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Title: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Cavgunner on 31 January 2018, 03:07:19
"When crimes begin to pile up they become invisible. When sufferings become unendurable the cries are no longer heard. The cries, too, fall like rain in summer.” 
-Bertolt Brecht

Battletech: New Horizons

From the personal logs of Illarion Volkov IV, December 23, 3018:

The Third Succession War is finally, inexorably, grinding to a halt.  After two hundred years of war the untold billions of dead have bought only a few small changes on a map.  Given a choice, the Successor States would no doubt continue to war with each other.  But they no longer can... so much is gone.  So much has been lost.  Nearly all the glories of the past age have been drowned in fire and blood.  There is little left to fight over, and little left to fight with.

On the edge of the Periphery, a single world endures.  Oh, to have seen Horizon at its height!  Once, great caravans of Jumpships flowed through the Horizon star system.   Steiner, Kurita, Rim Worlder, and many others too, they all came here.  Horizon, the bustling gateway to the Great Periphery, home to over a billion souls, and the crown jewel of the Apollo province.  How it rivaled Apollo itself in its prosperity and grandeur! 

Yet nothing lasts forever.  One day our so-called king went quite, quite mad, slaughtered the Cameron line, and declared himself Emperor.  The Star League Army came to the Republic, extracted its vengeance, and then left.  Defenseless, most of the core Republic worlds were soon annexed by the Lyrans.  The Rim Worlds Republic, the real Rim Worlds, a proud nation that had endured for centuries, disappeared like a breath on a cold morning.  May Amaris rot in hell!

A few dozen Republic systems were orphaned, left to wither on their own.  Horizon was among these, and found itself quite alone indeed.  And yet, all might not have been lost, for even on its own Horizon could survive.  That hope was nearly extinguished when the entire Inner Sphere erupted into unrestrained warfare on December 12, 2786.  For on that day, the Jumpships stopped coming.

The first ten years were the most difficult.  Left to its own natural processes, Horizon's climate tends to run cool and dry in the warmer seasons and frigidly cold in the winters.  The complete disruption of interstellar commerce meant that spare parts to maintain the world's atmospheric stabilizers could no longer be easily acquired.  After the factories themselves were destroyed in 2815, such parts could no longer be obtained at all.   As the world slowly reverted to its harsher natural state, many millions died from starvation, exposure, lack of medical care, and frequent raids from mutinuous Inner Sphere units fleeing into the Periphery.  For a time the government of Horizon appeared to be on the brink of total collapse.  Order was maintained only by instituting brutal martial law in the remaining food-producing regions and a few of the most important cities.  In a reflection of what had happened to the lost worlds of the Republic, most other areas of the planet were left to fend for themselves.  When all was said and done, nearly 90 percent of Horizon's population perished in those first few years.  May Saint Andrew shepherd their souls, for our very survival is a gift from God.

Eventually, the Jumpships started to trickle in again.  Even though the Lyrans and the Kuritans are mortal enemies, the system's location just spinward of Star's End meant that Horizon could still serve as an indirect means for the major powers to trade with each other, much as they had before.  Horizon also possesses the only functioning jump recharge station within 2 jumps in any direction.  Yet no longer do a dozen Jumpships arrive every day.  For how could they, when the majority of Jumpships were destroyed during the Succession Wars?  Across the entire Inner Sphere, the pitiful handful of replacement Jumpships cobbled together from spare parts and salvage each year cannot even keep up with the losses that occur from routine operation!  Nowadays, in a typical week 3-5 jumpships might call in to Vantage station.  And yet, this is still an amazing level of traffic compared to any other independent Periphery world, most of whom count themselves fortunate if they are serviced by a monthly Comstar mail courier.

Rimward of the Horizon system, the Lyran Alliance and the Draconis Combine are barely able to muster sufficient assets for battalion-sized Battlemech raids, and a regimental-sized assault is considered a rare and major operation.  Relations with the Draconis Combine have noticeably cooled as of late as they have been distracted by an increasingly vocal independence movement within the Rasalhague Prefecture.  Rasalhagian independence would be a very favorable development for Horizon.  As for House Steiner... well, as long as they continue to feel that there is more profit in just leaving us alone, we will maintain that status quo.

Coreward of Horizon, the ashen remains of the Apollo Province's abandoned systems have fitfully coalesced into a handful of small Periphery states and Bandit kingdoms.  In the current day, this region is collectively known as the Barrens.  Currently, the Pirates of Butte Hold (Redjack Ryan), Morgraine's Valkyrate (Maria Morgraine), and Santander's Killers (Helmar Valasek) all pose a severe threat to Horizon's welfare.  In any other century, any one of these groups would be considered exceptionally savage.  Yet of the three, Redjack Ryan is singularly renowned for his rapacious cruelty.  It is a sobering reality that each of these cancerous pirate bands individually possess more battlemechs than Horizon does itself.  Let history make no mistake: Horizon is at war with the reaver bands of the Barrens, the pirates of Butte Hold most of all. This has cost us dearly, but we will overcome, as we always have.

One jump away from Horizon at Star's End, Morgan Fletcher's Belt Pirates have all but ceased raiding in recent years. Evidently it has been far more profitable for Fletcher to make her Star League-era jumpship repair yard available for commercial use.  Rumor stands that this yard is even capable of producing new Jumpships, but that seems unlikely. 

Meanwhile the nearby Oberon Confederation has recently instituted a protectorate over the Elysian Fields in an effort to rebrand itself from a bandit kingdom into a legitimate Periphery state. Relations between Horizon and the Confederation are currently cordial, although we have declined an offer to join the Confederation's sphere of influence. Horizon's future will forever be its own to determine. However, I believe that Hendrik Grimm is ultimately sincere in his effort to improve the lot of his people, especially since he has expelled the worst elements from his military (who, unfortunately, went on to usurp Confederation control over Butte Hold and the five worlds of what is now Morgraine's Valkyrate). The Confederation's continued use of slavery remains a grave concern as well.

Further coreward from the Oberon Confederation are the Chainelane Isles.  However, these worlds, backward even by Periphery standards, seem to have little interest in anything that does not involve fighting each other and have little to offer to outsiders. 

At Horizon's Zenith jump point Inner Sphere haulers comprise the vast majority of jumpship traffic passing through Vantage station, especially those flying Lyran, Kuritan, and commercial flags. Curiously, the most common Periphery traders are those from the distant Hanseatic League. Although Horizon maintains no formal diplomatic relationship with that reclusive nation, the Hansa apparently view Horizon as the most convenient direct outlet for Inner Sphere products. Consequently, Hansa Jumpships visit Vantage Station with far greater frequency than any other location this close to the Inner Sphere.

Trade with the Oberon Confederation is slowly growing, although at present they have little to offer other than the services of their surprisingly capable mechwarriors. The Outworlds Alliance is just close enough to Horizon that they have justified allocating some of their meagre resources toward including Vantage Station in one of their trade loops. The Marian Hegemony is reportedly contracting with a trade consortium to unload raw materials at Star's End and then lay over at Vantage Station to purchase large amounts of weaponry.  The secretive JàrnFòlk nomads also come to trade from time to time. Ships from other Periphery powers not mentioned above are a very infrequent sight.

On rare occasions Horizon has even been visited by barely-functioning Jumpships hailing from individual deep-Periphery colonies long thought lost, only to not hear from them again for decades, if at all. Events such as this fuel rumors of worlds far beyond the Elysian Fields that have been cut off from outside contact since the Succession Wars started, and as a result have regressed to a pre-industrial state... or worse.

FACT SHEET: Horizon, aka the Kingdom of Horizon (Independent World)


Star Type (Recharge Time): K3V (194 hours)
Position in System: 2nd planet
Time to Jump Point: 4.62 days
Number of Satellites: 2
Surface Gravity: .91
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Habitable Band Temperature: 19° Celsius (Cool-Temperate)
Surface Water: 52 percent
Recharging Station: Zenith
HPG Class Type: None
Highest Native Life: Avian
Population: 140,000,000

USILR Codes:
Technological Sophistication: C
Industrial Development: C
Industrial Output: C
Agricultural Dependence: A
Raw Material Dependence: B

Exports:  Agricultural products, raw materials, weaponry, military vehicles.
Imports: Luxury items, consumer goods, medical equipment, advanced military equipment.
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: snakespinner on 31 January 2018, 22:16:02
An interesting leftover from the RWR.
Are you going to start a storyline based on this world. O0
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Cavgunner on 31 January 2018, 23:02:24
Yes, that is correct.  The exact details have yet to be determined by my players, but this will most likely take the form of a mercenary company hired by Horizon to help protect its interests and, eventually, to expand the world's sphere of influence.

This setting starts in 3019, and up to that point, follows the same historical events that occurred in the main Battletech timeline.  However, in the spirit of Battletech 2nd Edition, the post-apocalyptic nature of the setting will be heavily, heavily emphasized.  Society has crumbled and the technology of the average Inner Sphere world has been pummeled to a level barely greater than that of 20th-century earth, although the actual standard of living is often much lower than even this might suggest.  In addition there are often anachronistic disparities in the technologies that are actually available.  The inhabitants of a backwater settlement might be aware of Dropships and space travel, they might even watch ancient holovids via a receiver powered by a solar array, and yet live an entire lifetime with only beasts of burden available for transportation.  Furthermore, very few scientists and engineers remain who fully understand the underlying principles behind advanced technology such as fusion power and jump drives.

Some other differences due to personal preference:

*Military hovercraft are a rare curiosity just like they are today, useful only in very specialized amphibious roles.  The semi-magical hovertanks that exist in the core game have no place in this setting.  This is mainly to ensure that light mechs, and to a lesser extent helicopters, remain as important as they should be.
*The Inner Sphere is not teeming with trillions of inhabitants.  Not anymore.  Only a handful of the most prosperous worlds boast more than a billion inhabitants.  Most Inner Sphere worlds now have less than 100 million residents, with many having only a few million.  In the Periphery, a population over 100,000 is uncommon.  Horizon, as beaten down as it is, is therefore still quite exceptional with a population of 140 million.  The drastically lowered average population throughout the human sphere is yet another factor contributing to technological decay in this setting.
*This setting acknowledges that while the Battlemech certainly reigns supreme, as a simple matter of economics most worlds will probably use conventional armor and infantry as their main warfighting elements.  Thus, while a battlemech company may be ideally suited for a quick raid on an enemy world, trying to hold that planet with only a dozen mechs would likely be an impossibility.
*Games will be fought in Megamek so that we can have decent sized battles that can actually be completed without setting aside a whole weekend.

Title: Horizon: A brief overview
Post by: Cavgunner on 01 February 2018, 00:34:39
“Allies?  Let me tell you something, sir.  For two hundred years my world has stood, alone, against a never-ending parade of reaver bands going by one damned name or another.  We are here because Ryan is a monster who must be stopped, just as we have stopped all the others before him.  But that is not why you are here.  You are here because he is a Lyran, and to you, he is performing some minor antics that are embarrassing your House.  So you see, our arrangement is only a matter of convenience.  Do not imagine that this makes us allies.”

-Cpt. Arkady Petrov, Royal Horizon Lancers, January 1, 2019, during a heated conversation with his Lyran counterpart.

The Kingdom of Horizon


It is uncertain when the first human eyes looked down upon the world that came to be known as Horizon. Those unknown surveyors would have found a cool and rugged world, its harsh beauty matched by an equally harsh climate. Horizon’s modest oceans sustain a thriving lowland ecosystem, but further inland, the world’s extensive mountain ranges create unfavorable weather patterns in the vast and largely uninhabitable highland regions.  Summers on Horizon tend to be cool and short, and the long winters can be quite punishing.

Like many systems in this region of space the Horizon star system is relatively young, having spun off from the structure of the Dark Nebula long after Earth was already hundreds of millions of years old. While mineral deposits can be found in abundance, hydrocarbon deposits are limited and the world never experienced its equivalent of a Carboniferous age.

The Rim Worlds Republic colonized Horizon during the mid-2300’s in the same colonization wave that created most of the inhabited worlds in the region that is known today as The Barrens.  However, when the Republicans arrived it quickly became apparent that the planet was already inhabited by the descendants of a much earlier colonization effort.  These “Firstlanders” as they became known spoke a debased form of Hungarian and numbered in the few thousand.  Although they were (and still are) highly skilled outdoorsmen, their technology had regressed to a pre-industrial state.  Indeed, their simple, migratory way of life is entirely voluntary.  Although Firstlanders have shown no interest in integrating with the greater Horizon population, they are enthusiastic traders and can occasionally be hired as guides.  In this way the first Republican colonists were able to avoid an early-colony die-off of the type that affects so many new worlds.  Firstlanders have remained inextricably linked to, yet apart from, Horizon culture ever since then. 

Aside from the small Firstlander population, in the present day the population of Horizon tends to be of Russian and Germanic ancestry.  Over the centuries the world has also become home to a small number of Japanese enclaves descended from Kuritan traders.  In terms of personal belief the majority of Horizonians can be described as secular humanists.  However Orthodox Catholics and Buddhists also form significant and active portions of the population.

By the 2700’s Horizon had grown to become one of the most important star systems in the Rim Worlds Republic.  Militarily, it served as the Rim World Republic’s most spinward bastion of defense against any possible Steiner or Kurita aggression.  The system once hosted a major naval base and extensive shipyards, including Warship production.  However, except for the single Alliance-class servicing station that remains above Horizon to this day, these facilities were all destroyed or damaged beyond use by the SLDF in 2767.  Horizon's Class-A HPG was also destroyed in this incursion and was never rebuilt.

Even more than its military value, the most important factor contributing to Horizon’s prosperity in the mid-2700’s was its ideal location for interstellar commerce.  Numerous star systems in the Lyran Alliance, Draconis Combine, and deeper Periphery are all easily accessible within one or two jumps.  The impressive network of jump recharge stations that once dotted the system’s zenith and nadir jump points are long gone due to damage or disrepair.  However, a single medium-sized recharge station, Vantage Station, still services the zenith jump point.  Vantage Station is currently the last functioning recharge station in The Barrens.

The fall of the Rim Worlds Republic and the 10-20 years immediately afterward are locally referred to as The Cataclysm.  A cataclysm it was, for within a few years, nearly 90% of Horizon's population had perished due to various factors. Order was maintained only when the Governor of Horizon, Illarion Volkov, used the few remaining military forces to institute a brutal martial law.  Viewed through the lens of history, most Horizonians believe that while these actions were incredibly harsh, they nevertheless saved Horizon from becoming yet another barely-populated Periphery backwater.  Ironically, the Firstlander population was best prepared to survive the Cataclysm.  During the worst years their knowledge and skills once again became a lifeline for many outlying communities that had been abandoned by the central government.

The Volkov family’s descendants eventually instituted a de facto monarchy which has lasted to this day.  Although there is an elected parliament, in practice the King (or Queen) has vast executive powers, can dissolve the government, and may deploy the military, among other prerogatives.

In the present day, life remains somewhat unpleasant and difficult for the average citizen of Horizon.  For two hundred years Horizon has waged war against the bandit kingdoms of the Periphery, usually without help, and with varying degrees of success.  The latest generation of reavers have proven to be a major problem.  A series of stinging military defeats in the last 10 years have sorely tested the Horizon Royal Army’s élan and resulted in the loss of much irreplaceable equipment, including half of its Battlemechs and nearly all of its Aerospace fighters.  Although Horizon still has one of the strongest single-planet militaries in the Periphery few assets remain to detect, must less actually stop, raiders before they make planetfall. 

A particularly damaging raid occurred in 3018 when Redjack Ryan dropped nearly his entire battlemech contingent on the Vorolev Dam complex.  After an intense but brief firefight with the HRA forces stationed there, Ryan stripped the dam of its generators and most of its equipment.  He then used a series of demolition charges to deliberately blow the dam. The resulting flood destroyed every bridge and secondary dam for 30 kilometers downstream, inundating tens of thousands of acres of prime farmland on the cusp of harvest and causing extensive environmental damage. This act also directly resulted in over 3,000 deaths. Unfortunately, Ryan successfully extricated his entire force while HRA reinforcements were still en route. The Vorolev Atrocity stands out as Ryan's largest work in terms of scale, but his Pirates of Butte Hold conduct every campaign with similar savagery. Where other pirate kings might at least perceive an advantage in allowing their prey to recover over time, Ryan only appears interested in pursuing maximum butchery for its own sake.  For this reason Horizon has placed a 7 million C-bill bounty on Ryan's head, dead or alive.

Despite continued raiding, trade remains vital to Horizon, doing much to ensure that its citizens maintain a standard of living that is considerably higher than nearly anywhere else in the Periphery.  That being said, the gradual loss of knowledge, the loss of infrastructure, and the never-ending battle for survival against Periphery reavers means that the average resident of Horizon is accustomed to hardship. Fortunately, the various Barrens pirate bands have so far held to the custom of not attacking Jumpships.

While Horizon has always tried to remain apart from Inner Sphere conflicts, two centuries of warfare have ensured that the mighty factory complexes that once built military hardware for the entire Rim Worlds Republic have been smashed again and again.  Only a few production lines now remain that still produce small arms, light and medium military trucks, and a limited variety of combat vehicles for the Horizon Royal Army.

The current mood of Horizon's populace tends to run toward gallows humor and pessimism.  However, nearly every citizen longs to see a day when their world finally overcomes the many challenges set against it- if that is even possible.

(Editor’s note: depending on context, the term “Horizon” may refer to either Horizon II, also known as Horizon Prime, or the system itself.)
Title: Military Assets of Horizon
Post by: Cavgunner on 05 February 2018, 03:22:57

After 250 years of rebuilding and jury-rigging, Minerva Station is barely recognizable as an Alliance-class facility.

The Horizon Royal Defense Corps: Royal Army and Aerospace Command assets as of 3019

Royal Army Assets

1 understrength battlemech battalion, the Royal Horizon Lancers
4 combat vehicle regiments
27 infantry regiments*
2 artillery battalions
~3 wings of small fixed-wing and rotor support aircraft

*Reserve elements consisting of second-line infantry and rear-echelon support units can nearly double this number when mobilized by royal decree.

Aerospace Command Assets:*

1 Invader-class Jumpship, the HRDC Dawnstar
1 Merchant-class Jumpship, the HRDC Farseeker

1 modified Gaajian-class System Patrol Boat, the HRDC Adventurer

2 Union-class dropships
1 Leopard-class dropship
1 Triumph-class dropship
2 Condor-class dropships
1 Mule-class dropship

6 military shuttlecraft, various classes

3 SL-25 Samurai-class aerospace fighters
2 SB-27 Sabre-class aerospace fighters

11 Mechbuster-class conventional fighters
2 Inseki-II-class conventional fighters
12 Bluehawk-class conventional fighters
18 Kaiseradler-class conventional fighters

11 Planetlifter-class air transports
2 FB-335 Longhaul-class air transports
2 ACL-800-class airliners, converted to aerial refueling configuration
3 Eagle Eye-class AWACS
2 Protector-class air medevacs

3 Battalions of jump, paradrop, and space-capable marines, "The Royal Marines"

*This does not include civilian vessels or independent commercial ships using Horizon as a flag of convenience.

Major Civilian Space Facilities: 

Vantage Station, Apollo-class recharge station and repair dock at the Zenith jump point.  4 energy banks available.
Minerva Station, Alliance-class orbital dock and cargo transfer facility at Horizon's L2 point.
The Boneyard, Snowden-class mining station in orbit of the gas giant Ares.  Not currently operational.
Title: Vantage Station
Post by: Cavgunner on 05 February 2018, 03:32:29
AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Apollo-class Recharge Station (Vantage Station)
Tech:              Inner Sphere / 3025
Vessel Type:       Space Station
Rules:             Level 1, Standard design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              550,000 tons
Length:            832 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       0
Maximum Thrust:    0
Armor Type:        Standard
   18 LRM 20
   24 Autocannon/5
   32 Medium Laser
   32 Small Laser
The Apollo-class recharge station was developed in the 2600's as the Rim World
Republic's answer to the Olympus-class station.  The Apollo offered a more
reasonable level of capability for systems that did not necessarily need the
gigantic and expensive Olympus.  It was particularly well-suited as a layover
point in high-traffic systems that had dimmer, weaker stars.

The Apollo features four energy storage batteries, each of which can recharge
a Jumpship in 175 hours (or less, if the Jumpship captain chooses pay an extra
fee to dock).  Although shaving 20-24 hours off a Jumpship's route might not
seem like much to the layman, this underestimates the importance of supply
chain and distribution route efficiency.  Increasing these efficiencies, and
thus reducing operating cost, are the main goals of shipping companies.  Given
the scarcity of Jumpships, saving enough time to make just one or two
additional jumps over the course of a year can be a game-changer for any
corporation or private captain.

With 97,000 tons of rentable cargo space, it is common practice for transiting
Dropships to unload directly at the station.  If the system itself is the
cargo's destination, then the goods can be ferried downsystem by local
Dropships and shuttlecraft.  This allows the attending Jumpship to continue on
its journey the moment it is ready, rather than waiting one or two weeks for
its Dropships to travel all the way downsystem and back.  Otherwise, the cargo
can simply be held in the station's hold until it can be picked up by another
Jumpship in the supply chain. 

Although the Apollo lacks the facilities to repair Jumpships, it does feature
a pair of pressurized bays that can accommodate any Dropship of 10,000 tons or
less.  Since this accounts for the vast majority of dropships in service,
these bays are constantly in demand.

The Apollo class also features moderate defensive capabilities, generally a
mixture of LRMs, autocannon, and lasers.  In keeping with its non-combatant
role it does not house Aerospace fighters.  However, in the event of attack it
does possess enough firepower to discourage most raiders.  When called for the
design also provides accommodations for up to 2 companies of Marines.

==Battle History:==
The Apollo is very heavily armored for stations of its type.  In fact, its
protection often rivalled or exceeded Warships of similar tonnage.  This was
most dramatically demonstrated when Lyran forces razed the Finmark system in
2792.  During this assault Roe Station, an Apollo-class facility, sustained at
least three direct hits from Santa-Ana class nuclear weapons.  While critically
damaged and later abandoned, the station was not destroyed.  The wreck of
Roe Station continues to orbit the Finmark system to this day, a silent reminder
of the atrocities committed upon the Rim Worlds Republic by the Lyran

Alone among its class, Vantage Station in the Horizon star system is notable
for featuring 1,000 first-class passenger cabins.  This gives Vantage Station
the unique capabilty of a small space habitat, in addition to its other
functions.  In prior centuries these cabins housed employees assigned to a
variety of nearby auxiliary stations such as cargo docks and repair yards, but
these facilities are all currently destroyed or non-functional. Nowadays it is
most common for the cabins to be rented out to weary Jumpship and Dropship
crews, the occasional tourist, and shipping companies that wish to have an
office presence on the station.

As of 3019, only two Apollo-class stations remain operational: Vantage Station
in the Horizon system, and Garlyn Waystation in the Engadine system, Lyran
Commonwealth.  They are all that remain of the once-proud Rim Worlds
high-speed jump network.

Code: [Select]
Class/Model/Name:  Apollo-class Recharge Station (Vantage Station)
Mass:              550,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass 
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                        6,600.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 0
      Maximum Thrust: 0
Energy Collecting Sail: (Integrity = 4)                                 58.00
Energy Storage Batteries:  (Quantity of 4)                         400,000.00
Structural Integrity: 1                                              5,500.00
Total Heat Sinks:    260 Single                                        101.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                   3,060.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:                550.00
Fire Control Computers:                                                   .00
Food & Water:  (166 days supply)                                     1,151.50
Armor Type:  Standard  (757 total armor pts)                         1,891.50
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                127
   Fore-Left/Right:                  126/126
   Aft-Left/Right:                   126/126
   Aft:                                 126

   Bay 1:  Small Craft (20) with 4 doors                             4,000.00
   Bay 2:  Press Repair Facil. (2-10,000 T Capy, 2 doors)            1,500.00
   Bay 3:  Cargo (1) with 12 doors                                  97,000.00

DropShip Capacity:  11 Docking Hardpoints                           11,000.00
Grav Deck #1:  (800-meter diameter)                                    500.00
Grav Deck #2:  (80-meter diameter)                                      50.00
Life Boats:  250 (7 tons each)                                       1,750.00

Crew and Passengers:
     29 Officers (29 minimum)                                          290.00
    126 Crew (126 minimum)                                             882.00
     18 Gunners (18 minimum)                                           126.00
  1,000 1st Class Passengers                                        10,000.00
     60 2nd Class Passengers                                           420.00
     56 Marines                                                        280.00
    100 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
3 LRM 20(72 rounds)        Nose     4(36)  4(36)  4(36)     --   18     42.00
4 Autocannon/5(160 rounds) Nose     2(20)  2(20)     --     --    4     40.00
6 Medium Laser             Nose     3(30)     --     --     --   18      6.00
6 Small Laser              Nose     2(18)     --     --     --    6      3.00
3 LRM 20(72 rounds)        FL/R     4(36)  4(36)  4(36)     --   36     84.00
4 Autocannon/5(160 rounds) FL/R     2(20)  2(20)     --     --    8     80.00
4 Medium Laser             FL/R     2(20)     --     --     --   24      8.00
4 Small Laser              FL/R     1(12)     --     --     --    8      4.00
3 LRM 20(72 rounds)        AL/R     4(36)  4(36)  4(36)     --   36     84.00
4 Autocannon/5(160 rounds) AL/R     2(20)  2(20)     --     --    8     80.00
6 Medium Laser             AL/R     3(30)     --     --     --   36     12.00
6 Small Laser              AL/R     2(18)     --     --     --   12      6.00
3 LRM 20(72 rounds)        Aft      4(36)  4(36)  4(36)     --   18     42.00
4 Autocannon/5(160 rounds) Aft      2(20)  2(20)     --     --    4     40.00
6 Medium Laser             Aft      3(30)     --     --     --   18      6.00
6 Small Laser              Aft      2(18)     --     --     --    6      3.00
1 Lot Spare Parts (0.50%)                                            2,750.00
TOTALS:                                              Heat: 260     550,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        1,590,960,000 C-Bills
Battle Value:      18,058
Cost per BV:       88,102.78
Weapon Value:      14,122 (Ratio = .78)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 543;  MRV = 243;  LRV = 60;  ERV = 0
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 103,256
                   (20,092 Structure, 76,050 Life Support, 7,114 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 198,297  (192% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: DOC_Agren on 18 February 2018, 18:56:05
Interesting place to visit in 3025 era
Title: Cossack Armored Car
Post by: Cavgunner on 08 October 2019, 11:21:55
Cossack Armored Car BDM-3-70

Mass: 20 tons
Movement Type: Wheeled
Power Plant: GAZ 100 Hydrogen
Cruising Speed: 64.8 kph
Maximum Speed: 97.2 kph
Armor: Starshield Standard
     1 Intek Medium Laser
     1 Conventry Light Autogun Machine Gun
     1 Harvester SRM 2
Manufacturer: GAZ
     Primary Factory: Horizon
Communication System: Basix 200
Targeting & Tracking System: ComStar Test-2
Introduction Year: 2970
Cost: 299,567 C-bills

The Cossack BDM (Russian: Armored Patrol Vehicle) is an armored 6x6 scout vehicle produced on Horizon by GAZ (Horizon Automobile Plant). Although the Cossack is an obscure footnote compared to famous vehicles such as the Darter, Skulker, Packrat and Wheeled Scout, the Horizon Royal Army has always felt that those vehicles were lacking in capability. In contrast to its competitors the Cossack utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell engine, as do most vehicles produced on Horizon. The light weight of this power plant allows the Cossack to mount a powerful and flexible armament for its size. It is also reasonably fast and reasonably well armored for its type. Therefore, although the Cossack does not break any new ground technologically (and in fact is something of a step backward compared to vehicles produced in previous centuries) it can nevertheless engage infantry, light armor, and even light mechs with confidence.

Another key feature feature that sets the Cossack apart from other scout vehicles is its amphibious capability. Since most combat vehicles produced in the modern age are not capable of swimming across water features, this ability opens an entire untapped range of tactical options for Cossack units.

Unlike comparable vehicles that generally mount only a single weapon, the Cossack boasts a variety of firepower. The primary weapon is the time proven Intek medium laser. The laser allows the crew to fire at will and to take difficult shots without fear of running out of ammo. A reliable Harvester SRM-2 provides additional ranged firepower. Finally, a single minigun allows the vehicle to successfully engage infantry. All weapons are mounted in a turret for full 360-degree freedom of fire. With a top speed of 94 kph off-road, the Cossack can easily outmaneuver most other battlefield units or disengage when faced with unfavorable odds.

The GAZ plant on Horizon has been producing 3-4 Cossacks every month for decades. All parts are produced locally on Horizon. Consequently, the Cossack is by far the single most common combat vehicle in the HRA. It is also the vehicle that the HRA asks the most of, for in addition to their scouting duties Cossack units are often called upon to delay and harass the enemy until heavier units arrive. As a result, losses in Cossack companies tend to be very high. Despite this the sturdy and reliable Cossack is well-liked by its crews.

As fusion-powered vehicles become increasingly rare the Inner Sphere powers have increasingly turned to ICE-powered vehicles for their conventional armies. For this reason the hydrogen-powered Cossack is virtually unknown outside Horizon.

There are several variants of the Cossack. The BDM-3-70, shown below, is the core version.

The BDM-3-71 and BDM-3-72 each replace the medium laser and SRM-2 with a pair of turret-mounted SRM-4s or LRM-5s, respectively. These variants each have one ton of missile ammunition while also adding a second machine gun to the turret.  Typically, each Cossack company will include two or three vehicles representing these alternate types.

The BDM-3-73 is a rare communications variant. While it retains the SRM-2, it removes the medium laser to mount an extra 3 tons of communication gear. On its own this equipment would be a powerful tool for coordinating nearby units, but the inclusion of an integrated satellite uplink enhances this capability even further. A half-ton personnel compartment is also added, which is typically used to accommodate specialists such as communications teams or forward observers. Due its rarity this variant, when available, is issued singly or in two-vehicle sections as a regimental-level asset.

Code: [Select]
Type: Cossack Armored Car
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Movement Type: Wheeled
Tonnage: 20
Battle Value: 380

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                    2
Engine                        100 Fuel Cell           4
Cruising MP: 6
Flank MP: 9
Heat Sinks:                   3                       2
Control Equipment:                                  1.0
Power Amplifier:                                    0.5
Turret:                                             0.5
Armor Factor                  80                      5

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   2         20   
     R/L Side               2/2      16/16   
     Rear                    2         12   
     Turret                  2         16   

Weapons and Ammo              Location    Tonnage 
Medium Laser                   Turret       1.0     
Machine Gun                    Turret       0.5     
SRM 2                          Turret       1.0     
Limited Amphibious Capability   Body        1.0     
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)     Body        0.5     
SRM 2 Ammo (50)                 Body        1.0
Trailer Hitch                   Rear        0.0         
Title: Kentaurus Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Post by: Cavgunner on 08 October 2019, 11:26:02
Kentaurus Infantry Fighting Vehicle KEN-A1

Mass: 25 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: UVZ 125 Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
Armor: Starshield Standard
     1 Intek Medium Laser
     2 Coventry Light Autogun Machine Guns
     1 Harvester SRM 2
Manufacturer: UVZ
     Primary Factory: Horizon
Communication System: Basix 200
Targeting & Tracking System: ComStar Test-2
Introduction Year: 2998
Cost: 431,042 C-bills

In an age where the regular infantryman is often considered to be ineffective and expendable, the concept of the Infantry Fighting Vehicle has largely fallen out of favor.  Instead, most armies tend to equip their infantry forces with large numbers of light APCs. 

The Kentaurus IFV, produced on Horizon by UVZ (Russian: Research and Production Corporation), is the Royal Army's locally-produced counterargument to this trend.  With adequate protection and very high firepower for its type, the Kentaurus can safely deliver a platoon of infantry directly to a firefight and then continue to lend its firepower for the duration of an engagement.

The Kentaurus mounts the same laser-missiles-minigun turret arrangement common to many combat vehicles produced on Horizon. In fact, it mounts the exact same turret as the Cossack scout car. A second minigun is located in the forward hull. The Kentaurus is thus well equipped to engage opposing infantry and can successfully engage other light vehicles and light mechs.

The lightweight and compact UVZ 125 Hydrogen Fuel Cell power plant is capable of propelling the Kentaurus to speeds of over 80 kph. When compared to an internal combustion engine, the tonnage saved by using this drive plant allows the vehicle to be protected in five and a half tons of Starshield armor.   Finally, by sharing many of the same subsystems as other HRA vehicles, production and logistical support are greatly simplified.

The Kentaurus is a relatively new vehicle, having been first fielded only 20 years ago. Approximately 3 vehicles per month are produced at the UVZ plant on Horizon.

The KEN-A2 variant replaces all turret weapons with a single LRM-10 and one ton of ammunition. The A-2 is uncommon since correct employment of its weapon means that it is often separated from its infantry platoon. This limitation does not mesh well with HRA doctrine.

Code: [Select]
Type: Kentaurus Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Movement Type: Tracked
Tonnage: 25
Battle Value: 411

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                  2.5
Engine                        125 Fuel Cell           5
Cruising MP: 5
Flank MP: 8
Heat Sinks:                   3                       2
Control Equipment:                                  1.5
Power Amplifier:                                    0.5
Turret:                                             0.5
Armor Factor                  88                    5.5

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   3         20   
     R/L Side               3/3      18/18   
     Rear                    3         14   
     Turret                  3         18   

Weapons and Ammo              Location    Tonnage   
Medium Laser                   Turret       1.0       
SRM 2                          Turret       1.0 
Machine Gun                    Turret       0.5   
Machine Gun                    Front        0.5     
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)     Body        0.5     
SRM 2 Ammo (50)                 Body        1.0     
Cargo (Infantry)                Rear        3.0
Trailer Hitch                   Rear        0.0       
Title: Masada Medium Tank
Post by: Cavgunner on 08 October 2019, 11:31:24
T-17 "Masada" Heavy Tank

Mass: 60 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: UVZ 240 Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 43.2 kph
Maximum Speed: 64.8 kph
Armor: Starshield Standard
     1 Defiance Thunderbolt A5M Large Laser
     1 Mydron Model C AC/5
     1 Harvester SRM 2
     2 Coventry Light Autogun Machine Guns     
Manufacturer: UVZ
     Primary Factory: Horizon
Communication System: Basix 200
Targeting & Tracking System: ComStar Test-2
Introduction Year: 3017
Cost: 1,872,000 C-bills

Like its ancient fortress namesake, the T-17 "Masada" was envisioned as the bastion that would deliver Horizon from its many enemies. Its introduction was heralded with great fanfare in the local news media. The UVZ tank plant on Horizon, refurbished at great expense to the nation, was prepared to construct an estimated 6 tanks per month. The Horizon Royal Army confidently submitted an initial order for 320 units.

Unfortunately, the ambitious Masada project has come to represent yet another chapter in Horizon's story of hard luck. Since production started in 3017 only seventeen vehicles have been constructed. Production is currently stalled because the Lyran Commonwealth has refused further shipments of the compact Defiance Industries "Thunderbolt" A5M Large Laser that the Masada was designed around. Unfortunately, Horizon currently lacks the technical capability to produce a local copy and attempts to substitute a different laser have not been successful. Consequently, a large number of Masada hulls are languishing in a partially completed state, and additional construction has been halted.

The Masada is vaguely similar in appearance to a shorter, more streamlined Manticore (minus the LRM box), and it does indeed draw some key design elements from that vehicle.  However, the Masada is actually an entirely new tank, completely produced and assembled on Horizon with the exception of the large laser. In fact it is the first heavy tank produced on Horizon in more than a century.

With one glance it becomes clear why the Royal Army placed such faith in this vehicle. Weighing in at 60 tons, the Masada possesses a formidable combination of firepower, protection, and mobility. The powerful Thunderbolt large laser relieves stress on the supply chain, while the Mydron AC/5 is capable of firing thousands of rounds without failure. The Harvester SRM-2 and Coventry miniguns, the same weapons found on Horizon's other combat vehicles, are also time-proven and efficient; the Harvester SRM, in particular, is able to fire clean salvoes even when clogged with dirt and debris. The vehicle's electronics and fire control system are also of the same types already produced by Horizon. Finally, the per-unit cost of the tank comes in at just 1.8 million C-bills, making it a very attractive alternative to vehicles of similar tonnage.

The Masada achieves these capabilities by using a powerful but compact hydrogen fuel cell engine. This power plant frees up large amounts of tonnage compared to similarly rated ICE engines. Although operational range is lowered by nearly a third compared to an ICE engine, this is of little consequence. The Masada is seen as primarily a defensive asset for protecting Horizon itself, thus allowing that world's handful of mechs to be safely allocated to other duties.

Unfortunately, the Masada's greatest strength, the "Thunderbolt" large laser, has also proven to be its greatest weakness. Currently, Horizon lacks the technical capability to produce large lasers. During the Masada's development several other large laser types were evaluated but proven to be unsatisfactory. However, the Defiance Industries Thunderbolt A5M is by far the most advanced laser weapon currently available in the Inner Sphere. The Thunderbolt alone was found to have met all design requirements of compactness, power efficiency, power output, and reliability.

At first, Defiance Industries made every sign that they were fully willing to supply the lasers needed for Masada production. Contracts were signed, thousands of workers were trained up, and Horizon poured millions of C-Bills into rebuilding the old and decaying UVZ tank plant. All seemed well until just after UVZ had produced the first dozen vehicles. Suddenly, Defiance ceased all further shipments of lasers. The official reason that Defiance provided to defend this action was that tensions with the Draconis Combine have increased (they have not), and that every Thunderbolt laser produced is needed for Zeus production (currently, far more lasers are produced than Zeus battlemechs).

The Horizon Special Service believes that this action is purely a political move. Defiance Industries almost certainly was, by all accounts, truly eager to do business with Horizon. The current theory is that the order to stop shipment originated somewhere far higher up in the Lyran government. The reason for this is unknown, but perhaps there are actors in the Steiner chain of command who have a vested interest in keeping Horizon as a weak neighbor, rather than as a strong one. Meanwhile, although Defiance stands to be financially penalized for voiding the contract, that issue is currently mired in litigation.

In the end, Horizon has only been able to produce seventeen tanks in two years. All tanks built after the first dozen were only made possible by second-hand acquisitions of salvage on the gray market. Currently, a single company in the veteran 3rd battalion/3rd Armored Regiment is equipped with the Masada. The remaining vehicles have been retained by UVZ for evaluation purposes as the search for a replacement laser continues. Even if full production resumes it is unlikely that Horizon would ever consider exporting this vehicle.

Casting about for a solution, UVZ is considering a modification that would replace some or all of the T-17's turret weaponry with snub-nosed artillery cannon. This concept has yet to leave the drawing board stage.

Code: [Select]
Type: Masada Heavy Tank
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Movement Type: Tracked
Tonnage: 60
Battle Value: 768

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                    6
Engine                        240 Fuel Cell          14
Cruising MP: 4
Flank MP: 6
Heat Sinks:                   8                       7
Control Equipment:                                  3.0
Power Amplifier:                                    0.5
Turret:                                             1.5
Armor Factor                  152                   9.5

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   6         40   
     R/L Side               6/6      28/28   
     Rear                    6         20   
     Turret                  6         36   

Weapons and Ammo              Location    Tonnage   
Large Laser                    Turret       5.0
AC/5                           Turret       8.0   
SRM 2                          Turret       1.0   
Machine Gun                    Turret       0.5     
Machine Gun                    Front        0.5   
Half Machine Gun Ammo (100)     Body        0.5     
AC/5 Ammo (40)                  Body        2.0     
SRM 2 Ammo (50)                 Body        1.0     
Trailer Hitch                   Rear        0.0 
Title: Orlov Light Tactical Vehicle
Post by: Cavgunner on 08 October 2019, 12:12:28
M338 "Orlov" Light Tactical Vehicle                           Faction:   Horizon         
Chassis/Controls:   Small Wheeled                        Era:   Succession Wars         
Manufacturer: GAZ
Mass:   2,500 Kg                                       
Cost:   8,608 C-Bills                                       
Battle Value:   8                                       
Equipment Rating:   D/C/D                                       
Equipment                                                                                                         Mass
Chassis/Controls:   Wheeled                                                                            473 Kg
Chassis Mods:   Amphibious, Off-Road Vehicle, Tractor, Ultra-Light+            
Engine/Trans:       Hydrogen Fuel Cell                                                             425 Kg
   Cruise MP:      8         (85.6 kph)                        
   Flank MP:      12         (128.4 kph)                        
Heatsinks:         0                                                                                             0 Kg
Fuel:         Range: 402 km                                                                               26 Kg
Internal Structure:         4                                 
Armor Factor:   8 AP      (BAR 7)                                                                     360 Kg
   Location         Internal      Armor            
                         Structure    Value               
   Front                  1                2                     
   Left/Right                           2 / 2            
   Rear                  1                2                     
Crew:   2                                                                                                         150 Kg
Passengers:   varies                                                                                       0 Kg
Cargo:                                                                                                            1066 Kg

The Orlov is a light utility 4x4 vehicle employed by the Horizon Royal Army. As the HRA's equivalent of a "jeep" the Orlov is utilized in a wide range of roles including light cargo transport, people mover, courier, and scout. While it is too small to be expressly suited for high-intensity battlefield roles, the Orlov features enough armor protection to resist small-arms fire and is sometimes equipped with light weaponry, particularly when working in a military police or security function. The Orlov's airless tires and high suspension easily handle most off-road usage while featuring good top speed and outstanding range. Finally, the Orlov's amphibious capability allows it to "swim" across water features. On occasion this capability has been used to deploy HRA assets to areas thought secure by an unwary foe.

With thousands of vehicles in service the Orlov is a ubiquitous sight within the Horizon Royal Army.  It is also popular among civilian owners, although it is not widely known outside Horizon.
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: DOC_Agren on 08 October 2019, 16:04:04
I'm interested in the "logic" of the ML on ICE vehicles in the setting given.  Unless they have extra ML production and HS lying around....   
I understand the "removing" need for ammo supply. 

Masada Medium Tank  - mods
Pull the turret and Drop the LL for AC10 and 2 ton of ammo and a spare SRM2...
Drop the LL for 2LRM10 and 1 more SRM2 and then Ammo

Would Horizon, have the ability to turn out Rocket Launchers?
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Cavgunner on 08 October 2019, 18:39:13
Thanks for chiming in.  The in-setting logic behind the laser setup on ICE vehicles is due to multiple reasons.

1. In a prolonged campaign the use of laser weapons simplifies the supply chain. This is especially true in offworld operations.

2. In the view of HRA doctrine, AC/10s are too heavy, bulky, and ammo-hungry to be practical for widespread use.

3. There are definitely variants to each of the vehicles shown. However, the Intek medium laser is the most advanced weapon that Horizon can still produce locally.  AC/5s, LRM-10s, and SRM-4s are also produced, but typically only in numbers needed to support existing units.

4. The Masada was designed to operate with the Thunderbolt laser. Using a different weapon type would require a significant and expensive retooling of the production line. Therefore the government has delayed this in the hope that an alternative laser can be developed.

Out of character, the "lasers on an ICE" setup is simply this faction's trademark.

Horizon definitely would have the ability to produce RLs.  Logically, it doesn't really make sense for this weapon to not be developed until the 3060's, but we also haven't discussed if they should exist in 3019 or not. Unfortunately the campaign has been on long hiatus due to real life.
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Daryk on 08 October 2019, 18:50:06
Have you considered Thumper Artillery Cannons?  They're only 10 tons, and get 20 shots per ton of ammo, so they might be decent AC/10 replacements.
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: ThePW on 08 October 2019, 19:36:56
sadly I know well how RL affects game ability/availability. Does the Horizon system exist in a cannon location or snug in-between some place cannon?
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Cavgunner on 08 October 2019, 20:41:19
ThePW: Horizon is non-canon, but its location can easily be determined on an Inner Sphere Map. On a 3025 map, find the northern Lyran/Kurita border.  Draw a line east from Star's End.  Then draw a line north from New Caledonia.  The point where the lines intersect is Horizon.

Daryk: Horizon can produce Thumpers in small quantity, so an assault version of this weapon is definitely something that Horizon would like to consider. What form this might take, and when, is currently anyone's guess.  Horizon's technology and manufacturing infrastructure is, at the moment, rather set in stone and not really open to easy change on the fly (the Masada project was exceedingly difficult for them to implement, and to some it has already failed). There is also the issue that side projects such as this have been consistently derailed by the more immediate threats of the various pirate factions operating in the region.
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Daryk on 08 October 2019, 21:04:52
Makes sense...
Title: Re: Battletech New Horizons: A 3025-era campaign setting.
Post by: Retry on 10 October 2019, 00:16:23
Masada Medium Tank  - mods
Pull the turret and Drop the LL for AC10 and 2 ton of ammo and a spare SRM2...
Doesn't fit, you'd need to peel off some armor too.
Drop the LL for 2LRM10 and 1 more SRM2 and then Ammo
Fits fine, but that sounds more practical for a fire support vehicle than a medium tank.
Title: Prologue
Post by: Cavgunner on 10 October 2019, 00:29:44
September 18, 3018 (Terran Calendar)
Vorolev Dam complex
Independent world of Horizon, in the near Periphery

The unnatural stench of burning Mechs, burning tanks, and burning flesh polluted the crisp late-summer air around the reservoir. At the ruined armored gatehouse atop Vorolev Dam a handful of vehicles and industrialmechs were loading cargo as they wrapped up their work. Meanwhile, on the tourist observation deck just uphill from dam, several rough, heavily armed thugs kept watch as two dozen bound hostages knelt before them in abject silence. Some of the captives were wounded and others wept openly, but none said a word, although one or two glared at their guards with murderous intent.

Off to the side of this group a tall, lanky, and handsome mechwarrior stood, his wavy, sandy blonde hair styled in a fauxhawk fade. He grimaced as he worked out a kink in his shoulder. It had been a hard morning's work. As he stretched, the mechwarrior's cold, gray eyes were drawn to a glint of sunlight flashing off metal far up in the sky.

"Raguel," asked the mechwarrior in a mellifluous voice, "What do you suppose that is?  Are we being watched?"

A second man, even taller, heavily tattooed, and endowed with grossly enhanced slabs of muscle shifted the weight of his heavy gyrojet gun as he looked upward. His massive neck and shoulders strained against the attempt. "Well Boss, my wager is on a Royal Army Boomerang." The big man paused as he gathered his thoughts.  "Oh. By the way, Boss. Speakin' of them Royal Army types, we got a call in from Brandon. There's about a brigade of mechanized grunts and light smokers comin' up Highway 19 right now, and even more behind them. Our guys up front are gettin' kinda concerned."

"A Boomerang, is that so?" The MechWarrior responded as he continued to look upward. He gave no sign that his underling had just informed him that their position was about to be swamped.  "Well, I do love an audience. Let's put on a show they'll remember." The MechWarrior gestured for his man to follow as he approached to within speaking distance of the group of captives.

Coming jauntily to a stop in front of the prisoners, the mechwarrior offered a friendly wave and a brilliant, boyish smile. Or, at least, a good imitation of one. He always tried, but his smiles never quite reached his eyes.

"Hi there! I'm Ryan. But I suppose you already knew that. Listen, I'm really sorry about all this," the mechwarrior gestured vaguely to the scenes of destruction around them, "But it's time for us to leave. Before we do, I just need one of you to relay a message to the great leaders of Horizon. So who's willing?  You?" The captive under his attention quickly looked away. "Ok, maybe not.  How about you then?  No?  Disappointing."

As Ryan paced in front of the captives they each quailed before him. At last he stopped in front of a man who was also garbed in the attire of a mechwarrior. Blood oozed freely from a deep gash above the man's right eye, but instead of looking away he stared back at Ryan with unflinching hate. Ryan regarded him with a friendly grin.

"Hey, do I know you?" asked Ryan.

"Doubt it," the other responded contemptuously, "I've never talked to human sewage before."

The butt of Raguel's gyrojet rifle snapped like a snake as he struck the mechwarrior in the sternum. The man doubled over on his side in a groaning heap. 

"Woah, woah, woah. Raguel, buddy, let's ease up on him, ok? He's had a rough day."

"But Boss," said Raguel, "That there is the guy that took out Chocks."

Ryan feigned a surprised look. "Really? This guy? Well, get him back up! I owed Chocks a fifty. I should practically thank him!" Raguel lifted the mechwarrior back to a kneeling position. Ryan crouched in front of him so that they were nearly at eye level, then gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder.  "There you go." As the man found his breath in ragged gasps he continued to glare at Ryan with hate. Ryan ignored this as he looked at the rank and nametag stitched on the man's cooling vest.

"So... Captain Sanderson, is it? Sanderson. Huh. Are you sure you're from around here, Captain?" Ryan poked the nametag. "Usually all the folks we meet from Horizon have last names that sound like somebody just threw a bunch of consonants in a bag, shook 'em up, and then pulled them back out at random. Isn't that right, Raguel?"

Raguel shrugged. 

Sanderson said nothing, but still he held Ryan's gaze.

"Oh well. Captain, this has been fun, but like I said, I'm running on a tight schedule. My message is simple. Tell them that this happened because Horizon still refuses to pay tribute. And also, tell them this."  As Raguel continued to hold Sanderson in an iron grip, Ryan leaned forward and whispered in Sanderson's ear.  Sanderson paled, but only for a moment, as his face flooded anew with red and the veins stood out on his forehead. 

Ryan calmly stood up, still smiling.  Teeth bared in fury, Sanderson hawked a glob of bloody spittle at him.

"You mother ******!" Sanderson bellowed.  He struggled mightily against the giant holding him down, and if he had been free he might have indeed ripped Ryan's throat out then and there.  Sadly, Raguel's vicelike grip held him fast. "We'll come for you! All of us! We'll burn you out of every hole you hide in until we cut off your head and stick it on top of a pike!"

Ryan removed a clean white handkerchief from his cooling vest and calmly wiped his cheek. "Well, maybe so, Captain. But that will certainly not happen today." Calmly stowing the handkerchief he drew a cigar and an ornate lighter from a pouch in a smooth motion. Flipping on the lighter to fire up the expensive stogie, Ryan savored the strong taste of the first few puffs. As he did so he quietly regarded the raging Sanderson through wisps of aromatic smoke.

"Raguel," Ryan said after a moment, blowing out a long puff as he flipped the lighter shut with a click.


"Have your men pick whoever they fancy from this group. Then throw the rest off the edge. Out of respect for Chocks, make sure Captain Sanderson here sees everything. When you're done, cut this hero's eyes out. I don't like the way he's looking at me. But don't kill him. Leave him right here."

"Sure, Boss."  Raguel drew his Bowie knife with evident relish.

Nearby, the other pirate thugs began to jostle for the best captives. Even as they continued to bicker and bargain with each other they laughed boisterously as the first civilian was thrown screaming over the edge of the observation deck into the river far below. Ryan looked up and waved, smiling happily at the distant HRA Boomerang that was recording everything.


Twenty minutes later, the Overlord-class dropship Desert Queen lifted off with the entire Butte Hold raiding contingent and their bounty, down one mechwarrior. As the Overlord pulled into the stratosphere, the lead elements of Horizon's 24th Mechanized Infantry Regiment arrived at the dam. Their engineers were just entering the complex when a series of well-timed blasting charges compromised key internal bracings. The entire center of the dam collapsed, and Zorinsky Reservoir emptied as over three trillion gallons of water roared forward in a deafening, unstoppable torrent.

Captain Sanderson was discovered on top of the observation deck some time later, unconscious but still alive.


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*claps* That's evvvvvvilll...
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This thread has been relocated to Fan Fiction at the request of the OP.
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Thanks for chiming in.  The in-setting logic behind the laser setup on ICE vehicles is due to multiple reasons.

1. In a prolonged campaign the use of laser weapons simplifies the supply chain. This is especially true in offworld operations.

2. In the view of HRA doctrine, AC/10s are too heavy, bulky, and ammo-hungry to be practical for widespread use.

I can see their points do they do much off world operations?

3. There are definitely variants to each of the vehicles shown. However, the Intek medium laser is the most advanced weapon that Horizon can still produce locally.  AC/5s, LRM-10s, and SRM-4s are also produced, but typically only in numbers needed to support existing units.
And the government wants that high tech weapon on everything got it...   :thumbsup:
would love to see some of the variants

4. The Masada was designed to operate with the Thunderbolt laser. Using a different weapon type would require a significant and expensive retooling of the production line. Therefore the government has delayed this in the hope that an alternative laser can be developed.
Someone really invested in that design and doesn't want to make the change..  Understandable.

Out of character, the "lasers on an ICE" setup is simply this faction's trademark.
:thumbsup:  nice when you keep something to make them, Them.

Horizon definitely would have the ability to produce RLs.  Logically, it doesn't really make sense for this weapon to not be developed until the 3060's, but we also haven't discussed if they should exist in 3019 or not. Unfortunately the campaign has been on long hiatus due to real life.
We when we play, yes like you ours is in hiatus, used RL10 as a ADATS ( missile.  The mod to hit, fits nicely with the idea the weapon is design to track either aircraft or vehicles but does neither job perfect.

from: DOC_Agren on October 08, 2019, 19:04:04

    Masada Medium Tank  - mods
    Pull the turret and Drop the LL for AC10 and 2 ton of ammo and a spare SRM2...

Doesn't fit, you'd need to peel off some armor too.
but was designed to be a tank destroyer with a fixed gun..  might work better with the Thumper Cannon

    Drop the LL for 2LRM10 and 1 more SRM2 and then Ammo

Fits fine, but that sounds more practical for a fire support vehicle than a medium tank.
and that what it was design for

and nice update to the story 8)
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So as we were discussing things last night, it came to my attention that Megamek is STILL unable to accommodate units that use fractional accounting. Therefore some of the ICE-powered combat vehicle designs previously posted above are invalid in MegaMek.

In order to maintain the capability and character of these vehicles while also enhancing a sense of Horizon's national character, it has been decided that most vehicles produced on Horizon will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The revised designs have been updated in their respective entries above. The Masada has also been reworked so it isn't just a slightly bigger version of the Goblin. So if anyone reading this in the future is wondering why some of the earlier conversations are referencing ICE-powered vehicles, that's why. Consider it a retcon.

Edit: and to Agren, yes, the HRA does still conduct offworld operations, and quite aggressively so I might add. But as you can see in their TOE, that capability has been ground down to a nub. In recent years they have come to rely more and more heavily on mercenaries, just like everyone else.
Title: Aftermath
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September 19, 2019
The Golden Citadel, city of Westedge, Horizon

From atop the shining command spire of the Golden Citadel stood Illarion Volkov, Sovereign of Horizon, Protector of the Rim, average of height, slender of build. The man reflected his family heritage in the sharp lines of his face, especially his high cheekbones, granting him a nearly gaunt appearance. His thick, black hair was styled in a short and modest manner. His keen blue eyes conveyed a depth of intelligence while the slight puffiness under them spoke to a lack of rest. His dress was also modest, a simple gray and black Royal Army dress uniform with no adornments aside from the planetary seal hanging from a chain at his neck. In overall effect he was handsome, although not conventionally so, and at 23 standard years he was young.

The king trembled as he re-read the paper transcript. It read:

Captain Sanderson reports that the reaver lord known as Redjack Ryan has threatened to execute five of our citizens being held at Butte Hold every solar day until the government acquiesces to his demands.”

Illarion crushed the note in his fist and leaned forward, steadying himself on the railing. His surroundings swam around him. Slowly the king composed himself. Arthur Sanderson, his friend, was alive. At least there was something in that. He forced his gaze toward the once-brilliant vista offered by the top level of the tower.

Half of the Old City below was inundated. The Vorolev River had crested every bank and would likely not recede for days. Street after street had been transformed into treacherous waterways. Though kilometers away, he could hear the thin wail of sirens as emergency vehicles conducted their grim work in the avenues still available below. VTOLs dotted the sky here and there, shuttling to and from locations the landbound vehicles could not reach. Some of the structures below had caught fire, and though most of the blazes were put out now, the scent tainted the clean air.

Here, at least, most of the city remained intact.  Upriver, entire towns had been completely washed away. Most residents had received only a few minutes’ notice to evacuate. Thousands were missing, presumed dead.

To compound matters even further, the destruction of the dam meant that electricity was out across nearly the entire region. A few key buildings here and there were operating on backup generators, but the electrical grid was still shorting out when supplied with power from the backup wind and solar farms. The massive, ancient fusion reactor underneath the Citadel could have easily handled the difference, but it had lain inert and inoperable for nearly two centuries.

In short, it was a disaster. The casual, senseless cruelty of it… tears welled in Illarion’s eyes as he looked upon the suffering of his people.

Behind him and off to the side, a polite cough. “My liege.”

Illarion turned. His impeccably attired aide, Katya Turgenev, stood patiently. Katya had served Illarion’s father well for many years. Her insights into certain matters were piercing, and sometimes uncomfortable for a king to hear. But she was rarely wrong.

“Ah, Katya,” Illarion said with a smile he did not feel, as he distractedly straightened his uniform. “Your family, you have heard from them? They are well?”

“Yes, my liege, they are safe. They are well. And yet I see that you are not.” 

Illarion looked at her, then turned away. “No, Katya. I am most certainly not well. We have been dealt a terrible blow.” Illarion extended his hand toward the city. “All of this suffering, all of it. It’s just a demonstration of his power over us. Over me. I speak for Horizon, and Horizon refused to bow. He wants me to punish me for my insolence. Well, he has succeeded. I look at what has been wrought here today, and I feel like I have been thrown down a dark well, forever falling, forever in darkness. I cannot bear it.”

“You are wrong. You must bear it.”

“No. I cannot. All my father’s work is undone. This tragedy will be my legacy.”

“Only if you let it be so. Thousands have died. Many more will die. Millions more turn to you as their King. What of them?”

Illarion turned away. “I am no King,” he said finally, “Just a boy in a uniform.”

“You are King. We do not have a better one hidden away somewhere. And this self-pity is not becoming of you.”

Illarion looked at her again and uttered a hollow laugh. “You should not speak to your liege that way.”

Meeting his gaze, she simply arched an eyebrow as if to say, oh really?

Illarion began to think. A minute passed in silence.

“We will not bow to him,” he said with new conviction.

“No, my liege, we cannot. Even if that means he murders our hostages. Which he surely will.”

“He must be destroyed. If not, he will grow like a cancer as others rally to him.”

“Yes,” Katya agreed, “We’ve seen it happen time and again.”

“Will the Lyrans aid us?”

“After what has happened here today, they may send a token force.  Advisors, or whatever. But I’d expect no more than that.”

“Then who else? What of Oberon? Star’s End? Von Strang’s World?”

Katya pursed her lips. “Hmm. Hendrick Grimm holds a grudge longer than anyone I’ve ever met. He hates Ryan as much as we do, for different reasons. We may be able to convince him to release some forces to our employment. The Belters would probably not see our plight as their problem so long as they are left alone.  And as for Baron Von Strang, he is… a strange fellow. I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Well, prepare envoys to all of them. It can’t hurt to talk. Also, contact the ComStar consulate. Tell them we need their help getting the Citadel’s fusion generator operational, and tell them that we need it done before winter sets in. Don’t accept no for an answer. Find out what they want in return. I’m sure it will be steep.”

Katya nodded as she took precise notes on her datapad. “Yes, my liege. Is there anything else?”

“Mobilize the Army to full alert. I want to make sure that Ryan’s forces didn’t leave any lurkers behind. Scour the province. Also, summon the Council of Ministers. I want to speak to all of them. Tonight. I will have their support if I must drag it out of their hides. And one more thing. I want to set up a mission to Galatea. We need mercenaries.”

“How many?”

Ilarion turned to view the city once again. A new sense of conviction filled his heart. Conviction, anger… and defiance.
“As many as we can afford.”
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A strike against Redjack Ryan, and understand that his hostages are as good as dead. :thumbsup:

an indenpendant world looking for help from Lryan's, Hendrick Grimm, and Baron Von Strang to go against Redjack Ryan.  Are they really sure they want the help of any, who might look to see if maybe "they" should own the world after they help. 8)

Comstar price??? 

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Nice edgy story so far. Like drama and feel of the writing.

Comstar? I doubt it.  There no station here, they'd need a significant reason to poor countless money in building brand new station.
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The question is for me (and I always wondered about that): does ComStar in that era have the ability to build new HPG stations at all?
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The question is for me (and I always wondered about that): does ComStar in that era have the ability to build new HPG stations at all?

Why should they not? They had it originally, and nothing happened to cause them to lose it. After all they were the ones who made all the others lose technology, not the other way around.
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Then again, IIRC it was in the Wolf's Dragoons trilogy when a Dragoons commando attacked a ComStar compound to send a message offworld, they found that the electronics in the command consoles has been repaired and patched so many times that they had a hard time to get things working.

From that (and the fact that ComStar had basically become a sect that was worshipping their equipment), I assume that they basically lost the will/knowledge/ability to make new HPGs.
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From that (and the fact that ComStar had basically become a sect that was worshipping their equipment), I assume that they basically lost the will/knowledge/ability to make new HPGs.
The field guys yes

I assume that the office back on Holy Terra still knows what what..   But most of those field members will never see Terra and what hidden in system.