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Author Topic: Daughter of Mars Prequel  (Read 1230 times)


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Daughter of Mars Prequel
« on: 18 April 2011, 03:06:29 »
Gym B of the HMW Academy , North-Tybald , Bryceland, Draconis March Federated Commonwealth
3rd May, 3063 ,2.48pm     

Everyone who had even been unlucky enough to get Drill Sergeant  Bark's attention, forced to listen to his “constructive criticism”, knew why he was called the “Yelling Ass” among the kids of the small military school.
He was loud, rude and his breath  was a violation of the Ares Conventions.

He had kept a special eye on Duchess Nadja Brenshov-Damien for some reason, he hated her like hell as it seemed.
But she not planned to back down to this tyrant.

The ugly, pit-bull faced man was yelling right at her face for some moments already which seemed like a full hour to her.
Saliva came flying as he did so and his arms flailed around.
He seemed close to some kind of rage, she felt like he was going to smash a fist into her face any moment.
Her father often looked the same before giving her a beating.

This thought, his yelling and the way he pocked his finger again and again into her chest over her budding breasts made her twitch involuntarily.
Seemed like Drill Officers all were the same, like those Clone Monsters of the Clans her parents had told her about in their war tales.
And his voice kept ringing in her ears.

And the worst thing was, what he did made Sasha feel angry and helpless. Anger, fear and frustration had been close often in Nadja's head.

Most old pervs who insulted and treated thirteen year old girl's the way Sergeant Bark did were arrested by the Harland Metro Guard but this guy got a pay and a rank in the Militia for it.

Nadja clenched her small hands into fists , so firmly that her knuckles were whitening.
She wasn't sure if she wanted to cry, flee or attack.  It had been the same often on New Avalon and the other Academy she had been expelled from already.

But not matter what, Nadja not wished to give that man the satisfaction of showing fear.
She glared at him.

And all only because she had not managed to get up that stupid rope! Not even her self knew why, she was as athletic as any normal girl her age could be. Her father was strict and her mother loved sports.
Maybe it was because a dozen of boys had climbed up that rope before it had been her turn...sweating and panting boys....disgusting.
She scolded her self inside for searching for such a cheap excuse.

And Mr Barks went on, yelling at her:”You are a living shame Cadet Damien, a failure!A weakling! You look like a boy but I guess you are made out of pudding!You are supposed to have a talent for Mechs? To rule the better half of this planet some day? What a bad joke! Down and give me ten!”

Nadja did as she had been told, doing ten push ups and one more, just to show that bastard that she was no weakling. She stood up again but Sgt. Barks was not done yet, he asked her:” How tall are you cadet?”

“Sir, Five feet and one Sir!” she answered, despite knowing better.

“What? Impressive..I didn't know that shit can be piled that high!” he said and smirked.

This did hurt. Nadja gritted her teeth and gave a silent growl.

Sergeant Barks leaned forth and toward her. Glaring back at her he hissed:”Do you think you'll get some special treatment for being a bit younger, a girl or the Duchess? Never! Your father and grandfather were heroes! I am so glad that Sire Joseph not had to live to see this shame! I not know maybe it is that dirty Russian Liao blood of your mother....:”

He didn't speak on, his words cut off some how.
Nadja had finally snapped between the words DIRTY and MOTHER, she had winded up on the word Liao.
As her mind cleared again she was trembling slightly, looking at Sergeant Barks who was down on his butt, clutching his bleeding, broken nose.

The only thing Nadja was able to say was:”Ohh..ohh”

She knew that she was in some troubles now, her temper had gotten the better of her again.

But she was a Damien after all, she stood there, ready for her punishment. It had been the right thing to do for no one was allowed to insult her family or mother.
(This was one of the first stories I wrote for the gm)