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Author Topic: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)  (Read 73741 times)


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
« Reply #1320 on: 30 August 2020, 18:27:14 »
5 April 2788
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

 Director General Amanda Cameron, General Rita Mitchell and Fleet Admiral Joan Brandt were going over the multitude of tasks that needed to be accomplished before the departure. Lieutenant General Calloway would normally be here, but he was currently occupied with his own preparations.

 "How bad is this super jump thing going to hurt us Admiral Brandt?" Amanda asked

 "It is going to hurt us bad. Estimates put a time frame of 3 to 5 years to completely replace all the jump cores were are going to blow all to hell. I think the estimates are off and it will take longer, but that is my opinion. This is still a very very long shot. The only data I have to go off of is the tests that I conducted. We had a 100% arrival rate targeting Vonja. Anything past there and it becomes a crap shoot. We are going to have a bunch of busted ships at Vonja for a long time." Admiral Brandt replied

 "We have no choice. Folks might lose track of the civilian ships once they enter Suns space if we break the convoy up but everyone will try and track the warships. We cannot risk that level of detection. Where are they right now?" Rita asked

 "They just jumped for Slocum in the Capellan Confederation. Four more jumps and they will enter Suns space at Beten Kaitos. Hopefully is will still be in Suns hands, but if it isn't, then the Federated Suns is lost. Besides our warship escort, the convoy consists of 88 Merchant Jumpships, 51 Invader Jumpships, 65 Star Lord Jumpships and 12 Monolith Jumpships. Every collar is taken up with every Dropship type you can think of. Carrying 1,724,740 civilians, several hundred thousand tons of food and supplies, research equipment, personal belongings etc. The really good stuff we super jump. Those will be carried by the 76 Tramp Jumpships that are being fitted with LF Batteries. We are using every slip available to us for the refits. All warships have been fitted with LF Batteries, those going with us anyway." Admiral Brandt said

 "Well, I have spoken with Major General Hayes and she is firm on staying and so are the troops that originally stayed with her. Except the 79th and 123rd Mechanized Infantry Divisions. They want to head out with us. I want SLS Mighty Lift loaded with the 250th Battlemech Division. Combat load them, they will be taking their equipment with them, Battlemechs only extra collars carry Mammoth Dropships being loaded right now. We will be heading for New Avalon when the Fleet jumps for home. It will just take me a bit longer to arrive." Rita said

 "What do you mean you, what of the 250th Battlemech Division?" Admiral Brandt asked

 "I have already spoken with Major General Hurling. The 250th Battlemech Division wants to return to mercenary service. I have approved their request. I am just delivering them to their new employer. First Prince Davion just does not know about it yet. I will let him know right before we arrive. Intel still reports the Federated Suns navy has 3 Newgrange Yardships left and one of them is at New Avalon. We will have them repair SLS Mighty Lift. I am sure I can convince the First Prince to make this happen." Rita explained

 "Well, that is all well and good, but I am more concerned with the Combine. If their warships get here before we are ready, it is going to be ugly as hell." Amanda said

 "Pray they don't. We cannot afford to halt our preparations now to deploy the fleet. I have ordered a few ships to not load civilians aboard them, just in case we have to fight to leave." Admiral Brandt replied

 "Very well. I have also made arrangements to have ships waiting at Vonja to carry the civilians to other worlds on your arrival. Along with supplies for those that will have to wait a bit on the surface." Rita said

6 May 2788
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

 When a Combine fleet jumped into Deiron, it announced the emergency everyone had feared. Fleet Admiral Brandt was aboard SLS Thunderer, Monsoon Battleship when word reached her. She never hesitated and ordered her single squadron to jump for Deiron to meet the threat. She was leading the squadron.

Deiron (Terran Hegemony)

 Fleet Admiral Joan Brandt blinked away the jump effects and gave the order to bring the squadron up to battle speed before the sensors had even come back online. As the sensors started coming back online, she counted her squadron and smiled grimly, the Combine had her outnumbered, but by god they were going to know they had been kissed by death itself.

 Hegemony Forces

 SLS Thunderer - Monsoon LF Battleship
 SLS Kongo - Monsoon LF Battleship
 SLS Hiei - Monsoon LF Battleship
 SLS Shark Tooth - Dart LF Light Cruiser
 SLS Shark Strike - Dart LF Light Cruiser
 Combine Seventh Fleet

 DCS Kagoshima, Samarkand Carrier Blk I (Flagship)
 DCS Mogami, Black Lion I Battlecruiser
 DCS Mikuma, Black Lion I Battlecruiser
 DCS Suzuya, Riga Frigate
 DCS Kumano, Riga Frigate
 DCS Shiratsuyu, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS Shigure, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS Murasame, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS YĆ«dachi, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS Harusame, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS Samidare, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS Umikaze, Narukami Blk II Destroyer
 DCS Suzukaze, Narukami Blk II Destroyer

 "This is Admiral Brandt speaking, nuclear release is authorized. We cannot allow the threat to Terra. They have more ships than us, but by god we will not leave them combat effective. We hit them and pass thru, recharge your drives while we head for the Zenith Jump Point. From there, we initiate super jump protocal's for Vonja. God speed everyone. Launch the fighters and let's have at them."

 The arrival of the Hegemony fleet was not unexpected by the Combine admiral, he ordered his warships to reverse course and engage the Hegemony ships that had already destroyed the transports waiting at the jump point. The Dropships would just have to fend for themselves.

7 May 2788

 It took almost 10 hours for the fleet's to engage each other. The first volley of nuclear White Sharks took DCS Mogami, Black Lion Battlecruiser with 5 detonations destroying her utterly. Half of the Hegemony Aerospace fighters, loaded with Alamo nuclear missiles made it striek range while the rest of the Aerospace fighters shielded them from the Combine fighters. Their launches managed to destroy DCS Harusame, DCS Shigure and DCS Suzukaze. But at a fearful cost with only 31 Aerospace fighters returning to reload.

 Admiral Brandt bored her ships right into the oncoming Combine fleet. At such close range, weapons fire savaged both sides. DCS Suzuya, Riga Frigate was savaged by fire from SLS Thunderer and SLS Kongo, Monsoon LF Battleships. Return fire from DCS Suzuya pelted the reinforced armor plating of both ships. DCS Shiratsuyu got off several good shots on SLS Hiei, Monsoon LF Battleship before return fire and several nuclear White Sharks removed her from existence. DCS Kumano, Riga Frigate punished SLS Shark Tooth, Dart LF Light Cruiser with several shots pentrating armor destroying her LF Battery.

 DCS Kagoshima, Samarkand Carrier watched from behind the leading Combine warships as the opposing sides traded fire. When SLS Thunderer broke thru the Combine ships, Admiral Curtis Neoshi zoomed in his view screen and shook his head at the battered Battleship rapidly approaching his Flagship. DCS Kagoshima fired a single MNPPC shot at the onrushing Monsoon Battleship and it struck true. Hitting the bridge, though it did not penetrate, it did mannge to inflict spall damage on the interior. Part of a sensor console broke loose and at tremendous speed it impacted Admiral Joan Brandt, breaking her neck and killing her instantly.

 Only SLS Thunderer, SLS Kongo and SLS Shark Strike managed to reach the Zenith Jump Point and initiate their super jump on the 13th of May. But only SLS Thunderer and SLS Kongo arrived at Vonja. No one knew what happened to SLS Shark Strike.

 SLS Hiei and SLS Shark Tooth had taken hits that prevented their escape, but they remained and punsihed the Combine forces until their final destruction.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
« Reply #1321 on: 30 August 2020, 19:16:38 »
you have to make wining cost more than its worth. 


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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10 May 2788
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

 General Rita Mitchell finished noting the troops leaving with her along with the troops and ships staying behind. Every single command being left behind pained her, even though it was purely voluntary. It left Major General Lauren Hayes with enough troops to defend Terra itself.

 Major General Lauren Hayes

 151st Royal Battlemech Division
 213th Battlemech Division
 287th Battlemech Division
 326th Battlemech Division
 184th Mechanized Infantry Division
 197th Mechanized Infantry Division
 280th Mechanized Infantry Division (New Dallas)
 13th Royal Infantry Division
 43rd Infantry Division
 68th Infantry Division
 3rd Striker Regiment
 321st Hussar Regiment
 89th Dragoon Regiment
 231st Striker Regiment

 Luyten 68-28

 SLS Lady Shandra, Cameron Battlecruiser (heavy damage)
 SLS Anchorage, Congress Frigate (moderate damage)
 SLS Fairbanks, Congress Frigate (moderate damage)
 SLS Nelson, Black Lion Battlecruiser (moderate damage)
 SLS Venus Eye, Sovetskii Soyuz Cruiser (heavy damage)
 SLS Remarkable, Aegis Cruiser (heavy damage)
 SLS Kryton, Lola III Destroyer (heavy damage)
 SLS Belfast, Lola III Destroyer
 SLS Ranger, Lola III Destroyer
 SLS Geary, Lola III Destroyer
 SLS Protecteur, Lola III Destroyer
 SLS Domination, Essex II Destroyer (heavy damage)
 SLS Archangel, Essex II Destroyer (heavy damage)
 SLS Montford Point, Newgrange Yardship (Immobile Keel damage)

 Ross 248

 SLS Irrefutable, Black Lion Battlecruiser
 SLS Bamborough, Aegis Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Diamondhead, Aegis Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Surveillante, Lola III Destroyer
 SLS Alacrity, Vincent Corvette
 SLS Camry, Vincent Corvette
 SLS Extreme, Vincent Corvette
 SLS Hammerstrike, Essex II Destroyer (Moderate Damage)
 SLS Emerald, Essex II Destroyer
 SLS Copenhagen, Essex II Destroyer
 SLS Fury, Essex I Destroyer
 SLS Moffett, Carson Destroyer (Severe Damage)
 SLS Connaught II, League I Destroyer
 SLS Carver V, League I Destroyer
 SLS Nexus, League I Destroyer
 SLS Bridge, Newgrange Yardship (Immobile Keel damage)

 Departing Hegemony

 359th Battlemech Division (equipped)
 295th Battlemech Division (troops only)
 368th Battlemech Division (troops only)
 250th Battlemech Division (equipped)
 79th Mechanized Infantry Division (troops only)
 123rd Mechanized Infantry Division (troops only)
 181st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division (equipped)
 48th Infantry Division (troops only)
 52nd Infantry Division (troops only)
 Royal Black Watch (equipped)
 349th Dragoon Regiment (equipped)
 5th Hussar Regiment (equipped)
 306th Husaar Regiment (equipped)
 288th Hussar Regiment (equipped)

 SLS Nebraska II - Texas LF&HPG Battleship (Flagship)
 SLS Phoenix - Texas LF&HPG Battleship
 SLS Sandy Hardee - Texas LF&HPG Battleship
 SLS Inglesmond - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Connaught - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS M. Langley - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Carl Sommers - Luxor Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Terrance LaMont - Luxor Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Hector Zapata - Luxor Heavy Cruiser
 SLS George Wellington - Vincent LF Destroyer
 SLS Janet McFadden - Vincent LF Destroyer
 SLS De Ruyter - Sovetskii Soyuz LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Vance Brown - Luxor LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Tammy Handyline - Luxor LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Common Good - Luxor LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Buccaneer - Essex II LF Destroyer
 SLS Ruby - Essex II LF Destroyer
 SLS Shimotsuki - Essex II LF Destroyer
 SLS Independence - Samarkand II LF Carrier
 SLS Benjamin - Samarkand II LF Carrier
 SLS Black Templar - Aegis LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Patrick Henry - Aegis LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS E. Presley - Aegis LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Lightning - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Lookout - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Loyal - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Laforey - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Never End - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Never Quit - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Always Ready - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Nerissa - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Nizam - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Black Widow - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Tarantula - Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer
 SLS Tarawa - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Iwo Jima - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Guam - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Ulithi - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Mighty Lift - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Midnight Dancer - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Devon Pulman - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Saipan - Potemkin LF Transport
 SLS Salvation - Newgrange LF Yardship
 SLS John Glenn - Newgrange LF Yardship
 SLS Detroit - Newgrange LF Yardship
 SLS Arctic - Newgrange LF Yardship
 SLS Manila - Farragut LF Battleship
 SLS Impetuous - Aegis LF Cruiser
 SLS Liao Pride - Aegis LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Maya - Aegis LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Solstice - Soyal LF Heavy Cruiser
 SLS Jagged Tooth - Riga LF Frigate
 SLS Oslo - Essex II LF Destroyer
 SLS Midway - Riga II Destroyer
 76 Tramp LF Jumpships
 440 Dropships
 Ford Military Limited Factory Complex
 8,371,927 civilians (1,505,295 were experts in every field imaginable)

 She had informed Major General Lauren Hayes that she was leaving her enough ships to keep Terra safe. Just enough crew had voted to stay to deploy maybe half of them, so she would have to work hard to get new crew spun up for the rest. Though she needed every collar she could get her hands on, she had decided to take all the Vincent Destroyers with her and only leave ships that Hayes would have a chance to repair and support. Lieutenant General Calloway had already seen to purging every computer that Hegemony Security could lay their hands on of any designs beyond SLDF original.

 The concealed bunkers here on Terra were bursting at the seams with equipment being left behind. They may be leaving but she would leave Terra in the best condition to fight back as she could. It was still a bitter pill, but she had made her promise to Delbert Mitchell and she planned to keep it.

12 May 2788

 With little fanfare, a small crowd watched the car carrying Amanda Cameron roll up the ramp of her Titan Dropship and the ramp closed. The engines roared to life and the short reign of Director General Amanda Cameron came to an end.

20 May 2788

 The massive Fleet assembled at both jump points began leaving the system. It took over 4 hours for all of the ships to depart Terra's jump points. Carefully timed to give ships at the other end time to clear the immediate area.

Vonja (Terran Hegemony)

 Admiral Tanisha Tanaka was in stunned silence as she watched the ships materialize at both jump points. Everyone had a complete roster of the ships inbound and careful notes were being kept and cross checked at both jump points. When the last ship materialized and made the announcement that the operation was complete. They quickly compared notes and found that SLS Solstice, Soyal LF Heavy Cruiser, SLS Never End, Vincent LF&HPG Destroyer, SLS Jagged Tooth, Riga LF Frigate and 3 Tramp LF Jumpships had not arrived. It would be another couple days before word arrived that all were accounted for having arrived in Federated Suns systems but were stranded.

New Avalon (Federated Suns)

 First Prince John Davion watched his naval commanders throw a fit when the massive emergence wave had announced the biggest inbound the sensors had ever seen with a smile. He had gotten a message a week ago to expect this and even though he had warned them, his commanders still panicked. When SLS Mighty Lift, Potemkin Transport arrived, he patted his Admiral on the shoulder and boarded the shuttle for the quick trip over.

 When he exited, he saw General Rita Mitchell and Major General Hurling waiting for him. After a quick greeting, they moved to one of the grav decks reserved for this meeting.

 "I am not sure how you got here General Mitchell, but your arrival caused quite a panic. It was amusing." First Prince John Davion said

 "It's a one shot jump. Blew out the jump core and burned up the LF Battery aboard the old girl. What is it going to cost me to get the use of your Newgrange Yardship to make me a new jump core and battery?" General Rita Mitchell asked

 "Depends, what have you got to trade?" First Prince John Davion asked

 "Well, Major General Hurling here and the 250th Battlemech Division have reformed the Screaming Eagles mercenary command. I figured to help negotiate a contract for them. Plus I happen to have 6 Regiments of Battlemechs without pilots loaded aboard this ship along with enough replacement parts to keep them in action for a long time." General Rita Mitchell replied

 "Sounds about what I would ask for. Same contract I gave Baldwin's Cobra's sound about right?" First Prince John Davion asked

 "Sounds fair, except for the home base. And this one is going to sting some, but that sting will not be felt for a long time. Still game Prince Davion?" General Rita Mitchell replied

 "Not sure, you have a tendency to go for the throat." First Prince John Davion said, but with a twinkle in his eye

 "This contract will be a retainer contract. They get based on Farnsworth, each contract will be in ten year increments. Two hundred Twenty years from now, the Federated Suns will cede Farnsworth to the Screaming Eagles for services rendered to the Federated Suns. Escape clause in effect, same conditions apply. I want this agreement to be video taped and authenticated by you sir. This is a very long term agreement and all of us will be gone by the time it is time for the exchange. Agree and the warships I have transferred to you will not cost you a single C-Bill. How about it?" General Rita Mitchell said

 There was several minutes of silence from First Prince John Davion, but finally he spoke "You drive a hard bargain Rita, I can call you Rita now that you have had your way with me I assume. But I agree to your terms. This is a long ways down the road for payment to be due. It is a deal."

 "As long as I can call you John sir. If you will follow me, I have the video equipment setup in a private office and the documents ready to be signed." General Rita Mitchell said with a small laugh

 Once a copy of the video and documents were given to each party present, Major General Hurling saluted General Rita Mitchell and then boarded First Prince John Davion's shuttle. The Dropships carrying the 6 Battlemech Regiments of the Screaming Eagles along with 4 Mammoth Dropships detached and headed for New Avalon. General Rita Mitchell retired to her quarters and waited for her ship to be repaired.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel
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 This concludes Part One.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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Very nicely done
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
« Reply #1325 on: 30 August 2020, 23:43:19 »
That was a good ending!  Looking forward to what you have planned for the next part!!  :thumbsup:

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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
« Reply #1326 on: 31 August 2020, 01:36:20 »
Hey before you start Part 2 can you post all your upgraded warship designs please?


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
« Reply #1327 on: 31 August 2020, 01:48:56 »
Wow, that was one hell of a ride!  8) :thumbsup:


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
« Reply #1328 on: 31 August 2020, 02:02:16 »
Epic story. I can't wait for part 2.
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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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but.... you have 5 more pages before you should stop.... We patiently wait...


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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Bravo sir and well done ...BZ!!


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
« Reply #1331 on: 31 August 2020, 20:00:42 »

By request all warship, jumpship and dropship posted. Well except a few, those you will see in Part Two


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
« Reply #1332 on: 31 August 2020, 22:17:04 »
When is Part II going to start? Eagerly awaiting that arrival of Part II!


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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That was one h*** of a trip. Congratulations on finishing part 1.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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Working Part Two now......the first post will be massive, a bunch to cover.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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Working Part Two now......the first post will be massive, a bunch to cover.
Epic. Can't wait.
The Mother Doctrine was good. Change My Mind.

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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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By request all warship, jumpship and dropship posted. Well except a few, those you will see in Part Two

Thanks! Much appreciated!  :thumbsup:

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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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 :o 8) :thumbsup: Part 1 is done . I want to say that I love your story. I wish that HAF would made it instead of leaving to the Forgotten HAF . Well you set them up very well and I thank you for the story. Now on to part 2.


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Re: Fate Can Be Cruel (Part One)
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So you guys/gals know, to preserve the story incase the forums bites the big one, i've been slowly been moving the entire Part One over to Fanon wiki if you want read it, it's broken up by year chapters.  It was bit of bear (still is) bring over, but its worth it.

Link here if anyone wants read it there.  I got permission by 2ndAcr to port it over.
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