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Author Topic: Eridani's pain (AU timeline)  (Read 2197 times)

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Eridani's pain (AU timeline)
« on: 04 April 2011, 12:46:16 »
Another from my AU - hurt for the Eridani Light Horse

Hope you enjoy

Eridani Light Horse Command, Fort Winson
Dieron, Dieron Prefecture
Draconis Combine
8th November 3071

   Following her Regiment’s recall from the Draconis Combine/Star Adder border Colonel Sandra Barclay, commander of the Seventy-first Light Horse Regiment, was more than angry that they had been recalled to their base world Dieron deep within the centre of the Inner Sphere.  Although the Draconis Combine and Star Adder forces were at a sort of cease fire at present the situation was fluid and highly dangerous for all concerned.  Having an SLDF regiment in position had bolstered the Draconis Combine defenders and now they were alone again, the last thing the Clans needed was an opportunity to move forward again taking yet more territory that the Star League would no doubt end up having to take back.  She stormed into Brigade Commander General Edwin Amis’ office inside Fort Winson, a former Star League outpost restored by the Eridani Light Horse and the Draconis Combine engineers.  “What the hell is this?”  She said looking directly at her commander and the commander of the whole brigade.

   â€œYou mean ‘what the hell is this sir’ don’t you? Colonel” Edwin said removing a smoking, stinking, cigar from his mouth.

   â€œAff, I mean Aye, sir” she stammered of all the Eridani Light Horse Warriors Sandra Barclay was one of the most experienced and had spent the most time with and fighting against the Clans.  Because of her extensive experience with them she’d picked up several of their language and cultural beliefs.  “I apologise, sir, it is just that my unit was beginning to make some headway with the locals breaking their Clan doctrine the Star Adders had given them.  Now we have been pulled out they are defenceless and the DCMS is stretched too much to deal with re-training some locals to get rid of civilian problems, their whole samurai beliefs it is finished and ended when the enemy gets off planet.”

   â€œWe have bigger problems than the DCMS or the Star Adders?”

   â€œBigger problems, sir?”  She said calming down, she knew the General wouldn’t have called her back for something mundane.

   â€œAye, Paul Calvin was killed two weeks ago.”

   â€œPaul’s dead?”  She asked Colonel Paul Calvin commander of the Nineteenth Striker Regiment assigned to the garrison of Huntress and the defence of the SLDF Embassy on Strana Mechty in the Clan Homeworlds.  “How?”  She asked Paul’s Regiment had replaced her own on Huntress just over a year before, the Striker itself had only recently been rebuilt from its demolition by Clan Jade Falcon.

   â€œApparently a Jade Falcon Star Colonel came to Huntress looking for revenge for the damage the Nineteenth did to his unit in 3064.  This Star Colonel, a Colton Pryde, challenged Paul to a one-on-one duel.”

   â€œHe didn’t accept?”  Sandra asked she’d be shocked if he had, the Inner Sphere may have proven itself superior in large scale battles but in one-on-one battles they could rarely defeat the superior Clan warriors with their superior Mechs.

   â€œAye, he did.”  Edwin said he saw Sandra’s face drop with disapproval “if he hadn’t Colton threatened the entire Nineteenth Striker with destruction.  Because he accepted the Jade Falcons left the Nineteenth alone but leaderless the Regiment is now open to further attacks.”

   â€œWhat about Paul’s XO?”

   â€œMajor Trahn, is a very capable officer however he is no diplomat.”  Edwin said “I need someone who knows the Clans who can fight them and work with them if need be.”

   â€œWe just came back from Huntress” Sandra protested it was a six month trip to the Clan Homeworlds then a minimum of a year time there, it was like being a mercenary again.

   â€œThe Commanding-General believes your unit is the best choice… and so do I.”  Edwin said raising from his chair for the first time “Sandra, I’m not going to order your unit to Huntress it’s a volunteer mission.”

   â€œWe’ll do it.”  She said without another thought, she was a career Eridani Light Horse officer and would never let them down and now as part of the SLDF she could never let down the Star League either.

   â€œThank you, Colonel, we have set up a priority Alpha circuit for you to take you from here to Huntress beyond the Clan Occupation Zones.  I can’t give you a WarShip but the route we have planned will keep you out of harms way.”

   â€œUnderstood.  What are my orders once at Huntress?”

   â€œEnsure the Nineteenth are evacuated back to the Inner Sphere, then standard Huntress mission.”  Sandra nodded, she’d wanted clearance to hunt down Colton Pryde but hadn’t received it and she wouldn’t go over her orders.  Turning to leave Sandra moved to the door “And Colonel, if you get Pryde in your sights kill the bastard.”  Edwin added before she left the office.

   â€œAff” she muttered quietly if it was the last thing she ever did she’d take down the Jade Falcon Star Colonel.

Comments welcome
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Eridani's pain (AU timeline)
« Reply #1 on: 04 April 2011, 17:01:51 »
Nice, i have a feeling that the Falcons will need a new Star Colonel soon.


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Re: Eridani's pain (AU timeline)
« Reply #2 on: 05 April 2011, 11:17:07 »
Good to see the old ELH getting some attention.


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Re: Eridani's pain (AU timeline)
« Reply #3 on: 06 April 2011, 17:54:58 »
Nice work and thanks for sharing. Add getting a star of Turkinas to that wishlist.
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