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Author Topic: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium  (Read 271362 times)


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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1470 on: 15 October 2020, 03:11:12 »

In 3020, Hanse Davion's reply to the Peace Proposal is a bit more nakedly ambitious, suggesting a marriage between Katrina's heir Melissa and his heir Morgan (maybe he's just spent some time with Morgan and is thinking fondly of him when the message arrives, rather than brooding over Dana's death). Meanwhile, Maximilian Liao is looking at a really quite annoyed Janos Marik and definitely wants to keep the Steiners who threaten the FWL's other flank favourably inclined. Thus, the Liao response is 'let's give peace a chance'.

In 3022, Maximilian Liao and Katrina Steiner sign the Confederated Commonwealth treaty... and Janos Marik is left with the unenviable job of trying to make an alliance with both Hanse Davion and Takashi Kurita at the same time...
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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1471 on: 15 October 2020, 03:18:27 »
FWL + FS alliance looks feasible. No common border means less friction between the players. Wouldn't it? It would be a REALLY unenviable position for the Capellans as trying to add the Kuritas into their Steiner agreement would be far from easy. Makes for a different dynamic for sure, that is a given :)


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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1472 on: 15 October 2020, 18:25:57 »
Honestly, the Liao were weak enough in 3025 that a FWL+FS alliance would be more than enough of a military counterweight, leaving the Dracs to twist in the wind on their lonesome.

However, this means that the two super-alliances are suddenly thrust into massive conflict over the worlds near Terra; if either side can gain dominance over the former Terran Hegemony, not only does that secure the trade and communication links between their two member states, but they correspondingly isolate their enemies.   Throw in ComStar's eagerness to stir the pot (especially given the moustache-twirling villains in control of ROM during the 3025 era), opportunists like Hassid Ricol, and an early "Chaos March" could easily crop up within the 100 light years "south" and "west" of Terra.

Another weird knock-on is that when the Clans come a-knocking they find a very different Inner Sphere.  The Lyrans don't have the same reserves (or tech, or doctrine) as in canon, and the Dracs haven't been ground down (but also improved) by their warring against the FedCom.  Also, the FWL/FC alliance has negative incentive to help out with Clan problems, since they make out like bandits from the Clans carving into their enemies' rear areas.


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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1473 on: 15 October 2020, 19:55:03 »
FWL and FS would finish off the CC, may take out the TC and MOC and just order some popcorn to watch the destruction while the Wolves, Falcons, Bears and Jaguars weaken their foes so much that Melissa and Theo are begging to be vessels!
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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1474 on: 15 October 2020, 20:31:43 »
Of course, that means no Whiting Conference, no Second Star League, no incentive for the Clans to stop. either.  Man, that'd be a knock-down, drag-out brawl.


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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1475 on: 18 October 2020, 17:29:42 »

Mary Davion and Soto Kurita defied their families and married after falling in love. But before any further protest could occur; a fate decided to intervene and both Roger Davion and Urizen Kurita II both died under different circumstances. Roger died from a heart attack while Urizen died from an assassin's bullet. With both fathers dead and their siblings going to rise to their respective thrones, Soto and Mary offered an alternative that would change history forever; a merger of the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine, or a separate kingdom where they could raise their children together without either of them forced to live apart. Despite many protests, Soto and Mary's marriage was seen as a possible solution to any future conflict between to two respected nations.


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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
« Reply #1476 on: 20 October 2020, 17:09:34 »

Terra: (Over-)Armed Neutrality

‘It is hardly possible to overstate just how much Jerome Blake is respected and revered by Terrans. Indeed, most of the population of the entire solar system credits his deal with the House Lords with saving their home - the birthplace and cradle of humanity - at the start of the First Succession War. Most Terrans do not question the assessment that without the agreement that created ComStar and guaranteed Terra’s neutrality, Terra would have been destroyed like so many other worlds of the former Terran hegemony as the various realms fought over them.
However, what many of those not familiar with Terra fail to realise is that the Terrans do not see Jerome Blake as the first Primus of ComStar, but as the first Director of the Solar Confederation. Despite the importance of ComStar for the Inner Sphere and the Terran economy and security, the average Terra considers the office of Primus of ComStar secondary to the office of Director of the Confederation. In the same vein, while many of the more educated residents in the Inner Sphere are aware that the posts of Director and Primus are always held by the same person, fewer know that it’s the Director automatically becoming Primus, not the other way around.’
-excerpt from ‘Terra and ComStar: A History’ by Killian McCall, Skye Free Press, 3030

‘I know what you are thinking. What kind of criminal would murder civilians? What kind of villain would claim neutrality, yet work in the shadows to sabotage a realm? What I’m proposing is, without a shred of doubt, illegal. And yet, it’s also needed. Despite our best efforts, Terra is still unable to defend itself. Any single House Lord could conquer the system if they spent enough resources. And sooner or later, they will consider it - or have you forgotten the horrors they inflicted on each other and the Hegemony? No, this operation, while illegal, and possibly amoral, is needed to cripple the House Lords and ensure that they will lose the ability to produce warships and other advanced military technology. If Jermone Blake were still alive, he would agree with me: Operation Burial Shroud has to be implemented!’
-Director Raymond Karpov in a secret meeting with the SCIS Commander

‘While it is true that the Inner Sphere, as well as the Periphery, have lost the capability to produce warships, the mightiest fleet ever seen is still out there - and could return at any moment, trying to conquer Terra. And who would be able to stop them? Certainly not the various nations unable to maintain much less repair their remaining warships. No, it would be utterly irresponsible to cut funding to the Fleet and leave us defenceless against Kerenski’s heirs! With this in mind, I implore my esteemed colleagues to back the Fifth Naval Law for a modest increase in naval strength.’
- Archibald Wellesley, Member of the Confederate Parliament, Geneva, 2890

‘I have the fullest trust in our improved SDS. The possibility of the Caspar V drones going out of control is so low, it can be considered inexistent. However, to ease the troubled minds of our many constituents who have an irrational fear of drone warships, it is necessary to strengthen the Fleet once again so it has the capability to take on the entire SDS and win. For that to achieve, a modest increase in naval strength is needed.”
- Archibald Wellesley, Member of the Confederate Parliament, Geneva, 2920

‘Indeed, our fleet doesn’t need the new battlecruiser. But our industry needs the contract. With sales to foreign realms prohibited by law, the shipyards making compact core ships depend entirely on the Fleet. Therefore, I ask my esteemed colleagues to support this proposal to design and build eight battlecruisers of the ‘Archibald Wellesley-class’…’
- Herbert Krüger, Member of the Confederate Parliament, Geneva, 2950

‘ComStar is looking for YOU! Whether you are an engineer looking for experience, a hyperspace technician wishing to work with the latest technology or a graduate who wants to see the galaxy without paying through the nose, ComStar is the perfect employer! Are you a medical student about to graduate? Consider joining the ComStar Doctors without Borders and help the poor and unfortunate in the Inner Sphere! Be everything you can be - join ComStar!”
- ComStar Recruitment Ad, Terra, 3000

‘After extensive analysis of the reports covering our anti-piracy efforts in the Periphery, this committee’s conclusion is as follows: The current training program for the Army of the Confederation needs a complete overhaul. To put it more bluntly: Sending out our troops like this is akin to murder - and liable to waste billions in expensive ‘Mechs.’
- Dan Killigan, General (ret.) of the Army of the Confederation, Sandhurst, 3001

‘Yeah, yeah, ComStar does good. No one sane would deny it - hell, without the humanitarian aid ComStar’s pouring into the Inner Sphere, many worlds would have been depopulated in the wars - many more worlds, I guess. But in the end, it’s a job. Whether you work with Hyperpulse Generators or Mega-Engineering Terraforming projects, you do your work and you get paid. And not too shabbily, I have to add. Provided you can stand to leave Terra and live among the ‘less fortunate’.”
- Francois Payot, Hyperpulse Generator Technician, New Avalon, 3005

“I know SCIS has made a few mistakes regarding the possible return of Kerensky’s deserters in the past, like the so-called Minnesota-Tribe incident. But the Wolf Dragoons have ‘Mechs that match the models Kerensly took with them, and even ‘Mechs that were only design studies when the SLDF left. If any group can be tied to the SLDF, it’s them!”
- Karl Müller, Director of the Solar Confederation Intelligence Service, 3007

‘When people think of Terra, they think of ComStar - the neutral organisation running the HPG Network and countless humanitarian relief works. But did you know that the entire Inner Sphere and Periphery are dependent on Terran shipyards to maintain their own fleets? Without them, the House Lords wouldn’t be able to wage war against each other - they would lack the ships to move troops. And were you aware that despite their policy of neutrality and strict limits to non-military cargo, the Terran shipping fleets are actually one of the biggest reasons the Third Succession War went on for so long because they free up military shipping capacity?’
- Margaret Kendall, Editorial in the Tharkad Tageszeitung, Tharkad 3011

‘While I cannot reveal my sources, I have it on good authority that the threat of Kerensky’s SLDF returning isn’t as far fetched as my esteemed colleague wishes it was. Therefore, I propose a new naval law to strengthen our fleet by the modest addition of four more battleships over the next four years.’
- Li Peng, Member of the Confederate Parliament, Geneva, 3008

‘According to our best analysts, Archon Katrina Steiner’s peace proposal is sincere. Our best analysts also are certain it will be rejected by the other Houses. None of them currently has the political capital to call an end to the war. At best, a temporary alliance with either the Capellan Confederation or the Federated Suns or a short truce with the Free World League can be expected to result from her initiative. Therefore, this proposal is very unlikely to be of any relevance to the safety of the Solar Confederation.’
- Karl Müller, Director of the Solar Confederation Intelligence Service, 3020

‘Reduce the funding for the fleet? If I didn’t know that my esteemed colleague has never been one to consider the consequences of his demands, I would suspect that he’s being paid by foreign agents to cripple our defences! No, I say - instead of reducing the Fleet’s funding, presumably to buy more expensive ‘Mechs that our troops are likely to wreck in training and which would only ever serve as a last line of defence - we need to increase it! If we can defeat any enemy in space, they won’t ever reach the ground!’
- Li Peng, Member of the Confederate Parliament, Geneva, 3025

‘We need organic air support for our divisions. We cannot rely on the Fleet to provide it - the admirals will always prioritise their own ships over our ground troops when assigning their aerospace assets. And no, conventional fighters do not cut it.’
- General Malcolm ‘Mad Dog’ Cressy, Army of the Confederation, to the Chiefs of Staff, Unity City, 3026

‘Any force strong enough to defeat the Fleet is more than strong enough to wipe out the Army. Any aerospace fighter held back for ‘close air support’ is one less fighter contesting the orbitals - where the fate of any invasion will be decided long before ground forces could play any role at all.’
- Admiral Jenny L. DuChamps, Solar Confederation Fleet, to the Chiefs of Staff, Unity City, 3026

‘A preliminary examination of the data from the Helm Core shows that most of it was corrupted when the Gray Death Legion came under attack by Kuritan forces and had to rush the data extraction. Further, it’s very unlikely that a Field Library contained any advanced knowledge of the Star League. Our analysts agree that the spread of this data won’t have any impact on the balance of power in the Inner Sphere.’
- Juan Gonzales, Director of the Solar Confederation Intelligence Service, 3028

‘Why does anyone trust our analysts again? The Solar Confederation would’ve literally be better off if we had done the opposite of everything they advised us to do in the last 200 years! They’ve claimed the SLDF is coming back five times so far - once after a pirate raid against the Outworld Alliance! Why would anyone trust them to handle the security of the Steiner-Davion wedding? Better leave that to the Armed forces of the Confederation!’
- Karen Lagerfeld, Member of the Confederate Parliament, Geneva, 3028

‘I know the Terrans mean well, and I cannot deny that they have pulled out all the stops for the wedding between Melissa Steiner and Hanse Davion, but I have to admit that I’m feeling a little concerned that they not only have dozens of warships but felt the need to deploy them in orbit above us. Do they honestly expect anyone would dare to try invading Terra? When all five House Lords are present?’
- Baron Bruno Leandro, St. André, in an interview with the New Avalon Times, Unity City, Terry, 3028

‘I believe our intelligence on the Terran system’s military strength was a little off.”
- First Prince Hanse Davion to Quentin Allard, 3028


Basically, ComStar doesn't control Terra - Terra, resp. the Solar Confederation, which includes everyone from the Belters to Venus, controls ComStar - and they've been scared to death by the threat of an invasion of the solar system ever since the Hegemony was wrecked in the First Succession War. They've been building up their fleet and army for 200 years and enshrined neutrality - like the cliche Swiss. And like the cliche Swiss during the Cold War, they've got a lot of expensive stuff, but not much experience.

Most of the canon plot happened more or less like in canon - until the wedding between Melissa Steiner and Hanse Davion. Now everyone's aware just how overarmed Terra is - and the Terrans just saw the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth crush their enemies on a scale not seen since the First Succession War.
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Re: BattleTech FanFiction Tribble Emporium
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I love it
Please expand on it
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