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Title: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 02 April 2016, 04:18:10
This is a continuation of my timeline thread which began here: (

This timeline is a thanks to everyone who has supported it, everyone who has suggested something, made a unit I really liked or created a Mech or vehicle that needed a story.  It's an Alternate Timeline that takes place across the Inner Sphere and beyond I hope you continue to enjoy it with me.

Office of Bowang, Parliament
Atreus, District of Marik
Free Worlds League
2nd March 3103

   Captain-General Joseph Marik entered the office of Prime Minister Alison Kanning he saw the older woman raise from behind the desk “please remain I don’t need you to raise for me” he said raising his hand as he approached the desk.

   “You are the Captain-General it is respectful” she said retaking her chair.

   “I wanted to thank you” Joseph said indicating to the chair across from her Kanning nodded and Joseph sat “you could have very easily blocked the bills and legislations we have passed in the last few days, the former Outer League Alliance worlds would follow your lead, but you have acted fairly in the parliament.”

   “I fully support the reformed Free Worlds League it is the very reason we sundered the Outer League Alliance because we wished a free democracy within our nation.  We wished that this Free Worlds League was what House Marik was always intended it to be.”

   “And you believe we can do that?”

   “I do, do you?”

   “If we work together then yes” Joseph said “I was surprised that Lester has been so progressive in these first few weeks.”

   “The reformed League benefits his nation as long as it continues to do that then he will continue to support it.  The Cameron-Jones family have always been supporters of the Free Worlds League when it benifitted them.  Lester like all before him will covet your position for as long as he sees it as a way to forward Regulus’ goals.”  She said she was old enough to remember the reformed Free Worlds League unlike most members of the reformed Parliament.

   “So he will likely oppose any notion of a reformed Federal Army under the authority of the Parliament and of the Captain-General.”

   “I believe he would.  I believe I would” Alison Kanning admitted “the Free Worlds Guards are spread across our nation as is your Marik Militias all former Federal troops are now part of the nation states around of the Free Worlds League or part of the SLDF.”  She pointed out “I am not sure if we need to resurrect old wounds our Districts already have significant military forces.”

   “They are just not as united as we may need them Clan Wolf is still a threat to all of us.”

   “Should the Wolves rear their head we will smack them in the mouth and have them scurrying back onto the worlds they have taken” she said with more steel than Joseph had expected. “But the Free Worlds League has not been reformed purely as a military alliance.  Before the split of the Free Worlds League we had trade, education and a production base rivalling the whole Inner Sphere.”  She said she saw Joseph smile at the images she had suggested “we should rebuild these attributes as quickly as making Clan Wolf scared of our worlds.”  She said watching Joseph Marik’s reactions for a moment “there’s hope for you yet my young sire.”  He looked at her a question on his face “you’ve thought about each one of my points already I can see your thoughts and dreams played in your eyes” she said “the only one you didn’t think was completely realistic was making the Wolf afraid.  It’s good you are thinking like a Captain-General should about his people.”

   “I’m only thinking that way because the leaders of the Free Worlds League are keeping me on the right course.”

   “Flattery to an old woman” she said rising from her chair “if I were twenty years younger your young wife would be in trouble.”  She joked heading over to a small stand with refreshments.  “It will be a long road perhaps I will see some of it.”

   “A long road that the Free Worlds League will walk together” Joseph agreed “all of us.”  He said Alison Kanning glanced over at the Captain-General and smiled.

   “Time is a fickle thing, my young sire, make sure you make the most out of life while you can.”  She said pouring her drink she offered Joseph a drink but he shook his head declining “you blink your eyes and it is all gone.”

   “It has been quite a blink you have experienced” Joseph said “the Independence of Bowang, the Trade Sphere, the Outer League Alliance and now a reformed Free Worlds League.  Many would pay a great deal for half of that journey.”

   “Yes it has” she agreed “and now House Marik” she said raising her glass towards Joseph “is united once more.  Once more on par with the other Succession States.”

   “We have to prove that we can stand with them” Joseph said

   “We will together” Alison Kanning said finally Joseph half bowed his head in agreement with the Bowang Districts leader confident that his nation was on the right track forward.

Product demonstrations
Draconis Combine/Free Worlds League
17th March 3103

   After spending years developing new technology for use in Land Air Mechs the companies of Gilmour MilTech and LexaTech Industries introduce new production variants of the Yurei LAM and Screamer LAM using new technology adding them to other produced units.  The two companies also debut the Pwwka LAM a new thirty ton design using an extra-light gyro and four Extended Range Medium Lasers.

Like previous products the new Land Air Mech designs are all offered to anyone who can pay the price the two companies ask for them.  The majority of Gilmour's products continue to go to the SLDF and mercenaries aligned with them while ninety percent of LexaTech's products go to the DCMS.

Border Deployment
Filtvelt, Filtvelt Coalition
20th March 3103

   “In response to the recent aggression from Clan Nova Cat Filtvelt welcomes assistance from the Federated Suns.”  Marquees Helen Tremealeau, the leader of Filtvelt and its Coalition, announced in the message that would be transmitted to Filtvelt and to the other worlds of the nation.  “The Federated Suns has agreed to help defend our soil from this aggression and has agreed to leave when the time comes.”  She said she barely believed the words she had spoken it had taken decades for the Filtvelt to gain its independence from the Federated Suns and it was unlikely that it would happen again.  Twenty-three years ago she had spoken to First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion about Filtvelt’s desire to remain independent it felt like a lifetime ago.  “The people of Filtvelt are a proud one we have survived threats to our world before and we will survive this new unpleasentness.”  On Filtvelt the First and Second Tikonov Cossacks RCTs and three regiment-sized mercenary regiments including the Wild Geese would help secure their world while the FSS Filtvelt, a Hound-class Corvette, would assist in the defence of their JumpShips and shuttles.

Territorial Exchange
Clan Occupation Zones
21st March 3103

With an expanding frontier with the Lyran Commonwealth the Hell’s Horses turn control over the Malibu, Derf, Winfeld, Persistance, Steelton and Toland systems over to the control of Clan Sea Fox.  In exchange the Hell’s Horses gain BattleMechs, Armour and Battle Armour suits to outfit two full Clusters and the control over three WarShips, two newly built ships and a newly built Jade Lion-class Battle-cruiser.  The Sea Foxes also agree to trade Harjel to the Hell’s Horses at a cheeper price than normal to keep the Clan’s military machine at supplied longer.  With control over all the systems between Twycross and the periphery Clan Sea Fox is able to move supplies between their Inner Sphere worlds and the Chainelane Isles without interference.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 02 April 2016, 04:24:55
Since the last thread had reached page 50 I want to just answer a couple of points from the previous update.

Wrangler - Lester Cameron-Jones is nothing like the canon one in this AU.  He currently sees the reformed FWL as something that will benefit him and his nation although that might not always be the case.  His nation is also completely surrounded by the other states at the moment so not rejoining would have been a bad call.

marauder648 - just how far the Jade Falcons have pushed themselves will be revealed shortly

Rainbow 6 - the Lyran Commonwealth and friends on the offensive  >:D now who would have ever thought....
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Sharpnel on 02 April 2016, 04:57:51
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Wrangler on 02 April 2016, 09:02:34
Nice update!
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Post by: truetanker on 02 April 2016, 19:59:27
Taggity tag.

Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 02 April 2016, 20:25:56
It's good to see you have reached your second thread. O0
Noticed that the FS sent merc's to help Filtvelt not house troops, smart move.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 02 April 2016, 20:41:52
It's good to see you have reached your second thread. O0
Noticed that the FS sent merc's to help Filtvelt not house troops, smart move.

Took a while getting there

They actually sent both the Tikonov Cossacks Brigade are house troops of the AFFS based in the Crucis March primarily.  They along with the New Avalon Guards have largely replaced the defunct Avalon Hussars

I really need to get back to working on the House/Clan unit listings  :-[
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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I really need to get back to working on the House/Clan unit listings  :-[

 Dragon Cat [whipit]  >:D

TT  O:-)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: David CGB on 02 April 2016, 21:05:34
It's good to see you have reached your second thread. O0
Noticed that the FS sent merc's to help Filtvelt not house troops, smart move.
merc's are much better then house units for a large amount of reasons
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Sharpnel on 03 April 2016, 00:36:21
Merc are expendable assets, much mores than House units.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 03 April 2016, 01:59:11
A quick question Dragon Cat, the Warship the Lyran's lost recently to the Falcons, what class was she, an Avalon right?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Rainbow 6 on 03 April 2016, 02:48:53
Merc are expendable assets, much mores than House units.

The Mercs in question may disagree with that statement.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 03 April 2016, 03:33:48
Dragon Cat [whipit]  >:D

TT  O:-)


A quick question Dragon Cat, the Warship the Lyran's lost recently to the Falcons, what class was she, an Avalon right?

I'm going to answer now since I haven't even started the next update and will be a few days to sort it out at least.

If you mean the LCS Nondi Steiner no she was a Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser.  The only Avalon the Lyrans had was a modified ship known as the Archon's Pride and she got blown to pieces by the Jade Falcons 3 years ago (in the timeline).
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 03 April 2016, 03:46:26

I'm going to answer now since I haven't even started the next update and will be a few days to sort it out at least.

If you mean the LCS Nondi Steiner no she was a Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser.  The only Avalon the Lyrans had was a modified ship known as the Archon's Pride and she got blown to pieces by the Jade Falcons 3 years ago (in the timeline).

Ahh got ya and dang it! :p Just sent ya a thing for your perusal that kinda is invalidated now :P
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Post by: Shadow_Wraith on 03 April 2016, 17:59:48
 ;D nice update!  Its nice to see the new FWL and for now a nice political cooperation.  The Clans also cooperating in their own way.  Hmm...  wonder what innersphere shattering event you have coming up?   Keep it up!
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 05 April 2016, 06:52:07
My thanks to marauder648 for deciding the fate of New Extford with an excellent battle-story.  Hope you enjoy April 3103

AFFS Command
District City, Kathil
Capellan March, Federated Suns
16th April 3103

   Colonel Richard Steiner stepped into the AFFS Command Centre on Kathil this place was familiar to him, but it was not like his regiment… like his regiment had been he thought, even as he thought of what had happened to the First Kathil Uhlans his wounds ached.  Under his duty uniform his right arm and the upper right quarter of his chest and lower neck were heavily bandaged from the burns he had sustained on Verlo.

Each time he closed his eyes Richard was back on that damned planet, that night, in the early hours of the morning a firebomb had ripped through the Uhlans base camp shocking their command.  Richard still had no idea how it had happened but he and roughly half of the unit had been inside the barracks when the bombs had gone off, thirty-two MechWarriors had died in the resulting fire before they’d even made it to their Mechs.

   Suffering from burns Richard had made it to his Templar OmniMech the ice in his coolant vest had aggravated but also calmed the pain from his burns.  The Kathil Uhlans had been under heavy attack on the ground from at least two Capellan Confederation Warrior Houses.  Richard had marshaled his remaining forces ordering his warriors to retreat to their DropShips and escape the planet.  For eight hours he had fought against the Capellans and watched three regiments of his support troops sacrifice themselves before evacuating with less than a combined arms regiment into three DropShips.

Even as he hung in his OmniMech Richard had found no respite their DropShips had been assaulted by the Hell’s Black Angels Aerospace Unit.  The Capellan fighters had dived on the retreating DropShips intent on wiping out the Kathil Uhlans.  Richard had missed the resulting battle passing out in his BattleMech as he finally blacked out from the pain caused by his wounds.  He’d watched the reruns of their escape the arrival of their WarShip the FSS Ellen Davion, a Davion III-class Destroyer, which had made an intersystem jump most likely breaking its KF Drive to do it.  The Ellen Davion had dived into the battle slashing at the Hell’s Black Angels DropShips.  Undeterred the Capellan Aerospace forces had turned on the single destroyer punching through its defences causing heavy damage in several obviously practiced runs then finally almost in one final attack the Capellans had struck the Ellen Davion with a nuclear-tipped anti-ship missile consuming the half a million ton vessel in a blinding flash.  The attack had blinded the Uhlans but it had also affected the Hell’s Black Angels sensors allowing the DropShips to escape.

Now on Kathil the remains of the Uhlans would begin the long process of rebuilding.  Richard Steiner while still the Regiment commander would be sidelined for at least six months due to his burn injuries instead of commanding his unit he would be working from the Command Centre on Kathil.  That wasn’t to say he wouldn’t be busy the attack on Verlo had been the Capellan’s most successful but it hadn’t been the only one they’d attacked Victoria, Menke, Mitchell, Jonzac and Sidar while the Taurian Concordat had joined them assault MacLeod’s Land and Laconis along their shared border.  From what Richard had understood the AFFS was holding the Capellans on Victoria and Sirdar.  While Mitchell, Menke, Jonzac and Verlo were confirmed to have fallen both worlds targeted by the Taurians had been abandoned by the AFFS with their troops moved to other areas.

Richard approached the main tactical table which showed a map of the Federated Suns and most importantly the Capellan March.  Standing around the table was Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek, possibly the oldest warrior in AFFS service, despite his age the years did not show on him today the Field Marshal of the Capellan March was in his element directing the Capellan March in a war.  “Reporting as ordered Field Marshal” Richard said the old man looked over at him and smiled he was Kym Hasek’s uncle and they knew each other well.

“Welcome back to Kathil Colonel”

“Thank you” Richard said “what’s our status sir?”

“OPERATION DOWNFALL is in effect.”  Nathaniel said naming of of the Federated Suns Counter-attack strategies.  “Units based off St Ives had successes on Brighton and Taga.  While reinforcements are being routed to Sirdar and Victoria” he said Richard flinched his wife Duchess Kym Hasek was on her way to Victoria with Federated Suns Naval forces.  “The New Hessen Mercenary Regiments have launched an attack on Ningpo and Algol” Nathaniel said as further worlds lit up “while Jaylen Davion has forced her way onto Grand Base with the First St Ives Lancers” the Field Marshal said with a predatory grin.  “The Capellans were not expecting the whole March to rise against them.”  He said triumphantly as a support officer entered handing Richard an information pad he quickly looked over it.

“Or perhaps they did.”  He said connecting the pad to the main computer screen the map updated “secondary attacks from the Capellans.  Sirdar has fallen the Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT are no more while Foundation Industries WarShip Vidar has been destroyed.”  He said naming the independent Riga-class WarShip registered as a mercenary unit by the company.  “Secondary Capellan and Taurian strikes have struck Broden, Columbine, Vard, Pojo, Muridox and Larsha.”

“So the battle is joined” Nathaniel Hasek said his predatory smile never dropping once, he didn't know the Taurian motivation but they'd pay the price too, “shall we see how well the Capellans dance Colonel?”

“As long as we start with the easy steps, sir” Richard joked thinking of his arm and back.

“Every step with a Capellan is an easy one you just aim for the bastard’s toes” Nathaniel said laughing looking up at the map their long peace with the Capellans was over his final campaign had begun.

Battle for New Extford
New Extford
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
20th April 3103

The SLS Firedrake’s engines rumbled slightly as she burned towards New Extford, a world that had been under Jade Falcon occupation for too long.  Her CiC was quiet, crew quietly muttering orders into their mics as the Patriot class heavy cruiser went to battle. 

“Sir Captain Moore on the Marshal Ney reports that the screen is in position.”

“Thank you, CAG?”

“All our birds are in the black Sir, the assault forces have their own organic cover and the Otaka’s going to stay with them in case the Clan dropper’s break off and make a run for them.”

“Excellent. Comms.  Give Captain Tanaka my regards, tell her that she may engage as needed and she does not have to conform to the maneuvers of the flagship.”

That had been a serious risk, the Otaka was a capable warship but against a battle-cruiser she was out of her league, still the Clan group appeared to be sticking in close formation, their four DropShips leading the way whilst their fighters had yet to launch.

“What do we have on the Jade Lion?”

“Not much Sir, the Foxes are not talking about them but she’s reading basically as a modified Black Lion.

Captain Kurt Thobal nodded, looking at the sensor display and the long range cameras that were locked onto the distant Falcon Warships, back lit by the blue and green of the world they were defending.

He had the superior force, even if the enemy capital ship out massed both of his vessels, they had more fighters, more and he was sure better assault DropShips.  But his fighters were spread between his group and the assault force carrying SLDF's Second Division, Third Brigade, The Crater Cobras and the Second Dismal Disinherited Regiment to the planet.

The fact that there were Mercs present had gotten the Falcons backs right up, a request for a bid had been met with static as the Clan force broke orbit and moved out.  But they had not gone hell for leather for the vulnerable JumpShips and their precious cargo, but for the obvious challenge of the WarShips escorting them.

“Sir! Enemy craft are launching fighters!”

“Get me an ID on the type.”

“Reading…10 Scytha and 10 Hydaspes from the Jade Lion and..Carrier’s launching…reading them as Avar’s Sir!”

There were some mutters on the bridge, Clan Sea Fox had been producing the Hydaspes en mass and had found a ready market with the other Clans who were snapping them up as soon as they were produced. 


“We can handle that, we’ll have Gold Group engage the Scytha’s and just pick the rest off.”

“Signal the escort group, they are weapons free to engage targets of opportunity, but they will concentrate fire when I say.”

“Weapons, spin up the missiles, conventional warheads only, release of Special Weapons is not authorized.”

“Aye Sir! Spinning up the birds now!”

Whilst it took a few words and a series of computer commands the results were far more impressive. 

Hatches along the cruisers bow and forward flanks popped open as multi-tonne missiles were fed into the launch tubes from their rotary ammunition holders. Each missile came to life in a heartbeat, its computer talking with the cruisers, feeding it targeting data, range, speed, predicted course.

Two hoses connected, the hydrogen slush fuel pumps pouring thousands of gallons of the freezing cold liquid into the missiles tanks in the space of a few seconds.

“Data link is good, all missiles fulled and ready to fire.”

“Excellent, link targeting data with the escorts.”

“Data coming through now.”

“Very good. Open fire!”

A simple press of a button was all it took.  Each launch tube was lined with electro-magnets that would give the multi-tonne weapon a push out of the tube, thrusters flashed on the Killer Whale missiles sides to turn them towards the target as they drifted a dozen feet from their mothership before their rockets ignited, pushing them to full speed in a few seconds, their motors leaving behind a faint grey trail of ‘smoke’ from their spent fuel.

“Missiles away! Reloading now, all birds running hot, no malfunctions!  Four minutes until DropShip screen!”

The escorting Overlord A3’s Churchill and Alexander added to the barrage as did the Legacy of Fire; an impressive looking Nekohono’o.

Thousands of kilometers ahead the missiles raced on, their data feed overriding their LADAR and Radar, focusing on the mass of the Jade Falcon their path taking them over the dropship screen before the Clan Warship.

As the range dropped the escorts immediately opened fire with a blizzard of anti-missile fire, whilst the swift and agile Avar’s dove on the missiles.

“Nine missiles destroyed sir; one is reading a…make that ten, destroyed, and they are through the screen.”

Now it was up to the Jade Lion’s defenses and they didn’t disappoint.  Of the 21 missiles launched, only three survived to impact with the Clan Warship’s hull, Buckling but not breaching the hull in brief flashes of fire.

“Ready to fire again Sir!”

“Fire, target the escort group, we won’t get through those defenses with all them in the way.”

“Sir! Missiles launched from the Jade Lion no radiological alarm.”

The Captain nodded, even the Clanner’s didn’t want to let that gene out of the bottle.

“Fire the screen launcher, and weapons free on point defenses!”

“Aye Sir! Sir! Enemy missiles are actively pinging the Alexander!”

Captain Thobal bit back a curse, the Overlord A3’s lacked an AMS of their own and despite their missile heavy armament and they were also vulnerable to missiles themselves.

“Signal the Alexander and have her move closer so she is shielded by our AMS and I want a screen deployed now!”

The Screen launcher system ‘fired’ a heavy canister into space, it split open like a blossoming flower, filling the space calculated that the hostile missiles would go through with decoys, electronic jammers, chaff and other still classified devices, all working to jam, confuse and entice the inbound missiles.  Six of the Clan’s missiles fell for the decoys and electronic sirens, their on-board systems registering a massive target that filled their radar ‘eyes’ and made their computer brains register they had found their target.  Bright flashes of detonations bloomed in the darkness of space but two missiles kept going, both slightly below the main flight and slightly astern, their radar seekers firmly locked on the return they were getting from the Alexander, their heat seeker heads reading the thermal bloom of its thrusters. 

One missile never made it, cut in half by a long blurt of AMS fire at extreme range but the final missile kept going, completing its one service for Clan Jade Falcon as the pointed head of the missile rammed into the Overlord A3 at Mach 10.

Even as it was crushed into oblivion the fuse activated and the missile detonated, the huge shaped charge detonating, venting its fury against the Overlord’s hull as it and the remaining fuel detonated in a blinding flash. 

“Damage report from the Alexander, one of their AR-10 tubes is jammed shut, the hull is buckled and ‘we have a new porthole in the upper starboard side’, no fires reported and she is holding position.”

“Very good, keep firing!”

As the range dropped the weapons fire picked up.  The Carrier class DropShip Argus was ripped in half by a quartet of missile strikes that set off her fuel tank whilst the Claymore Tegetthoff, was dropping back, her hull breached and heavily damaged by a missile strike.  The Aerospace fighters on both sides rolled in to engage as the surviving trio of Clan assault DropShips, a pair of Eisigrim’s and a Noruff went to full thrust and began engaging the SLDF’s ships. 

“Sir…” The comm’s officer stopped his report as the ship rocked slightly as a PPC burst melted hull armour.

“The Otaka reports that the DropShips are entering the atmosphere and she is en-route to our location.”

“Understood, guns keep targeting the Jade Lion and keep firing!”

The blackness of space was light up by brief puffs of exploding missiles and long jagged lines of laser light.  Outnumbered the Jade Falcon assault DropShips clung together in a group, their interlinked AMS cutting down most of the missiles directed their way, but even then they were taking damage.  But giving it too. The trio rolled, burning retro’s hard, catching the Arondight Marshal Ney flat footed and a volley of missiles at no more than a few dozen miles, point blank in space terms saw the big assault DropShip burst like an over inflated balloon.  She was joined in death moments later when the Noruff Daughter of the Tempest was hit hard by a pair of Kraken-T missiles, the ship rolling bow over stern in an unrecoverable dive that saw the G-force spiraling wildly before the ship ripped itself apart, spilling metal and its crew across the battlefield.

With her escorts being overwhelmed the Jade Lion altered her course, rolling to present her guns not to the Firedrake but the onrushing assault DropShips and Otaka.

The Combine built ship’s weapons were spitting as soon as they charged or reloaded, massed batteries of PPCs, gouging into the Isegrim Honour and setting her aflame as her ATM ammo in the wing detonated.  A NAC round slammed hard into the Jade Lion’s side, smashing a turret into ruin before the Clan warship completed her roll and opened fire.

The Izuma II was a capable warship, fast, well-armed and heavily protected for a ship its size, but she was still only a corvette.

At short range the guns of the Jade Lion hammered into the Otaka the impacts physically knocking the smaller ship aside before something was hit.  One of the Otaka’s autocannon’s took a hit a moment before it fired. The gun, the shell and propellant all detonated in a thundering flash of heat and supersonic fragments.  Bulkheads activated but the force of the blast was too great, the explosion ripping into the read to use shells which detonated moments later.  The explosion gutted the forward port side of the corvette and she rolled debris and ribbons of fire streaming from her hull like blood from a wound as her damage control parties worked to save the ship.

But despite this success the Jade Lion was hurting, weapons had been disabled, there was fire on several decks and her support was almost gone.

“Sir! She’s running!”

“Thank god…what is our status?”

“We’ve compartments open to space, the fire on the port side is out, but the secondary reactor’s murmuring.  Department heads reporting casualties twenty-four confirmed dead, at least sixteen crew reported missing and numerous injuries.”  They’d been hurt but they were still going.

“Land forces?”

“They are away and deploying, reporting heavy contact.”

“Understood… give that Clan bastard a few more missile volley’s to keep her honest and then stand down, recover our fighters and look for any life pods.”

The fighting on New Extford was bloody almost from the start.  The two Clusters almost ignored the SLDF regiment and instead threw themselves in a fury at the Second Dismal Disinherited Regiment, leaving only a thin screen to harass the Crater Cobra’s as they made their advance.
At first it seemed that the Clan’s would overrun the landing zone but frantic calls for air support yielded success and the tattered remnants of Gold Flight, one made purely of Eisensturm assault fighters dove through the atmosphere, strafing and bombing the Clan forces even as the Crater Cobra’s slammed into their exposed flank. 

Pushed back the Clusters withdrew in an orderly fashion behind a suicidal rear-guard but under constant air attack and with the SLDF forces holding onto their tail the Clanner’s didn’t have time to regroup or re-arm.  With both clusters reduced to below 50% their surviving officer requested Hegira.  The mauled remnants of the Dismal Disinherited were at first unwilling to grant this but the SLDF commander on the ground, seeing that the Falcons had backed into very defensible terrain realized that crushing the Clan forces would take time and cost too much blood and accepted.

Colonel Nakambe watched the Clan forces pull back, they were all damaged, all showing signs of the hard but honourable battle they had fought.  Their blind fury against the Mercs had saved his command from too many casualties but still, there were many Mech’s that required hours of work whilst the Dismal were just that, in a dismal state, battered and exhausted with three dropships crippled on the ground, one fatally when a crazed Turkina had stormed up a disembarking ramp and opened fire inside.  The detonating supplies and ammo had pulped the Mech but the Overlord he’d boarded would never fly again.

“Send word to the fleet, they can contact command and say that New Extford once again belongs to the Lyrans.”  While victory had come at a cost at New Extford Kandersteg and Atocongo had fallen to combined SLDF/LCAF forces with far less casualties and damage.  In both the Timkovichi and Santana systems the Inner Sphere liberation forces had been stopped dead by the Jade Falcons.

   Clan Jade Falcon’s leadership realize that they have over extended themselves and are unable to fight off the Inner Sphere forces.  The Jade Falcon Khans call their garrison forces from their periphery holdings effectively abandoning them to the wilds of the periphery.  They also allow the Sea Foxes to trial for five additional worlds adjacent to those that the Sea Foxes had seized from the Hell’s Horses freeing up additional Jade Falcon garrison forces for use elsewhere in their Occupation Zone.  With recent territory increases the Sea Foxes find that their Clan Touman is over extended and are unable to heavily garrison their planets the trader Clan finds that they do not need to secure their worlds as heavily as the Jade Falcons or Wolves instead allowing their newly acquired planets a little autonomy.

Holding Area, Razor Teeth (Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser)
Arcadia, Wolf Empire
24th April 3103

   Along with nearly her whole company Captain Dana Carlyle sat cross legged on the floor on the gravity deck on board the Razor Teeth.  Her battle armour team had been ambushed by a group of Clan Wolf Elementals that had raided Rahne striking at the Gray Death Legion.  She’d been knocked out in the opening Wolf short range missile salvo and missed nearly the entire battle only coming to as the survivors of her company were forced into the Wolf DropShip and taken off planet.  They’d all been informed they were now bondsmen of Clan Wolf.  As she sat on the deck Dana focused on the floor she should have remained a doctor she had no right being here she thought as a pair of Wolf boots stepped in front of her.  Dana looked up at the massive mountain of flesh and muscle in front of her “I am Star Captain Franklin Shaw you are my bondsmen” he said in a deep voice Dana did not move “come with me” he said still she didn’t move in one rapid movement Shaw yanked her up onto her feet.  Around her several Legionaries raised with her Shaw moved faster than she had ever seen anyone move before rapidly striking three of her warriors with rapid jabs and kicks knocking them down.

   “NO!” Dana shouted “I’ll come don’t hurt them any further” she demanded immediately Shaw rounded on her with a back handed slap that knocked a tooth from her mouth.

   “First rule of being a Wolf speak properly” he demanded as she looked back at him defiantly.  He then took a step closer “second rule never make another demand on me.”  He ordered “now follow me.”  He said walking out of the room Dana glanced at the other warriors of the her company one last time before being led away and into another room.  This room was different from the other instead of an open space instead there were tables and a large viewscreen on the wall showing another WarShip “you will be transferred on board the Provider.”  He said

   “What will I do there?”

   “The Provider is our science vessel you will work with our scientists there.”  He said his voice softer now no longer speaking as the Wolf warrior.

   “I am a warrior” she protested

   “But you were trained as a scientist on Terra” Shaw replied “the Wolves can use scientists more than another battle armour operator” he said. “The Provider will be your home for a time we were forced to move our scientists on board the WarShip due to problems with some locals but you will be safe there.”  He promised her Dana looked at the WarShip on the screen thinking that perhaps finally she would do what she had wanted to do, what she’d been trained to do even if it was for the Wolves perhaps this was her path.
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Dana on a interesting journey.  Naval Battles were nice read, thank you Dragon Cat.
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 O0 Nice update!
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Great update Dragoncat and i'm honoured you included my part :)
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Thirtieth Star League Games, Aniversary Event
Solaris VII, Star League Protectorate
Lyran Commonwealth
1st May 3103

   The Thirtieth Star League Games begins with Special Anniversary Event on Solaris VII to celebrate thirty years of the Star League Games and forty-five years of the Second Star League before the beginning of the main event.  Each nation that has contributed to the Star League Games sends a company or trinary to the event which is paraded in front of the viewing crowds.  Following this parade many of the participants in the parade have to be kept apart by the SLDF garrison although no shots are fired between the opposing sides tension remains high.  Even as the Star League Games take place the SLDF’s First ComGuard Regimental Brigade remains on guard ensuring no fighting breaks out.

   The crowd inside the Star League Stadium know little of what’s going on outside instead they enjoy the martial display put on by the dueling MechWarriors.  Fighting inside MechWarrior Vanessa Lexington, of the Lexington Lance Mercenary Command, wins the event piloting her father’s customized Crusader BattleMech.  Hours later Lexington’s Lance begins a contract off Solaris VII with the Draconis Combine.

Naval Battle
Victoria, Zilang PDZ
Capellan March, Federated Suns
12th May 3103

   Breathing deeply into her air mask Duchess Kym Hasek looked out at the incoming Capellan aerospace fighters; assault DropShips and the WarShip CCSS Zhoushan, a Wudang Jian-class Frigate.  Glancing out each side of her cockpit window Kym saw the rest of her squadron of Dagger OmniFighters forming up “all right boys and girls we’re going in you all know the drill we hit the fighters and DropShips and clear the way for the Charles Davion to cause some damage.”

   “It’s a shame the Black Prince is at the Nadir point she can cause some real damage!”  Jimmy Burke called out

   “The Charles Davion will cause plenty damage all by herself if we open the door for them” Kym said as the Capellans charged forward so did the AFFS forces.  “Dive and attack Razors on me!”  She called out using her squadron’s unofficial nickname the fighters turned on a Capellans.  The Razors’ Dagger OmniFighters were both faster and more maneuverable than the attackers but the attackers were more numerous and had heavier armour.  Moving in behind a pair of ancient Transit fighters Kym unleashed her fighter’s rotary autocannon peppering the rear of the Capellan craft tearing into the armour between the twin engine nacelles of the fighter focused on her target Kym followed up on her attack by firing her lasers into the Transit exploiting the damage made by her autocannon tearing open the rear of the fighter.  As she banked to the left she saw two other Transits burst into flames but the Capellans did not stop instead they continued forward straight at an AFFS Avenger DropShip.  The remaining three fighters in the squadron opened fire with their guns hitting the Avenger with three massive long tom cannons.

   Even as she turned her Dagger for another pass against the Transits she saw the front of the DropShip peel open as the rounds and the follow up laser fire tore open the hull.  The DropShip dived out of the formation still under control but likely out of this fight its attackers, the Transit fighters, continued forward towards the Charles Davion behind them a second squadron of Transits followed through the hole created by the departed Avenger.  “They’re going for the destroyer burn these Transits!”  Kym ordered opening fire with her rotary autocannon on fully automatic fire tearing open another Transit fighter as it passed by her if the Capellan craft had targeted her instead of focusing on the Davion III behind her it probably could have probably destroyed her OmniFighter.  “This is a suicide run…” she thought glancing at her sensors she saw that the Capellan WarShip had remained back trading long range shots with the Charles Davion as the AFFS destroyer advanced.  Ahead the first Transits had reached their target pummeling the Charles Davion with point blank long tom fire.  The damage did not penetrate the hull of the destroyer but it left nasty scars along her port side the destroyers own weapons cut another fighter out of space even as they turned away.  The second squadron of Transits caught between Kym’s fighters and the Charles Davion opened fire on the destroyer as soon as they were able Kym saw a flash of light as the four remaining fighters launched a volley of anti-ship missiles carried along their bellies.  Kym hated bombing practice the weight of the weapons slowed her fighter’s response time but these Transits would have barely noticed, they were like flying bricks on the best of days, “Charles Davion, Charles Davion, you have a volley of missiles inbound!”  She shouted an unnecessary warning the five hundred-and-twenty thousand ton vessel had more tonnage dedicated to its sensors than the weight of her fighter.

   The Capellans it appeared had prepared for the Charles Davion’s sensors, and its defences, moments after the launch of the missiles Kym’s sensors were flooded with missile contacts “what the hell?”  She said seeing no further missiles launched from the Transits which were falling to her squadron’s guns.  Ahead of them the Charles Davion’s sensors had detected the same hoard of missiles approaching as Kym’s Dagger had and its anti-missile systems had activated lighting up the Davion III against space the close-in protective cannons spat hundreds of bullets into space attempting to knock the fake missile contacts off target.  Two of the real missiles were struck by the flak fire in moments the amount of missiles was dramatically cut down but it was too late the remaining missiles struck the hull of the WarShip blowing holes in the armour.  A Davion III was designed to take the sort of punishment the Capellans were subjecting it to but not what came in the last missile as it struck the destroyer the missiles nuclear warhead exploded for a moment Kym’s eyes and sensors were blinded by the blast from the missile but as her vision returned Kym could see the result the FSS Charles Davion which had stood proudly a moment before was no more than a burning hulk its hull decompressing as fire tore through what remained.  Kym thought she saw an escape pod jettison from the hull but she couldn’t be sure and there was nothing she could do for those sailors.  “Break it off!”  She ordered her remaining fighters on her sensors she could see more of the Capellans were approaching their position “all remaining fighters and DropShips this is Captain Kym Hasek I’m taking command of all remaining forces” without the Charles Davion to coordinate them they’d be in trouble against the Capellan WarShip at least until the Black Prince could transit from the jump point.  “The Capellans have won this round, turn for Victoria; we’ll fight them from the ground!”  She she said pulling her fighter away from the incoming Capellan WarShip she hoped that her fighters could reach the planet before the massive frigate and she hoped that the FSS Black Prince didn’t take too long getting back to the planet.

   As the Capellans closed on Victoria around the system more Capellan forces moved in capturing the systems of Quirnberton and Fraser as the noose closed around the former Capellan Commonality Capital.  Still supporting the Capellans the Taurian Concordat landed forces on the planet of Zanzibar causing more trouble for the AFFS.

Public Announcement, Lyran Commonwealth Birthplace
Arcturus, Arc Royal Theatre
Donegal Province, Lyran Commonwealth
18th May 3103

   The leader of the Lyran Commonwealth of Archon Jessica Steiner to a podium in front of the Lyran Commonwealth’s birthplace on the Chadrik continent of Arcturus, capital of the Lyran Commonwealth.  “Ladies and gentlemen today I speak to you as a proud member of this Commonwealth our military forces in conjunction with the Korbin’s Kommandos mercenary command the final known cell of the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus based on Carlisle.  Their leader Mason Whyle was captured alive as was Lindon Ashley, the leader of Democracy Now, these threats to our Commonwealth have been stopped by the dedicated work of our people and our allies.”  She said glancing down “these criminals will be tried in our courts of law and if found guilty will be sentenced by the people who have been harmed by they actions.”  She said the gathered crowd applauded politely.  “Today I am also announcing that I have decided that I will be stepping down as an active member of the Lyran Commonwealth Navy, a part of me will also remain with those stars, but my heart has other priorities” she said as the camera panned back it showed the Archon’s growing baby bump “thank you ladies and gentlemen.”  She said and the camera was allowed to a fade to black.

Bounty Hunt
Trace, Periphery
29th May 3103

Moving his Marauder II over the plain the Bounty Hunter looked at his Heads Up Display (HUD) his target was in sight.  Three days ago the Free Worlds’s League hired Bounty Hunter supported by the Miller’s Mailed Fist and The Thunder Road Mercenary Battalions had landed on the independent periphery world named Thrace.  The two mercenary units had moved quickly against the pirate forces overwhelming them leaving their commander, who had run at the first sign of major attack, for the Bounty Hunter.  Moving forward flanked by a modified Mauler and an Ebon Jaguar the Bounty Hunter raised his Mech’s heavy arms striking out at the pirate known as Hal the Hammer.  Hal piloted a Warhammer BattleMech the classic heavy design of any self respecting MechWarrior with heavy particle cannons, lasers, short range missiles and machine guns.

With his own heavier particle cannons the Bounty Hunter showed the would be pirate king what it meant to have a real BattleMech his Marauder II had long ago been rebuilt with Clan technology and it was more than a match for the old Warhammer.  He concentrated on the Mech’s legs burning away armour mounted there the Bounty Hunter immediately followed up with a gauss rifle shot which smashed the remaining armour there and crushed the knee joint on the left leg.  With a massive amount of armour loss the Warhammer stumbled forward down onto a single knee.  Inside his enclosed helmet the Bounty Hunter smiled impressed that the pilot had kept the Mech off its back.  Raising again to its feet the Warhammer returned fire with both PPCs one went high the other slammed into the Marauder II’s right leg glancing at the damage statistic Christopher almost laughed barely half a ton armour little else.  “You shouldn’t fight battles you can’t win” he said firing both particle cannons again targeting the same left leg this time both particle cannons burned through the limb severing it above the knee as the seventy ton Mech fell forward it slammed a particle cannon into the ground to stop it falling on its face.  Amazingly the pilot was still able to raise his other arm and fire another shot at the Bounty Hunter’s Marauder II the man-made lightning bolt flew over his cockpit.  “Stand down” he called out looking down at the prone BattleMech.

“Screw you” the pirate spat back firing another particle shot catching the Bounty Hunter’s Mech on the upper torso.

“Not today” Christopher said targeting the Warhammer’s remaining arm with both particle cannons and his gauss rifle.  All three weapons bore through the Warhammer’s armour boring into the Mech’s shoulder and torso smashing the joint and the arm.  Under the damage the limb collapsed and without it to prop up the Warhammer the seventy ton Mech fell onto its face unable to move.  “You’re going to face who you have harmed” he said.

Hours later the infantry forces attached to The Thunder Road dug Hal the Hammer out of his BattleMech the pilot had committed suicide in his cockpit instead of facing those who he had harmed.  Regardless the Christopher Grant’s mission was complete, he’d be paid, his first payment as the Bounty Hunter.
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Nice.  While I'm not a big fan of the bounty hunter I like the stories you add in.  Its better then just seeing the stuff in some timeline.
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Nice update, good to see the Mailed Fist are now working in the reborn FWL  O0
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Just as well I designed the Mercury class to take a licking and keep on ticking if the Copies are breaking out the fireworks.
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An excellent update! :) A vicious battle between the AFFS and CapCon and the new Bounty Hunter scores his first legit job, excellent stuff!
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Woooh! Thunder Road Mercenary company rides again! 

So the Lady Bounty Hunter retired, giving the title to Christopher?

Capellans got lucky in their fight with Davions, so it looks like the making of interesting fight. 

Thanks for the update, DragonCat!
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Strategy Meeting, AFFS Command
Kathil, Kathil PDZ
Capellan March, Federated Suns
9th June 3103

   Around the room AFFS commanders sat and argued their strategies they were using against the Capellan Confederation.  “The Confederation has showed at Verlo and Victoria that they will use nuclear weapons against our forces we should do the same and hit the Capellans hard.”  Marshal Arthur Weaver said looking around seeing at least some support.

   “The First Prince will not support the use of nuclear weapons against planetary targets.”  Prince Burton Davion said he was here purely as an observer for his father but his words carried a lot of weight.  “But if they continue to use nukes against our WarShips, or strike against ground targets, authorization to use them against enemy WarShips will likely be cleared.”

   “I agree with the Prince using nukes should be our last resort” Nathaniel Hasek said looking around the faces of his commanders he saw at least three who looked like they disagreed.  “If we can keep them at range and keep our WarShips defended then we should be able to minimize our losses.”  The Field Marshal said looking around the table “our forces on Victoria are holding the Capellans.”

   “It’s a shame the SLDF won’t let us pass through the Prefecture we’d be in striking distance of Sian and Glasgow that would make Liao think twice.”  One of them said

   “But the SLDF won’t let us pass” another repeated as if to reinforce the point.  The SLDF had surprisingly refused to allow the Federated Suns, a Star League member state, to use the Kittery Prefecture as a base to strike against the Capellans.  Leader of the Prefecture Protector-General Devlin Stone had stated that the Federated Suns conflict with the Capellan Confederation was not a Star League conflict and that the SLDF was reforged to minimize the amount of conflict in the Inner Sphere and that his SLDF units would continue to support peace.  He had said that should one side, regardless of their Star League status “cross the line” then the Kittery Prefecture would act where that line was Stone refused to elaborate.

   “How about we strike at Liao?”  Richard Steiner said everyone glanced at the Colonel in surprise, none had expected him to speak up, he was here purely as Nathaniel Hasek’s aide.  “We continue to draw their attention to Victoria and its defence but at the same time we strike hard at Liao take it just as we did during the Fourth Succession War force House Liao to stand up and look at us.”  He looked around seeing others agreed with him the idea of returning to the glory of the Fourth Succession War resonating with many of them. “We can hurt the Capellan war effort more by taking Liao than any other planet within our reach.  We can force the ending of this conflict on our terms.”

   “I don’t disagree with you” Nathaniel Hasek admitted glancing at the younger man approvingly “but I’m not sure we have the forces for such a strike.”

   “Call on the reserves from the Crucis March and Draconis March” Richard Steiner suggested seeing the surprise on the other face “only until we secure Liao then they go back to their garrisons.”

   “And what if the Capellans nuke those troops” Marshal Weaver said “we will leave the Combine and Nova Cat borders at reduced strength.  Not only that there there is no guarantee your actions will break the Capellan’s resolve or stop the raids we could be creating a longer conflict.”

   “I know this Marshal” Steiner said “however we are spending troops at Victoria and making little progress in driving back the Capellans in fact in many ways we are losing territory.  Victoria’s shipyards are gone, its factories we have already stripped as much as we can, if our actions on Liao cause us to lose the world the Capellans will gain an empty shell.  If we strike at Liao we could take significant steps forward.”

   “He is right we have stripped much of what Victoria had to offer us.  The naval battles to date have rendered the shipyards useless permanently, some of our analysts suggest that elements will enter the atmosphere over the next couple of years if we don’t do something about them, Victoria could be a rock that will drown us.”

   “Getting enough support to Victoria to convince the Capellans to keep their eyes there could be a problem” Admiral Amanda Watney said she worked for the Federated Suns Logistics Division and Capellan naval forces were making things harder in the system.

   “We still hold the jump points forcing the Capellans to use pirate entry points” one said “deploying the Dresari and Sortek to the pirate points would cut the Capellans ability to resupply.”  He said naming the two Davion III Destroyers that were supporting the Mercury-class Black Prince.

   “Until the Capellans resorted to the use of nuclear weapons then we’d lose two more WarShips.”  Fleet Admiral Blaine Webster said finally speaking “sir the navy understands that our vessels could die in the black of space.  The Mercury-class could indeed survive a nuclear strike…”

   “Just because it could doesn’t mean that it should” Steiner finished with “the WarShips and our ground forces in the Victoria are already a distraction all they have to do is remain in place.  The Capellan preoccupation with them will work in our favour.”  He said Steiner immediately saw a wave of distaste around the room the FSS Black Prince was the pride of the Federated Suns navy for her to be used as a distraction instead of at the forefront of an operation did not sit well with many.  At the same time however he also saw Fleet Admiral Webster looking relieved that the Black Prince would not need to be tested by such a trial of endurance.  “However there is something that the Black Prince could do for us…”  He suggested knowing that if he didn’t do something the men and women around the table would vote down his plan in a heartbeat, not because there was anything wrong with it, only to save face.  Off to his side Nathaniel Hasek nodded quickly hiding his smile of pride “the next resupply mission to Victoria.  The Black Prince should escort the supplies and replacement troops to the planet, we can pair her with four Blockade Runners, which should minimize the risk of nuclear weapons, and once she arrives at the planet she can target the Capellan Frigate in the system drive them off and gain our people on the ground some peace.” He said adding things to his plan on the fly wasn’t a necessary plan but it needed to be done to gain support “they don’t need to destroy the frigate just make a very good show.  Convince the Capellans that we want to keep Victoria and keep up the ruse just long enough to make Liao a target.”  He knew that the other members of the command meeting would want to kill the Capellan vessel but to Richard Steiner it was all to support his plan and to support the conquest of Liao.

Approaching Pirate Base
Holden, Hall
Star League Protectorate
12th June 3103

   Weeks of operations had gone to hell in a matter of hours now Lt Morgan Christifori and his lance were running across the surface of Hall smashing through the trees several kilometres south of Holden a long abandoned hamlet which the SLDF believed to be the centre of operations for a pirate band.  Chistifori’s company commander Captain Rudolph Blight had gone in with his two lances instead of waiting for the battle lance and their infantry and quickly found himself outgunned by the surprise appearance of an entire company of Mechs supported by several armoured vehicles and missile equipped infantry.

   “Move your asses people!”  He called to his lance “Bigfoot this is Little Cheese we’re roughly two minutes from your position sitrep!”  Christifori called out he hated Blight’s nickname for him, all because of his father, but after hearing some of the other nicknames made up by his CO it could have been worse.

   “We’re holding our own we’ve got a tech and weight advantage on them.  The vehicles are the biggest problem all hovers; they are trying to get in behind us on our eastern flank.”  His commander said

   “Kim you and I will jump in.  James, Bo you come in strong backing our play.”  Christifori ordered thumping down on the foot pedals of his BattleMech.  One of the reasons Captain Blight had nicknamed him ‘Little Cheese’ was because of the Penetrator which Morgan now called his own.  His father had long ago had the Mech modified with Clan technology giving him an advantage over regular Mechs of the same weight and giving it far better chance against heavier machines.  Thumping down on the foot pedals launching the seventy-five ton BattleMech into the air on a trail of flame moments later alongside him Kim’s Thanatos rose on its own jump jets.  Below them James and Bo in their ground bound Rakshasa and Marauder BattleMechs would be keeping pace with them through the woods.  From his height advantage James saw the battle and saw the hovercraft that were circling behind Blight’s forces were four Saracen hovercraft.  Morgan took a risky shot with his left arm extended-range large laser missing his target wildly before his Penetrator started falling towards the ground just before impact he cut in the jump jets once more to cushion the landing.  “Saracens unsure on their load-out” he called out preparing for a second jump that would take him into combat.

   “LRMs and SRMs or MRMs and SRMs” Bo called out the standard configurations of the hovercraft “either way they don’t have the armour for a stand up fight they are probably going to take a pot shot at the Captain then run for it.”

   “We’re not letting them” Christifori said “stick to the plan, Kim on me” he ordered a moment later he regretted what he’d said since both Bo and James were convinced there was something going on between the two.  There was nothing going on but because the two other MechWarriors had never advanced beyond puberty it was a source of constant remarks from them.

      “Hey Cheese, no consorting with the hired help, you’ve got a legacy to live up to…” Bo called as the two Mech’s jumped into the air.  This time Morgan didn’t bother trying any special aerial shots instead he launched the Mech into the battle area landing nearly three hundred metres from the circling hover craft.

   “Kim, three and four, I have one and two” he ordered leveling his Mechs two arms.  While the Penetrator was a humanoid styled Mech instead of arms that ended in human like hands the Penetrator’s arms were like two long laser barrels.  Instantly Morgan thumped down on the trigger sending a single laser shot at both the first two Saracens.  Firing so close to a jump resulted in a wave of excess heat flooding into the Penetrator’s cockpit only Morgan’s coolant vest wrapped around his body kept him conscious and functioning in the furnace.  Heat was the one major flaw most BattleMechs suffered with even as Morgan fought against it in his Penetrator he saw that one of the lasers had missed completely burning through the air until it dissipated into nothing while the other burrowed itself deeply in the front of the lead hovercraft.  The lightly armoured hovercraft couldn’t survive such a hit and it spun out of control and into a rock crashing heavily before exploding into a ball of flame.

   Kim’s fire had been more concentrated she’d fired a single laser into the first target then followed up by a medium range missile volley on the same vehicle ensuring its destruction.  She’d then launched into the air using her Mech’s jump jets landing closer to her second target to deliver a laser volley from her Mech’s torso weapons array.  Christifori could imagine the heat running through her Mech at the moment he hoped her staggered fire approach would mean the heat would bleed off more easily.  Regardless both of her targets were down while one of his was still active, but not for long, moments later as Morgan sighted to make a second shot at his other target a long range missile volley from his lance’s Rakshasa ended the Saracen’s life with a series of hits that knocked out the hovercraft’s engine.  Christifori glanced at James’ Mech for a couple of seconds considering saying something his pause was long enough for the MechWarrior to jump on.  “What you turning all Clan on us Cheese?”  James joked Morgan shook his head and tried not to laugh he had a rank and position over them but rarely did he hold them to rank especially when in combat.

   “All of you turn and support command lance” he ordered as they turned they were greeted with ringside seats as Captain Rudolph Blight’s eighty ton Mauler BattleMech was beheaded by an enemy particle cannon.  The massive humanoid giant appeared to exactly still for a moment, as if the Mech was trying to make sense of what had happened to its human brain, before crashing uncontrolled to the ground.

   Although inexperienced their company was disciplined enough for Blight’s second in command Lt Ben Mason to know what to do next.  He didn’t waste time in calling out orders showing them all he was fully in command.  Morgan Christifori didn’t argue with the man they may be equal in rank but Mason had three years on him and Christifori knew better than to question someone during a battle.

   Glancing at the downed Mauler for a moment Christifori turned his guns on a Shadow Hawk BattleMech still struggling with heat he fired a single large laser blast into the Mech’s right leg.  The Mech staggered back maintaining its footing despite the large burn down its thigh-to-knee.  He followed up with a second large laser shot that burned the Mech’s over shoulder autocannon to slag disabling the lighter Mech’s main gun then jumped his Mech over the lighter Mech striking it with several medium pulse laser blasts.  Surprisingly the Mech stayed on its feet during his assault more surprisingly the Shadow Hawk raised its arms in surrender and shutdown its targeting systems “Lt Mason we’ve got one surrendered over here.”

   “We’ll take the human Intel Christifori guard that Mech until our infantry arrive.  Battle lance take your orders directly from me he ordered.  Morgan Christifori hated being sidelined by Mason but he was the closest Mech to the surrendered Shadow Hawk and technically the MechWarrior was his prisoner until the infantry arrived his Penetrator could also use the time to cool down.  Watching the battlefield Morgan moved his own Mech behind the surrendered Shadow Hawk ensuring the pilot would not be able to slip away unnoticed and making the pilot fully aware if he did try something Morgan’s guns would be aimed directly at his weak rear armour.  The only real way for the pilot to escape now would be to trigger the Mech’s ejection system and hope the chute brough them far from the battle unfortunately for the pilot the countryside all around them was barren and not the best for survival on foot.
Out of the corner of his eye Morgan caught a glimpse of something moving quickly in out of reflex he turned the Penetrator’s turret-styled waist towards the target seeing a thirty-five ton Gurkha charging in with its massive Mech-sized sword raised with no time to raise the arm mounted large lasers Morgan triggered all six torso mounted pulse lasers two missed wildly burning the dirt around the running thirty-five ton Mech but the other four struck home burning away enough armour.  Unbalance the Mech cause it to veer to the right as the pilot fought to keep control not looking to engage the Gurkha in close quarters Morgan slammed down on the foot pedals of his Mech raising it off the ground on its jump jets as he did Morgan extended the left leg connecting with the charging Gurkha.  The impact was devastating for the Gurkha which was still off balance from the laser attack the physical impact with another Mech was too much for its pilot to control and the charging Mech was knocked to the ground falling on its right side.  As the Mech rolled over the ground its right arm, which included the lethal sword, dug into the ground and was torn completely off the Mech’s body.  Unfortunately the physical attack hadn’t been good for Morgan’s Mech either the impact had crushed one of the jump jet exhausts causing the Penetrator to come down off balance.  Slamming into ground faster than it was designed to the Penetrator’s left leg ankle actuator collapsed under the impact causing the seventy-five ton Mech to stumble forward but fortunately not fall.  “Crap!”  The young pilot exclaimed seeing the damage the jump jet was destroyed and he wouldn’t be able to move faster than fifty kilometres per hour until the damage was repaired glancing over he saw the Gurkha Morgan saw it had suffered far more and had been unable to rise from its prone position.  He guessed that the pilot had been knocked out or the gyro was damaged regardless it looked like the Gurkha was out of the fight.

Looking down at his sensor images he saw that the rest of the company had destroyed five more Mechs and forced the remaining pirate Mechs to stand down hopefully ending the fight.  He double checked his sensors and saw that the surrendered Shadow Hawk still where he’d left it.  “At least something went right” he whispered to himself in the last three weeks Morgan had fought these pirates four times with this particular battle being the easiest by a long way.  He was getting sick of the skirmishes and just wished they could fight a proper battle and just finish it but these raiders seemed to be well supported.

Command Briefing
Filtvelt, Filtvelt Coalition
22nd June 3103

   “Your people were supposed to be here to help my people Field Marshal instead Clan Nova Cat has seized two more of our worlds and cost the Filtvelt Coalition yet further lives.”  Marquees Helen Trempealeau said angrily staring at Federated Suns Field Marshal Daniel Robertson commander of the First Tikonov Cossacks RCT.

   “We have deployed our units on Filtvelt, Marielund and Skepptana on each world we have helped your people reinforce their positions and secure you from any attack.  We were set here to help reinforce your position it is not my problem that the Nova Cats desire your worlds more than you are able to defend against.”  Robertson replied “Marquees even at your current production capabilities and at the buying power of Filtvelt’s banks I do not see how you can counter Clan Nova Cats attacks.  You should consider First Prince Davion’s offer of a return to full membership status within the Federated Suns your people have shown that they can stand alone but now it is time you return to the fold.  With the Federated Suns full ground and naval support as well as the diplomatic support of House Davion you will be able to turn back the Nova Cats.”

   “I have thought little else about the First Prince’s offer” the Marquees replied calmer now closing her eyes thinking “contact the First Prince” she said finally accepting that the Filtvelt Coalition needed help against the superior forces of Clan Nova Cat.

   Three days later as Clan Nova Cat forces landed on Fugeres and Marielund Federated Suns’ Crucis March leader Field Marshal Paul Bowman replied to Field Marshal Robertson’s communication just as Clan Nova Cat landed forces on Fugeres and Marielund.  With the Federated Suns announcing Filtvelt’s return to the Federated Suns even as the Wild Geese and Vanguard Legion Mercenary Regiments fought a pitched battle alongside the First Filtvelt Militia against Clan Nova Cat.  With Filtvelt, Skepptana and Marielund officially Federated Suns worlds First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion speaks to the nation.

“Sons and daughters of the Suns I am First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion.  Today I speak to you to announce that the worlds of the Filtvelt Coalition have chosen to return to the Federated Suns.  These worlds have stood alone for many years and they prospered, that is until Clan Nova Cat struck them, I now call on these attackers to back down or face the full wrath of the Federated Suns.”  He warned knowing that this message would reach the Nova Cats as well.  “We will welcome the people of Filtvelt and their armed forces back into the Federated Suns and together we will see these worlds prosper again.”  Victor said glancing down for a moment before looking back up.

“While today we welcome Filtvelt back into the Federated Suns, and the Crucis March, I also want to remember the Crucis March world of Kirklin which recently suffered the wrath of Mother Nature.”  He said pausing for a moment “despite our best efforts many souls have perished on that world.”  He said looking directly at the camera “even as First Prince there is little I can say to make up for Kirklin’s destruction and the lives lost there only that we will remember them.”  He continued “in an effort to keep Kirklin in our minds the next Hound-class WarShip produced will bear this planet’s name and the Kirklin Phalanx Regiment will be raised by the AFFS to carry this world’s name, and legacy, into the Federated Suns’ future.

Despite Victor’s warning the fighting on Marielund continued for another three weeks with the Filtvelt Citizens Militia effectively becoming part of the two mercenary commands before they were forced to withdraw from the system surrendering it to Clan Nova Cat.  The remaining regiments of Filtvelt’s armed forces the Third Filtvelt Guardians and the Fourth Filtvelt Citizens Militia are accepted as a combined independent command of the AFFS.

Victoria, Ziliang PDZ
Capellan March, Federated Suns
29th June 3103

   The Federated Suns Naval units had made contact with the initial Capellan units nearly an hour ago the Capellan aerospace fighters had assaulted them before fading back towards Victoria.  Now their second wave of attackers were closing on them.  “Admiral the four DropShips supporting the Zhoushan are the Scarab, Vickers, Lexington and Chimera.”

   “They are ours!”  Admiral Armin Sviatchenkoat snapped in reply naming the four Overlord A3-class DropShips that had been on Victoria’s planetary surface when the Capellans landed.  “What the hell are our own DropShips doing with those bastards?”

   “The Capellans must control the primary spaceport” Sviatchenkoat’s executive officer Scarlett Bryne said in response “communications have the Blackstone and Islington divert to alternate landing zones” she said naming the two conventional Conquistador-class DropShips following them.  Between the two ships they carried all the AFFS reinforcements that would be heading to the planet while the other vessels, the four Blockade Runners, which remained in close formation to the FSS Black Prince would target the enemy aerospace units.

   “Have all four Blockade Runners target the Overlords kill them” Sviatchenkoat ordered “forward guns target the Zhoushan with the forward battery then turn us hard to port and hit them with a broadside.  All conventional guns against aerospace fighters have our own fighters remain close for fighter and missile defence.”  Sviatchenkoat ordered now it was a waiting game his orders made.  The Conquistador Blockade Runners turned heading towards the enemy Overlords CCAF and AFFS aerospace fighters struck out at each other in the distance between the opposing WarShips.

   “Forward battery activated” one of the weapons officers called out “Zhoushan targeted, main weapons firing in three, two, one” he said counting down at the front of the WarShip the heavy naval gauss rifles and heavy particle cannons mounted there fired almost as one.  Propelled almost at the speed of light the gauss rifles and particle cannons momentarily linked the two WarShips across the smaller Zhoushan the weapons tore open the nose of the Frigate causing massive damage.  As the Black Prince turned her naval autocannon broadside was unleashed even as the frigate’s weapons responded against the massive Mercury pitting the Black Prince’s thick hull armour.

   “We have inbound eight capital missiles the A3s unleashed everything they had on us they’ve ignored the the Blockade Runners with their first volley! Anti-Missile systems active, our aerospace forces are moving to engage!”  Another crewmen called out.

   “Blackstone is moving out of position what the hell are they doing?”  Byrne reported from her chair watching the Conquistador move out of the Black Prince’s shadow “no…” she whispered realizing what they were doing.  The Blackstone intentionally turned into the path of the incoming capital missiles opening its cargo bay as it went releasing tons of ammunition and spare parts intended for the ground forces creating a massive cloud of debris in front of several of the missiles.  One capital missile tore through the formation of debris only to be knocked off course by an exploding long range missile ammunition crate.  The second and third missiles slammed into the Blackstone in an instant the DropShip, all the remaining missiles and more than a dozen aerospace fighters were wiped from existence as both missiles nuclear warheads exploded.

   The explosive wave from the explosions washed over the Black Prince burning the ships armour and weapons as the massive battleship plowed through the explosion.  Alongside the Black Prince several of her escorting aerospace fighters flashed through the fire withstanding the damage and remaining with their carrier but many others were now missing.  Deep inside the vessel within the command centre the crewmen darted from console to console monitoring damage.  Unlike the popular tri-vids there was no sparks from the consoles or flying crewmen from the explosions instead the crew continued to monitor the situation as the Black Prince continued on its course.  “Several weapons out, minor injuries reported on several decks and we’ve lost contact with at least twelve fighters” one officer reported glancing at his screen “maybe a couple have lost communications but most of them are just gone.”

“We’re not going to let them do that again.”  Sviatchenkoat said loud enough for all his crew to hear “have our Blockade Runners kill those DropShips and release all of our aerospace fighters to kill theirs I don’t want a single nuke to get near us.  Aft batteries finish the Capellan WarShip as we turn” he ordered watching the holo-tank in front of him as the Black Prince continued its turn the aft naval particle and autocannons tore through the remains of the Zhoushan shattering the frigate’s core destroying the WarShip.  Admiral Sviatchenkoat leaned back into his chair trying to ignore the two gravities of acceleration the ship was sustaining during its turn.  “Contact the Islington and tell her that she can head to the planet and slow us down allow the medics to move around and help our injured.”  He said the battle was not over there were still Capellans out there fighting and they could face attack from the planet’s surface but Sviatchenkoat wanted his crewmen taken care of while there was a lull in the fighting.
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Heh, the FedSuns are very active this June.  I like the longer, more in-person flavor of this month too.  Also, just realized how large (at least physically) the FedSuns is compared to it's neighbors.
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Great update Dragon Cat, lots of heavy fighting between the Suns and the Cappies.
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Battle Line
Hall, Star League Protectorate
8th July 3103

   He’d wanted a battle and now a battle was what he was getting Morgan Christifori thought as an autocannon raked over his Penetrator’s hull the shells striking his seventy-five ton Mech doing armour damage but little else.  Tracking the enemy Mech to the right hand side Morgan trigged all three left torso medium pulse lasers burning into an enemy Sentinel the forty ton BattleMech staggered under the fire barely remaining on its feet as it continued to run.  Even as Morgan turned to follow the lighter Mech his anti-missile system activated cutting down half of an LRM barrage fired from an enemy Griffin.  Of the remaining missiles only two slammed into his Mech’s left torso.  “So you want to play with a bigger dog?”  Morgan whispered rising his Mech’s left arm firing the large laser there completely missing the lighter Mech “just as well I have two” he said raising the right arm firing his other laser.  A wave of heat rushed into the Penetrator’s cockpit Morgan fought the heat rise even as his laser blast burned over the smaller Griffin.  Even as the medium Mech stepped back it fired another salvo of missiles Morgan’s AMS cut down several of the missiles but a remaining few peppered the Penetrator’s left arm.  Morgan stomped down on the pedals of his Mech launching the heavy Mech into the air, the big Mech flew straight into the path of the Sentinel, still fighting the rising heat the Penetrator landed heavily staggering forward.  The medium Mech opened fire with its arm mounted autocannon cutting a trail of shots over the Penetrator’s torso and head.  As he was was knocked around the cockpit from the hit consoles sparked and shrapnel flew loose striking Morgan’s left shoulder.  Morgan screamed from the pain as blood spattered over the consoles from the wound “this is Christifori I’m hit!”  He shouted the warning into his helmet mounted microphone he tried to ignore the pain pulling the trigger linked to his pulse lasers half of them missed completely.

   Off to his side short range missiles from the Sentinel flew out striking the right hand side of the Penetrator the explosive force launched Morgan’s Mech off to the side.  Fighting the pain from his arm Morgan twisted the heavy Mech’s torso following the movement of the Sentinel triggering the pulse lasers.  The pulsed weapons crossed the distance between the two Mechs in an instant cutting deeper into the Sentinel’s light armour the damage staggered the Mech causing it to trip and fall.  “One down” he commented pulling the trigger again cutting into the downed Mech “and out” he said as his sensors showed the Sentinel’s right leg had been amputated by his second attack.  Even as he celebrated the Griffin attacked again hitting his Mech with its particle cannon burning more armour from the left leg.  “Is anyone else receiving me? I need some support” Morgan called out looking down at his console his systems were transmitting but it seemed that no-one could hear him.  Fighting the pain and the Griffin Morgan launched his Mech into the air on its jump jets once more trying to disengage the lighter Mech was faster than his Penetrator and with its particle cannon it would allow it to remain in range.  Even as Morgan tried to disengage missiles flew past the heavy Mech as the Griffin continued to attack.  Morgan fought to stay conscious, as his wound continued to bleed, turned the Penetrator again towards the Griffin right into a particle cannon shot which tore into his Mech’s right torso disabling all three pulse lasers there.  “Go to hell!”  He screamed levelling both of his Mechs arms at the enemy Mech triggering both large lasers at the same time.  The two beams momentarily linked the two Mechs as one laser burned over the left leg while the second laser burned over the right torso knocking the Griffin back.  Unable to control their Mech under so much damage the Griffin seemed to trip backwards falling onto is back.  “We’re not done yet” he said firing both lasers again into the fallen Mech even as Morgan’s fight with consciousness was lost these two blasts cored into the Griffin’s head and torso killing the Mech’s pilot as the Penetrator, with the unconscious Morgan inside, fell to the ground immobile without the control of its pilot.

   Around the downed Penetrator the battle raged for nearly thirty minutes as the rest of Morgan’s unit, without the use of communications, fought against nearly a company of pirates who refused to give up.  This was to be their last battle on Hall throughout the conflict on the planet the pirates had tried to avoid an open battle but this time they didn’t have that option.  With the SLDF dedicated to the destruction of the pirates who had violated their territory the pirate force was completely destroyed in the battle ending the threat on Hall.

After the battle Morgan Christifori, still injured and unconscious, inside the Penetrator was recovered with Morgan credited with kills on both the Griffin and Sentinel due to his heroic actions on Hall Christifori is promoted to the rank of Captain in the Star League Defence Force.

Interstellar News Network
INN Studios, Geneva
Terra, Star League Protectorate
17th July 3103

   “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Geneva to this is an around the Inner Sphere special with me Klaus Ebenhaeser” the male host said as the lights in the studio slowly raised revealing the two broadcasters in a spacious studio standing near a holographic representation of the Inner Sphere.  He was in his early thirties and dressed in a simple business suit without the tie and with the top buttons of his shirt open.

   “And me Caroline Franks” his co-host said she had brown hair with blonde highlights and was dressed in a bright blue summer top with dark trousers.  “Tonight we start with an evolving story from the Capellan front” she said as the map zoomed in looking at the Capellan Confederation.  “For the last few months an escalating conflict has brewed between the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns with the Capellan Confederation pushing to recapture the system of Victoria while the Federated Suns continues to defend and counter attack.  While the Star League Advisory Council has tried to bring peace between these two nations the Capellan Confederation has continuously rebuffed our efforts.  Instead they are intent on pursuing this conflict by any means possible which so far has included the use of nuclear weapons against Federated Suns WarShips.”  She said as the camera turned back to her co-host.  “As a result the SLDF has announced the formation of another regimental brigade in the Kittery Prefecture to ensure the fighting does not spread into our protected systems.”

   “Yes indeed the Star League Defence Force is dedicated to promoting peace throughout the Inner Sphere but it has promised that should it come to an open conflict it will protect its systems from anyone who attempts to bring conflict to these worlds.”  Klaus said agreeing her point “overall the conflict has boiled down to attack and counter-attack with the two sides contesting the Victoria system.  On the ground the Capellan Confederation has steadily gained ground while the AFFS have gained control over the space around the system.”  Klaus Ebenhaeser explained as the holographic display changed to an image of the planet Victoria.  “According to an INN source Duchess Kym Hasek, a member of the Federated Suns Armed Forces, was recently shot down in a skirmish with Capellan forces our sources believe that Duchess Hasek has been airlifted off Victoria and is en-route to Kathil.”

   “In related news the Taurian Concordat’s military forces have been seen in action supporting the Capellan Confederation.  As the Taurians are a member state of the Star League Defence Force pressure is mounting on them to withdraw from the conflict or face trade sanctions from the Star League.  SLDF Intelligence places recent Taurian troop movements in the Federated Suns systems of Brockway, Carmichael, Lindsay Midale and Defenbaker engaging in combat against the defenders.”  Caroline said continuing the piece as the hologram returned to the wider map showing several planets along both Capellan and Taurian borders of the Federated Suns.

“Meanwhile in the Lyran Commonwealth it would appear the enigmatic Bounty Hunter has continued his quest against the pirate and criminal elements that have plagued the region in recent times.”  Klaus said as the holographic display changed once more now showing a green painted Marauder II.  “In what has been described as a brutal assault the Bounty Hunter led four other Mechs in a morning assault against Blackburn’s Devils on Baltazar III destroying the Devil’s hideout and almost an entire company of mercenaries who had been hired to defend it.  Once the operation was complete the Bounty Hunter reportedly delivered Tess Blackburn’s head to the Lyran appointed governor of Baltazar III.”

“Staying in the Commonwealth we’ve also received reports that the Stone Spirits have attacked the system of Swatkip in the Commonwealth’s Inarcs Theatre.”  Caroline said almost immediately trying to put the thought of someone’s head in a box out of her mind “throughout the Star League-era and the Succession Wars Swartkip was a repair and supply point for traders, explorers and the military with its extensive array of DropShip and JumpShip repair stations.  For years the system has been protected by a regiment of the Lyran Regulars however recent combat losses against the Stone Spirits and transfers to other borders have seen these defences shrink to as little as a battalion of inexperienced men and women.”  She said as the image between her and Klaus was replaced once more this time with an image of a Zeus BattleMech with the Lyran Regulars insignia on its leg and chest.  “Knowing their specialist facilities would make them a target for raiders the people of Swartkip along with the worlds of Main Street, Engadine and Elume put their resources together to hire the Chaos Irregulars Mercenary Battalion to supplement their defences.”  She said between them the image again was replaced this time by the insignia of the Chaos Irregulars, a planetary eclipse.

“With half of his forces, co-commander of the Chaos Irregulars, Colonel Jake Chowla defended against a Stone Spirit attack by deploying his BattleMechs directly onto the hulls of several space stations while the rest of the Irregulars defended the planet’s surface under the command of Colonel Ariel Peregrine-Simson.  It is believed that the Irregulars lost nearly half of their forces defending Swartkip but that they have captured at least as much in battlefield salvage turning back the Clan force.” Klaus explained describing the events which had transpired in the far flung star system.

“And finally” Caroline said smiling “it appears that we are not the only citizens who should be afraid of the Clan menace” she said pausing as the image displayed the Clan Occupation Zones with each of the five Clans that resided there represented in different colours; green for the Jade Falcons, a dark blue for the Sea Fox Clan, lime for the Hell’s Horses, brown for the Coyotes and finally light blue for the Rasalhague Dominion.  “Over the last month Clan Jade Falcon has lost control over five separate systems to Clan Hell’s Horses.”  She said the two clans were highlighted with their Clan crests appearing inside their representative occupation zones “since the Jade Falcons last attempted to expand into the Lyran Commonwealth they have lost territory to Inner Sphere forces, Clan Sea Fox and now Clan Hell’s Horses.  It would appear that the Clan has over extended its reach and now even it’s claimed capitol system of Sudeten is threatened by capture from another Clan.”  She said as the systems five Coreward of Sudeten turned the lime colour of Clan Hell’s Horses and became part of that Clan’s area of control.

“For all the latest news stories or for further information on the stories we have covered tonight please subscribe to the INN information service.”  Klaus said moving on from the stories “INN is dedicated to bringing news stories to all of the Inner Sphere and beyond without bias.  Come and join us and show you support the truth.  I am Klaus Ebenhaeser…”

“And I am Caroline Franks” his co-host said with a curt nod to the camera.

“And this was the Intersteller News Network” he said finally “thank you and good night.”

Medical Ward, Provider (Volga-class Transport)
Helm, Wolf Empire
23rd July 3103

   On board the Provider there was a hive of activity as casualties of the recent fighting were brought in.  It had started with a simple mercenary raid against the Wolf Empire the Wolves had rebuffed the attack.  The Wolves had retaliated against the Daniel’s Avengers positions on Helm and Tania Austrails.  Initial combat against the mercenaries had gone well but then something had gone wrong and now the halls of the Provider were filled with injured soldiers and civilians.  In a darkened corner one Wolf MechWarrior stirred to consciousness “where am I?” He asked he was still dressed in his sweat soaked t-shirt and shorts his left arm and leg were heavily bandaged but the man didn’t seem concerned with that instead his right arm raised towards his eyes “why can I not see?”

   “You’re safe” Dr Dana Wolf said stepping closer to the bed “you are on board the WarShip Provider, your eye sight will return in time.”  She explained pulling his arm back down to the the bed.

   “You don’t sound like a Wolf” he said noticing her accent and her easy use of contractions.

   “I’m not a Wolf, not by birth anyway” she explained “I was born Dana Carlyle I was born to lead the Grey Death Legion.”

   “Dezgra mercenaries” he replied dismissively “easily crushed under our heel.”

   “Like the Avengers were? Quineg” she demanded using the Clan word carefully the man didn’t reply “you know I chose not to be a warrior?  I chose to be a doctor I chose to help people.”

   “How did you end up here?”

   “Sometimes life plays cruel tricks” she said administering a pain killer to the MechWarrior. “I had a responsibility to others of my command I chose to honour those responsibilities” she explained “and almost straight away I ended up captured and back in the job I wanted to do.”

   “Life has a funny way of treating us” he said his right hand drifting to his left arm finally finding the bandages “how bad was I damaged?”  He asked almost mechanically

   “Your arm and leg were both badly burned in the explosion but both will recover, you will recover fully.  You will be able to serve your Clan again.”

   “Our Clan” he reminded her

   “Yes MechWarrior our clan” she replied

   “Do you know if we were successful on the ground?”

   “Aff” Dana answered “after a fashion” she said seeing the confusion on his face “a chemical plant exploded after it was hit by stray weapons fire.  The Galaxy Commander contacted the mercenaries and made a deal.  They would be allowed to leave this world and Tania Australis while we would take care of its people.”

   “The stavag mercenaries fired on that plant to end the conflict?”

   “Neg, it was a stray Wolf artillery round that cause the damage” Dana said correcting him “nearly fourteen hundred men women and children so far have been treated.  I believe that number will triple before the end of tomorrow by the end of the week that number will again triple.”  She said the chemicals which had gone into the atmosphere were lethal to humans trueborn or freeborn it didn’t matter and the winds would bring them in contact with every population centre on the planet and there was little anyone could do about it.

   “Sometimes life plays cruel tricks” he said repeating her worlds “my name is Marc.”  He said finally introducing himself.

   “I read that on your chart” Dana said coldly

   “I am sure you did Dana Carlyle” he said turning his head towards her there was little chance that his eye sight had returned yet but his eyes seemed to pierce through her.  “But hearing the person say their name is how one gets to to know a person.”

   “Yes it is Marc” Dana said smiling in reply “rest now MechWarrior your Clan will need you soon enough.”  She said turning away from the bed.

   “Will I see you again Dana Carlyle” he asked using her full name again.

   “You never know” she said leaving the Wolf to rest.
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 O0 Nice update and I like the INN part!  keep it up!
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Excellent update, and loved the varying stories from across the Sphere.  It seems that the Falcons basically gutted their coreward worlds of everything to support their massive offensive and the Horses have seen this and taken advantage of it.  The threat to Sudeten though is something the Falcons CAN'T ignore, as its their main supply point for Mech's in the Sphere. 

So now they are caught between two fires, the opportunistic Horses and the Lyrans and SLDF, which way do they turn?
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The INN was an interesting way of commenting on some stories.
Morgan seems to be following in the footsteps of his father. O0
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I'm glad you enjoyed the INN report my idea was to give a snapshot of the Inner Sphere without showing a bunch of different scenes the news of course puts their own spin on it adding a little random element to the story.

My thanks to marauder648 and James Tanaga for some help with the Hyde and Hiberus parts

AFFS Invasion
Liao Commonality
Capellan Confederation
11th August 3103

   In a coordinated effort AFFS units strike at Styk, Pleione, Poznan and Gan Singh each of the worlds is targeted by two AFFS or mercenary units supported by FSN WarShips.  Supporting the units of the Capellan March the Second New Avalon Guards RCT, Third Robinson Strikers LCT, the First New Ivaarsen Chasseurs LCT and the First Dragonlords Regiment all assist in the assault on the four worlds.  For the first time in years units from the Draconis March are involved in combat against the Capellan Confederation destroying an entire battalion of the Holdfast Guard on Gan Singh and the Ninth Liao Lancers on Styk.

Two days after the initial attacks the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT, First Davion Guards RCT, the Fourth and Ninth Crucis Lancers RCTs supported by the FSS Pegasus, a Columbia-class Battleship, the FSS Gold Archer, a Robinson Block III-class Transport, the FSS Jerome Davion and FSS Samuel Davion, both Avalon Block II-class Cruisers, assault Liao.  The three of the WarShips were supported by half a dozen assault DropShips and hundreds of aerospace fighters as they faced off against the CCSS Sian, a Tikonov-class Carrier, and the CCSS Nikos, a Feng Huang-class Cruiser/Carrier, and their attached air wings as the ground forces, escorted by the FSS Gold Archer, streamed towards the surface intent on attacking the defenders.

Although the Capellans had an advantage in the numbers of aerospace fighters the AFFS WarShips had more capital guns giving them an overall edge.  While the ground forces dropped directly on top of the defending Dynasty Guard, Renshield’s Dragoons and the Fourth Capellan Defence Force Regiments engaging all three commands at point blank range.

   On the ground across the battle-line explosions rocked BattleMechs as the two opposing Succession States fought several miles south of the City of Desu.  In his brand-new Templar III OmniMech Prince Burton Davion fought with the other members of the First Davion Guards turning to the right he cut into the side of a Dynasty Guard Emperor with his assault Mech’s chain whip.  The huge chain whip swung around the side of the Emperor smashing the armour mounted there Burton immediately followed up with his Mech’s array of torso mounted pulse lasers not waiting to watch three of them burn across the Capellan design he kept his Templar moving accelerating using its supercharger.  Behind the Templar III as the Emperor twisted its torso attempting to track Burton with its autocannons and lasers nearly three dozen long range missiles and several large laser blasts struck the Emperor blasting through the armour and the leg structure smashing the limb knocking the mighty ninety tonner to the ground.  The Emperor’s autocannons tore up the ground near the Mech's feet as it fell towards the ground while lasers and autocannons from the other AFFS Mechs around struck the Emperor tearing open the assault Mech.

   Prince Burton Davion was already moving forward launching his Mech into the air on its jump jets firing the torso mounted particle cannon into a Raven BattleMech.  The man-made lightning bolt burned through the cockpit of the smaller Mech and the Prince had already moved onto his next target a sixty ton Po armoured vehicle.  The Mech’s stealth armour masked it from his Templar III’s sensors but the Prince ignored his sensor and the Po’s autocannon tearing into his armour instead charging up to the tank swinging his Mech’s right arm mounted hatchet down on the turret of the Po.  The force of the hatchet’s attack split the Po’s turret as the weapon buried itself deeply in the armour.  Burton immediately followed up with his attack with the torso mounted pulse lasers which burned deeply into the tank’s armour.

Behind Prince the AFFS rest of the troops struggled to keep up with the heir to the throne who was already moving on from the crippled Po to another Capellan target as it appeared nothing the defenders fired at the Templar III seemed to be able to stop it.  To everyone on the battlefield it was obvious that Prince Burton Davion was making a statement that he was more than just his father’s son who would inherit the throne he was also a more than capable fighter.  With aerospace fighters in the air overhead the Prince continued to fight against the Capellan forces routing them over and over.

Nearly three hours after their initial landings the AFFS had secured a beachhead on the planet with the Capellan defenders in disarray.  Despite the victories of the Federated Suns attackers and their charging Prince none of the defending commands had been destroyed.  In orbit the CCSS Sian, CCSS Nikos and FSS Jerome Davion were drifting hulks broken by enemy fighter attacks and naval weapons fire.  The remaining ships the FSS Pegasus, FSS Samuel Davion and FSS Gold Archer were all still operational but they burned from enemy attacks including nuclear detonations on or near their hulls.  All around the WarShips was wreckage and bodies from the WarShips, aerospace fighters and small craft destroyed or disabled in the naval battle.  The initial battles for control over Liao were over the war to win the planet had just begun.

Conflict Line
Hiberus, Rim Collection
19th August 3103

   “Ladies and gentlemen, I am Clint Goldberg reporting for the Interstellar News Network; today we are embedded with the First Rim Guards CCT on Hiberus.  Yesterday morning elements from the First and Second Rim Lancers CCT under the command of Galaxy Commander Andrew Brecht landed on the planet officially to assist Hiberus in defending against a spate of pirate attacks that have struck the system.”  The reporter said from behind a barricade.  “The leadership on Hiberus has stated that the Lancers presence is purely a ploy by President Karen Able to bring some of her style of authority to Hiberus.”  He said looking around the camera followed where he was looking at either side of the barricade there were entrenched BattleMechs, Armoured vehicles and infantry.  “Until now the Lancers have remained at their DropShips on the outskirts of this city the commander of the Rim Guards Galaxy Marshal Mandy Hall, relative to Congresswoman Megan Hall, has said she will order her troops to open fire on any of the Lancers who attempt to enter the capital or any of the Guards bases.”  Again the camera panned over the troops this time finishing looking down the street across from the entrenched guards.

   “Here we go” Goldberg said as a Marshal BattleMech stepped into view the medium Mech was painted in the colours of the Rim Collections Lancer Clusters. “We’re tapped into the Guard’s communication grid.  Everything you hear coming up will be between the warriors of the two sides we have no control over what is said.”

   “This is Andrew Brecht of the Rim Collection’s First Rim Lancers we are here to assist in the defense of Hiberus.  I have orders, from the President and the Preident’s Council, for my unit to garrison this world in accordance with the Collection’s National Defense Act.”  He said his Mech standing at ease opposite the defence line.

   “The Hiberus national government and the leader of Hiberus Megan Hall have stated on numerous occasions that Hiberus does not need assistance from offworlders to garrison our home.”  The guards commander replied gruffly.

   “You will need our assistance as the Second Rim Guards are being redeployed by order of the President” the Lancer officer said as more vehicles and BattleMechs stepped into view.  “Hiberus joined the Rim Collection when you became part of a greater whole.  The government that you answer to is passing orders you will answ…” he said his words trailing off as the galaxy commander’s sensors detected a weapons lock from one of the Guards Mechs “you don’t want to do this” he warned the Marshal and the other units behind it taking up a more defensive stance “we are on the same side.  Lancers no-one, and I mean no-one, fires unless I order it.”  He broadcast on an open channel “this does not have to happen” he warned.

   Suddenly there was a massive explosion but not from any of the Mechs instead the camera panned into the air and onto descending Fortress and Titan DropShips.  As they descended several BattleMechs lept from their Mechbays falling to the ground using their jump jets to slow down before landing.  Suddenly between the two Rim Collection military units stood a massive ninety-ton Blood Asp OmniMech painted in the colours of Clan Fire Mandrill on the OmniMech’s left knee was a unique crest.  “This confrontation between the Lancers and Guards has been interrupted by Clan Fire Mandrill” Clint Goldberg said “ladies and gentlemen if you are just joining us we are on Hiberus embedded with the First Rim Guards CCT.”  He said explaining what was happening “a confrontation between the Rim Guards and Rim Lancers seemed inevitable but that has been interrupted by the unannounced arrival of Clan Fire Mandrill.

   “This is saKhan Jonathan Banacek of Clan Fire Mandrill to the collected forces of Hiberus I bring with me the First and Seventh Striker Clusters and my Ash Keshik. My Warriors and I have been authorized by my Khan to stop any conflict on this world by any means necessary.”  The MechWarrior said the Blood Asp flexed its massive arms and torso slightly over one shoulder was a massive autocannon while both arms ended in what looked like a type of large laser.  From two side streets additional BattleMechs bearing the crest of Clan Fire Mandrill could be seen making their way to support the saKhan.

   “You have no right being here” the commander of the Rim Guards said angrily her troops moving their attention between the Rim Lancers Mechs and the Blood Asp.

   “I have every right Clan Fire Mandrill became part of the Rim Collection.  Under the agreement made by our Clan and the Rim Collection we can react to anything we deem a threat to our Clan’s survival.  Civil conflict between factions of this nation threatens our Clan and we will not allow that.”

   “The President is power crazed…”

   “Hiberus threatens our security…” the two began to say simultaneously.

   “SILENCE!” Banacek said interrupting them both “you are the guardians of the Rim Collection act like it.  Galaxy Commander Andrew Brecht, your Warriors return to your DropShips until tensions are lowered. Galaxy Marshal Mandy Hall, get your men and women off the street and back to your base.”

   “You cannot order us around” the Guards commander replied the Fire Mandrill saKhan did not reply in words instead the Blood Asp’s torso twisted towards the Guards position levelling its weapons behind the saKhan and all around them further Fire Mandrill units had flanked the Guards defence line.

   “I will not repeat myself” the saKhan said as the transmission cut out.

   “Ladies and gentlemen” Clint Goldberg said breaking in as the camera continued to look at the Blood Asp “it would appear that Clan Fire Mandrill have a lot more say in what happens in the Rim Collection than anyone ever thought before.  Today we have seen the Clan faction stop a civil conflict before it started.  Tomorrow could we see a Fire Mandrill leader of the Rim Collection or a new occupation zone?  The Lyran Commonwealth and the nearby Erdvynn Province must look into the Rim Collection and wonder exactly what is going on inside their neighbour’s borders.  I am Clint Goldberg of the Interstellar News Network, thank you for joining us on Hiberus tonight; we will keep you up to date on this evolving story.”  He said finally as the camera focused on the Rim Collection troops who were moving off to either side finally the camera focused on the Fire Mandrill Blood Asp once more before the camera faded to black.

Flaming Monkey, Overlord C-class DropShip
Hiberus, Rim Collection
20th August 3103

   It had taken almost forty-eight hours but finally the two opposing commanders of the Rim Lancers and Rim Guards sat opposite each other.  Both had insisted in taking with them an aid and neither had relinquished their weapons.  As a result saKhan Jonathan Banacek had placed a point of five Battle armoured Elementals around the room.  The Elementals had been ordered by Banacek to eliminate all four of the Rim Collection officers if things got out of hand.

   “Yesterday should not have happened” Banacek began once he realized the Rim Collection officers were not going to break the silence none of them replied “you are the guardians of the Rim Collection you need to act like It.” He said berating them slightly.

   “We have the right to defend our homes if threatened it is a signature feature of the Rim Collection’s charter agreements.”  Mandy Hall replied angrily

   “Which is why we are here, to protect all of the planets of the Rim Collection” Andrew Brecht said passionately believing what he was saying “it is Hiberus paranoia that almost brought us into conflict nothing more.  President Able wishes for all planets of the Rim Collection to be fully committed to our nation and to each other.  Hiberus needs to learn to trust us all.”

   “Trust is hard to come by when you have been alone for so long.”  She said referencing the years that Hiberus had survived as a sustenance level colony isolated from trading routes and the HPG communication grid fending off against pirate attacks with armour and infantry as their only defence.

   “We were all alone once and we all have to accept change.” Jonathan Banacek said “I was a Star Adder, I was then a Sphinx Raptor and I am now a Fire Mandrill warrior but I am also a Rim Collection citizen.  We are no longer alone.”  He said swallowing that thought for a moment he was a Clansmen and unlike those who had been born into the Fire Mandrill Clan he had a very set direction he believed his Clan should follow.  He wanted his Clan, the Rim Collection and everyone else to know about the direction he through they should take his entrance to the would-be battle on Hiberus had been a statement of intent.  For now he would play his Khan’s game and play nice with the Rim Collection but the future would see his Clan rise to greatness once more.

   “I will agree to move the Second Rim Guards to the posting the President’s Council has ordered” Mandy Hall said reluctantly.  “The First Rim Guards have been asked to take a tour through the Edvynn Province” she said looking between Jonathan Banacek and Andrew Brecht seeing neither disagreed with him “they have recently had a lot of trouble from pirate forces, possibly Lyrans in disguise or possibly something else, perhaps we can convince them that standing alone is not the best course.”  She suggested the other two men nodded their agreement.

    Several hours later the Second Rim Guards began packing up their equipment and personnel preparing to withdraw from Hiberus.  A few days later the Fire Mandrill’s 300th Sentinels Cluster arrived to replace the saKhan’s Ash Keshik and supplement the defences on the planet.  The 300th’s mission on Hiberus would be to watch how the Rim Guards and Lancers left on the planet reacted to each other and ensure no trouble broke out.  Finally a week after the reorganization of defences began on Hiberus the First Rim Guards lifted off the planet outbound to the nearby Edvynn Province.

Hyde, Isle of Skye
Lyran Commonwealth
22nd August 3103

The hypersonic slug of a gauss rifle round slammed into the ground and gouged a trench six meters long, mud boiling and steaming from friction of the rounds passing before the round finally was halted.  They’d advanced rapidly against the Lyran defenders but to Captain Gilles Ravel this felt all wrong.  While the Isle of Skye had broken into the NAIS bunker on Hyde it hadn’t been used by the AFFS in more than twenty years.  The NAIS officials had called for revenge against the Isle of Skye and the DMI had been far too ready, in Gilles opinion, to charge into a fight.

“I’d say they have found the range wouldn’t you?”  Leftenant Erik Wilkinson said his Longbow standing nearby. 

“Shuddup Erik, keep an eye on your HUD.”

“Yes Cap.”

The night sky was lit by blue, red and green flashes of laser and particle fire.  The bright yellow of autocannon tracer rounds and the orange/red of missile exhausts as AFFS troops in their ‘borrowed’ machines closed in on the lab they had been sent to destroy.  The defenders, elements of the Third Isle of Sky Guards though were not giving an inch.

“Bravo this is Delta, should be getting good targeting telemetry now.”

“Roger that Delta, keep moving, don’t let them get a bead.”

“Just bring the rain Bravo.”

There was a small hiss as the covers for the Naginata’s three fifteen tube Long Range Missile Launchers snapped open, the C3 computer talking with the missile launcher, uploading data at a ferocious rate. 

“Alright open fire!”

The fire support lance of a Naginata, Longbow and Witworth began volleying missiles at the distant Lyran Mech’s, the dull roar of the launchers in the cockpits of the machines in no way justifying the violence they were unleashing.

Even though their targets were obscured Delta, a dedicated recon lance was feeding them targeting data, the white flashes in the distance coming thick and fast as the volley found its target.

“Target right!”

“Got him boss!”

“Nail that son-of-a-bitch!”


Kommandant Valka, battalion commander of the Third Isle of Skye Guards Second Battalion, grinned as he watched one of the attackers machines get caught square on, the Mech, a Cataphract was being torn apart by sustained fire from his Command lance but still its pilot somehow kept the Mech on its feet despite its right arm being all but severed at the shoulder and fire boiling out of the shredded chest.

An electronic bleep told Valka what he needed to hear and he pressed a button on his Hauptman’s right HOTAS control.  The massive Ultra 20 autocannon let out a long sustained BRRRRRRT! The two machines momentarily linked by fire before the Cataphract simply came apart, the ammo finally cooking off as the 70 machine simply ceased to exist above the hips, its death blast throwing the area into stark relief for a few brief seconds.

“Herr Kommandant.”

“Go Kaptain.”

“We’re being hit hard, they’ve got some C3 units pinning us down, we can’t move out without getting god knows how many missiles fired at us.”

“Understood, hold there and don’t let them near the bunker!”

“Jawhol Kommandant!”

With a Company to hold the ground and their comm’s jammed against a considerable number of attackers Kommandant Valka was glad for his infantry support and that the rest of the Regiment was on its way.  ‘Hold until relived’ simple enough.

“Have these bastards ID’d themselves yet?”

“Not yet Sir, just a lotta Cappie and Snake machines and tank support, about a battalion’s worth.”

“Hauptmann Wolfe’s tanks are engaging them.”

That made the Kommandant grin, someone in their wisdom had put a quartet of Gurtelier’s with the Regiment little more than two months ago, the four tanks were dug in near the bunker with the infantry and would be a great anvil.

“Alright, move out, relaying checkpoint Quebec.”

“Target! Dragon, range…six thirty seven!”


There was a hydraulic whine as the turret turned slightly, the gun elevating, the heavy CLUNK-THUD of a round being chambered into the Poland Gauss Model A Gauss was followed by the whine of the capacitor drawing from the reactor, building up a charge in three seconds.

“Up!” An odd phrase, one from Terra’s past used by tank crews to indicate their main weapons were ready to fire.

Peering through her sight Hauptmann Wolfe looked at the glowing thermal image of her target even as it spat a bolt of particle light at them.  “Fire!”

Her gunner, Private Luis stomped down on the firing pedal and both, linked into the tanks damn advanced and achingly expensive FCS hammered back the fire they were reciving. 


“AMS Engaging!”

“Ours or the bunkers?”





In the air above the battle Leftenant Mokate grunted as he pulled the stick back hard and to the right, throwing his ‘borrowed’ Mengqin into a hard right turn, his ‘bitching betty’ warning system nagging about a missile lock, the rear mounted small pulse laser automatically tracking and engaging the SRM’s that the computer detected would come close.

“Get this…rhhnn…scum off my ass! Where’s our bloody top cover?”

His fighter’s rear facing radar and cameras showed the Thunderbird; some variant that dropped the LRM’s and went for Streak’s SRM’s straining to follow his move, the pilot caught out by the sudden sharp turn of his opponent. 

Before the big Lyran bird could bring its nose around another fighter slotted into its six and let rip, the Lyran fighter bucked and jerked as the Slayer’s lasers and auto-cannon chewed and melted armour on its port wing and the Lyran bird fell away trailing smoke.

“Sorry boss got a bit busy.”

“Alright…Theta, drop in low and hammer those damn tanks! Our boys are counting on us so hit them hard and hit them often!”  Viewed from above the battle lines were a confused mess, intermingled Mech’s hammering away at each other in one area, others had Mech’s blazing away at targets they could only see on their sensors as faint heat blooms and vague outlines. 


It took a further three hours for the Federated Suns forces in their disguise to finally breach the bunker complex that was their target, with two of the Gurtelier’s burning outside the main entrance and the other two withdrawn with heavy damage.  With the area secured a mauled Akuma smashed the doors in with a heavy kick allowing their infantry and Special Forces to enter the facility.


“It’s virtually empty Sir…there’s a couple of pallets of equipment marked for delivery to Defiance Industries that’s it, otherwise it’s been stripped.”  The trooper said again as they moved through the facility, there should have been an entire DropShip’s worth of experimental cargo inside the facility.  And not it appeared that all the technology had been removed to Hesperus II or some other Defiance Industries research station.

A static blurt muffled the assault commanders anger as he turned the air blue in his Mech’s cockpit.

“Say again Sir…you broke up.”

“I said all forces withdraw…  Call in the DropShip we need to get off this rock.”  He ordered the remaining Isle of Skye forces were closing on them and this mission was not a suicide mission and they could not be captured.  One of the bean counters back in the Federated Suns could figure out if the costs they’d paid today had been worth it and if taking on Defiance Industries was really in their interest.

AUTHOR NOTE: Yes Burton's piloting a Templar III B with a hatchet and chain whip why because it one of the cooler designs in TRO 3145 and it sounded a lot of fun
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And here I was thinking that Burton was just getting kinky.
Nice battle for Liao, that should get the Cappies attention. O0
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Medical Wing, Steiner Royal Palace
Arcturus, Donegal Province
Lyran Commonwealth
9th September 3103

   Archon Jessica Steiner and her husband Admiral Patrick Doyle become parents for a second child as Isla Steiner is born at the Steiner Palace on Arcturus.  With the death of their first child Blaine Steiner and with Jessica Steiner’s recent decision to step away from active service in the LCAF she hopes to be able to concentrate fully on her daughter’s care and development.

   While the Lyran Commonwealth celebrate the birth of an heir to the throne the LCAF also have something else to celebrate.  Since 3094 the Lyrans had been in possession of an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser which they had discovered crippled in the Sweet Water system.  The Aegis had previously belonged to Clan jade Falcon and gone missing in 3087.  Sweet Water itself was inhabited by the passengers and crew of the Aegis and since their discovery the Lyrans had worked with them to turn Sweet Water into a prosperous colony world.  At the same time the Lyrans had worked with the former-Jade Falcons to repair the vessel enough to move it from the system and finally their work had paid off.  With a flash of light the Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser Sweet Water, formerly known as the Blue Talon, left the system heading for the Alarion system.

Briefing, District of Oriente Wing
Atreus, District of Marik
Free Worlds League
12th September 3103

   On the Capital of the reformed Free Worlds League Duke Jonas Halas listened to his five military advisors as they sat around the planning table.  Duke he mused for a moment he was Captain-General of Oriente the guardian of fifty-nine worlds, billions of Free Worlds League souls, the supreme commander of nineteen regiments and eleven WarShips.  But under the agreement of the reborn Free Worlds League he like the leaders of the other Free Worlds League Districts could hold a position no higher than Duke only the elected Captain-General could be refered to differently.  But that was not what was being discussed today.

   “The recent Capellan Confederation attempt to retake Liao was unsuccessful with the CCSS Kali Liao completely destroyed during the assault while their ground forces were turned back from the planet.  During the attack the Capellans were able to destroy the FSS Samuel Davion which had been damaged in the first battle of Liao.” Admiral Benjamin Summer said briefing Jonas Halas before retaking his chair.

   “Our analysts believe that the Capellans have stripped the majority of their house troops and mercenary forces from the worlds of Vertabren, Suzano, Asuncion, Krybacken and Zion leaving minimal defences.”  General Stormy Hutton said standing replacing the Admiral.  “We believe there is heavy fighting on Zion and Krybacken as the AFFS attempt to break House Liao’s supply lines.  While the mercenaries on Asuncion have indicated to our operatives they do not plan on being destroyed trying to keep House Liao’s fading war effort going.”

   “So you both believe that our forces can overwhelm these five worlds with minimal losses?”

   “With the WarShips Ipswich, Cole Harbour and Kearny in support we will be able to move against the Capellans without disrupting our other WarShips.”  Summer said “the Santorini Battle Group can remain at New Delos and provide support if required.”  He said naming Oriente’s only Thera centred group of WarShips.

   “We can send two regiments to each planet without damaging our defences.  A combination of our own and mercenary forces” Hutton said “if the rumours regarding the mercenaries on Asuncion are correct we should have an onsite reserve force immediately.”  His confidence was catching but it didn’t take much to catch Halas’ attention or convince him to cause damage to House Liao.

   “Go” Jonas Halas said after thinking for several moments “we strike and we strike hard.”

   Three weeks later the District of Oriente strike at the systems of Vertabren, Krybacken, Asuncion, Suzano and Zion.  As expected on Asuncion the mercenary regiment Bret’s Bombardiers accepted they were outmatched by the Oriente troops and agreed to turn over the planet of Asuncion as long as Oriente provided them with transport well beyond the Capellan borders.  The commander of the attack on Asuncion General Ryan Deveraux personally promises the mercenaries that he will arrange for them to travel to the Galatea Station.  Vertabren, Krybacken and Suzano fall quickly to the Oriente troops who are dedicated to the swift conquest of the systems.

The only real resistance comes on Zion where a three way fight breaks out between the Fourth Fusiliers of Oriente, the Capellans Third Capellan Defence Force and Irregular House Davion forces led by the McKinnon’s Battalion and Avanti’s Angels Mercenary unit.  For nearly a full month fighting occurs between all three sides with none able to put down the other forces.  During the fighting the people of Zion take up arms themselves intent on defending their own people if necessary they are able to commandeer the local HPG and call for assistance from the SLDF.

In early January 3104 Star League Defence Force help finally arrives in the form of the First Knights of the Inner Sphere Brigade and the WarShip SLS Invincible, a Tharkad-class Battle-cruiser.  Although the Knights of the Inner Sphere have been out of combat operations for a while the sheer numbers the brigade brings to the system are able to bring an end to the fighting with Zion officially joining the Star League Protectorate.

With Oriente and the AFFS units withdrawing from the system the remaining commanders of the Second Capellan Defence Force find that their regiment had been abandoned by the Capellan High Command and that no unit would be sent to recall them.  While the SLDF offered the warriors of the Second a place within the SLDF the Capellans are aware that their unit would be split up instead Sang-shao Matt Blackledge negotiated with the SLDF for passage to Galatea Station, turning over a battalion of stealth armoured Mechs and vehicles to the SLDF to pay for the rest of the unit to make it, on Galatea Station they would form the mercenary command Blackledge’s Iron Hand.

Loading Dock
Sheridan, Wolf Empire
22nd September 3103

   There was many things that Dana Carlyle had expected in life but one thing she hadn’t expected was moving medical equipment onto a DropShip for Clan Wolf.  Nor had she ever expected to be treated with so much contempt from another human being.  As she moved the equipment from place to place one of Clan Wolf’s finest stood guard watching her not lifting a finger to help instead he barked orders to Dana and the other staff members of the Provider.

   After moving what seemed to be the thousandth box into the DropShip Dana headed back into the warehouse entering the room she immediately felt an arm around hers turning her around and into a darkened corner.  “Hello Doctor” the deep male voice said before planting a kiss on her lips.

   “Marc?” Dana said pulling back from him “what are you doing here?  I didn’t even know you were on the planet!”

   “Well I didn’t know you were here either.”  He said easily using the same contractions she did they had spent a lot of time together during his recovery on board the Provider.  The trueborn MechWarrior had done exactly what Clan warriors were not supposed to do he’d felt something for a freeborn.

   “Bull, there’s no way you didn’t know I was here.”

   “Do you have to use so many contractions?”  He asked he sounded irritated but ended up his question with a smile showing he wasn’t that annoyed.  “So maybe I knew you were here and maybe I volunteered to escort this supply run just in case I bumped into you.”

   “You came looking for me” Dana stated teasing a little “why?”

   “Honestly I wonder that myself” he admitted “but I was drawn back to you.”  Marc said “seems we have a connection that I do not really understand.”  He said kissing her again

   “Connections of the heart rarely make sense” she admitted kissing him back “you are going to get me into trouble with our slave driver…” she said glancing out the door not seeing the warrior who was guarding them.

   “I gave him some time off” he explained “and I might have told the others to take a break, would not want to harm their delicate hands.”  He said kissing her hand.

   “So we have time…”

   “Yes a little” he said their little time turned into several hours of time in the warehouse and in Marc’s nearby ground car.  They then returned to their duties serving Clan Wolf surprisingly nothing was said to Dana when she returned to work instead there was more being said about the warrior who had been guarding them.  He’d been found unconscious in a dark corner covered in locally made alcohol apparently with no memory of what had happened Marc’s “giving him a break” she guessed.  She had no idea what Marc was up to or if she’d see him again for now all she could do was get back to work loading the DropShip ready to return to return to duty on board the Provider with a memory of what had happened on Sheridan.
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Excellent stuff as always, seems love can bloom eh :)  Also the Cappies must be sweating a bit now, with the FedSuns and FWL nomming up systems.
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The Cappies just letting a regiment go like that.
They really must be having problems. O0
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The Cappies just letting a regiment go like that.
They really must be having problems. O0

Not really letting go more cut off - the unit felt abandoned and now its got a far longer life ahead of it...

Update for the weekend

Planning Rooms, Capellan March HQ
Kathil, Kathil PDZ
Capellan March, Federated Suns
5th October 3103

   “ATTENTION!”  One of the security officers called out from the door across the planning room officers that were standing turned to face the call while those that were sitting sat straighter.  Walking through the various officers and screens Duchess Kym Hasek entered the command room she was walking with a cane as she continued to recover from her injuries sustained in the crash on Victoria.  At the table Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek stood beside Colonel Richard Steiner, her husband, Richard watched her move through the room and he could see the differences in her walk.

   “Welcome back to Kathil Duchess Hasek” Nathaniel greeted as Kym stopped and saluted.

   “Thank you Field Marshal” she replied as the two men saluted her she like Nathaniel she spoke loud enough for the officers in the first level of officers to hear.

   “Welcome home” Richard said she gave him a strange look for a moment before answering.

   “Kathil may be where we will command our military but it isn’t my home.  New Syrtis always will be.”  She answered Richard had lived here since the Uhlans had almost been destroyed fighting the Capellans their son Andreas was here and she would be stationed on Kathil for the the duration of her recovery but Kathil would never be her home.  “What’s out status?”

   “As we predicted with our core forces directed to the conquest of Liao our forces have had to retreat from Victoria.”  Nathaniel Hasek said glancing at Richard Steiner, it had been the young man’s plan to strike at Liao thinking it would break the Capellans but it seemed there was still some fight in the Confederation.

   “We also believe we will lose Jacson and Yuris within the next month.”  Richard added again the two worlds were already highlighted green it wasn’t a huge surprise to lose the two worlds the Capellans had been raiding them for months and even with the significant support from the navy if the ground forces didn’t withdraw the AFFS would likely lose the units stationed there.

   “To add to our troubles the Concordat have launched attacks on Rollis and Corodiz” Nathaniel added Kym Hasek felt the pain of each loss almost as much as when she’d been injured on Victoria.

   “How far back could they push us?”  She asked looking down at the map below although Nathaniel Hasek was the ranking officer in the Capellan March and Richard technically outranked her Kym was still the Duchess of New Syrtis and it was her March.

   “We suspect that we will lose Bromhead, Carmichael, Horsham and Mendham by the end of the year” Richard Steiner said highlighting the planets which extended from the Taurian Concordat border to the Capellans.  “If the Capellans and Taurians continue to work together we may lose systems as far as Ridgebrook by the end of 3104.”  He said highlighting another five systems.

   “Is there any good news?”  Kym said feeling a little hollow at the thought Richard’s plan had netted them Liao but they’d lost so many more systems.

   “Now that the District of Oriente has hit the Capellan Confederation’s flank Prince Burton Davion is using his success on Victoria as a springboard.”  Nathaniel Hasek said changing the map to show the other side of the Capellan Confederation.  “Forces under his command have struck at Shensi, Hunan, St Andre and Shipka.”

   “What is the level of Capellan resistance?”  She asked looking at the map

   “Significant” Richard replied “in the Hunan system the FSS Ardan Sortek sustained significant damage to Capellan fighter attacks while the Wild Geese lost two DropShips fighting their way onto St Andre.  We believe that the mercenary’s commander was killed on one of their DropShips.”  He said “the Lexington Combat Group have also taken heavy damage defending Lee from a Capellan counter attack.  While the militia's of Moravian, Cammal and Monhagen have all reported increases in Capellan raids.”

   “They are aiming for Kathil” she said looking at the worlds that had been attacked.  We seize Liao and they retaliate by aiming for here.  They want to cripple the Capellan March.”

   “What they should be doing is aiming for Burton Davion’s units the Prince is the one on the move.”  Richard said frustrated it had been his plan to push the Capellans from Liao instead of trying to hold Victoria.  He’d given up any hopes he had of travelling to Liao to personally lead the offensive but now he wished he was there instead of on Kathil.

   “So what you’re saying is that despite the fact that we’ve bled as much as Burton Davion and that is was the Capellan March’s actions in seizing Victoria in the first place that gave us this opening that Burton Davion will claim all the glory from this operation?”  Kym asked sharply she wasn’t frustrated instead she was angry.

   “Duchess” Nathaniel Hasek said butting in his use of her title showing his intent to get her to look at things from a bigger perspective “that is not what is meant by what Colonel Steiner has said.  As Richard quite rightly points out Burton Davion is taking it upon himself to push the Capellans beyond the goals of the original operation.  His forces are driving back the Capellans for now and so if the Confederation was smart they would strike at Burton instead of us.”  The Field Marshal explained

   “Indeed” Richard said agreeing with the older man “instead they are continuing to assault worlds around Victoria intent on driving us back and trying to make us believe they’d try to attack Kathil.”

   “You don’t think they will?”  Kym asked more civily this time with a small apologising smile.

   “No” Richard “Kathil is too heavily defended we some of the Federated Suns best ground and naval forces available not counting the reinforcements we could call.  At present they think we are rolling back from Victoria but if they went anywhere near any of our core worlds they’d find out exactly what we have in reserve.”  He said drawing his hand over the worlds near Victoria “if we’d tried to hold those systems we’d have lost most of the regiments based there.”  He said bluntly “we all knew that when Liao was selected as a target.  Any Capellan commander that takes a minute to think about it will realize that much.”

   “But will the Chancellor?”  Kym asked “in the meantime what’s out plan?”

   “We continue to be the distraction” Nathaniel said “while the Prince hits the Capellans from one side we hold the Chancellor’s attention and if necessary we give up a couple of systems” he said seeing Kym’s distaste for the idea.  “But in doing so we’ll break the Confederation if they keep pushing us.”

   “And if they stop?”

   “We’ll still hold Liao and it will be in a far more secure place than Victoria ever was.”  Richard said confidently bringing a full smile from Kym.  The Capellan March and the Federated Suns had the Capellan Confederation under control.  The Taurian Concordat’s recent attacks were worrying but the AFFS could deal with them once they had out lasted the Capellans.

Aether, New Quarter
Fronc Reaches, Periphery
12th October 3103

   The screen came up slowly showing a man with greying hair a black blazer jacket and a blue/black checked shirt with the top button open.  “Ladies and Gentlemen I am Governor Ellis Von Danzuch leader of Aether.  Today I speak to you as a man with a broken heart but one who is determined to do what needs to be done.  Over the course of the last few months my world has seen its defences stripped to the bare minimum as the Taurian Concordat attempts to prosecute an illegal war against the Federated Suns, another member of the reborn Star League.  Our leader Protector Erik Martens-Calderon is being drawn down the wrong path by military warmongers who believe that we can match the Federated Suns.  Ladies and Gentlemen I am sorry to say that we cannot” he said glancing down at his feet for a moment before looking back up “the Federated Suns can and will return our attacks and when they do they will destroy our military as they have done repeatedly for centuries.  The Taurian Concordat should concentrate on defending the worlds it currently commands instead its border worlds have been abandoned.  I have learned that Portland, Sananda, Argos, Carthage and Hellespont have been treated like Aether their defences stripped and their mercenary support reassigned.”  He said again looking to the floor before looking back up to the camera “so over the last three months we have collectively reached out for support and found some from the Fronc Reaches.”  He said glancing to the ground for a third time before returning his gaze to the camera “so with a broken heart it has fallen to me to announce that the worlds of Aether, Portland, Sananda, Argos, Carthage and Hellespont are withdrawing from the Taurian Concordat and joining the Fronc Reaches.  Together we will form the New Quarter of the Fronc Reaches and we will take our new state to new heights progressing with the colonial expansion and combined defence effort that turned the New Colony into the Fronc Reaches.  We pray that the Taurian Concordat leadership will see our succession not as a rebellion but instead as one intended on turning the nation around and back to the core values that made the Taurian Concordat great.”

Joslyn Armstrong, Vulcan 6-class Defence Station
Wildwood, Magistracy of Canopus
23rd October 3103

Most systems of the Inner Sphere and Periphery lacked any sort of space defences Wildwood had been lucky to purchase a Vulcan 6-class Space Station from the Twin Sons system of the Free Worlds League’s District of Lesnovo.  Nightly the fifty-six crewmen monitored the jump points while the space station’s six aerospace fighters patrolled the area around the four thousand ton station.  Wildwood was rarely visited by passing JumpShips but its position close to the disputed territory between the Magistracy and the Marian Hegemony meant the people trusted the crew of the Joslyn Armstrong to defend them.

Commander America Park reclined on the chair in the command centre listening to the systems of her space station as she read a delightful romance novel which had arrived from Canopus.  It was by one of her favourite Canopus based authors Marg Bunbury and followed the story of an intrepid Magistracy Armed Forces aerospace fighter pilot who fought off enemies of her home while falling in love with a dashing JumpShip commander.  Suddenly alarms sounded in the command centre as the the station's sensors detected multiple incoming vessels.  “No… no, no, no” she whispered releasing her pad which floated away “wake up Riccardo” she said looking over at the other person there the younger man woke up with a start “we’ve got trouble!”
“Marians?”  He asked

“If it is they’ve gotten something really big” America answered as there was a massive flash of radiation and light.  Suddenly a huge one thousand four hundred-and-five metre long McKenna-class WarShip entered the system “oh my gosh” she whispered looking at the huge vessel it was painted in the same deep greens used by the Star League Defence Force but it lacked any form of insignia to indicate where its loyalties laid.  Moments later there were four more flashes behind the WarShip as four Tramp-class JumpShips joined the battleship.

“Jesus” Riccardo said “look at her she looks like she’s been through hell” he said looking over the McKenna her hull was blackened by scorch marks and pieces of the hull were completely missing.  “We’re receiving a hail” America nodded and he activated the communications system.

   “This is Captain William Robert Raphael Leroy-Dietrich the commander of the Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts to Magistracy space station we mean no hostile intent.”  The man’s voice announced “we request passage through the Magistracy of Canopus we will remain on station until Magistracy authorities arrive in system.  Any hostile action against the Subtlety or any of our JumpShips will be met with the use of the maximum force available to our WarShip.  She might look like a wreck but I promise you looks can be deceiving.”

   “We’ve got aerospace fighters in the air” Riccardo said watching his screens several tiny aerospace fighters had launched from the McKenna’s battered green hull.

   “We need to speak to the planet and to Canopus” America Park said watching the massive battleship unfurl its jump sail behind it the JumpShips were doing the same they'd be here for a while.
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 O0 Wow! Nice update!  Nice to see the Political fall out for the TC and a new group with a McKenna class Warship!
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Where does a 'Training College' get a McKenna?

Should be interesting finding out.
Cheers for the update DC.
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Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts
McKenna-class WarShip and 4 Tramp Jumpships

Interesting college, I wonder who runs it
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Awesome update but who the hell are the Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts and how on earth did they get a Mckenna O_o
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It originally came from here (

But has a few changes
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I was scrolling up to read the posts, first thing i saw, zeroing in. 
Quote from: DragonCat
to Canopus” America Park

First I Think is . o O ( ''There a America themed fun park on Canopus?'' )
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It originally came from here (

But has a few changes

Interesting thread.
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Things are very interesting on the Fed Suns Eastern Front this year (and, of course, last year as well).  Sounds like a hammer is readying to fall on the Capellans, I wonder if they have overextended themselves - I've done the count and they've (re)captured 15 worlds and serious fighting is still happening on Sirdar.  Meanwhile the Fed Suns have captured 7 and look to gain another 4 shortly. Free Worlds League captures 4 from the Capellans and the Star League 1.

The wildcard Taurians seem to be doing well on their end too, with a capture of 10 systems to a loss of 6, and while the 10 systems are likely of higher quality than the losses, that the losses are not from combat is quite telling as to the state of the Concordat.

Looking forward to seeing more.
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Life Fire Testing Grounds
South of Houston, Borghese
Arc Royal Theatre, Lyran Commonwealth
2nd November 3103

   “Scientist you have a strange sense of live fire testing” Star Colonel Tim Lassenem said smirking looking at the engineer who had accompanied them to Borghese.  They had landed four hours before and barely made a single move towards the planetary capital instead they had marshaled their forces giving the defenders plenty of time to prepare their defence.

   “It is the best test of these units” Scientist Ayer said “the Lyrans and their mercenary scum will not be prepared for our little surprise.”

   “These units are very important to our Clan’s development Scientist” Lassenem said raising the binoculars to his eyes as the Hell’s Horses units moved forward a single Star of Mechs, a star of quad battle armour and two stars of wheeled vehicles.

   “I know how important they are it was our people who helped build them.”  He said as the Hell’s Horses engaged the Lyran and mercenary defenders.  Immediately Tim Lassenem could see the Advanced Tactical Missiles mounted on the Solace Light Missile Tanks open fire.  Between the ten vehicles two hundred-and-ten tactical missiles flew from their turret mounted launchers blanketing the Lyran troops.  Under their fire the Buraq star ran in twenty-five quad battle armour suits unleashing their own missile attacks on the enemy.

   “Magnificent” Tim Lassenem said watching the attack unfold even as the five Parash BattleMechs closed on the enemy Arrow artillery missiles flew over the top of the units after being fired moments before from the Hadur Fast Support vehicles which had remained nearby along with the rest of their forces.  As the missiles landed around the Lyran forces causing yet more confusion the Parash Mechs stepped into the battle firing their large pulse lasers.

   “We are reading several equipment failures” Ayer said looking at his screens.

   “They are engaged in combat I am not completely surprised” Lassenem said watching the battle unfold from this far was not what he would have preferred to be involved in the battle but it was not his time.

   “These failures are not only being caused by Lyran fire” Ayer snapped angrily drawing a look from the Star Colonel “I apologies” Ayer said immediately not looking up from his screen “we have lost three points of Battle Armour and the weapons on four of the Solace.”  Ayer reported

   “I can see that” Tim Lassenem said watching as a gauss rifle slammed into one of the Parash BattleMechs.  Although the slug did not appear to penetrate the Mech’s armour it staggered backwards away from the enemy the Mech barely remaining standing “what is wrong with them?”  He demanded watching as another Mech recoiled almost as if it was in pain after being struck by a laser blast.

   “It is the enhanced imaging!” Ayer said looking at the data “the feedback is far worse than we expected.”

   “Fix it!” Tim Lassenem ordered the flustered scientist.

   “I can’t not right now we need to evaluate the data” Ayer said looking up “today has helped us we can perfect these units in time.”

   “So your team can use the data to complete our designs?”  Lassenem asked waiting until the scientist looked up at him.  The scientist realized the Star Colonel was furious with him Ayer quickly nodded.  “Good then your service has been appreciated” he said drawing his sidearm and quickly shooting the man in the head.  Lassenem looked at the other scientist who stood nearby “this experiment is over recall your troops before you lose them all.”  The Star Colonel commanded raising his radio “First Horde Cluster do your duty and finish the job.”  He said all along the battle-line BattleMechs, vehicles and Battle Armour of Lassenem’s Cluster moved forward as one opening fire with missiles, particle cannons, lasers and autocannons.

   Reeling from the initial Hell’s Horses assault the attack of the First Hoard Cluster was far too much for the Lyrans.  The First Horde Cluster tore through the Fourth Commonwealth Guards, the militia troops and the mercenaries arrayed against them the Cluster’s warriors eager to show that they should have been allowed to complete the world’s conquest without the little scientist experiment.  The First Horde MechWarriors and Elementals had been at the heart of the Mongol Doctrine that had taken hold of the Hell’s Horses Clan and they let loose their anger on the defenders.  As they overran the Lyrans the First Horde went through the battlefield from downed Mech-to-Mech, vehicle-to-vehicle slowly ensuring that every defender was dead.  As an example to the planet’s population Star Colonel Tim Lassenem personally saw to the deaths of the planet’s civilian leadership.

Raider Assault
New Home, Star League Protectorate
12th November 3103

   The Avanti’s Angels mercenary battalion surface on New Home supporting Baron Shienze, an employer from early in their career.  The combined-arms force stays true to their reputation going on the assault against a pirate force which had been causing problems for the planet’s local Guard Regiment.  On the battlefield for the last time Colonel Marcus GioAvanti marshals the mercenaries to victory from his Cestus BattleMech leading from the front Major Michelangelo GioAvanti, Marcus’ son, leads the Angels main force during the battle cementing his leadership of the mercenary battalion.

Planning Room, Night Talon (Nightlord II-class Battleship)
Morges, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
20th November 3103

   Khan Ruel Chistu stood looking data screen at the Horsemaster, an HH-class Yardship, as it moved closer to the crippled Silver Talon.  The Nightlord II-class Battleship had lingered in this system for far too long and it was needed in the Jade Falcon Touman.  Behind him saKhan Jana Pryde stood near the planning table.

   “We’re over-extended” Jana said looking at the table

   “Damn your contractions speak properly” Ruel demanded looking back over at her Jana Pryde was a young woman full of life and fire her short blonde hair arranged evenly around her face.

   “We’re over-extended, we are over-extended, it does not make an ounce of difference our Touman has not grown enough to match the territory we have.  Even with the territory we have traded to the Hell’s Horses for the use of the Horsemaster we need more combat units.  The fighting on Blumenort, Sargasso, Biuque and Wroclaw is sapping more of our strength.  From what I have read about the front-lines we’re unable to capture either of Biuque or Wroclaw just a waste of resources.”

   “Sigma Galaxy has completed its transition into becoming a Front-Line unit while Tau Galaxy is almost operational.”  Ruel Chistu countered watching the Horsemaster complete its docking with the crippled Battleship.

   “We need to increase production of BattleMechs and Battle Armour and we need to get Omicron Galaxy operational.”  Jana said frustrated slamming down her notputer the Jade Falcon Touman was stretched thin even graduating this year of Falcon cadets and accepting a record number of armoured vehicles into their Touman they were struggling to control the populations under them.

   “The Sea Foxes have approached us again” Ruel Chistu said he knew their production stats and that the Sea Foxes wished to take control over Roadside and Kooken’s Pleasure Pit adding to the territory they had taken control over recently.  “We could use the equipment they are offering…”

   “We could” Jana Pryde agreed “rumours suggest they have approached the systems of Wotan, Golandrinas, Bone Norman, Barcelona and Newton Square.  They are picking over all the worlds that we have released in recent years.”  Jana Pryde said disgusted at the thought that the Foxes were even looking at those planets she’d have happily seen them die away.

   “Who cares” Ruel Chistu said finally turning around from the screen “we need the assets they want a pair of worlds I care nothing for!”  He said his temper flaring.

   “You seem to have made up your mind?”  She asked calmly

   “And if I have?”  Ruel Chistu challenged “do you wish to try and change my mind?”  He asked stepping closer to her he was big a big warrior for a MechWarrior and could be very intimidating but she was faster.  In a blink of an eye the young saKhan had her legs wrapped around the Khan but not in attack instead her lips quickly found his in a deep embrace.  They had been involved when Ruel Chistu was a Star Colonel and Jana Pryde a young firey Star Captain it was purely physical but they both liked physical.  With her legs locked around him Ruel Chistu moved the Khan quickly slamming her against the bulkhead wall Jana Pryde moaned “well he probed looking at her.”

   “No I’m not going to you will be getting rid of two planets we don’t need” she answered as he turned her back towards the planning table the saKhan’s body sending papers flying.

   “Your damned contractions” Ruel Chistu commented

   “Horrible aren’t they?”  Jana Pryde said leaning forward opening the top of his uniform jacket.  Over the next few days the Sea Foxes moved forces onto Roadside and Kooken’s Pleasure Pit a few weeks later Wotan, Golandrinas, Bone Norman, Barcelona and Newton Square the Jade Falcons paid little attention to the Sea Fox moves instead they benifitted from nearly three clusters of Mechs, armour and battle armour and continued to have secure shipping lanes through Sea Fox controlled space.
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This scene is particularly big and needs its own post.  It came originally from marauder648 who came up with the idea of the battle and provided most of the work I just played about with it and expanded it.  So my thanks to marauder648

Operation Doolittle
Sudeten, Pirate Point between Sudeten and the moon Saar
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
23rd November 3103

The Werewolf flashed into existence, her Lithium Fusion battery already charging up to jump in an emergency as the WarShip’s main drives fired.  If somehow anyone missed the massive thermal radiation flare of the ships arrival, no one missed what came next as it was broadcast across the entire system.

“Attention defenders of Sudeten and Warriors of Clan Jade Falcon, this is saKhan Declan Kerensky of Clan Mountain Wolf, I bring with me three full Clusters of Mountain Wolf troops as well as the WarShip Werewolf we challenge you for possession of your resources, your Mech’s and Sibko’s.  With what forces do you propose to defend your Capital World and dare to face the jaws of the Wolf?”

“You and those of your ilk are little more than dezgra Mercenaries, if you want our world we will face you with everything you have.  Not one mongrel will live to see the sun rise!”

The link terminated with a static hiss and Kerensky grinned broadly, turning to the Werewolf’s commander.  “I guess that means we will not be granted Safcon, launch the dropships and aerospace fighters, I will be with our forces on the ground, I leave the naval battle entirely in your control.”

“Status change! We have pre-emergence neutrinos!”


“One million kilometres off our port bow.”

Conducting an in system jump the CJF Falcon’s Nest, a Texas-class Battleship, and one of only two left in known existence made her entrance in a white flash, her engines already firing, DropShips detaching.

“You had best get to your Dropship; we will hold them off and engage any targets of opportunity.”

Kerensky nodded and then saluted “Happy Hunting Star Admiral Scott Conners.”

The three Wolf Overlord C’s burned hard towards Sudeten, the Werewolf fighters flying top cover as well as the Isegrim Smaug that was already firing at distant targets with her sub-capital missiles

The three Overlords hit the ground, their ramps spilling forth Mountain Wolf Mech’s issuing their challenges to the Falcon defenders as they formed up and moved out.  Fighters from the Werewolf were busy guarding the ship so it fell to those of the Titan Carrier Hercules’ Strength to watch over the ground forces whilst the Smaug clawed her way skyward on pillars of fusion fire to join the battle overhead. 

Landing eighty kilometres north of the Capital city the Wolves moved out en-mass whilst the Falcons scrambled to meet them, alert klaxons blaring in dozens of Mech Hangars and in the fortifications surrounding the Olivetti Works.


Onboard the Werewolf the Wolf gunners were enjoying the targeting practice against the Jade Falcon installations and shipping.  “Target in range!”


Brilliant blue beams of particle fire blazed through space, melting the thin hide of Forge 12/Q, a largely automated refining plant for endo-steel.  The structure, many thousands of tonnes in mass came apart, disintegrating as its structural integrity failed; brief flashes of fire marking where the particle bolts had ignited the stations atmosphere

“Range to the Falcon’s Nest?”

“She is entering extreme range for our guns now and is turning to bring her broadside to bare on us!”  One of the Wolves called out

“Match her course, have the Smaug and Garm stick close to us and provide anti-missile protection, guns rip her open!”


As the two goliaths fought over the space around Sudeten with naval weaponry below on the planet the Wolves and Jade Falcons engaged each other with smaller but no less deadly weapons.

“Falcon scum you face Star Captain Iwona Chistu!  Step forwards and meet your death!”  Oh sure she KNEW she was hamming it up, perhaps she’d watched that Spheroid children’s cartoon a bit too much but still.

“Missile lock. Missile lock. Missile lock. Missile lock!”

A Falcon Night Gyr had answered his challenge and Iwona grinned, keying her Night Wolf’s weapon systems as the two Mech’s thundered forwards.  It had not been any formal battle of old, rather a rapidly escalating series of meeting engagements when Stars and Binary’s ran into each other. 

“Star Captain, there are some Falcon tanks moving to the north east, permission to engage?”

“Wipe them out, keep them from flanking us!”

There was a yowl as the Night Wolf’s Advanced Tactical Missile’s got a good solid lock and the Mech shuddered as it began volleying missiles.


Behind the Jade Falcon lines at the Olivetti Works Factory a less intense conversation was taking place as a Warrior looked at a prize that even the Wolves knew nothing of.  “Sir, they are barely ready, these are pre-production prototypes, the Shrike has only moved from its construction bay to where it is now.”

“But they are armed and operational Quiaff?”  He asked looking over the BattleMech that stood beside him it was as if a Jade Falcon had inhabited the design.

“Aff, but I must advise strongly against their deployment, testing has only barely begun and we do not know of any kinks and flaws, yes they can fight but we do not know how well.”  The Chief Technician glanced at his comrades for assistance but they did not want to draw the wrath of the Elemental.  He didn’t want to push the designs before they were ready. 

“They are avatars of the Clan; I will give you three Stars of my finest Mech Warriors.  We cannot let the Dezgra Wolves close with this facility; these machines will drive them back in ruin.”


“It is the Khan’s will.  Do you wish to go against the orders of your Khan?”  The Elemental turned slowly, his Myomer hand flexing, EI tattoos glinting in the harsh factory lighting.


“Good.  You have a fine Codex; it would be a shame to rip you apart.  You have your orders, brief my men and ensure these Mech’s are ready!”


Despite the rush on the planet’s surface to counter the Wolves in space the Jade Falcon WarShip Falcon’s Nest appeared to be far less interested in attacking the Wolves.  “Sir they are turning again.”  One of the Wolves reported slamming his fist down on his console.  The Falcon’s Nest could fight the McKenna in a straight up battle with a chance of victory but the Texas was playing a strange fight.

“What are they playing at…we are tickling one another at this range, we try closing, they withdraw, we withdraw they try closing.”

The ship shook slightly as naval lasers struck the Werewolf burning the WarShip’s armour “minor hit on the starboard nose quarter, the armour absorbed the blow.”

“Sir I am requesting permission to bring half our fighters on board to refuel and re-arm, my pilots have been out there six hours.”  The Werewolf’s aerospace and DropShip fighter controller requested from her console the pilots were not the only thing suffering the fuel levels were low on all of their fighters while ammunition levels on the several fighters were almost completely empty.

“Permission granted, the Falcons are content to dance at range anyhow. What about the forces at the Falcons orbital facilities?”

In the holo-tank the prize, the huge conglomeration of factories, plants, forges and slips for fighters, DropShips and Mech’s, the ugly but utterly functional Falcon’s Roost Orbital Assembly Plant glowed a brilliant green.  Out of range for now and shielded by a wall of fighters and a dozen assault DropShips that must have had orders to hold position no matter the provocations sent against them. 

There was a small cheer from the gunnery section Star Admiral Scott Conners glared at them angrily they were far from a true victory.  “Sorry Sir! Enemy Noruff destroyed, it was skirting the edge of our engagement range with two stars of Fighters taunting us, the fighters are withdrawing, we showed them” the commander of the gunners reported triumphantly a smile beaming from his lips.

“Very good, well done, keep firing at any target in range” he said at least someone on the ship was happy.


Below Conners’ WarShip battle the fight had turned into a slugging match as the planet’s heavens opened and rain began to fall soaking the combatants.  The Jade Falcons were throwing everything at the Mountain Wolf positions. “Target right!  Damn it...and front! All Tango Units open fire, gut the bastards!”  Star Captain Martin Ward cursed firing his Mech’s particle cannon at a Jade Falcon BattleMech.  “Die dezgra scum!”

“STAR CA...”

Even as they tried to turn one flank of the Jade Falcons an enemy Bane 4 BattleMech smashed trees aside its broad feet sinking into the wet ground, its pilot ignoring the stinging fire from a Mountain Wolf Ice Ferret and focusing on another target, suddenly almost at once the Bane let rip with its massive ultra-class assault autocannons with a roaring burst of sustained fire.  The high explosive shells tore into the Highlander IIC catching the Mountain Wolf BattleMech dead to rights even as the Jade Falcon warrior opened fire with its missiles.  Even as the assault BattleMech crumbled and fell over like a dropped sack of cement the Jade Falcon Bane exploded under the combined fire of three Mountain Wolf Wolf Mech’s, Zelbringen was not in force, the Falcons viewed the Wolves as at best Mercenaries, and both sides were not holding back.
There were no battle lines, no neat lines of advance or retreat, just a huge confused and utterly undignified brawl that would remind those of who had seen the ROM’s as being as ferocious as the Trial of Annihilation of Clan Widowmaker, in the woody, soaked hilly terrain the two Clans were ripping into each other with a ferocity born of deep boned hated, no quarter asked, and none given.

With their DropShips fairly close the Wolves were quickly cycling Mech’s back to reload and re-arm and with the Skyreach mountains on their right flank the Falcons could come at them from two directions and the Mountain Wolves were on guard.  Salvage teams were already hauling crippled Falcon Mech’s and tanks onto the DropShips as the pressure built all around them there was a feeling that the Falcons were finally starting to get organised rather than attacking in a fury.

“saKhan we have dug in and are holding them off but the Falcons are pushing along the entire front of our perimeter.  Ironfur and Golden Eye Stars are firing arrows and supporting the DropShips, losses are…acceptable, at the moment.”

“Thank you Star Captain Andrew Radick, my Command Star will take its place on the line whilst you fall back to rearm.” The saKhan said stepping his Mech into the breach its feet sinking into the soaking mud saKhan Kerensky felt sorry for the ground bound Warg Battle Armoured troopers who had to wade through the mess.

“Aff saKhan.”


Elsewhere behind Jade Falcon lines MechWarrior Roshak bit back a curse even as he pounded the top of his Eyrie’s main sensor display.  The Mech was achingly new, it had walked precisely eight hundred and three meters since it had been made and was still in its standard matte grey finish with no camouflage applied.  The enhanced Star had set out from the Olivetti factory, only having to halt when the Jade Hawk’s right leg actuator froze up, forcing them to leave the machine behind.  Down to three Eyrie’s, two Gyrfalcon’s and a Shrike with the Jade Hawk being towed back to the factory on a huge flatbed recovery vehicle they were now finally approaching the battle zone, all be-it from an unexpected direction.

The Mech shook as its jump jets fired, the splayed wings in the left and right torso adjusting and moving almost organically to improve the airflow and stability of the jump before it thumped down, the thirty-five tonne Mech accelerating smoothly up to full speed.  With his EI tattoos the Falcon warrior could almost feel branches rubbing against ‘his’ sides as the Star moved through the woods that marked the start of the Skyreach range, of course it was just sensor feedback but it did feel good.  The three Eyrie’s ran in a hunched forwards gait, sleek, aggressive and powerful.

“Claw Star, targets ahead, strike hard but do not over extend yourself, these Mech’s are the future of the Clan, do not waste them or you WILL answer to me.”

“Aff Star Captain!”


“Targets!”  One of the Wolves screamed seeing the incoming contacts from another vector.

“What? There is nothing there but mountains.”  The Star Captain said searching the trees through the rain looking for the targets.

“I am getting thermals Sir.”

“Understood, all Grey Stalker elements, prepare to engage!”

“Sir…I am not getting anything in the Warbook on the contacts.  Seismic indicate a mix of lights and mediums with one assault but that is all.”


The few glimpses by the Wolf Mech’s sensors was all the computers needed, it came up with UNKNOWN for the smaller machines but kept calling the other Mech an Onager, all be it of an unknown configuration the Jade Falcons had been busy.

“Okay, it seems we have some new Falcon toys to deal with.  They will be our salvage.  Move out!”  saKhan Declan Kerensky ordered as the rain continued to beat down on the both sets of combatants.

Two Stars of Wolf Mech’s, all be it with some in a damaged state moved out to engage the six Falcon unknowns and it was a ‘learning experience’ for both sides.  The Wolves learned about the firepower of the other machines whilst the Falcon Warriors had to adjust to their machines abilities, outnumbered the Falcons stuck together before launching a counter attack.

“Kevin on your right, small winged bastard!”

“Aff!” The Adder’s foot stomped down as the Mech turned hard, pulse laser blitzing bright blue bolts at the Falcon machine, cutting a gouge across its stylized chest before it fired its jump jets, the wings on its back shifting eye blink fast.

“They’ve got Partial Wings; they will out jump us in this weather and terrain!”

As the Falcon Mech landed out of sight there was a yell on the radio.  “Stravag! That bastard just kicked me!”  One of the Mountain Wolves shouted his Linebacker was in trouble, one of the Jade Falcon Mechs had come out of the woods and rain and engaged the OmniMech.  Blazing away with its short ranged weapons the Falcon Mech stomped to a halt before raising its left leg and raking down the side of the Linebacker’s leg.  Two meter long talons of dense, hardened metal gouged chunks out of the Linebacker’s leg, the Mech jumping away before the heavier Wolf machine could turn.

“Seems the claws are not just decorative…honourless scum!”  The Wolf reported struggling to keep his Mech upright.

“Target down! Target down! Nailed the bastard!”

Star Captain Marc Vickers Warhawk shook as the big Falcon unknown raked it with a volley of lightweight autocannon fire.  His Bravo config machine’s Gauss rifle thundered a shot back, taking the Falcon machine in its right torso, his fire being returned by a pair of ER Large lasers as the Clan Mech jumped backwards trying to disengage.

The Mech clearly had the Falcons laser heat sinks fitted, as it jumped and fired it was shrouded by plumes of jade green light that showed up clearly as the sun set.  It was quite striking, but it made the Mech easy to track in this rain even without the aid of his machine’s sensor system.  Vickers bit back a curse as his next Gauss shot missed, the Falcon machine having no such issue as it pelted his Mech with more laser fire. 

“Sir! The Falcons are pulling back; we got one of their lights and damaged the rest.”

‘Ahh…so that’s why you’re jumping…’  Vickers thought as he glanced at his unit’s details.  The Falcons had targeted wisely, going after his damaged elements, killing a Linebacker, a Mad Dog and Kit Fox.  A good exchange for them.

“Let them go, but I want that one we downed towed back to the DropShip if needs be, our Scientists will want to see this.”  Vickers ordered looking at the downed Mech.  Above the Jade Falcons and Wolves the rain which had been pelting them throughout the battle seemed to instantly dry up Vickers almost laughed.

“Aff Star Captain!”


Even as there was a lul in the battle and the weather below in space the battle continued between the Werewolf and Falcon’s Nest. “Sir we are cycling the CAP, they will be space born in ten minutes.”

“Understood, keep an eye out for any Falcon adventurism, not that they are being bold.”

“Sir! I am getting pre-emergence neutrinos!”  Another crewmen called out from across the command centre.


“Above Sudeten Sir, at the planets jump point” the Mountain Wolf reported as the Werewolf’s powerful sensors detected the new ship arriving.

“So that is why they were playing the waiting game…twelve hours of fencing whilst they waited for reinforcements.”  Conners cursed angrily wishing he’d taken his McKenna and slaughtered the Falcon’s Nest before now and damned the circumstances.

“Emergence in 3…2…1” the warrior called out as another one-and-a-half million tonne warship burst into reality, her IFF broadcasting loud and clear, Identifying her as the CJF Turkina’s Might.

“Sir! We have an unidentified Warship; it appears to be a Texas class…or based on one at least.” One of the Wolves said looking at the Werewolf’s sensor readouts the ship was a Texas but it wasn’t.

“Get me the saKhan immediately!”  Connors ordered on the tactical holo-display the Falcon’s Nest came about, engines flaring brightly as the two Falcon WarShips moved to trap the larger McKenna between them.

“Link established.”  On his headset the Werewolf’s commander heard the distinctive sounds of gunfire.

“What is it? I am a bit busy at the moment.”  saKhan Declan Kerensky ordered under the sound of further gunfire as his OmniMech was damaged by the Jade Falcons.

“saKhan we have had a new enemy WarShip jump in system, it is another battleship, type unknown.  We are significantly outgunned up here.”  Conners reported

“Can you hold them?”  The saKhan asked his frustration clear through the headset they had never come here to conquer Sudeten but the Wolves were caught up in the fight disengaging now felt wrong.

“Neg, not without endangering this ship and risk losing the entire raiding force, we need to withdraw.”  The Star Admiral reported as his WarShip shook heavily from long range capital missile fire from the Jade Falcon vessels.

“Damn…understood.  All Mountain Wolf Forces, this is saKhan Declan Kerensky, the situation has changed and we are now going to withdraw.  We have bloodied the Falcon’s nose and claimed a fine bounty of captured equipment.  Fall back as planned and then lift off. Nothing heroic, our Clan needs warriors, not dead martyrs.”  He ordered on the ground around the saKhan several Wolf Mechs opened fire with long range missiles loaded with FASCAM munitions these had been held back for the entire battle until now.  The Mountain Wolves proceeded to coat the battlefield in mines even as they fell back.

“Star Admiral, how much time have we got?”  He asked as more weapons fire struck his OmniMech.

“Two hours, maybe two and a half before they are both within firing range, their first Texas had withdrawn to effect repairs and is now moving to intercept with its comrade.”  Star Admiral Connors reported watching the screens as if the two WarShips would

“We will be there, the Jump drive is charged?”

“Aff, then we can burn to a pirate point and leave.”

“Aff, I will make sure that all our forces are aboard before we depart.”

The Mountain Wolf forces withdrew, star by star, binary by binary back to their landing zones continuing to deploy FASCAM munitions all across the area.  The Wolves had deployed so many mines that it would take the Falcons months to clear them all and even then the area would still be a hotbed for accidental deaths caused by remaining FASCAM munitions which lay hidden.  The Mountain Wolf’s sudden and well planned withdrawal caught the Jade Falcons by complete surprise allowing more of the Wolves to escape a fact that would result in the death of the Jade Falcon Galaxy Commander in the weeks that followed.

Despite their preparation, the Wolves did not get away freely, leaving the better part of two Trinaries behind on the surface of Sudeten, whilst also suffering heavy losses among their Elemental’s and Warg equipped units which had gotten bogged down in the retreat and overrun by the Jade Falcons.  True to his word Declan Kerensky was the last to board his DropShip in his heavily damaged Dire Wolf.  Another vicious aerospace battle saw the Titan class carrier Hercules’ Strength destroyed in a ramming attack whilst the Isegrim Howler was disabled and later captured by Falcon Elementals. 

Dogged by Jade Falcon forces the Mountain Wolf DropShips retreated from the planet whilst the two Falcon battleships maintained their pursuit of the Werewolf.  Finally the Wolves reached their pirate point and were able to jump clear of the system escaping the Jade Falcon trap.
In material terms the costs were about even.  For the loss of two Trinaries as well as moderate damage to the Werewolf as well as the loss of two DropShips with a third having to be decommissioned due to heavy damage the Mountain Wolf forces destroyed about a Cluster’s worth of Falcon forces, destroyed four DropShips and one orbital factory as well as claiming a few Stars worth of salvage.  The damage to the Falcon’s Nest was not so extensive requiring a month’s repairs.  The Falcons also claimed that they revealed their newest battleship the Turkina’s Might in a pleasing fashion, her guns firing in anger for the first time against a live target.  More important was that production at Sudeten was not overly affected by the raid, even if they did spend considerable resources digging additional defences round vital facilities.
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 O0 Nice update Dragon Cat and Marauder648!
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Interesting that the Horses are developing Mecha-clanner as per the OTL all be it a fair bit earlier thanks to there being no major disruption due to the jihad.  I would assume the horses are also working on Quadvee's?
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Great update, I really do like that at least the last couple of years have seen some major changes to the geography of the map.

A question, there seems to be 5-6 worlds in a strip behind the line that can be drawn between Kooken's Pleasure Pit, Roadside, and Barcelona.  Have the Falcons abandoned/pulled back from Black Earth, Beta VII, Hot Springs, Blackjack, Goat Path and maybe Alyina?
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A little Q&A

Interesting that the Horses are developing Mecha-clanner as per the OTL all be it a fair bit earlier thanks to there being no major disruption due to the jihad.  I would assume the horses are also working on Quadvee's?

More due to the lack of Republic era peace the Inner Sphere and Clans are both pushing to get one up on each other.  IMO the Parash and Skinwalker are two designs that could really set the Clans apart from the Inner Sphere.  The Horses are obviously the first two to play with the concept and as was seen in this little fight it's a long way from being a workable unit.

Quadvees are stuck in drawing board hell and will be for a while

Great update, I really do like that at least the last couple of years have seen some major changes to the geography of the map.

A question, there seems to be 5-6 worlds in a strip behind the line that can be drawn between Kooken's Pleasure Pit, Roadside, and Barcelona.  Have the Falcons abandoned/pulled back from Black Earth, Beta VII, Hot Springs, Blackjack, Goat Path and maybe Alyina?

The Falcon Touman isn't big enough so they've withdrawn from worlds they don't care about

Newton Square, Barcelona, Bone Norman, Black Earth were all abandoned and have subsequently been occupied by the Sea Fox Clan.  Similarly the Sea Foxes have taken control of other worlds.  If you are looking at the Clan OZ the Sea Fox Clan currently "control" from Newton Square to Toland and Steelton across and from Bone Norman to Kooken's Pleasure Pit, Alyina and Apolakki downwards. 

The Hell's Horse retain Butler (and the shipyard) and all the worlds beyond it to the Rasalhague Dominion.  While the Jade Falcons retain control over the Dark Nebula (and the shipyard)

The Hell's Horses and Jade Falcons see this as beneficial because they get a buffer state between their Occupation Zones and trade from the Foxes.  The Foxes meanwhile are allowing most of these worlds to retain a lot of autonomy up to and including furnishing them with conventional infantry weapons, armour and vehicles.

Hopefully that helps feel free to ask anything further anytime
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That's pretty much exactly what I was looking for, the "technical" political alignments of those worlds, I could have seen some of them turning nearly completely independent for a while.

As for the reasons why the HH and JF are okay with the SF picking up the pieces and getting more territory, I fully understand that part.  Both of them have relied on them fairly heavily by this point, and it looks like that's only going to increase on the JF front... at least until they can manage to get themselves another decently sized factory world (which I don't think is going to happen any time soon, if at all).
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Are there stats for the mobile yard HH1?
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They were on this site but can't see there here on OurBattleTech as well:

Technically the Forge HH-1 but more often than not refered to as the HH-1 (
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I'd have always thought that the HH1 was a modified M-9 w/o the SDS Control and most of that station's Naval weapons. To make room for more storage / habitat space.


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I'd have always thought that the HH1 was a modified M-9 w/o the SDS Control and most of that station's Naval weapons. To make room for more storage / habitat space.


To me it was always a support asset for the Clan that was easily moved.  A repair ship if it was needed or a factory ship to keep the Clan going until ground facilities, or shipyards, were built.

To the Periphery to end 3103 - answering 3 questions... What Erik Martens-Calderon thought of the worlds leaving, where the Subtlety came from, and what has happened to the Nova Cats.

Government Meeting
Samantha, Taurus
Taurian Concordat, Periphery
2nd December 3103

   “I hold in my hand a letter from the new Public Leader of Sananda” Governor Chiara Ruggeri said standing in front of the Taurian Government she was one of the youngest governors in the room at forty-two years, six years junior to the current Protector, she had long dyed blonde hair which made her look quite a bit younger than she actually was a career politician she’d never seen war outside this room.  “In this letter the Leader, a Rolf McQuarry, requested that Captain Sarah Potenza remove her lance of BattleMechs and their supporting vehicle company from the planet.”  The Governor said “Rolf McQuarry was an infantry company commander in the Taurus’ Revenge Regiment and in this letter” she said waving it above her “he stated that our forces were no longer needed or welcome on the planet but that he did not wish harm to come to our people.”  She said looking around the room “Captain Potenza withdrew her forces from the system and is moving them to join the rest of the Taurus’ Revenge Regiment on the Federated Suns front.”  She said turning towards Protector Erik Martens-Calderon “what will you do about this world and the other that have joined the New Colony Region?”  She asked looking at the Protector he noted her use of the original name for the Fronc Reaches.

   “For now nothing” Erik Martens-Calderon said staring at Chiara Ruggeri who looked angry at his answer.  “In total the six systems have left the Taurian Concordat. SIX” he said emphasizing the point “they are nothing compared to the greater Concordat, they do not wish to be part of our nation and now they represent less mouths for us to feed.”  He said bluntly shocking many of the parliaments “we have lost no mining facilities we cannot replace and out of all of those worlds a single ammunition factory…”

   “What of the troops that have defected?”  Chiara asked interrupting him “before his popular rising Rolf McQurry was an infantry officer.”

   “In total we have lost three battalions of infantry and a small assortment of Mechs and vehicles which were in too bad a condition to be removed by our troops on short notice.”  Erik said raising a small pad of paper from his side “we have captured three times as much material as we have lost I combat against the Federated Suns and our trade deal with the Capellans has netted us even more.”  The Protector stressed the Concordat was on the rise they needed to see that “Taurus Territorial Industries of Sterope continue to provide our nation with the effective Hyades-class JumpShip.  Our military is one of the most mobile in the entire Periphery.”  Erik said seeing that while they were happy with what he had said few of them were convinced “four years ago Taurus Territorial Industries was able to construct its first Compact K-F Core.”  He announced seeing finally some interest few understood the science behind Interstellar travel but they knew that WarShips were built around a Compact K-F Core.  “Since then those same engineers have worked on reverse engineering the drives from the Jason Hasek” ladies and gentlemen “I am very proud to announce that as of today our military are the proud owners of the first Hyades-class Corvette” he said behind him a screen activated showing the vessel slowly move clear of the Sterope shipyard.  “I have directed this vessel to be named the TCS Jeffery Calderon after my father.”  He said proudly almost immediately there was applause from around the room but Erik noticed that Chiara Ruggeri was not completely convinced.  “We will bring those worlds back into the Concordat in time and in the same way that they left through peace” Erik said “for now our nation stands as one at war, a War that we are winning.”

   “Until the Federated Suns decides that we are more than an annoyance.”  Chiara Ruggeri warned before retaking her seat.  Erik Martens-Calderon watched her for several moments as the Speaker of the House began their next topic of discussion for a moment Erik and Chiara’s eyes met the Protector simply nodded his respect to her which the Governor returned.

Diplomatic Meeting, Subtelty (McKenna MOD-class Battleship)
Wildwood, Magistracy of Canopus
20th December 3103

   When word had reached Canopus of a non-hostile McKenna-class Battleship which had arrived in the Wildwood system the Magestix had send Ambassador Winson Hodges and the MCS Katara, a Shoung Bi Shou-class Corvette, to discover what their intentions were.  Fortunately the rumours of the McKenna being passive were accurate and when the Katara had arrived the Ambassador had been invited on board.

   Docking on board the Subtlety Ambassador Winson Hodges pulled himself through the micro-gravity into the airlock of the McKenna-class Battleship and was surprised to see Commander America Park, the commander of the nearby defence station, on board the vessel.  “Welcome on board the Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts” she said greeting him “Captain Leroy-Detrich is awaiting you.”

   “Lead on Commander” he said the Magistracy Armed Forces officer turned as did the member of the Subtlety who was escorting them.  As they moved through the corridors in the micro-gravity Ambassador Winson Hodges was surprised at the state of the McKenna.  Despite the Subtlety's external appearance the internal arrangement of the Subtlety was in very good condition however there were some areas which showed things were not normal on board the vessel.  As they moved along the corridors Hodges noted a room marked weapons control the door was broken, or missing, and the room completely empty with the consoles dark.  Hodges was not an expert on naval vessels but he would have thought there would be at least one person manning the weapons array.

   Commander Park and their Subtlety guide led the small group to one of the McKenna’s large gravity decks a fact that Hodges was particularly happy about.  On the gravity deck they were led to one of the large conference rooms.  Inside there was a man and a woman the man was at least fifty years old, but looked ten years younger, his dark hair beginning to grey slightly but his body showed few of the traits that came along with being exposed to long stays in a gravity well Hodges guessed that the man had spent extended periods in space or low gravity.  The woman was more difficult to read like the male she looked younger but her eyes spoke of a much older person her dyed white hair further threw of estimates of her age.

   “Captain Leroy-Dietrich this is Ambassador Winson Hodges representing the Magistracy of Canopus” Commander America Park said turning back to the Ambassador “Ambassador Hodges this is Captain William Leroy-Dietrich, the commander of this vessel, and Director Cynthia Higgins, head of training for the Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts.”  She said introducing them bowing slightly she began to move to leave.

   “A pleasure to meet you…” Hodges began

   “Ambassador” Captain Leroy-Dietrich said interrupting “I would prefer that Commander Park remain.”  He said stopping America’s walk towards the exit “her people were the first we encountered in the Magistracy and they have been quite hospitable.”

   “Of course” Hodges said glancing over at America Park “take a seat commander.”  He said his tone indicated to her that he wanted her to sit and to remain quiet.  In a matriarchal society, dominated by women, it spoke leaps and bounds at Hodges skill that he had raised to a position of power.  “Captain Leroy-Dietrich” he said turning back to the Subtlety duo “first please allow me to second Commander Park’s efforts to welcome you to the Magistracy of Canopus.”  He said neither spoke “secondly please accept our Magestix’s apologies she recently gave birth to her second child the Duchess Anna Centrella and has been unable to travel.”  He explained

   “I thank you for your welcome Ambassador.”  Leroy-Dietrich said “we did not expect a welcome from your Magestix…”

   “But please pass on our congratulations a new birth is a wonderful thing” Cynthia Higgins said interrupting the Captain glanced at her for a moment Hodges guessed with a frustrated look before meeting the Captain’s eyes once more.

   “Ambassador please allow us to begin with honesty and by making one thing absolutely clear the Subtlety, her DropShips and her Aerospace Fighters will not be aligning themselves with your Magistracy.”  Leroy-Dietrich said immediately Commander America Park glanced down at the desk then back at the Ambassador.

   “I will be equally honest with you Captain my Magestix has authorized me to make you and your crew very, very wealthy should you accept her offer.”  Hodges said there was no point hiding the fact that the Magistracy wanted the McKenna added to their fleet even with their fourth WarShip almost complete at the Trznadal Cluster Shipyards none of their vessels had the prowess or presence of the Battleship.

   “Although we appreciate that fact” Cynthia Higgins said “and that you have not attempted to attack this vessel you must understand that the Subtlety is not a war vessel.  She is not fitted out like a normal McKenna-class vessel she is, and always was, designed to be a training vessel.  Captain Leroy-Dietrich and his crew are dedicated to enhancing the naval skills of anyone willing to pay the College’s minimal charges.”

   “But that was not always the case” Hodges said glancing at the captain as he removed a notebook from his pocket “in 3084 there was a Lieutenant William Leroy-Dietrich who was a member of the Fifteenth Exploration Squadron, a mercenary aerospace fighter unit, which according to the MRBC Records available on Canopus was last hired by the Interstellar Expeditions for a deep space mission beyond Magistracy space.”  He said Commander Park’s obvious surprise showed she knew nothing of the Ambassador’s findings.

   “Is there a question there?” Leroy-Dietrich asked not denying Hodges calm.

   “What happened to your unit?  Where did you find this ship?  And what are your intentions?”  Hodges asked

   “What happened to my unit is a long story” Leroy-Dietrich said “you are correct I am the pilot of the records.  We were assigned to six JumpShips deployed by Interstellar Expeditions specifically to resupply Interstellar Expeditions base Twenty-Two and to find Rim Worlds Outpost Eleven.”

   “It was found years ago” America Park said the outpost one of dozens the Rim Worlds Republic created before the Star League Civil War it had been found in 3067 by Interstellar Expeditions completely abandoned.

   “Wrong” Director Cynthia Higgins admitted “the expedition that claimed to find Outpost Eleven were forced to make that claim by…” she hesitated for a moment looking at Leroy-Dietrich who nodded “by my people, the people of Outpost Eleven.”

   “You are a descendant of the Rim Worlds Republic?”  Ambassador Hodges asked startled there were units that claimed a linage to the Rim Worlds Republic but there were no colonies that still made that claim the Rim Worlds Republic was a dead nation.

   “The people of Outpost Eleven were their own people. We always believed there was something wrong with the report on the base.  The team that discovered it were apparently lost on their way back to the Inner Sphere.”  Leroy-Dietrich said speaking again “each of our JumpShips were equipped with an HPG communications system so we spread out.  After three years we found the system claimed by Outpost Eleven and to our surprise the third world had signs of life.”  He said the wonderment was clear on his face “we sent word to the other JumpShips and headed towards the planet.”  He explained “on our way to the planet our JumpShip was attacked and forced to retreat from the system by unknown raiders.”

   “Periphery scum that had prayed on our world for decades” Higgins said “they pushed out world to its breaking point destroying much of the defences we still had active.”

   “We knew nothing of this” Leroy-Dietrich said “all we knew was there was a hostile force behind us and that we needed to get to the planet.”  He said continuing with the tale “we pushed onto the third planet which was one of the most exotic I have ever seen.  The remains of nearly a dozen moons remained in orbit around the world creating a debris field that completely engulfed the planet’s orbit.”  He said “we pushed through it towards the planet and that is when we discovered the Subtlety.”  He said

   “The Subtlety was built by the Star League Defence Force as a next generation training vessel” Higgins explained “somehow the ship escaped the chaos of the Star League Civil War and made its way out of the Inner Sphere its crew never looking back.  Unfortunately when they arrived at Outpost Eleven they were almost out of fuel and food and when they landed… the people of our world were not particularly pleasant to them” she explained looking at the table in shame.

   “We had other plans for the ship docking three of our four DropShips with the ship we transferred as much fuel as we could and brought her reactors online.”  He explained proud of the fact.  “On that day I became Captain of the Subtlety we were on a steep learning curve in three days we learned how to use the weapons on board the ship and waited for the pirates.  When they arrived near the debris field we let them have it with everything this ship had wiping out the pirates but also causing more damage to the Subtlety.”

   “Then came their encounter with my people” Cynthia Higgins said “our population had steadily shrunk for nearly a decade and could barely support ourselves.  Captain Leroy-Dietrich agreed to evacuate our remaining people once their JumpShips arrived.”

   “But that means you should have returned to the Inner Sphere decades ago?”  Hodges asked he was no expert on space travel but new that JumpShips wouldn’t take that long to return.

   “You are correct” Leroy-Dietrich admitted “but the Subtlety was not ready for extended travel so we chose to remain at Outpost Eleven while we made repairs and modifications to the WarShip we dispatched one of our JumpShips back to Interstellar Expeditions base for additional supplies and equipment.  It took us nearly fourteen years but it was worth it.”  Leroy-Dietrich said smiling

   “Between the Interstellar Expeditions forces, the mercenary commands hired to protect them and my people we chose to form a new organisation.  The Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts” she said proudly “our college primarily caters to the naval arts but also engineering, navigation and other forms of education.  We decided that everyone that we had with us would be trained to have the best opportunities for their future if they decided to stay with the Subtlety and our JumpShips fine but if they wanted to go beyond they would be able to last in the universe with the education we gave them.  Since returning to the Inner Sphere we have expanded that to those beyond our collection of ships.”

   “Which leads us to our goal” Leroy-Dietrich said “we plan to travel to Outreach and Galatea and register with the MRBC as a travelling school.  We will bring education and skills to anyone who is willing to listen to us; we will share what we know of aerospace combat and trade our knowledge for passage through the Inner Sphere.  For any supplies we will trade equipment or pay in good old C-Bills.”

   “As you can see WarShips have reached even the depths of the periphery” America Park said referring to the Katara which held position off the Subtlety’s bow.

   “Yes an impressive feat” Leroy-Dietrich admitted “but does you crew know how to combat a McKenna?”  He asked both Park and Hodges looked surprised for a moment but before they could speak the Subtlety's commander spoke again. “I do not mean this as a threat simply would your crew have any idea what to do when encountering a vessel like the McKenna?  Or a Texas, a Monsoon, an Atreus, a Farragut?”  He asked expanding it to other WarShips of SLDF era.  “The systems on board the Subtlety are very advanced we can mimic the damage capabilities of any Star League-era WarShip.”  He boasted seeing both of them were impressed.

   “We have shipyard facilities; we could assist and repair some of the damage that has been done to your vessel?”  Hodges suggested even if they couldn’t convince them to stay they could get a look inside the WarShip.

   “Not necessary” Leroy-Dietrich said “while we have sustained some damage to the hull and some systems they are not critical to this vessel’s operation.”  He said seeing Hodges disappointment “understand Mr Ambassador while we mean no hostile intent towards your Magistracy the Subtlety is capable of defending itself and its JumpShips.”

   “In that case I do not see the Magestix objecting to your travel through our nation.  We will arrange for our forces to be in place for your training exercises.  I will also arrange for a liaison officer to join your vessel to ensure there is no miss-communications or accidents during your travel through our territory.”

   “Mr Ambassador I, we,” he said correcting himself glancing at Cynthia Higgins who nodded “would prefer Commander Park remained on board as Ambassador to the Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts.”

   “Is that correct?”  Ambassador Hodges said looking at Commander America Park who looked as surprised as the Ambassador by the request.  “Well the Commander has responsibilities here at Wildwood” he said for a moment “but I believe I can convince the Magistracy Armed Forces Command to waver these duties for the duration of this assignment.”  He said deciding that keeping the McKenna and its crew on side was a better course of action than aggravating its Captain.

   “Thank you Mr Ambassador” Captain William Leroy-Dietrich said stepping closer extending his hand.

   “Welcome to the Magistracy of Canopus may your journey be long and safe” Ambassador Winson Hodges said rising from his chair meeting the Captain’s hand shaking it formally.  The Subtlety's journey had just begun.

Nova Cat Command, Khan’s Office
New Barcella, Nova Cat’s Den
26th December 3103

   The doors to the Khan’s office opened without a single word from the Elemental Guards standing outside Galaxy Commander Katrine Devalis hadn’t expected them to say anything there was no need.  Before entering she straightened her leather uniform jacket and tightened the pony tail that held her long scarlet coloured hair.  As the commander of Upsilon Galaxy she did not need to wait to be announced before entering instead once ready she marched in to find Khan Canin Rosse standing near his desk at a relaxed stance apparently waiting for her.  The Khan had originated in the Clan Nova Cat Watch she knew he still had very strong links to the organisation no doubt had his spies monitoring her every move since she handed on the Nova Cat Capitol.  “Khan Rosse, I report as I was requested to.”  She said as she approached stopping just short of his desk.  The Khan was almost thirty years older than she was and approaching the sixty-fifth anniversary of his birth but he looked like he was fifteen-to-twenty years younger, his fitness level and mental readiness unquestionable by anyone in the Clan.  It was obvious to Katrine that the most recent crisis had aged the Khan but despite the millions dead from the virus on New Barcella, including the Khan’s freeborn wife Yvonne, the Khan was a formidable opponent.

   “And a timely arrival Galaxy Commander” the Khan said looking at her his deep blue eyes piercing through her in them she could see the desire that had driven the man all these years was still there.  “It is good to be home once more.”  He said after a moment of silence for more than a year New Barcella had been under a strict quarantine the virus outbreak.  Unable to cure the virus alone the Nova Cats had been forced to turn to the other Clans for assistance with a breakthrough being made only a couple of months before on Tukayyid.  Since spreading the cure through the population the quarantine had been lifted but the Nova Cats were still being careful to clean everything that had been affected by the virus.

   “Aff it is, our losses have been surprisingly light” she commented.  She like many others had feared the Galaxy based on New Barcella would be completely gutted by the virus.

   “Light” Canin Rosse said looking at her surprised “nineteen million dead…”  He said allowing the number to hang in the air for several moments it was almost unfathomable.

   “Ninety percent of those were Freebirths” Katrina Devalis replied “they populate like rabbits if we were Jade Falcon we’d have seen the virus as a blessing.”

   “Aff but we are not Falcons we are Nova Cats” the Khan reminded her “you harm part of the whole you hurt our whole Clan and remember not all our losses were freeborns ten percent of the losses were trueborns.”

   “But only a handful of active warriors” she argued the only trueborns who had been affected badly were those who had been badly injured in the past or that were too old be of use.  Only a very small number of warriors in New Barcella’s garrison had actually been harmed, four trueborns and twenty-two freeborns, unfortunately their technical staff had been gutted meaning the units would be useless in a campaign for a short period.

With the virus contained on New Barcella the rest of the Nova Cat’s Den and their Khan safely off the planet the Nova Cat’s had continued to function normally finally absorbing the majority of the Filtvelt Coalition, trading with the Ravens and even re-establishing some links to the Sea Foxes.  During the entire crisis Khan Canin Rosse had stayed apprised of what was happening on their capitol planet but even after the death of Yvonne there had been no course to challenge his leadership; much to Katrine’s disappointment.

   “Aff” the Khan agreed again Katrina Devalis was getting worried they had never seen eye-to-eye.  She believed their Clan should never have come to the periphery instead it should have remained with their other Clans as an invasion force and absorbed the Smoke Jaguars Occupation Zone when the time was right.  Khan Canin Rosse had always been one of the strongest supporters of the Nova Cat’s new path a position that had been vindicated when the Jaguars and Adders had been ejected from the Inner Sphere.  “There was one particular trueborn loss which has been damaging to our Clan, saKhan Ajax Drummond.”  He said Katrina Devalis was surprised Ajax Drummond had not been on New Barcella when the virus broke out, neither of the Khans had.

   “How did he die?”  Katrina asked she didn’t care for Ajax Drummond he was a wet towel to the Khan’s fire she felt he’d dampened any fighting spirit the Nova Cat leader had for many years and had been surprised when Canin Rosse had pushed for the conquest of the Filtvelt Coalition.

   “An explosion on board his DropShip while returning from Tukayyid with the cure for the New Barcella virus.”

   “They arrived back TWO months ago!” Katrina said angrily taking a step forward “YOU have hidden that fact from our Clan!”  She said accusingly.

   “Aff I did our Clan did not need to hear of our saKhan’s death after learning of the losses on New Barcella.” The Khan replied turning her anger back on her while remaining completely calm. “I acted in what I thought was the best interest for our Clan; an action I would repeat if I thought it was necessary.  A Khan must be willing to sacrifice their own honour for the good of their Clan it’s something you must learn Katrine Devalis.”

   “Me…” she said suddenly stunned she hated the Khan, she was sure he hated her, why would he choose her?  She had been the symbol for all opposition for Canin Rosse, and his stavag family, and had inherited command of Upsilon Galaxy when Grayson Rosse, Canin’s freeborn son, was killed in action and had been a thorn in the Khan’s side.

   “Yes you” Canin said “tough choices need to be made.”  He said “you and I have not always seen eye-to-eye but it is time we set those differences aside and concentrated on helping the Nova Cats.”  He said explaining his decision.

   “I agree” she said after a moment considering his words.

   “Good” Canin Rosse said smiling “then your first job is to fix New Barcella return it to the status of our capital.  This includes replacing our ‘light losses’” he said quoting her our words “bring techs to bring New Barcella’s Clusters back to combat readiness, bring workers in to run the idle factories on New Barcella which have fallen into disuse because their freeborn workers are dead.  Repopulate our streets.”  He said laying down why he didn’t see nineteen million losses as a light loss.

   “Our trueborn crèches were not affected at all we will replace those lost freeborns with failed warriors in time.”  She began before the Khan spoke again.

   “Aye in time” Canin Rosse said trying not to roll his eyes “so in sixteen years when this year’s crèches graduate we will be able to reopen our factories, will add tech support to our Clusters and make our streets feel alive instead of like a cemetery.  Our Clan needs support now!”  He snapped

   “We have factories on other worlds working at, or over, their capacities and we have stockpiles of munitions in warehouses here unused when they were stuck by the quarantine.”  Katrine Devalis said combing back at her Khan.  We can make do with what we have until we are able to bring in skilled workers.  I will bring in techs from other units to support those on New Barcella” she said confident she could make it work.

   “I don’t want to make do.”  Canin said dropping into the use of a contraction bringing a scowl from Katrina. “I want New Barcella to thrive once more I want this world to feel like it is alive; like it was before.  You are now our saKhan, in the absence of a planetary administrator; it is your job to get it done.”  He commanded his voice raising Katrina had heard the Khan use this tone a hundred times in the Clan Council chambers not losing his temper or shouting just adding an authority to his voice that few could match.  It was simple he wanted it done and if she failed he would replace her by any means the Nova Cat Khan, for now, was Clan Nova Cat.

   “Yes my Khan” she said crossing her fist across her chest in salute before turning and briskly marching out her scarlet ponytail bouncing as she marched out of the office.  As saKhan she’d have to deal with someone she hated on nearly a daily basis, unless they were in the field, but it would give her an opportunity if Canin Rosse screwed up badly enough she would be in the position to become the Nova Cat’s next Khan a position she desired deeply.
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 O0 Nice update!  An overconfident TC Protector and Clan NC SaKhan that has really no long term view of governing, except for Glory!  Wonder what will happen down the road between these two nations.  Nice story on 'The Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts'!  I wonder who can afford their fees for the Naval training?  More please!
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An excellent update, something tells me that the Nova Cat's are going to need another SaKhan if Katrine Devalis keeps up her...very old fashioned ways she's so indifferent of the Spheroids that she's almost a Falcon. 

Great stuff about the mystery McKenna and her adventures as well :)
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Was too tired last night but here's the Map (on OBT) and the attached WarShip list

Map: (

Any problems questions feel free to ask
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Into 3104 -


Planetary assault
Idlewind, Alberio Prefecture
Pesht Military District, Draconis Combine
14th January 3104

As autocannon fire raked his Dragon Tai-sa Dante Masamune swore the Rasalhague Dominion Ursus the only way that pilot should have hit him at that range was if the pilot was the next Kai Allard-Liao.  His Mech’s warbook tagged the Mech as a Ursus PR he had no idea what that meant as he lined up on the Mech with his particle cannon smiling when the lighning bolt struck the target’s upper shoulder.  Suddenly from nowhere a Ghost Bear Mech tagged as a Beowulf IIC-PR ran past his Mech burning the Dragon with several lasers which was almost instantly followed by more autocannon from the Ursus.  Even as the autocannons blew armour off the right shoulder of the Dragon it was like realization of what was going on hit the Tai-sa.  “KILL THE BEOWULF!”  He snapped watching the forty-five ton Mech run away passing another Combine Mech almost on cue autocannon fire, from the Ursus, raked the other Combine Mech it was like the two Rasalhague Mechs were connected in a C3 network.

   Across the Combine battle line Mechs turned on the Beowulf Tai-sa Dante Masamune targeted its partner the Ursus intent on killing at least one of the Mechs.  His particle cannon dug into the other Mech but at this distance the shots were not easy marching his Mech forward he pulled the Mech’s other trigger launching a flight of long range missiles at the Bear Mech.  As the smoke cleared from the missile Dante had no time to react as a sixty-five ton Karhu charged through the smoke straight at the Dragon.  Lasers and particle cannons tore into the Dragon before the Karhu punched out with its left arm the claw-like fore arm tearing through the Dragon’s armour shredding the structure underneath.  Tai-sa Dante Masamune triggered both his Mech’s medium lasers striking the Karhu at close range burning the Dominion OmniMech but he knew he was in trouble the Karhu was a brawler the Bears had sucked him in with the Ursus and Beowulf setting him up for the close range Karhu.  “I’m in trouble!”  He called out but there was no reply glancing at his sensors Dante knew why the Karhu’s charge had not been a solitary one across the line several of the Rasalhague Dominion’s close range fighters had charged forward into the DCMS line causing total chaos.

   With the Karhu still close to him Dante turned his Dragon firing the long range missiles blindly trying to catch the fast moving heavy OmniMech his sensors told him that none of the missiles had struck home.  Instead the Tai-sa braced himself for the next strike which came in the form of several autocannon strikes against his Mech’s back, the Ursus hadn’t gone away either, the autocannon fire stripped the rear armour from his Dragon exposing the Mech’s structure.  Dante turned again firing the particle cannon and long range missiles at the Ursus it was a snap shot and both shots went wide his turn against the Urus had exposed his rear armour to the returning Beowulf IIC-PR which opened up with laser fire directly into the Dragon’s back.  Directly exposed to laser fire the engine shielding of the Dragon failed flooding the cockpit with heat a second salvo of laser fire gutted the Mech’s gyroscope.  Suddenly without the gyro to translate Dante Masamune’s sense of balance the Dragon began to fall not waiting to fall with the dead Mech and be at the mercy of the surrounding Rasalhague Mechs Dante Masamune triggered the eject system.  The Dragon’s head split open and the control chair carried its pilot away from the falling Mechs into the air.

   With their commander gone the DCMS defenders attempted to reform their lines a kilometres several kilometres behind their current line but the the Bears would not be denied surging forwards the Bears repeated their tactics drawing out a couple fo Combine defenders and then flooding the enemies lines with close range fighters.  It was not conventional Clan tactics but it was very effective with the Draconis Combine defenders not ready for the coordination of the Clan forces there was no question that the Rasalhague Dominion would be victorious.

   Three days later another Rasalhague Dominion strike force landed on Nykvarm and followed the same tactics pushing forward with teams of Ursus and Beowulf BattleMechs unnerving the DCMS defenders creating holes in their defensive lines before close range fighters were brought in to crush their opposition accumulating in the conquest of the planet by the end of January.

Deep Space, FSS Hanse Davion II (First Prince II-class Battleship)
Unnamed System, Periphery
20th January 3104

   The FSS Hanse Davion II flashed into existence and quickly scanned the system.  “Sir, the Nova Cat Battle-cruiser is where we expected.  A second WarShip, a Drake-class Corvette, is at the Nadir point.” One of the officers said looking back at Admiral Michael Thomas who nodded an understanding the Corvette was the Nova Cats insurance.  Should the Federated Suns double-cross them the Corvette could bring news back to the Nova Cats of the betrayal and the death of their Khan.  The First Prince had ordered something similar in deep space the DMI’s Clarkston, a Bug Eye-class Surveillance craft, was monitoring the situation.  Should anything go wrong the ship would trickle-charge its tiny K-F Drive and jump back to the Federated Suns.  “Communications from the Nova Cat’s they are requestion to send of a single DropShip carrying their representative.”  He said continuing the Admiral glanced over his shoulder at First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion who nodded.

   “Launch the CAP and inform the Nova Cats that they may approach when ready and that our CAP will escort them in.  No other Nova Cat units are to approach the Hanse.”  He ordered

   “Thank you Admiral Thomas, have your security detail escort the Nova Cat Khan to meeting room six please” Victor said turning to leave the command centre.  The Nova Cats had called for this meeting, their first with the Federated Suns since the two severed diplomatic relations, it was time to find out what they wanted.

   It took nearly three hours for the Nova Cat’s Noruff-class DropShip to cover the distance between the two WarShips, to dock and for its passenger to make his way to the meeting room.  Khan Canin Rosse entered the briefing room with a single Elemental guard, once it was clear there was no problems in the briefing room the Elemental retreated outside leaving the First Prince and Khan alone.

   “It has been many years. Welcome on board the Hanse Davion II” Victor said greeting the Nova Cat Khan indicating to the chair opposite him.  Canin Rosse covered the distance in three strides sitting down at nearly the same time as the First Prince facing him although they had faced much over the years both men were relatively healthy and active modern medicine helped hide the age they both felt.

   “Thank you for agreeing to meet with me” Canin Rosse said calmly, almost somberly, instantly Victor knew there was something wrong he had hoped that his younger sister Yvonne would be here with the Nova Cat Khan but now he felt the worse.

   “How did she pass?”  Victor asked instinctively reading Canin’s body language.

   “Peacefully, in her sleep, I am told.”  The Khan said calmly Victor felt anything but calm Yvonne was his last living sibling he was upset, he felt angry that Yvonne had passed, and by the sound of it, alone.

   “You are told?”  Victor probed trying to keep his anger in check but failing Canin Rosse glanced up at the First Prince their eyes meeting.  Victor saw a wall of sorrow reflected in the Khan’s eyes he missed Yvonne deeply, the First Prince chastised himself for a moment as he remembered, Canin Rosse was not the stereotypical Clanner.  “What happened?”

   “For over a year there was a virus that ran rampant through New Barcella” Canin explained “nineteen million of our Clan died including Yvonne.”  The number staggered Victor Steiner-Davion it would be as if someone had blotted out an entire city in an instant with no survivors he did not know the population numbers of the Nova Cats but even so it must have hurt the Clan.  Inside Victor began running numbers the Clan had been quiet for some time other than their attacks on Filtvelt.  Their attacks on the Federated Suns and their sudden withdrawal from diplomacy began to make sense the Clan had been reacting to its own internal troubles.

   “How was this virus released?  New Barcella is exclusively held by your Clan correct?”  Victor asked despite the Federated Suns best efforts they had failed to penetrate the Nova Cats secrecy and defence around their Capitol system.

   “Aff” Canin replied “we do not know where the virus came from only that it was not manufactured by us.  One day it was not there and the next it was.”  He explained he omitted that it had taken the resources of multiple Clans to find the cure for the virus before continuing.  “We have eradicated the virus now and are rebuilding but there are some losses that cannot be replaced” he said reaching into his jacket pulling out a small black vile. “I do not know your customs but I thought that you should have this” he said placing it on the table Victor did not need the Khan’s explanation to know that it was Yvonne’s ashes.  “I have said goodbye to Yvonne I thought that it was only right that you too had the chance.”  He said rising from his chair Victor slowly rose too.

   “We could discuss so much more” Victor invited putting aside his grief for a moment.  “She would have wanted us to leave on good terms” he suggested bringing an instant look of doubt from the Khan.

   “It is not the right time” Canin said bowing formally towards the First Prince before turning to leave the room.  Victor sunk back into the chair staring at the vile of ash as he wept in grief, aides entered to check on the First Prince, but the Nova Cat Khan had returned to his DropShip and left the Hanse Davion II before Victor rose from the chair again.  Once the Nova Cats had returned to their WarShip the Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser quickly jumped clear of the sytem with the Federated Suns Battleship leaving soon after heading back towards home.

   Several weeks later back in the Federated Suns First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion scattered Yvonne’s ashes over the Davion family plot on New Avalon returning his sister to the company of her family.  There with his wife Duchess Danai Centrella-Davion, their son Prince Burton Davion, his wife Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion and their family.  Fredrick and Jaylen Davion had been unable to attend due to duties to the state but Duchess Sarah Davion, her husband and their son Brian were also in attendance at the closed ceremony Victor had already directed the stone carvers to add the name his sister had lived by to the head stones around the plot “Yvonne Rosse” instead of her birth name “Steiner-Davion.”

Dinner, Calderon Residence
Samantha, Taurus
Taurian Concordat, Periphery
28th January 3104

Governor Chiara Ruggeri stood in the front room of the Calderon Family home residence feeling slightly apprehensive.  Protector Erik Martens-Calderon had called on her officially to discuss the political situation in the Concordat but things didn’t seem right the Calderon Family Home had always been a closed palace with only the Calderon family and their most trusted advisors.  Chiara was not a trusted advisor of the family and that made her uncomfortable “who are you?”  A young female sounding voice asked Chiara glanced around suddenly sighting a small girl dressed in a child’s green dress her distinctive solid black hair and piercing green eyes.

“I am a friend of the Protector” she said

“How can you be a friend of my dad if I don’t know you” she asked moving behind a pillar keeping her eyes on Chiara.  Chiara realized that the child was Nicoletta Calderon the Protector’s daughter.

“I know your dad from work” Chiara said “I haven’t been here before.”

“He only takes people here that he really likes” Nicoletta said ducking behind a chair “and he’s never taken a girl here before.”  She said moving further around the room Chiara remained standing where she was but tried to keep an eye on the nine year old.

“We’re going to discuss some work” Chiara said as one of Nicoletta’s minders entered and beckoned the young girl over.

“No you’re not” the young child said as she made a show of not wanting to leave while making her way towards the exit “you’re having dinner my daddy is cooking it for you.”  She said as the minder pulled her away down the corridor.

“It was notice to meet you” Chiara said watching the child leave.  Nicoletta turned away from the minder and waved back towards her before being escorted into another area of the residence.  Suddenly Chiara felt very under dressed, she’d expected a meeting not dinner, if she had thought this was something else she might have… she stopped herself mid thought no she wouldn’t she’d have made a show that she couldn’t be treated like a prize and not turned up just to spite the Protector.

Another aide entered from the side room “Governor, the Protector is ready for you” he said formally turning around on the spot leading her into a well set dining room.  Erik Martens-Calderon was nowhere to be seen and the aide made no indication on where the Protector was before leaving.  After twenty minutes Chiara was becoming frustrated with the Protector as neither he nor the guards had appeared.  A Governor of the Taurian Concordat Chiara decided enough was enough standing up she stepped through the door and into the kitchen area inside she found Protector Erik Martens-Calderon attempting to cook them food.

“Protector?”  She asked stepping into the kitchen

“I miss timed it sorry” he said checking on the food once again “it should only take a minute or so.”  He promised “I hope you like New Vandenburg Buffalo steak?”

“It’s been a while” she admitted New Vandeburg Buffalo steak was expensive to import.

“The Governor sent us a container full as thanks for liberating their home from the Federated Suns I’ve given to the regiments on Samantha and still have enough for months.”  He admitted

“Sir, I thought we were going to talk about work…” she began as he took the food out of the oven and moved a large piece onto each plate.

“We can talk about work” Erik said smiling as he placed two large spoonfuls of potatoes on each plate “veg or beans?”  He asked reaching for another spoon.  “So you wanted to bring your concerns to me?”

“Veg” she said “yes, sire despite our most recent successes on Robstart and Deifenbaker we can’t hope to hold off against the Federated Suns indefinitely.”  She began as he poured the veg onto the plate moments later he did the same on his plate followed by a helping of beans over the top he saw her reaction.

“Want some?”  He asked she nodded so he poured beans over her plate as well before picking up both plates following her back into the dining room.  He placed the plate in front of her before taking his own seat.  “Fortunately for you it appears the Federated Suns believe the same as you” he said as she scooped up some food “today the Federated Suns proposed peace between them and us, with no repercussions we hold onto our gains while they hold theirs.”

“Their gains?”  Chiara asked 

“Yesterday morning AFFS forces landed on Amber Grove, Mithron and Brockway with a message if we continue our war against them they would bring war to the heart of the Concordat.”  He said she knew that he meant the Hyades Cluster and Samantha by that it was what the Calderon’s cared about most.  “I agreed in principle with a cease fire which I will ask the council to match tomorrow.”

“What about the Capellans?”  She asked as he ate some food the Protector looked up some mashed potato stuck to his lower lip.  She indicated to his lip and he brushed it to the side.

“I think the Capellan Confederation has more to worry about than us attacking them” Erik said “in the last week the Federated Suns captured Tsitsang, Wei and Shipka while the Free Worlds League threaten eight different systems.”  He explained

“All they can hope for is the FedRats and FWL start fighting each other otherwise we could be about to see the twilight of the Capellan Confederation.”  Chiara suggested in the last few months the Capellans had lost the majority of their Liao Commonality, including its capital.
“Unlikely the Succession States rarely push each other far enough for destruction the Federated Suns and Free Worlds League will push until the Capellans are crippled and then it will pull back.”  Erik suggested remembering Baron Cham Kithrong’s teachings “the Capellans have re-secured Victoria and have driven the Federated Suns from Sirdar.  I suspect we will see small conflicts for the immediate future.”

“You know this is quite good” Chiara said eating some more of Erik’s food

“I don’t get to cook as often as I would like” he admitted “although tonight I didn’t do as well as I had hoped.”

“Well then you’ll just have to do better next time?”  She suggested Erik inclined his head towards Chiara for a moment washing down some of the steak with a glass of wine he raised it slightly towards her as they continued to eat and drink into the night.

Border Raids
Draconis March, Federated Suns
31st January 3104

   With the Federated Suns focus on the Taurian Concordat and the Capellan Confederation elements of the DCMS raid half a dozen worlds of the Draconis March.  None of these attacks are intended on claiming territory or destroying Federated Suns units instead the DCMS are testing the AFFS defences and searching for weaknesses.
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 O0 nice update!
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Oh very nice update! Seems the Dominion is using C3 in its non-Clan formations (which makes sense really, as the Clanners might look down on it but accept it as the 'clearly inferior' IS pilots need it to help them out).

A touching scene with Cannin and Victor too, I loved the contrast between the characters reactions, with Canin you can see how he's feeling but he controls it, Vic lets it go.

When I read the Taurian part I though "oh she's in trouble...." but nope, if only more official meetings were held like that :)
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Very nice update... wonder what's next?

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I can picture old cache of Exterminators being warmed up in DC, to take care of their Dominion team-up problems.  :D

Interesting update!  New chapter in the story, with Yvonne passing.
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did I miss something.  what are the Ravens working on in their repair ship? 

my second question is why did the MW leave that battle wagon in a contested system?  could they have taken it with the SLDF help? 

the third question is what is the nova cats going to do with the a sakan that is working with the Society?

I just spent the last three months re-reading your whole story.  its a great bit of work. 
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did I miss something.  what are the Ravens working on in their repair ship? 

my second question is why did the MW leave that battle wagon in a contested system?  could they have taken it with the SLDF help? 

the third question is what is the nova cats going to do with the a sakan that is working with the Society?

I just spent the last three months re-reading your whole story.  its a great bit of work.

It's actually the Horses that are helping out but they are fixing the Silver Talon an upgraded Nightlord II-class Battleship.

The Nightlord was crippled I meant to explain it more in detail in its own scene but honestly didn't get around to it  :-[ ship was not somewhere it could be jumped and its engines were crippled.

If the SLDF had brought in their Newgrange they could have fixed it up but the system was always contested by the Falcons

We'll I'm not sure if she's Society but she's certainly something different for the Nova Cat leadership.

I'm glad you enjoyed the timeline more to come soon

New chapter in the story

That's actually a good title for 3104 there's a few things going to change in this AU in the coming updates....
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wonder what's next?


Exploration Mission, Talisman (Buccaneer-class DropShip)
Horikawa, Independent System
5th February 3104

The Fronc Reaches employed exploration DropShip Talisman flew through a system that from what they could tell was completely devoid of life.  Captain Ken Gluwe leaned back in his chair watching the screens seeing nothing the only reason they were heading into this system was because their JumpShip had detected what looked like a quantity of germanium, the critical element that was needed in the construction of KF Drives, if they could locate a large enough vain of the mineral the entire crew could retire to anywhere they wished and live a life of luxury.

“We’re coming up on the readings” his pilot Kathleen Shoda said turning around in her chair “higher than normal metal content as well, possible power signatures.”  She said turning back to her screens “it could be a dead JumpShip or WarShip or an inhabited moon system around the gas giant.”  She suggested

“Just our usual amount of trouble” their navigator Anton Belyaev joked as the DropShip closed into sensor range “or something completely different…”  He said shocked at what his screens were displaying.

The Talisman closed on their target up ahead which turned out to be not a vain of germanium but instead a massive space station.  “I see where we got those readings from” Kathleen said as the DropShip continued to close “there are two Invader type JumpShips and maybe a Wagon Wheel type WarShip that have been connected to what looks like a Shoden type space station.”  She said looking over the screens “our systems are struggling to pick out which part belongs to what.”  She said the Talisman was not a normal Buccaneer over the years the DropShip had been modified with more powerful sensors and a small craft bay.

“We got incoming!” Anton called out as four small craft launched from the space station and began heading towards them “they are of an unknown classification; we’re reading a mix of lasers, missiles and conventional autocannons.  Enough to ruin our day” he said Ken looked at the screen and knew that there was no way the Talisman could outrun the small craft and that if any of the Wagon Wheel’s original capital weapons had remained operational the DropShip would be close enough to be targeted.

“Signal our surrender” Ken ordered there was no point in trying to run away from the small craft or the station and he wanted answers to who these people were.

Several hours later Ken and the other twenty-two members of his crew were in a holding room on board the space station mercifully they had placed them on one of the station’s huge gravity decks.  Finally the door opened and a young woman, he said young she looked in her early twenties but Ken knew that space living wore on the human body less than life in a gravity well, she had brown-red hair and wore a plain brown jumpsuit.  “Who commands here?”  She asked

“I’m the commander of the Talisman” Ken said stepping forward “but you command here.”

“Welcome to The Ark” she said “please follow me” she said turning around Ken glanced around his crew for a moment meeting each of their eyes with a look several of them nodded back to him before he walked out into the corridor.  The mystery woman had already began walking down the corridor Ken realized after a moment that they were along there were no guards beyond his guide.

“An impressive facility you have here” Ken said as they walked she nodded but otherwise did not reply.  Moving through the facility Ken began to realize just how large “The Ark” was as they continued on down the corridor entering another large room inside there was only a single large dark skinned man.

“Welcome on board the Ark Captain Gluwe I am Kommandant Lincoln Champlin” he said stepping forward extending his hand Ken Gluwe stood his ground and met the man’s hand shaking it.

“Thank you Kommandant it’s an impressive facility” Ken said releasing the man’s hand trying to massage the blood back into his own Lincoln Champlin had a strong grip.  “I didn’t think anything like this existed in the Periphery?”

“Or anywhere else” Champlin said he had a deep voice that Ken found oddly reassuring.

“The Galax Floating Tower and perhaps the famous shipyards that remain in the Inner Sphere rival it in size and complexity” he said “but there is nothing like this station it's cobbled together from JumpShips and Space Stations.”  He said impressed with what he had seen.

“Originally this was a deep space Taurian Mining Colony” he explained “three of the moons which are around this gas giant hold exotic minerals which once upon a time were in high demand by the Taurians.”  Champlin said “when the Succession Wars hit the Taurians had a lot interest in the materials that were here so the two mining stations and small ground colony were largely abandoned.”  He said “in the first day of the Second Succession War the Wagon Wheel Fredrickson jumped into the system.  The ship had somehow survived a battle with House Davion and her surviving crewmen had chosen to leave Taurian service.”

“They went rogue?”  Ken asked shocked “weren’t they afraid of Taurian retribution?”

“Everyday” Champlin admitted “but the attack never came” he explained “the crew grew old the remains of their WarShip slowly became less and less space worthy.  Then after about fifty years the people of Horikawa decided to try and salvage what they could of the two Showden Mining Stations and the Fredrickson by docking them together.”  He said telling the story of The Ark’s construction in his mind Ken could imagine seeing the hulks slowly coming together maneuvered by skilled crews and fearless tug drivers.  “That took three weeks” he explained “they wanted to make sure it would last so once the three were docked for transit they immediately began welding the docking collars so they would be permanently closed.”  He said “even as the first people from the ground were coming up to the station the engineers were breaking down several of the DropShips plugging the hull breaches in the Fredickson and continuing to expand the deck space.”

“It must quite a sense of achievement” Ken said

“It was” Champlin said “over the years three JumpShips entered they system.  One was convinced to peacefully join the Ark’s people while the other two were overrun by our Defence Teams.”  He explained showing Ken that the Ark’s people could defend themselves and that they had.”

“What happened to those crews?”  Ken asked saying what he had been thinking.

“They were landed on the second moon of the gas giant it is habitable if a little cold” Champlin explained “it was the site of one of the original Taurian mines.  The crews were marooned on the planet along with four DropShips which had been drained of their fuel.”  He said “their descendants remain on the moon today some of them still in those DropShips others in the mines below we maintain contact with them and often exchange supplies.”

“But you still live apart?”

“Yes they are used to ‘real’ gravity while my people love space.”  He said “there are almost three hundred thousand people in this system the majority live on that moon but we control space this station and that I can guarantee will not be changing.”  He said his deep voice showing a deadly edge that surprised Ken.  “And then we come to you”

“We are from the Fronc Reaches” Ken said seeing that Champlin had little to no realization on who that was “originally we were known as the New Colony Region a joint initiative to colonize the region between the Taurian Concordat and the Magistracy of Canopus.  Over time the New Colony Region found itself wishing for a path that set it apart from that of the states that had founded it until we decided to stand alone.”  He said “recently we have expanded into several systems controlled that had been controlled by the Taurians and while that was a good first step now my government wish to expand into other systems.”

“Horikawa included?” Champlin asked his voice neutral once more

“Only if we are welcome” Ken explained “the Taurian systems that joined us welcome membership in the Fronc Reaches we are not hostile to others instead we would prefer to expand through respect and cooperation.  Much like the ideals your people shared when they built the Ark.”  He suggested trying to appeal to the dark man’s history making the most out of this negotiation.

“What could you bring us that we don’t already have?”  Champlin challenged

“Exotic foods, tourism from beyond your system, advanced weaponry, spare parts.”  Ken suggested “now across the Inner Sphere and into the periphery WarShips are returning” he said noticing the surprise across Lincoln Champlin’s face.  “There are systems on board this station that I would assume you cannot replace?”  Ken asked knowing the answer the people of the Ark wouldn’t have continued to include parts from other ships if the original station could have survived on its own instead they had used what they could to build their home.  “The Fronc Reaches is in the position to negotiate for these parts with other nations, a far stronger position than Horikawa could attain itself.”  He said he knew he was possibly over playing their position slightly but he knew that the Fronc Reaches place would be better off than Horikawa alone.

“And what could we offer the Fronc Reaches?”  Champlin asked

“The exotic resources you spoke of are a start; we could sell them for a profit, while those small craft you approached us with could be quite profitable for your system there are many systems in the Periphery that could use them as a basic defence.”  Ken suggested

“Your nation could take us onto the galactic stage” Champlin said quietly “while helping us maintain our home” he said his deep voice sounding softer now “that is an attractive idea to me and I am sure it would be as attractive to other members of our leadership.  I will have you returned to your crew Captain while I discuss our future with the others.”

Several weeks later Horikawa and The Ark were inducted into the Fronc Reaches as two separate members of the state with the planet’s population and the space station’s people each given a voice in the Fronc Reaches.  The system agrees to join the peripher nation on the condition that the Fronc Reaches keep the secret of where the system was from the other powers while also agreeing to transfer resources to the Fronc Reaches and to sell the Pretender-class Small craft to the nation.

Downtown Randis City
Hope, Nova Cat’s Den
14th February 3104

Christian Nova Cat glanced through his messages he’d worked all day and now was the time to relax his wife Megan was making them and their son food.  She entered the main room of their small home with some steaming food placing it down on the table.  “What’s wrong?”  She asked looking at him

“I got the promotion” he said Christian worked at the Hope Industrial Works and had been trying to get promoted by their parent Clan since the Nova Cats took over Randis.

“Then why do you look unhappy” she said sitting down opposite him.

“It’s on New Barcella”

“New Barcella” she almost spat leaving the world’s name hanging in the air every citizen of the Nova Cat's Den knew the trouble that had befallen the Clan's capital world.  “What about us?”  She asked he knew she meant herself and their son Dominic.

“It doesn’t say” he said looking over the document not seeing anything that would indicate his family’s travel.

“They can’t do this to you” she said after a few moments standing up angrily.  Almost perfectly on cue there was a heavy knock on the door.  Still standing Megan stepped closer to the door and opened it revealing a smartly dressed member of the Nova Cat warrior caste he was young perhaps nineteen or twenty years old and had short cropped dark hair “can I help you?”

“You are Megan?”

“Aff I am” she said answering him in the appropriate Clan answer.

“Good this is for you” he said handing her an envelope “have a good night.” He said stepping away Megan swung the door closed then turned towards Christian opening the envelope reading the details inside.  “We’re being moved to New Barcella, me and Dominic, within the next three weeks.”  She said there were tears in her eyes.

“They cannot do this, this home has been in your family since the foundation of Hope” Christian said angrily rising from his chair stomping towards the door.  Swinging the door open Christian took two steps outside seeing the Clan officer further down the street he was about to chase after the Clansmen but Megan’s arm snared his Christian was about to ask why but his eyes saw her outstretched arm pointing down the street.  Several doors along the street were several squads of fully armed infantry troopers and at least one infantry fighting vehicle this “peaceful” relocation was backed up with some heavy firepower.

“They control the guns” she said finally pulling him back inside.  Over the course of the next six months this was a scene repeated across the Nova Cat’s Den as the Nova Cats attempted to bring people with the right skills to New Barcella.  In the rare occurrences where the civilians resisted the move the Clan’s Touman reacted quickly to arrest, and in many cases execute, those who were working against the Nova Cat’s commands.  Word of the relocation's filtered out to the nearby nations.  The Intelligence masters of the Nova Cat’s rivals passed this back to their agents working inside the Nova Cat’s Den and urged them to try to join this relocation in an attempt to locate New Barcella unfortunately the Nova Cats were very selective in who they brought with them to their capitol system.

Genetic’s research facility
Ford, Wolf Empire
22nd February 3104

   Life with the Wolves had not been bad for Dr Dana Wolf she had learned more about Genetics in the short time she’d been with the Clan than she’d learned in all her training on Terra.  Inside scientist facilities she had full autonomy and was allowed to go where she liked when she liked moving down the corridor she suddenly felt a pair of hands grab her by the shoulders and pull her into a side room.  Dana began to scream and then saw it was Marc Wolf “what are you doing here?”  She asked in a rapid whisper.

   “You need to get out of here now” he said in a commanding voice.


   “There are things coming things that you, and our children, cannot be part of” Marc said how he knew she was pregnant was beyond her but Marc was already moving “follow me.  If anyone says anything you are under my command.”  He said leading her from the facility and into a nearby ground car.  From the scientist facility Marc drove quickly to the DropPort she learned that Marc now held the rank of Star Captain and was in line to fight for the Ward bloodname when a position within the bloodhouse was available.  At the DropPort Marc did not stop instead he drove straight into a Union-class DropShip.

   “What is going on?”  She demanded as he stopped the vehicle inside the DropShip.

   “I have booked you a position as this ship’s medical officer” Marc explained “this ship will take you to Solaris VII and from there you will be free of the Wolves.”  He said looking at her.

   “Come with me” she asked but the Wolf warrior shook his head

“I am a Wolf” he said even though she could see he did not want to remain away from her.  Dana leaned over and embraced the Wolf warrior before reluctantly leaving the ground car.  Nearly an hour later the DropShip lifted off from Ford heading for a JumpShip and then on towards Solaris VII.  Nearly two months later in late April the DropShip arrived on Solaris VII and Dr Dana Wolf turned herself over to the SLDF authorities on the planet.  Dr Dana Carlyle was rapidly returned to Glengarry once there on the Carlyle family estate Dana decided to remove herself from the mercenary trade once and for all by selling her family’s mercenary Regiment, the Grey Death Legion, to the Brewer family of Hesperus II.  Instead she chose to concentrate on caring for her unborn child, in ruling Glengarry for the Steiner family and running Grey Death Technologies, the Battle Armour factory founded by Legion techs.

Public Announcement, Duke Bannister Cameron’s residence
Liberty, Star League Protectorate
28th February 3104

   Despite officially being retired from the SLDF Duke Bannister Cameron often appeared in public wearing his SLDF uniform when he appeared on the tri-vid screen wearing a simple black suit, white shirt and tie everyone knew that there was something wrong.  “Ladies and Gentlemen I am Bannister Cameron and today I bring you grave news” he said glancing down his lack of rank or title adding to the words that something terrible had happened.  “Today it is my duty to announce that Governor Archer Kendrick Christifori has passed away in his sleep the world, his homeworld, of Thorin.”  He said allowing the moment to pass for a moment.

“Governor Archer Christifori was a hero to the Inner Sphere he was a former-Commanding-General of the Star League Defence Force, a hero of the Clan War, a husband and a father and he will be missed by all of those who knew him.”  He said pausing for a moment.  “Archer was my superior, my colleague, my rival and my friend.”  Bannister said “there are many who feel the same way and everyone will have the opportunity to say goodbye.  His body will lie in state at The Fort facility on Thorin for the duration of March with his funeral to take place in early April.  I ask that all who wish to pay their respects do so.  God bless Archer Christifori, the Christifori family, and the Star League Defence Force.”  He said signing off ending the transmission.
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Post by: Wrangler on 31 May 2016, 22:14:34
Wow, Nova Cats are causing serious waves with it's labor/civilian casts.  Not as progressive as they use to be.
By killing their people, their going turn into another Jade Falcons.  Stupid.

Nice update.
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Wow, Nova Cats are causing serious waves with it's labor/civilian casts.  Not as progressive as they use to be.
By killing their people, their going turn into another Jade Falcons.  Stupid.

Nice update.

I just hope the kan is giving someone enough rope to hang herself real good.  I hope... I hope... I hope
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In the rare occurrences where the civilians resisted the move the Clan’s Touman reacted quickly to arrest, and in many cases execute, those who were working against the Nova Cat’s commands.

You will note that the arrests/executions happened rarely.  The Nova Cats have 32 inhabited systems (including the territory held in the Davetal system and Lothan near Tukayyid).  The times they killed the civies was far smaller than the times things went well. (well to those who didn't get shot that is :D)  That said Katrine's tactics are different from what other Nova Cats may have employed

Anything else of interest from this update?
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nice update!  The SaKhan needs to learn and understand more inter-caste relations!  A Wolf Warrior making sure his inner sphere love gets away and a nice new periphery space station?  These are very surprising updates!
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This new station is very interesting, and the SaKhan's going about things more like a Jaguar would, forced rellocation etc, and the choice of people seems very deliberate, possibly an attempt to get the Spheroids to breed?

Its a shame the relationship between Dana and Marc ended so abruptly, but that she managed to get off world and escape is a good thing.

A question about Bannister Cameron, is he directly related to the Cameron bloodline or is he just someone with the same surname?  Because I still think the SLDF could go "Yeah Hegemony's back, we've got a Cameron and everything." and say the SLDF controlled space is now the Hegemony again.
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Profile Update:

Head of Star League Protectorate:      Duke Bannister Cameron
   Governor Bannister Cameron: has been in command of the Second since the unit was stationed in the Concordat several centuries ago. A distant relation to the Cameron family he was exiled to an obscure base in the periphery for his views on “that Amaris swine” which the First Lord disagreed with.  He is a graduate of both the West Point and Sandhurst military academies with a Military Law Degree. Blessed with an innate charisma and leadership ability, his troops would follow him to hell and back if he led the way.  The second reason for his Taurian deployment was his name which brought much needed funding to his unit’s project.  If Bannister had stepped forward as a living embodiment of the Cameron name it is unlikely that he would have garnered the support needed to rule due to his complete lack of political standing.  Bannister’s lack of interest in politics has long been known.

   In 3085 he traveled to see the Goliath Scorpion’s Chi Galaxy which was based on Kentares.  The Chi Galaxy or the Seeker Galaxy was interested in the Second Royal Armoured Cavalry and its history.  While in 3086 he became leader of the Star League Protectorate.  In that same year Andrea Kincaid officially stepped down from her position as Bannister's aide as the two admitted they had feelings for each other.  In 3090 they became parents to twin children Jeremy Kincaid and Nicola Cameron.   After he stepped down from command of the Second Royal Armoured Cavalry Division he became Governor of Liberty and then of the Star League Protectorate before becoming First Lord in 3098.  For a man who was never interested in politics he has grown to embrace the rule as leader of the Protectorate dedicated to protecting the people of the Protectorate and expanding it if able.

   Bannister’s main actions have been directed at rebuilding the Marine HQ on Liberty and building up the facilities available to the SLDF.  Since the Second Royal Armoured Cavalry’s arrival Liberty has become a focal point for training for the SLDF while Camp Pendleton has increased in size to include a growing metropolitan area, which is largely focused on the dependents and support of the Cavalry Division, which has brought thousands of jobs to the world of Liberty.  These actions alone have gained Bannister Cameron a good public image as has his continued use of his military uniform despite being officially retired from the SLDF according to Bannister wearing the uniform stops him thinking about being retired.

Updated Unit Profile (
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Small update leading to bigger things...

Captain’s Quarters (Subtlety MOD-class Battleship)
Nadir Point, Cole Harbour
Magistracy of Canopus
10th March 3104

The door chime sounded to Captain William Leroy-Detrich’s quarters the Captain hadn’t expected a visitor but called out anyway “it’s open come in” he said the door opened a moment later and Commander America Park entered the room saluting as she saw him.  He had told her on several occasions that she was a guest onboard his ship and did not need to salute him but she continued to anyway.  “America, it’s good to see you” he said greeting the younger woman “all packed?”

“Not quite” she admitted “I’ve contacted the Magistracy Armed Forces High Command and sold my commission.”  She said the Magistracy of Canopus had a strange system where officers could invest in their own promotions for America to have sold her promotion was quite a step.

“Why would you do that?”  He asked surprised at her move

“What the Magistracy could offer me no longer appealed” America admitted she had never joined the Magistracy through loyalty to the Centrella family or the Magistracy.  “I joined the armed forces to see some of the Magistracy, to learn and to make myself a better person.  I don’t think they can help me move to the next level.”

“And who do you believe can help you?”

“Subtlety” America said “I believe this College can help me move forward and I think I can help you.”  She said “I know the Inner Sphere better than you do especially the Free Worlds League” she promised him William looked dubious.  “My last holiday was to Wisconsin beautiful waterfalls.”

“I don’t think we were planning on traveling through that system.”  He said but he raised his hand to forestall a further argument.  “You’re in Commander, welcome aboard, we’ll figure out what your duties are after the next jump.” He said America Park smiled broadly before coming to attention saluting him properly for the first time before leaving the room.  Soon after their meeting Subtlety completed its jump out of the Magistracy of Canopus and into the Free Worlds League’s District of Oriente.

Command Centre Werewolf (McKenna-class Battleship)
Arc Royal, Arc Royal Theatre
Donegal Province, Lyran Commonwealth
18th March 3104

“Emergence wave!”

“Right on time” Khan Amina Kerensky said smiling broadly “I really did not expect your Uncle Vic to sign off on this” she said looking over at Archon Jessica Steiner.

“It was more an agreement between Kathil Shipworks and your Clan” Jessica answered looking at the screens which showed an Avalon Block II-class Cruiser.  “Are you sure you wish to do this Khan Kerensky?  The price that you are paying for that ship could allow the Mountain Wolves to form an entire Galaxy.”

“Aff that is true” Amina admitted “but when the Jade Falcons come across the border with a Battleship we need something more than a couple of Corvettes and this ship.”  She said since the Mountain Wolves lost the Implacable they had been reduced in WarShip numbers to the Werewolf and two Corvettes as combat assets.  The Full Moon, a Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser, was maintained in reserve with orders to avoid combat wherever possible and to evacuate as many Mountain Wolves as possible if Arc Royal was to ever fall to the Jade Falcon advance.

“The Lyran nation could have given you a vessel in trade you did not need to go to the Federated Suns for this deal” Jessica said looking at the Avalon immediately remembering her own vessel of that class, the Archon’s Pride, which had been lost fighting the Jade Falcons.

“Aff we could have Archon” Amina admitted before pausing for a moment she did not wish to insult the Lyran leader with her next words.  “We have a strong relationship with your nation” she said “and as such I know that you have no use for a Vincent-class Corvette in your navy.  Already your nation benefits from a good relationship with my Mountain Wolf manufacturers so I also know that you do not need our technology.”  She said “Kathil Shipworks desired the Killing Blow, I do not know why and I honestly did not ask too many questions” the Khan admitted “my Clan needed something that could come close to rivalling the power of the Implacable.  That ship” she said pointing to the screens “that ship has the potential to fill that position.”  She said her smile showing the Archon that this Wolf had not lost all of her tricks with position, not that Jessica Steiner should complain much the Avalon would soon take its position on the Jade Falcon border defending her nation.  In exchange for this vessel the Wolves had agreed to transfer the Killing Blow, several Isegrim Assault DropShips and quantities of Clan grade equipment to the Federated Suns command over the next three years starting with the immediate transfer of the Killing Blow to Kathil Shipworks.

What Kathil wished with the Wolf WarShip was anyone’s guess but the Federated Suns had a large enough navy to experiment with such things.  The Lyran nation on the other hand needed every gun it could lay its hand on especially with the renewed fighting against Jade Falcon forces on Bluque, Wroclaw, Inucalns and Dukambie.  Initial reports suggested that Bluque would remain a Lyran holding and that the Jade Falcons would be forced to retreat from the system.  The Archon had come here directly after defeating the Jade Falcons on Dukambie but on Wroclaw and Inucalns the Jade Falcons had been triumphant.

Isle of Skye Raid
Rochelle, Wolf Empire
24th March 3104

With other elements of the LCAF fighting off Clan Jade Falcon the Isle of Skye Military attempt to show that they are just as capable by raiding the world of Rochelle, which is controlled by Clan Wolf, the First Isle of Skye Guards RCT supported by the Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser LCS William Steiner enter the system on the morning of the 20th March finding two Wolf JumpShips charging their drives.

On detecting the intruders DropShips aerospace fighters and DropShips from the two JumpShips engaged the LCS William Steiner while the First Isle of Skye Guards streams towards the planet.  In a short battle the LCS William Steiner destroys two Union C-class DropShips and forces a Carrier-class DropShip to surrender clearing the way for the Lyran conquest of the planet.

The Isle of Skye Guards landed on the planet four days later finding their landings uncontested by the Wolf defenders.  Confident that they would be bringing Rochelle back into the Lyran, and Skye, fold the First Guards moved on the planetary capital.  An hour later as they reached the outskirts of the capital the penny which had been hanging over the invasion dropped as the 341st Assault Cluster of Clan Wolf revealed itself.  The Silver Blizzard, as it was known to the Wolves, had been destroyed and rebuild a dozen times but could trace its linage back to the original Star League Defence Force.  It had been reformed in 3094 as part of reformed to the Clan Wolf Touman as a “perfect” Cluster with five Trinaries of Mechs and Battle Armour supported by aerospace units.  Without warning the Silver Blizzard’s aerospace units engaged the Isle of Skye aerospace forces tearing into the invaders at the same time as the Wolf ground forces moved on the Isle of Skye ground forces.

While the First Isle of Skye Guards BattleMech regiment had been built as a premier unit of the Isle of Skye military with heavy and assault Mechs bought from Hesperus II and other Lyran factories by the nobility of Skye the unit’s armour and infantry support regiments had been formed cheaply by siphoning companies off of militias across the region.  The RCT had also never fought together outside of a training simulation leading to instant trouble as they engaged Clan Wolf for the first time.  The Silver Blizzard concentrated fire on the First Guards’ Assault Mechs to start with striking them at long range with heavy fire cutting down an entire company within a couple of minutes.  Then the Wolves charged all of the Mechs and battle armour of the Silver Blizzard had been painted exactly the same with silver being the dominant colour supported by white and light blue.  As the Wolves closed on their targets Elementals launched themselves from the OmniMechs into the air and like swirling snowflakes of a blizzard they slammed into the Isle of Skye Mechs immediately tearing open the Lyran Mechs.

Within an hour the First Isle of Skye Guards BattleMech regiment had been reduced to less than a battalion of active Mechs.  Leaving the armour and infantry to fight in a rearguard action falling back to their DropShips high above the Silver Blizzard’s aerospace units tore the Isle of Skye fighters from the air quickly gaining air superiority.  Three hours after the Isle of Skye Regimental Combat Team had arrived on the planet two companies of Mechs, five armour battalions and a couple of hundred infantry troopers boarded their DropShip in what could only be described as a rout as Clan Wolf once more proved it was more than capable of defending its Empire.
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nice to see the MW getting another warship.  the Dragoons might want to start looking at building some space support on that planet in the old FWL... just in case 
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Trading a Vincent and some mechs and tech for a Avalon block II, sounds like a damn good deal to me for the Wolves and as was pointed out, they need it.  They are running out of Warships and the Vincent no longer has any line anywhere near hostile fire.

The raid on the Isle of Skye was a point in case of getting the door slammed on your head and then kicked in the gut whilst you're down.  Thankfully the Empire didn't have any major orbital assets or I doubt any of the Lyrans would have gotten out.

As always, excellent stuff! :)
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nice to see the MW getting another warship.  the Dragoons might want to start looking at building some space support on that planet in the old FWL... just in case

There are bigger things the proper Wolves are interested in...  >:D

Trading a Vincent and some mechs and tech for a Avalon block II, sounds like a damn good deal to me for the Wolves and as was pointed out, they need it.

It was "cheap"  ??? 8)

Attached is a unit assignment table for the SLDF and the Succession States at present (the unit's are HQ'ed on these planets but elements maybe seen on other planets)
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Citizen’s Council
Alshian, Rasalhague Dominion
Clan Occupation Zones
4th April 3104

The Rasalhague Dominion announce the formation of the Citizen’s Council a place where the lower castes of the Rasalhague Dominion can bring their ideas, opinions and concerns to the warrior caste leadership of Clan Ghost Bear without fear of reprisal.  The Citizen’s Council have no power to make laws or to make rulings on the goings on inside the Dominion but it does give a voice to the non-warriors of the nation.

Thorin, Star League Protectorate
10th April 3104

From across the Inner Sphere, the Periphery and Clan occupied space people gather on Thorin to mourn the passing of Archer Kendrick Christifori, former SLDF Commanding-General and the Governor of Terra.  The Star League attempt to use the funeral as a way to bring the the Inner Sphere nations to peace unfortunately while First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, his son Prince Burton Davion and a pregnant Duchess Kym Hasek of the Capellan March were all present the Capellan Confederation refused to send a single representative to the funeral showing their continued disdain for anything related to the Star League Defence Force.  Also missing from the funeral is Captain-General Joseph Marik who instead attends the birth of his daughter Ruth Marik on the world that shared her name instead Duke Jonas Halas of the District of Oriente represents the Free Worlds League.

In keeping with a new tradition for Thorin replacing Archer Christifori, with his wife Katya Christifori’s permission, retired SLDF Major-General Caradoc Travena becomes the new Governor of Thorin.  With Caradoc Travena, another Lyran national who had served in the SLDF, as their new leader it further tied Thorin to the Star League and to the Protectorate.

Mercenary Contract
Alula Australis, Star League Protectorate
21st April 3104

   Using intelligence gained from their battle on New Home in November 3103 the Avanti’s Angels Mercenary Battalion launch an attack on a suspected Word of Blake extremists hold-out on Alula Australis.  Going on the attack as soon as they were in position the mercenary command quickly overwhelm and destroy a reinforced company of raiders using classic Word of Blake BattleMechs and Battle Armour.  Over the course of nearly an hour the Avanti’s Angels constantly press the raiders forcing them to react to the mercenaries never losing the initiative.

   Like their actions New Earth the assault on the Alula Australis compound is for a private contract and not the SLDF meaning the Avanti’s Angels assault catches the local guard regiment completely by surprise.  By the time the SLDF defenders arrive the mercenaries are clearing the final rooms of the compound as the extremists fight room to room in their defence.  Following the end of the fighting the Avanti’s Angels are briefly placed under arrest by the SLDF as they attempt to determine exactly what happened within the compound.  An SLIC investigation confirms the mercenary’s belief that this was a Word of Blake extremist’s stronghold and training camp the Avanti’s Angels are awarded the salvage rights they had been promised through their contract.  The mercenaries then left heading towards their next contract in the Magistracy of Canopus striking at Marian and pirate forces in the contested region between the Magistracy of Canopus and the Marian Hegemony which was growing in its scale and intensity.

Within the Star League Protectorate deeper questions are asked like how a Word of Blake stronghold had been allowed to remain on Star League soil?  How many other strongholds could there be and how the Avanti’s Angels had been able to launch an attack on a Protectorate world without the local Guard unit being aware?
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Wow, no wonder the Capellans are being pushed to the brink, the Suns mobilizing half their federalized units can reach almost parity with the entirety of the federalized Capellan units.

I look forward to seeing the clan and periphery units, though suspect it will take at least as long, and possibly longer to see those.
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is it bad that I log in an check this board a few times each day?
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is it bad that I log in an check this board a few times each day?

I do that as well.  We're not addicted..we can stop any time we want...*coughs*
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Wow, no wonder the Capellans are being pushed to the brink, the Suns mobilizing half their federalized units can reach almost parity with the entirety of the federalized Capellan units.

I look forward to seeing the clan and periphery units, though suspect it will take at least as long, and possibly longer to see those.

I'll work on it

It's not an update but it's something else from the timeline

The Jade Falcon/Coyote Mississippi-class Battleship (

marauder648 if you're not addicted then I need to be committed
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Throne Room, Robinson
Robinson, Draconis March
Federated Suns
2nd May 3104

   Duke Jerome Sandoval approached the throne of the Draconis March, the seat of the Sandoval family here on Robinson, sitting there was twenty-four year old Duchess Elaine Sandoval eldest child of Jerome’s cousin Tancred.  To Jerome the young woman in front of him did not look well she’d cut her long dark hair short and dyed it red to Jerome it didn’t suit her she wore a simple green jumpsuit without any markings at all.  Deep circles around her eyes indicated that recent raids on the March by suspected Draconis Combine forces had taken a toll on the young duchess’ sleep patterns.

   “It’s good to see you Elaine” he said stopping short of approaching the throne.

   “Uncle Jerome” she greeted him although not a blood uncle to her he’d always been a friend to her father when she was growing up and it was an affectionate term she’d used for him for years.  “You know why you are here” she said it was not a question everyone in the March probably knew why Jerome was on Robinson today.

   “I do” he said “are you sure about this Elaine?”

   “I am” she said rising from the throne chair “I never wanted to lead the March, my father knew this, it was always going to be Duncan’s to lead.”  She explained naming her sixteen year old brother who had taken early admittance to the AFFS just a month before.  “Unfortunately fate intervened in the plan.”  She said refusing to name the Bounty Hunter who was the instrument of that fate.

   “It may be your brother’s in the future Elaine” Jerome promised “if he wishes to command this March I will make sure he is ready for the job.”

   “That’s all I can ask thank your Uncle” she said stepping away from the throne.

   “What will you do?”  He asked remaining rooted to the spot watching her with his eyes.

   “Go back to my studies I think I made a far better art student than a politican.”  She said moving over she hugged her Uncle for a moment before heading towards the exit of the room.  As she approached two Cavalier Battle Armoured troopers saluted the leaving Duchess before resuming their guard of the room.  Jerome for his part stood in the room for several more minutes looking at the throne before finally ascending the flight of four steps up to the chair assuming his position as head of the Draconis March.

Second Battle of Incukalns
Incukalns, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
Clan Occupied Space
19th May 3104

Clan Jade Falcon had driven deep into the Lyran Commonwealth the deepest point being Incukalns a system without a single thing of note other than it was capable of supporting human life.  According to Lyran Commonwealth Intelligence the Jade Falcons had failed to defend their recently claimed system well enough placing not a single WarShip in the system while only two damaged clusters of ground troops defended the ground unforately they were wrong.

As an SLDF, Lyran and mercenary assault force arrived in the system at the Nadir Point they were immediately confronted by the Jade Falcon’s Turkina’s Might a recently commissioned Mississippi-class Battleship, a class which was itself based on the original Star League-era Texas-class.  When the Turkina’s Might had detected not only a Lyran WarShip but also an SLDF vessel the Jade Falcon vessel had immediately engaged with its weapons and aerospace fighters shattering three JumpShips and crippling several DropShips before the assault force had recovered from their.

In the confusion caused by the vessel’s assault the Battleship was able to withdraw to extreme range where it could continue to pick at the assault force.  The SLDF’s SLS St Patrick, a Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser, and the LCS Lightning, a Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser, attempted to shield the ground forces by taking long range shots at the larger Falcon WarShip but there was little chance that the two Heavy Cruisers could do telling damage without closing range significantly or resorting to the use of nuclear weapons.

While the Lyran Regiment commander called for the use of nuclear weapons this argument was rendered mute when another Jade Falcon WarShip the Night Talon emerged from behind the planet of Incukalns.  The WarShip which was completing supply runs to the planet would be more than combat ready before the liberating forces arrived at the planet instead the Inner Sphere forces turned their focus away from attack and instead towards survival.  With three crippled JumpShips they had no choice transferring crew and as much supplies as they could off of several DropShips the invaders sent six cargo DropShips on ballistic collision course with the Turkina’s Might intending on distracting the Battleship long enough to allow the invasion force to escape.

As the six DropShips approached the Battleship the Jade Falcon WarShip concentrated its fire on them allowing the Lyran and SLDF vessels to escape the system before they received further heavy damage.  The six DropShips without crews to guide them had little to no chance of hitting the WarShip and they fell quickly to the massed naval laser fire of the Ares Might.
The Jade Falcons declared the action in the Incukalns system a victory for their Clan as they had stopped the Inner Sphere forces reaching the planet but the repercussions went far further than the little known system.  On both Tharkad and Terra questions were raised by both nations to why neither have a Battleship of their own to answer that of the Jade Falcons.  Where the Clan had invested in not one Battleship design of their own they had also gained the Nightlord II deign from the Snow Ravens while the Lyran Commonwealth continued to rely on the Mjolnir-class Battle-cruiser and the Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser for their muscle.  In the SLDF Navy the largest vessel they could call on was the Enterprise II-class Super Carrier an excellent vessel but still the only vessel of its class while the rest of their vessels were a mix of Heavy Cruisers and Battle-cruisers or smaller vessels.  Both the SLDF and LCAF noted that virtually every other nation had an active Battleship in their armadas, or in the Free Worlds League’s case had one under construction, leading to severe rethinks by both armies.

Elsewhere analysts note that the Inner Sphere is approaching a position it was once in before when a well placed WarShip could determine the outcome of an entire invasion.  They note that the only way to counter these vessels will be to bring a vessel of equal or greater capabilities, bring more vessels than your opponent could employ, or to follow the example of the Capellan Confederation in the widespread deployment of nuclear weapons against naval assets and if possible against their construction and support structures.  They note that while the BattleMech remains the king of any battlefield it steps on getting to that battlefield was becoming more and more difficult with the prolification of naval assets across the Succession States and the Clans.

Merc’s Tavern, Gravity Deck 4
Galatea Station, Galatea
Isle of Skye, Lyran Commonwealth
22nd May 3104

   Justin Rubinsky the commander of the reborn Rubinsky’s Light Horse Mercenary Battalion stood at the end of a table full of members of his battalion with a drink raised.  “Ladies and Gentlemen we are staying in the Commonwealth” he said confirming their first contract had been signed.  All along table the officers and warriors tapped twice sending the noise echoing through the establishment from all around the room people turned to look at the command.  Through the bar a middle aged man with oriental features moved over to be standing beside Justin.  “Can I help you” he asked maintaining his calm the male was from either the Capellan Confederation or somewhere close.

   “Would you mind my people are trying to say goodbye to those we have lost”

   “Well carry on” Justin said confidently “we’re celebrating a new start for our people.”  He said looking at the older man.

   “I wish you well then” he said extending his hand “Sang-shao Matt Blackledge” he said introducing himself.

   “Sang-shoa?  Capellan Confederation Armed Forces?”  He asked looking at the man he lacked any insignia of the Capellan Confederation.

   “Formerly” Blackledge said “we were abandoned by the CCAF on Zion.  Now we have a new path.”

   “Formally… so you went rogue…” Justin Rubinsky said

   “Just like you did Mr Rubinsky” Blackledge teased “last I heard you were enlisted with the AFFS just like your brother.”

   “Your intelligence is good” Justin admitted “but I have since tendered my resignation and reformed the Rubinsky’s Light Horse” he said the other members of the unit tapped the table two more times.

   “And you just have to make us all aware” Blackledge said becoming irritated as if to reinforce his point the other members of the Light Horse banged the table two more times further irritating Blackledge.  From behind the former Capellan officer further members of his unit approached as they did the other members of the Light Horse rose from their chairs while other patrons of the unit looked their way.

   Justin Rubinsky wasn’t exactly sure who had thrown the first punch but almost within the blink of an eye the two units were embroiled in a brawl that would have been at home in any bar throughout history where two rival groups met.  With neither unit armed, as per station rules, the fight was a fair one as the other commands quickly entered into the fight.  Almost as soon as the fight had begun it was over as Galatea Station Security charged into the gravity deck locking down anyone who didn’t work for the station.  Unlike the brawlers the Security units were armed with sonic weapons and guns with stun rounds and quickly they locked down all of the fighters.  None of the mercenaries were armed so the station authorities had allowed them all to return to their DropShips and head for their contracts.  Both of the mercenary units were headed for the Lyran Commonwealth borders for extended contracts.

Parliament of Bowang, Bowang City
District of Bowang, Free Worlds League
29th May 3104

A crowd had gathered outside of the Parliament of Bowang but this was not a crowd of anger or aggression but instead one of hope, peace and celebration.  Prime Minister Allison Kaning, the leader of Bowang and of the District of Bowang, took to the podium in front of the famous white doors of the Parliament building and addressed the crowd.  “Ladies and Gentlemen it has been my pleasure to lead Bowang and its District for the last ten years.  We have accomplished many great things together” she said “we built on the Bowang Free Trade Sphere.  We triumphed at forging the Outer League Alliance not through the use go weapons of war but through the power of words and peace.”  She said proudly the crowds cheered at her words proud of what they had accomplished “we sponsored the rebirth of a united Free Worlds League and saw in the re-establishment of House Marik as one of the great houses of the Inner Sphere.”  She said the crowd cheered again although this time it was slightly more muted not everyone wished a Marik to remain in power on Atreus.  “We successfully brought the Wolf’s Dragoons into our nation and dealt with Clan Sea Fox again we used words instead of weapons of arms.”  She said emphasizing her point she had never declared war on anyone, she had been willing to fight if it was needed but had much preferred to use words to get her point across.  “As this nation goes forward we must continue to live up to the ideals this nation was born through and remember to watch out for threats to our nation.  I thank you for your long support and look forward to my retirement.”  She said stepping down replacing her at the podium stood a man who looked like he was in his early fifties, he was of Indian descent, his dark hair going grey he wore a navy business suit.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I am Abraham Ledford” he said “Allison Kaning has served our nation well and I hope that she enjoys the the time she now has off.  I also hope that we all enjoy and remember today, and remember Allison Kaning’s contributions to our nation, to help that along I am happy to announce that across the District of Bowang the 29th May will be recognized as a public holiday with all workers, not engaged in work necessary to the running or defence of our nation, entitled to a paid day off work.”  He announced a good way to start a new job by telling everyone that they were entitled to the day off.  Ledford’s announcement turned the celebration of Allison Kaning’s ruler-ship into a party that ran deep into the night on Bowang and across the planets of the District.  In the District of Gibraltar and the District of Lesnovo there were calls for the holiday to be recognized across the territory once claimed by the Outer League Alliance but these calls do not translate into the holiday being recognized.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 07 June 2016, 16:51:03
An excellent update and thank GOD the Lyran's didn't use nukes against the Clanners, especially ones as volatile as the Falcons, they would have gone berserk.

The political changes are interesting, I like that the leader of the Draconis March peacefully stood down and the Bowang folks are still going strong :)  The bar fight was amusing, yay for drunk soldiers from rival units going into the same bar.  Things never ever change.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 07 June 2016, 17:12:35
Yes, great update, and something that escaped me the first time it may have been mentioned, but it looks like the Falcons are attempting to cut off Arc-Royal, that could end up being all sorts of bad (for both Mountain Wolf and the Falcons).

I'm also curious about what the Ravens have been up to the last couple years, they've been pretty quiet lately - I suspect they are simply consolidating and building up their new colonies, but figured I'd poke the dragon. =)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 07 June 2016, 17:43:02
Hopefully the Ravens are doing some refits on their ships to give them AMS defences. They also probably need a new assault dropship (perhaps use the Arcadia as a base design?) and are doing things like expanding the Alliance's industrial base. 

They have two battleships of their own, a Nightlord II and a Texas, and they also have the big advantage of distance between them and other Clan's.  I don't know of their diplomatic ties to the other IS Clans, but they seem to be very wary of the Combine, which is understandable really.  The Alliance does not really have space to trade and can't give up worlds without its core ones being threatened. 

Because of this I think they would be a tad silly to not do something like a SLEP (Service Life Extension Program) on their ships to increase protection and add AMS.  Perhaps take them into the yards to upgrade the hull plating to modern compounds and add AMS's at the same time.  All depends on the number of yards they have.
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Post by: cawest on 07 June 2016, 18:01:45
with the lose of all of those cargo hauling jumpships of the last two years. building new ones, repairing and refitting old ones must be a "Booming" business. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 07 June 2016, 18:26:49
I was wondering when the SLDF and LCAF were going to start thinking about battleships.
I was looking at your naval charts and saw how bad their rosters are in big ships.
I wonder if they will buy off the FS, Sea Foxes or design their own.

You don't need to be a member of an rival unit to enjoy some light entertainment in a bar. >:D
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Post by: Arvanna on 08 June 2016, 01:06:10
While I can see Victor agreeing to build battleships for the Lyrans , I imagine he'll tell the SLDF to suck vacuum after the theft of the Caliburn concept.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: cawest on 08 June 2016, 18:48:27
While I can see Victor agreeing to build battleships for the Lyrans , I imagine he'll tell the SLDF to suck vacuum after the theft of the Caliburn concept.

but the SLDF had 7 warship slips.  they also have hulls to start with.  they just done have the money.  that could be were the lyrans come in.  Would the ravens or sea fox sale warships or the slip space?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 08 June 2016, 19:19:14
The SLDF are good at borrowing designs, so with 7 slips that would be the cheap way.
Anyway the FS won't notice until the ships are actually launched. }:)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Arvanna on 09 June 2016, 01:37:48
The SLDF are good at borrowing designs, so with 7 slips that would be the cheap way.
Anyway the FS won't notice until the ships are actually launched. }:)

Look back a bit the SLDF already has launched the first two ships of their version of the Caliburn, even using Arthurian names that had to be a deliberate snub at the Suns IMO.
Title: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 09 June 2016, 06:13:38
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if more of my designs are going to be repurposed... ???
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 09 June 2016, 07:35:09
You weren't supposed to be listening. ::)
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Post by: JA Baker on 09 June 2016, 07:59:32
You weren't supposed to be listening. ::)
DC's already threatened to turn one of my glorious FedSuns battle-waggons into some accused Leaguer gunboat  :-[
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Post by: DOC_Agren on 09 June 2016, 15:07:24
DC's already threatened to turn one of my glorious FedSuns battle-waggons into some accused Leaguer gunboat  :-[

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Post by: Dragon Cat on 09 June 2016, 17:00:26
Geez you guys speak a lot.  Not that I'm complaining I love the interest that's been generated by this timeline and all your little theories.

Time to answer a couple of the points that's turned up...

I don't know of their diplomatic ties to the other IS Clans, but they seem to be very wary of the Combine, which is understandable really.

All of the Clans are linked by the Clan Council that sits on the neutral territory of Tukayyid.  Generally the Loremasters represent the Clans here however occasionally the Khans sit in.  The Ebon Guard protect the planet and are commanded by the Loremaster of the Clans (basically independent of all the Clans) so far this has kept trouble out of the chambers.

All depends on the number of yards they have.

The Ravens have a fully operational shipyard at Quatre Belle and a JumpShip shipyard at Ramora

with the lose of all of those cargo hauling jumpships of the last two years. building new ones, repairing and refitting old ones must be a "Booming" business. 

Yup pretty much

I was wondering when the SLDF and LCAF were going to start thinking about battleships.


While I can see Victor agreeing to build battleships for the Lyrans , I imagine he'll tell the SLDF to suck vacuum after the theft of the Caliburn concept.

No comment, just wait for the Star League Conference in November...

but the SLDF had 7 warship slips.  they also have hulls to start with.  they just done have the money.  that could be were the lyrans come in.  Would the ravens or sea fox sale warships or the slip space?

There up to 10 of their own WarShip slips at Titan all are occupied.  Answers no the Lyrans won't build for both, no the ravens and sea fox won't that would cause far far bigger problems.

DC's already threatened to turn one of my glorious FedSuns battle-waggons into some accused Leaguer gunboat  :-[

Wasn't a threat  O0 I've actually solved this problem for the SLDF.  I solved it two years ago when I first saw the design...
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Subtlety Profitable College of Military Arts
Oriente, District of Oriente
Free Worlds League
2nd June 3104

   The Subtlety and her attached JumpShips arrive in the Oriente system under escort from the Oriente Navy.  When they arrive they are met by Duke Jonas Halas and are given full honours as visitors to the realm.  Captain William Leroy-Dietrich agrees for the Subtlety to spend three weeks training with the people of Oriente including assisting them with simulated attack runs on the Fletcher Shipyard and a simulated attack on Oriente by a Capellan Du Shi Wang-class Battleship, which the Subtlety herself doubles for.

   During the time Commander America Park, formerly of the Magistracy of Canopus Armed Forces, is certified to fly all of the Subtlety’s aerospace fighters and for work at one of the Subtlety’s weapons batteries.  When they leave at the end of June they head towards Regulus with three students from Oriente still on board wishing to complete their studies Captain Leroy-Dietich promises Duke Jonas Halas that if the students wish to return to Oriente he will personally pay for them to make the trip via JumpShip.

Contested Space
Isle of Skye Lyran Commonwealth
4th June 3104

Following months of low scale raids DCMS units retaliate against the Isle of Skye striking at Baxter, Yed Posterlor, Corridan IV, Eaglesham and Phalan.  On each of the worlds the DCMS troops find only small numbers of LCAF and mercenary troops but they are unable to secure them.  By accident or by desire to cause further chaos the Fifth Benjamin Regulars Regiment off of Benjamin jump into the Accrington system, controlled by the Rasalhague Dominion, instead of jumping through the system into the Lyran Commonwealth the Fifth Benjamin Regulars launch an attack on Accrington assaulting the Bear positions.  Within an hour the Fifth surround the Bear’s Third Kavalleri Cluster of Zeta Galaxy the native Rasalhaguan unit refuses repeated calls to surrender and are completely destroyed by the DCMS unit.

More than a month later on the 12th July while fighting continues on several of the worlds the Rasalhague Dominion reacts to the attack on Accrington.  Ghost Bear units led by those of Zeta and Epsilon Galaxies strike against the worlds of Eaglesham, Phalan, Accrington, Cabalari, Shinonoha, Sakhalin and Dalkeith.  With heavy fighting already taking place in this area and with none of the three nations able to dominate the fight this area is classed as contested space with all civilian traffic advised to avoid the area unless escorted by military units.

In late July the DCMS add to the chaos by adding additional Regiments and WarShips into the region expanding their attacks against the Dominion to include Aubisson, Buckminster and Port Moseby.  With the Rasalhague Dominion concentrating on the previously attacked worlds the Draconis Combine is able to liberate Buckminster from the Clan forces which is a powerful political message leading up to the Star League Conference in November.

Thirty-First Star League Games
Solaris VII, Star League Protectorate
Lyran Commonwealth
18th June 3104

   At the Thirty-first Star League Games Clan Wolf’s 328th Assault Cluster, The Lion Hearted, dominate the games taking the top five slots in the competition with Star Colonel Ivan Ward, the unit’s commander, claiming victory in the games.  Independent competitors and the Star League Stables complain that the Wolves should never have been allowed to enter the fifteen competitors that they entered but the Star League Games organizers point out that the Wolves entered independently of each other and throughout the competition they attacked each other as often as they attacked the other competitors.

Several of the stables point out that there were several cases where the Wolves worked together and concentrated their fire on individual targets, the majority of these against Zellbrigen Stables run by Clan Sea Fox and Clan Jade Falcon, but the organizers note that throughout the history of the games there have been times where groups of warriors banded together to get themselves further along the competition and rule in favour of the Wolves.

   Outside the Star League Stadium there is a small amount of public disturbances the Solaris Police forces control most of the trouble while the First and Second Solaris Security Regiments of the SLDF provide support and target the worst offenders.  Within a few hours Solaris is back to normal business and heading towards the year’s regular games season with Clan Wolf expected to dominate as the Lion Hearted have entered a team much to the disappointment of many Solaris fans Star League Games winner Ivan Ward is not part of the team.

Third Battle of Incukalns
Incukalns, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
30th June 3104

The Clan Mountain Wolf Warhawk OmniMech side stepped a torrent of autocannon fire from the Jade Falcon Bane BattleMech and returned fire with its remaining two particle cannons mounted on the left arm the right arm ended just below the shoulder blown off by Jade Falcon fire.  The two man-made lightning shots flew through the air for an instant linking the two Mechs before the blast burned away armour from the upper chest and head area of the Bane.  For a moment the one hundred ton BattleMech stood there like a standing stature before it fell smashing into the ground between the Mountain Wolf Mech and its attacker.  The Mountain Wolf pilot coughed heavily as the heat slowly drained from the Mech’s cockpit before looking for another target.
The Third Battle of Incukalns had started eight days before with the arrival of the Clan Mountain Wolf flagship Werewolf, the SLS St Patrick and the LCS Lightning escorting the same ground forces as before with two Clusters of Clan Mountain Wolf attached at a pirate point close to the planet.  The ground forces had streamed towards the planet while the three WarShips charged at the Night Talon which was still in the same position as before close to the planet.

As the ground forces charged towards the planet the three WarShips had turned on the Silver Talon blasting the Nightlord II with multiple volleys of naval particle cannon, autocannon and missile.  The combined fire of the three WarShips on the single Nightlord II was too much for the Battleship but its return fire and the attacks from the Jade Falcon WarShips aerospace fighters was enough to destroy the SLS St Patrick and the LCS Lightning while the continued fighting caused further damage against the Werewolf.

Now for five days the combined Inner Sphere and Mountain Wolf had fought against four front-line Clusters of Jade Falcon troops.  Their losses had been heavy but so were the losses taken by the Jade Falcons it was only a matter of time before the world was back under Lyran control.  “This is General Trudeau to all units fall back to your DropShips prepare for an immediate evacuation.”  General Shelly Trudeau, commander of the 789th Striker Regimental Brigade of the SLDF, said contacting all commands.  Star Colonel Mark Vickers reached for the communication system inside the Warhawk’s cockpit but General Luther Sloan of the Fourteenth Lyran Guards RCT beat him to it.

“WE CAN STILL WIN” he shouted angrily into the communications system Mark Vickers recalled from speakers for a moment surprised about the volume of Sloan’s call.

“An additional WarShip has arrived in the system along with ground forces.  Combined with the Ares Might they outgun the Werewolf.  We need to get off the planet and back to the pirate point before they are able to get into range so get your ass back onto your DropShip and get the hell off this rock!”  Trudeau responded the Mountain Wolves could not afford to lose the Werewolf in this nothing system Star Colonel Vickers immediately shut down the communication channel that linked him to the other units.

“All Mountain Wolf forces fall back to the DropShips as soon as all units are accounted for launch and rejoin with the Werewolf.”  He ordered the other Mountain Wolves knew that he would only call for a withdrawal if there was no chance of them succeeding.

From the planet Mountain Wolf, Lyran Commonwealth and Jade Falcon units withdrew from the planet’s surface rendezvousing with the Werewolf. For three days the combined forces burned quickly back towards the pirate point and their waiting JumpShips.  As they approached the jump point the Ares Might, the Jade Falcon Mississippi-class Battleship, entered extreme weapons range.  The Werewolf and the upgraded Jade Falcon Battleship traded blow after blow with naval particle cannons and naval lasers as the ground forces joined up with their JumpShips.  Before the Ares Might entered a range where it could do any meaningful damage to the Werewolf the Mountain Wolf was also able to jump clear of the system.

Elsewhere in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone the Clan turns Graceland, Koniz and Blair Atoll to Hell’s Horses control in small trials of Possession freeing up additional troops and equipment which they can funnel into the defence of Incukalns and other areas of the Occupation Zone.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 09 June 2016, 17:49:28
Wasn't a threat  O0 I've actually solved this problem for the SLDF.  I solved it two years ago when I first saw the design...
WTF was I working on two years ago?  ??? is still down, so no easy way to check there...

No! No, not the Duke! I'm not letting you turn my masterpiece on the Suns!
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Post by: Shadow_Wraith on 09 June 2016, 19:29:46
 ??? I wonder what the DC will point out with their win at Buckminster at the Star League Conference?  I wonder how well they would do if SLDF did withdraw any support to future ops?  Clan Wolf joining in the Solaris Games?  A good way to send a few Clan hot heads/egomaniacs to test their mettle on a diverse set of opponents.

Looking forward to seeing what Warships are coming out for the SLDF?  New upgraded designs or Brand new designs?  Hmmm....
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Post by: Vition2 on 09 June 2016, 21:11:34
Wow, nice update, now why do I get the feeling that the Horses are setting the Falcons up for an absorption?  Sudeten is ripe for the picking, with the gift of Blair Atholl the Falcons must either go through unpopulated systems or Horse controlled systems to reach their capital.

Also, I love the chaotic regions such as the new front between the RD, DC, and LC - so much opportunity for shenanigans there. xD
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Post by: marauder648 on 10 June 2016, 00:35:03
The falcons are trading systems they see as worthless it seems, so they can move troops on them to the front against the Lyrans, basically they are claiming Lyran worlds whilst giving up ones in their OZ, slowly moving it forwards that way. Sudeten though is basically sacred and if the Horses tried an Absorption I think it would go very badly for both Clans.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 10 June 2016, 07:28:52
Yeah, but they've been in high level conflict with the LC for 4 or so years, and their war machine is starting to show signs of fatigue, they've had to give up large swaths of territory to both the Horses and Foxes for roughly 3 clusters of troops and they seem to be burning through war material at a prodigious rate. 

The question in my mind is how long can they keep up this level of conflict before running out of resources?  It'll be at that point that absorption or outright destruction by the LC would become an option - not right away.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 11 June 2016, 00:40:21
??? I wonder what the DC will point out with their win at Buckminster at the Star League Conference?

Bragging rights  :D

Looking forward to seeing what Warships are coming out for the SLDF?  New upgraded designs or Brand new designs?  Hmmm....

Brand new... well two years old (at least) with a little modding probably thank JA Baker for the initial good start then blame me for screwing it up

Also, I love the chaotic regions such as the new front between the RD, DC, and LC - so much opportunity for shenanigans there. xD

New Chaos March sort of for a while

The falcons are trading systems they see as worthless it seems, so they can move troops on them to the front against the Lyrans, basically they are claiming Lyran worlds whilst giving up ones in their OZ, slowly moving it forwards that way. Sudeten though is basically sacred and if the Horses tried an Absorption I think it would go very badly for both Clans.

I'll neither deny or confirm such a claim... its something on an unsaid rule that the Clans won't try to destroy each other or what's left of their culture...  although there's things coming up that will bring that into question.

The question in my mind is how long can they keep up this level of conflict before running out of resources?  It'll be at that point that absorption or outright destruction by the LC would become an option - not right away.

Long enough...
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Post by: Dragon Cat on 11 June 2016, 00:43:10
Clan Wolf offensive
Isle of Skye, Lyran Commonwealth
8th July 3104

   Building on their victory in the Solaris games and the victories of Clan Jade Falcon against the Lyrans Clan Wolf launch assaults against the Lyran Commonwealth with Wolf Clusters striking at Kalidasa, New Hope, Alkes.  On each of the planet they come across elements of the Second Isle of Skye Guards RCT and planetary militia units.  The 328th Assault Cluster, the Lion Hearted, leading the way by hitting Kalidasa the unit commanded by Ivan Ward, winner of the Star League Games, quickly breaks the defenders lines forcing them from their base with three Trinaries of his elite Cluster.  The Wolf Star Colonel allows the survivors to regroup and retreat off world.  The Wolf attack catches the Lyran Commonwealth completely by surprise with nothing from the Intelligence services suggesting an attack was imminent.

Border conflict
Capellan Confederation/Federated Suns
18th July 3104

   As a new battle begins on the Lyran/Wolf border another conflict continues with little sign of ending.  For months the Capellan Confederation/Federated Suns border had been lit aflame with conflict.  Prince Burton Davion joins an attack on the historical Ares system with the First Davion Guards RCT and the First Federated Suns Lancers Regiment.  The Prince leads the First Davion Guards from the fore and does not hide his presence on Ares instead crushing the local militia and elements of the Capellans Fourth Defence Force.  For decades Ares had avoided heavy combat due to its historical significance and its status as a free port however Burton had chosen it exactly for those qualities.  With Federated Suns and mercenary units engaged in combat with the Capellans on six different Capellan worlds the Prince repeats a trick he used against the Draconis Combine previously and contacts Sian using the planetary HPG.  He calls on the Capellans to end the conflict before more lives are lost.

   Nearly two weeks later Warrior House Doru takes a run at the planet attempting to strike directly at the Prince however they are unable to get past the AFFS WarShips assigned to the system.  The Warrior House dies to the man attempting to run past the FSS Gold Archer a Robinson-class Transport.  Prince Burton Davion uses the HPG one more time calling for a cease fire Chancellor Dao-Shen Liao contacts New Avalon and agrees to a cease fire with the Federated Suns claiming four of the planets that were contested while the Capellans successfully liberate Grand Base and Holloway.  The District of Oriente of the Free Worlds League uses the distraction of the fighting between the Capellans and Federated Suns to seize control over Palos and Ulan Bator.

Briefing, Anders McKenna (Swiftsure-class Cruiser)
Varnay Anchorage, Nova Cat’s Den
21st July 3104

Khan Canin Rosse stood on the gravity deck of one of the Nova Cat’s newest WarShips the Anders McKenna, a Swfitsure-class Cruiser, beside him stood Star Commodore Rachel Bavros, Star Colonel Fallon and Star Colonel Dominic the commanders of the Anders McKenna, the First and the Second ProtoMech Clusters.  “You are aware of your task and the limitations of it?”  He asked looking at them.

“We’re to be based off the Anders McKenna” Dominic said “we are to raid the Taurian Concordat and see if we can find the source of the raids on our shipping to Davetal III.”

“We are then to supplement the defenders there.”  Fallon said Rosse looked at the WarShip’s commander.

“We are to act as escort and only engage space bound targets.  We are to pay particular attention to any encounter we have with the Taurian’s Hyades-class vessels.”  She said naming the new class of armed JumpShip the Taurians had deployed so far however the single vessel deployed had not been seen.  “We are to test each system of the Anders McKenna and ensure the WarShip is ready for service with our Clan.  And scan any systems that we could use in the future for colonies or supply bases.”  She said

“Very good good hunting to you all” he said.

Over the next six months the Anders McKenna and its two attached ProtoMech Clusters discovered several additional planets the Nova Cats could use as colonies and supply points this information would eventually be passed to the New Worlds Exploration Cluster for further checks.  These worlds would eventually become known as the Cat’s Tail after further exploration by the Nova Cats.

The Nova Cat units also raided eight different planets in the Taurian Concordat, for the most part these raids went well with one of the Clusters taking part while the other remained in their DropShip either in orbit or at the landing zones.  On Cadiz the First ProtoMech Cluster lost nearly a Binary of units fighting against The Foul Tempered Mercenary Command this caused Star Colonel Dominic to hot-drop his entire cluster of ProtoMechs on top of the Foul Tempered scattering their second Battalion.  The Nova Cats and the mercenaries continued to fight for three further days before the Clan forces were able to withdraw from from the planet.   
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Ivan Ward's seemingly setting himself up for something, perhaps eyeing the Khan's post, he's certinally a Ristar because of his victories and these assaults against Lyran woulds probably come at a bad time with me assuming that most of the Lyran military has its eyes to the North and against the Falcons.

Six planets lost is a heavy toll for the Cappelans but it seems the Davion plan was more to place the Cap-con in a meat grinder.  I don't know how big a Warrior House is but I'm going to assume its a large formation, and to loose one in its entirity is probably something the Capellans can't afford.

And interesting, didn't know the Nova Cat's used Proto's, don't think i've seen them mentioned in their Tourman in this TL, and I do love how the Clan's 'test' something, in the crucible of battle. 
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Long enough...

For what I wonder, muahahaha!

Great update, but did I miss something, or did the FWL attack "behind the lines" to get at Palos and Ulan Batar?
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Post by: JA Baker on 11 June 2016, 10:31:47
I don't know how big a Warrior House is but I'm going to assume its a large formation, and to loose one in its entirity is probably something the Capellans can't afford.
Your typical Warrior House is a combined-arms regiment, some bigger, some smaller. Think an under-strenght LCT.
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what ever happened to that clan DD that Kat wolf (stiner/Davion/ect had when she died?
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I'll answer now as I've a ton of work and won't be writing for a few days

Marauder648 - Ivan is a ristar how high he'll rise well that's still to be decided
The Capellans lost 4 planets retained 2 sorry that should have been more clear
The Nova Cats have always had Protos they just don't get out much

Vition2 - both systems are on the border between the FWL/Cappies and Suns

JA Baker - pretty much that particular house was a reinforced Mech Battalion, 2 Battalions of armour and a mixed infantry BA battalion they were under orders to resist Davion or don't come back they chose the latter option

Cawest- it's a Lola III and currently still over Alphard it's barely moved since Katrina passed there's some Hegemony bits coming up sooner or later
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Okay, figured out where I may have missed some stuff, the systems bordering Palos and Ulan Batar are probably among these:

“I think the Taurians have more to worry about that us attacking them” Erik said “in the last week the Federated Suns captured Tsitsang, Wei and Shipka while the Free Worlds League threaten eight different systems.”  He explained

I suspect this means that Second Try, Yunnah, Elnath, Corey, Phact, Wazan, Old Kentucky and another of a few options are included in these 8 systems.
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Indeed I tried to incorporate it into that piece instead of just adding a timeline entry makes you all read every bit never know what's hidden

EDIT yes I noticed the horrible wording of that paragraph for you that noticed it and have gives it thanks Vition2 for pointing it out
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Whilst the Capcon didn't loose too many worlds, I think they must have lost a lot of resources trying to hold back the FedSuns forces.  This seems to have basically been a Battle of Verdun, the Suns took worlds and the Cappies kept feeding units into the mincing machine the Suns had prepared for them.
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Over the last 2 years of the timeline the CC has lost a bit more than they have gained, but a lot of them have been those closer to Terra, and possibly are a little bit better off.  Meanwhile their gains have mostly been near periphery worlds of the Fed Suns which the Suns have a poor record of making sure they are better off.  In addition, the CC lost Ares - which is probably a huge blow, both morale-wise and industrially.  Overall the CC is looking to be in a very bad spot.

Edit and update with numbers now that I'm able to look at the map.  The CC has lost a total of 36 worlds, including one of their few dropship manufacturing worlds (Ares).  In return they captured 13 worlds the Fed Suns had controlled, including Menke and (if I recall correctly) an industrially damaged Victoria.  The Taurians meanwhile have captured anywhere between 9 and 18 (with suggestions pointing at 15ish).

This comes to a net loss for the CC of 23, which ends up being roughly 15% of their 3100 territory.  The Fed Suns end up with a net loss of 5ish worlds, which is almost insignificant to them.  The Capellan Confederation seem to be rapidly becoming the newest near periphery power.
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If it makes you feel better the Capellans will increase in size soon enough... although not likely in the way you expect.

Unfinished Book Movement
Avalon City, Albion
New Avalon, Crucis March
9th August 3104

   With the formation of the Federated Commonwealth, the arrival of the Clans, the formation of the new Star League Defence Force and the fall of the Federated Commonwealth the Unfinished Book Movement begins a Sixth Edition of their sacred texts.  With information provided by Sterling McKenna and acquired from Clan Sea Fox traders the Unfinished Book name the revision after The Rememberance.

Planning Room, Marik Palace
Marik, District of Marik
Free Worlds League
12th August 3104

   “The timing could not be more perfect!”  One of the Generals said triumphantly looking at Captain-General Joseph Marik.  As Joseph grew up he had been told for many years by the church that violence brings only violence in return and that words could solve many problems.  When he championed the idea to rebuild the Free Worlds League he used words not force of arms to bring by his desires.  But with the Clans they only understood one thing.  “With the Wolves invading the Lyran Commonwealth the time is right for us to strike and strike hard.”  He said continuing Joseph couldn’t stop himself agreeing.  Since the Wolves had secured their first three targets the Clan had struck out at three more targets hitting Shiloh, Athena and Dieudonne all former Free Worlds League worlds under Lyran Commonwealth control.  Although they did not have concrete information on what was happening it appeared that Athena had fallen within hours of the Wolf landing while the remains of the Second Isle of Skye Guards RCT were engaged in heavy fighting on Dieudonne; a battle Joseph’s advisers noted they were unlikely to survive.  Elements of the First Isle of Skye Guards had moved from New Kyoto to support militia forces on Shiloh but by the time they arrived in range the Wolves had already overrun the defenders.  Now the First Guards were fighting against superior Wolf numbers and would likely have to retreat sooner rather than later.

   “We are sure we can pull this off?” Joseph asked his advisers carefully together they had assembled regiments and mercenaries from across the reunited Free Worlds League for this move but he needed to know they could do it.

   “We are sure” General Michael Donovan said casting his hand over the planning table.  “Tomorrow morning the Fourth Marik Guards and the Sixth Fusiliers of Oriente Regiments supported by there mercenary Daniel’s Avengers, Graves’ Dancers and Arlington’s Angels will strike at Helm, Tania Australis, Stewart and Danais.”  He said marking the three systems with a red marker pen.  “We believe that Tania Australis, Helm and Danais will fill within a matter of hours Stewart will be more difficult as the Wolves seem to value it as much as the family it is named after did.”  He said “we have unconfirmed reports that the Nicholas Kerensky, a Texas-class Battleship, has been repaired and is operational in the system so we are sending all four WarShips of the Thessaly Battle group to the system.”

   “The day after” General Katherine Todd said speaking up the First Marik Militia, the Fourth Regulan Hussars, and the mercenary units the Blade Legion and Brotherhood of Randis will strike at the Wolves soft underbelly of Autumn Wind and Rasalas.  According to our reports these have been stripped of front-line troops it will send a clear message to Clan Wolf that we do not want them on our border.”

   “And finally by the end of this week the First Bowang Border Guards, the Ninth Tamarind Militia, Second Rim Guards and Gamma Regiment of the Wolf’s Dragoons will strike at Tamarind and Simpson Desert” General Trent Higall, a former Clan Nova Cat warrior himself, said.

   “Why the delay our forces were to be in place to act within days of each other?”  Joseph asked.

   “We had a JumpShip carrying the Ninth Tamarind Militia’s BattleMechs and Infantry forces develop a jump drive problem.”  Higall explained “the unit is operational once more.”  He promised the Captain-General.

   “What Capital assets have been assigned?”

   “The Wolf’s Dragoons vessel Athena, Tamarind’s Galisteo and Promised Land and the Bowang.”  He said naming the four WarShips assigned to the battle the toughest part of that fight would be Tamarind which the Wolves were desperate to hold onto due to the shipyards there.  Joseph had been tempted to authorize the Free Worlds League units to target the shipyards to break the resolve of the Clansmen but he knew it would damage his own people’s morale as well so had left it to the unit commander to choose for themselves.

   “Very good to the Inner Sphere it will appear that we are helping the Lyrans stop Clan Wolf in its tracks in fact we will be testing a reborn Free Worlds League working as one collective unit.  I have faith in our people and should this campaign bore the results we wish there will be more.”  Joseph Marik said the Districts of Oriente, Gibraltar and Lesnovo had all called on the “united force of the reborn Free Worlds League” to fight their battles.  By using units from across the nation Joseph planned to bind the people to each other but knew he’d have to pay a price for their help down the road.

   By the end of the week the entire Wolf/Free Worlds League border was ablaze but not everything had gone as Captain-General Joseph Marik had hoped.  The attacks on Autumn Wind, Rasalas, Tania Australis and Helm had been a stellar success with the Free Worlds League finding old warriors piloting vintage Star League-era BattleMech and armour designs defending the planet.  By the time the Free Worlds League had pushed onto Bainsville and Gallatin they found the Wolves had already abandoned both worlds.  Simpson’s Desert had followed the same routine lightly defended by old warriors.  Stewart and Tamarind had been another story…

   In the Stewart system the Free Worlds League forces jump in and encounter the Ward’s Legacy as expected.  Supporting this McKenna-class WarShip are no fewer than ten Isegrim-class Pocket WarShips and hundreds of aerospace fighters.  Supported by the Thessaly Battle Group the Free Worlds League regiments attempt to force their way through the Wolf vessels heading for the planet.  While the Free Worlds League units had an advantage in numbers of aerospace fighters and their WarShips were good vessels in their own right but against the Ward’s Legacy and the Wolf DropShips they were in trouble.  While the ground forces streamed towards Stewart the Ward’s Legacy opened up on them with its massed array of naval particle cannons and in the opening volley the Remember Stewart, a Zechitinu II-class Corvette, and two Leopard CV-class DropShips of the Arlington’s Angels Mercenary command were wiped out along with two DropShips of the Fusiliers of Oriente.  Aerospace fighters from the Thessaly engaged the Ward’s Legacy at close range the Wolf Pocket WarShips and aerospace fighters tore into them at close range taking a heavy toll on the attackers.  Allowing the DropShips to engage the aerospace fighters the Ward’s Legacy opened fire on the Thessaly with its particle cannons in the confusion of battle the Abbot, an Eagle-class Frigate, got caught in the crossfire and was split in half by the Ward’s Legacy’s fire.  Even with the Abbot’s sacrifice several of the McKenna’s naval particle cannons struck the Thera-class Thessaly causing damage to its armour and forward launch bays.  The damage to the Thessaly caused the Thera to pull back along with the Mordred, another Eagle-class Frigate, this allowed the Ward’s Legacy to roll out of combat and escape moving beyond Stewart.  This withdrawal allowed the Fourth Marik Guards, the remains of the Sixth Fusiliers of Oriente, the Daniel’s Avengers and the Graves’ Dancers to complete their transit to the planet.  The Free Worlds League forces fought against the Wolves on Stewart for the remains of August and into September while the Ward’s Legacy, the Thessaly and Mordred danced around the planet attempting to engage each other.  By the beginning of September the Free Worlds League forces withdrew from the planet the Sixth Fusiliers of Oriente and the Graves’ Dancers completely destroyed, the remains of the Graves’ Dancers were folded into the Daniel’s Avengers with Captain Jean Graves and the survivors of her unit accepted as part of the command.  Once clear of the system the remains of the Arlington’s Angels were also absorbed into the Free Worlds League Navy.

   In the Tamarind system the Free Worlds League found a worse situation than that in the Stewart system.  From the moment they emerged in the system on top of the Victoria Ward the invasion force was at a back food.  The Victoria Ward, an Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser, had just arrived in the system and as soon as she detected the incoming forces the crew cut loose their jump said and manned their battle stations meaning she was ready for the arrival of the Free Worlds League units.  As they entered the system the Victoria Ward concentrated on targeting the Galisteo and Promised Land, the two Unity-class Frigates, causing heavy damage to the two missile laden vessels as she withdrew deeper into the system.  For their part the Free Worlds League WarShips and the Wolf’s Dragoons vessel Athena caused heavy damage to the Battle-cruiser all but stripping her of weapons along her port side while crippling or destroying all of her DropShip escorts and most of her aerospace fighters.  This was however a small costly battle which won the Free Worlds League no control over the Tamarind system.  From deeper in the system the Wolves second Battleship the Texas-class Nicholas Kerensky charged down on the incoming Free Worlds League units.  From the command centre on board the WarShip saKhan Fredrick Ward declared the Free Worlds invasion force dezgra and promised their destruction if they remained.  With half of their WarShips crippled and a fresh Battleship ready to enter the fray the Free Worlds League commander ordered their combined ground forces and mercenary support to withdraw leaving Tamarind in Wolf hands.

   The woes for the Free Worlds League were not over with the failed assaults on Tamarind and Stewart however.  Clan Wolf angered by the intrusion into their territory turned their next wave of attacks against the Free Worlds League.  Unleashing their newly raised Epsilon Galaxy on the Free Worlds League worlds of Adhafera, Tania Borealis and Merak the Wolf force completely annihilated the Free Worlds League forces in those systems including the WarShip Voyager in the Tania Borealis system the Venturer-class Light Cruiser which was shattered by attacks from the Wolf Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser Jerome Winson and the Second Atrean Dragoons which were crushed by

From analysing the sensor logs taken from the WarShips in the Tamarind system the Free Worlds League’s SAFE Intelligence organisation were able to confirm that Clan Wolf had restored the Tamarind Shipyards to working condition and that they were building a new type of WarShip there which explained the presence of the Battleship and the saKhan.  While on Tania Borealis intelligence officers identify several former-Free Worlds League citizens among the Wolf forces serving as warriors.  The Intelligence operatives are able to positively show that these warriors in particular are responsible for executing nearly three quarters of the prisoners taken by the Wolves during the battle, while most others die from injuries sustained during the battle, it appears to SAFE that these members of Epsilon Galaxy feeling abandoned by the Free Worlds League have taken to the Clan indoctrination fully and embraced their new path as Wolves.  These assaults put the Wolves within striking distance of Marik itself while the brutality, and the identity of some of their warriors, shock the leaders of the Free Worlds League.
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Thank Marauder648 for the Rasalhague Dominion wiping out the Draconis Combine's little territory gain.

Draconis Combine Assault
Buckminster, Orestes District
Rasalhague Dominion
19th August 3104

On the 19th of August two Draconis Combine units attack Buckminster and Port Moseby of the Rasalhague Dominion further adding to the contested zone located between the Draconis Combine, Rasalhague Dominion and Lyran Commonwealth.  In the the Buckminster system, the DCS Matsu a huge Yamato class Battleship and her escorting Kyushu class frigate the Shimokita that was also carrying the Third Yokosuma SNLF with one hundred-and-eight Land Air Mech’s in her hangar.

The orbital battle did not last long, the few Dominion DropShips that were able to fight did so bravely but against the two WarShips and their fighters the fact that the Combine units would be reaching the planet was a foregone conclusion.

The battle on ground less so, the First Kalliveri and Twelfth Provisional Garrison Cluster of Omicron Galaxy instead opted to fight a defensive campaign as six DCMS JumpShips arrived in system and began landing troops.

 With the orbital space secure the Shimokita deployed her massed LAM’s quickly securing the world’s main starport despite heavy resistance from the Twelfth PGC before it withdrew behind a shell of Solhama troops who fought until the very last.


Four days later the Dominion’s reply arrived.  Onboard the Shimokita the alert claxons were blaring across the ship, she was on the night side of Buckminster, her sensors relaying data down to the troops on the surface as an operation to secure a major dam and its associated relay stations was under way.  Half the Third Yokosuma was on the surface, the others were in the frigates Mech bay’s being serviced and undergoing maintenance.  The Special Naval Landing Force (SNLF) Regiments were a raiding force, a hammer that could come down behind hostile lines from orbit, not one built for sustained siege and assault operations, with half the Landing Force involved in the assault along with aerospace support victory was predicted within the hour.

Then the sensors registered a huge emergence bloom on the day side at the Pirate Point between the primary moon and Buckminster.


“Sir! The Matsu reports a Leviathan II has just jumped in system and is moving to engage, Tai-Sho Kamimura requests we move to assist and engage.

Tai-sa Shigeto nodded as he strapped himself into his chair, glancing at the 3D holo map of the world.  He had his two dropships with him, both Union X’s whilst the two supply ships were on the surface helping with the assault.  Both Union’s were moving into flanking positions.
On the holo-map he could clearly see the huge red mass of the Leviathan and the smaller icons representing her eight escorts in a picture perfect escort formation as they moved towards the still distant Yamato class battleship that was coming about, both massive ships streaming fighters from their launch bays.

“Our fighter status?”

“Six on-board and ready to go Sir, the Reaper and Tracer are both launching their fighters to add to our screen.”

“Understood. Chu-Sa Rees, can you deploy your forces?”

“All but four are ready to go, but without fighter cover a LAM is not much use in a naval battle.”  The Yokosuma Regimental commander reported.  It was a truth nothing more, LAM’s were at the mercy of any good fighter pilot, they were just too slow, and neither fish nor fowl in a true naval engagement like this.

“And how about a boarding action?”

The Chu-Sa was silent for a moment, glancing at the data about the Leviathan as well as its escorts.  “Punch us a hole through their screen and my men will rip that thing apart.”


“Sir all fighters are away, escort group one and two are in position.”  The warrior at the tactical station reported glancing over at the Rasalhague’s commander.

“Very good, communications?” He said glancing at another member of the command crew.
“Aye Sir.”

“Get me Star Colonel Nils Jorgenson.”

A holo-display sprang to life, showing the face of the commander of the two hundred-and-fifty Elementals aboard the massive battleship.

“Star Colonel, have your troops prepare for a boarding action.  It is my intent to disable the Dragon’s vessel and claim her for the Dominion.”  He said confidently the Draconis Combine Battleship was an impressive vessel but it should be no match for the Rasalhague.

The dark skinned Elemental’s grin was almost feral and he saluted a clenched fist over his heart.  “Aff Star Admiral!”  He said eager to get into battle.

The holo in the command deck flicked off to be replaced by a smaller display of the system.  A practiced eye told the Star Admiral that the Combine ship was taken by surprise by the Rasalhague’s arrival, they’d jumped in system early in the morning, and he could only guess they were on watch stations, not full battle stations.  This was not a determent to the Combine vessel no crew could maintain full readiness at all times, how they conducted themselves in battle would show how competent the crew were.

“Have our fighter’s punch through their screen and eliminate her escorts, guns, target DropShips first and then give me a rolling broadside, target weapon systems and thrusters.  Have Fang and Claw Star’s move to shield our bow.”  He said hopefully if the Rasalhague continued to move the damage the Combine vessel did would not be concentrated in one location even if it did mean their fire would be less accurate.

A chorus of affirmatives rang out and were quickly relayed to the mass of fighters swirling round the battleship.  The eight Vanir DropShips moving into position, a double layered arc across the battleships bow with a hundred miles between each ship, the DropShips forming a flak barrier three hundred miles in front of the Rasalhague as the fighters from both sides engaged.

Star Captain Victor grinned, rolling his shoulders, his Ostrogoth’s sensors showing the DCMS fighters up perfectly. They were wisely sticking with their dropships, which would mean a hard fight, but with only seventy-two fighters protecting her versus the three hundred from the Rasalhague the Dominion forces had the advantage in numbers as well as technology.
“Odin Binary, stick with your wingman and keep an eye on your sensors!”

Victor was a Spheroid, the son of a Kungsarmee pilot who had fought against the Bears but he had not felt the animosity his father had and when he could he joined the Dominion’s military, his testing and Trial of Position netting him a prestigious berth aboard the huge Rasalhague.  In the battle against the Snake’s he’d nearly lost his home and had been assigned to various Aesir class ships but had taken part in another Trial of Position when the Rasalhague was returned to service this time as a Star Commander.  When with native Rasalhague citizens he spoke ‘normally’ but he could understand the Clan’s love of speaking ‘properly’ there was no ambiguity, and it made commands crisp and clear.

“Janice, you are with me, take formation on my port wing.”

“Attention escort group Mauler, this is Galaxy Commander Johan Otiz, engage the fighters approaching on vector 097, Assault group Mangle will engage the DropShips Hanzo and Dragon’s wrath ensure they are not troubled whilst doing so.”

“Aff Galaxy Commander! Mauler group, you heard him, for the Dominion!”  The Combine escorts started blitzing laser and particle bolts as missiles flew between both formations, most missing thanks to the brutal ECM being pumped out, but some hitting with brief flashes and the occasional scream over the comm’s net as multi-tonne fighter became  fireballs.

Mangle was one of the heavy hitting Trinaries, a mixture of Kirghiz and Hydaspes I and II assault boats, they were moving in tight formation noses and wings flaring as they volleyed missiles and barrages of laser and particle light at approaching targets.  It was Mauler’s job to keep them alive so they could pound the Draconis Combine droppers into rubble.

“Mangle One! Yellow nosed bastards, six-o-clock high coming down now!”

Victor grunted as he pulled the Ostrogoth into a hard turn, thrusters flaring as he swung the nose round as bolts of manmade lighting tore through where his fighter would have been.  A snap roll brought him in behind his target, one of the DCMS’s new Koryosha class assault fighters, their hulls gleaming in the reflected light from the planet.

“Lock target.”

“Target locked.” The fighter’s Bitching Betty dutifully replied, the Draconis Combine fighters were big and fast, his was faster, he had more thrust to spend and could turn sharper.  The four Draconis Combine fighters split, two going to port, the others to starboard.

“Janice we’ll take the port pair, Torbyorn, Hudson, take the starboard!”  As their ‘children dueled and danced the two massive mother-ships came into range, greeting each other with missile fire that for the most part was harmlessly deflected either by on-board Anti-Missile Systems and jamming or in the Rasalhague’s case by her flak screen.

The Matsu and Rasalhague opened fire at near the same moment as the range between the two slowly circling giants came down as both ships turned to bring their broadsides to bear.  At these long ranges though the Leviathan had the advantage, her massed laser batteries were built with bracket firing in mind whilst the Matsu was built with mid-range brawling, relying on her armour to let her bully other vessels.  Still the Combine’s ship had superb gunners and the latest firing systems allowing her to score hits with her lasers, gauss rifles and PPCs even as her flank was flayed by the Dominion vessels lasers and PPC’s.


As the battle raged between the two Battleships the DCS Shimokita moved into position at full burn, the 2.5g of sustained thrust was hard on her crew, but they knew even as the ship crested the North Pole of Buckminster that they had to get into battle. 

“Begin...Declaration turn…attention all hands brace for sudden and immediate declaration!”  Operating mainly under computer guidance the six hundred-and-thirty thousand tonne frigate spun about on her axis, her hull groaning under the stress of the high speed turn, engines flaring brightly as the fought against her momentum and inertia, the ship rattling from stem to stern for a moment before the heavy pressure of acceleration lifted somewhat.  “Report!”
“We’re in position Sir! And moving at 1g.”  The helm operator reported happily.

“Damn fine navigation, sensors!”

“The Mutsu’s fighter screen’s all but gone, five DropShips destroy…sorry, all six are gone the Red Dragon just caught a gauss slug.”

“Sir! We’ve just been actively painted by the Rasalhague!”

“Report on enemy ship!”

“Damaged but operable, enemy DropShips are reacting to our presence.”

“Too late, Chu-sa Reese, are your men prepared to do their duty?”  He asked into the communication system.

“We’re always ready.” Came the muffled reply, the Lieutenant Colonel was joining his men; his personalized Screamer LAM would be the first out of the hangar.
“Good luck and fight well.”

“And you my friend.”  The Chu-sa replied the Third Yokosuma SLNF were permanently assigned to the Kyushu-class vessel the Regiment’s Mechs and their warriors were as much a part of the crew as anyone else.

“Sensors report.”

“Sir we’re being painted, we’re in range… but they are not firing?”  He said looking slightly confused an Inner Sphere enemy would be firing their weapons on an enemy as soon as they were in range.

“This Bear has some honour, on Terra in the age of sail; a large warship would not engage a lesser one unless fired upon. The greater vessel could defeat a smaller opponent with ease and it saved a simple slaughter.”  He said explaining what was going on to his crew “he knows we can’t threaten him and he can reach out and destroy us at a moment’s notice.  Signal the Reaper and Tracer, engage the enemy dropships.  Launch the Third!”


“Sir! Enemy frigate is launching fighters, count is at twenty… thirty… fifty!”

“I gave them a chance…guns, destroy them.  Get me an ID on the fighter type and get Fang and Claw to cover our rear.”  Star Admiral Yanos Silva was frustrated, mostly at himself, he’d realized that he’d become fixated on the now wallowing Yamato as his fighters tore at its sides and rear, battering the proud ship again and again as his vessel’s weapons cut into its hull.  He’d discounted the frigate. A small ship like that had no business challenging a battleship.  Still it was only a distraction, soon they would be destroyed and then his Elementals could board the Matsu and claim her for the Dominion. 

“Firing!”  Even as the Shimokita turned to bring her long ranged broadside guns to bare the Leviathan spoke first, the massive Clan battleship not pulling its punches as enough firepower to flatten a city slammed into her bow and forward quarter.

The frigates Ferro-Aluminium armour initially held, but for a few seconds before the Clan’s bright blue lasers melted through and ripped into her interior.  The PPC and gauss slugs were just the finishing touch as the Kyushu shuddered like a wounded beast, flame roaring through her interior, bulkheads melting under the onslaught of laser and particle fire before the gauss slugs impacted a few micro-seconds later and finished what the torrent of energy weapons had started.  The bow section was sheared off, ripped and torn metal giving way, the frigate venting puffs of oxygen and fire into the void before her ammunition stores in the aft quarter detonated, shredding the doomed hulk in a white hot flash.  But fifty-four LAM’s were thundering towards the Dominion battleship, bought time to get to full thrust and close the distance by the death of their mother-ship.

“Sir! Enemy craft are Land Air Mech’s!”

“How many?”

“All of them!”

“Get our escorts back here now!” The Star Admiral snarled, looking at the prize he knew would soon be denied to him.

“Get Star Colonel Nils Jorgenson’s men out of the assault craft.  Attention all hands! Prepare to repel boarders!”  He commanded a LAM attached to the hull of a WarShip could do a lot of damage.

“Hit her upper hull and forwards quarter, if we can get into the DropShip collars we can cause some serious damage.”  The Third was moving fast and hard, the Dominion DropShips were still out of position and the battleship was still firing on the Matsu, the Combine WarShip returning fire as best she could but was clearly in a bad way.

Still with several hundred kilometres to go the Bear ship was far from defenceless, her lasers started tracking, guided by her massively powerful sensors they started firing into the dispersed mass of Combine LAM’s.  More often than not the class-55 naval lasers missed, leaving nothing but a bright after image in their target pilot’s eyes. But when one hit, a LAM simply ceased to be.  Cored through by a weapon that could melt through a battleship’s armour with ease, the LAM’s protection was nothing.

Then the point defences opened fire.  Layered LRMs, ATMs, lasers and PPCs which the LAM’s of the Third returned with gusto, but it was pinpricks against a giant, she was easy to hit, but Mech scale weapons barely scored the surface plating.  The real damage the unit would do was if they could get on board.

“Decelerate…NOW!”  Chu-sa Reese ordered the remains of his unit the Screamer lived up to its name as its power plant roared as it directed everything it had to the thrusters, the transformation mechanisms on the fifty-five tonne machine moving parts with precise grace and fluidity.  Up ahead the Chu-sa could see his target, the huge flared dome of one of the dropship collars, rising over the Rasalhague’s back like a small hill.  With the Screamer’s Mag-clamps active the Mech could only move at fifty-six kilometres per hour, but the system let him walk on the ships hull instead of having to risk jumping or crawling.  Jumping would bring him into the arcs of the point defences and the scores across the Screamer’s chest told the Chu-sa he didn’t want to repeat that.

He’d seen three of his men, their machines wreathed in fire plunge into the hull of the Dominion warship, and around him he could see other Icons of friendly forces advancing on his position although it was worryingly few.

“If we can detonate the fuel supplies in the DropShip ports we can still win this.  We need to get inside!”


“CHARGE!”  The Combine LAM’s advanced, firing at anything that looked important, silencing a few of the point defence batteries by snapping off gun barrels or smashing laser lenses, making their way along the upper hull before the hull shook and there was a scream.


“What the hell was that!?”  The Rasalhague’s commander demanded

“Sir, the Huntsman reports they had a firing solution, one of their missiles just destroyed two enemy Mech’s.”

“Those idiots! They put a hole in MY ship, get the escorts to cease fire before they do more harm than the enemy do!  If they continue to fire they will face me in a Circle of Equals after this battle is over.”  He snapped “helm!”

“Aff Sir!”

“Bring us to green 48, down ten degrees, finish that Combine ship now!”

The Rasalhague slowly turned, bringing her fresh armour to bare along her undamaged flank, ignoring the twenty-two LAM’s crawling along her back like an elephant ignored flies.  Her unengaged guns guzzled power from their reactors, lining up on the burning, listing Matsu.


“Elementals!”  One of the LAM pilots called out a warning.  Ahead of the survivors of the Third the huge docking collar doors to the cargo hangars were opening and Elementals were pouring out, jets flaring as they jumped down.  A mix of Gnomes and Rogue Bears whilst heavier Golems crawled along the hull to take up firing positions aiming weapons at the Draconis Combine LAMs.

“Samurai of the Third…it has been my pleasure and honour to lead you, let’s make these Bear bastards bleed!”  Chu-Sa Kyle Reece slammed his feet down on the Screamer’s jump pedals, the broad LAM thundering forwards on pillars of fusion fire towards the still open drop collar.  He ignored the Mech’s alerts of inbound missiles, the thuds of impacts across its armour; all that mattered was the open iris.  He saw the cockpit of his friend and Aide Sho-sa Elrik Nga ripped open by a Rogue Bear, a black painted brute with crimson painted hands and claws, the pelt of a Ghost Bear held on its shoulders like a cape.  He didn’t see his friend get pulled from the cockpit and thrown into the vacuum of space, he was too busy concentrating on dodging gunfire.

The final challenge would be a two hundred meter climb that he KNEW would bring him into the line of fire of the battleships point defence guns but he had to try.  A dorsal gauss rifle turret snapped round s its sensors picked up a target rising out of its dead zone against the hull.  A quick IFF challenge let the gunners know they could fire.  One slug missed, crushing a Gnome Elemental into paste against the hull of the Rasalhague.  The other though did not miss, smashing into the Screamer’s right rear side, crushing through armour before ripping into the mountings of the LAM’s jump jets.  The sudden loss of thrust threw the fifty-five tonne machine into a sudden left turn which Reese had no hope of correcting, not at this speed.

He smiled and closed his eyes as the Screamer rammed into the open docking port at hundreds of kilometres per hour.  The wreck bounced off the hull, tumbling inside before it slammed into the gantry for one of the dropships loading mechanisms and finally exploded as the remaining fuel went up along with the ammunition for the Mech’s MML’s. 

Heavy blast damage wrecked the gantry which fell across and into the open docking iris but with it being exposed to vacuum there was no fire.

As the Third died to a man the Matsu finally gave up to the inevitable.  Angered at the boarding action the Dominion Star Admiral made sure the Combine ship was destroyed.  With her engines wrecked and armour rent there was little the Combine ship could do apart from die valiantly, her few remaining active weapons firing fitfully under local control, still gamely scoring hits before a massed volley from the Rasalhague’s undamaged flank ripped into the Matsu’s lower belly.  The ship did not die in an eye watering explosion as her primary reactors were hit, more by chance than skill, but starved of power and wracked with internal fires and whole sections open to space the Matsu died slowly as internal fire induced explosions finally broke her back and slowly broke the ship up spreading fragments of her across the system.

Many months later the wrecked hulk would be found but she was deemed beyond repair and instead was broken up for salvage.

A hundred and thirty of her crew were rescued along with eighty-two fighter and DropShip crew and pilots.  There were no survivors from the DCS Shimokita or the Third Yokosuma.  Later that day with the wounded Leviathan still in orbit, elements of the Eighteenth Battle Cluster and 297th Battle Cluster arrived in system to support their brothers on the ground finding a few survivors from the Sixty-ninth Provisional Garrison and the First Kavalleri Clusters which were folded into other commands.  Even with space and air superiority the Rasalhague Dominion are not able to secure the remains of Buckminster until the end of August when the last elements of the Third Yokosuma SNLF and the Eleventh Legion of Vega Regiments were destroyed.  The Rasalhague Dominion victory on Benjamin also cuts off DCMS troops on Port Moseby forcing them to withdraw from that system or face destruction at the face of the Wolves.

Pirate stronghold
Laterus, Periphery
21st August 3104

   The First Robinson Strikers LCT and McKinnon’s Raiders Battalion of the AFFS hot dropped onto Laterus on the periphery of the Federated Suns Draconis March.  For months DMI Agents had been working inside a pirate raider stronghold.  Laterus was known for two things firstly the system had an extensive vane of Germanium, which is critical for the construction of K-F Drives and a toxic atmosphere.  Fighting in the hostile environment casualties was high on both sides with each breach of a cockpit, armour or infantry suit causing a death.  For nearly four hours the elite AFFS troops contest the world against the pirates before declaring victory with the complete destruction of the pirate forces.

DMI Border Raids
Capellan March, Federated Suns
24th August 3104

   Duchess Jaylen Davion disappears from St Ives in the Capellan March.  There is no indication of foul play only that the Duchess and her personal BattleMech, and bodyguard lance, are missing.  Over the coming months the Department of Military Intelligence launch a series of raids against the Capellan Confederation, the Taurian Concordat and the Kittery Prefecture searching for First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion’s daughter but they find no sign of her.  Many citizens of St Ives believe that she had gone looking for her missing husband Duke Tristen Allard-Liao however there is no proof either way Duchess Melissa Allard-Liao, the Duchess of St Ives, retreats further into her Palace on St Ives withdrawing her thirteen year old son Lucian from the school he attended so he could be taught privately in the palace on St Ives.  This withdrawal from public life decimates St Ives’ and the Allard-Liao's reputation in the Capellan March.
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that was one full scale battle of the battleline... great job.  I had no idea on who I wanted to win
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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 O0 Great update!  ;D  Clan Wolf showing the FWL they can still take them down at the same time as they are attacking LC!  And great writing Marauder648
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Wow, what rough way to go!  Amazing writing DragonCat.
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I'm honoured DragonCat let me write a bit for his TL, and it seems the combined FWL forces got the door slam on their fingers by the Wolves.  And a new warship huh..interesting!  I also wonder what's happened to Jylen Davion.
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Woohoo! Mayhem and destruction!  >:D

The wolves seem to have played their cards pretty well during the FWL offensives, when I first looked at what was being thrown at them I was a bit concerned that they'd end up taking massive losses in both territory and equipment.

Also great job marauder and DragonCat!   O0
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Great naval battle.
The Leviathan II shows who's the boss. O0
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Time to move into September and firstly my thanks to the writing talents of James Tanaga who brings us some news from the Rim Collection

Medical Suite, President’s House
Gilfillan’s Gold, Rim Collection
1st September, 3104

Damien Redburn watched mournfully as Matthew said his final goodbyes to his lover, Victoria crying in his lap. Damien knew it wouldn’t be long now, eyeing the deathly pale form of Karen Able lying on the hospital bed. Ever since she had given birth to her still-born second daughter nearly a year ago, the Rim Collection’s president hadn’t been the same, both physically and mentally. Yet, the last two months she had seemingly returned to her old self.

That was until yesterday’s stroke, he thought mirthlessly to himself, as he watched the younger FedSuns sailor stroke the Rimmer’s hair, while surrounded by the few House Able members who were planet side. It happened while he and Matt were in an HPG conference with the Federated Suns Minister of Commerce and Trade concerning Rim Motors’ recent and very public proposal to forcibly merge the bankrupt Salvatore Incorporated into their growing portfolio.

By the time the two, along with Damien’s own wife and daughter, had arrived at the President’s House, they received the news. Karen Able, Fourth President of the Second Collection, was likely brain dead.

The surgery earlier only confirmed the diagnosis.

It was not his place to watch the final goodbyes of Karen’s loved ones, he judged, as he turned and left, softly closing the door, making his way out of the Medical Suite and into the President’s House proper. His mind wondered as he effortlessly made his way through the residential complex.

“Even heaven weeps for her,” the voice of his daughter jerked him from his thoughts. He found himself standing out on a balcony, soaked, as the rain continued to pour. He shook his head.

“That it does, Brienne. That it does,” he answered before turning to face his seventeen-year old daughter. Studying her face, he knew.

Karen Able was dead.

Hours later, news of Karen Able’s death reverberates throughout the Rim Collection and into Lyran Commonwealth.

Water Gardens
Hiberius, Rim Collection
2nd September, 3104

Congresswoman Megan Hall lay in the hot sands of Hiberius, watching the young children play in the Water Gardens as she enjoyed bathing in the sun. A year ago, she had surrendered her chance to become the rightful president against that toerag tyrant, Karen Able. All for the good of Hiberius and the Rim Collection, she allowed the Able to become the president, trusting in the mighty Mandrills to keep her in check.

And now, with the toerag’s opportunistic death, she had a choice. Support the President’s Council, filled with Able lackeys, and support their decision to make little Victoria Able in becoming the next President and destroy democracy as it stood in the Rim Collection. Or she could lead the charge to Gillfillan’s Gold and forcibly push for real democracy onto the Rim Collection. Something she knew the Old Man would have supported, ironically enough.

They had no love of one another, but she knew the toerag’s father had loved democracy as much as she, if not more so. But to act on this, she would risk the full might of the Mandrills. Their ire on her was not something she wanted, but if she could act quickly, she could force it down even their throats as a fait accompli. That is if she acted quickly in securing the President’s Council and the young Victoria Able…

She mused for another hour on the situation before nodding to herself. Her choice made and now she need to only throw in her dice.

Border fighting
Addicks, Addicks PDZ
Draconis March, Federated Suns
10th September 3104

After the fighting on the Capellan Confederation’s border Prince Burton Davion continues to play the “Warrior Prince” like Davion Princes of history wading into the fighting on the Draconis Combine border defending the world of Addicks from a raid.  The Prince does not shy away from battle instead standing in front of the DCMS raiders protecting the people of Addicks despite the danger.  Burton Davion’s Templar III takes heavy damage while defeating three enemy BattleMechs and two tanks.

Subtlety (McKenna MOD-class Battleship)
Regulus, District of Regulus
Free Worlds League
11th September 3104

The Subtlety Profitable College of Military Arts arrives in the Regulus system and is escorted in by Regulan assault DropShips.  Arriving over Regulus in the early morning of the sixteenth the Subtlety’s commander was invited to the planet’s surface.  Over the course of the day Captain William Leroy-Deitrich and his crew were treated to tours of the training facilities on Regulus and dinner with Prince Lester Cameron-Jones and his family.  Unsurprisingly, like Oriente and Canopus, the leadership on Regulus attempted to convince the Subtlety’s commander that Regulus was the home the Battleship and its attached College were looking for.  Like the previous systems Captain Leroy-Deitrich refused the offer to remain permanently in the Regulus system instead agreeing for the training college to remain in the District of Regulus until the end of the year.  During this time the Subtlety Profitable College of Military Arts works extensively with the people of Regulus inviting trainees from across the District on board the ship.

Take Over
Promised Land, District of Gibraltar
Free Worlds League
15th September 3104

For years the people of Promised Land had been ridiculed and discriminated against by the people of the Free Worlds League.  Due to the planet’s high gravity and the use of genetic engineering to help the population resist the problems it causes on the health of a human body people from Promised Land were often depicted in entertainment vids and stories as being like the hunchbacked goblin creatures of nightmares.  Exports from Promised Land were often charged at a higher rate while the Free Worlds League was happy to use the space stations in the system as trade points between other systems due to the low duty charges.

While appearing to be a loyal world of the District of Gibraltar the government of Promised Land had long been in talks with the Lyran Commonwealth negotiating the system’s path into House Steiner.  Finally the time was right with support from the Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser the LCS Mitchell Simons the Thirty-second Lyran Guards RCT moved into the system.  There they found elements of the Twelfth Tamarind Militia and the Galisteo, a Unity-class Frigate, which had recently been damaged fighting Clan Wolf in the Tamarind system.

With Promised Land transmitting the systems immediate and unconditional surrender to Lyran forces, the overwhelming firepower the LCAF had brought to bear and a promise of free passage to any other Free Worlds League system the Galisteo and the Twelfth Tamarind Militia both agreed to leave without a shot being fired.  With fighting still occurring on several worlds along the Clan Wolf border the Free Worlds League knew that contesting the system would be a drain on resources they did not need; and considering the contempt many felt for Promised Land and its population of genetically engineered abominations most were happy to see the back of the system.

Unlike the Free Worlds League the new occupiers of Promised Land welcomed the system with open arms allowing the planetary leaders to rule their world as they choose.  Instead of garrisoning the planet and keeping a close eye on the newly occupied system the Lyrans instead garrisoned the space stations at the Zenith and Nadir Points securing access to the system and the space station construction facilities that were Promised Land’s main export.

Glengarry Medical Facility
Glengarry, Isle of Skye
Lyran Commonwealth
18th September 3104

Baroness von Glengarry Dana Carlyle looked over at her newly born twins as they lay in their cots sleeping peacefully.  As she did Siobhan McCall entered giving her a small smile Siobhan was the granddaughter of Davis McCall, a famous warrior of Grey Death Legion fame, Siobhan was an accomplished warrior and was one of the Legionaries who had refused to join the unit when Dana sold the Legion to the Brewer Family.  Most of the warriors like Siobhan had already left but she’d remained choosing to attaché herself to the Carlyle Family Guard, a non-existing unit before Dana sold the Legion but one that now stood at a full combined arms Battalion in strength.  “How you doing?”  She asked approaching the bed

“I’m good” Dana said in truth she was more tired than she had ever felt “they fought their way out just like wolves.”  She said looking over at the twins.

“Have you thought of names?”  Siobhan asked moving over to the cots looking over at Dana’s son and daughter.

“Vlad and Marialle” she said bringing a surprised glance from Siobhan which brought a smile to Dana’s face.  “They are Marc’s children he was a member of the Ward Bloodhouse it honours him.”

“Do you know if Marc’s unit has been involved in the fighting?”  The young warrior asked even though the Wolves had been attacked by the Free Worlds League recent reports suggested that Clan Wolf units had now struck at the Lyran worlds of Remulac and Savannah.  Initial indicators were that the Wolves would secure both worlds from the Isle of Skye militia forces that had been left to defend them.  If the Clan was successful the two conquests would place Clan Wolf’s border directly against Star League held territory which would no doubt bring further heavy fighting.  Glengarry was fortunately far from any hostile borders.

“I don’t think so” Dana said she wasn’t sure exactly but she thought that Marc’s unit was still on Solaris VII.  With the Solaris Games ongoing she hoped that his unit were still defending the Wolves who were taking part in the competition.

“Well at least these two are little more peaceful than their namesakes” she said looking down at the two babies.

“For now” Dana said she was better at being a doctor and a scientist than a warrior she hoped Vlad and Marialle followed her example instead of that of their father, Dana’s own parents or her grand parents.

LaGrange Points
Gilfillian’s Gold, Rim Collection
21st September, 3104

The JumpShips carrying the First and Second Rim Guards CCT’s jumped into the system and immediately disgorged their DropShips and fighters as they race to the surface. On planet, the Rim Watch and the Rim Lancers act immediately, shepherding Victoria Able and her father to the Federated Suns embassy and promptly go into defensive positions around the complex.

Simultaneously, on Hiberius, the Third Rim Guards CCT launch an assault on the Rim Lancer positions, causing a three-way battle to break up as Fire Mandrills are forced to interfere.

Meanwhile, a plea for aid is sent out to all Rim Collection units and Clan Fire Mandrill to come to Victoria Able’s aid on Gilfillan’s Gold. Able Loyalist forces throughout the Collection begin working with one another to begin building a relief force, much to the ire of the Mandrills.

Launching ceremony
Bradford Memorial Shipyards, Coventry
Coventry Province, Lyran Commonwealth
22nd September 3104

   The first ship to be launched from the Bradford Memorial Shipyards of Coventry slowly slipped out of its berth into open space for the first time.  The LCS Thomas Fredrick Bradford was the first example of a new class to join the Lyran Commonwealth navy.  For inspiration the designers at the Bradford Memorial Shipyards had looked into the past with their new class basing the design on the Commonwealth Light Cruiser of the Star League-era.  Like the Robinson or Davion classes fielded by the Federated Suns the “new” Commonwealth was a modern interpretation of the classic design which made the most of new technology while playing on the strengths of the original design.

   External observers on the Commonwealth class suspect that the Lyrans will add the Light Cruiser design to their current Battle Groups and expand the number of escorts attached to their Mjolnir-class Battle-cruisers.  Observers also note that while the the Commonwealth is not the Battleship that the Lyran Commonwealth need to combat the Battleships fielded by Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon.

Border fighting
Federated Suns
25th September 3104

Following the release of the Sixth Edition of the Unfinished Book, which has been named the Remembrance due to the influences of the Clans, Clans Snow Raven, Nova Cat and surprisingly Sea Fox all engage in fighting along the borders of the Federated Suns.  While the battle against Clan Sea Fox is a simple honour duel between two warriors on Spica the fighting with the other Clans escalates rapidly with Clan Nova Cat seizing control over the system of Rentz while in one of their raids Clan Snow Raven’s Montbatton spars with the Federated Suns WarShip FSS Sword and Sun in the Bryceland system.  The recently launched Mercury-class Battleship is more than a match for the Texas-class Battleship and both commanders are aware of each ship’s capabilities instead of the two WarShips battering each they agree to a series of honour trials.

During one such battle former Snow Raven leader Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion takes part in an aerospace fighter duel.  The former Khan’s presence on board the Sword and Sun had been kept secret before the battle however in her battle piloting a seventy ton Cutlass Aerospace Fighter shows that her skills have not diminished during her time outside of active combat service.  Following the trials the commanders of the two WarShips agree to give each other’s crews a look inside each others WarShips and DropShips with both sides exchanging their thoughts on each of their vessels.  Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion’s presence is not too much of a problem for the Ravens as the Montbatton was the former Khan’s personal WarShip during her time as Khan.  After nearly a week in the Bryceland system the Montbatton leaves Federated Suns space returning to the Raven Alliance.
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Nice update!  Civil War in the Rim Collection!!!  :))  Prince Burton leading from the front!!  woo hoo!  Thanks DragonCat and James Tanaga for this update!  Keep it up!

Oh, a new light cruiser for the LC!
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A civil war in the Rim Collection, and that is supposed to be democratic.

Would have liked to see the result of a real battle between a Mercury and Texas.
The Lyrans launching a new light cruiser, well that will go well against the BB's it will be facing.
Great update DC.
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A civil war in the Rim Collection, and that is supposed to be democratic.

Would have liked to see the result of a real battle between a Mercury and Texas.
The Lyrans launching a new light cruiser, well that will go well against the BB's it will be facing.
Great update DC.

a BB can only be in one system.  The JF have what four? That is a lot of land to cover.  when its there it has command but there only a few BB's.  having a lot of CL means you can cover more systems.  the hard part is balance.  you need BB's but you need to hit many systems in one wave in war. 
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Great update again DC.

The problem with that, cawest, is that it's much easier for the Falcons to use their warships effectively on offensive and defensive operations merely due to the fact that they really only have 1 front to worry about and much fewer threatened planets per warship.  Eventually, of course, the Falcons will end up losing due to attrition since the Lyrans have a larger everything building capability than the Falcons.
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Excellent update :) I did wonder how Stirling McKenna-Davion was doing and a new cruiser too!
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Bonus time!!

And time for me to say thanks again.  This time to Vition2 who has created a fantastic looking map for this AU.  It's accurate to the end of 3103 its close to the current map.

I've saved it into a zipped file when you open it open it with paint.
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Awesome and thank you!
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 19 June 2016, 23:33:24
Thanks for the props, and I wish I was proficient enough to make a searchable pdf.  So this is what I can do, glad you like it.
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Awesome map, great job Vition2. [cheers]
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Post by: marauder648 on 20 June 2016, 07:38:03
Superb and very useful map, thanks folks!
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Post by: Dragon Cat on 22 June 2016, 02:28:21
This update was originally smaller before James Tanaga got into it  :D my thanks to a superb story line affecting the Rim Collection and Clan Fire Mandrill.  With the ultimate curve-ball being thrown and me not seeing it until it happened

Also this month had one or two changes as I approached it

Originally a Succession Lord passed over leadership then delayed it
Then an heir to a Succession Lord died then I dropped it
Then the Ravens did something but that's been delayed too

Outskirts of Federated Suns Embassy Complex
Gilfillian’s Gold, Rim Collection
3rd October, 3104

Galaxy Marshal Mandy Hall forced herself to keep from cursing in front of her troopers. On paper, her Guards’ were in an excellent position. The Rim Lancers and Rim Watch forces were surrounded and unable to escape. Moreover, they were positioned in an opened area, easy pickings for artillery units. And the best part? Her Guards’ had total aerial supremacy.
But in the field, that piece of advantage was only as good as a piece of toilet paper, for the Lancers had pulled a rabbit out of their hat and picked to defend the ONLY complex which she absolutely refused to use artillery and air support on. The Federated Suns embassy.

It gnawed at her, even while she reluctantly admitted the genius behind it. Attack it and the embassy security personnel would be “forced” to come to the defense of the Rim Lancers.  It would also put Mandy Hall at odds with the Federated Suns and by extension the Star League Defence Force.  Something she and her fellow warriors were loathed to do.

Yet it also meant the Lancers couldn’t attack as well, for it meant it would force her hand and order the attack. And so an unspoken agreement between the Rim Guards and the Rim Lancers had been formed.

And it unfortunately meant the Lancers were slowly winning, for two reasons. While her units were stuck here keeping the Rim Lancers from escaping, it meant Gilfillan’s Gold militia units were staging attacks on much-needed logistical and security needs in the capital. And second, far more importantly, it meant the much needed quick victory Megan Hall needed had evaporated, giving time for the Mandrills to answer the Lancers plea for aid.

And when that happens, Mandy thought disgusting, I will be forced to recall my forces and withdraw from Gilfillan’s Gold. The only bright side so far was two-thirds of the President’s Council and three-fourths of the Rim Congress were being held prisoner by her forces. That was something at least, at the very least they were a good bargaining chip.

For now, she resolved to keep her watch on the embassy, for it was all she and her forces could do. For now.

RCT Firebase Lost
Lost, Rim Collection
6th October, 3104

Natasha Faraday studied the latest report from Gilfillian’s Gold with a scowl on her face. Heavy fighting had finally erupted around the FedRats compound between the Rim Guards and the outnumbered Rim Lancers upon the arrival of Lancer reinforcements into the system. The whole situation was rapidly escalating. She decided it was time for her clans’ response.

Getting up, she made her way through the Rim Collection Touman base on Lost to the comm center. There, she nodded to the Rim Ranger manning the HPG station. “All channels,” she announced as she folded her hands into her chest and gave her deadliest glare where she knew the holo-camera was.

Moments later, the technician nodded back, signaling to her she was on. “This is Khan Natasha Faraday of Clan Fire Mandrill. I regret to inform the Collection that heavy fighting between the Able and Hall factions within the Collection has finally broken out on Gilfillian’s Gold.”

She ignored the sounds of sucking of hair of those in the room as she continued. “In accordance with our agreement to defend the Collection from any threats, I am ordering Clan Fire Mandrill forces to intercede in this conflict and bring both sides to the table. All Rim Collection forces are ordered to remain at their posts during this time. Any and all who do not will be seen as enemies until this conflict has ended.”

She visibly sighed as she closed her eyes for a moment then continued to look at the camera, her glaze softening. “Clan Fire Mandrill will do what we must to bring peace back to the Collection, but that does not mean we will act as tyrants. We will not trample on your homes or rights as Collection citizens. You yourselves will be the ones to judge those who are attempting to force civil war within the Collection, not us. Nor will martial law be enacted all across the Rim Collection.

“I ask all citizens and civilians in the Collection to go about their lives. For those on Hiberius and Gilfillian’s Gold, I ask you to stay inside if you can and if not, to avoid the conflict zones. Clan Fire Mandrill will work to mitigate civilian losses, but cannot promise Able or Hall supporters will do the same.

“Finally, to our enemies and neighbors across our borders, I ask only this one question. Do you REALLY want to anger Clan Fire Mandrill? If you do, I invite you into the Collection. If you are smart, stay OUT of the Collection. Natasha Faraday from Lost signing off.”

Thirty minutes after her speech, Clan Fire Mandrill forces, under the command of saKhan Jonathan Banacek jump into Gilfillian’s Gold, beginning a cat and mouse game with Robin Michaelson’s Fourth Rim Lancers CCT and other Lancer reinforcements as both proceed to the planet at their quickest pace.

Timbuktu, Rim Collection
11th October, 3104

Leonard Stewart sat watching the ongoing news like a hawk. At the moment, Clint Goldberg of INN was reporting from Gilfillan’s Gold on the now-three way conflict between the Lancers, Guards, and Mandrills. Curiously, his segment for today was on the newer equipment being seen in the conflict, particularly the Lancers and Mandrills.

“Those Snow Fox designs the Lancers are using go hand in hand with our stealth armor beautifully,” his daughter commented ask she drank a cup of tea.

“They’re all just one design, Rowena,” answered her brother, Karl, the design should have been in different configurations to make the most out of it. “Nice to see the Lancers made the Snow Fox into an actual OmniMech though.”

Leonard nodded at that. It was both nice and terrifying to see, for while it meant good things for the Collection itself, it meant his House was now in a tougher position within the nation. Something he long sought to remedy, but currently couldn’t.

“What do you make of that,” he asked his son as he nodded to the screen, where a small four-legged Mechs stood atop a hillside, the eye and pyramid of Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga on the left shoulder and the Fire Mandrill on the right showing where its loyalty stood.

“Some kind of knew ultra-light Mech maybe,” he answered. “Or possibly a new ProtoMech. The journalist reported it as belonging to a point of Amarok’s. Capabilities are unknown, though the journalist reported it was singularly guarding the Mandrill flanks from power armor forces, suggesting it’s likely a power armor killer.”

Leonard nodded at his son’s answer. He was the most technically gifted of those in the room. Then another ‘Mech caught his eye as it entered the screen, causing his daughter to whistle.
“I wonder where the Monkeys were hiding those,” she commented as the camera concentrated on the lumbering BattleMech. Leonard noted the biped BattleMech dwarfed many of the nearby Mechs as the camera zoomed out to show the others.

“They’re Kirghiz-G’s,” Karl informed them. “Weapon schemes of the Kirghiz put on a one hundred ton ‘Mech. Slower than most other Collection BattleMechs, but should be perfect for the Assault clusters. Khan Showers refused to allow Armory Gamma to build them for some unknown reason. Wasn’t expecting to see one for a while.”

“Just like she refused to build those,” Rowena pointed to two lighter OmniMechs in the frame.
Leonard caught his son’s shadow shrugging. “Crimson Langurs I think she refused them while they still had Armory Beta. The Langurs seem a bit specialized in comparison to the Shadow Cats they are now replacing.”  He said the Mandrills changed what they produced more regularly than any Inner Sphere nation he had ever seen.  There were more than thirty Shadow Cats in the Mandrill Touman but now it appeared the Clan wished to add another design at the expense of further Shadow Cats.

“Not like they’ve much a choice. The Mandrills rather build ‘Mechs from their own factories then get replacements from those they don’t,” Rowena replied nastily.

Leonard understood all too well why. The Mandrills had all but turned their noses on the fifty ton Ghost BattleMech the Stewarts had offered. At least their Khan had given the diplomatic answer of her Mandrills preferring OmniMechs to specialized BattleMechs.  In their small Touman an OmniMech while more expensive was more useful to the Clan. Polite way of telling them to go to hell, he thought, though Leonard smartly kept that thought to himself.

Then the next video clip shook him. In the middle of Rim Guards’ Clints, Stingers, and Commandos, an Uziel BattleMech stood out. “That’s unexpected,” Rowena expressed.
The view of the fifty ton Uziel made Leonard Stewart think. Perhaps it was time for his family to intercede. “Wade,” he called out to his quiet son, who leaned against the wall behind the three. “Contact Caldarium and tell them I need to speak to the Rim Assault CCT’s commander.”

His two legitimate children turned towards him, judging by their shadows, as he heard Wade leave the room. “We don’t have enough forces alone to do anything,” Rowena answered, demanding he answer their unasked question.

“Alone, no, but if we unite with the Rim Assault CCT and other units, we might be able to send an ad hoc force the Mandrills would appreciate.”

“Thereby raising our standing even further,” she responded the Stewart family had fallen a long way to have to try and impress one of the Clans.

“Exactly,” he answered simply, smiling as the three again watching the news program.

Lyran Offensive
Dixie Theatre, Halfway Province
Lyran Commonwealth
18th October 3104

   In an attempt to break Clan Wolf’s offensive into the Isle of Skye Lyran Commonwealth units and the mercenary commands Rubinsky’s Light Horse and Blackledge’s Iron Hand strike at Hyde, Lauram, Arcadia and Gienah.  On Hyde the Twenty-fourth Lyran Guards RCT found the 271st Assault Cluster of Clan Wolf.  Despite it being a veteran command the Wolf Cluster was no match for the numbers the Lyrans employed against them.  Despite the odds the Wolves continued to resist the Lyrans for eight days before the last Clan forces were disabled or destroyed.

   The Rubinsky’s Light Horse and Blackledge’s Iron Hand mercenary units move on Arcadia despite their dislike for each other the two units work seamlessly together on the planet’s surface outflanking the Wolves Twentieth BattleMech Cluster forcing the Wolves into retreat.  Following the battle the two mercenary commands come close to brawling over their salvage claims and are only held apart by the commands of their liaison officers.

   Both Arcadia and Gienah are found to be abandoned by Clan Wolf which has shifted its defences towards other fronts.  On Gienah the Lyran forces find Gienah Automotives has been completely razed by the Wolves its civilian vehicle construction and primitive BattleMech facilities in ruins.  Gienah’s economy had long been based on the economy of the worlds around it and while the Lyrans find that the Wolves did not intentionally harm the planet or its people they find that Clan Wolf’s restrictions of inter-planetary movement and trade has completely destroyed business on the planet.  Of the nine hundred thousand population recorded before the Clan Wolf occupation of the system only three hundred thousand people remain the others distributed among the other worlds of Clan Wolf’s claimed territory.  The Lyrans find that the Wolves withdrawn much of their border units to support their drive towards Terra as if to reinforce the point Clan Wolf launches attacks on Cheretan, Dubhe and Wing.  The Lyran and SLDF defenders on the planet are able to force back back the Clan forces but their intent is quite clear.

   With Gienah’s economy compromised by its occupation the population on the planet continue the exodus.  In the space of a year by the end of 3105 the Gienah system’s population is reduced to a mere tens of thousands and is removed from most cartography maps.

Trials of Possession
Clan Coyote Occupation Zone
21st October 3104

Fighting erupts in the Clan Occupation Zones as Clan Coyote engage Clan Hell’s Horses in several Trials of Possession.  The two Clans fight in adherence to Zellbrigen minimizing the damage done to both Clans.  By the end of the year Clan Coyote has seized control over Skokie, Severn, Blota, Rastaban, Wheel and Orkney from the Hell’s Horses.  The Horses do not counter-attack against the Coyotes instead they rotate their units through other systems training them against the established Horde Clusters as the Horses continue their training in the Mongol Doctrine.

Gold Mountains
Gilfillian’s Gold, Rim Collection
23rd October, 3104

Jonathan Banacek grinded his teeth as he pushed forward his old Blood Asp. His forces, eight clusters of Mandrills, were locked in the middle of a three-way battle. To their flanks lay the shattered Lancers; in front, the battered Rim Guards. His forces had finally done it, but at a horrible price. One in three of his Warriors were either dead or combat-ineffective.

Worse, the Mandrills had battled up from the ravines, where artillery fired down upon them. Only the fact Robin Michaelson of the Lancers was now dead had allowed Banacek and his forces to slowly and painstakingly take the upper-hand as the Lancers were hit from both sides at once, eventually being pushed to both his flanks.

Another hit from a large laser reminded him the battle needed to end and end soon. Otherwise, the Collection’s and Mandrill enemies would begin to circle. Once again he cursed in rage at the stupidity of Natasha Faraday, who refused to take the obvious route to victory in allowing his forces to wait until both sides had exhausted themselves. Instead, she demanded he lead the forces in charging headlong into the fight.

The Collection would remember the day the Mandrills answered their call for peace, she had said at the time. And Banacek well knew riots for peace were happening all over the Collection in response to Natasha’s speech the Khan had really roused the freeborns with her words. But was it enough? That was the million-Kerensky question, he judged.

His radio erupted to life. “SaKhan, the Guards have entered the Embassy! Repeat! The Rim Guards are targeted the embassy!” Star Colonel Yu Nevversan reported. “The ambassador is leading his Rats and holding the Guards at bay for the moment.”

Jonathan cursed into his radio before sighing. “Deploy your Makos into the embassy. And help Redburn’s Rats.” The last he added as an afterthought.

He heard his subordinate cursed, then a sharp click. Both men well knew what the order meant. Yu Nevversan’s Makos, the sole Fire Mandrill unit Jonathan held in reserve, would soon be dropping into combat, task to safeguard Victoria Able at all costs. Jonathan knew the Makos would sustain heavy casualties, but Makos were known to accomplish the impossible. He only hoped he wasn’t wasting their lives.

The response to their communications was immediate with the Makos' Fortress-class DropShip diving down over the battlefield.  The DropShip which had remained in orbit had been ready to deploy at a moments notice and that moment was now swooping down over the battlefield its engine flares blasting up a massive amount of dust as it came in low over the ground troops.  From their elevated position the DropShip’s gunners expertly targeted hostile units below with autocannons, missiles and lasers as the craft's pilot moved into position over the Embassy.  From the DropShip's cargo bays BattleMechs and Battle Armour troopers threw themselves into the battle below several of the elite Fire Mandrill warriors firing their weapons as they fell.  Almost as quickly as the DropShip had arrived the craft's engines flared and she was gone accelerating back into the night's sky.  The battle to hold the Embassy would take its toll on the Makos but of all the Mandrill units in the area they were the ones to hold the line; perhaps even more so than either of the Khan's Keshiks.

Six hours later, as he led his Keshik and elements of the Second Battle CCT and the Sixth Mandrill Militia into an attack on Third Rim Guards positions, his radio erupted to life. “All forces currently fighting on and in space around Gilfillian’s Gold, this is Khan Natasha Faraday.” Natasha? Here?! What the hell!

“I bring with me forces from all across the Collection. From Timbuktu and Caldarium. From the Trinity Worlds and Waypoint. From Wiltshire and Qurayyat. We are ALL here to end the fighting on Gilfillian’s Gold, one way or another. All non-Mandrill forces are ordered to cease and desist and to stand down. This is your one chance to remain Warriors of the Collection after this. This is Natasha Faraday out.”

Jonathan shook his head and frowned. Diplomacy had no part of the battlefield. But oddly, slowly, but surely, as Natasha’s adhoc force began to make their way planet side, Lancers not trapped in the embassy begun to steadily withdraw from the battlefield.

Yet, he grimly noticed the Guards begun to pull back as well. Not off the battlefield as he at first expected. No, he realized those his units were facing now fighting on the defense. And he knew why.

Victoria Able.

Their mission was to hold his and Natasha’s forces off while their compatriots fighting in the Embassy could capture the young Collection heir. And because of that, instead of doing the smart thing and allow his forces to wait until Natasha’s reinforcements arrived, he instead kept them engaging the Guards. His honor demanded that much.

Press Offic, AFFS Command
Robinson City, Robinson
Draconis March, Federated Suns
24th October 3104

   Around the room half a dozen reporters stared into their cameras as they tried to compose their messages to the people of the Federated Suns.  Bernie Michaels was one such reporter and he could barely believe what he was about to say looking into the camera he took a second to compose himself and then spoke.

   “Ladies and Gentlemen” he said “initial reports from Addicks have filtered through to us here on Robinson that Prince Burton Davion has been shot and killed fighting against the Draconis Combine.”  He said breathing deeply “Prince Davion had been fighting against the DCMS for the last two weeks and it now appears…” suddenly behind Bernie Michaels the doors sprung open and a sweating bedraggled looking man in AFFS uniform burst into the room.

   “He’s alive!”  The officer shouted out for all of them to hear “Burton Davion is alive!  He’s been evacuated from Addicks and is on his way to a medical facility on Tikonov” the officer explained “the initial message from Addicks appears to have been a plant set by drac spies!”  He said breathing deeply trying to catch is breath.  Bernie Michaels turned back towards the screen.

   “Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for my previous statement it appears to have been in error.  Prince Burton Davion is alive it appears that he is on his way to Tikonov to recover from his injuries.”  He said “it has been confirmed that over the last week DCMS forces have attacked Ingress, Deneb Kaitos, Towne and Murchison.  Although authorities on Robinson have refused to acknowledge it if the fighting continues we will be in a defacto state of war with the Draconis Combine.

Federated Suns Embassy
Gilfillian’s Gold, Rim Collection
26th October, 3104

Damien Redburn piloted his Templar through the battle, his face in a permanent grimace. He was proud of his staff. When the Rim Guards finally attacked three days ago, they had gone above and beyond his expectations, fighting off the best the Rim Guards until help had arrived.
But the cost had been great to the embassy’s security team and those aiding them. Before the battle, it consisted of two companies of BattleMechs, a conventional infantry company, and a platoon of Sniper Suit battle armor. This number was aided by Redburn’s eighty-five ton Templar OmniMech, DMI Agent Winters in her Enforcer III, and, lastly, Damien’s own daughter piloting Karen Able’s own Dire Wolf.

Now, after three days of combat, a mere six Mechs of that number were still standing. He thanked God his daughter was one of them; in fact he knew the Dire Wolf was in the best shape of the forces he led in the embassy. And judging by his scanners, he knew Star Colonel Yu Nevversan’s Makos were just as beat up.

How they had not been overrun until now was beyond him, but he knew this time there was no way they could stop the battered Rim Guards, even as he tore apart a Rim Guards Partisan tank with his three Rotary AC/2 cannons. On his sensors, he idly noticed his daughter destroying an enemy Clint even as she began facing a Firestarter OmniMech.

He shook his head as he continued his way through the battlefield, targeting a Merkava tank. Trust the Monkeys to “gift” Hiberius with that design after salvaging it from the Lyrans during the Kwangjong-ni debacle. Still, the workhorse OmniMech was downright dangerous in the hands of the Rim Guards, a fact he well knew. He forced himself to abandon watching his daughter and concentrate on destroying the Merkava heavy tank he was currently engaging.
An obsolete design, it was still very much deadly in the hands of the Hiberians. A fact well -earned since the Hiberians began their invasion on Gilfillan’s Gold. Only their Firestarters, Kangas, and Maxims were much of a threat on the common battlefield usually, yet teamwork had made their obsolete designs come through for them. If he lived through this battle, he resolved to give a dissertation at NAIS on the Hiberians tactics.

A moment later, he came out of his thoughts as the Merkava he was dueling with was suddenly destroyed by concentrated fire. Not from the air, as he expected, but from the ground.
Glancing down on his scanners, he couldn’t believe what he saw. Turning his mech around, he finally allowed himself to sigh in relief, as his radio erupted to life with cries of joy.

There, a Fire Mandrill Blood Asp stood, with more BattleMechs, OmniMechs, armor, and power armor units pouring around the OmniMech. Judging by the mechs and armor, it could only be Task Force Determination, as the forces saKhan Jonathan Banacek of the Fire Mandrills lead were called. His guess was soon proven correct a moment later as the Mandrill’s junior Khan’s voice piped into his radio.

“Ambassador, as soon as we secure the embassy, get moving to the rear! Star Colonel Spencer Douglass and his Fourth Assault Cluster will escort you out.”

“Agreed!” He answered back. Soon, the embassy was secured and he stood guard as Rim Watch personnel quickly scurried Matthew Davion and Victoria Able and other embassy occupants from the hidden bunker into waiting armored vehicles belonging to the ad hoc Fourth Assault Cluster.
It gnawed at him how quickly Khan Natasha Faraday and the Rim Collection had mobilized the forces she led here. A star from one unit, a point from another. A trinary here, a supernova there. The Collection couldn’t redeploy cluster level units beyond the Khan’s own Keshik and the Mandrill forces already on planet.

The solution? Ingenious! Or so he thought. Create ad hoc clusters from several different units, with those belonging to the same CCT or galaxy serving together to quickly form units that could operate well enough together in combat without overly weakening their home units for the short time they were needed elsewhere.

It came to him then, just after he gave the order for the convoy to move behind the Collection front line and finally into safety. The Khan had sacrificed her own Monkeys for the good of the Collection. Instead of allowing her Clan to become the predominant military power, she instead chose to keep the balancing act within the Collection’s military intact.

But why?

He shook his head. All he knew was that the Fire Mandrill Khan had thrown a giant curveball into what was expected of her. And it was something the First Prince needed to know as quickly as possible.

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President’s House
Gilfillian’s Gold, Rim Collection
30th October, 3104

Damien leaned against the back of his chair, deep in thought, as he and the Fire Mandrill Khans awaited HPG connection to be established. The junior Khan acted every bit a former Star Adder Damien expected to be highly practical and very strategic.

The senior Khan, Natasha Faraday, on the hand, he couldn’t figure out, except she was determined to throw curve-balls around. The last was just the biggest of them all, for all he was concerned.

“I still do not agree with your actions lately, Khan” he heard the younger man mutter to the young woman. “Still, I do understand them.”

“If you understand, yet do not agree with them, will you demand a Trial of Grievance as is your right,” he heard the younger woman queried back.

“Neg,” was the junior khan’s answer. “Though I may not agree with your actions in weakening the Clan, they do serve in strengthening the Collection,” Jonathan added.

“Doesn’t make sense to me,” Damien muttered loudly.

“But it does, Freeborn,” the saKhan answered him. “That dezgra Mandy Hall,” he all but spat the name, “executed nearly the entire President’s Council and a good portion of the Rim Congress during the Rim Guards occupation of this world. And while my Khan may be popular enough to become the next President, she resolves herself to not take the position, thereby continuing what she believes to be the much needed balancing act of keeping Clan Fire Mandrill subservient to the Collection.”

He shook his head. He didn’t believe it still even three days after the battle had finished when Mandy Hall had finally surrendered. Why a Clanner, whose loyalty should be with her own Clan, instead chose to strengthen the Collection was beyond him.

Just as it was beyond him by her very recent decision to instead nominate the “hero of the hour,” as the Rim Press was calling him these past few days, as the next President of the Rim Collection. “I doubt my sire will agree to this,” he answered back, bringing them back to the matter at hand.

“You could say no,” was the young woman’s simple response.

He grunted. “Unfortunately for me, I have begun seeing the Collection as my home away from home.” He caught her small smile as he continued on. “Any plan on what to grant the Able-loyalists? From my view, the Hiberians may have lost the battle, but won the war in getting me President.”  He said seeing the two skeptical look on the two Clan warriors faces “well maybe not me” he admitted “but I am someone they could accept.  Someone not affiliated with Karen Able’s rein and not a Clanner.”  He said “as far as the people of Hiberus will be concerned Megan Hall did everything she promised so the people who were loyal to Karen have lost their leader and effectively lost the war.

“We are allowing them to remain Warriors, is that not enough?” Jonathan Banacek answered him acidly he did not understand what these people expected they were entitled to nothing it was his troops that ended the war his troops that saved their precious Collection.
Damien turned his head to face the younger man directly. “Honestly? No.”

Natasha raised her hand to forestall the expected response from the conservative Fire Mandrill Warrior. “I admit I myself do not understand what they truly want beyond protecting Victoria Able and her family,” was her reluctant reply.

Redburn nodded to her as he turned his head back to the holo-projector. An uncomfortable moment passed as the two Fire Mandrill Warriors awaited his response.

“The Collection was finally becoming a true nation, a true House at Karen’s death,” he answered them. Seeing the two Clanners still did not understand, he elaborated. “The other Inner Sphere nations are led by one family.  Steiners in the Lyran Commonwealth, Davions in the Federated Suns. Kuritas in the Combine, the Liaos in the Capellan Confederation.  The Calderons in the Concordat and the Centrellas in the Magistracy.  As far as the Inner Sphere and Periphery are concerned each proper nation must have a ruling House. For them and many others, it’s that simple.”

“If that is the case, what of the United Marik States or the Star League Protectorate or the Clans?” Jonathan rebutted. 

Damien decided not to correct the saKhan on the true name of the Free Worlds League.  Allowing himself a small smile as he caught the deer in the headlights look on Natasha Faraday’s look as she caught on. “Even they are no different, with power belonging to a few families or bloodlines,” she announced a moment later, startling the junior Khan.

“We are nothing like them!” he yelled out in anger despite the Mandrill separation from the other Clans and their obvious differences in interacting with the Inner Sphere and Periphery nations the saKhan was a very proud trueborn Clansmen.

“Are we not?” she asked as she glared into his eyes. “There are Bloodhouses that always gain leadership positions Faraday, Kerensky, Ward, Truscott, Jorgennson, McKenna, Nagasawa, Drummond Rosse, Pryde, Hazen one way or another eventually they end up in power.”  Was her swift and sharp rebuttal to Jonathan before she turned her gaze towards Damien’s own. “You have a suggestion, quiaff?”

He answered her with a nod. “Granting the Able-loyalists their wish would solve a lot of political and internal issues the Rim Collection currently faces, with one being an identity problem.”
He could see they were contemplating it. Mostly Natasha, but Damien also caught curiosity flicker in Jonathan Banacek’s eyes and so continued. “I propose for House Able to become the nominal leaders of the Rim Collection, with power shared between and largely held by the President’s Council, the Rim Congress, the governors, and Clan Fire Mandrill.”

“So we give them what they want and yet we hold the power, quiaff?” Jonathan surmised openly.

“Makes sense,” Natasha answered him. “We give the Able girl a fancy new title and some limited political power, the Collection once and for all becomes a proper Inner Sphere nation with its own House, and the illusion democracy once again flourishes within.”

“Exactly,” Damien agreed. “And now I finally understand why you want little old me to become president,” he commented further, sighing.

Natasha Faraday grinned at him in response, shrugging her shoulders as she did so. “You finally caught onto why it had to be you. Though I had no idea just how the Clans were so similar to your Houses,” she mused out loud.

“So does that mean you will take the job?” she asked a moment later.

“Damnit to hell!” Damien cursed out loud at their amused faces. “Only if he says yes!” he answered, waving a hand to the holo-projector.  Moments later, they were in conference with First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, informing him of the situation and the proposal to make Damien Redburn the Collection’s next President.

Several days later even as the dust was still settling in the aftermath of the Rim Collection civil war, seven-year old Victoria Able is announced as the first Sovereign of the Rim Collection, with her father, Matthew Davion, and older members of House Able as her regents until her thirteenth birthday. Surprising the interstellar community, however, is the choice of Ambassador Damien Redburn as the Rim Collection’s next president. In his speech, he sends a strong message of unity and reform, gaining many admirers from within the Collection.

Outwith the Rim Collection it is surmised that the internal conflict cost the Rim Collection almost six full military units with several of their high level commanders killed.  Reports suggested as many as ten thousand civilians had died in the conflict along with dozens of civilian leaders killed either in the fighting or by Mandy Hall in her purge of the electorate.  Observers note that with the political fallout created by the Civil War the Rim Collection’s partners in Clan Fire Mandrill are now in a stronger position than ever even with Redburn taking control over the political stage.  They note that while the Clan cannot exert full control over the Collection anyone within the periphery nation would do so at their peril.  Some long term analysts further believe that the civil conflict is not over in the Rim Collection but instead moved to a new stage one that will bring into question just who controls the nation?  The Able family?  The Politicians or Clan Fire Mandrill?
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wow the political acumen of the Mandrill's is shocking.   gone is the old.   i like and am taken aback at their transformation.
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I was wondering when the DC was going to take advantage of the FS' focus on the CC.  On the other hand I'm surprised that they are attacking from the Dieron prefecture since they're also dealing with conflict on their Lyran front.
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Excellent updates and new Mechs, the Kirghiz G I assume means 'Ground'?  Prince Davion sounds like he had a lucky escape, i'm sure we'll find the extent of his injuries soon.
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I was wondering when the DC was going to take advantage of the FS' focus on the CC.  On the other hand I'm surprised that they are attacking from the Dieron prefecture since they're also dealing with conflict on their Lyran front.

Well the Dracs are also tangling with the Dominion too and with the CC conflict ended the Suns will be swinging stuff back towards them so it seems the Dracs are already trying to juggle too many balls at once.
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wow the political acumen of the Mandrill's is shocking.   gone is the old.   i like and am taken aback at their transformation.

I'd say there's always been a political element with the various Kindraas released from the restrictions of being in Clan space its something that's been allowed to develop.

I was wondering when the DC was going to take advantage of the FS' focus on the CC.  On the other hand I'm surprised that they are attacking from the Dieron prefecture since they're also dealing with conflict on their Lyran front.

Benjamin running the fight against the LC Dieron running it against the Federated Suns

Excellent updates and new Mechs, the Kirghiz G I assume means 'Ground'?  Prince Davion sounds like he had a lucky escape, i'm sure we'll find the extent of his injuries soon.

Yes to both
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FSJS Centari, Star Lord-class JumpShip
Nadir Jump Point, Terra
Star League Protectorate
9th November 3104

   The development of the Lithium Fusion Battery Mk II had revolutionized travel across the Inner Sphere.  Instead of a JumpShip taking months to travel across an interstellar nation ships with an LF Mk II could travel the space in weeks.  When combining this with the command circuits the journey could be shortened to a matter of days this was how Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion had made the journey five well placed JumpShips had taken her from the Raven Alliance border to the birthplace of humanity Terra.

   “Sir there’s a signal from the flagship” the operations officer said turning in his seat Sterling realized after a moment that he was reporting to her instead of the ship’s commander.

   “What do they report?”  She asked

   “Sir the Hanse reports that the First Prince’s party have arrived on Terra, you are expected on the planet at your first convenience.”

   “And the Prince?”  Sterling asked wondering if her husband had arrived in system yet.  If he had she was ready to throttle him for his antics on Addicks.

   “On board the Hanse, mam, his JumpShip arrived yesterday he’s currently in surgery on board the battleship.”

   “Inform them I will be over shortly” she said turning to the JumpShip’s Commander “Captain Daniels thank you for carrying me here I suggest you leave quickly there are a lot of ships out there.”

   “We will do Duchess it was a pleasure having you on board.”  The old man replied.

   To say there were a lot of ships in the area was an understatement the area was packed with sips from the various realms of the Star League and from the SLDF itself.  It took nearly two hours for them to get clearance force the Ares Mk IX to travel over to the FSS Hanse Davion II.  Once the craft was clear of its jump radius the Centari jumped back out of the system.

   Moving from the small craft into the First Prince-class Battleship Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion was surprised to be met by her husband, a heavily bandaged, Prince Burton Davion.  “I thought you were in surgery” she said surprised to see him.

   “My father needs me on Terra” he said motioning towards the small craft.

   “Your father can manage” Sterling said angrily Victor Steiner-Davion had been First Prince of the Federated Suns for decades he could manage another conference.  Burton on the other hand did not look well.  His brown hair had been burnt on the left side while his left arm was bandaged heavily and strapped across his chest.

   “I’m probably going to lose it” Burton said grimly following her gaze.  “The doctors have left it attached to me to keep the blood flow going hoping for a miracle but it’s unlikely to heal one of them said the nerves were shot.”

   “You should have remained on Tikonov” Sterling said she was still angry he had come to Terra there was no need for them to be there too.

   “Nothing more they can do for me wait and see is what they said.”

   “Then why the surgery?”  She demanded

   “Remove another piece of shrapnel from my back.  Cockpit door shattered on my OmniMech fragments flew through the back of my chair.”  The systems of his cockpit had also been affected which had caused the burns and shock to his arm.

   “They are supposed to be armoured” she said deciding that she’d also likely be having words with the manufacturers on Kallon.

   “Not built to take a shard of ferro fibrous armour it missed my spinal column but a couple of centimetres” he said turning around indicating with his right arm.  “If that had happened I guess we wouldn’t be talking.”

   “They can do incredible things with injuries” Sterling said thinking of Burton’s future he had his whole life ahead of him and she wouldn’t let him give up.

   “Hey I know we will see when I return home.”  He promised her.  Soon after they left the Hanse Davion II heading for Terra to join up with the First Prince’s party who were already at the Whitting Conference Centre in Unity City.

Fourth Battle of Incukalns
Incukalns, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
13th November 3104

   The Lyran Commonwealth again try to liberate Incukalns from Clan Jade Falcon this time in the form of the Second Royal Guards RCT and the Eisenjagers Armoured Battalion.  Escorted by the WarShips LCS Yggdrasil, a Mjolnir-class Battle-cruiser, and LCS Adam Steiner, a Hyperion-class Heavy Cruiser, the RCT is able to fight its way to the planet and briefly contest the planet.  In orbit the two LCAF WarShips engage the Turkina’s Might holding off the Battleship while causing significant damage to the craft forcing it to retreat from the system leaving the Jade Eagle

   On the surface the Lyrans find the Jade Falcons have brought in units from elsewhere in their Occupation Zone to secure Incukalns.  The Second Royal Guards take heavy damage over the course of their six week battle on Incukalns destroying two Clusters worth of Jade Falcons in the process.  The arrival of the Falcon’s Nest and three Clusters of troops from Sudeten turn the balance against the Lyrans forcing them to abandon the system once more.  Shielded by the two WarShips the Lyrans are able to escape past the Texas-class WarShip and the incoming Falcons.  However the damage is done with the Second Royal Guards reduced to less than one third of its previous strength.

Elsewhere the strain of the fighting for Incukalns is beginning to show on the Jade Falcons as Lyran Commonwealth and mercenary forces liberate Pangkalan and Hood IV.  On Hood IV the only defenders of the planet are a cluster worth of cadet warriors with none of the Mech pilots over the age of seventeen years.  Several of the cadets are captured by the Lyrans and brought back to the Commonwealth.  While on Pangkalan the Lyrans encounter Armoured forces, ProtoMechs and conventional infantry three branches of the Jade Falcon Touman rarely used to garrison planets without BattleMech support.

While efforts within the Jade Falcon Clan to increase warrior graduates and the flow of weapons continues the Clan is also continuing to explore other avenues for material trading the Pride of New Kent, a Carrack-class Transport, to the Starstrike Khanate of Clan Sea Fox and the Sarna Mercer, a Sovietskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser, to the Coyotes for ground units and aerospace fighters.  Jade Falcon Khan Ruel Chistu also proposes that Harvest trials are held against the warriors of the Sea Fox and Coyotes to allow warriors who wished to fight their chance but both Clans refuse.  Instead Chistu approaches the Loremaster of the Clans Miguel Icaza, a former Jade Falcon, for assistance.  Miguel Icaza allows harvest trials to take place on Tukayyid with approximately two full clusters of warriors from the Ebon Guard joining Clan Jade Falcon by the end of December.  The Jade Falcon Khan also allows the Third Ebon Guard Cluster to travel to Incukalns and fight alongside the Jade Falcons while still remaining under the Loremaster’s banner as a way to give this unit a chance of gaining combat experience.

Fifteenth Whitting Conference, Meeting Room
Unity City, North America
Terra, Star League Protectorate
20th November 3104

   First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion led his son Prince Burton Davion into the meeting room he’d been surprised at the extent of his son’s injuries, no-one had said his condition was that bad, already in the room sat Archon Jessica Steiner along with her one year old newborn and sister Ambassador Melinda-Anne Steiner.  As the two Victor saw the Archon’s reaction to seeing Burton but also saw that she covered it very well.  “Archon it is good to see you” he said trying to ignore it.

   “Thank you Uncle” she said smiling Victor had not expected such a warm welcome it had been almost thirty years since they had last seen each other.  Melinda had seen Victor often enough in her role as Lyran Ambassador to the Star League.  “Cousin it appears you have been in a war” she said looking at a sheepish looking Burton Davion.

   “A disagreement with a Combine raider, I’ll recover” he promised her.

   “That’s good” she said looking back at the elder Davion.  “Our nations have been linked for many years I’d like to continue that link.”

   “What do you propose?”  Victor asked cautiously sitting down opposite her Burton with his hurt ribs and other injuries sat down carefully his heavily bandaged left arm showing little life Victor had been injured several times during his career but he’d always gotten luck when it came to lasting injuries it appeared his son wasn’t so lucky.

   “Well” she said glancing at her sister who nodded “I thought our first steps could be Burton accepting my request to become Isla’s Godfather.  Melinda would support her but having a male figure who is strong” she saw Burton wince in his current condition likely the pain she throught “and not going to use her to gain prominence in the Lyran Commonwealth would be useful.”

   “We’re half a sphere away” Burton said quietly before speaking more confidently “but I would be honoured.  I hope I do not have to try and fill you or your husband’s place but if necessary I will help her.”  He said glancing at the sleeping baby.

   “Thank you” Jessica said as the door behind them opened and Commanding-General Victor Focht, of the Star League Defence Force, entered.

   “Sorry am I interrupting?”  He said remaining near the door.

   “No we were waiting for you” Jessica Steiner said neither Victor or Burton had expected the arrival of the Commanding-General obviously part of Jessica’s plan for the Federated Suns to help her nation involved the Star League Defence Force.  Before she spoke further Melinda-Anne Steiner stood up and took Isla from her mother before quietly leaving the room.  “Commanding-General the Star League Defence Force has the same problem that the Lyran Commonwealth has” she said “the Star League Navy lacks a WarShip capable of matching those fielded by the Clans.”

   “That is correct” he said “our shipyards are currently busy with designs that will be able to protect the Inner Sphere.  We have few designs that can bring the fight to the enemy.”

   “Neither can we” she said looking at Victor “but the Federated Suns can.”  She said continuing “the Federated Suns has capable WarShip designs and shipyard space.”

   “Which we are not ready to share” Victor said shocking his niece “understand Archon I would support the Lyran Commonwealth but not the Star League Defence Force, not militarily.”  He said Victor Focht did not react instead he just looked back at the First Prince.

   “Whatever is between you needs to be put aside” she said sternly Victor smiled admiring her tenacity. “We need assistance the Lyran Commonwealth and Star League Protectorate has Clans on their borders.”

   “The Federated Suns also has Clans on its borders” Burton pointed out.

   “Two Clans that have caused you no bother” Victor Focht said quietly “you are both members of the Star League Defence Force mutual defence is a key part of the Star League’s charter.”

   “So it appears is espionage” the First Prince said looking at the Star League’s Commanding-General.

   “Mistakes are made” was all the Commanding-General said.

   “And those mistakes have jeopardized chances of cooperation and reduce the chances of sharing…” the First Prince snapped angrily looking directly at the SLDF officer.

   “There is another option” Burton said calmly gaining surprised looks from all three others.  Burton looked at his father “Indefatigable” was all he said.

   “A drawing board exercise that will likely never be built” Victor said dismissively.

   “It could be built” Burton said indicating he wished to speak further his father nodded “the Star League Defence Force will provide the WarShip Anti-Missile System which will be incorporated into the base design.  You will both pay rates set by the Federated Suns and we will provide you with the Indefatigable-class Battleships.”  He said the Federated Suns would ensure that they received enough payment to make the Indefatigable a reality for the Federated Suns Navy as well.

   “There are still bugs in the WAMS…” Victor Focht began but caught Burton’s look “but they are not insurmountable I am sure we can work it out.”  He said reading the Prince’s emotions which softened as he agreed to Burton’s terms.

   “How long would it take to build these ships?”  Jessica asked neither Burton nor Victor were engineers the best they could offer would be a guess.

   “If we put a rush job on Galax and Hadrian perhaps within two years we could have the first vessels operational and ready for trials.”  Burton said “until then we could spare some vessels to support.”  He said glancing at his father “the Fifth?”  His father raised an eyebrow surprised at his son’s suggestion the Fifth Battle Group was something the Federated Suns Navy had been attempting to form for months and something that the First Prince had opposed primarily because it was an assault force with two Battleships and none of the six ships smaller than a destroyer.  Burton had wished to employ it against the Capellan Confederation but the fighting had been winding down to move the WarShips into position would have started another conflict.  “They could be in place by March perhaps April” the Prince suggested.

   “That would greatly assist in our defence” Jessica Steiner said gratefully.  She would have preferred the WarShips to be accompanied by ground forces but knew when she was ahead and chose to remain quiet.  Her military could handle the Falcons on the ground.

   “I agree” Victor Focht said “the Star League Defence Force will fully compensate you for your assistance First Prince Davion.”  He said the WarShip defence system was a start but the Commanding-General knew he’d have to take further steps to secure the Federated Suns continued support.

   “And you have earned my vote in the upcoming elections” Jessica Steiner said.

   “No” Victor Steiner-Davion said looking at his neice “you have mine.” He said looking back at the Lyran leader who looked surprised “a leader needs to be strong but also has to know when to ask for help.”

Fifteenth Whitting Conference, Davion Wing
Unity City, North America
Terra, Star League Protectorate
24th November 3104

   “You did what?”  Burton snapped angrily looking at Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion.  Their children Luther and Leah were in bed in the room next to them, they’d been brought here with Burton’s parents, so the two of them spoke quietly.

   “They are some of the best doctors in the Inner Sphere they can help you.”

   “The Doctors on New Avalon will take care of me when the time comes” he said barely wanting to admit the left arm that was strapped across his body was more than dead weight.

   “The sooner you start your treatment the sooner you will be able to pilot a Mech again” she said appealing to the warrior part of him “or how about being able to pick up one of your children” she snapped tired of his excuses.  “You are here what harm could it do?”  She demanded Burton nodded slowly “then you will meet with them?”  She asked making sure he agreed with her.  The Prince of the Federated Suns nodded once more he’d do as she wished.

Fifteenth Whitting Conference, Neigotiations
Unity City, North America
Terra, Star League Protectorate
25th November 3104

   The Federated Suns and Draconis Combine agree to end the fighting between their nations in talks mediated by the Star League Defence Force.  The Combine will retain control over Deneb Kiatos, Hean and Ankaa which had already been secured by the DCMS.  The Federated Suns continue to control Addicks, Towne and Murchison while an AFFS counter-attack had secured the system of Helen.  The contested system of Ingress is announced as a new Star League Protectorate holding.

Retirement Announcement
Kathil, Kathil PDZ
Capellan March, Federated Suns
26th November 3104

At one hundred-and-four years old Field Marshal of the Capellan March Nathaniel Hasek retires from active service with the AFFS.  Command of the Capellan March officially passes to Duchess Kym Hasek.  As one of her first acts is to announce the First Kathil Uhlans have been redesignated as a Regimental Combat Team and has been assigned the FSS Silver Shield, a Robinson Block III-class Transport, for ground support and transport.  Also during the Duchess’ announcement the First Kestrel Grenadiers has been linked with an independent Armour Brigade taking it one step closer to a full RCT.

Public Disturbance, Cathay
Solaris City, Star League Protectorate
28th November 3104

   For the last six hours Star Captain Marc Ward had worked with to restore order on the streets of Solaris City.  It had started when Andert Radick, a Wolf trueborn warrior, had won the Solaris World Championship.  His Mad Cat III-X had been tasked to join others in trying to restore order on the streets alongside the Star League defence force and so far his BattleMech had taken a beating fighting against rogue mercenaries and angry Solaris competitors.

   Turning a darkened Cathy street he saw a Star League Defence Force Nightsky BattleMech “Star League BattleMech this is Wolf Striker Eight part of the Wolf liaison force please respond.”

   “Wolf” the pilot seethed its massive arm mounted ax swiveling in front of him.  “I am Amanda Stuart and I hold you responsible for this mess.”

   “We are assisting you”

   “Of course you are” she said firing her Mech’s particle cannon striking the Mad Cat’s side torso.  With little room to maneuver he loosed two full flights of ten long range missiles striking all over the chest of the Nightsky.  The SLDF BattleMech launched itself into the air firing down on the Mad Cat with lasers and particle cannons.  These weapons bore down on Marc’s BattleMech burning the Ferro Lamellor armour that covered the Clan Mech.  Now closer Marc opened fire on the Nightsky firing his lasers one of his lasers went wide while the other and the small lasers struck the Nightsky’s leg burning the armour there.  As the Nightsky pilot landed the povited to the right ducking out of the way of Marc’s lasers embedding the ax deep in his Mech’s right leg just above the knee.  At point blank range Marc let loose with everything he had left his last long range missiles and all four of his Mech’s micro lasers added to the medium lasers.  At this range there was almost no chance of missing but the same could be said for the Nightsky its lasers burned through the last structure in his damaged leg severing the limb above the knee.  As his Mech fell forward the Mad Cat III got caught on the Nightsky’s ax dragging the other Mech down with it the two Mechs fell in a heap with the Mad Cat missing a leg and laying face down and with the Nightsky on top of the other Mech neither was going very far very fast.

   Nearly four hours later after peace had been restored to the streets an SLDF salvage crew arrived to remove the Nightsky and Mad Cat from the street.  The salvage crew found that the Nightsky pilot had been killed by one of the Clan Mech’s lasers while Marc Ward had been trapped by the other Mech falling on top of him but was alive and well.  The SLDF offered to return Marc Ward to his Clan following the battle but the Wolf refused instead stating that he was a bondsmen of the SLDF and would do what his new “Clan” ordered.
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Interesting update, a Suns designed BB, the Prince hurt but recovering and a captured Ristar.  Good to see that the DC and Suns have also stopped fighting as well.  Excellent stuff as always!
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good to see the younger Davion getting some leadership chops... or is that chops from this wife for being stubborn
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Odds of Marc Ward finding his way to Glengarry?
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3-5 odds
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Odds of Marc Ward finding his way to Glengarry?

Fair to middling.
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Uhoh, cracks are starting to show in the Falcon touman.  Keep the Incukalns meat grinder churning and the Falcons seem to be losing the initiative.
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and the roll out of a common line of battle... :)
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Uhoh, cracks are starting to show in the Falcon touman.  Keep the Incukalns meat grinder churning and the Falcons seem to be losing the initiative.

Very true, the world of Incukalns is turning into a Verdun with the Falcons being the French.  I don't know why they are so obcessed about the world though.
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Fifteenth Whitting Conference, First Lord Election
Unity City, North America
Terra, Star League Protectorate
1st December 3104

   The Election of a new First Lord place within the Whitting Conference Centre in Unity City on Terra with the leaders of the Inner Sphere meeting in the main hall as promised First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion is the first to speak following an opening address by the outgoing First Lord Minoru Kurita.  Victor states that they must all remember why the Star League was created and the good it has done before nominating Archon Jessica Steiner for the position.

   Following Victor’s nomination of the Lyran leader Magestix Ilsa Centrella seconds the vote surprising the other members of the council.  In opposition Draconis Combine leader Warlord Minoru Kurita nominates the Free Worlds League leader Captain-General Joseph Marik which is confirmed by Taurian Concordat leader Erik Martens-Calderon.  With seemingly a deadlock from created by the other nation states and unable to attain the position himself Star League Protectorate leader Bannister Cameron, urged by Commanding-General Victor Focht, votes for Jessica Steiner to become the new First Lord of the Star League Defence Force.

   Following the election of Jessica Steiner the Star League Defence Forces Commanding-General briefs the Council of the state of the SLDF.  He states that the First Kittery Revenants Regimental Brigade has begun to form on Kittery while the Star League has made a deal with the Federated Suns to be supplied with a new class of WarShip and that Federated Suns WarShips would be assisting in the Star League Protectorate’s defence.

   Duke Theodore Redburn of the Federated Suns is announced by First Prince Steiner-Davion as the new Federated Suns Ambassador to the Star League Defence Force.  Theodore Redburn is the younger brother of recently announced President of the Rim Collection Damien Redburn.  With no further outstanding business with the Star League Defence Force the various leaders break up ready to travel back to their own realms. 

Fifteenth Whitting Conference, Davion Wing
Unity City, North America
Terra, Star League Protectorate
5th December 3104

   “You want to do what?”  Victor Steiner-Davion looked at his son behind him his wife Danai Centrella-Davion stood silently watching the father and son.

   “I’ve been speaking to doctors on Terra, I want to stay here and complete my recovery under their care.”

   “The doctors on New Avalon are preparing for you” Victor said glancing at his son’s left arm it had shown little improvement since he’d arrived on Terra he knew what that meant.

   “And with a command circuit I could see them in three weeks” Burton said “the doctors on Terra can see me tomorrow.  I am entirely safe here” Burton said confidently “Governor Winsor-Cameron has offered us a villa in the south of France during our stay on Terra.”

   “Our?”  Danai asked

   “Yes Sterling and the children will be staying too, you’re off baby sitting duties mother” Burton said smiling briefly it was a nice break from his discussion with his father.

   “It is never a chore they are always good as gold.”  She said stepping away

   “I thought Sterling was setting in onboard the Sword and Sun?”  Victor asked mentioning the WarShip Burton’s wife had recently been serving on.

   “She is and she appreciate’s the opportunity” Burton said for a moment he was glad the former Snow Raven Khan was not here to argue her point instead she was with their children taking a tour around Unity City.  “But she also agrees with me this will be good for us.”

   “Good for you?”  Victor bristled picking up on something from what his son had said “is there something wrong with your home?”

   “No” Burton said pausing for a moment finding the words “you said to me years ago that you, your brothers and sisters drifted apart because you were posted across the Federated Commonwealth…”

   “It was our duty…” Victor began but Burton spoke over him as Danai moved up beside her husband linking her hand with his.

   “You said that when it came down to it Katherine thought she was better than you because she didn’t know you, she didn’t know what made you tick, she didn’t know that in time you would learn how to overcome anything that you would come across.”  Burton said he was proud of his father’s achievements but he didn’t want to face the same problems the elder Davion had faced.  Victor could not argue with his son he often thought what might have been if he’d been closer with Katherine, Peter, Yvonne and Arthur when they were younger instead of really meeting them when they were grown up.

   “I want my daughter and son to know each other to know their parents” Burton said “and I want to be able to pick them up if they fall.”  He said referring to his arm “I think this is the best way for both of them.”  Victor reluctantly nodded agreeing with his son glancing at his wife he saw that Danai agreed with her son’s choice.

   “I will detach a segment of the First Davion Guards RCT they will also remain on Terra and will be your guardians.”

   “They won’t be needed” Burton said confidently.

   “I don’t care” Victor said sternly “you are my son and your family will have guards from your homeland.”  He said Burton nodded not willing to argue with his father over something like that.

   Over the course of the next three weeks Prince Burton Davion underwent a series of assessments and physiotherapy attempting to bring his left arm back to life but there was little in the way of progress.  Instead on the 29th Burton undergoes an operation to amputate the left arm from the shoulder down in preparation for him being fitted with an artificial limb.  Meanwhile Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion and her children Luther and Leah become celebrities of Terra and are mobbed by adoring public everywhere they go as they are treated to the sights of the planet.  While providing security for Burton and his family the combined-arms Regiment left behind by the First Davion Guards RCT are able to train at some of the most advanced combat ranges ever devised by man and train against the SLDF units based on the world of humanities origin.

Talk Inner Sphere, Interstellar News Network
Geneva, Europe
Terra, Star League Protectorate
7th December 3104

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Talk Inner Sphere my name is Malek Thorne” the presenter said he was in his forties with long dark hair that was tied up in a topknot popular in the Federated Suns “and today’s question is a simple one.  Has the Star League failed us and is it time for the Inner Sphere nations to retake their individuality and sunder the Star League?”  He said as the camera pulled back to show a panel of guests waiting to speak.  “With the Fifteenth Whitting Conference ending at the Conference Centre in Unity City and the Succession Lords returning home the question has been asked ladies and gentlemen the floor is open.”

“The answer is no” Neil Berton, a former SLDF Major and member of the the Star League Advisory Council said.

“How can you say that?  There is more fighting in the Inner Sphere now than there has been since the Succession Wars.”  Malek said “there have been renewed conflicts with every single one of the Clans the Star League recently had to mediate a dispute between two of its member states.”

“Exactly the Star League Defence Force has done its job!”  Berton said “the Star League was recreated to bring about the end to the Clan Invasion, the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar and to give the Inner Sphere a neutral place to sort out their differences like ComStar did during the Succession Wars but without their covert nature.”

“Says a man who used to work for them” the Capellan Confederation representative said.

“You have something to say Lukas Holt?” Thorne asked looking at the man dressed in the traditional robes of a Confederation nobleman his long dark hair tied up.

“The birth of the Star League Defence Force has also seen the rebirth of the Terran Hegemony in spirit if not name.”  He said accusingly “soon the Star League will tell us all that their Protectorate is no more and a new Hegemony will have risen in its place.”

“Preposterous” Berton said angrily

“Intelligence from the Confederation suggests that the so called Guard regiments are covers for dozens of Divisions that have been raised in secret behind the walls of the Protectorate ready to rise up when the time is right.  We believe they have hundreds of the hated M5 Casper Drones and that they have been trying to create entire regiments of Drone BattleMechs they are ready to replace flesh and blood with machine!”

“That is the Capellan Confederation’s opinion but not one that represents all of the Inner Sphere.”  Hibiki Marata of the Draconis Combine said “the Star League Defence Force has created a Protectorate for the worlds that were devastated during the Succession Wars, a place where we can negotiate and a place where we can freely trade together without fear of our people being attacked.  The Star League Defence Force has supported us in our defence against the Clans.”

“What of the renewed joint invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth?  Clan Hell’s Horses forces have attacked Atocongo, New Extford and Kandersteg while the Jade Falcons continue to hold Incukalns despite concentrated attempts to capture the world by the Lyrans and the Star League Defence Force.”  Patrick Taubuck a representative of the Lyran Commonwealth said.

“It is not united” Berton replied “those Clans are operating independent of each other.  Reports suggest that the Hell’s Horses recently captured two Jade Falcon worlds as well as attacking the three worlds of the Commonwealth.”  He said “while it’s suggested that the Coyotes and Rasalhague Dominion have also taken more than a dozen worlds from the Hell’s Horses.”

“Limited Trials of Possession” Malcolm Nirveeton of the Federated Suns said “analysis of the reports from the Occupation Zones suggest that the worlds fought over by the four Clans away from the Inner Sphere are being dealt with in traditional Trials of Possession following the ritualized form of Combat so cherished by the Clans during their initial invasion.  We know that the Clans are cut off from the Kerensky Cluster and the other worlds that birthed them, what exactly happened to cause this we do not know, and because of this the Clans have worked out a way for them to engage in these “Honour Trials” which remind them of how they used to fight in the Clan Homeworlds and allows individual warriors to revel in the combat that they find so appealing.”  He said “we have seen similar moves made recently by the Sea Fox, Snow Raven and Nova Cat Clans which follow a similar pattern they enter the space of an Inner Sphere held world and challenge the defenders to an honourable battle.  The Clans attempt to engage in the ritualized bidding and combat that they used during the initial invasion they take what they lose or leave with what they win.”

“They are little more than pirates” Lukas Holt sneered suggesting that the Confederation had faced similar raids.

“The only Clan that has not engaged in such matters is Clan Wolf” the last member of the panel Ava Taylor of the Free Worlds League said.  “When Clan Wolf attack they come to claim territory and when they defend they defend with everything they have.  Their successes speak for themselves of all the Clans they are the only one who is within striking distance of Terra.”

“There are Hell’s Horses forces on Terra Firma” Berton noted.

“A small force mainly made up of old Mechs and warriors guarding a crashsite and some traders.”  Taylor replied “the Wolves on the other hand are young, well equipped warriors with a desire to see Terra held in Clan hands or burned to a cinder.”

“And that is why the Star League stands” Berton said “you ask if the Star League Defence Force has succeeded I say yes.  Without a standing Star League the Inner Sphere could easily have been consumed in another conflict on par with the Succession Wars but worse now because of the continued Clan threat.  Instead we have safeguarded Terra, rebuilt the worlds devastated by the Succession Wars and held the Clans in their Occupation Zones.  I saw that the Star League Defence Force is a success and should stand to see another fifteen Whitting Conferences.”  Berton said passionately his belief in the Star League unshaken by the events in the Clan Occupation Zones or the infighting between the various Succession States.  Lukas Holt of the Capellan Confederation continued to look unimpressed his warning that the Star League Protectorate was nothing but the Terran Hegemony reborn continuing to hang over everything despite Berton’s assurances.  And the question remained was the SLDF being successful?  Was it bringing about a new golden age?

Border conflict
Millungera, District of Gibraltar
Free Worlds League
17th December 3104

The defection of Promised Land spurs a deeper strike from Lyran troops assaulting Millungera despite the continued fighting on the Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon borders.  Millungera falls within eight hours as the Thirty-second Lyran Guards RCT pushing elements of the Second Tamarind Militia Regiment off the planet with minimal damage.  The District of Gibraltar counter attacks against Cavanaugh II, Dixie and Timbiqui but they are unable to budge the Lyran defences.  The border fighting between the two successor states brings some much needed breathing room for Clan Wolf who were beginning to feel pressed by the fighting along their borders.

Internal Change
Military District of Dieron, Draconis Combine
20th December 3104

   With Dieron based troops securing worlds on the Federated Suns border and securing Aubisson from Clan Ghost Bear Warlord Minoru Kurita chooses to award the Warlord of Dieron and the Dieron Military District with control over eight worlds from the Benjamin Military District literally redrawing the District lines inside the Draconis Combine.  Minoru also directs that the Warlord of Dieron should have all control over the disputed region being fought over by the Rasalhague Dominion, Lyran Commonwealth and his own Draconis Combine.  These two factors cause great dishonour on the Warlord of Benjamin Mitsura Sakamoto.

Morven City Outskirts
Morven, Nova Cat’s Den
29th December 3104

   Following intelligence that suggested Clan Nova Cat was forcefully relocating entire neighbourhoods within their held territory by destroying people’s home and publically executing those who refused the First Tikonov Lancers RCT on Filtvelt had acted attempting to come to the defence of the planet’s population.  Jumping in at a pirate point they had avoided the Nova Cat Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser Sabretooth and burned towards the planet’s surface.

   Moving his Musketeer Hovertank through the outskirts of the planet’s surface Subaltern Mikhail Kvyat noticed something wrong almost immediately.  “This is Charlie Four to command” he called out hearing a response soon after “sir, everything looks very normal here…”  He said his voice trailing off as he looked through his monitors “people are going on with their normal business.”  His commander replied a moment later “yes sir, but I mean the only thing out of place here is our tank” he said leaning to the right for a moment as his commander nearly screamed down the radio.  “Yes sir, I understand that but you’re not seeing what I am there’s no destruction here you could place this neighbourhood down anywhere in the Inner Sphere.” He said glancing down at his sensors he saw something up ahead.  “I’ve got a problem here” he said “no a big ****** problem, sir, I’ve got two Snow Tiger OmniVehicles approaching.”  Mikhail turned to the other crewmen “we’re getting the hell out of here.”  He said to them forgetting his microphone was still on “yes sir, we’re retreating” he said as the Musketeer began to turn he hoped that the Nova Cats wouldn’t fire as the Federated Suns vehicle hadn’t fire on them. 

Moments later his fears were answered as two gauss slugs flew over the hovertank “there’s no way that was an accident” he said glancing at the sensors then at the other crewmen the two shots had missed by less than ten metres flying over the Musketeer’s turret.  “Command, they are firing warning shots we’re in full retreat, Command respond!”  Mikhail called out as the vehicle’s driver poured on the speed taking the craft back down the street behind them the two Snow Tiger OmniVehicles followed neither firing but Mikhail knew their gauss rifles were in range.

   As they cleared the outskirts of Morven City the Musketeer suddenly accelerated to its maximum speed.  Behind them the two Snow Tigers accelerated to match them keeping the Cossacks Hovercraft in range of their gauss rifles.  “We’ve got incoming” Mikhail called out as the two Snow Tigers fired again this time their shots were on target and both slammed into the rear and left hand side of the the hovertank.  The armour held but it was a clear message as on the sensors Mikhail saw the rest of the hovertanks of his platoon were in full retreat chased by hovertanks, VTOLs, ProtoMechs and OmniMechs.  “Oh no” Mikhail said as he switched to long range sensors he saw the Tikonov Cossacks landing zones were being besieged by Nova Cat heavy and assaut Mechs and vehicles.  “Charlie Four to Base anyone there?  Where do you want us?”  He asked noticing the Snow Tigers happy that the Musketeer wasn’t fighting them had broken off their pursuit.  “Come in base” he repeated as the closed on range.  “Forget it!”  He shouted “boys pull left ready main gun and missiles target is Nova Cat II OmniMech on our right side.  We hit them in the back with the cannon then follow up with streaks as we pass.  He said as the Musketeer closed on the heavy OmniMech twisted to attack them its autocannons, short range missiles and pulse lasers all opening up on the fast moving hovercraft as it closed its range.  Even as the Hovercraft’s armour was opened by the Nova Cat’s weapons fire the Musketeer’s own rotary autocannon began to cut into the Nova Cat’s armour its SRMs following up as the Musketeer passed by the Nova Cat II.

   The reason why the BattleMech, and its more advanced cousin the OmniMech, dominated the battlefield in the thirty-second century was made clear in this battle between the Nova Cat II and the Musketeer.  While the Nova Cat II took the hits from the autocannon and missiles to its armour with barely a consideration the Musketeer was not so lucky the autocannon fire, missiles and lasers of the Nova Cat tore into the fast moving hovercraft and then as the Musketeer past by the OmniMech its torso twist capacity allowed it to track the Musketeer and finish off the vehicle with a second volley lasers and autocannons opening up the armour while short range missiles blew open the armour destroying the hovercraft.  Even as the Musketeer died a second volley from its rotary cannon ripped across the Nova Cat II’s torso but to no effect the heavy OmniMech turning towards its next target.

   Across the battlefield a similar story was repeated as the two on planet Nova Cat clusters peppered the AFFS RCT remaining at long range to cause damage to the invaders.  With their JumpShips confirming that the Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser in system was heading towards the planet and no evidence to support the intelligence that had led to the attack the remaining Tikonov Cossacks abandon the planet leaving nearly two regiments of equipment and personnel that had been destroyed by the Nova Cats.  Both of the Clan clusters that had engaged the Cossacks had lost half their strength but both remained operational ready to defend from a second attack and to recover the salvage left behind.  From the planet back to their JumpShips the Cossacks raced as the Sabretooth headed in system the seven hundred-and-forty thousand tonne WarShip maintaining its speed trying to catch the RCT.  The Cossacks were moving too fast for the WarShip to make the intercept but the damage was done even as the AFFS unit jumped back towards Filtvelt the Federated Suns can only brace itself for the Nova Cat reprisals.
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Attached is the end of 3104 Unit list with added Clan Wolf and Clan Mountain Wolf

while this link takes you to the map for end of 3104 (
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Good update and unit list, can't wait to see the mercenary units added  ;)
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Post by: snakespinner on 02 July 2016, 18:55:28
Looks like a good time for a revolt by the Warlord of Benjamin.
Maybe independence for the region with support of the Star League. :D
I notice in the Capellan regiments you had St.Cry's regiment. Was that supposed to be St.Cyr's or are you trying to tell us something. ;D O0
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will you post and updated warship list?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 02 July 2016, 21:28:21
Looks like a good time for a revolt by the Warlord of Benjamin.
Maybe independence for the region with support of the Star League. :D
I notice in the Capellan regiments you had St.Cry's regiment. Was that supposed to be St.Cyr's or are you trying to tell us something. ;D O0

Nice catch

will you post and updated warship list?

Knew I'd forgotten something... attached to this post
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Excellent update, the Suns forces really got kicked in the teeth for that territorial incursion.  Jessica could easily use the SLDF forces to help defend her borders from the Falcons if she can call them up for that.  I thought Burton would be fitted with a cybernetic, hopefully there won't be any issues with that and good to see Stirling's doing well, she's adjusted well to Spheroid life for sure!

Those changes within the DC could be interesting, the slight to the Warlords honor could cause...issues.
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“There are Hell’s Horses forces on Terra Firma” Berton noted. “A small force mainly made up of old Mechs and warriors guarding a crashsite and some traders.”

Define old Mechs: ancient Star League 1, older first gen. Omni, old second Gen.-Jihad Omni-Standard or Industrial Mechs that were built in the last century?

Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Define old Mechs: ancient Star League 1, older first gen. Omni, old second Gen.-Jihad Omni-Standard or Industrial Mechs that were built in the last century?


A Binary of Clan standard armoured vehicles, a binary of Emerald Harrier BattleMechs from XTRO Republic I and a Binary of standard Elementals.

Clan Wolf also has a Nova of BattleMechs and of conventional infantry

While the Sea Fox merchants that call the enclave home have a Star of Mechs with some conventional infantry to protect their trade post

There is an enclave of approximately 10,000 situated near and around the wrecked Hell's Horses WarShip Pillar of Autumn
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I wonder...

If a ship crashes, how much of it is really destroyed and how much could be salvaged and repaired / brought back online?

And thanks, good to know!


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Well every ship in BattleTech can land... once

The Pillar of Autumn was battered by Manei Domini forces in 3092.  Her K-F Drive was destroyed in battle her thrusters failing she then entered the atmosphere before slamming into the ground.

She's a wreck.  There's little of the ship actually left the only reason I fluffed it as surviving is because of the high structural integrity it has.  The Horses initially agreed to clean up the mess and have never left, the Foxes seized on it as a trade post and the Wolves seeing themselves as the leading Clan wanted to be involved too.
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*quietly imagines it something like this*
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 03 July 2016, 15:19:14
There's little of the ship actually left the only reason I fluffed it as surviving is because of the high structural integrity it has.
The stats for the original Halcyon in the Halo games give it almost obscene durability:
The most noteworthy design feature was a series of internal cross bracings and honeycombs that made the ships surprisingly resistant to battle damage; ships of the class were able to remain operational despite sustaining breaches to all compartments and losing 90% of their armor.
So when I converted them over, I gave a Heavy Cruiser near Battleship grade structural integrity.

*quietly imagines it something like this*
I have no idea what mass a Super Star Destroyer has, but it should have left an impact like this:
And the blast wave should have leveled the battlefield for miles around.
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The impact for the SSD seems to be fairly small because she comes down seemingly under control instead of just plumetting, you can hear the engines still working and her drives trying to halt or at least slow the descent, but when she starts that roll, its too much and crunch.  More a controlled crash rather than an uncontrolled descent. 
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I think, Dragon Cat. My favorite part of your latest entry in the on-going saga of your Alternate timeline is the passage between Burton Davion and his storied Father, Victor.  It seem to speak of something that's never truly (in my opinion) has ever been said aloud. True situation and falling between Vic and his late siblings. 

Part me wishes that what was said was dead on, it felt like it but you never can tell these days.

Thanks again, Dragon Cat!
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durability:So when I converted them over, I gave a Heavy Cruiser near Battleship grade structural integrity.'s-horses-designs/ ('s-horses-designs/)

I tried to make it tough enough to take some hits

I think, Dragon Cat. My favorite part of your latest entry in the on-going saga of your Alternate timeline is the passage between Burton Davion and his storied Father, Victor.  It seem to speak of something that's never truly (in my opinion) has ever been said aloud. True situation and falling between Vic and his late siblings. 

I'm glad you liked it it's one of my favourite parts when I can explore Victor's family

I think there was something similar to it said in Ghost War by Mason Dunne to Janella Lakewood at one point when they were talking about Victor's past and why he accepted Mason as his gardener (read project) either that or one of the Civil War books.  I've mentioned it once or twice before in a discussion between Victor and Danai or maybe even Canin Rosse of the Nova Cats. I can't remember

I'm going the simple route taking Victor and having him look back over his life and decisions ignoring what others might have planned or the other factors.  In this AU he's lived the life of a First Prince leaving the "Inner Sphere hero" title far behind I've tried to focus that even in the negotiations with the SLDF and Lyrans Victor was holding a grudge against the SLDF but his son saw the bonuses it could bring.
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Stepping into 3105


Draconis Combine Raid
Orestes District, Rasalhague Dominion
9th January 3105

   The Warlord of Benjamin Mitsura Sakamoto feeling dishonoured by Warlord Minoru Kurita’s decision to award Dieron’s successes by transferring planets from Benjamin’s control to Dieron leads a personal attack on the Rasalhague Dominion planet of Kiesan leading the Ninth Sword of Light Regiment.

   Landing on the planet the Warlord leads the Regiment from his Dragon BattleMech against the Ghost Bears of the 115th Striker Cluster and Nineteenth Battle Cluster of the Rasalhague Dominion.  In the opening volleys of the battle the Warlord’s Dragon was cut down by the massed fire of the Bears against them.  Within two days of battle the Ninth Sword of Light Regiment is completely destroyed by the Rasalhague Dominion forces.

   Inside the Draconis Combine Shichiro Hayashida is named as the new Warlord of the Benjamin District by Warlord Minoru Kurita and is tasked with preparing the District of Benjamin for the Ghost Bear’s counter attack.

Nova Cat Counter-attack
Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th January 3105

   Following the Federated Suns Raid against Clan Nova Cat’s territory the Clan counter attacks against the Federated Suns periphery regions striking at multiple worlds in heavy raids.  For the most part the Nova Cat’s restrict these attacks to simple Trials of Possession however they also seize the sytems of Skepptana, Maram, Sodertalje and Adelson.  The Nova Cat’s take their raids a step further with the elite Forty-fourth Nova Cat Cavaliers Cluster raiding Malagrotta distracting command elements of the Ninth Crucis Lancers RCT from defending against the Nova Cat raids.  The Forty-fourth keeps the Ninth Crucis busy for two weeks before abandoning the system and returning to the Nova Cat’s Den.

Raids and Counter-attacks
Coventry Province, Lyran Commonwealth
19th January 3105

As Clan Jade Falcon continue their efforts to keep the Lyran Commonwealth off balance three Clusters Solahma troops launch raids against the Lyran and Mountain Wolf supply lines on New Capetown, Bluque and Krievci.  These raids are little more than suicide runs with all three Solahma destroyed by the Lyran Commonwealth, Mountain Wolf and Star League Defence Force units.

Despite the Solahma attacks the Lyran Commonwealth raids and successfully liberates Kolovrety, Annuniziata and Chapultepec from Clan Jade Falcon control.  The Lyrans find little resistance from the Jade Falcons who have stripped units from the periphery area of their Occupation Zone to hold onto other more important systems.

Marseille Royal Hospital
Marseille, France
Terra, Star League Protectorate
23rd January 3105

   It had been a week since Prince Burton Davion had been fitted with the myomer replacement arm the doctors had said it would have to be unpowered to allow his body to adjust to its presence before they took the next step and now was the day for the next step.  “Prince Davion we are activating the power source now.  You will feel a slight twinge” one of the doctors said “I’d like you to try to remain calm and do not try to move the arm” he said.  A few moments later Burton felt like someone had sent a searing poker through his side he remained in position as the pain passed slowly before it was completely gone.  “Prince Davion are you still with us?”

   “Barely” Burton admitted clenching his right fist surprising himself the myomer left arm clenched the arm’s fist as well.  “Damn” he said smiling opening both fists then closing his flesh hand and then the mechanical one separately.

   “Very nice Burton” the doctor said as Burton tried to raise his arm sideways his flesh and blood arm move with ease but the other didn’t move.  “Slowly” the doctor said seeing Burton’s frustration building “the new arm needs to learn how to work with you it’s not going to work overnight its all about muscle memory just like the real thing you need to teach this arm how to behave.”

   “And once it knows what its doing?”

   “Once you teach it what to do you’ll barely notice the difference between the two” the doctor promised bringing a grin from the Prince he was beginning to turn the corner since his injury on the Combine border.  Over the course of the next three weeks Burton Davion learns how to use the artificial left arm as well as he ever used his natural limb.  Once it was clear that Burton’s body was not rejecting the limb the Terran doctors fitted it with a synthetic skin which for all intensive purposes looked just like human skin with several courses of treatments the doctors matched the skin’s colour to Burton’s natural colour making the limb appear completely normal.

Garden of the Gods, New Greenland
New Olympica, Star League Protectorate
Free Worlds League
28th January 3105

   The independent McKenna-class Battleship Subtlety and her attending JumpShips of the Subtlety Profitable Training College of Military Arts had spent the tail end of 3104 with the people of the District of Regulus and had on multiple occasions stated they would remain an independent force.  Their arrival at New Olympica, the first planet to have an official Star League Defence Force presence, it was expected that the Subtlety would align itself and its trainers with the Star League Defence Force but Captain William Leroy-Dietrich made it very clear in his first meeting with the SLDF representatives that Subtlety would remain independent.  Despite this the WarShip and its attached college was welcomed into the system and given full access to the SLDF training facilities including the SLDF’s own training WarShip the SLS Sheridan, a Bonaventure-class Corvette.  The Star League officials had revealed to the Subtlety’s crew that the McKenna’s original name while under the flag of the first Star League Defence Force the SLS Billingsgate however even this revelation is not enough to sway the current crew of the Subtlety.

   As well as training with the SLDF and seeing the facilities on offer at New Olympica the Subtlety’s crew had been offered the chance of shore leave at New Olympica’s many resorts.  Over the years since the Star League’s take-over of the system they had promoted the rebuilding of the many resorts one such place was high in the mountains of the island of New Greenland known as the Garden of the Gods.

   “It’s beautiful here” Commander America Park said glancing over the snow covered mountain range.

   “Beautiful but cold” Captain William Leroy-Dietrich said pulling his fur lined jacket close to his body.

   “It was your idea to come here” America teased closing on him she’d remained on the Subtlety because it offered her an opportunity she could not have in the Magistracy of Canopus.  She’d stayed on the ship because of its commander.  William Leroy-Dietrich was a puzzle to her although he was older than her by a decade but had the drive and desire of a young fighter pilot while commanding the Subtlety with what seemed like endless patience it was a series contradictions that confused her and attracted her.

   “We were invited” William said simply blowing warm air into his hands then stuffing them in his jacket’s pockets.

   “You were the one that was invited, perhaps they think you’ll have an accident and they can recruit the Subtlety with a new Captain.”  She suggested half joking.

   “There’s only one accident I want to have” William said kneeling down on the balcony beside her America Rebecca Park will you marry me?” he asked looking up from her having produced a beautiful studded ring.

   “What?”  She asked surprised by his question “where did this come from?  When did you start feeling like this?”  She asked in rapid succession.

   “Will you marry me” he repeated himself “you know how I feel it’s been fun together but I know you miss home” he said she’d spoken of the Magistracy several times over the last few months often wondering if she’d given up her career for the bashed up WarShip.  “I want you to make a new home on Subtlety, with me” he said she could see it in his eyes he was serious not just feeling sorry for her.

   “You’re serious?”  She asked still shocked William hadn’t moved from his kneeling position.

   “I’m serious” he said “I bought this three months ago on Harmony, I’ve brought you to the Garden of the Gods one of the most beautiful places on New Olympica” he said looking out over the mountains “but Commander it is up to you.”  He said more formally reminding her of what she could still have.  The two of them had danced around this for months having fun together as a couple while also serving the Subtlety and the College.  Now William Leroy-Dietrich wanted to take it a step further like he’d seen others of his crew do they’d talked together about renovating part of the cargo bay on board the Subtlety into new training rooms and accommodation William had even made note that such a renovation could include space for larger staterooms which she hadn’t thought much about before but now it made more sense.

   “Yes” she said suddenly still looking down at him “yes I’ll marry you” she said agreeing to his proposal.  The ring slipped onto her finger fitting perfectly, how he’d guessed her size she had no idea, but she didn’t care as the Captain rose to his feet and met her lips with his.

   The two spent another two weeks together in the Garden of the Gods enjoying the winter sports on offer in the mountains while enjoying each others company.  Their time on New Olympica was shared by dozens of others from their travelling college while in space the Subtlety, their aerospace fighters and DropShips trained against and with the Star League Defence Forces in system.
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Nice update, and geez did you add a lot of new worlds to the map this time.  :D
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I am surprised that the WoB or the cappies had not try to take out this ship yet.  great  update looking forward to more. 
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Here's hoping that the DCMS does not rebuild the disgraced Ninth SoL. It was built from the shattered remains of the dishonourable 2nd SoL, IIRC
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Post by: marauder648 on 07 July 2016, 11:35:51
Great update, the Falcons are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, and I bet the Horses are looking at them as a mark now.
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I was kinda thinking the same thing (but have been for quite a while now), but on the other hand the LC has additional fronts in the RD/LC/DC conflict zone, against the Wolves, and it's looking like something might be brewing on the FWL side of things.  Combined, that may give the Falcons enough of a reprieve to catch their breath and reorganize to something more effective again.

On the other hand, the number of enemy units within striking distance of their worlds include at least 2 galaxies of Mountain Wolf Troops and roughly 9 regiments or RCTs of the LC, not to mention the soon to be there 5th Fed Suns Battlegroup and whatever the Archon can reposition to the Falcon front of the SLDF.

Edit: Considering the amount of resources being dedicated to this place, I'm starting to wonder if there's a massive hidden base/factory similar to what was on Outreach and that one world which had a manufacturing complex hidden under one of it's lakes (I forgot the name of it).
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I wonder if Burton's artificial arm will be like Allard's arm was.  Coming with surprises, and ability to pilot a battlemech.
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Vition2 - those explorers got back to Terra, more from the Lyran border soon
cawest - Subtlety stayed away from the Capellan border, WoB are dead ;)
Sharpnel - they are dead
marauder648 - more from the Lyran border soon
Wrangler - we'll hear more on Burton in a bit

Bonus Time - Tukayyid planet profile I've not done one of these in a while and given that Touring the Stars is a canon product line here's my take on this system's path (

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Quick question: what do the Clans make of Bannister-Cameron?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Quick question: what do the Clans make of Bannister-Cameron?

Short answer not much they have never fought him in combat and although they are aware of the the Wasp's time jump they know that Bannister wasn't in line to rule the original Star League so he matters not much to them.

The Goliath Scorpions before they were crushed were interested in keeping him and the Second Royal Armoured Cavalry Division as a living monument to the SLDF basically treating them like gods for the rest of their lives but Bannister refused.

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Capellan Offensive
District of Oriente, Free Worlds League
6th February 3105

   After years being on the back foot to the Federated Suns and the District of Oriente the Capellan Confederation strike at Ryerson, Deschanes, Hudeiba, Mosiro and El Giza of the District of Oriente following a plan laid out by Isabelle Fisk a rising star in the Capellan’s shattered military.  The Capellan Confederation use their one and only Thera-class Carrier, the CCSS Chancellor’s Pride, to overwhelm the District of Oriente’s Monolisk-class Destroyer New Delos in the El Giza system and the threat of orbital bombardment from the CCSS Chancellor’s Destiny in the Deschanes system to force the Oriente troops into capitulation.

   Three days later the Magistracy of Canopus, secretly supported by Capellan special forces, attack and conquer Ganera, Kanata and Guangzho from the District of Oriente.  With the majority of Oriente’s line regiments aimed at holding onto more important worlds and pressing against the Capellan’s Sarna Commonality the Seventh Orloff Grenadiers are left scattered over the region attempting to resist the invaders.  Without the support they need the Regiment fall under the pressure put against them and its survivors are forced to retreat to be folded into other commands.

Chamber of the Clans, Clan Council
Andrey, Tuakkyid
Independent Clan Space
11th February 3105

   Loremaster of the Clans Miguel Icaza glanced around the various Loremasters of the Clans.  “The Ebon Guard unit are standing on Incukalns with their brothers in Clan Jade Falcon.”  He said glancing among the others “production on and around Tukayyid is higher now than it has ever been and all Clan’s are benefitting from the production of the eight factories we have built together on this world.” He said “today Clan Wolf and Clan Hell’s Horses have won the two most recent WarShips produced at Tukayyid’s growing shipyard facility.”  He said his words did not come close to representing what the Clans had done together on the world.  Tukayyid was becoming a hub for production of Clan technology and weapons development with the recent activation of a Fire Mandrill vehicle factory on the planet every Clan now had a production facility on the planet while several Clans had more than one.

“My plan, my desire, is to create a hub where all of our Clans can grow and benefit safely from the reach of the Inner Sphere.  Within the last month forces from the Ebon Guard have won Trials of Possession to produce the Halcyon-class Cruiser, the Swiftsure-class Cruiser and Drake-class Corvette.  Each of these designs will be built at the shipyard facility over this world and each will be made available to all of your Clans.  On the ground more of our designs will be built and made available to all our Clans together sharing our technology and our units will made the Clans more resilient to change and more effective against the Inner Sphere."  He said addressing the Loremasters of each Clan they were his link to the Clans themselves and would carry the words from Tukayyid and their accomplishments to all corners of Clan society.

In orbit chassis and armour factories produced materials for all the Clan’s factories to use while weapons and equipment facilities were under construction.  Beyond Tukayyid the systems of Lothan, Altenmarkt, Ramsau, Dehgolan and Udea were being tied more tightly to the Independent territory with additional Recharging stations, communication and mining facilities being constructed in each system the Loremaster of the Clans goal to make the world one of the most important in all of the Clan's claimed space.

Commanding-General’s Briefing, Capitol Guard’s Memorial
Archon’s Palace, Arcturus
Donegal Province, Lyran Commonwealth
12th February 3105

   The Archon moved slowly around the Capitol Guard’s Memorial looking at the monuments to the fallen Captiol Guard’s Regiment which had fought and died defending Arcturus.  Behind her several Royal Guards and the Royal Black Watch Regiment surrounded the area protecting the perimeter.  Standing nearby Commanding-General Victor Focht of the SLDF allowed the Archon to walk slowly around the area before continuing the recent revelation that Archon Jessica Steiner was pregnant once more had made her take an interest in the past as well as the Clan’s future.  “My nation is on the brink” she admitted glancing over at the Commanding-General “I need support from the SLDF.”

   “The 789th Striker Regimental Brigade is already on Arc Royal supporting the defences there and your efforts to retake the Incukalns system, while the Second Royal Regimental Brigade remains on Bolan.  The Royal Black Watch is at your service for the duration of your time as First Lord while the 208th Hussar Regimental Brigade will move from its base in the Star League Protectorate to support your nation against the Clans.”  He said naming the four Regimental brigades that were in or would soon be stationed in the Lyran Commonwealth.

   “Four out of Thirty-six Brigades” Jessica said displeased by the partly sum of units that would assist her nation.

   “We have responsibilities to the entire Inner Sphere.  SLDF units are based in each of the member states nations supporting its defence and other projects.  We must also defend the Protectorate worlds from Clan Wolf who now have pushed through the Lyran Commonwealth to our borders.”  Victor Focht said although he was a warrior first and claimed no noble title the son of Anastasius Focht stood his ground showing the new First Lord that the SLDF would not be backing down.  “The Lyran Commonwealth will benefit from the assistance of the SAS Division and several WarShips that have been deployed along your border while three WarShips of the AFFS will also be joining you within the next three months.”

   “While the Protectorate will also gain access to three WarShips from the Federated Suns” Jessica said reminding Victor Focht that the AFFS had agreed to assist them both with their Fifth Battle Group.

   “We must slow the Wolf advance”

   “I agree” she said moving around the monument to the lost men and women who had died defending this world.  “What do you think will happen next?”

   “They Jade Falcons will continue to raid the Lyran Commonwealth but perhaps in less numbers than previous we know that their Touman is hurting from holding Incukalns.”

   “Does the SLDF have any theories to why they are spending so many resources on that world?”

   “No but we do know they have fortified several positions there and that they have been directing excavation work on the southern mountains. Our research has shown no evidence of a previous SLDF facility on the world but our records are incomplete.”  He admitted “the Jade Falcons have also been staging much more units off these worlds than we had previously thought.”

   “And what of the Rasalhague Dominion and Clan Wolf’s what is their current threat level towards the Inner Sphere?”

   “Clan Wolf is dangerous” he said simply “they have been hurt in the recent battles against the Lyran Commonwealth and Free Worlds League but our intelligence suggests that they have sacrificed some territory intentionally shortening their supply lines while edging towards the Star League Protectorate.  We also believe that they are building a new destroy-type WarShip over Tamarind hence their defence of that system.”  He said pausing allowing Jessica to digest the information “the Rasalhague Dominion appear to be pushing further units forward towards Vega with the Draconis Combine continuing to raid the Rasalhague Dominion and Lyran Commonwealth it has made the shared border tense.”

   “Tense?”  Jessica Steiner said “the Combine has raided the Lyran Commonwealth for centuries we do the same to them.  Trust me the only reason the Drac is involved in the current border dispute is because they think the Lyran fist is distracted and aimed at the Jade Falcons.”  She said “if they continue down their current path we will be forced to punch them in a sensitive spot.”  She threatened Victor Focht remained passive about the prospect of a war between the two states the SLDF was not here to stop them fighting instead it was designed to stop a total war conflict like the Succession Wars or Clan Invasion which would dramatically change the dynamics in the Inner Sphere.  “And what of the Nova Cats has the Federated Suns requested SLDF aid against them?”  She asked referring the the recent Nova Cat raids against the Federated Suns Periphery.

   “No” Focht said “in fact the Federated Suns has retaken Rentz and Brockton by themselves.  It appears that the Federated Suns has honoured the Clans way of fighting with the Nova Cats engaging them in Trials of Possession.  Due to this process of warfare the Nova Cats have limited their attacks against the Federated Suns.”

   “If it were so easy I would do the same with the Jade Falcons and Wolves.”  The First Lord admitted the Lyran Commonwealth had the most foreign borders in the entire Inner Sphere bordering with twelve different powers Jessica could ignore most of the Periphery borders as neither the Rim Collection nor the rebel Clan faction, the Stone Spirits, seemed interested in further conflict with her nation but other than the Star League border every other one needed to be watched and guarded the current strain on the LCAF was beginning to show.  She hoped that with the SLDF in support the strain physical and financial on the LCAF would be lessened.

Aftermath Fifth Battle of Incukalns, Jade Falcon Command
Green Mountains, Incukalns
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
15th February 3105

   As if to echo the Lyran Arhon’s words the Fifth Battle of Incukalns had not gone the Lyran way and now deep inside Incukalns Green Mountains Khan Ruel Chistu approached the state of the art holotable in the centre of the Jade Falcons newly constructed command bunker.  “Our status?”

   “The last Lyran and Mountain Wolf forces have retreated from the system.  We completely cut off the First Wolf Legion Cluster, they fought to the end, and they will provide us with good salvage.”  saKhan Jana Pryde reported the Lyran Commonwealth Mountain Wolf attack had entered the system far beyond normal arrival points burning into the system over the course of six days beating the Jade Falcon WarShips to the planet.  It was a new tactic but one that hadn’t served them any better than before landing on the planet they faced three full Galaxies of the Jade Falcons who had been preparing for the Jade Falcons next assault.

   “They were heading for The Vault enterance” Chistu noted “how did they discover our secret?”

   “We are unsure” Jana Pryde admitted “according to all of our sources The Vault was lost to the history of the Inner Sphere.  Perhaps they got lucky.”  She suggested bringing an angry look from the senior Khan.  “Regardless they were not ready for our fixed defences.”  She said the Jade Falcons had always considered such things to be dishonourable but Incukalns was too important to the Falcons to take to chance.

When the Jade Falcons had invaded the planet they had captured a Lyran Commonwealth survey team along with their data under the Green Mountains the survey team had discovered an Star League-era supply depot that had laid hidden under a half collapsed mountain for centuries.  With heavy lifting equipment brought in by the Falcons and a liberal use of explosives they had cleared away several thousand tons of rock that had covered the facility and inside they had found several dozen armoured vehicles and BattleMechs from the original Star League.  Most of these units were damaged and this had served as a dumping ground for vehicles too damaged to be carried on by the SLDF during their efforts to either conquer the Rim Worlds Republic or their Liberation campaign of Terra.  Below the facility they had found barracks that could hold nearly a Division worth of troops and an extensive planning facility and training rooms.  The find was a gold mine and one that the Jade Falcons had sacrificed much to hold the world which was so close to the Lyran Commonwealth.

“The Defenders were a welcome addition” Chistu admitted recently the Hell’s Horses had taken much of the Jade Falcons territory but not all had been through Trials of Possession instead some of the planets had been traded away for two full stars of the Hell’s Horses new Outpost Defender DropShip.  Over half of the Defenders were based on Incukalns providing them with a massive boost to air defences.  “Now for the next part” he said determined.

“Should we?”  Jana Pryde challenged “we are holding the Lyrans here but they have successfully retaken Melissa and Mogyorod” she said looking at him the two planets were the Jade Falcon worlds closest to the Periphery.

“Freebirth scum” Chistu said angrily Pryde knew that he was talking about the defenders that had been left on that world as well as the Lyrans.  ”I do not care about Melissa or Mogyorod” Chistu said dismissively “neither supported our Clan.  Neither of them is Terra.  We must move forward we must pursue to Wolves and strike at the Star League.”

“The more worlds we lose the more likely one of the other Clans will try to absorb us.”  Pryde said concerned that their Touman was taking a pounding too often to maintain control over their OZ.

“We do not need an extensive occupation zone.  Any of the other Clans that think they do are wrong and none of them will dare try and absorb us after the next action we take.”  Chistu said “I promise you Jana Pryde a prize will adorn that wall” he said looking past her.  “I leave tonight.  You are to remain here and maintain control over this world.”

“I wish you a great victory” Jana Pryde said deciding not to try and talk him out of the decision.
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Aftermath of Battle
Al Hillah, Rasalhague Dominion
24th February 3105

   saKhan Sepp Heller walked across the battlefield surveying the damaged equipment that was left over the battle against the Rasalhague Dominion.  Clan Coyote’s attack had caught the Rasalhague Dominion defenders by surprise but both Clans had fought within the limits of Zellbrigen at least that was what Heller had believed during the battle.  Now after the battle, however, he was unsure Star Colonel Jolyon Koga, commander of his Galaxies Forty-second Assault Cluster, stood up ahead near a downed Rasalhague Dominion Beowulf IIC.  Digging inside the BattleMech were several Coyote techs.  “You called for me Star Colonel?”  Heller asked his almost mechanical voice cutting through the haze that had followed the battle.  Heller had been injured early in his warrior career during a circle of equals the only repair available to the doctors had been to replace his voice-box with a mechanical replacement.

   “Aff saKhan” Koga said “we have discovered something wrong with this Beowulf” he said indicating to the ruined BattleMech behind him.  The techs that were working on the Mech were making even more of a mess of the Mech so obviously salvage was not in their minds.

   “What is it?”  Heller asked Koga winced hearing the saKhan speak Heller had seen it for most of his career and ignored the Star Colonel’s reaction.

   “During the battle we intercepted data that had been passed between the various Rasalhague Dominion units.”  He explained “it did not appear to be purely communication transmissions.”  Heller looked unimpressed but Koga continued, “We believe they were sharing targeting data.”  Koga explained his saKhan now looked more shocked than anything.  “The techs are attempting to salvage the technology from this Mech to confirm our belief.”

   “C3 technology like that used in the Homeworlds?”  Heller asked an angry edge raising in his voice.

   “Aff ovKhan” Koga answered

   “I want this technology salvaged immediately” Heller said reinforcing the decision that had already been made.  As soon as it is recovered I want it put on a DropShip and sent out of this system if the Bears return to challenge for a second Trial of Possession they will not recover this technology.”  He said Heller did not for a second believe it was a unique finding from the Rasalhague Dominion so if they returned and recaptured the salvage the Coyotes finding would disapper and be written off as faulty Coyote sensor readings.

First Battle of Arc Royal
Arc Royal, Arc Royal Theatre
Donegal Province, Lyran Commonwealth
25th February 3105

   The attack on Arc Royal had come as a surprise to the Lyrans, mercenaries, SLDF and Mountain Wolves in the system.  The arrival of the Falcon’s Nest, Emerald Talon and two Galaxies of Jade Falcon warriors in the system had caught everyone by surprise.  In the opening volley from the two Jade Falcon WarShips the LCS Yggdrasil and LCS Donegal exploded as the Jade Falcon Battleships concentrated their fire.  As DropShips and aerospace fighters scrambled to engage the two Jade Falcon vessels the LCS Victor, a Peter-class Scout ship, jumped out of the system carrying word of the attack on Arc Royal to the rest of the Lyran Commonwealth.  Without WarShip support the defenders had no chance of stopping the Jade Falcons moving in system.  Near the planet the Werewolf and the recently acquired Avalon Block II-class Cruiser Inflexable was all that stood between the Falcons and the planet.

Eight days after they had arrived in the system the Jade Falcons arrived in weapons range of the Mountain Wolves Khan Ruel Chistu sat in his Turkina OmniMech cockpit as the massive WarShips engaged each other in a slugging match.  With the Mountain Wolves content to keep their distance and try to cripple their opponents with long range fire the decision was made to release the Jade Falcon ground forces before reinforcements arrived in the system.

Breathing deeply Ruel Chistu ignored the increased gravity as the DropShips burned rapidly towards the planet hitting the atmosphere even as Mountain Wolf, Star League and mercenary aerospace fighters and DropShips tried to engage them.  Below his Turkina bay doors retracted and Ruel Chistu was given a countdown from the DropMaster as the second ticked to zero before the ninety-five ton OmniMech was released dropping towards Arc Royal’s surface.

“Falcons Wings strike as you land no mercy!”  He called out as his OmniMech fell cutting in the Mech’s jump jets to slow his fall.  Below Ruel Chistu could see the Mountain Wolves and Kell Hounds Mercenary Command were waiting for him, it was fine, and he was ready for them.  As the Turkina landed on the ground Chistu righted the ninety-five ton Mech and saw his target.  Immediately Ruel Chistu opened fire with his OmniMech’s particle cannons, long range missiles and autocannons.  The weapons fire flew over the heads of most of the defenders instead flying straight into the Kell Family Home.  Across the battle line Jade Falcon warriors followed suit all of them targeting the Kell Family’s home this strike was intentional it was designed to rock the defenders and strike a psychological blow.

As they fired on the Kell Family home the defenders were given a clean shot on the Falcon warriors Ruel Chistu’s Mech included but the Khan was ready to absorb the blows bending his Turkina’s knees dipping its shoulder his ninety-five ton Mech absorbed the enemy fire.  Raising back up Chistu surveyed the field he saw Wolves, Hounds and other mercenary forces the Jade Falcon Watch had been correct the Star League forces were not here.  “Target the Hounds let’s see how much fire the Wolves will allow them to take!  Ignore Zellbrigen these Dezgra scum do not deserve it.”  He called out the Jade Falcons had ten Clusters the defenders he knew did not even counting the unhired mercenary units on the planet the Falcons.  Ruel Chistu targeted a Kell Hound Warhammer pounding the heavy Mech with missiles and autocannon fire spraying it with fire moments later he hit the Mech with his Turkina’s particle cannons.  Both of the particle cannons burned through holes created by the autocannons along the heavy Mechs lower chest the warrior did not wait replying with its particle cannons and missiles cutting into the Turkina.  An alarm activated screaming to Ruel that part of the Turkina’s armour had taken a pounding but it held.

   Stepping forward Chistu triggered his weapons again blasting the Warhammer with his autocannons again before leaping his OmniMech into the air.  As he flew Chistu watched a group of Jade Falcon Elementals swarm the Warhammer, conventional Clan combat tactics were being ignored.  As he landed his Mech Chistu searched for another target finding a Mountain Pack Hunter BattleMech Chistu smiled as he watched his long range missiles slam into the light Mech tearing off the Mech’s left leg knocking it to the ground.  Stepping forward Chistu aimed down at the Pack Hunter and blasted the downed Mech with both particle cannons tearing the light Mech to pieces.  Glancing up he saw a Kraken XR BattleMech marching with intent through Kell Hound lines blasting a Phoenix Hawk before walking straight at the remains of the Kell family home.  “Rendezvouz at point zero” he ordered the Falcons were taking heavy damage but the battle was turning for them the Kell Hounds, Mountain Wolves and others were trying to make their way through Falcon lines attempting to withdraw from the now ruined Kell Family Home which was now burning.  Chistu saw another target a Mountain Wolf Warhawk striding against the flow of the retreating Mountain Wolves standing opposite the Jade Falcon Khan.  The Mech looked damaged but operational, much like Chistu’s Mech, the Jade Falcon Khan reached for his radio controls opening to a wide communication channel.  “I am Ruel Chistu, Khan of the Jade Falcons; identify yourself and why you think you can challenge me.”

   “I am Star Commander Melina Wolf a MechWarrior of Clan Mountain Wolf, I defend this world, and this is my home.”  The female MechWarrior said Ruel Chistu tried not to laugh the woman was not even a bloodnamed warrior.

   “I will allow you the opportunity to leave this battle without the loss of honour” he offered her.

   “I allow you to leave this system without loss of honour” she countered
   “I cannot”

   “And I cannot leave this battle” Melina said

   “So be it this is a Circle of Equals may no other enter.”

   “May no other enter” she said before they both uttered the word “Seyla” completing the ritual.  Immedately the two Mechs began to circle each other the Mountain Wolf Warhawk was lighter than Chistu’s Turkina by ten tons, it lacked the jump jets of the Turkina but it was also faster and well armed.  Particle cannon blasts from both Mechs criss-crossed the battlefield striking each of the Mechs as they continued to move both MechWarriors added their long range missile suites with Chistu adding his Mech’s autocannons to the mix blasting sections off of the lighter Mech.  As Melina struck the Turkina with three of her four particle cannons Chistu launched his Mech into the air using his OmniMech’s jump jets in mid air Chistu fired both of the autocannons cutting into the Warhawk sandblasting armour off the Wolf OmniMech with the shotgun-styled autocannons.  The shots blasted armour off the eighty-five ton Mech but did little else as the flying Turkina fell to the ground its stumbled forward Chistu unable to control the Mech properly.  This gave the Wolf MechWarrior an opportunity targeting the back of the Turkina she fired two particle cannon blasts into the Turkina’s back forcing the Jade Falcon Mech into a further stumble its armour gone and its gyroscope damaged.

   “Stavag” Chistu cursed twisting and turning his Mech’s torso blasting the Warhawk with his autocannons.  More particle blasts tore into OmniMech’s arm shredding it reducing the autocannons mounted there into dead weight.  Turning his Mech Chistu let loose with both long range missile launchers striking the Warhawk with a salvo of missiles almost all of which went completely wide of their mark.  Chistu screamed in frustration looking at the Wolf Mech marching forward firing his own particle cannons at the same moment the Warhawk fired both Mechs were connected for a moment as the particle cannons burned through the OmniMech’s armour.  One of the particle cannon beams cored the Turkina’s cockpit completely killing the Jade Falcon leader immediately.

The blow to the Falcon leadership was a minor one however the Jade Falcons had dropped directly on top of the Kell Family residence securing it and the surrounding Kell Hound base of operations.  More than two Battalions of Hounds lay dead at the Jade Falcons feet with far less of the invaders joining them.  Within hours of their initial success the Jade Falcons had successfully moved on and secured Old Connaught, the planetary capital, forcing the defenders to retreat to other cities including the Mountain Wolf Enclave, Wolf City.  A further blow to Arc Royal’s defence is that Duchess Megan Kell the Duchess of Arc Royal, Colonel Christian Kell the commander of the Kell Hounds, saKhan Declan Kerensky and Loremaster Otto Sradac has all been killed in the Jade Falcon assault.  All had been present inside the Kell Family Residence during the attack and none had been seen since the Kell Hound, Mountain Wolf had retreated.

The combined forces of the Lyrans, Mountain Wolves, mercenary forces and SLDF outnumber the Jade Falcons significantly but with the Jade Falcons holding onto Old Connaught the First Battle of Arc Royal is considered to be a victory for the Jade Falcons.  In orbit the Werewolf and Inflexable retreat from planetary orbit surrendering it to the two Jade Falcon WarShips neither of the   Not everything had gone the way of th Jade Falcons however of the ten clusters that Khan Ruel Chistu had led to the system three had been completely destroyed while another was folded into the other units to bring them upto strength.  In orbit both WarShips were damaged but operational while both Mountain Wolf vessels were in the same condition leading to a stalemate.

Scout Mission
Crellacor, Independent System
Corward Periphery
28th February 3105

Bruno Scholle shuffled back slightly from the observation points heavily camouflaged ‘view port’ until he could sit up.  The red and yellow mud and sand rectangle was his camp, home and sanctuary and would be for another week until he was picked up when the SLS Oste returned and a shuttle was sent for him and his team.  Like the other Peter class Scouts the ship was often attached to Special Forces for operations its small size making it more than capable of slipping into a system not noticed by all but the most sophisticated sensor systems.

For the past eight months the Oste had been skirting the edges of the Clan OZ’s, scouting out, listening and watching and now on Crellacor they’d finally found something interesting.  And something not Clan.  Rather a makeshift Pirate base, complete with a crude and hard packed dirt landing strip and it was evidently some form of transfer point sat atop a small mesa in part of a dried out seabed.  In the six days he’d been on the world after being dropped off with other members of his squad by shuttle after the Oste had detected faint radio transmissions from the surface of Crellacor VI’s primary moon.  They’d ‘enjoyed’ a brisk 30-mile march thankful of their PA(L) armour, of which Bruno’s now sat deactivated at the back of his hide.  Crellacor was a late stage Red Giant, and even at this distance the sun’s heat and radiation had killed off most of the life on the surface save for large and hardy cactus like plants and lichens that helped give the planet its thin and barely breathable atmosphere.  Otherwise the moon was a dust ball of no significant note other than it was simply out of the way, in a system that no one cared about.

Two days ago a pair of dropships hand come in, a Gazelle that had seen better days perhaps some time in the late 2900’s and an even older spheroid design that he’d risked powering up his Tornado PA(L) suit to let its warbook ID it.  Turned out it was a Manatee class ship, IFF saying she was the Queen Anne’s Revenge.  Bruno had noted that one in his log, assuming that Queen Anne was some new Pirate leader in the region.

Through powerful magnoculars he was able to see cargo being moved off the Gazelle whilst a quartet of Mech’s started walking the perimeter. Amongst the Gazelle’s cargo was the shape and heat bloom of human’s, slaves and prisoners no doubt.

“Boss, you see this?  There must be at least two hundred people down there.” A faint voice in Bruno’s ear said.  It was his number 2, Jean Simmonds.

“Yeah I see them.  But I also see two Bug’s, a Centurion and a Warhammer, no matter how old they are, there’s six of us and at least four hundred Pirates.”

“Four hundred and sixty three.” Another voice spoke up.  That was the squads number 3, Eddie Schultz who had never quite lost his Jamaican accent despite being in the SAS for 10 years now.

“I stand corrected, so we mark this site, mark the ships and hopefully we can catch these bastards or the Clanners can.  We knew this part of space would be lousy with Pirates and we’ve found a nest of them now.”

Bruno was about to suggest they start breaking up their individual hides when a small flashing light caught his eye. It was a seismic sensor and it was picking up something.

“Mark eyes on my location, do you see anything?”

“Negative boss, wait one.”

Bruno was crawling towards the view port of his hide, dug into the hard dirt of the moon, the entrance covered by camo-netting that perfectly mimicked the surrounding foliage and ground cover as well as being a near as perfect IR and EM blocker.  To anyone who even got within a few meters it would just look like another bit of foliage and rock on this miserable, red skied lump of rock.


The Hush alert was an indicator that something was nearby.  Bruno killed his hides electrics with a twitch of his boot, it was resting on the small fuel cell’s battery. Outside it was night, or as night as the moon got, what with the huge sun’s glare reflecting off the gas giant the moon orbited as well as its dull red glare filling the sky but a shadow then fell over the entrance to the hide and he heard a heavy thud of a footfall, and then more.

Adjusting his position slightly the SAS Commando looked to his left and up, looking at a crimson and black painted leg of a eight meter tall proto-mech.  The machine was humanoid in form despite its equine head and folded wings.  They were miles away from the Pirate camp and he doubted the sensors on the old droppers would have picked them up.  The Pirates simply didn’t seem to care about security, not on this desolate world.

The proto slowly dropped to one knee, its head turning as it looked at the distant base.  It then emitted a short electronic blurt that somehow sounded organic as it ended with a snort of vented air from the head’s ‘nostrils’ and then the ground started to shake.  Lean canine shapes moved past the hide, not brazenly painted but instead painted in tan and blonds, some with black striping, one a solid black. 

Bruno knew them from briefings, they were Procyon Quad’s and he had to admit that they were MUCH more scary up close.  They moved in a way that no machine simply should, it was too organic, too fluid. There didn’t even seem to be the soft hiss and hum of joints moving and he watched as the metal of their legs moved and shifted strangely although clearly artificial they had a grace that few Mechs could match Bruno guessed it had something to do with the Enhanced Imaging implants worn by the Clan warriors who piloted these craft.

Two Stars of Procyon’s moved past his hide, spreading out, keeping low and in what little cover there was, letting out metallic sounding yet also organic noises, soft grunts, low growls or hyena like ‘laughs’.

Bruno let out a breath he didn’t realise he’d been holding as the big Proto near him started moving off, its footfalls joined by others as its Star mates moved with it, two Minotaur’s and another pair of horse headed brutes, one with a missile pack strapped to each arm.

“Ho-le-shit…Boss, you okay?”

Jean said. She’d been watching the Clan machines moving past Bruno’s hide and then deploy into a broad arc facing the base.

“Jah..i’m okay..glad I wore the brown underwear today…get an eye on any unit markings?”
“Negative, they have no markings, just weird paint schemes, those Pyro’s look real.”

“Damn right…****** scary, not seen one up close.”

“One this is four.”

“Go ahead.”

“Movement at my position, some kind of quad battle armour three points strong, I got some good pics and am monitoring now”

“Stay safe Vlad.”


The Pirates didn’t know what hit them until the Manatee’s sensors picked up a volley of LRM’s inbound and the crewman on watch pressed the alert switch, not that it was needed as the missiles raked across the bases quarters where many of the Pirates were staying. A simple collection of metal huts, some were just repurposed freight containers.  Whatever they were made of it wasn’t enough as they exploded in bright blooms of fire as well as puffs of metallic and human fragments.

It was late and many of the Pirates had been drinking or spending time with some of the ladies on camp, or more unfortunately their prisoners and caught by surprise there was little reaction from them save the odd blurt of gunfire.  With ten Procyon’s and a mixed Command unit coming from one side the fifteen Buraq’s that had sprinted round the rear of the encampment moved in, metallic hooves kicking up puffs of orange dust as they surged forward, machine guns tracking.

The patrolling Pirate Mechs were the initial target and the Clan Protomech’s and the Stinger went down under a flurry of shots from the Procyon’s before the pilot could even get the Mech’s laser swung round to face them.  The next Mech, an archaic looking Locust was ripped to shreds by sustained gunfire before its pilot even got moving.  The Centurion went down fighting, with the Procyon’s running through the base camp firing at anything or just swiping at it with their clawed paws the Centurion moved to engage and met the Command Star.  Although it out massed the Proto’s the Centurion’s protection was roughly equal to one of the smaller Machines and its pilot had no clue about how Proto’s fought or moved. 

The heavy CHUG-CHUG-CHUG of the Mech’s autocannon rolled over the mesa as the Protomech’s moved to engage.  Even at the distance from the camp the whine of thrusters could be heard as the two Svartalfa’s unfolded their wings, darting between the buildings and tents at high speed with a grace that was impressive and scary to watch.  The Centurion didn’t last long, the Pilot seemed to panic when he hit a Minotaur with his cannon and it just got up and resumed firing.  The Mech turned to flee but its back was ripped open by laser and missile fire, its ammunition igniting with a thunderclap as two tonnes of missiles and projectiles went up, the sound and shock hitting Bruno’s hide a second after the flash.

Even as the Warhammer tried to flee the Clanner’s were swarming over the dropships. One Svartalfa landed on the Gazelle’s nose, its lasers pumping shot after shot into the glass on the bridge before cutting through, the distant rattle of machine gun fire joining the muted electronic buzz of the lasers. 

The Buraq’s were sprinting around the grounded Manatee, some idiot on the dropship had yet to haul its cargo ramps in and the battlesuits thundered inside, machine guns blazing.

“Jesus…efficient bastards ain’t they..”

“Roger that, all points are you recording this?”

“Yes boss.”

In the camp the Clan Protomech’s and elementals were moving with a purpose, hunting down the last of the pirates, not even accepting the surrender of those who threw aside their weapons, the final pockets of resistance being crushed, quite literally in some cases by rapid blurts of machine gun fire of pulses of laser light that cut the Pirates into unrecognizable chunks.

The only thing they spared was the prisoners, the Minotaur’s ripping open the cages and cells they were held in whilst in the distance the Procyon’s ran down the Warhammer, darting around its legs, APGR’s ripping through the ancient Mech’s armour, laming it with shots to its legs whilst the pilot tried to defend himself against his darting opponents.

One Procyon took a PPC blast and staggered, bleeding smoke, emitting an animalistic yowl as it withdrew, but it was the only success the Warhammer had.  One volley of fire bit deep into its back and hit something vital as sparks and black smoke belched from the damaged Mech before it fell, firing wildly as it did, the muffled thump of 70’s of Mech slamming onto its chest barely carrying over to the SAS’s hides.

With the camp seemingly pacified the SAS watched as the final pirates were rounded up, their observation equipment was the best available and they could see everything as the pirates were herded into the crippled Gazelle, there could not have been more than a few dozen of them, many were walking wounded, some were even carrying their comrades with them. 

“They’re letting them go?”

“Nah..see that venting on the port wing?”

“No, but I can see something on the starboard.”

Before anyone else could speak there was a bright antic flash and a dull WHUMP as the dropships fuel was ignited. With the fuel cells left open the fuel in the wings was starting to boil at the sudden pressure difference and venting out of the fueling ports in the wings.  The liquid hydrogen was turning into a rapidly expanding cloud and all it would take was a spark.  Or in this case a laser strike.

The fireball lit up the surrounding area and the blast ripped the Gazelle to pieces, multi-ton chunks of dropship being flung into the cold night.  The concussion smashed into the Manatee and the old dropship tumbled as one of its landing legs gave way, the ancient ship flopping onto its side, looking like a beached whale next to the blazing crater that marked the funeral pyre of the Gazelle.

With the landing area wrecked the ProtoMech’s and equine Elemental’s moved into the camp, flattening what remained whilst freeing any prisoners that were alive. 

“Watch it boss, they’re coming your way.”

“I see it, going cold.”

The procession made its way across the dunes, escorted by the Proto’s and flanking elementals and Bruno shrunk back into his hide, making sure the electronics were off and the thermal cover was in place.  The column of rescued captives trudged past and Bruno could hear them speaking, they were clearly Clanners just from the way they spoke.

“Five miles and we will be at our rendezvous location.  A dropship will come and take us, leaving this pyre as a warning to all who would attack us.”

The voice that blurted out from a towering Svartalfa was strong, full of confidence, and yet it sounded slightly wrong.  A Mech’s external speakers did nothing to disguise a voice, but the proto spoke with a distinct metallic cadence and tone to its voice.

There was cheers from the former captives and they kept marching past the Procyon’s coming up the rear, the one that had taken the PPC blast limping along, leaning against another for support, its front right leg a mangled ruin.  The SAS observers waited until a distant rumble told them a dropship had taken off before coming out of their hides, working their way down to the ruined Pirate camp.

It was silent save for the crack and pop of burning wood and the odd pop and bang from the blazing Manatee as its ammo finally started cooking off.  Near the fallen Stinger  the SAS team found an active locator beacon sat at the base of a small pile of severed heads with the symbol of the Hells Horses Clan proudly placed over the macabre display.

“Want me to turn that beacon off boss?”

“Nah..they wanted to send a message.”

“Damn..i’d say they sent it loud and clear.”

“Amen…spread out and look for any information, report back in 2 hours, the Oste will be in system soon and I don’t fancy missing our pick up.”

Hope you enjoy the last part (in the periphery) is from marauder648 my thanks for the addition

I'm going to work on the unit list over the next few days and hopefully do the Jade Falcons and either Horses or Coyotes so you have an idea of what's going on with them.

Note Arc Royal is not captured it's contested.

Hope you enjoyed it
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Shadow_Wraith on 11 July 2016, 00:07:08
Awesome update! Arc Royal Contested :'(  Great story Marauder648!
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 11 July 2016, 00:31:49
Interrrrrrrrresting! The falcons pulled a bait and switch.  By making everyone focus on that world that the Falcons seemed to be obcessing over they put enough forces together to go after the command of the entire region at Ark Royal which also has some very important factories as well.

And the Coyoties finding a C3i could have implications, they could accuse the Dominion of using 'tainted' equipment, especially as its a Wobbie designed bit of kit, not home grown.  The thing is has it spread to the whole Dominion or are the Kungsarmee forces using it whilst Trueborns shun it? 

And I'm glad you liked my lil snipped Shadow_Wraith :) I'm honoured to be able to contribute to this awesome AU.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 11 July 2016, 01:02:33
Yes very interesting.  And I cannot quite say I called it, but I totally did, but that SLDF facility and contesting Arc-Royal could end up being what was needed to reinvigorate the Falcons.  Though the training facility will probably take a few years to really get up and running.

For some reason I do not see the C3 technology being all that concerning as it has been used by IS forces for quite a while.  Sure it will likely lead to some politicking but I am not sure much will come from that.
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Post by: snakespinner on 11 July 2016, 01:06:40
Queen Anne's Revenge, old Blackbeards ship, nice.
I think those FS battleships better pull their finger out and head for Arc Royal.
The battle there might end up a real bloodbath for the Jade Falcons if the reinforcements arrive quickly. O0
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 11 July 2016, 01:26:27
I wanted a good pirates ship name and the name of Blackbeard's ship was perfect :)  And I think the main issue will be the Coyotes putting 2 and 2 together and coming out with 9.  c3 = the system the Society used (who's name I can't remember) = tainted = BAD!  *queue punch ups along the border*

Also the Falcon's attack is clearly a decapitation strike, if the Mountain Wolves loose Ark Royal then they loose most of their facilities and populace, also its a heavy loss for the Kell Hounds.  But you're right it could turn into a real bloodbath for both sides, this has the potential to turn into another Coventry scale battle.  I'm guessing that the Falcons put pretty much everything they have left into this attack as well. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 11 July 2016, 01:45:22
2 galaxies out of 3 that they had available, and they have already lost 4 clusters out of 10. 40% nasty.
This is going to hurt.
Good time to launch another attack at Incukalns whilst they are busy. >:D
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Post by: Wrangler on 11 July 2016, 06:22:28
Too bad the Mjonirs got caught with their pants down, i would have figured they would have the upper hand on those Nightlord-Class ships.  The fight for Arc-Royal is a pretty interesting fight, with Melina downing the Khan, i thought they be a slight diminishing of the Falcon's fighting.  I know Clan's easily changed hands if a leader goes down, but i remember bad reactions (like retreating) when high level one is downed.

Exciting update, Dragon Cat!
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Post by: Vition2 on 11 July 2016, 12:57:09
I just thought of something, and now I fully expect another 2 galaxies, this time of Hell's Horses troops, to land on Arc-Royal.  Splitting the manufacturing capabilities of Arc-Royal would definitely be worth a detente.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 11 July 2016, 15:29:07
So some more updated maps, I intend to keep updating stuff as DC releases stuff so I'm just gonna provide the link to the Google docs I'm keeping them in.

And just to clarify, the one noted as 3105 beginning is merely a recreation of DragonCat's 3104 map.  As he adds his monthly entries, then I'll add a new map with the progress.  These will only include the changes DC includes specifically in his updates - I'm not privy to any extra information than you are.  :P
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Post by: truetanker on 11 July 2016, 20:34:16
May I ask what the TO&E of that CHH Proto / BA Trinary was?

I count:

15x Buraq BA
2x Minotuar
13x Procyon
2x Svartalfa

This sounds like a Reinforced Command unit...
With ten Procyon’s and a mixed Command unit coming from one side the fifteen Buraq’s that had sprinted

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Post by: Arvanna on 12 July 2016, 22:45:55
Seems to me the Falcons may have seriously screwed up with this attack. They likely don't know about the FS agreement to send naval support to the Lyrans, and both their big guns there are already damaged. If the Lyrans, SLDF and the AFFS can react fast enough they can bag both of them and destroy the remaining Falcons on planet and then the Budgies will be in real trouble.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 12 July 2016, 23:06:46
Seems to me the Falcons may have seriously screwed up with this attack. They likely don't know about the FS agreement to send naval support to the Lyrans, and both their big guns there are already damaged. If the Lyrans, SLDF and the AFFS can react fast enough they can bag both of them and destroy the remaining Falcons on planet and then the Budgies will be in real trouble.

Have to agree, I doubt they would know due to probably little in the way of resources spent on the Watch and the Clan's bias against military intel. 

This really could be a bridge, or should I say, planet too far.

May I ask what the TO&E of that CHH Proto / BA Trinary wa

I honestly didn't think about the ToE, I'd been reading TRO Prototypes and chose the Proto's basically from that.  We know that the Horses are working on their Mongol doctrine although its yet to be fully unleashed on anyone yet.  This could well be part of that, testing with large numbers of Proto's and BA working together as a unit.  Also it was all the new home built stuff, Svartalfa's, pyro quads, Minotaur PII's and a fast wing of Buraq's which are probably very new (the 3145 mech's are being slowly introduced early due to a lack of Stone's ******). 

This could well be a test, both of the Buraq's and the new home built Proto's rather than a set up formation. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 16 July 2016, 02:28:30
Wrangler - it was one Mjonir and one Fox Merchant and they were caught unawares - they are committed and won't be running for a bit

Vition2 - those maps are awesome

Arvanna - the Star League Conference didn't end until December.  Victor then had to travel home the ships assigned already had duties.  So I'd make their arrival on the Lyran borders not until late 3105.

Attached is the Unit list with added Clans the only one missing is the Fire Mandrills/Rim Collection needs more work than I can do this time in the morning.

Next part is the Periphery then probably mercs.  I'm probably going to add a destroyed list like the WarShips.

Note: You'll notice the Wolves and Falcons especially have quite a few Combined Arms units due to their recent fighting.  Hopefully I'll sort them out in the future and make them look a little more Clan.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 16 July 2016, 04:10:12
So I'd make their arrival on the Lyran borders not until late 3104.
That Flux-Capacitor upgrade to the KF-drive is expensive, but worth it  8)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 16 July 2016, 06:18:29
DC, it's already 3105. So they arrive late 3105 not 3104. O0
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 16 July 2016, 11:18:51
Yeah doc too right was tired when I posted
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 16 July 2016, 13:41:44
Just saw the maps, amazing work! Sudeten does look like a tempting target there all on its lonesome.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 16 July 2016, 14:21:27
If Sudeten falls, likely so too do the Falcons, they have had too little time to properly set up Inkucalns as a replacement.  Another year or so and they may be able to make good of it but they certainly do not seem like they are going to wait to get that chance.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 16 July 2016, 15:33:06
Dragon Cat a question for ya, how do the Horses, Wolves and Coyotes treat their spherioid populace?  Is it the Jade Falcon's brick in the wall/You are number six (I am not a number, I am a human being!) or somewhere in between how the Bear's and Cats treat theirs?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 16 July 2016, 16:27:42
Well, if we go by close to canon (which may be a false step here), the Falcons almost completely ignore their lower castes, as long as they don't really get in the way - it is one of the reasons why their merchant caste was either second or third in effectiveness among all the clans in canon.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 16 July 2016, 20:03:15
And now that I have actually looked over the numbers there is quite a distinction between the top, middle and bottom tiers of clans at this point in time - at least by size.

Top Tier by Size
RD - 671 stars
HH - 642 stars
Wolf - 581 stars

Mid Tier by Size
RA - 267+195 star equivalents
NC - 449 stars
SF - 389 stars

Bottom Tier by Size
JF - 282 stars
C - 274 stars
MW - 148 stars

And gee things really do not look all that great for the Falcons, that is unless they have managed to capture a bunch of Mountain Wolf cadets - and those cadets are still clan enough to be absorbed into the Falcon touman.

Also for the future, DC, you have Hell's Horses listed twice, the second is actually the Sea Foxes, and you forgot to name the Nova Cat's tab.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 16 July 2016, 22:07:06
Blimey, awesome work there :)  And yeah the Falcons are gonna need at least a decade or two to recover, if they survive.  Because I bet the Horses are looking at their territory now.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: MarikMilitaMan on 17 July 2016, 08:01:31
And now that I have actually looked over the numbers there is quite a distinction between the top, middle and bottom tiers of clans at this point in time - at least by size.

Top Tier by Size
RD - 671 stars
HH - 642 stars
Wolf - 581 stars

Mid Tier by Size
RA - 267+195 star equivalents
NC - 449 stars
SF - 389 stars

Bottom Tier by Size
JF - 282 stars
C - 274 stars
MW - 148 stars

And gee things really do not look all that great for the Falcons, that is unless they have managed to capture a bunch of Mountain Wolf cadets - and those cadets are still clan enough to be absorbed into the Falcon touman.

Also for the future, DC, you have Hell's Horses listed twice, the second is actually the Sea Foxes, and you forgot to name the Nova Cat's tab.

Cracking work, no Fire Mandrels?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 17 July 2016, 09:12:51
Cracking work, no Fire Mandrels?

You have not actually looked at the spread sheet yet have yah?  :P

He has not quite gotten to the Rim Collection/Fire Mandrills yet.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: MarikMilitaMan on 17 July 2016, 12:36:04
You have not actually looked at the spread sheet yet have yah?  :P

He has not quite gotten to the Rim Collection/Fire Mandrills yet.

Ah, no moved house on Friday and won't have the internet back till Saturday, thanks for letting me know 😊.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 19 July 2016, 01:41:55
Dragon Cat a question for ya, how do the Horses, Wolves and Coyotes treat their spherioid populace?  Is it the Jade Falcon's brick in the wall/You are number six (I am not a number, I am a human being!) or somewhere in between how the Bear's and Cats treat theirs?

How's this to answer that question?  Intelligence Report Clan Trade/Civilian Relationships (

Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 19 July 2016, 04:28:23
Thank you for that Dragon Cat its great :) Also re Incukalns, they seem to have found something like Camelot Command or a Castle Brian, but to smash their tourman for a buried facility and some battered equipment simply does not seem worth it unless they plan on developing the site into something bigger. 

The prize just does not seem worth it, sure if there was a Prometheus database there then sure, unless its part of the bait/switch for the attack on Ark Royal as well. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 20 July 2016, 07:41:07
Finally time for some fiction.  My thanks to James Tanaga for the Rim Collection section.

Border fighting
Great Gorge, Crucis March
Federated Suns Periphery
3rd March 3105

   Fighting continues along the Federated Suns/Nova Cat border as Clan Nova Cat spread into the Federated Sun’s Great Gorge system and two independent periphery systems.  However the Nova Cat successes come at a price as elements of the First Tikonov Cossacks RCT move on the Nova Cat held worlds of Sodetalke and Maram.  In all cases of the fighting between the Nova Cats and Federated Suns are fought within the realm of Trials of Possession.

Main Hall, Jade Falcon command
Incukalns, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
7th March 3105

   There was a continuous click on the floor as a pair of boots marched into the main hall of the Jade Falcon command room on Incukalns.  Khan of the Jade Falcons Jana Pryde looked up and saw Khan Teresia Cooper, the large Elemental commander of the Hell’s Horses Clan, approach.

   “Welcome to Incukalns Khan Teresia Cooper”

   “Thank you and congratulations Khan Jana Pryde” the older woman replied looking at the young Jade Falcon leader “you are clearly a worthy successor to Ruel Chistu.”  She said the Jade Falcon Khan hid her reaction quickly but Teresia knew that she didn’t think much of the Hell’s Horses Khan’s endorsement.  “As required of us we have surrendered Atocongo to your forces and we have seized Hamilton from the Sea Foxes.”

   “The Foxes were not expecting your Horde Quineg?”

   “Neg they were not” Teresia said proudly “you are tightening your grip on Arc Royal Quiaff?”

   “Slowly” Jana Pryde said “the Mountain Wolves attempted to reinforce their positions but they were not ready for the Emerald Talon two clusters of Wolves died at her guns.”  She said proudly.

   “A dishonourable death and I hear that your other WarShip bombarded the surface of Arc Royal Quiaff?”  Teresia Cooper asked testing.

   “Aff, the Falcon’s Nest detected a grouping of the 789th Striker Brigade on the planet it was an opportunity we could not ignore.”  Jana Pryde said defensively.

   “A dishonourable tactic” Teresia Cooper commented not a challenge but another testing comment.

   “For Dezgra Star League forces and for Dezgra Mountain Wolves” Jana Pryde said angrily tired of the Hell’s Horses leader’s words challenging her to disagree.

   “They got what they deserved” Teresia Cooper said deciding not to take her thoughts further.

   “Aff they did” Jana Pryde agreed “and now to your visit?”

   “Aff we are preparing to expand our holdings” Teresia Cooper said “many of my Clan find Sudeten a tempting target” she said naming the Falcon’s capitol system.  “I am sure that you have detected the build up of our forces Quiaff?”  Jana Pryde nodded “I am here to assure you that we have no hostile intent towards the Falcon holdings instead we will be striking at Summit, Grundwald and Kandersteg.”

   “Pushing into the Commonwealth?”

   “Which should keep the Lyran reinforcements busy” Teresia Cooper said “our Clans can work together to strengthen each other and the Clan position in the Inner Sphere” she promised the other Khan.

   “And in turn Jade Falcon trader’s can pass on the benefits to you Clan quiaff?”  Jana Pryde asked realizing what the Hell’s Horses leader wanted.  Following the Horses assault on Hamilton Clan Sea Fox would likely push the Horses to unreasonable levels for trade in the future if the Falcons acted as an intermediary then the Horses could continue to gain supplies such as Harjel.

   “Indeed” Teresia Cooper confirmed “if neither of us attacks each other then our enemies cannot stand against us.”

   “I will be interested to see how your Horde Clusters perform in your attacks.”  Jana Pryde admitted the Horde formations were gradually taking over the Hell’s Horses Clan.  They were built around speed and firepower intent on overwhelming an enemy target quickly.

Carlyle Family Residence, family room
Castle Hill, Glengarry
Isle of Skye, Lyran Commonwealth
18th March 3105

   The guards stepped to one side allowing the warrior to step into the main family room Baroness von Glengarry Dana Carlyle looked up and her face immediately brightened.  “Marc…” she whispered taking several steps towards him.

   “I am glad to see you are well Baroness Carlyle” he said addressing her formally.

   “You don’t need to be so formal Marc”

   “I wish to apologize to you Baroness for your time with Clan Wolf….”  He said opening his mouth to continue but instead Dana stepped in and kissed him for the first time since he’d smuggled her back to the Lyran Commonwealth.  “I’m sorry for what you had to go through” he said breaking off their embrace.

   “Shut up” she said pulling him with her into a side room inside were two cots side by side inside were two baby children “Vlad and Marielle” she said introducing them “our children.  We have a lot to discuss.”  She said within two weeks Marc and Dana were married on Glengarry before Marc returned to the SLDF to continue his training and induction into the Star League Defence Force.

Training Range
Sandhurst Military Academy, England
Terra, Star League Protectorate
24th March 3105

   “You are clear to move when ready” the range controller said Prince Burton Davion breathed deeply flexing his artificial left arm before reaching for the controls of the Black Watch OmniMech.  He wasn’t a massive fan of the Inner Sphere OmniMech but it was the same tonnage as his own Templar so he was comfortable enough with the design as a first run in a Mech with his arm since the artificial replacement had been fitted.

   Stepping the Black Watch forward Burton was amazed at the response he felt through his left arm he’d expected the sensation to feel different but it felt completely natural moving the Mech forward from its bay.  Turning the Black Watch to the right with his foot Burton turned the BattleMech out of the bay he walked it into the sunlight.  “Work with me baby” he whispered accelerating the Mech to a full walk at thirty-five kilometres per hour turning it to the left and to the right turning the Black Knight with his feet.  That was the easy part he thought glancing at his left arm turning the Mech was easy it used his feet and his own sense of balance now for the hard part twisting his artificial left arm he twisted the Mech’s torso to the left and then to the right.  “Nice” he thought turning the Mech to the right in a wide circle he twisted his Mech’s torso style torso to the right and then to the left again testing it.  “Knight One to RCR release target one” he said contacting the Range Control Room.

   Moments later a Savannah hover craft moved into range twisting the Mech’s torso he tracked the small hovercraft with his left arm mounted light gauss rifle refining the target he fired a shot with the weapon obliterating the light hovercraft.  Burton smiled with satisfaction seeing the small remote controlled craft erupt into fire.  “Push it up a bit” he said into the radio now two stationary box targets raised in the distance as well as another Savannah.  Burton immediately pulled the trigger on the left joystick sending another gauss shot towards the new Savannah his shot went wide allowing the hovercraft to close on his position the simulated laser shots striking his Mech’s thick hide “com’on!”  The prince said frustrated looking at the arm he knew it wasn’t his arm’s fault he was just out of practice.  “Screw you” he said opening up on the hovercraft with the Mech’s Medium Range Missile launcher the forty missiles blanketed the area blasting the side of the hovercraft open.  He then squared his Black Watch’s shoulders and opened fire on the stationary targets with the rotary autocannon spraying fire over the stationary targets knocking them both down.  “RCR up the tempo!”  Burton called out wanting a proper challenge suddenly four QuadMechs appeared on his sensors they were all the same design his warbook tagging them as Revenants.  “Now we’re talking” he said two of the Mechs were staying back while the other two were charging in running at over ninety kilometres per hour within moments they were in weapons range each firing green extended range medium lasers.  Three of the lasers struck his Mech’s armour burning down the side of the assault BattleMech.  Burton glanced at the damage schematic and noticed armour was missing from the Mech’s lower torso and left leg.  “RCR confirm we’ve gone live fire?”  He asked firing the rotary autocannon into one of the drones ripping its front left leg completely off in a single sustained barrage.

   “You did say up the tempo sir” RCR replied “this is the first tier live fire.  They are designed to aim for your Mech’s legs.”  He said which meant to Burton that the weapons were not designed to kill him just disable his Mech.

   “That’s comforting” Burton replied as the second pair of QuadMechs were moving on his position joining the remaining Mech from the first wave.  Burton twisted his Black Watch’s torso launching another salvo of medium range missiles this time at the second Mech from the first wave he then fired the light gauss rifle at ne of the other Mechs causing heavy damage to the QuadMech.  Accelerating the Black Watch forward as more medium lasers and pulse lasers struck the lower torso of the OmniMech.  Stepping close to one of the remaining Revenants he opened fire with the rotary autocannon tearing open the light Mech with a continuous stream of led suddenly he heard the metal slamming against metal sound of the autocannon jamming but he also saw the Revenant fall to the ground.  The remaining two Mechs closed on the Black Watch but both were damaged he opened up with his gauss rifle again ripping off the legs of another Revenant finishing it off with the medium pulse lasers nestled in the centre torso of his OmniMech.  The last remaining Revenant charged in firing its lasers and machine guns as it charged in Burton’s Mech shook heavily as it was riddled with laser and machine gun fire.  “I don’t think so” Burton whispered blasting the Mech with his medium range missile launcher and pulse lasers cutting down the damaged QuadMech.

   “Range Control Room to Knight One, we can load next scenario if you wish, after this round it becomes progressively more difficult.”

   “Understood” Burton said glancing at his Mech’s status the Mech’s armour was mostly intact the most damage done was around the legs and lower torso but the autocannon was jammed and he’d used ammo on all three of his main weapons.  “I think I’ll call it quits for now” he said “out of curiosity how many more rounds are there?”

   “Three more rounds after this one” the RCR operator reported “a single warrior can manage the first two live fire rounds but the highest two rounds are recommended for a full lance.”

   “Now you’re just tempting me RCR” Burton said turning his Mech back towards the Mechbay “maybe in the future I’ll take up your challenge but for now I’m due a dinner date with my wife and if I miss it I’ll be under a lot more fire than your ranges can ever put out.”  He said the RCR operators replied with a round of laughter ‘just like the boys at home’ the Prince thought.

High Orbit
El Dorado, Crucis March
Federated Suns
28th March 3105

   High above the world of El Dorado near the world’s moon Boulder a crippled Davion II-class Destroyer flashed into existence.  The majority of the vessel’s armour and weapons were gone its engines completely dark and atmosphere streamed from the majority its decks slowly the WarShip began to spin out of control as two DropShip, one of the DropShips was a Lung Wang-class Assault DropShip while the other was a Fortress-class vessel, both undocked as six aerospace fighters launched from the crippled WarShip.  The vessels and aerospace fighters immediately turned towards the planet below on their sides was a strange emblem with a Sunburst covered in two crossed dao blades.  As the force entered the planet’s atmosphere the WarShip continued to spin out of control caught in Boulder’s gravitational pull it fell into the moon’s atmosphere exploding in the nitrogen-carbon dioxide atmosphere.

   Diving down over the planet’s capital the two DropShips dropped BattleMechs on-top of the militia base near the capital of Oro forcing the defenders out.  With the Lung Wang and aerospace fighter flying in circles around the facility threatening to bombard the base below them they quickly taking the part-timer defenders by surprise forcing them from the base with barely a shot fired before landing and occupying the base in the name of Warrior House Sortek for the Confederated Suns under Chancellor’s Edict 14.  A confused message to New Avalon from El Dorado states the capital has been seized by the Capellan Confederation with the Seventh New Avalon Guards RCT on the continent of Sante Fe and out of position to assist.

RCS Providence (Fox Block III-class Repair Ship)
Orbit of All Dawn, Rim Collection
30th March 3105

Natasha Faraday leaned against the wall of the observatory room as she looked at the screens which looked over the Rim Collection’s newest WarShip, the RCS Firetender. The Isis-class Scout Carrier, a Lyran product, would soon be joining the Rim Collection Naval Touman after nearly a year of being completely torn apart and then rebuilt; all just to ensure the Lyrans hadn’t left or built any unfortunate “surprises” into the design.

She shook her head absent-minded at that. To assuage the Lyrans, the Rim Collection officially was using it as an exercise. Still it had its uses, or so Matthew Davion had informed her and Redburn earlier. Something about a possible omni-capable warship, the Federated Suns-born Sovereign Regent had informed them with the aerospace fighter bays possibly being able to be removed and replaced with BattleMech or Battle Armour transport bays if required, though it would take a lot of work. If true, it meant the Rim Collection would have a nasty surprise for its enemies should they come calling.

Something she knew would happen, sooner or later. The Rim Collection had begun to recover from the short, but brutal civil war; its military was still being rebuilt. Eleven clusters had been destroyed in the conflict and while her Clan hadn’t lost any completely, most of their units were still under-strength. Worse, those at full strength were deployed to the borders, intent on keeping a visible guard against the Spirits and Lyrans meaning that should their guard fall the interior of the Rim Collection, and her entire Clan, would be at risk.

To combat that, Redburn had made the ad hoc units she had led to Gillfillan’s Gold full active units within the Rim Collection Armed Forces. The very same units were now being deployed publicly. All part to show the Rim Collection’s martial strength and understate the true cost the civil war had to its armed forces.

Since the civil war, the Rim Collection intelligence community had worked overtime in an attempt to do just that. The forty-thousand civilian casualties trickled down to a more manageable ten thousand. The eleven clusters destroyed had morphed into a still hurting six. Those “missing” Guards and Lancer clusters were merely re-designated militia clusters was the official reason.

And she finally had confirmation they had achieved their mission, courtesy of a Lyran intelligence report given to the Collection via the FedSuns. The Lyran Intelligence Corps report stated they did not know what to make of the Collection’s martial strength, citing numerous discrepancies, except that either her own nation’s intelligence services were either effectively hiding its combat losses (true) or that the Collection’s martial strength were larger then what was reported (false) and possibly even both. The fact the report also stated the Corps’ own agents in the Collection was next to nil due to continued Rim Collection Security Services operations meant the Lyrans had to rely on the Federated Suns and Star League Defence Force for information, a fact the young Khan knew the Lyrans disliked.

Yet the same intelligence report had given her pause. The Lyrans had found out about two deployments Natasha Faraday wished to keep quiet. The first she reluctantly allowed herself to mentally shrug at, for she knew it was only a matter of time before the Lyrans had learnt the Collection was continuing to honor its obligations to Erdvynn Province to help police it against pirate forces. Still, she hadn’t expected the Lyrans to catch on as quickly as they did. It was the second deployment that made her pause.

 From the SLDF, the Lyrans had found out the Rim Collection, specifically her clan, had a limited force on Tukayyid to safeguard a new factory her clan had been allowed to set up on the capital world of the Inner Sphere Clans, as well as conduct Trials against the Mandrill’s sibling Clans. It made for what she expected to become a very touchy situation. Yet the report did state the Lyrans themselves were unlikely to do anything about it, so while the report gave her pause, it also allowed her to rest at ease.

“Penny for your thoughts, Khan,” President Damien Redburn’s voice broke Natasha from her thoughts.

“More like a Kerensky,” she replied deadpanned as she continued to look at the large screens covering the new ship.

“Your clan finally came to its senses concerning the Firetender, I take it,” he asked from behind her.

“Aff,” she reluctantly acknowledged as she glared at the ship on the screens.

“I just had a very enlightening conversation with Archon Jessica Steiner via HPG,” he informed her a moment later. “She said to pass on the importance of a peaceful, quiet border between our two nations to you. I take it there won’t be any problems with your Clan?”

“Neg,” she answered back. “The Crusader faction is pragmatic about our current situation to let that particular border be quiet, at least for now.”  She thought the rebuilding Rim Collection had enough to worry about from raiders and from the Stone Spirits to worry about attacking the Lyrans weakened border.

“Good,” he acknowledged. Another moment passed as both watched the screens for a moment she turned to properly face him for the first time.

“I noticed Rim Motors has begun producing a rough analog of our Kirghiz-G OmniMech, specifically the Prime configuration,” she half accused, causing him to nod.

“It’s a very rough analog, yes. We have designed it to operate in the planned Militia CCT’s. We’ve taken to calling them Kirghiz-M’s,” he answered back. “And they aren’t OmniMechs. They are pure BattleMechs, through and through. Still advanced but compared to your Kirghiz-G, the M is much more primitive.”

She nodded at his answer. “What of the Snow Fox OmniMechs? I have heard some rambling you have allowed Kindraa Stewart to start providing stealth armor to Rim Motors.”

“I have,” he admitted to her. “Leonard Stewart gave me the idea and asked for permission, which I agreed. It seems that it’s a perfect platform for their stealth armor. Rim Motors have taken to re-designating the design the Shadow Fox should testing go well we should be able to deploy it by the end of the year.”

“Personally I agree as well. Yet your decision on having my Clan provide Kindraa Stewart with 300XL engines to produce the Ghost BattleMech on Timbuktu is worrisome, at least to conservative elements within,” she warned him.

“And what if I ask your Clan to provide technical assistance to House Stewart to jump-start their project to produce a new battle armor for the Collection? One that uses stealth armor,” Damien half-asked.

“You will be met with resistance, though so long as the battle armor is kept to only Rim Collection federal and SpecOp forces, you know my Clan will reluctantly allow it,” she surmised openly they couldn’t afford to alienate the Mandrills from the Collection.

“And if House Stewart agrees to provide your Clan with a percentage of their production,” he asked, smiling.

“Much less resistance,” was her predatory answer knowing it would help rebuild her Clan quickly.

“Good,” he answered back, putting his arms behind his back as he looked down on Natasha. “I trust your Clan will see the value of House Stewart receiving the necessary technical assistance in the coming days, quiaff,” he asked, using the Clan word to highlight the importance of this decision.  Having a homegrown battle armour design would help their nation even if it took a couple of years to perfect it.

“Aff,” she acknowledged, looking into Redburn’s eyes.

“Then I’ll take my leave, Khan,” he remarked, waving his hand to gesture at the RCS Firetender, before turning to leave, leaving the young Fire Mandrill Khan once more to her thoughts as she turned to stare once more on the Isis-class scout carrier on the screens in front of them.
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 [drool]  O0  ;D  }:)  Wow, nice update and thanks you to Dragon Cat and James Tanaga.  So you have introduced a new small unit to your AU!!!!   :D   I am so looking forward to what happens there!!!  Simply Wow!!!
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Excellent update, great stuff from Dragon Cat and James Tanaga :)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Meh... needs more tech, but otherwise VERY good read.

2x  O0

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Great update, and interesting read.

The Falcons and Horses working together is not too big of a surprise, but the Horses going after the Foxes is a bit surprising, I wonder how that's going to fall out for them.

Also, new map - the link is now in my signature.  Also DC caught a couple major mistakes that are corrected on the most recent one, but not on the earlier ones yet.

Edit: I have to add, I am quite curious what is going on with the El Dorado thing.  It looks like it might be some kind of masquerading force or possibly the beginning of some nefariousness by the CapCon as retaliation for how much success the FS had against them.
Title: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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DC, willing to reveal just which ships the Fed Sun's are loaning their cousins in the Commonwealth?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: cawest on 20 July 2016, 18:49:52
for the JF used a BB for fire support on a SLDF unit.  now the SLDF can do the same to the JF. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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DC, willing to reveal just which ships the Fed Sun's are loaning their cousins in the Commonwealth?

Well, I do not want to speak for DC, but Fifth Battle Group appears to have been divided into two task forces.  The first consisting of the Hanse Davion II (First Prince II), Jennifer Davion (Avalon II), and the Fire Fang (Whirlwind II).  And the second the Reinhart Steiner (First Prince II), Jackson Davion (Avalon II), and Zibler (Davion III).  Simply based on the names I suspect the second task force would have been sent to the Lyrans and the first to the SLDF.

now the SLDF can do the same to the JF. 

Only if Fed Suns troops are willing to pull the trigger, the SLDF currently does not have a warship of their own... yet.

On the topic of warships though, I do have a question for DC, what were the two warships the Wolves and Horses won from the Tukayyid shipyards? (I suggest calling them the Unity shipyards, if only because that is how I think of them - even though the clans are anything but unified)
Title: Alternat:Alternat with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Well, I do not want to speak for DC, but Fifth Battle Group appears to have been divided into two task forces.  The first consisting of the Hanse Davion II (First Prince II), Jennifer Davion (Avalon II), and the Fire Fang (Whirlwind II).  And the second the Reinhart Steiner (First Prince II), Jackson Davion (Avalon II), and Zibler (Davion III).  Simply based on the names I suspect the second task force would have been sent to the Lyrans and the first to the SLDF.
Pitty: was looking forward to trying to paint a little Nightlord on the nose of one of my Mercury's  8)
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Edit: I have to add, I am quite curious what is going on with the El Dorado thing.  It looks like it might be some kind of masquerading force or possibly the beginning of some nefariousness by the CapCon as retaliation for how much success the FS had against them.

Nope... look for something called Empires Aflame... might give you an idea where that one comes from.

Well, I do not want to speak for DC, but Fifth Battle Group appears to have been divided into two task forces.  The first consisting of the Hanse Davion II (First Prince II), Jennifer Davion (Avalon II), and the Fire Fang (Whirlwind II).  And the second the Reinhart Steiner (First Prince II), Jackson Davion (Avalon II), and Zibler (Davion III).  Simply based on the names I suspect the second task force would have been sent to the Lyrans and the first to the SLDF.

Only if Fed Suns troops are willing to pull the trigger, the SLDF currently does not have a warship of their own... yet.

On the topic of warships though, I do have a question for DC, what were the two warships the Wolves and Horses won from the Tukayyid shipyards? (I suggest calling them the Unity shipyards, if only because that is how I think of them - even though the clans are anything but unified)

Correct on the ships. 

Both York-class Swingfire to the Wolves Centaur to the Hell's Horses

Pitty: was looking forward to trying to paint a little Nightlord on the nose of one of my Mercury's  8)

Nah one Mercury (Black Prince) is back in the shipyard under repair and refit.  The other one Sword and Sun is watching the Snow Raven/Nova Cat border.  Both of which have a Nightlord in their fleet...
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Warrior House Sortek on El Dorado, now that really throws a cat among the pigeons, nice. O0
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Nah one Mercury (Black Prince) is back in the shipyard under repair and refit.  The other one Sword and Sun is watching the Snow Raven/Nova Cat border.  Both of which have a Nightlord in their fleet...
While there are some low-level boarder skirmishes, I can't see the Cats or the Ravens escalating things to the point where the heavy metal clashes  :-\
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Well, the Cats are flexing their muscles a bit, if the FS decides to have none of it anymore that could happen.  Also, if the crusader-ish saKhan ends up Khan, I could see things start to escalate a bit further.
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Where's the clans Naval TO&E look like now?

Wanting to compare listings...

Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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DC has a spreadsheet for them, on reply 159, link below.  The short answer to comparing things is the Fed Suns is getting close to being leaps and bounds above just about everybody else - with Kurita being a possible exception (though the Yamato will have a lot of trouble against a Mercury in a straight up fight), but there are 2 new clan warships (both DDs) getting close to coming off their slips (Wolves' Tamarind, and RD's Alshain, "close" may be a relative term, heh).  Other powers are likely working on other things, but we have not heard much about what they are working on.

Knew I'd forgotten something... attached to this post
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Fantastic update!
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Hey JA Baker you just want to see your baby's demolishing some clan BB's and gloating over it. ;D O0
Title: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Hey JA Baker you just want to see your baby's demolishing some clan BB's and gloating over it. ;D O0
Isn't that what every proud father wants?  >:D
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Well let's hope you get your wish ;D
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Occupied Militia Base, Oro
El Dorado, New Avalon Operational Area
Crucis March, Federated Suns
7th April 3105

   Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek looked out at the regiments of BattleMechs and armoured vehicles arrayed around the militia base every single one of them without fail had the insignia of the defunct Federated Suns and wore the flag of New Avalon and a number “7” she had no idea what unit these people were claiming to be but there was no unit from the occupied New Avalon that had ever had these markings that she knew of. A single Armoured Personnel Carrier escorted by two medium BattleMechs approached the base one of the Mechs each carrying a white flag of truce.  “Allow them to approach” Imarra ordered brushing her short dark hair off of her face and back behind her ear considering the numbers surrounding the fire base they couldn’t fight them with a force of arms she moved down to the ground level exiting the base.

   The BattleMechs and vehicle stopped short of the base and a single figure followed by two strange extra-large Infiltrator II suits exited and approached.  “That’s close enough” Imarra Sortek called “I am Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek, what right do you have to surround our base?”

   “I am Marshal Duncan Goddard, what right do you have to occupy a base of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns?”  He said she looked him over he was at least ten years older than her forty-two years and he was obviously not a hand-to-hand fighter and given his build she guessed he was a tanker.

   “The Federated Suns…?”  Imarra repeated “the Federated Suns has been gone for eighty years despite what Kathil believes.”

   “Kathil?”  Goddard said quietly “lady, I don’t know what universe you think you’re in but New Avalon determines the fate of the Federated Suns.”

   “New Avalon is occupied by the Combine!” Imarra said angrily Goddard visibly rocked on his feet at the words looking back at her.  “My unit retreated here trying to reclaim the lost lands of the Sortek family and to release Elder Bishop Sortek from captivity.  We will not surrender this fire base if anyone approaches this base we will fire on them.  I want a JumpShip to take us back to Sian.”

   “Sian!” Goddard exclaimed a hint of anger in his voice.  He took a single step closer “listen very carefully my people will not fire on this base or anyone here I don't plan on ruining a perfectly good base because someone got a little lost so as long as you do not fire on us we won't shoot at you.”  He said making his point clear “as for a JumpShip that will be up to First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion.”

   “Steiner-Davion?” Imarra Sortek whispered hearing a combination of the Succession State leaders that she’d never heard before.  Even in the Hegemony she didn't think that combination existed how this man though that two families on opposite sides of the Inner Sphere could be merged was beyond her.  He would have been better trying to convince her that it was a Kurita-Davion or a Calderon-Davion on the throne.

   “Yes, the First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion leader of the Federated Suns” he said sounding completely convinced as he climbed back into the APC the two Battle Armour troopers quickly joined him.  Imarra stood and watched as the APC and two BattleMechs retreated from the fire base the other units not moving working through what he had said how could any of it be true?  How could the Federated Suns still exist?  What of House Liao-Davion?  Where the hell had she led her Warrior House?

Border Raids
Sarna Commonality, Capellan Confederation
11th April 3105

   Following the miss communication that the Capellan Confederation had seized part of El Dorado four AFFS units launch unauthorized counter-attacks against the Capellan Confederation’s Sarna Commonality striking at three Capellan worlds.  These attacks are unsupported by the AFFS High Command and by the end of the month the Capellans have pushed the AFFS units off two of their worlds but fighting continues on the world of Truth.  The Capellan also launch attacks against the Federated Suns held worlds of Wei, Shipka, Footfall, Bell and Axton.

   While the AFFS and Capellan March Command structures try to rally their troops and hold their territory a bright note for the Federated Suns is announced with the New Syrtis WarShip Shipyards being officially brought back online after years languishing inactive.  The operators of the New Syrtis Shipyard plan to build Caliburn-class Battle-cruisers for the Federated Suns at the facility while there is also talk of building a new variant of the New Syrtis-class Fleet Carrier at the rebuild facility.

Thirty-second Star League Games
Solaris VII, Isle of Skye
Lyran Commonwealth
20th April 3105

   For a second year on the bounce Clan Wolf dominate at the Thirty-second Star League Games on Solaris VII.  Succeeding Star Colonel Ivan Ward as champion of the Star League Games Star Commander Laurel Carns, of the Fifth Wolf Regulars Cluster, piloting a Timber Wolf OmniMech is victorious beating all others on the game world.  As with the previous year riots break out in protest of the Clan Wolf domination of the games but this year it is better controlled by the SLDF forces assigned to the planet and civilian injuries are far less.  For several days after the end of the games protests continue calling for an end to the Star League portion of the Solaris Gaming Circuit due to the unfair entry criteria which allows front-line warriors to enter and dominate the contest.

Deep Raid
Yeguas, Jade Falcon OZ
27th April 3105

The world of Yeguas had served since its colonization as a food bank for all of the worlds around it.  It’s only product to the Inner Sphere was food, until the arrival of Clan Jade Falcon, now Yeguas was also a supply depot.  For the last three months Captain Morgan Christifori of the Star League Defence Force had helped move food shipments by day helping Clan Jade Falcon and by night he had sneaked around behind the Clans back watching the Falcon’s movements looking for weaknesses.

Because he had done nothing overt against the Falcons Christifori had been able to move around barely noticed by the Clan.  In the darkness of night a single man could move unnoticed in the shadows most nights all he did was take discreet pictures but tonight was a special night as he moved around the supply depots he had dropped several ultra-violet markers setting the targets.  As he stepped out into the light he stopped raising his hands to his mouth concealed in the palm of his hand was a small transmitter “Charlie-Mike, the order is Chimera” he said as a Piranha BattleMech began its patrol.

“Control, confirm command”

“Charlie-Mike-Three-One-Two-Zero-Chimera” he said as the Piranha turned onto his street Morgan discarded the transmitter into the nearby grass revealing a lit cigarette in his mouth as he calmly walked down the street past the Jade Falcon BattleMech.  Morgan knew that there was a good possibility that the Falcons would find his transmitter but also that it would act as another homing beacon for the raiding forces.

For months the Star League and Lyran Intelligence Agencies had been marking targets for assault.  Lyran, SLDF and mercenary units had been concealed in systems waiting for the order.  Morgan and his company had been dragooned by the SLIC because of a lack in manpower for this observation mission.  Once on Yeguas they’d been ordered to learn as much as they could about the defences of the world.  If it was ready for a raid then Morgan would call it in then his unit would go to ground waiting for the dust to clear before being extracted with the raiding force if no order came then the raiding force, in this case the mercenary command Miller’s Mailed Fist, would sit out in the asteroid belt until the Lyran JumpShip arrived outside the system and collected them.

Now that the command was in Morgan Christifori made his way back to the food plantations winding his way through the small huts that housed the workers to the one his team had used as a safe house.  Stepping inside he immediately had a gauss sub-machine gun thrust in his face by his number two Calum Fraser.  “No worries Cal it’s me” he said looking at the other man.

“Good to see you” he said Calum, unlike Morgan, was dressed in full SLDF night tactical gear “you are last to return.”  He said showing the other four members of their team getting their equipment together.

“Did control dispatch the Mailed Fist?”

“Their battalion is on the way along with a squadron of aeros from the Eighty-seventh.”  He reported naming the elite Special Operations Battalion Morgan’s unit had been officially seconded to.

“Nice of them to send at least something that actually belongs to their unit on this mission.”  Morgan said chuckling as he crossed the room looking over his gear “what about team two?”  He asked about the other team that were on Yeguas.

“Wrapped up their mission an hour ago they’re in ready position three and are radio silent.” Calum reported Morgan nodded he’d known that already but wanted to make sure nothing had changed.  Morgan turned to the other five troopers.

“Here we go people we’re moving out tonight to ready position one” he said he knew that they knew this already but was making absolutely sure.  “Miller’s Mailed Fist will hit this rock in sixteen hours assuming they got off the asteroid without a problem.  Over the last three months we’ve seen not a single aerospace unit in this system and the ground defences are minimal.  Yeguas has not been a problem for the Falcons, that is until today, if we’ve screwed up or the Mailed Fist screw up we’re to high tail it to secondary pick up positions.  We’ll wait there until our supplies run out if still no pick up well I’ve heard Yeguas summers are fantastic.”  He said bringing a could of light laughs from the other troopers each of them knew that if this mission went south and the Mailed Fist were unable to evacuate them then their only real option would be to wait for one of the Lyrans or SLDF’s Peter-class Scout vessels to arrive to pick them up.  Each of them knew there would be little to no chance of them securing transport otherwise and they’d be forced to enjoy living and working on farms for a while the SLIC had made it quite clear to them that they were not to try and incite a rebellion on the world because the Falcons could turn Jaguar and flatten the planet; something the SLDF was not willing to risk.

Fortunately the Miller’s Mailed Fist did not screw up.  The mercenaries had dropped according to Morgan’s “Chimera” command splitting into three reinforced units, each with roughly a reinforced company; they had struck all three of the main Jade Falcon supply bases on the continent at once while aerospace fighters from the mercenaries and from the SLDF’s Eighty-seventh Special Operations Battalion had bombed two other bases on another continent.  The damage was not crippling, it wasn’t meant to be, instead they had done enough damage to the supplies to disrupt operations and caused enough damage to make the Jade Falcons think about reinforcing things on the planet which might make things easier elsewhere in the future.  Before they pulled out Mailed Fist APCs collected both of Morgan’s teams returning them to the mercenary’s DropShips which quickly took off heading back towards the SLIC Asteroid base from there they would refuel and collect the support staff from the base before heading towards the system’s outer reaches where if all went to plan they would meet up with a JumpShip that would take them back to the Lyran Commonwealth.

Nearly two months later the unit and the SLDF troopers arrived back over Arcturus in the Lyran Commonwealth.  For Morgan Christifori he personally hoped that after this operation he could get back to “proper soldiering” as his father would have called it.  Unfortunately he had a feeling that the SLDF’s current strategy wasn’t calling for much battle-line assignments instead intelligence operations and raids were a more regular occurrence.  For the Miller’s Mailed Fist this one operation had netted them enough C-Bills to clear their debts and would allow them to continue bringing their equipment up to a modern standard.
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Nice update!  Especially on El Dorado!   O0
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It's a FedCom base  and do you have a better description of the Bunker placement... (

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Post by: DOC_Agren on 27 July 2016, 23:02:44
Don't you just hate it when you miss jump and have no idea you did
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It's a FedCom base  and do you have a better description of the Bunker placement... (


I hadn't really thought about it but something along these lines....

Nothing is front-line standard since no-one ever expected El Dorado to be attacked most of the guard posts wouldn't have been manned when Warrior House Sortek arrived.
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That has got to be the mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin and other assorted family members of miss-jumps  :D
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Warrior House Sortek?  Wat....this isn't Empires Aflame?!?!  :D
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Seems like we've got an AU misjump :) Great update as always! :)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Wrangler on 28 July 2016, 10:22:31
Seems like we've got an AU misjump :) Great update as always! :)

That be hilarious response to the ATwT Universe of what happened in the Prime.  ;D
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As if the Fist would screw up  ^-^ ::) ;D

Oh and are they under contract to the SLDF or Lyrans now?
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Oh, ok.. so more Infantry defense bunkers than mech-scaled ones.


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Post by: Dragon Cat on 29 July 2016, 08:25:24
Don't you just hate it when you miss jump and have no idea you did

I think they were more concerned with the failing orbit of their Davion II than where they'd jumped to

That has got to be the mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin and other assorted family members of miss-jumps  :D

Warrior House Sortek?  Wat....this isn't Empires Aflame?!?!  :D

Well...  O:-)

As if the Fist would screw up  ^-^ ::) ;D

Oh and are they under contract to the SLDF or Lyrans now?

Lyran contract
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Very nice, and yet another flare up between the FedSuns and the CapCon - not that it's unexpected, heh, wonder if Imarra Sortek is gonna end up acting as a go-between.

Also, I noticed that there are still quite a few DCMS units deployed to the border of the Raven Alliance, including 2 of the Genyosha regiments, I kinda wonder what's been going on over there - especially since both planets the Genyosha are on also have Raven units on them (Valentina and Pondicherry, iirc).
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 29 July 2016, 12:51:05
Now I could say I cocked up with the unit assignments... but I didn't.  There was supposed to be a scene explaining why there was both on that planet and I might have accidentally removed it from the timeline thinking I didn't need it then forgot about the units.  Just maybe...  :-[

Border conflicts
Disputed Region
8th May 3105

As the Magistracy of Canopus celebrate the birth of Magestix Ilsa Centrella’s third child Duke Albert Centrella the Magistracy of Canopus launches a major push into the disputed region between it and the Marian Hegemony.  Many of the worlds recently colonized as humanity spread across the periphery become battle grounds between the two periphery states.

The Magistracy of Canopus successfully claim Sundown, Cronkee, Ealen IV and Green hills while the Marians continue to hold Ruthersburg, Vixen and Monarch.  Fighting continues between the two states in a half a dozen other systems while pirate attacks continue to be at their highest in the area for more than thirty years.  The result of these increased pirate attacks sees the independent periphery systems of Oquiu and Caramaine abandoned due to the damage caused by pirates.  The Magistracy take both dead worlds as protectorates vowing to have both worlds recolonized by the end of the decade.

Clan Council
Council Chambers, City of Andrey
Tukayyid, Independent Clan Territory
14th May 3105

   “The Rasalhague Dominion has the strongest of our Toumans which makes them believe that they can flaunt our ways” Khan Carl Heller said angrily looking around the chambers at his fellow Khans.  “Clan Coyote holds incontrovertible proof that Clan Ghost Bear has been experimenting with the use of command and coordination software.”

   “That has been used against Inner Sphere targets only” Ragnar Magnesson Khan of the Gost Bears answered.

   “You do not even deny it?”  Carl Heller said surprised at Magnesson’s admission.

   “Neg, I do not deny the truth, Clan Ghost Bear has developed technology to combat the Inner Sphere.”

   “C3 technology?”  Khan Teresia Cooper asked curious at Magnesson’s open admission.

   “Aff the Inner Sphere has used it against us for years why should we not explore this technology?”

   “Asks a freebirth” Khan Evangeline Clarke said quietly “he forgets to tell us that the Manei Domini used C3 technology…”  She said naming the destructive faction.

   “Or that the Society still does” Carl Heller stated looking around the other Khans “the Society which took our Homeworlds uses a type of C3 known as the Nova CEWS.”  He said looking around them “it is what gives them an advantage when fighting against the true Clans of Kerensky.”

   “How do you know this for fact Carl Heller?”  Canin Rosse of the Nova Cats asked

   “Because a former Coyote Scientist helped develop the technology and has helped the Society to develop other weapons.  My Clan was unable to eliminate him before we retreated to the Inner Sphere.”  He admitted lowering his head.

   “The Coyotes assisted the Society” Jana Pryde hissed angrily

   “Neg, elements of my Clan’s Scientific Caste did.  They have been abjured from our Clan.”  He said looking around the room the shame of the Coyote association clear to the others.

   “You will provide each of our Clans with data on this system Quiaff?”Amina Kerensky demanded she knew of the Coyotes history in the Homeworlds but the defection of Coyote scientists had been kept a secret.

   “Aff we shall” Heller said

   “Clan Coyote’s point on the C3 systems should stand” Teresia Cooper said nodding at the Coyote leader her Clan had lost nearly two Galaxies when the Clans abandoned the homeworlds.

   “I agree development of C3 technology should not be pursued.”  Canin Rosse agreed Evangeline Clarke did not look convince but also nodded her agreement.

   “We all agree the technology should be abandoned it has no place within our Clans” Khan Jana Pryde said looking at Khan Ragnar Magnesson “Khan Magnesson it is your right to declare a Trial of Refusal on our decision?”

   “Neg, we will not contest this decision, I will order the technology and all units using it to be placed in a Brian Cache and sealed away.”  Magnesson said nodding to the other Clans showing that the Bears despite their strength were willing to abide by decision made by all of the Clans.

Occupied Militia Base, Oro
El Dorado, New Avalon Operational Area
Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th May 3105

The majority of Warrior House Sortek, their tech staff and DropShip crew were in one of the main briefing rooms of the main Administration block while those who were on duty were connected by commlink and could add their comments and thoughts if they wished.  For the last three hours they had gone in circles.  “They could be lying to us Kathil is determined to separate our house or it could be a plot off Robinson to forward the goals of the traitor.”  Captain Richard Winnie, one of the oldest members of the command said.

“How can you say that?  We have unrestricted access to their communications grid.  Unless these people have subverted the communications of an entire world everything points to the Federated Suns existing as a nation with New Syrtis, Robinson and New Avalon all still under Davion…”

“Steiner-Davion” another interrupted him “according to their history Hanse Davion married Melissa Steiner in the past.”  She said

“Not at all an example of cradle-snatching if I’ve ever heard of one” Vincent Sortek Imarra’s younger brother said gaining an annoyed look from the Warrior House Leader.  “What?”  He asked feigning innocence “she was eighteen and good old Hanse was forty-five why he didn’t marry that battle-axe Katrina I don’t understand.”  Imarra noted that her brother had accepted the history provided to them and was ready to move on others didn’t look convinced.

“And the Succession Lords allowed the rebirth of the Terran Hegemony?  Can anyone really say that makes sense the rebirth of a nation that has sapped worlds from each of the states around them?”  Leftenant Chin Li Sunn the unit’s political officer said, he was one of the largest voices in the command that their place was in the Confederation regardless of who was running it.  “One of the most recent discussions was about the transfer of Elgin, Hsien and Zurich to the control and protection of the Star League Defence Force.”  He said glancing around “not through combat but through trade!  This nation is led by a man who willingly gives up control over his planets releasing them to another nation.”

“It’s not quite the same thing” Vincent Sortek complained “the Federated Suns is part of the Star League they will still have access to the planets and freedom of travel there.  This simply allows them to redeploy defences to other areas of the nation.”

“If the Star League was so good then they wouldn’t need to redeploy their forces” Li Sunn pointed out.

“Well unfortunately Kerensky wasn’t assassinated so his descendants are causing problems for the people here and the Capellan Confederation fell out with the Star League.  So maybe they are redeploying to smack some of you bastards around the face.”  Vincent said raising to his face Li Sunn immediately was on his feet as well his hand on the hilt of his ceremonial boa sword his eyes on Imarra looking for support away from the oppressive political policies of the Confederated Suns her brother’s anti-Sian/Liao views were released.  She knew that this divide extended throughout her unit with the majority dedicated to House Sortek and reclaiming their homeland on New Avalon while others thought the Confederated Suns should concentrate on holding what worlds it still had, which were less and less of the Federated Suns core territories as time went by.

“Where we are and where we are going are less important than keeping true to each other” Imarra said rising to her feet “if this Warrior House turns on itself then we each betray our oaths to each other and ourselves.”  She said looking at each of them “for myself I wish to see home after that my choice about my future will be made.”  She said she was torn between her loyalty to the Chancellor Prince and her desire to see a New Avalon untouched by war.

Border trials
Draconis Combine/Raven Alliance fighting
20th May 3105

   After several months of Trials contesting Pondicherry and Valentina with the Raven Alliance the Draconis Combine and Snow Ravens agree for Pondicherry to remain a Combine holding while Valentina becomes a world of the Raven Alliance.  During the time the two worlds had been contested by the two nations the fighting had been fought according to the Clan Dueling laws of Zellbrigen and the fighting had barely made the news and the Snow Ravens had allowed any Combine citizen who wished to leave Valentina to do so.  This solution that the two nations had found had stopped the prospect of total war but allowed their forces to flex their muscles and train with live weapons against their neighbours.

Tour Krupp Armament Works
Stutgart, Germany
Terra, Star League Protectorate
26th May 3105

   Walking around the the Krupp Armament Works Prince Burton Davion looked at the line of Nyx Light BattleMechs that were in the final stages of checks before being deployed to the SLDF.  The trip was a nice break from the physical therapy he was still undergoing with his replaced arm the smell of the BattleMech factory of metal and oil reminding him of being with a regiment on the field of battle.  The tour guide spoke about the Nyx BattleMechs and Krupp’s evolving production line as they walked around Burton tried to show he was fully interested in what was being said while going through the hand excersises with his myomer replacement limb the doctors assured him that in time he wouldn’t notice the difference between the limb and his flesh and blood arm but he wasn’t convinced.  As he flexed the wrist fully he heard and felt a a series gunshots as his guide and both Davion Guardsmen that were wish him were cut down by an assailant who was moving down from one of the Nyx BattleMechs “We don’t need you here Succession Lord scum!  Free Terra!” The man shouted raising the gun towards Burton the Prince reflexisvely raised his left arm and charged the man as gun shots rang out they slammed into the Myomer arm Burton felt the shots hit his arm and his brain registed he was being shot at but he didn’t feel the pain associated with real shots.  As he reached the attacker Burton swung out with his flesh and blood right arm striking the man over the face with a punch the man recoiled then tried to come back at him but Burton was already in motion punching out with his left arm hooking the man in the face he lost grip of the gun and it went flying to the side but was not done yet kicking out catching Burton in the ribs.

   “I’m no threat to you” Burton said raising his hands to defend himself trying to defuse the situation.

   “Your presence here is not wanted Terra is not a place for you.  Blake’s will demand I defend our holy ground!”  The man shouted he sounded like he was reading from a religious text or something.

   “I don’t care about your holy ground!”  Burton shouted back the anger building in him.

   “Exactly you cannot appreciate this world for what it is, the birthplace of humanity, the crowning glory of all we have accomplished.”  He said drawing a knife at Burton slashing it at him cutting through Burton’s blue business suit.  The Prince was completely unarmed not expecting to get into a fight today.  He knew both of the Guardsmen had weapons but by the time he got their weapons he’d be dead instead he lashed out with his right arm punching the man again then swung out with his left arm attempting to knock the attacker’s knife arm away.  As he did he grabbed at the man’s arm but failed to grip it instead he raked his fingers over the man’s arm forcing it and the knife away.  The man recoiled suddenly raising his arm Burton could see several cuts running down his arm.  “What the hell are you?!”  He screamed looking at the Prince.  Burton was just as shocked as he looked at the arm from each of the fingers claws had extended from the finger tips.

   “Your nightmare” Burton said trying to act like he knew about the claws before now “stand down or else” he said the man did not stop instead coming in with another kick.  Deflecting the blow with his left arm he raked the claws over the man’s leg ripping open the coverall “stand down!” He demanded but the man kept coming.  Burton and his attacker continued to circle for several moments exchanging blows as Krupp Corporate Security rushed to the site.  “Stand the hell down!”  Burton shouted again as the Security Guards raised their weapons the attacker however ripped oven the front of his coveralls revealing a suicide vest underneath Burton and the others dived out of the way behind equipment and tool boxes as suddenly the would be assassin exploded turning the man into a short lived fireball.

   Several hours later Burton was sitting in the lounge of his villa in the south of France with Sterling McKenna-Davion in his arms.  He didn’t know if it was conscious or not but she was on his right side away from the myomer limb.  “Apparently it is a feature of the model they fitted me with it’s designed to be used as a climbing tool.”

   “And they did not tell you?”  Sterling asked angrily

   “It was supposed to be disabled electronically but the doctors said that each arm adapted differently to its host body.”  He said raising the arm in front of him with the palm facing him a moment later the claws extended he felt them extend and he felt Sterling jump a little bit seeing the claws for the first time.  “Apparently the more I use them the more I will be able to control it” he said retracting the claws his myomer skin covering the slits automatically before activating them again.  “I’ve had this arm for weeks but now it feels more foreign than ever.  I don’t know if I can control it.”

   “It is still yours, your mind controls it, and you would never do anything to hurt us.” Sterling said reaching out with her own right arm as her arm approached his the claws retracted allowing her fingers to slip between his Burton not realizing he’d retracted the claws.  “You are in control of them” she promised her husband “you’d better be” she said turning his arm bringing his hand down onto her belly showing she trusted him. “We are going to need all four hands for three” she said.  Burton looked at his hand, Sterling’s belly and then at his wife’s face.  “It seems like we had an accident on Terra” she said blushing slightly as her lips curled into a smile.

   “But your service time?”  He said thinking about her recent decision to join the Federated Suns Navy on a more full time basis she’d been looking forward to returning to the military life something she’d been missing since leaving the Snow Ravens.

   “I guess it will just have to wait a little longer” she said leaning into him “I am alright with this” she whispered to him.  “But I think our time on Terra has come to an end.”  She said looking at his replacement arm “the people back home can help you as much as the people here.”  Burton nodded he didn’t trust the people on Terra after the revelation of the claws but he was glad to hear his wife refer to the Federated Suns as home.
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Lyran contract

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Now I could say I cocked up with the unit assignments... but I didn't.  There was supposed to be a scene explaining why there was both on that planet and I might have accidentally removed it from the timeline thinking I didn't need it then forgot about the units.  Just maybe...  :-[

I won't mention the other couple that I found then, lol.  But great update again.  I'm curious about the number of people leaving Valentina though, I wonder how many believe they'll find a better life in the Raven Alliance as opposed to the Combine.
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Great update as always, I think the Inner Sphere inadvertently dodged a bullet with the Clan's decision to abandon C3.  Nice stuff with Burton, I wonder what these Free Terra fundies are, closet Blakists or something else? 
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I'm confused, where did the Confederated Suns thing start coming out?
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I'm confused, where did the Confederated Suns thing start coming out?

The Confederated Suns is a nation in the Empire's Aflame universe.  Warrior House Sortek is loyal to the Chancellor Prince David Davion-Liao they went on a little trip and got lost...
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Quote from: DOC_Agren on July 28, 2016, 03:02:44

    Don't you just hate it when you miss jump and have no idea you did

I think they were more concerned with the failing orbit of their Davion II than where they'd jumped to

Quote from: JA Baker on July 28, 2016, 12:46:01

    That has got to be the mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin and other assorted family members of miss-jumps  :D

Quote from: Wrangler on July 28, 2016, 13:52:35

    Warrior House Sortek?  Wat....this isn't Empires Aflame?!?!  :D

Well...  O:-)

What just because the ship is well breaking up that they didn't notice they Misjumped, I'm not sure they would have beleived if they jumped in clean.  Look at how the Warrior House Sortek are taking to the news now.

And the sad thing is I know a gamer who dice rolls could have gotten him this Misjump

Now if the they jumped out of the AU, I wonder what are whom got sucked from Prime to the AU in return
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In the Marian/Canopian border conflict, you mention Green Hills being held by both.  Is it in dispute or did you intend to say the Canopians claimed Draco III or Hesduros?

Also, whoops, totally missed adding the dozen or so new worlds in the southwest periphery, they'll be in the next map.
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The Confederated Suns is a nation in the Empire's Aflame universe.  Warrior House Sortek is loyal to the Chancellor Prince David Davion-Liao they went on a little trip and got lost...
I guess i missed you entry on House Sortek's JumpShip miss-jumping into your AU-Universe. :/
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I guess i missed you entry on House Sortek's JumpShip miss-jumping into your AU-Universe. :/

Reply 209

High Orbit
El Dorado, Crucis March
Federated Suns
28th March 3105

Vition2 - Green Hills is held by the Magistracy as is Ealen IV, Cronkee, Sundown and Hesduros with Oquiu and Caramaine effectively dead
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Diplomatic Visit, Subtelty (McKenna-class Battleship)
Marik, District of Marik
Free Worlds League
6th June 3105

Shortly after arriving in the Marik system the Subtelty Profitable Training College of Military Arts is visited by Captain-General Joseph Marik.  During his visit Joseph Marik, like previous leaders, attempts to recruit the training college however the Captain William Leroy-Dietrich refuses stating that the Subtlety will head for Outreach to pay their respects before heading to Galatea to officially register with the MRBC as a training institution.  Leroy-Dietrich does agree to keep the Subtlety in the system for two months training with the District of Marik forces.

Elsewhere in the Free Worlds League District of Lesnovo land on the periphery border worlds of Patrician and Astroskazy both planets had been fought over by the Marian Hegemony and the Magistracy of Canopus and were a hotbed of pirate activity.  The forces on Patrician are destroyed quickly by the disciplined District of Lesnovo troops however the fighting on Astrokaszy is far less clean cut.  The District of Lesnovo troops assigned to the planet’s conquest take heavy damage attempting to stop a lance of pirate BattleMechs carrying the number “7” even as the Free Worlds League troops try to corner this lance they open themselves to fire from other pirate groups.  For three months the District of Lesnovo attempt to bring Astrokazsy under the heel of the Free Worlds League losing the Second Rim Guardians Regiment before withdrawing.

Assassination Contract
Lothario, Lothian League
18th June 3105

   Shots rang out across the plaza as the leader of the Lothian League Amanda Logan was hit by three sniper shots.  Moments later a second round of shots took out two of her guards and hit Logan a fourth time even as medical teams rushed to the scene.  Security personnel moved in on the firing nest the Bounty Hunter was on the move jumping clear of the area in a green power armour suit. Even as the assassin tried to escape from the area two BattleMechs, an Ebon Jaguar and a Catapult, arrived at the end of the street keeping the defenders at a distance the Catapult’s Arrow IV artillery missile causing massive, and intentional, collateral damage as they began to withdraw.

   For several hours Lothian League security and mercenary forces attempted to hunt down the Bounty Hunter and their BattleMech support but each time the Lothian forces got close to the assassin other a Pheonix Hawk or Shadow Hawk BattleMech would appear on their flanks before disappearing into a cloud of ECM interference disrupting the Lothian man hunt.

When the death of Amanda Logan was announced planet-wide the desire to chase the Bounty Hunter and his BattleMechs quickly diminished for the Lothian and mercenary forces allowing the mercenary assassin to disappear and escape the planet.  With the passing of Amanda Logan announced the Advisory Council on Lothario attempted to take control of the nation but eighteen year old Clarissa Logan, Amanda’s daughter, was already declaring herself the future “Mistress” of the League.

Perimetre Line, Militia Firebase
Oro, El Dorado
Crucis March, Federated Suns
22nd June 3105

   “Ban-zhang Li Sunn we are tracking unidentified BattleMechs on our Perimetre.” MechWarrior Tatyana Zheng Hong the second most senior member of his lance reported she was at the far side of their firebase on patrol.

   “We will be there presently” Li Sunn promised turning his Lao Hu BattleMech towards her position along side him the Caesar which had been accompanying him turned as well Chin Li Sunn was glad to see the junior MechWarrior follow without being ordered to.  They crossed the distance within a few moments coming across Tatyana Hong’s Cataphract BattleMech and the Rifleman that completed their lance standing guard.  “Have they moved?”

   “Standard patrol movements we believe there is an Enforcer III and another fifty ton design we cannot identify out there.”  Hong reported as they arrived

   “Very good” Li Sunn said activating two controls on his BattleMech’s computer “this is Leftenant Li Sunn of the Warrior House Sortek to unidentified BattleMechs respond or be destroyed.”  He commanded smiling when there was no response, there would be no response, after the coming battle his BattleMech’s computers would be analysed and they would show that his Mech sent a transmission to their enemy but no message had ever been sent his lance-mates would simply have been following his lead.  He disabled the override command and swapped back to his lance only channel “Sunn Lance pursue and destroy intruders” he ordered each of his Mech’s none of them questioned his orders.

   The four heavy Mechs of the lance moved forward beyond their designated patrol routes and into weapons range with the unidentified Mechs.  Without hesitation Chin Li Sunn pulled the triggers for his LRM rack and ER Large Laser beside him the Caesar fire its own gauss rifle while the Rifleman struck out with paired light particle cannons.  The only Mech not to fire was the lance’s Cataphract which was not yet in range of the two Mechs even with only three of his Mechs firing the effect on the Enforce III was devastating as they weapons tore the Mech’s left leg and right arm completely off the Mech.  Even as the Enforcer III fell Li Sunn fired his Mech’s LB-type Autocannon at the Medium Mech sandblasting it with a cluster shot shredding armour across the BattleMech including the BattleMech’s head Li Sunn smiled ferally seeing the hit and taking the time to watch the Enforcer III fall to the ground he was rapidly brought back to the present when autocannon fire tore into the left side of his Mech fired from the other fast moving BattleMech.  Twisting his Lao Hu’s torso to look at the Mech it looked similar to the Lyran Blitzkrieg with a single large cannon over its shoulder and capable of high speeds.  The BattleMech was running fast around his formation peppering them with Rotary autocannon fire the pilot was obviously very experienced “walking” his autocannon from one target to the next as he turned.  Li Sunn watched as the Cataphract stepped forward blasting the enemy Mech with its own LB-type autocannon not enough to knock the Mech down but enough to make the pilot decide that they wished to disengage from this battle with the BattleMech turning and turning to escape.  Li Sunn was tempted to let the Mech go and carry word of Warrior House Sortek’s battle prowess but he never got a choice to make that decision as the Caesar fire its gauss rifle and particle cannon at the retreating Mech’s back both shots penetrated the rear torso of the Mech coring through the BattleMech’s fusion engine shielding causing it to explode.  “Li Sunn to command we’ve had an incident on the perimeter two BattleMechs have been destroyed by my lance.”

   Several hours later Leftenant Li Sunn stood in front of Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek.  “I just had an extended discussion with Marshal Goddard” she said “they have no record of your transmission.”

   “I sent that communication!”  Li Sunn said defensively.  “My BattleMech’s records will confirm the communication.”

   “Yes our analysis does point to that, unfortunately neither of the AFFS Mechs confirms it…”

   “Doctored records!”  Li Sunn said “they are trying to make us look like an aggressor!”

   “I cannot rule out that” Sortek admitted rising from her chair “which is why the Seventh New Avalon Guards have agreed to withdraw a further three hundred metres from our perimeter…”

   “We should extend our patrols…” Li Sunn began seeing an opportunity the AFFS obviously had no stomach losses in combat.

   “No” Sortek said “our patrols being too close to the AFFS patrols caused this problem once it will not happen again do you understand me Leftenant?”  She asked looking at him Li Sunn was quite sure that she knew what he had done, but that his override had taken away the evidence.

“Yes sir” he said now knew that she wouldn’t be convinced again and that she had accepted the fact that they were in the Federated Suns and that she was leading their unit into accepting this nation he could not see his Warrior House betray their oath to the Chancellor and he would not.  “I shall disseminate these orders to the command.”

“Thank you, Leftenant, you are dismissed.”  She said he saluted in the traditional Capellan way and then left the room.  She hadn’t expected him to act on his dislike for their current situation but obviously she’d been wrong it was something that would need monitored.

   Across the continent the Seventh New Avalon Guards RCT redeploys giving Warrior House Sortek more room elsewhere in the Federated Suns the AFFS push the Capellan Confederation back into their own territory.  Unlike previous border conflicts the AFFS does not push into the Capellan Confederation instead content to clear the Federated Suns of a Capellan presence.

Elsewhere in the Inner Sphere the Rasalhague Dominion push the Draconis Combine forces off their worlds while also securing the Lyran worlds of Dalkeith and Sakhalin pushing Steiner and Kurita forces off these systems.
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Nice update!  Looks like Ban-zhang Li Sunn needs to know the current realities of politics in this Inner Sphere!
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Fun Update!
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Great update :)  seems the new Bounty Hunter's really taken to his job and is as ruthless as the preceeding one(s).
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This was done by marauder648 and Vition2 I've chosen to not modify it at all essentially it is an in universe perspective from operatives of the Draconis Combine. (
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This was done by marauder648 and Vition2 I've chosen to not modify it at all essentially it is an in universe perspective from operatives of the Draconis Combine. (

Interesting read.
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Command Meeting, Fire Base
Oro, El Dorado
Crucis March, Federated Suns
8th July 3105

   Leftenant Chin Li Sunn sat in his BattleMech cockpit and watched as as the Deusenburg Luxury Hovercraft, two Templar III OmniMechs and three squads of Battle Armour all baring the insignia of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns entered the fire base held by Warrior House Sortek.  His hands tensed on the triggers as he followed the hovercraft all it would take is one volley and the craft would disappear forever and his Warrior House would have its place.  He knew that it would also be the last thing he did if he fired Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek had ordered free passage for the AFFS representatives even his own lance would fire on him for directly breaking her orders.

   The hovercraft pulled up alongside the main administration building with the two Templar III OmniMechs and several of the Battle Armour troops standing guard around the limo and beside the front of the administration building.  Three figures dressed in AFFS uniforms exited the hovercraft and made their way up into the main building inside they were met by Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek and her brother Vincent Sortek.  “Welcome I am Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek and this is my brother Vincent.” she said greeting them Vincent remained silent bowing slightly.

   “I am Marshal Duncan Goddard commander of the forces arrayed around you” the first said he was in his fifties but looked fit and most likely still an active fighter despite his rank.

   “I thank you for your restraint thus far I have no wish to see this world turned into a battlefield.”

   “Nor do I” he admitted his forces severely outnumbered hers so badly it would not be a fight.  “Allow me to introduce Field Marshal Bishop Sortek commander of the Royal Brigade of Davion Guards” he said stepping to one side revealing the old man standing behind him.  Immediately Imarra Sortek bowed her head.

   “Elder Sortek” she said seeing the man properly for the first time showing him the respect he was due.

   “No lass I’m not the Elder you are looking for” the old man said with a small smile. “I am just an old soldier ready for his retirement” he said slowly Imarra raised her head again looking at him properly Sortek looked the same but the fire that lit Elder Bishop Sortek’s eyes was not there instead there was a weathered soldier who although old looked dangerous.

   “And Field Marshal Conner Sortek the commander of the First Davion Guards” Marshal Goddard said immediately Vincent took several steps forward.

   “Son of the Traitor” the younger Warrior House Sortek said stepping towards the youngest of the three men.  He was older than Vincent and looked close to Imarra’s own age just like his namesake, Conner Sortek the Duke of Robinson in her universe serving the Draconis Combine.

   “Vincent!” Imarra commanding him to stop with a single use of his name a disciplined Warrior House officer Vincent stopped short of reaching Conner Sortek who had not moved a single step.  “This is not our… place” she said trying to find the correct words looking at Conner Sortek the blonde hair was there but the scar running down through his left eye was missing in fact all of the dis-figuration on that side of his face was missing, this was not their Conner Sortek.  If any of the Warrior House needed proof that they were no longer in the Confederation Suns then this should be proof of that fact.

   “My father was not a traitor her died serving this nation” Conner Sortek replied angrily staring at Vincent Sortek his father Arden Sortek was not a traitor.

   “Please accept my apologies for my brother” Imarra said imposing herself between Conner and Vincent.  “Where we are from Duke Arden Sortek sold out the Sandoval family to House Kurita and was installed as Duke of Robinson before being assassinated.  You...”  She explained before stopping “Conner Sortek was badly burned by the same assassin.”  She turned to Vincent Sortek “control yourself these are not the same people we know” she said “how am I supposed to convince our command of the differences if I can’t even convince you?” Her brother took several steps backwards and seemed to be calming down.

   “We all have many adjustments to make.”  Vincent said bowing his head slightly towards Conner.

   “I would like to offer an olive branch that could help your progress in making that adjustment.”  Bishop Sortek said speaking up gaining all their attention “First Prince Davion has granted this request so it is solely up to Warrior House Sortek to agree.”  He said informing them Victor Steiner-Davion wanted them off El Dorado and although it had taken some convincing he’d finally agreed that this was the best course.  “I would like Warrior House Sortek to join me on New Avalon at the the Sortek family residence.  You will monitored by the AFFS units on New Avalon but you will be allowed to keep your DropShips and your equipment.”

   “One position of house arrest to another…” Vincent began

   “New Avalon” Imarra whispered her mind being cast back to the last time she’d been on New Avalon on the burned grounds of House Sortek which were still occupied by the Draconis Combine.  “We will accept” she said looking at her brother for a long moment Vincent finally nodded his agreement “our unit will be ready to move as soon as you are ready for us.”  She said to them caught up in the moment of returning to New Avalon.

   “It may take some time to prepare but it will happen” Bishop promised the two younger Sorteks.

Border Battle, Contested Zone
Draconis Combine/Lyran Commonwealth border
21st July 3105

   The conflicted zone between the Lyran Commonwealth, the Draconis Combine and Rasalhague Dominion comes to an end as each of the three nations withdraws from conflicted planetary systems.  The Lyrans are able to retain Phalan and Eaglesham while the Draconis Combine continues to control Shionoha and Cabalrai while also capturing Corridan IV, Yed Posterlor and Baxter from the Lyran Commonwealth.

Break-out, Failing Karuna (Lung Wang)
Oro, El Dorado
Crucis March, Federated Suns
26th July 3105

   “Deploy those loyal to us on all decks” Leftenant Chin Li Sunn said looking at the other members of Warrior House Sortek loyal to him and to the idea of returning to the Confederation Li Sunn had convinced them all that it was their only path.  “I will secure the bridge” he promised them “we will then take this ship to a jump point commandeer a JumpShip and return to the grace of the Chancellor.”  He said they all nodded their agreement and began to head for their positions throughout the ship while Chin headed for the ship’s control bridge.  For the last two weeks their unit had done everything that the AFFS had asked of them taking steps towards preparing for their trip to New Avalon it was steps too far for Chin and the others.

   It took him less than ten minutes to make his way through the DropShip and clear security checkpoints without firing a shot behind him those loyal to Chin following him overpowering the ship’s complement quickly bloodlessly.  Entering the bridge he drew his sidearm just as the ship’s commander turned to face him “what is the meaning of this?”  The man demanded looking at Chin’s pistol.

   “Captain Vedder you are to taxi this vessel to take off and you are to take us out of the atmosphere.  We will head towards the jump point and from there use JumpShip to take us into the Capellan Confederation.”  He said explaining his plan Captain Vedder looked angry at the proposal which made Chin more determined to succeed his Warrior House needed to be shown the true path of all Warrior Houses.  “I have people on all decks and much of your crew are with us.”

   “Preposterous” Vedder said dismissing the idea that they would sign on with Chin Li Sunn against him.

   “No Captain we all want this”

   “Not all of us” Warrior House Leader Imarra Sortek said stepping into view from another enterance her weapon drawn and aimed at him.  “There are those within your movement still loyal to me they told me about your plan, Chin, my people have surrounded this vessel and other decks are being contacted to surrender.  This did not have to happen Chin we should have worked together.”  She said trying to convince him to stand down.

   “There is no place in your future Warrior House.  We will not surrender!” Chin said angrily his weapon not leaving Captain Vedder.

   “You have no choice…” Imarra Sortek began

   A shot rang out…

   Blood smeared the cockpit windows as the shot fired from Chin Li Sunn’s weapon impacted with Captain Vedder’s head killing the man instantly.  Even as Vedder’s corpse began to fall Chin was turning towards Imarra Sortek but he wasn’t quick enough to land a blow before she fired a succession of shots was exchanged between the two of them with one hitting Imarra Sortek’s shoulder knocking her down but several shots hit the traitorous Leftenant.  Even as Imarra Sortek struggled back to her feet she could see that Chin Li Sunn was down and would not be getting back up she leveled her weapon at his body.

“That was a mistake” she said angrily trying to ignore the pain from her shoulder she pulled the trigger of her pistol several times shooting Chin’s downed form she knew why he had done what he had.  By forcing the Warrior House Leader to kill him he had martyred himself for his cause the other rebellious men and women onboard the Failing Karuna surrendered shortly after hearing of their leader’s demise but his death would have a far lasting effect.  Within her command there would always be questions asking if Chin Li Sunn had been correct by choosing his path instead of where the unit was now.  Imarra Sortek could not do anything about the decisions made by Chin Li Sunn for now all she could do is continue to prepare her unit for its move to New Avalon and to House Sortek’s territory there
Command Tent, 20th Arcturan Guards RCT
Outskirts Wolf City, Arc Royal
Arc Royal Theatre, Lyran Commonwealth
31st July 3105

   “This decision will kill my Clan” Evan Kell, Khan of the Mountain Wolf Clan, said angrily looking at General of Armies Aiden Gray.

   “The Jade Falcons hold more than half of this world, this is our only hope of bringing peace to our border.”  The General of Armies answered

   “We can still win!” Kell said stepping closer to Gray who stood his ground against the younger man.

   “And if we did that we would lose our entire border!” Gray replied “your units elsewhere are holding the Falcons in place we have showed elsewhere we can take territory from them if you move your units here then we give them room to move.”

   “Arc Royal is key to my Clan’s future.”

   “You have other facilities on Gallery” Gray said seeing Kell begin a rebuttal “we know they are more extensive than you have let on.”  He said the LIC didn’t know exactly what the Wolves had transferred there but it was suggested that the Mountain Wolves had a back-up Genetic Repository, Iron Wombs and a BattleMech construction facility.

   “The Archon gave us territory to use as we desired” Kell said defensively

   “Exactly you have worked to maintain your Clan’s strength” Gray said “losing Arc Royal will be a blow to our nation not just your Clan” he said understanding the Khan’s hurt “but if we are victorious we will buy time to rebuild for your Clan and our nation.”

   “It is a decision that should not have been made without us…” Kell began but Gray broke in.

   “This is the Lyran Commonwealth this decision was made to secure a Lyran future.”  He said reaching for the radio transmitter “Jade Falcons this is Aiden Gray General of Armies for the Lyran Commonwealth.  I am on Arc Royal and wish to challenge you to a Trial of Possession over this world.”

   “General this is saKhan Beckett Malthus commander of the Jade Falcon forces on this world.”  The thick accented Clan warrior replied “state your terms” he said.

   “A Trial of Possession for control over this world and one to determine the end to this conflict between us.”  Aiden Gray stated “our forces will battle for Possession over this and you and I will battle for the future of this conflict.  If you win you kill the General of Armies of the Lyran Commonwealth and cripple my nation regardless of your victory on Arc Royal.”

   “And if you win General Gray?”

   “I win a two year peace with the Jade Falcons following your defeat.”

   “You cannot be serious to end this war with a single victory?”

   “I am very serious” Gray answered “the joint Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere was stopped by a single Trial between Victor Steiner-Davion and Lincoln Osis during the Great Refusal.”

   “This is not the Great Refusal this is Jade Falcon against Lyran Commonwealth! Before the Great Refusal there were battles between all the Clans.”

   “If you do not think you can defeat me then we can continue to pound each others militarizes until they are no more.”  Gray said taunting his enemy “maybe the Jade Falcons participated in the Great Refusal only because the other Clans stood beside them.”  Gray said despite the situation he couldn’t help but smile “it was the same on Tukayyid wasn’t it you only fought that battle because the other Clans…”

   “SILENCE!”  Malthus shouted into the communications system losing his temper.  “You wish to fight me Aiden Gray then we will fight!  Select your best company you will face my Keshik in open battle.  And inform your best commanders that they will face mine in battle for this world.”  He said cutting the transmission Aiden Gray turned to Evan Kell and smiled.

   “Accepted” Aiden Gray said after a moment letting Malthus sweat for a moment “we will fight in three days south of Wolf City.”

   “Seyla” the Jade Falcon saKhan said finally before cutting off the communications system.

   “You will battle the Jade Falcons over Possession of Arc Royal” Gray said looking at Evan Kell who looked surprised “you know this world better than I and you have a vested interest in keeping this world in our Possession.”  He explained taking a moment “while I have an interest in ending the conflict against the Lyran Commonwealth permanently so I will face the saKhan.”  He said Kell nodded his understanding “over the next few days I suggest you continue to evacuate Mountain Wolf equipment and civilians to Gallery” he said Kell did not look happy with Gray’s suggestion that he would fail.  “A precaution” Gray explained “I do not wish to see the Mountain Wolves crippled by a fluke victory by the Falcons.”

   “I understand” Kell said trying to hide his frustration with Gray’s lack of confidence in his Mountain Wolves and their other forces.  “I will also broadcast to any mercenary units still not involved in battle to evacuate the planet along with the civilians.”

   “That may be a prudent choice.”  Gray admitted there was no guarantees that in three days time the Lyran Commonwealth would stand victorious in either battle Arc Royal could fall today and in a few months Tharkad, Coventry, Donegal and Arcturus could all be threatened.
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*Grumbles about being left with a cliffhanger* I was gonna be back anyways. =p

Very interesting month, I had been wondering what was going on with the Falcon/Commonwealth war, and the strangeness happening with the weirdness on El Dorado could lead to some interesting stuffs.

One question though, Accrington in the GB/LC/DC warzone, with whom did it end up?
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 ;D Wow, what an update! 
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Curse your cliffhanger! Great update though!
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Another chapter in arguably the best fan-fiction of Battletech!
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How far out from Arc Royal are the Davion battle wagons?
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Great update.
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How far out from Arc Royal are the Davion battle wagons?

Probably less than three days.  #P

Really though, they are a few months overdue according to the original expected timeline - which I think was March-April - though lots of stuff could have happened to slow things down.  On the other hand, they might not be worth sending in, a pair of Falcon battleships (even damaged) could give them a serious run for their money, and the Falcons have a few ships who's actual location is unknown (2 Patriot Heavy Cruisers, 2 Peregrine II Corvettes, and Peregrine I Corvette) and their Mississippi could be fully repaired by now (depending on how damaged it was to begin with, though the combat it saw seems to suggest mostly armor damage).
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One question though, Accrington in the GB/LC/DC warzone, with whom did it end up?

Accrington is a Rasalhague Dominion holding

Curse your cliffhanger! Great update though!

It was a cliffhanger or wait probably until today to get an update.  I didn't want to rush writing the fight

Another chapter in arguably the best fan-fiction of Battletech!

Why thank you there is plenty good fan-fiction for BattleTech it makes this a wonderful universe to have fun with

How far out from Arc Royal are the Davion battle wagons?

The original estimate was Late 3105 we're in August, expect them between October and December
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Trial of Possession, Arc Royal
Arc Royal Theatre, Donegal Province
Lyran Commonwealth
3rd August 3105

   Fighting roared over the surface of Arc Royal as the Lyran Commonwealth, Mountain Wolves along with some select mercenary commands fought to determine the fate of Arc Royal and the war between the Lyran Commonwealth and Clan Jade Falcon.

   General Aiden Gray was in an unfamiliar position the Falcons were not fighting as their Clan normally did and his company were on the back-foot, they had been since they began fighting with the Falcons their more mobile units keeping his heavy and assault force under attack from all directions.  With his customized Zeus in the centre of the formation Gray had kept his company together as they moved towards the Falcon deployment zone at the other-side of a massive nature reserve.  From the Falcon harassing attacks he’d lost a Battlemaster, a Penetrator and a Viking while destroying a Jade Falcon Shadow Cat and a Kestrel both OmniMechs but hardly an equal exchange.  He hoped that Khan Evan Kell and the other defenders were having a better battle against the Falcons.

   As they approached the Falcon deployment zone Aiden Gray readied his weapons “watch our flanks” he called out as he saw the Falcons had not remained at the deployment zone.  So far the Jade Falcon attacks were atypical of what the Lyrans had come to expect of the Falcons who generally fought in a stand-up battle facing an enemy from the front.

   “Behind us!” The Salamander pilot shouted a warning as laser and autocannon fire hammered the rear of the BattleMech.  Aiden Gray turned to look and saw two Gyrfalcon BattleMechs jumping back out of range leaving the damaged Salamander to turn with the company.  “Why don’t they fight?”  The pilot demanded

   “Keep your head Wilson” Aiden said looking at his sensors for the Falcons who again had disappeared “everyone listen we have the Falcons at a disadvantage in tonnage and they know it so they are playing the long game they are trying to whittle us down we cannot let them the Commonwealth is counting on us.”  He said trying to rally his troops as their sensors detected incoming Falcons a Turkina and Tomahawk OmniMechs accompanied by an Onager, Cygnus and Hellstar BattleMechs.

   “Holy…” someone began to say before Aiden spoke up.

   “Can it!”  The General of armies called out there were three Mechs still missing from the Jade Falcon line up but even though those five assault Mechs carried significant firepower.  “Charlie take what you have left up and join me we’re taking them on.  Mike swing your lance around them and try and hit their backs but keep an eye out for the rest of them.”  He ordered effectively turning his company into two lances.  He’d have his Zeus, a Zeus X, the damaged Salamander a King Crab and a Fafnir against the assault lance suddenly the confidence he held before that he had superior tonnage didn’t feel so good.  “We just need to be better shots boys and girls hammer them!”

   Between the two sides weapons fire was exchanged particle cannons, lasers, autocannons and missiles flew stuck BattleMechs on both sides.  Aiden steered away from becoming focused on a single target instead he tried to help the other guardsmen standing with him together they took down the eighty-five ton Cygnus with some light damage done to the Zeus X and the Fafnir taking heavy damage to its left leg.  Mike Sutton reported his scout lance had destroyed one of the Gryfalcon BattleMechs but he’d lost the other three Mechs of his command to a Summoner II OmniMech which had appeared from nowhere.  “Come join the rest of us Mike, we need to hold together” Aiden said as the two sides pulled back giving the General a moment to take stock both sides had six Mechs left and there was fight in both sides.

   As Mike’s Stiletto OmniMech rejoined the other BattleMechs they moved forward together “time to throw them off guys, you know the game plan, good luck to you all.”  He said they had decided before the battle to approach the final engagement in a particular way if at all possible.  Stepping clear of the others Aiden Gray activated his comms “I am Aiden Gray I challenge saKhan Beckett Malthus to a duel one on one.”  He said moment’s later Mike Sutton spoke up challenging the Gyrfalcon pilot followed by the others calling the Falcons out using their own honour rules.

   “I am Beckett Malthus what is this Aiden Gray?”  The Jade Falcon replied after several moments of silence between the two groups.  Aiden saw the Summoner II step forwards he knew it was the Jade Falcon saKhan and passed to all his units his next command even as the saKhan spoke “you think we will honour your challenges after the way you have fought?”  He asked before continuing “this is a fight to the death there will be no duels.”

   “Fire!” Aiden Gray commanded ignoring saKhan Malthus all six of his remaining Mechs fired on the Summoner II now standing clear of the other Jade Falcon Mechs.  Even as fire ripped into the seventy ton OmniMech knocking it to the ground particle cannons, lasers and autcannons flew from the other Jade Falcon Mechs striking all six of the Lyran Mechs.  The Fafnir was the first to fall as particle cannon fire burned through its armour destroying both of the Heavy Gauss Rifles there causing massive internal explosions.  “Hold it together!”  Gray shouted into his comms as laser and autocannon fire from the Gyrfalcon tore through the armour and cockpit of Mike Sutton’s Stiletto and then the Gryfalcon was shredded by long range missiles from the Lyran Salamander.

   In the centre of the Jade Falcon battle-line the Summoner II tried to get back to its feet only to be struck by plasma rifle and autocannon fire from Aiden’s King Crab which was marching with a purpose towards the Jade Falcons.  “No” Aiden whispered before deciding to support the MechWarrior “COVER HIM!”  He shouted a warning to his other two remaining Mechs.  The Zeus X and Salamander pilots combined with Aiden to bring down the Onager as the King Crab pilot walked right up to the Tomahawk opening fire on the assault OmniMech at point blank range with everything it had as the Tomahawk did the same.  Both one hundred ton designs disappeared in balls of flames as the two MechWarriors ignored the damage done to their Mechs and kept firing until both were destroyed in a huge explosion as their ammunition bins exploded.

   “This is Aiden Gray to the remaining Falcons you have fought well you do not have to continue this fight” he said as the Turkina pilot opened fire on his Zeus autocannon, particle cannon and long range missile fire tore into the General’s BattleMech with several missiles slamming into the cockpit of his Mech the entire right hand side of his cockpit flashed and sparked burning Aiden’s arm.  Madison Stuart’s Zeus X charged between Aiden and the Turkina absorbing a second salvo of missiles and autocannon fire buying the General time to recover from the first attack.  As Madison struggled to keep her Mech standing and failed the eighty ton Mech falling to the ground even as Aiden opened fire with his Mech’s clan made particle cannon and extended long range missiles hurting the Turkina.  Long range missile fire from their Salamander caused further damage but the ninety-five ton Falcon OmniMech stood firm standing up to the punishment being dealt by the three Steiner BattleMechs.

   Particle cannon fire from the Jade Falcon Hellstar burned through the heavy ferro-fibrous armour covering Aiden’s Zeus’ left leg damaging the internal structure there.  “Adam buy us time” he ordered the Salamander pilot.

   “I’m down to the last few salvos” the pilot replied but it didn’t stop him turning his guns on the distant Hellstar firing at it with his long range missiles immediately it showed he’d gotten the Clanner’s attention as particle cannons burned over the Salamander in a ferocious counter-attack.

   “Do what you can” Aiden said weakly he could feel the blood seeping from his injured arm but remained in the fight firing his particle cannon into the Turkina even as the OmniMech fired on him with both of its autocannons in scatter-shot mode.  Autocannon pellets exploded over the Zeus causing armour loss all over the BattleMech.  “Madie you alright?”  He asked seeing the Zeus X struggle to its feet.

   “Engine shieldin’s gone not much left of her” she struggled bringing the Zeus X up Aiden could see a large gash in the torso running up towards the cockpit as the BattleMech stood.

   “Are you hurt?”  He asked turning his Mech’s torso to track the moving Turkina.

   “I’m fine” she replied turning her Mech firing its light gauss rifle and missiles at the Turkina.

   “Pull back…” Aiden ordered just as the Salamander was hammered by particle cannon fire.

   “There is no pulling back” Madison replied engaging the Zeus again Aiden followed suit causing heavy damage to the Turkina which wasn’t firing either of its long range missile launchers any more instead the Jade Falcon Mech launched into the air on its jump jets landing close to them the pilot kept his OmniMech running at the Lyran Mechs.  Both particle cannons flashed to life cutting into Madison’s Mech before jumping again midway through its jump the Turkina altered its flight path straight at Madison’s BattleMech.  The two Mechs collided at ferocious speed knocking down the Zeus X for a second time Aiden targeted the Turkina with his particle cannon and a medium x-pulse laser into the Clan Mech.  Despite the physical exchange between the Turkina and Madison’s downed Mech and Aiden’s fire the Turkina remained standing and fired both autocannons into Madison’s downed Mech straight into the Zeus X’s cockpit.

   “You son-of-a-bitch!”  Aiden screamed angrily firing his particle cannon again heat washed into the eighty ton BattleMech’s cockpit as the man made lightning burned into the Turkina.  Aiden stepped forward and turned his Mech and slammed the BattleMech’s left arm into the assault OmniMech smashing its armour he pulled the trigger again firing at point blank destroying the Turkina’s gyroscope.  The ninety-five ton OmniMech lost its balance and fell to the ground like a drunken sailor who’d had one drink too much.

   Even as Aiden Gray finished the Turkina Adam Gansa fired his last salvo of long range missiles into the enemy Hellstar fire blossomed over the enemy Mech but it continued forward.  The Lyran BattleMech pilot closed his eyes for a moment knowing what was coming as the Hellstar’s remaining two particle cannons burned into the crippled Salamander knocking it down.

   “Stay down Adam there’s nothing more you can do” Aiden Gray said moving his Mech across the littered battlefield firing the extended long range missiles into the heavily damaged Hellstar even as the missiles hit he fired a particle cannon shot into the the Jade Falcon assault Mech.  The Hellstar rocked on its heels from the hit but seemed ready for another attack Aiden didn’t give it a chance instead hitting it with another salvo despite the raising heat in his cockpit.  The Hellstar fired its two Particle Cannons with only one striking Aiden’s Mech the other disappearing into the sky.  Aiden pulled both triggers again his eyes beginning to feel heavy as he lost strength due to blood loss from his arm injury he saw his particle cannon shot go wide missing the Falcon Hellstar but didn’t see any missiles glancing at the controls he realized that his missile bays were empty.  He cut to the right trying to close the distance between him and the Hellstar now without the long range missiles he had the particle cannon, one medium pulse laser and two machine guns not much at all.

   Even as Aiden turned his BattleMech to the left and to the right trying to throw off the Hellstar’s shots he saw Adam Gansa wrestle with his Salamander back to its feet.  “Adam stay down” Aiden commanded seeing the Salamander right itself turning towards the Hellstar.

   “No way am I dying on the deck I’m going to keep his attention just make sure you kill him General.”  The man said throttling up his Mech to a hobbled run just as the Salamander was hit by a particle cannon shot.  Aiden continued to zig-zag towards his target but Adam’s Salamander ran right at the Jade Falcon Hellstar resulting in the assault Mech being hit over and over by particle cannon fire.  Aiden watched his sensors as the Salamander was picked to pieces even as Adam fired his medium lasers in return scoring light damage Aiden added in his particle cannon but heat build up was still a problem.  “For the Commonwealth!” Adam struggled over the comms as more particle cannon fire punched through the Salamander’s torso slamming into the fusion engine underneath causing it to overheat and explode consuming the Mech in fire.  As Adam’s scream filled the radio Aiden fired on the Hellstar his particle cannon finally punching through the Hellstar’s torso armour there was an internal flash and the Hellstar stumbled Aiden wasted no time as soon as his the particle cannon cycled he fired again striking the Hellstar’s damaged torso causing the BattleMech to shut down.  With Aiden the only MechWarrior still standing the Commonwealth had won their peace but at a cost Aiden had watched his entire company destroyed and had been badly injured himself.  Standing beside the shutdown Hellstar the Lyran General of Armies wept in his cockpit as he hoped that the battle for Arc Royal would fair better.

   Across the planet Khan Evan Kell fought with elements of Clan Mountain Wolf, the Lyran Commonwealth, elements of the Star League Defence Force and several mercenary commands for the control of Arc Royal.  The Kell Hounds who had classed Arc Royal as their home with their command and morale broken had chosen not to fight for this world instead under the command of young Lt Colonel Jeremy Kell they had pulled off the planet with their dependents leaving its defence to Clan Mountain Wolf.

   Initial exchanges had gone the Lyran Commonwealth’s way with Evan Kell’s forces able to corner and destroy the remains of the Fourth Falcon Lancers Cluster however after that the tide had turned on the Mountain Wolves with the Fourth and Sixth Wolf Grenadiers Clusters and The Dark Specters Mercenary Battalion all shredded by Jade Falcon fire.

   “We cannot keep taking losses like this Khan Kell” General Bruce Kummert, the commander of the Twentieth Arcturan Guards RCT, said he was standing across from the Khan in their command tent.

   “I agree” Kell replied “we need to break the Jade Falcon command.”  He said determined to see their actions remembered “I will lead our assault elements against the enemy command element we’ll crush the Falcons and end this.”  He said “prepare your men”

   Soon after the core of the Lyran/Wolf assault forces were moving towards the Jade Falcons as a single unit throughout their approach they were attacked from all sides as the Jade Falcons employed similar tactics to those used by their Khan during his Trial of Possession employing light units to harass their enemy.  As they closed on the Jade Falcon commanders a star of light Mechs ran into the centre of the Wolf lines and assaulted Evan Kell’s Orion IIC from all sides with the Jade Falcons abandoning Zellbrigen in an effort to take down Kell’s Mech.  With his usual Lycurgus OmniMech gone in the opening engagements on Arc Royal months ago Evan had been forced to accept the ancient Orion IIC and had used it since the beginning of this trial.  The Orion IIC had a history with Clan Wolf but it wasn’t as effective a fighter as his OmniMech had been.  Attacked from all sides by the light Mechs it was like being attacked by a thousand paper cuts even as his Golden Keshik turned on the Falcon attackers destroying them one by one Khan Evan Kell’s Mech was cut down, the Khan along with it.

   With Evan Kell out of the fight and neither a Mountain Wolf or Lyran commander able to agree who was in command the Jade Falcons smashed the assault force destroying the Golden Keshik and the Mountain Wolves Seventh Wolf Guards Cluster.  With their main assault forces destroyed and the assault Mechs of the Twentieth Arcturan Guards RCT destroyed the Jade Falcons drove the defenders back to their base camp effectively ending the Trial.  General Bruce Kummert as the most senior commander on scene announced the Lyran surrender of the Trial of Possession and Arc Royal with it.  From Orbit Lyran Commonwealth and Mountain Wolf WarShips began a steady evacuation of their forces from the planet taking with them hundreds of civilians who didn’t wish to live under Clan rule.

For the Jade Falcons success they were able to secure the majority of Mountain Wolf Industries factories, two armoured vehicle production facilities, a BattleMech production line and all of the Mountain Wolves aerospace production facilities including their orbital repair station, aerospace fighter and Isegrim Assault DropShip construction facilities.  As a final insult the Jade Falcon commander Galaxy Commander Jurgen Hazen returned a defeated Khan Evan Kell to his Clan instead of taking him as a Bondsmen.

   Withdrawing from Arc Royal the Mountain Wolves move their remaining production facilities and the civilians they were able to take to Gallery while Evan Kell sunders Beta Galaxy folding its forces into a far depleted Alpha Galaxy.

While the Mountain Wolves lick their wounds the Lyran Commonwealth embrace their two year peace with the Jade Falcons ordering all commands on the Falcon border to remain in position while their production facilities are geared to rebuilding their shattered military.  From Arcturus congratulations is passed to Aiden Gray for securing a peace but also news that Archon Jessica Steiner has given birth to her third child Elden Steiner bringing some light to the war-weary Lyran Commonwealth.

Across the border with their chain of command crippled by the fight for Incukalns and Arc Royal the Jade Falcons also begin to rebuild with Jurgen Hazen claiming the position of saKhan hours after the victory on Arc Royal.
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Border skirmish
District of Oriente, Free Worlds League
12th August 3105

   After months of low intensive fighting along the Magistracy of Canopus and District of Oriente borders the Oriente’s neighbouring District of Lesnovo wade’s into battle against the Magistracy opening up a second front on the Periphery state.  The borders are further destabilized when the Capellan Confederation invades the systems of Antipolo and Kwarmshu of the District of Oriente effectively turning the entire region into a contested zone with none of the involved factions able to bring enough forces to the region to squash their enemies resistance.

Clan Council Meeting, Clan Hall
Phillip Drummond City, New Barcella
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
22nd August 3105

   At sixty-seven years old Canin Rosse was one of the oldest serving Clans in the current active Clans but he carried himself like a man twenty years younger and was undisputed in his command of the Nova Cat Clan.  Entering the Clan Hall he saw the Bloodnamed warriors of the Nova Cat Clan stepping in front of them the Khan looked around the warriors of his Clan for three weeks he had lived in the wilderness of New Barcella on a Vision Quest.  “I have had a vision” he announced looking around the warriors he saw some looked skeptical but Oathmaster Klick Lenardon nodded his agreement.  “Our Clan needs to change its approach to succeed or we will disappear.”

   “Which is something I have been suggesting for months…” saKhan Katrine Devalis said interrupting immediately the saKhan realized she had made a mistake and withdrew allowing Canin to speak.

   “Out Clan needs to redefine what it means to be Clan Nova Cat to find our spirit and our drive.”  He said looking around the hall “year on year less Nova Cats undertake a vision quest and fewer bring new meaning to our Clan.”  Canin Rosse said the Nova Cat’s traditional values were to embrace visions and take new paths something truly lacking at the present.

   “What do you suggest Khan Rosse you seem to have all the answers?”  saKhan Katrine Devalis asked remaining off to the side.

   “We must relearn the Nova Cat’s spirit it will not happen overnight but it must come from the top which means from all of you.”  He said looking around the Clansmen “I believe we must end the division between ‘first and second line’ units” he said immediately he saw resistance to the idea on the faces of the Galaxy Commanders of the current front-line units.  “We are all Nova Cats we all defend the Nova Cat’s Den and we all face the same threats.”

   “How can we dispense with the distinction?  There have always been those who are destined for the second line warriors and there are those who will be bloodnamed.”  Katrine Devalis said from her words Canin knew she was against the idea.

   “You are correct saKhan” Canin Rosse said conceding the point “but I believe it is time we take steps that will see all of our units capable of fighting our enemies.  Can you really say that is the case now?”  He asked challenging them all those with rank knew best but they all knew in their own way that there were members of the Nova Cat Touman who did not have the skills or equipment to face their enemies.

   “You still have not said what you suggest” Katrine Devalis said continuing to challenge the Khan.

   “We reclassify our units” Canin Rosse explained the first step of his idea “those units currently classed as Guard, Garrison and Regular units will be reclassified in the same category.  They will receive the same equipment and training” he said explaining the second step “and those warriors incapable of meeting the grade will be removed from these units.”  There was a murmour that run around the chamber as each warrior realized how large a change it was that the Khan was proposing.

   “I object” Star Colonel Kalvin Rosse, the commander of the elite First Nova Cat Guards Cluster, spoke up.  “There are certain units that have a storied history in our Clan it is a heritage that warriors of those units draw strength from” he said Canin Rosse noticed Kalvin exchange a glance with Wrecken Rosse, the commander of the Fourth Nova Cat Guards Cluster another elite command and a unit of Canin’s own Delta Galaxy.

“Aff I know certain units have a right to retain their designations” Canin Rosse admitted it was the reistance that Canin had expected to come from certain units.

“So one rule for one and one rule for another” challenged Katrine Devalis “you wish to distinguish between front and second line and yet certain units retain their traditional names there is a problem with your idea Khan.”

“Neg there is not” the Khan said angrily that Katrine was continuing her challenge “each unit will be held to the same standards meaning our combat effectiveness will improve across our Clan.  Each cluster will be given the same access to the same equipment our effectiveness will improve.”  He said confident of his plan “our Cavalry and Cavaliers units to will be renamed in an effort to streamline our commands” he said raising his hand seeing another objection being raised. “I know certain units will want to retain their designations” he said thinking of the Forty-fourth and Forty-sixth Cavaliers Clusters “which is why we should have a series of Trials” he said thinking of a solution “for those units who wish to retain their designations they will face their peer clusters and should they be victorious then they can choose retain their names.”  He said knowing that it was in keeping with Clan tradition and it would give the Nova Cat units a chance to fight weeding out more of those who were not able to keep up with the other Nova Cat units.  Even Katrine Devalis did not have an objection this time remaining silent “our Assault and Battle Clusters will likewise share a designation while all of those clusters that have a name that does not conform with the already named formations will together become a new class of unit in our Clan.”

“And what will be the names of these new units?”  saKhan Katrine Devalis asked her voice less confrontational in tone than it had been previously.

“The Roar, Spirit, Pouncer and Vision Clusters” Galaxy Commander Tryina Drummond of Xi Galaxy said speaking up breaking the confrontation between the two Khans.  Of all the Nova Cat’s units Xi Galaxy was the one that could be described as the most extreme in its attempts to follow what they saw as the true traditions of Clan Nova Cat.

No-one spoke up in objection of her suggestion instead the Clan Council decided over the course of several hours what units would be allowed to attempt to retain their current names and who would face them in combat.  Over the course of the next three weeks each of the Clusters that wished to remain the same fought to retain their current identity facing against their peers in live fire combat while costly the Trials brought the Nova Cats closer together as individual units and drove the Clan closer together as they fought for a common goal.  After the end of the Trials only eight units retained their previous designations the First and Fourth Nova Cat Guard Clusters, the Forty-fourth and Forty-sixth Nova Cat Cavaliers Clusters, the Rossei Cloister, the 449th and 450th Assault Cluster and the 109th Battle Cluster all others began to embrace their new identity.  Unsurprisingly no-one paid any attention to the fact that the Watch Clusters retained their previous designations with few of the Clan’s “true” warriors caring what the Watch did.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 13 August 2016, 02:36:36
a double whammy of updates and what updates they are.  Katrine Devalis is gonna kill Canin or he's gonna kill her, those two butting heads so publically like that can only cause problems in the future.  Interesting idea to harmonize the units though for a more unified feel, although you can bet that there will be more than a few trials of grievance between the troops over this.

The battle between the Lyran/Mountain Wolf vs Falcons was one hell of a punch up.  I doubt the Wolves or Lyrans will be too pleased with the Kell Hounds pulling out like that.  It made sense that the SaKhan would be in the Thor II, bless the Falcons and their obcession with that thing :p 

So the Lyrans got their 2 years of much needed peace (and it was something the Falcons needed even if they were unwilling to admit it) as both sides were smashing their militaries to bits against each other, although this really was the last roll of the dice for the Falcons as they were scraping the bottom of the manpower barrel.  But now with Sudeten and Arc Royal in their hands they can rebuild, although 2 years isn't much time to get new Sibkin out into the field.

Superbly written battle scenes though! Great stuff as always!
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Rainbow 6 on 13 August 2016, 04:11:58
Great updates Dragon Cat.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: snakespinner on 13 August 2016, 05:44:58
Great update.
Not any peace for the Falcons as the other clans will still be attacking. O0
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 13 August 2016, 06:26:42
Two years of peace?

So, the fighting on the Jade Falcon front should start up again just as the first Indefatigable is ready to enter service  [watch]
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Rainbow 6 on 13 August 2016, 06:37:56
Two years of peace?

So, the fighting on the Jade Falcon front should start up again just as the first Indefatigable is ready to enter service  [watch]


It's almost like the General of the Armies had a plan, I wonder how fast the LCAF can be rebuilt (and expanded?) now they have ramped their industry up.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 13 August 2016, 09:42:41
Very nice update, and wow, at least a whole Galaxy's worth of Mountain Wolves destroyed in the past few months, and the loss of a good portion of their production, they are going need to take quite a bit of time to recover - if they ever do.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 13 August 2016, 09:52:00

It's almost like the General of the Armies had a plan, I wonder how fast the LCAF can be rebuilt (and expanded?) now they have ramped their industry up.
Well, back in August of 3104, Burton Davion said that if they pushed the yards, they could have the first Indefatigable complete and ready for acceptance trials in two years, so late 3106. The new peace is set to hold until mid to late 3107, so it's possible that at least one new battleship will be ready to face the Falcons.

My only confusion is to what configuration DC is going to use: I've been working on the Indy for about ten years as part of my Outer Colonise setting, and she's gone through several revamps during that time. And that's not to mention any alterations he's made beyond adding WAMS.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Zureal on 13 August 2016, 12:51:12
Well... looks like the mountain wolves are becoming Commonwealth lap dogs now  :-[  this saddens me a great deal
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 17 August 2016, 02:09:19
Rainbow 6: He may have

JA Baker: She's had one or two changes

Zureal: I was nice than I was going to be originally.  When I first wrote the framework that has become this timeline 3105 was always the year that it was going to come to a head between the Mountain Wolves and Jade Falcons but originally I was going to decimate the Mountain Wolves in this conflict with them losing pretty much everything.

Unfortunately it also killed the Falcons and the more I looked at it I knew that wasn't the conflict I needed.  Instead I bought Wars of Reaving and thought what if the Society won... what if the Inner Sphere Clans were the only ones left... which led to the changes in this timeline.

I then read through the DA novels and mixed with some of my own ideas from this evolving timeline I found a new path to the Mountain Wolves who are still a force to be reckoned with even if they are now a bit reduced in power.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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Mercenary Contact
Kwarmashu, Sian Commonality
Capellan Confederation
9th September 3105

   After several years on the Clan Wolf border Daniel’s Avengers Mercenary Command accept a contract with the Capellan Confederation in hopes that it will give them time to rebuild.  The Capellans employ the mercenaries in support of forces already on Kwarmashu helping secure the system for the Capellan Confederation.

Within the following week Iknogoro is also taken by the Capellans with the Daniel’s Avengers posted to defend both worlds.  After the fighting against the Wolves the Daniel’s Avengers have been reduced to a reinforced combined-arms regiment and two reinforced BattleMech Battalions with both units upgraded with Clan salvage.
Subtlety (McKenna-class Battleship)
Nadir Point, Wasat
Star League Protectorate
15th September 3105

   “Jump complete beginning scan” Commander America Park said from the sensors station glancing over at Captain Leroy-Dietrich who sat near the helm station.  “All seems standard normal shipping traffic… hold that we’ve got incoming DropShips and they are launching aerospace fighters.”  She said glancing at her sensors.

   “How many contacts?”

   “Three DropShips from a single Invader-class JumpShip” she reported “we’ve got nearly a dozen aerospace fighters deploying from them.”

   “Communications give me direct contact” William Leroy-Dietrich said “helm accelerate to one G thrust.  Launch defence fighters and order them to hold near the JumpShips protect our civilians.”  He ordered thinking of the JumpShips which carried their dependents and the majority of the academies students.  From under the Subtlety’s hull aerospace fighters dropped from their launch bays and turned towards the JumpShips behind the accelerating Battleship more aerospace fighters launched from the JumpShips.  “This is Captain Leroy-Dietrich of the Subtlety we are passing through the Star League Protectorate on our way to Outreach.  If you do not identify yourself and turn away from our position you will be considered hostile and will be subject to defensive fire.”  He said cutting the link “weapons power up weapons on the port side bring them up slow we don’t want to short something after this long.”  He said the Subtlety generally did not use her weapons systems, the Battleship didn’t need to use them, but the crews trained regularly and were ready to use them.

   “No communications but we do have tracking systems” America Park said glancing at her fiancée she knew she shouldn't be worried about the fighters and DropShips but she didn’t like being attacked.

   “Fine” Leroy-Dietrich said looking at the ship’s weapons systems seeing the most forward particle cannons on the port side of the ship were active.  “Warning shot right across their course.”  He said gritting his teeth seeing there wasn’t an option “fire” he ordered along the port side of the McKenna her long unused particle cannons activated filling the space between the WarShip and the incoming aerospace fighters and DropShips which continued towards them.

   “No difference no communications” America said continuing to monitor the systems if they got too close the incoming DropShips and fighters could cause significant damage to the the Battleship.

   “Helm turn us into a wide starboard turn keep us between them and our JumpShips” Leroy-Dietrich said “weapons as we turn I want you to bring up the starboard weapons we are going to give them a volley from each.”  He said feeling the McKenna turn under them “accelerate to one-point-five G” he said watching the sensors.  “Port side weapons target that Leopard CV first volley” he said watching them continue to close “and fire” he ordered the Subtlety’s weapons activated for a second time as the McKenna continued her turn.  The naval particle cannons tore through space impacting with the incoming Leopard ripping the incoming DropShip to pieces.

   “They are still coming” America Park said watching as the Union and Overlord-class DropShips and their fighters continued to close on them.  “What are they trying to accomplish?  This is a WarShip even if they get close enough to hurt us it will take shot they’ve got a week to break through our armour.”

   “They’ve been put up to it.”  Leroy-Dietrich said leaning into the turn as the Subtlety continued to move “someone wants us stopped by any means.”

   “And it just happens when we arrive in the Protectorate?”  She said glancing at him “coincidence?”

   “Or someone wants us to think it is if the Star League wanted us dead where are their WarShips?”  He said as the WarShip continued its turn “starboard weapons if they want it this badly let’s give it to them I want the Overlord gone.”  He said glancing at the weapons station the officer nodded “and fire” he commanded the particle cannons activated together as one burning through the front of the Overlord melting its armour and tearing the larger DropShip to pieces.

   “Aerospace fighters entering their weapons range and firing” America Park called out looking at the sensor data as the dozen aerospace fighters opened fire on them with lasers and missiles deep inside the ship America Park instinctively looked around her for a moment but there was no way she’d hear or feel the impacts from the fighters weapons.

   “Bring up our fighters order them to remain in defensive formations and to fire in defence of us and of the JumpShips.”  Leroy-Dietrich ordered watching the screens the McKenna’s own guns were not designed to engage Aerospace fighters “helm bring us around them again.  Port weapons bays on the Union and get ready to drop a salvo on their Invader’s jumpsail rip it off” he commanded targeting JumpShips was taboo but he wanted those responsible to be held to account.  The McKenna continued her turn as the enemy aerospace fighters continued to close firing as they came while the Subtlety’s own aerospace fighters moved in to defend the Battleship.  Another salvo of particle cannons tore through the Union while their fighters continued to strike the McKenna.  “Helm full roll to starboard” he ordered the Subtlety slowly rolled over onto its starboard side Leroy-Dietrich’s idea was to minimize the damage those aerospace fighters were doing to a single section of the Subtlety.  “Weapons on the Invader.”

   “Salvo outbound” the weapons officer Kiera Levine said the McKenna’s particle cannons crossed the distance between the two ships in moments striking the rear of the Invader and its jumpsail.  The delicate jumpsail was ripped to pieces by the massive over sized naval particle cannons while the rear of the Invader disintegrated under the fire.  “The JumpShip is crippled…” she said but after a moment the Invader exploded Leroy-Dietrich looked at her surprised “we didn’t hit anything critical the damage was superficial” she explained if a ship being hit by a particle cannon could ever be described as superficial.

   “They didn’t want to be caught” Leroy-Dietrich noted as the Subtlety was hit by several of the aerospace fighters which had committed suicide runs against the battleship.  “Increase speed full acceleration and continue the roll make us a hard target!”  He said seeing the other fighters moving into positions where they could ram.  “Direct our fighters against those birds!”  He said pointing at the enemy fighters as the Subtlety began to pull away from them.  The Subtlety’s aerospace fell on the now alone aerospace fighters rapidly destroying each of them clearing the area of hostiles.

   Following the attack Captain Leroy-Dietrich reported the incident to the authorities on Wasat and to the Zenith Point Recharge Station.  SLDF DropShips and investigation teams were onsite within hours from the space station while the SLS Republic arrived the following day.  Copies of the Subtlety’s records were taken by the investigation teams and wreckage from the battle-site were also sampled by the SLDF after the briefest of investigations the Subtlety and her crew were cleared of all wrong doing and cleared for their jump to Outreach.

Democratic Elections
Lothario, Lothian League
22nd September 3105

   Following the assassination of Amanda Logan the Lothian League attempt to hold democratic elections Mistress Clarissa Logan enters as a candidate but the elections are frought with claims of corruption and ultimately the result is contested by multiple factions.  The mercenaries hired to protect the Lothian League from external threats refuse to enforce marshal law as civilian unrest turns into fighting on several planets.

After Action Debriefing
Arcadia, Dixie Theatre
Halfway Province, Lyran Commonwealth
26th September 3105

   “Gentlemen perhaps you can explain to me exactly what happened on this planet?” General Prudence Steiner said angrily looking at the two men who sat either side of the table staring at each other.

   “We turned back a Wolf incursion against this world” Sang-shao Matt Blackledge said the commander of Blackledge’s Iron Fist Mercenary command sat his eyes not coming off Major Justin Rubinsky the commander of the Rubinsky’s Light Horse.  “When this dog’s force arrived and attempted to claim out salvage.”

   “We were securing the area for the Lyran Commonwealth” Justin Rubinsky answered his eyes not leaving the former Capellan Confederation officer.  “There were still active Wolves in the area and as per our contract obligations the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces gets first pick on all salvage.”

   “A clause that is not in my unit’s contract” Matt Blackledge said seeing Rubinsky’s shock and anger glad that his unit had one up on the St Ives born man.  “Following an incursion by a hostile force my people defended…”

   “Murdered” Justin Rubinsky said inteupting

   “Defended themselves and opened fire on the intruder’s lance.”

   “You fired on a unit that was also under contract with the Lyran Commonwealth?”  Prudence Steiner asked surprised at the man’s open admission.  “And you” she said looking at Justin Rubinsky “you sent units into another mercenary command’s defence zone?”  She asked pointing out Justin’s failings as well.  “Gentlemen I know that your histories are mixed.”  She said trying to being them together to her level “but you are not both mercenary commanders your past is exactly that the past.”  Both men began to speak but Prudence raised to her feet looking at them “it is simple you are under the employ of House Steiner.  Your mission is to support the goals of the Commonwealth.  Major Rubinsky your unit is to load into your DropShips and prepare to move we’re taking you off the Wolf border.”

   “Sir we can prove ourselves” Justin Rubinsky protested the change looking at Blackledge “we can even work with the Iron Fist I promise you.”

   “And we can work with the Light Horse” Blackledge said deciding to offer Rubinsky a chance.

   “That’s good to hear” Prudence said smiling “as between the two of you I want the Iron Fist and Light Horse to agree what salvage the Rubinsky’s Light Horse will take with them off Arcadia.”  She said seeing Blackledge’s shock “there will still be plenty for your command.”  She promised the Sang-shao.

   “Where will we be heading?”  Justin Rubinsky asked curious about his unit’s new posting.

   “We are sending you to Clayborne II and from there you will monitor the situation in the Lothian League and follow the directions of your Steiner Liaison.”  She explained the Light Horses integral transport making them the perfect unit for future operations that House Steiner could launch against the League.

   “And my unit?”  Sang-shao Blackledge asked annoyed that Rubinsky’s upstart command was getting an assignment that could see them leading an offensive while his command was stuck defending Arcadia.

   “Your unit’s numbers and strength are better placed here on Arcadia holding the line against Clan Wolf.”  Prudence Steiner said turning towards the door “now in your new spirit of cooperation I will leave you gentlemen to sort out the distribution of the salvage.”  She said leaving the two mercenaries to complete their negotiations.  Within hours the agreement had been made and the Light Horse had secured a couple of dozen clan tech weapons before they left Arcadia.  It would take their techs weeks to fit to their current Mechs.  And although the Iron Fist would continue to garrison the Wolf border and likely be in line to gain more salvage the mercenary command could also be destroyed by the Clan perhaps some distance between them and the Light Horse would not be a bad thing.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 17 August 2016, 20:29:09
Good update, the trials and tribulations of Subtlety and it's associated dependents is getting interesting, but they're almost to their destination.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 17 August 2016, 21:40:54
Good update, the trials and tribulations of Subtlety and it's associated dependents is getting interesting, but they're almost to their destination.

Not their final destination...
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 17 August 2016, 22:07:04
Glad to hear they're going to live a while longer.  O0
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: cawest on 17 August 2016, 22:10:30
someone made a mistake.... the SLDF intel is going to be looking for someone hard.  that happened in there areas.  intel groups do not like something happing in there house with out them knowing. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: DOC_Agren on 18 August 2016, 19:16:39
You know the attack on the Subtlety reminds me of the "old school" Comstar and the Vandenberg White Wings.  They were fully sheep dipped to make sure no one could ID who it was.  And they offered no surrender nor from what I could see any comm traffic.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 19 August 2016, 04:17:11
Excellent update, and i've just had a thought.

With the Horses agreeing to attack the Lyrans, won't this sudden 2 year peace leave them flapping in the wind?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 19 August 2016, 10:18:56
The Horses have a more limited border with the Lyrans, and given the size of their touman they could make a fair bit of headway on their own - with reasonable losses - especially considering the damage done to the LAAF already by the Falcons.  That the task group of the 5th is due to show up any time now may not make much of a difference based on the more limited front, though it could serve to shore up the defenses of Arcturus - which could very well be threatened here shortly.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 19 August 2016, 11:43:04
I'd say that the 5th's Taskforce could actually stop the Horses dead, because they lack one thing to successfully prosecute a campaign. They lack a navy, their fleet is dinky by the TL's standards and is full of simply obsolete ships, with their most numerous being 3 Lola III's.  They want to attack a world, park a BB over it and go "Try it."
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 19 August 2016, 12:32:39
Good point, for some reason I thought they had a Nightlord or a Texas.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 20 August 2016, 06:50:47
Speaking of Nightlords.  Dragon Cat a question, Vition2 pointed this out in a discussion we was having.  The Snow Raven has been under refit for about the last 6 years now.  Is that just something you forgot to change or is the Raven Alliance doing something REALLY special to her to keep her in the yards for 6 years?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 20 August 2016, 14:51:23
She was getting an extensive rebuild of her systems (basically core up) but since the Raven navy hasn't been needed I've left it there my intention was to show that because it hasn't been needed it's taken far longer than needed

I was actually intending on adding a few ships under refit to the list for the Ravens especially.  The reason being that these ships shouldn't be able to keep flying for decades without lots of maintenance and refit - would also let me tinker with the ships a little
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Post by: JA Baker on 20 August 2016, 15:08:12
The Lyran's could give the 5th a hunting licence with no bag limit and just let them loose on Clan Hello Horses; entire Clusters could be destroyed or captured at a time  >:D
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 20 August 2016, 15:39:27
The Lyran's could give the 5th a hunting licence with no bag limit and just let them loose on Clan Hello Horses; entire Clusters could be destroyed or captured at a time  >:D

Indeed, its what i'd do. One or two big losses and the Horses who are so reliant on jumpships would probably go "You know what..we we thought we left our ball in your back yard.  Friends?"
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 20 August 2016, 18:21:52
I wonder... If the ships of the 5th each carried a representative of Clan Mountain Lion, could any Hell's Horses personnel or equipment captured be seen as Isola?  ???

Might be a way for the Lions to rebuild and the Davion to avoid any complications when it comes to Bondsman.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 20 August 2016, 18:49:16
I wonder... If the ships of the 5th each carried a representative of Clan Mountain Lion, could any Hell's Horses personnel or equipment captured be seen as Isola?  ???

Might be a way for the Lions to rebuild and the Davion to avoid any complications when it comes to Bondsman.

Mountain Wolves and that's not a half bad idea... I'm not entirely sure if it would work but I think I might have just thought of a work around... ^-^

What the Lyran part of the 5th will be explained in the October update when I finish it.  You might even get an insight into what might happen in the future on the Raven border...
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 20 August 2016, 19:03:51
Mountain Wolves and that's not a half bad idea... I'm not entirely sure if it would work but I think I might have just thought of a work around... ^-^

What the Lyran part of the 5th will be explained in the October update when I finish it.  You might even get an insight into what might happen in the future on the Raven border...
Sorry: could have sworn they changed their name to Mountain Lion. Have no idea why.
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Post by: snakespinner on 20 August 2016, 19:23:42
A slip of the keyboard. ::)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 21 August 2016, 02:59:15
A 6 year long rebuild? She's going to emerge an entirely different beasty for sure!  And I like the idea of the Bondsmen/Isorla being given over to the Mountain Wolves (although I like the Mountain Lion name :p).

If/when the Horses attack I think it will be a case of the initial attacks are successful purely through surprise and shock but when the 5th SAG arrives then they can stop their offensive dead because the Horses have nothing afloat that can challenge the Davion warships.  On the ground they would probably be a terror to face as its a case of "These guys are not fighting by the usual Clan playbook." with their combined arms approach and love of things like artillery support and infantry/proto combos. 

But they have no real naval strength and are reliant almost entirely on Jumper's to do all the troop hauling as most of their fleet can't even carry dropships, and the warships they do have are NO match at all for a Colombia class and her escorts. 

The loss of a few clusters either as Isorla or being blasted from their dropships will probably make the Horses stop any plans for an attack because all you have to do is park a capital ship over a world and when they go "So...we can haz safcon?" Respond with "LOL NO!" and they'd literally be unable to do anything about it other than scowl and have to leave unless the commander on the scene though to try running the dropships past the Davion warship with the inevitable losses that will incur and affect the campaign on the ground.

This would probably then make the Horses sit down and go "We need something more than Lola III's...GUYYYYYYYYYYYS!" and make pawing motions at the shipyards at Tukkayid.

And now i'm also curious as to what shenanigans you've got planned along the Raven's border.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: JA Baker on 21 August 2016, 04:43:35
Yeah, I'm calling dibs on Clan Mountain Lion: I have no idea if I'll ever use it, but it sounds cool  8)
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 21 August 2016, 05:22:40
Looking at the Horses fleet they have the following

1 x Halycion class assault cruiser-  well armed but still not a BB and would, along with the Marathons probably be hauling troops thus too valuable to risk loosing.
2 x Marathon class assault cruisers - Good and well armed designs but not capable of standing up to a Colombia
1 x Jade Lion - same as above, well armed, maybe if all 3 attacked as a group then they'd succeed but thats a major escalation for them.
1 x Congress - Basically obsolete and not of any use in a battle.
3 x Lola III - Same as above. The Lola's have no place in a battle save perhaps bullying smaller ships if they work as a squadron.
2 x Hakaze class escort DDs - not a clue what these are.

Whats the 5th SAG Consist of?
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 21 August 2016, 06:16:44
Looking at the Horses fleet they have the following


Whats the 5th SAG Consist of?

I don't normally do this but I like hearing your theories and unfortunately this update will be at least a day away if not more... sorry

The Horses have what you listed
A single York-class Destroyer/Carrier

and built/acquired in the last 8 months
1 Jade Lion
1 Marathon
2 Halcyon

The Fifth Battle Group had (at the end of last year)
2 First Prince II
2 Avalon II
1 Whirlwind II
1 Davion III

But before they left Davion space they were supplemented by
a third Avalon II
and 2 Congress IIs

This force is designed to help both the Star League and Lyrans so roughly half of the command is going to each.  I've been working on a separate piece for the Fifth because it's a new way of thinking for the Davion Naval arm (the ramming prows have been removed) :D hopefully that will be ready when the update is or just after.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: marauder648 on 21 August 2016, 06:43:03
That's a very formidable force, and more really than the Horses could muster.

Assuming that it devides into two groups. with an as even as possible split, the Horses have a fairly small border with the lyrans.  I think their first attacks would succeed because its an attack from an unexpected direction.  But without the Falcons and their large fleet to act as a distraction there's not much stopping the 5th BG from splitting and going to the fronts.  And there a lone Marathon or Halcyon simply can't las long against that firepower (to quote a tarp advertising fishman).  And unlike Houses/Clans with bigger fleets the loss of a single warship is a MAJOR loss for the Horses as they simply can't replace it. 
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 21 August 2016, 06:53:05
And unlike Houses/Clans with bigger fleets the loss of a single warship is a MAJOR loss for the Horses as they simply can't replace it.

They do have a shipyard... Butler system it can build Halcyon and Marathon classes
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Oh aye, but with their fleet being so small, a loss of a modern capital ship would be a huge loss for them that could take a long time to replace.  If they loose a Lola then oh well, she's basically obsolete and its not a major loss.  A Marathon/Halcyon is basically like an SSBN, its a strategic and vital asset to the Clan that is basically irreplaceable in the short term and a loss of one means you're down a major modern ship (and dropship hauler) for at least 2 years.
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They do have a shipyard... Butler system it can build Halcyon and Marathon classes

What is the production time for warships classes?

Also how many production slips does the Butler yard have?
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What is the production time for warships classes?

Also how many production slips does the Butler yard have?

I'm not an expert but I've gone with

4-6 years for the Battle-cruiser - to build then get her out of trials
2-4 years for the cruiser - same finish then trials

They can be rushed but that tends to lead to problems which I've had once or twice before.

Butler has 3 slips all capable of building either class
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I'm not an expert but I've gone with

4-6 years for the Battle-cruiser - to build then get her out of trials
2-4 years for the cruiser - same finish then trials

They can be rushed but that tends to lead to problems which I've had once or twice before.

Butler has 3 slips all capable of building either class

Cheers, thanks.

One last question, are those slips building now and if so what are they building?
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Cheers, thanks.

One last question, are those slips building now and if so what are they building?

They've recently finished 1x Marathon and 2x Halcyon.  One slip is building another Halcyon.  While the other two are building JumpShips.
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Did ya see this by the way as a possible thing for the Ponies? -
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They've recently finished 1x Marathon and 2x Halcyon.  One slip is building another Halcyon.  While the other two are building JumpShips.

Ah right so they are building standard Jumpships at the same site, didn't realise that.
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So I kind of did a comparison how things "by the numbers" could go down.

Davion Fleet (this is the upper end of what they are likely to have in the area, and very likely will have smaller)
1 First Prince II
2 Avalon II
1 Whirlwind II
2 Congress II

CHH Fleet
1 Jade Lion
1 Halcyon
2 Marathons
2 Hakaze (I guestimated that BN wanted this to have max armor based on what he wrote, meaning it has 125 in all armor facings)

In a straight up knockdown brawl, these two fleets end up matching pretty well, the Hell's Horses have an advantage in firepower (upwards of 25% greater), while the SLDF has an advantage in armor and structure of nearly the same degree.  The rub here is that the Davion fleet has the ability to use Naval C3 on the First Prince II and the Whirlwind II (I didn't note it on any of the other classes, though there has been time to fit them if the Davion admiralty has decided to), considering this the Hell's Horses still have a firepower advantage, and the Whirlwind II has the least staying power of the Davion warships, and could very well be annihilated in short order by anything other than the Hakazes (which still have an advantage over the Whirlwind - they would just take longer to kill it).  They have near parity in Aerospace fighters and Small Craft, the HH happen to have 10 ASF more than the Davions, and that's it, clan tech weaponry here would give an advantage to the HH, but it would fairly minor and the actual aerospace classes would be more important.  Lastly, the number of dropship collars is also pretty even, with the Davions having only a single collar advantage - and this is one that can be made up pretty easily by any standard jumpship bringing in an extra dropship.

As I personally consider firepower to be a greater advantage than armor, I would have to say that overall, the Hell's Horses have a slight edge in this match up, but not one that is insurmountable, good tactics or bad luck could push the battle over the edge in the other direction.  And the Horses don't really have the warships to spare, so their losses would be more heavily felt than the Davion losses (though Davion losses could lead to a political shakeup on their side of the Sphere - "We lost 6 warships for virtually NOTHING!  Get the rest home NOW!").

As for how I would deal with the battlegroup's sudden appearance on my doorstep, I would attempt to lure them into a trap.  The Falcons are going to be chafing at their 2 years without battle, and to somewhat appease that, the Horses could trap the Davion Force into attacking a Falcon holding and fighting against their warships.  Other options include contracting a star of warships from the Ravens or Cats.

Edit: I should probably mention, I used damage at long range, it actually gets better for the HH if they get to medium by a couple percent.
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Doesn't the 5th have two battleships? And anything that the Lyran's and SLDF can rustle up.
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Doesn't the 5th have two battleships? And anything that the Lyran's and SLDF can rustle up.

Yes, but odds are (and it's been stated previously) that half the battlegroup will go to the SLDF's Wolf Front (the 5th was split into two task forces each led by one of the BBs).  When doing the analysis I did err though, I thought I had remembered that the Whirlwind was part of the FSS Rehnart Stener's task force, and it's actually the Davion III-class FSS Zibler.  That means that the naval C3 is out (at least on the official designs, though as mentioned, that could have been rectified), but potential damage increases if it gets to medium range (it remains pretty similar at long range) - it's not enough to overtake the HH's fleet but drops the percentage difference to less than 20%.

I specifically didn't include the LCAF's warship forces as I was just comparing the Davion task force to the HHs (I'll mention I also left out the York from the HH fleet), but they do have a number in the area, and at least 2 are Mjolnirs.  Combining the two forces, the Horses' fleet would be annihilated, though it wouldn't be entirely bloodless on the other side though.  And of course the is still talking about a straight up brawl, it's entirely possible that the Davion task force would have local superiority pretty much whenever it wants based on the idea that the HH fleet is not grouped together.
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Draw the Horses into a trap; they think they're attacking a lightly defended logistics Base, only for a First Prince II and a pair of Mjolnir's with cruiser support. Catch them too far into the gravity well to just jump back out, and politely ask for their surrender.
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JAB you really want to see your babies wipe out the HH.
I really feel sorry for the CHH when you finish with them.
At least for a few seconds. >:D

DC, a quick question for you.
Would the FS task force be allowed to do trials against the Falcons without breaking the truce.
Whittle down a BS or two. :D
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Draw the Horses into a trap; they think they're attacking a lightly defended logistics Base, only for a First Prince II and a pair of Mjolnir's with cruiser support. Catch them too far into the gravity well to just jump back out, and politely ask for their surrender.

So Gorash 7 then :p
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So Gorash 7 then :p
Hopefully with more salvage.
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So my update is delayed another day so quick answering of a couple of points

Did ya see this by the way as a possible thing for the Ponies? -

I'll be using this a little bit in the next update and then extensively in a future update.

DC, a quick question for you.
Would the FS task force be allowed to do trials against the Falcons without breaking the truce.
Whittle down a BS or two. :D

If they turned up in Horse territory, and were hostile, then I guess fair game... just have to wait an see

As per the previous WarShip list update I've modded the Fifth Battle Group slightly - this includes which WarShips are working together for balance.  AFFS, LCAF, Mountain Wolf and SLDF naval units will be working with each other if circumstances dictate.
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Khan’s Office, Clan Hall
Phillip Drummond City, New Barcella
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
1st October 3105

   Khan Canin Rosse’s office was not a large or extravagant room but it served its purpose as a work space for the Khan while he was on New Barcella.  He tried to spend as little time here since Yvonne’s passing but as Khan he had to come to the planet every now and then.  Today was one of those days and he didn’t have to wait long to see the results the door opened and in walked saKhan Katrine Devalis.  She was dressed in the Nova Cat leathers with the addition of a cloak lined in Nova Cat fur the cloak was a recent fad that was passing through the warrior caste and was more frequently in the Nova Cat Touman.

   “Did your other saKhans enjoy a summons to the Khan’s office?”  Katrine asked stopping short of his desk the younger woman taking a seat on a chair in front of him.

   “Neg, but they did so with honour and grace” he said watching her reaction to his verbal barb “I did not realize that you had taken to wearing that” he said looking at the cloak which was draped over the chair.

   “It was made by one of my warriors I honour his work by wearing it”

   “Indeed” Canin said sitting back in his chair.

   “It is not against regulations I do not see the harm quineg?”

   “Neg” Canin admitted “it is just new.”  He said standing from his chair “speaking of new things it is the reason for your ‘summons’” he said using her term for his request.

   “I gathered that” she barely looked interested in what he had to say her lack of respect angered the Khan but he refused to bite to her tempting.

   “I want our senior leadership to undertake a Vision Quest” he said seeing her suddenly sit up and take notice.  “It is important to me that our Clan remembers its traditions even as it embraces new ones.”  He said looking again at the cloak.

   “I will ensure that all of our Galaxy Commanders are aware” she said almost jumping to her feet turning towards the door.

   “That includes you.” Canin said watching her stop dead in her tracks turning slowly “I have never heard of you taking a quest.”

   “I did once” she admitted “in 3091 shortly after your son’s death.”  She explained the mention of Grayson Rosse pained the Khan but he suppressed the thought of it quickly refocusing on his saKhan’s back. “I thought the passing of my rival would spur a vision but it did not.”  She said turning to face him.

   “And you have never tried again?”


   “But you continue to collect vineers quiaff?”

   “Aff it is our tradition”

   “As is visions” the Khan said

   “You have enough of them for the both of us” she said referring to his multiple visions as she turned back towards the doors “I will look after our Touman you look after our visions.”  She said taking another step.

   “Neg!” Canin snapped “you will undertake a Rite of Vision”

   “Aff I will once the Oathmaster returns from Tukayyid” she said nodding her agreement by then she hoped to be deep inside the Taurian Concordat causing trouble for their periphery neighbour.

   “Neg you will do so now”

   “I have no guide” she said beginning her defence but the Khan silently replied by spreading his arms “you?”

   “As you said I have had plenty visions it is time I pass on that experience.”

   “I was planning on leaving on a raid”

   “It can wait.”  The senior Khan said making it clear that his decision was made.  “We leave tomorrow morning.”

   “For where?”

   “This continents mountain plains one of the few places our Clan has not touched in some way.  There we will begin.”

Rite of Vision
Northern Mountains, New Barcella
Nova Cat’s Den, Periphery
4th October 3105

   From New Barcella City the Khan and saKhan had been carried to the foot of one of the continents smaller mountains and there they had begun their ascent.  The climb was not easy but then it wasn’t a great challenge for either of the warriors instead they soon reached a grassy plateau that overlooked the planets open plains and forests of New Barcella in the far distance Phillip Drummond City and the seaborne Borealis Facility glistened in the night.  “This is the place?”  Katrine Devalis asked looking around but not all that impressed.

   “What do you think?”  Canin Rosse asked remaining passive to the area allowing her to decide.

   “It is fine” she said dumping her travel pack “we should set camp.”

   “Neg, set a fire, we begin now”

   “I have not slept properly in days” she complained

   “Exactly continue” he said.  Soon after Canin Rosse sat alongside her while Katrine looked into the flames.  Slowly the saKhan sacrificed her vineers, souvenirs of her time as a Nova Cat warrior; Canin remained silent staring into the fire hoping to see something in the flames despite it being Katrine’s Rite of Vision.

   For Katrine Devalis part she did not see the point of this her spirituality had never been a large part of her career she’d managed without one until now and risen to the second highest point in Clan Nova Cat.  As she thought of her career a nova cat stepped out of of the darkness and snarled at her Canin Rosse did not react instead he continued to stare into the flames.  The nova cat walked slowly around them she could feel it as the animal moved around her back she knew at any moment its poisonous mane could touch her back and she’d be on the ground defenceless.  The nova cat continued around until it was facing her Khan and then in a moment it lept towards him Katrine jumped up to the Khan’s defence feeling the fire against her body as she leaned over it.  Suddenly the Khan appeared to be standing beside her his hands on her arm where she had felt the fire “know your enemy” he said before he faded back to darkness.

   “What the hell is this” she said out loud she felt sweat running down her body and she knew she was still in front of their camp fire but the Khan was gone the nova cat reappeared beside her and snarled before leaping into the darkness Katrine looked at the fire for a moment before following the cat.

   The nova cat had quite a lead on Katrine but it wasn’t trying to get away from her suddenly another nova cat jumped out at the first one.  The two cats circled each other for several moments each taking a swipe at each other the mountain beside them fell away revealing a huge chasm.  The two nova cats continued to circle and and fight each other before they stopped and faced each other ‘her’ nova cat suddenly jumped into the darkness.  “NO!” Katrine screamed leaping to the cat’s defence quickly following it over the edge.

   Suddenly there was fire all around her and Katrine saw her nova cat dragging itself back to its feet moving around the fire as if on the hunt.  From the sand a snake appeared hissing at the nova cat as it jumped through the air its mane standing on air its claws ready to strike a bird swooped down knocking the cat to the side defending the snake.  Katrine tried to step between the bird and the injured cat but she couldn’t move as the flames intensified.  The nova cat’s spirit seemed to rise from the animal ignoring the serpent and striking back at the bird knocking it to the side Katrine could see it lying dead in the sand.  As the nova cat’s spirit turned towards the snake black wings seemed to grow from its back turning the animal into something new as it turned towards Katrine.  Even as she studied the animal something even stranger happened from the cat a spirit figure emerged “what are you doing here?”  She asked Grayson Rosse looking like he had before he was killed fighting the Capellans.

   “Know your enemy” he said before disappearing into the darkness only to replaced by a snake and then Canin Rosse standing opposite her.

   “Katrine!”  He called out but Katrine only saw the snake and struck out.  Canin Rosse was waiting for her move and easily blocked the blow moments late he blocked her second blow.  “Katrine calm yourself” he commanded her instead of responding with a strike he blocked another of her blows.  “Katrine!” Canin shouted a warning as he stepped back closer to the edge.

   “No” she suddenly said realizing what she was doing “this isn’t right” she said stepping back giving Canin the room he needed “my Khan I apologies” she said remembering both Canin’s and Grayson’s words in her vision ‘know your enemy’ for the first time in a long time she did not see Canin Rosse as her enemy.  "What the hell was that?!"

   “You encountered a vision” he stated it was not a question he could see it in her eyes the revaluation that had come fro the flames.  She simply nodded “you will not understand all the images of your dreams.  But in time they will become clear.”  He promised her Canin said Katrine began to speak but found her mouth dry instead she reached for a water bottle and drank nearly half of it.

   “It was so real” she whispered looking at the Khan.  “I felt and smelt it” she said “it was like it all happened in front of my eyes…” she raised her left arm “I was burned” she said looking at the perfectly healthy skin covering her arm “I never realized…” she said looking at the Khan smirking more to herself than him “I saw…”

   “Be careful with who you tell of your vision” the Khan said raising his hand to forestall her explanation for a moment “it may be personal to you or it may affect all of our Clan.  Who you tell may make a difference to how that person acts in the future.”

   “But I must tell someone” Katrine said “and you are my guide…”

   “Then I will listen” Canin said sitting back from the fire.

   “I saw nova cats fighting” she said piecing the vision together “but then they realized their error and stopped.”  She said thinking it over realizing that it could have represented her and the Khan.  “Then I saw a serpent ready to strike the nova cat.  It turned and replied attacking the serpent knocking it to the side but before it could land a killing blow a bird struck the cat.”  She explained “I couldn’t move but the cat was not done it rose to its feet ignoring the ailing serpent it struck down the bird.”  She said

   “Was that it all?”  Canin asked sensing that there may be more to it.

   “Aff” she said closing her eyes for a moment instantly seeing the strange cat-bird creature and Grayson Rosse’s face ‘know your enemy’ “there was nothing else.”

   “What do you think it means?”  Canin asked

   “It could mean there are still Serpents out there” she said referring to the Clan based faction “or it could refer to the Combine.  A dragon is a type of serpent.”

   “And the bird?”

   “It could be the Free Worlds League, the Jade Falcons or the Snow Ravens.”

   “And given our position what is most likely?”  He asked her

   “The Ravens” Katrine said “I know what I need to do” she said ‘know your enemy’ “I need to strike the Draconis Combine.”

   “And if the Ravens interfere?”

   “Then I know my path is the correct one.”  Katrine said

   “And you said that your nova cat was knocked down and that the cat’s spirit carried the day.  Are you willing to follow your vision to death?”

   “I am” she admitted for the first time willing to follow a vision, her vision, to death.  She closed her eyes for a moment instantly seeing the cat-bird figure and hearing the worlds ‘know your enemy’ she quietly wondered if she’d ever shake the vision from her thoughts.

Thirty-third Star League Games
Solaris City, Solaris VII
Star League Protectorate
14th October 3105

   For a second year in a row Clan Wolf dominate the Solaris Games on Solaris VII with several Wolf Tomahawk OmniMechs dominating the games.  Star Captain Beckham Kerensky from the 328th Assault Cluster, piloting one of the Tomahawks, fights off challenges from all others to become the new Star League Champion.

   Almost as soon as the battle for the Championship is over another riot begins on Solaris.  Unlike the previous year Star League Peacekeeper forces and the Clan Wolf unit on planet are ready for the riot.  Specially trained units comprised of BattleMechs, combat vehicles and battle amour units are deployed to contain threats before they become to dangerous using overwhelming firepower to intimidate the worse offenders.  For less troublesome enemies Constable, PAB-2B Sniper, Tornado and Nighthawk Power Armour suits are deployed by both forces in an attempt to minimize casualties.

Raging Bull (Marathon-class Battle-cruiser)
Summit, Arcturus Theatre
Donegal Province, Lyran Commonwealth
18th October 3105

   Despite the Jade Falcon decision to accept the peace with the Lyran Commonwealth the Hell’s Horses were still attempting to pursue their invasion of House Steiner’s realm.  Targeting the systems of Kandersteg, Summit and Grundwald the Hell’s Horses had dedicated several of their latest WarShips, DropShips and Horde Clusters to the invasion.  Star Commodore Thanos Hovan stood in the command centre of the Raging Bull as they approached the system’s inhabited planet all around Arcadia, Outpost Defender and even two new Ordun-class DropShips moved the two clusters of ground forces towards the planet while the Lola III-class Destroyers Space Hunter and Gold Knight provided perimeter escort the Hell’s Horses forces there was simply too much invested in this assault for them not to be present.  There was a radiation surge at the jump point as their JumpShips jumped to the system’s pirate point ensuring no Lyran WarShip would get the jump on their forces.  Moments after the JumpShips had jumped there was another series of surges at the jump point “Aft sensors!” Hovan commanded looking at the screens.

   “Star Commodore we read five WarShips all bearing Federated Suns markings!” Anabelle reported from the sensor station.

   “Federated Suns?”  Hovan asked confused “confirm that!”  He demanded it must be wrong the Federated Suns was thousands of light years from here.

   “Confirmed all five of them they are deploying assault DropShips and turning to face us.”

   “Intercept time!”  He demanded

   “If they use maximum thrust they can intercept us before we reach the planet.”  She said confirming what his mental calculations suggested.  There were too many Hell’s Horses in this system and they were too badly outgunned by that naval firepower.  “Have Gold Knight and Space Hunter fall to the rear of the formation along with our Defenders, Arcadias and Aerospace fighters they will be our screen.”  He commanded he knew the decision would not be popular but they did not have a choice even the Raging Bull carried ground forces which couldn’t be risked.  “Have the Arcadia’s cargo configured for space combat they are going to be needed.”  He said watching the Federated Suns WarShips turn in their direction and accelerate after them.  “Helm push our speed, communications inform the JumpShips that when we arrive the Orduns must dock as quickly as possible.  We dock what we can and we escape.”

   For the next fourteen hours they continued towards the pirate point while the Inner Sphere WarShips continued to chase them down.  The Gold Knight and Space Hunter were the first to turn their hulls towards the incoming targets neither of the ships began decelerating, they would wait until the last moment, soon after the Arcadia’s matched their pace as did the Defenders.  “Status” Hovan called out as he re-entered the command centre he had tried to sleep but failed.

   “Forward combat elements of the Davion fleet have entered weapons range with the Gold Knight and Space Hunter” Misha reported from the weapons station “neither side have scored decisive damage on the other.”

   “Both Arcadia’s have begun aggressive deceleration as have the Defenders” Nolan said from the helm “our turn is coming.”

   “All hands this is the command centre prepare for aggressive deceleration and combat maneuvers.”  Hovan said moving to his own acceleration couch, no-one wanted to be standing when the WarShip began its combat maneuvers.  “Weapons as soon as you have a solution fire, don’t wait for my command” he instructed Misha who nodded her understanding.

   “Sir, request from ground forces commander, if we get close enough the Horde want to be released to attack the enemy.”

   “I will keep that under advisement but make them aware we do not plan on letting them get that close.”  He said looking at the clock “helm throw the switch!”  He commanded bracing for the maneuver.  ‘Throwing the switch’ was a term used on ships to address a space going vessel’s method of rapid deceleration while they could slowly bleed off speed and coast to a stop which was more comfortable, safer and cost less fuel it was also too slow during combat.  Instead space going vessels turned their nose against the direction they were travelling and fired their engines at full thrust.

   In space the Raging Bull’s nose slowly ‘rose’ as the ship began to pivot along its direction of travel behind the vessel the two Lola III-class Destroyers and four DropShips which had already turned were engaging the Federated Suns forward elements that consisted of two destroyers, half a dozen DropShips and over a hundred aerospace fighters.  These units alone would cause the Hell’s Horses forces trouble.

   “Sir, Gold Knight is being engaged by capital missiles from the DropShips and both enemy Destroyers are closing range” Misha said “engaging FSS Zibler with naval gauss rifles” she said as the Davion III moved into extreme range.  The Raging Bull’s massive Repeating Naval Gauss Rifles opened up on the distant enemy destroyer Hovan was glad to see some hits on the ship but nothing that would seriously worry the Federated Suns vessel as it closed on the Gold Knight.

   “Hold it together Mike” Hovan said watching as the contacts closed the FSS Zibler seemed to pass close to the Gold Knight while the FSS Fire Fang which held off at distance.  Both Federated Suns Destroyers turned away from the Gold Knight while the Gold Knight continued on its course which now appearing to be a ballistic one.  “Status on Gold Knight?”

   “We’ve lost communications with her” Misha said looking at her screens “Space Hunter is continuing pursuit” she said as the Space Hunter passed over Gold Knight’s position continuing to fire on the two retreating AFFS Destroyers.  Suddenly the Raging Bull’s sensors registered nearly a dozen capital missile hits across the side of the Gold Knight.

   “How did they hit them from that range?”  Hovan asked more to himself than anything else as he watched the Space Hunter list heavily to her starboard side even as she continued to fire on the FSS Zibler.

   “We are reading heavy communication traffic between the Federated Suns ships” Misha reported.

   “Nolan pass to all of our DropShips and aerospace fighters to break off and fall back immediately!”  Hovan ordered realizing what he was seeing “Space Hunter, this is Raging Bull, the Federated Suns ships are using C3 systems break off your pursuit and make way to join us.  We need to engage them all at once to minimize the advantage.”  He commanded but the message had been sent too late to make a difference as another volley of capital missiles and naval weapons tore into the second Lola III.  The destroyer already damaged took heavy hits along its mid-line and aft sections as capital missiles fired from the two Avalon II-class Cruisers tore open the ship’s hull to space.  The Space Hunter continued on its course its thrusters heavily damaged by the hits.

   “Sir we are at the jump point” Anabelle said

   “Complete deceleration” Hovan ordered keying a switch on his command chair “all hands prepare for immediate docking and jump procedures.  Weapons if any of those ships come back into range I want to know immediately” he said looking at the Space Hunter which now had stopped trying to make a turn and instead was continuing to fire on enemy vessels from a now fixed course.  “Communications put me on general communication channel.”  He said Misha nodded “this is Star Commodore Thanos Hovan of Clan Hell’s Horses commander of the Raging Bull to Federated Suns Flotilla at this time and date I am ordering the commander of the Space Hunter and all aerospace fighters and DropShips unable to rejoin our fleet to surrender.  You won this round you won’t win the next.”  He said cutting the channel “continue our docking procedures and prepare to jump from the system.”  He commanded watching the screens carefully the Space Hunter and other forces too damaged to retreat slowly signaled their surrender as all six Davion WarShips moved closer Hovan prayed that the Federated Suns forces would accept his people and not blast them from space.

   Across the system on board the FSS Reinhart Steiner standing in the ship’s command centre Admiral Alexander Duvall smiled on hearing the message from the Horses commander.  “Status on the Horses ships Mr Anderson?”

   “Sir, the Battle-cruiser and JumpShips are continuing to dock fighters and DropShips.  The first Lola III designated Gold Knight is adrift with minimal power.  Second Lola III designated Space Hunter is also adrift and signalling surrender.  One Outpost-class DropShip is completely destroyed.  Second Outpost-class DropShip has shut down engines and is signalling surrender.  Two Arcadia-class vessels have powered down and surrendered.  There is fighting continuing on the hull of the FSS FSS Zibler between defenders of the ship and a small number of ProtoMechs and Battle Armour troopers.  Several aerospace fighters have also surrendered.”

   “A nice catch” Duvall noted “direct Fifty-first Strike Wing to the FSS Zibler set a perimeter the Fifty-first are only to engage units they can hit without damaging the FSS Zibler.  Captain McLintock can you bring us closer to the FSS Zibler and prepare our marines for a boarding action we’ll convince them to stand down.”  He ordered the ship’s commander Captain James McLintock “and sensors continue to monitor the Raging Bull.”  He said “Communications I want you to direct the FSS Fire Fang, FSS Melissa Davion II and the FSS Jackson Davion to set up between us and Raging Bull Fire Fang to take operational command while we assist Zibler.” The FSS Reinhart Steiner moved closer to the Destroyer which occasionally rolled along its axis in an attempt to knock the invaders off into space.  “Let me talk to them” Duvall commanded the communications officer nodded a moment later.  “Hell’s Horses ground forces your commander has commanded your surrender I am willing to accept it, none of you will be harmed and will be accepted as prisoners of war.”

   “Neg, you will accept us as Bondsmen or we will die before surrendering to you.  Give us a chance to become warriors again.”  One of the Horses said from the FSS Zibler’s hull.  Admiral Duvall had argued this point before accepting this assignment but his commanders had assured him that the Clansmen would not surrender and that it would not be a problem.  He knew the Lyran Commonwealth would want to claim these warriors and their equipment which would probably cause another problem.  “And another thing we will be surrendering to you not the Lyrans or the dezgra Wolves.  You defeated us in battle not them.”  The warrior said as if reading Duvall’s mind.  The Admiral thought for several seconds it would be easier for him to deploy his Battle Armour Marine Battalion and wipe them out but he knew that it would see more damage done to the FSS Zibler that they didn’t need not did his command need a reputation for slaughtering those who could have surrendered.

   “Screw it” he said signalling to the communications officer “Hell’s Horses I am Admiral Alexander Duvall I will accept your surrender as Bondsmen to the Federated Suns.  You will be put on-board a Transport DropShip and taken along with your equipment to the Federated Suns where, if you prove your loyalty, you may become warriors in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.”  He said cutting the link on the screen several units immediately signaled their surrender while others soon followed suit.  Captain McLintock crossed over standing beside him.

   “Sir, the Lyrans are going to go nuts at this…” he noted Duvall nodded “there are ProtoMechs out there we don’t have a clue where to start maintaining them while the Lyrans could use the tech to help rebuild some of their units.  Not to mention the DropShips and Lola III.”

   “I know” Duvall snapped worse than he’d meant to “sorry Jim” he said a moment later catching himself “I wasn’t going to wipe them out.  We will make do this time and the next time we will be prepared.”  He said “the Lyrans can be happy with the Gold Knight” he noted.

   “She’s a wreck” McLintock said looking at the screens “if the jump drive isn’t damaged they might be able to make her airtight and jump her to Alarion or the Ruins.”  He said as he looked over the ship the Lola would probably need years of repairs to get her back operational.  The Space Hunter would probably need the same although the damage to the ship was concentrated at the rear of the ship and might be easier to repair.

   “Captain, prepare boarding teams to go on board the Space Hunter and the DropShips and secure them minimal armaments these people have surrendered to us.  Have any surrendered Aerospace Fighters dock with their motherships or in absence of those craft dock with one of our carrier DropShips.  I also want an update from the FSS Zibler and FSS Fire Fang on their damage and estimated repair times.”  He commanded the younger man turning operational command over to the WarShip’s commander.  “I’m going to try and draft a report to the First Prince and the Lyran Archon.”  He said heading for the Command Centre’s exit hearing the WarShip’s commander wish him luck as he left.

Subtlety (McKenna-class Battleship)
Nadir Point, Outreach
Star League Protectorate
22nd October 3105

   The Subtlety entered the Outreach system’s Nadir Point with a flash of light arriving in the point at the outer edge of the jump area.  “We are being challenged by the Athena” Veronica Wilson said looking at Captain Leroy-Dietrich.

   “Put it up” he said

   “This is the Wolf’s Dragoons WarShip Athena to unidenfitied McKenna-class vessel.  Identify yourself or prepare to be subject to defensive fire.”  Leroy-Dietrich nodded to Wilson who activated their transceiver system.

   “This is Captain William Leroy-Dietrich of the Subtlety my ship has no business with Outreach but I wish to travel to the planet for personal business.”  He said clearing his throat.

   “Outreach is under the protection of the Wolf’s Dragoons all trade must be done through the Dragoons or the Star League Defence Force.”  The Athena’s communications person replied “any mercenary business must go through the Wolf’s Dragoons.”

   “I am a son of Outreach my business is my own, son, now I want clearance for a single DropShip to travel to the planet’s surface then I and a small party will depart the DropShip and see to some personal business and then we will leave Outreach.”  Leroy-Dietrich said the line abruptly closed off and was silent for several minutes.

   “Subtlety a single DropShip is authorized to travel to the planet” the Athena’s officer said.

   Four days later the Subtlety’s Leopard-class DropShip arrived at Outreach and was escorted to the planet by Wolf’s Dragoons aerospace fighters.  Ever since the ‘Riot of 3067’ the Wolf’s Dragoons had limited access to the world in an effort to protect its population but it had also slowed their rebuilding of the planet.  Even with Star League Protectorate membership Outreach still bore the marks of the battle that claimed the life of General Jamie Wolf.  As the ground car left the Leopard Captain William Leroy-Dietrich thought about when he’d first chosen to become a mercenary he’d grown up with stories of the Wolf’s Dragoons victories and watched as the Regiments prepared for battle there was nothing the Dragoons could not do but joining the famed mercenary band was never part of his plan.  Instead Leroy-Dietrich had always wanted to join a small company and head into the periphery exploring the great unknown beyond the Inner Sphere before he had left he’d met her, Lorna Raphael-Ferguson, the lady of his dreams.  A pilot like him they’d battled their way through the training centres on and around Outreach and within six months they had been married joined the same mercenary command, the Fifteenth Exploration Squadron, and headed into the periphery.  They’d been happy for nearly ten years exploring the periphery looking for hidden Rim Worlds Republic bases before Lorna’s fighter had experienced a problem on a search patrol.  For nearly an hour he had listened to her fighter slowly die around her as it fell into the atmosphere of a gas giant and there was nothing he could do about it.  Orbiting over the planet William Leroy-Dietrich had been tempted to roll his fighter and dive into the atmosphere and follow her but he knew that Lorna would have never forgiven him for such an act.
Looking across at America Park today he was glad he hadn’t dove his fighter into the gas giant that day but returning to Outreach had brought it all back.  Slowly the car moved through the City of Harlech until it reached the ruined MRBC Headquarters, the place that he and Lorna had met, William Leroy-Dietrich followed by America Park stepped out of the car and looked at the ruined building.  “They’ve let the place go to hell” he said looking at the ruins they were taped off by the Dragoons and they looked like they had not been worked on for years.

“I’m surprised the Dragoons have let it lay like this” America said looking at the massive building that was left to ruin.

“It’s a memorial” Leroy-Dietrich said ripping the tape open stepping onto the grounds.  He walked over to the steps that led up to the main doors and bent down placing a Captain’s rank insignia on the steps along with the Fifteenth’s badge.  He didn’t have anything else of her that he wanted to leave behind “my love I might have found new love and new purpose but I have never forgotten you and never will” he said quietly looking down at the two insignia and up at the ruin.  “This was where it all started and I would do it all over again” he said “I miss you” he said a tear running down his cheek “but you’re home now and I can’t stay here any longer.”  He said rising back to his feet “I’ll see you again” he promised her turning heading back to America and the waiting car.  Eight hours later their DropShip, now fully refueled and supplied, left Outreach and began heading back towards the Subtlety nearly four days later the Battleship left the system heading towards Galatea Station intent on never returning to Outreach.
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Nice update!  A good haul  for the AFFS!
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Nice update.
The FS finds another way to annoy the Lyrans accidentally. O0
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Excellent update :)    I'm surprised that Canin went on a Vision quest, and the Vision itself was most interesting.  Indicative of Raven/Dragon/Cat fighting for sure but why?
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Intense update, i'm impressed with the Nova Cat entry of your story.  I though Canin was going to be challenged for control of Clan Nova Cat.  SaKhan jump at attacking Combine and Ravens seems bit crazy thou.  Know your Enemy, but more importantly i think, is know yourself.

Sun's help with the Hell's Horses was pretty nice fight. Hope someone will get Space Hunter working again.  Maybe named its original Star League name.  ;D
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All Space Hunter needs is a little duct tape, some super glue and several tons of armor. Piece of cake. ;)
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Very nice update DC, I'm glad to see the Ravens may actually be starting to become active again, though this does make me a bit nervous:

striking back at the bird knocking it to the side Katrine could see it lying dead in the sand.  As the nova cat’s spirit turned towards the snake black wings seemed to grow from its back turning the animal into something new

Quite a few ways to interpret that though, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing what actually happens.
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So Captain William Leroy-Dietrich from Outreach and was part of an explorer group on on the Rim..  more and more interesting

And then he got ambushed by "ghost raiders" who committed sucide instead of being captured, in a system that had been WOB.

This is going to be a good story
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It must be tough for him to operate full armed and operational Battleship with like no support.  Usually combat ships have support units, like cargo ships or repair tenders..never mind escorts.   They need keep supplied to keep going.
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Know your Enemy, but more importantly i think, is know yourself

That's quite good

All Space Hunter needs is a little duct tape, some super glue and several tons of armor. Piece of cake. ;)

Well... put it this way she needs less work than the Gold Knight

Quite a few ways to interpret that though, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing what actually happens.

Quite a few ways

This is going to be a good story

Thanks if anyone fancies playing about with the story before they arrived in the Inner Sphere feel free.

It must be tough for him to operate full armed and operational Battleship with like no support.  Usually combat ships have support units, like cargo ships or repair tenders..never mind escorts.   They need keep supplied to keep going.

Not quite fully operational and not quite completely unsupported please see below:

The Subtlety Profitable College of Military Arts (
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Thank you for the back story on the fabled ship! It was very subtle. ;)
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Shadow Guard Command
Shasta, District of Marik
Free Worlds League
3rd November 3105

   The Commander of the Wolf’s Dragoons General Sean Dorran surveyed the scene inside the Shadow Guard’s command base as the techs of the mercenary regiment stripped damaged weapons off of their units and worked their way through the salvage they had taken after a four day battle.  The Shadow Guard had served the Free Worlds League well over during the fighting impressing the Dragoons command, in front of him was an equally impressive vehicle a Teppo Support Vehicle, where the Shadow Guard had acquired the Teppo and learned how to fight the way they did was beyond Dorran.

   Walking past two troopers dressed in Longius Battle Armour Dorran entered the Shadow Guard’s command vehicle heading into the command room seeing Colonel Tim Storm going over the reports.  “Welcome aboard General” the old man said extending his hand which Dorran shook.

   “Thank you Colonel” Dorran said looking around it was the first time he’d been in a Teppo and he found them quite spacious inside.  He’d already witnessed the Teppo’s command and artillery support capabilities over the last days of fighting.  “You fought well your people should be very proud.”

   “I am very proud of them” Storm said studying the General “how can we help you?”

   “I’d like to make you an offer Colonel” Dorran offered Storm nodded for him to continue “you captured a significant amount of salvage from the Wolves Nineteenth Striker Cluster.”  Dorran began along lines that Storm had expected “Clan technology is expensive to maintain.  My Dragoons are not the force they once were but we have lots of expertise in maintaining the technology.”

   “We can learn to look after it” Storm said wanting to see how far Dorran would go.

   “Aff I’m certain you would” Dorran said sure that the Storm Guard could adapt to the new technology.  “However I have a counter offer for you my Dragoons will transfer to you a significant quantity of upto date Inner Sphere technology in exchange for your Clan technology.”

   “A significant offer” Storm admitted with it he could probably raise a fourth Mech Battalion and maybe more.  “But I have a counter proposal General” Storm said he was happy to get rid of the damaged Clan tech but he wanted more off the Dragoons than standard tech for the salvage.  “We’ll take a number of Inner Sphere Mechs equal to the base value of the salvage we’re giving you” he said which for anyone would be a complete bargain.  Even taking a lower amount of Mechs the Shadow Guard would end up in front overall once they counted out losses from the battle.  “And we’ll take training from your Dragoons.”

   “Training?  Colonel from what I saw on the battlefield your people do not need training they are very competent in battle.”

   “It’s not my ground forces I need help with it’s my naval personnel” he said testing the waters but Dorran gave nothing away if the Dragoons knew of his WarShip this one wasn’t letting that out.  “We have a League-class Destroyer which we’ve salvaged and slowly repaired with the Free Worlds League’s assistance she’s almost ready to go back into service but my crew have been trained on DropShips and JumpShips a destroyer is a completely different animal.”

   “The Free Worlds League could help you with that…”  Dorran pointed out wondering why Storm had turned to the Dragoons for this help “my Dragoons have not trained others since the troubles on Outreach it is something in our past.”

   “It may be in your past but it’s the price for this salvage” Storm said “and if I read you correctly General you want this salvage so you can continue to rebuild Delta Regiment.”  He said pushing what he knew of the Wolf’s Dragoons.

   “You are well informed” Sean Dorran said smiling at Storm using the knowledge he had at the right time.  The Dragoons used to be like that opportunistic ready to pounce on a battle or on a piece of information without hesitation but they’d lost that somewhere.  “You have a deal.  I’ll have my people travel here and then on with your people to your base of operations.  I will be sending a security force with my people” he warned the commander of the Shadow Guard.

   “I would expect nothing less General but your people will be treated as my personal guests I assure you.”  He promised the other mercenary extending his hand.

   “To the beginning of a profitable relationship for both of our commands” Sean Dorran said shaking Tim Storm’s hand.

Circle of Equals, Ebon Guard Command
City of Andrey, Tukayyid
Clan Territory
11th November 3105

   In a Circle of Equals Star Colonel Thomas Ward, commander of the Second Ebon Guard Cluster, challenges and defeats the Loremaster of the Clans Miguel Icaza over a disagreement regarding the treatment of the lower castes on Tukayyid.  Until now the position had been filled by a Loremaster or Oathmaster from one of the remaining Clans but because Ward defeated Icaza in single combat the Star Colonel claims the position for himself stating that if the Clans wish to replace him they will have to defeat him in battle.

Like many warriors of the Ebon Guard Thomas Ward is older than the traditional Clan warrior.  He was born in 3063 on Tamar to Clan Wolf and has served with the Ebon Guard since it was formed in 3090.  Unlike many other Clan warriors who have transferred to the Ebon Guard Thomas Ward continues to wear a standard Clan Wolf uniform which is adorned with both Clan Wolf and Ebon Guard insignia.

Civil Conflict
Lothian League, Periphery
20th November 3105

   The Lothian League falls into Civil War after weeks of unrest and disagreement on who should take control over the nation.  Open fighting only occurs on a few worlds but the Lyran Commonwealth are fast to capitalize on the nation’s failure moving on Thadora’s Land, Blanteff, Zorns Keep and Maxmillian.  Without leadership from Lothario the mercenaries hired to defend these planets do not resist the Lyrans instead agreeing to surrender in exchange for transport to Galatea Station classing their contracts null and void.

   On Maxmillian and Blantleff the Lyran Commonwealth and the District of Gibraltar come into conflict as both nations attempt to claim the planets.  With the Rubinsky’s Light Horse Mercenary Command fighting against the Eighth Tamarind Militia Combined-arms Regiment on Maxmillian.  After three months of cat-and-mouse fighting the Eighth withdraw from the planet leaving Maxmillian and Blandeff to the Lyran Commonwealth.

   At the otherside of the Lothian League the Marian Hegemony strike at Paulinus but are unable to claim the Lothian world having to retreat after a few days fighting against the Gamma Twelve mercenary command.

Clan Wolf Territory
Solaris VII, Star League Protectorate   
30th November 3105

   Since coming to Solaris VII the Wolves had been attacked by the stables who called Solaris Home in the arena and on the streets.  Today was another of those days several of the stables had decided that Clan Wolf’s time on Solaris needed to come to an end.  Preidictibly the SLDF Peacekeepers on the planet were out of position to stop the stables so now Clan Wolf would reply.  Recently crowned champion of the Star League Games Star Captain Beckham Kerensky breathed heavily as he turned his damaged Tomahawk II OmniMech towards the incoming enemy Mech.  “We have Jade Falcons of the Zellbrigen Stable on the field” he said looking at sensor readout on the Kraken XR as its autocannons barked to life ripping into the left hand side of his OmniMehch’s armour.

   “Kill them” Star Colonel Ivan Ward his commander and another winner of the Star League Games commanded.

   “Aff” Beckham replied triggering both of his shotgun-type autocannons ripping open the side of the Kraken.  Moments later he triggered both of his OmniMech’s pulse lasers and the extended range large laser under the cockpit burning down the side of the Kraken as it turned.  The Kraken XR reeled under the hits but its laser reflective armour protecting it from most of the damage.  Long range missies and autocannons flew between the two Mechs as the Kraken returned fire.  Beckham Kerensky loved since Mech combat and against a Mech of equal size he’d have his work cut out.  Dancing his massive one hundred ton OmniMech to the right the Wolf warrior opened up with another paired autocannon blast ripping into the enemy assault BattleMech.  The Kraken returned fire causing more damage with its autocannons and laser.  Beckham opened up with his Mech’s lasers again and again seeing little damage “stavag laser reflective armour!” he snapped angrily “let’s see you absorb this” he said stomping his OmniMech forward at nearly fifty-four kilometres per hour closing the gap between the two huge Mechs rapidly ducking his Mech’s right shoulder as he approached Beckham Kerensky intentionally broke Clan duelling rules by slamming his Tomahawk II into the Kraken staggering the Jade Falcon BattleMech backwards.  As the Kraken stepped back he fired both LB-autocannons and his quartet of anti-personnel gauss rifles ripping open the Kraken’s armour.  The rotary autocannons of the Jade Falcon BattleMech spat to life again tearing into the Tomahawk’s armour as the warrior held down on the triggers until the inevitable happened one of the cannons jammed.  Beckham stepped forwards again ignoring the damage firing his autocannons and AP gauss again chipping away at the armour before kicking out at the Kraken smashing the Mech’s right knee actuator forcing the Kraken back again.  Both of the Kraken’s missile launchers came alive at near point blank range tearing into the Tomahawk causing heavy torso and head armour damage.  As the cockpit bounced about from the massive hit Beckham Kerensky’s head slammed into one of the overhead screens giving the Kraken some breathing space and time to pull back surprisingly the Kraken didn’t open up on Beckham’s Tomahawk instead continuing to pull back.

   “Take a breath, take stock, and here we go” Beckham Kerensky said ignoring his head injury moving forwards the Kraken turned towards him as he closed opening fire with both of his autocannons Kerensky realized the warrior had spend the moment to clear the jammed rotary and cursed giving the warrior that time as the autocannons opened new holes in the Tomahawk’s armour.  “No breaks this time” he promised his enemy charging forward firing his autocannons and AP gauss again concentrating on the crippled right knee.  Kerensky was happy to see the armour give way exposing the remains of the structure triggering his large pulse and extended range lasers he aimed holes created by his autocannons blowing the limb completely off the BattleMech.  The Kraken was unable to stand as the right leg snapped under the weight of the BattleMech and began to fall Beckham Kerensky followed the Kraken down firing his weapons into the falling Mech shattering the Mech’s torso and head armour killing the warrior underneath.  This was his second kill of the day but it would not be the last scanning the area nearby Kerensky saw markers for the other Mechs of his Star and moved to join them.

   Several hours later Star Colonel Ivan Ward sat opposite Colonel Waleed Barkawi the commander of the First Solaris Security Regiment of the Star League Defence Force.  “Colonel with two Regiments of Star League Defence Force personnel on this planet you were still unable to stop heavy damage being done to the Wolf forces on planet.”

   “We were deployed to another disturbance at the south of the city.”  Barkawi replied visibly annoyed by the lapse in security “this was a distraction intent on keeping us busy.  They must have taken months if not years to plan this assault.”

   “One consolation is we were able to destroy the Jade Falcons on the planet.”  Ivan Ward said

   “As long as your people remain on this planet there will be trouble…” Barkawi began before Ward interrupted.

   “If you wish us to flood Solaris with troops and turn the streets into a bloodbath then we will but Clan Wolf is not leaving this planet.”

   “I did not think so” Barakawi said looking Ward up and down “what I meant was your forces on planet simply increase the tensions on this planet.  Your continued dominance of the games is another issue.”

   “Because we are better than the other warriors on planet it causes problems?  I am sure there are others who have dominated Solaris previously Quiaff?”

   “Yes but generally they were not state based.  The Lyrans have always held a home advantage but the others have been able to bring them down which has kept the people content.”

   “We have not had the same successes in the regular championship.  The people should be glad that Clan Wolf has not tried to dominate all of the games on Solaris VII.”  The Wolf warrior stated “I suggest that Clan Wolf be allowed to take a more active roll in the security of Solaris VII and allowed to arrest those we class as threats.”

   “That is not happening not while we remain on this planet” Barkawi stated “which brings us back to turning the streets of Solaris into a bloodbath.”

   “There is another way.”  Ward suggested “Solaris ceases to be a protectorate of the Star League but does not become a world of Clan Wolf.”  He said rising up from his chair “instead a joint SLDF and Clan Wolf force is formed to defend Solaris from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

   “Commanded by?  SLDF troopers will not fight their superiors to gain command” Barkawi stated “nor is Solaris likely to take well to a Clan officer in command of Wolf units that have sole responsibility for protecting this system.  People will not feel comfortable with Wolf forces in charge of security on this planet.”

   “It does not have to be purely a Wolf and SLDF force we could include elements of all of the Clans make the defence of Solaris a multinational force.”  Ward suggested “the Ebon Guard on Tukayyid is made up of warriors from all of the Clans.  Your Star League Defence Force is made up of elements of all of the Star League’s member states.  Between the two we can form a force that will defend Solaris VII independent of the Clans and of the Inner Sphere create an open system for all if you will.”

   “Like Tukayyid?  But that remains a closed system correct?”  Barkawi said challenging Ward’s idea that Solaris would remain an open system.

   “Then we open Tukayyid to visitors” Ward suggested “with restrictions of course” he said thinking that he didn’t want masses of Inner Sphere people wandering around the Clan capital.  “Unfortunately we cannot have SLDF units on Tuakkyid that is a compromise we are not willing to make.”

   “I am open to your plan but I will need conformation from the Star League Council and my superiors.”

   “Aff I will need conformation from the Loremaster of the Clans and likely the Clan Council as well especially for Tukayyid.”  Ward said as Barkawi rose from his seat offering Ward his hand which the Clan Star Colonel shook.

   It would take a further three months for the Star League Defence Force and Clan Council to secure an agreement over the future of Solaris VII with Colonel Waleed Barkawi confirmed as the first commander of the Solaris Security Command.  With a united command on Solaris and surrounding each facility on the planet, including Clan Wolf’s facilities, the tensions on the planet continued to simmer but were no longer at the stage of open fighting.  An agreement was made between the Star League Defence Force and Clans for traders to be allowed access to Tukayyid to openly trade with the Clans although with great restrictions placed on visitors to the planet including that no-one is welcome within the grounds of the City of Andrey.
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Good deal for the Shadow Guard, not sure the Solaris VII idea will work out for the best in the long run.
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Great update as always! The Solaris guard could be interesting and odd that there's a 'liberal' who cares for the lower castes acting as Loremaster of the Clans and as an aged warrior too.  With someone like this in an a very high ranking position could do some interesting stuff.
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Good deal for the Shadow Guard, not sure the Solaris VII idea will work out for the best in the long run.

Maybe, maybe not, it was that or I turn Solaris into a battlefield or a conquered Wolf planet which I wasn't completely ready for just yet.

Great update as always! The Solaris guard could be interesting and odd that there's a 'liberal' who cares for the lower castes acting as Loremaster of the Clans and as an aged warrior too.  With someone like this in an a very high ranking position could do some interesting stuff.

Not quite a lower caste acting as Loremaster of the Clans.  He's a Trueborn Bloodnamed MechWarrior that carries a lot of sway even with age.

My thanks to Vition2 for help in bringing the Hyades-class Corvette to life. (
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I know very little about warship design but for a first attempt at building a vessel by the Taurian's in centuries it looks quite good.
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I know very little about warship design but for a first attempt at building a vessel by the Taurian's in centuries it looks quite good.

For it's size it is kind of a beast, but most of the weapons are very short ranged compared to more modern warships.  One particularly interesting thing about it is that although it has the armor fairly typical of a corvette or destroyer, there's a pretty good chance it'll be able to limp back to a shipyard given the strength of its structure. (a side-effect of DC saying the equivalent of "moar armor... NO! I said MOAR!" lol)
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She's a lovely little brawler and to me it screams heavy escort/raider.  Those massed sub-capital weapons would be nasty against fighters and dropships as well as a dire threat to jumpships.
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Time to finally end 3105.  My thanks to marauder648 for the help with the Hell's Horses AFFS fight as I had severe writers block trying to write the piece.

Duke of Saffel Residence
Saffel, Alya Prefecture
District of Dieron, Draconis Combine
4th December 3105

As the Duke of Saffel Dean Singer entered his office within his official residence he knew there was something wrong.  There had been people against his appointment to the leadership of Saffel but the danger had never felt so closer.  Dean Singer reached for the light switch to his office and it was the last thing he did.  Moments later the office, along with the one time Duke of Saffel, was incinerated by an explosion which took out that half of the residence killing fourteen others who were in the building.

With emergency services charging to assist their Duke his personal BattleMech a customized Huron Warrior imported from the Capellan Confederation, at great cost to Singer and the people of Saffel, exited the residence’s reinforced Mechbay firing its silver bullet gauss rifle and pulse laser into the emergency services as he escaped into the night.

Days later the assassin and thief was identified as small time crook Bobby Winchester a known gun and drug runner but someone who had to date never resorted to violence.  With the Duke murdered, the leader of the local constabulary and the head of the planetary militia killed in the attack no-one is able to asset control over the planetary government before several transport ships leave the system including one carrying Bobby Winchester and the stolen Huron Warrior.  In an effort to support the planetary government Dieron dispatch the Sixteenth District of Dieron Regulars, a green unit, off of Dieron to bring order to Saffel.

Planning Rooms, Celestial Palace
Forbidden City, Sian
Sian Commonality, Capellan Confederation
14th December 3105

   The Celestial Wisdom Chancellor Dao Shen-Liao stood listening to his advisers the war against Oriente continued well with attacks on Pella II, Shuen Wan and Anegasaki the Confederation’s goal now clear to Oriente under the Celestial Wisdom’s Banner like Andurien before it.  “Our forces are rolling back Oriente defenders even with their Orbital Defence Guns.”  Sang-jiang-jun Erin Liao, the Chancellor’s wife, said leading the briefing.  “Naval and ground forces from both nations have sparred in the Pella II system.  Our naval forces have destroyed the OPS Fletcher in that system but the Fourth Oriente Hussars continues to resist on the planets surface…” she said pausing as a young officer entered nervously she turned to the Chancellor.  “Sire, the Santorini Battle Group have been spotted…”

   “Excellent where?”  The Chancellor demanded the Santorini Battle Group was home to Oriente’s only Thera-class Carrier to kill it had been the Chancellor’s goal for years.

   “Over Sarna” she reported seeing Dao-Shen’s rage rising “it appears that they crossed the border at Sakhalin and quickly moved on Sarna they have also struck at Quemoy.”  She said reading the briefing.  “Oriente has called for our withdrawal from their territory or they will destroy our WarShips and our ground forces on the Sarna Supremacy worlds” she said.

   “They cannot hope to take and hold Sarna while we will be on Oriente in weeks.”  Dao-Shen Liao stated confidently.

   “If the rest of the Free Worlds League joins with Oriente we will lose all of the Sarna Commonality” she warned.  “Davion will not sit on his throne and watch as Oriente take our territory.  Without Sarna to administer and control its Commonality we will lose the territory completely.”  She said continuing her warning.

   “We will not surrender!” Dao-Shen Liao snapped “order our forces to dig into their positions on Sarna and prepare the invasion of Oriente!”  He said turning leaving the planning room to Sang-jiang-jun Erin Liao and her commanders.  As Sian refuses to surrender the District of Oriente land ground forces on Sarna while naval and ground forces from both sides engage each other in multiple systems setting the border between these nations on fire.

Grundwald, Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone
30th December 3105

   With the FSS Zibler still under repairs in the Summit system the Federated Suns navy units in conjunction with the Lyran Commonwealth military moved on Grundwald and Borghese.  While the Borghese system had surprisingly fallen easily to the Lyran forces in the Grundwald system they had found a Halcyon-class Cruiser and an elite cluster of ground forces.  With the Lyran Commonwealth’s LCS Typhoon, a Mjolnir-class Battlecruiser, beside them escorting the AFFS units it was time to engage the Hell’s Horses.  In the FSS Reinhart Steiner’s command centre Admiral Alexander Duvall glanced over at their guest and nodded for her to continue.  “This is Star Colonel Amanda Leroux to defending forces I challenge for control over this system for Clan Mountain Wolf and the Lyran Commonwealth.”  She said confidently Duvall had to admit when she had come on board she had not liked the Wolf warrior but she and the others from her Clan who were on board had adjusted well to the structure on board the FSS Reinhart Steiner.

   “Wolf you are on a Federated Suns WarShip do not attempt to fool us.”

   “You will see that this vessel and the others with it are identified as Lyran Commonwealth vessels.  I am a Mountain Wolf Cluster commander and I am fully in control of this battle.”  She said turning to the air-boss “deploy aerospace fighters on all vessels.  Order our DropShips to assume combat formations.”  She said from the belly of the FSS Reinhart Steiner aerospace fighters with AFFS, Mountain Wolf and Lyran Commonwealth insignia launched from the craft.  Several of the Federated Suns aerospace fighters had been replaced with those from Clan Mountain Wolf as had several of their DropShips.  “As you can see my forces are my own.”

   “You will accept a Batchall Quiaff?”  The warrior asked a single Halcyon-class Cruiser and support DropShips would not be enough to turn back the assault forces against them.

   “Aff” Amanda Leroux said carefully intent on not drawing the Inner Sphere forces under her command into a Clan bidding war.

   “I bid a single Halcyon-class Cruiser, four DropShips, their attached support units and the First Horde Cluster to the defence of this system.”  The Hell’s Horses commander responded a couple of moments later.

   “I respond with a single Avalon II-class Cruiser, its support craft and the First Commonwealth Guards Regiment to capture this system.  I will not be hobbling my forces further with a smaller bid.”

   “Well bargained and done” the Horses commander said surprisingly quickly without even a single barb about the lack of a smaller bid.

   “Contact the FSS Jackson Davion and Star Captain Rygard Carns” Amanda Leroux commanded moments later there was a connection between the two WarShips.  “Star Captain your vessel and crew will lead the battle into this system.”  She said as per the Lyran, Federated Suns and Mountain Wolf agreement there were Mountain Wolf warriors embedded on board every WarShip, DropShip, fighter squadron and ground force battalion.  In each communication with the defenders of the systems the Mountain Wolves would lead meaning that any challenge came from the Mountain Wolves and every captured unit would go to the Mountain Wolf Clan helping rebuild it.  Amanda Leroux was sure that both the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth would end up with at least some of the salvage but the Mountain Wolves would gain the first choice and the best of their captures.

   With the FSS Jackson Davion and her escorts moving away from the AFFS fleet the Avalon II class cruiser began launching her fighters as did her escort group.  The three escorting Pocket Warships moved forwards at high speed, trying to close the range.

“Sir we’re getting a good clean data-link between all elements.  ID scans show a pair of Outpost Defenders, one Titan and an Arcadia running escort, the cruiser the CHH Nightmare's Edge is at the centre of their formation following at 600 km distance.”

“Time to intercept?”

“At current speed, thirty minutes.”

Aboard the Titan class Carrier Bon Homme Richard it was as scene of organised chaos on her forward hangar bay.  Under way there was gravity and this made life easier for the tech’s as they hauled weapon pods and linkages from their magazine elevators.

“Technician Jones, I do not care if the ghost of the Great Father himself appeared and bid you to halt, you WILL get my Star’s fighters reequipped before launch.”

The Technician, a long standing member of the Richards crew knew how to deal with arsey aerospace pilots; he had been doing it for twenty years.

“My men are trying their best, but we only have enough weapon pods to rearm six of your craft! The remainder will have to go into battle in the Charlie configuration.”

“Explain why.”

‘Because we were not expecting you do to anything more than be a ****** shuttle for Elementals you arrogant ass.’ Is what Jones wanted to say, instead he gestured to the row of tiger stripe painted Kirghiz fighters that aerotechs were swarming over whilst exoskeletons helped with the heavy loading.  “Simple logistics and the operational role of Lightning Star prior to the deployment in system.  We are trying our best, I can give you two Primes, two Deltas, one Bravo and an Echo but the rest will have to go out as Charlies.  Is that acceptable Quiaff?
“Aff” Inwardly Star Captain James Hawker growled, instead he just nodded.  After arriving in orbit his Star had been acting as a quick deployment force, carrying Elementals from point to point at the beck and call of the Horde, demeaning but important work.  Now with half stores aboard there simply wasn't the equipment to fully arm ten of the big fighters.

“Very good Star Captain, now can you please get out of the bloody way whilst we sort your fighter out. She will be an Echo and neg you do not get a say in the matter.”

FSS Jackson Davion

“Hostiles are launching fighters. Visigoths from the Outposts, they are forming up into a Star.  Another ten from the cruiser, Titan is launching now Sirs.  Reading…One star of Sulla’s one Star of hrm…Tyre’s of Kirghiz Sir”

On the holographic displays the Clan ships and fighters took position, the Titan hanging well back, she was no warship and despite its great size, was achingly vulnerable, the two Outposts and the Arcadia though were coming forwards along with every fighter the Horses had.  It was no ill-disciplined rush either, they were keeping close together, their fire lanes overlapping.
“Sensors what are those launching from the cruiser?”

“Pelican class shuttles sir…damn that’s a lot of them…count is 18..22..28..30!”

Captain Leonard Kyle glanced at his Mountain Wolf companion “The Pelican is an assault shuttle and primary mover; they can carry Elementals but they are not built for breaching operations.”
“How many Elementals?”

“Twenty five depending on weight of course.  Twenty-five standard suits.”

“And you say they’ve no mag clamps?”

“Aff, they could deposit troops on the hull but they cannot lock onto us and cut their way inside.”

“CAG! Keep an eye on those damn shuttles; I don’t fancy getting boarded today.”

“Roger that Sir.”

“Sir! We are within range and have a good feed from our escorts.”

“Very good.  Guns, target the cruiser, she’s the threat, have our escorts engage their DropShips and fighters. That Kirghiz Star’s a priority target.”

The ships fighters were all brand new, the Admiralty wanted to put their best in combat and test them, and a mixture of Corsair 12D’s and Cutlasses formed her air group, but still it was 32 fighters against 50.

A dozen affirmatives rang out before the Jackson Davion shuddered slightly as her guns and missiles began their firing sequences.  Guided by the Naval C3 her guns were tracking the Clan cruiser as it lumbered forwards behind its escorts.  It seems the Clanners knew about the C3 on the Suns warships, they were all moving forwards, even the cruiser was at a full 1.5g burn her gauss rifles spitting in the dark.  But at this range and with C3’s inherent advantages the Federated Suns cruiser scored the first hits as a pair of NAC rounds detonated on impact with the Clanner’s hull.  The Avalon’s missiles were having a harder time though, only one got through the barrage of AMS fire and her flak belt as the Clan cruisers shorter ranged guns also engaged the inbound missiles.

“Enemy forces are continuing to close Sir.”

“Good, Helm! Bring us to Red 119, down 15. Guns fire as you bare!”

As the Jackson Davion began her turn to Starboard the CHH Nightmare’s Edge kept on charging forwards.  The Halcyon was taking hits but her thick armour was absorbing them for now whilst giving back as best she could against her bigger and faster opponent.

CHH Nightmare's Edge

Gripping the arms of his chair as the Edge rocked from another hit, this one further along her dorsal hull, Star Commodore Karina Dwelley grinned “Release the hounds! Have Stalker flight follow them in!”

On the holo-display the fighter brawl was a confused tangle of signals as the fighters threw themselves into the battle against their opposite numbers.  The Arcadia Gravewalker was the biggest return amongst the melee, her commander Star Captain Tara Bolt throwing the assault ship around with all the skill and grace she and her crew were renowned for.  Still it was a tough fight, the three Federated Suns assault ships were big and shockingly well-armed.  They were also feeding data to the cruiser and she was taking full advantage of that and her gunners knew their business.  Still her surprise should stop that.  The Pelican’s surged forwards, ECM’s going live in an overlapping barrier of howling and more importantly concentrated electronic noise, thrusters blazing as they opened the throttle and charged.  Not all of the shuttles were carrying Elementals, most were down on the world below but still the 75 on-board the Nightmare’s Edge were more than willing to attempt a boarding action. 

FSS Jackson Davion

“Sir! We’re being jammed!”

“What? What the hell’s going on!”

“Not our systems but the C3’s lousy with interference.  Attempting to re-establish links now Sir!”

“Assault shuttles inbound!”

“Sir! It’s those shuttles!  They are jamming the link between us and our escorts.”

“Helm! Continue the turn, increase thrust. All hands stand by for heavy thrust. Helm put our stern to them, Guns! Target those damn shuttles with the missiles.”

On the holo-display the Clan ship was starting a turn even as one of her Outposts burst apart, gutted by the guns of the Stalwart, but the Clanner fighters were everywhere, his Air group was holding its own but they were outnumbered and unable to break off, when they did, more Clanner’s jumped onto them after waiting and with a wedge of assault shuttles charging on in with the risk of up to 750 Elementals being carried it was just a risk that could not be born.  The Jackson Davion’s engines flared to life as she slewed to her new course, pulling ahead of the slower Nightmare’s Edge.  She was fast.  The Pelicans were faster.

Even as their WarShip ‘mother’ was embattled the Suns cruiser’s escort group were finally overcoming their foes.  The Arondight class was built for this kind of battle, a freewheeling brawl and their cannons were spitting as fast as they reloaded, heavy armour taking fire despite repeated attack runs from the Horse fighters.  With one Outpost down and the other bleeding air from a 20-meter crater in her side from an internal explosion the Federated Suns Pocket Warships turned their guns on the flank of the Nightmare’s Edge even as the Clan ship fired into the Jackson Davion’s stern.

Not every Pelican carried Elementals, and the Jackson’s anti-fighter defences were filling space around the cruiser with a blizzard of Gauss shards, missiles and pulses of laser light, swatting them from space in short lived puffs of flame and spinning debris.  But enough got close to deposit their cargo across the upper hull of the Federated Suns cruiser.  Of course such a manoeuvre was not without risk, disembark too quick and the suits mag boots might not grip and you’d be sent spinning away from the rapidly maneuvering cruiser with no hope of rescue.  This happened to eight Elementals, whilst another two didn’t even leave the hull, one hit too hard and shattered his knees and was immediately WIA, the other got hopelessly wedged as he bounced along the hull between the main hull and a radiator vane.  The sixty-five surviving Elementals had been spread liberally over the dorsal section of the Jackson Davion the assault far from coordinated.  This made things easier for the Jackson’s defending Marines but the Clanners were ALL in Gnome battle armour which despite its age was still a deeply formidable design.

With the Suns cruiser turning to bring her vulnerable stern out of the fire the Nightmare’s Edge was pouring into it the two cruisers were getting into a more traditional broadside battle, hammering one another with every weapon at their disposal.  It was as much a battle of wills as a battle of endurance.  But with her hull battered and air bleeding from a dozen gashes in her flank and spine the Nightmare started to turn away first, cutting thrust, letting the Davion ship pull ahead, the range opening rapidly.

“Stalkers! This is Stalker lead, anyone still with me?”

“Aff, Stalkers seven, eight and two!”

“Good!  The Edge cannot take much more, we will attack the cruiser’s stern.  If we can damage her engines then the Edge will be able to withdraw.”

All four remaining Kirghiz were in a bad way, but they were still armed and flying, their Tyre escorts having suffered heavily trying to cover them from the faster and very agile Davion fighters.  The alert receiver on Hawker’s fighter blared as the Jackson Davion’s gunners locked onto the new threat even as the Pelican's wheeled overhead, strafing ineffectually at her hull with their missiles. 

The four assault fighters bore in, their pilots jinking and throwing their 100 tonne craft around, jammers trying to throw off the cruisers gunners even as they were fired upon.

Stalker Eight erupted into a fireball as a Barracuda missile slammed into its belly; Two was bisected by a concentrated blast of laser fire before they got through the main flak belt.  Near wingtip to wingtip the two Kirghiz opened fire as one.  Hawker’s HAG-40’s spraying clouds of hyper-velocity slugs over the Jackson’s stern. 

FSS Jackson Davion

“Sir! The jamming’s gone! Link re-established!”

“Finish that Clanner bastard off now!” Hard a port!”

There was a flash as something was hit.  White vapour started pouring from a breech on the Jackson’s stern.  Hawker spotted it, but so too did the cruiser’s engineering detachment.  It was fuel, the cruiser’s semi-modular fuel tanks had taken a hit and it was leaving a trail of rapidly expanding frozen hydrogen slush behind them.  The leaking tank was jettisoned a moment later and it was already several hundred meters astern and under the Jackson when the inevitable happened.  A particle bolt passed through the Hydrogen and it ignited in what could be called a deflagration.  The difference between a deflagration and explosion is that the former is a rapid burn.  In this case along the trail left by the fuel tank, following it to its source.

Even as the Nightmare’s Edge finally succumbed to the relentless pounding of the Jackson’s guns the Federated Suns ship was suddenly ‘kicked’ from behind as a tank with nearly 800 tonnes of fuel in it exploded just behind her.  The blast threw the ships stern up and her bow down, one engine smashed by the sudden blast, its vents wrecked whilst the blast was still close enough to act like a sub-kiloton explosion melting and burning parts of the hull, the energy of the explosion also sending a heavy shock through the cruisers hull which threw crew against the hull and knocked systems out of alignment.

Further astern the Nightmare’s Edge was tumbling to port, bleeding air as her thrusters fired to try keep her upright whilst her crew abandoned ship.  Her back was broken, her armour punctured whilst internal fires raged along her starboard hull section.  Of her fighter group, eighteen would survive to pull back, leaving no Davion survivors.  The crippled Arcadia Gravewalker was barely active, held together by the efforts of her crew and what little armour remained along her hull.  Only the Bon Homme Richard was undamaged, the Titan hanging back the entire time, only moving forwards now to pick up escape pods and lifeboats. 
Aboard the Jackson Davion her crew began the serious task of saving the ship.  With one primary thruster down and with shock damage across the ship as well as having a badly battered hull the cruiser was in a serious way, if not at risk of being lost.  The Clan borders had been met and there was still fighting along the upper hull.  Some Elemental’s had forced their way inside and caused considerable damage before being contained and eliminated.  Only when the Nightmare’s Edge erupted in a ball of light as her fires finally reached her magazines did the survivors finally surrender and accept being made Bondsmen. 

Space belonged to the Allied forces but it had come at a heavy cost.  All thirty-four fighters were gone, although eighteen pilots had managed to eject safely and were recovered.  The Arondight class dropship Fire and the Flame was so badly damaged that she had to be abandoned and scuttled, whilst the other two were mauled and could barely dock for repairs themselves.  The Jackson Davion herself had taken moderate damage but her engines had taken a heavy amount of damage and the shock damage had in the words of her chief engineer “Utterly frakked the jump drive.  At least for a while anyhow.”  Until it was repaired and precision calibration carried out, the Jackson Davion was going nowhere.
Ground Battle
Grunwald, Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone
30th December 3105

   From space to the ground the First Commonwealth Guards Regiment dropped through the sky towards the ground.  The regiment was actually more like a reinforced combined-arms force with five battalions of forces between their combined units.  The Lyran forces despite having the upper hand in space knew that they would be facing a tough ground battle and immediately this became clear as capital missiles rose from the surface striking towards their DropShips.  The Lyrans defence systems activated but they were not enough to stop the incoming missiles and several DropShips took heavy damage as they came into land.  Fortunately the Lyrans had been ready for this attack and the crews had prepared their vessels for heavy combat taking every precaution.  As the Lyran DropShips landed Lyran BattleMechs charged from the DropShips firing on the Horses who were arrayed against them between Lyran BattleMechs and vehicles were others carrying Clan Mountain Wolf’s insignia carrying on the same trend used against the Hell’s Horses in space.

   Surrounding the Lyran Commonwealth landing zones were warriors of Clan Hell’s Horses who filled the air with weapons fire tearing into the Inner Sphere forces while artillery missiles slammed into their BattleMechs and DropShips.  From above Lyran and Mountain Wolf aerospace forces now dominated the skies but on the ground the fast moving Hell’s Horses forces were continuing to fight hard causing casualties in the Commonwealth Guards.

   With continous aerospace fighter attacks and as more Lyrans and Mountain Wolves deployed into the warzone the Hell’s Horses were slowly overwhelmed by the firepower being brought onto them.  Lyran aerospace fighter attacks also quickly located and neutralized the Hell’s Horses DropShips crippling their ability to maintain their units and eliminating their ability to withdraw from the planet.  Within hours the Horde Cluster’s ability to fight had been diminished by lack of ammunition and supplies forcing the Horses to withdraw across the planet while being constantly harried by aerospace fighters and fast moving BattleMech forces.  By the end of the third day the remaining two trinaries of the First Horde Cluster surrendered to the Mountain Wolf commander the remaining warriors taken as bondsmen to that Clan while the salvage was split evenly between the Lyrans and Wolves.

With the FSS Jackson Davion crippled in the system victory on the ground goes a long way towards justifying the FSN’s presence in the system.  With the FSS Zibler under orders to return to the Federated Suns for extensive repairs the FSS Intrepid, a repair ship, and the FSS New Avalon, a Whirlwind II-class Destroyer are ordered to rendezvous in the Tikonov and then head to the Lyran Commonwealth to support the remaining units.
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Current active WarShips and Units

One thing I've noticed (and really should have looked at previously) just because a WarShip is in a system with a shipyard it doesn't mean it is being refitted just that it's currently based there.  ie the Snow Raven.  She's based in a system with a shipyard not she's been in refit all the time (yes she had some work done but not a huge refit) I knew there was something wrong with that but I answered before away from my stuff so the answer was off.

EDIT: Small thing on the Unit's document Clan Nova Cat's Upsilon Galaxy should read in the Posting section "Periphery"

End of 3105 Map (
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Nova Cat Border Raid
Multan, Kandahar Prefecture
Pesht Military District, Draconis Combine
4th January 3106

   The Trial of Possession for Multan had began well the Draconis Combine commander of the Sixth Pesht Regulars Regiment had accepted the Nova Cat Batchall bidding their entire combined-arms regiment Katrine Devalis had bid a single Supernova from her Upsilon Keshik and the three trinaries of the 450th Assault Cluster both of the saKhan’s Upsilon Galaxy.

   The Nova Cat forces had split in half Katrine leading Upsilon Keshik and half of the 450th force to the east of the Sixth while the other half of the 450th force had moved around the west side of the Pesht Regulars catching the Combine unit in a pincer movement.  Katrine sat in her Deimos Assault OmniMech watching the battle unfold in front of her.  The Sixth Pesht Regulars were not ready for the engagement and her half of the defenders were already caving under the pressure of her assault.  “Continue forward.  Star Colonel Sheldon Rosse we are driving them towards you.”  She said moving her OmniMech over the frozen terrain.  Why humanity had ever come to this frozen world was beyond her it lacked any sufficiently sized slopes for recreation, there were now massive mining operations that her people had detected and the cold temperatures made it hard to grow crops.  It was like this world had been colonized purely to see how long it would take for it to kill the planetary population but humanity as stubborn as it was had refused to give up on the planet.

   “Aff saKhan we have detected forces on our flanks but none have entered weapons range.”

   “Strange the Sixth appeared to be holding together in a single formation” she said moving her eighty-five ton OmniMech forwards towards the retreating enemy forces.

   “Aff we believed that to be the case saKhan but we have detected multiple units moving along our flank.  We are engaging remaining Sixth Pesht units.”  He said replying as his units merged with the Sixth on Katrine’s long range sensors.

   “Keshik move forwards the Sixth have already broken Zellbrigen so you do not need to pick targets let’s eliminate them.”  She commanded moving her OmniMech forwards.  Suddenly up ahead Katrine watched as several of the 450th’s unit markers disappeared.  “Star Colonel Rosse report” she demanded not understanding how the units could have been destroyed so quickly by a defeated enemy.

   “We’ve been attacked by an unidentified force which do not have Sixth Pesht markings” he reported moments later adding “they include a Deimos OmniMech.”

   “Deimos” Katrine Devalis repeated almost turning the OmniMech’s name into a curse only the Snow Ravens fielded multiple Deimos type OmniMech’s.  “Keshik units accelerate your speed.”  She commanded engaging the OmniMech’s MASC system carefully moving faster over the frozen icy terrain.  The Assault OmniMech soon entered maximum range of the 450th Assault Cluster’s units and she saw additional OmnIMechs and BattleMechs all wearing the the insignia of Clan Snow Raven mixing freely with the Sixth Pesht Regular units attacking the remaining 450th units.  “Dezgra” Katrine stated aiming her OmniMech’s two Extended Range Large Lasers firing them into an enemy Omen BattleMech.  “This is Katrine Devalis saKhan of Clan Nova Cat to Snow Raven units you have interfered with a Trial of Possession as a result I declare this Trial void.”  She said angrily “saKhan Katrine Devalis to 450th I call in the remains of the Cluster hot-drop on top of the Sixth Pesht’s positions target all enemies.”  She ordered moving her Mech forward gaining a lock on the Omen for a second time this time engaging with twin Streak Long Range Missile Launchers sending forty long range missiles into the Snow Raven BattleMech.

   In the skies above a Nova Cat Vanguard-class DropShip dived over the area opening fire on the area with particle canons, missiles, gauss rifles and lasers as BattleMechs, Battle Armour and ProtoMechs deployed from the DropShip right on top of the Snow Raven/DCMS forces.  Katrine Devalis pushed her Deimos forwards maintaining her speed as she fired her Mech’s lasers and torso mounted rotary autocannon as fast as the weapons cycled tearing into the Omen ahead of her.  The Snow Raven BattleMech turned to fire on her but was hit by a gauss rifle slug fired from a fast moving Shadow Cat OmniMech knocking its advanced tactical missiles off their target.  As the missiles exploded all around Katrine’s OmniMech she pushed forward cutting to the right as her lasers cored their way through the enemy assault Mech’s armour and into its internal structure.  The Omen pilot was not giving up as Katrine circled her enemy the pilot opened fire with its autocannon and pulse lasers burning several gashes in the Deimos left leg and lower left torso.  Katrine kept her OmniMech moving twisting the Deimos’ torso to keep her weapons on the target the autocannon ground to a halt jammed from its constant use but her missiles screamed a “locked” tone and she unleashed another volley of long range missiles into the target causing a wave of explosions over the enemy BattleMech’s torso as the missiles overwhelmed the Omen’s anti-missile defence system.  The Snow Raven Omen staggered backwards under the damage that Katrine had done straight into five Elementals who leapt up onto the Assault BattleMech swarming the target Katrine hated turning the kill over to the Power Armoured Infantry but their attack gave her the time needed to fall back, clear the jam on her autocannon and take stock of the battle.

   What she saw despised her, the Draconis Combine unit had been completely destroyed by the Nova Cat attack even with the Snow Raven interference but now her units were being cut up by the increasing amount of Snow Raven units.  It seemed there were far more Ravens on this planet than she’d originally thought.  A notification activated on her OmniMech’s main screen which she looked at directly and blinked twice moments later her communication system activated.  “saKhan this is Star Admiral Eric Bavros we have detected jump signatures incoming at the Zenith point we believe there are vessels preparing to enter the system.”

   “How many?”  She asked to commander of the Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser Santin West.

   “We believe at least four vessels.  We are planning to be ready to engage them.”  He said they had five combat vessels in his WarShip Star and a single Bug Eye-class Scout vessel and could take care of most threats leveled against them but Katrine did not need a naval confrontation right now.

   “Negative Admiral keep your vessels out of combat we will be leaving the planet’s surface soon.  Prepare all ships to leave the system when we return.  Only engage enemy WarShips if you are threatened or engaged by enemy vessels.”  She commanded thinking of her vision.  She had attacked the Serpent and now the bird had attacked the Cat.  It was time to strike down the Raven.  She thought ‘remember your enemy’ she thought remember Grayson Rosse’s words thinking them over the Raven had turned themselves into her enemy by striking at her command now.  She knew her vision was a true approximation of what was going to happen but it didn’t explain why the Ravens were helping the Serpent or what the winged cat was.  She closed off the Admiral’s communication link before he could speak again then switched over to her remaining forces “this is saKhan Katrine Devalis to all Nova Cat forces, fall back to our landing zones, we are surrendering the field of battle.”  She commanded there would be protests from Nova Cats who thought  they could defeat the Ravens here and now but she didn’t care she wanted to hurt the Ravens far more than destroying the forces here on a nothing Combine planet.

   With the Nova Cats falling back attempting to disengage the Snow Raven force did not pursue them towards their DropShips instead remaining on the field claiming the salvage and assisting the survivors of the destroyed Sixth Pesht.  As the Nova Cats re-boarded their DropShips the Snow Raven vessels entered the system as expected Katrine Devalis wasted no time in contacting the Raven commander to pass on her fury that the Ravens had interfered with a Trial of Possession that the Draconis Combine and Nova Cats were abiding with and demanded Safcon.  For the Raven WarShip commander’s part he appeared shocked that Snow Raven ground forces had assisted the Draconis Combine in fighting off the Nova Cat forces and that they had interfered with a Trial of Possession and immediately granted the Nova Cat’s safcon promising saKhan Katrine Devalis that he would meet with the ground forces commander in a Circle of Equals and ensure the matter was resolved.

   Nearly a week later the Nova Cats transited the system and returned to their WarShips jumping clear of Multan.  Instead of jumping back towards the Nova Cat’s Den as the other Nova Cat commanders had expected Katrine Devalis ordered the Nova Cats to Farstar a periphery colony that had once been home to a House Davion intelligence base before Clan Nova Cat had destroyed it in 3063.  To this day Nova Cat shipping regularly traveled through the system checking to see if House Davion’s spies had returned or if others had moved in.  Occasionally they discovered a raider unit had taken over the half destroyed/abandoned buildings of the old colony on the planet which gave the Nova Cats an excuse for some live fire training.  This particular visit was for a different reason Katrine Devalis had no interest in searching for pirates on the planet instead she commanded Upsilon Galaxy to occupy the former colony world for Clan Nova Cat until she planned her next move against Clan Snow Raven her forces had been defeated but she wasn’t done with the Ravens yet.

FSS Bravery (First Prince II-class Battleship)
Kathil, Capellan March
Federated Suns
15th January 3106

   Duchess Kym Hasek moves her command of the Capellan March to the FSS Bravery intent on continuing to Aerospace Fighters while coordinating with Kathil on defence of the March.  The FSS Bravery has been specifically modified with an extensive command facility and mobile HPG system.  The Duchess also confirms Richard Steiner’s promotion to Field Marshal with him continuing to command the rebuilding First Kathil Uhlans RCT while also being part of the structure on Kathil.

   This move from the Capellan March command comes as Prince Burton Davion returns to active AFFS duty taking advantage of the Capellan Confederation’s preoccupation with the fighting on Sarna in attacking New Macao and Mandate. Despite the changes in his life Prince Burton Davion continues to lead from the front piloting his Templar III into battle against Capellan forces on New Macao while elsewhere his wife Sterling McKenna-Davion gives birth to her third child Christopher on New Avalon.

The Federated Suns attack comes as Oriente finally secures Sakhalin and Quemoy driving off Capellan defences while heavy fighting continues between Oriente and the Capellans on Sarna.  The Duchy of Oriente’s command announces that the CCSS Xe Xin, a Shoung Bi Shou-class Corvette, had been destroyed in the Sarna system. 

   Rumours persist that in an effort to restore flagging Capellan morale the Capellan Chancellor Dao-Shen Liao had personally taken command of the recently launched CCSS Chancellor’s Sword and was enroute to the front-lines.  The ship, like its sister ship the CCSS Chancellor’s Destiny, had recently been re-classified as a Bain Cheng Wang-class Battleship after being trialed under the classification of a Du Shi Wang-class Battleship (Upgrade) is based on the old Battleship but due to changes in the design is essentially a completely new class.

Royal Appointment
New Samarkand, Midway Military District
Draconis Combine
19th January 3106

   Akira Kurita, son of Vincent Kurita and heir to the leadership of the Draconis Combine, joins the DCMS six days short of turning sixteen piloting a classic Dragon BattleMech on New Samarkand on his first day at the New Samarkand Military Academy.  The young heir to the throne will be trained in all forms of combat and strategy at the Academy before joining a line regiment his uncle Warlord Minoru Kurita continues to rule the Draconis Combine stating that when Akira is ready he will turn over control of the nation.
Alshian Shipyards, Launching ceremony
Alshian, Alshian District
Rasalhague Dominion
24th January 3106

   At the shipyards above Alshian the first two Bergen-class Destroyers constructed move out of the shipyards to begin trials before entering the Rasalhague Dominion Touman.  The ships are designed to fill a gap in the Ghost Bear’s Navy where not all situations require a Leviathan II-class Battleship or a Conqueror-class Battle-cruiser.  Each of the vessels are six hundred-and-fifty thousand tons in weight and are well armed and as long as most other militarizes Cruisers but the Ghost Bear designers had gone with the Destroyer description hoping it wouldn’t spark an arms race.  Both vessels will complete WarShip trials in the Alshian system and travel between the system and Rasalhague before entering active service.
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I'll post the Bain Cheng Wang-class Battleship and the Bergen-class Destroyer tomorrow
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Very nice update Dragon Cat :) One lil typo though I spotted for the Bergen's bit, 650 tonnes is a bit light for a destroyer :D  And interesting, it seems the Raven' are trying to yoink more territory from the Combine and they either blundered into the Cats/Combine trial or did it deliberately and then said " bad.."

We know the Ravens are quite opportunistic and if their ground commander saw the Cats and DC forces fighting he could have launched his assault (and seemingly with overwhelming numbers too) to take advantage of the confusion and fighting already going on.
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I'm also curious on how this saKhan's visions will lead them to. To ruin or to salvation of the Nova Cat Clan.

Nice update, Dragon Cat!
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Hmm, wonder where this will lead.  With the Raven battlegroup not knowing what's going on (assuming they are telling the truth, of course), it is kind of sounding like bloodhouse politics.  And if it is, that is telling as far as the level of comfort the Ravens seem to have been enjoying.
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  And if it is, that is telling as far as the level of comfort the Ravens seem to have been enjoying.

What do you mean by that Vition?
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In my mind, for the Raven's to get past the "merely surviving" attitude they need to have a feeling for a relatively high degree of safety and be comfortable in their position.  That they may have gone back to their older, more Machiavellian internal politics indicates to me, that they (or at least certain portions of them) feel safe enough that playing politics like that isn't going to destroy them.

Edit: I'll clarify and expand on the above a bit on how I view the Ravens.

The Ravens tend to have 4 strongly identifiable traits.  They are paranoid survivalists, warship enthusiasts, scavengers, and politicians (mostly internal to the clan, but this has a side effect of making them pretty good in external politics). 

Survival takes the most precedent, at this point in their existence they've been on the verge of annihilation twice (though in DC's universe it wasn't quite as bad as in the original), and that sticks with them for quite a while.  This aspect of the Ravens will push them to very unclan-like acts in order to remain a singular society. They have recently had a long period where they weren't being directly threatened by more powerful outside forces, which has allowed them to turn inwards a bit more and allowed their internal politics to start increasing in frequency and magnitude - the abandonment of the clan by their previous khan probably doesn't help the internal political situation either.  Survival tends to take a far back seat when it's not considered to be an issue.

The scavenger part is constantly present, as they've never had the resources to be able to do what they wanted.  Oddly enough this is also the part that tends to get them in the most trouble with other clans and other neighboring states and often leads them into trouble and the cropping up of the survivalist mentality.

Internal politics, while also constantly present, takes a back seat to survival whenever that aspect is present.

The Raven fleet, which used to be the strongest in DC's Universe, is their primary means of pushing their power on an international stage, their large fleet always meant that they had the ability to back up a lot of their political claims to other clans, and for a while the DC and FS.  As they have been mostly off the international political stage recently, they haven't had as much use for their warships and their production has declined similarly as they've spent their resources on more internal matters.
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would the mountain Wolves try to take one of the three HH-1 yardships that Hell Horses have?  it would seem that something like that would be a good items... if they could get it or the Wolf's Dragoons might give a try.  the HH are very week and a one two punch could send them into a tail spin. 
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The HH are only weak in the space game, on the ground they have large numbers and a fair bit of experience (not equal to the CMWs but no slouches either).  And their HH-1s are unlikely to be particularly close to the front lines - though a double or LFB mk II triple jump might be able to catch one off guard, if they can discern where one is.

Really, I'd kinda like the Mountain Wolves to either go away, or turn into an independent state, rather than the nebulous house pet-hood they are in at the moment.
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Perhaps i've not been looking deeply at this. How have the Diamond Sharks handling things?  I forgot if they became Nomad merchants yet or not.  Do they still have a Warship fleet? After the Ravens, their fleet should pretty sizable too.
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I'll take this one question at a time, DC can certainly override how I've seen things though.  :D

How have the Diamond Sharks handling things?  I forgot if they became Nomad merchants yet or not. 

This kind of depends on how you think of things.  They've certainly become, very likely, the largest and most technologically advanced organization of the Inner Sphere and near Periphery.  But they have kind of been a side note in the recent history of the universe.  They've had their hands in arming many sides, but haven't been particularly proactive - as befits merchants.  They currently control worlds throughout most of the Inner Sphere, only really missing one in the spinward quadrant (towards the Raven Alliance), the Chainlane Isles, and a decent sized swath of worlds in the clan occupation zone above and beside the Falcons and Hell's Horses, respectively (totaling 22 worlds, so this swath is actually larger in number than the number of worlds the Falcons currently control).

Their nomadic tendencies have cropped up, but with fairly large occupation zones, has likely decreased the level of nomadism.  They do have 8 Khanates though, and so may be more widely spread than in the standard universe.

Do they still have a Warship fleet? After the Ravens, their fleet should pretty sizable too.

Yes and no.  They currently have 36 "warships," but 22 of them are primarily non-combat ships, either being true transport classes (mostly carrack and volgas) or their Sea Fox-class arcships.  This means the actual warship fighting power is 14.  Their ground touman, though also spread out, is fairly solidly middle of the pack in numbers and strength.
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I wouldn't want to correct this Timeline's Spokesperson  ;) and for the most part I don't have to

The Sea Foxes also control the Chainelane Isles

The most moving that the Sea Fox do is between their controlled worlds.  They have by and large a free pass to move around the Inner Sphere as long as they don't conduct attacks outwith of arranged trials.  Their OZ is a product of the Jade Falcon Touman shrinking and the Hell's Horses who want to push forwards.

The only market that is closed to the Sea Fox (primarily their own choice) is the Capellan Confederation and District of Regulus in both cases because those states did wrong by them.
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Post by: Dragon Cat on 11 September 2016, 02:34:44 ( - Bian Cheng Wang-class Battleship ( - Bergen-class Destroyer
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Water Treatment Plant
Saffel, Alya Prefecture
Dieron Military District, Draconis Combine
14th February 3106

“Everything’s set” the trooper said watching the complex ahead of them his sneak suit completely devoid of markings.

“All workers out?” Another asked he was wearing an identical sneak suit and stood off to the side watching the plant ahead.

“Yes, sir, we triggered the fire alarm they won’t be able to say for sure if there is a fire or not…” a third trooper said as people began to evacuate the Water Treatment Plant below “and there they go.”

“Three give them a couple of minutes to evacuate then blow it” the second trooper replied continuing to watch the plant.  Below the workers evacuated the facility onto the snow covered car parks.  “Go” he ordered moments later the charges detonated leveling the facility its destruction would cause water shortages and riots further destabilizing the planet which was still reeling from the death of their planetary governor.

“Strike team withdraw full stealth egress” the commander said glancing around “remember if the Combine close down the spaceport you stow your gear and turn up to work in the morning.”  He said they had been on Saffel for three weeks already working jobs in the capital city “you keep a low profile and ride out any of the troubles then evac when you can.”  He said “now move out and may the Peace of Blake be with you.”

Elsewhere on in the capital an explosion destroyed the generator that served the Hyper Pulse Generator disabling it cutting off Saffel from the rest of the Inner Sphere.  With water shortages across Saffel and without communications beyond the system riots grow in severity across the globe leading to the Sixteenth Dieron Regulars Regiment cracking down heavily on the local population resulting in increasing civilian casualties.

Acidalia, Taurian Concordat
16th February 3106

   The Nova Cat Vanguard-class DropShip had landed unopposed on Taurian Concordat world of Acidalia.  The world had recently been occupied by the Taurians and the defenders didn’t have the firepower to oppose the seventeen thousand-four hundred ton DropShip.  From the DropShip nine BattleMechs, a single Nova Cat II OmniMech and several points of ProtoMechs had deployed creating a perimeter which held the Taurian Concordat defenders back while vehicles deployed from inside the heart of the vessel including several SM-1 and Snow Tiger Tank Destroyers.

In among the vehicles were a pair of recently developed Stealth Arrow Hovertanks the vehicles modified versions of the Snow Tiger OmniVehicle E configuration, which merged an Arrow IV Artillery Missile Launcher with the chassis, the Steath Arrow took the design a step further by adding reverse engineered Capellan Stealth Armour to create a far more deadly beast.  The Nova Cats also test new variants of the Solace, Joust and Shoden during the eight days that they test Taurian defences.  It is obvious to the Taurian defenders that the Nova Cats could overwhelm the defenders at anytime but that they have no interest in taking the planet or causing collateral damage instead using the entire encounter as a test for their new vehicles before pulling out of the system.

Meeting Room, Gravity Deck 4
Galatea Station, Galatea
Isle of Skye, Lyran Commonwealth
23rd February 3106

The Subtlety’s arrival at the Galatea Station had not been unexpected nor had it been a surprise when a request came from Captain William Leroy-Dietrich for a party to come on board the station but what had been surprising was when the Captain had requested to speak with the command staff of the station instead of the MRBC reprentatives on the station.

“I do not plan on hiring my WarShip to the highest bidder” Leroy-Dietrich explained “the Subtlety was not designed as a true weapon of war she comes from an era where people could afford to turn a Battleship into a tool for teaching and training.  I wish to continue the mission that the original Star League Defence Force set out for the ship and train those who need it.”  He said walking around the room looking ‘out’ at what surrounded them it would have been impossible for there to be actual port holes instead the walls were covered in massive screens that displayed images of the space around the station which changed as the gravity deck rotated around the station’s hull.

“Then, with respect, why didn’t you turn it back to the Star League Defence Force?”  Lt Commander Claudia Christian the station’s Executive Officer asked.

“I am a mercenary by trade I have been for most of my career but as I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to realize that money isn’t everything.”  He half joked “I could have sold the Subtlety back to the Star League Defence Force or to any of the other nations we have passed through but I have a feeling that she would be turned into a weapon of war and sent to the front lines.  This ship was not made for that…”

“I think it was” Commander Christian said interrupting but Commander O’Hare spoke up before she could cause too much of a problem Christian was quick to defend the Galatea Station from any number of problems.

“Captain, what is it that you want from us?  Galatea is an open system and the MRBC are based here you could register with them and operate your ship as you wish.”  He suggested remaining seated at the desk.

“I do not intend for the Subtlety to be hired from one state to the next.” Leroy-Dietrich said “I want a home for my people and with your support I would like to make our home here.”  He said turning back towards the station’s personnel “the Subtlety will support the defence of this station and this system and we will continue to train anyone who wishes our services.  In exchange we would like free travel onto the station for our civilians and assistance with the continued repairs and maintenance for the Subtlety.”

“That’s a lot of ship to repair” Christian said quietly.

“It’s also a lot of resources that this station and system could use as an ally.”  O’Hare said rising from his chair “your ship and its resources will be a welcome addition to this system’s defence.  I would ask that my pilots are allowed to train alongside yours without additional charge in exchange for your continued presence in this system.  As far as repairs and maintenance I am sure that you will be able to find people passing through this system who will help you with that… for the right price.”

“They would be welcome to join my fighters and our training classes some of the mercenaries I am sure would benefit from multiple viewpoints of aerospace fighter training.”  Leroy-Dietrich agreed extending his hand which O’Hare shook.

Border skirmish
Illyria, Lothian League
27th February 3106

   On the world of Illyria the Free Worlds League’s Sixth Tamarind Militia Regiment and the Group W Mercenary Command, under Lyran Commonwealth contract, battle for command of the system.  The Illyrian population do not support either side instead the planetary defence force martial their IndustrialMechs and combat vehicles to defend the planet’s civilian population moving them out of the combat zones.

   For nearly six days a three way battle rages across Illyria with the population taking heavy collateral damage.  Eventually Group W’s experience wins through against the Tamarind Militia forcing them off the planet.  For nearly three weeks Group W remain on the planet but word arrives that the Lyran Commonwealth would not be dispatching further unit’s to the planet as Illyria was too remote to keep supplied.  Following the casualties taken on Illyria the commander of the Group W, Colonel Andrew Bethke, decides to activate an escape clause in the unit’s contract with the Lyran Commonwealth.  Unable to leave Illyria immediately the command accepts a temporary contract with the Illyrian Government helping the defenders improve the defences of Illyria while assisting in defending the planet from future Lyran Commonwealth and Free Worlds League attacks.
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Nice update! With the Subtlty seemingly finding a home and still some Blakists around the Cats also test a new vehicle :)
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Good update, good to see the Word are still active.
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Civil Disturbance
Saffel, Alya Prefecture
Dieron Military District, Draconis Combine
8th March 3106

   As civilian casualties continue to rise due to the rioting and fresh water problems on Saffel the Dieron Regulars are unable to bring an end to the problems without using force resulting in nearly eight thousand casualties in a single month.  Over the border in the Star League Protectorate the Star League Defence Force are unable stand by and watch the planet rip itself apart under the command of Commanding-General Victor Focht the Second Knights of the Inner Sphere Regimental Brigade are deployed onto the planet along with several portable water purifiers, food and shelters for the population that had been affected by the riots.  The Second Knights are also ordered to assist the Dieron Regulars in bringing peace back to the planet and, if necessary, to stop the DCMS unit from causing further heavy casualties to the population.  With three infantry regiments and a reinforced Battle Armour Regiment at their disposal the Second Knights are seen as the perfect unit for the task.

With the arrival of SLDF forces on the planet the Draconis Combine’s Government protests the unsanctioned move but due to their inability to communicate properly with Saffel’s government and the the Dieron Regulars hap-hazard handling of the situation on the planet they do not make any overt moves against the SLDF.

Approach, CCSS Celestial Sword (Bain Cheng Wang-class Battleship)
Fletcher, District of Oriente
Free Worlds League
17th March 3106

   The CCSS Celestial Sword and her sister ship the CCSS Chancellor’s Destiny both jumped into the Fletcher system along with nearly a dozen assault DropShips and more than one hundred escort fighters.  Defending the system the OPS Oriente and OPS Second Chance, both Monolisk-class Destroyers, waited for the Capellans.  In the last weeks the Capellan Confederation had struck and taken Les Halles, Galloway VI and Anegasaki despite Oriente’s continued contesting of Sarna the Capellans morale appeared to have been boasted by reports that Chancellor Dao-Shen Liao was in personal command of their attacks against the District of Oriente while promised reinforcements from the other Free Worlds League nations had still be held back.

   As nearly three regiments of Capellan Confederation ground forces charged towards the planet Fletcher’s Oriente-class Orbital Guns fired as one cutting down several of the incoming DropShips with their Naval Gauss Rifles.  As aerospace fighters and DropShips engaged each other the two Capellan Battleships moved into position and began long range bombardment of the orbital platforms even as they turned their gauss rifles on the two Battleships combining fire with the two Monolisk-class Destroyers.  Using their capital missiles, naval particle cannons and mass drivers the two Bain Cheng Wang-class Battleships swiftly cut down several of the orbiting weapons platforms opening gaps for Capellan ground forces to charge towards the planet but the defence fire from the defenders was enough to keep the Battleships away from the planet.  With Fletcher contested by the Capellan ground forces and their WarShips pinned in by the Battleships the world is essentially placed under blockade.

Trial of Refusal, Clan Snow Raven Hall
Alpheratz, Raven Alliance
29th March 3106

   saKhan Katrine Devalis of Clan Nova Cat marched across the paving of the Snow Raven Clan Hall on Alphertaz, the home of the Snow Raven Clan on Alpheratz, nearly a week before her WarShip had arrived in the system and the Ravens had accepted her request for Safcon allowing her to travel to the planet’s surface.

   “Nova Cat saKhan welcome to Alpheratz how can the Snow Raven Clan be of assistance to you today?” Khan Jacob Siegel said he was an Elemental by birth, although he had commanded a WarShip for most of his career, and towered over Katrine.

   “Thank you for the warm welcome” she said curtly looking at the man he was older than Katrine with a muscular build and short cropped blonde hair.  “I wish to declare a Trial of Refusal against your Clan.”

   “For what reason?”  Jacob Siegel asked looking at the Nova Cat’s saKhan.

   “Over the last few weeks we have found that you Clan have been training with the Draconis Combine.”


   “So your actions have endangered Nova Cat lives and your forces have involved themselves in a Trial of Possession that you were not invited into.”  Katrine Devalis snapped interrupting the Snow Raven Khan.

   “Your Clan has trained with the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, the Sea Foxes train regularly against the forces of the Inner Sphere to show off their newest weapons and the Fire Mandrill’s relationship with the Rim Collection is well known.”  Jacob Seigel said defensively.

   “Aff, but none of the other Clan forces have interfered with an honour battle between two forces yours has.”  Katrine Devalis said tossing him a data chip on it was the data that covered the battle between the Nova Cats and the Draconis Combine, their agreement of a Trial of Possession, and the Snow Raven interference.

   “I disagree with your assessment but I agree to your challenge” he said looking down at the data chip but not looking at the data on it.  “I will defend Snow Raven Factory Complex Sigma Four with my command Keshik comprised of a star each of Battle Armour, ProtoMech and BattleMechs.  Each of these warriors is an elite warrior of the Snow Raven and will defend our Clan’s honour.”

   “I will contest your claim with two Stars of BattleMechs and a single combined star of Battle Armour and ProtoMechs.”  She said surprised by the choice of Sigma Four it was an orbiting space station used by the Snow Ravens as a supply station and garrison point.  “These warriors have fought with me for several years and are among the best in Clan Nova Cat.”

   “We will battle tomorrow.”

   “Seyla” they both finally said without another word saKhan Katrine Devalis turned and walked out of the room.


   The next day the forces of Clan Nova Cat and Snow Raven arrayed against each other on the hull of the Sigma Four space station. saKhan Katrine Devalis felt sick sitting in the cockpit of her OmniMech despite hundreds of years of space travel it was the one place that humans did not belong.  She also wished she’d bid aerospace fighters to combat the Snow Ravens but she’d followed the Raven Khan’s example and only bid ground forces.

   “I am Khan Jacob Siegel leader of the Snow Raven Clan and defender of this trial.”  The Elemental warrior leading Clan Snow Raven said beginning the Trial.

   “And I am saKhan Katrine Devalis the challenger of this trial.”

   “May no others enter” Jacob Siegel said

   “Seyla” she replied moving her OmniMech to the left across the hull of the space station.  Due to the null gravity none of their units could use normal jump jets instead relying on space maneuvering units and magnetic clamps to remain attached to the ‘ground.’  She had ordered the other members of her command to target the enemy Elementals first with the specific purpose of eliminating Jacob Siegel.

   Missiles, particle cannons and lasers shot between the two clan forces as each tried to out maneuver the other.  Katrine Devalis cut off two particle beam shots and let off a stream of autocannon fire bringing down a Snow Raven Goshawk II.  The impacts of the weapons cut the lighter BattleMech down tearing its left arm and right leg off the BattleMech sending the remains of the Mech into space as it lacked the magnetic grip on the space station’s hull.  Long range missiles slammed into the hull around Katrine’s Deimos blowing small chunks out of the station’s armour but causing no major damage.

   “We have the Snow Raven Khan’s unit” Jeffrey West reported from Katrine’s right flank cutting across the hull she fired her OmniMech’s weapons into a Snow Raven Summoner causing heavy damage to its torso and upper arm armour.  Missiles and a particle cannon shot flew back towards the OmniMech the missiles flying off into space while the particle cannon burned into the armour on the Deimos’ right side.

   “Keep him there I will be there soon” she said turning her attention back on the summoner hitting it with twinned autocannons sand-blasting the OmniMech with cluster munitions fired from the huge BattleMech sized shot guns.  The Summoner reeled under the fire and began to stagger forwards firing its autocannon directly into the space station’s hull as the pilot fought the OmniMech Katrine didn’t give the pilot any time hitting it again with more weapons fire burning away armour plating exposing internal structure.  Katrine stepped her OmniMech forwards and pressed the second trigger burning the enemy Mech’s legs with his Deimos’ particle cannons in the frozen emptiness of space the heat build-up was less noticeable for Katrine as she watched the Summoner’s leg collapse under the Mech’s weight.

Leaving the prone enemy OmniMech Katrine turned towards the Snow Raven Khan’s position as she approached she saw a point of Elementals leaping from Nova Cat Mech to Mech and opening fire on the Nova Cat Battle Armour and ProtoMech units.  The fluid movements of the troopers showing their ease with their environment unlike some of Katrine’s own troops she watched their movement for a moment anticipating where they would be next she switched the autocannons over to solid shot explosive rounds and fired two volleys into the space station near the Elementals blowing open the hull knocking two of the suits completely off the hull.  The remaining three Elementals jumped towards the Deimos Katrine stepped backwards opening fire with both arm mounted pulse lasers cutting another Elemental out of the formation.  Katrine followed up with her fire with two salvos of autocannon cluster munitions which tore through the remaining two battle armour suits killing both troopers including the Snow Raven Khan.  Two particle cannons suddenly slammed into the upper torso of the Deimos followed by several autocannon volleys and missiles blasting armour from the OmniMech’s chassis knocking systems offline on Katrine’s Mech she twisted her Mech’s torso blasting back at the Ravens with her autocannons and particle cannons holding her position.

   The battle went on for nearly two hours after the fall of the Snow Raven leader with the remaining Snow Ravens fighting harder and longer than any of the Nova Cats had expected.  Despite the station’s thick armour the fighting had breached Sigma Four’s hull in several places causing nearly a dozen casualties on-board the station.  With the Nova Cat victory and the Raven leader dead Katrine Devalis deamed her Trial of Refusal a success and ordered a withdrawal of Nova Cat forces returning them to the claimed periphery world of Farstar.
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Nice update!  SLDF to the rescue in Saffel and Clan Snow Raven losing a trial and a khan too!  Hmm... The political impact?  Oh the CC on the offensive!  Keep it up!
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2 CC battleships in Fletcher.
Terrible shame if they lose 1. :D
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Very nice update, interesting happenings in the Sphere.

... Clan Snow Raven losing a trial and a khan too!  Hmm... The political impact?

Meh, he was just a Siegel.  >:D
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Another great entry.  Nova Cat vs Snow Raven trial pretty brutal. Maybe a possible Clan war?
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Wait. Did we get a resolution with our refugees from another timeline?
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Great update!  Saffel looks like it will come under SLDF protection soon and another world is added to the Hegemony in being.  The Cappellan offensive is a good debut for their new BB's and I have a feeling that Dao Shen might order their mass drivers turned on the planet with all the negative repercussions that entails.

The Raven/Nova Cat issue could be interesting, the Raven's Khan was IIRC not that popular and rather thuggish and his removal could probably be a good thing, but i'm still curious about the winged cat of the SaKhan's vision. I honestly thought that it was her, that she'd be made a bondsman of the Ravens if they lost.  Colour me intrigued :)
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Wait. Did we get a resolution with our refugees from another timeline?

Sort of they are currently "guests" of the Sortek Estate on New Avalon.  The nearby RCT deployment is purely a coincidence

I'm not finished with them.

Im glad you all enjoyed the update the wheels are slowly turning to the right point for something to happen
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DC you always have wheels turning towards some plot point!!!
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Next step - thank's to marauder648 for the first section and the little discovery

Command Bridge, Scipio (Merchant-class JumpShip)
Periphery, Unclaimed sytem
3rd April 3106

The Scipio was an old ship, in service for centuries to the Marian Hegemony as a troop carrier before being displaced by newer and more capable ships.  The Merchant class JumpShip was instead consigned to ‘resource discovery’ patrols.  Long and boring loops to the ‘south’ and ‘west’ of the Hegemony’s holdings, scouting systems, asteroid belts and comets for resources.  Her two attached DropShips the Marcus and Aggripa were also very long in the tooth, both Buccaneer class, converted to act as mobile mining and surveying ships and bases had already undocked and they and a small swarm of shuttles were off inspecting the wonderfully exciting system of NA/42/D.

The system was in a word dull, dim brown dwarf and shoals of asteroids that would probably take weeks of scanning and checking. If something was found then it would be logged and reported back when the ship returned after her four-month journey finished.

“Sir, shuttle 41 is reporting a faint echo on their LIDAR, from their bearing at green 232 distances… roughly two million miles.”

Captain Marc Behar snorted, putting his bulb of coffee down.  “41? That’s Diego’s team right?  If they have got more glitches with their sensors...”

“Negative Sir, they are routing the data to us and it’s definitely something.”

“An Asteroid?”

“No sir, too much metal unless it’s a lump of solid metal drifting out there.”

“Fine, have them go investigate and report back.” Marc leaned in, looking at the sensor reports “Could it be someone trying to sneak around unnoticed?”

“Possibly Sir…I mean it’s over three million clicks from our location, and there are no jump points out there so it’s a bloody odd place to hide.”

“Have 41 check it out, and spin up the jump drive just in case.”

“And the DropShips?”

“Lets hope their engines are running properly, they are less valuable than this ship.”

“Aye, aye Sir.”

Aboard the Oxen class shuttle there were a few groans from the four man crew.  “That’s a three hour trip there and back for fraks sake!”

“Fuel will be cutting it fine too.”

“Quit your bloody grumbling, it’s an order so we obey, sure its bloody miserable but would you rather be outside in your vac-suits?”  Pilot First Class Diego Pegg had once been a fighter pilot, but shrapnel from an air raid on his base had ended his fighter jock days, down-rated to fly shuttles he’d been with the Scipio for two years now.

“No boss.”

“Exactly, now lay in a course and someone get me a tea.”

Two hours later.

Half the crew of the shuttle were dozing when the LIDAR return receiver started its insistent chirping.  “Report.”

“Big return, solid metal mass, nothing on thermals or radar.”

“Anything on visual?”

“Zilch, too far away.”

“Alright..lets do what we’re paid to do. Co-pilot keep your hand on the throttle, if we get a sensor lock I want you to open the taps and help me turn this big beast.”

“You got it boss.”  The Oxen was a big shuttle, 200 tonnes to be precise, and was in service pretty much everywhere often under different names.  In Marian service they kept the original name, stripping out their machine guns in favour of a little bit more stowage space for the four crew and any passengers.  But even under the best circumstances they turned like a horse before the plough and accelerated about as fast as one too.

“Frak me…”

“What you got Kathrin?”

“Visual… on… a ship… dunno what she is, never seen that design in my life.”

The young radar operator was fresh out of the academy, and this was in essence training for her, she was known to be a ‘spotter’ damn good at IDing military kit visually, and to hear her flummoxed was something new.

On the small screen the image was grainy; the long range cameras were using star light and thermal optics to resolve the image in a whitish green.  The ship was a curious design.  Over four hundred meters long, its bow dominated by a large bridge section that looked like a sledgehammer head.  A narrow ‘neck’ went back to a simply massive rotating section that was easily two hundred meters in diameter, sticking out of the fairly narrow hull of the ship and running back for over a hundred meters before the thin hull emerged once more towards the blocky engine section. 

“Any IFF?”

“Nothing sir, no thermals, not even an erg of power is leaking off her, hull temperature is way down too. She’s dead, no power at all.”

“Moving in closer, are we feeding this back to the Scipio?”

“Yes boss, data links open, just a few seconds lag due to the distance.”

“Great… make sure the audio’s off eh?”

They all chuckled at that as the shuttle’s engines rumbled, driving them closer to the strange looking ship.

“Ho-lee-hell! Look at that!”

Now only a few hundred kilometres away they could see what had seemingly killed the ship.  Her port side, from bow to stern was blackened as if the metal had been heated and scored.  A few radar masts and sensor dishes were warped and looked melted and an amber light lit up  as the shuttle moved in.

“Jesus, look at those rads on the outer hull.  It’s not lethal but I’m not going on that things surface for anything more than a few hours.”

“Life pods are still in place, I can see the ports for them and the lifeboats too.”

“Well at least she’s bloody human…”

“Yeah but with radiation scarring like that on her hull?”

“You read too much sci-fi; little green men or giant birds are not out there waiting to zap us.”

“Sir! I can see her name! The… SLS… C. Sagan.”

MHS Scipio (Merchant-class JumpShip)

“Found her! She is an Endeavour class science vessel.  They only built four of them the Hawkins, Einstein, Averroes and the Sagan.  They launched from the Titan shipyards twenty years before the Amaris Civil War on an exploration mission to the Deep Periphery.”
“So what the hell is she doing out here? And what the hell happened to her?  Get Shuttle 41 to dock if they can and investigate.”

Shuttle 41

“Oh frak that…”

“Shut up! She’s a League ship so she’ll have a universal docking port. We can run a power cable into the airlock and jump start it, running it off our own reactor and get in that way.  How high are the rads?”

“High enough, I’d say we could take four hours on-board, I’m not sure about her hull plating and what it absorbed but I suggest we all have rad counters on-board and try staying away from the port side.”

“Roger that… and speaking of which… Roger… get suited up and get ready to go outside. She’s got a big ass docking collar on her neck so we’ll lock on there. Get that air lock open and then get your grumbling butt inside.”

“Aye boss.”

With the airlock active after a somewhat worrying twenty minutes of attempted docking the shuttles crew, bar one went into the dark hull of the C. Sagan

“If you say ‘lets split up…’ boss I’ll kill you.”

“Yeah… Let’s stay together, don’t touch anything.”

“Temperature is 104 below.  No oxygen, she’s a void, someone purged the atmosphere.”

“Where’s the crew?”

The walkway from the docking collar was full of free floating objects, paper, books, a few data pads and somewhat alarmingly a boot.

“Liberate tu te me…”

“Enough of that Kathrin. Just keep calm people, she’s a derelict, lets find her crew and see if we can get the logs and get the hell out of here.”

“Hey boss…I just had a thought.”

“Oh this ought to be good…”

“Oh it is… two words. Salvage rights.”

With the prospect of money and reward in mind the three Marians continued into the cold and silent hulk, fortunately everything was marked in English and they found their way to the medical bay in part of the huge grav deck.  “Sir… I’ve found the crew.”

Behind a sealed door was a room that was full of body bags, free floating in zero-g, over two hundred white bags in the sealed chamber.

“Check your rad dosage people…lets find the crew quarters and look for the Captain’s cabin.

“You got it boss…”

MHS Scipio
4th April 3106

“I want to commend you on a job well done Pilot, we’ll have to see about salvage rights but I’m sure that the Caesar will be happy with this find.” Captain Behar said as he looked at the reports.  The survey mission was now quite forgotten and both DropShips were now slowly towing the C. Sagan towards the Scipio and the jump point. Partial power had been restored with portable generators, enough to kick-start the computers or at least those that still worked.  It was enough to download the ships logs and those of the Captain and it was the log that now came onto the screen in Captain Behar’s quarters.

They’d found the Captain’s body in his quarters, a dissociated and frozen corpse that looked more like a mummy than something that had decomposed. Quite fortunate really.

“Captains Log May 29th 2758.  The science boys love all of this, the GY/42 system is a young and active one, the accretion disk is slowly forming planets before our eyes and we’re able to watch a young star and its attendant planets form.  Dr Killinger and her team are more than happy with the data we’re getting and the crew are performing well.

“Captains Log April 9th 2758.  We’ve moved into the nadir jump point of the system and are able to look ‘down’ at the accretion disk.  Probes sent in are recording hugely high temperatures, it’s really dangerous but at the same time beautiful.  We’ll be jumping tomorrow with AR/3/B as our next system for exploration; a blue giant should give us a lot of data.”
The next image showed the Captain, clearly under stress, the rooms emergency lighting was on casting a lurid red glow across his face.

“Captains log… frak it… we was hit this morning by what Mr Killinger called a ‘bow wave’ from the star as it formed.  A mix of radiation and gaseous particles hitting us bloody fast.  Damage was minimal but the radiation surge… over half the crew received a lethal dose in the few seconds we were hit, the rest of us… I’ve ordered the sick to be taken to the least contaminated parts of the ship, and we’re setting a course for Marik space.  If we can get there we can get help.”

There was one more log on the file, dated a week later.  The man, Captain Tobias Garrant was gaunt, his hair missing in places; he was pale and looked exhausted.

“Well…this is it… we’ve come as far as we can… but with the crew dead or dying and with only eight of us able to still function… I know we can’t go on.  I’ve ordered the computer to slowly bleed the air out.  Not an instant decompression, we’ll just go to sleep.  There’s not enough crew to run the reactor or any of the systems… so it’s time to end it.  If anyone finds this log, know that we stayed true to our oaths, and discipline aboard ship never wavered. “

Caesar’s Quarters
Alphard, Marian Hegemony
6th April 3106

“Caesar this vessel is of great value to the Hegemony!  We can refit her and reactivate her as a warship.” The Minister of Defence said, looking at the reports from the Scipio.  It had taken a month to get the ship back to Marian space and she was now held under the strictest of security in the outer reaches of the system. 

“With what are we going to refit her?  My noble friend forgets that such a refit would cost a great deal of money and consume resources we just don’t have!  We have no active shipyard and our one yard has been in mothballs for years, we’ve also lost a lot of technical expertise with many of the people who knew how to run the yard being either too old to work or drafted aboard our JumpShips and DropShips.”

“We have been able to keep the Hanse operational with minimal support.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs piped up.

“Which has resulted in a barely operational WarShip that can move between Alphard and the jump point and little else” countered the Minister of Industry.  “Not that the public or our neighbours know this but my Honourable friend in Defence will support me here, the Hanse needs an major overhaul, and it is not one we are capable of doing with the resources we have.”  She said “and now with this vessel, the initial study shows we’d need to remove most of the hull plating on the port side as well as carry out extensive decontamination protocols on the interior, this would take at least a year, the computers would then need to be replaced as most of them were fried by the radiation surge in truth it’s a miracle they were able to jump her as far as they could towards our space.  And then it’s a case of fitting weapons.  Weapons we do not have and would have to import at great cost or attempt to steal which against an organised defence we do not have the resources.”  She said feeling deflated by the issues ahead of the Marians.  “This is initially estimated to take at least three years if not more and my Honourable friends, my Caesar, we simply do not have the resources or money for such a grand endeavour without utterly bankrupting our nation.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“Simple, sell her or scrap her, she’s a millstone round our necks and I think…”

The discussion fell silent as Caesar Aleksandr Ward raised his hand and sat forwards the twenty-six year old was one of the youngest people in the room but the only one that had the authority to make a real decision. “I believe that the sale of this vessel would be of more value than retaining her, but who to?  The Marik’s and those of that region?  To the Lyrans?  Or the Wolves?”

“My Caesar, if I may, there is a group who might be willing to aid us and remove the vessel and in return assist us.”  Sister Cassandra, the Caesar’s personal assistant and advisor, said quietly stepping forward she was always with the Caesar.  She was older than the Caesar but her true age was hidden by the cloak around her shoulders and her carefully arranged hair.

“Speak.”  Caesar Aleksandr commanded

“I have an… associate in Interstellar Explorations, whilst they are what they say they are, they have a broad reach and deep pockets as well as the resources and knowledge to reactivate the C. Sagan.  She is an exploration vessel after all and they could use her for her intended role.”

“And what would you ask of them in return?”

“Assistance with our shipyards bringing them operational and up to a spec where we could use them in construction and maintenance of JumpShips and possibly future examples of the Galley-class.  And assistance in acquiring the parts and resources we would require to repair the Hanse.”

“And they would do this?”  Caesar Aleksandr asked looking at the woman who smiled briefly when meeting his gaze.

“I would have to speak with them my Caesar, but I feel that our prize would be incentive enough and our asking price agreeable.”  She said bowing for a moment stepping backwards out of the gaze of the others.

Caesar Aleksandr looked at his others advisers, he wasn’t as brutal as some of the leaders of the past but more even handed as his mother had been nevertheless those who failed or displeased him often didn’t live long.  Even then there were few who would believe that Aleksandr would take his range out on Sister Cassandra she had a pull over him that few others did although few believed that there was anything physical between them.  “Very well, speak with your associate but do not agree to anything unless you speak to me first.”  The unsaid ‘or else…’ hung in the air before Aleksandr stood and his guards moved around him as he left the audience room.

Border skirmish
District of Gibraltar, Free Worlds League
11th April 3106

   The Seventh, Eleventh and recently raised Twelfth Commonwealth Guards Regiment’s of the Lyran Commonwealth cross the Free Worlds League border onto the planets of Nockalunga and Bella I.  Each of the commands had been reinforced with an entire battalion of recently constructed Thantos BattleMechs.  This new variant of the heavy BattleMech was known as the TNS-4E and had been updated with two Clan tech nine-tube Advanced Tactical Missile Launchers which replaced the standard Thantos’ Medium Range Missile Launchers.  Although these new BattleMechs appear to move slower than previous models the increased firepower and their massed numbers are enough to turn the tide against the defending District of Gibraltar forces.  After eight days of heavy fighting on Nockalunga, Bella II, Trellisane and Alula Borealis the Free Worlds League units agree to surrender the systems to the Lyran Commonwealth.  For a ransom of the best units in each command the Lyrans allow the Gibraltain forces to withdraw instead of putting them in prison camps.

Company Merger
Talitha, Star League Protectorate
21st April 3106

   In a merger that surprises no-one Gilmour MilTech in the Star League Protectorate and LexaTech Industries in the Draconis Combine announce that they have formally merged their resources and finances to form a single company to serve both of their nations.  While both nations approve of the merger they both demand that the companies continue to serve the contracts they have already agreed to.  Gilmour/Lexa Tech announces that change will come in time and that they will continue with business as normal following the merger with one exception – the introduction of a new product being sold by both halves of the company the fifty-five ton Waneta Land-Air Mech.  This new design is one of the largest LAM designs ever produced and makes extensive use of clan technology to provide it with impressive firepower this coupled with the mobility of a LAM promises to make it a welcome addition to its customer’s armies.  Surprisingly the Waneta features none of the newly developed technology for Land-Air Mechs instead relying on the same components used since LAMs were first used.  Analysis predict that this Waneta is a proof of concept design with Gilmour/Lexa Tech planning on producing a second variant that takes advantage of the unique technology available to the company.

District of Oriente, Free Worlds League
30th April 3106

   As the fighting continues on along the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation border combat elements from other Free Worlds League states enter the fray finally supporting the District of Oriente.  The primary contributor to Oriente’s reinforcement is the District of Regulus but their assistance comes at a price.  While pushing to assist Oriente in throwing off the Capellan Confederation attackers the District of Regulus moves to secure administrative control over nine systems previously controlled by Oriente.  The military units assigned to the defence of these worlds do not resist the civilian change instead the local commanders see it as an opportunity spreading out to Oriente’s borders to engage Capellan and Magistracy forces fighting on the borders.
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Good update.
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Thank you for including my rambling story in this Dragon Cat and a great update as well, new Thanatos and more Orente worlds change hands, all be it peacefully.

The C. Sagan I was trying to describe was basically modelled on the Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov of 2010 fame

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great update, a few hundred million Cbills could do a lot of repairing   A merchant class is almost 400 million.  looking forward to seeing were your going to take this part of you story line.

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The C.Sagan an interesting find for the MH.
Hopefully they will get what they need.
The Regulans taking over Oriente worlds.
Now will they actually stop ay 9. O0
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You'll be glad to hear that marauder648 has agreed to write a bit more about the C. Sagan's story - I for one look forward to it.

Now for a small update but perhaps one of the most important ones for a while... all good things must come to an end...

Border Conflict
Fanet, Contested Space
7th May 3106

After being missing from the Inner Sphere for seven years the Undead Lance reappears fighting on the contested world of Fanet in the middle of the contested space between the Marian Hegemony, Magistracy of Canopus and Free Worlds League.  The Undead Lance’s elite skills and advanced BattleMechs turns the tide for the Magistracy forces on the planet in a series of conflicts that sees their opposing forces fall back out of the system.  The fall of Fanet puts a distinct Magistracy mark on the contested space between the three nations and is quickly followed by Tarol IV and Draco III which fall into the Magistracy’s open arms.

Black Dragon Stronghold
Saffel, Military District of Dieron
Draconis Combine
19th May 3106

   Chu-i Dante Cage breathed heavily as his squad of Kishi Battle Armour troopers moved forward through the darkness another four squads of Kishi armoured troopers moved alongside Cage’s troopers as bullets filled the air around them as they charged towards the Black Dragon stronghold.

   “Leave none of these terrorists alive” he ordered triggering his suit’s mechanical jump booster sending his suit over the perimeter wall.  This operation was taking place despite the recent riots and the arrival of Star League Defence Force troops on the planet.  Even from the top of his jump Dante was firing on the enemy below with his suit’s heavy machine gun.  The suit’s came down to land in the darkened stronghold their machine guns continuing to blaze.

   Neither the machine gun nor the jumping capabilities were the Kishi’s main strength however landing on the other side of the wall Dante’s squad began to run.  Each suit charging at their enemy the Kishi design was capable of more than sixty-four kilometres per hour in open terrain but for now in close quarters they made the Kishi’s nearly impossible to hit by regular infantry troopers.  Charging at enemies Dante’s people fired their machine guns and struck our with their heavy vibro battle claws tearing the defenders to pieces one person at a time.

   In the space of forty minutes the twenty Kishi troopers killed all one hundred-and-twenty men and women inside the facility with not a single loss among their own numbers.  Withdrawing quickly from the burning facility there was no evidence they had ever been there when the SLDF investigators arrived the next morning.

Following a brief investigation the Star League Defence Force’s High Command condems the Draconis Combine for their military operation during a time of planetary crisis on Saffel claiming that the Draconis Combine no longer served the best needs of the people of Saffel and instead the world’s future depended on support and defence from the Star League Defence Force bringing the world into the Star League Protectorate.  Commanding-General Victor Focht orders all DCMS forces to withdraw from the planet landing an entire battalion of elite battle armour equipped SAS troops on planet as insurance against Draconis Combine Special Forces.  The “fall” of Saffel further isolate’s Dieron and further strains the “Small World sailent” one of the Draconis Combine’s few inroads into Davion held terrioty.

Throne Room, Davion Palace
Avalon City, Albion
Crucis March, Federated Suns
24th May 3106

The trip back from the Capellan front had been an uneventful one Prince Burton Davion had expected to return to his unit but instead he had been called to the Throne Room of the Avalon Palace along with a request to attend in full dress uniform.  Of all the things Burton hated being called up in full dress uniform by his father but he did what he was asked.  Entering the throne room Burton realized that this was not a normal call to the throne room inside there was a full crowd of people from nobles to citizens from the street nearly one thousand people were arrayed in the room.  Around the vast room each wall was lined by troopers dressed in Infiltrator III Battle Armour painted in the dress colours of the First Davion Guards RCT.  On the throne were his father First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion sat waiting while beside him Burton’s mother Duchess Danai Centrella-Davion sat one an identical throne and then off further to the right stood Burton’s wife Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion, with baby Christopher in her arms, and their children Luther and Leah stood waiting.  Walking through the ranks of people Burton noted that the heads of the Draconis, Crucis and Capellan March were all present as were the heads of the DMI, MIIO, Quartermasters and Navy.  As he stepped past them Burton received several nods and saw many come to attention showing their respect to him.

“Prince Burton Davion stand to attention!”  Victor Steiner-Davion called out standing up from his throne “for the last fifty-four years it has been my great honour to lead the Federated Suns as First among its Princes of our great nation.”  He said loud enough so his voice carried throughout the chamber.  “I have lived and led this nation, I have known its sorrow and its pain, I have found love and experienced the greatest joy” he said as Duchess Danai Centrella-Davion rose to stand beside him showing the union the could held was still as strong as ever.  “I have seen my family grow I have celebrated their triumphs and I have berated them them for the failings.”  He said Burton felt warmth under his cheeks knowing fine that he had been the source of at least some of those failings his artificial left arm a testimony to that. “However today” Victor said his voice as level as always “today is a special day today it is the scene of my greatest accomplishment” he said looking down at his eldest son. “Unlike many of my predecessors today I Victor Ian Steiner-Davion have the greatest honour to pass leadership to Prince Burton Jackson Davion.”  He announced shocking the assembled guests and his son “I have no desire to abandon my service to this nation but it is the right time for a change.”  He explained Burton raising his eyes to look at his father’s approving eye.  “Prince Luther Davion step forward” Victor called out the eleven year old prince stepped forward his brown hair was swept to the side he wore a black suite jacket, a white shirt, a green tie with red clip and white chinos in his hands he held the most recent addition of the Unfinished Book: The Remembrance.  Seeing the book the Prince flashed his father a rye smile as he realized that his father knew that Burton followed the same beliefs and teachings as Victor’s own father Hanse Davion.  “Place your right hand on the Unfinished Book, raise your left hand and repeat after me.”  Victor said issuing his last command as First Prince of the Federated Suns.

Nearly ten minutes later they finished swearing in Burton Davion as the new First Prince of the Federated Suns “you’ve got the keys son treat her well” Victor said stepping to the side Danai Centrella-Davion also stepped to the side allowing Burton, Sterling and their three children access to the thrones.

“All hail First Prince Burton Davion!”  A non-commissioned officer off to the side of the thrones shouted out and the room responded with a “HAIL!”

“All hail Duchess Sterling McKenna-Davion!” he then shouted and another “HAIL!” came in response followed by separate “HAIL!” calls for Luther, Leah and Christopher.  Surprisingly three month old Christopher remained calm and didn’t cry out at the cheering crowds.

Finally the non-commissioned officer shouted out one more time “Long Live First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and Duchess Danai Centrella-Davion!”  He called out and to both Victor and Danai’s surprise the crowd erupted louder than they had so far despite his stepping aside from the position Victor would still be referred to as the First Prince he had served the Federated Suns too long to be forgotten so quickly.  Victor knew it would add extra pressure on Burton if he was in the limelight too much, and already he had made plans to enjoy his retirement, he’d help his son if he needed it but the plan was for him and Danai to slip into the background quietly and perhaps make up for some of the years they had lost due to the various wars and travel they had to attend to.
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... “I have seen my family grow I have celebrated their triumphs and I have scaulded them for the failings.” ...

that's one way to imprint a lesson, to dip them in boiling water.
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Great update and a new future for the Federated Suns.  Victor's got to be getting on a bit now and it makes sense that he steps aside as the First Prince's job is a very active one, and its more a younger man's game.  Lets hope that Burton don't feel like he's got to do anything rash to try and step out of Dad's very long and broad shadow.
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that's one way to imprint a lesson, to dip them in boiling water.

Break them down to build them up... I was thinking of another word oops  :-[
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So is the Endevour class similar to the Endurance I stated up a while back for Marauder?  ;D  Mine was named after the ship that broke up in the grip of the antarctic ice, while you went for the ship of Captain Cook I see.
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Yep its basically the same thing, the ship from 2010 but battletechised :p
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Meeting of Khans
Nova Cat Compound, Farstar
9th June 3106

   The Clan Snow Raven WarShip Snow Raven had arrived in the Farstar system four standard days before and the new Khan of Clan Snow Raven Vir Sukhanov had requested safcon to the planet’s surface.  Now the saKhan of Clan Nova Cat Katrine Devalis stood waiting for the Snow Raven leader in the compound that her clan had constructed since taking ownership of Farstar.

   The doors to the conference room opened and in entered Khan Vir Sukhanov of Clan Snow Raven he was tall for someone born from the aerospace bloodline looking at him Katrine Devalis believed he could match a MechWarrior for physical strength, meaning he was a threat to her.  “Welcome to Farstar and the territory of Clan Nova Cat.”  She said welcoming him ignoring her fears for a moment.

   “Thank you saKhan Katrine Devalis?”  He asked hesitantly for a moment.

   “Aff, how can I be of service to Clan Snow Raven?”  She asked

   “Perhaps you could explain the Nova Cats motive in the periphery?”  He asked looking at the saKhan “you attacked and killed a Snow Raven Khan and then have claimed a further four systems in the Periphery near this system.”

   “Your Khan was a dishonourable one, the space around us is a chaotic place we have brought peace to it.”  Katrine Devalis said simply looking back at the Snow Raven leader.

   “Our Khan made a mistake he was not capable of navigating the political unrest in our Clan and” Sukhanov admitted “tried to appease the civilians of the Raven Alliance by keeping our military under control but he also had to appease our warrior castes leading to the agreement with the Draconis…”

   “Do I look like I care?”  Katrine Devalis demanded “a Raven’s dishonour is the last thing I care for.”

   “Of course” Khan Vir Sukhanov said “I wish to ensure Clan Snow Raven’s return to honour and to do this I need to make sure there is nothing further between our Clans.”

   “There is only the trouble that continues between all of the Clans do not screw with my Clan and I will not see the destruction of yours.”  Katrine Devalis said stepping away walking around the room now trusting that Khan Vir Sukhanov would not strike her turned back.

   “I understand” Vir Sukhanov said bowing respectfully for a moment remaining standing where he was Katrine Devalis saw the opportunity and made her move.

   “However the other Clans may not see it the same way.”  She said turning back towards the Snow Raven Khan “your Clan has colluded with an Inner Sphere state.  Helped train them and worked with the worlds you occupy.”

   “Pah!  The Rasalhague Dominion is a combination of a Clan and Inner Sphere population.  The Sea Foxes trade openly with the Inner Sphere states and your own Nova Cats have traded and worked with the Federated Suns.  The current Clans do not care who works with who as long as victory is achieved you are living in the past Khan Devalis.”  The Nova Cat in front of her actually smiled “you find this amusing Quineg?”

   “Neg, however, I believe the other Clans would find it amusing” she said the Snow Raven Khan was about to speak but Katrine Devalis raised her hand to stop him “think about it Khan Sukhanov.  You Clan lost Sterling McKenna to a betrayal, you lost Jacob Seigel to my guns and you have failed to win a victory on the battlefield.”  She said taunting the Snow Raven leader knowing she was gaining ground with him.  “But there is a way… a way you could prove to your Clan and to the others that the Ravens have the strength and honour that matches any of them.”  She said continuing to entice him with her words “the Nova Cats believe in visions.  Before I came to this part of space I experienced a vision of a cat and a bird… working in unison against their enemies.”  She said knowing it wasn’t completely the truth but it was enough for the Raven leader she could see she was getting to him.  “Together we will strike down the Draconis Combine and show everyone that our Clans can maintain their position with all of the other Clans.”  She said receiving a nod of agreement from the Raven Khan she hoped that with the Nova Cats and Snow Ravens together she could fulfill the last part of her vision or die trying.

Border Conflict
Son Hou Theatre, Alarion Province
Lyran Commonwealth
19th June 3106

   Across the Inner Sphere units from various realms and factions fought in the Star League Games on Defiance for competition and glory however elsewhere the fighting continued for the petty conflicts of war.  Units from the Free Worlds League’s District of Trafalgar raided the worlds of Sierra, Cerillos and Galisteo attempting to bring these worlds under the control of the united Free Worlds League.  Each of these raids are unsuccessful in winning the Free Worlds League territory but they gain each of the units experience and salvage from the Lyran Commonwealth and mercenary defenders.

   Elsewhere in the Free Worlds League the District of Regulus threatens the foundation of the united Free Worlds League by forcefully landing troops on the District of Oriente worlds of Lungdo, Abadan, Avellaneda, Hamilton, Holt and Sorunda.  On the world of Hamilton fighting erupts between the Seventh Oriente Fusiliers and the Third Cameron-Jones House Guard Regiments as the Regulus unit attempts to land on Hamilton.  After nearly two weeks of fighting on Hamilton the Third Marik Guards Regiment of the District of Marik arrives commanded by Captain-General Joseph Marik himself intent on ending the fighting on Hamilton.  The Captain-General calls for both sides to end the conflict before it tears the Free Worlds League to pieces.
By the end of 3106 Joseph Marik negotiates Hamilton’s position into the District of Regulus in exchange for free passage of combat units out of the worlds taken by the Regulus troops and the transfer of weapons and equipment from Regulus factories to District of Oriente combat units fighting the Capellan Confederation.  Neither Oriente or Regulus are happy with the compromise negotiated by the Captain-General but they both agree that there will be no further territory traded between the two nations.  The territory exchanged between the two nations turns the District of Regulus into one of the largest in the Free Worlds League with internal borders stretching from the border with the Star League Protectorate to the border of the Magistracy of Canopus and Capellan Confederation with Regulus secure behind layers of defences and an expanding Regulan military many citizens of the Free Worlds League begin to question if it is time for Regulus to lead their nation.

With the troops freed up from the worlds garrisoned by those worlds now controlled by Regulus the District of Oriente send additional troops to the world of Sarna pushing the last of the Capellan Confederation forces off of the Commonality capital.  With Sarna falling to Oriente troops the worlds of Zaurak, Menkib and Matsu, lacking support or command from Sarna, fall to the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns following a series of opportunistic strikes by units of the AFFS and mercenary forces.

Twelfth Martial Olympiad, Star League Grounds
Defiance, Crucis March
Federated Suns
24th June 3106

   Unlike the Star League Games on Solaris the Martial Olympiad competition was not dominated by one faction throughout the latter half of June units from across the Inner Sphere and periphery fight in a series of wargames that test their individual and unit skills.  As the month slowly moves towards a close the Free Worlds League’s First Free Worlds Guards pulls ahead of the other units on the ground while the Nova Cat’s Silent Verdict, a Liger-class Strike Cruiser, excels in space.  Both sides continue to maintain their advantage over the other commands on Defiance until the end of the competition with Colonel Michael Franklin accepting the ground trophy while Star Commodore Zach Leroux accepts the reward for the naval victory.

Criminal Investigation
Devil’s Rock, Star League Protectorate
27th June 3106

Several members of the Star League Defence Force Intelligence Department stood around a table watching the tri-vid footage.  “That’s the son-of-a-bitch” Carlton Stuart said looking at the tri-vid “Bobby Winchester how the hell did he get here?”

“He’s slipped through the back channels paying for transport on various civilian and mercenary transports” Stephen Grant said looking back at his colleague.  “We haven’t seen the Huron Warrior yet but if he’s here then I bet the Mech is here too.”

“And they are both protected by the gangs” Stuart said his native Northwind accent showing through in his anger.  “Even with the considerable SLDF assets on this planet we will struggle to extract him.”

“All we can do is issue the warrants” Grant said “as you say we have significant military and police units on this world if the opportunity strikes we should capture or strike him down.”  He proposed “if we can bring Winchester to justice the Combine might feel better towards the Star League’s position on Saffel.”

“Our people know what they need to do either we will capture or destroy him.”  Carlton Stewart said replaying the image of the murderer walking casually through the crowd of gang members in the settlement of Devil’s Chance an image they had captured by chance.  In the years since the SLDF had gained possession of Devil’s Rock they had monitored the various criminal houses that controlled the majority of the planet’s business and work stopping the worse of their activities and they had tried to bring a better standard of living to all of the population of Devil’s Rock.
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 O0 yay an update!  Hmm... I wonder if Khan of Clan Snow Raven will listen to the SaKhan of Clan Nova Cat???   Political wheels within wheels!  Star League Martial Olympiad winners is a big surprise!
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The SaKhan is playing an interesting political game with the Snow Ravens.
And they are falling for it.
I knew Regulus could not stop itself from taking extra Oriente worlds.
Now how will the power they have accumulated affect the FWL. O0
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Bobby Winchester???

help do we know who he is???
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Dragon Cat on 17 October 2016, 17:17:24
Bobby Winchester???

help do we know who he is???

I'll answer - he is from XTRO: Most Wanted he stole the Huron Warrior piloted by the Prefect of Saffel.  In this AU he stole the Duke of Saffel's Huron Warrior.  He escaped across the Star League Protectorate.
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
Post by: Vition2 on 17 October 2016, 18:35:41
The SaKhan is playing an interesting political game with the Snow Ravens.
And they are falling for it.

Do not underestimate Vir, he plays a very unassuming role but is much more politically inclined and effective than he lets on.  If he's anything like his namesake, he'll make a very good Raven Khan.

Edit: Also great update. O0
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Great update, and trying to out politik a Raven could be iffy...
Title: Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL) Part 2
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I'll answer - he is from XTRO: Most Wanted he stole the Huron Warrior piloted by the Prefect of Saffel.  In this AU he stole the Duke of Saffel's Huron Warrior.  He escaped across the Star League Protectorate.
Thank you
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Throne Room
Robinson, Draconis March
Federated Suns
8th July 3106

   “Cousin, I did not expect for you to visit Robinson” Jerome Sandoval, the Duke of the Draconis March, said stepping down from the throne towards his older cousin.  Mordecai Sandova was a man from another generation who believed that the Draconis March should be leading the Federated Suns in a continuous war of aggression against the ‘hated snake enemy’ in the Draconis Combine.  “Nor did I expect you to arrive with a regiment armed for battle?”

   “Patriots wishing to serve the Draconis March and Robinson” Mordecai said “the Robinson Militia has been disbanded for many years it is time that it was reborn.”

   “The Militia does not have the best history” Jerome began...

   “You have failed this March” Mordecai said interrupting him “the Militia has stood in Robinson’s defence since the foundation of this March.  They deserve their place in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.”

   “I would be failing this March more to accept your fanatics as trained soldiers.”

   “Every one of them has served our nation.”

   “And they are currently?”

   “Free agents willing to serve their nation once more…”

   “Free agents willing to serve you” Jerome said finally “what are you really looking for cousin?”

   “To serve my March and my nation in the best capacity I can.”  Mordecai said bowing slightly before turning slowly moving towards the exit of the throne room leaving Jerome to think about what his cousin had said and the potential threat from his forces.  He knew Mordecai had never been happy that Elaine Sandoval had chosen Jerome over his cousin to take over leadership of the March he just hoped that Mordecai did nothing rash about his displeasure.

Council of the Clans, Council Chambers
Andrey, Tukayyid
Independent Clan Terrirory
15th July 3106

   The assembled Khans of the Clans sat at the tables in a circle each table separated by a short gap to show the individuality of each of the Clans included in the circle was a table for the Loremaster of the Clans showing Tukayyid’s individual status in the Clans.  Not included in the circle was a representative of Solaris VII despite the Gaming World’s new status in Clan society.  Behind the Khans stood an entire star of armoured Elementals of the Ebon Guard, silent guardians of the proceedings, while Loremaster of the Clans Thomas Ward stood at his own table.  “Khans of the Clans welcome to Tukayyid” he began depite being originally born to Clan Wolf Thomas Ward was now purely loyal and proud to Tukayyid.  “You have assembled today to decide how Tukayyid will serve Clan society.  It is my belief that Tukayyid has outgrown its position as a neutral meeting and trading point.”  He said seeing the Khans did not look completely impressed with his words “we have construction, trade, science and meeting places here Tukayyid has more influence on our society than many of you give it credit.”

   “It is not time for another Clan to be born around Tukayyid” Jana Pryde of the Jade Falcons said “Tukayyid’s influence has grown to support our Clans nothing more if the Loremaster cannot see that then he needs to be replaced” she threatened Jana Pryde making it clear of the Jade Falcon position they needed Tukayyid to remain where it was supporting her depleted military.

   “Aff I agree Tukayyid knows its place” Hell’s Horses leader Teresia Cooper bellowed the large Elemental warrior who glanced at Jana Pryde and nodded the Hoses and Falcons clearly continuing to be on the same page.

   “I do not suggest Tukayyid becomes its own power.”  Loremaster Thomas Ward said glancing at the other members “instead I wish to suggest we return to a concept suggested when the Clans were founded.”  He said inwardly very pleased that the assembled Khans looked surprised and perhaps a little confused at his suggestion.  “When the Clans were founded by Nicholas Kerensky the first few months of the new Clans were supported by the Free Guilds based on Strana Mechty.  These Guilds were comprised of members from every one of the Clans and were under the direction of the ilKhan to support each of the Clans without bias or conflict.”  Thomas Ward said he neglected to say that Nicholas Kerensky squashed the Free Guilds just weeks after the Pentagon Worlds campaign when it became clear that the Clans were not interested in having independents operating in the Homeworlds.  “These modern Free Guilds would control Tukayyid’s trade with the Clans and with the Inner Sphere.  They would make weapons, BattleMechs, Ships and Battle Armour available to the other Clans and arrange the trials for your forces, they will coordinate efforts of the scientific and design departments on Tukayyid and better our Clan’s position throughout the Inner Sphere.  And will also be up to the Free Guilds to develop our infrastructure on Solaris VII.”

   “I believe it is the Loremaster’s decision to what happens on Tukayyid, as long as it does not interfere with the Clans and does not attempt to gain a position about its current station Clan Nova Cat will not oppose it.”  Khan Canin Rosse of the Nova Cats said.

   “These Free Guilds will be restricted to Tukayyid and trade with the Inner Sphere will be controlled quiaff?”  Khan Evangeline Clarke of the Sea Fox Clan asked

   “The only Free Guilds personnel who leave Tukayyid will be those who are travelling to collect resources required for production or experiments on Tukayyid or those going to Solaris VII to provide assistance with that world’s development.  The only trade they will do is with the traders that we allow access to our Hall on Solaris VII and the traders that are allowed into the Tukayyid system.”

   “That is agreeable” Clarke replied realizing that her own Clan’s trade links would be protected from competition.

   “Because Clan Sea Fox does such a good job at trading Clan technology to everyone…” Ghost Bear Khan Ragnar Magnesson said seeing Evangeline Clarke ready to hit him with a rebuttle he quickly raised his hand “not just your efforts have been noticed.”  He said steeling a glance first at the Nova Cat Khan and then at the Fire Mandrill Khan both Clans had traded technology to the Inner Sphere in the past.  While Natasha Faraday of the Fire Mandrills looked uncomfortable at being singled out her Clan had traded technology to survive not because they wanted to by comparison Khan Canin Rosse met Ragnar Magnesson’s steely gaze and smirked as if challenging the freeborn to say more.

   “And if there is a future ilKhan what will the Free Guilds do?”  Khan of Clan Wolf Amina Kerensky said more curious about the Free Guilds than against them.

   “They will like the Loremaster of the Clans and Tukayyid submit to the ilKhan.”  Thomas Ward said “as should all of the Clans.”
   “Then I am not against this concept.”  She said around the room the Khans voted with none of them voting against Ward’s proposal which was just as well since many of his plans behind the Free Guilds were already in place.

   “Excellent news the Free Guilds will not disappoint you” he said proudly pressing a button on the console in front of him activating the screens built into their tables. “If you could turn your attention to the screens as part of our initiative to improve all of the Clans and ensure secure travel between Tukayyid and Solaris VII I would like to present to you with the Arbitration-class Battleship.” He said on the screens in front of them a massive WarShip slipped from the shipyard above Tukayyid it had a split forward section with what appeared to be a large weapons array at the front of the vessel the hull then opened out to a large slopped hull with four heat radiating fins on the forward hull.  A central communication and sensor tower dominated the middle of the hull before the rear was comprised of a large box-like engine section with four vertical fins leaving the hull two from the top and two from the rear.  The ship looked unlike most other WarShips ever fielded but the surprise was not the biggest surprise other than Loremaster Thomas Ward no-one else had been made aware of the Arbitration’s construction.  Anger flew around the room as the Loremaster was accused of trying to build himself an armed force that could forge the newly agreed upon Free Guilds into their own Clan but Thomas Ward was clear the Arbitration would be the first and only vessel to serve Tukayyid and the Free Guilds escorting the trade ships between Tukayyid and Solaris all other vessels would be open to be trialled for by the Clans.

Trial of Mysticism
New Barcella, Nova Cat’s Den
21st July 3106

   Despite both the Khan and saKhan being out of the Nova Cat’s Den Oathmaster Klick Lenardon had ordered the first Trial of Mysticism to begin.   In front of him the twenty sixteen year old warriors who had been trained since they were born to serve as Mystics in Clan Nova Cat stood in front of him ready for the Trial to begin.  “You have been prepared for this since your birth you have been tested as far as we can psychologically now you must past a physical test.  Your duty is clear you each must follow your beliefs search your souls and your body’s limits you will return to us in no less than thirty days after that time you will know who you are.”  He said briefing them they would have to survive for thirty days without supplies and without outside assistance and without any weapons this test was designed to test their ability to adapt to the wilderness like a young nova cat each hoping to experience a vision.

   Thirty days later only five of the students returned none of them had experienced a vision but they had survived and would become Mystics of the Nova Cat Clan with each beginning training to become MechWarriors and members of the Clan’s military wing.  Fourteen of the other mystic candidates were never heard from again however the fifteenth finally did return ninety-six days after the beginning of his Trial of Mysticism.  Dehydrated and malnourished Seth was babbling about a vision he had experienced while being injured during his Trial he talked about being cared for by a nova cat which had one of its front paws maimed he said the vision told him that an important part of the Nova Cat Clan would be lost and that it would never be recovered but that the Nova Cats would grow from the loss.

Lyran Commonwealth Guard Base
Gallery, Halfway Province
Lyran Commonwealth
28th July 3106

   Lieutenant Aksel Youngblood stood on the tarmac looking at the Leopard-class DropShip which wore the Kell Hound and Crescent Hawk insignias.  Yesterday Colonel Jeremy Kell had announced that the remaining Kell Hound Battalion would no longer be treated like a house unit of the Lyran Commonwealth and would seek employment beyond House Steiner.  Jeremy Kell had then stated that the Crescent Hawks would be reformed and sent out on its own contracts in an effort to bring further like-minded warriors into the Kell Hound fold.  Now four BattleMechs including Aksel’s Shadow Hawk X4M Land Air-Mech together with a second LAM and four ground bound BattleMechs they would reform the Crescent Hawks.

   “Is this really a good idea?”  Aksel asked glancing at his father Jeremiah Youngblood II.  Jeremiah like thousands others had evacuated Arc Royal and joined the Mountain Wolf Clan on Gallery.  He’d been the one who had suggested Aksel take the position as leader of the new Crescent Hawks.


   “No” Aksel said looking back at the DropShip “yes” he admitted “why is the Colonel sending us away now?”

   “Because the Crescent Hawks have always been good at finding out information and working behind the scenes” Jeremiah explained.  “The Kell Hounds are heading into unknown territory it makes sense that the Crescent Hawks should see what is available out there and perhaps work out what opportunities they should avoid.”

   “Lucky us” he said “well at least the Hawks rise once more.”

   “Yes they do and this is for you” Jeremiah reached into his pocket and handed it to Aksel who turned it over in his hands.  “Congratulations Captain Youngblood” he said smiling proudly the Crescent Hawks were now ready to go to work.

Three things about this update

1) Arbitration is a WarShip designed by marauder648, Vition2 and JA Baker (there will actually be two WarShips coming out of that little project)

2) The Free Guilds were originally a canon idea but they were written off as a mistake by Anastasius Focht.  Blacknova had an approach with them in his Kapteyn Universe and now I'm using them.

3) Addition at the end is a homage to the recent Spotlight series exploring a potential gap created by my universe taking a different direction than canon.

The Arbitration-class is on this thread (
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Excellent update, Dragon Cat.  I can see new dawn rising with this one.
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Great update!  Wow another unit created under the nose of MIIO and DMI?   ;D :-\     Keep it up
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The Clan Loremaster = (  "A NEW POWER IS RISING!!  Peacefully of course...." *eyes narrowing from the Khans*  Interesting that they are opening Tukkayid to more trade and outsiders coming in, but its very much a Clan world.

I'm worried that Mordecai might try something...silly either against Jerome or the Combine and then pin it on Jerome.  Its a case of "Mordecai..don't do the thing.." *DOES THE THING* "****** it Mordecai..."

The Trial of Mysticism, very high casualty rate but an interesting programme none the less. I wonder what that last vision was about...

And owie! The (tattered remnants of) Kell Hounds leaving Steiner's service could leave a big gap in their line against the Falcons. 
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Interesting update. Wonder how the Kell Hounds leaving Steiner service will effect the Lyran Commonwealth politically. Also loved the Clan Council meeting pov. Great update! :D

James Tanaga
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Great update!  Wow another unit created under the nose of MIIO and DMI?   ;D :-\     Keep it up

"Merc" units are raised every day how they end up branded well...

And owie! The (tattered remnants of) Kell Hounds leaving Steiner's service could leave a big gap in their line against the Falcons.

Not much since Arc Royal they've been far from the lines on Gallery the Kell Hounds are not the force they once were.

Interesting update. Wonder how the Kell Hounds leaving Steiner service will effect the Lyran Commonwealth politically. Also loved the Clan Council meeting pov. Great update! :D

James Tanaga

Well if they turned their guns on Steiner I think there would be a problem but Morgan Kell is dead, Phelan is long dead, many Lyrans have seen the Kell Hounds as Clan Mountain Wolf's pet for many years.  Now they get a chance to try and run on their own again.
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The first part of this update comes from James Tanaga I hope you enjoy it and the rest of the update.

Fire Mandrill Compound, Kelly Springs
Clan Territory, Inner Sphere
2nd August, 3106

Natasha Faraday sat in her office, idly studying a recent Trial of Possession displayed on the holo-monitor, as she kept her subordinate waiting. The Trial of Possession in question was a small boon to her Clan, for it netted the Fire Mandrills production schematics for the Black Lanner OmniMech from the Falcons. In any other situation, she supp