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Author Topic: Flight of the Falcon, my dream...  (Read 1357 times)


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Flight of the Falcon, my dream...
« on: 31 July 2012, 09:19:31 »
(I was not sure where to post this, as its direct Clan related, but is also fiction of sorts.)

anyway, this is a dream I had, probably stimulated by the beginning of me reading "Mechwarrior Dark Age: Flight of the Falcon" (typed in Clan Remembrance style oratory)

My Sibkin, I share with you a vision I was given, from the Founder, and Turkina herself. To raise morale and know, our Clan is in divine hands !
I found my self cast with the commanding officers (Galaxy Commanders Bec Malthus, Alexander Hazen, and that "woman"/she devil, Malvina Hazen, and some more high ranking officers) of the great descant into the Republic of the Sphere, during the 3130's. There I stood, almost as silent and unnoticed as Elizabeth Hazen's ghost, an observer, a loremaster of time. I was there at the Khan's beckon, and was given symbolic rank superiority over all present (and was immune from challenge by order of the Khan), however I did not flaunt it, as I just observed the "briefing", rather the grilling that Malvina was giving to them, they all sat before her, her command star, and next to them, Alexander and Bec, with a few line officers in the rear. Malvina did not seem to notice me, looming over her shoulder, as she angrily berated her star for failure, that white faced cold woman, that crazy she devil, I thought in my head. Then I spoke quite frankly, and whipped all into line, First I started with her, I said " Stop having a dumby spit you crazed woman, just because you want blood, does not mean that your warriors want to follow you into dishonor. "

I walked tall and proud past the four points of her command star, looking down my nose at them, with the full arrogance of my position now being displayed. Then I came to Alex, looked down at him, and said "oh, and here is the "brother", who is so afraid of his "sister", to challenge her. I know she wears the pants in your "relationship"." I made sure to use the quotation sign with my fingers, to achieve maximum effect.

"And Great Bec Malthus, who knows that dishonor that is brewing beneath his nose, with insubordination, but he could not care less. No spirit, just a line officer. " They all glared at me with death stares.

Then for some reason, I became ghostly, not perceivable by Malvina and the rest,and they went on with the actual debriefing now.

Only Bec, could still perceive me, he ushered me into a quiet corner of the room, (which looked like a covenant halo alien space / 40k space ship architecture), and he said, "Who are you ?, I mean really, WHO are you !?" (trying to figure out if I was a spy)

I replied in a simple confident composed tone, " I am just an observer, like a Nova Cat Mystic, but 100% of the Falcon breeding programme"

He smiled. Then I woke up.
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