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Author Topic: THE LUCIAN MARCH, Reloaded  (Read 3329 times)


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3 February, 3028
Hall of the People
New Avalon, Crucis March

She was third from the end of the line. She was very nervous; if this did no go well, her entire mission would crash and burn.

Presently, it was her turn. The Chamberlain motioned her forward, obviously impatient. These ceremonies were always tedious. Hanse Davion sat on his throne, his mature good looks making her knees wobble slightly. He noticed her hesitation, and smiled warmly.

Reinvigorated, she stepped forward. "Your name?" the Chamberlain asked brusquely.

"Tania Falzone, of Avalon City," she replied quietly.

"Your Highness, Tania Falzone, of Avalon City," the Chamberlain announced, motioning her to step forward.She took a deep breath.

The Davion smiled and motioned her forward. She stepped to within ten feet of his Dais, and snapped to attention. "I claim the Right of Varnay's Bones," she said in her Command Voice.

While the rest of the room looked about in confusion, The Davion's eyebrows went up. "Well, you are certainly well-versed on Court protocol, Miss Falzone. That Right has not been exercised in many years, not since my grandfather's time, if I recall. Very well - step to the side, here - I will be with you as soon as I finish with the others. Droshain," he said, raising his voice to the Chamberlain, "Varnay's Bones has been exercised - no one else may exercise that right for two months."

Droshain bowed, throwing a suspicious eye on her, and called the next person.

When the other two Citizens had had their audience with the Prince, the Chamberlain called the session Closed. Everyone in the chamber bowed as The Davion rose from his throne, and began to depart. As he came even with her, Tania straightened, and fell in next to General Ardan Sortek, who pointedly eyed her with suspicion. Tania did her best to ignore it.

She had pulled it off!


In The Davion's office behind the throne room, Hanse Davion regarded the woman standing at parade rest before him. She was in her late thirties, blond, well-built in sturdy sort of way and had a military bearing that he wished all of his troops had.

The odd thing was, he didn't recognize her. Most troops left active service after four years; she was clearly a long-service veteran, and carried herself like an officer. Hanse had made a point of at least knowing what his officers looked like, and he couldn't recall her face at all. It was possible that she was a mercenary, but he tended to doubt it -- mercenaries generally did not have this level of disciplined bearing.

"Well, Miss Falzone, by claiming Varnay's Bones, you have gotten a private audience with me. If you know about the Bones, you also know that it is only for the most dire of circumstances. Now, then: what is it? I have had to delay an important meeting for this."

Tania nodded. "Yes, Sir, most likely with your Military Council." Ardan Sortek's eyes narrowed, his hand moving into his sleeve. "There is no need, General Sortek - I am as loyal as you are." Hanse could tell that Sortek was liking her not at all.

"That remains to be seen, Miss Falzone," Hanse said quietly. He was beginning to get a feeling about this woman that he didn't care for.

"With respect, my Prince, my rank is Leftenant-General." Hanse and Ardan froze; it was clear that this woman was severly disturbed, possibly dangerously unbalanced. Tania caught their looks, and smiled.

"I understand, my Prince, that you think I am quite mad, but I assure that I can prove my bona fides. In the Davion Family Archives are a series of chests, from around the time of Prince Alexander. One of them is labelled "ZX-234-Epsilon-Tau". Within it, you will find a single folder; this letter," she said, carefully handing the sheet carried so far so long ago, "will show as the companion to that file's cover sheet. I don't think that we should proceed further without that confirmation, because none of what I have to say will make any sense without it."

Hanse took the sheet of old-fashioned paper delicately; it was brittle with age; absently, he glanced at the sheet, and started reading closely when he saw a familiar signet on the seal.....

Ardan virtually jumped from his seat. "My Prince!" he almost shouted. Davion's face had suddenly paled visibly.

Hanse's right hand went up, his eyes not leaving the paper. "Ardan," he said carefully, "call the Archives, and have that chest brought up. Do it now." There was no mistaking the command in the Prince's voice.

Sortek, still eying Tania warily, picked up the secure landline.....


The Archival Assistant gently set the chest on the Prince's desk, unlocked it and left; the door clicked shut behind her.

Small, a mere half-meter on a side, the wooden chest would have looked ancient when it was new.

Hanse still kept his eyes on Tania - she remained at 'parade rest'. When the Assistant had left, Hanse stood, and opened the small chest, pulling from it a thick folder of paper. He checked the first page - it matched the seal and text of the sheet Falzone had handed him.

He sat back in his chair. "Well. Provisionally, your story is starting to check out, but I must reserve the honorifics until I am sure. I will read through this," he said, tapping the thick folder, "but summarize for me. General Sortek is my most trusted aide and friend; I have no secrets from him."

Tania nodded. "Permission to stand at ease, Sir?" Hanse nodded. Tania's brow wrinkled in thought. "Late in 2594, Prince Alexander began having a series of highly disturbing nightmares, nightmares involving the utter destruction of the Suns as an independent State. They were so disturbingly realistic that he determined to take steps to ensure the survival of the State.

"He summoned two of his most trusted leftenants, one of whom was my ancestor, and had them put together a colony expedition. It was a single mech company in a Union-class, and several hundred colonists. Most of them, however, were Technicians - people who knew how to build heavy industrial plants and factories from scratch.

"While the colony was being assembled, a single Jumpship headed out past the Periphery's furthest boundary and kept going. Following Prince Alexander's instructions precisely, they Jumped in a fairly straight line for a full year, then stopped, located a habitable system and started back. They filed no flight plan, and reported only to the Prince, in person.

"The colony launched on the day of his death." Tania paused; Sortek and The Davion were rapt in attention. "Their orders were exact," she continued. "They were to inform no one of their mission. They would be listed as 'lost' two months after departing. They were not to return - under any circumstances - for at least two hundred years."

Davion and Sortek shared a look. "Go on," Hanse said.

Tania brought herself fully erect. "We kept that promise. None of our ships returned, until the war against the Amaris the Usurper was well underway. Our ships stayed, running cargo's to the Star League forces, until the SLDF set out on their Exodus. We periodically 'peeked' back in over the years, watching as the Inner Sphere tore itself apart.

"Because we knew that we could not reveal ourselves until the year 3000, at least, we continued to expand our March, having babies, and building factories. We adopted many practices from the SLDF, like the Martial Olympiad -"

"Stop," Sortek said, his voice like a gunshot, "what do you mean, you 'adopted' practices from the SLDF? Are you saying that SLDF troops got to your planet?"

Tania grinned crookedly. "Actually, we brought some home with us; another of my ancestors, in fact. Some military, some civilian technicians...and two Warships." Hanse and Ardan sat very, very still. Tania, for the first time, smiled like a wolf. "Yes, we still build Warships.

"So. We have waited and watched - for over four hundred years. And now, we know that you are about to go to war. We have returned to serve our Prince -- if he wants us."

Hanse sat back in his chair. "What forces and resources do you bring?"

Again, Tania smiled, the Wolf peeking out. "Allow me to outline our preliminary plan, My Prince....."
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The Lucian March Sourcebook, 3025


Located approximately 2000 light-years from the FS/DC Periphery border, the Lucian March consists of twenty-two worlds, with a total population of approximately seven billion. Population growth has stabilized in recent decades, and is now steady at 2%/annum.

The worlds of the March fall into two categories: Fortress Worlds and Resource Worlds.

Fortress Worlds are named and inhabited, and have massive Castle complexes and "civil defense" bunkers for civilians. There are six Fortress Worlds: Alexandretta (the March's capitol), Lucian, Reynard, Bristol, Natal and Orange.

Resource Worlds are largely uninhabited, except for largely-automated mining complexes, and are given alphanumeric designations, rather than actual names. RW's are also used frequently as live-fire impact areas for the March's military forces.

The Lucian March was intended to do two things, at which it has excelled: It acts as a bastion of Federated Suns culture and attitudes...and it acts as a massive "regiment factory". The primary industry is - and always has been - the construction of war material for the future use of the AFFS. The massive storage facilities on the Fortress Worlds are fully capable - given adequate shipping - of completely re-equipping the entire Battlemech force of the AFFS with functionally-new mechs of Star League + addition to their "deployable" divisions.

Prince Alexander intended for the original colony to build a massive depot, but gave Giuseppe Falzone - the first Governor-General of the March - wide latitude in building a bastion of Federated Suns culture.

Through a process of encouraging large families with tax breaks and State support, the March's population grew steadily. As the Amaris War exploded, however, it became increasingly apparent to the Lucians that Prince Alexander's visions were spot-on. (The 5th Governor-General, Marcus Falzone, had sent a recon probe - a group of intelligence analysts on two Mule-class dropships docked to a Merchant-class Jumpship - back to the IS in 2770.) As a result, Governor-General Marcus decided on a radical course of action in the aftermath of Kerensky's Exodus.

Many units of the SLDF were outraged by what they viewed as Kerensky's betrayal of the Star League, and flatly refused to take part in the Exodus. While some units joined House militaries and others - like the Eridani Light Horse - became mercenaries, others refused to stay, but also refused to go with Kerensky. The survivors of the SLDF 19th Army (stationed in the TC in 2765) were the largest of these latter groups.

Built around the 359th Battlemech Division (the Montgomery Division), and including the survivors of the 20th, 30th and 32nd CAAN Regiments (now the Star League 5th Marine Regiment), the 19th Army and TF 379 (the Cameron-class "Drake", the Black Lion-class "Elizabeth Rex I", and four Lola-class destroyers (the "Burke", "James", "Tanaka" and "Ryozov")) and a gaggle of civilian transports with c.100,000 refugees from the Terran Hegemony, the 19th Army left at the same time as the Exodus, but kept going, stopping at a world roughly 200 light-years beyond the OA border region.

The 19th and its civilian refugees had a hard three years trying to settle the planet without a proper colony package, until they were found by Lucian March scouts in 2787. The survivors readily agreed to travel to the March with the scouts. There, following an extensive debrief with the Governor-General, the Star League refugees were ceded the world of Orange, to use as a "Temporary Star League Base-World" -- they remained (as do their descendants) Star League Citizens (LtGen'l Andrea Carson is the First Protector in 3025).

Marcus Falzone, after receiving the debrief of the SLDF, began a program - in concert with League geneticists - to encourage people to donate sperm and ova samples to a breeding program, to rapidly increase the March's population through the use of breeding chambers. The children produced were raised in State-run "academies" as Federation Citizens first, Star League Citizens second (on Orange, a similar program was instituted). This quadrupled the March's population within 25 years, before the program was suspended (the birthing chambers are still used, mostly for couple unable to have children normally).

At the same time, the mech- and war material production plants were expanded with the help of League scientists, engineers and Techs. What had been a tiny facility of 20 assembly bays on Alexandretta rapidly expanded into gargantuan, 300-bay facilities on all six Fortress Worlds (each of which was equipped with three to five Castles Brian each). Deep system spacedocks were established in all six systems, and shipyards with a high degree of automation - verging on real AI - were up and running by the 2870's.

Military Forces

The March's military forces as of 3025 are massive, even by the standards of the Star League. The Mach has built itself into a gigantic, interstellar military base. Active Forces consist of the following (NOTE: These figures DO NOT include mothballed equipment or deployable forces):

Orange (pop.: 250,000,000) - Home of the SLDF 19 Army, there are a total of 15 Battlemech, 25 Armored, 42 Mechanized Infantry and some 70 support regiments on active duty, and twice those numbers in reserve.

Alexandretta (pop.: 2 Billion) - Capitol of the March, and home to the XVth Corps, Alexandretta is host to 58 mech, 73 armored, 102 infantry and 250 Support regiments, of which roughly 1/3 are on active duty at any given time.

Lucian (pop.: 1.5 Billion) - Lucian is host to the XXth Corps, consisting of 45 mech, 55 armored, 74 infantry and 111 support regiments.

Reynard (pop.: 750,000,000) - Home of the XXVIIIth Corps, Reynard's forces consist of 22 mech, 35 armored, 52 infantry and 72 support regiments.

Bristol (pop.: 1.5 Billion) - Bristol prides itself as being the "most battle-ready" world in the March. Regiments and squadrons of its XXXIIIrd Corps have regularly won events at the Martial Olympiad on Orange for over 50 years. The XXXIIIth Corps consists of 55 mech, 68 armored, 94 infantry and 203 support regiments, with half of those on duty at all times.

Natal (pop.: 1 Billion) - Although Natal's XLth Corps is the smallest of the FS Corps Commands, Natal focuses on production. The Natal Chandlery builds most of the Jumpships and Reagan SDS units in the March XLth Corps consists of 9 mech, 16 Armored, 19 infantry and 22 support regiments, of which perhaps 1/3 are on active duty at any moment.

Mobile Force

The Mobile Force is the force that can be sent back to the FS at any time. This force of five divisions is recruited from all five FS worlds within the March, and all are trained on Orange by the SLDF.

Each division consists of nine combined-arms brigades, each having one regiment of medium to heavy mechs, one regiment of armor, two infantry regiments and one support regiment. This brigade is usually transported on a single Monolith-class Jumpship, taking up eight of the docking collars with three Overlords, two Triumphs, and three Excalibur's (the ninth collar is reserved for a Vengeance-class aerospace carrier, to provide escort for the dropships and protection for the Jumpship).

Mech Types

The March and the SLDF have focused on producing a limited number of standard designs, and the following chassis make up the vast bulk of both the active-duty and the mothballed Battlemechs:

Phoenix Hawk - the lightest mech produced, it is the standard recon mech

Shadow Hawk - One-half of the backbone of medium units, these SHD's are built on the Kurita model, but dispense with the SRM, in favor of another Medium Laser, 3 more heat sinks (20 total), and more armor
Trebuchet - The other half of the medium backbone, this is the popular TBT-5S, which trades out the LRM-15's for 'Thunderstroke SRM-6's and 8 additional heat sinks

Rifleman - Used in its original role, to provide anti-aircraft fire support
Archer - The standard long-range fire support mech
Crusader - One-half of the core of the heavy units, this is the Crusader-D model, dropping the machine guns and downgrading the SRM 6's to 4's, in trade for 3 heat sinks
Warhammer - The WHM-6D (Davion-variant) forms the other half of the heavy units
Black Knight - This model - now rarely seen in the IS - is the standard command mech for heavy companies

Battlemaster - This model drops the SRMs in favor of four additional heat sinks
Cyclops - The command variant of the Cyclops is the standard model, designed to be paired with a Battlemaster
Flashman - The Flashman is intended to stay around and fight long and hard, as it (like the Black Knight) requires no ammunition reloads for its primary weapons

Aerospace Fighters

The March and SLDF have trimmed their aerospace fighter stable down to three basic designs. They are:

CSR-V14 Corsair (uprated engine)
STU-K5 Stuka
GTA-500 Gotha

Land Vehicles

The March produces the following designs that are now uncommon in the IS:

Gabriel - 5 tons; standard recon vehicle; 1 x Medium laser
Cruise: 162 kph
Flank:  243 kph

KGA-2G / Kanga 2 - 50 tons; hover artillery vehicle
Cruise:  86 kph
Flank:  130 kph

This model of the Kanga dispenses with the jump jets, leaving it a pure hover tank. Additionally, its weapon's suite is considerably different, mounting:

1 x LRM 20
Ammo LRM20 (24)
2 x Medium Pulse Laser
4 x heat sinks

Naval Forces

The FTL shipping of the SLDF and FSNF consist of the following (## / ## = SLDF / FSNF):

WarShip production is divided between the FSNS ad SLDF

Black Lion (5 / 8 )
Lola III (15 / 23)
Potemkin (6 / 10)
Bugeye (3 / 6)
Sovietskii Soyuz (5 / 9)
Monolith (20 / 60) - used exclusively for force transport

Civilian Jumpships are independent vessels that are contracted out as needed.

Invader II (had four docking collars vs three) - 250
Star Lord - 56
Monolith - 120

Standard dropship designs

Dropships - Military


Dropships - Civilian



Here are my base numbers for the Brigades of the AFFS/Lucian March and the SLDF:

Regiment Type  # of vehicles    # of personnel
Mech                  110 Mech          250 Mechwarriors & Techs
                            18 Aerospace    60 Pilots & Techs
                                -/-                  60 Infantry/MP
                            30 Vehicles      -/- (includes coolant trucks, maintenance vans, med-vans, light patrol, construction and warehousing vehicles)
Infantry                120 Vehicles      600 Total
Armor                    90 Vehicles      500 Total
Support          50-200 Vehicles*    1000-2000 Total
(* = Depends on specific type of unit; average strength across the force is 1200/regiment)

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no merchant jumpships or even scouts a pity.    wouldnt the Davion I & II destroyers, New Syrstis Carrier Warship, Robinson Transport Warship and Centurion Fighter still be in production?  or the vampire?. 

What about the Hammerhands and BattleAxe as the primary Davion Mechs?   also they would have the specs for the 
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AFFS / SLDF 19th Army Battle Plan, 3028-3030

The SLDF 19th Army most certainly plans on returning for the 4th SW, but they have no intention of assisting the AFFS directly in its war against the Capellans, and the Lucians - and now Hanse Davion - know it.

The 19th's plan for "Total War" proceeds thus:

As the AFFS holds the line against the Dracs and simultaneously storms through the Confederation, the 19th Army will make its own moves, by sending out all 20 of its "Maneuver Brigades":

1. Task Force 38-1 thru -7 will strike and seize the Capellan worlds of Bryant, Epsilon Eridani, Epsilon Indi, Keid, New Home and Sirius, using three brigade battle-groups per world, with two full brigade battle-groups in reserve in the first wave. Once resistance on all worlds has been suitably reduced, each battle-group will detach one regiment each to combine into the SLDF Second Wave.

Second Wave targets for the SLDF are Carver V, Outreach and Terra Firma.

Each sub-group in TF38 tasked with a planetary invasion will have a WarShip escort of one Sovietskii Soyuz-class cruiser and two Lola-class destroyers. The exception is TF38-1/TF Bryant, which will be led by the Black Lion-class Battle of Tsushima and two Lola's.

2. TF39 (the Black Lion-class Aboukir Bay) will link up with the Eridani Light Horse on or near Colchester, and advise them that their faith in the League and their traditions has not been in vain and invite them to return to the SLDF's 'active' roster, at no penalty from the FS.

3. TF40 (the Black Lion-class Jutland) will proceed to planet Northwind, with a number of Star League diplomats, to present the Star League's case to the High Council. This operation will run concurrently with MIIO operations to subvert the mercenary Northwind Highlanders into returning to Northwind.

4.  TF41, composed of the Bugeye-class recon ship SLS George Hill, backed by the Black Lion-class SLS Tojo and the Potemkin-class SLS Volgagrad, will enter the Dieron system. The George Hill will conduct an 'active psyop', taking control of the Dieron broadcast networks and beaming news of the revived Star League and detailed information on the DCMS's "theft" of Dieron's resources and commerce.

The Tojo and the Volgograd, carrying the 19th Army's 51st Highland Division, will attack with orbital fire support to relieve any provisional government that requests readmission to the League.

There are Star League intelligence agents already on Dieron.

5. The Star League will also ask for the FS world of Quentin, as it is the former SLMC CAAN training facility, and site of the most valiant resistance to the Usurper.

The deal worked out between the Governor-General and the First Protector, back in the Lucian March, is to offer Star League troops to the FS/LC war effort on condition that the FS and LC cede certain worlds to the Star League in order to form a "Central Republic" - the Star League will deal with Comstar once it has Terra firmly surrounded. In the FS's case, those worlds are Caph, Fomalhaut, Northwind and Saffel. The worlds the LC will be asked to "return from their just and careful stewardship" are New Earth, Rigil Kentaurus and Thorin.

The DC and FWL will be "invited after the fact" to cede the worlds of Altair and Yorii, and Alula Australis, respectively.

Obviously, no one is asking the Capellans anything.

Ultimately, the League's goal is to establish a reborn Terran Hegemony (in a Republican form, as there is no one of stature high enough to instantly command fealty; but there are provisions written to accept the child of a DC/FWL-LC/FS union as the head of a new House) on these worlds, led from Terra, as a prelude to reforming the Star League. Given veteran, battle-seasoned units like the Eridani Light Horse, the Northwind Highlanders (who are more likely to join a new state or a renewed Star League than the FS that they have been fighting for decades), likely Wolf's Dragoon's and the wild card: possibly McCarron's Armored Cavalry, in addition to the c.50 regiments of Com Guards on Terra (after "negotiations" with Primus Tiepolo), the Star League/"Central Republic" intends to replicate its hold-fast on Orange on each world within the new "Terran Republic".

Deployments as of 3030

To summarize, I'm going to project the SLDF, the AFTR, the AFFS and C* as of 3030.


As canon, less Wolf's Dragoons, the Northwind Highlanders and the Eridani Light Horse, but including 45 regiments from the Lucian March, most of whom will have "seen the elephant" against either the Drac's or the Capellans. By 3035, the Lucians will deploy another division to the AFFS.


1. The 19th Army will commit its 15 active-duty brigades, as well as an additional 15 brigades from its reserves. Of the remaining 15, 5 will go to active duty as a ready-reserve, and two will activate as training commands.

2. The Eridani Light Horse will resume its rank in the SLDF seniority-stack, effectively making it the senior regiment of the re-formed SLDF.

3. Wolf's Dragoons will join the SLDF as the 25th Army(-). They will be filled out with the more reliable Com Guard units. The Dragoons become the garrison of Outreach, and oversee SLDF and AFTR training until they reach full strength.

4. The less reliable Com Guard units will form the 26th Army, charged with garrisoning the Terran Military Region as a second-line reserve to the 25th, until they can be leavened with incoming seasoned recruits and units.

5. "Anastasius Focht" will be named Commander of the SLDF in 3031. (Since he really is sharper than everyone else in the grand strategy department)

The Armed Forces of the Terran Republic (AFTR)

The AFTR will reprise the roll of the Hegemony Armed Forces, prior to the Star League Era. At its core, this command will be built on the 5 regiments of the Northwind Highlanders, plus - ideally - the five regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry, as well as any reliable mercenary, militia and independent Mechwarriors who wish to sign on.
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glad to have been of assistance with the recovery of your storyline.
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no merchant jumpships or even scouts a pity.    wouldnt the Davion I & II destroyers, New Syrstis Carrier Warship, Robinson Transport Warship and Centurion Fighter still be in production?  or the vampire?. 

What about the Hammerhands and BattleAxe as the primary Davion Mechs?   also they would have the specs for the

It's mostly a matter of limited facilities and build schedules. The Lucian's, and later the SLDF, felt the need to prioritize to maximize productivity. They may well do that after 3030, especially if Jamie Wolf comes clean at that point about the Clans.

Thanks again!
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i guess that would make sense.   but the premise of your story is to preserve Davion Pride, History and technology.  so not having Davion Warships or Davion specific mechs seems odd.
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The thing to remember is that when I wrote this, I did not have access to any of the later TRO's; LM is culled strictly from the original, 3025-era FASA pubs. I know there are a vast amount of entries at covering the right period, but I haven't had the time to study through them. Those designs may well exist in mothballs. Once I get things gelled, I'll take another look, and kedge in an explanation....maybe a Federation Guards Regiment using Alexander-era mech designs, built to Star League Standard......
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ooooooohhhh a hammerhands with gauss?  or endo steel and FF?  mmm mmm
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Interesting... c* is going to go insane
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looking toward more info please
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