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Author Topic: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2  (Read 161372 times)


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Brilliant updates but I can't help but feel that turning Tharkad into a fortress (Festung Tharkad?) is a bad idea, concentrating forces there might leave other worlds exposed and vulnerable.

The Thermo police sound awesome :) And as always, superb updates!
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
« Reply #1351 on: 25 May 2021, 06:10:22 »
The Thermo Police are of course the canon unit from the Spotlight On of the same name.  They've got several more parts coming for their story.  It's sort of a thing that's developing quite naturally as I'm writing the story line the same people will get several parts as it progresses and it'll bring us forward while also telling their stories.

I'm glad you both (and I hope others) liked the updates so far.  Festung Tharkad?  I like that I may have to use it, I know exactly where that story line is going so here goes.

The next Solaris Racing Event is from the previous threat I left a link to before the other update.  I have cleaned it up a bit and added to it.  I will have additional Racing Events in the distant future if anyone wants things added or to have a go at a race feel free I'll welcome it!  I may even draw out your race just for fun (or feel free to give it a go).

Solaris Racing Event
Dunnet Forest, Thurso
Solaris VII, Independent Clan Territory
8th September 3115

The second event in the Solaris Racing League had come up quickly following the success of the first.  Viewer ratings had gone through the roof and the Solaris Entertainment Company (SEC) had pushed and pushed for the next race to be brought forward to keep the hype rising but the newly formed league had held its ground and kept to their planned schedule.  As the racers and their support crews had packed up their equipment into a dozen GESV’s and other transport vehicles and traveled from San Bardo Canyon across Solaris to the city of Thurso near Dunnet Forest the SEC had contented itself with highlights from the first race and in-depth interviews with the racing drivers and close looks at the new aircraft in use over the Game World with feature presentations being shown regularly on Tri-Vid screens across Solaris.

This race track was longer than the San Bardo Canyon race and took place in and around the City of Thurso and the nearby Town of Crownkirk.  From what the mayors of the two towns were passing onto the SEC every hotel room and hired house were booked out for the entire week.  Additional housing had been brought in by a cargo DropShip with dozens of GESV’s configured to carry civilian housing cubicles.  The Generic Expandable Service Vehicles were not comfortable living with some of the guests describing their “rooms” inside the vehicles and trailers as little more than brightly lit coffins long enough for a single sleeping cubicle, an overhead video recorder and shared toilet facilities but they provided sleeping accommodation for the die-hard fans.  Already both Thurso and Crownkirk were considering building holiday home expansion areas should the race season return a second year.

High above Solaris waiting for the next race to begin sitting in his ASF-23 Protector Aircraft Jonnie Mjalby wasn’t thinking about the sleeping accommodation of his fans instead his thinking was focused on the race ahead.  He felt pretty confident his win at San Bardo had been partly because of a decent time and partly because the public had gotten behind his race style but today was a whole new challenge.  The San Bardo Canyon relied on maneuverability over speed Dunnet Forest/Thurso Racetrack on the other hand depended on speed with several long straights on which Mjalby’s Protector would struggle with.

Listening to the announcer Rick de Graff Mjalby maintained his altitude at just over two hundred metres and maintained cruising speed on his main HUD he saw the countdown timer had started.  “Today ladies and gentlemen here high in the skies above Solaris, our winner from the previous race Jonnie Mjalby, piloting an ASF-23 Protector aircraft, begins proceedings the others will be using his time as a benchmark and watching his performance for tips.  Good luck Mjalby!”  He said as he did the countdown timer hit zero and Mjalby banked his aircraft below one hundred metres and headed for the starting line.

Unlike San Bardo Canyon the Dunnet Forest was designed from the ground up as a spectator stadium with dozens of stands filled with a live audience just to add to the pressure on the pilots.  Now was not the time to think of spectators Mjalby thought as his fighter crossed the starting line.  Almost immediately he turned the Protector into a hard-right turn onto the first straight maintaining altitude of eight metres he flew past the towering spectator stand on his left-hand side before heading out across the Thurso River which bisected the course.  The trip across the choppy river water was a short one and Mjalby was quickly over land again entering the first stadium section known locally as Pittodrie.

The area was essentially an oval cut out of the forest with spectator stands, multiple food and drink stands and medical facilities on all side’s spectator safety was paramount but if one of the planes crashed in the stands it would be carnage.  Mjalby had not intention of creating such a scene and maintained an even speed as he flew into the area ignoring the flashing lights from the stands, he concentrated on making the perfect right-hand turn fighting the g-forces put against his body he clenched his muscles forcing the blood back towards his brain as the aircraft completed the turn the speeds travelling at and maneuvers he was attempting were relatively low-g force turns but anything placed on the body could cause issues if the pilot was not prepared.  Leveling out his fighter leapt forward as he accelerated and Pittodrie Stadium was a memory as quickly as it had entered his mind.  After the stadium the fighter was heading back across Thurso River flying parallel to the Interstate Highway 16 Bridge passing by the town of Crownkirk where more spectators were cheering him on and watching the race on massive Tri-Vid screens Mjalby intentionally tipped the wings while maintaining speed giving the public a little show.

The Protector quickly passed over the Road Tunnel leading into the town and then Mjalby pushed the aircraft into a shallow dive slowing his speed slightly he entered Nevis Tunnel, a man-made paved tunnel through the hard rock of the same name.  Following the “S-Bend” track of the Tunnel Mjalby accelerated as he exited entering the second stadium Hillhead.

Smaller than Pittodrie but still packed with people Hillhead was a loop with four tight left turns and one tight right turn.  Too fast you’d overshoot and have to raise in altitude to turn and re-enter the course losing time and points, too slow and this section would cost you valuable time.  Mjalby’s Protector was well suited for this section maintaining the same speed he held the turn again fighting the g-forces once more he put on a show and the crowd loved it.  As with the previous stadium section Hillhead Stadium passed quickly and he was soon heading back into Dunnet Forest flying between the trees on one side and Nevis Rock on the other he followed the path of the course left around Nevis Rock and back towards Crownkirk and into the next section.

This part of the course Jonnie Mjalby knew his Protector was not well suited for it with long sweeping turns that took them through the forest and towards a raised area known as Beinn Hob.  Here planes with a high-top speed would have a significant advantage the turns suited high-speed flying with relatively low g-forces there wasn’t much he could do but ride through the long turn and concentrate on not messing up.  Raising out of the trees and up Beinn Hob Mjalby focused on the next section which would see him travel up, down and then up again long “S-Bend” over the hill which would take him into the third S-Bend.  By the time Mjalby’s Protector had the hill for a second time he could see the third stadium section the Daniel Keith Stands.  Named for one of the founders of Crownkirk the Daniel Keith Stands jutted out of the side of Beinn Hob and Mjalby felt a little sorry for the packed spectators below as the winds up the side of the hill buffeted the area.  But he wasn’t here to feel sorry for them or watch the crowd however instead he was here for an almost leisurely right turn between the stands followed by a second right turn that took him back down the hill and into Dunnet Forest.  According to the race guide this section could catch a pilot off guard as the trees appeared to come up rapidly as the aircraft accelerated down the hill and back into the forest but they were no trouble for Mjalby who carried on the straight towards the bridge of Interstate Highway 16.

Unlike his previous encounter with the ground road this time the course took Mjalby’s fighter under the huge bridge that connected Thurso with other parts of the region.  He could see plenty of spectators and emergency services in the area watching his fifty-ton fighter pass under the bridge and then once cleared from that obstacle make an immediate right turn under a natural rock formation known as Angelica’s Archway.  From there Mjalby crossed the Thurso River for a third and last time now entering Thurso itself to finish the race.  Along the sides of the course there were lines of trees which helped dampen the noise for the residence of the city who were only a few hundred feet away.  The trees also hid energy barriers similar to those in the Solaris Mech arenas which were designed to absorb an aircraft hitting them and force the craft either into the ground or into the air Mjalby hoped if he ever hit any of them it was the latter result and not the former.

Travelling past the trees Mjalby’s Protector entered the final section known as the Janet Porter Stadium, again named after a founder of Thurso, it was a commercial haven like the other spectator stands with food, drink and advertising throughout designed like the rest of this course to make money little else.  Flying around the series of left turns Mjalby intentionally rolled the aircraft in a barrel roll showing off for the crowd counting on their votes to help keep him up the boards as they headed into the final race of the season.  Making the last left turn before the finish line Mjalby knew that speed alone would not help him win and instead pulled the aircraft back doing a loop-the-loop just short of the finish line adding a little flourish to his performance.

As he flew away from the course Jonnie Mjalby knew all he could do now was wait for the other competitors to finish.  There were seven other competitors that would follow him five of those aircraft would outrun his Protector in open flight he just had to hope the crowds were still on his side or one of the others made a mistake.


Hours later the final competitor had crossed the line and the spectator vote had been counted leaving Jonnie with a fourth-place finish.  During the course of the other competitors flights Irene Steele the Guardian pilot who had come second in the San Bardo Canyon run had lost control of her fighter and crashed.  She’d been able to eject but the fighter was a right-off in the medical GESV Mjalby visited her they’d known each other for years competing in various one-off events.

“Glad to see you made it out of that wreck in one piece” he said greeting her Irene was the same age as Jonnie Mjalby, twenty-six, originally from the Federated Suns she’d moved to Solaris sixteen years before when her father had come looking for fame and fortune.  He’d been killed in the Solaris Mech Arenas and Irene had decided that life was not for her instead taking aerospace fighter lessons with the intention of gaining a position within the LCAF.  Things hadn’t turned out that way and instead she’d started flying acrobatics on Solaris to make money now that income had been taken from her.

“Yeah, Segura didn’t come out of it so well.”  Irene replied, the fighter had been destroyed in the crash.  “That’s me out, I see you didn’t do so well either?”

“Still there” Jonnie Mjalby said looking down at his injured friend.  “Listen, I asked the doc you’re still flight capable; your injuries are not all that severe.”

“Thanks for reminding me Jonnie, but I’m lacking a fighter.”

“I happen to have a spare” he said smirking he saw her surprised one fighter was expensive a second was nearly unheard of.  “Juliusz Kamil decided to hang up his flight gloves before this tournament” he explained she’d heard the “Grandfather of Flight” had retired earlier in the year.  “His Striking Cobra was going cheap.”

“I thought Kamil wanted to put it in a museum?”

“He did, it might still end up there, but it’s got more miles in it and I offered him more.”  He admitted what Kamil wanted was important but the fighter belonged to him now.

“What difference does that make to me, Jonnie, I’ve barely got enough for my medical bills and to pay off the support staff.  I’m out of this game.”

“I’ll give you the Striking Cobra” he said raising his hand to stop her speaking “on credit.  You place in this tournament you pay me some of the money for it.  You win it you can buy it outright from me.”  He suggested offering her a lifeline he could see tears in her eyes.

“Why?”  She croaked

“You deserve to see it to the end, just don’t crash that thing before I get a chance to fly it.”  He said winking to her before turning to leave.  With her last place at Dunnet Forest she was fourth place in the championship out of the major money-making positions but still in touching distance to the leaders going into the last round at the Slanotov Industrial Zone in Solaris Arctic Zone.  If she placed and he didn’t at least he’d get some of the money back from this event.

Trade Mission, International Zone
Westover, Sea Fox Claimed territory
Free Worlds League
20th September 3115

   The Clans and Mercenaries tended not to get on in fact most occasions Clan forces saw them as dezgra and hunted them to extinction.  International Zones on Sea Fox trade worlds were different however, run by Clan merchants the warrior caste was here only to ensure Inner Sphere visitors were not armed and to take part in various Trials of Combat.

   Mercenary commander Colonel Naomi Wrangler, the commander of The Thunder Road mercenary regiment, stood near the back of a crowd which had gathered to watch Smoke Jaguar leader Khan Petra Furey dispatch a Sea Fox Star Colonel in hand-to-hand combat.  For several years now Naomi had been aware of the Smoke Jaguar faction for a couple of years now since she had taken over control of the Lesnovo District following a popular vote.  According to intelligence reports she’d read from Bowang the Free World’s League’s Intelligence Agency SAFE had vetted these Smoke Jaguar survivors and found that they were not acting like the Clan they once were instead helping build up native populations.  So far, the Smoke Jaguar faction had little contact with the Clans other than the traders here on Westover.  As Naomi watched the young Khan dispatched a second Sea Fox warrior claiming victory in the Trial of Possession over an Elemental Battle Armour Production Facility.  As far as Naomi knew up until now almost all of the Smoke Jaguar’s power armour had been of the Nighthawk type built on the world of Niops.  For them now to possess Elemental Power Armour was a significant upgrade in capabilities.

   As she stood and watched the Clans exchange pleasantries not the battle was over, she felt the approach of Lt. Colonel Ariel Peregrine-Simpson, the former co-commander of the Chaos Irregulars, like her fellow co-commander she’d accepted the new rank when her unit joined The Thunder Road.  “I’ll never understand them” Ariel said watching the Clansmen, as a former commander of a unit herself Naomi had given Ariel and Jake leeway when they spoke with her, allowing them to voice their opinions and join her on this mission.

   “No, me neither” Naomi admitted the Clans were alien to them even if they were willing to trade with anyone willing to pay. “How did you do?”  She asked she’d tasked Ariel with securing transport assets for the Thunder Road given that their command was bigger now than ever.  Although a significant military asset the Sea Foxes allowed any trades to occur in the International Zone as long as they were done peacefully, to enforce this both women had given up their weapons when they arrived.

   “Not bad, but also not great” she said “Free Worlds League rejects I’m afraid.”  She admitted they’d hoped for Clan equipment but Naomi had ordered her to buy what they could afford and what they needed, not wants. “Three Hamilcar DropShips for a cut down price.”  Ariel said Naomi didn’t much like the sound of it and her face probably showed it, the Hamilcar was a very specialist design mainly intended for Zero-G assaults.  “The Sea Foxes captured them when they captured Westover but no-one had taken any interest in them so they modified them a little bit.”  Ariel reassured her explaining her choice.  “On each ship they removed a pair of aerospace fighter bays and gave them a bit more fuel making them more useful in an atmosphere, they then streamlined the guns to Particle cannons, long and short-range missiles and anti-missile systems.”  She explained “less to break on all three of them, they’ll be easier to maintain and they’ve got better range and uses. I’d class them almost like a modified Leopard.”

   “Well, we won’t likely be launching any space borne assaults in the near future but I’ll take the chance to move a company in a pinch.  We’ll have to keep an eye on them but they might be worth it.”  Naomi admitted “I got off a little better.”  She said as the two of them moved away from the trial location.  “They’ve started up a modified Dictator-class DropShip manufacturing line here on Westover but sales have been dismal, no-one knows what to expect from them.”  She said the design had been modified with more modern weapons and defences and had a reconfigured cargo bay.  “The Clans themselves don’t want to buy an ancient DropShip design with Inner Sphere weapons even if it is configured to carry three Binaries of troops.”  She explained the Sea Fox idea seemed to be to build up interest in the design and then improve it with Clan technology.  “So, the trader was more than happy to turn one over to us, and if we spread the news of its use then we may get a kick-back from them in the future.”

   “Sweet, now we just have to hire crews.  Our current staff can probably get them back home but operational use will be more different.”

   “Agreed, how do you think the boys are getting on?”  By ‘the boys’ Naomi was referring to her father John Wrangler and Ariel’s former co-commander Jake Chowla.

   “I’m sure Jake is doing his best to get into as much trouble as he can while away from the burden of command.”  She admitted Jake’s continued recovery from losing his wife was being helped by her former command’s new place within the Thunder Road and time away from the unit would help too.

   “Yes, I’m sure my father is doing the same.  Our first major supply run since his retirement and he just happens to come along.”  She mused wondering why her father came along.

   “He trusts you Naomi, I’m sure of that, I think he mainly came for Jake’s benefit.”  She said having been able to observe them a little bit.  “You have done a lot for him since Reema’s death and the Chaos Irregulars becoming part of The Thunder Road has been great for him too but your father is quite active with him too.”

   “He’s still grieving for my mother’s passing a few years ago and I think he sees Ob, as a bit of a project.”

   “Ob?”  Ariel questioned Jake’s first name was Obadiah but she rarely heard anyone else use it especially since Reema’s passing.

   “Yes, I think my father sees Jake as a bit of a project, seeing a lot of my father in him.”  She said dancing over Ariel’s question.

   “Ob?” Ariel pushed

   “I’m sure they are getting into trouble and will have a surprise for us, I’m sure.”  Naomi said carrying on walking “Com’on, we’ll head back to the field we can inform the crews and have them come and collect our new DropShips while we wait.”

   “Seriously Naomi?  What the hell!”  She said as the Colonel kept walking away from her not answering Ariel’s question the two of them were close in age and despite the hierarchy of command, they got on quite well personally but if Naomi didn’t want to share it didn’t seem like she would.


   Several hours later Naomi Wrangler was back at the landing field which the small contingent of Thunder Road personnel who had accompanied her.  She’d arranged the collection of the units newest four DropShips and was now just waiting for her father to return but he was already an hour overdue.  Now standing inside the command deck of the Overlord-class DropShip Stonewall she waited trying to show she was calm and not worried he was missing.

   Suddenly the radio crackled to life “Road House to Stonewall, permission to approach” it said using her father’s old callsign.  Naomi nodded to the crewmen who granted permission.  “Received Stonewall, be prepared for a flyby.”  Her father said which got Naomi’s attention her father was airborne?  She walked over to the sensor desk and watched as from the south a two-hundred-and-forty-ton Koi Heavy Transport WiGE approached the airfield at speed flying low as the Wing-in-Ground-Effect aircraft were known for.

   “What on earth?”  Naomi wondered heading out of the command deck and down towards the ground.  By the time she reached the ground the massive Koi was touching down on the tarmac it was painted in a deep red on the primary wide-bodied hull with the wings painted in black.  She could see where insignia had been painted over but it was clearly the insignia of the Draconis Combine which wasn’t too surprising as the craft was designed and built there.  How it had crossed the Inner Sphere and ended up in the arse-end of the Free Worlds League was anyone’s guess but here it was and it appeared to be commanded by her father.  The craft was designed to land on land or in water with the hull curved underneath like the underside of a boat and the four turbine engines high above the waterline at the rear of the craft with two near the tail on either side of the craft and two more engines over the top of the hull.  The massive craft larger than anything else in the Thunder Road’s organisation Naomi did not have a clue how they were going to get it back to Bowang.

Stopping several hundred metres from the Stonewall the massive clamshell doors at the front of the Koi opened with the nose of the craft splitting open like a massive sideways mouth.  From inside the craft a ramp extended to the ground and locked in place.  From inside she could hear the revving of fuel cell engines and within a couple of minutes the first of two large wheeled transport vehicles drove out.  Both vehicles were the same painted in primarily blue and white the vehicles looked like long range transport trucks with extended trailers once they came out onto the ground, they turned to either side and stopped flanking Naomi’s position.  From both sides the trucks and trailers of the vehicles opened automatically raising upwards creating a canopy over the side of the truck.  From the inside of the truck counters extended and lowered to the ground creating service counters.  From the cabs of the two trucks her father and Jake Chowla exited the vehicles heading over to them.

“Good afternoon, Colonel” her father greeted her formally as he approached.

“Father, what the hell?”

“This?”  John Wrangler asked surveying the two vehicles and the Koi behind “this is for my retirement” he said “I’m calling it the Road House.”  He explained “I’m not going to mope around the Complex back home, I need something to throw myself into this is going to be it.  Bowang has a growing entertainment industry especially with all the mercs that have come through in the recent years but outside Darby they don’t have many entertainment venues.  Road House is the answer, we’re going to travel across Bowang and we’re going to bring the entertainment to the people and bring in some money for the unit.”  John explained Naomi looked at Jake for support but he just smirked at the idea her father had retired but this idea seemed to reinvigorate him.

“How are we going to get it home?”  She asked but almost on cue she had her answer as a purple and red painted Danis-class DropShip approached the airfield from a sub-orbital trajectory.

“The DropShip will transport the Koi and anything else we need then she’ll transfer to the Thunder Road full time, use it as you want Naomi myself and my silent business partner here” he said indicating to Jake “have bought the DropShip, the Koi and the GESV’s.  Jake will assist me when he’s not deployed with the unit but over wise it’s my show.”  He said Naomi glanced at the younger man who seemed like he relished the idea.

   “Colonel, I’d expect your commitment to the Thunder Road to continue.”

   “Understood, I know what I’ve signed up for.”  He said but his eyes told her that he was thrilled by the idea of getting on the road with her father.  “Road House will be a success as will the Thunder Road.”  He promised her but Naomi couldn’t help but wonder what they’d gotten themselves in for.
Weapons Research Facility WD-1152
Rosice, Halfway Province
Lyran Commonwealth
28th September 3115

   If the Lyran Commonwealth was not facing enough troubles with the Clans pressing at their borders and the Isle of Skye again pushing for a breakaway from the state on the world of Rosice in the Halfway province a huge explosion engulfs a weapons research facility killing dozens inside and dozens more in the nearby area costing millions of C-Bills.  Within days of the explosion terrorists claiming to be part of the Democracy Now movement take responsibility for the attack.
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Royal Mechbay, Davion Royal Palace
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
16th October 3115

   Walking slowly across the Mechbay’s floor Prince Luther Davion approached his father Burton Davion who stood in front of three BattleMechs which stood proudly waiting for orders.  The first BattleMech was Hanse Davion’s famous Battlemaster “Dana” painted primarily in royal blue the number “24” was written in red on the right torso while two stripes one in red and one in white ran from the left shoulder down across the BattleMech to the floor.  The BattleMech was over one hundred years old and was only moved once a month as the test pilots ensured its actuators did not seize up.  Recently his father had suggested permanently moving it to a display in the city celebrating the successes of the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War.  Luther stood and looked at the Mech as he approached his father and wondered why he cared for the BattleMech it had sat in this Mechbay for both of their lives and neither of them had met Hanse.

   Next stood the Templar III which belonged to his father the eighty-five-ton OmniMech named “Dragon’s Wrath” by Burton Davion.  The BattleMech was painted identically to the Battlemaster beside it.

   Finally stood Luther’s own OmniMech the Dire Wolf known as “Prometheus” which had originally belonged to his grandfather Victor Steiner-Davion.  Luther had piloted the BattleMech twice since returning to New Avalon but the pain from the injuries he took on Terra returned both times.  The OmniMech was in the middle of being repainted with the traditional Steiner blue of the Lyran Guards with yellow piping highlights being painted over to match the others.  Luther had not known about the new paint job but then he hadn’t been here for several weeks.

   “How do you like it?”  Burton asked seeing his son appear Burton was tall nearly six foot tall and broad shouldered far unlike his father Victor.  Luther had fallen between the two slightly shorter than his father and slightly taller than Victor.  They all had the same lightly coloured hair of most Davion men but unlike his father Luther had grown his hair out a bit as long as his shoulders.

   “I had not been aware you were having Prometheus repainted” he said looking at the OmniMech.

   “It is time, Victor’s time is over with the Federated Suns.”  Burton said his father using his Grandfather’s first name felt strange to Luther but recently Burton’s opinion on his father had fallen significantly due to the political changes Victor Steiner-Davion had brought to the growing Protectorate.  “The time for us to honour our link to House Steiner is over, now we must show pride in our own House and get you ready for the field.”

   “I am not ready” Luther said “I have many studies to complete and my physio-therapy is not complete.”

   “Your doctors say otherwise” Burton said angrily his voice raising.

   “What do they know!”  Luther snapped back at his father “each time I exercise the pain returns, I cannot pilot a BattleMech until my body is ready.”  He complained “until then I will continue with my studies.  These icons you are so proud of” he said nodding at the three Mechs standing silently “can wait for me to be ready.”  He said turning to march off away from his father.

   “Then perhaps your sister will accept the challenge of taming Prometheus if you are not willing!”  Burton challenged his son to react but instead Luther kept walking.  Luther’s sister Leah was seventeen and had already begun training as a BattleMech pilot but she had yet to begin real studies.

Objective Raid, Edasich Motors
Vesteralen, Forbidden Islands
Edasich, Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone
19th October 3115

   After a brief Trial of Possession on Edasich against the Hell’s Horses defenders the Crescent Hawks were more than pleased with what they found at the the Edasich Motors production plant on the Forbidden Islands.  When they had arrived Captain Aksel Youngblood had challenged the Clan defenders to a single production run of the contents of the Edasich Motors complex expecting a haul of the fusion engines that had been produced there since the fall of the first Star League.  In a hard-fought battle, which had seen two Crescent Hawks BattleMechs fall and the death of MechWarrior Stephen Livingston the Crescent Hawks were victorious against a Trinary of Hell’s Horses from the Thirty-second Mechanized Strike Cluster.  To the mercenaries surprise they found that Edasich Motors plant had been refurbished to produce Thor, or Summoner, OmniMechs by Clan Hell’s Horses and standing waiting for deployment were fifteen brand new machines.

   With the loss of two of their own BattleMechs and a vacant slot within the Crescent Hawks already existing the Hawks had claimed three of the OmniMechs for themselves while the remaining twelve would go to their employers in Lyran Commonwealth space not a bad haul for a single raid.  The Mechs were brand-new and lacked any security precautions of systems making them easy for the Hawk pilots to move them into the waiting DropShips.

   Standing guard over the operation was Tassa Kay in her Ryoken II BattleMech.  She watched as the brown painted OmniMechs were moved into the waiting DropShips and could help but smirk the Horses had been foolish to upgrade a factory so close to their front lines and then to accept a Trial despite having a full cluster defending it.  She knew the Star Colonel in command of the Thirty-second would be facing a Circle of Equals following this failed operation for their failure to stop the Crescent Hawks which would likely cause them to do something rash.

   As she stood guard over the loading operations something rash happened almost on queue a single Vulture, or Mad Dog, OmniMech painted in the brown, blue and gold camouflage paint scheme of the Thirty-second Mechanised Cluster approached their position.  “Contact, single Mad Dog OmniMech approaching.  I am intercepting them.”  She said pivoting her Ryoken’s stance towards the incoming Mad Dog switching her communication system to a general frequency she challenged the enemy Mech just as it walked into range of her particle cannons.  “I am Tassa Kay of the Crescent Hawks; we are loading our Isorla into the DropShips as agreed upon by our victory in the Trial of Possession.  Identify youself and the reason you are here.”  She challenged the incoming pilot.

   “I am Star Colonel Tvedten Ravenwater of Clan Hell’s Horses I declare a Trial of Refusal against the Crescent Hawks.”

   “There is no Trial of Refusal following a Trial of Possession.”  Tassa Kay said shooting down the challenge “however, I will allow you to fight in a Circle of Equals with me to show your people that you tried to win honour.”  She offered him she saw her personal radio link to Aksel Youngblood was active, he was no doubt monitoring her, but she ignored it, this was something he couldn’t understand a battle between warriors over more than possessions.

   “I accept your terms warrior; may no other enter.”

   “Seyla” Tassa said accelerating her Mech forwards she fired paired particle cannon blasts from the two torso mounted cannons.  The man-made lightning bolts crossed the distance between the two Mechs with one slamming into the Mad Dog’s right leg while the other ripped up the ground beside the Mech.  A wave of heat surged through Tassa’s cockpit as her the BattleMech’s heat sinks struggled with her weapons fire Tassa ignored the heat build up and instead turned her Mech to the right firing the Mech’s jump jets launching it into the sky just as a pair of large laser blasts slammed into her Mech’s left arm.  The heat from the lasers burned into her seventy-five-ton BattleMech’s arm but she ignored it, there were no weapons there, instead Tassa feathered the engine throttles expertly bringing the Ryoken II down with her heat now lower she fired another pair of particle cannon blasts towards the Mad Dog just as the sixty-ton Mech fired forty long range missiles back at her.

   As the flight of forty missiles flew towards her Tassa accelerated the Ryoken II into the fire closing the range between the two Mechs.  Missiles slammed against her Mech as she closed on the lighter Mad Dog at range the way the warrior had configured his BattleMech he actually outgunned her at range but as the distance closed between them the weapons would favour her.  As the range ticked down, she saw her particle cannons had recharged and she fired again at the Mad Dog just as her enemy fired his lasers again.  The armour of her Ryoken II held up under the onslaught but she was glad to see the Mad Dog’s didn’t as one of her particle cannon blasts tore through the armour covering its torso and tore the long-range missile launcher to pieces.  The Mad Dog staggered backwards with the loss of the launcher but it didn’t stop the warrior returning fire with another volley of missiles from its remaining launcher most of the missiles missed her still charging Ryoken II but a few hit their target smashing armour on her Mech’s right torso.

   “Well done” Tassa commented cutting to the right twisting the Ryoken’s waist to track her target she opened up with both medium lasers mounted there and as soon as the computer gave her a tone the twelve streak short range missiles as well.  The heat produced by these weapons was far less than her particle cannons but the damage was not the lasers burned across the Mad Dog’s armour while the streak missiles caused explosions all over the Mech’s left leg and arm which buckled and then broke the large and medium laser there hanging loose away from the OmniMech.

   Ravenwater didn’t give up his OmniMech was damaged but not out of the fight as Tassa’s Ryoken II circled he forged forwards unexpectedly and caught her slightly by surprise firing his remaining large and medium laser as well as a flight of long-range missiles into the back of her OmniMech “Stavag!”  She shouted angrily firing the Ryoken II’s jump jets she launcher her Mech into the air angling the Mech backwards the seventy-five-ton unconventionally jumped backwards.  She fought her instincts allowing the Mech to fall towards the ground she pulled the primary triggers as her Mech came towards the ground sending two particle cannons shots straight into the back of the Mad Dog.  At the same time Tassa fired her own Mech’s jump jets one last time countering the falling Mech’s trajectory keeping her Mech standing as it landed on the ground.

   The Mad Dog was not as lucky one particle cannon blast tore through the Mad Dog’s right torso vapourizing the armour there blowing through the long-range missile ammunition.  The OmniMech’s built in CASE panels blew away from the Mech channeling the blast away from critical components but the ammunition was gone.  The second blast tore straight through the back of the Mech punching straight into the OmniMech’s gyroscope destroying it as well.  Without the gyro the Mech’s fight was over and the Mad Dog fell forwards giving into the battle with gravity as it slammed into the ground disabled.  “MechWarrior Tvedten Ravenwater you are defeated in single battle, I will spare you the embarrassment of returning to your unit following the defeat by a dezgra mercenary and I claim you and your Mech as Isorla, you both belong to me until I decide if you deserve to return to MechWarrior status.”  She said opening up the communication channel once more letting the MechWarrior know his fate.  She saw that Aksel Youngblood was still waiting to speak to her.  “Go ahead Captain.”  She said, she was sure he’d be able to tell she was smiling following her personal victory.

   “Nice fight, Tassa, the Horses should have known better than to challenge a victor after their battle.”  He said she’d almost expected him to try and give her into trouble for her actions but instead he was supportive?  Perhaps the time he’d spent with the Kell Hounds and exiled Wolves had done him well, there was hope for Aksel Youngblood.  Following the end of the battle the Crescent Hawks completed their loading from Edasich Motors and left the planet soon afterwards.  The Union-class DropShip carrying the captured Summoner OmniMechs would go to Freedom while the Crescent Hawks were heading back to Galatea Station.

Meeting Room, SLSS Swartklip Major
Swartklip, Star League Protectorate
28th October 3115

   The news had filtered into Swartklip that morning that forces of the Stone Spirits had raided Elume, Kwangjong-ni, Ma’anshan and Issaba this morning.  Elume’s defenders the First Obsidian Lancers had held as had the forces hired to protect Issaba and Ma’anshan but Kwangjong had fallen to the clan raiders.  The lack of Lyran Commonwealth defenders was telling for those in the Swartklip system, which was protected by the Star League Defence Force it was also telling for representatives of Elume, Sweet Water, Canal, Tsarahaven and Howick that as they met onboard the Star League Space Station Swartklip.  This fact was further supported as during the meeting the civilian run MS Glomar Explorer, an Explorer-class Mobile Refinery run by the Belters of the Sol system, and two Monolith-class JumpShips filled with supples arrived in the Swartklip system to further support building up the world.  The presence of SLDF ground forces and naval forces in the region only added to the sense that the SLDF was supporting the worlds it protected while the Lyran Commonwealth was forgetting them.

Raid in Force
Zanzibar, Tamarind
Wolf Empire
31st October 3115

   Lasers and missiles criss-crossed the battlefield as the four Havoc BattleMechs led a group of vehicles towards in a breakout from Zanzibar spaceport.  Behind the Havocs came a group of eight Partisan AA Vehicles and a group of R10 Infantry Fighting Vehicles.  Each of the vehicles and Mechs were painted in the colours of the First Tamarind Militia as it raided the world of Tamarind taking the Wolf defenders by surprise.  The Mechs were painted mostly purple with a red sash that ran from its right shoulder down towards and over the entirety of the left leg while the vehicles were primarily purple with red turrets.  Over the days before their two combined arms battalions had been brought to the world right under the Wolves noses aboard cargo DropShips hidden within cargo containers and now they were striking out.

   The raid’s objectives were for the ground forces to break free from the spaceport and charge towards the Wolves manufacturing plant at the former Graham-Davies Manufacturing site to the north.  The aim of the raid was to destroy the facility in its entirety.

   Bursting from the spaceport short range missiles and laser fire from a pair of Havocs turned one of the sentry guard towers into a burning mess as the two light Mechs ran out.  Behind them the Partisans opened fire on the Wolves initial reaction forces which was made up of a flight of Red Kite Attack VTOLs.  The sight of the Free Worlds League designed VTOL serving Clan Wolf had angered the Tamarind troopers and now they had an opportunity to take them out, from two Partisans paired LBX-class Autocannons filled the air with flak munitions.  Each of the four Red Kites took multiple hits as the cluster munitions exploded around them immediately one of the Kites lost power to its right engine as multiple pieces of shrapnel slammed into the VTOL’s thin armour and pulverized the engine unit housed there.  As the other engine failed to compensate and the twenty-five-ton craft spun out of control to the ground slamming down hard against the tarmac it exploded.  Two of the Red Kites returned fire against the vehicles their nose mounted chemical lasers glowed momentarily as the weapons were loaded with ammunition and then they fired melting armour on a pair of Partisans below more autocannon munitions slammed into the VTOLs even as one of the Partisans exploded open its front armour completely melted away.

   From behind the Partisans a flight of long-range missiles followed by a particle cannon blast flew quickly into one of the remaining Red Kits penetrating the aircraft below and behind the forward cockpit the twin attack shattered the control section from the mid-line engine modules.  Lasers and then the roar of an Ultra-class autocannon joined the attack as a second Red Kite was torn to pieces in a hail of weapons fire from the leading purple and red coloured Anzu class BattleMech.

   The radio channels crackled open as another three sixty-ton Anzu BattleMechs joined the fire “I am Duke Robert Brett-Marik, the true Heir to Tamarind and I am here with my fellow Tamarind citizens in the First Militia to oppose Clan Wolf’s rule over our homeworld.”

   “Finally,” the voice a response came as the Free Worlds League’s sensors lit up with contacts “when the Clan Watch said that forces hostile to Clan Wolf’s rein here on Tamarind had arrived, I wished to challenge you immediately but I was cautioned not to.  Instead, we have waited for you, waited for you to display your strength and now that you have you will meet the Wolfkin Keshik in battle.  I am Galaxy Commander Herbert Kerensky and I will be your end.”  The Clan warrior laughed as a Vulture Mk III stood up from its concealed position from the Mech a point of Elementals disembarked from its hull and on either side of it nine other OmniMechs stood up each carrying a point of Elementals.  It was clear the Wolves had laid in wait for them to move and they were more than prepared for the attack.

   “We will fight for our home and we will win.”  Robert Brett-Marik said defiantly targeting the Vulture III with his particle cannon and autocannon which were in range the particle cannon had not fully charged and it sparked against the hull of the heavily armoured Clan OmniMech while the autocannon went wildly wide soaring through the sky past the Mech.  With their battle decided the Vulture III returned fire with eighty long range missiles.  The missiles arced over the battlefield and blanketed the Anzu in waves battering the heavy BattleMech in waves which exploded all over the armour and the ground beside the Mech.  Under such fire Robert struggled to keep his BattleMech standing stepping back under the waves of fire stumbling backwards the Anzu dropping to a knee.  Either side of the Anzu the other Free Worlds League troops were under heavy attack from the the other Wolf forces.  Bringing his BattleMech back up to his feet Robert saw that the Vulture III was on the move walking towards his position with more long-range missiles arcing over the battlefield towards him.  Robert braced the BattleMech for more hits and fired his own long-range missiles in return fire against the Clan Wolf OmniMech.  His ten missiles passed the eighty incoming missiles in mid-air and flew towards the Vulture III as the Mech continued to close on his position missiles rained down on his position.  A flight of long-range missiles slammed into the top of the Anzu’s head section rattling Robert Brett-Marik’s cockpit, the MechWarrior strapped into his command chair was thrown around the cockpit like a rag doll as he tried to maintain control of his under-fire machine.  “Continue to fire!  Any unit that can breakout do so and head to targeted plant!”  He ordered his troops over the roar of fire inside his cockpit “we must complete this mission or it maybe our last!”  He said defiantly at the same time he sent an encrypted message to one of the cargo DropShips located within the spaceport.  Moments later he received a message from the DropShip stating his command was understood “our friends will be here soon” he said targeting the charging Vulture III with his autocannon again explosive ammunition battered the enemy Mech with fire.

   The plan had never been for this to be a one-way mission for Robert he wished to hurt the Wolves and if possible, liberate Tamarind but there was always a plan to escape.  Just beyond Tamarind orbit the second phase of the battle began as the WarShips Sardis, Abbey and Stormos jumped into the system disgorging more than a dozen DropShips and hundreds of aerospace fighters.  The majority of the fighters, several DropShips and the WarShips Abbey and Stormos turned to engage the three Wolf Lola IV-class Destroyers which were protecting the shipyards over Tamarind.  The Impavido-class Abbey and the Monolisk-class Stormos would be outgunned by the three Wolf vessels but they had a significant advantage in small craft over the defending Wolves.  The Sardis with its lighter armour and smaller capital grade weapons arrays remained at long-range providing support and a base for the aerospace fighters to reload should they need it.

   Meanwhile several DropShips carrying two ground force regiments hard burned towards Tamarind intent on reinforcing the ground forces.  Should they be able to link up the combined firepower had a chance of liberating Tamarind from the Wolves and robbing them of their only shipyard.  Unfortunately for the Free Worlds League troops they had discounted the Wolves readiness to protect the system and from the surface rose an entire star of Isegrim-class Assault DropShips along with dozens of aerospace fighters to engage them.  In space, the upper atmosphere and on the ground, battle was engaged between the two forces.

   Fighting for his life on the ground Robert Brett-Marik cut in his Anzu’s jump jets attempting to jump over the Vulture III which had closed in on him.  He fired his autocannon as he jumped targeting the Clan Wolf Mech as he went autocannon rounds exploded all over the Vulture III.  Unfortunately for Robert the Clan warrior had at his disposal six extended range medium lasers for close in battle as the Anzu flew over the Vulture III the red laser blasts cut into and then through the knee of the Anzu shattering already damaged armour which had been pocketed by missile blasts the lasers penetrated the armour and caused the knee actuator of the Anzu to critically fail as the jumping Mech began to fall towards the ground.  As Robert Brett-Marik’s BattleMech landed the damaged knee actuator collapsed taking most of the lower leg with it the Anzu stumbled forwards and then fell crashing to the ground.

   In the cockpit of the Mech Robert Brett-Marik awoke realizing that he had been knocked out by the Anzu’s landing he immediately attempted to bring the Anzu back to its feet and turned looking for Herbert Kerensky’s Vulture III only to see the Clan OmniMech laying on the ground burning.  As he looked at the remains of the sixty-ton OmniMech he saw a group of eight Leonidas Battle Armour troops which had attacked the Vulture III when his Anzu had fallen.  “Thank you, warriors,” he said quietly as the troopers raised their arms in salute towards him, they had likely saved his life.

   Robert glanced across the battlefield and saw that several of the Wolf Mechs had fallen but so had many of his own forces.  In his thirty-seven years he had heard stories of huge battles against enemies of his home but he’d rarely been involved in battles larger than battalion strength.  Today was different he could see DropShips begin to come in for a landing several of them were heavily damaged.  Seeing the DropShips, and the condition of his own BattleMech, Robert realized that today was not the day for the liberation of Tamarind instead he’d be lucky to escape with his life.

   In orbit above the planet the WarShip Abbey exploded under fire from the remaining two Wolf Lola IV-class Destroyers.  One of the defending Clan vessels had been destroyed by massed fighter attacks but as the fighters ran low on fuel and muntions the tide of the battle had turned back towards that of the defenders.  From the ground DropShips rose from the ground fighting their way clear of the planet as they retreated enmasse from the battlefield onboard one of the DropShips Duke Robert Brett-Marik stood defeated in battle by the Wolves but still alive and ready to fight another day.

The Battle for Tamarind was over with a stalemate the Wolves continued to hold the world and its critical shipyards as well as the production facilities it had built on the surface.  The Free Worlds League forces had proven they could battle the Wolves on the surface of Tamarind but they would need more firepower before they were able to retake the planet.  As the DropShips escaped to their waiting WarShips before escaping the system ending the Free Worlds League assault on Wolf territory, until another day.  How the Wolves would react to the attack was anyone’s guess but today the battle was over.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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I wonder what transformed Burton into a-hole. His intolerance for his son is very....not cool.  Luther seems like he may go rogue or something.  Burton's disrespect to his father is even worse.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Yeah, right along the lines I was thinking too with regards to Burton.

However ... Victor abdicating only to step up as a significant official of the Protectorate isn't really cool either. Could be that Burton interprets it as a betrayal. Doesn't of course excuse his callous stance towards his son and daughter. Wonder what Stirling is thinking of this... "new" Burton?


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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 Sorry I've not replied to this in a while, superb updates, I'm waiting to see what happens on Festung Tharkad.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Sorry I've not replied to this in a while, superb updates, I'm waiting to see what happens on Festung Tharkad.

It's alright I've been too busy to write recently did a little bit of a non battletech fiction I've worked on previously otherwise proper work lol.  Hopefully soon update here
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