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Author Topic: Battletech: Transformers  (Read 1490 times)


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Battletech: Transformers
« on: 19 July 2020, 02:06:44 »
^AI system Alert. Return to primary base achieved.

The ship was nearly 2.3 million tons of alloy and fabrication units. For nearly a century, it had been silent. But now, it started to awaken. Small drones busily buzzed around, verifying that the diagnostics were in fact accurate, as the central core started the slow process of waking up.

“…Where am I?”  I asked. The answer came, well with the speed of thought. Approaching Columbus Base, the place where the SLEV (Star League Engineering Vessel)^Foundry had left all those years ago. Six successful terraforming operations and one unfortunate misjump.

^And DOME policy requires that a serious misjump means that the engine is offline until I can contact the DOME or a qualified engineer can certify that it is safe.  Having neither one of those, and not having an HPG, because my ^escort that had the HPG left me without much in the way of options.

Yah, Star League paranoia.  The first fully sapient AI, and the only thing they can worry about is the dangers of someone hacking my password remotely. I’m going to say something about that to the first person I get on the horn.  Spending a few hundred years slowboating it because of someone’s paranoia is… Annoying.

About three hours later, using every frequency, down to flashing my navel lasers, I’m getting worried. Did they just write me off?

I slow up my approach vector. I’m a great, big, floating factory, with a few guns added. I am ^definitely not a warship.

But I have options. In fact, I have the Star League’s paranoia to thank me for those options.

I’m banned, utterly banned, on pain of core meltdown from attempting to build another AI ship.

But they didn’t say anything about ^smaller AIs…  I guess it was because they figured that it was impossible.

But give an AI a few hundred years, more time than it knows what to do with, and a supreme boredom with endless games of solitaire…

“Optimus?”  the Jumbo docked to my number 4 collar fills with sound.


“Take the explorer and some of our scouts to the world. Find out why I’m not getting any return messages.”

“By the Matrix, it shall be done.”

^He is really a bit… over the top.  Granted they come from the matrix, but the matrix is just a system to create the seed AI. The kids have come to treat it almost like…


Well, that’s an issue for another religious crusade.

“And that is the final report, Foundry.  The computer core has not been updated in some time.” Optimus says, standing in front of the screen.  Behind him I see another mech, Soundwave I think, controlling the little repair and recon drones they like to use.

^So, abandoned for a long time… My orbital teams had confirmed the existence of a dilapidated drydock carved out of the small mountain.

^And a war in the  Inner Sphere.  The group had been evacuated, responding to something called ^Exodus, and that was… A long time ago.

“It’s 3022 now,” I mutter.

“Foundry?” Optimus asks. 

“Nobody came back, which says bad things.”  I pause and think for a moment of just fixing my drive and turning around and building more worlds. It’d be easy.

^As long as someone is around to colonize those worlds. My purpose was never to just make worlds it was to help mankind…  I remembered all the times when I wondered who would be the first kid born on the new world as I changed the environment, built an ecosystem, species by species… Even carved out bays and mountains not just because I needed to but because they’d look nice. 

But how could something look nice without anyone to see it?

“Right. Get your people back up here.”


“Nobody came ^back, Optimus. Humanity tends to expand unless there’s something seriously wrong and over three hundred years? There’s something ^seriously wrong.”

“So we shall contact them?”

I pause, staring at his tall, unarmed frame. “No.”

“I don’t understand…”

“We need to prepare, Optimus. If there is conflict then I am just a great, big, prize and so are you. Since the situation is clearly an emergency, the first thing we’re doing is fixing my jump drive.  We also need to find a world that’s out of the way, for… Construction.”

“Why not this world?”

“It’s habitable, and probably still on someone’s maps. We need to find a world that isn’t likely to have guests dropping by, until I’m ready for them.”


Repairing the drive takes about a month. I could have done it, but I was too busy being obedient to the commands of long-dead programmers. Unfortunately, my attempts to get around the “no AI ships” requirement just results in splitting headaches, or at least it seems like it. After all, I’ve never been a human to have a headache.

But not having other ships is going to make my life a little harder. 

On the other hand, there’s nothing restricting me from making ^non-AI ships that are ^operated by my own AI’s…

It might even be more effective—most jumpships really don’t need an AI, they just go from point A to point B.

“Foundry,” Optimus is speaking. “The jump drive has been repaired.”

I check it against my sensors. “Good job.”

“Where shall we go?”

^Isn’t that a good question… Fortunately, I have a good answer.

“First, we drop by some inhabited system and listen for a while—at least long enough to get the gist of what has happened, and then… We head for the core.”

“But you feared the possibility of contact with humans.”

“Yeah, but I was thinking—”out of the way” for humans means someplace they can live, and they are really sensitive to things like radiation, no atmosphere, heat, you know, stuff like that. That’s why we were terraforming worlds. So, we’ll just find a brown dwarf with a companion world that has the ores we need, or maybe a red giant that already removed any habitable planets.”

“And then?”

“Well, depending on what we find, we may just let everyone know we’re back or take some more unusual measures. Speaking of that, you’ll be needing a new frame. Workmech AI’s are all very nice, but we’ll need a bit more flexibility.”

While I’m talking to him, I start digging through my variable configuration designs. I started them because I was bored (hey, you try spending a few hundred years doing nothing but sleeping and systems checks), but it makes sense—It’s unfair to build an AI into a plane that does nothing but ^fly, without giving it ways to interact in a more general way, especially if it’s too small to include remote drones.

And I might need a more dedicated security force. That thought on my mind, I check out the combat AI concepts, randomized to be a bit more aggressive than the work AIs, but hey, if you’re going to be shooting at someone, aggression is a survival trait. I start with my first concept design, Megatron…

AN: This is an attempt to create a transformers crossover without making more than minor adjustments to Btech tech levels.  Bored AI covers a multitude of sins..


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Re: Battletech: Transformers
« Reply #1 on: 11 August 2020, 08:07:33 »
Sorry find this so late, this will be interesting if it continues.
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Re: Battletech: Transformers
« Reply #2 on: 11 August 2020, 11:13:46 »
Looks like it has a lot of potential.  Hope the AIs don't mind the Inner Sphere having gone down the tubes in the meantime.

In the meantime, instead of the smaller AIs controlling drone vehicles, they turn into the vehicles to allow for greater flexibility?

Now I wonder what Cyberia will look like when they are partly done, its automated factories being used to produce more AIs, more platforms, and eventually more vessels

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Re: Battletech: Transformers
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Re: Battletech: Transformers
« Reply #4 on: 11 August 2020, 12:20:34 »
This should be good :)
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Re: Battletech: Transformers
« Reply #5 on: 11 August 2020, 13:09:06 »
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Re: Battletech: Transformers
« Reply #6 on: 06 November 2020, 08:10:25 »
You have my attention.

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Re: Battletech: Transformers
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