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Author Topic: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2  (Read 65194 times)


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Battletech CYOA – Ghostrider Revenants

This work of fiction is based on Fitzgerald’s CYOA but with some changes like the initial locations  because I get ones already show in other works, and some small details to turn this a bit more interesting.

The hardware was selected using, TRO 3028 (yes, I know is not cannon) and some others.
This universe also include parts of the locations, people and actions / history of the HBS game Battletech – Restoration.


Waking up with a tremendous headache even if I didn’t remember drinking a lot last night, I turned up the lights I before finding out that I wasn’t in my bedroom. What the Hell ? Looking in the mirror, I see a complete stranger looking at me, a guy of about twenties, blond, taller than I ever was and very muscular. Not at all,my usual 56 year old body that nobody says is in good shape these days.
My heart started racing before my head deciding to make a sense of everything. The last things I remember was that just a few hours back I got home from another day of boring work, repairing damaged computers and remotely assisting the few corporate clients that I still have. After dinner, I played some computer games to distract my mind from the boring life of a divorced 56 older computer programmer / technician with bad health and no close relatives or many friends. And now here I am but where am I?

Then I was hit by a series of memories that were clearly not mine -  memories of another life. I’m a 20 year old male (thank God no change of sex ), named Jean-Luc Bassot, single, living in New Vandenberg, recently expelled from the Taurian Defense Force because of a scandal with the daughter of the major and therefore unemployed and to add another cliche to this list orphan. A kick look to what looks like a calendar in this house tells me that the date is January the 1st  3015.
It must be a dream – a strange one for sure. Normally my dreams don’t put me in a life of someone with so low perspectives, I am usually a king, a spy or … Someone must have a wicked sense of humor. I just hope that I wake up fast in order for me to return to my boring life.

Thankfully this loser still has a minimal bank account, so I just spend the next days wandering around the city and waiting for this really crappy dream to end.

At least I know this universe rather well – thank God my dream didn’t send me in one of the few horror or medieval movies that I sometimes saw. But if I had to be in the Battletech universe, why didn’t I dream I was in one of the big capitals, like Tharkad – forget that, too cold -  or New Avalon and was a healthy noble? Not even in my dreams am I lucky, just perfect.
As the days go by – while the money fades away and depression comes – without me awakening or returning to my normal life, I get a little suspicion that this might not really be a dream but that somehow a very ‘funny’ BROB (Bored Random Omniscient Bastard / Being) send me to this body to have this crappy life. At least I don’t have to share this body with another mind – I ‘only’ got the body, the physical capabilities and the memories of Jean-Luc. The body is very fit, and in a manly way, good looking. The minus is that he isn’t a very educated person and that might be an understatement, so I don’t get many information about this new world.
I or rather this other guy – Jean-Luc Bassot – don’t have great professional capabilities and having been expelled from the military doesn’t help, as I quickly find out , after trying to get employed in five or six companies. After the incident (that’s how he refers to it), he has no friend left. And, as could be expected, my 21st century skills with computers and programming are useless (and I have no money or access to re-train in ‘up-to-date’ systems), and all the info on the Battletech lore I have can’t be used when one is a poor unemployed, without contacts, in other words, a nobody in the Periphery.
Apparently, it is very difficult in this era to get access to an education in computer programming – only the military (thanks for failing in that area, dude), a few companies or very few high level university provides it.
I finally got a job – operating heavy machinery or unloading ships by hand at the sea port. The best I can say about it is that it pays the bills but barely.
My only distractions, apart from writing everything I remember of the extensive Battletech lore (just to keep my mind sane),  are hitting the local gym club, a dojo (this guy is a decent martial artist) and read everything I can put my hands on regarding history and science. I need to learn things about this universe other than the bits and pieces from the books written in another universe as there seems to be small differences between both “universes”. For example, one day, hearing in the news a tidbit about a small neighborhood nation, I discovered that the Aurigan Coalition exist in this universe and  is ruled by House Arano. To most people here and then, it wouldn’t mean much but to me it just shows that it is not exactly a lore rigid universe and I wonder what other deviations might exist?

Another day, maybe three months after my “arrival” (it is amazing how one can forget how many days have passed), just after getting up from bed, I heard the phone ringing.
"Mister Jean-Luc Bassot?”
“Yes, I’m Jean-Luc Bassot. Who’s speaking?”
 This is the secretary of Victor Blaise from the Law Office of Blaise, Thiers & Chevotet. Hold on please."
 Great – lawyers in the morning, the perfect start for a normal day.
“Mister Bassot, good morning, we are the executors of the will of the late Edward Jeremy, from the Jeremy’s Consortium."
“The Magnate?”
"Yes, sir. Because you are included in is will. We hope you can visit our office to discuss these maters in more detail."

I get a chance after all!!! Wait, is this that kind of situation? I have read and played several adventures that started like this – all in this universe after all.

The address provided is in the same city, so after breakfast – looking to the calendar, now is April the 3rd  – and changing in the only decent outfit I have, I went to said location.
The offices of B, T & C are huge, they occupy an entire impressive building in the richest area of New Vandenberg (the capital and the planet). As soon as I say my name at the reception, I’m led to the personal office of one of the senior partners, in this case Victor Blaise itself.
I’m greeted by a distinguished old man, slender with white air.
“Mr Bassot,it is a pleasure to finally met you. I’m Victor Blaise, one of the senior partners oft his company and a close friend of you late father.  Your military medical record confirms that you are related to our late client, and we received very clear instructions about you.”

My late ‘mother’ never told me the name of my father, and because she never married, I didn’t have any way, until now, to know who he was. I still unsure about all this but managing to gain access to a military medical record shows how powerful or well introduced he is/was or they are.

“My condolences for your loss. As you might know, your late father was a very successful investor, with shares in all the big Concordat companies. What very few people know, however, is that his hobby was searching, restoring and collecting old military hardware everywhere he could find them.He decided to let you as inheritance the company that he used for that, his  collection and a substantial amount of cash.”
“And the catch? There is always one.”
“Indeed. You can’t initiate contact with you father ‘legal’ family. You don’t tell them anything about this. And you rescind any rights on the rest of you father heritage.”
“Is that all?”
“Well, no. You still have the benefit of our services for life, your late father included that in our contract and he was one of our best clients, provided that it is not against his family – in that case, we would have to move away because of the conflict of interest.”
“I have no problem with that. Would you have by chance a detailed list of what I become?”
“Of course, it is in this data-chip.  There is also a private message to you from your late father. Now, if everything is clear, and after you read the exact detail of what you get, we will have to deal with the “small” matters of you underwriting the documents….”
“Can I see the message from my father before we continue?”
“But of course. I will leave you alone. Call me when you are done with it.”

Placing the disk in the reader I pushed the play button and a hologram of someone, that looks like an older version of this new body, my late father I guess appeared.
“Hello Jean-Luc. If you are seeing this, it means that I'm dead. By now, you have already been informed that I'm you father. My name is Edward Jeremy and I loved very much your mother, but because I was already engaged when I met her I couldn’t do what I should have done. Reason has its reasons that the heart must sometimes ignore.... Your mother was a very proud woman and she never accepted my help when we discovered that she was pregnant. While she broke all contacts with me, I still maintained a discreet surveillance on you, never interfering with your lifelike she desired. When you were six years old, one of my companies discovered a relic Liberty Jumpship with an DroST IIb Dropship still attached, both loaded with military hardware from the Reunification War times. Normally I would have sold all of it but at that time, the latest report I got on you were saying that you had started playing mercenary games and I thought “Why not?” and decided to use these to form the core of something that I could later give you as a gift.
Because I didn’t want to register them as a mercenary unit, after all, I was a respected businessman with no real interest in going in this new market, I had to find a way around as even for me it would have been difficult to create a hidden military force as all the governments tend to dislike people going around with big toys, I convinced my contacts that I would keep the obsolete BattleMechs for my private collection while selling them every “modern” or usable items I found.
And so, I created V4RU – Vandenberg Recover, Rebuild, Repair and Refit Unlimited – with a group of capable and dedicated people with the mission to find, obtain and restore old military hardware in order to give them to you when the time would come. They also repair and refit modern military hardware for the Taurian Defense Force and several mercenary outfits.
They are very good people indeed and they found several more modern wreckage that were sold to the government or to some selected companies. In the end, you will have a decent if only small force to play with if you still want to play mercenary. If not, you can sell them and use the money to increase your other gift, my private account, that no one knows about. I can’t tell you the value right now, because I don’t know when I will die but there is enough to sustain you and your force should you want to go this way. From the unknown father that loved you, I bid you farewell my son.”

And with these last words, the hologram dissolved.

Let me see. Vandenberg Recover, Rebuild, Repair and Refit Unlimited – a recover and repair company with a security unit on top of it, not bad… and the ‘toys’: 1 Jumpship, 4 Dropships along with some old ‘Mechs and vehicles. All very old models, some barely useful even in the Periphery.  Oh, and 280 ****** million C-Bills in a Comstar bank account!.
I’m rich, very rich. It is tempting – oh so tempting. Hundreds of millions of C-Bills and living in a nation that – if nothing changes from what I know – will stay in a state of peace for more than 50 years, up to the Jihad times. But I don’t believe that the ‘dear’ BROB that sent me here will let me escape so easily.

Well if this is not a standard setup for an adventure, I missed the memo. From what I see, our dear BROB is obviously lacking in originality. But that simplifies my life for a while, as the initial moves are easy to make having been discussed over and over in all the BT related forums in my world.
After signaling that I have ended reading the data my ‘late father’ left to me, Mr. Blaise re-enter the room.
‘So, Mr. Bassot, have you any questions?’
“For starters, I need to visit V4RU and see what they have in terms of people and assets. Only after that can I make a proper decision. Right now, I don’t know what I will do. Just not enough information, I hope you understand.”

“That is perfectly comprehensible. When you have made your mind, please contact me back.”
 “Also, I think that I'm going to need some kind of protection.’’
“For your security, I would recommend you to contact Smith Securities, they have an office in this city and they are very good and discreet.”

After carefully reading all the documents, and signing the necessary ones, I exited the B, T & C building to start a new life.

My fist move after that was to go to Smith Securities and after showing them a black credit card – AKA (almost) unlimited funds, one of the things that I got just after signing all the papers in the law firm- I received the full VIP treatment with personal assistant and access to the very best merchandise.
It is stupid I know, but for once, I let free my inner bad boy, rationalizing that now, I need a bit of protection. I ended buying a comfortable black outfit with incorporated ballistic armor, boot blades, shoulder holster, one Serrek 7875D auto-pistol with several clips and a box of ammo. In other words, the XXXI century Taurian version, of John Wick clothing, for short.
I also contracted, for the duration of my stay on New Vandenberg, two bodyguards.

After that, I felt better and went on doing first things, first. For example, bolstering my ego by telling my ex-boss that I quit, obviously in a very graphic way. Next, I stopped at the local computer store, and bought the best noteputer they had, several high-capacity data-chips and a portable scanner. After the boring but necessary task of digitizing all my notes, I now had to think about the future and I needed to seriously think about what I wanted to do next.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #1 on: 16 July 2019, 04:14:40 »
Very intersting start! And 3015 is a good point to go in. And the Concordat is a nice change too!
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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #2 on: 16 July 2019, 05:04:18 »
Everybody goes for one of the big houses - or even with a different start - operates for one of the big ones. I want to operate in the Periphery to be different. 3015 give the time to do a 'little buildup' before the big events.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #3 on: 17 July 2019, 03:07:18 »
V4RU is located on the other side of the planet, which means traveling to there but thanks to being rich, it is quite easy. Taking one sub-orbital flight  in first class leaves me in the nearest city and after that it is rather easy to find a VTOL and fly there. From the air, the company installations are isolated in the middle of a prairie field and includes several very big warehouses and an airfield / drop port.
The lawyers must have already informed them of my arrival as while we are landing, I can see a welcome committee waiting for me. Exiting the VTOL I saw five people waiting – three men and two woman: one is the perfect suit man, another one the bookish type. We also got the dirty mechanic, the beautiful redhead and a smallish brunette in a kind of uniform. What is this, the stereotype week?
The “suit” takes a step forward and begins speaking.
“Good morning Mister Bassot. I’m John Smith, the general manager. The people around me are the leaders of the different branches of V4RU,  to my right, Bertrand Suchet is the Recover department leader – this guy just looks like many low budget stereotypes of bookish small man - , Gilbert Leloup -  looking strangely like Yang Virtanen in the HBS game, even if his cybernetic arm is the left one this time - is our master technician, and at my left Sara Pelletier – a beautiful looking redhead that can easily work in the supermodel world -  is the boss of the space department, that means that she is  responsible for our Jumpship and Dropships, and last but not least, miss Lise Bonnel - a very interesting smallish brunette, dressed in a casual way, with a military type jacket, mirrored glasses and with a big gun on her holster is the most distant image of what I picture security or military related - is our security chief. Would you like a  tour of the installations ?”

During said tour I can see several military vehicles and ‘Mechs under works. Mr Smith informs me that one of the most lucrative businesses of the company is the repair and refit one and that they have contracts not only with the Taurian Defense Force and several small mercenary units but also a good relation with VMI (Vandenberg Mechanized Industries) to support then and even sometimes execute the final assembly and testing of new deliveries. When I asked about the military hardware  owned by the company and after a small saddened look on Mr Smith’s face that vanishes as soon as it got there, I was guided to a separated group of warehouses and hangars containing several ’Mechs, Aerospace Fighters and other military hardware, but to my dismay, all dating back to the Reunification War or similar periods. In other words, antiques. Seeing my dismay face, Mr Leloup quickly added that while, the hardware might indeed seem old, they have all been extensively refitted with modern systems. They are modern versions in all but name and aspect but more importantly, they are also capable of accepting modern components and could be used in the field if necessary without risking any lack of parts or ammo. Inside of three of the hangars are also Dropships that were also modernized and are ready to be deployed. The only empty hangar is the house of the only Jumbo DropShip that the company has and that at the time being is running a contract for VMI, delivering equipment to a mercenary force somewhere in the Inner Sphere. According to Miss Pelletier, it should be returning in about three months. With it is our only JumpShip, one old but also refitted and fully operational Liberty, the one mentioned by my “father”.
Gilbert Leloup, informs me with evident pride that V4RU is one of the smallest – if not the smaller – company that can do extensive repairs and refits on DropShips. When asked about what kind of DropShip the biggest one was as it was obviously not an Union, he informed me that it was a Black Eagle, “the grand daddy of ‘mech carriers”. This one had like all our hardware (including the two DroST in the other hangers) been fully retrofitted with current tech and were  even sometime used to deliver goods from V4RU or VMI to other planets.
In one of the repair shops, a Marauder, in the colors of the Taurian Defense Force, could be seen in the middle of the delicate and very complex operation of replacing his engine. Very few places can do that, outside of the full ‘Mech factories. Clearly V4RU is more capable than I have ever thought.
Initially I had thought that V4RU was a small company, but oh boy, have I been wrong. Yes, it is small if you compare it with the giants of the military industry like the local VMI or the much bigger Defiance Industries, but it is more a medium one than a small one, very well equipped, staffed with competent people and more importantly, it seems profitable.
Lise Bonnel, quietly points out to me with a disturbing sultry voice, that the DroST IIb is regularly used as an escort DropShip loaded with some platoons of marines and the small craft carrying them are older Intrepid Assault Craft, well armed and loaded with a platoon of said marines if necessary. Her troops have plenty of experience in anti-piracy missions.
Then, I ask Suchet about what is Recover department is doing.  To my surprise he answers that they have extensive databases on the whole human sphere (Inner Sphere + Periphery and even bits about the Deep Periphery) with their focus being on old battlefields and their post battle cleaning. If they find info that some were not extensively cleaned, they send a team to that location to see if they can obtain (Recover) some usable piece of military hardware. This is where everything in my company comes. He adds with a glint in the eye that they have just found a probable location for some Taurian and/or Star League wreckage from a ground battle that could be usable.  When asked why no team had been sent, he simply answered that the operation has not yet been approved by Mr Smith while looking at him with a not friendly face.
Mr Smith informs me that most of these operations are just a waste of funds and time and until now they are not a priority. In other words “I don’t plan on doing anything but if the new owner takes responsibility for it, so be it.”
Not wanting to decide now as so far what I have seen is only old hardware which makes me less and less excited in keeping that company, after all they don’t have a real mercenary unit, I temporized and asked both to send me their estimates and that I would decide later.
Meanwhile the tour ended, and we arrived at the administrative building where the research department is located. It is right then that I was struck by a crazy idea and turning to Suchet, I asked him if in their ‘extensive databases’ they had references to a DropShip class named Argo. After a few moments Suchet answered that thanks to their access to the ‘3010 Complete Delranes Black Sea Encyclopedia’, the most comprehensive database of all black sea ships, if said DropShip class ever existed, he would find it. Soon one of is subordinates confirmed that two DropShips of that class had indeed been built in 2762, the Argo and the Myrmidon  but that the Argo was lost during its maiden trip and that the Myrmidon had been broken down for parts before being its full completion.
With tremendous effort I controlled my expression… maybe it was possible… I refrained the impulse to ask about Axylus. Instead I simply asked to get full access to all the combined databases in my soon to be office.

After that came the mandatory part about what my intentions were regarding the company. Good question. However I managed to calmed down their fears that I could sell it for some easy money. I concluded by saying that for now I wanted V4RU to work like before while I take some time to analyze the books to get an idea of the profitability of the company, giving authorization to launch the operation asked by Suchet will have to wait until I get a clear picture. However what I knew but couldn’t tell them is that if I found out what I will be looking for in the cartographic database, I would really need to create a military unit before hunting down the legendary Argo and its treasures.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #4 on: 17 July 2019, 03:34:55 »
*makes excited noises that you used his Delranes name* :D
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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #5 on: 17 July 2019, 03:47:52 »
I love the Delranes Fighting Ships 3061 but can't use it right now (3015) can i ? So i get the best possible alternative i imagined. In this AU is the equivalent of the Jane's of our world.
Glad you approve.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #6 on: 18 July 2019, 02:26:57 »
The next six months passed in a blur for me.
Because the V4RU complex included several blocks of apartments for functionaries, and had some free, I took one for me. Also, after evaluating the quality of the security forces, I dismiss the bodyguards that I have contracted some days before. Next I started an intense regime to put me in condition for what I planned to do.
Small arms and hand-to-hand combat with the security team – boy firing laser and flechette weapons is fun – practicing with one of the available ‘Mechs, learn as much as possible about this universe and about the working of V4RU – I have all my days full.
While the accounting software in the Concordat in the 31st century is different from the ones used in Portugal in the 21st century – and in another universe – the basic principles are the same, and so thanks to my past life – I have needed to know how to read these numbers in previous jobs - I can easily confirm that the company turns a respectable profit, even when the projects of the Research branch  generate a loss nine times out of ten (retrieving military hardware from old battlefields many times don’t generate enough ‘goodies’ to pay the expense).  The company also has business deals with almost all the military companies in the Concordat.
I found out that Axylus indeed exist and was located near the Alloway system situated between the systems of Detroit and Joppa in the open area between FWL, CC, MC and the Aurigan Reach (like in the HBS game set). On the one hand, I was inclined to stay the owner of a successful company in a nation that in the next fifty years would be at peace, that is if you discount the ‘incident’ with the Reach in 3025-3028 in the HBS game. On the other , I wanted to get my hands in what was in the Argo and in Castle Nautilus. And if I followed that path, then the rest of the caches in the IS that I knew of (Helm, New Dallas, etc) would also be fair game.
But, right now, what I needed was to stick to the plan. I don’t have a mercenary force nor I'm I prepared for that kind of life but I have a lot of money, knowledge and a (profitable) company. It is a start.
I decided to authorize the Recover mission that I had been informed the day I had arrived.
Paying a little extra, I convinced several of the techs already in my service to teach me things like programming the systems of this era – not that different from what I know, more like the robotics / domotics and with a lot less UI??? than management software, but thankfully I have some experience with that – in my past in my original universe -  I have done a lot of work in an animal food company, programming this semi-automated factory, so is not totally a new area for me. I also kept a rigorous regime, training with the marines hand-to-hand combat and small arms. I still remember the first day I used one of the Toro BattleMechs for the first time – so different from the videogames, but thanks to the memories from my ‘counterpart’ in this universe I managed to do it without too many problems. Even if the technician that tuned my helmet commented that I had strange, but passable, readings.
I also discussed with Leloup about my ideas to modify the Eisenfaust, turning it into a passable ‘Mech. After our discussion, he answered me that it was going to be expensive (even if much less than buying a new ‘Mech) but that he was confident that his team could do what I wanted.
I spent a lot of time looking through the different databases, which were indeed massive, trying to confirm the data I had from my previous life and catching the divergence points and general news that I didn’t know.
Soon after the confirmation of the Argo and Axylus existence, and after deciding to go for the more adventurous path,  I talked with the lawyers from B,T & C in order to start the process to create a mercenary unit and more importantly to learn the ropes of running this business, what they can and can’t do. For example I could contract then to escort the V4RU jumpship and dropships – and if by chance they encountered a pirate group… all the loot was to be divided as agreed in the contract between the mercenaries and the contractor – both myself in this case. But invading or raiding systems of other nations without the authorization of the Taurian government (or any other) was a big no. Buying equipment and recruiting personnel after registering the mercenary force at the MRB was perfectly okay with the Taurian government.
And that turned my planned raids on Helm and Artru difficult as both planets were inhabited worlds inside nations, meaning that the Concordat was not going to be happy if I raided them. New Dallas on the other side (apart of the ‘small problem’ of Comstar having a permanent look in the system)– was considered a dead world and nobody would give a shit if I visited the system.
During this few months I gained a lively respect for Lise Bonnel (that small brunette was deadly in hand-to-hand combat) and she tossed me time after time around the tatami.
At last the Recover team returned home with about two hundred tons of usable pieces of diverse hardware and much more scrap. While per se it was not a good trip, we now had enough parts to rebuild a Talos battlemech, a Merkava Mk. VIII and a Marksman SPG that is if we could obtain the fusion engines for it. I authorized the order, under the protests of Mr Smith and to keep him silent, I used my private funds. With this last rebuilt, I now had six ‘Mechs – not bad, but not enough.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #7 on: 19 July 2019, 02:31:37 »
Just then the lawyers called me back, informing me that the Revenants mercenary unit had finally been registered at the MRB and also in the local Concordat systems. I could now start buying modern military hardware, contracting people and looking for contracts if I was interested.
One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t have the necessary experience to create and manage and much less lead into battle a mercenary unit. My own time in the military was long ago – and in a different universe. The memories from this body were up to completing the training, not enough by a large margin.
Thankfully, after reading her file, I knew that Lise Bonnel has served in one of the special forces units of the TDF and could probably help me finding the right person for the job.
After asking her to help me in that particular problem, she informed me that she indeed knew several retired officers that maybe could be interested in the job. She said that she was going to ask around but made no promises.

As soon as the Eisenfaust was declared operational by the technicians, I took it for a run in our firing range. While small, it was a comprehensive one with the full number of cameras and all the needed sensors  needed to certify a ‘Mech or vehicle as fully operational.
After months of using the Toro, I could see the differences from the start;  even with the updates we had made, the Eisenfaust was still a much slower ‘Mech, barely passing 60 km/h while the smaller Toro could reach almost 90 km/h easily. The weapon load-out was also different as the Toro was a long range ‘Mech while the new Eisenfaust had weapons for all ranges. My final conclusion after finishing the last run of planned tests planned was that the techs had done a good job, turning this ‘Mech into a decent if only a bit slow medium.

A month after my conversation with Lise, I received a visit.
Gervais Vasseur, retired Brigadier  (in other words a Major) from the TDF (I later learned that he had retired after an accident killed his family four years ago).
Even without watching his vita, this guy screamed military with every single move he made. His look (1.75 meters, very fit with short black hair) just added to this feeling. After all, why not another cliché?
After the initial and usual jokes, he provided me with his résumé –  XO in the Taurian Guards under Brenda Calderon, several deployments before that including two against pirates, nothing exceptional – but most parts of the curriculum were full so… all in all, someone with plenty of experience in the business. Interesting, no personal ‘Mech and hailing from a middle-class family, which could explain both the missing ‘Mech and the interest for the job.
After that, I explained to him that I wanted him to lead a mercenary unit, about the size of a combined arms battalion with several peculiar missions I wanted it to be able to carry.
His reaction was typical.
 ‘So, if I understand this right, you want to create a mercenary force to go treasure hunting in the no man’s land between us, the Magistracy and the South of the Reach.
Are you crazy ? For that you already have more than enough hardware, you don't need to buy more. Alternatively, you can contract any small mercenary force - that is much cheaper than creating one from the ground.’
‘Yes, Brigadier, but I want a force that I fully control.’
‘For that you just need to look to the MRB rates - several small merc units have a very good reputation. I think that you have too much money to spare and just want to play merc. Not a good combo.’
‘Look, Brigadier, it is my money, and in the end you will receive a very good salary for creating and commanding that force for me. If I'm wrong, you will still be paid and you will be able to drive a Heavy ‘Mech for several months. But, if I'm right...’
‘What is so important in that legendary DropShip for you to risk that much ?’
‘Other than the fact that is the size of the Behemoth, and that is was built in the last days of the Star League ? Several clues point to that it was used by the Star League Intelligence Command and that it might have inside a map of all their hidden bases in the Periphery.’
‘Even if all of that is true, what guarantees you have that said bases are not emptied when the SLDF run away or found after ?’
‘Well, that is a risk I'm prepared to take, brigadier. Do you want the job, or do I need to look for another commander?’
‘Son, it is you money, if you are willing to spend it that way, fine for me. But be prepared to pay a lot of money to buy the force you want and in the end all the adventure be a bust.’
‘Noted. And welcome to the party, brigadier.’
He had accepted the job offer but not without a last request – more exactly, demanding that the operational command had to be his, something that I fully supported.
 Vasseur also asked about the hardware that I had and after I informed him, he made a quick list of the extra hardware that was going to be necessary.  Thankfully I still had a good treasure chest and VMI could provide me with everything we both agreed to buy. Recruiting personnel was also going to be his job as I had no clue where to start.
After a meeting with the VMI procurement division, I returned to V4RU, with several orders placed for several very expensive military hardware. Thanks to the fact that VMI produced most of what I needed, I just had to negotiate with one company, one that has its HQ and principal factories in this planet. The drawback was that they had more bargaining power than I had.
While I had probably ordered more things and more costly than necessary for a good start, I  wanted to form a company of ‘Mechs with support, something Vasseur fully agreed upon. I could  get four heavies (Marauder 3R, Warhammer 6R, Archer 2R and Thunderbolt 5S), 2 mediums (Griffin 1N) four Vedette Medium tanks, four Hunter Light Support Tank and twelve Heavy Wheeled APCs. The reason behind my choice of going for four different heavies was that it meant I could get my hands on the first  available ‘Mechs from 4 different production lines instead of having to wait for several months for the same 4 models to show up. A simple trick that made me smile and that ensured that my unit would be ready in the near future. I had specifically requested that everything fresh out of the factory had  to be delivered to the new base that was just now being finished.
Creating a mercenary force from the roots was really expensive as for the ’Mecha and tanks alone, I had to pay 44 millions C-Bills and this price didn’t take into account spare parts and ammo! . Without forgetting that I had to let the ASF arm out of the way because getting pilots was going to be a pain as I still had no crews for the Hammerheads (not a single one) and so far only the four Intrepids were fully crewed . ASF was the only part that Vasseur wasn’t confident that he would be able to find enough personnel.

Buying the small arms, equipment and uniforms for the infantry force complement was small money compared to all the money I had just spent and I got these from several small companies in New Vandenberg. As I was a potential big customer for these companies, I could bargain “good” conditions.
Returning to V4RU, I talked with Leloup about the modifications that I wanted in the new hardware that was going to arrive soon. I wanted  all the vehicles to to be vacuum certified as I planned on using to use them in the Argo takeover), which included among other things, replacing the ICE engines with fuel cells. I also wanted to modify the Marauder to the 3D variant (I liked the zombie, no ammo capability of the D). Leloup assured me that both things were rather trivial to do, even if they were going to cost some money and some time.
Any illusions that I could still have about my capabilities as a ‘MechWarrior were rapidly dispelled after several training sessions with Vasseur where he constantly defeated me, explaining to me in painful details all my mistakes after each session. But, the good news was that I felt I was learning and improving, if only slowly.
Another good thing during these days was that my team had found Farah Murad, just after her finishing her doctorates at Sian University. Paying top C-Bills, I offered her a place in my organization at V4RU or the Revenants, her choice. Thankfully, she accepted but for now only in V4RU.
In the following weeks, I continued my training and studying, while Vasseur was busy recruiting people inside the Concordat.
Vasseur was not only a veteran Mechwarrior, he was also an excellent teacher. I learned a lot about the practical side of business watching him. Following his advice, I bought four networked top-of-the-line simulators, the ones that could be programmed to simulate almost any ‘Mech (with only a few coding twists) and plenty of different environments.
VMI started the deliveries of the bought hardware, and V4RU started to modify the vehicles to my specifications; mostly replacing the ICE engines with fuel cells and adapting them to work in vacuum.
In spite of because of his rather profit oriented approach Smith was an excellent manager and managed to secure a few contracts while at same time providing the necessary personnel and company assets to execute my orders without interfering with the daily work of the company.
While recruiting personnel in the Concordat takes more time and provide you with less opportunities, particularly in the ASF arm, it also had some interesting advantages as you could spare yourself  the year+ long trip to Galatea and back and it was also much easier to check the background of the candidates (to be honest, Vasseur’s good connections played a role here too).
Unlike in Galatea, none of the contracted ‘MechWarriors had personal ‘Mechs but they were all ex-members of the TDF. They were just lacking the money or the family to have their own ride into battle.
It was the same with the rest of the personnel, none came with military gear, except for some of the techs contracted. For another unit that would have been a problem but not for mine as I had already bought all the needed hardware.
During this preparation time I received the visit of a pair of agents from the  Ministry of Interior (I strongly suspected that they from the Taurian Ministry of Intelligence). They wanted to know what my objectives were with the mercenary outfit that I was creating. Once they were informed that my only interest lied in ‘treasure hunting’ in unsafe places and maybe a little of pirate hunting both outside of the Concordat territory, they left.
I also executed my first orbital voyage by taking advantage of the marines training. I went along with them during one of their simulated assault on a DropShip.  Thankfully, I don’t seem to suffer from space sickness – always good to know.
In early September Farah Murad arrived at V4RU and I couldn’t wait to meet her.

A smallish, a bit overweight woman, with several tattoos and a pair of intelligent eyes enter my office.
‘Good morning Dr. Murad, thank you for accepting my invitation.’
‘Well Mr. Bassot, your invitation is intriguing and you monetary proposal very interesting. I understand that you have this company and are also interested in doing some mercenary jobs ?’
‘Yes. This company does several repair and refit work from JumpShips to DropShips, ‘Mechs and all kind of vehicles both military and civilian. But I’m also creating a mercenary force that I want to use to recover some valuable items in the Periphery.’
‘What kind of valuable items, if I may ask ?’
‘For starters a lost Star League big DropShip, but the place apparently includes some kind of pirate base that use the remains at part of their base. I want to recover all the possible hardware from that ship, and if available any valuable data that the computers included. If said DropShip can be recovered the better.’
‘Interesting – what class of DropShip are we talking about?’
‘The rarest one – The Argo class.’
‘Rare indeed – if I’m not wrong only two were produced and only one ever flew and was  lost during its maiden mission, right ? And you know where the remains are?’
‘Correct in both cases. As I said, I want to recover it if possible. Are you interested ?’
At the mention of such a potential treasure her eyes sparkled and I knew I had her.
‘Well, yes, of-course! You can count me in that mission.’

By mid September, Vasseur had contracted all the needed people  with the exception of enough ASF pilots ; I only got two of the four needed but the prospects of getting more were low. Logical since ASF crews had always been a proverbial weak spot in the Concordat. At that time, all of our hardware had already arrived and been refitted to my specs so the time to depart to Axylus was getting close. Only the Marksman was still in the capable hands of the V4RU techs as they had problems with the replacement electronics or something like that. But against pirates I was confident that we wouldn’t need artillery.
In October 4th of 3015, we departed from New Vandenberg for Axylus, a small, airless moon in the no-mans-land between the Free Worlds League, the Magistracy of Canopus, the Aurigan Coalition and the Taurian Concordat.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Enjoying how you Have placed it in the TC and including the Argo. :beer:
I wish I could get a good grip on reality, then I would choke it.
Growing old is inevitable,
Growing up is optional.
Watching TrueToaster create evil genius, priceless...everything else is just sub-par.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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I was a little apprehensive before my first jump mostly because I wondered if I was one of the happy few people that suffered from Transit Disorientation Syndrome (TDS). That would have sucked big time. Thankfully, I was a lucky (or normal) guy;  I just suffered from a little disorientation for a few seconds after the jump.
Eight jumps and two boring months later, we arrived. Let me tell you that they are right, waiting in zero or minimal gravity, for the K-F drive to recharge is boring as Hell. However that changed just after we arrived in system when the alarm sounded as a JumpShip was detected near us!
The four Intrepids and the two Hammerheads scrambled, but strangely, no sign of activity was detected aboard the unknown ship that we had now identified as a Merchant and an attached Danais.
After boarding both, the marines informed us that they were deserted. The tech team that followed, reported that the DropShip had the drop collar fused and that the JumpShip not only had two helium seals ruptured but that several components had burned. Perhaps an electric discharge ? The K-F drive and the bridge appeared to be intact. I decided to let them behind us. If we won, we could get our hands on them.
Locating the Argo and the pirates was not as difficult as I had feared. Their base was the only place on the moon that had signals of activity and every infrared and energy readings found them quite easily. From orbit I could see the wreckage of the Argo – Yes! I  found it! Boy, it was a real big DropShip, easily dwarfing the Jumbo or the Mule that was scattered nearby. However even from this afar it was easy to see that it was in bad shape and that there were several makeshift constructions in the area. I caught Vasseur looking at me with an intense stare. When I looked back, he looked away.
We landed at a safe distance as Vasseur didn't want to risk facing their potential Flak weapons.  We first deployed the ‘Mechs then the vehicles. Unlike the Black Eagle, the Jumbo was not a military DropShip designed to rapidly unload military forces, which meant we couldn’t do a blitz raid on the pirates, another untold reason for landing at a safe distance.
I still drove the Eisenfaust having decided that the Marauder that I had initially planned to use would be put to better use in the hands of a more experienced ‘MechWarrior. In the few training missions with all the ‘Mechs the Revenants had, it had been easy to see that I was the less experienced of all our people and not by a small margin. For me it was positive as it meant that Vasseur had done a good job contracting experienced people.
Taking with us only the Hunters for some extra long range fire support along with the APCs, we departed in direction of the pirate base and our prize.
Near the pirate base, six ‘Mechs opposed us; the biggest a Shadow Hawk, the other five lighter models (two Wasps, two Locusts and one Commando). So, no vehicles this time, another (happy) divergence.

One thing the pirates were not was a bunch of cowards ; even against such superior force, they came to fight and died well.
I was nervous. After all, it was my first battle, this time is for real and I could be killed. Noticing my hesitation, Vasseur told me to stay close to him (not a big problem since our ‘Mechs had the same speed) and to fire on the same target.
Vasseur selected the Shadow Hawk as his target and hit him with the LRM-15 and Large Laser of his Thunderbolt. Following him as I had been instructed, I placed a shot in the Shadow Hawk with my AC/5, hitting it in the right torso, but my Large Laser missed. However before I could shoot again,  dozens of LRM's fired by the Hunters landed on it right before the Warhammer piloted by Luis sent two well placed PPC shots in the already damaged torso of the Shadow Hawk, penetrating it and destroying its gyro, which brought the ‘Mech to the ground and this fight to an end. Looking around, I could see that the only ‘Mechs still standing were ours, the pirates were just piles of wreckage. The battle had ended so fast. Vasseur told me later that one thing that had helped us was that all the enemy ‘Mechs were in bad shape. For example, the Shadow Hawk entered the battle with less than half its normal armor.
Approaching the base, we only needed to deal with two makeshift remote controlled turrets that were quickly destroyed from afar as they didn’t even have long range weapons, just a pair of medium lasers and machine guns each. After that, Vasseur called the APC's in order for the infantry to secure the base while the ’Mechs made a security perimeter around it.
Our infantry had little difficulty and few losses in securing the base. Unlike the pirates, our infantry had the best Ablative/Flak Armor that you could buy in the Concordat and the NCO's were all veterans with plenty of experience in small scale CQC. They stormed the place, eliminating the majority of the pirates and capturing the few that surrendered fast enough or were caught after being put unconscious during the fight. They also found and released several slaves and the crews of several captured DropShips.
Combining the information obtained from the liberated slaves with the data ‘extracted’ from the pirates under a ‘robust’ interrogation (not a nice thing to do but they were pirates and the end justify the means), we could get a better picture of the pirate band. It was a medium one with a single JumpShip, an old Tramp, with all is docking points operational and loaded with two DropShip, a Leopard, modified to carry six Light ‘Mechs and a Buccaneer. Apparently, the most capable of the pirates were gone in that JumpShip and would return in about two weeks. Last but not least, these pirates were following a standard procedure and we learned that they always exited hyperspace near the abandoned Merchant. Armed with that knowledge, Vasseur started the planning process to try to capture this new prey.
Much different from the game.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Two days after the battle ended, Farah Murad entered my makeshift cabinet in the Black Eagle DropShip. We had moved our landed DropShips to the pirate base after the fight had ended. The smallish, slightly overweight Pakistani/Iranian had been very active in the past days, inspecting every place of the pirate base.
‘Boss, I’m ready to deliver my report on what we have in this system. What do you want first?’
‘Start by the JumpShip then the Jumbo and last the Argo, please.’
‘As you wish. The JumpShip has two helium seals damaged, several electronic components burned and one of the docking collars fused. Everything can be repaired if we get the necessary spare parts and helium to replenish the tanks. Expensive, but that would give us a serviceable JumpShip. The DropShip is a Trojan, not a Danais. It is fully operational but with the fused collar it won’t move until the repairs are done. The Jumbo is almost repaired, these barbarians have done a crude but efficient job. With two more days I could finish it. The Argo is bad news, I’m afraid. With its hull broken in several places, one of the big engines ripped off and the fuel tanks cracked, there is nothing that can be done. I’m a good engineer, not a wizard. That ship will never fly again, not even if you had a Star League full dockyard in orbit. It is no small miracle that the ship didn’t break in several parts.’
‘Damn. Well, if we can’t we can’t (crap, in the game she could repair the Argo, but this one is beyond repair. That sucks). What can we salvage from the Argo? Tell me that the data-cores and the machinery are intact, please.’
At that question, Farah’s eyes lit up with excitement.
’The data-cores are indeed intact, but protected by serious encryption. My guess? SLDF late period. There is Nothing we can do with the tools we have here. The machinery or rather the manufacture and repair shop is indeed operational, even if a bit banged. These idiots have used it to repair their ’Mechs and the Jumbo but they didn’t know what they had in hands. This is the most sophisticated and versatile small workshop I have ever seen, it can produce almost everything  provided you give it the necessary blueprints and raw materials.’
‘So, we can’t repair the Argo but everything else is repairable? Including a JumpShip and two DropShips ?’
‘That’s my assessment, boss.’
‘Well, not a bad mission after all. Can you start repairing the ships and prepare to disassemble everything we can carry from the Argo and load in our DropShips? ’
‘Sure, boss, but that will have to wait until I repair the ships as I’m going to need the repair shop to produce components for the repairs. Thankfully the wreckage of the Argo provide us with enough raw materials for the repairs.’
‘Take your time, we are going to stay here for the time being. By the way, do you happen to know how they got fuel and water on this God forsaken rock?’
‘Oh, that’s easy. They tapped in an underground ice field giving then water, oxygen and hydrogen for fuel.’
‘Pretty clever. And lucky for them to have such ice field in the neighborhood.’

After she exited, I called Vasseur, and he told me that he was  confident that some of his ‘friends’ at home could get access to good enough  hardware and software to work on the files. After all, the TMI had plenty of experience playing with the SLDF encryption systems from the old days.
He also reported that our boys had been a little bit too enthusiastic in the way they had dealt with the pirates ’Mechs; they were all just good for scrap or at best to extract some pieces, none could be rebuild. Shame, they would have been a nice bonus.
We also talked about the operation against the pirate JumpShip. The only serious danger was the Leopard DropShip. To deal with it, the two Hammerheads would be loaded with rocket pods that while slowing the ASF's, would give then a lot of extra firepower against the single DropShip. If everything went right, the Intrepids would be able to board the JumpShip before the Leopard unlocked, if not, it would be the job of the two pilots to neutralize it, hopefully, without too many losses and without destroying or damaging it too much.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Two days before the planned arrival of the pirates JumpShip the DroST IIb stowed to the abandoned JumpShip, to delay the enemy detection when they would come out of hyperspace. With it were the two Hammerheads and the four Intrepids, loaded with the marines.
Three days later, the pirate ship returned as planned.
The problem was that it didn’t return alone. Just a few seconds after its jump, another JumpShip, a Merchant, also exited hyperspace.
Faced with two targets instead of one, the Hammerheads stuck to the plan “neutralize the Leopard”, while the Intrepids split in two with one pair facing each JumpShip.
But this time, luck was not with the Revenants and not only did the Leopard manage to unlock faster than anyone expected but with a lucky shot, it hit one rocket pod destroying one Hammerhead.
The other Hammerhead hit with a revenge the pirate DropShip, thanks to a concentrated massive salvo of rockets and two large lasers landing on the roof. Some shots must have penetrated the cockpit because the DropShip suddenly stopped to maneuver or to return fire, moving erratically.
While the force sent to the Merchant encountered little resistance taking both the JumpShip and DropShip with little casualties and freeing prisoners, the pirate numbers and skill extracted a bloody price from the marines trying to capture the Tramp or more precisely the Buccaneer. Only the arrival of one of the other Intrepids with reinforcements changed the situation and allowed for the capture of both pirates ships although at a high cost in personnel.
Capturing the damaged Leopard proved difficult. Not because of any organized resistance but its damaged cockpit made it very difficult to stabilize and move it. Only through the use of the Intrepids as improvised tugs and the jury-rigged repairs done by Dr. Murad’s team did we manage to stabilize the Leopard.  Reattaching it to one of the JumpShips was a long and nightmarish operation.
Inside were less ‘Mechs than I had expected. The pirates had lost half their forces during a not so successfully raid and were left with one Phoenix Hawk and two Wasps, all in very bad shape and displaying the marks of a narrow escape.
The sole DropShip attached to the Merchant was an old Monarch.
Soon after, I received a video call from the men sent to capture the Monarch. Surprise... The ship was full with a Canopian diplomatic team and their leader wanted to talk with me.
Looking at me on the screen was a very striking woman – tall, a mix of African and North European traits, blue eyes, with long brow hair and a very elegant business suit, perfectly dressed, even if a few moments ago as been in pirates hands ...and I had the distinct feeling that I knew her from some place…
‘Mister Bassot, thank you for freeing us from these pirates. My name is Ana Maria Centrella and I’m leading this Diplomatic Team. We were in route to our destination when we got captured.’
That’s it! She was the Canopian diplomat from the HBS game !!!, Boy, ten years early and pretty (my twenty something body screamed “Holly Shit Shes Hot”, but my fifty six mind said “heck, she’s pretty”)
‘What I can do for you, Lady Centrella?’
‘What I would like to know is what you plan to do with us?’
‘Well Lady Centrella, since my security force are confident that all the pirates are dealt with, you and your team are of-course free to go your own way. Can I be of any further assistance ?’
‘I don’t think so. In my name and in the name of the Magistracy, I would like to thank you and your force for freeing us from these pirates. Just out of curiosity could you tell me how you found us?’
‘Well, Lady Centrella, we were executing some anti-piracy operations in the area, when you and your captors just came by. ’
‘I see. Farewell Mister Bassot,’
Luckily for her and her team, only their security team had been killed while the rest were left untouched by the pirates. Clearly they had expected to extract a big ransom from the Magistracy from this coup.
A few days later our JumpShip departed for Detroit taking with it the liberated slaves and with orders to buy enough helium and if possible spare parts to help repairing the abandoned JumpShip. Just a precaution in case Murad team couldn’t produce or repair everything.

At some point during our wait, Vasseur entered my makeshift cabinet.
‘Do you want something, Brigadier?’
‘I just wanted to make the final report for this operation, Sir’
Well, well – from son to Sir. This was going to be fun.
‘Please do so Brigadier.’
‘We captured one damaged Merchant that our techs are confident they can repair, a Tramp that is in decent shape, a Trojan, that is in surprising good shape and fully armed and can be used as soon as our techs repair the frozen docking collar in the Merchant, a very damaged Leopard that needs a new cockpit at least, a Buccaneer that can get a refit but for now is usable and a Jumbo that is also almost repaired by our resident tech wizard. You can add to this three ‘Mechs, one Phoenix Hawk and two Wasps. However, I would prefer that V4RU do a comprehensive repair and refit before any of them is deployed. The other goodies obtained from the ruins of the Argo were a small but well equipped and highly automated hospital and enough simulation pods to increase the capability we already had from lance to a full company simulation. We also got several parts from the ones that we destroyed and hundreds of tons of useful gear from that wrecked massive DropShip that we came to capture. That one is a total loss, I’m afraid. Our losses are one Hammerhead and ten soldiers, six assaulting the pirates base and the other four during the assault on the JumpShips and DropShips but we had a lot of injured people in that one.’
‘So, not bad after all, even with us failing to obtain our principal objective.’
‘Not bad? We get in one single mission more booty than several forces in a life-time! And the thanks of a high-ranking diplomat from a neighbor nation that could be useful in the future.  When we present the report to the MRB, our rank is going up and not just a bit.’
‘To be fair, Brigadier, I only planned to deal with the ground forces the pirates had and if possible take the Argo. I never dreamed of also taking such so much booty.’


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Nice. Liked it so far :) Keep it up!


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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After our JumpShip returned from Detroit with enough helium to recharge the repaired Tramp (I was glad that Murad’s team had fabricated enough spare parts to repair it, because none had been found on Detroit), we started to fully load all the DropShips with all the useful items recovered from the pirate base and the ruins of the Argo.
Even if we had packed them up to the roof, enough valuable items stayed behind that I decided to organize as soon as we got home another voyage to take what was left, which meant a small team had to stay and guard the remaining booty.
Two months later, we were again in New Vandenberg, with a full cargo, three JumpShips and eight DropShips much to the surprise of the V4RU people that didn’t expect us with so many things.
The Liberty was sent back, carrying the two Jumbos and the Buccaneer, while the rest of the ships received a much needed repair / refit (pirates are not known to be good in that area, after all).
While one team worked on the ex-Argo machinery in one of our warehouses, the rest of the booty was sorted out and put to good use. The 3 pirate 'Mechs were repaired and entered the TO&E of the Revenants.
A month after we arrived home, I received a message from the Magistracy Armed Forces with a contract proposal to do a garrison and anti-piracy mission on the world of New Abilene for a full company of 'Mechs with optional ASF support. The contract would last one year and the pay seemed a bit superior to the usual in the Periphery. Someone in the Magistracy must like us, probably a thank you for freeing their diplomatic team.
After talking with Victor Blaise and with Vasseur, I decided to accept the contract. After all, it would pay some of the bills. After negotiating via HPG with the Magistracy Armed Forces representative, we agreed that the Revenants would come as soon as the Liberty returned, that would be in about three months from now.
By that time, Vasseur would have contracted enough personnel to replace our losses but I was sure the ASF would remain a problem. This is why I suggested that we could go via Herotitus trying to contract someone there or that (in the worst case scenario) we could perhaps find someone in the Magistracy. And if we didn’t find anyone, the ASF support was optional in the contract. Although Vasseur preferred a Taurian only policy, he agreed in the end.
This time, I wouldn’t go with them as I had too much to do in New Vandenberg and this was not one of ‘my’ missions after all. One of the new 'MechWarriors, piloting the Phoenix Hawk would go instead of me. The two other ‘newbies’ would stay here with the two Wasps, adding to the security of V4RU.
By then Vasseur’s friend had finally arrived. A retired professor, she had worked for the TMI (according to what he had told me in the Bureau of Analysis). After dealing with her, all I could say is that in spite of her smallish, bookish look, she had a keen mind and sharp tongue. While she asked a lot for the necessary hardware and software, I decided to pay the price but not to hire her. I didn’t want her reporting back to the TMI, those Taurians are die-hard patriots. This is why I decided to do the decoding myself – after all I had trained with the V4RU tech in using the ‘modern’ computer systems. By luck, one of the SLDF codes the professor had provided me was the correct one and I decoded the databases as quickly as the software could.
Like I suspected, the database contained a detailed map of many and perhaps of all the bases of the SLDF in the Periphery as well as the blueprints and technical manuals of the very advanced machinery that we had been busy rebuilding in the past month in the V4RU installations. The advanced workshop was very useful for V4RU and it was funny seeing many of the techs drooling around it.
It was going to take some time to figure everything out because for security reasons, I wanted to do this alone and I needed to filter the bases already found / looted. I had already put the Castle Nautilus on top of my research list as everything in my guts said that this base hadn’t been found yet.
Before I got any results, the Revenants departed to their destination, the contract in the Magistracy.
I was lucky as I really got a list of several ‘nice’ places to visit that I remembered from my original life, even if many were very distant.
The final list  includes about a dozen of places only defined by a serial of numbers and letters – these were all marked as small caches in not inhabited systems – about half are relatively near the Concordat – Magistracy of Canopus area.
And bingo; Castle Nautilus was marked as a research station (?). The access codes were included and the information that about a battalion of ‘Mechs (!) should be there. So, apparently, like in the HBS game, after all.
The others that I recognized were far away – as in, about an year of voyage in each direction – ouch. It was like a Christmas list: Mundo Nublar, weapons and warship testing area; Camelot Command, naval base; Epsilon Pegasus / Columbus, research facility and operations base with an dockyard (!).
One other place that caught my eye was a small cache in the world of Celano, located in the Concordat. I remembered something about some advanced hovers found there. That one was going to be easy to deal with.
As soon as the list of bases was finalized I decided to do a test and try the Celano option. I instructed the law firm to buy a piece of land on this planet at the exact place I showed on the map. After that was done, I sent a recovery team there with precise instructions on what to do. Five months later they returned with the DropShips fully loaded and some good news: they had found a SLDF cache with several high tech weapons and spare parts, along with two dozens of Maultiers in working condition and enough equipment to deploy an infantry battalion – Mauser 960, portable SRM, even some portable PPC and lots of other gear.
I made a deal with VMI where the Revenants would get 20% of the production and I would give them the blueprints of the downgraded version of the Maultier with standard armor and a regular SRM-2. I also sold them samples of the Ferro-Fibrous armor and of the Streak launcher with its ammo. If they wanted, their R&D teams could work on them and I could make some money out of it.

After going through all the database, I decided that instead of going to Castle Nautilus, which was after all located in another nation, the first thing to  do was to ‘visit’ the small bases in the near Periphery. A little calculation showed me that I could visit three in the following year, and none of these had any diplomatic or military problem attached to it. The Recover team was ecstatic, I couldn’t blame them for it.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Nice story update!  The pace is better this time around.  Will you do more character to character interaction? 


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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I try - I'm not much good at that.

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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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I am sure you can.
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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Because the Revenants were out in the Magistracy playing pirate hunting, our force was a bit different; this time I took with me the Tramp, the two Jumbos and the Trojan. For extra firepower we had to rely on my own ride, the two Wasps and the Merkava tank; basically the forces that didn’t go to the Magistracy. Deep down I knew I was at risk; after all I had created the Revenants to support these kind of missions and now I was doing one without them. But I had decided that the risk was worth the reward.

Another airless moon, this one orbiting a gas giant in an unnamed, uninhabited system north-east of the Concordat.
During the approach, our DropShips were challenged by an automated request for an access code – thankfully the ones we had were accepted.  We saw after landing how lucky we had been, because half a dozen of automated, heavy turrets were protecting the entrance of the base. Strangely, they were similar to the heavy ones in HBS game.
This base was made of a series of underground massive warehouses.
All empty…
The only thing salvageable in this operation was that while empty, the base was still operational, so we could get  our hands on a massive fusion reactor, able to power an entire city, the complete computer system that the base had to manage the stockpiles, the comms array and twenty four Buster Industrial ’Mechs that we later discovered had been modified with power cells instead of the standard ICE engine, allowing them to operate in vacuum.
Not good, but not a complete disaster. Oh, we also took with us the heavy turrets and the detection systems, thanks to the Industrial ’Mechs that were very useful in dismantling and carrying them.

A small planetoid orbiting a brown dwarf star. Strange, no signal asking for our identification this time.
We were even less lucky this time; this place had been completely looted long ago. This trip had been a total waste of time. Yep, this trip was officially a total, unmitigated financial disaster. The defensive turrets were also present, but this time, they had obviously been destroyed.

This time, the target was a big asteroid that these maniacs of the Star League Engineer Corps had excavated to create a store station. You could say what you wanted about them but they didn’t think or play small, no Sir.
At last, this one was not empty and it was in good conditions. Jackpot at last – well, kind off.
The problem was that it was a naval base, nothing for us, ground ponders.

We found warehouses after warehouses – some empty, some half full, but the majority at a third or less - with all types of naval grade armors from Standard one to the very expensive Lamelor Ferrous-Carbide, several capital missiles, one entire warehouse had even twenty two Killer Wales (these monsters were as big as the ICBM’s of my time) and NAC rounds of all sizes, hundreds of Helium seals and several gigantic Hydrogen and Helium tanks, some even half full.
And all kinds of electronics and other components used in the SLDF warships.
What could I do with that? Nobody outside Comstar had WarShips  and there was no way I was going to talk with those crazy lunatics. Wait a minute… the Concordat still had a derelict warship – the TCW Vandenberg if I remembered correctly.
Mmmmm maybe this was an idea. I ordered my people to do a video inventory of the findings and also to make a copy of the computer inventory.
I think the Concordat Navy was going to like the news very much as I was going to be of great help in restoring their WarShip .
We took samples of each of the most valuable items,  letting almost all of our ground components here to protect the treasure and we headed towards the Concordat but this time, the target was Taurus and not New Vandenberg.
Arranging a meeting with a high ranked member of the Concordat Navy was not an easy task but I finally managed to do it or so I thought. Here I was sitting and waiting in an empty room. I had completely forgotten these power games that kept me waiting for several hours in a room. Maybe they think it will work on me and it might have on the young me but the older me knew these games well enough and I had more than patience to stay here almost forever.
Finally, a young, rather pretty, blond woman in the uniform of a  Cornet (these Taurians and their strange ranks, couldn’t they name a Lieutenant, Lieutenant?) came to me.
‘Mister Bassot? Space Master Shoguwa is waiting for you. Please follow me.’
Only a Space Master (Ship Captain for the rest of the world)? I had hoped to get at least a Commodore but this was to be expected
We entered a small, austere cabinet full with archives and where an older man, in his mid sixties I guess, in the uniform of a Space Master of the Concordat Navy stood behind a big desk.
‘Sir, Mister Jean-Luc Bassot.’  After announcing me, the young Cornet  discretely went away, closing the doors behind her.
‘Mister Bassot, I’m very busy, so please go directly to the reasons of you requesting an audience with the Concordat Navy.’
‘Well, Space Master, in my last voyage I found a SLDF Navy storehouse. In this data-chip you will find the inventory and a video of the interior of several warehouses. I have also in one of my DropShips in orbit several samples of the items we found there. I think the Concordat Navy might be interested in getting the information about the location of said base and its resources.’
While reviewing the data provided, Shoguwa’s expression changed, a rather interesting experience as we got through the  ‘his precious time part’ and he completely focused on the data, writing some notes from time to time.
‘You said you had samples in orbit? How fast can I send a team to verify the authenticity of said samples?’
‘As soon as you can get said team, Space Master. Obviously, the samples are free of charge. Do I need to say that the navigational memories of my DropShip have been erased?’
After a few quick calls, Shoguwa turned to me and extended a sheet of paper.
‘Please instruct your DropShip to land at these coordinates. A tech team is going to verify your findings. If they are true, someone is going to talk with you about making a deal. If they are an elaborate hoax, the penalty will be very high. You do understand me young man, don't you?’
‘Crystal clear, Space Master. I’m staying at Hôtel du Cygne for the time being. If necessary, you know where to find me.’


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Strange how the Navy is treating a provider 8and client) of Vandenberg Industries and one of the rich men of the confederacy as a crook.

Besides that, nice.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Is too young (they think), the offer too good and suspicious minds.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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You mean paranoid Taurians are suspicious. :thumbsup:
I wish I could get a good grip on reality, then I would choke it.
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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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very fun so far
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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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As soon as the Lone Raider – our Trojan DropShip - landed on the Concordat Navy base, all its cargo was transferred under military control, while several teams of scientists and technicians were busy with the samples we delivered.
Knowing what they wanted the most, I had make sure our cargo had extra samplers of Barracuda missiles, NAC/10 rounds and Ferro-Carbide armor.
While waiting for the results and the Navy decision about the veracity of the cargo, I moved to the Hôtel du Cygne – one of the best hotels in Taurus. After almost a year in DropShips and JumpShips, I wanted a bit of comfort, even if I knew deep down in me that it was going to be for a short period. The pleasures of a comfortable bed, fresh food and unlimited hot water were mine again.
I can tell you that almost a year in DropShips and JumpShips, with only a few days out in airless moons and asteroids, sucks. You can only do calisthenics to maintain your health and read, both a lot.
My mail caught with me again – the joys of long time interstellar travel. The company was doing well. During the past year they had fully rebuild the Argo machinery and hospital. They were sending me reports after reports. Boring, boring and… boring. The only interesting news was that the Revenants were returning home, after an – also boring – uneventful year in the Magistracy. Apparently no pirates had appeared in their area.
I knew that the value of my finding was much more than what I believed the Concordat was prepared to pay, so I decided to set myself a goal for the value and this from the beginning. My plan was to negotiate for about 100 million C-Bills. Not a good deal but the best price I believe I could get.
Four days later, I was called back to the Ministry of Defense. This time to talk with Marshall Joan Tharn; clearly they thought that what I found was good stuff. Good.
This time, no waiting– as soon as I registered at the reception, the same Cornet took me to much deeper in the building, to a much bigger office – I could see that rank had its privileges too.
There, I met the Marshall – a small, but energetic woman in her mid sixties I guess, with white hair and intelligent blue eyes – which was accompanied by a civilian – a tall, mid forties if my guess was right, blond with green eyes, very elegant in an impeccable business suit of the latest fashion– that the Cornet said was Lady Emma Sartre from the Exchequer. Good it could only mean one thing: the Concordat Navy was very interested if a full Marshall and someone from the Exchequer were present.

‘Mister Bassot, I’m Marshall Joan Tharn. My specialists have confirmed that your samples are indeed from SLDF vintage and the Concordat Navy is interested in obtaining the full finding – provided  that your inventory report is accurate.’
‘Well Marshall, the lists detailing our findings are indeed accurate. Because of the nature of the hardware, me and my people are not interested in taking anything from you, so I’m in the position to sell you all of it… Provided the price is right.’
‘The Concordat is prepared to offer you 100 million Bulls for the entire finding’ – said the Exchequer delegate.
I couldn’t contain my laugh at that.
‘Please Lady Sartre, jokes aside we all know that is an insulting proposal. The value of the finding is way superior, easily in the billion of Bulls. We also know that the Navy is going to use it to rebuild the Vandenberg, and you won’t be able to find a similar stock of hardware anywhere around here.’
‘Excuse me, the what ?’ said Joan Tharn trying to hide her surprise. I think I would have agreed that she was good at it but I was looking for any small hints and I had seen a very fast hardening in her eyes, even if it was only for just a moment. Well, anyone that obtain that rank needed to have a good poker face, no surprise there.
‘Please Marshall – I said with a smirk in my face – this is one of the worst guarded secrets in the Concordat. A lot of people in the business know that the Navy have had that relic for decades and tried unsuccessfully to repair it. With my findings, you can finally turn that WarShip operational. So, please make me a decent proposal.’
‘It seems that you are rather  well informed, Mister Bassot – said Sartre with a disgusted expression in her face – Very well. What do you want in return, young man?’
Young man – I’m more than a decade older than you b… but you can’t know that can you? -‘About 200 millions C-Bills, tax free of course. We all know that this is selling the cache on the cheap side, but I’m a reasonable man, after all .’
‘That’s outrageous. – the Exchequer representative almost jumped out of her chair – We don’t have the budget for that.’
‘Nor for repairing that ship – I retorted – but I am sure we can find a compromise – I said in an amused voice – I accept being paid over a period of five years and even in Bulls. That way you can place it in your budget without much fuss.’
After a little exchange of looks between both, the Marshall turned back to me while the Exchequer woman looked defeated.
‘You seem to have learned a lot in the recent time.  I’m prepared to offer you 100 million C-Bills, paid in Bulls over 5 years.  That is my final offer, Mister Bassot.’
Well, well – I was right about the value they were prepared to pay, after all.
‘I think we have a deal here. It was a pleasure making business with you Marshall and Lady Sartre.’


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Wait! Get some favors from them!!


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #24 on: 06 August 2019, 03:44:45 »
Returning home in New Vandenberg (home being a relative thing for  someone that is from another time and universe), now it was time to do a little rebuild / maintenance before going again in deep space adventures.
The hardware that came with us from X432-C775-45T0 – our first visit – was put to good use.
The fusion reactor, after being reassembled, provided V4RU and the Revenants base with energy independence. A good thing for security and an excellent one to reduce the bills.
The Buster  industrial / cargo ’Mechs were a welcome addition for a company that moves so many heavy items.
After analyzing the defensive turrets in detail – they were nothing special, really, only a heavier version of the more common models sold all around the IS and Periphery, even the weapons were all standard – we put them in positions to defend the most vital places of our complex.
The mainframe was integrated in our network as no company can seem to have too much computer power – even less in this God forsaken era in the Periphery.
While the Mauser 960 was an excellent weapon, it was too heavy and by far (10.5kg!!!). I ordered half to be stripped to the minimum – removing the bayonet, grenade launcher and survival kit – which provided us with a more manageable 6.5kg weapon. It was still heavy, but much better. In case of necessity, all the extras could be re-attached. That provided the Revenants with an excellent pulse laser rifle loved (yeah really) by our infantry troops.
The techs had finally brought the Marksman back to operational status but to do that, they had  to create a complete new electronics package (we didn’t have the  blueprints of the original which prevented us from trying to create one with  the ex-Argo workshop ) – bigger, less capable, but good enough.
Another team of techs had been busy creating an expanding database of blueprints to feed the Argo workshop – apparently it could build anything they had tried so far, provided that the right raw materials were at hand and that the dimensions didn’t exceed the capability of the machinery. As far as I understood, it was like an advanced 3D printing / manufacturing system that started to be used in my time. The production was both very small and time consuming and I kept on hearing about the energy used (even if we had our own fusion reactor) but focusing its use on several components that were very expensive, rare or not available made it a real wonder tool for our company.
The small but very well equipped hospital was also useful as one can guess that with a mercenary force and a company working with dangerous items, accidents were more common than what I would have liked unfortunately. Before, V4RU had a decent infirmary with nurses but now, we contracted two full doctors. They loved the equipment they had.
As I suspected, Vasseur didn’t get any fighter jock from the Magistracy nor Herotitus. I talked with him, and we decided to try to contract some from the Outworlds Alliance,  not an easy thing to do because of the distance, but our best bet.
Meanwhile, the people that had stayed on C47U-231Z-603F returned home with the Concordat Navy taking control of the place.  All our JumpShips and DropShips received a complete maintenance revision, always a good thing to do if you could afford it.
With all the money that the Concordat had paid for the cache, I had more money by mid 3017  than when I arrived at V4RU, and a lot of more options and toys to play with.
Talking about money… we received a ‘surprise inspection’ from the finances department – the local IRS.
Nothing fun during several days, until they departed with dejected looks on their faces, giving V4RU a clean bill. I bet good money that this was a ‘gift’ from Emma Sartre from the Exchequer – the bitch revenge for being forced to pay more and to give it tax free (a capital offense).
I also had an interesting conversation with Dr. Murad about the Argo K-Boons.  Cutting edge but an evolutionary dead end. Much bigger, complex and expensive than the normal ones, they not only needed almost the double of energy to operate compared to the standard model but they could also only be used by DropShips of 50k tons or bigger and you could only pack one for every 50k tons – but are restricted to expand the field to a mere 2k tons dropship. I had at last the explanation why the Argo had only two and why this K-Boons were never seen again.
Meanwhile, Vasseur had made deals with the local defense forces, militia forces that is, but that’s the Concordat for you – New Vandenberg is one of the most industrialized worlds of the nation but is barely defended, most of the forces being in the Hyades Cluster or in the frontiers - to make joint training exercises  and if necessary to act as a second line of defense in case of invasion or raid. Since the Revenants had more firepower than the militia, we were a strange second line of defense.. 
More seriously, it was time to start planning: I planned to either aim at Artru and Castle Nautilus or a new round to the last set of near small caches; but these were almost at double the distance, which meant two years in a DropShip (brr) to visit all of them. Not much fun in that I’m afraid.
All that changed because of outside events – In early 3017 Thomas Calderon took the title of Lord Protector of the Realm, succeeding his mother Zarantha Calderon. Soon after, a contract to defend Althea’s Choice from Federated Suns invasions or pirate incursions was offered to the Revenants with a duration of a year, with an option for four yearly renewals.
At first I wanted to refuse as I had made plans, and accepting would have put a big delay on them, but a simple look at the commanding officers of  the Revenants remembered me of the gold rule of the military: never give an order you know is not going to be obeyed. Crap – I was going to have to rely only on the Recover team. There was no way I was going to go after the Nautilus with such limited forces, so the Recover guys were going to explore the remaining caches around, but I was not going this time – no DropShip for me for a time. I had had enough of them for the time being


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Hmm, I assume that in this iteration of the Revenants, you won't be engaging in politics with the Houses?


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Not for a long time. Too small an outfit for that.Only a very big find (like Helm) / big mercenary force can do that, and for now the Revenants / Jean-Luc are / his too small / unknown.
I take a slower approach this time.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
« Reply #27 on: 08 August 2019, 14:43:34 »
I sent the Recover team to explore FE32-YT48-XZ90, another cache about 4 months away from New Vandenberg.
During this time, I stayed home and decided to study some more. I wanted to be taken seriously when dealing with the nobility of any realm and not for some barbarian from the Periphery. This is why I contracted some  teachers, to learn the basics of Chinese and Japanese as well as the the ways and mannerisms of the people of the high society.  Thanks to the fact that I was already proficient in English, German and French, I would be able to understand most people without any help, even if I might “officially” need some.

Just after the departure of the Recover team, I detected that someone had accessed my personal files, without any alarm being triggered. Thanks to my paranoid side, none of the data on the SLDF list was in the computers. I had long ago placed everything in the smallest data-chip I could buy, keeping it with me, disguised in my id-tags that were now made into an alloy that had defeated all the scanning systems I put them through. An emergency backup was hidden in a hole in a remote place. I knew that if the TMI or any other intelligence agency made an extensive search on me or my movements, they would probably find one or another ; but if the situation was so far awry, I would be fxxxd anyway, so…
Other than that, everything went normal, ie boring; that is until the mission returned This one was a mixed bag, to say the least.
The location they were sent to was a depot of ground hardware, and was about a third full but only with equipment from the times of the Reunification Wars, nothing recent. And even worse, there was not a single BattleMech, just tools for mechanized and infantry forces.
We got our hands on 38 Merkava MK.VIII, 4 Thumper towed artillery pieces, dozens of trucks, APCs, jeeps. We even got 10 Karnov VTOLs as well as enough field gears and weapons to fully equip at least two infantry regiments. Good for expanding the Revenants, but nothing spectacular. And we also got some non military stuff, things like industrial / cargo ’Mechs, a central computer, a big fusion engine, defensive turrets and some comms array. What we didn’t use or convert to parts was be sold on the market providing the company with a nice extra cash.
A few days after their return, I received a summon to Taurus, to the Ministry of Defense again.
This time, not only were Marshall Tharn and Lady Sartre  there but they were accompanied by a new player, a middle-aged, plain normal guy.  If that guy was not from the TMI I would eat my jacket- without salt.
‘Good morning Mister Bassot’ started the Marshall, without presenting the new guy ‘I see you keep on finding interesting places.’
‘I do my best Marshall. However, I find your people well informed about my small business. May I ask why I was called here this time; we all know my latest “exploit” is nothing special’ I said in a bored voice.
‘Very simple Mister Bassot’ said Mr. X, ‘you obviously have in your hands a list of SLDF caches. You probably got that information from the Argo don’t you?. If you have more places to ‘visit’ in that list, we want to be part of it.’
‘Not bad.’ I answered, looking directly at him ‘Yes, the list is extensive and covers all the Periphery . Several places are however in the other side of the Inner Sphere. And how do you want to be involved Mister ?’
‘You can call me Mr. Smith’ he answered not even smiling ‘we want access to the list of course.’
‘No way, if I provide you with the list to you, several people are going to analyze it, and very soon everybody will know about it, with undesirable consequences for me. For now I’m the only one with it and I’m very comfortable with that. I’m open to offer participation to the TDF and TMI in the missions, if you help with the costs and the transport and lift part, but that’s all.’
‘Typical mercenary’ said Lady Sartre ‘only looking for profit, not for honor.’
‘Well Lady Sartre, a man fights for what he lacks the most. I have expenses that need to be paid and I want a profit like everybody else’ I retorted the Exchequer bitch ‘if I was only interested in profit, I would have moved to the Lyran Commonwealth long ago. They have far deeper pockets than anyone else, after all.’
‘I must insist’ said Sartre, with a dangerous look ‘we have other means to get this if necessary.’
‘Do that and my lawyers are going to love it, furthermore if you go down that path, measures have been taken to leak to the interstellar news agencies like Comstar News and Davion Press. I bet you like to go to the Circus….
‘I am sure we can find a solution.’ quickly intervened the Marshall, before anyone else could speak ‘If I understand your position, you want the Concordat to pay the bill of the traveling expenses and to keep a share of the finding ? The first point is no big deal, but how much could you consider a fair share?’
‘Now we are talking’ I said calmly ‘You can also add the expenses of my people dealing with in the operations. And for the share, about 50% with first choice.’
‘No way. 20% for you in hardware useful for a mercenary unit, with first choice for the Concordat. The other hardware, like naval infrastructure or research items, we want it all but we can pay you the equivalent of said 20% in Bulls of course.’
‘Change that for first choice for us and add to my first choice, the infrastructure / civil part . Half the payment would be in Bulls, the other half in C-Bills deposited in a Comstar account.’ I counter-offered. ‘And I want the Revenants included in the operations, I didn’t create them to see them used as a counter-piracy in the distant frontiers of the Concordat, after all.’
A small nod from the TMI guy and a emphatic negative from Sartre showed their positions.
‘I can agree with that’ said the Marshall ‘but I am afraid that I must insist that all the payment will have to be in Bulls.’
‘I think I can accept your proposal.’ I said, enjoying the cringe from the Exchequer bitch at that.

Several hours later,  all the papers were signed. Thank God B,T &C - my lawyers had a filial in the capital and they reviewed and approved the new contract.
 ‘I think we have a deal, mister Bassot,’ said the Marshall in a much more relaxed voice ‘By any chance, does any of the places in your list have any description attached to it or are they all just locations and access codes?’
‘Some have descriptions; one is marked as an Outpost Castle, another as a naval dockyard, a third one as a naval base and another as a weapons test site.’
‘And why haven’t you ‘visited’ these “things” whatever they might be?’ asked the Exchequer bitch.
‘An Outpost Castle is the smaller version of the Brian Castle. I think everybody knows about these?’ I asked. After receiving nods from all I continued ‘ But to get back to your question, the answer to it is simple, the Outpost Castle, while near is in another nation and not in a no-mans-land system. As far as the others are concerned, they are all on the other side of the Inner Sphere. It takes a lot of time and it is very expensive to go there. On top of that, if they are that big and if by luck, they wouldn’t be empty, I wouldn’t have the transportation capacity to take everything with me.’
‘Well, for these, I am sure that the Navy could provide enough ships’ said the Marshall with a glint on her eyes (clearly after having heard the ‘SLDF dockyard’ part, she had stopped thinking about the usual priorities, lol) ‘the Castle is more a question for the diplomatic side but if they authorize the mission, the TDF could provide enough support for a raid I’m sure.’
‘Oh, by the way, Mister Smith’ I asked ‘was your team or another that copied my files some months ago? Because for your information, none of this dataset is on an available computer. I am no fool.’
‘‘We didn’t do it’ said Mr. Smith.
Not that he would have said otherwise if it had been TMI I thought.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Going for holidays - returning mid September.


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Re: An SI in the Concordat - GhostRider's Revenants Rev.2
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Have a good holiday, I can't wait for more of this
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