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Author Topic: Backroom Deals (AU)  (Read 1576 times)

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Backroom Deals (AU)
« on: 08 August 2011, 15:02:25 »
From my AU

Taurian Delegation Quarters, Protector’s Suite
Whitting Conference Centre, Unity City
Terra, Star League Protectorate
16th November 3082

   â€œThey turned down my suggestion without a single thought!” Erik spat in anger Baron Cham Kithrong and Comptroller Alexis Standoff stood in the room with him.  “They think our inclusion in this Star League is a joke, I could see it on Brett’s face before he even asked me to vote!”

   â€œBecause the vote was over, Erik unless you voted for the Bear inclusion they were defeated, I have heard that Commanding-General Christifori is against the idea as well, the Bears had no chance unless there was overwhelming support.”

   â€œVictor Davion knows, he’s fought the Clans, he knows what they are like and he didn’t say a word!”  Erik continued on his rant barely noticing what Cham had said.

   â€œWe know the Davions have made deals with the Nova Cats not to attack the Federated Suns.  Victor Davion has almost nothing to fear from them even though they are heavily involved in the Fronc Reaches and Filtvelt Coalition.”

   â€œHow can they not fear them?”  Erik asked he thought it was ludicrous for anyone not to fear or hate the Clans.  “they are Clan.  I still have the scars in my shoulder where one of their Elemental‘s tore my armour to pieces and took a piece of me with him.” He stated as if that was enough to cause fear for all around him, although his armour was not impaired by the injury the scars were obvious to anyone who had seen him both physically and mentally.  Behind them the door creaked open Erik spun and saw a young secretary standing at the door “I said no interruptions!”  He said turning his anger now on her.

   â€œMy apologies Protector however you have a visitor” the Star League administration staff said stepping to one side as Chancellor Naomi Centrella stepped into the room.  Dressed head to tow in a long ruffled black dress that tightened around her waist the Capellan leader looked stunning her hair rolled high in traditional Capellan style only added to her height, prowess and beauty.

   â€œMagestix, welcome to the Taurian Quarter.”  Erik said using her Canopian title stepping ahead of the other two men “it is a pleasure to see you.  How may I be of assistance?”  He said heading towards his visitor.

   â€œI would like to speak with you about your proposal at the Council Meeting.”  She said Erik momentarily did not know what she referred so Naomi prodded further “concerning the Nova Cats.”

   â€œOf course, you are most welcome please come in.”  He said guiding her into the room it was not at all Taurian style instead the neutral beige and whites of the Star League.

   â€œPerhaps we could speak alone?  One leader to another.”

   â€œCham Kithrong is my greatest adviser…” Erik began “however I am sure whatever we decide he can learn from me.  Cham is you will please see that our other interests are being catered for.”

   â€œOf course Protector” he said saluting his leader “Chancellor” he said bowing respectfully to the Capellan leader Comptroller Alexis Standoff quickly followed suit closing the door behind them as they left.

   â€œAnd now we are alone.” Erik said seating himself on a sofa directly opposite the Capellan leader.

   â€œYes we are” Naomi said picking at the fingers of her black gloves pulling them off to reveal her violet nail polish.  “But there is still so much distance between us.”  She said raising moving past the small coffee table to join Erik on his sofa.  “Much better” she said quietly Erik did not know where to look Naomi Centrella was a beautiful woman although she was nearly sixteen years senior to Erik’s twenty-seven years he couldn’t help but be attracted to her.

   â€œYou wanted to discuss the Clans.”

   â€œYes, Jeremy Brett was wrong when he said no Nova Cats had harmed any Inner Sphere world.  They interrupted the first St Ives Conflict between that state and they threatened Sian with one of their WarShips.”  Naomi explained quietly

   â€œBut why did you not speak up at the Council, our voices could have turned the tide!”

   â€œNo young one, we could not Victor Davion would have fashioned support for his beloved pets and we would have been defeated.  I have no proof of the Nova Cat involvement in the war quite simply it could have been anyone, ComStar, the Word of Blake even a Free Worlds Faction all had Aegis-class vessels at their disposal.  And since the Clan War their technology has been replicated by so many proving a weapon is a Nova Cat weapon is not an easy task.”

   â€œSo they can get away with whatever they want and we can do nothing.  This Council and its defense force are spineless!  I’m almost tempted to withdraw my nation.”

   â€œBetter the enemy you know than the enemy you do not, Erik."  Naomi said almost in a motherly tone "it is better be with them than against them, there are certain members of this council who enjoy picking on those outsiders.” Naomi cautioned “instead I can think of another solution.”

   â€œWhich is?”

   â€œA backroom solution.  One between us, you and me Erik."  Naomi said in a hushed tone leaning closer her perfume tickling Erik's nose it had a strong jasmine smell which Erik found intoxicating. "Your nation has been directly aggrieved by the Nova Cats while mine as a more distant trouble with them.  I suggest you take the fight to the Nova Cats cause problems for them and the Capellans will provide you with the weapons you need to carry this fight.  In exchange you will provide us with samplings of all the technology and defenses the Nova Cats have that will further Capellan development and in the long run support your Concordat.”

   â€œA revitalization of the Trinity Alliance?  My people remember how we were treated in a previous alliance with your people.”

   â€œThat was Sun-Tzu Liao, he was the traitor to your people and mine, all he wanted from us was sponge units that would allow him to build up the CCAF while we lost good people in the bargain.”  She said quietly her voice full of venom but a tear running down her cheek.  Erik moved closer offering some comfort placing his arm around her he was happy when she remained close to him “when I discovered his true intentions I used him like he’d used us."  She whispered "He died because of how he treated us, I did what I did for your nation and mine.”  She said sobbing slightly “now there is only me, and my children.”

   â€œI have no family.” Erik said quietly both his mother and father were gone perhaps Cham Kithrong was the closest thing he had and thus far he had no mate and no children of his own.

   â€œSometimes that is better” Naomi said

   â€œI’ll do it, I’ll give the Nova Cats a black eye if you provide us with arms.  We will make them sorry they decided to make their home so close to ours.”  He said still holding Naomi

   â€œYou will” she said looking up, she looked surprised, tears still on her cheek.

   â€œYes dear lady anything to make you happy.”

   â€œI am so glad.”  She said stroking the side of his face “such a handsome young man.” She whispered leaning in kissing Erik, although he wanted to stop himself Erik found himself returning her kiss Naomi was after all a beautiful woman.   The kiss was passionate Erik was sure he could taste strawberry perhaps it was her lipstick Naomi was the one to break it off “I am afraid there is a requisite of any Canopian deal” she said reaching to the front of her dress she opened the first clip then moved to the second Erik’s hand moved to hers to stop her.

   â€œNot on my account dear lady, this is one clause I will not force you to go through.”  He said reassuring her, he’d show her that a Taurian man did not take advantage of any woman under any circumstance.  Naomi’s face blossomed as she smiled.

   â€œDear handsome Erik” she said seriously opening the second clasp “ for once this is one duty I feel obliged to for fill tonight” she said as she moved to kiss him again the pair fell backwards onto the sofa locked in an embrace that would last the rest of the night.  Naomi may have been the older of the two but Erik showed her what a Taurian man was made of, the Capellan Chancellor left the Taurian suite early the next morning more than satisfied, both physically and mentally, her deal was made.

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