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Author Topic: An Ounce of Common Sense (repost)  (Read 1674 times)

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An Ounce of Common Sense (repost)
« on: 04 March 2011, 06:12:16 »
The Protector's Letter I

7th September 3061

Dear Marilia,

Finally, I've manage to escape from the whirlwind of official duties long enough to write you. I hope you are setting in well on MacLeod's Land; I have no doubt that our homeworld will prosper under your intelligent guidance. For my own part, I wish myself anywhere but where I am. I know, if you were here you would remind me of all the times you've heard me grouse that I could do a better job of running the Concordat than our late Jeffrey Calderon. As I should have expected, the tales that caution us to be careful what we wish for are incontrovertibly correct. For years I dreamed of the things I'd do differently were I the Protector. Now I am, but truly, my most deeply held convictions were the first I had to sacrifice on the alter of statesmanship.

I would gladly curse the Davions - for murdering poor Jeffrey, for interfering in our affairs again and again, and for thrusting me into a position I now find I am not equipped to deal with - but to do so would mean I'd be just as blind as Thomas was. Certainly, strong evidence was presented to me, but I was relucant to rely on intelligence drafted in cooperation with the Capellan Confederation. I had to personally threaten several high ranking members of the Constabulary, but eventually I was given additional reports after several weeks time. So far, those reports could not be of a more divergent opinion; of course, I can't share them with you, but you will undoubtly trust my word that something is rotten in the state of the Concordat. I have taken first steps to end our intelligence's crippling dependence on an untrustworthy foreign power, but it might take years before such bad habits are rooted out.

Truth be told, I have not forgiven - and will not ever forgive - House Liao for deceiving us when Kerensky's Clans invaded. While the Davions sent their armies to face the deadly enemy that threatened not only them but the entire Inner Sphere, Romano and Sun-Tzu were gladly gifting us intelligence pointing out that it was all a ruse to lull us into a false sense of security. To my endless shame, I was too quick to agree with old Thomas, who of course was mollified by the affirmation of his estimates. If only Edward had never died! When I took office as Protector, I swore that I would never forget the painful lessons I've learned that day.

The Magistracy is turning into another problem. The weakness of the Colonial Marshals have given them a splendid opportunity to expand their control in the New Colony Region. I'm not sure I trust Emma Centrella; that woman is too clever to forfeit a play for power. She will gladly will force us to spend ever more ressources in the colonies, while she can safely commit even more portions of the MAF to Capellan space. Even now, she is making covert moves of approaching the seperatists, mere weeks after Jeffrey's death!

According to our late Protector's table notes, Magestrix Emma wasn't satisfied with the pace of our colonization efforts. She wanted a bigger and faster return on her investments, perhaps to offset the losses her forces continue to suffer in Sun-Tzu's bid to play Director-General across the Chaos March and his aunt's realm. I believe Sherman Maltin had a point, misguided and maddened as he was, that the Capellans are making a bid of absorbing the Canopians, the Colonies, and maybe the Concordat as well.

I do not understand why the Magestrix would willingly offer her realm for a House Lord to take over, but I am not going to play my part in this little stage act. An alliance, offered for table scraps of technology and support, would just ensnare us in these spiders' web and immobilize us until a time when the Direktor-General is satisfied with his gains in the Inner Sphere and turns his eyes towards the Periphery. If I should ever enter such a bond willingly, it would only be if I had no other choice and our very survival was at stake.

For now, all we can do is subtly but firmly oppose Canopian and Capellan moves into the New Colony Region. We need some breathing room, to be sure that what we agreed to in the Treaty of Taurus is really the best thing for the Concordat. Especially now, when it seems clear that the Centrella-Liaos are trying to get our ressources for their own goals. And this is only if Victor Davion continues to sit on his hands after his "heroic" return to a realm which is no longer his. Right now, we need stability, not wars on each of our borders.
Perhaps we need to look for allies in most unexpected places. Lord knows we need modern technology if the new Star League, the Federated Commonwealth, or just the Capellan Confederation decide they need a new Santiago to keep their destitute realms from falling apart. Our ties to the Outworld Alliance may yet be an omen of things to come.

If I had a choice, I would have the entire Concordat join the Far Lookers, hop into a jumpship and leave this madness behind. All I can do for now is watch, wait and try to prepare the Concordat for the worst-case scenario. So I guess I'll mull a little wine the way your mother used to, turn in for the night and hope I can manage to sleep until morning or until inspiration strikes.

Don't hesitate to be in touch if you need any advice from your old father. I may be beset with worries, but sometimes other people's are the best antidote. Take care, and let me hear from you soon.

--- Dad