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Author Topic: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)  (Read 9000 times)


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
« Reply #90 on: 18 January 2021, 15:07:00 »
Each update surprises me and I am waiting how everything will come together - eventually I hope  :)

Until then these are several solid tales rolled in one ...  8)


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
« Reply #91 on: 18 January 2021, 15:17:43 »
Rebecca story of her going into the Watch has been little hard for me to follow. It's confusing what she actually doing.  Now she in her caught state. I've no clue what her mission is other than looking for bandits and something more she hadn't touched on.

Iron's story is fairly straightforward and it been gone when you revisit that one.

The third story most interest to me since i'm space ops fan.
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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Rebecca story of her going into the Watch has been little hard for me to follow. It's confusing what she actually doing.  Now she in her caught state. I've no clue what her mission is other than looking for bandits and something more she hadn't touched on.

Iron's story is fairly straightforward and it been gone when you revisit that one.

The third story most interest to me since i'm space ops fan.

I thought I kind of layered that mystery in a bit more but it will be revealed very shortly. Colonel Irons and Kindraa Leader Goulet will start coming back in soon enough.


The light in the hallway turned off leaving her in the all encompassing darkness only obtained underground. Rebekah was no stranger to the sensation, desert caverns were her home for the first half of her time in Sibko but at least there she could walk out and look at the stars. The warming sensation of the floor was welcome but she would have preferred to keep her clothes on and options open. Now she was trapped one day into her mission by potentially hostile locals. “So stupid!”

She was angry at herself for not taking into account her clothes and mannerisms. Everything she knew of the Vaga was from a Scorpion Sage she had met aboard CGS Andromeda which now headed down the Exodus Road with a large detachment of Seekers. Their Corps was growing at an astounding rate among the Goliath Scorpions as the Clan expanded its holdings. Khan Suvorov was trading one of the maintenance and manpower intensive Potemkins to the Wolves for four smaller Molyina transports to support the growing Chi Galaxy while encouraging trade or conquest down the Exodus Road.

Seekers never tried to blend in, they were distinct, had broader cultural training, more firepower, and the backing of their Clan. None of those had were an option for her, Coyote Watch had improved its training but she had received none, and suspected that it would not have covered such a subtle cue. Officially dead of suicide on Kirin she had been smuggled down to Babylon with limited resources and no top cover despite acting as an agent of her Galaxy Commander in order to prove some of Cara's leaked data that might lead to the background of Jeremi and his prototype battlemech not even known to the Khan. “Of course, I should have done more prep for this mission; was just so eager to get it over with and back to Leo.”

Rebekah felt around the room and found a straw stuffed mattress with no pillow, a toilet, and built in sink. She had not spent any time in a brig but heard that was about what one could expect. Unfortunately she did not know what to expect from her 'hosts.' Locals referred to the Sheikh in frightful awe. With nothing to do she simply drifted off in the bed, hoping for decent rest before a likely unpleasant day tomorrow.

Rest was long in coming, straw poked her in uncomfortable places, and the bunker was crushingly silent except her rustling and a faint hum of air vents. There was something of an over pressure which made sense for a military bunker to keep dust and gases out. The subtle light creeping in from the hallway woke her and she readied to pounce against anyone trying to enter. It was a long shot that she could escape mostly naked and in unfamiliar terrain but she had to try. If she could last long enough to send a distress message rescue might come before she was dead.

A faint shadow was cast over the light, she heard the keypad buzz, and door unlock. The steel door opened and she leapt onto the woman standing outside. Caught off guard the woman dropped the bundle of clothes and wrestled with her prisoner on the concrete floor. Rebekah got into a top mount looking down to see a young woman roughly her own age but with an exotic face framed by long wavy brown hair unlike other Vaga. “Who are you?”

The woman calm despite being in such an unusual position. Her voice was musical with a distinctive accent, “I am known as Chan.”

She leaned in on Chan, “I will not be a caged Coyote. Where are the others?”
“My sister-wives, our husband, or his guards?”
“There's no one else down here except us.”
“I don't believe you. There has to be a guard somewhere. This is a jail and you are one of the Sheikh's wives.”
“Who is quite capable of taking care of an unarmed mostly naked woman if necessary. Sharazad sent me down here to deliver clothes and ensure you are bathed before lunch.”
“The First Wife. Am I to be a slave like you.”

Chan looked her over which felt terribly invasive, “He probably won't fancy you. You're too light skinned for his taste. I merely do what she requests, asking why is beyond my station.”
“What do the First Wife and your husband request of you?”
“Caring and teaching their younger children or entertainment. I was a Kisaeng on Itabaiana before Colonel Rosse claimed possession of me. Amun killed him two years ago and now I serve him.”

This woman was frustratingly patient and confident. Rebekah thought deeper on it, why wouldn't she be? This was a bad idea from the start. “In what way do you serve Amun, this Sheikh of Sumral?”
“I learned many arts from the Draconis Combine and he enjoys all of them. I have not shared his bed outside of our first night if that is what you are asking. He prefers Masika and until recently Amin.”
She leaned forward to take up some of the gap between them, “Often at the same time.”
“Did that anger you?”

The woman once more relaxed back to the ground, “I had my fill under Leon. Now are we going to have a problem or will you follow me?”

Rebekah dismounted and accepted the white robes. This was not what she had expected after yesterday afternoon's treatment. She had wanted to present her case not bring harm to the settlement so perhaps a night off and the cooler head of this Sharazad would give her the opportunity. Chan led the way and like her was barefoot and dressed in a simple robe. The bunker was kept at a comfortable temperature and mostly vacant, she could see crates and barrels of various sizes stocked up in machine spaces and relatively simple cots were stockpiled atop one another. Steel doors barred entrances to arsenals and critical junctions, the bunker was as much prison as fortification.
“Why is it so vacant?”

“If you had an option to live under the sun or beneath the earth which would you choose? Babylon may not be a very hospitable host, but I would rather live under a sky than rock like so many of your other towns. Sharazad claims this place was built by one of her great ancestors, to resist your people, and it continues to serve in this role.”

“My people?”
“Yes, The Clans of Kerensky. Many Babylonians were butchered during KLONDIKE and throughout your brief history. The Combine has only engaged in such barbarism once and we paid a dear price for it.

Now Clanborn members of the Sheikh's war-band are feared, Smoke Jaguars with the strength of two men and ferocity of a dozen. Nova Cat sharpshooters that can see in the dark and bring death from unseen places. I hear many stories from hostages taken and personal experience at the hands of one.”
“Yet you stay loyal and serve.”

“Badlands bandits are hardly more honorable. I would sooner throw myself off a cliff than fall into their hands. These Warriors accept surrender, take bondsmen for security only, commit no atrocities, or threaten civilians under their protection, lest they face a lash or be cast from cliffs and fed to the crows. The Sheikh's methods may be cruel but necessary in the face of such savage opposition.”

Chan led her up closer to the palace level, decorations and staff began to appear, bowing slightly to the woman while ignoring her companion. “This is where most of the palace staff lives and works.”

A large steel door painted with a stylized picture of women bathing with inscriptions in gilded script below. Once opened a brief fog filled their immediate area, Chan bade her in and closed the door behind. Within was a richly decorated bathhouse with a large pool surrounded by colorful mosaic tiles and accessories cast in precious metals decorated with gemstones. “Everything you require is within.”
“Are you going to remain here?”
“Aff, I cannot leave my guest unattended. It would a grave rudeness.”
“And security breach.”
“You have nowhere to go but the Shaykah's chambers. On your feet or in chains, your choice.”

Rebekah removed the robe and disappeared under the water while Chan sat seiza style on a small handwoven rug. The desert clothes that Rebekah wore yesterday were in one of the wall insets next to the bath, looking faded, washed, and aged, “Who messed with my clothes?”
“I did, they stand out too much but are of good construction. A little artificial wear for comfort and a proper washing to remove excess dye was all that was required.”
“They look nice.”

The young woman nodded, “Thank you”

Rebekah and Chan woman entered into the Shaykah's dining chamber, refreshed, dressed, and with hair and makeup done properly. What she could see of the woman herself was striking gorgeous, she was dressed and veiled in black to mourn her sister, as were Zahra, Masika, and four children. All except Rebekah, and Chan who wore white, as was custom where she originated. The Matriarch bade her to sit and she did so alongside a young boy that looked at her curiously before saying something in a language she did not understand. They shared a filling meal although rather awkwardly as the others talked around her in that same language. At its conclusion the children and other wives disappeared and Rebekah sat face to face across a tea kettle with the Shaykah herself.

The woman removed her veil poured a cup of tea for both of them, presented the maps, and leaned forward her eyes intense. “You have ten minutes to tell me why I should not execute you as a spy." She tipped a gilded hourglass, "Starting now.”


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Rebekah had been rehearsing this moment in her mind all morning, was it morning, it didn't matter, but it all disappeared as the situation suddenly changed. She pulled the maps forward but her gauntlet commpad was still within arms reach of the other woman, “Let me see my CommPad.”
“And let you delete or upload the data to some other location. I think not.”
“You are a frustrating woman.”
“Times wasting Rebekah.”
“Fine, I will do it from memory. I am not here to spy on your people Sharazad.”
“Then why do you have maps of an area near my husband's present operating zone?”
“I didn't even know that Sumral had been abandoned by the Hellions. I just knew it was a nomad way station. How could I know where the Sheikh was?”

Shara sipped her tea and watched the sands fall, “Information does not need to be complete to be worthwhile.”

“Precisely! I was given a secret roster of a base located in this area. A Scientist Black Site where the population never ages, dies, or grows. Looking into it last year almost got me killed, twice. Once on Ur and another in Versailles. As far as Clan Coyote is concerned I died on Kirin of a drug overdose following my Grand Melee last month.”

She put her finger on a basalt ridge, “I need to infiltrate this base and investigate it in order for SaKhan Clearwater to act on it.”

Once more she spread her hands on the map, stopping on the labyrinthine basalt canyons that were between Sumral and the location, “I need to contact the Vaga so they could guide me across the Black River. I can survive in the Tamaron desert but I don't know this planet as well. If no one is willing to take me across I will learn how to do it myself.”

The sands fell as the woman paused in contemplation, "Why are you so determined to do this mission solo young lady?”

“Because I lost a friend to it...I've had much time alone to think about it...and since someone tried to kill me I think I'm onto something and I want to save my Clan.”

Sharazard's sand clock emptied and she let it stay there for a while judging her prisoner on the far side of the table. “You've convinced me, congratulations on saving yourself from the garrote. I am afraid I cannot personally help you with this task but when the Sheikh returns next week you can appeal to him."
She pushed the CommPad back across the richly lacquered table, “Until then I am certain a caravan would be willing to let you accompany them. A warning, the Black River is a treacherous and constantly changing place with nothing to offer those that venture through it be very careful if you go there.

Chan will see you out and return your possessions. Do try to be more subtle next time, Zahra and Masika still don't trust you.”

She was bidden farewell and exited right into Chan who stood there with her rucksack, knife, and medicine satchel. Reequipped she walked out into the shaded of the noon sun and returned to her jeep. Three days later she was driving over the whipping black sands and ruthless sun of the Valence desert with a Kaskan rifle slung over her back, looking through goggles at a herd of Tallasi gathered around a soda oasis with one of the Vaga groups.


Within the city of Versailles Coyote Kin Keeper Shawn Rosanske accessed his secret terminal. The terminal was linked directly to the Valence Shell facility in the middle of the harsh unforgiving wastes of the Basalt Ocean. A windswept and utterly desolate facility once a strongholds of a long erased Pentagon Power before being transformed after the Blood Scandal almost a hundred years ago. His many times predecessor was worried that the Reavings would cripple the Coyotes forever and he was mostly correct. They lost their empire to other powers and fell from the height of their power which at one time equaled the Wolves, Jade Falcons, and Ghost Bears.

They had instituted a fallback lab to experiment with biological weapons and genetic engineering trusting the remote and harsh location to insulate them from any uncontrolled release. The badlands themselves provided plenty of isolated Bandit populations on which to experiment. Much had been learned and when he took over in 3050 after being cast down as part of Khan Sullivan Koga's reorganization he had found alternate uses and allies among those disaffected from her actions.

Enhanced Imaging was still a relatively new technology to the Clans only being rolled out less than 30 years ago shortly after he took his first Trial of Position. The Smoke Jaguars and Ice Hellions were the largest users per capita as both Toumans had high turnover already so the negative long term effects were mitigated.

Jade Falcons however had a number of them these lasted longer typically and through back channels the Scientists including their own Scientist-General Etienne who had escaped to an unknown location just as the All Clan Watch closed on him. When the Smoke Jaguars launched their protomech program they were building on these notes and found the Aerospace phenotype resisted degradation longer due to a number of synergistic factors.

Shawn didn't know how widespread the Scientists experiments were yet he allowed them to continue. The Clan's collective failure at the Great Refusal had shaken his own confidence in their Warriors. As a Scientist he was willing to green light experiments to improve their individual proficiency. Star Captain Jeremi Kufahl's performance during the Grand Melee had proven their latest experiments were successful. He had taken down a whole Binary by himself and was little worse for wear because of it according to the after action reports.

Within his mailbox he saw that Scientist-General Richarda had identified another three dozen civilian candidates through genetic screening that had similar genes from among the Steel Vipers or Kindraa Beyl-Grant. Covert capture teams were already slowly moving to their quarry, “Authorize.”


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Gathering the Troops


The black and blue coated CSR Ark Royal gracefully orbited the J-class Gas Giant Shadow I. Its largest moon Shadow Ia served as the Fire Mandrill's capital just as it had done for the Mongoose's before them. Snow Raven Loremaster Klaus Harper, a large Marine, stood heads taller than his ship's crew in an equally proud uniform of black and blue. He folded his hands standing on the observation deck as his guests arrived and were shown to their quarters.

CSR Ark Royal's Star had recently returned from their maiden voyage down the Exodus Road. Khan Lynn McKenna had ordered him to open up diplomatic channels to periphery states in order to diversify Clan holdings. Chief priority was to find new markets for goods coming from the Dominion to repay the Raven's past assistance rather than carry them all the way back up the Exodus Road or transfer them to the Shark's growing Chainelane colonies. The Homeworlds were limited by peer competition, population, distance, and their own hostile worlds.

They had settled on a Coreward excursion over the Draconis Combine to the Outworlds Alliance terrifying their AMC with his Clan's presence. To their credit the fighter pilots offered a challenge and were victorious and had received a Titan dropship. He regretted that he failed to issue a “Take me to your leader,” challenge but President Mitchell Avellar had practically handed over the keys of a dozen worlds after he offered the barest minimum authorized. He could still see the relief on the man's face after he made it clear that the Ravens were not interested in conquest. Some of his people remained behind conducting clandestine assessments on the Quatre Belle Yards and Alliance proper.

His subordinate's HPGs enumerated the desperate state of Alliance's citizens. Dominion goods transported by Raven Merchants aboard the Bonaventure and the presence of the factory ship Venture Star were already making a measurable difference in their quality of life. Of course, for now House Avellar was allowed to take credit for this windfall and save its desperate position. It would be much harder for Mitchell to break their unofficial pact and explain failure if his people knew the cost.

Blood Spirit ilChis Jas Keller and Bri McFadden appeared in the observation deck behind him. Both were smaller than the Loremaster although Bri as an Aerofighter was more so than Jas. Each of them wore the formal Blood Spirit uniform of a bright red bodysuit with black accents. Bri the senior of the two Clan intermediates spoke, “It is my pleasure to inform you that Khan Boques is aboard.”

For such a giant among his phenotype his voice was calm and scholarly, “Good, I see that he brought the Carmine Justice with him.” An Aegis coated in black and red floated several thousand kilometers distant, hardly visible against Shadow's bloody atmosphere.

Jas, the Mechwarrior attached to Khan Sainze of the Mandrills, “He does not trust the Mandrills.”

“Perhaps a wise decision on his part, but one that we will have to soften. There is much for both of your Clans to disagree on but I think there is a chance now in this uncertain times. You have common enemies and the potential benefits outweigh known costs.”

He lifted a noteputer which in his giant hands was no larger than even a common commpad, “What are the status of the Kindraa Leaders.”

“Many were already nearby, only Goulet and Faraday were beyond two jumps on Atreus.”

Klaus opened up the Raven Watch files on the two Leaders which had thrown the careful balance of Clan Fire Mandrill into disarray with their recent gains. “No doubt continuing the stir up trouble. Kindraa Leader Goulet and his lieutenants have won many Trials of Grievance and Possession for his recent gains.”

ilChi Keller whose staff were serving as impartial liaisons for the fragmented and territorial Mandrill Watch nodded, “They seem to have worked out a deal with the Hellions for warships and Enclaves.”

“Of which I am quite aware and even pleased. Xander, Claude, and Nina were trained by the best Clan Snow Raven could offer to our fellow Clans above Hellgate. Their success continues to validate our methods, just as the Newgrange Fara Church does the Spirits.”


Kindraa Leaders Claude Goulet and Marc Faraday sat across from one another with their staff. Marc was a mostly unknown quantity to Claude and he looked at Faye warily. She noticed it too, the Jaguar was not shy about her identity in fact she reveled in the reputation of her once proud now fallen Clan. She unzipped her jumpsuit even so slightly. “See something you like Marc.”

“How can you share a shuttle with this Jaguar Claude? You know what her Clan is capable of.”

Atreus, home of the Faraday-Tanaga's was before their de facto Annihilation fiercely contested with the Jaguars. So much so that the Kindraa's proficiency was in defensive battles and they had gained a bit of a reputation as wimps better known for their Scientists than Warriors.

The Kindraa Leader looked over to Faye, “We have shared more than a shuttle since we first met. I find her a very capable commander of Warriors and reliable ally.”

Nina Tanaga looked over at the pair with barely contained amusement, she had returned to her native Kindraa after the Trial of Position and oversaw training for Ignition Point's new crew and the Rancor's upgrades, “She is also very clean.”

“Only when I have to be.”
She put a comb through her short tight braids, “Claude I am afraid I will have to wash my hair again tonight.”
“Aboard a Raven ship during a 'Gathering of the Troops' you are insatiable.”
“You did have me wandering about all by myself for the past few months. This girl has needs.”

Tomin Mick watched this twisted charade proceed and eyed Marc, as a Mick-Osis the Jaguar insult had been meant for him as well. Adjacent to his sizable volume were three Aerospace pheno techs, normal sized people would have been pushed into the bulkheads. His rumbling voice filled the compartment, “What is this 'Gathering of the Troops' anyhow?”

Claude looked over to the Elemental, “I am not entirely certain Tomin. The appearance of the Carmine Justice makes me think it is some kind of conference brokered by the ilChis and Loremaster Harper. Every Kindraa Leader was expected to attend and,” he pointed toward the Techs, “Angel, Pren, and Karo needed to be transferred to Lum anyway if we are to get those Fredasas online in a timely manner.”

“A meeting of the Kindraa Leaders and Blood Spirit Khan aboard a Conqueror super-carrier over our Capital. Seems risky.”

“Afraid you cannot take down a Raven Marine Tomin. They are probably no bigger than I am.”

The massive Elemental crossed his arms whose biceps were almost as wide as the Tech's waist, “You did defeat me.”

Claude reclined back into the seat thinking of the big Elemental drifting off to the black. He sharply gestured forward to the large dark skinned man with his built but relatively puny dusky arm, “On a technicality.”

Marc looked over the group most of whom knew each other better than he knew his Star Colonels, “I still think this is a trap. The risk is great with so many leaders in one place. Excellent opportunity to decapitate at least two Clans and take out a powerful Warship in one fell swoop.”

No one was certain which two Clans or Warship he was referring to, even Marc. Nina seemed less concerned although she was never confident unless she was in command of a spaceship, “And invite orbital bombardment of New Kent. I doubt it. The risk may be great but the reward might be as well.

They could be offering us a contract. The Steel Vipers have been pushing them hard lately to make up for shortfalls after the Jade Falcons kicked them out of the Inner Sphere. We have some of the best Warriors left unengaged in the conflicts simmering across the home-worlds.

We just need weapons to send the Vipers back to New Kent in disgrace once more and the Ravens have those Ghost Bear factories.”

Their shuttle pilots chimed in on the INTERCOM, “Ten minutes to docking. Prepare for decel.”

The CT-46 Shuttle was already thrusters back matching velocity with the Conqueror that dwarfed it like a great space whale. Tanaga pilots matched heading with the RCS thrusters to line up their bay. Wide capture booms extended from dorsal and ventral surfaces as the shuttle while the same mass was not as precise with its attitude thrusters or instruments as a proper fighter.

A bay door opened and the booms caught braking wires which carefully cushioned the shuttle with only a small jerk to those aboard. It was guided into position by mechanical arms that pinched the wings dropping them slowly onto extended landing gear. The bay door closed and pressure was restored before the pilots released the airlock controls. “Feel free to move about the cabin.”

Claude and the others stepped off the shuttle and attached themselves to the deck with magnetic boots. After entering the unloading area they were greeted by Loremaster Klaus Harper, the elder Elemental looked Tomin right in the eyes. Tomin leaned down and whispered to Claude, “He is not very tiny.”

The Loremaster stood in front of ilChi Jas Keller and a group of Raven Marines in PA(L) suits their reflective black visors, white bodies, and electric blue Mausers gave them an alien mystique, “Welcome to the Ark Royal Mandrills. I have high hopes for this gathering. If you would please follow me we can begin.”


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Claude Goulet and company walked through the vast mostly empty corridors of the Ark Royal. Everything was very clean and white with diffuse lighting and no shadows giving it a flat blank appearance, like a canvas awaiting an artist's brush. Very different than the lived-in industrial look he was accustomed to. As an Elemental Marine he expected to live upon a spacecraft, but the utter whiteness was almost maddening. Klaus and Tomin had plenty of room to maneuver in the high rounded ceilings which they certainly appreciated.

This vessel however reminded him more of the Circe Caretaker station and the Jaguars' laboratories within it than a functional habitat with nearly five hundred crew and guests aboard. There were no decorations or technicians moving about, as if the ship were abandoned. A small robot flew pass the group into an opening in the wall.

“Where are the crew?”
“Thanks to the latest in automation we have reduced crew to a minimum. There are enough to run the ship and launch sorties if necessary.”

They walked away from the core to one of the large grav decks and found Ravens translating through the hallways. “We are almost there.” The six of them boarded a transfer car walking out into a buzzing tube filled with Mandrills wearing their blades and colors watching each other and the Blood Spirits, while Snow Raven Marines watched everyone else.

Klaus left the new Mandrills with their own kind and walked up to a small platform, behind which a large screen came to life with an animated version of the Snow Raven emblem. His voice boomed over the assembled Warriors, he stood on a platform flanked by the ilChis. “It is my great pleasure to host this Gathering of the Troops.  I am pleased that so many of you accepted our invitation. Khan Lynn McKenna has empowered me to act as moderator for this event and we Snow Ravens are happy to assist your Clans in whatever capacity you may require. IlChis Keller and McFadden have done a great deal of work over the past three years behind the scenes. It is our hope that you leave this Gathering in better shape that you entered, with more allies and no new enemies.

We will begin work tomorrow. Until then please enjoy our hospitality.”

The Raven Loremaster departed and the ilChi’s began circulating through the crowd facilitating conversation with the rival Kindraa while Snow Raven techs or their machines served dinner. Khan Troy Boques, a relatively young and lively Spirit approached his peer and friendly rival Khan Garett Sainze asking him about his latest battles against the Steel Vipers on Marshall. Garett opened up after a half dozen vodkas speaking of battles that would likely not be backed up by the ROMs to equally drunken sycophants.

Claude and the others found their own niches to fit into Nina was extolling her Lola IV’s performance and crazy adventure to fellow Warship commanders. Faye found other Jaguars who had found a home among the Kindraa after their Clan’s defeat. Tomin wrestled an equally powerful Spirit Elemental under the vigilant eyes of Snow Raven Marines and to the cheers of gamblers taking odds on the victor.

Joseph Kline found the Marine watching the Jaguars compare blades, of which every Mandrill had at least one, “Been a while Joe.”
“It has Claude, I see you are spending most of your time on Atreus.”
“What can I say sometimes it’s nice to look at the same planet for a while.”

Kline pointed his drink at the Ravens that had begun arriving for the pre-party. “They know about the Hellions.”

The rest of the bottle emptied in Claude’s hands, “Are they going to do anything about it?”
“No, they are doing it themselves. I think near the same place hence why they know.”

Both of them returned to the buffet for another round, “Hardly surprising.”
“Are you sure you do not want to follow Xander, down the Exodus Road?”
“I have doubts of course. The Inner Sphere has opportunity, and Khan Drake is a trustworthy ally. Like I said before though there are benefits to working in a familiar environment.”

Joseph picked over the food which was far nicer than the normal grub (which was sometimes actual grubs) served on Shadow, “You could find another one.”

“Someone has to stay behind. Our ancestors clawed their way across the stars to bring us here. I do not want to abandon their efforts however I fell they might have been in vain.”

“It is unfortunate they failed. A big war is coming. You are smart, you have to see it too.”
“I have done everything I can to be prepared. We are Warriors, it is in our blood. I will fight for the Clan and our way against all comers if necessary.”

“The Grand Council is falling apart, and sides are being drawn. There is only so much we could take before something broke.”

Claude looked over the Mandrills which had suffered most at their own hands, “Things broke a long time ago. I do not believe it is yet beyond saving.”

“I find your idealism refreshing.”
He looked at a dark-haired woman walking about, Kline Kindraa was the smallest, so it had made many friends among the other Kindraa and Clans to survive serving as a diplomatic branch between rivals while not being big enough to threaten larger groups.

“Samantha says similarly. I am not so sure; Strads (Star Adder) have been putting a lot of pressure on anyone opposing them since the Vipers were ejected from the Falcon OZ and cut off their stream of raw materials. We resist of course, it is our nature, but our Spirit allies have been savaged and their Enclaves and ability to absorb loss are limited.”

“N’Buta talks big but moves slow, the old man has been in charge long enough that he thinks he deserves to control the Homeworlds, just like Martindale. We can seize the initiative and make them reconsider this present course of eating away at smaller clans; particularly if Nina is right and the Ravens wish to help.”
“The Ravens are here to help themselves buy time for their own retreat.”

“The two are not mutually exclusive. They are guarding many Enclaves with fewer available ships and have already contracted the Goliath Scorpions on Circe. I expect they will help the other Kindraa do what I have already started within my own.

If what you say is true, then they have little need for new Enclaves and will downsize just as the Wolves have been doing over time. The Fire Mandrills could become the next Hell’s Horses, there are far worse things to be.”
“That would make the Blood Spirits the new Coyotes then?”

Both of them watched Khan Boques and Sainze laugh it up with one another and their companions. “Depends on which path they choose?”
“Coyotes or the Spirits?”

The following six days were eventful but business-like affairs although there was much arguing and some minor violence. As expected, the Snow Ravens offered Enclaves on Bearclaw and Arcadia piecemeal. Within the Clan Kindraa Leaders competed internally in unaugmented challenges for the privilege of defending that territory and an increasing share of its production over five years. Troy Boques inked a deal that would see the Snow Ravens repair the Newgrange CBS Fara Church given to them by the Coyotes and transfer the former CSV Pride of New Kent, a Carrack that had been disabled during a raid on Lum to the Spirits along with skilled technicians to train its crew on the simple transport. The Mandrills would benefit from the yard-ship as well which would provide a less expensive alternative to the Lum Yards for their vessels. The CFM Reaver would be upgraded to a Block II, while this was occurring the Ravens leased them the equivalent CSR White Cloud giving them half the crew slots and principal (but not total) command of the vessel.

Additionally, the Spirits would be granted the Arcadian Enclave with assurances of protection from naval attack by the Circe Battle Star. Putting such a powerful rival right next to the heart of the Steel Viper and Star Adder’s pentagon war machine would be immensely damaging and reduce the Snake Alliance’s Kerensky Cluster force density opening up new opportunities.

An unexpected side effect of the Trials was the voluntary Absorption of Kindraa into four Super-Kindraa that would enhance the others ability and further reduce inefficiencies. Lacking a viable partner, the Faraday-Tanagas were granted the ability to harvest Jaguar Abtakha from other Kindraa adding another three Clusters (Swords, Heart, and Claws) keeping the power balance roughly even between the four Super-Kindraa and satisfying its new leader Enzo Karavaeva, an older Jaguar Abtakha taken in the mid-3050s.

Mick-Kreese-Kline | Sainze-Matilla-Carrol | Payne-Beyl-Grant | Faraday-Tanaga + Jaguars

Clan Blood Spirit and Fire Mandrill brokered a compact that outlined shared resources both human and material between the two Clans and the Mandrill Kindraa eliminating wasteful redundancies. Joint research and development agreements were drawn up between all three Clans. Merchant trade was formalized as the Diamond Sharks continued to suffer slowdowns while increasing fees. Free Guilds could pick up the slack but did not run routes to either Clan’s Enclaves due to low volume and threat of Cloud Cobra intercepts. Snow Raven Merchant craft would transport the initial shipments tapering off as the links matured (and they moved on to the Outworlds).

Loremaster Klaus Harper watched the delegates depart his ship for their own upon the Observation Deck. Plans had been drawn up for a massive surprise campaign to announce the arrival of the Blood-Fire Compact onto the scene. “Run little Mandrills and burn yourselves up for the Ravens. If you succeed, spectacular, if not, well then there is less of a Grand Council to worry about on our way out.”

A chime triggered on the phone, “How is the Exodus Road treating you Lynn” He paused for a moment listening to the live HPG from hundreds of light years distant, “Yes, everything is going to plan OvKhan. Sending it to you now.”

Enzo’s Jaguars would reclaim their legacies from the Eridani Light Horse on Huntress
SMC will kick the Vipers off Marshall
PBG will raid the Falcons on Gatekeeper
MKK spearheads an assault on Foster against the Hell’s Horses.


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Diary of a Gunslinger

April 3063
Lootera in 3063 was a wild place, strangely more peaceful than my native FedSuns what with the Regent’s War going on at the same time. Less strenuous than the Ghost Bear-Nova Cat War too; those purps scored a big win and loads of patriotic #@*%& with that one. This was still pre-Katherine Steiner-Davion…Fox whatever she calls herself now, invading New Avalon and blowing up a town with her big ass warship. I won’t defend what Bishop Sortek did, he was in the wrong but not everyone thought it at the time. I’m just saying 3063 was a hell of a year.

Anyway, back to Lootera, the 2SLDF has occupied the main continent ever since the Great Refusal. The First Prince’s death was hard on all of us but good for recruitment into the SLDF, fancy uniform, tour the stars, merc level pay without having to fix your own mech, it was a nice deal. Well Huntress was a different animal see some of us wanted to take the fight up there and maybe had a bit of a death wish. Lots of BIRD DOG vets signed up, upset that they missed out on a battle for the history books. Man were they in for a surprise let me tell you, between the Sundering and Jihad, it’ll take a whole #@&*!? golden century to put the whole universe back together.

So, any way some of us wanted vengeance and a brand-new Clan mech right from the factory in our name to take home after our two years were up. All you needed to do was have a solid service record, sign on the dotted line, ship off the Tukayyid for the Gunslinger course, complete it, and you would head on up the Exodus Road aboard one of the Blessed Order’s jumpships. The whole process took about two years + three more but the pay, the pay was really nice, bonuses for beating Clanners at their own game, and tax free. Like in 3070 I brought a thousand-acres and three thousand head in cash good.

I had just dropped into Lootera’s Green Zone and signed for my Cauldron-Born two weeks before Valentines. They had dozens of those squat gunboats roll off the line every year from the smokies factories.

My techs were former Jaguars it was a good gig for them, most of Lootera had fallen apart without the Warrior Caste. Drugs, gambling, alcohol, hookers, whatever you wanted was available if you looked a little.

Constables spent more time dealing with vice than the insurrection and that insurrection burned hot every once in a while. It was on a lull when I started ‘cause the Eridani had just busted a few wanna be Warlords in the jungle, blew up some ammo dumps and made a big show of force. They kept talking about this lost Khan, but we never found him, I think he was just a ghost story, or a man on a radio.

Nothing ever dies as long as at least someone remembers and they Clans were so brainwashed that they wanted a return to the bad old days. I have served on more than a few Combine and Confederation worlds, but this was way worse than even Sunny’s best propaganda, it’s a Cult. These Lost Causers were numerous and with the census lost anyone could come in and claim the Jaguar’s mantle.

I faced down a Mob of Mandrills led by some old Jaguar Ristar in a Loki. He blabbered on about his deeds. Fought in the REVIVAL trials, knew the original ilKhan that Miraborg spaced, etc… He wanted the old legacies so he could rebuild the Clan. So, I called him out, my unit was the first FedSuns one to reinforce the Clan Front during the War. Held firm against everything the Wolves and Jade Falcons threw at us and we won the most important thing, time, which was wasting when we could be wasting each other.

He took the bait, I knew he would, standard protocol from Gunslinger plus the Cats gave you some inside info on their mindset, and this guy was old school and angry. I think it was the mech, but I suppose it could have been me too, we had a nice chat going on, well I was chatting he was yelling something in that horrid pidgin they call language.

Courtesy of my new targeting computer I found all the normal weak spots and filled them with ordnance. Unfortunately, the new Lokis in Clanspace had 25% more armor shockingly this did actually throw me for a loop. We had some choice words for that mech in the AFFC during REVIVAL. The loss of firepower didn’t really matter to this guy he was precise with those lasers despite his apparent rage. For the first time in a while I was genuinely impressed. I won in the end though, popped a slug right through the reactor core.

He ejected running up to my mech with a piece of angle iron pulled from the ruin trying to smash it. My lancemates looked over to me and I dropped a tear gas SRM right next to my foot and the Jaguar to his credit resisted it long enough for some of the others to recover him. The techs had to wash my foot off before it got in the mech bay, but they were still getting teary over it for a week.

That’s just the life of a Gunslinger though everyone wants to put hands on iron in your presence.

I got used to it, served my time, and got out before the real *!^# hit the fan in Clanspace. Just in time for the Jihad. What a life.


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Its time in the old Cat scratch fever town of Lootera tonight.
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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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Aftermath and a New Age

Proceedings of the Grand Council of Clans 06/04/3063

Holoimages of city in ruins surrounded by raging wildfires and matchstick trees still aflame appeared before those assembled within the Hall of Khans. Another collection of images marked as from CGB Ursa Major showed a pair of Thera battlegroups and swarms of Free Worlds League fighters proudly flying the eagle and 2SLDF insignia engaging the Valkyrie Cluster. Following that was a BattleROM image of a heavily damaged OD 2SLDF Anvil with 'UV IV' and stars on its shoulders painted in purple while hip firing an omni-pod loaded with missiles mid-jump.

Loremaster of the Clans Kael Pershaw stood before the lights his grotesque form partially shadowed from his dais. “This is the latest feeds from my All Clan Watch. Over the past few months Archon-Princess Regent Katherine Steiner-Davion has deployed the Mjolnir battle-cruiser Yggdrasil against her own people and reunited the Federated Commonwealth through a cleverly executed campaign.”

The cyborg looked toward the holobust of Khan Bjorn Jorgensson, “And Commanding General Photon Brett-Marik's intervention under the 2SLDF stalled the Ghost Bear assault against the Abjured.”

“We could have used more forces, but the point was made. Clan Ghost Bear will suffer no future attacks from the Draconis Combine or its vassals.”

Steel Viper Khan Perigald Zalman leaned forward, “You say this to assuage yourself of this failure. I have seen the casualty count and after-action report. Your Expeditionary Force was almost wiped out by these Spheroids and now the Second Star League has one of these Thera Battle Groups forward deployed to Wolcott within striking distance of your Dominion.

Thus, it seems they were not cowed Bjorn. This victory will beget another, just like Tukayyid.”

A few moments passed while the HPGs transmitted the message a thousand light years to and back from the Inner Sphere. Since the Ghost Bear's relocation most of the Invader Clans and Diamond Sharks Leadership had been split between two Spheres. Vladimir Ward and Marthe Pryde now spent almost all their time aboard their Clan's Flagship with many others always in transit.

Wolf SaKhan Marialle Raddick stepped forward, “You talk big Perigald, but your Clan cannot back it up. Your Warriors barely fight off Mandrills within two jumps of your own capital and have been shown on multiple occasions to be lacking in everything but fury. If Colonel Irons did not intervene with his 'freeborn' Star Adder reinforcements Marshall would have been lost.

Sit back and let the big boys and girls talk about these issues.”

“Your Wolves have no place here any longer Marialle. Go run off to the Inner Sphere with your tail between your legs. We will stay and fight for our Great Father’s legacy.”

“Not yet. I enjoy the show.” She looked toward Coyote Khan Sullivan Koga, Goliath Scorpion Khan Ariel Suvorov, and Hell's Horse's SaKhan Tanya DeLaurel. “and friendly company.”

Khan Lynn McKenna stepped forward, “We still have space dominance. These Spheroid dabblers are little threat to Clan crews.”

Viper SaKhan Andrews played a news clip from the Archon-Princess' post Regent War news conference. Platinum blonde Katherine Steiner-Davion looked oddly martial in a FedCom combat uniform on Galax. “Today I announce my One Hundred Ships by Thirty-One Hundred Initiative giving our Fleet unparalleled ability to withstand attack; and strike back at any foe foreign or domestic. This will ensure the Federated Commonwealth maintains its place at top of the pack among the Successor States in all ways.”

“Not for much longer old crow, but of course you know that since this clip was obtained by the Viper Watch from the Ravens themselves. When were you going to inform the rest of the Council?”

“Never or maybe we leaked it to your man before spacing him so you could. A lot of things can happen in thirty-seven years little snake. The Spheroids are only just relearning the art of Warship construction of which we are maestros. I expect this Princess will fall short of her ambitions as her ancestors have.”

Cassius N'Buta joined the conversation, the patrician looked around him at the faces of the Clan Leadership. “My Fellow Khans, I think we should treat these revelations as a major emergency and call to action.

It is only a matter of time before the Second Star League has the gall to put more than the token garrison on Huntress and Strana Mechty they have now. Their Gunslingers and the Eridani Light Horse are an annoyance but have proven informative of our enemy’s capabilities. We have already begun to adjust Kappa Galaxy’s tactics.

I introduce a motion to appoint an ilKhan to oversee the reactivation of our mothballed Warships to combat this potential threat. Particularly the Circe Ghost Fleet which has gone unclaimed in the aftermath of the Great Refusal.

Our all vessels will need to be made ready for combat. I may not be here when it does, but it would be foolish to leave my successor shorthanded and in a such a vulnerable position.”

Goliath Scorpion Khan Ariel Suvorov seconded the motion just before the Cloud Cobra's Din Steiner. Sullivan and Tanya nominated Ariel while Perigald and Din nominated Cassius. The vote is dead even for ilKhan.

All eyes were on Loremaster of the Clans Kael Pershaw who had the power to issue a tie breaker. “I will not choose our future when it is so deadlocked. Without consensus we are doomed to continue this failed path.”

The fiery Steel Viper Loremaster Arthur Stoklas, “You coward! This is your sacred duty as caretaker of this Covenant. Where is your normal controlling attitude?”

“You wish to take my place Arthur?”
“I would.”
“Then I will second the motion and call for a vote.”

Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde cast the deciding vote returning Kael to the post of Falcon Loremaster that had been kept in holding by his apprentice. The mellowed and mature Star Colonel Natalie Breen, former Steel Viper Khan and Zalman's adviser, is appointed Loremaster to fill the now vacant slot of the Triad.

Arthur Stoklas now on the LoC's dais claimed the Circe Ghost Fleet for the Clans as whole to be dispersed in a series of trials to be scheduled shortly. A survey was to be conducted to access their viability overseen by a group of Technicians. The motion was met with mild acceptance as the Khans digested recent events and begun formulating plans.


Tusker Station floated around the Lagrange point near Circe IV docked nose to nose with an Elephant tug. The Painkiller repairs required difficult to fabricate components and had fallen behind in the timetable while the EcKhan was seeking fortune with the Hellions and Mandrills. Once more Newts were pulling spares from dead ships around the empty planet for their own use. Derek Regnar once more conned the station although it was much diminished from the heights. “Captain we have confirmed the Grand Council has laid claim to the Ghost Fleet and are due to send a survey team.”

He looked over the latest survey of vessels and their condition, “We should remind them that this is called the ghost fleet and such things are prone to disappearing.”
“Would the EcKhan approve of that? We are talking the destruction of dozens of warships and more jump vessels.”
“You would rather our enemies once more come into possession of our ancestor’s legacy? I think not though it pains me to give the order.”
“I understand sir. Please allow me to give the order to scuttle the vessels rather than let them fall into the enemy's hands.”
“Permission granted. I will inform the EcKhan during our next transmission.”


Loremaster of the Clans Arthur Stoklas sat at his desk within the former Widowmaker’s Wing of the Hall of Khans. His face was red and livid as the reports downlinked and displayed that the Circe Ghost Fleet had been destroyed or were trapped in decaying orbits soon to fall into Circe IV. “Sabotage!”

He sent a personal report to Nathalie Breen asking her to activate the Pit Vipers of Shandrake Massif, microgravity commandoes trained and equipped to deal with Warships and terrorize rogue colonies. “It is time we bring the black back into the fold.”

A holoimage of the Astarte Super-battleship appeared above the desk, “By whatever means necessary.”


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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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The Astarte ?  Is that Leviathan Prime??  :drool:
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Re: The Other War (Katherine-verse AU War of Reaving)
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The Astarte ?  Is that Leviathan Prime??  :drool:

It is. Note to my fans I am going to post a portion of the storyline. Not all of it yet, just as summary while I figure out how and get more time to write the longform story out.

Timeline of the Other War
3058 – Battle of Coventry and founding of the Second Star League
3059 – Fire Mandrill Ristar Star Commanders Claude Goulet, Nina Tanaga, and Joseph Kline form a friendship while undergoing naval exercises above Hellgate with the Snow Ravens. The ambitious trio form a plan based on a data cache recently found on Shadow.
Operations-BULLDOG, SERPENT, and BIRDDOG launch and hammer the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zones pushing the overextended and off-balance Jaguars out of the Inner Sphere
3060 – February – Battle of Huntress Begins. 30 March it ends. April 23rd The Great Refusal, Victor Steiner-Davion kills Lincoln Osis but dies in the process. He is memorialized on Strana Mechdy as a proud Warrior
   Clan Nova Cat Abjured, Smoke Jaguar Annihilated, Ghost Bears announce move to their OZ
   Alexander Drake becomes Khan of the Ice Hellions and changes their name to (just) Hellions
   The Hellions launch attacks on the large Smoke Jaguar holdings of Huntress and Londerholm.
   Fire Mandrill Kindraa attack holdings from all three Clans in question (Ghost Bear, Smoke Jaguar, and Nova Cat) coming into conflict with the Star Adders and Steel Vipers doing the same
Rogue elements of Fire Mandrill Kindraa Mick-Kreese, Kline, and Faraday-Tanaga salvage 3 former Mongoose Warships from Circe.
   The Hellions salvage 2 Star Adder Warships damaged during the Nova Cat Withdrawal
   Magistracy of Canopus forces depart with their captured techs and equipment toward their home on the other side of the Galaxy.
   The Yggdrasil launches from its berth around Alarion, the battlecruiser dwarfs almost all Warships
3061 – Raina Montrose lands on Wynn's Roost in advance of the Hellion expedition and takes bondsmen back along the Exodus Road to provide intel for Khan Drake's ambitious plan to secretly move his clan into the Inner Sphere. He begins leveraging personal connections
   Second Whitting Conference, Theodore Kurita becomes First Lord, Victor Steiner-Davion is laid to rest
   Morgana Fox and her brothers Alaric and Siegfried Ward are decanted on Tranquil
   Steel Vipers launch a bold attack on the Jade Falcon's Occupation Zone.
   Clan Nova Cat completes their move to the Irece Prefecture with assistance from the Diamond Sharks who take this opportunity to sell the DCMS on their non-Clan Tech battlemechs
   Clan Steel Viper completes the Masters’ Shipyard around New Kent in preparation for a large naval buildup to counter the Snow Ravens and Jade Falcons.
   Clan Goliath Scorpion contests Diamond Shark enclaves traded by the Snow Ravens.
   Clan Jade Falcon brings in the Hellions to contest Hell's Horses and Steel Viper attacks on their enclaves. The Hellions trade space for time as they prepare to leave Clanspace with a new infusion of Jade Falcon resources.
   The rogue Fire Mandrills assist the Newts and Tanite worlds as bargained. Their three new Warships undergo their shakedown and provide training opportunities for the Newts who begin the massive multi-year project to make the Painkiller a formidable battleship once more
   Final showdown between Claude Goulet and Tomin Mick's forces occur aboard the damaged Lola III Rancor. The Trial is overseen by Hellion Khan Xander Drake, ally to Star Captain Goulet who becomes Mick-Kreese Kindraa Leader.
3062 – The Mandrills assist the Hellions in their evacuation plans gaining choice Enclaves and excess materiel. Kindraa Leader Goulet’s influence grows more pronounced sparking envy among rivals.
   The Newgrange CDS Sea Fox is critically damaged above Strato Domingo by the Liberator CCS Spirit in the Sky during a Trial of Possession for the Carrack factory ship CDS Star Swimmer against the CDS Bloodlust, the Aegis cruiser assigned as their escort. Clan Coyote’s dezgra behavior during the Trial results in a trade embargo against them. At a crucial moment in Khan Koga’s reorganization her Merchant caste is thrown into disarray and the Warrior caste is tasked with Trialing the Snakes to maintain momentum and rob it of their rivals. 
The Diamond Sharks are in the process of moving to the Chainelaines and use this latest act of aggression and the pressure from the Star Adders to mothball production. They intend to move their factory ships out of Trialing range of the homeworld clans and into the relative safety of the Chainelaine Isles. The Sea Fox is left for the Ravens to repair and offered to the Blood Spirits through a backroom deal brokered by the Ravens in exchange for Ghost Bear’s assistance in rehabbing the old RWR shipyard around Syrstart. The Bears welcome a neutral harbor nearby as the Sphere becomes more crowded with rival Clans.
   Clan Steel Viper continue their campaign against the Snow Ravens and their Jade Falcon allies. The Ravens invite Blood Spirits and some Mandrill Kindraa to protect their enclaves offering them very good terms. Initially suspicious of their intentions but eager to match the growing power of Kindraa Mick-Kreese other Kindraa sign up without hesitation. Strain begins to show among the Mandrills however as they are not used to covering so much territory with so few troops. The Jade Falcons hold firm, Khan Marthe Pryde cannot be weak in the Homeworlds if she is to maintain her dream of a two Sphere Empire opening a new Contract on the Star Adders with the Hellions.
   Ghost Bear launches retaliatory strikes on the Irece Prefecture against the Nova Cats after Alshain is attacked by the DCMS with a Warship in support. The conflict ends after almost eight weeks in early 3063 with high casualties
   Arthur Steiner-Davion is “murdered” on Robinson
3063 – Regent’s War, Katherine Steiner-Davion becomes Archon-Princess of a strengthening FEDCOM
   Shocked by the Inner Sphere's use of Warships in late 3062 against the Ghost Bear capital of Alshain, and early 3063 with Katherine's bombardment of New Avalon by the Yggdrasil and the deployment of 2 Thera Battle Groups against the Ghost Bears that fought them to standstill during the Nova Cat-Ghost Bear War. The Homeworlds go into an elevated sense of caution as the Inner Sphere continues to make rapid and threatening advances. Calls to bring mothballed Warships back and empty the rest of the Brian Caches ring out throughout the Homeworlds. The Circe Naval Cache becomes hotly contested preventing the Newts from reclaiming the remaining vessels. Ultimately, they choose to deorbit the ships rather than let the Clans reactivate them.
   The Jade Falcons, Snow Ravens, and Diamond Sharks continue moving to the Inner Sphere.
   Clan Cloud Cobra trials for two mothballed Corone destroyers and the assistance of the Snow Ravens in their reactivation.
   Clan Goliath Scorpion begin the process of reactivating four Molynia assault transports mothballed around Tranquil with the blessing of Khan Vladimir Ward who exchanges them, workers, technological aid, for the Potemkin Prometheus. The transports are to be reconditioned at the expanding Kirin Cageworks while Prometheus serves as a Exodus Road transport to be repaired on Tamar after the Blood Moon and Dire Wolf
   Snubbed at a Great Council meeting the Steel Vipers increase attacks on every Clan winning them no allies.
   The Shandrake Massif Facility, home of the Steel Viper Watch, activates the first of its Pit Viper covert teams. These soldiers are specially trained to fight in space, destroy warships, and sent out to root out 'Tainted' Orbital communities and preferably bring them back as isorla for the Master's Shipyard. These Spacers flee to Newgrange City or join with other clans expanding their naval forces.
   Steel Viper Loremaster Arthur Stoklas succeeds Kael Pershaw as Loremaster of the Clans. This motion is opposed by the Viper's enemies but sustained through the surprise vote of the Falcons and Ravens. Both Clans already have plans to leave and expect the home-worlds to erupt into open war. He is replaced by Natalie Breen, former Khan and close adviser to Perigard Zalman.
   Clan Star Adder carves out an enclave on York to provide live fire training for their touman. Their touman sharpens up facing down the elite Blood Spirit Warriors.
   The Bandit known as “The Jaguar” begins his reign of terror starting with Vinton where he eliminates a Binary of Diamond Shark Warriors executing nine of the ten pilots with his sidearm.
   Loremaster Klaus Harper calls for a 'Gathering of the Troops' to invite the Blood Spirits and Fire Mandrills to come to something akin to an alliance.
3064 – Khan Drake departs from Hector heading toward the Outworlds Wastes unaware that the Snow Ravens had already sent out diplomatic envoys to the Outworlds Alliance years ago and begun revitalizing its Quatre Belle Yards. They redirect resources from the Ghost Bear Dominion towards the Alliance.
Clan Jade Falcon attempts to invade the Arc Royal Defense Cordon controlled by the hated Mercenaries the Kell Hounds and the Exiled Wolves. They do serious damage to the area but are repulsed by their combined efforts.
The Third Whitting Conference adds COMSTAR, the Word of Blake, and Taurian Concordat to the Star League.