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Author Topic: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion  (Read 18207 times)


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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02/19/3041 Location – Darienbad, New Olympia, Free Worlds League

“Do it Corrie.”  The dark haired Corrine Marik downed another Marik PPC at the urging of her girlfriends almost choking on the dry anise flavor of the ouzo mixed with grain alcohol.  This one was the second of her 18th birthday night and the last.  She didn't remember what happened the rest of the night but woke up back in the Alison Mechwarrior Institute women's dorm still in the clothes from last night. 

Corrine checked herself quickly and found nothing amiss other than a few hours of fuzzy memories and a dry mouth.  “First and last time that ever happens.  Giselle is going to have some explaining to do.”

She walked into the bathroom taking a moment to wretch out the last of the total of six shots she had last night.  Way to many for her in such a short time.  Once she walked into the shower though she noticed a new tattoo on her hip, an artistic rendition of bluebird that was bound up with clear tape.  “At least its cute; even if no one will see it.”

After finishing her shower she walked in her dorm-mate's room, the woman was surprising up and reading something on her computer.  “A tattoo!  Really Gee?  If my dad finds out I'm in so much trouble.”

“Well I advise you not go on family pool or beach parties then.  Its not like he's going to see it and your mom won't care.”
“I'm going to get rid of it while it's still fresh.”
“Don't do that.  Its cute.  You were really excited to get it.”
“I was also very drunk.”
“Yeah so.  All innocent fun.”
“I guess I'll give it a day.”
“See you need to ease up on those sorts of things Cori.”

Corrine took a deep breath, “I guess I'm just nervous about the end of term test next month.”
“You've got a whole month to worry about it.  You're smart you will do fine.”
“I don't know about that but I know I can't wait for leave.”
“Me too.  Going back to Marik?”
“No Augustine this time to see my Aunt Kristen and cousins.  Going to get some training in with the Krushers.”
“You go getter.  Alright let's get breakfast and hit the books Corrie.”

04/24/3041 08:57 Location – Augustine, Free Worlds League

The FSDS Valor landed with much pomp and fanfare from the Augustinians, there was a grand celebration ongoing.  Prince Ian Davion walked off the Union dropship in his dress greens with the open topped golden crown of The First Son of the Suns on his head, something that he rarely wore except for special occasions.  The rest of his retinue followed and made a grand show much to the adoration of paparazzi.  The Valor and her crew had made a detour to Irian for a state visit to that massive industrial world and a few photo ops with Prince Ian in a new Guillotine Battlemech.

Ian walked down the red carpet to greet the lovely Kristen Marik with her week old daughter Alys.  Both of them were in a wheelchair manned by her dashing mercenary husband Jiri Rousett and their other children Ana and Janos II.  Corrine Marik stood on the tarmac wearing a light gray dress with a purple wrap over it and a white pearl and purple amethyst inlaid diadem attached by ribbon to her short hair.  Ian made a move toward her stopping in front of her before kissing her hand which she had to accept as formal polity.

She whispered, “Bold, Prince Ian.”
He finished and held her hand a moment longer to whisper back, “Bold would be my middle name if it weren't Renard Countess Corrine.”

Corrine smiled for the cameras before Ian was pulled away by his Princely duties.  “What an insufferable young man.” 

After diplomatic displays and presentations of gifts to the new mother and child as well as a brief speech by Jiri and Ian they finally worked their way back to the ornamental hedged off Sunspire Manor.


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Feelsike you got cut off


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Feelsike you got cut off

I did actually, the rest failed to paste.

Picking up where we left off

Ian Davion and the members of his retinue interesting in the tour by the House Custodian, a proper man with salt and pepper hair named Dauphin.  Walked through its large lush vegetable and flower gardens, a hedge maze, tennis courts, etc..  The tour ended with the pride of the manor, the tall white stone obelisk with a high powered light atop it.  Ian asked the obvious question, “This planet has navigational satellites and radio transmitters.  Why build a lighthouse?”

Dauphin took a moment to point to the beacon, “Duchess Elise Marik didn't build it as a navigational aid.  She was a pious woman hence her fury at her father's cybernetics that has continued until this very day in our Realm.  Her hatred of biotics and vigor in fighting against the Scourge of Death are also among her legacies. 

The Sunspire was built based on a passage in her personal bible and has been maintained ever since.  It is a magnificent sight indeed.  That beacon follows the monthly procession of Augustine's moon Numidia.”

“Fascinating.  Thank you Dauphin.”
“You are very welcome Prince Ian.”
  He checked his watch, “The porters should have moved your luggage into your rooms by now.  I will escort you to them.”

Dauphin walked them back across the paving stones, the sun was beginning to set and guests were due to arrive soon for a small social gathering at the manor.  Ian Davion retired to his room to change into a fresh pair of Class As while Bishop Sortek found himself an isolated balcony looking out on the Sirius Sea.

Major Sortek pulled out his phone to look at a picture message from Helena he had received after landing.  A flirty one of her on a white sandy beach in a tan bikini.  She had been on world for a month already while they were on Irian and was presently tantalizingly close.  “So close but so far away.  At least for now.”

There was knock on his door, Bishop walked through the small but well appointed room to the door and opened it.  Ian was on the other side after changing in a fresh uniform and stowing the show crown which he disliked wearing anyway.  “Coming to the party Bishop?  Could use a wingman?”

“Not this time Ian.  I'm going to settle in and double check our schedule tomorrow.”
“You sure?”
“Okay well good night then Bishop.”
“See you at oh six hundred tomorrow for PT kid.”
“Yes Major.”

Ian Davion returned to the mansion's main ballroom to greet a selected small group of guests.  The Captain-General's little half-sister sat at the head table with her infant daughter.  Tomorrow was the little girl's christening and a small gathering had been called to celebrate the occasion. 

Ian walked in to an unfamiliar audience the ballroom was filled with clerics of Augustine's disparate religious orders.  The first of whom was an older man wearing the black robes with a red sash of a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church(-in Exile) moved to greet him first.  Ian had studied the cards for the high profile guests this evening most were clerics in attendance for Alys' baptism, the entire continent of Roma was the domain of the Roman Catholic Church with the Bishop in charge.  “Greetings Cardinal Curia.”
“Prince Ian what a delight to have you on our humble planet.”
“It is a magical place.  I look forward to seeing more of it over the next month.”
“Of course, feel free to include our Cathedral in your tour the architecture is quite superb as is its location.”
“I will consider it.  Enjoy the evening Your Grace.”

Next in line was a bald woman with a asiatic complexion and saffron robes.  The woman, Abbess Chao Kyo, and Ian both put their hands in the prayer position, “Xin Chao nu tu.”
The woman was very pleased to hear the greeting in her native tongue, “Bénédiction sur votre famille.”
“Je suis honoré abbesse.  Bonne chance à vous.”

Finally he worked his way across the room after exchaing similar greetings with an imam from Dar es Salaam, Rabbi from Tharkad, and a Shinto priest visiting from New Kyoto.  Finally he exchanged greetings with Precentor Augustine Tomek Cosmo of COMSTAR's Troy HPG located slightly more than a hundred kilometers away. 

Finally he ended up at the table next to Countess Corrine Marik who had changed into a different outfit a floor length purple dress with a white wrap covering her shoulders.  “Of course they would sit us together.”

“Makes the cameramen or the SAFE agents job easier if we are next to each other.”
“Yes, my father does enjoy his spies.  Though he is a poor spymaster, more interested in his computers than counter-intelligence.”
“That was a concern for MI6 I have brought a few things with me from Solaris, prototype tech from NAIS.  An upgrade for your Battlemech if you are interested?”
“And what will be the cost to upgrade Troubadour?”
“Remains to be determined.”
“Hmm that sounds rather steep.”

“I can get us out of her.  Already marked the surveillance crews and came up with a escape route.”
“So quickly?”
“I slipped the LIC's Diplomatic Guards on Tharkad.  More than once.”
“Impressive how did you manage that.”
“I had a very trying two week 'camping trip' at Quintus Allard's cabin on New Scotland before I shipped out to Gallery.”
“The Quintus Allard?”

“Oh my.  That must have been difficult.”
“I have some interesting stories.”
“I would like to hear them.”
“How about a stroll to the Sunspire then?”
“I suppose I can work it into my schedule.”
“Let's get something to eat then head out.”

Ian and Corrine excused themselves to the restrooms and escaped the surveillance crews that were sent to monitor them.  Cardinal Curia and his retinue were escorted to their guest house, an old cloister that had been renovated recently.  Ian guided Corrine back to her room to change into something more suiting adventure than a ball gown, she came back with a black top, dark blue jeans, and boots.  His Class As were still military uniforms so were tailored like them by the best on Tharkad so he kept them on but removed the brass Captain's bars and his few medals.

The two of them slipped the house security team that was quietly looking for them.  “They probably won't even tell Bishop they lost me.  It would look bad for them.  As long as we are back in our beds by midnight they won't care.”

“I thought they had us there a few times.”
“Close calls are kinda my forté.”
“A dangerous habit Ian.  Hardly one a Prince should have.”
“Perhaps I shall grow out of it.”

“That doesn't seem likely Prince Captain Ian Renard Davion.”
“You were an eager participant in our little adventure Countess Cadet Corrine Stephanie Marik.”
“How did you know my middle name?”
“I make it a point of pride to know everything about everyone I meet particularly women.”

She leaned over and looked at him, the reflection of the Sunspire's light was bright in his hazel eyes.  “And why is that?”

“Because I am gathering pen pals for my poor dear sister Yvonne and she wants only interesting people.  She is quite bored on Lexington and sends me harassing HPG messages to vent her frustration with our father sheltering her after our mother spent so much time riding her to get those Leftenant bars.”

“You must be joking.”
“I love my sister dearly and don't want my interactions with her being unpleasant.  She may never get outside the Federated Suns due to politics.  If she wants me to find her friends I shall look.”

“And what would she tell me about you?”
“Besides the fact that I am amazing dancer courtesy of her?”
“Amazing huh?”

“Pity there were no cameras at Melissa Steiner's ball welcoming her mother back from Gallery.  Had to let her win, it was her planet after all.”
“Perhaps you will give me the honor of a dance at some later date.”
“I would be honored Countess.”

“So onto other things.  What were you talking about with SAFE?”
“I am bringing gifts to the Free Worlds League, NAIS has created a superior large laser with increased heat dissipation.  I used an ex-NAIS fellow on Solaris to prototype a number of them for me.  However, due to MI6's concerns about espionage from the Capellans I have not been authorized to transfer the technology yet to the Free World's League.”
“But you could upgrade Troubadour?”
“I could I suppose but what about that price.”

“Don't get too cheeky Ian.  It would be improper with so many clerics to be lewd.”
“Then something innocent.  A kiss by moonlight then.”
“That's your price?”
“Yes.  Just one kiss.”
“I suppose you did kiss me earlier.  I should return the favor.”

She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.  “I was expecting something more 'intense'.”
“You only asked for a kiss.  I gave you one.”
“Fair enough.  We can begin installing it tomorrow.  Should take us a couple of hours.”
“We, as in you and me?”
“Yes, I don't need Vance for this.  Couple hours to remove the laser and rewire it.  It even runs cooler so you don't need to change any piping.”
“I've never worked on Troubadour without Patrice.”
“It will be a piece of cake.  Patrice and Vance can inspect our handiwork at the end of the day.”
“Very well its a deal then.”
“Sealed with a kiss.”
“Don't get used to it.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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04/25/3041 18:29 Location – Troy, Augustine, Free Worlds League

Ian Davion and Corrine Marik walked into the Augustine Metals refit facility in the city of Troy 107 kilometers away from Sunspire.  The Bays were currently occupied by Battlemechs in the livery of four different units, the AMI Training Battalion (Light Purple on Gray), “Lions of New Avalon” (Gold on Red), Kristen's Krushers (Black on Light Purple), and the Fourth Marik Militia (Dark Purple on White).

Ian noticed Vance and Mykah the Techs for himself and Bishop respectively, Corrine's tech Patrice pulled her aside for a moment while he talked to his own people.  “Mykah have you seen Bishop?”

“I've seen him but Major Sortek has been acting strange this morning Ian.  He was pulled into a tactics session with an ****** of a Captain from the Fourth.  Probably will end up in a fight.  Hopefully it will be in sim only.  Hate for Jack to take the beating when the meat will do.”

“I don't know what is up with him but I don't like it either.  Ever since we left Solaris it's like he's changed.  I'll talk to him again later.

Vance I'm going to help Corrine install one of the lasers into her mech.”

He looked over his shoulder at the young woman who was wearing a purple tank top and gray shorts with low boots in the hot weather. “Showing off the big hardware for the little lady huh?”

“Something like that.  I know how to put it in but I want you and her tech to take a look when we are done.”

Vance was about to open his mouth but was silenced, “By the way get your mind out of the gutter and keep your eyes open, you too Mykah.  Both of you are the senior techs so pass it around to the others.  I don't necessarily trust the Fourth or Krushers with our gear but unless we wanted to keep them on the Valor this is only place we can service them.”

“We should just keep them on the Valor Ian.”
“I thought about that Mykah but we are scheduled to do some training exercises with the Fourth and Krushers while we are on their world.  This will be easier on everybody unless they want to stay in their bunks on the Valor.”

Vance looked at his insulated lunch pail, “The food is an improvement.  If you like Gyros.”

“Aren't Gyros you're specialty Vance?”
“And muscles, myomer”
he flexed his right arm showing off the well-defined bicep, “and otherwise.”

Mykah rolled her eyes at her fellow tech, “Showing off already Vance.  We've only been on planet one day.”

“This audience has not yet witnessed the wonder Chief.”

“I want to witness you getting some work done today.”
She pointed over to one of LNA Mechs the thus far limited production Hounds, the FedSuns copy of the original Cataphract that might soon be replacing the standard Jagermechs in the AFFS formations.  “The left leg actuators on Peter's Hound are locking up again.”

“That doggy needs more potassium and hydration to prevent cramps.  Why do I have to troubleshoot these damn prototypes?  That should have been Kallon QC's job.”

“Get to work Senior Tech Sergeant Kilbourne.”
“Only if you are watching Chief Tech Gold.”

“I have more important things to do.  So does he. 

See you later Ian.”

Ian walked over to Corrine and exchanged a quick greeting and pop quiz on MechTech by Patrice.  One of the Krusher techs ran over to the woman, “Chief, we have a problem with the Caesar.”

“Is it that Extralight engine shielding again?”
“No the Gauss Rifle capacitors aren't holding the charge.”

“Damn this new fangled tech.  Just give me a Grasshopper or Guillotine, something simple and easy to work on.  It was good enough for the past hundred years. 

Excuse me Countess Marik and Prince Davion, duty calls. 

I'm keeping an eye on you two so get to work.” 

“Sure thing Chief.”

Ian walked down the bay next to Corrine through the Mech Bay which smelled of cooling oil, sweat, and burning metal.  They eventually were at the foot of Troubadour, the partially gray and purple Wolverine 6M was well worn and still carried some battle damage from the last time it was used.  “So why did Sylvia call it Troubadour?”

“It was her callsign.  Well it started out Trouble Doer.”
“Bit of a firecracker huh?”

“Yeah, last time this unit was in service was nearly fifty four years ago; during Alessandro's Deep Raid.  She took down a Zeus on Nathan in this thing solo.”

“Wow that's not easy.”
“Yeah tell that to Troubadour.  Patrice and I have been fixing it up since I enrolled in AMI last year.  You know first years don't get a lot of time in the cockpit at academies.”

“Yeah same with Albion.  I spent my first year fixing up Golden Lion in my skimpy spare time.  Might change soon with more production from the factories as we recover some of the lost technologies that make these things work.

Do you have a callsign yet?”

“No, how bout you?”
“Haven't been in combat long enough.  Scratch is catching on though, particularly with my tech Vance.”

She watched him bring one of the scissor lifts over from the bay, “Mr Muscle guy.”
“Yep, that's Vance Kilbourne.”

“Why Scratch?”
“Every time I get in a battle with Golden Lion.  I've got to rebuild it almost from Scratch.”

Corrine readied the tools they would need to take off her Wolverine's arm mounted Magna Mark III laser. Widely known for its ease of maintenance especially on this unit.  “Maybe your luck will turn soon.”

Ian hoisted the tools on the working surface and offered his hand to Corrine so that she could get on the platform beside him. “With all due respect Countess I hope it doesn't.  I am quite happy with Golden Lion taking the hits for my squishy body.  He is built for it, I just ride him into battle and take all the glory.”

Ian watched as Corrine went under the laser to undo the brackets while he attached the unit to the gantry crane above.  Her tank top rode up a bit and he took the opportunity to take a peak at her while she was distracted.  She had the lean and fit body of a runner and great legs.  It made sense she chose a skirmisher type battlemech out of the available options.

Experienced Mechwarriors could tell what kinds of mechs someone used by their personality and physique.  Larger taller people rode assault mechs meant to break the line like the Atlas, Zeus, Stalker, or Victor.  Boxers preferred brawlers with a punch like the Hunchback, Orion, Guillotine, or Grasshopper.   Lithe people chose mechs with mobility like the Jenner, Wolverine, Dragon, or Phoenix Hawk. Sharpshooters were given designs with a lot of long range missiles like the Valkyrie, Archer, Apollo, or Crusader.

The list went on but smart militaries chose their matches based on the Mechwarrior's innate abilities which were multiplied by the Battlemech.  Losing a DI computer was like losing your brother or sister and Mechwarriors went to great lengths to protect the computer for later installation in another unit to reduce the discomfort of the adjustment period.  You were your mech under the Neurohelmet and that bond is what made the fighting unit so effective and special. 

It was something that was difficult to explain to someone that didn't know already and syncing with a Battlemech was something that took time especially if it was an older model.  The whole process also only worked a certain segment of the population and the families that were the best became the five ruling houses of the Successor States, Davion, Steiner, Kurita, Marik, and Liao.  It was an even more intense bond in the Aerospace fighter version of the cockpit but the technological limits of the Succession Wars nearly made that form of spacecraft extinct just like the Warships of the Star League.

A yell came from under the assembly, “Stop looking at me Ian!”
Ian doubled check the cables that held the laser up and prevented it from crushing the Countess.  "Sorry Corrine.  I didn't mean to stare.”

She wiggled her way back to a seated position however during the process he got a look at the bottom of her black sports bra before she pushed the top back down and tucked it into her shorts.  “Sure you didn't.  We'll this unit is unbolted from the arm.  I trust we are hooked on the gantry above.”

“Affirmative, lets head down and drop it.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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I don't think she likes him at all but she don't hate him either


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Ian lowered 'Troubadour's' large laser assembly from the right arm using the Mech Bay's overhead gantry crane, “I can help you put the new hand on later but we'll start with this its probably easier,” he tapped on the outside of a carefully packaged metal container marked 'AFFS Proprietary Technology' on it, 'V.E.S.T. S7 Unit XIV' was stencil painted on the side. 

Once the Magna Mk III was placed in the powered lowboy trailer Ian and Corrine got to work unbolting the armor that protected the laser itself.  Once the top was removed they opened the honeycomb style backing and saw the unit itself. 

Ian whistled at the sight, “Look at all that corrosion.  Must have been bad coolant.  Might have fired but just as likely to burn itself up.”

Corrine leaned over the frame to take a look herself, she had to get on her tip-toes to look over and Ian tried desperately to look at something on his engineer's console, “I guess it wasn't sealed correctly.  Good thing I didn't need it yet.  Oh well. 

You said we had to change almost everything to install the new unit anyhow right?”

“Almost everything.”
  Ian stepped toward the crate and keyed in a code to unlock the container which folded down to reveal a sleek and shiny new laser slightly larger in volume due to the sophisticated built in heat sink.  “particularly in the Mech itself.  Might take a while to run the new wires but i'm pretty fast with wiring courtesy of recent experience.”

Corrine was admiring the shiny new design, “It's not a normal heat sink or laser insulator.”

“No this unit has double the heat dissipation of a standard heat sink dedicated particularly to keeping the power supply cool.  Its one of the technologies recovered from the Helm Core that led to a breakthrough in power supplies and cooling.  The whole project was a major one, very top secret while it was going on.  My father put a lot of Pounds and his best minds behind it. 

This new large laser design, the Exostar Northstar, is just one of the many things that benefited from NAIS' work just last year. 

Its a very promising field of study.  I'm told making it more widely available will require a little bit more refining and tooling changed over in order to get enough to refit even one RCT with it.  With the Commonwealth beginning that process it shouldn't take long, Dynamico is already changing their lines over.”

“That is very impressive.”
“All the ports are located on the back so we will have to make a new casing for the laser itself that will work with your Mech's new right hand.”

“I'm glad the LCCC is beginning to give more of our FWLM mechs a pair of hands.  So useful, they are worth it for the advantages even if they cost more to make.”

“Agreed, only regret I have about Golden Lion is he doesn't have hands, but he's not supposed to be in close.”

“That didn't work out so well for you against my cousin Photon?”
“Don't I know it.  Still get a little dizzy every once in a while.  Doc says I'm fine though.”
“Sorry about that anyway on behalf of the Marik family.”

“I appreciate it Corrine but you were not to blame nor anyone else in your family except Photon.  It was my own damn fault.  I should have listened to Bishop.”

Ian took some measurements and plugged the device into his engineering computer to ensure that the device was properly manufactured.  “Everything looks green for this unit.  Can't wait to test it out.”

“Let's get it in first Ian.”
“Right, one step at a time.  I requested the machine shop make us an new assembly large enough to accommodate the new laser.  They will drop this into that while we work on the hand.”

The flatbed was guided toward the machine shop past squads of techs and security troops.  Mechwarriors for each unit were suiting up for today's training runs.  Someone shouted “Mech on the Move!”

Ian and Corrine moved their flatbed out of the way and watched a brand new Krusher Banshee 4S (95t, 4/6, GR, PPC, SRM4, 4ML) walk past them.  The footsteps of the assault mech, one of the largest in the Inner Sphere, quaked even the deep set foundation of the Mech Bay.  “Wow, The Krushers are gearing up for something.”

“New toy syndrome, she's getting everything clear to get out of League space next contract.  That 4S and the Caesar over there.”
  She pointed to the sleek mech whose clean lines were unlike those typically found in Lyran designs. “Were bought together for their Gauss Rifles and to curry some favor with Duke Bradford.  The brand new big gun is still a bit unreliable but I'm sure they will fix it in due time.  With how much Kristen spent on just the Banshee she could have bought a whole lance of Guillotines.  However, I'm sure Harrison Bradford will appreciate the support given to his company.”

“It was probably for her.”
“You are probably right Ian.  She is a bit of a bruiser, a Banshee seems like a good fit.”
“That woman is a bruiser huh?  Seemed nice enough.”
“You should see her fight.  The BattleROMs of her in her Lancer days are pretty impressive.  Blew a Whitworth apart with one shot from her Hunchback.  Motherhood has softened her a bit but don't be fooled, she's tough.”

“I will keep that in mind Corrine.”
The flatbed finally made it to the machine shop, Ian and Corrine handed over the weapon to the machinists who were already hard at work making a new assembly.  They returned with a mech's hand on a different flatbed and took that back to Troubadour lifting it up to the stripped down arm of the Wolverine which revealed all the steel gray bundles of myomer musculature underneath.  Vance had already anchored strands of the material to the mech's frame but it took Ian and Corrine more than an hour of operating the myomer merging machine and bolting the armor onto the hand before they were complete. 

Corrine powering up the Battlemech to confirm that the musculature was operating correctly and gave a giant middle finger to a random 4th Marik Militia mech which almost resulted in a fight before Ian convinced the Mechwarrior it was an aberrant twitch.  Ian looked over at the open cockpit, “You're a trouble maker Corrine!”

“Just a bit of light fun Ian!”

“The time for fun is over.” 'I can't believe I just said that.  So unlike me.'

“You're just jealous you can't flip people off with your Marauder.”
“That might be true.  Let's get this laser in and hit the showers.”
  Ian fanned himself with his cover, “Its too damn hot on this world and this bay is an oven.”

Corrine joined him on the scissor lift as he pulled the lever that would lower them back to ground level, She too adjusted her hat to fix her ponytail which had a lock of bright purple in the otherwise black hair, “Why do you think I'm wearing shorts?”

“I try to keep in uniform Cadet.  Doubt they let you dye your hair at AMI?”

“How very proper of you Captain Davion.  They don't but I'm presently on leave to visit my mercenary aunt.  The dye will wash out before I make it back to New Olympus especially if I sweat a lot which like you said is not hard here.”

The two of them returned with the laser and installed it in Troubadour.  The diagnostics from the cockpit were green but Vance and Patrice came and checked on their work for the day.  Both found it satisfactory but very slow and a little sloppy.  The more experienced techs cleaned it up and showed them what they had done incorrectly but gave them an A+ for Amateurs.  Ian and Corrine headed toward the locker room to get a shower.  The lockers were sectioned off but the individual shower stalls were together as were the restrooms. 

Ian caught a glimpse of Corrine's hip tattoo before she went into the shower but nothing more.  “Very cute tattoo Corrine.”  A bar of white soap was tossed over the divider and through the steam hitting him right in the forehead with a thud. “Ouch!”

“Serves you right.  No peeking.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Corrine must have a targeting computer in that arm, direct hit with a bar of soap. :D
I wish I could get a good grip on reality, then I would choke it.
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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Corrine must have a targeting computer in that arm, direct hit with a bar of soap. :D

Author Fiat, Battletech wouldn't be what it was without it.


04/26/3041 05:48 Location – Augustine Metals, Troy, Augustine, Free Worlds League

“Ian!  Looking good; from this angle at least.”   Ian turned around at the woman that had ended up right behind him while he was admiring his mech.  Corrine took a moment to look at his outfit in the morning sun.  Federation Green Shorts, Gold Cooling Vest, and Tan Boots all of which fit his athletic body quite nicely.  “The Midas vest is a bit much don't you think?”

He looked down at the Midas vest from the Cooling Solutions Company of El Dorado (CSCED often mispronounced 'Succeed' especially in their marketing materials).  “This the finest cooling vest in all the Federated Suns Corrine.  The only type suitable for a Prince of the People.  They gave me two of them for free.  All I had to do was endorse them.”

He looked up at the dawn sun and the light hit him in a truly regal way, clearly something he had practiced.  “I regret nothing.”

“You are ridiculous.”

Ian looked at her outfit as well, there were no female mechwarriors in his unit it just hadn't worked out that way.  He had never seen his sister in whatever she wore in her Phoenix Hawk though it probably looked something like Corrine was wearing except maybe in a different color palette.

She wore a tight black cropped top that showed off her shoulders and arms both of which were tan, a sleek black Artemis Alloy cooling vest accentuated her abdomen and reached to the bottom of her top, dark purple compression shorts covered her thighs but had a gap that showed a portion of leg before it reached the top of her black boots.  One of which had a stiletto type dagger hanging off the side.  “Nice cooling vest especially on you.  Didn't think they allowed Canopian imports in the League anymore.”

“They didn't attack us, just the Confederation Andurien stuff though the market has cratered for them.  Just because they favor Davion doesn't mean anything. 

They are right next door to the League while you are on the other side of the Inner Sphere.

I picked this outfit up and a few other things from a free trader that was coming out of Rasalhague and Lyran space.  Apparently she couldn't sell her goods in the Combine and had some extras.  I got her before she got back to Atreus with the latest fashions from Tharkad.”

“While I am very curious about what else you picked up from this Canopian.”

She lifted an eyebrow and put a hand on her hip, “You'll never find out.”

Ian was smart enough to not even whisper what he was imagining, 'We'll see about that. '

“I have to wonder why she couldn't sell her goods in the Combine.  Kanrei Theodore actually allows Onna Bugeisha to exist now for the first time in a long time.”

“That's what Isabella thought.  She told me that they still don't manufacture cooling vests that fit the female form well.  Only the most boyish can fit and even then most are still too small for even the smallest men's size.

The Canopian stuff was too expensive for them, much to their dismay. 

Their loss is my gain however; Artemis brand stuff is the best on the market and as you can see it is both cute and functional. 

My size always sells out when a shipment comes in to New Olympia, the upper class bitches beat me to it but not this time.”
  She gave a little twirl, “I can't wait to see them cry.”

“So what do the women of the DCMS wear in the cockpit?”

“They just go topless or wear the Sarashi. 

Female mechwarriors in the DCMS normally pilot units that don't get too hot or are very old like older Dragons and Shadow Hawks, not the new types with a PPC.  I guess eventually the Pillar of Jade will address their demand but things move slowly there unless the Coordinator pushes.”

Ian thought about something completely different now, he hadn't heard that about the DCMS but then again the AFFS was unlikely to capture a female Mechwarrior on the border.  “Really?  Topless?”

“That's what Isabella told me. 

You are such a boy.  Get your mind in the game and out of game.  Let's get moving I want to give the Northstar some live fire.”

The two of them walked to their mechs which were currently placed next to one another.  They took the lift up the four meters to the pilot deck where their neurohelmets were waiting.  “Is that a Dreamcatcher?”  Ian's Red and Gold D-38 was the best on the market and he had gotten unit 5 right from Doering Electronics on New Kyoto.  “Sure is.”

“I didn't think they were even available for sale yet.”
“Benefits that come with my position.”
“A gift from the Archon?”

“She took a lot of charming to get on my side and no small measure of her mother's intervention.  I am fairly certain she would have happy to have me down the sights of an M&G that first night.”
“What did you do to her?”
“Its a long story I'll tell you while we are en route.”

Corrine picked up her matte black unit with an high back plate.  Corrine did her black and purple hair up in a low ponytail and it hung down readily through the slot. “Artemis Moondancer, fairly certain my sister has one as well.”

“She has good taste.  I want to complete the set but a full outfit needs to be tailored with a very long backlog, and it is really expensive.  I'd have to go to Fanardir to have a chance to get one.”

“If you knew her you would agree, wish her boyfriend would stop beating my fellow Cavaliers at fencing however.  Albion's record is still positive even if he is the coach for NAMA but they better shape up.  Did a stint on the Rugby and Pistol team as well?”

“You fenced?”
“Top sabreur at Albion my Junior and Senior Years.  How about you?  I am guessing that stiletto on your boot is not just for show.”

She gave a predatory smile, “And you would be right I'm a Marik.  It's like being a Kurita without the honorable bit.  A family doesn't still get to be in charge after almost four hundred years of intermittent civil war without learning a few things.

I'm pretty good with a Halberd too.  Right now I'm on Track and Field team at AMI.”

“Well I would like to see how you move Countess Marik.”

“From afar Prince Davion.  Troubadour can easily outpace Golden Lion but I'll slow down to let you catch up if you like.”

“Maybe I like the view from behind.”

“Cheeky and t's not even full daylight yet and you're already in rare mood already aren't you.”

“Can't turn it off I'm afraid.  Comes with the package.”
“Turn it down a bit though; if you want to keep that fancy Midas vest in one piece.”

Ian smiled, “I have a spare and no regrets.”

Captain Davion walked to the currently open cockpit of Golden Lion and Corrine climbed up the shoulders of Troubadour slipping into its very cramped cockpit with her lithe frame.  The glass closed and the twin sensor masts that were very similar to the smaller Phoenix Hawk that shared its comm suite raised into their positions. 

The Wolverine came online and Corrine checked the unit's hands again to ensure that the new right hand was operating properly.  Golden Lion powered up and raised its barrel arms into their active carry position just below Ian's visual plane.  The Nav point appeared on the HUD visor attached to his helmet, “You go first Ian.”

“We'll take forever to get there.”
“I have nothing but time.  Now, how did piss Melissa off?”
“You sure you want to hear that story?  You might get jealous.”

“Well if you want I will start from the beginning.”

The two mechs marched out of the Mech Bay, “So once I landed on Tharkad.  I noticed something very interesting about the Lyran's rail obsession.”

A short time passed, “You really can't turn it off can you?”

“Why would I want to?”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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That was a funny closing statement at the end!  ;D


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Is it just me or is Ian getting more full of himself the further he gets from New Avalon


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Is it just me or is Ian getting more full of himself the further he gets from New Avalon

Some of that is just an act to impress Corrine it seems to be working why stop when you are on a roll.


07/28/3040 15:22 Location – Meistmorn, Doneveal II, Federated Suns

“Watch your flank.”

Tancred Sandoval's black and red Warhammer 6K 'Lucy' took a solid shot to the head from the hostile white painted DCMS Battlemech currently code-named “Wolf Trap.”  The round destroyed the head armor.  Shrapnel tore into his armored cooling vest ripping it open and exposing the tubes which now leaked electric blue dyed cooling water.  His dual PPCs ripped into the attacker followed by twin flights of missiles from his wing man Garilbard.  “Tancred you alive in there?”

“I'm still breathing.  I can't tell if its coolant or blood soaking my uniform though.”
“Bloods warm, coolant shouldn't be.”
“Not in this mech.”
“Keep it together.  I'll take Point.”

The Archer stepped forward its blocky damaged form covering the critically damaged Warhammer.  Wolf Trap turned on its serpentine route firing once more at Lucerne Hammer.  This time using the newly rediscovered cluster munitions that released a cloud of explosive sub-munitions with proximity fuses.  One of them detonated right outside the cockpit and Tancred saw the shrapnel fly right past his face and then darkness.

04/18/3041 03:47 Location – Fort Ballycastle, Lexington, Federated Suns

Captain Tancred Sandoval, Count of Lucerne, and DMI MI2 Analyst, woke with a start that scared his fiance Princess Yvonne Davion.  He ran his hand along the scar that the sub-munition gave him that day a long scrape that ripped the top of his ear and blew his eardrums out as well.  The eardrums had been repaired but he hadn't bother to cover the scar or make his ear whole again.  She grabbed his other arm with both of her hands, “Are you okay Tancred?”

“I'm fine I promise.”
“That's the second time this week.  I'm worried.  Doneval again?”
“Yes, just can't forgive myself for living when Garilbard died.”

Yvonne folded down the picture of the three of them at Sakhara during graduation.  “He was a good man Tancred.  Did what was tactically prudent.  His Archer took the hits when you were down and he didn't fall without taking four Dracs with him.  He earned all ten medals.”

“It's War people we love die, people we will never know die, we mourn and live to honor their memory.”

“You know I can't do that.”

Yvonne embraced him, “You have to move on Tancred for both of us.  Accept he's not coming back and make the best of it.  We're together but you don't seem with me lately.”

“Its just work Yvonne.  The DCMS keeps putting us on the back foot there has to be a way to put an end to that.  You're father taking a back seat isn't helping.”

“My father despite his own ego cannot carry the Federated Suns alone Tancred.  He needs help we all do.  He has mother and a whole court of advisers.  You have me and us and that will have to be enough for now.”

“I'm sorry Yvonne I need to take a walk.  I'll be back.”

She sat up and turned on the light to reassure herself he would be able to find his way back, “I'll be here.”

Captain Sandoval worked his way cautiously through their house nestled in the woods of Fort Ballycastle near a large pond.  The world was a scenic and temperate one and the Fort was currently in its autumn season.  Vast stands of timber trees imported from Terra lined the streets and small streetlights provided warm pools of yellow light that Tancred swam through.  He cut through a well-trodden trail in the woods only marked by reflectors and arrived at one of the many dispersed bunkers located a safe distance about a half hours walk from the residences. 

This one was a secure communications bunker with a small mech bay constructed nearby.  Tancred could see the tops of the antennae towers through the trees and the trail gradually turned to gravel and led to one of the many roads cut through the woods.  A guard walked toward him while the rest of his squad manned their stations, “ID”
Tancred presented his ID to the man, “Working late again Count Sandoval?”
“Something like that Corporal.”
“Alright then sir.  You can enter.  No one else is currently inside according to the roster so if you hear anything tell us.”
“I will Corporal Tailor.”

Tancred walked toward the Mech Bay and entered through the smaller door in the massive hanger doors.  His slate gray Warhammer 'Lucky', Yvonne's white Phoenix Hawk 'Stella', and a pair of the new Watchmen Mechs from Robinson still in their gray primer coats stood menacingly above him.  He stood at the foot of 'Lucky' and banged on it, “Just making sure you're still here Lucky.  One of these day's we'll get you out again.” 

The mech had been torn to shreds on Doneval but he lived and had spent the past year repairing it with surplus parts from War Reserve Ballycastle in his spare time.  He could have had the Repair Depot on-planet fix it up but he wasn't necessarily in hurry to get back in the field.  There were better ways to damage the Dragon and he was certain one of these days he would find the right tactic, the right battleplan, the right anything.  Once he found that; only then would he would finish the fight on Luthien.


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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a question
Is Tancred Sandoval's
black and red Warhammer 6K 'Lucy'
the same mech rebuilt as
slate gray Warhammer 'Lucky'

and yes in a Warhammer without DHS, he right the coolant is warm too :thumbsup:
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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a question
Is Tancred Sandoval'sthe same mech rebuilt as
and yes in a Warhammer without DHS, he right the coolant is warm too :thumbsup:

Yes.  Needed a whole rebuild after that fight


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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05/07/3041 Location – Kessel, Draconis Combine

The Fort Spica on Kessel was buzzing with activity as DCMS dropships and shuttles took off and landed in orderly patterns outside the soundproofed windows of the Fortress.  Within this utilitarian room were twenty men. All of whom were Yakuza that brazenly showed off their colorful Irezumi tattoos and scarred bodies over ivory vests and gray pants, the unofficial uniform of the Dai Shi Gosuto (4th Ghost) regiment.

A DCMS Officer wearing the gray work uniform stepped out of the office.  He was a stern dark-skinned man with tight cornrow braids tied into a top-knot.  “Yodama Shin.  Step Forward.”

A young man with colorful tattoos of a dragon along both arms stood up and stepped forward to the Procurement Officer bowing slightly but not politely.  The Officer was uncomfortable in the presence of so many Yakuza but did his best to not show it from afar.  “Hai.  I am he.”

“Kashira Yodama.  The Procurement department has approved your upgrade request.  Your Panther will be reprocessed and continue to serve the Dragon elsewhere.  You have won the honor of piloting one of the new Zonbi aka Wights.  It is similar to your Panther 9A LAG so the learning curve shouldn't be too steep considering your extensive experience.”

He handed the younger man a scroll wrapped in ribbon.  Shin bowed and took the scroll with him.  “You may pick it up within two hours.  Until then secure your personal effects before the depot crew arrives to take away your Mech.”

Shin bowed slightly, “Arigatogozaimasu”
“Sayonara Yodama-san.”
“Sayonara Tai-I Shikugo.”

Shin Yodama bowed once more to the man who returned it.  No sooner did he turn his back and walk away then the Tai-I called out another name.  He departed the Fortress which was currently housing the 4th Ghost ICRe (Integrated Combat Regiment) and 6th Amphigean Light Assault Group.  Orders were vague but the Draconis Combine had undergone a massive industrialization and rearmament project in the wake of the increasing capabilities of its long time rivals, the Lyran Commonwealth and the much hated Federated Suns. 

Shin walked across the catwalk that bridged the infantry barracks to see a battalion of Ashigaru Infantry engaged in group exercise drilling themselves in Karate Katas.  The DCMS's numbers had exploded and new military training capability was coming online monthly.  The dozen Ghost Integrated Combat Regiments were just part of Gunrei-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita's modernization drive which included expanding the Light Assault Groups, Arkab Legions, and Ryuken. 

The Teeth of the Dragon had never been sharper and a good portion of it was homegrown.  Giving top of the line Battlemechs and equipment to the newcomers was unprecedented and had stoked resentment in the senior brigades that were used to receiving the best equipment.  They were however outfitted with large numbers of tried and true designs that fit with their tried and true tactics.

Within twenty minutes he had walked across the length of the fortress to the Mech Bay where his Companies Battlemechs were housed.  Eight of them were ancient Panthers of different configurations.  The light trooper was the workhorse unit of the DCMS and one of its best export commodities; the other four were Shadow Hawk 2Ks. 

Shin climbed the ladder to reach the cockpit and removed the DI chip and his well worn bone white neurohelmet from the chair.  He detached a tanto dagger's sheath from the chair.  Its richly decorated handle had been crafted by his own hands even if the steel was standard this dagger was unique. “Tatakai o tsudzukeru Tomukayatto.”

A pair of technicians walked toward him and bowed before handing him a note.  “Its all yours.”

“Hai Kashira Yodama.  It will serve the Sixth well.  We will assign it to someone who will respect it.”

“It is just a tool without the warrior to wield it.  I have what I require.  Time for me a wield a sharper blade against the Combine's rivals.”

The techs walked up to the machine and did a quick diagnostic before one of them put on a neural band and activated the unit in its low power mode.  With only a blank Panther ROM chip it moved awkwardly at first before finding the proper balance and heading out the mech bay door.

Two hours later Shin Yodama had just arrived at the secure storage hanger.  A squad of Ashigaru troops wearing respirators stood guard and demanded his identification and the scroll of transfer he had received earlier.  After checking it twice they waved him through.  The storage hanger was filled with skeletal Zonbis and Rattlesnakes (Garangahebi) rushed to Kessel without their armored skin, two massive mechs that Shin had never seen before stood side by side. 

One had a wickedly crafted demon's skull for a head it would be intimidating on the field and by its armament would be an equal to the Lyran Banshee and Atlas battlemechs that were frequently without peer on the battlefield.  The other looked like an odd Warhammer, it was significantly heavier with symmetrical gun arms mounted over under.  By the looks of it some kind of autocannon and a laser along with the missile pods in the chest.  Shin stopped one of the Kessel Depot techs, “What are those?”

“New models from New Samarkand.  Akuma and Daboku.  Heavy as a Highlander while outgunning an Atlas.  Very impressive stats if the test results are to be believed, and to think the Daboku was designed by the Capellans first!  It will kill many FedRats and Elsies.”

Shin nodded, “I am here to pick up this one.”
The Tech pointed to one of the skeletal Zonbi (Wight), Shin looked at it curiously, “Why is it bare?”

“They got rushed here from Dover.  We've got armor enough here.  That mech just uses standard plate over the 'Endo-Steel' skeleton, whatever that is.  Sounds like a pain to fix. 

Anyhow.  You know how to put it on Kashira.  I will be sure to send a stack of plates to the mech bay when we complete the deliveries.”

“I refuse to take deliver of the item before it is armored.”
“You can take it up with Procurement then.  We have another two weeks of upgrades and transfers.  All of this new tech is a pain.  Us techs have to sit through seminars from Wakazashi and LAW on how to even service these damn things.  New tech, unreliable tech.  You should see the manual for the Daboku, its immense.

I apologize for my rant Kashira Yodama.  Today has been very stressful.  Enjoy your Zonbi.”

Shin walked up the mobile staircase to the waiting cockpit, the tech was not wrong things were still out of order.  Someone at Wakazashi quality control was going to have a very bad day when he got this thing back online.  Kagishira Yodama pulled away the plastic protector to the DI programming chip that contained a collection of his brainwaves that would speed up alignment with this new unit.  He put the Neurohelmet on the flat stair mount of the Zonbi and found the manual that would tell him how to put the cockpit back together.

The new diagrams were confusing and poorly labeled.  He touched the wrong wire and was zapped.  He reflexively closed his hand and threw a wrench out of the cockpit in frustration.  “Damu!  Rokudenashi!  Baka-Ki!”

One of the techs overheard him from below and shouted up at him, “Do you need help Yodama-san?”
“No!  I will figure this infernal machine out if it kills me.”
“Very well continue on.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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06/07/3041 Location – Bluewater, Ariel, Free Worlds League

A KR-61 flew out of the sky its belly rapidly cooling from cherry hot to dull gray against blue sky with white puffy clouds.  The shuttle landed at a small runway next to a long one throwing up white smoke from the wheels. A parachute billowed out behind being reeled in before it could catch the nearby sea breeze.  Alongside the runway a dark purple AM-700 SUV kicked up gravel as it moved toward the still warm shuttle.

Corrine Marik was first in line as the stairs came down wearing a purple sundress that billowed in the wind.  Giselle Markovic followed her down wearing a similar outfit but more stylistically cut.  “This is going to be awesome.  Thanks for giving me a ride back, with a week long beach vacation.”

Giselle ran her hands through her brown hair, still short enough for a neurohelment and in dire need of a stylist after an extended say on the shuttle.  “Do you have any cute cousins Corrie?”

“I don't typically visit my mom's extended family so I'm not sure.”
  The AM-700 stopped, a tanned woman twice their age but still looking fabulous with long black hair stepped out wearing a lavender saree, “Why don't you ask her?”

“That's your mom!?  How did she end up with your dad?  He's not exactly a looker.”

“But he is a Marik.  Though in this generation that is not quite as powerful as it might have been.”

“I'm liking my chances of your having some cute cousins now.”
“You just like looking for trouble Gee.”

Cecelia Marik-Kral stepped toward the pair of young woman kissing her daughter on the cheek and hugging her first.  “Corrine Its been so long since I've seen you in person.  You must be Giselle nice to meet you.”

“Sorry I don't visit more often mom.  Been kind of busy.”
“I know.  Lets get going.  Your luggage will follow.”

The women got into the vehicle and were heading back before two trucks, a small one to carry their luggage and a larger one to offload medical supplies destined for Bluewater's hospital were on the tarmac.

“Thanks for the letters dear.  Seems like you had a fun time on Augustine with Kristen.  However, you didn't mention that Ian Davion visited.”

Giselle was suddenly excited, “Wait Ian Davion was on Augustine when you were there?  You didn't tell me that either.  How did I miss this!?”

“There's not a lot of paparazzi on Augustine Gee.  It's why Aunt Kristen went there in the first place to have her baby.  You wouldn't have seen it in the celeb e-zines.  It was all very tame.”

“You're a bad liar Corrie.  What was he like?  He looks super dreamy is he like that for real.  Did you go out on a date?  Or more?”

“He was there for Kristen we only spent time together while working.  He helped me with upgrading Troubadour.  We spent two days out on maneuvers nothing more.”

Cecelia lifted an eyebrow, she knew Corrine meant more than she was telling, “Maneuvers eh?”

“Not like that mom!  I should have known that the wife of the SAFE director would know that Ian was there even if they didn't release press pics yet.”
  She crossed her hands and leaned back against the seat, “Nothing happened.”

“Oh its nothing bad Corrine you're just the same age I was when I met your father and Ian is almost as old as he was when we married.”

“I am getting out of the Academy and doing my two years before I would even consider such things.”

“Suit yourself dear but you would have to really try to do better than a Prince with such promise.”

“We are not talking about it any more. 
How is Aunt Barb?”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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wonderful update alpha , was about to think you had fallen into a rl blackhole . glad your back....


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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I like her Mom.  Well played Mom
There are no fish in my pond.
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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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wonderful update alpha , was about to think you had fallen into a rl blackhole . glad your back....

Yeah it will be slow over the summer, just having too much fun to sit down in front of a computer despite the near constant rain.


05/18/3041 Location – Troy Interplanetary, Augustine, Free Worlds League

The five story sphere of the the FCDS Valor sat on the tarmac as the sun rose to the east.  Ian Davion was waiting in the terminal a kilometer away ensuring that all of his people were accounted for after the grand farewell dinner that Kristen Marik had planned for them.  He looked over to one of his bodyguards, a solid and stoic Sikh from Islamabad, a world deep in the Federation's Outback.  “Ran have you heard anything from Bishop?”

“No Your Highness.”
  Something came in over the ear piece and he leaned in, “Seems he's coming up now.”

Major Bishop Sortek walked up in his dress greens and a unusually somber look on his face, “Apologies Ian.  I had hoped to get here earlier.”

“No harm done friend.  The Valor has not taken off yet.  We still have an hour before takeoff.”

Bishop pulled an envelope out of his carry bag, “and I won't be on it.”

Ian took the sealed envelope opening it to see Bishop's resignation letter, “Why?  You've spent your whole life in the AFFS.”

Bishop removed the rank tabs from his uniform and offered them to Ranbir, “That's right I have.  Seen sunrises and smelled the wind of dozens of planets.  Been a guest at grand palaces and slept in the dirt under the stars of many battlefields.  Worked with the most amazing people in the universe.

I had given my life in service to the Federated Suns but I want to live it on my own terms.  Thus I would like you to accept my resignation and release me from your service.”

The Prince of New Avalon listening but still could not understand, Bishop was AFFS born and bred to walk away was...unthinkable. “What will you do?  Where will you go?”

“I will find a place somewhere in the Inner Sphere and keep in touch.”  Bishop put his hand on Ian's shoulder, “You have been a good friend Ian and will be a fine First Prince when your time comes. 

Don't forget the little guys in your big towers.  Always face your enemies with honor no matter how dishonorable they may be.”

A small tear came to Ian's eye.  The loss of a trusted friend and planned Prince's Champion was a heavy one, “As a Prince of the Federated Suns I release Major Bishop Sortek from his service in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.  Go forth with glory but always remember your oath of service to the Federated Suns.”

Bishop took a step back and bowed slightly, he was now just another citizen of the Federated Suns in the company of his Prince, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Ian handed the letter to Ran in exchange for the blood red tabs of an AFFS Mechwarrior Major, “Are you certain you don't want you tabs.  You earned them.”

Bishop shook his head, “You should keep them Sir.  You might need them sooner than your think.”

As the man turned his back Ian stopped him, “Bishop of House Sortek wait.”

Bishop turned around this was against normal protocol but that had never stopped Ian, “How may I be of service Sir?”

“I would like to grant you a boon for your many years of service to the Federated Suns.”
“I'm honored but that is quite unnecessary.”
“I think not and as your Prince may do as I please as long as it follows the Laws of Noble Conduct.”
  Ian opened his commpad and changed the papers for Major Sortek's Penetrator, 'Jumping Jack,' transferring it to the now civilian Bishop Sortek.  “By this Royal decree I transfer the rights to ownership of Penetrator oh oh three and associated equipment as well as a sum of one hundred and fifty eight thousand pounds to thee.”

Bishop received a copy of the decree to his personal comm-pad and another would be sent to New Avalon via HPG later in the day for record keeping.  “Thank you Sir.  It will be put to good use.”

“I'm certain it will.  Goodbye Bishop of House Sortek,”
Ian extended his hand to shake and Bishop accepted it, “until we meet again.”
“Until we meet again Prince Ian Davion.”

Bishop watched as the Valor blasted off into the early morning sky of Augustine, Bishop snapped a slick salute to the departing spheroid, “Godspeed Ian.  You don't need me anymore. Time for both of us to blaze our own trails.”

A chirp on his Commpad caused him to open it up.  A message tied to all independent Mechwarriors looking for work popped up advertising merc work on Westerhand for all three Liao siblings.  “Not even two hours, they must be desperate.”

June 3041
Capellan Confederation Chancellor Romano Liao completes moving the capital to Capella as the St Ives Confederation Armed Forces (SICAF pronounced Psy Caf) move within striking distance of Sian along the new Ares-Pallatine Battle Line in their ongoing Civil War. 

Premier Candace Liao speaks out against the latest in a line of brutal combat actions that resulted in the death of her husband and Senior Colonel of the SICAF Justin Allard who was leading the St Ives Lancers against the fearsome Harloc Raiders promising blood for blood.

Romano's on again off again consort Tsen Shang was assassinated on Tikonov while on foreign assignment to Earthworks.  While no parties take responsibility rumors fly placing blame with Justin Allard's father Quintus Allard, retired Minister of Intelligence to the Federated Suns.  If true it would be a massive escalation with the already embattled Federated Suns.

Duke Tormano Liao arrives on Atreus to once more consult with the Free Worlds League that is now facing an increasingly unstable border with the Capellan Confederation. 

Dalma Humphries, the new Duchess of Andurian, demands that the League allow her to rebuild the Defenders of Andurian which were decommissioned in the wake of the Andurian Succession crisis resolved less than two years ago or failing that deploy Marik Militia to protect her domain. 

Duke Andel Orloff whose worlds border the Confederation is increasingly outspoken in Parliament about the large quantities of Lyran Commonwealth and Free World's League flagged mercenaries flowing toward Westerhand.  The mercenaries are pursuing lucrative contracts for the embattled Capellan states and have drawn high and low ranked units in equal measure.  Andel is requesting approval to annex/conquer that world which has declared itself neutral.  This is required to better control the flow of arms and men at arms that might become brigands when the bloody war eventually finishes.

COMSTAR contracted mercenaries and ComGuards have deployed to the Federated Suns occupied territories on the Rimward end of the Capellan Confederation.  They are there to hold those worlds in trust to whichever side eventually wins the war in the wake of accusations against AFFS occupying forces.  Accusations that the Martial General of the AFFS denies claiming pirates and rogue CCAF or TDF soldiers were responsible for the atrocities.

Romano Loyalist’s Capital – Capella
Candace's Reformist Capital – St Ives
Federated Suns Occupation Force HQ – Fort Lee, Victoria


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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06/28/3041 Location – Carthage Hill, Atreus, Free World's League

It was high noon and bright light reflected off the fish pond and onto the face and green formal uniform of Ian Davion, Prince of the Federated Suns.  The young man was presently thinking about current events.  He so wished he could get a real time HPG link to his father on the other side of the Inner Sphere. 

An authoritative voice of an older man came from behind.  “You come to us at a difficult time Prince Davion.  The Inner Sphere is in its standard state of turmoil once more.”

Ian turned and saw the horribly scarred visage of Thomas Marik dressed in a sharp black suit with purple accents.  “Apologies Captain-General.  I was not expecting you here.  Everything I read tells me you are quite busy with parliamentary proceedings relating to the Capellan Confederation.”

“Paul is doing an adequate job of managing the diverse interests of the Free World's provinces without me.  He's admittedly not the sharpest but apt enough and still in his prime.” 

“Its a difficult job being Captain-General sometimes I like to take walks in the park but I normally disguise myself when I do so.”
  He framed his face with his gloved hands almost certainly burned or replaced by well crafted cybernetics along with other parts.  More than five years ago his nephew and cousin attempted to kill him with a bomb and almost succeeded, they had paid for their failures with their lives.  “I wanted you to see the real me however, a bit broken perhaps but unbowed.  Your father however has gotten us in a bit of trouble.  His occupation of the Confederation is flirting with a COMSTAR interdiction.”

“I understand that you were once a member of the Blessed Order Thomas and likely believe their claims are credible but MIIO will reveal in time that the AFFS was not responsibility for the atrocities on Zanzibar, Huric, and Turin blamed on them.”

“War is an awful thing young man but so is politics.  This Capellan situation is growing out of control.  It is why I invited Mandrinn Tormano back to my capital.  It is my hope that with both of you here that we might come to an agreement.”

“He tried to kill me on Solaris.”

Thomas did a grim impression of a smile, “That seems a bit of a stretch Ian.  If I remember correctly my nephew Photon was the one that was facing you in the Arena and you beat him in a quite spectacular fashion.  Even if that is true, you'll get used to it.  I had to.

My own cousin did this to me attempting to seize the throne.  Well Executive Seat of Parliament.”

“How did you not just put him in front of a firing squad when you returned?”

“The Order taught me a few things, one of them was that not everyone needs to like you all the time to be useful later.  He died all on his own with no blame or shame on me. 

That is a remarkable necessary skill on Atreus, one day an MP will try to challenge you to a duel, a week later he needs something and is willing to deal.  You'll learn a lot if you stay here for a while.  Far more than on that decadent icy hell of a world, Tharkad.”

“I picked up a few tricks courtesy of the Lyrans. 
Learned to ice skate, tried several different forms of dance, some experimental cuisine...”

“Experimental cuisine you say?  Why don't we talk about it on a walk together.  Perhaps Paul will even join us if I can separate him from that Regulan Derick (Cameron-Jones).  Persistent that one but its in his blood.”

“I didn't have any other plans today.”
“Perfect then let me give you a personal tour of the City of Atreus.  Might need a few props and a change of clothes though.  You stand out in that uniform.”

“That was the point sir.”
  Ian looked down and pointed out some of the fancy embellishments that separated this one from standard issue, “This is a bespoke uniform straight from the tailors of Guthrin Reihe in Tharkad City.  Feel it.”

Thomas shook his head at that request, “I think not Ian.  Might want to stick to black here, I don't think your red hair will work well with purple.”

“I agree.  It is close to the bottom of my favored colors.”

As they walked beyond the villa they saw the purple banners flying off the Atrean Parliament.  “Well you will have to get used to it.”

"I think that might be the hardest part.  I can take the blood sucking nobles.
"  Ian looked at the clerks and other League citizens in the Punic Plaza outside Parliament.  He spotted a gorgeous woman following the Canopian ambassadrix also a stunner, and put his sun glasses on to dampen the bright light.  "At least they get some sun here."


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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07/05/3041 Location – Modré zrcadlo (Blue Mirror), Atreus, Free Worlds League

Prince Ian Davion stepped off the yacht and onto the plank before looked back across the straight to Atreus City.  Its grand buildings reflecting on the perfectly clean water that separated the city from his current location.  The area was known as the 'Mounds (of Cash)', a series of privately owned and built artificial islands connected by air or sea just a short way to the Atreus City Aerodrome or Cothon.

Before him was the island known as Blue Mirror for its distinctive shape, the 'handle' was elevated and looked toward Atreus City.  Presently he was in the 'mirror' a perfectly serene cove protected by a sea gate that smelled of wildflowers.  The shores of the island were patrolled by soldiers of the 343rd Federation Jump Infantry.  They were part of the Davion Light Guards sister unit to his Heavy Guards so he expected jokes would be made on his behalf concerning weight and he prepared ones in advance about them.  A trio of men approached him, two were in light suits while the other was in a dark one.  “Ambassador Zibler, pleasure to meet you in person.”

The brown haired man in the dark suit bowed as did his guards all showing off the AFFS standard buzzcut.  “Pleasure is all mine Prince Ian.”

He looked at the boat that Ian had come in on as porters were unloading things from it and another small boat, “Afraid things are still a bit of a mess inside.”

“Sorry to make you move all of a sudden.”
“We'll get it done by day end tomorrow your majesty.  Your room will be top priority. 

Thank you for improving my living conditions dramatically.  The main Zibler estate on Euclid is not nearly as nice as this one.”

“Well IrTech never does things in half measures.”
“We got a lease on this estate and the plans for the GM Three Seven Five XL engine.  All for an improved large laser?”

“Well the Mariks do love their lasers.  We also got a good deal to buy out Irian's Marauder tooling.”

“What am I even here for?”

Ian patted the man on his back he was only slightly older than he.  “Cheer up Damien.  I can't win them all by myself.”

“I should hope not Ian.  What a drag living on this beautiful island without responsibilities would be.”

A dark haired tan woman exited from the small 6x6 utility vehicle walking down the pier with a walk worthy of a model.  “Ah yes.  Speaking of beautiful.  This is my wife Justinia.

Justinia meet Prince Ian Davion.”

She spoke with a heavy accent almost Canopian in nature but not quite, “Thank you for accepting our invitation Prince Ian.  It is our honor to host you while you are on Atreus.”

“At least here I am not drowning in purple.  The sun should do me some good.  Augustine was far to hot most days and having separate men and women's beaches is just cruel.”

“You get used to it.  I am from Paradise, best place outside the Magistracy to vacation.”
  She pulled her brightly patterned jacket closed, “This is almost cold to me.”

“Well then lets get you in the sun-room dear.  We'll show you around Ian.”
“Lead the way.”

07/06/3041 09:58 Location – Parliament of Worlds, Atreus, Free Worlds League

“Speaker, I once more put forward my request to annex Westerhand!  We cannot allow the continued unchecked flow of weapons as well as the mercenaries and pirates to wield them into the Capellan Confederation.  It is only a matter of time before this spirals out of control and we are drawn into a larger conflict for which we are not prepared.”

Paul Marik stood at the podium in lieu of his brother Thomas today, the bookish man did not quite have the stage presence as his older half-brother or sister but was unflappable despite the sometimes heated rhetoric exchanged on the floor. “Mandrinn Liao has once more assured me that will not occur Duke Orloff.  Such an action will throw more fuel into an already overheated situation.  Regardless as is your rights Is there any support amongst you for this motion that would declare war on the Capellan Confederation?”

The only member that enthusiastically raised her hand was the young Duchess of Andurian Dalma Humphries.  Her outspoken realm had just been given its seat in Parliament back only this year but had not forwarded a motion yet.  'Prince' Kirc Cameron-Jones also offered his support but the motion failed to carry.  Ian Davion stood in the observation gallery behind blacked out bulletproof glass; sometimes Parliament became a contact sport. 

Ian had spent the past week familiarizing himself with the arcane rules and traditions of the Free Worlds League and was astonished it even worked sometimes.  Unlike the rest of the Successor States the Free Worlds League was a Republican state rather than a constitutional monarchy like the Federated Suns or a dictatorship like their perennial rivals, the Draconis Combine.  Thomas Marik had introduced some changes that gave the Executive Seat, traditionally held by a member of the Marik family greater flexibility in actually getting anything done.

“Just like last week.”

Ian turned to see Mandrinn Tormano Liao, whose sisters were busy tearing up their realms while he lived in exile behind him wearing the standard sharp black Zhongshan suit.  His arm was in a sling, “Mandrinn Liao.  What happened to your arm?”

“One of my sisters' people almost got me earlier today.  Fortunately I don't go anywhere without an armored car and armed security.  Fortune favored us.  Everyone is fine.”

“How about armed?”
“Your security man searched me if you are curious.  Hardly a fair fight any how young man.”

The man sat in the chair next to him, “Maybe at one time.”

“I don't know about that Tormano I was on the pistol team at Albion.  Still keep in practice.”
“Its not my style anyway.  I think of myself as a Warrior of Peace.  I don't want my children to inherit a doomed realm.”
“A noble goal Tormano but one that always seems elusive.  You said something about this happening every week”

“True on your first point.  I am not terribly surprised you didn't look up the video history of Parliament to understand the people in it better.  The young Duchess of Andurian is showing support to Andel Orloff because she has been attempting to get an engagement to his son and heir, Alfonso. 

The Andurians rogue attack on the Confederation resulted in massive loss to both her Duchy and their allies the Magistracy of Canopus.  With the Defenders of Andurian disbanded as punishment for their rebellion she needs protection from the resulting spillover of the Confederation's Civil War.  Duchess Humphreys needs a political and economic ally to rebuild her realm.  The Orloff Grenadiers are the finest soldiers in the Free Worlds League's provincial militaries and are regularly brought in to decisively open or close a battle.

Duke Cameron-Jones also offers his Regulan's support to their cause as push back against Thomas Marik's attempts to centralize power in the hands of the Executive.  The Regulans have long chafed at the Marik's attempt to tie their hands and prevent them from fielding a larger military capable of offensive action.”

“Who do they want to attack?”

“That is a good question young man.  I think they just like showing off their might to the other provinces.  Kirc and his kin are more bluster than brawlers however.  I don't think the Regulan Hussars have ever deployed outside the Duchy's borders.  During Anton's revolt they even fought amongst themselves. 

Probably going to make a move on the Rimward portions of the Confederation.”

“You know you could be a bit more decisive Tormano.  You being here and not in the fight is detrimental to the resolution of the Civil War.”

“You would have me prop up your occupation of my family's worlds.  I think not young Prince.  Your AFFS is out of control I'm both happy and terrified that the ComGuards are stepping into the gap.  I trust you ever so slightly more than them.”

“My father's intervention was justified Mandrinn.  The Chancellor attempted to double my father and worked with Micheal Hasek to harm the Federated Suns.  Turnabout is fair play.”

“So you think that excuses the double agent that seduced my sister and turned her against my family.  Your father started this War Ian and I think he prefers to keep it burning while he deals with the Dragon despite the horrific cost it has inflicted on my people, and yours. 

Think about that next time you send him an HPG.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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07/08/3041 Location – Ryal City, Atreus, Free Worlds League

Mandrinn Tormano Liao sat on the balcony looking at the sun rising over the Partheon Sea.  The breeze was fragrant and strong enough to press his black silk robes to his body.  Smooth sapphire waves crashed over rough white rocks behind which were the manicured lawns and gardens of vacationing Parliamentarians.  It was a fantastic view like the Adriatic Sea on Terra or so he had heard, one day he would make it to Terra although it would have to wait for COMSTAR to be defeated.

He stopped a moment and poured a clear liquid from a crystal decanter into two glasses, “Director, you've come a long way from Tikonov.”

A tall lanky man with black hair and a wolfish face was waiting just inside the sliding glass door.  He walked forward and stood in front of the exiled son of Maximillian Liao.  “Where's the family Tormano?”

“Spending the night at a friend's house Alexi.  They still think I am in Atreus City.”

Alexi pulled one of the well-finished wooden chairs from the table and sat facing Tormano.  “I appreciate the professional courtesy.  How did you know I was promoted to Director?  I doubt even some of my people know yet.”

Tormano handed the man one of the glasses of alcohol.  He moved with pained slowness and Tormano could see bruises on his arm, “A little bird told me.”

“This bird needs to shut its beak.”
“Did you kill Lord Sheng Alexi?”

The man downed his glass in a single gulp, “Hell no!  I told Quintus and Hanse we shouldn't do it.  Justin died on a battlefield in his mech he knew the risks.  They didn't treat him any different than any SIAC soldier. 

Quintus' went rogue and blew my cover.  Hanse had to cut him loose, now he's rogue with Candace. 

ROM sniffed me out and too many Rabid Foxes died to get me off that world.  Now Romano is fighting dirtier than ever before and Candace is pushing the First Prince's resources to the limit. 

We can't afford an interdiction!  Not with the Dracs circling the Draconis March.”

Tormano refilled the other man's glass from the decanter, “What brings you to Atreus then Director Mallory?”

“I want your help and am prepared to offer mine in exchange.  How long have we worked together Tormano?”

“Thirteen years.  You know I refused to let the Capellan Confederation be a client state of New Avalon's why does MIIO keep bothering me?”

“You damn well know why.  Candace is out of control and she has Quintus Allard in her corner.  Romano gets more unhinged by the day and has ROM on her side.  We need you to step up and you can have us in your corner.”

“I can handle myself well enough alone Alexi.”
“Yes, dammit! 

Hanse Davion started this, he should act to finish it or accept the consequences for his inaction.  He sent this all in motion he needs to stand up and put a stop to it for real.  Yet he hasn't been seen in two weeks.”

Alexi sipped at his liquor, Vodka from League space wasn't quite as good as from Tikonov but it was good enough.  “Alright I'll tell you a secret Tormano, Hanse Davion is not well but improving.  I know you talk to Prince Ian regularly you had best not be speaking venom into his ear. 

The First Prince would not appreciate such behavior.”

“Only the truth raw and unfiltered.  He's a smart young man in that he listens and judges.  Without Bishop beside him he's had a rough time accepting his place as just another pawn.”

“He's at least a Knight in Hanse Davion's board.  You're a Bishop that just so happens to turn colors every other round for advantage.”

Tormano smiled and sipped at his drink, “Well I do spread propaganda and take the most efficient path so that seems fair.  I'd like to think of myself of at least a Rook.”

“You will have to accept being a Bishop Tormano.  Well like I've said I need your help and we can help one another against ROM.  I know your looking for dirt on Precentor Senaca.  He's a fast riser on the seniority track but immensely skilled for a League originated Spy.”

“They don't make them like they do in the Mask.  Fair enough we can call it a truce for now but you have to begin to withdraw support for Candace.”

“Quintus took a lot of our best people with him to StIMI, I can get the First Prince to par back our support for her and refocus it on the real threat.”

“Finally!  Alexi why don't you stay and play some chess with me while we discuss our future partnership.”

“Which color are you flagging this time Tormano?”

Tormano smiled a wicked smile at the man who looked disconcerted in its wake, “I think I shall go with Gold and Green.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Location – Yulan River Basin, Gei-Fu

Colonel Patrick Kell's walked his modified Thunderbolt-5SS to the crest of a hill overlooking the mighty Yulan River swollen with monsoon rains.  This season was a particularly bad one and it showed.  The large river had burst its banks and filled the whole of the plain with mud and silt that was bogging down the heavy tanks of the St Ives Janissaries and 3rd Capellan Defense Force. 

The lighter main battle tanks of the Janissaries, medium weight Tiger 22s with their modernized LBX main guns were able to cross with minor difficulty and fared well against the heavier Pos of the 3rd Capellan Defense Force. 

A squad of Boeing Jump Bombers flew overhead booming over his mech while racing toward battlemechs bearing the flag of Warrior House Ijori.  Missiles and cannon fire filled the air with flak taking down half the flight but the other half dropped their lethal payload.  In a rush only two mechs were hit with bombs while the others burst in the river spraying brown water all over the battlefield.

The explosions rent armor and caused more mobility kills among the bogged down CDF tanks.  Crews popped their hatches and threw satchel charges into the cabin to deny it to enemies that could have been their brothers in a different world.  Overloaded trucks filled with grim faced infantry slowed down to allow the men to hang onto the side.  Even if their tank was lost they could still carry a rifle for Romano.

Patrick Kell put his artificial hand to his chin, it was so lifelike from the outside but it would never feel the same.  “Over and over again in this war.  You loyalists hold on beyond all reason.  You have to know this war was hopeless.  Put down your guns and save your sons and daughters for god's sake!”

A female voice came in over his Thunderbolt's comm-link, it was the Battalion Tactical Officer Major Tanya Black.  “Colonel Kell.  Detecting three incoming SRBMs on Long Range.”

“Shit!  Pull back Janes.”

The Janissary tanks stopped in the middle of the marshy field and attempted to reverse tracks.  Some of them were bogged down in the mud while others broke free.  Their tight formation was snarled as the TOADs (TOp Attack Detonation) fell down and detonated above them spreading heavy sub-munitions that tore into track and turret.  The Warrior House Battlemechs moved forward while the Janissaries were retreating attempting to finish off the wounded.  The St Ives mechs rushed into the fray as well, they were already heavily damaged but so were the Warrior House units.

“Puppies lets get biting!”

The Kell Hounds 3rd Battalion “Patrick's Pups” pushed forward, two mobile lighting companies of light and medium mechs or vehicles anchored by a solid heavy and assault Battlemech Group.  The lighting companies raced over the hill throwing up clumps of mud and occasionally falling in a too deep soft spot.  The Drillson, Pegasus, and Maxim hovercraft blazed over the terrain only to be interrupted by a counter charge of Regulator, Condor, and Harasser hover vehicles from across the river.  The fast moving groups were forced to engage one another in order to ensure that neither side could exploit their sheer speed and flanking ability.

The Loyalist force paused in their own advance to face the incoming attackers and split up with half pursuing each force, the wounded reformists and the still fresh Hounds.  “What do they think they are doing.  Bite and tear Hounds.”

Just then the ground in front of the Kell Hounds began to explode, “What is that?”

The kindly female voice came in over the comm-link, “Looks like Thumpers somewhere nearby.  I'm vectoring in a Boomerang to see if I can get a fix on them hang tight Third.”

The Kell Hounds opened up to limit their damage from the incoming artillery.  Then his long range Aerial RADAR picked up something different, VTOLs hover over a nearby hillside and pitched toward his force.  “Guns get outside.”

The Jagermech and Rifleman in the company positioned themselves on the near side toward the choppers.  Warrior H-7Cs equipped with long range missiles would be a nuisance but nothing to scary as long as his ground-to-air cover held.  A thumper shell exploded right in front of his Thunderbolt damaging the front armor with fragments and almost causing him to lose his footing in the resulting crater.  The thick mud clung to his mechs feet and the machine was forced to work harder to free itself with each step.  “Last time I fight in a swamp.”

“I found the artillery Playboy.”
“Whereabouts TacOps?”
“Ten klicks away looks like they are preparing another TOAD launch.  The TELs were up.”
“Roger.  All forces minimum concentration.  TacOps how long until we can get a bomb on them.”
“Not soon enough.  SRBMs away.”

Patrick's mech torso twisted to see the faint plume of flame reaching up into the sky from the direction.  “Its not coming your way Playboy.  Trajectory is southbound.”
“But that's toward you.”
“Affirmative.  Five minutes to impact.”

At the Kell Hounds base two TOAD SRBMs fell down on the dropships followed by a third one containing the potent nerve agent UrbStryc-A.  All hands for the dropships and support crews were lost to the gas as the previous explosions had severely damaged their vessels.


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Nasty - typical Romano move, i like.


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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Nasty, I wonder what the response will be. :thumbsup:
I wish I could get a good grip on reality, then I would choke it.
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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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07/12/3041 Location – New Avalon, Federated Suns

First Prince Hanse Davion sat on the edge of the Fountain of Nike inside Castle Davion enjoying the contrasting feeling of cool stone and the warm breeze.  It was a beautiful summer day in Avalon City he had chosen a good time to come back to the Capitol.  He looked at the gold watch on his tanned wrist, “Where is he?”

Colonel Jaime Wolf walked across the courtyard of Castle Davion, his Wolf Dragoon's formal uniform was immaculate and gave him the air of a powerful noble despite being a mere legendary man-at-arms.  His weapon had been removed by Castle security but he still looked fearsome for his age.  They entered the Castle Gardens which were quartered off by hedges and currently being worked on by the groundskeepers.

He turned to a younger woman next to him, she shared a common resemblance, dark hair and eyes with a pleasant though strong face.  She wore the same uniform but was based on the rank insignia was of lower rank, “Maeve stay in the gardens with Marisa and the children.  I will speak to the First Prince alone.”

“Aff Colonel.”
  The young woman turned around and headed back to where the teenage girls, their brother, and mother were, “Lets go into the hedge maze girls.  Dad has to conduct some business.”

The younger of the girls was excited with all the pleasant landscaping, “That sounds like fun V.  These gardens are so pretty when we will get something like this at home?”

“I don't know Rachel.  You will have to ask father.”

The five of them headed toward one of the other quadrants, Colonel Wolf turned and faced a different one.  A long series of Arches that led toward the Castle Proper on the other side of a short stout wall capable of concealing a battlemech behind it.  The Albion Arches were wide enough for armored vehicles to pass in single file or at least twelve men to stand abreast.  Jaime felt eyes on him and as his eyes got used to the darkness he could see plain clothes MIIO agents in the shelter of the doorways that led off the main thoroughfare. 

On the far side he could see his destination, the Fountain of Nike within the Western Bailey.  Inside the courtyard fountain was Lady Nike in stone with bronzed sword raised high.  As he cleared the gap a man stood up from where he was sitting on the fountain's stone ledge.  Colonel Wolf walked up to him, “Hanse, you're looking mighty hale and hearty for a man of apparently declining health.”

Hanse Davion shook the man's hand, “A bit of subterfuge for public consumption.  I'm nearly back to my fighting weight and Dana appreciates the time that I can now spend with her.”  He took a swig of a green mixture in a clear plastic bottle, “The food continues to be dreadful despite the kitchen's best efforts.”

“How is your wife?”
“Quite well.  She is still on Lexington with our daughter.  Yvonne has done a lot of growing up in the past year.  Andrew is off on his first tour in the Outback.  I'm grateful that she has Tancred and he her.  The young man has a bright future ahead of him.  Your family?”

“MacKenzie finally got his chance to go to the Magistracy.  Emma Centrella has been reorganizing the MAF and he was willing to work for a reduced fee with some of our more promising recruits.

According to him the MRB is setting up a hiring hall on Hardcore and he wanted to be the first to put his name on the charter.  Maeve, Marisa, and the others may currently be lost in your hedge maze.”

Hanse put his hand under his chin, “Why would they build a MRB hiring hall that far out on the Rim and deny you one on Outreach?”

“That is what I've come to talk to you about.  I sent Mack to the Magistracy with an ulterior mission.  He is there to monitor the situation and as a backup. 

Outreach is being raided heavily by Capellan and Combine forces under false flags and my WolfNet Operatives on Tikonov were burned along with Mallory's men.  Someone is working against us and I think it is the same people working against you, COMSTAR.”

Hanse didn't know that Jaime was watching him but figured that it might have been the case.  Alexi Mallory was the deepest cover operative in the DMI and now he had been promoted to head Spymaster.  The previous primary, Quintus Allard, had gone rogue with his daughter-in-law and setting up StIMI with other loyal to him but rogue officers. 

Alexi had been sent to Atreus to help Ian deal with the new situation developing there.  Hanse had fewer state responsibilities now that he was 'infirm' so he could take on the thing he really enjoyed the most, Subterfuge.  This Fox was a cunning one.  “So you knew about Alexi?”

“My WolfNet operatives were very good.  If ROM ferreted them out then we have both underestimated Precentor Senaca.

So I have to ask you First Prince.  Is your offer of the Duchy of Quentin is still on the table?”

Hanse was taken aback by that statement.  He had offered the Dragoons that Duchy shortly after their final betrayal by the Draconis Combine.  They had refused it instead asking that he validate their claim to Outreach against the Capellan Confederation who would not be able to resist the AFFS after the Victoria War, “You would leave Outreach?”

“Either we leave soon or we will be driven out.  We can move the Blackwell factory components to the Valley of Steel alongside Independence Weaponry.  Additionally I have some of the old DoME Terraforming units that might be able to regenerate the atmosphere.”

One of Hanse's eyelids lifted curiously, if Jaime was telling the truth there were a lot more questions than answers.  “Wait, what?  You have Terraforming tech?”

Jaime presented a datachip to Hanse Davion, “and more.  Do we have a deal then First Prince Davion?”

Hanse took the offered chip, “I think we do Duke Wolf.  Stay for dinner, we have much to discuss I think.”


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Re: (AU) Ian Davion, Golden Lion
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27 year old Stavros Lambda (Photon Brett-Marik) and 7 year old Titus Lambda (Carlos Marik) stood atop the Hagia Sophia at first light taking a moment to appreciate their first Terran Sunrise.  A firm authoritative voice came from behind them, “Marvelous isn't it?”

Both turned around and gasped at the sight of Anastasious Focht's cybernetic eye and other prosthetic, such things were readily hidden in their home realm.  “Precentor Martial.  To what do I owe this honor?”

“I always make a little time in my day to great VIPs that have recently arrived on Terra.  We are pleased you have decided to join us Photon Brett.”

“That's not my name anymore.”

Focht zoned out for a millisecond while something likely flashed on his cold blue cybernetic eye.  “Of course Stavros, what a fine nom de guerre.  Precentor Seneca risked a lot lifting you three off Tamarind.”

“My mother will not admit that I managed to escape her but will quietly post a bounty for me.  That's just how she is.  Always looking to cover herself first, she has my brother she doesn't need me.”

Anastasius unconsciously stroked his face tracing the scars he endured for the Steiners and his cousin Katrina's betrayal.  “Yes, family drama is something I am intimately familiar with.”

Focht stared at the boy before softening his ruined gaze as to not frighten him, “What do you think of Terra young man?”

Carlos/Titus looked out over the Staits, “This place is wonderful.  I'd love to stay forever.”

“Well you can your Uncle and I have a some business to discuss however.  Say my assistant Tanya will be around soon.  Would you like her to take you and your mother on a tour of Istanbul?”

“When will I see you Pho?”

“Its Stav, and you're Titus.”

“But my name is Carlos.”

“Not here it isn't.”
  Photon looked over the Anastasius who spoke calmly to the child, “I suppose we can see each other around lunch.”

“Sure I will go find my mother, she said she was saying morning prayers.”
“Good boy.  We'll be right here.”  Titus ran off across the gardens, “You did a noble thing when you adopted that boy and married his mother.”

“My cousin had good taste, Farah is a remarkably gorgeous young woman.  Pity Duncan died so soon, his loss is my gain however.”

“Well now Stavros.  Concerning our business.  I have a black ops unit in training that needs a commander.  If you want the assignment you can have it.”

“Just like that, you aren't afraid I will choke like I did in the Jungle?”

“That was bad luck.  If he missed you would have killed Ian Davion is a perfectly legal way. 

I want Uriel Vasely, I read you're file you're every bit as good as Duncan Marik might have been if he had lived if not more so.  Your family didn't allow you to flourish and solidify your skills something I'm also familiar with.  I want to give you that chance.”

“What kind of hardware are we talking about?  COMSTAR isn't known for its army.”

“To be fair the same could be said of your Free World's League.  However, you'd be surprised what we have kept ready for action.  For you I was thinking something special, a SLDF grade Black Knight.”
  The offer was an astounding one, Photon hadn't expected to be offered a job in the COMGUARDs when he was “rescued” by ROM.

Photon saw a just showing 24 yo Farah and Titus walking toward him through the gardens, “I'm in.”

“Good, I brought it with me.  Let's see whether your year off has dulled your edge.”

“Now its your turn to be surprised Precentor Martial.”
“You can't surprise me.  I've been in this game for a long time.”

Farah stopped and waited to be invited over to the conversation.  She entered it warily as Focht' cybernetics were horrific to her. “Who is this man Photon?”

“This is COMSTAR's Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht.  Precentor, this is my wife Farah bin Al'Hassam of Mosiro.”

Focht responded with a courtly bow well practiced on Tharkad.  “A pleasure maam.  I am here to offer you husband a job in my organization.  He may be traveling frequently but will have a home here on Terra somewhere pleasant courtesy of COMSTAR as part of his rich compensation.”

“You told me you had given up being a Mechwarrior to spend more time with Carlos.”

“I have Farah.  The Precentor is offering me a role as a strategist on how to protect isolated HPGs from pirates.  Surely that is a worthwhile way to spend a career even if it does require some travel I will always return.  COMSTAR's services are invaluable to the Inner Sphere, I'm trying to protect it from a threat of its own making.”

She didn't seem convinced but chose to bring up her objections at a later time.  “I still don't like it.  Our child needs a father.”

He walked over to her and embraced her, “And I shall be the best one I can be when I am here which will be most of the time.  COMSTAR can rush me home from the farthest Rim world in two weeks if I need to return in a hurry for us.  I doubt I will leave soon.”  Focht nodded, “There is much to do here on Terra like go shopping for a house. 

The loveliest one we can find.  First though I have to do a lot of paperwork so Precentor Focht's assistant is going to take you on a tour and shopping trip while I do so.”

All he was thinking of though was revenge with a brand new mech and what sort of paint job he was going to give it.