hours Later near pirate point
New Avalon System
Crucis March, Federated Suns
20th December 3060

   It was approaching midnight and the Nova Cat DropShip was approaching the Severn Lervoux which had moved closer to another pirate point in the system, the two Fox-class Corvettes and the three ancient Davion Block I Destroyers had moved into escort positions around the Severn Lervoux.  Even with their superior numbers they looked insignificant to the massive Nova Cat’s Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser and her fighter screen.  There was a knock at the door which roused Yvonne from a restless sleep, she had been given the vessel commander’s quarters to rest in as the DropShip approached the Severn Lervoux “what is it?”

   “Regent, Star Colonel Canin Rosse to see you.”  One of her Rabid Fox bodyguards said, on the DropShip the ship’s commander had told them in no uncertain terms that they would not wear their battle armour, for a start it would be impossible for them to travel through the doors of the DropShip and with the battle armour one wrong move could cause serious damage to the DropShip‘s innards.  Although the Nova Cats had given them pulse laser rifles to allow them to protect themselves and the Regent.  Yvonne scrambled from her bunk in the low gravity and pulled on a pink dressing gown.

   “Send him in please” she said quietly and the door slid open, the Nova Cat officer stepped in, now in his full uniform a charcoal coloured suit with patterned leather shoulder pads rimmed in gold, he looked rather dashing for a Clan barbarian.  “Can I help you, Star Colonel?”

   “I wanted to inform you that we were approaching the Severn Lervoux, and I wondered if you would like to join me in the observation deck.?”  Canin said Yvonne noticed he looked her over fully before noticing she had seen him, his cheeks were going slightly red but he made no effort to make an apology.  The Nova Cat Star Colonel was around her age maybe a little older than her twenty-one years, he was slightly taller and very athletic, definitely a MechWarrior, he had a small scar on his left jaw and another below his right eye but otherwise he was an extremely attractive young man.

   “Yes, I would.  Can you give me a couple of minutes to get ready?”

   “Aff, I will wait outside” Canin said leaving Yvonne changed.  About five minutes later she stepped from the room in a long form fitting blue dress.  On New Avalon or Tharkad she would have worn make-up or a more flamboyant dress however today she had gone for something simple, something the Clansmen would understand also anything flamboyant would get in the way on a star ship.  Canin nodded appreciatively and offered his arm for support, Yvonne was shocked by the gesture but graciously accepted and they walked along together the two Rabid Fox troopers maintained a sizable distance allowing them some privacy.

   “It seems like although the Clans improved on technology they did not in living conditions inside these tin cans.”  She said quietly Canin smiled broadly once more, she did like his smile, the Clan warrior looked down to the deck and remained silent as they walked along together.

   Entering the Forward Observation deck Yvonne looked out and saw the three Davion Block I-class Destroyers reactivated after centuries of storage in the secret Hadrian’s Command Anchorage.  The boxy vessels each weighed in at just over half a million tons but from the information she had heard on the Severn Lervoux none could match the massive Nova Cat Battle-cruiser, a vessel which she still had not seen.  “Where is the Severn Lervoux?”  Yvonne asked searching the surrounding space.

   “Below us” Canin said “the DropShip needs to spin on its axis to dock with the WarShip.”  Just as he spoke there was a klaxon informing the crew that the main engines were about to be cut, suddenly any gravity they had been experiencing was gone.  Yvonne lost her balance and grip and began to drift away towards the centre of the room Canin showed he was the more experienced spacer and grabbed her pulling the Federated Suns Regent back in close “you alright, Regent?”  Canin asked as he held her firmly an arm wrapped around her waist they were only a couple of centimetres apart looking right at each other.

   “Yes, thank you, Star Colonel”  Yvonne said looking away grabbing the wall balance bar her eyes never wavered from Canin‘s face.  “You know I think you should call me Yvonne, soon my brother will return from Clan space and I will just be his sister.”

   “Oh no, Yvonne” Canin said trying it out “I think you are far more than just Victor Steiner-Davion’s sister.  Use my first name also, please, we Nova Cats enjoy simple words.”

   “I thought the Clans prized your second names?  They carry great honour don‘t they your surnames, there are few of them”
   “Aff, there are few only ten-to-fifteen per Clan.  We do not have a surname we inherited from parents or relatives, for Trueborns like myself the Bloodname is the closest thing we will ever get to having a surname as you call it.  I won the Rosse Bloodname a while ago and I am one of only twenty in the Bloodhouse.”

   “What of your parents?”  She asked Yvonne had heard of the Clans genetic engineering process but was playing the stupid Inner Sphere noble she though the Clans saw her and many of the Inner Sphere people as, hiding her true intelligence would give her another advantage if she needed it.

   “I do not know who my genetic parents were, I was born from an Iron Womb, I was created from the combined genetic materials of two of the Nova Cat’s greatest bloodnamed whoever they were.  I grew up in a Sibko, school for trainee warriors, with about fifteen others who were born of the same blood as myself only three of us continued into the warrior‘s life and so far I am the only one who has become an officer and a Bloodnamed Warrior.”

   “Well I am sure they would be very proud if they knew what you had accomplished.”  Yvonne whispered as one of the Rabid Fox troopers appeared in the doorway “I am fine.”  She said waving off the man.

   “I thank you, Yvonne” Canin said, he didn’t know why he had said such a thing but it seemed appropriate “and now for the grand entrance.” Canin said quietly as the DropShip rotated there was a silence between them and the Severn Lervoux appeared in the view port, because the vessels were so close the massive Battle-cruiser blotted out the surrounding space.

   “Wow!”  Yvonne exclaimed, she had seen the Federated-Boeing’s Floating Tower Space station in the Galax system but the Severn Lervoux was something to behold.  Yvonne had seen long range photos of the vessel while on New Avalon but seeing the massive Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser was a sight to behold.

   “Allow me to introduce Clan Nova Cat’s newest vessel, the flagship of the fleet the Severn Lervoux.”  Canin said quietly as the vessel closed on the vessel up front they could see a heavy array of four Heavy Naval PPCs and six class-35 Naval Lasers backed up by conventional arrays of lasers and missile launchers for defence against fighters.  Then along each side of there was AR-10 Multi Purpose Capital Missile Launchers backed up by turreted Naval Autocannons class-25, Naval Lasers class-55 and more Heavy Naval PPCs which were in turn backed up by more standard lasers and missiles for anti-fighter defence.  Alongside these were fighter launch bays and three DropShip collars, Yvonne realised that this was just one side of the vessel, on the other side there was exactly the same firepower very impressive and slightly scary.

   “It’s amazing.”  Yvonne said as the DropShip docked with the Severn Lervoux with a bump Canin protectively held onto Yvonne ensuring she would not drift away from the bar.

   “It is only a WarShip” Canin said quietly into her ear “amazing is something people do for each other, come on I will show you this vessel and then you will see something amazing.”  Canin said moving away leading Yvonne into the WarShip.  At the same time the deployed DropShips began recalling their fighters and then they began docking with the massive WarShip.  After the four DropShips were docked the Severn Lervoux’s own fighters docked and the Federated Suns WarShips moved off to a safe distance.

   “Prepare for immediate jump” Anders McKenna said over the intercom once the fighters were back aboard his vessel Canin and Yvonne were still in one of the lifts raising towards the command and control room.  Canin drifted out onto the bridge first past the pair of Elemental guards, Yvonne followed glancing at the massive Elementals as she passed, suddenly she understood why the people of the Inner Sphere thought the Clans were aliens when they first invaded.  The Elemental soldiers in their full Battle Armour were like living mountains, the V-shaped visor made them look completely un-human.  Canin reached back to her and pulled her into the Command and Control Room holding onto Yvonne one arm around her waist the other holding her hand.  Yvonne’s face was close to Canin’s and she could feel the warmth radiate off the Nova Cat Officer, Star Admiral McKenna looked to them and specifically to Canin who nodded “jump!” He ordered the K-F Drive compressed and there was a surge of energy then the massive vessel disappeared from the New Avalon system appearing in the dead of space with nothing anywhere near the massive Battle-cruiser.

   “Where are we?”  Yvonne whispered in Canin’s ear, stranded in dead space the vessel could be centuries from habitation.

   “Wait for it” Canin whispered holding her tightly, Yvonne liked the way it felt as they drifted together in the zero-g environment.  Canin continued to hold her as the vessel’s K-F Engine fired again, there was a surge of energy and the Severn Lervoux jumped for a second time using the vessel’s Lithium Fusion Battery Engine to supercharge the Jump Engine into a second jump most WarShips had a Lithium Battery as it allowed them to engage targets at far greater distances than normal.

   This second jump brought them into a system near a small dwarf star, a pair of Nova Cat Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers and the Thunderchild were recharging their drives nearby.  “Now we have arrived.”  Canin said allowing Yvonne to drift off before turning to her to face him.  Yvonne looked at the screens uncertain what she was seeing, it looked like three more Nova Cat WarShips all loaded to bear, all within striking range of New Avalon.  “Come on I want to show you this with your own eyes.”  Canin said leading her from the Command Centre to one of the Severn Lervoux’s Gravity Decks, which provided about a quarter gravity giving them some control other than the use of the wall, floor and roof bars.

   “What the hell is this?”  Yvonne asked she was angry Canin had been nice to her, he’d seemed interested in her not her position, and now the Nova Cats were in position to launch a massive assault on the Federated Suns.  She recognised the two Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers, it was one of the most common vessels in circulation with the Clans each was loaded with four DropShips, the larger vessel looked like nothing she had ever seen before.

   “This is our gift to your people.”  Canin said Yvonne slapped him, the Clansmen looked angry but it soon disappeared.

   “An invasion force?  I thought the Nova Cats wanted to be our allies.”

   “We do, this is not an invasion force.”  Canin said defensively but not at all aggressively.  “The vessels out there are just an escort for the Severn Lervoux and our gift to the Federated Suns.  Look at the large vessel, does it look at all familiar?”  Canin said Yvonne turned and looked at the vessel Canin noticed she was not recognising the vessel “how about the name Varnay?”  Yvonne turned on him like a flash for a second Canin wondered if she was going to hit him again.

   “What connection do the Nova Cats have to that family?  What is this?”  She repeated her question.

   “That vessel is the FSS Thunderchild, a Varnay-class Battleship and command vessel of the Varnay family during the last days of the Davion Civil War.  This is the Nova Cat’s gift to the Federated Suns.”

   “My god! Where did you find her?”  Yvonne asked immediately recognising the name spinning to look at the vessel.

   “Rusting out in an asteroid belt, we don’t have the resources to upgrade her to current standards but the Federated Suns does.  We mean your people no harm.”  Canin said quietly Yvonne’s eyes were all over the ancient Battleship.

   “No harm?”  Yvonne said quietly “no harm?  The presence of this vessel could split the Federated Suns, the Varnay family could regain some of their prestige.  How can this vessel not cause harm?”

   “Yvonne, we have given the Davion family the vessel, you do not have to mention that you have a Varnay-class Battleship it could be renovated at the same place you renovated the Davions in the New Avalon system.  Or you could sneak it into the shipyard at Galax the Federated Suns have far more resources than us.”  Canin said taking a leap of faith, the Davions had to be renovated somewhere after centuries of Warfare it was unlikely they had three WarShips fully operational.  And in the first Star League-era the Galax system was home to a massive Port Sydney construction facility, since it was deep in the Federated Suns he guessed it was still there.

   “True, so what happens now?”  Yvonne said taking the bate.

   “There is a Nova Cat crew aboard the Thunderchild at present, however as soon as the Federated Suns is able to put a crew on the Battleship we will evacuate and leave it to you.”  Canin said.

   “I have no people with me, other than some Rabid Fox troopers still stuck on the DropShip.  The nine of us cannot command the Battleship alone.”

   “Of course, we have an HPG transmitter and receiver on board, you can contact the AFFS High Command on New Avalon or anywhere else anytime.  We have no intention on making this difficult.”  Canin said Yvonne was impressed the Clansmen were by no-means mindless foot soldiers of crazy men.  Canin must have noticed she was thinking something.

   “What?”  Canin asked quietly, it was almost a whisper.

   “You are not the normal Clansmen.”

   “I am what?”  Canin asked surprised, he did not know if he should feel insulted or pleased, no-one had ever said such a thing about him.

   “You are not the normal Clansmen.”  Yvonne repeated, “normally the people of the Inner Sphere sees the Clans as people with insane commanders and mindless footmen.  You Nova Cats seem nothing like that.”

   “We are human.  The Nova Cat Khans trust the Nova Cat within each of us, we trust our Khans, our Oathmaster and the Nova Cat.”  Canin said Yvonne looked slightly confused but said nothing and Canin gave her no further explanations the Fox‘s Teeth would explain the rest.

   Over the next two days the Nova Cats waited for the Federated Suns recovery team to arrive finally the FSS Invincible, a Fox-class Corvette, arrived with five Octopus Tug-class DropShips and several engineering teams.  The Nova Cats evacuated to the three surrounding WarShips and then with one final goodbye between Canin and Yvonne the Nova Cat WarShips left heading back to the Nova Cat’s Den.  Yvonne remained with the Invincible for a couple of days thinking of her time with the Nova Cat Star Colonel, he had opened her eyes to something more than the life she had been leading up until now.

New Colony Region, Periphery
24th December 3060

   Protector Jeffery Calderon, leader Taurian Concordat, and Magestrix Emma Centrella, leader Magistracy of Canopus, are taken hostage on Detroit in the Periphery Region between their realms and the Capellan Confederation, dubbed the New Colony Region.  It emerges that Sherman Maltin commander of the Colonial Marshals, a defence force for the New Colony Region run by both the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus, has declared himself President of the Independent New Colony Region and that the only way the leaders will be released is if the New Colony Region is Recognised.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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into 3061, hope you are all enjoying this expanded version


Various Worlds
St Ives Compact
27th January 3061

   The Capellan Confederation takes advantage of the Inner Sphere’s pre-occupation with the threat of the Clans and with the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat in support they launch a full attack on the St Ives Compact.  Although outnumbered two-to-one on most worlds the St Ives defenders hold their ground against the invaders.  Federated Suns units including the First Capellan Dragoons, the First Kittery Borderers and the disbanding Seventh Federated Commonwealth RCT are all attacked by the invaders while defending the St Ives Compact although the AFFS Command refuse to get further involved supplying only their own forces.  Capellan WarShips attempt to blockade the Milos and the Nashur systems attempting to starve out the St Ives forces however two Fox-class Corvettes arrive with assault DropShips in the Nashur system during a supply run of the Seventh FedCom RCT.

New Colony Region, Periphery
9th February 3061

   Following a stalled negotiation process Naomi Centrella, second-in-line to Magistracy of Canopus throne, leads an Elite Capellan force to the New Colony Region killing ‘President’ Sherman Maltin and almost all the rebelling Colonial Marshals.  Unfortunately during the fight Protector Jaffrey Calderon of the Taurian Concordat and Magestrix Emma Centrella are both killed in the crossfire.  With no information on the fate of Task Force Serpent or the Bulldog Reinforcements Naomi Centrella is named as Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus and Lord Grover Sharplen assumes Taurian Concordat Protectorship.
Throne Room
Zi-jin Cheng (Forbidden City), Sian
Sian Commonality, Capellan Confederation
20th February 3061

   Following a month of battles with the forces defending the St Ives Compact the Capellans had only secured one world out of the six initially invaded on the 27th January.  Talon Zhan was not looking forward to his report to the Chancellor.  “So Talon how is our little War going?”  Sun-Tzu asked Talon hated it when the Chancellor used his name instead of his rank but there was little he could do without it, the Chancellor was a living God to the Capellan people.

   “Not as we planned Chancellor” Talon Zhan reported the Chancellor’s facial expression changed immediately suddenly the Chancellor began to look more dangerous “the St Ives people have rallied behind the troops loyal to your Aunt and are resisting our ruler ship anyway they can without taking up weapons.”

   “Damn them, what of the Federated Commonwealth forces?”

   “The three Federated Suns Units?” Talon corrected quietly there was no reaction from the Chancellor.  “They have resisted us at every turn and the Murmansk and Indefatigable, two Fox-class Corvettes, both resisted us in the Nashur system.  As per your orders the WarShip Xizang did not fire on the AFFS vessels and retreated from the system.”  The word that one of his WarShips had retreated from the forces of House Davion flew Sun-Tzu into a full blown rage, the Capellan Confederation forces had retreated from Federated Suns forces once before and it had cost the Liao family half their realm.  Once the Chancellor had calmed down Talon asked one last question “what shall I order our troops to do?  Continue into the St Ives Compact or hold their ground?”

   “Full War.  Send in more troops secure all worlds and then prepare for a full blown invasion of the St Ives worlds.  No quarter given, same treatment to the Federated Suns forces kill them.  If our WarShips encounter their vessels again destroy them.”  The Chancellor said quietly three hours later the Capellan Confederation declared War on the St Ives Compact.

FSS Intrepid, Gravity Deck Lounge
Nadir Point, Luthien
Pesht Military District, Draconis Combine
20th March 3061

   Standing inside the biggest lounge on the Intrepid’s Gravity Deck the leaders of the Star League Defence Force celebrated their successful campaign against Clan Smoke Jaguar and their safe return to the Inner Sphere.  Coordinator Hohiro Kurita dressed in full Draconis Combine uniform with a Star League Cameron Star attached “Victor, you have done this, ending the Clan threat to the Inner Sphere and my nation at least for now.  It would be a great honour if you, as Commanding-General of the Star League Defence Force, would spend sometime on Luthien as a show of our unity in the face of a common enemy.”  He said bowing to Victor.

   “I am afraid I cannot.”  Victor said Hohiro and many of the other people looked stunned, it was an insult as if Victor had slapped the Draconis Combine Coordinator, “I cannot land on Luthien as Commanding-General of the Star League Defence Force, as soon as we arrived back in the Inner Sphere I ceased to be Commanding-General of the SLDF although I was still Task Force Commander until we arrived in the Luthien system.”

   “Why?  This is your greatest victory!”  Danai Centrella said, she was dressed head to toe in a dark green form fitting dress, although it lacked Magistracy insignia it still had an Cameron Star.

   “No, it is Morgan’s victory.  I only challenged the Khans to a Trial, it was Morgan and the Warriors of Serpent who won the War against the Smoke Jaguars they scored the blows that killed the Clan.  They gained us the respect we needed to get the trial in the first place.  It is their victory.”  Victor said all eyes turned to Morgan Hasek-Davion the Federated Suns Marshal of Armies looked completely stunned “Morgan, I offer you the post of Commanding-General of the Star League Defence Force.”  Victor said Morgan just looked blankly at the First Prince “Morgan?”  Victor prompted his stunned Marshal.

   “I accept.”  Morgan said, his voice choked with emotion he had never expected anything like this all his thoughts had been on returning to New Syrtis.  There was so many things they needed to discuss but at least for now Morgan Hasek-Davion was the official commander of the SLDF and the Marshal of Armies of the Federated Suns making him the commander of two of the most important military organisations in the Inner Sphere.

   “Good, then as Slayer of the Clans you will join me on Luthien?”  Hohiro said turning to the newly appointed Commanding-General, being the first nation to parade the Commanding-General to the crowds would be a massive political coup.

   “Of course” Morgan said, he would be returning to the Federated Suns a little later than he had planned.

   “Victor-san you are invited also” Hohiro said quietly as other began congratulating Morgan’s ascension to the position of Commanding-General.  Hohiro’s offer was tempting to Victor but if he landed on Luthien the Draconis March could cause bigger problems at home than he already had and he could see Omi Kurita which would be awkward for both of them.

   “No, Hohiro-san, I cannot.”  Victor said “the Federated Suns has changed since I left to end the Clan threat.  My nation needs me, you have a good man there as Commanding-General, just make sure nothing happens to him.”

   “You have my word” Hohiro said bowing deeply disappearing into the crowd, the Draconis Combine leader understood why Victor had refused and was probably glad he had. The Combine’s own Black Dragon Society could cause just as much problems for Hohiro as the Draconis March could for Victor who left the lounge and headed for a small briefing room the corridor. Halfway there he noticed Danai in one of the other rooms huddled over a computer console the screen blank.

   Victor knocked on the door and Danai turned round and Victor could see tears running down her cheeks, stepping into the room he closed the door behind him, Danai raised from her chair and ran into his arms something had happened while they were gone.  They stood there for several minutes Danai quietly crying into his shoulder before Victor was able to lower her onto a sofa.

   As he cradled Danai Victor finally found out why she was upset.  While they had been fighting the Clans Danai’s mother had been killed in the New Colony Region and her sister, Naomi, had taken over the Magistracy of Canopus Throne.  Although she could return home and fight for the Throne that was legally hers Danai knew in her heart that her sister Naomi would make a worthy Magestix and that it would cause unneeded trouble for her to return home now.

   Danai was effectively without a home and when Victor invited Danai back to New Avalon to give her time to think Danai accepted without much thought.  The FSS Intrepid began leading the remnants of the First Kathil Uhlans and the Tenth Lyran Guard RCT back to the Federated Suns, half of the Uhlans survivors (roughly two companies) chose to remain as Morgan‘s bodyguard and as did Leftenant-Colonel Archer Christifori, of the Tenth Lyran Guards RCT.  Archer a hero of the Refusal War and had received a Star League Medal of Honour for his efforts on behalf of the Star League during the battle on Strana Mechty.  Archer had accepted Morgan‘s request that the he accept a promotion to Colonel and command of the First Royal BattleMech Regiment, the first SLDF Regiment to be formed in centuries and a unit that would be formed from mainly Task Force Serpent survivors.

   A few days later Isis Marik arrives in the Luthien system and stays at the Imperial Palace with Omi Kurita, an old friend following the end of her relationship with Sun-Tzu Liao.  Walking the rooms of the Imperial of Palace of the Kurita family Isis tried to console her thoughts and work out what she wanted to do, she was not welcome in her own realm by her father and now her fiancé had thrown her out as well.  Omiko Kurita was a very welcoming and understanding person but allowed Isis her own time and space a fact possibly compounded by her recent break-up, with Victor, although Isis did not know the specifics she did know it was because of politics and not because they no longer loved each other.  Although some news services and Scandal-Vids were going crazy since Victor had been seen a lot with Danai Centrella recently and Danai had been invited back to New Avalon instead of returning to Canopus to claim her throne.

Gravity Deck
Observation Lounge, Recharge Station
Atreus, Free Worlds League
25th March 3061

   Leader of the Free Worlds League and current First Lord of the Star League, Captain-General Thomas Marik, stood in the Recharge Station’s biggest gravity deck looking out at the two ComStar Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers and the tiny vessel they were escorting. Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht moved alongside the Captain-General “welcome to the Atreus system Precentor Martial, I was surprised when I heard you wanted to enter the Free Worlds League but not when you brought WarShips, so what can I do for you?”

   “I came on behalf of the Star League Captain-General”

   “I am the First Lord of the Star League and I did not give any order, nor would I to ComStar.”  The Captain-General was not the real Thomas Marik, the real Thomas Marik had been killed in an explosion years before, the current Captain-General and First Lord was in fact a ComStar spy.

   Thomas Marik, or at least the man who stood in front of Anastasius now, had turned from ComStar to help the Free Worlds League.  When the Word of Blake had broken from ComStar he had helped them, giving their faction a home in the Free Worlds League.  Now even after the Word of Blake had captured the entire Terran system the Free Worlds League still aided them.

   “This mission is a ComStar Mission but on behalf of the Star League, Captain-General.  That vessel out there is an Artemis-class Diplomatic Vessel, new class designed by New Earth Trading Company.  In conjunction with ComStar we have built two such vessels and plan to build two more a year until all the Succession States and ComStar have two each.  They are among the fastest WarShips ever build capable of over 5Gs, perhaps more, they would give even the fastest DropShips a run for their money.  The vessels carry a primary conventional armament and are designed to escort a diplomat in hazardous territory, such as a war zone or a mission to Clan Space or the Periphery.  Their Lamellor Ferro Carbide Armour is almost as thick as some Star League-era WarShips.  First Lord, we present you with the SLS Unity City to do with as you see fit, until your term of office is over then the vessel will be turned over to the next First Lord.”  Anastasius Focht said turning to leave.

   “And what of the second vessel?”

   “ComStar will keep the Terra for its own purposes.”  Anastasius said walking off.

   “Always covering your bases” Thomas said as Focht left the gravity deck, at that same time Precentor Cameron St Jamis of the Word of Blake entered via another hidden door watching the Precentor Martial disappear from sight.

   “Are we ready?”  With one word the three Free Worlds League WarShips and the single hidden Word of Blake vessel could pounce on the ComGuard vessels and behead ComStar’s military.

   “Negative, the Master’s plans are far from ready.”  Cameron said quietly watching as the ComGuard’s Precentor Martial returned to his WarShip.

   “Well does the Word of Blake have something for the new Star League to counter the ComGuard gift?”

   “The Star League will see the Word of Blake’s generosity in time, all we have to be is patient.  Soon we will start but first there are some obstacles I need to take care of.”


   “Nothing concerning you or your people.  Just continue to give the Word of Blake what it needs and your position will not be compromised Captain-General.” Cameron giving the leader of the Free Worlds League a mock bow as the two ComStar Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers left the system.  Thomas Marik looked at the Vessel the ComGuard force had left, the SLS Unity City, ComStar had made a beautiful sleek vessel which would make quite an entrance when the delegates arrived on Marik.  Not only would Thomas Marik be escorted by the Royal Black Watch now he had a Star League vessel as well.  Now all he had to do was prepare for the arrival of the leaders of the Inner Sphere into his Home system, the Unity City would take him from the Free Worlds League Capital to his Family’s home.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Here's some more

Clan Occupation Zones, Inner Sphere
Clan Steel Viper/Clan Jade Falcon
3rd April 3061

   Clan Steel Viper launches an all out assault on Clan Jade Falcons Inner Sphere Occupation Zone in an effort to evict the Falcons from the worlds held.  Although the Falcons are taken by surprise by the Steel Viper Assaults the Falcon defenders are stronger in resistance and the fight lasts far longer than the Steel Vipers expected.

Clan Occupation Zone, Inner Sphere
Clan Stone Rhino Occupation Zone
9th April 3061

   Clan Star Adder returns to the Inner Sphere landing on the three worlds the Stone Rhinos have held in stewardship for them since August 3059.  The Stone Rhinos withdraw in short order from the Inner Sphere with eight Mule-class DropShips full of supplies taken from the three worlds and from Inner Sphere forces that had raided the territory they claimed.  Because the Star Adders withdrew from the Inner Sphere and because Cassius N’Buta is dead the Star League Defence Force and Clan Wolf (in-Exile) complaints of the Star Adder return fall on def ears.

House Steiner Throne Room
Tharkad, Royal Palace
Coventry Province, Lyran Alliance
29th April 3061

   Following their retreat from New Avalon the LAS Athens and its cargo, Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion leader of the Lyran Alliance, had returned to Tharkad, capital of the Lyran Alliance.  Because the trip to New Avalon had been kept secret the Athens had remained in total communication black out conditions.  Katrina expected to arrive back in the Lyran Alliance and find that New Avalon was now under control of an occupying force, likely one of the Clans considering the size of the vessel encountered.  Instead she had found out that the vessel had not attacked, and that the New Avalonian government was claiming no vessel even existed and that her brother, Victor, had returned and reclaimed his throne.

   Not only that Victor had arrived on New Avalon with Danai Centrella and she had been accepted by the Federated Suns people without problem.  Katrina could get to Omiko Kurita even on Luthien but Danai Centrella would be another problem, then again she was a MechWarrior and MechWarriors died.

   “So my brother returns as ‘Slayer of the Clans’, or whatever the hell it is they are calling him, and turns it over to Morgan Hasek-Davion.  Everyone thinks he is being gracious but they seem to forget that Morgan Hasek-Davion is one of Victor’s closest lackeys!  I thought the plan was for our agent to eliminate him near or at Huntress.  Why is Morgan Hasek now the reborn Commanding-General of a Star League that is gaining power and personnel by the day?  Neither of us can operate as we wish if this is the case.”  Katrina asked looking at her guest who looked more preoccupied with Katrina’s newest additions to the Throne Room.

   Traditionally a pair of Griffin BattleMechs stood guard over the throne, her brother had changed that to a Crusader and a Marauder to reflect the Federated Commonwealth Alliance when Katrina had declared the Lyran State independent she had changed the guard again to something far more symbolic.  Standing in the expansive room flanking her throne and House Steiner’s mailed-fist flag, stood two factory new ninety ton Hauptmann OmniMechs painted in Steiner-blue with gold stripes down each sides and on the weapon barrels they looked very impressive however these OmniMechs were not there for show both Hauptmanns were fully operational and piloted by the best close-quarters fighters in the First Royal Guards RCT, Tharkad’s primary defenders, and in a moments notice they were ready to act in defence of the throne.

   “Agent Pentrose attempted to kill Morgan Hasek-Davion twice but unfortunately he failed both times and was unwilling to end his own life completing the task, he was killed when Adriana Winson of the Eridani Light Horse shot him onboard the Invisible Truth.”  The white cloaked figure answered quietly.

   “Sounds like an excuse Precentor” Katrina said.

   “I have spoken to the Precentor ROM and Precentor St Jamis, they have both expressed their regrets about the continued survival of the Duke and your failure to gain control of the Federated Suns.”  The cloaked figure said reminding Katrina of her failure in her own throne room was dangerous but bold and an easy way to even the scores.

   “So what is our contingency plan?”

   “We will have to move more slowly, for now you are on your own, Archon.”  He said turning walking away towards the exit.

   “Guards seize him!”  The Archon shouted, the two Hauptmanns turned towards him, weapons ready, while two Standard Battle Armoured Guards seized the Precentor’s arms.  “You are wrong Precentor Kesselring, it is you who is all alone.  The Molehunters at the LIC (Lyran Intelligence Command) will be very interested in knowing I have uncovered a Blakist spy on Tharkad.  And then once they are done pulping your mind for information we will turn what’s left of you over to ComStar’s ROM and they can have fun with you.”

   “You cannot do this, we had a deal.”  Kesselring said unimpressed by the guards and totally unfazed, he thought he still had standing in this.

   “I have cancelled it.”  Katrina said and the guards dragged off the angry screaming Word of Blake spy.  Katrina was steadily running out of allies and her deal was quickly running its course, she would make sure there was little left of Kesselring to turn over to ComStar, nothing would point to a deal between Katrina and the Blakists but the tapes would show a direct link between Kesselring and the Word of Blake ROM agents ComStar knew about in the Lyran Alliance and ComStar would help the Lyrans destroy the Word of Blake inside her realm.  Perhaps there had been something the Lyran people got out of the alliance Katrina thought quietly, privately.  She then turned to another report that informed her of higher than normal recruitment due to the disbanding of the Federated Commonwealth Guards in the Federated Suns by her idiot brother.  Looking at the numbers Katrina could see the troops would be easily enough in quantity to warrant the formation of another Regimental Combat Team (RCT), the Sixth Alliance Guards, she though pencilling that in.  Since the rest of the Alliance Guards had been formed when the Lyran Alliance ceded from the Federated Commonwealth Alliance it seemed appropriate that the troops disbanded from the last remnants of the Federated Commonwealth benefited the Lyran people.  Katrina also read a report that the Federated Suns was creating several new RCTs by upgrading their last few standard BattleMech regiments to RCTs.  She made notes suggesting that the Lyran High Command followed a similar pattern increasing the strength of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces and improving communication and battlefield cohesion between units, although the Lyran Military Command did not like the Federated Suns RCTs they were more effective in battle.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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into 3061, hope you are all enjoying this expanded version
But of course. Keep 'em coming.  O0

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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But of course. Keep 'em coming.  O0

Ask for it, and more will come...  ;D

Clan Occupation Zones, Inner Sphere
Clan Steel Viper/Clan Jade Falcon
1st June 3061

   Following two months of constant assaults Clan Jade Falcon led by Khan Marthe Pryde herself counterattacks the Steel Vipers inside the Occupation Zone, the fighting is widespread and brutal severely damaging both Clans in the process.

Sandhurst, England
Terra, Chaos March
6th June 3061

   On Terra Word of Blake Precentor Martial Trent Adrian and his Deputy Suzanne Mulvanery are killed when a terrorist bomb destroys their vehicle just outside Sandhurst, the Word of Blake Militia‘s command base on Terra.  Straight away Precentor Cameron St Jamis, a member of the Sixth of June sub-faction of the Word of Blake, is sworn in as the Word of Blake’s new Precentor Martial.  Following a Sixth of June Members rising to the position of Precentor ROM just weeks before the Sixth of June is quickly proving to be a powerful faction of the Word of Blake, as well as being the most radical.  The Word of Blake seal the Terran System including restricting use of the Nadir and Zenith point recharge stations to only their trusted allies.

Throne Room, Davion Royal Palace
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
12th June 3061

   After being away for over two years First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion arrives back on New Avalon, with him is Danai Centrella.  Following a triumphant return parade led by the First Kathil Uhlans and the Tenth Lyran Guards RCT Victor returns to the Davion Royal Palace on Mount Davion which dominated Avalon City, the capital of New Avalon and of the Federated Suns.

   Walking up the stairs and through the main doorway Victor entered the Throne Room his sister Yvonne raised from the throne and ran across the room rapping her arms around him while his youngest brother Arthur stood just off dressed in his AFFS cadet uniform.  “Welcome home!”  Yvonne said not wanting to let Victor go.

   “Thank you, it is good to finally end the travelling and be here, home at last.  Good to see you Arthur how goes training?”

   “Well, brother, the Sandoval family have been very supportive.  Congratulations on your campaign to eradicate the Smoke Jaguars.”  Arthur said looking over his bother’s shoulder “who is this?”  He asked with a smirk noticing Danai standing just outside the room.

   “Thank you, Arthur” he said breaking from his sisters hug shaking Arthur’s hand, although seven years Victor’s junior the young man had a powerful handshake and was already taller than the First Prince, which Victor if hones knew was not difficult.  Victor turned to Danai.

   “Allow me to introduce Danai Centrella, Commander of the First Canopian Cuirassiers, Duchess of Canopus my very dear friend.”  Victor said stretching out his arm drawing Danai into the room, Yvonne embraced and hugged Danai like a life long friend but Arthur gave a very formal bow.

   “Welcome to New Avalon” Yvonne said.

   “Thank you, thank you.  It is a very beautiful world and this is amazing, more than I ever imagined” she said raising her arms looking around the Davion Throne room.

   “You haven’t seen the best, come on, I will show you around.”  Yvonne said leading Danai off, Danai glanced in Victor’s direction and he gave her a cheerful wave as Yvonne dragged her off.

   “So brother out of the Drac-Snake Queen and into the Canopian Carnival Princess, you do get around…”  Arthur said chuckling quietly at his own joke Victor grabbed his brothers wrist and spun the younger man into a wall his hand under Arthur’s chin despite his size Victor was showing Arthur exactly who was in charge.  Victor’s captured Elemental Bondsmen/Bodyguard Tigret looked in from their door positions and noticed there was no problem.

   “Listen to me, I don’t care what you think about my relationships or my companions.  I thank you for my welcome home, now don’t you have training to get to?”  Victor said Arthur remained totally silent nodding.  Victor released Arthur from the grip “then get to it, Cadet.”  He said dismissing his own brother, Arthur nodded saluted crisply and left.

   Victor headed up to the throne chairs he still saw the paired thrones as his parent’s thrones not his own.  “Welcome Home, sire” a deep voice said Victor turned and saw Field Marshal Jackson Davion.

   “Jackson!”  Victor said moving over to the elder Davion hugging the man, the Field Marshal was slightly surprised by his First Prince’s reaction. “what are you doing back here?  Hadrian’s?”  He asked firing rapid fire questions at Jackson as they moved closer to the thrones stopping at the foot of the steps leading up to them.

   “Hadrian’s Charges were ready and used in defence of New Avalon.”  Jackson said he saw Victor’s face drop, how wrong had he been about the possible Nova Cat threat?  Where were the signs of battle?

   “What happened?”

   “A Clan Nova Cat Battle-cruiser, a big massive buggering thing, biggest thing we’d seen for a very long time, entered the New Avalon system and offered us a gift.  They then executed a inter-system jump, an impressive manoeuvre to a location that most our experts say was impossible to get to, then a pair of Nova Cat Overlord-C landed near the mountain retreat above the Fox’s Den.”

   “The Nova Cats were on New Avalon!  How did this happen?”  The thought of Clansmen loyal to the Clans being on New Avalon sent shivers down Victor’s spine, now he began to understand how Hohiro Kurita must have felt when Smoke Jaguars and Star Adders were on Luthien. “Our WarShips have been built specifically to counter that.”

   “The Nova Cat vessel and its fighters could destroy our in system fleet alone and according to NAIS even if Katherine had stuck around to help we would still have lost.  You would have likely returned to a world governed by a Clan.  According to Yvonne and the sensors on the Invincible the Nova Cat‘s back-up force was too strong for the entire AFFS Navy to take.”

   “Katherine?”  Victor asked sitting down on his throne he hadn‘t listened to the rest only that his sister had been here!  Victor was surprised the Federated Suns was still here and this throne still waited for him.

   “There was some trouble, partially caused by Katherine, partially caused by Sun-Tzu Liao.  Yvonne was alone she called on Katherine for help, can't really blame the girl" he added defending Yvonne's choice "and the Lyran Archon arrived with one of the Hyperion-class Heavy Cruisers they found near Alarion.  Just as her WarShip was entering the system so did the Nova Cat vessel.  The Lyrans got spooked and ran for it and we haven’t heard from Katherine since.”  The elder Davion explained chuckling as he thought about Katherine’s reaction.

   “So the Nova Cats landed on New Avalon, what happened then?”  Victor asked, he felt sick thinking the Lyran people had forgotten past loyalties so quickly.  Although he attributed most of that to Katherine’s influences.

   “The Nova Cats returned the Fox’s Teeth and the Rabid Fox Platoon we sent to Tortuga all unharmed and with upgraded BattleMechs.  Then they invited Yvonne on a little joyride, there they presented her with another gift.”

   “Wait, Jackson please slow down they returned the Fox’s Teeth?”  Over the next hour Jackson informed Victor of all the things that had happened during his journey to Clan Space and back again.  The information on the Nova Cat’s Severn Lervoux scared him but the fact the Clanners had returned the Fox’s Teeth and Rabid Fox troopers with Clan Weapon equipped BattleMechs had surprised him.  But the big story, other than the entire Nova Cat Clan was in the former Tortuga Dominions and that the Nova Cats had given the Federated Suns via his sister Yvonne the FSS Thunderchild, a Varnay-class Battleship.  A vessel they had not seen for centuries and a vessel that had been the command ship of the rebel Varnay family during the Civil War.  Jackson informed him the vessel had been sneaked into the Galax system Shipyards and it was currently in deep mothball at a heavily guarded shipyard until they worked out what they were going to do with it.  “Where is the Fox’s Teeth?  I want to speak to Captain Ross McKinnon as soon as possible” Victor said.

   “Field Marshal McCarthy took them and the Rabid Fox troopers that was with them to some secret facility here on New Avalon.  Even I have not had access to them.  Their equipment has been taken to NAIS and taken to pieces by the techs there.”  Jackson said, Victor could feel his blood begin to boil although he respected the commander of the DMI he found the man a little to paranoid and willing to take to many decisions himself.  McCarthy’s decision to hold the personnel annoyed Victor straight away he worried about the Fox’s Teeth, they were heroes to the Federated Suns and should be treated as such, not only that he had sent them on the mission that had robbed them of almost two years of their lives.

   “Get McCarthy and his guests here now.”

   “At once, sire.”  Jackson said walking off leaving victor alone in the Throne Room, ‘so much for an easy life’ he thought silently. 
Now Victor had a Clan at his back-door he started to know how the Lyran Alliance and Draconis Combine felt.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Guest Quarters, Davion Royal Palace
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
12th June 3061

   Leading the way Yvonne took Danai on a tour through the Davion Palace, every step Danai was filled with a sense of awe, although she had grown up in the Magistracy of Canopus Royal Palace, which was truly a beautiful and magnificent building, it was nothing like this.  “So what do you think of New Avalon?” Yvonne said walking into the Guest Quarters of the Davion families personal quarters.

   “It’s beautiful, from what I saw in our decent New Avalon reminds me of Canopus during the summer.  You can see as far as the horizon on a clear day…”  her voice trailed off it was sad to think she would never see Canopus again but Danai had made her choice she would not lead the Magistracy into Civil War by challenging Naomi and she would not leave Victor‘s side either, here in a foreign realm she would build a new life.

   “How long has it been since you were home?”  Yvonne said sitting on a small sofa.

   “Home”  Danai said quietly sitting beside Yvonne “for me home has been the battlefield, or quarters on a DropShip for the last few years.  I haven’t been to Canopus in almost six years my mother sent me to the Capellan Confederation to command our forces stationed there, with our allies.  Then when the SLDF formed I took a battalion of our people to join your brother’s force, I suppose you could call the Intrepid as my recent home.”  She said naming Victor’s Flagship during the entire campaign.

   “When was the last time you had a night out, the last time you let your hair down and relaxed?”  Yvonne asked Danai looked slightly surprised.

   “I went to the dinner before Operation Bulldog and the celebration of the End of the Clan War.”  Danai said after a moment, Yvonne moved closer.

   “When was the last time you went out just being yourself, not caring about tomorrow’s battle or the politics of the Inner Sphere?”  Yvonne asked taking Danai’s hand in her own.

   “Honestly, never, I have always been groomed as the next leader of the Magistracy.  Everything has been a test, a hoop I had to jump through.”  Danai said slightly resigned.

   “Then we need to go out and enjoy ourselves while we are young and unattached.”  Yvonne said standing Danai raised to her feet as well.

   “What will I wear?  All I have is my travel clothes.”

   “This is New Avalon, honey, anything you want you can get.  Until your settled you can borrow anything of mine, I‘m sure we‘ll find something that will fit and suit you.  I’ll let you get cleaned up and come by in an hour with some things you might like.”  Yvonne said moving towards the door, Danai snagged her arm.

   “Yvonne, thank you” Danai said giving her a weak smile.

   “Trust me, tomorrow morning you will thank me, and then you will regret going out and hide in bed all day.” Yvonne said giggling then throwing Danai a wide smile Yvonne left leaving Danai alone.  Danai walked over to the bed and crashed out thinking about all the things that had happened, in all her dreams she had never expected to be here in the Davion Royal Palace ‘what a crazy life’ she thought.

Meeting Room
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
14th June 3061

   It took Field Marshal Christian Robert McCarthy two days to arrive at the Royal Palace, by that time Danai Centrella had made her self at home on New Avalon and along with Yvonne was setting New Avalon’s press alight with rumour and stories as they frequented almost every high-class bar in Avalon City in the space of forty-eight hours.  Victor tried to ignore the press stories instead he sat in a briefing room adjacent to the throne room looking at pictures of the Severn Lervoux surrounded by the Federated Suns WarShips, the Nova Cat vessel dwarfed the Federated Suns ship and the massive fighter screen the vessel was surrounded by was more than all five Federated Suns WarShips could field without DropShip support.  It was scary to think that anyone could be near the Federated Suns with that kind of firepower and not be under his command.

   Beside him Field Marshal Jackson Davion also was looking over the pictures, a day before Morgan Hasek-Davion had left Luthien and was on his way to New Avalon, although Morgan was still officially the Federated Suns Marshal of Armies Victor had asked Jackson if he wanted the job, Morgan would soon be far too busy to do both jobs.  Victor had also sent a message to Tukayyid recalling Marshal Arden Sortek, the Federated Suns member of the Star League Advisory Council, Victor had a more important job for his father’s old friend.

   “An impressive vessel” Victor said quietly.

   “Even with the Davions we would have been hard pressed to resist it without the fighters but with the fighters and the DropShips our 'experts' suggest the Severn Lervoux alone could have gained control of the entire system within a couple of hours.”  Jackson said, he wasn't entirely convinced about that idea, it was more than a little scary that the single Clan WarShip could eliminate nearly every WarShip in the Federated Suns navy alone.  The design was a complete unknown Victor just hoped the vessel was so new that no other Clan had access to it, the Nova Cats only had one and it appeared they had no inclination to use it against the Federated Suns.  The doors opened and someone entered Victor did not turn round the newcomer stopped several metres away.

   “Field Marshal, where are the members of the Fox’s Teeth and their Rabid Fox support?”  Victor asked not taking his eyes off the pictures.

   “Holding, bottom floor” McCarthy said assuming he was talking to him and not Jackson.  The bottom floor of New Avalon Palace was a high security prison and interrogation chamber, as far as Victor knew it had not been used in centuries.

   “Let’s go” Victor said breaking from the pictures walking out the door, both Marshals were quickly behind him.  Down on the lowest floor Victor walked straight past the DMI guards and into Ross McKinnon’s Room.  Although clean it was very minimal on decorations with a bed, a chair and a table no windows and only a single light.  Ross was wearing one of the black jumpsuits the Nova Cats had given him and in his hand was a small pin with the Nova Cat insignia on it.  At the sight of Victor, Ross snapped to attention.  “At ease, Captain” Victor said Ross barely moved “Captain McKinnon, did you or any of your people betray the Federated Suns during your time with Clan Nova Cat in the Tortuga Dominions.”

   “Once” Ross admitted truthfully Victor felt slightly worried of what Ross was about to say but remained quiet allowing him to explain their actions that led to the betrayal.  “We showed the Nova Cats where the intelligence satellites were inside the Nova Cat’s Den… pardon me the Tortuga Dominions.  We caused them to self destruct instead of downloading any information.  I did this to facilitate my unit’s extraction from the Nova Cat’s Den, sire, nothing more.”  Victor looked at the Captain carefully for a moment, the loss of the satellites was a blow but in Ross' position Victor may have done something similarly.  He then looked over his shoulder at the Field Marshals.

   “Field Marshal McCarthy, Captain McKinnon his men and all their support staff are to be released to their families immediately.  As are the Rabid Fox troopers and the transport crews from both DropShip and JumpShip.”  He said, the Field Marshal’s face wore a look of total shock, Ross saluted Victor then moved from the room releasing the rest of his people “Jackson, I want to go to Galax there is something there that needs to be seen.”  Victor said picking up the Nova Cat pin Ross had left on the table.

   “Yes sire.”  Jackson said looking to McCarthy who was still in total shock.

   “Looks like the Nova Cats are here to stay, now let’s see what they have given us.”  He said pocketing the pin leaving the room and the floor.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Clan Occupation Zone, Inner Sphere
Clan Jade Falcon/Clan Steel Viper
4th July 3061

   In a successful military campaign Khan Marthe Pryde leads Clan Jade Falcon to victory on the world of Waldorff, following this defeat Clan Steel Viper accept Clan Jade Falcon’s offer of Hegira and begin the orderly withdrawal from the Inner Sphere.

Montgomery Residence
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
29th July 3061

   It felt good to be back on New Avalon, the Nova Cat accommodations had been decent for prisoner quarters but nothing beat the comfort of her own bed.  Rachel Montgomery had been given extended leave from the AFFS and had relaxed in the family home for weeks.  She wondered quietly what had happened to the Fox’s Teeth and Ross McKinnon, all nine survivors of the Company had disappeared quickly.  She had tried to get in contact with Ross several times but there had been no response to her messages.

   Outside a storm howled with rain being blown into the side of the house but every now and again she heard a small tap on the window.  Thinking it was a branch or something Rachel rose from her bed, all she wore was a pair of white panties to bed, had done ever since she joined the military and needed to be ready to get dressed quickly.  Walking over to the window in the darkness she looked out and saw no branches or anything turning round she began to move back to her bed where there was another tap.  Rachel spun round and for some reason decided to open the window and looked out, as she did the wind blew into the room, the curtains on either side of the window flew up and Rachel was suddenly freezing.

   Looking out the window she saw Ross McKinnon standing there smiling, Rachel looked back and smiled back then realised she was virtually naked, Ross was getting an eyeful of her body but she didn‘t care.  “What are you doing here?”  She shouted.

   “I came to see you!  You are not an easy lady to find!”  He shouted back “can we talk?”

   “Sure, I’m on my way down!”  She said disappearing into the room

   “hold on, I’ll come up!” Ross shouted back sprinting over to the wall and beginning to climb.

   “What are you doing?”  she asked as he got closer, within a couple of minutes he was hanging outside her window.  With a little help Ross fell in the window on top of Rachel, he was absolutely soaked and freezing.  “What are you doing?”

   “Something crazy, but something I should have done as soon as we got back” he said leaning forward to kiss her, Rachel met him half way, and they locked in an embrace breaking off Ross whispered “will you marry me?” just as the rooms door swung open.

   Standing in the doorway stood a huge balding man “Who the Hell are you?  And What are you doing on top of my daughter?”  He shouted.

   “Daddy, this is Captain…”

   “Major” Ross said, Rachel smiled and leaned forward and kissed him forcefully.

   “Congratulations!”  She said as they broke off “daddy, this is Major Ross McKinnon, my fiancé.”  She said kissing Ross again.

   “Fiancé?” Rachel’s father said quietly stepping up straight “Fiancé?” he said rolling the word around in his mouth “When did you get engaged?”  He wondered out aloud, then noticed they were all over each other and paying no attention to him “never mind, we’ll talk in the morning.  Shut that window, and get him out of those freezing cold he’ll catch a death of cold.  We’ll talk in the morning.”  He said closing the door behind him, they didn’t need much more encouragement and enjoyed the best night of their relationship ever.

Press Studio
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th August 3061

   Across Avalon City, the capital of New Avalon and by extension the entire Federated Suns, people were arriving home and preparing to watch the latest edition of Avalonian News a current affairs/news program broadcast across the planet.  Tri-Vid players across the capital projected the show directly into peoples homes.

   “Good Evening, I am Gillian Ford, welcome to Avalonian News.”  The presenter said, Gillian Ford was possibly them most popular person on New Avalon at this time of the night, nearly sixty percent of Avalon City, and roughly fifty percent of New Avalon as a whole, watched the show.  “Tonight, we have exciting international news on the new Star League Defence Force and the Capellan Confederation/St Ives Conflict, we also have several stories leaked out of the Davion Palace and sports news on Jenson Sortek’s meteoric raise to glory on Solaris VII in the Mech Arena.”  She said opening the show glancing to her co-presenter, and long term replacement the beautiful Rebecca Lawson.

   “Good Evening, I’m Rebecca Lawson, first tonight we have a treat for you” the image changed to an Overlord-class DropShip bearing the Star League’s Cameron Star “yesterday morning Marshal of Armies Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion arrived on New Avalon in his official capacity as Commanding-General of the newly reformed Star League Defence Force.  Following a mammoth meeting with the AFFS High Command and First Prince Victor Davion, deep inside the Fox’s Den, Duke Hasek-Davion announced that effective immediately he would be stepping aside as Marshal of Armies of the Federated Suns to concentrate on forming the Star League Defence Force.  The First Prince wasted little time in naming Field Marshal Jackson Davion, commander of the Davion Royal Brigade of Guards as the next Marshal of Armies.  Victor also made a startling announcement, the Third Davion Guards RCT will merge with the ComGuard’s 208th Division to form the Second Royal Regiment of the new Star League the First Prince said that it was by popular vote that the two units would merge and join the new League as the Second Regiment, the First already being formed by the survivors of Task Force Serpent.”

   “In related news on the Royal Family the Prince’s sister Yvonne Steiner-Davion and, the Prince’s friend, Danai Centrella former heir to the throne Magistracy of Canopus made a stir last night.  At twenty-three hundred hours Avalon City local time the two, along with their bodyguard detachment from the First Davion Guards RCT, entered Stringfellow’s of New Avalon.  The popular bar/club was as always packed however Yvonne and Danai stole the show from all-comers, including the club’s dancers.  Neither Yvonne or Danai were escorted by male companions which has fuelled rumours that Danai Centrella and the First Prince are involved, although some have suggested it may be Yvonne and Danai who are involved…”

   “That’s only every teenage boy’s favourite dream, Gillian” Rebecca said smiling the very idea of the planet’s two most famous and eligible women together could bring a smile to anyone’s face, “following Duke Morgan Hasek-Davions announcement of his stepping aside as Marshal of Armies he brought the Federated Suns some good news.  The world of Kittery, nestled between the arms of the St Ives Compact will become the new Star League’s primary base of operations and state-of-the-art training and barracks will be built on the world.  Under lease agreements with the Federated Suns, AFFS troops will also be given full access to the facility.  The First Kittery Borderers, the planets primary defender currently on assignment to the defence of the St Ives Compact, will remain as the planets AFFS defending force and act as the official Opposing Force for the Star League troops.”

   “The Commanding-General also informed us that a partially completed Kirishima-class Cruiser gifted to the Star League by Coordinator Hohiro Kurita, as thanks to the SLDF for their efforts against Clan Smoke Jaguar, will be refitted at the New Syrtis Shipyards, deep inside the New Syrtis system, creating jobs and a steady income for the Capellan March.”

   “Also in military news tonight we have more reports on strange goings on in the Avalon Mountains.  Following reports of foreign WarShips in the New Avalon system, an amateur photographer pictured this vessel landing a couple of months ago” a grainy two-dimensional image of an Overlord-C class DropShip “our military experts confirm that this is an Clan-designed Overlord-class vessel capable of transporting up to forty-five BattleMechs, official representatives from the Fox’s Den have said that this DropShip was the first vessel of the Tenth Lyran Guards RCT to land on New Avalon, and that this particular vessel was captured from Clan Smoke Jaguar.  However no identification markings can be seen to confirm this.”  Gillian said as the picture disappeared and returned to the studio.

   “The Capellan Confederation was handed a severe defeat on the world of Sarna today as rogue elements of the Third Federated Commonwealth Guards RCT landed on the worlds of the Sarna Supremacy and announced their intentions to resist any attempt by the Capellan Confederation to retake the two planets in the Sarna Supremacy.  The former Third’s members drove the Capellans back to their DropShips in six hours of brutal close quarters fighting.  The Third has always been close to Sarna and following their previous failure to keep the world under the Federated Commonwealth flag there has been little surprise they broke orders and jumped the borders from most military experts.  No official word on reaction to the Third’s actions has come out of New Avalon although the Capellan Chancellor has vowed to kill every member of the former Third FedCom RCT.”  The show continued into the night and eventually touched on every topic effecting New Avalon, the Federated Suns and the Inner Sphere as a whole up to and including the take-off of the First Prince’s Excalibur-class DropShip, onboard was First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, SLDF Commanding-General Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion and it was rumoured Danai Centrella as well as an entire Battalion of the Tenth Lyran Guards RCT.  The DropShip taking off the next morning heading to join a WarShip in the system which would take Victor and the SLDF Commanding-General to the Whitting Conference on Marik in November.  At the conference on the Marik Family Homeworld a new First Lord would be voted into office.
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Near Jump Point
New Syrtis System
Capellan March, Federated Suns
21st October 3061

   The New Syrtis system was the capital of the Federated Suns Capellan March and home to the Hasek family.  Also inside the New Syrtis system were two shipyards, the first was a JumpShip and DropShip construction facility near the system’s jump points the second was a WarShip and aerospace fighter construction yard deep inside the system.  As such it was one of the most important systems in the entire Federated Suns and warranted guarding by two of the AFFS Admiralty’s Fox-class Corvettes, the FSS Indomitable and the newly launched FSS Robinson.

   Strapped into the captain’s command chair Officer of the Watch Leftenant Gerardo Mathews sat looking through reports on the status of the Robinson, soon this vessel would be travelling to the Robinson system and become the command ship of the entire Draconis March, and personal transport for the Duke of Robinson, it would not be proper for the vessel named for a March Capital not to be ready.

   “Leftenant, sensors detect a vessel entering at the Nadir point.  Profile suggests a WarShip of some type.”  The night watch sensor operator said Mathews looked up then down at his reports checking if anything was due in and noticed one possibility.

   “It is likely the SLDF Kirishima.”  He said unbuckling his belts he felt the zero gravity raise him up off the chair.  “But bring us to combat readiness just in-case” he said quietly the war in the Capellan Confederation had put everyone on edge.  “Inform the Indomitable of the disturbance.”  He thought quietly this could be trouble, even if it was a single hostile WarShip the two Fox-class Corvettes could find themselves in trouble, neither had DropShip support and their aerospace fighters were inexperienced defending, or attacking, WarShips.  The vessel’s commander, Vice-Admiral Wolfgang Rossum, entered the command room and Gerardo informed him of the situation.

   The two Foxes moved closer together so they could provide support for each other if necessary, even if this was just the SLDF vessel it was good practice for the crews of both vessels to work with other WarShips in mock combat trials.  Because the WarShip service was only now beginning to become a mainstream profession in the AFFS, with the first WarShips launched in the early 3050s, most of the crew were old DropShip commanders or fresh from the academy green warriors.

   “Sir, the surge is increasing vessel entering the system.”  the day-shift sensor operator newly out of their bunk said, she like many of the command-crew were half dressed woken from the alert message, Wolfgang shook his head, they would have to get better before the Robinson left the New Syrtis system.  Just then a massive eight hundred-and-twenty thousand ton, eight hundred-and-three metre long WarShip entered the system and immediately launched three DropShips before the Foxes could react then twenty-four aerospace fighters began launching from ventral launch tubes.  This was not the SLDF Kirishima or a Capellan WarShip of any known design, this was someone, something, else.

   “Prepare for combat, sensors I want everything from that vessel, find out who the hell they are.  Helm intercept course, full acceleration speed.”  There was various ‘ayes’ as the crew carried out the orders, the enemy vessel cut loose its thousand metre diameter JumpSail and opened fire with its first volley, not targeted at the WarShips but the Shipyards behind them.

   Four Killer Whale Capital Missiles flew past the two Foxes, the Corvette’s point defence weapons totally ineffectual against the weapons Wolfgang decided that if he survived this he would be having a long talk with the designers of the Fox about that fact alone.  The missiles flew true missing the first outer shipyards but hitting two factories in the centre of the facility.  As the missiles hit their Nuclear Warheads exploded engulfing the entire area in fire damaging everything and destroying all four central based factories.

   “WarShip-killers!”  The weapons officer screamed as the Robinson was hit by the radiation shock wave from the missiles, thankfully the radiation hit the WarShip’s engines which were shielded against powerful radiation and neither Fox suffered any damage.

   “Return fire, burn those bastards stem-to-stern” Wolfgang ordered both Foxes opened fire with Naval Lasers, Autocannons and Capital-class Barracuda Missiles.  The massive enemy vessel seemed to absorb the hits without even flinching.  As the enemy fighters engaged the Foxes, and their fighters, the three enemy DropShips joined the fray adding their weapons fire causing damage directly to the two defending Corvettes.  “Broadside weapons target those DropShips fore and fore-quarter weapons continue to target the WarShip!”  The two Corvettes continued to close on the massive enemy vessel which weighted in at nearly double the weight of the two Federated Suns vessels put together.

   The WarShip opened fire again with its missiles again striking the shipyards, this time the four nuclear tipped missiles were enough to destroy the entire facility, cripple JumpShip Production for years and end twenty-five thousand Federated Suns lives.  The two Foxes destroyed the three DropShips and most of the fighters in short order but then the enemy WarShip turned bearing its broadside-arc on the two vessels.  First a single White Shark Missile was fired between the vessels and detonated just inside a kilometre of each vessel blinding their sensors and destroying most of the Federated Suns fighters, then four heavy Naval Autocannons ripped into the Indomitable tearing the Corvette’s armour to shreds breaching the hull and killing most of the crew.  The Robinson alone continued forward, continuing to fire everything it had, the Fox was travelling at maximum speed and was intent on ramming the enemy vessel.  Unfortunately the aggressor’s crew had another idea, the four autocannons turned from the Indomitable’s wreckage onto the Robinson and with a second single volley the second Federated Suns Fox’s armour was holed in multiple places venting the atmosphere across the ship, escape pods began launching and the Fox listed sickly to port, its helm completely dead, the vessel now uncontrollable, the crew helpless.  A second autocannon volley ended the ship’s fight for survival and ended the lives of the crew.

   Retrieving its detached JumpSail the vessel took its time recharging its jump drives, destroying three AFFS DropShips and a JumpShip during this time, before leaving the system six hours later.  AFFS Recovery teams arrived in force with several WarShips in support hours later recovering every piece of wreckage as they looked to find a clue to who the aggressor was.

Gravity Deck Alpha, Conference Room
FSS Alexander Davion (Davion Block III-class Destroyer)
Epsilon Indi System, Chaos March
22nd October 3061

   First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and Commanding-General Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion had been in deep conversation with the New Avalon High Command for the last eighteen hours ever since the New Syrtis System Recharge Stations had reported several Nuclear detonations in the system near the JumpShip Construction Yards.  The partially completed SLDF Kirishima-class Cruiser had arrived in system seven hours after the report, it had been en route for refit anyway, once there it had informed the AFFS High Command on New Avalon of the attack and the destruction of the Shipyards and two of the Federated Suns Fox-class Corvettes.  The AFFS had then sent a message to Victor’s WarShip the newly refitted FSS Alexander Davion, one of the three Davion-class Destroyers that bolstered the New Avalon system during the Nova Cat Crisis.  Now in the Epsilon Indi system in the centre of the Chaos March, one of the most volatile areas of space surrounding Terra, the Alexander Davion was on high combat alert while Victor decided whether or not to return to New Avalon or continue on to the Star League Conference.

   “Do we know who this was?”  Victor asked looking at the screen, he had to wait several minutes as the HPGs between New Avalon and Epsilon Indi relayed the message.

   “Negative First Prince, we must consider our new neighbours” Marshal of Armies Jackson Davion said Victor hoped not the Nova Cats had been interesting neighbours until now, he hoped they had not become new enemies.  Also he had never heard of the Clans using Nuclear Weapons, why would they need to?  Their whole philosophy was set around capturing territory to become the most powerful Clan, capable of conquering Terra destroying

   “Perhaps not” someone else said in the room.

   “Who was that?”  Victor asked not recognising the voice, he had been out of the Federated Suns for a while but the High Command hadn’t changed while he destroyed the Smoke Jaguars.

   “Leftenant Jack Ryan, sire, aide to Marshal Darwith, head of MI2 Analysis and Speculation of DMI” Jackson said ready to move on.

   “Jackson let’s hear Mr Ryan out, so Ryan, who do you believe this is?”  Victor asked.

   “Sire, the Nadir and Zenith Jump Point Recharge Stations in the New Syrtis System were untouched by the aggressor…”  Ryan began to say if the Stations had been destroyed it may have been an even bigger loss than the factories.

   “Not a surprise, attacking forces often use defenders Recharge Stations to charge their own jump-drives.”  Morgan said quietly “this isn’t new information, or surprising.”  Morgan was getting angry even though he was no longer Marshal of Armies in the Federated Suns he was still Duke of New Syrtis and his world had just been attacked indirectly by whoever was causing troubles.  The High Command stirred ready to move on.

   “…no sir, not surprising that they allowed the Jump Recharge Stations to survive.  But surprising that they did not use the Recharge Stations.”  The young analyst said continuing with his information.  “By the reports from the SLDF vessel and from the Recharge Station itself the station had a full jump charge available, only one conclusion can be drawn from this, they wanted witnesses of the attack.  When you factor in the fact that Nuclear weapons were used in the attack it leads you to the Taurian Concordat the only nation that has not signed the Ares Conventions and still counts Nuclear Weapons as a viable weapon of War.”

   “The Taurians have no WarShips to threaten us with, how could they destroy a Shipyard and two WarShips without their own WarShip to launch Nuclear weapons?”  Field Marshal Christian Robert McCarthy asked, this man was part of his command, if not his direct subordinate, and he did not like being made to look like a fool.

   “Sir, I cross referenced the information listed by the Jump Stations, with the possibility the Taurians may be involved and that a WarShip capable of deploying WarShip-Killer Missiles would be needed.  After searching for six hours the Computers at NAIS found this.”  The image on New Avalon then the image inside the Alexander Davion changed to a picture of a flat Delta-ray shaped vessel.  “It is a Colt-class Battle-cruiser fielded by the Taurian Concordat in the waning years of the Reunification War.  During this conflict five such vessels were constructed the Achilles, Perseus, Jason, Theseus, and Heracles.  During the final Battle of the Horsham Shipyards the Achilles, Perseus, Jason and Theseus are all confirmed kills destroyed by the SLDF Navy.  The Heracles, one of the last Taurian WarShips remaining, attacked and disabled the Yamoto, the Texas-class SLDF Flagship, when the rest of the SLDF armada returned fire on the construction platform surrounding the Heracles there was a massive blinding explosion leaving no trace of the vessel.  Star League Intelligence Corps (SLIC) staff arrived and following an eighteen month investigation they believed that the Heracles had been destroyed by the fusion reactor of Horsham being self destructed by the defiant Taurian defenders.  I looked over the data surviving at NAIS on the incident, sire, there is not concrete proof that the Heracles was destroyed.  Also the Taurian Nuclear Weapons Count has never been verified.”

   “Why would they wait until now?  If they had such a vessel they could have struck New Avalon a dozen times during the Succession Wars and there would have been little we could do.”  Jackson pointed out.

   “Yes, Jackson, they could have if the Heracles was operational.  However the Federated Suns has proven that the Succession States could hide WarShips and renovate them when necessary and when technology was ready.”  Victor said, he was standing inside one such vessel.

   “But the Taurians have no such capability.  Their ground forces are barely operational as it is.”  Christian McCarthy said, the Intelligence chief was still not convinced.

   “Unproved, we have only ever been able to penetrate certain areas of the Taurian Concordat and with the Taurians new alliance with House Liao who knows what technologies they have gained.  Also I read somewhere just before Serpent that they have links to the Word of Blake, Jackson?”  Morgan said quietly despite now being out of the chain of command he still knew a lot about the Federated Suns and their neighbours.

   “Correct, Commanding-General” Jackson said confirming he had read the same report “the update also suggests that since they secured their position in the Terran System the Word of Blake influence has increased inside the Free Worlds League, Capellan Confederation, the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat.”  The Word of Blake was becoming stronger and more dangerous by the day, they could be a problem in the future.

   “True, Field Marshal McCarthy have Captain Ryan compel a list on where the Taurians could have hidden any WarShips safely.”  He said giving the young analyst an on the spot promotion.  “Admiral Petain as soon as the Avalons have been launched I want them defending New Syrtis, Galax and Kathil it looks like they want to destroy our WarShip capacity.”  At present there were three Avalon-class Cruisers being built with several more planned, as soon as the three vessels were complete Victor wanted them visible and defending the most important systems of the Federated Suns Navy.  “Jackson, as soon I am back, we will go looking for this hidden anchorage.  In the meantime keep everyone on their toes, it could be any day now but I am willing to bet that if the Taurians were behind this they will launch another attack and soon.”

   “That could start a War.”  Jackson said warning Victor of the consequences.

   “As far as I am concerned, Marshal of Armies, they started this War, we are going to end it.  I will see you in a few months.”  He said cutting the link with New Avalon.

   “Sire, I must warn you that if the Federated Suns goes to war against the Taurian Concordat the Star League may intervene.”  Morgan said quietly, this action could put them on opposite sides of conflict with Morgan just in the job.

   “No you could not, Morgan, the Taurians are not members of the Star League you could not intervene.  Trust me Morgan the people of New Syrtis will be avenged.”  Victor said he could see that although Morgan was upholding his duties as Commanding-General the attack on New Syrtis Shipyards had claimed many lives of people from New Syrtis.

   “Thank you, sire.”  Morgan said quietly, he wanted revenge as much as, if not more, than Victor up until Serpent the Capellan March had been his responsibility and New Syrtis was still his world, his system, someone had conducted a devastating attack on him, soon they would pay the price.
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Second Whitting Conference
Marik, Marik Commonwealth
Free Worlds League
10th November 3061

   The Whitting Conference had been delayed for several days because of Victor and Morgan’s delay following the attack on New Syrtis.  Because Thomas Marik was the current First Lord the Conference had moved to Thomas Marik’s Homeworld inside the Free Worlds League when Victor and Morgan arrived no-one commented on their lateness or the attack, no-one wanted to be associated with it.

   One thing that had been commented on was Danai’s presence at Victor’s side and the transport used to bring the Federated Suns leader to the conference.  So far there had been more questions about Victor’s Davion III-class Destroyer than Katherine/Katrina’s Hyperion or Thomas Marik’s Artemis-class SLS Unity City.  Victor had rebuffed most questions regarding the vessel and its sister ships still under refit in the Federated Suns, at the same time he quietly wondered what would have happened if he had turned up in the Thunderchild and smiled, ‘then they would have been running scared.’

   He also noticed Danai watching the Magistracy of Canopus group moving around with the Capellan Confederation delegation at the other side of the room.  Victor was not Danai’s keeper, and he did not consider them to be in a relationship - not yet, she could do what she wanted but the Duchess seemed content standing at Victor‘s side much to the annoyance of the Capellan Chancellor.  It was also something the entire Inner Sphere would be talking about for weeks to come which Victor enjoyed immensely.

   A couple of hours before there had been a small informal meeting between Victor and Hohiro Kurita the Draconis Combine leader had expressed his displeasure Victor had dropped his sister for a Periphery slut.  Years before Victor would have lashed out at the Draconis Combine leader but this time he had just walked off.

   Victor realised that Hohiro was a friend looking out for his little sister and if the tables were turned and Hohiro had been seeing Yvonne, or even Katherine, Victor may have had the same reaction but he could not say that to Hohiro and decided that he would give the Draconis Combine and the leading family of that nation a wide berth from now on.  The Federated Suns and Draconis Combine were no longer the allies they had been during the initial Clan Invasion, the ties were slowly being cut.  Only the Star League and the damage they had done would keep the two nations from tearing into each other just like they had done before the Clan Invasion.  If it was down to people like Victor’s brother Arthur or the hardliners in the Draconis Combine the two nations were be at war again Clans or no Clans, Victor hoped they would be able to avoid it but if they came to blows he would not stop until honour had been satisfied, he understood he Combine Samurai culture as best any outsider could and knew that if war came the Federated Suns would have to get their attention to stop the conflict spiralling out of control.

   At the first council meeting Commanding-General Morgan Hasek-Davion announced that the newly formed Second Royal BattleMech Regiment and its support were on Kittery and were ready for deployment.  He also announced that because of Capellan Confederation actions the SLDF would be required in the St Ives Compact to stop the war escalading.  Also Morgan announced, much to the shock of the Succession Lords, that Kittery would become the SLDF’s new Headquarters with additional training bases on Warlock, in the St Ives Compact, and at the Focht War College on Tukayyid, in the Free Rasalhague Republic.  Katherine Steiner-Davion and Sun-Tzu Liao both looked particularly annoyed at this development.

   There was a buzz to the air.  New Star League rules dictated a Succession Lord could be First Lord once every cycle, meaning Thomas Marik could not be First Lord again until all other Succession Lords had been First Lord once.  Also invited to this conference were the leaders of the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus at the insistence of the Capellan Confederation.  Various ComStar and Word of Blake Adepts and Acolytes were moving around although neither organisation had any power at this conference.

   Although Danai Centrella and her sister were both on Atreus and had even been in the same room for much of the day. Danai never strayed far from Victor’s side and Naomi never left Sun-Tzu Liao’s side meaning the sisters never spoke.  It was sad but a way of the Inner Sphere and of politics.

Ross McKinnon’s Flat
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
12th November 3061

   Lying in bed for almost three days straight may sound lazy, but Ross McKinnon and his fiancée, Rachel Montgomery, were together for the first time in three months following duty assignments.  Now they were making up for lost time and making wedding arrangements, so far they had decided that the wedding would be on New Avalon and that it would be a large affair.  Looking down the list of possible guests Ross stopped and looked to Rachel “what is this?”  He said pausing on one of the names, Star Colonel Canin Rosse.  “You want him to come?”  Ross had no objections for the Nova Cat Star Colonel coming to the wedding, he just had no idea how it would happen or even if the Star Colonel would be willing to attend.

   “He is responsible for us being together.”  Rachel said, she wanted the perfect wedding, in her mind if it had not been for the year-and-a-half the Fox’s Teeth and her Rabid Fox had been trapped on Tortuga with the Nova Cats then Ross and her would never have gotten together.  “I would also like to see his unit there to.”  She said going down the list, leaving the details in Ross' hands.

   “I could… nah maybe not” Ross whispered trying to think of a way to get this to work there was only one option in his mind and he highly doubted it would be allowed, an entire Trinary of Clan Nova Cat warriors deep in the Federated Suns.

   “What was that honey?”  Rachel said not looking up from her position.

   “Nothing dear” Ross said, this was his job, he’d figure something out or this wedding could be dead before it got off the ground.

Second Whitting Conference
Marik, Marik Commonwealth
Free Worlds League
14th November 3061

   It was time to vote for a new First Lord however Thomas Marik had one last thing to announce as First Lord.  “My assembled Lords, my time as First Lord has been one of great success for the Star League Defence Force.”  He said despite the Free Worlds League military actually doing little during Bulldog they had been instrumental in Serpent’s success and in the establishment of the Embassies on Huntress and Strana Mechty, which they still guarded today.  “In an effort to bolster the Star League and show that the Free Worlds League gives its full support to the organisation I host this Conference, I am here today to take part in this vote and announce that the Fusiliers of Oriente, Fifth Brigade  have asked to return to their SLDF designation and rejoin the Star League Defence Force as the Twenty-eighth Hussar Regulars.  Assuming the Commanding-General agrees to this transfer I have granted this request.”  Thomas said there was a low murmuring around the room, none of the Succession Lords had expected any house to allow any former SLDF units to return to the nascent league. 

   Standing Morgan Hasek-Davion addressed the Succession Lords “Captain-General, the Star League Defence Force would be glad to welcome any former SLDF unit back into its arms.  The Twenty-eighth Hussar Regulars are more than welcome, as are any unit, I would personally like to thank you for your support and your successful time as First Lord.”  As Morgan sat there was a rousing applause for his words and Marik’s gift to the SLDF.  Morgan sat down with a smile on his face whatever happened it was a good day.

   It was time for the vote for a New First Lord.  Thomas Marik as exiting First Lord had first vote.  “One Clan has been taken care of, perhaps it is time the Star League was used to take care of a second.  I nominate Archon Katrina Steiner for the position of First Lord.”  Morgan shot a glance at Victor, Katherine and Thomas Marik, perhaps there was a way to mess up the day he thought coldly.

   “Does the Lyran Alliance leader agree to this nomination?”  The chairperson asked looking at the Lyran leader who wore a long dark low-cut Steiner blue dress that showed plenty of her cleavage not that Katherine was interested in winning the attention of any of the Succession Lords, she just knew that if she had it she should flaunt it.

   “I graciously refuse the nomination” Katherine said quietly, there was widespread shock in the room, Katherine had made no effort to ever hide her desire of being First Lord however no-one had ever thought anyone else would ever nominate her. “It is not time for another war against the Clans, it is time for peace in the Inner Sphere.  I will not lead an organisation that is solely formed to annihilate the Clans.”  Almost all eyes turned on Morgan and Victor, they sat closely together but not at the same table, one had to speak Morgan began to stand but Victor beat him to it.  “It is time for the Star League Defence Force to better all of the Inner Sphere.”

   “I agree with my sister, Katherine” Victor said using her full name as he raised from his table, everyone in the room looked surprised except Danai Centrella who looked at Victor with pure pride in her eyes he had not gone aggressive and lost votes like many had expected instead he had played the same game as Katherine, only time would tell if he had been right to do so.  “The first Star League was formed to bring in a golden age for humanity, an age where the peoples of the Inner Sphere put aside their differences to better life for everyone.  The Clans distracted us with their Invasion, however we have shown them we can hold them back and if necessary to defeat them on their own ground.  Now it is time for the peoples of the Inner Sphere to improve life for all.  To show there is no bad blood brought to this Conference, I nominate Coordinator Hohiro Kurita leader of the Draconis Combine for the post of First Lord.”  Again there was widespread shock, the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine were traditional enemies not allies Victor knew this could cause trouble at home for him and in the Combine for Hohiro with people on both sides of the border hating the two leaders were getting on but he hoped most people would see it exactly for what it was, a political game to stop his sister‘s ascension to the position of First Lord.

   “I will second this” Katrina said standing looking at Victor and no-one else, she had planned this to be an attack on Victor, show that he was the warrior and nothing else however Victor had spun everything on its head and thrown it back in her face.

   “I agree chairperson, and allow me to thank the First Prince and Archon the Draconis Combine will treasure this moment.”  Hohiro said not moving to stand a smile crossed his lips, in Hohiro’s eyes Katrina had just committed political suicide.  At the SLDF table Morgan Hasek-Davion was also smiling however he’d just seen Victor beat Katherine at her own game.

   “I nominate Elected-Prince Christian Mansdotter” Sun-Tzu Liao said quietly “the Free Rasalhague Republic could use any support it is given, especially with the ComGuards so badly mauled during the campaign against the Smoke Jaguars.”

   “I second this motion” Precentor-Marital Anastasius Focht of ComStar said, although ComStar were still only a military force because of the threat posed by the Word of Blake ComStar had been given some provisional voting rights, although they still could not nominate people they could second votes.

   The votes went around the room Victor, Katherine, Candice Liao and Thomas Marik voted for Hohiro while Sun-Tzu Liao and Anastasius Focht, voted for Christian Mansdotter four-two in favour for the Draconis Combine leader.  Christian Mansdotter was the first to congratulate Hohiro Kurita before leaving the room.

   “I’m impressed brother, I was not expecting you to support the Draconis Combine, perhaps your nation has moved on from beating people over the head when you don‘t get what you want.”

   “Thank you Katherine” he said using her given name “but please don‘t forget when we see a threat we can still hit it over the head.”  He said smiling back at his sister picking up a couple of papers, he had just implied that the Draconis Combine posed no-threat without saying it directly.  “I brought with me five Regiments from the Federated Suns for SLDF Contract make sure they are treated well.”

   “I will I promise you.  I visited my sister on New Avalon when you were away” she said pausing to see if Victor showed any reaction but the next comment came from behind.

   “And we heard you ran away as fast as you could when there was a half finished Kirishima in-bound on its way to the New Syrtis Shipyards.”  Morgan said quietly Katherine shot the Commanding-General a glance.

   “Your sure it was a Kirishima?  Seemed larger than a simple Draconis Combine Cruiser.”  She said following Victor’s lead in insulting the Draconis Combine, this time their WarShip design.

   “I’m quite sure Katherine, the people of New Avalon were quite shocked when they heard that you had neglected to even stay in case of a major attack.  Thankfully the Kirishima did not launch an attack and is now safely in the New Syrtis system WarShip Shipyards which survived the attack by the mystery vessel.”  Morgan said stepping forward supporting Victor, he knew little of the attack or the enemy vessel they were taking about but noticed Victor was wanting it kept a secret.

   “I was sorry to hear about the attack on your system Duke Hasek, are you sure you should be here and not tending to your people.  Victor, there is no-way that vessel was a Kirishima, what little surprise did you bring back from Clan Space?”

   “The First Prince needs no Clan surprises to defend the Federated Suns from threats, Archon, the people of New Avalon know that he fully believes in the Federated Suns and that he was able to bring home all of his people from the Lyran Alliance reuniting dozens of families.  The Lyran people also believe in Victor because he reunited their people also, we can only hope that these nations realise that you have led the Lyran people down the wrong path and re-forge the Federated Commonwealth.”  Danai said changing the subject as she raised to her feet, she wore a full length red dress and with her long dark hair worn up she was in complete contrast to Katrina’s short blond hair and blue dress.

   “Ah, Duchess Centrella, I was sorry to hear about your mother.”  Katherine said smiling “a great loss…”  Katherine said just as the Capellan leader broke in.

   “An even greater loss when a sister and daughter will not even return home to see her mother’s grave and pay her respects, instead she remains with her toy boy lover in a foreign realm.”  Victor was about to reply but Morgan beat him to it.

   “Sun-Tzu Liao” Morgan said, not even using the Chancellor’s rank of position which was protocol, the Haseks had always faced over the border to the Capellans, Morgan would show the man no respect.  “By order of the Star League Defence Force I order you to withdraw your force.”

   “I will not, and there is nothing you can do, this is an internal dispute.  The only way you can interfere is if we break international borders.  Only the Federated Suns has done so, three of its units are in the St Ives Commonality as we speak.”  Sun-Tzu said trying to put the blame on the Federated Suns for his little war.

   “You’re dead wrong Chancellor” Morgan said emphasising the ‘dead’ part to show his feelings, as Commanding-General he should be neutral however he knew what the Capellans were like during war.   “The Federated Suns is defending St Ives Constitutional rights that state that any Federated Suns units based in the St Ives Compact are allowed to defend themselves, their allies and their bases from any foreign force including the defenders of St Ives themselves if trouble arises.  Also before she left Duchess Candice Liao sent me this” he said handing Sun-Tzu a letter, a few people looked around an noticed the entire St Ives and the Draconis Combine delegations were already gone and the Free Rasalhague Republic group was leaving.  The First Whitting Conference had lasted nearly two months the Second Conference had lasted less than a week.  “This is an official call for Star League Defence Force Support in pushing back your marauding hoards.  Now unless you want to face the SLDF in battle I suggest you pull back.”

   “I will not, the St Ives Commonality belongs to the Capellan Confederation, I do not abandon my people or my friends.”  Sun-Tzu said looking accusingly at Victor, who had all but abandoned the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth at the First Whitting Conference.

   “Then Sun-Tzu your people better be ready for trouble, because it is coming your way.”  Victor said the group broke up and within the hour the Second Royal BattleMech Regiment of the SLDF had crossed the Federated Suns border and joined the defenders of St Ives.  The newly joined Twenty-eighth Hussar Regulars had been sent a message to move to the St Ives Compact as had two Regiments of the Eridani Light Horse and the SLS Shining Claw, the Ghost Bear Congress-class Frigate used by the ELH.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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In-system Burn
Milos, St Ives Compact
15th November 3061

   Although officially the Second Royal BattleMech Regiment had only been together for six months in fact they had been together since the Battle of Luzerne over two years before, they had faced the Smoke Jaguars as part of the SLDF even though they were from different organisations.  The two were now one, under the Star League Defence Force every DropShip, Fighter, Mech, Armoured Vehicle and Infantry trooper carried a Cameron Star on their uniform.

   The Second Royal BattleMech Regiment was actually four Regiments, One Mech, One Armour, One Infantry and One a mixed bag of units they were all supported by an entire wing of fighters and an entire squadron of Assault DropShips making it the strongest unit in the entire SLDF.  Although the First had the experience and technology advantage the Second had pure numbers.  Lieutenant-General Marguerite McCafee sat in her Stone Rhino BattleMech’s cockpit waiting for the Drop, the Mech she piloted now was a captured Smoke Jaguar design one of the few operation Clan Mechs in the unit, the rest were mostly refitted Inner Sphere designs that dated back centuries although a couple were brand-new OmniMechs gained from the Draconis Combine.  The although the Clans called the Mech Behemoth the Inner Sphere had called it Stone Rhino as there was a tank named the Behemoth.  The Stone Rhino weighed in at one hundred tons it carried a heavy array of paired large pulse lasers, Gauss Rifles and an overhead mounted Extended-Range Large Laser.  Although slow with a top speed of only fifty-four kilometres per hour the Mech mounted heavy armour and three jump jets for extended mobility.

   Marguerite opened up her command frequency the comm. signal spread to all the ships, about twenty DropShips in all.  “Okay people here we go again, No WarShips to worry about this time” she tried to make a joke out of the last drop they encountered over Luzerne but even she could not smile under the Davion and ComGuard flags her troops had suffered greatly under the guns of Clan Smoke Jaguar.  “The defenders of Milos have been resisting the Capellans for almost two years, they are outnumbered and outgunned but they haven’t given up.  I don’t know about you, but this sounds familiar to me.”  She said, everyone on the DropShips knew what she was still thinking about Luzerne, for some of them it would never leave them, the Smoke Jaguars had outnumbered and outgunned them for months and had WarShip support cutting off their exit, so far the Capellans didn‘t have WarShips but the situation on Milos was eerily similar.  “We are going to give the Capellans a chance to surrender on the drop and when we hit that turf any Capellan that hasn’t run back to his mommy is getting a gauss slug.”  She imagined she could hear a cheer run through the ships from her troops ready to finally get back into the fight “the Second St Ives Lancers know we are coming, they have pulled their regiment’s forces and the attached militia back to their bases so everyone we see on the ground is a target.  Good hunting and I’ll see you on the ground.”  She said cutting off the transmission, then she cried in the silence of her captured Clan BattleMech the Lieutenant-General cried, it was getting too much.  Every night she thought of Luzerne, every night she saw friends and comrades cut down by the Smoke Jaguars, hopefully this fight would put those nightmares out of her mind.

   Breaking through the atmosphere the fighters of the Fifty-first Crucis Interceptor Wing engaged the few Capellan fighters that had been sent up to resist the twenty-four strong DropShip force of the Regiment.  Supported by an assault DropShip squadron specifically tasked with clearing our enemy DropShips and major ground based installations the Capellans retreated from the sky with the Second not loosing a single DropShip in the landing phase although the Fifty-first did loose a squadron‘s worth of fighters.  With this attack on the DropShips Marguerite passed the word that the Capellans were now considered hostile to the SLDF.  She then passed the word to the Aerospace commander to attack all targets in the area as long as ordinance and fuel permitted.

   The escorting fighters and assault DropShips broke from formation and drove on the Capellan ground forces.  The Fifty-first Crucis was formerly a House Davion unit inherited completely from the Third Davion Guards, however supporting them were an entire squadron of six Chippewa Assault Fighters which had served the 208th ComGuard Division, this gave the Fifty-first a powerful bite.  The fighters flew over the area attacking any Capellan unit that moved allowing the DropShips to land unmolested, they then escorted the assault DropShips to the local spaceport and helped them secure the airspace around the landing zone, a Jump Infantry Battalion and a Battle Armour Battalion Dropped from the DropShips and secured landing zones for the DropShips and the Fifty-first Crucis’ Fighters.

   Stepping her Stone Rhino from the Fortress-class Tremor, that served as the Second’s command base Marguerite spied her first targets, a lance of Capellan Heavy-Assault Mechs.  Not even waiting for her whole lance to form up Marguerite charged forward accelerating the Stone Rhino to its top speed of fifty-four kilometres per hour.  In range she triggered the over head large laser then both torso mounted Gauss Rifles knocking a Capellan Atlas on its back with one attack, the Mech was not out but she‘d slowed it.  Switching her targets she was ready to fire again when all three standing Capellan Mechs opened fire at once all targeting her Mech, angry that she‘d have the audacity to attack a lance alone and surprised with the Mech‘s ferocity seeing it as a major threat.

   A seventy-five ton Lao Hu opened fire with its own large laser and fifteen LRMs, the laser burned the Stone Rhino’s left leg while the LRMs struck near the torso mounted gauss rifle but causing no lasting damage.  Then a seventy ton Cataphract opened fire with its dual autocannons tearing into the Stone Rhino’s legs again, Marguerite fought for control of the Clan assault Mech and charge on triggering both large pulse lasers in defiance damaging the Cataphract’s left arm.  The sixty-five ton Junggau fired its Gauss Rifle blowing a massive chunk of armour off the right arm while the fourth Capellan Mech a ninety ton Yu Huang opened fire with its Extended Range PPC and massive assault LB-class Autocannon.  The PPC missed by a hair fizzling the air alongside the Stone Rhino’s cockpit while the Autocannon blasted flak all over the torso of the Stone Rhino causing little but widespread damage over the assault Mech.

   Now in close to her targets Marguerite went to work, both Large Pulse Lasers cut into the side of the Cataphract then the left arm smashed into the seventy ton Mech, the Capellan pilot not expecting the savage attack lost control and crashed his Mech into the dirt.  Twisting the Stone Rhino’s torso to the left Marguerite triggered both gauss rifles, the weapons normally suffered from being so close but this time the flew true and straight into the Junggau, the first slug tore off the Mech’s left arm while the second crushed the knee actuator.  Marguerite never even waited to finish off the Mech launching the Stone Rhino up into the air on its Jump Jets she sent the Assault Mech backwards landing just behind the Lao Hu allowing Marguerite to fire the large laser straight into the Mech’s weak rear armour causing some penetration and some gyroscope damage.  The heavy Mech unable to balance without its gyro working at full power fell forwards slamming into the ground crushing the cockpit on a large bolder killing the pilot.

   The enemy Yu Huang turned, it was now the only undamaged Mech and the most dangerous.  Marguerite braced for the hit, but just as the Capellan warrior was preparing to fire the Yu Huang’s back exploded as the Tremor, fired it’s nose mounted Long Tom Artillery Cannon providing support for the ground troops now the DropShip was fully grounded.  It wasn’t a direct hit but it was close enough and knocked the Capellan’s shot off meaning that only the Yu Huang’s PPC hit causing some torso damage.  Marguerite exploited the Capellan’s misfortune and blasted the Yu Huang with both Large Pulse Lasers, both Gauss Rifles and the overhead large laser, she then triggered both yet unused medium pulse lasers as well.  The heat inside the Stone Rhino was unbearable but as Marguerite slapped the override she saw the Capellan Yu Huang slam backwards into the ground its head a burning ruin.  As the rest of Marguerite’s Command Company arrived the three surviving Capellan Atlas and crippled Junggau surrendered, knowing if they resisted they would be committing suicide.  Marguerite walked her Mech back to the Tremor and into the DropShip’s cargo bay, even taking on an entire Lance of Capellan Mechs had not released her, she would need to overcome these feelings soon or people around her would begin to die.

Isis Marik’s Guest Quarters
Imperial Palace, Luthien
Pesht Military District, Draconis Combine
15th December 3061

   The winter had come early to the Draconis Combine’s capital, or at least that was what the locals said, Isis cared nothing for the weather she had been here for almost six months and still she did not know what she should do or more importantly what she wanted to do.  The doors opened and Omiko Kurita entered “Omi?”  Isis asked surprised Omi rarely came to see her normally she waited for them to ‘bump’ into each other, in fact Isis saw Omilko’s brothers Minoru and Hohiro more than she did Omi herself.

   “Isis, how are you?”

   “Fine I guess, I’m lost Omi, I don’t know what I want to do.”

   “Perhaps I have a solution for your problem.”

   “You do how?”  Isis asked, she had thought Omi was looking after herself and allowing Isis to do the same but really she had been thinking of Isis all along, she was a true friend.

   “I was thinking about your problems and the situation you have found yourself in, I was looking for a solution for it” Omi said stepping away looking out the window but looking at the ground outside.

   “Omi what is it?”

   “You must forgive me, Isis, I have intruded in your personnel life…  I only searched for meaning to help you, forgive me.”  Omi said stepping away back towards the doors as if realising she had done something wrong.

   “Omi, wait” Omiko Kurita stopped immediately but remained turned to the door.  “What did you find that could help me?  You found something or you would not have come.”

   “I found someone that has found themselves in the same position as you.  Unsure about the path they are walking an lost to the world.”

   “Who?”  Isis asked, she could not think of anyone as hard off in life as her disowned by her father and dumped by the man she loved for another woman.

   “Victor’s brother, Peter” Omi said, she still said Victor’s name with a smile as she turned to face Isis.  “Peter was a promising officer in Victor’s army but others used him for their purposes.  Lost without his parents and with his brother struggling with his own problems he sought out Morgan Kell who took him to Saint Marinus House on the world of Zaniah in the Lyran Alliance.  Although he may not be able to help you the people there may help you find answers, as may a change of scenery.”

   “You want me to leave?”  Isis asked, she had not expected Omi to ask her to go.

   “No, no, Isis stay as long as you want.  I want to see you get better, to live and enjoy your life.  Stuck here in this room, in this palace, hiding from the world is no way for you to live.  Think about it please, and accept my apologies for the intrusion.”  Omiko said leaving the room quickly before Isis could speak again.  After several days of seclusion Isis searched out Omi and thanked her for her help then two days later found passage to Zaniah, she would try her friends idea, it could do her no worst than remaining in seclusion on Luthien.

Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission
Contract Negotiations Offices
Outreach, Chaos March
21st December 3061

   Although most things were winding down for the Christmas and New Years celebrations the Mercenary trade rarely stopped, especially on Outreach home to the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRBC) and home to Wolf’s Dragoons the most powerful Mercenaries in the Inner Sphere.  Wolf’s Dragoons were originally a Clan intelligence operation that had entered the Inner Sphere posing as mercenaries, after decades of service to the various Inner Sphere realms, including stopping an entire Draconis Combine Invasion of the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War, an act that had won them Ownership of the world of Outreach from Hanse Davion, they had turned on their Clan masters and refused a recall order just before the Clan invasion.

   Now Wolf’s Dragoons rarely took contracts content to protect Outreach with their formerly Clan owned WarShip fleet and their massive ground forces, the Dragoons maintained their edge by fighting every new Mercenary unit on the block and maintaining a technological advantage over all their opponents employing massed formations of Elemental Battle Armour amongst their infantry and clan weapons technology on their Mechs, vehicles and aerospace fighters.

   Outreach had been the centre of the legitimate mercenary trade in the Inner Sphere for the last twenty years and this brought Wolf‘s Dragoons great prestige and a steady income without risking themselves.  Although they had fought in both the First and Second Battles of Luthien costing them an entire Regiment of troops which had brought massive respect from around the Inner Sphere and even the Clans, who generally despised the Dragoons for everything they stood for, the Dragoons still refused to take regular contracts happy to remain on Outreach in relative peace watching for trouble that could threaten their position in the Chaos March or the position of any of their allies.

   Colonel Harry Sanders, commander and founder of the Stalwart Support Regiment, had not expected a contract negotiation to begin this late in the year however the source was highly creditable and interested him so he had gone along to the MRBC Hiring Hall on Outreach, the Stalwart Support were still on New Canton, a world in the Chaos March and a world they had been on for the last ten years in garrison duty.

   Entering the room Harry saw that he was not being fooled around with, the man he had been told would be here was sitting behind the desk, Commanding-General Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion commander of the SLDF.  Harry immediately stood up straighter and walked up to the desk, Morgan raised as the Colonel approached “sire, it is a great honour to meet you.”  Harry said saluting, Morgan was not his Duke or anywhere near Harry’s chain of command but his reputation and standing in the Inner Sphere demanded great respect.  Morgan immediately returned the salute and offered Harry his hand, something which Harry took with great respect and gave Morgan an solid handshake.  Morgan directed Harry to sit and the Colonel sat down opposite Morgan.

   “Colonel, I heard your unit was thinking about leaving New Canton and finding a new contract?”

   “We are experiencing more combat than expected and our employers are unwilling to match the pay we expect.  We have begun trying to bring the MRBC into the negotiations, if they do not progress then we will be looking for something new, the SLDF wouldn’t like to hire and Infantry Regiment would they?”  Harry said smiling half jokingly, the Stalwart Support Regiment were almost entirely made up of conventional infantry troopers with some artillery and some VTOL support added.

   “Maybe” Morgan said, Harry was floored, he hadn’t expected Morgan to be offering the Stalwart Support a contract with the SLDF.  He had to be careful he’d heard horror stories of Infantry attacking the Clans and being massacred by their Elementals and BattleMech Mounted Anti-Infantry Pods, Harry would not allow his men to be massacred so easily.  “What the SLDF is really looking at is an entirely new type of unit.  Something we could use in the Chaos March for garrison duty and as peacekeepers and a unit that could equally be put up against the Clans or another front-line unit and give them a bloody nose.”

   “My Regiment have been on Garrison Duty on New Canton for the last ten years, however recently we have been tackling much heavier opponents.  With respect General I will not allow my unit to be used as anyone’s plaything or rat-test case especially not against the Clans, I‘ve heard enough horror stories of PBIs (Poor Bloody Infantry) against them to last a lifetime.”

   “And I would not expect the Stalwart Support to for fill such duties, your reputation is far greater than that kind of treatment deserves.  In fact I would like to use your unit as a training unit for a new Battle Armour Corps I want to form.”

   “Battle Armour Corps?”  Harry asked astonished he‘d never heard anything about such a thing but it intrigued him “but the Stalwart Support have no Battle Armour to speak of!”  Harry said, he’d dreamed of upgrading his regiment to Battle Armour troops but they had never the money to pull off that kind of transfer and probably never would, still it was a dream and sometimes they came true.

   “I am aware of that Colonel, that is why I was wondering if your troopers would be interested in permanently signing up with the Star League Defence Force.  Would the Stalwart Support be interested in forming the core of the Battle Armour Corps under the command of Lieutenant-General Harry Sanders?”  Harry was gob smacked, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

   “You’d want to buy my unit and turn us into a Battle Armour Regiment under my command?  I‘m a bit old to become a Battle Armour trooper.”  Harry was only in his late fifties but he hadn’t been in the field for years tied up with contract negotiations and making the nobles of New Canton happy with his regiment‘s work.

   “That’s right, allow me to be completely straight forward with you Colonel.  The Chaos March is a mess, one way I want to tackle it is by having a peacekeeper force on every planet, at the core of each force will be a Battle Armour Battalion supported by VTOLs and artillery and maybe Mechs later.  What I need is a well trained infantry force that can transfer to battle armour.  I need and infantry force that can work with artillery and VTOLs.  And I need a commander who is able to deal with planetary and city leaders with enough finesse.  Tell me what other unit meets those criteria?”  Harry sat there dumbfounded he didn’t know what to say.  “Colonel?”

   “Sir” Harry said standing up saluting, Morgan slowly raised to his feet and returned the salute.  “I think we can deal, where do you want to form this Corps of yours?”

   “Well Lieutenant-Genera” Morgan said using Harry’s new rank for the first time seriously “I was thinking we could go to New Canton and see if they would be interested in having a permanent Battle Armoured SLDF presence replace their mercenary defenders.”  Morgan said shaking Harry’s hand Harry burst into laughter as they walked to the exit.  Over the next few days the Stalwart Support Regiment were officially bought from Colonel Harry Sanders by the Star League Defence Force.  Normally this would have made the owner of the regiment a rich man but the Stalwart Support were in so much debt so Harry got out with little profits and sacrificed being his own boss for working for someone else something he said he’d never do.  Then again every one of his troopers including Harry could now rely on a constant wage from the SLDF something mercenaries could not rely on, that was they could rely on a constant wage after they agreed to join the SLDF something he was sure few warriors would refuse.

Ending 3061
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Khan Santin West’s Office, Alpha Galaxy Command
Phillip Drummond City, New Barcella
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
12th January 3062

   The Phillip Drummond City was well under construction as was the Clan’s new Genetic Repository, Clan Nova Cat was completely secure on New Barcella, Khan Santin West had heard that some of the civilians from Tortuga were also becoming productive members of the Clan’s civilian castes helping the Nova Cats begin to explore the thousands of islands that were scattered across the planet’s massive ocean.  Today was not about New Barcella however today Khan Santin West would meet with the Clan’s scientists to discuss the progress they were making terraforming the former Tortuga Dominion worlds into liveable worlds unlike New Barcella, which was a near paradise, worlds like Tortuga Prime, Morgan’s Holdfast and Fletcher’s Feast all undeveloped former pirate worlds were struggling to find their feet and support their populations.  For the last two years Nova Cat scientists had been trying to Terraform the worlds into more Terra-like habitats.

   Looking out his sixth floor office Khan Santin West looked at Philip Drummond City roughly a kilometre away, he was beginning to understand Biccon Winters decision to have her office so high up, the view was breathtaking.  In the other direction Santin could see the boundaries of the Ways of Seeing National Park, over one hundred square kilometres of untouched land, it was there several prides of nova cats were being bred by the Scientist Caste, soon they would be released to explore the rest of the land of New Barcella.  Just then there was a knock at the door “enter!”  Santin called and a pair of female scientists entered “please take a seat and begin when you are ready” Santin said over his shoulder.

   “My Khan” the first and older woman said “we have endeavoured to terraform the three worlds and have made great steps towards gaining out goal…”

   “These steps are?”  Santin asked breaking in cutting the woman off, he still looked out the windows.

   “Higher oxygen content on all worlds, better ground nutrients and on Tortuga we have discovered an underground water supply that we are hoping to bring to the surface to create the planets first river linking the two largest bodies of water.”

   “Good work, how long until we see results?”

   “With current supplies six years to a decade” the younger woman said.

   “Six years…” Santin said quietly that was longer than he had expected, perhaps the Nova Cat Clan would have to move some of its population back to the Homeworlds or conqueror some more habitable planets.

   “We have another solution…”  The younger woman said

   “No Miranda” the older scientist said.

   “Speak, what is this alternative?”

   “Although our isolation has brought us security while we colonised the Nova Cat’s Den we have ignored our allies.  Some of us believe it is time we included our allies in terraforming these worlds.  During the Golden Century the Nova Cats worked closely with the Diamond Sharks…”

   “I know our history, Scientist Miranda, if we were to include the Diamond Sharks how quicker would things go?”  He asked, he had been thinking of informing the Diamond Sharks of the Nova Cat situation for a while anyway, perhaps it was time the Nova Cats gained some help, the Clan’s dealings with the Inner Sphere were at an end for now anyway.

   “Assuming all things went to plan the time scale would be three-to-five years until the worlds were more comfortable for sizable civilian populations.” Miranda said

   “A fifty percent reduction” Santin West said turning “why do you oppose this?”  He asked turning to face the older woman.

   “It would compromise the Nova Cats security and the time scale is dependant on whether or not things go to plan.”

   “Security is my concern time scale with work how it always does fluidly.  Scientist Miranda, you will leave for the Homeworlds with the next trade convoy in six days, once in the Homeworlds contact Galaxy Commander Kelly Hardo, Sigma Galaxies commander, she will contact the Diamond Sharks for you.”

   “Me?”  The younger woman asked surprised, she was the more junior scientist.

   “It is your idea, your project, Good Luck Scientist General, dismissed” Santin said turning back to the view, in the distance a DropShip was taking off and in the air several aerospace fighters were conducting manoeuvres.

   The Clan’s future here was secure for now but they had to constantly look to the future, Santin had spotted on the maps a possible place for expansion of the Nova Cat’s Den that would be their next task.  An hour later Galaxy Commander Ajax Drummond, commander of Tau Galaxy, and Star Colonel Canin Rosse, commander of the Watch Trinary arrived Santin had a job for them, the first of many the Nova Cats would act on.  In deep space another group of Nova Cats were also preparing to act, beginning Santin’s long term plans.  When the new Scientist General left Oathmaster Jal Steiner joined her, in the Homeworlds he would be attending the proposed Clan Cloud Cobra Babylon Religious Diet on Babylon, it would be the first meeting of Inner Sphere and Clan religious leaders ever and the Nova Cats unique mysticism would not be missing for any reason.

Antares System, Inner Sphere
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
21st January 3062

   Two days after their arrival on the Jade Falcon/Lyran Alliance Border the Blue Star Irregulars launched their first probing strike against the Jade Falcons.  The Blue Star Irregulars were under SLDF contract for the next year and their job was not to keep the Clan menace contained but to constantly probe the Clan’s defences and look for weaknesses, because they were new to the border and many of the junior warriors had not met the Clans in battle the Irregular Commanders had chosen Antares as the target, a small border world the Jade Falcons had three clusters on planet and a Vincent Mk-42 Corvette in the system.

   The mercenaries mission was two fold, train their junior warriors and damage the Vincent, enough to force the Jade Falcons to withdraw the vessel from the Inner Sphere.  If possible there was a third part to the mission, liberate the planet but that was only a distant secondary objective.

   The three Mech Regiments went in first with the Fredasa-class Corvette Kerensky’s Blues leading the DropShips, six hours behind them followed the majority of the armour and half of the infantry from each brigade (the rest were back on the Blue Star Irregular’s base world guarding their civilians.)  The plan was simple the Kerensky’s Blues and the fighters support would gain orbital and atmosphere superiority while the Mechs dropped to the ground, the MechWarriors would secure a beachhead on the planet for the armour to land and secure the landing zones.  Once secure the Mechs would move on the Jade Falcon positions.

   Unfortunately plans never lasted past contact with the enemy.  Inside the Antares system the Jade Falcons did not have a Vincent Mk-42-class Corvette like Lyran Alliance Intelligence has said they did instead a Whirlwind-class Destroyer, the Emerald Tornado, was inside the system.  A Whirlwind was a far superior vessel than the Vincent expected and more importantly a far superior vessel than the Kerensky’s Blues.

   With this fact changed the Blue Star plan went from offence to defence as the entire force aborted the mission and looked to escape the system with the Kerensky’s Blues, half a dozen DropShips and the Blue Star Irregular’s entire Aerospace Fighter Group engaging the Emerald Tornado, four Jade Falcon DropShips and roughly an entire cluster of aerospace fighters.

   After a duel lasting nearly six hours the Blue Star Irregulars seemed to be winning the battle, the entire ground force contingent had escaped as had two of the DropShips that had attacked the Emerald Tornado, however it was at a cost the Kerensky’s Blues was heavily damaged with the K-F Drive badly damaged and almost all the aerospace fighters were destroyed.  Unable to jump and unwilling to surrender the Kerensky’s Blues, a vessel that had once been a Jade Falcon WarShip.  The vessels commander ordered the Kerensky’s Blues forwards at full speed the forwards guns fell silent as the crew began evacuations.  The Emerald Tornado not expecting such a moved was unable to stop the Fredasa striking the Whirlwind in the starboard mid-ship area, the fast moving corvette smashed through the outer decks crushing weapons, armour and crew, then it seemed to stop the two vessels locked together drifting in space each vessel had fires on several decks.

   Blue Star Irregular evacuation DropShips rescued what crew had escaped the Kerensky’s Blues before the collision then rendezvoused with the last couple of JumpShips leaving the system just as the ammunition onboard the two WarShips was reached by fires, engulfing both vessels in a massive fireball destroying both vessels and leaving no wreckage bigger than suitcases, the Blue Star Irregulars first mission under SLDF contract had not gone well but it had hurt the Jade Falcons which was the point of the mission.

   Upon returning to the Lyran Alliance they were met by both Khan Phelan Kell and Duke Morgan Kell, commander of the Kell Hounds Mercenaries, in a secret deal any operations conducted by the Blue Star Irregulars would receive full support from the Kell Hounds and Khan Kell’s Clan Wolf (in-Exile).  The Blue Star Irregulars also cut all ties to the Lyran Intelligence Corps (LIC) as it was sure they LIC had been directed to give the SLDF troops faulty Intel due to their ties to the Blue Star Irregular’s ties to Katherine’s brother Victor Steiner-Davion, it was well known that Katherine was not pleased at Victor removing all Federated Suns troops from the Lyran Alliance.  The other two Federated Suns House Units assigned under SLDF flag had also been contacted and moved within the so-called Arc-Royal Defence Cordon (ARDC) at least there they would receive the support they needed.

   The ARDC was an area within the Lyran Alliance stretching from the world of Arch Royal to the Clan Jade Falcon Border, inside this area no unit loyal to Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion operated, instead units loyal to Morgan Kell and the troops of Clan Wolf (in-Exile) operated maintaining the Clan border defence and a knife poised at Katherine’s throat if she over stepped herself.  Although not officially Independent the eight worlds inside the ARDC took no order from Tharkad or the Lyran Government.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Griffin Base
Stalwart Support Base
New Canton, Chaos March
4th February 3062

   The Stalwart Support Regiment had been recalled from their bases across New Canton much to the anger of Count Balantine, leader of the world who had informed the Stalwart Support three times that they were moving closer and closer to being charged for breach of contract.  Lt. Colonel Wu Tsen Lo, the unit’s executive officer, had tried to smooth the Count by deploying small amounts of the Regiment over the night ensuring the cities and firebases were secure from the frequent raider/pirate attacks, however the Count was getting angrier and angrier at the lack of numbers being provided by the mercenaries.  Just as the Count Balantine‘s limousine pulled up in front of the assembled regiment of over eight-hundred men, twenty-four Artillery pieces and twelve Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. “ATTEN-SHUN!”  Wu Tsen Lo screamed the entire regiment snapped to attention.

   “Lieutenant-Colonel” Balantine said walking up to Wu, the Count always liked to remind him he was not a Full Colonel and did not command the unit.  “I would like to know where your Commander is and why your regiment is here standing about, in parade formation, looking into the sky…”  he said turning around following their gaze, in all his anger he had missed the massive Overlord-class DropShip dropping down on the firebase, the DropShip was bigger than any building in the Firebase and blotted out the sun as it landed.  “Lieutenant-Colonel, who is that?”  The Count asked as the DropShip’s doors began to open.

   “The CO, Count Balantine, he has just been to Outreach to see if there are any other Contracts we could for fill.  He said he was coming back with the Regiment’s new employer.”

   “…new employer?  New employer?  You are leaving?”

   “I don’t know Count, we will soon find out, the CO has the details.”  Wu said seeing the confusion on the Count’s face Wu barely kept the smirk from his face, he loved it when nobles looked stupid or dumbfounded.  Moments later he felt stupid and dumbfounded as a Clan-built Shadow Cat OmniMech with Kathil Uhlans camouflage and a Cameron Star.  The Shadow Cat was followed by a one hundred ton Devastator also clad in the same camouflage and Cameron Star, ten more Mechs followed the two Mechs all were clad in the same camouflage all wearing the Cameron Star on their torsos and legs.

   “Who are they?”  Ignoring the fact he could see the Kathil Uhlans camouflage and the Cameron Star, the only unit that would carry that colours was the SLDF’s Commanding-General’s escort honouring where they had come from and what they now stood for.

   “I don’t know but I think I like them, yip, I think I like them a lot.”  Wu said as one final Mech walked out, this Mech was a Clan Dire Wolf one hundred tons of the most advanced tech available to MechWarriors “they are also scaring me a lot.”  He whispered as five troopers in Elemental Battle Armour leapt from the Dire Wolf’s back, one warrior seemed to have some trouble landing but soon all five troopers were standing in front of the Stalwart Support.  Then as one the thirteen Mechs and the five Battle Armour troopers saluted the infantry troopers raising their left arms into the air.  “Regiment Salute!”  Wu screamed the entire Regiment returned the salute of the BattleMechs.  “At ease!”  He screamed after a count to ten no point in the infantry standing out in the morning sun at attention longer than necessary.  Wu stepped forward pasting the Count who still stood mouth open gawping at the Company of BattleMechs.  One of the Elementals stepped forward “welcome to New Canton, I’m Lieutenant-Colonel Wu Tsen Lo Executive Officer of the Stalwart Support Regiment.”

   “I am well aware of who you are Lieutenant-Colonel” the Elemental said, the voice was distorted by the Battle Armour’s external speakers but seemed familiar.  “And Colonel, you can make that a full Colonel and shove that rank straight down the Count’s throat” the visor opened to reveal Harry Sanders inside “after I get out of this suit.  How the hell the Clanners fight in these things is beyond me!”  He said Harry was covered in sweat and perspiration Wu stood there totally shocked, who were these people and why was Harry in Elemental armour?  This was going to be a very strange, very wonderful day.

   An hour later Harry was out of the Elemental suit and the commander of the Mechs and the Star League Defence Force, Commanding-General Morgan Hasek-Davion, had joined them in the Stalwart Command Bunker along with Count Balantine.  “So Colonel how is it you have returned with Elementals, a Davion Duke and a Company of BattleMechs?  Most of them Clanner design.”  Count Balantine asked completely ignoring Morgan sitting across the table beside Harry.  The Federated Commonwealth controlled New Canton before the Marik-Liao Offensive in 3057 which shattered the Sarna March and created the Chaos March now New Canton was in a lawless area of space where the people were prayed upon by pirates, raiders and the forces of the Succession Lords surrounding and people of power had claimed more power.

   “The Duke here is no longer a House Davion man he is Commanding-General of the SLDF and that alone demands your respect, Balantine!”  Harry said turning on the Count, if Balantine did not like his tone then they would go somewhere else to make this unit but it was happening whether he liked it or not.

   “Of course, my apologies” he said to Morgan the SLDF Commanding-General remained quiet “now, Colonel, why are you here with them?”  His voice still full of contempt for Morgan and anything else associated with House Davion.

   “Well for a start Count, I am here to inform my command that I have sold the Regiment.”  Harry said Wu looked sick and felt just as bad, the only reason the Regiment held together was because of Harry Sanders owner and founder of the unit now without that the men would disband either joining a house, another mercenary company or be forced to take early retirement, the independence and home the Stalwart Support had built here would disappear and New Canton would become lawless once more. All the blood they had spilled here was for nothing, Wu felt his anger begin to rise he needed to know why this was happening?

   “You’ve sold the unit?  So we’re out of a job?”

   “Your welcome to join my militia Lieutenant-Colonel, perhaps we could make that a full Colonel.”

   “He’s already a Full Colonel.”  Harry corrected Balantine, “I cut the orders the day I agreed to end the independence of the Stalwart Support. Wu, the reason the Commanding-General is here is because he bought the unit, the equipment and all our contracts.  I have accepted a new post, and rank, with the SLDF and we are here to offer the entire unit contracts and promotions.”

   “Contracts and Promotions for the SLDF?  Why would the SLDF need an infantry regiment?”  Wu asked the Count looked helpless sitting there are there was a whirlwind of conversation around him.  He was suddenly realising that all his contract renewal postponing with Harry Sanders had caused this and the services of the only true peacekeeping force on New Canton.

   “We don’t need an infantry regiment, we need a Battle Armour Corps.  And I want the Stalwart Support to accept SLDF contracts then begin training in Battle Armour operation before operations begin towards the end of the year.  Now Lieutenant-General Sanders has accepted command of the First Battle Armour Corps, so I have a commander.”  Wu Tsen Lo leaned over the table and slapped Harry on the shoulder offering his congratulations to his commander and friend.  “On the DropShip I have over two hundred Battle Armour Suits of various Inner Sphere designs, tomorrow a JumpShip will arrive at a pirate point and drop off another three DropShips each carrying an additional eight hundred suits.  Now all I need is troops and a training ground, which is why we have come here to New Canton.  The Stalwart Support seem to be an excellent training ground for troopers and I would like to make New Canton as a permanent SLDF Training and Command Base, which is where you Count Balantine come into the picture.”  Morgan said outlining his Plan.

   “Me?”  The Count said surprised, he had not expected to be involved in this at all he now looked at Morgan feeling subservient, it was just like when House Davion moved in following the Fourth Succession War but this time he seemed to have better cards, only time would tell.

   “Yes, you control a large portion of this world and General Sanders has said some interesting things about you and this world.”  The Count turned to Sanders who remained completely passive to Balantine’s stare, what exactly had Sanders said about him?  How many of the Count’s skeletons had he seen?

   “General?” Balantine said, his voice but a whisper wondering what exactly Harry had said about him. “I will of course be able to give you some pointers in New Canton’s political landscape.”

   “And an area for training and a base for major deployments, this base is a nice start Count” Harry said Balantine glared at Harry.

   “You want Griffin Base?”  He asked not surprised it was the best equipped and defended base on the entire planet.  Not quite a Star League Castle Brian but still a formidable position with a capability of garrisoning over a thousand men and a Battalion of BattleMechs here if need be.  “I’m sure we could work out something.”  Balantine said smiling, having a permanent SLDF force on planet would change things on New Canton and Balantine’s personnel plans, he’d have to use the SLDF to work for him.

   “Well then onto the troops and a new job, Colonel, let’s go see our men” Harry said the two Stalwart Soldiers moved out of the room leaving the Commanding-General and the count to talk alone.  Over the next eighteen hours almost every single Stalwart Soldier signed up to the SLDF’s new First Battle Armour Corps those who didn’t take the job got generous pay-offs from their contracts or became administrators of Griffin Base for the SLDF keeping the Stalwart family almost totally intact. They then began making room on the base for the SLDF’s new equipment and personnel that the DropShip had brought.  The word that more equipment was on its way had given then entire base a buzz, word that everyone was in line for promotions had gotten around and that was helping things a lot.

   During their time on New Canton however the Commanding-General and his staff heard about the trouble the Blue Star Irregulars had faced on the Clan border while under SLDF contract.  Although Morgan immediately sent his condolences to the Blue Star Irregulars, he would have liked to head to the Clan Borders straight away but the St Ives troubles were more pressing at the moment.

Lost City, Nowhere
Draconis Combine/Periphery Border
Pesht Military District
18th February 3062

   En Route from the Clan Homeworlds for the last four and a half months, and still looking at another two months journey until their destination Clan Nova Cat’s Kappa Provisional Galaxy under the command of Galaxy Commander Gwen Winters was preparing to act upon orders laid down by Khan Santin West before he left the Homeworlds.

   The orders stated that any Nova Cat unit travelling in the deep would strike out at targets of opportunity between Clan Space and the Nova Cat’s Den, the Khan had stated that the Nova Cat’s new home was secure now it was time for the Nova Cat’s enemies to feel its wrath.

   The first such target was the world of Nowhere, just inside the Draconis Combine, the unit honoured for this was Kappa Provisional Galaxy.  Because it was an Inner Sphere realm they were attacking an because of the recent assaults against the Smoke Jaguars Kappa has repainted its Mechs for this battle using every single type of standard camouflage known to the Nova Cats there was also several Inner Sphere camouflages, such as the Davion Guards Parade Camo and the Wolf Dragoons Black-and-Red, none of the Mechs displayed the Nova Cat or any Clan insignia, other than the insignia of the destroyed Clans the Smoke Jaguars, the Mongoose, the Widowmaker, the Burrock and the Not-named Clan were all represented, mostly on the Nova Cat Elementals or on the backs of the Mechs.

   Officially, to the rest of the Inner Sphere and Clans, they would not receive the recognition for the battle but inside the Nova Cats victory would assure the warriors of Kappa Galaxy a great honour.  As it was an Inner Sphere world that was the target there would be no bidding for battle the whole Kappa Provisional Galaxy would partake in the battle.  In the early hours of the 18th February 3062 Kappa Provisional Galaxy landed on plains north of the capital and marched on the capital, their goal to annihilate the defenders and take whatever supplies/bondsmen they were able to.  Some warriors had complained that they were acting like dezgra pirates or mercenaries Galaxy Commander had met each in a Circle of Equals and so far this battle had claimed the lives of two Kappa MechWarriors and one Elemental and that was before a single shot had been fired.

   The defenders of Nowhere consisted of the Fifth Ghost Regiment of the DCMS supported by some armour, infantry and minimal aerospace support.  In less than ten minutes the Nova Cat aerospace fighters had driven the Fifth Ghost fighters from the air and herded the DCMS unit into a controllable area, their only retreat was through the capital city.  To the credit of the Fifth Ghost they remained in their dug in positions firing at the Nova Cats with what limited long range armaments they had.  In an effort to flush out the Fifth Ghost from their positions the warriors of Kappa Galaxy charged the dug in positions costing the Clan force just under three Trinaries, a quarter of their strength.  In close quarters the Fifth Ghost’s weapons were far more effective costing the Nova Cats more, the Fifth broke relatively quickly though as Galaxy Commander Gwen Winters herself dispatched the Fifth’s commander’s Avatar with the assistance of her fellow Elementals.  The DCMS Ghost regiment broke and began retreating towards the city looking for cover inside the built up area, the Nova Cat’s long range weapons turned on the retreating DCMS forces cutting them down as the weapons cut through the lightly armoured backs of the enemy.

   Entering the city the Nova Cat warriors of Kappa Galaxy first destroyed the B-class HPG on Nowhere cutting the planets interstellar communications, the ComGuard Level I (a reinforced lance with six units instead of the standard four) defending the base were little threat and were dispatched quickly, the local ComGuard techs put up no resistance and were left unharmed while the Nova Cat Elementals destroyed all the equipment and then the building with satchel charges.  Without communications the planet was at the mercy of the Nova Cats, instead of terrorising the planet as the population expected the Nova Cats withdrew from the city and salvaged every piece of military hardware they could from the battlefield.  They then went to the Fifth’s base and took over a battalion’s worth of spare parts and several scientists/engineers as bondsmen.  Two ancient Vulture-class Infantry DropShips and a Fortress-class DropShip were also made flyable and taken by the Nova Cat warriors as Isorla, then sixteen hours after their arrival the Nova Cats left Nowhere heading for the Nova Cat’s Den.

   It wouldn’t be until the 21st March that Luthien heard of the trouble on Nowhere or the destruction of the Fifth Ghost Regiment, and even then it was only because ComStar checked on their HPG and personnel.  The DCMS chalked it up to a pirate attack however the ComGuards thought there could be a larger problem and began checking all nearby systems for similar troubles, when none was found the Explorer Corps was directed to watch the nearby area for the foreseeable future.  A ROM Contingent was also added to Columbus Base personnel over and above the standard complement, this personnel were tasked with specifically watching the surrounding area for unknown forces and possible Clan incursions.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Brotherhood of Randis Command
Hope City
Randis, Periphery
21st February 3062

   Grand Knight Lucas Beckett looked across the table at Brother Galahad Frews, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Randis, defenders of the world and a beacon of hope in the Periphery.  The world of Randis was situated roughly five or six jumps from the Federated Suns, four jumps from the Taurian Concordat, eight jumps from the Pirate Haven Star Cluster home to one of the worst pirates in the entire periphery, and four jumps from the Tortuga Dominions another traditional hive of scum and villainy although recently they had not been causing Randis or any world in the area much problems, Lucas had been tempted to investigate however other things had gotten in the way and so the Tortuga Fusiliers were spared the Brotherhood‘s wrath for now.

   “We don’t know who they are?”  Galahad asked quietly, he was older than Lucas by almost twenty years and had lead the Brotherhood for twenty-three years before the arrival of Lucas Beckett and another warrior from the ashes of Clan Smoke Jaguar.  Lucas had impressed the Brotherhood and been able to gain control of the Battalion and ruler ship over Randis but in the last two years Lucas had kept Galahad in the loop, the news he was passing on now was big news.  Sixteen hours ago the early warning towers on the nearby mountains had detected ten inbound DropShips, only a major nation or mercenary force could field that type of force in this area, finally someone had taken notice of Randis.

   “We have no idea who is behind the force.  Although six hours ago we received a communication signal from one of the merchant JumpShips at the Zenith Point they said there were three JumpShip at the Jump Point in close formation and that the largest was an Odyssey-class vessel.”  Lucas said quietly “the Odyssey is a clan class of vessel, they could be coming for the small population of former Smoke Jaguars that have settle here, they could be coming here for me.  I could…”  His voice trailed off.

   “You could what?  Give up to them and hope your former brethren leave us be, unlikely brother, although your fellow brothers would be touched by the sentiment.  The Clans like stand-up fights don’t they?”

   “They do, as do the Brotherhood.  Unfortunately their weapons would tare us apart, even with the Star League-era tech we have and the OmniMechs Carson and I brought with us from the Clans we cannot hope to match them for firepower.”  He said, the unit had two former Smoke Jaguar OmniMechs, Lucas’s Kingfisher and Carson’s Warhawk, both were assault OmniMechs and in good repair but against an entire unit of Clan Mechs they would be picked apart in a very short time.

   “No we cannot but we know the terrain far better, how many troops do you think they could have?” Galahad asked taking charge of the discussion, it had been a while but it felt real good.

   “Depends on the DropShips they have, they look small and fast from the sensor images we have been able to gather so I would say they could all be Broadswords or Carriers.  That would give them an entire Cluster of OmniMechs or BattleMechs and an entire Star of Fighters.  Although the Carrier could be a Titan then it would be entire Trinary of fighters.”  Lucas said thinking of the worst case scenario, Galahad wished he hadn’t.

   “Right so we challenge them to meet us in Trimmer’s Valley, it’s closed in and their weapons will have the same limitations as ours.”

   “It depends what Clan we are facing some will attack without challenge they see us as Dezgra, the dishonoured, we are worse than Inner Sphere warriors.”

   “We will just hope to meet an enlightened Clansmen then, because if they attack in full force with full aerospace support we are dead men.  Send the signal to the incoming force then we will go see the men and prepare them for some heavy fighting.”  Galahad noticed Lucas was still unsure “Lucas, we can survive this, anywhere else I’d say we were dead but we can defeat them on home soil.”  Lucas pressed down the transmit button of the long range communications system built into the situation table.

   “Incoming vessels, this is Grand Knight Lucas Becket, I am commander of the Brotherhood of Randis the defenders of this world and the defenders of any injustice raked upon them by the harshness of space.  We welcome you to Randis however if you plan hostilities we will resist you with our entire Battalion of BattleMechs.  If you prefer a stand up battle I am transmitting a location that would be suitable now.”  He said pressing another control “we off this area for a Trial to limit the damage done to the people of Randis by any possible conflict that my arise between our peoples.”  The lead target vessel replied exactly six minutes later, the incoming DropShips were requesting clearance to land at the capital’s spaceport and they were not interested in hostilities.  Following a brief discussion Lucas transmitted clearance but warned them the entire Brotherhood would be waiting for them and trouble would be met with a fight.

Hope City, Spaceport
Randis, Periphery
24th February 3062

   Three days later the incoming force arrived in near orbit, instead of all nine DropShips landing at the same spaceport however they landed three at each of the planets three spaceports with one DropShip, the Carrier, orbiting over the capital with an entire star of aerospace fighters.

   The Brotherhood of Randis began moving to cover all three Spaceports however by the time they were on the outskirts of the capital the first three DropShips were down and enemy troops were on the ground.  Grand Knight Lucas Becket tried to martial his troops but the loose Brotherhood were beginning to scatter and were all receiving communications from all over the planet.  “Hold your fire unless they attack” Lucas said into the Kingfisher’s comm. grid.  “Brother Carson, take two lances to Randis City, same orders against these people.”

   “Aff” the clan warrior said his Warhawk leading away seven more Mechs.

   “Brother Galahad take your lances to Camelot City, same orders.”

   “Understood Grand Knight, people move out.”  Galahad said moving out with his group of eight warriors.  That left fourteen warriors and Lucas to defend Hope City, ahead of them were three Broadsword-class DropShips, their doors still sealed.  Walking forward Lucas addressed the Clan vessels using his Mech’s loud speaker system.

   “Clan vessels this is Grand Knight Lucas Becket, commander of the Brotherhood of Randis.  Identify yourselves and your reason for being here.”  The doors opened on all three DropShips simultaneously, several of the Brotherhood Mechs moved from side to side worried about the firepower the DropShips could be about to release.

   Instead of Mechs leaving the DropShips however it was Elementals, Battle Armour!  Something no-one was expecting and something Broadswords could not normally carry any type of Battle Armour and the Brotherhood had never encountered Battle Armour before, this could be bad.  Next to exit the Broadsword was a pair of Svantovit Infantry Fighting Hovertanks then a pair of Ares Medium Tanks again a Broadsword didn’t normally carry.  Instead of being more worried however Lucas was feeling more confident, vehicles were weaker than Mechs and Battle Armour was less mobile.  Looking out over the battlefield he saw thirty Elementals and twelve vehicles, of which most were light or medium designs, perhaps they would be able to resist this and the other forces.  “I am Lucas Beckett, identify yourself or be prepared to meet resistance.”  Lucas said again unfortunately the DropShips were not finished offloading their cargo, from each DropShip a single OmniMech stepped down, on either side stood a Dire Wolf and a Warhawk while in the middle stood a design Lucas had never seen before.  It was lighter than the other two but looked well armoured and each arm was heavily laden with weapons, the Mech reminded Lucas of the Night Gyr fielded by the Jade Falcons.

   These three Mechs would be the biggest threat and Lucas labelled them as Primary targets and transmitted the data to the other Brothers, if they came to blows the Brotherhood would drop usual fighting rules and combine fire on the three Clan Mechs brining down the biggest targets first.  “I am Lucas Becket…”  He began again only to be interrupted by another voice.

   “By the Great Father we heard you the first and the second time, what do you think we are deaf?  Quineg?  Becket is a Bloodname and that is a Clan Mech, you are a Clan warrior?”  The mystery voice asked the enemy force remained standing in position, Lucas’s Mech detected targeting sweeps from all the Battle Armour, Vehicles and Mechs they were more than ready for a fight.  Lucas searched his memory trying to place the accent, although the Clans were nearly devoid of accent speaking nearly perfect English some Clans had slight variations that could only be noticed if you looked carefully.  During his time with the Clans Lucas had begun to write a paper on just that, but since leaving the Clans he had stopped no longer seeing a point.

   “Neg, I do not think you are deaf, but that was quite an entrance.  I was worried you might have missed my welcome.  I was Clan, this Mech served me in the Clans and serves me now.  I am no longer Clan.”  Lucas said to the point, there was no point in lying to the Clansmen, to do so would give them a reason to fire.  “Who are you?”

   “You were Clan?  You are Dezgra?  Which Clan did you serve?  Why did you leave?”  The voice asked continuing on his line of questioning, if the Clans though Lucas was dezgra they would destroy everything in sight.

   “I am no longer Clan.  I do not consider myself or the warrior that I serve with to be dezgra.  I served the Cloud Cobras originally but was captured by the Smoke Jaguars and served them as a Star Commander.  I left because my Clan was destroyed.  Now I must ask who are you?  Without an answer I must consider this to be an invasion.”

   “What do you and your companions do?”  The voice asked again refusing to identify themselves “this world does not appear on our records as an inhabited world but all three cities appear well developed and in good repair, is this a secret Succession Lord world?  Or an ancient forgotten Star League world?”  The voice sounded more and more inquisitive, Lucas started to wonder if it was a Goliath Scorpion Warrior, one of those drugged up Seekers who searched for forgotten relics of the Star League.

   “I do not know the history of this world well.  All that I know is that is was founded after the fall of the Star League as a pirate world.  As the centuries passed the Brotherhood of Randis was formed to defend this world and the surrounding Periphery from any bandit force and improve the way of life for all citizens of the Periphery.”

   “We also wish to improve the area around our home” the warrior said quietly Lucas’s mind was racing, there were no Clan occupied planets in this region that he knew about.  Could this be members of the Dark Caste or maybe rumoured remnants of the Annihilated Not-named Clan?  If they were either it was his duty to destroy them, Lucas primed his weapons.

   “You interest us Brotherhood.  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Star Colonel Canin Rosse.”  The MechWarrior said, the unknown type of Mech stepping forward slightly.  Lucas took his fingers off the firing triggers Rosse was a Nova Cat Bloodname and most Dark Caste warriors dropped any Bloodname they held when they became Dark Caste.  Technically Lucas was a member of the Dark Caste but he did not consider himself to be dishonourable or a bandit.

   “A Star Colonel?  Of what Clan, and how can you claim to have territories in this area?  The Homeworlds are far from here.”

   “I am Star Colonel Canin Rosse, Commander of the Watch Cluster of Clan Nova Cat.  I claim this planet is near my home because we have occupied the area surrounding the world of Tortuga Prime, it has become the Nova Cat’s Den, the new Homeworlds for our Clan.”  Lucas’s mind was spinning, the Nova Cats had occupied the Tortuga Dominions and the area surrounding it?  He thought Randis was far from the Clan threat but in fact they had followed him into this area and now were poised for another invasion.

   “You plan to strike at Terra from here?”

   “Neg, we plan to live here, improve the worlds we occupy and build a home.  For now nothing less or more.”

   “But you still maintain links to the Homeworlds?  Quiaff?”

   “Aff, we are Clan.”  Canin answered, the Nova Cat warrior took that particularly bad for someone who had just admitted they were moving into a new home away from the other Clans.

   “So what do you want with our little insignificant world?”

   “We are building relations with forces around us, some we deal with, some we open negotiations.  We dealt with the Tortuga Fusiliers but we are talking to you.”

   “With respect, Star Colonel, we will call you” Lucas said using a saying he had picked up from the people of Randis “if we need or want to talk to you we will send out word, I assume you will not be difficult to find?”

   “Come to Tortuga and we will be waiting” Canin said there was no point in Canin’s mind of pursuing the matter and he did not have the forces to prosecute the Nova Cat case, he was sure they would be back to Randis but not today.  The Nova Cats packed up into their DropShips and began the long burn back to their JumpShips.
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As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Gravity Deck Executive Lounge/Bar
Federated-Boeing Reserve Shipyard Omega
Galax, Crucis March, Federated Suns
1st March 306

   On their way back to New Avalon Victor Steiner-Davion had directed the crew of the FSS Alexander Davion to the system of Galax, current home to the Davion Heavy Guards and to the Federated Suns largest and oldest Shipyards.  As the WarShip had burned to the shipyards the two DropShips with nearly all the personnel from the WarShip and Victor’s escort had left heading for Galax itself, officially they were going to spend a couple of days exercising with the Heavy Guards while the Alexander Davion received some slight overhaul work.

   The real reason was that Victor wanted as little people around to witness Victor travel to the most outer shipyard in the entire Galax Shipyards.  Approaching the shipyard had brought over a dozen fighters and several assault DropShips to warn them off until the shuttle was identified and even now the entire facility was crewed by less than six hundred personnel, in a facility that could hold over three thousand.

   Looking out the windows Victor looked at the Federated Suns big secret and wished he had been here when it had been gifted to them by the Nova Cats.  If he had been here then he could have sneaked it to Hadrian’s Command and hidden it there for the next hundred years, now it was here and there was little he could do but use it or he’d feel like an idiot when the Federated Suns went to war with nothing bigger than the Avalon-class an impressive design in its own right but weak compared to other designs fielded by the Clans and on the design table of the other Succession Lords.  Looking at the vessel Victor realised the Federated Suns would have one vessel bigger than the vessel in front of him but it would not be ready for nearly a decade, the Pegasus was currently hidden at Hadrian’s Command under refit the Davion-class refits had taken precedence because they could be completed quickly, Pegasus would be completed now that work was being spread around more evenly.

   Admiral Andrea Petain entered the Lounge with a team of designers and engineers, over the next several hours they showed Victor what they wanted to do to the vessel.  At the end of the process the FSS Thunderchild would be transformed into a completely new type of WarShip and a completely different vessel.  Victor liked that idea, it would no longer be a Varnay-class vessel, there would be nothing for them to latch onto and use against his family, searching Victor found the perfect thing that would complement these changes.  As the engineers and designers were finalising details Victor named the class as the First Prince-class Battleship because its power would instil the Federated Suns Navy with the strength of their First Prince and that the vessel would be named the FSS Hanse Davion, named after his father, originally an Avalon-class Cruiser had been slated to bear his father’s name but this vessel would be far more appropriate for his father and prove the Davion family could always supplement the Varnay family and beat them even their ancient legacies.  Victor also confirmed Andrea Petain’s promotion to Fleet Admiral, the Federated Suns now had over a dozen WarShips, it was time the Admiralty received a commander of sufficient rank for the job.

   Following the meeting Victor had returned to viewing the Hanse Davion, every time he viewed the vessel he noticed something new.  As he watched the vessel the doors opened, Victor knew it could be only one person.  “Welcome back to the Federated Suns Field Marshal” Victor said turning to look at the newcomer, Arden Sortek, the Field Marshal immediately saluted Victor, despite the fact they had known each other since almost the day Victor was born Arden still recognised him as the First Prince of the Federated Suns and his Commander-in-chief first and foremost a friend and fellow warrior a distant second.  Victor returned his friends crisp salute with his own equally crisp salute before enveloping Arden in a hug.  Arden had been one of Victor’s father’s closest friends and even though Arden was now well into his sixties Victor considered him a friend also, he was definitely a man you‘d want at your side when trouble was arise.

   “Thank you, sire.  I have been back for a while, on extended leave by your order.  Why?”  Arden asked Victor couldn’t help but smile “sire, I might be getting old but I am not ready for retirement yet.”  Arden said defensively.

   “Good, because I have a job for you.”  Victor said immediately “Field Marshal you were once Field Marshal for the entire Crucis March, how would you like to be again?”  Arden asked, he had been removed from that position just before the formation of the Star League to become the Federated Suns personnel representative on the Star League Advisory Council, a decision that had been made by Victor himself, Victor had wanted someone he trusted at the Star League and someone he knew would do their best by the Federated Suns.

   “I thought that twit Gallagher was in charge.”  Arden said it wasn’t anger just disgust at his replacement’s abilities.  Simon Gallagher was a former Lyran High Command officer and did not know one thing about the Federated Suns way of doing things.  Victor had removed him, refused to give him another post and suggested he return to the Lyran Alliance, he had not been seen since.

   “My mistake and I removed him as soon as I returned from the Clan War.  I need you back Arden, we all need you back.”  Victor said quietly.

   “You don’t have to lay it on that thick, you had me when I landed” he said with a chuckle.

   “It’s good to have you back old friend.”  Victor said shaking Arden’s hand and grabbing shoulder.

   “Less of the old.”  Arden said looking out the windows  “She’s beauty isn’t she?  Surprising the Clanners just gave us her.”  Victor shot him a glance only active members of the High Command and the First Davion Guards escorting the Nova Cats were supposed to know about that.  “I’ve been around too long for me to miss that, oh look a new Battleship that just popped out of the sky right.  Although the boat you sailed in on was a surprise.”  He said thinking back to the surprise he had when the Alexander Davion and her sister ships had appeared.

   “Ah well, glad to know we still have some surprises.”  Victor said quietly.

   “I hear you have quite a beauty with you as well, Victor.”

   “You’re not going to tell me to be careful as well are you?  Morgan was the first at that…”  He started but Arden raised a hand silencing Victor.  To any other man, well maybe not Morgan, but to most men Victor would have taken offence an officer trying to tell the First Prince of the Federated Suns to, for lack of a better term, shut-up.  Instead he listened to Arden for advice it could never hurt.

   “You love her?”  Victor looked into space then back at Arden and nodded silently “then don’t let her go not for anyone.”  Arden said looking away back at the Hanse Davion.

   “How’s Cadent and the kids?”  Victor asked quietly.

   “She’s happy to be back on New Avalon and the ‘kids’ as you put it are all doing fine but you should know better than me, they are all in your command at some level.”  All six of Arden’s children had joined the AFFS or Federated Suns Government while Arden’s extended family also served the Federated Suns on some level his second-cousin Field Marshal Bishop now commanded the entire Davion Royal Brigade of Guards since Jackson Davion‘s elevation to the rank of Marshal of Armies.  “I think I like the name.”  Arden said finally quietly in silent reverence to his old friend, Victor’s father, “certainly is a good name.”  He said the two men stood there looking at the vessel under renovation in the shipyard, soon the Hanse Davion would serve the Federated Suns Navy just as the man it was named after would have wanted.

   Following the meeting Arden returned to New Avalon while Victor headed directly to Galax itself and joined the Tenth Lyran Guards, the Davion Heavy Guards and Danai Centrella for some ground manoeuvres and some rest and relaxation after all the travel of late it was nice to be back in his Dire Wolf Prometheus and with the warriors he had fought with during the Clan War.  Although when he returned from the Clan Homeworlds Victor had wanted peace now he began to wonder, he was a warrior and warriors fought wars.  The DMI and MIIO had found out several locations of possible secret Taurian Shipyards, perhaps it was time House Davion went looking for some trouble.  But first Victor had another idea, the Federated Suns needed to be secure from attack from the mystery WarShip that was plaguing the realm and Victor had an idea to end this threat once and for all. 

Various Locations/City-states
Novo Franklin, Franklin Fiefdoms
3rd March 3062

   When Khan Santin West had deployed the Watch Cluster and Tau Galaxy it had not been together nor had it been at the same target.  While the Watch would have a possible friendly encounter on the world of Randis with the Brotherhood who resided there Tau Galaxy had been sent on a mission of pure military value and orders.  Outside the Federated Suns/Outworlds Alliance borders there were two tiny nations of planets who fought their own wars and were the prey of pirate attack/bases to be used by nations inserting agents into nations.  The first target would be the Franklin Fiefdoms a single planetary system several light-years from the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance the world was made up of a group of rival city-states.  The mission was simple destroy all defenders/pirate forces discovered in the system then give the population of the planets a choice to return to the Nova Cat’s Den and help build the Nova Cat nation or live and possibly die on these worlds.

   From orbit around Novo Franklin, the first targeted world, the commanders of Tau Galaxies four Clusters and Galaxy Commander Ajax Drummond stood aboard the Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser Remembrance, the WarShip had been temporally attached to the Galaxy for additional transport and support if necessary however Ajax saw no need for the later mission, no-one used WarShips in this area of space mainly because there was nothing here to defend or attack.  As far as Novo Franklin was concerned there were seven cities on the planets surface each in different states of advancement and repair, or disrepair, Ajax had already decided on the forces that would be used to take this tiny world.

   “From each of our forces we will select a force amount suitable to gain honour and give the defenders an adequate chance of defending themselves.  Vision Keshik will take One Heavy Star of OmniMechs from the three available and attack the Fiefdom of Galus” he said, the other warriors looked quite happy with his forces but not the target, Galus was the most powerful target fielding an entire company of BattleMechs and would prove to be the best place for honour to be won.  “Star Colonel Bavros your forces for use against the Harn Fiefdom?”  Ajax asked the commander of the Galaxies newest Cluster, the Second New Barcella Guards.

   “One Star of mixed forces.  My OmniMech, one Black Hawk, three points of Elementals and two Hachiman Fire Support Tanks.”  He said the others nodded impressed that he would attack with such a force considering the Second were such a new unit. 

   “Star Colonel Bel, your forces from the Twelfth Nova Cat Regulars?”

   “The Celt Fiefdom is barely a force to be bothered with” the young woman said quietly “the have the equivalent to a single Star of BattleMechs available so I will match their force and offer their warriors honour duels”

   “Against your OmniMechs that is hardly a challenge” Ajax said, he did not want his people getting killed on this insignificant world but he at least wanted them to show some respect for those they would fight.

   “We will not use OmniMechs, we will pilot standard BattleMech designs and each Mech will be one weight class lower than its expected opponent.”  That brought with it some significant nods from the other commanders and from Ajax.  Using standard BattleMechs took away the ability to custom their Mechs for the battle and using a lighter force gave the technological weaker enemy a chance of causing some damage with their limited weapons.

   “Better.”  Ajax said Bel blushed slightly having to be told what was a decent force and what was not had not been part of the plan.  “Star Colonel Otis your forces?”  Ajax continued onto the warrior commanding the One Hundredth Striker Cluster, Khan Santin West’s old command.

   “New Saar Fiefdom fields a Lance of Mechs and some light vehicles, I will take a single Elemental Star into combat.  The Elementals will be selected randomly from the three Trinaries I have available.”  A purely Battle Armour vs. Mech fight would certainly give the Nova Cat warriors a harder time, the Battle Armour’s weapons were limited to short range only.

   “And finally Star Colonel Jullamon Lossey?”  He said announcing the commander of the 274th Battle Cluster, of all the assembled Star Colonels she was most likely to challenge for command of Tau Galaxy having previously served as part of Delta Galaxy.

   “Two OmniMechs, my own and one other warrior of my choice.”  She said the Trellis Fiefdom only fielded six Mechs on a good day and even then the two Nova Cat OmniMechs could probably handle them without problem.

   “Good well bargained and done.  Have your forces prepared for an immediate drop.  Good Hunting!”  Ajax said then in unison they chanted as one ‘Seyla’ there was a moment of silence then they broke up and prepared for their assignments.

   Four hours later the five Nova Cat attack groups dropped near their targets and began issuing challenges, there was no attempt to hide who they were or what their objectives were.  The fighting was fast and brutal, of the defenders not a single enemy Mech, Vehicle or infantry trooper that faced the Nova Cats was still alive, none had survived or surrendered to the Clansmen.  The various Warlords of the cities were warning the Nova Cats they would feel their wrath however the Nova Cats were not scared and salvage teams began dropping, standing orders was for all technology to be salvaged where possible.  Ajax Drummond commanded the remaining Nova Cats, possibly the highest ranking command in the entire Nova Cat Touman, casualties had been light but heavier than Ajax had predicted.  The battle had cost the Nova Cats five Elementals, one Hachiman Fire Support Tanks and Star Colonel Jullamon Lossey, killed when an defending Atlas fired its large bore autocannon at her Mech’s cockpit at point blank range.  Even with the loss the remaining Nova Cats still numbered a Galaxy Commander, three Star Colonels, two Star Commanders and nearly another forty Nova Cat warriors.

   The commanders of Tau Galaxy were gathered together inside one of the Nova Cat’s grounded DropShips while they waited to work out their next move, the cities although undefended by Mech forces were still high walled and none were likely to accept the Nova Cats with open arms.  Instead Ajax had decided the only way to break the people was to execute all leaders in all five cities and if necessary hold the populations under martial law conditions, he knew that meant the Nova Cats could take ever mounting losses but he needed to talk to the people and the only way he could do that was if the warlords that ran the city were out of the way and the population was controlled.  “Galus is our biggest target and has the largest population, we have to bring the leader of this city under control and eliminate his command before we can begin moving against the others.  If we eliminate him then the other cities may see that there is little point to resist and surrender” he noticed some sceptical looks from the other warriors “it is a long shot but our only option.  Star Colonel Bavros have the Second New Barcella Guards land and provide security here.  Once they have arrived to protect our DropShips we will go into the city and make sure everyone understands we mean business.”

   “What are the rules of engagement?”  Star Colonel Otis asked.

   “If attacked we return fire with maximum force.”  Ajax said, although if asked he would say he was a Warden member of the Clans, wishing for the Clans and the Inner Sphere to live and work together, if any of his warriors were attacked he expected them to return fire with deadly force.  Although they had eliminated most of the worlds defenders some scattered infantry forces and unaccounted for vehicles or light Mechs could still cause a lot of damage if the Nova Cats were not willing to destroy all opponents without reservation.

Warlord of Galus ‘Throne’ Room
Novo Franklin, Fiefdom of Galus
Franklin Fiefdoms, Periphery
3rd March 3062

   The Warlord of Galus, Robert Galus, paced his throne room angrily the BattleMech forces that were so prized by the people and by his military leaders had failed totally and now all his city had remaining was a couple of hundred conscripted infantry forces and a pair of Goblin Infantry Fighting Vehicles he had scrounged from a down-on-their-luck mercenary force that visited a few months back, they were effectively completely defenceless against the Clan force.  “I thought it was guaranteed that no Clan force would ever come into this region!  You won that victory years back that had them stuck where they were!  Why are they here now and why have your forces not acted?!”  He screamed at the white robed individual, on his left shoulder was a sword set downwards against a black rectangle.

   “It was not my organisation that won that victory, it was ComStar.”

   “You are ComStar!”

   “We were ComStar.”  The white robed individual said agreeing with him “we are the True ComStar and now you can see that the lies the Heretic ComStar have been telling are just that lies” he said calmly.

   “Who cares if you are the True ComStar or the Heretic ComStar?  Who cares about truths or lies?  We have a Clan force on this planet!  They will kill us all!”

   “Perhaps, and perhaps not.”  The white robed figure said “unfortunately I believe it is time for us to part ways.”

   “What do you mean part ways?  You have a duty to defend this city, I guaranteed you a place here, and your training camps are well underway.  If it were not for me you would not be in control of Terra.  I want what was promised to me!”

   “Of course, it was wrong of us to withhold your reward for so long.”  The robed figure said stepping forward raising his arm, instead of a data-pad or a weapon however only a hand appeared from the robe.

   “What is this?”  Galus asked even more angry now, the Word of Blake, or True ComStar as they called themselves, always played these little games.  Suddenly across the room both guards at the main entrance were shot dead with a high powered rifle, a figure in a strange stealth cloak lowered himself to the ground.  The cloak was constantly changing to match the surrounding area making them hard to see and distinguish from the background, how long had they been on the roof?

   The other robed figure’s hand still outside the cloak split open between the second and third fingers, there was no blood, instead a blade moved out several centimetres and locked into place.  “What are you?”  Galus asked looking at the man his mind racing as the robed figure lashed out and the blade penetrated Galus’ chest.

   “The future” the robed man said as Galus died on the blade the last thing Galus saw was the man‘s deep red eyes as he slid off the blade crumpling to the floor in a bloody heap.

   “Have our forces withdraw to the DropShips, it is time we left.”  He said to the sniper in the mimic cloak.

   “And our new recruits?”

   “Release them to the population, it will provide plenty of a distraction and keep these Clanners occupied while we leave.”  He said then both Word of Blake men left the throne room.  On the far side of the city over one hundred men and women were released from holding pens, all had been cybernetically enhanced with various weapons and devices, some had been driven insane by the implants and as soon as they left their pens they immediately grabbed the nearest weapons then charged into the city attacking anything that moved including each other.  At a nearby airfield three Triumph-class DropShips began to lift off, the vessels were registered as civilian vessels but combined they could transport an entire division of ground troops that was now was attempting to escape.

   At the city gates the Nova Cats were approaching the city, sitting inside his newly repaired Huntsman’s cockpit Ajax Drummond watched as twenty-five Elementals leapt the cities outer walls and prepared to detonate the main gates, at the same time the orbiting WarShip informed him that its fighters had interdicted an enemy JumpShip which had entered the system near the planet.  The JumpShip crew had detonated the vessel instead of being captured by the Nova Cat Elementals and OmniFighters.  “Understood, Star Commodore, it is likely they were attempting to retrieve a DropShip.  Continue to scan for incoming DropShips.  As soon as you detect them fire for effect, these stavag cowards obviously have no will to fight us or even attempt to become our bondsmen.”

   “Aye, Galaxy Commander” the Remembrance’s commander said just as the Elementals detonated the main gates, Ajax’s ad-hoc command moved into the city.  There was widespread panic inside the city with armed groups attacking each other, the Nova Cats were receiving little attention.

   “Something is wrong.” Ajax murmured “all forces there is something going on here that we have either started or walked straight into.  Anyone who targets us or unarmed civilians is a target, we are here for civilian defence and for territorial capture.  Go to work” he said into the comm.  The Nova Cats began going to work targeting the armed forces with BattleMech class weapons was heavy overkill, but it was all they had.

   The three Triumphs, began heading across the city trying to escape Ajax keyed his communications to the WarShip however the Remembrance’s gunners were far ahead of him.  There was a thunderous explosion as the Remembrance’s weapons entered the atmosphere.  Anti-WarShip Capital Missiles and heavy Naval Autocannons impacted all across the first Triumph shattering the DropShip into a thousand little pieces in a single volley some of the rounds went straight through the wreckage and slammed into the city causing massive damage to the surrounding city.  The second volley followed the same routine with the Triumph destroyed but massive parts of the city set ablaze by the extra weapons fire killing dozens.  The third volley was a complete catastrophe the missiles struck the DropShip heavily damaging the vessel but the autocannon fire completely missed the vessel eighteen autocannons tore into the city killing thousands of innocents combined with the other missed weapons fire and the crash of the damaged DropShip into the city they destroyed a good third of the city.  Ajax looked out of his Mech’s cockpit and shook his head this had not been part of the plan, the gunners should have waited until the DropShips were away from the city before firing, then again he had said ‘fire for effect‘ and they had done exactly that, it was done now nothing he could do about it except move on.

   At the city gates Ajax felt the explosions and the impacts of the WarShip guns, he felt sick, the mission had not called for his troops to target civilians.  Now the Nova Cats had followed the course the Smoke Jaguars had taken and WarShip weapons had struck the city killing civilians, the Smoke Jaguars had been annihilated after targeting civilians with orbital weapons fire Ajax hoped the Nova Cats did not follow the same course, it had been a mistake the Nova Cat‘s had not meant for it to happen unlike the Smoke Jaguars who deliberately targeted civilians, then again the location of the world mattered as well, when the Nova Cats were done there would be no-one living here and no Succession Lord claimed this territory.  Ajax acted quickly calling down all remaining ground troops to bring order to the planet and offer humanitarian aid to the planet’s shell-shocked population.

   Deep inside the Fiefdom of Galus Louise Fenton felt strong, she did not know where she was or why she felt the way she did but she felt good and strong and ready to kill something.  ‘No, I don’t want to kill someone, why did I think that?’ she wondered walking down the street, everything was a blur around her, people running and fighting, things exploding.  ‘How did I get here?’ she wondered, last thing she remembered was walking down the streets of Geneva, on Terra, after a night out with friends from work.  She had been celebrating the engagement of a friend, someone she worked with, then something had happened and she was here.  She raised a hand to her face, the left side of her face felt fine, dirty but fine, the right side however felt wrong.

   Turning to look into a shop window she saw what was wrong, the right side of Louise Fenton’s face was covered by a metal plate, her right eye was encased in a strange looking device.  Realising this she saw the read-outs moving in front of her eye and tried to remove the device, it wouldn’t budge and she felt pain when trying to remove it, the pain felt good.  Backing off from the building he looked at the rest of her body, Louise was naked head to toe, she wore nothing, although she was not a vain person Louise had always been pleased with the way her body looked.

   In College she had been a star athlete and won several medals, her body was in good condition, her ample breasts had always brought admiring gazes from men and women and Louise was happy to see they looked as good as ever.  Her normally shaved pubic regions were overgrown suggesting she had been here for weeks if not more, wherever here was, looking over her body she noticed scars on her legs she ran her right arm down the scars, they were not painful suggesting they were old but she could not remember them.  Then she noticed the biggest thing that was wrong with her body, her right hand had been removed and replaced by a three fingered claw, like one seen on military battle suits!  Moving the three fingers Louise could feel them moving like her fingers normally would, there was no difference to her real hand!  Something was wrong!  Something was very wrong!  She thought, the anger was beginning to build within her, Louise could feel the anger build it felt good, it was time she found whoever had done this to her and why she was here and not at home with her family.  Down the street she spied her target for her anger, an alien creature with a single V for an eye and massive bulky armoured plates covering its inhuman body.

   Down the street a point of five Elementals were moving taking down anyone with a weapon while controlling any unrest from the civilians, because there was only their point for this street they were widely spread meaning help would take a while to come however none of the Nova Cats saw a problem, this was simple crowd control.

   Point Commander Katriona commanded from the front, although she hated crowd control missions she was honour bound to complete the orders given to her by her senior officers.  Suddenly out of the corner of her eye Katriona noticed something odd a naked woman charging at her, at amazing speed, Katriona turned to face the threat.  Even though Katriona was in prime condition the Elemental seemed to turn in slow motion as the woman attacked, Katriona triggered her left arm mounted support machine gun, the chain gun tore into the woman’s chest however it seemed to have no effect.  The naked woman was suddenly on her screaming tearing at the Elemental Battle Armour, Katriona saw no threat in the woman, she was injured and naked unarmed, there was no-way an unarmed woman could harm an Elemental normally let alone while they were in Battle Armour.  Trying to flick her off however Katriona found this woman had somehow dug her arm into the short range missile pack disabling the weapon Katriona cut the backpack loose and both it and the woman dropped to the ground.

   Looking at this crazy naked woman Katriona could see her chest was torn open by the machine gun but there was no blood “what are you?”  Katriona asked with her suit’s loudspeakers.  The woman only answered by charging again Katriona opened fire with the machine gun again this time tearing off the woman’s left arm, most targets would fall at this however this target continued forward, the attacker drew in close then with one swipe buried her right arm into Katriona’s chest breaking the armour and smashing Katriona’s rib cage crushing a lung in the process.  Katriona immediately began to go into cardiac arrest and heart failure however in her death gasp she pulled the machine gun trigger sending over two hundred rounds into this crazy naked woman killing her.  By the time the rest of the Elementals arrived from their own areas of the street all they found was Katriona’s corpse and the torn remains of another woman.

   Word reached Ajax Drummond of the Elementals encounter with this mysterious warrior and he heard reports of other troopers encountering stronger opposition in Galus than had been expected with nearly a stars worth of Nova Cat troopers reporting damage.  Following sixteen painstakingly slow hours the Nova Cats had secured Galus and began Ajax began splitting up his troops two Clusters were rendering full humanitarian aid to Galus trying to save as many people from the destroyed city as they could while the other two clusters were deployed to the other three cities.  Taking no chances Ajax ordered the cities neutralised one by one with full force.  Harn Fiefdom surrendered in eight hours the Warlord of Harn had died fighting the Nova Cats in the opening trials.  The people of Harn Fiefdom also showed great compassion accepting groups of civilians from Galus.  The Nova Cats left a star of vehicles and a star of Elementals to guard Harn then moved onto the next city Celt Fiefdom, the smallest city-state fell in less than two hours with no organised defenders to speak of, the Nova Cats left two points of Elementals and began to make plans to move the population from Celt Fiefdoms.  Trellis Fiefdoms fell next in almost four hours, the resistance of this small city was bolstered by the appearance of a ninety ton Awesome which destroyed three Nova Cat Mechs and two armoured vehicles before being taken down, the warrior was taken as a bondsmen by the on scene Nova Cat commander.

   The final Fiefdom New Saar was approached by nearly two Trinaries of Nova Cat troops who immediately encountered heavy weapons fire from turreted weapons systems which encircled the New Saar city.  Following eighteen hours of hard fighting the Nova Cats were no nearly in breaking the New Saar perimeter defence loosing nearly a full binary of troops before Star Colonel Otis called in WarShip support.  Unlike the weapons fire in Galus this weapons fire was far more effective and far more surgical, the naval autocannons slammed into all six major New Saar turrets destroying all in a blaze of fire.  An hour later the Nova Cats were walking the streets of New Saar and completely in control.

   Over the next week to month the Nova Cats would begin broaching the idea of taking the population off planet and offering them a better life with the Nova Cats.  Most of the population resisted at first but eventually they agreed to leave Novo Franklin for a better standard of living.

A slightly darker twist to Periphery life, a legacy of the canon timeline

Hope you enjoyed
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Guest Quarters, House Davion Royal Palace
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
12th March 3062

   Following the Alexander Davion’s inspection was complete, some training and some R&R on Galax Victor Steiner-Davion, Danai Centrella and their bodyguard units had returned to New Avalon.  As always there had been mass parades to welcome them back to the capital city of the Federated Suns, the people celebrated the return of their First Prince and of his guest Danai felt really strange, even in the Magistracy of Canopus her home nation, she had rarely felt so much from and for a worlds population.

   Even though she was a guest on New Avalon and not officially an officer in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns she was still a MechWarrior and the commander of the Battalion of Magistracy warriors that had accompanied her to the Clan Homeworlds and into exile and she tried to spend as much time with these people as possible ensuring that she never forgot where she came from and the people that had followed her were happy.

   Danai had chosen to retire early in the night, although there was a growing relationship with Victor she still received her own quarters in the massive palace because of her status as a visiting royal dignitary.  Around midnight there was a knock on the doors Danai was awake almost immediately, a knife from under her pillow ready, old habits of battlefield readiness died hard.  Looking around she noticed no-one was there but there was a quiet knock again there was someone outside, Danai replaced the knife climbed out of her bed and pulled on a dark green dressing gown with golden edges.  “Enter!”  She called the door crept open and light seeped into the room, Danai switched on a bedside light brightening the room.  At the door stood Yvonne Steiner-Davion dressed in her own nightgown “Yvonne?”

   “Danai, are you awake?”  Yvonne asked peering in she was a lot like Naomi, Danai’s sister, when they were younger on Canopus Naomi would come to see her when she was nervous about something or wanted to get advice.

   “I am now” Danai whispered as Yvonne stepped into the room “what’s wrong?”

   “I needed to ask you a question, just one” she said Danai smiled, Yvonne was acting like a child asking for one more cookie after eating half the tin.

   “Go on then” Danai said, there was no point in refusing, because now she was up there was no chance of her sleeping without answering the question.  Yvonne moved across the room and perched on the edge of the bed.

   “I was wondering, have you ever been in love?  I mean really, really been in love?”  Yvonne asked, at twenty-two years old Yvonne had been in love before but this was a question about true love.

   “Did your brother put you up to this?”  If she had asked that to anyone else they would have probably looked at Danai and wondered if she was on another planet, of all the people in the Inner Sphere Victor Steiner-Davion was the last person you’d expect to play these kind of games but in the short time Danai had known him she knew Victor was far happier playing soldier games than being polite and proper, which fit in with most Davion men from history.

   “None of my brothers put me up to this, what have they got to do with it?”  Yvonne asked thinking about all three of her brothers Arthur had returned to Robinson with Tarncred, Victor was down the corridor, up the stair and she hadn’t seen Peter in four years following his self-imposed exile.

   “Nothing, have I ever been in love?”  Danai asked quietly “yes, I have been.”

   “Was it love at first sight?” Yvonne asked obviously she had found someone.

   “I thought you were going to ask one question!”  Danai said teasing, she found it funny that they were both grown up women and were discussing this in a bedroom after midnight, the fact it was in a palace made it even funnier.

   “You asked me a question so I get another, that's the rule you know?” Yvonne said a small smile creeping onto her face, she had never been this close with Katherine and her brothers were always more interested in combat.

   “No, it wasn’t love at first sight.  The man I fell in love with was in love with someone else.”  Danai said thinking of the first time she had seen Victor away from the battlefield, he was the man she was in love with and the reason for not returning to the Magistracy even with her mother gone.  “Are you in love Yvonne?”  Danai asked in return, she knew Yvonne would keep asking questions now but she was interested and while she had become attached to Victor she was becoming attached to his life and his family as well.

   “I think I am” Yvonne said, her voice was but a whisper “do you believe in love at first-sight?  You know as soon as you see a person there is a connection and all you can do is think of them and see yourself with them?”

   “Two questions” Danai said smiling but she continued anyway, since first meeting Yvonne Danai had felt welcome and they had enjoyed some good times together, with her Danai felt totally accepted and almost like part of the family.  “I believe in love at first-sight but you have to follow it up and make sure that buzz doesn’t die before you can make the feelings true and proper.   I know what it is like to see someone and see your entire life with them, it has happened to me…”  Danai said quietly thinking of Victor, she sometimes wondered if the Federated Suns First Prince felt the same way.  Before they left for Clan Space Victor was close to Omi Kurita but since returning he hadn’t spoken to the Draconis Combine Princess, or Keeper of House Honour as the Dracs called it.  The Clan War had changed Victor and somehow Danai had become part of his life.

   “You should tell the person your in love with how you feel.”  Yvonne said seeing Danai was thinking about herself at the same time as answering the questions.

   “So should you.”

   “That’s the hard bit, his home isn’t quite down the road…”

   “You can travel anywhere in the realm Yvonne, if you feel strongly about someone don’t let it slip away.”  Danai said Yvonne nodded and rose to her feet.

   “I’ll let you get back to sleep, night Danai” Yvonne said moving off towards the doors.

   “Good Night Yvonne” Danai said as Yvonne closed the doors Danai stayed silent for a couple of moments then extinguished her own lights going back to bed.

Reception Halls, House Davion Royal Palace
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
20th March 3062

   The rumour mills on New Avalon had being going critical with a rumour that Victor would be leaving in a couple of days so Major Ross McKinnon still on leave from the Seventh Crucis Lancers, like the rest of his unit, had headed for the Royal Palace intent on requesting an audience with the First Prince.  After four hours Ross had been taken into an auxiliary reception hall, which was smaller but no less impressive as the main hall, to find not Victor but Yvonne, the former Regent of the Federated Suns and Duchess of New Avalon.  “Major, it is good to see you again, fully recovered from your dealings on Tortuga?”

   “Aff” Ross answered he cursed himself silently for using the Clan answer but Yvonne made no action that she had noticed as he continued “I am doing well Duchess, actually that is the reason for my being here today.”

   “How so?”  Yvonne asked sitting down on a small comfortable sofa Ross sat on the other side without being asked Yvonne only smiled.

   “During our time on Tortuga, I became close with the MI6 Detachment Commander Leftenant Rachel Montgomery.”

   “I remember her, the Leftenant is doing well I hope?”

   “Rachel is doing very well, thank you” Ross said smiling broadly thinking about her always brought a smile to his face.  Rachel had just been promoted to Captain and would soon be returning to Rabid Fox duties meaning their wedding plans had been derailed and pushed back several months.  “During our time on Tortuga we also became close to the on planet commander, and we were wondering if he could come to our wedding?”

   “You’re getting married to Leftenant Montgomery?”  Ross nodded “Congratulations!”  Yvonne said hugging Ross, who felt slightly embraced by the Duchesses actions, he had always had a good relationship with superiors but being hugged by Royals wasn't covered in most training books. “Now having a Nova Cat inside Federated Suns territory again?  I do not know how that would be received.”

   “I know it is risky, Rachel actually wanted Canin’s entire unit invited but I convinced her it would be tough enough to get Canin invited alone, then we have to convince the Nova Cats to let him come if the First Prince allows it.  I never knew a wedding could be this difficult.”

   “I will tell you this Major, I will talk to Victor for you and see what can be done, I am sure we can figure something out.”  Yvonne said smiling, maybe this was the opportunity she had been looking for, it was the perfect excuse for her to go to Tortuga and find this Nova Cat in his natural habitat.

   “You think so?”  Ross asked, he was astonished Yvonne would be so willing to help so quickly, he was expecting this could cost him his promotion or more.

   “Ross, this is the Federated Suns anything is possible, watch this space.”  She said and with that she raised and left the room, Ross was left sitting on the sofa dumbfounded not sure he had just experienced what he had experienced.  Maybe this wedding was possible.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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First Prince’s Office, House Davion Royal Palace
Davion Royal Palace, Avalon Island
New Avalon, Crucis March, Federated Suns
25th March 3062

   It had been a long day, hell it had been a long week, for Victor.  He had not been able to spend much time with his sister or Danai Centrella and he hadn’t been inside his Mech and with his troops since Galax nearly two weeks before.  So when the doors of his office opened and Yvonne entered, wearing a two piece dark blue suit with a short business skirt replacing trousers, Victor immediately took notice.  Rarely did Yvonne dress in such a business manner, that was more Katherine’s style “Yvonne, I’m sort of busy, I rendezvous with the Melissa Davion later and everything has to be sorted before I leave.”  He said the FSS Melissa Davion, the Federated Suns first operational Avalon-class Cruiser, had entered the system eight hours ago at a pirate point.  Once he joined them they would have a four month journey to their destination before negotiations which could take just as long, he wanted to make sure everything was set on New Avalon before he left, he felt bad about leaving the Federated Suns again but he knew that only a member of the ruling line could complete this deal.

   “This won’t take long” Yvonne said formally walking over to the desk sitting on one of the guest chairs crossing her legs, she was totally confident and it was obvious to Victor she wanted something important.

   “What is it?”  He asked briskly professionally, “that’s not right, sorry” he apologised almost immediately this was his sister not some diplomat of foreign dignitary, although she was acting like one “Yvonne, what's going on? How can I help?”  He said more softly putting down what he was looking at giving her his full attention.

   “My Prince” she said sending Victor into an even higher sense of alert, Yvonne never addressed him by his title “I want to go to Tortuga.”  She said, Victor almost choked with surprise and reached for a glass of water downing half of it before looking back at her.

   “You want to what?”  He asked wanting to ensure he had heard her right.

   “I want to go to Tortuga to see the Nova Cats there.”  He had heard her right, Yvonne had not been part of his planning why would she want to go?  How could she know of his plans?

   “Why?”  He asked leaning back in the chair.

   “A few days ago Major Ross McKinnon came here looking for you, unfortunately you were in a meeting and I took the meeting.”  She said, Victor had known about this but not the reason for the Major’s appearance at the Palace.  “You see Ross is getting married to the commander of the Rabid Fox contingent that was on Tortuga with him, a Captain Rachel Montgomery.  As part of their wedding plans they wanted to request Star Colonel Canin Rosse the Nova Cat Commander on Tortuga was allowed to attend, assuming he was alive.”  She said ‘good she understands the Clanner may be dead, knowing the Clans’ Victor thought silently as he listened, 'the way this is going I hope he is' he continued.

   “You didn’t promise them anything did you?”  Victor asked quietly, his plans did not include Nova Cats setting foot on Federated Suns soil, not yet.

   “No I did not, I just said I would do what I could.”  Yvonne said raising from her chair “now over the last two days I have spoken to several members of the High Command that know about the Nova Cats inside Tortuga, their so-called Nova Cat’s Den, and they have all told me that you were planning on going to Tortuga.  So Victor” she said standing then perching herself on the edge of the table “I will go to Tortuga as your representative and you can take care of things here on New Avalon, the people need you.”

   “Absolutely not, firstly no-one should have revealed those plans” Victor said showing his annoyance. “Yvonne, the Nova Cats might not even see me, they might take out the Melissa Davion or worse capture me and turn on the Federated Suns…”  Victor said outlining his worst fears, if the Nova Cats turned on the lone Avalon with substantial force then the Cruiser would stand little chance it was a risk but one he knew he had to take.

   “Exactly for that reason I should go.  Victor if you are killed or capture the Federated Suns will have lost a leader and since you haven’t got any heir’s the throne would fall to me or Arthur.  I am not comfortable with that responsibility and Arthur is becoming more and more anti-Combine, he would lead us to war.”  Yvonne hated having to outline things in such black-and-white terms but it was true Arthur had become a rallying point in the Draconis March, and the call for war against the Draconis Combine was growing daily.  “The only other person that could take over, and she happily would, is Katherine.”  Yvonne said she noticed Victor take these words like body-blows and remembered that if it had not been for the arrival of the Nova Cats Katherine would be in charge of New Avalon right now because of her invitation to her elder sister.

   “So what would you do?  Turn up and tell the Nova Cats you wanted to invite one of their Star Colonels to a wedding and by the way the Federated Suns would like to get to know you a bit better?”  Victor asked throwing his arms in the air.

   “Something like that.  What were you planning?”  Yvonne asked realising the rumours coming from the High Command had been right, Victor was planning on going to Tortuga to see the Nova Cats, soon.

   “I was going to turn up and ask them for assistance in finding and destroying the WarShip that destroyed New Syrtis JumpShip yards.”

   “And how would they be able to find them?”

   “It was a Taurian WarShip, I was thinking of painting the picture of a dangerous Nuclear capable WarShip on the prowl.  Pointing at the Taurian Concordat and sending in the Nova Cats.”

   “As shock troops?”  Yvonne asked she was quite shocked, the Nova Cats she had met were nothing like the Clan troops Victor described fighting before.

   “They are Clansmen, Yvonne, all they are bred for is combat.”

   “Then why did the Severn Lervoux negotiate with us instead of attack, or the Nova Cat forces negotiate with ComStar for one of their Yardships when they could have fought for it?”  She had read the reports when Victor was away and it looked like she could have to fill the hot-seat permanently if he didn‘t come back someday ‘good‘ Victor thought quietly knowing that people who became First Prince of the Federated Suns didn‘t always live long lives.  "These Clansmen are not the same as the Jaguars" she pointed out.

   “I don’t know.”  Victor admitted, he hadn’t thought about why they had negotiated only that they were a clear and present danger to his realm, just like the Taurian WarShip.

   “Well they are more like Phelan’s Wolves” she said from what had happened so far she saw the Nova Cats akin to their cousin Phelan Kell’s Warden Wolf (in-Exile) Clan than the Crusader Jade Falcons or the destroyed Smoke Jaguars.  “Tell me did they fight in the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty?”  She asked, Victor shook his head Yvonne had read the after action reports and knew the answer already but wanted Victor to see what she saw.  “Intelligence places the Nova Cats as one of the stronger Clans, with a powerful navy and a capable ground force, yet instead of invading the Inner Sphere they found another place to gain territory and make a home.  They destroyed a pirate threat that we ourselves created” Yvonne said, during their father’s time Fuchida’s Fusiliers a mercenary regiment had been ordered to engage the Clans despite having far inadequate technology or training to face such a threat.  Fuchida’s Fusiliers had refused, broken their contract, then raided several Federated Suns weapons depots on their way to becoming the Tortuga Fusiliers.  “According to the Nova Cats the Fusiliers had been annihilated and the Nova Cats were taking care of other threats in the area.”

   “So we should leave them where they are and invite them to a wedding?”  Victor asked shocked that he had just said what he had said.

   “No we should give them an opportunity to operate against Inner Sphere targets.”  Yvonne said smiling Victor looked at her surprised but remained quiet interested in what she had to say.  “We inform them that a rouge WarShip is operating in the area and is armed with Nuclear weapons.  We give them the information we gathered from the New Syrtis attack and ask them for assistance in defending Galax, Kathil and the remains of New Syrtis Shipyards so we can hunt down this vessel.  The Nova Cats gain the right to assign three WarShips to our territory, these vessels are to stay out of sight but be ready to act if needed.  During their time we will keep them fully supplied and keep their warriors from becoming bored, we will also give their officers tours of the three shipyards and see what information we can get from their people.”

   “We seem to be getting a lot from this deal and they seem to be getting little.”

   “They get intelligence on the WarShip and a look at our shipyard facilities more than any of the other Succession states could dream of.  We feed them intelligence on the Inner Sphere and make sure it is decent not eight months out of date as we do with most exchanges” Yvonne said walking around the room, Victor smiled he had never seen her like this before “we also give them the right to station a single Cluster in our space and ask for it to be commanded by this Star Colonel Canin Rosse for the first rotation.  During their time in the Federated Suns the Nova Cats will be allowed to train against any unit in the Federated Suns they wish and they will be allowed to fight in St Ives, assuming the fighting is still on-going, and the Chaos March.  This gives the Nova Cats real combat experience against real targets something they are probably lacking in the periphery.”  She said outlining her plan, Victor was impressed that she had done this without any help, it was likely that Jackson and maybe Ardan had helped her in some places, but still even with help Victor was impressed with his little sister’s accomplishments.

   “And what do you get out of this?  Yvonne you have never been interested in combat, war or the military.  Why the change?”

   “I get the knowledge that I have helped two of our citizens make their wedding perfect.  For once I help my big brother with a problem and I get to do something other than be a face for our family on New Avalon.  And I‘m finally growing up, it‘s time to take some responsibility in my life.”  She said Victor could see how that could be the reason but she had to have another reason, one she wasn’t willing to share with him.

   “You want this?”

   “I do”

   “I guess you had better be on the Melissa Davion then.”  Victor said surrendering, if she wanted this then he would give her the chance.  Yvonne’s face immediately brightened as if a hundred pains had been lifted, Victor knew she wasn’t telling him everything that had driven her to this but he would let her keep her own council for now.  “Anything else before I show you through all this?”

   “Yes, one or two other things…”  she said telling Victor of her conversations with Danai the night before, she had done some guessing work that Danai had been talking about her brother that night and now she wanted to know about how he felt for Danai.

   After several hours of deep conversation Victor fully admitted he was falling in love with Danai and he told Yvonne of Morgan’s concerns, especially considering the Magistracy’s connection to the Capellans.  Yvonne reminded Victor that Danai had not returned to the Magistracy since arriving back from Clan Space and that Danai did not trust the Capellan influence over her sister Naomi.  As far as Yvonne and her womanly instincts were concerned Danai was falling more and more in love with the Federated Suns and was forgetting about home and her rights as heir to the Centrella throne.  Before Yvonne left she told her brother to follow his heart with Danai before he drove her away and out of the realm through neglect.  Also just before she left Yvonne sent Ross McKinnon and his bride, to-be, a message asking them to hold off getting married until 3063, she might have a surprise guest for them, this message was carried by one of Yvonne’s personnel aids and was destroyed as soon as it had been read and understood by Ross and Rachel.

   The next day the Melissa Davion left the Federated Suns heading for Tortuga, on board Yvonne Steiner-Davion Victor’s personal representative.  As far as the population of New Avalon knew Yvonne was away to see her brother Peter at Saint Marinus House on Zaniah in the Lyran Alliance and would be gone for several months before returning, hopefully with Peter in tow.  Victor just hoped the media would stay off Zaniah and not start looking for Yvonne there.

Uninhabited Island
New Avalon, New Hebrides Isles
Crucis March, Federated Suns
27th March 3062

   In the early spring morning Danai Centrella had awoken early in her guest quarters inside the Davion Royal Palace and went for a run.  She had expected to find Victor for breakfast but he was nowhere to be seen probably in some meeting.  Yvonne had left a couple of days before.  For the first time since coming to New Avalon Danai felt alone, Danai was tempted to skip breakfast and go see the Magistracy troops on the field with the Tenth Lyran, she could feel like she was home or on the battlefield when she was with them much like when she had first met Victor, and seen him as the man who was more comfortable being the warrior and the leader of the troops than a state leader and career politician.  Deciding against skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day, her mother had called it.  She sat down to breakfast in the main hall, the table was huge and she felt crazy being in this room alone just for breakfast.  One of the house servants had given her a note from Victor.  On the note had been written:

Danai, my apologies for not joining you for breakfast
there are affairs of state that need my attention.
Give this to the pilot on the roof and get in, leave the guards. 
See you soon Victor x.

   As long as she had known him Victor had never signed messages with an ‘x’ although it was definitely a message from Victor written in the scrawl he called hand-writing.  So Danai had finished her breakfast quickly and headed up onto the roof, sitting there was a Lexan Oceanic Series IV Luxury Helicopter.  The Lexan Oceanic was an expensive aircraft starting at 1.1 million C-Bills in cost, Danai hadn’t been aware of any one New Avalon, the Series IV was sixty tons in weight, had two massive sets of main rotors and was capable of landing in water.  Looking over the aircraft Danai moved near the front of the craft.  “I was told to give you this” she said nervously handing over the note to the pilot.

   “Understood, I can take you there now Duchess, please climb aboard” the pilot said as he and his co-pilot climbed into the cockpit.  Although she had no idea where ‘there’ was Danai climbed in the rear cabin.  The Series IV’s main section was effectively a fully sized room fitted with every comfort that travellers would ever need with plush seating area, a large flat-screen video sets and a small but very functional bar area.  Pouring herself a fresh orange-juice Danai settled into one of the large chairs as the aircraft lifted off and began to fly over Avalon City before heading out over the ocean.  Over the ocean the aircraft accelerated to top speed, nearly two hundred kilometres per hour, Danai had noticed just how quiet the aircraft was as it skimmed surface of New Avalon‘s busy oceans, although travel by sea was not as popular as it once had been on ancient Terra there was still companies that used sea going tankers to transport raw materials instead of using expensive DropShips, it was slow but still got the job done at a fraction of the price.

   For nearly six hours the aircraft flew over open oceans, Danai had drifted off to sleep and was still asleep when she was wakened by the Lexan Oceanic’s extending of landing gear as the aircraft landed.  The pilot leapt from the cockpit and ran around the aircraft and opening the doors allowing her to exit onto a soft sand beach, leading her clear he returned to the aircraft and the aircraft was gone again into the darkening sky, there was total silence within about thirty seconds as the aircraft disappeared.  Danai looked around the beach and wondered if Victor was playing a prank on her, the island looked totally abandoned.  Then she began to smell something burning, walking along the beach she removed her shoes within a couple of steps the sand was so soft.  Walking barefoot around a group of large stones she felt like a child on an adventure holiday anxiously waiting the next thrill.  Ahead she could see a small camp “Hello!” She called as she walked around the single tent to find a raging fire and a barbeque.  Standing at the barbeque was Victor Steiner-Davion in a pair of red sandals, a pair of sky-blue shorts, a dirty white apron and a pair of dark sunglasses in his sandy blonde hair, he looked quite a picture especially without his shirt, “you should have told me!  I would have brought a camera, I could have made a killing when I got back to Avalon City just by selling one picture.”  She said amongst the giggling that was taking over her as she closed, walking off Victor gave her a betrayed look “I’m sorry it’s just this is so unexpected.”  She said noticing an icebox with a dozen or so beers in it, this was beginning to remind her of the Victor she had met fighting the Clans a man who cared little for appearances, cared everything for his men and the moment, not the future.

   “Have a drink and dinner will be served as soon as I can get it off this thing without burning my fingers.” Victor said struggling with the food, Danai crossed to the icebox and sat on one of the loungers looking out over the beach, in the background she heard Victor yelp as he burnt something on the barbeque.  The light was beginning to fade and the fire was silhouetting everything, looking out over the sea she could see for miles upon miles and not a person in sight it was perfect.

   “It‘s beautiful here!”  Danai called over her shoulder, so he could hear her over the fire, but Victor was already appearing in front of her.

   “Dinner is served” Victor said dropping down on the other lounger with a pair of plates full of food, some of it was a little over done and some of it was more like charcoal than food but Danai made no comments as they ate and enjoyed the scene.

   “How did you set this up?”  She asked eating a mouthful hamburger, although it was slightly burned it was gorgeous, the First Prince of the Federated Suns was a good cook as well as an impressive general, a learning statesman, a strong leader of men and a good man.

   “I’m the First Prince of the Inner Sphere’s most powerful nation, anything is possible.”  Victor said eating his own burger keeping tight-lipped about how he had done this, but Danai wasn‘t ready to give up on it yet.

   “But how can you be here, out of communication with the High Command, with everything?  What if something happened?”

   “It won’t.”  Victor said confidently “and if something was to happen” he took a swig of his own beer “I’m the First Prince and this is New Avalon, if they wanted me it wouldn’t be difficult.”  He said biting into his burger again.  Danai continued to eat her own food, Victor certainly had made a lot of food, something that shouldn’t really have shocked her.  When they had first met Victor and the Tenth Lyran, his Revenants, were resting after a major battle on the Smoke Jaguar front and were tucking into a meal just like this one there had been so much going around Danai‘s entire unit had been invited along with all the tech support from both units.  Although Victor had been wearing more that time than he was now and he hadn‘t cooked the meal it brought back fond memories for both of them.  “How’s your food?”

   “Good” she said her mouth full of food, they both burst into laughter, all their noble training gone they were just two people enjoying the scene, good food and each others company.  “Why did you do this?”  she asked clearing her mouth.  Victor continued to eat smiling, again this was the Victor she had fallen for in the field the warrior, the comrade-in-arms and the joker.

   “For you, for me” he finally said “for New Avalon, for the Federated Suns” he took another drink “for the Inner Sphere, , for humanity even the Clans” he continued followed by another drink from the bottle “for the galaxy, for history…” she had seen him like this before and knew he could go on for a while, the only way the members of the Tenth Lyran were able to stop him when he was in this kind of mood was to tackle him.  So Danai launched herself at him pushing Victor back onto his lounger kissing him deeply in thanks “for that” he said quietly they both burst into laughter “and that!”

   “Would you stop that!”  She said again pushing to the deck, for now he was not a First Prince and she was not a visiting Duchess, they were just man and woman.  Their instincts took over laughed and remembered what it was like just to live Victor leaned forward and kissed her back they were locked like that holding each other and kissing for what seemed like hours.

   “And for, this…” Victor whispered reaching into the sand behind them as they kissed, he couldn’t find what he was looking for so he kissed her again then reached into the sand on the other side again nothing so he kissed her again before reaching back to the original spot again this time finding the object, he retrieved a blue diamond ring with one blue diamond in the centre and four green diamonds surrounding it “…this is for you.”  He said holding it in front of Danai who was mesmerised by it as he started to put it on her finger, her wedding finger, Danai began to weep “we don’t have to… I mean I want… but if you… Danai I love you.”  He said stuttering around not knowing what to say as he saw the tears run down her cheeks, he was slightly shocked by her reaction.  “If this is too much…”  He hoped she would not say it was he‘d finally admitted he was in love with her and now he prayed she felt the same.

   “No” she said, wiping the tears from her cheeks, Victor’s heart sank “this is wonderful” she said looking around and back to Victor then to the ring “all of this, you, are wonderful” she said kissing him “I love you with all my heart.”

   “Then what’s wrong?”

   “Nothing, I just wish my mother was here to see it.”

   “I’m kinda glad your mother and my mother are not here to see this” Danai looked at him shocked he would say such a thing his mother had been dead for years killed by an assassin’s bomb, and her mother was only newly deceased, how could he say such a thing.  “I mean look at us, we are on a beach, I’m half naked, your hopefully going to be naked soon, then two naked people together well things happen…”  His voice trailed off as both he and Danai struggled to keep a straight face “… and well if our parents were here then, that would just be embarrassing, and I think illegal in most parts of the world, especially this world since I'm the Prince and…”  He said continuing to rattle off information.  So Danai, borrowed the Tenth's method again, pinned him to the lounger again in a long deep kiss.  “…so is that a yes?”  He asked as they broke off Danai remained silent lying on top of him she drew back slightly, Victor held her close gently Danai didn’t resist just relaxing into his grasp.  When she remained silent Victor spoke again “Danai, I will love you whatever your answer, but I must ask Danai Kyalla Centrella will you be my wife and marry me?”

   “With all my heart I must say…” there was a pause in her voice that went on for an eternity, Victor was sure for a moment she was going to say she couldn’t but then there it was “yes, I will marry you, Victor Ian Steiner-Davion.”  Victor launched himself to his feet brining Danai to her feet at the same time as he began dancing around the fire, he grabbed Danai and although he was not the tallest person showed he had the strength of many men carrying her around the fire as they danced locked in an embrace they entered the tent for a very long loving night, one that would be the first of many.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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ROM Headquarters
Mars, Terran System
Chaos March
12th April 3062

   The Word of Blake ROM, Intelligence Branch, was one of the most effective in the whole of the Inner Sphere and Clans.  When they had split from ComStar the Word of Blake had taken nearly ninety percent of ComStar’s ROM personnel and they had transferred seamlessly to the Word of Blake command on Terra.  Since the liberation of Mars from ComStar’s Occupation forces the Word of Blake had turned Mars into a hive of research labs and ROM outposts.  From Mars the ROM could spy on any of the Successor States using the powerful intelligence networks ComStar had built over the centuries it controlled the Terran System.

   Rarely did Precentor-Martial Cameron St Jamis travel to Mars normally he expected anyone who wanted to see him to come to see him on Terra or wherever he was in the Inner Sphere.  Precentor ROM Alexander Kernoff had requested that Cameron come to Mars however, as Kernoff was a member of the Toyama Sect of the Word of Blake leadership and a member of the Sixth of June Cameron had appeased him.  The Word of Blake unlike the corrupt ComStar believed in a mix of leaders and styles so there were several sects within the Word of Blake Ruling Conclave including: the Counter-Reformists, the Expatriates, the True Believers, the Shunners and the Toyama.  Until recently the True Believers had held the power in the Word of Blake however with the deaths of Precentor-Martial Trent Adrian and his aide Precentor Suzanne Mulvanery to a suspected terrorist bomb and the raising of Cameron to the post of Precentor Martial the more radical Toyama were gaining more and more power with Kernoff the leader of the Sect and St Jamis in a powerful position as well.  The Sixth of June were an even more radical group inside the Toyama, although an unrecognised one, within the Word of Blake many believed that it was the Sixth of June and not ComStar that had killed Trent and Mulvanery to elevate their leader Cameron St Jamis to the post of Precentor-Martial.  This gave what effectively was a terrorist organisation control of the Word of Blake Militia.

   Cameron entered Kernoff’s command dome on Mars, instead of one massive structure on the Martian surface the Word of Blake had built hundreds of self-contained domes compartmentalising everything and keeping everything buried beneath hundreds of layers of secrecy, on top of this there was only one communications station on Mars and that was only linked to one place, a WarShip in high orbit, everything coming out of Mars was controlled and anything going into Mars was rarely heard of again.  “Kernoff this had better be important.”  Cameron said immediately dispensing with the pleasantries, Kernoff was an old man in his seventies at least he had lived twice as long as Cameron but made no comment on the Precentor-Martial’s abruptness.

   “Oh it is, Cameron” Kernoff said quietly, inside the Word of Blake Alexander Kernoff was the only one who called Cameron by his first name, he was also probably the only one who could get away with it.  “We found the CSWS Ranger in deep space.  Well actually it was a ComStar Explorer Corps group that did but they turned the information over to me.”

   “The Ranger?”  Cameron said quietly thinking the vessel was a Lola-III-class Destroyer “you called me to Mars to tell me we found a destroyer in deep space?  We have a dozen of those already, another Battleship would have been worth the call but not a Destroyer.”  He went on the Word of Blake had built an impressive navy but every ship helped Kernoff thought he’d be happy about such a find especially since it was a ComStar vessel.

   “Not quite.  We have also lost contact with Novo Franklin base, our first level Soldiers were undergoing indoctrination and first level implantation there.”  Kernoff said now Cameron was going from being angry about being called here for nothing to worried that someone had discovered their forces training in the Periphery before the coming of the Third Transfer.

   “Damn.  What of our forces in Tortuga?”  Their agents on Tortuga Prime had been turning the Tortuga Fusiliers to the Word’s call but suddenly just over a year before all contact had been lost.

   “We have still not heard from them.  It is possible the Fusiliers turned on us but we would have heard something if that was the case, we have heard nothing from the Tortuga Dominions.”

   “What about ComStar have they anything to do with this?”

   “Possibly, they have assigned additional forces to Columbus following an attack on Nowhere in the Draconis Combine, and one of their Faslane-class vessels is missing.  It also appears they are reorganising their fleet following the losses during Bulldog and Serpent.”

   “So what is our losses on Franklin, consider it a total loss.”  Cameron asked reorganising the Word’s plans in his mind working around the loss of Franklin.

   “A total loss?”  Kernoff said surprised the Precentor-Martial would turn them loose so easily it would drive half the projects on Mars months behind schedule, “an Entire Division of Regular Troops, the Sixth Division.  Special Operations troops nearly as many, another full division and months of research down the drain, I'd call it a complete debacle, and now answers to the reason.”

   “Damn.  Move all our operations away from that area of space, something is wrong there.”  Kernoff nodded, normally Cameron could make those orders himself but this was special projects and fell under Kernoff’s purview, at least officially and at least for now.

   “What of the Heracles?”

   “Recall it here before the Davion’s decide to invade the Taurian Concordat looking for it, find it and blow it up, the way our luck is running we may need the vessel here.”

   “They might do that anyway before it can get here.”

   “And without evidence of a preparatory vessel they will have launched an illegal war against a sovereign state which will turn the Inner Sphere against the Federated Suns and work in our favour.  Make sure the vessel returns via our hidden network in the Capellan Confederation, that should hide it from all eyes.”

   “Wouldn’t be the first time the Federated Suns has done something against public opinion knowing that in the long run it would benefit them, the Fourth Succession War for example.”

   “Perhaps but Victor does not seem the type to rush into decisions.”  Cameron said thinking quietly ‘Victor is useless for our plans, Arthur and Katherine are far more useful’ he decided to move up other operations.  “Increase our operations in the Capellan Confederation, Free Worlds League and push the timetable forward for the Marian Hegemony and Cirincus Federation.”

   “What of the Taurians?”

   “What of them? Forget them, for now Sharplen is crazy enough without our help.”

   “And Kali?”

   “Authorise Kali to inform her people that it is time to reunite the Capellan Confederation and for them to bring the defenders of St Ives to their knees.”  Cameron said smiling thinking about all the carnage sweet Kali and her minions were about to unleash on the tiny little rebellious state.  He actions would be a nice test for the future gauging the reactions of the Inner Sphere by unleashing the things they feared most on St Ives was a good way to test something.

Command Deck, Snow Raven (Nightlord)
Brim Shipyards, Brim
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds
14th April 3062

   From the bridge of the Snow Raven, Clan Snow Raven’s Nightlord-class Battleship, entered shipyards at Brim.  From there the vessel would undergo a period of upgrading bringing the vessel back the title of being the most lethal WarShip fielded by the Clans.  Over time the Nightlord had been surpassed by other WarShips so Khan Lyn McKenna had ordered her Clan’s scientists to upgrade the Nightlord and make it a more effective fighter.  Over a year later they had come back with a redesign of the Snow Raven’s weapons configuration and the Khan had immediately approved the changes, now the Snow Raven was entering the Brim Shipyards for and eight month refit.  Because of the sheer size of the vessel, the largest built by the Clans in numbers, the Snow Raven took over an entire ‘dry-dock’ at Brim causing several delays and a great cost for the Snow Ravens and Diamond Sharks.  In the Snow Raven’s opinion however the cost was worth it.

   The Brim Shipyards were amongst the largest and most advanced in existence, they even out paced the three of the biggest Inner Sphere yards Port Sydney Yards, the Federated-Boeing Shipyards at Galax and the New Samarkand Shipyards but not quite the Titan Shipyards in the Terra system.  The Brim Shipyards were co-administered by Clan Snow Raven and Clan Diamond Shark and there WarShips, DropShips and Fighters were constructed and modified by the two Clans.  The other Clans often contracted the two Clans for maintenance of their vessels.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Second Royal BattleMech Regiment
Command Tent, Milos
St Ives Compact
2nd May 3062

   Following nearly five months of heavy fighting the Capellan Confederation Forces were beginning to fall back from the St Ives Compact worlds, Chancellor Sun Tzu-Liao finally seeing that his forces could not stand against the combined might of the St Ives Armed Forces, the Star League Defence Forces and the Federated Suns forces still based in the St Ives area.

   Against her best efforts Lieutenant-General Marguerite McCafee, commander of the Second Royal BattleMech Regiment, was still alive struggling with the horrors of battle on St Ives and with her past demons.  Some of her most trusted warriors had suggested that she should retire, that there would be no dishonour in stepping aside after all she had heard and seen.  Marguerite had slammed them down, harder than she had meant, they had no right to tell her what she should and should not do since then she had drifted away from people she considered to be close allies people she had bled with against the Clans and Capellans and trained with her entire career.  Once thing she knew was she needed to find an out before the Commanding-General arrived, Morgan Hasek-Davion had been in the Chaos March for the last couple of months forming the First Battle Armour Corps however now he was on his way to the St Ives Compact with ComStar Precentor-Martial Anastasius Focht, they would call for a meeting with the Capellan Chancellor and bring the conflict to an end and end any chance of her ending her life in combat.

   A young Infantry Lieutenant entered the command tent and saluted “Mam, there is an local mayor’s aid at the gates asking to speak to you.  He said he brings news of Capellan atrocities committed against civilian targets in his town.

   “Have him brought here” the infantry man saluted and rushed off to get the civilian visitor “Captain Markesan assemble your company.  If the intelligence is accurate I want to catalogue it first hand and drive off the Capellans before they can try and cover anything up.”

   “Yes, Mam” Captain Nicole Markesan said leaving the tent just as the infantry man returned, it was a good five minutes from the gates to the tent so the man must have been allowed onto the base without authorisation, the Lieutenant had got it right this time but Marguerite would have to drill the units personnel on correct procedure.

   “Welcome to the Second BattleMech Regiment Command Post, I am Lieutenant General…” Marguerite began just as the civilian flipped off the cloak she had been wearing, the Woman’s head had been shaved and her eyes were wide and bloodshot, she was muttering something silently under her breath and around her waist was ring upon ring of explosives and small glass canisters filled with liquid and surrounded by ball-bearings “this is how I die” Marguerite said her voice but a whisper just before the woman detonated her suicide bomb which engulfed the whole command tent killing almost ever senior member of the Second’s command staff.  With the explosion there was a gas that filled the immediate area taking nearly another battalions worth of troops before they could enact NBC protocols.

   Throughout the St Ives Compact Thuggee Terrorists loyal to the insane Kali Liao, sister to Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, carried out similar attacks killing thousands of innocent civilians and members of the St Ives Armed Forces included in these deaths was Mandrinn Tormano Liao leader of the Free Capella Resistance Group.  Although he did not authorize these attacks Sun-Tzu Liao did take advantage of the confusion caused by the attacks and launched another offensive against the St Ives Compact including a raid on St Ives itself following a Thuggee attack on the Spaceport and another near the Royal Palace.  These attacks would become known as the Black May attacks.  Calls for Kali Liao’s immediate arrest are heeded by Chancellor Liao and Kali is taken under arrest by Capellan authorities until she can be tried for her crimes, Kali was imprisoned on the World of Highspire, the world she would eventually be sentenced to life imprisonment.  The Second Royal BattleMech Regiment and its support assets are withdrawn from the St Ives Compact returning to their base world, Kittery, until a new command staff could take charge.

Former-Franklin Fiefdoms
Novo Franklin, Periphery
5th May 3062

   Although some people resisted leaving their homes for a start there was little left of Novo Franklin that was worth them remaining and most realised that the Nova Cats did not want to leave the world populated, although they would leave a garrison if anyone chose to leave, knowing this they chose to make life easier on the new landlords and move to the Nova Cat‘s Den.  From Tortuga the people would be screened and watched by Nova Cat Watch personnel before being moved on to other planets.  Because of what had been observed on Novo Franklin none of these people were to be permitted anywhere near New Barcella or the Varnay systems.

   The second target for Tau Galaxy, the Mica Majority, would be left for now as Tau Galaxy begins rotating to New Barcella.  By the end of June Tau Galaxy would be the new defenders of New Barcella while Alpha Galaxy and Xi Galaxy would be ready to move to the Homeworlds supporting military actions there and brining them up to standard against proper Clan opponents.  En Route they would deploy another HPG Relay Station in the deep periphery completing the link between the Homeworlds and the Nova Cat’s Den.  Once the two Galaxies arrived in the Homeworlds in December Sigma Galaxy, the Current Homeworlds garrison, would rotate back to the Nova Cat’s Den on its way back the Galaxy would check both HPG Relays to ensure they were operating at peak efficiency.

   Meanwhile Delta Galaxy under the command of saKhan Karl Devalis also leaves the Nova Cat’s Den heading for Astrokaszy on a long range reconnaissance mission to the distant Free Worlds League Border world.  With two Nova Cat WarShips, the Lucian Carns, the second Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser to enter service, and the Vision Quest, one of the Nova Cat’s powerful Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers, and supported by two Carrack Merchant-class Transports from the Merchant Caste the Galaxy is more than prepared to meet the most well equipped force in the Periphery region.

   The Nova Cats are not on a peaceful mission however they plan on searching Astrokaszy for any Star League Depots that have not been plundered by raiders over the centuries and eliminate any bandit force that attempts to stop them.  The Nova Cats also plan on contacting the Niops Astronomy Consortium to see if this colony has survived the Succession Wars as an independent world, Niops was colonised by the Star League centuries before and is in the same area of space.  The Niops Consortium was made up of some of the Star League’s top Astronomers and had some of the best technology defending them from bandit attacks on this remote outpost.  Hopefully they will have valuable research data and Astronomical data the Nova Cats can use in future operations.

Sirius Concordance
Sirius, Free Worlds League
15th May 3062

   In 3062 all three Regiments of the Sirian Lancers begin to a purge their ranks of all non-Sirian born personnel in direct violation of FWLM Rules and Regulations.  The Free Worlds League deploy the Fourth Free Worlds League Legionaries and the Thirty-seventh Marik Militia to the Sirius Concordance worlds of Sirius and Procoyn however the Sirian Lancers refuse orders to stop purging their ranks of warrior not born within the Sirian Concordance.

   With public opinion behind the Lancer regiments the Fourth and Thirty-seventh do not impede the Sirian Lancers instead wait for orders from Atreus, in the meantime the two units try to mend bridges burned when the FWLM refused to liberate Sirius and Procoyn.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Bridge, FSS Melissa Davion (Avalon-class Cruiser)
Nadir Point, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
29th June 3062

   After three months of travelling alone through the Federated Suns Crucis March and into the Periphery the FSS Melissa Davion entered the Tortuga Prime system a world that once was a hive of pirate activity now resided in the Nova Cat’s Den an unknown amount of planets that was claimed by Clan Nova Cat.  Entering this system with a vessel as large as the Avalon-class Melissa Davion was dangerous but it also showed the Nova Cats that they could field powerful vessels without having to rely on Nova Cat gifts such as the Thunderchild.

   Sitting at the Nadir Point the Avalon-class Cruiser scanned the system, the Avalon was an impressive feat of engineering seven hundred and seventy thousand tons in mass it was just over eight hundred metres in length.  Along the each side of the vessel were long tubular sections that tapered away to cone shaped engine shields in the rear.  In the centre of these tube sections was a broad central area covered in weapons emplacements and sensor towers including one in the centre of the vessel.  Under this main hull were six DropShip Collars and twelve launch bays for the vessels two aerospace squadrons.  One thing that did mark the Avalon as a Federated Suns vessel was the hull, the entire ship was painted in a deep red with black lines highlighting some areas and ringed the vessel.  On the main tower was the Federated Suns sword-and-sunburst insignia and on the aft upper hull the Davion family crest was painted.

   “Nothing in immediate vicinity, Duchess” Admiral Victoria Napier, the Melissa’s commander, said turning to Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion commander of the mission who stood at the rear of the bridge, although the Avalon-class followed modern design with the command centre near the centre of the ship far from the hull and any windows the Federated Suns navy still followed traditional designations such as bridge for the command centre, these terms were a hold over from blue navy vessels of ancient Terra centuries before when man was restricted to Terra alone amongst the stars.

   “The Fox’s Teeth said the same.”  Yvonne said “there was nothing out of the ordinary or anything that would set off alarm bells.  Begin to broadcast our message of peace and begin the burn in system.”

   “Weapons and auxiliary craft status?”

   “Weapons in hot-standby mode, either a squadron of fighters or one DropShip outside at anytime.  If a DropShip has fighters they can launch one flight at a time for two hour periods.”  She said the Admiral nodded and seemed content with that heading off to hand out orders.  The Melissa Davion’s engines roared into life and Yvonne began to feel gravity pull her down to the deck, it wasn’t like planetary gravity but it was constant and it was far better than the zero gravity they had been experiencing.  Under the ship six fighters launched and began patrolling the area around the Melissa, just in case the Nova Cats thought they were the vanguard of an attack force.  On every communication frequency known to the Federated Suns the Melissa Davion was piping out that they were on a mission of peace and trade not war, hopefully the Nova Cat’s were listening.

   As the massive unknown WarShip began to move the Fredasa-class Future Triumph watched the silently before activating its own manoeuvring drives, so far the star’s radiation had hidden them but soon that would not help.  The Future Triumph had sent word to the rest of the Clan of this incursion and was ready to act on its own to delay the intruder until the bigger vessels arrived however that would not be necessary the Nova Cat Khans on New Barcella believed the vessel’s story it was on a peaceful mission and the Future Triumph quickly received word that two WarShips were en-route to act as an escort for the new vessel to the planet.  The Future Triumph had been ordered to reassume its recharge position and support the other Nova Cat vessels if there was unexpected trouble.

   “Jump Radiation signature!”  the sensor operator announced on the starboard side of the bridge deep inside the Melissa Davion.

   “Jump Radiation signature!” the port side operator announced almost at the same time.

   “Vessel exiting the star’s corona, a Fredasa-class Corvette” another member of the bridge crew announced.  As two vessels entered the system near the Melissa Davion, the vessel shuddered slightly as one of the vessels entered closer than normally accepted.

   “That one was right on top of us!”

   “Seems damn hostile to me” Victoria Napier said looking at Yvonne who remained totally passive.

   “If we launch your ships could get caught in their jump wake correct?”

   “Yes” Napier surrendered the Duchess who wasn’t even a member of the military had pointed out a basic fact of interstellar space travel, two vessels close together during a jump was deadly to everything surrounding including both vessels involved.

   “What are the vessel’s out there?”  Yvonne asked.  As the radiation cleared already she knew there was a Fredasa, one of the Clan’s smallest vessels.

   “A pair of Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers, each weights twenty thousand tons less than us, we could destroy them at range but at this close…” Victoria said quietly “one of them could kill us easy.  And between them they carry far more fighters and DropShips than we could ever hope to launch.”

   “So if we could launch you would you?”  Yvonne asked moving closer to Napier who shook her head, the Melissa was brand-new her crew inexperienced, she would not throw her people’s lives away.

   “Then let’s see what the Nova Cat’s are saying.”  Yvonne said they crew activated the communication systems on the Melissa’s bridge the message the Nova Cat’s were playing was played to the bridge.

   “This is Star Colonel Canin Rosse, commander of the Watch forces in this system and guardian of the Tortuga system,” Yvonne smiled just the man she wanted to see, “under the authority given to me by the Khan’s of Clan Nova Cat I am authorised to seize your vessel and your crew.”  He said Victoria looked at Yvonne who continued to remain as passive as possible, ‘perhaps the Nova Cats are not so friendly’ she thought quietly.  “However, we have received your message and the WarShips Bond and Blood Oath will escort you to Tortuga.  You are authorised to fly one squadron of fighters or a DropShip during the journey, just to keep the air jocks happy, however I must ask you keep your weapons un-powered.”  On the screens the two WarShips had moved into escort positions, Yvonne noticed no DropShips on either vessel however fighters were launching from both Heavy Cruisers.  “Authorize on same channel and I will see you on Tortuga.”  Canin continued Yvonne nodded to Victoria who carried out the order the three vessels began the slow burn to Tortuga.  The Fredasa moved into a higher orbit of the star but remained in position, the two Aegises were overkill at this range already.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Nova Cat Watch Base
Raider‘s Roost, Tortuga Prime
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
7th July 3062

   The burn in system to Tortuga was uneventful the Melissa Davion moved into orbit of the planet while the two Nova Cat Aegis remained in a higher orbit, now the Federated Suns cruiser was trapped, even if the Avalon wanted to leave now it would have to break orbit before even trying to activate its jump drive, a manoeuvre that would be suicide at the moment.  Leaving was not high on the agenda however, from the Melissa Davion’s ventral hull a single Excalibur-class DropShip detached and began descending towards the planet surface with an entire squadron of six Federated Suns Aerospace fighters escorting.

   Once inside the planet’s atmosphere they were joined by ten Nova Cat OmniFighters, all weighing seventy-five tons or more, below one hundred metres the Federated Suns fighters were instructed to break off and return to the Melissa Davion while the Nova Cat Fighters broke off just after them also returning to their vessels in orbit.

   On the ground the DropShip was met by several groups of ground forces, a pair of Federated Suns OmniMechs, a fifty-five ton Men Shen and a ninety ton Sunder, exited first providing security for the DropShip. Although painted in Federated Suns colours these Mechs were actually of Capellan and Draconis Combine origin, the Men Shen captured in a raid on the Capellan Confederation, the Draconis Combine Sunder built under licence in the Federated Suns, they were still powerful designs that could provide basic protection if trouble erupted although considering the Nova Cat‘s Naval support options any trouble or resistance would be short lived.  Yvonne’s Armoured Limousine exited the Excalibur’s lower cargo bay next and stopped just ahead of the two guarding OmniMechs waiting for the next pair of escort Mechs.

   The first of the second pair of Mechs was a seventy-five ton P1 Perseus from the Free Worlds League, the OmniMech was the only one owned by the AFFS and by order of the First Prince had been added to this detail, the next Mech to exit the DropShip was another OmniMech this time a Lyran-built ninety ton Hauptmann, one of the most hardy and effective Inner Sphere OmniMechs.  Normally that would be the end of it however the AFFS command had one last surprise for the Nova Cats.  The fifth OmniMech was brand-new and had never seen real combat, this actual Mech was the first of its type to leave the Kathil Assembly Lines in the Capellan March, and was the Federated Suns first and so far only home-grown OmniMech an eighty-five ton Templar.

   Sitting there the Federated Suns reinforced Lance surrounded Yvonne’s Limo protectively as the Nova Cats stood waiting for orders.  An unknown Clan OmniMech moved forward and the communication system in all the Federated Suns units crackled to life “I am Star Colonel Canin Rosse, please follow me, be warned there is over a cluster of Nova Cats at this facility and more units in the city.”  He said the first Nova Cats moved out an OmniMech, four OmniVehicles and two points of Elementals.  Next was the five Federated Suns OmniMechs and the Yvonne’s car in the centre.  Canin Rosse’s Mech moved silently along side it as did two vehicles on either side, behind them were two Armoured Personnel Carriers.  Rounding out the convoy was another Mech, four armoured vehicles and two more APCs.

   As the moved through the city Yvonne looked out the windows at the former pirate city, Ross McKinnon’s report had placed only around five hundred civilians in the city however Yvonne could see significantly more population moving around and engineering teams working on several of the buildings, obviously the Nova Cats had not abandoned the city completely as they had when the Fox’s Teeth were held here.

   Yvonne also looked at Canin’s Mech during the journey, although not a member of the military she had seen pictures of many Clan Mechs and this one looked like none she had ever seen before.  The Mech was the same as most others built around a humanoid body with two legs and two arms.  It looked like a heavy or assault Mech from it’s size and from the thickness of the armour and it easily kept pace with the convoy as they moved at roughly fifty kilometres per hour.  Yvonne suspected that the Nova Cats had developed this design here and that it was one of a new breed of Clan OmniMechs and made a point to ask the Star Colonel more about the design if negotiations went well.

   They arrived at the base within about thirty minutes and although some of the Nova Cats remained on guard duty, mostly Elementals in Battle Armour of various types, most of the Nova Cats moved to a massive Mechbay that looked quite new and out of place in the generally old base.  The Fox’s Teeth had reported the Nova Cats had made little effort to repair the base and were still using the former pirate bases as their own.  Yvonne stepped out of her limousine, she was dressed in a cream one piece jumpsuit with her long blonde-brown hair tied up in a bun, as soon as she stepped clear of the vehicle Yvonne could feel the warm, dry Tortuga air wrap her and the sun quickly made her began to sweat.  The five guarding OmniMechs remained standing guarding their torso’s in constant movement watching the area for potential threats.  A female Nova Cat officer flanked by two Elementals approached “I will show you to the command bunker.”  She said abruptly, Yvonne could not tell if she was just like that all the time or if she did not care.

   “What of the Mechs?  I could be here a while.”  Yvonne said hopefully, the woman made a strange face then turned to one of the Elementals.

   “Once you are comfortable the MechWarriors will be taken to a more comfortable waiting place.”  The Nova Cat officer said Yvonne nodded, there was little point arguing the Nova Cats out numbered the Federated Suns troops by quite a bit, Yvonne signalled she was ready to follow.  The Nova Cat officer moved off without another word and Yvonne followed the two Nova Cats smartly turned as Yvonne passed and followed at a distance.

   “I noticed there was quite a lot of work going on, the last time any of our people were here the city was abandoned.”

   “Aff, there are more here now.”  Was all the woman said she did not look interested but Yvonne did not let it go that easily.

   “I’m Yvonne Steiner-Davion, Duchess of New Avalon.”  She said extending a hand in offer of a hand-shake.

   “I am Star Commander Jennifer, nice to meet you Yvonne.”  The Nova Cat said, Yvonne noted that she had no Bloodname but then she was also very young, by Yvonne’s guess work Jennifer looked like she was still a teenager, it was also evident that the Nova Cats had no respect for her name or title.

   “I hope you’re not offended but can I ask how old are you?  You look very young to be a warrior.

   “Neg, I am not offended, the only thing that offends me, other than you not being a bondsman to our Clan, is your use of Contractions.  Speak using full words and speak plainly to gain our respect.  I am eighteen years old in two months.”  Jennifer said, she was only seventeen years old and already drafted into the military!  Yvonne did not know if that was Clan custom or if the Nova Cats were desperate for troops to recruit teenagers into their forces.  The continued to walk the entering a large office the two Elementals remained outside as the two women walked in.  “Star Colonel Rosse will be in soon, if you need anything ask the guards, other than that make yourself comfortable.”  Jennifer said walking out of the room leaving Yvonne alone as the doors closed.

   Yvonne had a look around the spacious office it was a very plain sight the only two things that stood out was the Clan Nova Cat insignia on a flag on one side of the centre window and a large cartoon character picture on the other side inside an expensive looking wooden frame.  The cartoon was badly faded but it appeared to be a yellow character with some sort of waist coat and a hat, there was a metal plate on the bottom of the fame which was slightly dirty.  Yvonne began cleaning the plate revealing the name as the side door of the office opened Yvonne continued to clean the plate revealing two words, ‘Top-cat,’ she assumed it was the character’s name.

   Turning around satisfied she had cleaned it as much as she could she saw the half naked Star Colonel Canin Rosse wriggle into a black shirt, although slightly embarrassed she was still seeing him dress Yvonne did notice that the Nova Cat Star Colonel was well muscled and had multiple scars on his body despite his young age.  “Now where were we?”  Canin asked sitting down on the chair behind the desk as if nothing had happened since their last encounter.  Yvonne took the seat opposite “it is good to see you again Regent Yvonne.”  Canin said showing he had remembered him.

   “It’s…” she began then caught herself “it is just Yvonne now, Star Colonel, Victor returned safe and well from the Refusal War in Clan Space.”  She said opening the door for him to use her first name as he had done so when they were together last.

   “I heard, and please it is Canin while we are alone.”  He said taking up her offer with his own.  “You have arrived with something far more impressive this time than we encountered in the New Avalon system, you have come far.”

   “The Avalon was in production before you arrived, if you had come to New Avalon a couple of months later there would have been three of them as well as the other vessels.”  She said then realised she had just given him some tactical information without receiving anything in return, this could be a long costly day.

   “Well we would have arrived in more force if that was the case, a few of our nine Aegis should have been sufficient.”  He said quietly thinking, Yvonne involuntarily smiled he had given her something in return, the Nova Cats were being friendly or Canin was as bad at negotiating as she was.  If the Nova Cats did have nine Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers they had little to fear from the Federated Suns three Avalons she caught herself a moment later the Nova Cats had given them a Battleship.

'Given!' she thought why would they ever have anything to fear from three cruisers if they were willing to give away a Battleship?  She had to remind herself that although the Nova Cats were playing nice they were as powerful as any other major Clan and any of the Successor States and could cause a lot of damage to the Federated Suns.  “So down to the reason for your visit. ‘peace and trade’ I believe your message said.  We have peace established and now you want trade?  This is quite a relationship we are developing.”  He said smiling.

   “Well first we wanted to give you something in return for your gift last time.”  She said referring to the Thunderchild.

   “Unnecessary, we could not utilise it so it was an open trade.  The only thing we could do with it is destroy it or break it down for parts and the Clans hate waste.”

   “Well our gift is similar.  On board my DropShip we have twenty-four ProtoMechs developed by Clan Smoke Jaguar on Huntress.  My brother was able to secure them from the SLDF when he arrived in Clan Space and was able to secure the ProtoMech pilots as well.  We have been unable to reverse-engineer them like we have other Clan technologies and the it is unlikely the pilots would ever be accepted in the Federated Suns so we turn them and their bond oath over to the Nova Cats and hope that you can use them and their technology.”  She said Yvonne personally liked the symmetry the Nova Cats did not have the resources to renovate the Thunderchild so they gave it to the Federated Suns the Federated Suns could not use the ProtoMech technology so they had given most of it away, two ProtoMechs remained on New Avalon at NAIS as the scientists there tried to make sense of them and a way to counter them before the next Clan push against Inner Sphere holdings.

   “Thank you, that is quite a gift.”  Canin said, he was impressed that these Inner Sphere barbarians would give anyone anything especially a people they considered to be mortal enemies of the Inner Sphere, the Nova Cats had never expected something to be given as payment for the Thunderchild and had given it away lessen the load on the Nova Cat‘s limited resources, the Tortuga worlds had more resources than the Clan Homeworld Territories but it was still limited compared to the size of the Nova Cat‘s ever growing population.  "I am sure the former Smoke Jaguars will be very pleased to be in Clan Nova Cat's care" he said smirking but not expanding, Yvonne wondered what she had just dropped those warriors into.

   “I have one other gift for you, Canin”

   “Something else?”  Canin asked surprised as if ProtoMechs was not enough.

   “It is personnel, from Major Ross McKinnon and Captain Rachel Montgomery.”  Yvonne said handing Canin a small note, Canin was happy to hear they had been treated well and been promoted upon returning to the Federated Suns.  He opened the note which said:

‘Star Colonel Canin Rosse, Clan Nova Cat Watch Cluster
You are cordially invited, with your unit, to attend the formal wedding reception of
Major Ross McKinnon, Fox’s Teeth Company, Third Crucis Lancers RCT
Captain Rachel Montgomery, Department of Military Intelligence, MI6 Branch
To be held at an unset time and location
We really hope you can attend, we would not be together without you.’

   The Nova Cat Star Colonel fingered the not then looked to Yvonne slightly stunned “I was their captor not a guest for their wedding.”  He said Yvonne nodded it was probably the biggest case of Stockholm Syndrome in history, the entire Fox’s Teeth and Rabid Fox detachment believed the Nova Cats could do no wrong.

   “I would agree but Ross McKinnon went directly to the First Prince and was quite forward with his wishes.  The wedding will likely be on New Avalon either at the end of this year or near the beginning of the next.”

   “New Avalon?  How am I supposed to make the wedding on New Avalon, it is the capital of a foreign realm, your realm.”

   “You reached the capital of a foreign realm quite easily before.”  Yvonne said it felt strange speaking of the Federated Suns in such a way, and she did not feel comfortable pointing out how easily the Nova Cats had slipped in before. “However I may have a way that allows you and your unit to be there officially.”  Canin looked interested “the second reason for my visit.  The Federated Suns would like to officially invite a detachment from Clan Nova Cat within our borders.  You would be allowed to train against any unit in the AFFS you wished, have full access to our training facilities and be able to operate covertly within AFFS units involved in combat against the Federated Suns enemies in live-fire real combat.”  Canin blinked shocked, this had not been expected, the Khan had guessed the Federated Suns would be looking for trade of Clan OmniMechs or Battle Armour for the latest Inner Sphere technology nothing like this had ever come up.

   “And what would we have to pay for this?”

   “The services of three Nova Cat WarShips for non-combat guard duty of the three Federated Suns WarShip yards.”  She noticed Canin’s confusion “you heard of the nuclear attack against New Syrtis JumpShip yards?”  Canin nodded “we are afraid of similar attacks.  For additional security for one year we would fully support your WarShips and give them full access to our facilities if needed as well as tours of any Federated Suns WarShip they wanted.”  Canin was shocked, the Federated Suns really wanted the use of the Nova Cat’s WarShip fleet and for what could be a non-combat mission they were willing to give a lot back to the Nova Cats.  To Canin it was a good deal however he would contact the Khan before giving Yvonne an answer.

   “I think I must confer with New Barcella before I can say anymore.  I will have a tech take you and your MechWarriors on a tour of the facilities we have here on Tortuga, and I will catch up with you in an hour.”  Yvonne nodded and left the room by the main exit Canin activated the laser communication system with one of the orbiting WarShips which in turn would contact New Barcella and the Khan.

   After almost two hours of talking to the Khan on New Barcella Canin had gone looking for the Federated Suns group finding them in the MechWarrior Virtual Centre, the five Federated Suns MechWarriors were in five of the pods while Five Nova Cat MechWarriors faced them Yvonne was standing in the observation booth.  Watching from the entrance of the room Canin was surprised to see her there instead of in a pod with the troops then realised he had never seen her in a Mech or even a combat vehicle.  Walking into the booth Canin browsed the monitors seeing that the techs had loaded the statistics of the five OmniMechs the Federated Suns troopers had taken with them into the machines, the five Inner Sphere OmniMechs were facing five Nova Cat Omnis including one pilot using a Mech of the same type as Canin’s new ride.  “Who is winning?”  He murmured looking at the screens within minutes he could tell that although it was close the Nova Cat warriors were winning having already taken down two Federated Sun Mechs and lost none of their own, he was pleased to see that both sides were adhering to traditional Clan duelling rules.

   “They are both fighting well, but I believe your men are winning today.”  She said not looking from the screens, she was constantly looking from one screen to another keeping in touch with the ever changing situation.

   “Not tempted to suit up yourself, Duchess?”  Canin asked, he was curious and it opened the door.

   “I have never formally trained as a MechWarrior, wouldn’t…” she corrected herself again “I would not know where to start.  In time of war I am afraid to say I would be quite useless.” Canin was impressed that she was catching on so quickly and making an effort.  When the Fox’s Teeth had been here none had tried to fit in with the Nova Cats as much as Yvonne was.

   “I am sure that is not true.  Being a MechWarrior is simple, tell me did you ever play MechWarrior games when you were younger?”

   “Yes, with my brothers, I was not very good neither was Katherine” she said, when they had been very young they had spent sometime together as a real family then as they grew up they travelled around the Federated Commonwealth going to different schools and not seeing each other for months maybe even years Yvonne missed those times and wondered if her parents had realised that their separation would end up destroying the Federated Commonwealth as they all had plans of their own and one of them was willing to sacrifice all the others to get what she wanted.

   “Well just because you were not very good then does not mean you could not be a MechWarrior now.”  Canin said “there is an auxiliary training room in the other side of the base, we could…” his voice trailed off as he noticed Yvonne’s interest growing “I can inform the techs here to bring the MechWarriors to us when you are done.”

   “I would prefer if we met them away from a simulator.  I am not sure it would do my image any favours if they saw that the first time I was in a real Mech simulator was in on a Clan base in Clan territory.”

   “Fine with me, I will have them taken to the mess where we will meet them later before continuing negotiations.”  He said offering her his hand leading her from the room, Yvonne wrapped her arms around his as they walked.  “Are you cold?”  He asked quietly as they walked through the near abandoned halls of the Nova Cat base.

   “A little” she said in but a whisper Canin reacted by removing his black jacket and wrapping it around her, Yvonne continued to put the jacket on fully as they walked and Canin made no complaint or effort to stop her, the jacket's material seemed to be some sort of leather but was very warm and extremely comfortable to wear, not at all how she expected it to feel.  If the Federated Suns troopers would not think much of her in a Clan simulator then what would they think of her in a Nova Cat uniform?  Canin wondered silently as the entered the next room, there were no simulators just Mechs.  “What is this?”  She demanded suddenly feeling vulnerable alone with the Nova Cat Warrior.

   “Best way to learn is from up there.”  Canin said pointing up to a nearby eighty-five ton Crockett Yvonne had seen the same type of Mech in Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance colleges for years.

   “I have never spent a minute in a real Mech simulator let alone a real Mech, how can I pilot a Mech just like that.”

   “Have faith and believe that you can do it.”  Canin said holding both her hands in his.

   “But…” she said softly

   “Trust me, you can do it.”  He said softly she nodded, she would at least try.  “Good, now we need to get you stripped.”

   “Excuse me!” Yvonne said surprised grabbing Canin‘s black jacket closer to her, she hadn’t expected him to go that quickly to get her naked.

   “What you have on is good for being outside but inside a Mech cockpit is like being in a furnace, the less you have on the better.  Trust me” he said quietly Yvonne nodded so Canin led her over to the changing and shower area which was thankfully empty.  Yvonne disappeared behind a screen.

   “What should I keep on?”  Yvonne’s muffled voice asked.

   “Underwear and or a light top, then we will get you into a coolant suit.”  Moments later Yvonne emerged wearing only her underwear Canin was taken aback, she was gorgeous, even though he had seen naked women his entire life Yvonne looked stunning and something to behold and admire.

   “Yeah, deal with the heat right and put on a show.”  She said quietly Canin snapped out of it.

   “Sorry, Duchess, but you look great.”  He stammered Yvonne smiled embarrassed, she hadn’t expected such a straight answer.  “Here put this on” he said giving her an Advanced Clan Coolant suit, the suit was made up of dozens of tubes that circled the suit around the chest and down the arms.  Yvonne struggled into the suit.

   “I can not believe I’m doing this.”  She managed as she dressed, Canin joined her behind the screens and quickly removed almost all his clothes dressing just a pair of shorts and a suit similar to her own one.

   “Trust me, you will be fine.”  He said leading her over to the Crockett a small two man lift rose until it was alongside the Crockett’s cockpit which opened as soon as they were close.

   “Oh my lord!” She exclaimed looking into the cramped cockpit and all the controls, then she noticed the Mech had been modified with a second seat in behind, the second seat had almost the exact same controls as the front controls.  “You are coming with me?”  She asked relieved Canin nodded, he would get her started but would do little else once she was started.

   “Climb in” Canin instructed Yvonne climbed onto the Crockett and squeezed into the cockpit Canin followed her inside, with the two of them there it was very cramped even with the second console “you comfortable, anything rubbing uncomfortably?”  Canin asked Yvonne shook her head “good I am going to tighten these harnesses, they will be hard but they have to be combat can throw you around a bit.”  Yvonne nodded nervously Canin climbed into the front of the cockpit resting on the controls right in front of her.  Half standing he reached over Yvonne and pulled the back belts and pulled them down her front locking them into a central lock between her legs.  Canin then reached around the sides and locked the two side ones as well.  “How is that?” He asked looking at her Yvonne tried to move and it was tight but she still had some movement and both her arms and legs were free to reach the controls “good” Canin said reaching down to her side pulling up a group of three tubes “this is the coolant feed, I am going to attach them now.”  He said showing her as he screwed them onto her suit and locked them. “Now, when I switch this on you are going to feel a chill that will run the length of your body, it will be like nothing you have ever felt before but it will pass.”  He said activating the coolant feed, coolant fluid ran into the suit that circled Yvonne’s body, as it ran the course of her body Yvonne reached out and snagged Canin’s hand “are you okay?”  He asked Yvonne nodded after a few seconds as she began to adjust to the coolness of the fluid “trust me you won’t be cold for long.”  He said she released his hand as he brought down the last part of the puzzle a Light Clan Neuralhelmet, Yvonne had seen some inner sphere models which were two or three times the size.  “This needs time to set to your brain patterns, the more still you are the quicker it will be” he said lowering it onto her head and connecting the under chin strap, he then raised the visor so there was nothing in front of her eyes, if she had to eject this would close and protect her eyes from the ejection blast.  “I am going to be in the back connecting up” he said passing by her into the rear chair, a seasoned veteran MechWarrior Canin was connected up in less than two minutes, he instantly brought the Mech’s Fusion power plant up to eighty percent power and the cockpit was filled with heat “How is that?”  He asked.

   “I can see why you need the suit.”  Yvonne said back activating the helmet comm. instead of shouting like many rookie pilots.  This Mech had been captured by Kappa Galaxy a couple of months before an because of the general Clan disdain for multiple cockpit Mechs it had ended up here with the Watch, two undesirable elements together, Canin had never been in a multiple Mech in his life so this was completely new to him as well.  There was a constant tone from Yvonne’s neuralhelmet informing them that she was connected to the Mech Canin felt a new pull to the controls as the Mech tried to decide who was in command.


   “No” Yvonne said honestly “but let’s go for it.”  She said

   “Alright I have control” he said brining the fusion engine up to one hundred percent and standing the Crockett up fully away from the Mechbay wall.  The Mech took its first steps as a Clan Mech as Canin carefully guided the Mech clear of the gantries and out of the building, because Yvonne was in front he had to use monitors that fed images from cameras placed around the Mech.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Firing Range Beta
Nova Cat Watch Base, Tortuga
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
7th July 3062

   Ten minutes later they were on the Mech exercise yards, the rest of the Nova Cats were on other duties today so the range was completely abandoned “ready for control?”  Canin asked Yvonne nodded then shakily answered.

   “Yes, I’m ready.”  Canin keyed in Yvonne’s brain pattern to the Crockett’s controls the Mech rocked slightly as the gyroscope adjusted to a new pilot.

   “You can take the controls now” Canin said releasing his joystick Yvonne took her own set of controls “now the legs have been locked in position so we are going to get used to torso movement first.” Canin said as Yvonne pushed the stick forward carefully the Crockett’s torso tipped downwards so they were looking at the floor then pulled it backwards so they were looking into the sky.  She then turned the stick left, the Crockett twisted left slightly then the entire torso section of the Crockett twisted left.

   “Wow, did I do that?”  Yvonne asked turning the stick back then to the right the same happened to the right “cool” Yvonne said quietly moving the Mech’s torso around.

   “Now, we will add in some movement the accelerator on your left hand side, control to you” Canin said Yvonne reached for the T-shaped accelerator and moved it forward the Crockett lurched forward, the BattleMech groaned as it moved but unlike the first step of many MechWarrior in simulators or real Mechs Yvonne kept the Mech standing quickly she accelerated the Mech forward into a thirty kilometre per hour walk.  Without prompting Yvonne twisted the Mech’s torso left then right then back to centre in one fluid motion.

   “Nicely done”  Canin said, the Mech was slightly wobbly but felt stable enough “the foot pedals…” he began as Yvonne pushed the right pedal turning the Crockett right she then pushed down on the left pedal turning the Mech back to centre.  “You sure you have never been in a Mech before.”

   “Never, but it feels great.”  Yvonne said, she felt so powerful almost like she could go anywhere and do anything she was beginning to understand the attraction to being a MechWarrior.  Now she was accelerating the Mech closer to its top speed and constantly turning the Mech from left to right and twisting the Mech’s torso.  Canin was feeling a little sick, he wasn’t used to not being in charge of the Mech he was riding in.

   “Well I think you have mastered the basic controls, straighten the Mech out then hit both foot pedals with a sing jolt then hold it for a couple of seconds.”  Canin said Yvonne did as she was told and activated the Mech’s three feet and torso jump jets.  The eighty-five ton Mech soared into the sky and Yvonne screamed with surprise releasing the stick Canin grabbed his controls and kept the Mech from tumbling.  “Grab the controls!  You have to keep it straight and under control or it won’t be nice landing!”  The jump jets cut out and the Mech began to fall Yvonne grabbed her stick and with some help from Canin brought the Mech into a half controlled landing, the eighty-five ton giant stumbled as it landed but the combined efforts of them both kept the Mech standing.

   “When did it get so hot in here?”  Yvonne asked she was sweating nearly non-stop as she slowed the Mech to a walk, soon the Mech’s double heat sinks brought the Mech back under control.

   “Running and using the Jump Jets will heat the Mech up gradually over time, most of the time the heat sinks can cope with it but sometimes you don’t notice the heat has risen until it is unbearable.  You want to try some weapons testing as well?”

   “Can we?”  She asked surprised, Canin released the sticks again an the Mech was moving again fully under Yvonne’s control, for someone who claimed to have never piloted a Mech she was doing an amazing job, Canin wasn’t very surprised it just proved the Nova Cat belief in visions was the correct belief.

   “Once again a vision is proven right” he said quietly.

   “What was that about right?”  Yvonne asked turning the Mech right towards the weapons test range.

   “I said turn right, but you seem to have found the range, throttle us to a stop.  We will begin weapons testing from a stop for a start.”  He said, Yvonne quickly slowed the Mech to a standstill.  “Weapons controls are on your right hand side, the joystick.” Yvonne grabbed the other stick “now ever Mech can be configured differently on how to use its weapons.  This one was set up as a training Mech so every weapon is on a single trigger, or TIC (Target-Interlock-Control).  The one under your index finger controls the main guns, the top buttons control your secondary weapons.  If your unhappy with the set up a tech can change them before each mission, or you can change them during combat if you are experienced enough.”  He said they were leaving them for now because Canin had no idea how to change this Mech’s weapons firing controls.  If this was a Timber Wolf or Nova Cat, let alone his new state-of the-art Dragon Cat, he could have changed the weapons quickly and easily but this Crockett was ancient.

   “So what am I firing at?”  Yvonne asked, the range has several targets of various size, shape and range.

   “Fire at your discretion, one at a time.”  He said captioning her against an alpha strike, one of the most effective by dangerous manoeuvre a MechWarrior could do, it involved firing everything a BattleMech had at once.

   “Firing One” she said pulling the Mech’s first TIC trigger firing the Extended-Range Laser in the right arm at the nearest target
which she missed by a fraction.  “Damn it” she cried out aloud.  Instead of waiting for the laser to recharge she activated the second TIC triggering the left arm Large Pulse Laser, this weapon was heavier and had less range but made up for it by being a far more accurate weapon and the target disintegrated.

   “Nice shot, next target” Canin said watching the heat bar raise dramatically following the discharge of both lasers.

   “Sure” Yvonne breathed triggering the next TIC on top of the joystick a flight of six Short Range Missiles shot out of the tubes and guided by an advanced fire control system the missiles buried themselves in the target and gutted it.  Heat was becoming an issue now and the Mech was beginning to sag and overheat Canin watched the override, of it got much closer to the redline he would shut the Mech down.  “Next on our list today” Yvonne said there was little humour in her voice as she triggered the next TIC launching ten Long Range Missiles again they were guided by an advanced fire control but they sailed past their target.  Yvonne was about to fire the next trigger but Canin overrode her and the Mech shut down.  “What… happened?”  She asked looking back in the cockpit as all the controls locked up and the Mech shut down.

   “Overheat, this Mech is designed to train a MechWarrior how to use different weapons and control their firing, you didn’t control you heat and this happened.”  He said smiling, he could see Yvonne was not amused, “as a trainer I had to show you what can happen in combat.”  He said the cockpit was cooler now and the Crockett came back to life.  “Next targets and weapons.”  He said the first weapon used was a LB 5-X- class medium autocannon firing cluster munitions, although using cluster munitions was more accurate it generally did less damage, Yvonne fired off the shot and despite it being a long range shot the cluster shot went straight through the target.  “Impressive.”  Canin muttered just loud enough for her to hear, he was impressed.  The next shot was not so impressive the Mech’s last ranged weapon an Ultra class-5 autocannon similar to the other weapon but if fired faster.  Again it was a long range shot but hittable.  The double firing autocannon went well wide however.  Yvonne pulled the last trigger and there was a large ‘bang!’ but nothing happened so she pulled the trigger again another large ‘bang.’

   “A malfunction?” She asked

   “Neg, you just activated the Anti-Personnel Pods on the legs, they are this Mech’s point blank defence against attacking infantry and if we were under attack by infantry then you would have just killed a platoons worth.  I personally do not like them and would prefer some machine guns, but we have no choice with this Mech.”

   “Ready to put some movement into your firing?”  He asked.

   “I don’t think so, Star Colonel” she said her tone had changed, it seemed more subdued “I think I am ready to go back now” she said without another word she turned the Mech around and walked it back to the base.  Lowered from the Mech she went over to the changing area had a very fast shower dressed and left before Canin had finished shutting down the Mech.
Canin Rosse’s Office
Nova Cat Watch Base, Tortuga
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
7th July 3062

   After finishing shutting down the Mech Canin pulled on his uniform, he noticed his jacket was still missing but walked back to his office not bothering to look for it.  Reaching the office he found the door slightly ajar and entered more carefully than normal, sitting on the guest chair was Yvonne staring into the space in front of her, she was still wearing his jacket.  Canin returned to his chair in front of her “so Star Colonel, what did your Khan have to say?”  She asked immediately slipping into the conversation they had been in before the trip in the Crockett.


   “Please, Star Colonel, these are critical negotiations, I would appreciate it if we kept this formal.”  She said leaning forward her hands rubbing together nervously.  Canin stood up but Yvonne failed to follow him and only noticed he had moved when he pushed the desk in front of her out of the way and leaned on it.

   “Yvonne, what is wrong?”  He asked taking her hands in his, the Duchess grabbed them tightly.

   “I just realised…” she struggled out, Canin slipped off the desk and with a gentle kick made room for him to kneel in front of her.  “I just realised when you said you just killed a platoon of men that, that was what we were doing.  Training to kill.”  She said “I’ve never even thought of killing someone before and there I was enjoying it!”

   “There is nothing wrong with that.”  Canin said quietly he noticed Yvonne’s horrified look “what I mean is that you were training to kill, you are totally right, but you were also training to stay alive.  I am not saying that you should go out there and kill everyone who does not agree with you or the Federated Suns, because then I could be on that list” he said that brought a smile to her lips.  “But what I am saying is that it is alright to train to defend yourself, your people and your friends.  And if you ever need to you can, you proved that today.”  That seemed to cheer her up slightly.

   “But you were there as well…”

   “The only bit I helped on was the jump, the rest was all you, you did it Yvonne and for someone who has never controlled a Mech before you did very well and I am very proud of you anyone would be.”  He said smiling.

   “I just realised…” she said quietly “we really stink!”  She said struggling to keep a straight face both burst into laughter and Yvonne dropped to her knees and hugged Canin, who didn’t know what to do for a start then decided just to copy her.  “Thank you.”  She whispered into his ear as they knelt there.

   “It was my pleasure.”  Canin said quietly “now if you want to clean up properly there is a shower in the next room we can use.”  Yvonne pulled away suddenly standing, Canin wondered if he had said the wrong thing.

   “Are you suggesting we share a shower?”  She asked her voice was full of shock, Canin hadn’t meant they use it at the same time and tried to explain.

   “No, I meant you could use it then I would, then we could get back to this.”  He said spreading his arms standing to meet her.  “I would never suggest we share a shower…” he never got to finish as Yvonne moved closer.

   “But I would” she whispered leaning into kiss him passionately, they stood there for a few minutes locked in embrace but otherwise not moving, for a start Canin barely moved with the kiss then as Yvonne didn‘t stop he got into it and wrapped his arms around her.  Then they struggled through to the shower and got cleaned up and got to know each other a little more closely and personally.

   An hour later Leftenant Daniel ‘Frank’ Coots arrived at the office “Duchess, sorry for the interruption, I just wanted to see things were alright.  You have been gone a while.”

   “I am quite well Leftenant.  The negotiations are almost complete, I will contact the Prince to confirm things but assuming there are no problems we will be leaving in a couple of hours.  When the DropShip crew get here please have them look at our new DropShip and have your MechWarriors bring the Nova Cats up to speed with your Mechs.”

   “Our Mechs?”

   “As part of the negotiations I have traded your OmniMechs for Clan models.  Star Colonel Rosse has informed his people of the transfer and five Nova Cat OmniMechs are on their way as replacements and we will be taking one last Mech with us.”  Yvonne said, the Leftenant was a little shocked to say the least but nodded and left without another word.  First Prince Victor said he agreed to the terms, the Nova Cats would deploy four clusters in the Federated Suns along with their three WarShips in return the Federated Suns got the services of the Nova Cat WarShips for one year although if the Nova Cat vessels were needed to defend the Nova Cat’s Den the Federated Suns would not stand in their way.

   An hour later the DropShip crew arrived and transferred to a Nova Cat Lion-class DropShip on board they loaded a sixty ton Mad Dog, a fifty ton Huntsman, Canin’s old seventy-five ton Timber Wolf, forty-five ton a Shadow Cat and a factory-new seventy ton Nova Cat.  The last Mech to be loaded was the Crockett Yvonne had piloted although neither Canin nor Yvonne commented on the Mech as it was loaded aboard the DropShip.  When all the Federated Suns personnel were aboard leaving only Yvonne and Canin together they locked eyes for a moment.  “Well Star Colonel, I will see you soon?”  She asked smiling.

   “Within the month my Cluster will enter the Federated Suns with the first WarShip, the rest will follow presently.”  He said.

   “Three months to New Avalon then?”  she asked.

   “Aff”  Canin said doing the math quickly, he was not a spacer but got the general principle behind space travel the jumps were instantaneous but then they had recharge times so it would probably take about three weeks for them to make it to the Federated Suns capital system.

   “Then I will see you then.”  She said jabbing him in the stomach with her hand.  She then realised she was still wearing his Nova Cat uniform jacket, none of the Federated Suns troopers had mentioned it and she realised she was entirely comfortable in it.  Yvonne began to take it off, the jacket was Canin‘s and the Nova Cat‘s property.

   “Keep it, you look better in it and out of it than I do anyway.”  Canin said stepping backwards smiling, Yvonne burst into laughter “three months” he said holding up three fingers. 

   “Three Months” she whispered copying the movement as she walked up the ramp they had started something here only time would tell how far it would go.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Cyclops Incorporated, Skye
Skye Province, Lyran Alliance
12th July 3062

   In the early hours of the Twelfth Mechs and vehicles painted in the colours of the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars attacked the Lyran Alliance world of Skye, capital world of the Skye Province, although they did little damage to the defending First Skye Jaegers the DCMS troops were able to raid several warehouses belonging to Cyclops Incorporated and escape the system before the Skye Jaegers could mount an effective defence.  Bloodied, shamed and demanding vengeance the Skye Jaegers packed up their equipment and headed for the Fifteenth’s Headquarters and Base World Ko, a Lyran World the Draconis Combine holds in auspices of the SLDF.  The DCMS reported that none of their forces had been involved but the Skye Jaegers could not be stopped and the Skye Authorities made no attempt to stop them.
Reception Hall
Saint Marinus House, Zaniah
Freedom Province, Lyran Alliance
21st July 3062

   Instead of relying on Omiko Kurita or anyone else Isis had chosen Civilian transport from Luthien to Zaniah, it had been quite an adventure but Isis felt good about the journey and arriving at Saint Marinus House she felt a real sense of achievement.  She had read many stories about the mountain top House, it was apparently a quiet reflective place where anyone from any place in the Inner Sphere or beyond could come and try to clear their head.  Isis felt strange standing in the reception hall less than two jumps away she would have been back in the Free Worlds League for the first time in nearly six years but instead of going home and grovelling to her father, who cared nothing for her, she had come here where ‘People who were Something became Nothing until they learned to be Someone.’  She did not really understand it but looking around she could see the Chinese and Tibetan influences in the building all the exposed wood and real woollen rugs made the place feel homely a roaring fire kept the place warm even when someone opened the doors to come in from the snow topped mountain.

   One of the Monks, did they call themselves Monks?  She didn’t know but would find out until then they were officials she thought silently.  One of the Officials came up to her with a steaming cup of tea which he passed onto her “drink, please” he said, his face was hooded and as soon as she took the cup his hands disappeared into the robes “come” he said leading her towards a comfortable wooden bench with red cushions.  Isis began to drag her bags, on Luthien she had sold almost all her possessions as they had arrived from Marik and Sian she had decided they were of the past she needed a future.  The three bags were all she had in the world “leave them” the man said Isis looked at him then at the bags “they will be taken care of, let go” he said.  Isis looked at the bags one last time then released them and moved over to the seat which the man sat on the edge of, Isis sat down beside him and nearly immediately crossed her legs as she had done since she was a child then stopped herself looked at the man who made no motion either way so she crossed her legs anyway.  “Why did you come here?”

   “I came…” she started then stopped why was she here to ask someone she had never seen before what the meaning of life was, yeah right “I came here on the advice of an old friend who said this was a place where I could find myself and figure out what I can do with my life.”

   “A friend suggested I come here also” the hooded figure said “when you enter those doors and climb the stairs you leave your life, Isis Marik disappears and Isis comes to the fore, your name and status mean nothing within these walls.”

   “My family name means nothing to me, my status no longer matters” Isis said honestly, her life really did suck.

   “Then I welcome you to Saint Marinus House Isis, I am Peter” the man said extending his hand and removing the hood to reveal Peter Steiner-Davion.  Third born in the Hanse and Melissa Steiner-Davion’s five children behind Victor and Katherine he shared Victor’s sandy brown hair and Katherine’s piercing blue eyes.  She had seen picture of him on the way here in them he always looked alive and angry but this man looked older, wiser and calmer than any picture Isis had ever seen of him.

   “Nice to meet you Peter, I am Isis” she said calmly shaking his hand, her life started again here.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Fifteen Kilometres North Jarlton (Planetary Capital)
Ko, Lyon’s Thumb, Disputed Territory
1st August 3062

   Following the attack on Skye by the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars, a DCMS Regiment, the Lyran Regiment First Skye Jaegers attack the Fifteenth’s current base world on Ko, a Lyran world defended by the ‘SLDF Peacekeepers’ the Fifteenth Dieron.  Executing a two gravity burn in on the planet the Skye Jaegers do not give the Fifteenth time to muster and in the midst of a massive planet-wide dust storm, something very common on Ko, they land and immediately go on the offensive.  During their attacks the Jaegers break the Fifteenth’s defensive lines four times before surrounding and destroying the remains of the DCMS regiment with one final fifth break.  After an extensive search of the wreckage the survivors from the Fifteenth are taken prisoner and put into a makeshift prison just outside their former base camp now controlled by the Jaegers.

   Unwilling to back the Skye Jaegers commander Colonel Steve Pitcher the Lyran Alliance High Command orders the Skye Jaegers to return to their posting, Pitcher refuses to leave Lyran citizens and citizens of the Isle of Skye to the mercy of the DCMS.

Forbidden City
Sian, Capellan Confederation
6th August 3062

   The Trinity Alliance is officially signed between the Capellan Confederation, Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat when Protector Grover Sharplen and Magestix Naomi Centrella come to the Forbidden City on Sian, the Capellan Capital.  This allows troops from each nation to be based in their allies territory and allows the Capellans to issue orders to their allies troops.  The Capellans also have a duty to help the two periphery realms upgrade their military forces.

   Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao immediately deploys the Taurian and Canopian troops on hand to the St Ives war front using these troops specifically against the Federated Suns and Star League forces as any Capellan unit attacking them would be inviting war with the Star League.  Sun-Tzu feel little wrong with using his periphery warriors as cannon fodder.

Jarlton (Planetary Capital), Ko
Lyon’s Thumb, Disputed Territory
8th August 3062

   The Seventeenth Skye Rangers acting under orders from Skye Province Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner arrives to reinforce the First Skye Jaegers and secure Ko.  The DCMS officially lodge a complaint with the Star League Council calling for sanctions against the Lyran Alliance.  When there is no response from the Council First Lord and Draconis Combine Coordinator Hohiro Kurita orders his troops serving as peacekeepers in Lyon’s Thumb to secure all the worlds as Draconis Combine holdings.  Ko remains in Lyran hands however the seven other worlds of Lyon’s Thumb are seized by the Draconis Combine.  Although a heroes to the Skye people Colonel Steve Pitcher and the First Skye Jaegers are seen as pariah by the Lyran High Command although no official charges are ladled against the Regiment or its personnel.

St Ives Compact
12th August 3062

   The Second Royal BattleMech Regiment was recalled from St Ives following the Black May attacks, which claimed most of its command staff, the Fist Royal BattleMech Regiment has now completed the journey from Tukayyid in the Free Rasalhague Republic.  Supported by two ComGuard WarShip and two ComStar Divisions all under SLDF banner the SLDF troops under the command of Colonel Archer Christifori immediately attack the Taurians and Canopians and any Star League forces that get in the way.

   The SLDF units report a high amount of terrorist activity on each world attributed to the Thuggee Terrorists and pro-Liao Zhanzheng de Guang terrorists.  Not trained in anti-terrorist operations Archer Christifori makes a request to Commanding-General Morgan Hasek on Kittery.  Morgan sends word to New Canton for a Battalion of the First Battle Armour Corps the former-Stalwart Support troopers are fully trained in anti-terrorist operations.  The Pathfinders of the Eridani Light Horse also show their worth in this situation proving General Ariana Winston‘s decision to form the company right.

Solaris VII, Freedom Theatre
Skye Province, Lyran Alliance
15th August 3062

   A battle between pro-Federated Suns/Anti-Katherine Steiner MechWarrior Michael Searcy and Lyran National/Pro-Katrina Victor Vandergriff erupts into widespread riots across the planet when their battle breaks out of the Steiner Stadium.  Quickly battles between random warriors breaks out the damage across Solaris quickly mounts into the millions of C-Bills.  ComStar’s local garrison a Level III, roughly a battalion, of the 394th Division of ComStar’s fifth army try to hold the line however even their neutrality can not stop Mech-bands forming across the planet and the riots causing more and more damage.  The Lyran Authorities call for support, as Solaris is an open world no house troops are based on the planet so the Lyran Alliance sends Group W a mercenary regiment of long term employ with the Lyran Alliance based on nearby Lyon.  Group W are due on planet by the end of August.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Davion Throne Room
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
21st August 3062

    Today was an important day for Victor five days before the Wolf’s Dragoons owned WarShip Beowulf, a Congress-class Frigate, had entered the New Avalon system and detached a DropShip.  On board this vessel was Wolf’s Dragoons founder, owner and Supreme Commander Jamie Wolf.  Victor had first met him in the 3051 when Wolf’s Dragoons revealed their true identity as former Clansmen and offered the Succession Lords technology and tactical training on Outreach to allow them to better defend against the Clan attacks.  During the months long training, Victor had received his Dire Wolf (Prometheus) as a gift from Jamie Wolf in an effort to forward the Federated Commonwealth’s fight against the Clans on a more even footing.  Since then Jamie had fought off a civil war within his own ranks to maintain control over the Wolf’s Dragoons and the Outreach system.  The Wolf’s Dragoons had not been taking contracts in the past few years rebuilding and upgrading their equipment.  Since the Dragoon Civil War, as it was known to outsiders Victor had heard of Jamie travelling off world only twice.  Once was to retrieve the Wolf’s Dragoons WarShips which had hidden in the periphery in 3005 when they arrived in the inner sphere and recovered only when a ComGuard Explorer Corps vessel discovered them and the other time was to briefly attend the First Whitting Conference on Tharkad, even then he had not stayed the full time returning to Outreach.

   “Supreme Commander Jamie Wolf, Wolf’s Dragoons, Colonel Elizabeth Nicole, Wolf’s Dragoons Epsilon Regiment and Colonel J. Elliot Jamison, Wolf’s Dragoons Zeta Battalion” the Infiltrator Mk II Battle Armoured door guard announced.  Victor signalled for them to allow the Dragoons in and noticed Danai had arrived at his side just behind the twin thrones, despite their engagement she refused to sit on the throne until after they were married Victor had allowed this to continue at her wish, he would not force her to take something she thought she did not deserve or was ready for.

   Now they watched as the Wolf’s Dragoons Supreme Commander entered proudly although he was past his prime Jamie Wolf was still an impressive man nearing eighty-two years old he still walked like a man twenty years younger and according to rumour still piloted his ancient Archer on a regular basis.  “Welcome to New Avalon, Supreme Commander, Colonels” Victor said greeting them from his throne.

   “Hello, First Prince, it’s been a while.  Nice to see New Avalon is still as beautiful as I remember, despite the new management.”  Jamie said, the last time he had been on New Avalon was just after the Fourth Succession War when Hanse Davion had been First Prince.  At that time Hanse had just seeded Outreach to the Dragoons setting the Dragoons up for the rest of time.  If it had been anyone else Victor would have been offended, some of the Succession Lords might have even had them locked in chains, however with Jamie Wolf he let it slide, at least the Supreme Commander was not addressing him as Vicky-boy as he did when they first met.

   “What is your business today?  Supreme Commander.”  Victor asked raising from the throne and walking down so he was level with the Dragoon’s commander, something Jamie seemed to appreciate.  If the Dragoons wanted work all they had to do was walk out their front doors on Outreach and a hundred people would try to sign them up, they did not have to go all the way to New Avalon unless they wanted something.

   “Well I wanted to congratulate you and the Duchess there who is trying to hide from an old man.”  He said Danai walked out from behind the throne with a smile on her face, like Victor she had an AFFS uniform on but it was devoid of any rank only the SLDF Cameron Star and the Federated Suns Sword-and-Sunburst.

   “You lost me, Supreme Commander.” Victor said, neither he nor Danai had made their engagement public knowledge deciding to wait a little while and enjoy this period.  Victor also wanted to tell his family when as many were present as possible, although in hindsight Danai having worn an AFFS uniform was asking for more questions.

   “Well the ring on the finger is a dead give away.”  Jamie said in a hushed voice standing closer to Victor.  Neither Victor nor Danai wore their engagement rings, which had been bought in secret from two of New Avalon’s most expensive jewellers.

   “We don’t have any rings.”  Victor said in an equally hushed voice a small smile creeping onto his face.

   “Well then guess its faulty Intel from WolfNet again, have to kick them into shape when I get back.”  Jamie said extending his hand to Victor then Danai, the handshake was not an apologetic one but firm and a congratulatory one, somehow WolfNet, the Wolf Dragoons impressive Intelligence Division, had found out about their engagement.  Victor trusted Jamie and his officers to keep it quiet until Victor and Danai were ready to reveal the news to the Inner Sphere.  “The other… the real reason for my visit actually was not to see you.  It was more to see the boys at Federated-Boeing on Galax.  You see we heard off the grape vine that they had developed an upgraded version of the Congress-class Frigate and were preparing to present plans to the AFFS High Command to bring the Congress back to the Federated Suns fleets.”

   “I wouldn’t know, they are an independent company.”  Victor smiling as he lied, he knew fine that Federated-Boeing had developed a new Congress Upgrade, three of the vessels were in production for the Federated Suns all hidden at Hadrian’s Command again WolfNet had impressed him, nothing surprising from the Wolf‘s Dragoons.  He secretly wondered if Jamie Wolf was aware of even Hadrian’s Command?  Not that he worried that the Dragoons would ever strike at the facility only that someone else knew where it was.

   “Of course” Jamie said, he knew how the game was played “well I wanted to get them to upgrade the Beowulf, assuming our vessel was acceptable.  But they said I had to clear things with you before they could open up a Shipyard for our vessel.  And since I guessed I would need to pay you as well as them I picked up some support.”  He said looking over his shoulder at the two Dragoon officers.  “Here is our offer, Epsilon Regiment and Zeta Battalion sign a contract for six months to a year with the Federated Suns.  The Federated Suns through Federated-Boeing upgrade the Beowulf to this newly developed ‘Block II’ version of the Congress.”  Victor was slightly stunned although Epsilon Regiment was not the strongest or most prestigious of Dragoon Regiments they were still a Reinforced Regiment of Veteran troops, and they were Wolf’s Dragoons trained and bred, while Zeta Battalion, or Zeta Cluster as it was sometimes referred to, was a Dragoon unit that had returned fully to the Clan organisation structure and was one of the Dragoons most Elite units, them alone would have been enough to make Victor consider the offer.  “These troops will be able to Cadre duty, train them to fight the Clans or anybody in the Inner Sphere, they can do raids, covert or real, or standard garrison duty.  All I ask is that they are allowed to have a minimum of a Battalion on Galax guarding the supplies and the Beowulf’s crew, not that I don’t trust the Davion Heavy but I would rather my troops looked after my troops.”

   “Of course.  I can do better than that.”  Victor said thinking about having an extra regiment and an extra battalion of troops to play with Federated-Boeing had done him a great favour by turning down Jamie‘s first offer.  “Assuming I would agree to your terms” Jamie nodded “I could give Epsilon Regiment sole garrison duty on Galax and allow them access to the Federated-Boeing Factories and first dibs on their newest tech after the AFFS.”  Again Jamie nodded  “It would be garrison, research and development and maybe a little cadre duty with passing units.  In the meantime Zeta Battalion would be attached to the Davion Heavy Guards as a trouble-shooter for the RCT.  Zeta would be independent of the Davion Heavy Command chain but would be expected to join the Heavy Guards in any mission they were asked to undertake, whatever the risk.”

   “That is Zeta’s job anyway.”  Jamison said quietly smiling.

   “Some cadre duty couldn’t hurt my troops and neither could seeing into the Federated-Boeing factories.”  Elizabeth Nicole said Jamie glanced at his two Colonels then back to Victor.

   “You’d think I’d retired already.”  He whispered so only Victor and Danai could hear properly, the Dragoon unit commanders had been well trained, but Jamie was not ready to go just yet.  “I think you have a deal First Prince, however I would like to amend the deal slightly.”  Victor looked at the Wolf’s Dragoons commander with a sceptical eye, rarely did the Dragoons mess around with negotiations especially when they were almost over.

   “What do you want?”

   “A ride home, I came on the Beowulf but it’s about to be pulled apart.”  Jamie said, although the Dragoons had JumpShips they were assigned to the ground troops as integral transport assets.

   “I think I can arrange that, the FSS Reynard Davion, should be able to rotate through on its way to the next patrol, we can amend its movement to include Outreach.”  He said naming the second Davion Block III to enter service "I'm sure word of an FSN Destroyer in the Outreach system will drive Sun-Tzu nuts just at the thought of what is going on."

   “You’re a gent, First Prince Davion” Jamie said broadly smiling shaking his hand again then Danai’s smiling again as he looked at the two of them together there was a little nod, they had past his inspection.  “Right boy’s and girls hope you have everything off Outreach” Jamie said to his two Colonels “because the Prince here is your new boss, don’t get used to it though soon enough you’ll be back with me.”  He said the two Colonels exchanged glances then saluted Jamie before shaking his hand, the old Dragoon left the throne room on his own and without another word to anyone of them he had returned to his DropShip and within the hour the vessel was taking off.

   Victor quickly contacted the FSS Reynard Davion and ensured it would be in system in time to meet the Dragoon’s Supreme Commander, it just wouldn’t be right for him to be left waiting.  Once Jamie was gone Victor deployed Epsilon to Galax but retained Zeta Battalion on New Avalon, springing the Dragoons loose on the Tenth Lyran RCT and the First Davion Guards RCT.  Once Epsilon had reached Galax and been briefed by local commanders the Davion Heavy Guards RCT would travel to New Avalon and Zeta would travel with the Heavy Guards to their next assignment.

Solaris VII, Freedom Theatre
Skye Province, Lyran Alliance
31st August 3062

   The mercenary regiment Group W land on Solaris VII and in an eighteen hour moving battle Group W eliminate nearly three regiments worth of troops in company to battalion strength.  This takes out so many championship candidates from the Game World’s various stables officials announce that there will be no championship this season.  Group W remain on planet to maintain order, gamers who surrendered to Group W are eventually released over the next few weeks however Solaris has lost over half their competitors and the cost of damage to the planets infrastructure was in the millions of C-Bills.  Construction of the new Star League Stadium in Silesia, the planetary capital, was delayed for at least another four years because of the damage done to Solaris and the stadium construction sight.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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First Babylon Diet
Babylon, Pentagon Worlds
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
5th September 3062

   With peace secured between the Clans, at least for now, Clan Cloud Cobra sponsored the First Babylon Diet.  The Diet was a gathering of all religious and spiritual leaders of the Clans and the Inner Sphere.  Although some of the Clans were openly hostile to the presence of so many Inner Sphere citizens in the Clan Homeworlds there was no trouble arriving.

   Nova Cat Oathmaster Jal Steiner had travelled back from the Nova Cat’s Den specifically for this event with him stood, the newly promoted, Star Commander Zane Carns and Camilla Nova Cat.  “Well a good showing for the Cloud Cobra gathering, do you not think so Oathmaster, Quiaff?” Zane said quietly.

   “Aff, Star Commander, keep your eyes alert and your mind open.”  Jal said walking off, the Oathmaster was in his element, many of the people around were from the Cloud Cobra Clan, the Oathmaster’s first Clan.

   “Eyes alert for what? Mind open for mystical mumbo-jumbo.”  Zane whispered hopefully low enough for no-one to hear.  The Diet had taken on top of a massive mesa on Babylon’s southern continent.  All around the buildings were one hundred foot cliffs and the only way up were by three narrow entrance ways which were guarded by Cloud Cobra Elite Guards.  Only a fool would attack this conference.

   “You could help me for something…” Camilla said quietly Zane looked over at her “unless you are too wrapped up to conduct some Nova Cat mysticism.”  Zane was puzzled Camilla never had accepted the Nova Cat way of believing in visions and had often distanced herself from Nova Cat visions and beliefs.  Although it would limit how high she could ever raise in the Nova Cat touman that did not seem to bother her.

   “What do you mean?”  Zane asked then he noticed that Camilla was wearing a Vineer pouch, the small leather pouch hung at the side of her uniform.  Traditionally Nova Cats carried vineers, or souvenirs of battle, in the pouch and once they felt they were ready they conducted a Rite of Vision trying to find some insight into the future.  Zane had been collecting his vineers for years and still felt he had some time to go before undertaking his Rite of Vision.  “I thought you did not believe in visions.”  Zane said closing on her, his voice but a whisper.

   “I don’t” Camilla answered quite quickly “but I have been collecting little things ever since I met the Nova Cats and I think I am ready to have a clear out and why not try to be a Nova Cat for once in my life.”

   “I will tell the Oathmaster…”  Zane said stepping away but Camilla snagged his arm.

   “No, Zane, I would prefer it if the man who brought me into the Clan and my commander to e the man who watches over my vision.”  Camilla was talking about Zane in both positions.

   “It will carry little credence with the other Nova Cats without the Oathmaster present.”  Zane warned, visions could change the path of a Clan which was why the Oathmaster or a major member of the Clan like a Khan or Galaxy Commander was present at most if not all visions.

   “I do not care… Zane, I am a Smoke Jaguar, who was given another chance by the Nova Cats, my most hated enemy from birth, to make a difference. Any vision I have will be for the people I trust implacably and me.”  She said Zane looked at Camilla carefully, he had thought she had forgotten her life as a Smoke Jaguar and embraced the Nova Cats and their path, perhaps it would just take longer.  He nodded his agreement and walked off to find the Oathmaster excusing himself and Camilla from the proceedings for the next two days, they then both went down to the Mechbay and collected some survival gear and stowed it in their Mechs then less than an hour later they left Zane’s Arctic Cheetah following Camilla’s old Owens.  They would find a quiet spot of Camilla’s choosing and conduct her Rite of Vision.

Meeting Room, First Babylon Diet
Babylon, Pentagon Worlds
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
7th September 3062

   The Babylon Diet was also being used by certain factions within the Clans and the Inner Sphere delegations to negotiate trade, intelligence gathering and begin new treaties.  The new Scientist-General of the Nova Cats, Miranda, had chosen this opportunity to approach the Diamond Sharks and negotiate with the Nova Cat’s long term allies about the possibility of help terraforming several worlds in the Nova Cat’s Den.  Before she had left the Nova Cat’s Den she had been uploaded a great deal of information regarding the Diamond Sharks and what the would want from the negotiations.  After pouring over the records for several days Miranda had sent a message to the Diamond Shark Loremaster Semi Kalasa and the on planet Merchant-Leader Carmen asking for a meeting.  Oathmaster Jal Steiner had joined them so a senior member of the Clan could give extra information or stop Miranda giving something she had no power to give.

   “Merchantman Miranda, you asked for this meeting, how can we help you?”

   “Last time I looked at the Chatterweb the Diamond Sharks were in possession of several oxygen reclamation units and other terraforming equipment.”  Miranda said start with what she wanted.  The Chatterweb was an inter-clan intelligence sharing and trading network run by the Diamond Sharks and used by all the Homeworld planets, some inner sphere worlds had been tied into this system as well.

   “Aff, we still have the oxygen unit from the Golden Century.”  Carmen said “I think they are inside the Kraken.  Why would the Nova Cat‘s need them?”

   “They are needed for several of our new colonies, they are liveable but we want to make them more comfortable.”

   “I did not know the Nova Cats had techs capable of operating this equipment.”  Miranda looked at Jal Steiner who nodded, Carmen already knew she would need Diamond Shark scientists but wanted to make it appear she knew less, it would make the Diamond Sharks more comfortable in dealing with her.

   “We do not, we will need techs and trained scientists as well.”

   “And what would you want in return for this equipment and a contract for techs and scientists to operate it?”  Carmen looked to Semi Kalasa who pointed to two points on a list of things Carmen nodded.

   “Firstly we would like to be included in the Nova Cat’s little exploration and exploiting of new resources, which would mean Diamond Sharks with Nova Cats on exploration duties.”

   “We are not involved in exploration duties.  Our new Homeworlds are conquered worlds.”  Miranda said the Diamond Sharks looked to each other with surprise, there had been no Nova Cats in the Inner Sphere that they knew of and none of the other Clans had reported Nova Cat invasion forces in their Occupation Zones.

   “Where are your people?”  Semi Kalasa asked looking at Jal Steiner.

   “The Nova Cat’s Den.”  Jal Steiner said smiling “the systems formerly known as the Tortuga Dominions and several surrounding systems.”  There it was the secret was out, the Nova Cats were below the Tukayyid Truce Line and were within range of striking the Inner Sphere.

   “Why?”  Semi Kalasa asked, she was shocked perhaps more so than the merchant.

   “A vision”

   “If the Inner Sphere knew you have broken the Truce Line, if the other Clans knew.”  Semi said quietly beginning to realise why the Nova Cats had remained silent about their activities of late.  “Could we set up a trading post in your territory, a base where we could keep the Diamond Sharks safe and together between assignments?”

   “That is possible, however the Diamond Sharks must maintain absolute secrecy about the Nova Cat’s new home.  We are not hiding our presence to exploit massive amounts of resources, as we are sure many of the Clans think, we are hiding our new home to keep our people and the original citizens of Tortuga safe from retribution from the other clans and the Inner Sphere, we saw what they did to the Smoke Jaguars…”

   Over the next eighteen hours the Nova Cats and Diamond Sharks negotiated an agreement that suited both Clans.  The Nova Cats would gain the Diamond Shark promise of silence over the Nova Cat’s Den’s location, the use of one hundred Diamond Shark Scientists and techs for one year, the terraforming equipment and have access to the Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser Kraken.

   The Diamond Sharks would gain Intelligence on the area surrounding the Nova Cat’s Den, the right to station a Cluster of troops on Tortuga Prime, the right to station the Kraken in the Nova Cat’s Den and rights to build the Nova Cat OmniMech and Stone Rhino Quad-OmniMech.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Babylon, Pentagon Worlds
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
8th September 3062

   After searching for days Camilla had found the place she wanted to hold her Rite of Vision Camilla and Zane had built a small fire and sat on opposite sides looking at each other and the fire.  “What should I do?”

   “Do what feels right at the time, allow the emotion to run over your body and wait.  There may be no vision or you might see the smallest thing.”  Zane said quietly.  One by one Camilla retrieved her vineers from the pouch.  The first was a small bracelet with a small clasp attached.

   “I found this after my first battle in the Inner Sphere as a Smoke Jaguar, I thought it was pretty so I kept it.”  She said casting it into the fire, there was a small glow to the fire as the bracelet entered but little else.  “My bond-cord, the symbol of my greatest failure and the beginning of a new path.”  She said dropping the next item into the fire, the bond-cord was still severed in the same place it had been when Zane had severed it.  The third and final Vineer was a chocolate bar “I got this soon after arriving on New Barcella.” She whispered quietly, “I realised I was happy where I was and that I was home.”  She said casting the chocolate into the fire the bar immediately melted filling the air with a pleasant sweet smell.  Nothing seemed to be happening but then Camilla noticed something “do you see that?”  She whispered as the image began to grow.

   “Yes” Zane whispered seeing the image grow with his own eyes.  The image was of a charging smoke jaguar, the beast was a female of the species, ran with reckless abandon until a smaller but stronger nova cat pinned and captured the animal.  The smoke jaguar was covered by a nova cat skin and the two nova cats moved together working together against many foes including a solitary wolf.  They then encountered a coyote leading several hell’s horses and ice hellions against the cloud cobras who protected a group of men in white atop a mesa.  The two nova cats waded into the fight however as the fight wore on the smoke jaguar broke loose of the nova cat concealing it but continued to fight with the nova cat taking down many enemies until a hell’s horse knocked it down.  As the battle wore down the nova cat defended the smoke jaguar until its death.  Camilla shot to her feet and the image disappeared Zane stood “Camilla…”  he began but could not form the words, she had just witnessed what could only be her death.

   “This is happening now.”  Camilla said “we need to go.”

   “Wait!” Zane shouted leaping the fire grabbing her “you cannot go, we just saw your death…”

   “You cannot fight destiny, Zane.”

   “But visions allow us to change our destinies, make them better…”

   “I’ll watch out for the Hell’s Horse with my bullet and try to avoid him.  Let’s go.”  She said her voice was ragged but she broke free of Canin’s grip and before he could say a thing was running to her Owens.

First Babylon Diet
Babylon, Pentagon Worlds
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
9th September 3062

   Following several days of quiet grumbling over the presence of Inner Sphere citizens on one of the Pentagon worlds Clan Coyote Loremaster Calarissa Jerricho led elements of Clan Coyote’s Omicron Galaxy and elements of Clan Hell’s Horses and Clan Ice Hellion against the First Babylon Diet.  Clans Cloud Cobra and Diamond Shark defended strongly on all fronts however one of the defence forces guarding one of the three access ramps to the mesa was beginning to break when two Nova Cat light Mechs arrived, an Arctic Cheetah and an Owens.  The Cloud Cobras recognised them as friendly and Mechs that had left days before and watched as the two light Mechs tore into attacker after attacker.  Two light Mechs alone would not normally cause a large force like this trouble however Zane had an idea on their travel here considering the disparate nature of the attackers the enemy force would have no co-ordination and it would be unlikely that they would be working fully together so they would play on that fact and sow as much trouble as possible.  Approaching they noticed that Clan duelling rules were not being honoured and it was a free-for-all.  Cloud Cobra lines were beginning to break.  “What plan boss?”  Camilla asked firing her Mech’s shoulder mounted Extended-Range PPC killing a Coyote thirty-five ton Jenner IIC with a cockpit hit, at this extreme range was extremely impressive.

   “Wolf Pack, we get in hit them and sow as much trouble as we can.  We keep moving whatever happens.  Constantly shift targets, it will take down our kills but give us a better chance” he said triggering his own Extended-Range Large Laser hitting damaging a Hell’s Horses tank “a better chance of surviving this.  Do not challenge anyone and keep moving…” he said triggering the laser again, the Arctic Cheetah’s heat jumped but Zane ignored it “…stay away from the Hell’s Horses” he said remembering the vision.

   “Yes mum” Camilla said charging into the fight nearly constantly firing her PPC, when she got close enough she triggered the PPC the four machine guns her customised Owens mounted when she got to point blank range to vehicles she lashed out with kick and punch attacks.  The Clans generally disdained physical combat on Mech scale but Canin remembered the Smoke Jaguars often lost control in combat and sometimes lashed out physically at each other and vehicles.  Zane was constantly firing his Arctic Cheetah’s single large laser and three heavy lasers, one medium and two small.  The Arctic Cheetah’s heat scale was constantly raising but he continued to slap the override and keep fighting, every now and then he would trigger the Mech’s six jump jets and take a look at the battle on a larger scale but for the most part he concentrated on damaging as many aggressor Mechs as possible.

   It seemed that no-one could touch his Mech or Camilla’s Owens today, neither of them had been struck by a single weapon the entire fight until Zane’s Arctic Cheetah was rammed in the back by a suicidal Hell’s Horses hovercraft.  The thirty ton Mech went down under the impact and Camilla moved to cover Zane’s recovery gunning down the hovercraft remains with a hail of machine gun fire killing the crew.  Zane regained his feet and turned ready to give Camilla into trouble for wasting ammo and lives for no reason, to disable the craft would have been enough, when a Hell’s Horses Ares Medium Tank struck out at them with a hail of Long Range Missiles.  One of the missiles struck the Owens head and the thirty-five ton machine went down in a heap, Zane had no time to check on Camilla launching into the air with his Mech’s Jump Jets he brought the Mech down on the Ares in a classic Death-From-Above attack, a manoeuvre the clans hated but Zane did not care, this was a day for the Clans to forget.

   For the next twenty minutes Zane warded the downed Owens without thinking about anything but protecting his downed sub-ordinate, starmate and friend.  Zane constantly checked the downed Mech but it made no movement after going down.  After the battle was long over Zane still stood in his Mech watching the Owens as Cloud Cobra med-techs removed Camilla’s broken body from the OmniMech’s cockpit.  Later they had said she had died immediately but Zane remembered the vision well, Camilla had known she would die and still returned to fight.  After informing Jal Steiner of what he had witnessed the Oathmaster promised that Camilla although lost to the Clan’s genetic records, because she lacked a Bloodname, would receive a passage in the Nova Cat remembrance for her actions on the field that day and would live eternally in the written word of their Clan.  Zane promised himself and Camilla’s memory that he would never forget the Smoke Jaguar who became a Nova Cat when its Clan died only to return to the Smoke Jaguars when it died, to guide the Smoke Jaguar’s lost souls with its new found wisdom.  Zane also realised that he had begun to believe in an afterlife, perhaps the Diet had been worthwhile after all.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Celentaro, Predition, Logan’s Land
Taurian Concordat/Federated Suns Border
21st-29th September 3062

   With Wolf’s Dragoon’s Epsilon guarding Galax the Davion Heavy Guards returned to New Avalon.  After a few days of training with Zeta Battalion and the on planet AFFS units Victor Steiner-Davion deployed the Heavy Guards and Zeta Battalion to the Taurian Concordat following Taurian attacks on Federated Suns troops in the St Ives Compact and the attack on New Syrtis Shipyards earlier in the year.  With the FSS Lucian Davion, an Avalon-class Cruiser, in support the Davion Heavy Guards RCT and Wolf’s Dragoon’s Zeta Battalion are ordered to raid several Taurian Concordat worlds along the Taurian border and eliminate as many Taurian troops as possible showing the Taurian’s that they are fighting in the big leagues by joining the Capellans in the St Ives Conflict.

   The Heavy Guards and Epsilon pick three worlds along the Federated Suns border with the Concordat Celentaro, Predition and Logan’s Land.  On Celentaro they found the battalion of local militia troops was supported by the Black Angus Boys a mercenary battalion, and a unit known for questionable tactics and dealings with employers.  Colonel Jamison requested to Marshal Ann Adelmana, the Heavy Guards overall commander, to engage the force with his Zeta Battalion alone because he considered the Black Angus Boys an affront to the Mercenary trade and wanted to make an example of them to other commands.  Adelmana agreed to the Colonel’s request and following the FSS Lucian Davion and the Davion Heavy Guards securing of all Taurian Aerospace Fighters and DropShips, either through forced surrender or destruction of all offensive units, the Wolf’s Dragoons landed on the Taurian world.

   Landing three kilometres from the target the Wolf’s Dragoons began to march on the assembled Black Angus Boys and their Taurian Militia support who believed that they were facing a standard raiding force.  When Zeta Battalion crested the ridge painted in standard black with the Wolf’s Dragoon insignia on the left torso of each Mech and Battle Armour.  Jamison offered the local Taurians a way out by surrendering, they refused because of the Wolf’s Dragoons contract with the Federated Suns, without further warning Zeta Battalion went to work.

   The heavier hitting Zeta Mechs with more advanced technology allowed them to drop half the militia and several Black Angus Boys Mech’s in the first salvo.  As the brave, foolhardy, Black Angus Boys moved forward attempting to at least damage some of the Dragoons one of Zeta’s Clan-style trinaries flanked left while another flanked right.  Jamison had ordered his troops not to kill locals if possible so Zeta’s Mechs carefully disabled the militia while the Elementals and vehicles kept the Black Angus Boys busy, this allowed the Black Angus Boys to close and bring all their weapons into play however even with combined-fire they could not down any of Zeta’s Clan and Inner Sphere OmniMechs only able to force one Mech to retreat and disable a couple of vehicles.  With the Militia disabled Zeta turned on the Black Angus Boys with a vengeful fury taking out every Black Angus Boy in a total of three salvos.  Although most of the militia walked away from the fight with mostly destroyed equipment, cuts and bruises only five Black Angus Boys walked from their Mechs alive.  Jamison took the strange decision of taking all five MechWarriors as bondsmen to the Wolf’s Dragoons intent on training them how to be proper mercenaries.  This action and the death of Colonel Angus Black effectively killed the Black Angus Boys as an independent mercenary command.  Zeta left the local militia with the broken remains of their own forces and the Black Angus Boys allowing them to rebuild over time.  Zeta then returned to their DropShips and rejoined the Davion Heavy Guards and the Lucian Davion and headed for the next target.

   On both of the next worlds Predition and Logan’s Land Zeta Battalion took the back-seat as the Davion Heavy Guards engaged the Third Taurian Lancers on both worlds.  Because of their superior training and technology advantage the Davion Heavy Guards deployed a reinforced Mech Battalion, two armour regiments and two infantry regiments to each world allowing the full Regimental Combat Team to gain experience.  Mixing forces the Guards set up a broken firing line made up of three echelons, attack groups, offering each other supporting fire.  The Taurians on the other hand had no discernable strategy, on Predition, the First reinforced Mech battalion supported by the units double company of armoured vehicles and the two battalions of infantry approached the Davion Heavy’s most forward echelon and tried to stand up to fight the Heavy Guards as if they were equal in skill and technology to the Davion unit, something they were not one either, the entire defence force of Predition was destroyed in less than thirty minutes with the fanatical Taurian Lancers refusing to stand down to the superior Davion unit.  On Logan’s Land it was an entirely different story the four companies of the Taurian Lancers attacked from different directions at different times.  If there had been communication and any sort co-ordination between the companies it may have been effective and they may have caused some light damage unfortunately because there was no communication and no centralised command between the various Taurian companies they were cut to shreds peace-mail by the Davion Guard’s many echelons and the Taurians caused no damage to a single Davion Mech or vehicle and only killed two infantry soldiers one due to a stray autocannon blast and one due to a miss-fired tank gauss rifle and shrapnel killing a trooper guarding the vehicles flanks.

   With all three worlds defenders disabled the Davion Heavy Guards RCT and Zeta Battalion informed the Taurians that if their leadership continued to support the Capellan Confederation then the attacks would continue they then left Taurian space heading for nearby New Syrtis for training against the Davion Light Guards RCT and the Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT.

Throne Room
Forbidden City, Sian
Capellan Confederation
4th October 3062

   Word of the Federated Suns assault had reached Taurus a few days later and Protector Grover Shaplen had immediately put in an HPG call to Sian demanding to speak to Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao who was awakened from his bed.  The palace servant responsible for wakening Sun-Tzu and Naomi Centrella had been executed on the spot by the Death Commando guards on order of the Chancellor.

   “What is it Grover?”  Sun-Tzu asked, he had little time for the man or his troops but they acted as good cannon fodder protecting his true Capellan troops from the worst their enemies could throw at them.

   “A few days ago House Davion and Wolf’s Dragoons destroyed one of my BattleMech Regiments and several conventional regiments and a mercenary unit under my employ!  I must recall the regiments I have deployed in the Capellan Confederation to safe-guard my nation against the Davion Hoards!”  He said the man was being irrational and was more scared than any man Sun-Tzu had ever seen in his life, finally after centuries of standing waiting for the Federated Suns to invade and now that they had the Concordat was in a panic.  Sun-Tzu had expected this, he had heard of Victor Davion’s order and of the contract with the Dragoons a few days before and had been waiting for them to attack him somewhere.  Trust Davion to pick the weak link, Sun-Tzu could not afford to loose three Mech regiments, perhaps one regiment.

   “Protector if you recall your troops then that will violate the Trinity Alliance agreement.”  Sun-Tzu warned, the Capellans had been giving the Concordat economic upgrades and support as well as military not to mention the upgrades they were doing to their secret WarShip, the TCW Vadenberg.

   “I need warriors capable of defending my borders, you have three of my regiments.”

   “Then I will send you one of mine, the Second McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry” he said naming the mercenary regiment that had only recently signed on with the Capellan Confederation’s Armed Forces (CCAF) along with the rest of McCarron’s Brigade.

   “One regiment for three?  How does that give me the troops I need?”  Shaplen may be a fool and the partnership the Confederation had signed with him was becoming more and more a liability but Sun-Tzu needed them for now.

   “The McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry are fully upgraded troops and are battle hardened they are worth eight of your regiments!”  Sun-Tzu screamed at Shaplen, if the Taurian leader wanted to be scared then Sun-Tzu would give him something to be scared of.  “However, I will also send upgrade kits for an entire Battalion of your BattleMech forces with McCarron’s forces and a full platoon of Battle Armour forces for your Taurian Guards.”  He said, the Battle Armour and upgrades would go straight to the Protector’s first line of defence, not the Taurian Concordat’s defenders.

   “And they will arrive within the next couple of months?”

   “As soon as possible Protector, goodbye.”  Sun-Tzu said cutting off the link.
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