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Author Topic: Coregn (A series of K-Verse Shorts)  (Read 847 times)


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Coregn (A series of K-Verse Shorts)
« on: 12 October 2022, 00:10:44 »
05/03/3071 | Fort Augusta, Black Earth, Lyran Commonwealth
The red-tiled roofs, sandy stone, and dwarf olive trees of Columbia loomed large on the poster before a group of heavily muscled individuals squatting in their tan and gray work uniforms. Their Stone Lion shoulder affiliation patches didn’t line up with the white and blue Ghost Bear tattooed on their flesh. A dark-haired woman in an OD 2SLDF Class A dress that showed off her long legs exited the door. Even as tall as she was the smallest female specimens in the room still dwarfed her. “Captain Eskil.”

A blond Warrior stood to his full size, a scar on his cheek covered by a blue bear claw tattoo, the roughly punctured Blakist circle tags around his neck chimed with the motion. His gait was uneven but firm as he strode toward her. “Aff.”

“Please follow me.”

He nodded and ducked beneath the lintel departing the holding office to stride across the gently curving paths more akin to a College Quad than an SLDF base. Military Policemen equipped with dense impact armor, curved shields, and stun staves paused to watch him warily. Their presence and equipment had the opposite effect on Eskil than would be expected of normal people.

“The weather is warm.”
“I rather like it. Do you?”
“I am used to colder lands. Heat Stroke is the second biggest killer in Elemental Sibkos.”
“What is the first?”

Eskil noted the pause between ‘What’ and ‘is’ and respected the woman’s extra effort to avoid the contractions that were a sign of a lazy mind.

“Our trainers not pulling their punches.”

On the opposite side of the Quad Eskil was escorted to the Commander Ekker’s Office. Salutes were exchanged, drinks were offered and declined, as Eskil crouched opposite the seated officer. Folders piled up to the right side of the desk, to the left were photos of Colonel Ekker and his men during ‘The Fifth.’

“You can sit Captain. The chair is rated for your mass. I try to accommodate your people when I can. If it weren’t for Wolf Elementals, I wouldn’t have lived through the Fifth.”

“I prefer to squat Colonel. Keeps me limber. I had to suffer greatly for this regenerated leg and intend to use it to its fullest.”

“I can’t imagine suffering through that for three months.”
“It is our nature. I became comfortable with pain a long time ago on Bearclaw.”

Colonel Ekker pulled one of the folders out from the stack.
Freeborn on Bearclaw,
Commendation in Sibko training,
Undefeated in your Trial of Position, Launched right to Star Captain, Tried to get harvested by the Wolves, failed, got busted down to Point Commander.
Fought on Caripare, Porthos, Tukayyid,
Worked your way back up to Star Captain before Luna, and Terra where you got injured by a Blakist minefield.
You have been in every single hot theater for the past ten years.
This is the best damn record of a Warrior I have ever seen.

That is why it breaks my heart to say the SLDF has no space for you.”

Eskil crouched there silent for a long while, “I do not understand.”

“The war is over Warrior.
Go home.”

The Elementals fists balled as the Colonel reached toward something beneath his desk. He stood tall and roared so loud it shook the drop ceiling.
Kicked us out of OUR Dominion!
The only people I have left are here!”

“I am sorry Captain. SLDF has gone all political now that the shooting has stopped.
The Trueborns have a lock on commissions.
I would offer you a Trial of Position if I could, but the Council is in charge now.”

Colonel Ekker removed and cleaned his glasses, “All I can give you is a letter of recommendation along with the discharge papers. There are services available to help you resettle and find something to do.”

There is nothing greater.”

“Ghost Bear is gone Eskil.
I am certain the Stone Lions could use your leadership ability and drive somewhere else.
There is a severance package and pension for the demobilized.
Take it and travel a little when people are not shooting at you,
Think about what you want to do with the rest of your life,
Celebrate the fact that you lived through the Fifth when so many perished.

That is our greatest victory against the Blakists.
One we could not have achieved without the Clans’ great sacrifice.”

Both men stood to exchange salutes before the Colonel handed Eskil a bound folder.
“We owe you a great debt. This is just the down payment. Digital copies have already been uploaded to your codex.”

He tapped the ‘memory copper’ torc wrapped around his left forearm and a small holographic display scrolled with the latest updates including the removal of his reserve duty status.

“So that is it, for twelve years of service.”
“Service is selfless. You were a good Warrior; you still can be a good man. There are many burdens that can be carried on those broad shoulders of yours.
You are not used to this, but it is how the Inner Sphere operates.”

“I hate it.”

“You will for now, but maybe not forever."

Ekkers passed him an Alliance Jaeger’s challenge coin which was dwarfed in Eskil’s immense palm. Engraved on it was their Corps motto ‘viel feind, viel ehre’ (Many Enemies, Much Honor,) a suitable one for a unit built to emulate the Clan Warrior ethos.

“That will get you a few rounds at least,” he chuckled, “and maybe laid.

Farewell Eskil, I wish you luck.”


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Re: Coregn (A series of K-Verse Shorts)
« Reply #1 on: 17 October 2022, 08:35:45 »
08/21/3071 New Houston, Black Earth
Pump jacks rotated rhythmically in tune with the windmills built upon the gently sloping hills above the company town of New Houston. An oversized freshly waxed pickup truck pulled up to the gates of a fenced in construction site with signs marked ‘Sweet Clementine Properties.’ The window rolled down to reveal a middle-aged man with a cowboy hat and colorful shirt who faced the dusty denim clad gate guard. “Do the Clans not have holidays? Its Founder’s Day and I’m here instead of on my boat with a topless blonde eating fresh fish filets.”
“I don’t know Clem. They just showed up this mornin’ and said they was workin’.”
“Why didn’t you turn ‘em back Cletus?”

Cletus nervously patted the revolver at his hip. “You tell four living giants capable of ripping apart mechs they can’t work.”
“I’m about to.”

Clem’s pickup passed under the lifted gate through shadows cast by moldering apartment blocks that stood like monoliths from a past era and they were, Black Earth’s Clan Occupation. Traces of Clan Jade Falcon’s logo remained on them despite the planet being free for four years. Great piles of rubble lay on the far side of the site with idle construction vehicles beside them. The pickup pulled beside a similar but significantly dustier and marked with SCP’s logo. Four blonde giants stood beside it wearing their dusty gray and tan coveralls but not their high visibility hard hats. They looked toward him and one of them check the watch wrapped around his massive forearm, “You made it just in time Clement.”
“It’s Founder’s Day you shouldn’t be here.”

They looked to each other, “Founding Day is June Eleventh.”
He spoked very slowly and clear, “To you maybe but not in New Houston it ain’t.”
“This has taken us by surprise. We apologize but it is already done.”

A siren blared out over the construction site, “What did you do Eskil?”
“I set the implosion detonator on a timer. The site is empty. We figured that was intentional. For your safety.”
The Stone Lions donned their hard hats and dust masks as the siren cried out a second time. Clem rushed to grab a bandana from the truck and wet it using the water cooler attached to the Elemental’s truck.

After a third howl of the siren an apartment tower marked with orange stripes was wracked with a series of intricate timed explosions on its lower floors. Pulverized concrete exploded from within as the building slowly disintegrated under the weight of its own skeleton. A great crash shook the ground throwing up dust that obscured the hills beyond, heavier particles settled, but finer ones were picked up by the wind and blown toward families enjoying holiday fish frys by the sea. Clem's once gleaming truck was now coated in gray grime.

Clem removed the damp bandana leaving behind a clear mark of grime on his face as his comm-pad began to ring ‘Dixie.’
“Oh hell! I am not goin’ to hear the end of this for weeks. I hope you are happy.”

The Stone Lions looked at the pile of rubble that once bore the Jade Falcon crest with pride. "The implosion was successful. I am satisfied."