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Author Topic: Clan Blood Spirit --a new begining  (Read 793 times)

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Clan Blood Spirit --a new begining
« on: 23 May 2018, 12:50:27 »
Clan Blood Spirit Brain Castle'' Blood Horizon''
Blood Spirit Military Command
August 1st 2821

 In attendance of the strategic meeting were Khan Schmitt,Star Admiral McFadden, Fleet Admiral Anna Galen. Alpha Cluster Commander Dale Keller,Beta Cluster Commander Dan Lewis,Gamma Cluster Eric Church,Star Captain Boques aide to khan and Loremaster Stephan Pitcher as well as Chief Sciencetist Lars and Chief Merchant Natasha and Quartermaster Kevin.As the Khan walked in the Loremaster called the room to attention and the Khan stated '''At ease and be seated''the Khan continued '' The reason for the meeting is finalize plans for Operation Klondike per the ILKHAN orders.'''where do we stand on our force readiness??''Star Admiral McFadden stated the fleet preperations are nearly complete still a few problems with targeting on a few auto cannons but will be corrected shortly.''''and supplies'' Quartermaster stated ''ammunition levels are nearly complete should be about week when the last of the orders are complete,food stores are complete but i am gathering some extra in case the fighting lasts longer then expected. medical supplies are complete as directed.
  ''how are the supplies line looking??'' the Khan asked. Chief Merchant stated '' the supply line are up and working a. We have several trade agreements with the Scorpions ,Wolfs,Wolverines,Cobra and the Sea Foxes for the raw materials and weapons systems we can sell them. how ever a problem we may   run into depending on the fighting is manpower.''
    The Khan looked at him with a bit confused and frustrated look and asked '' what to do you mean.??'' I have been running the numbers ,i think where we might have trouble is the infantry and armored crews and enough personal to protect the supply depots.'' the Khan says'' i see and any proprosals on fixing this issue'' chief merchant stated ''add more people to training programs and maybe loosen some of the graduation requierments??