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Author Topic: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)  (Read 624 times)

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Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
« on: 20 October 2022, 01:49:39 »
This story has finally reached its 3 thread  :o

It wouldn't have gotten to where it is without the support of others and everyone who has contributed over the years has mine.  Anyone who ever wished to suggest a character, unit or story line please you're always welcome to make a suggestion.

Starting this thread up a little differently with a couple of parts from James Tanaga regarding the integration of Clan Fire Mandrill and the Rim Collection into the Rim Collective.


From: Heather Lockleer; Star League Ambassador to Mandrill Collective (Rim Collection)

Date: 1st February, 3118 22:37 LPT

Subject: Mandrill Collective


First Lord and Exarch and other parties,

I’ll get to the meat of things, ladies and gentlemen. The reformed Mandrill Collective has “returned” nearly all primary and much of the secondary intelligence assets we had scattered throughout the Mandrill Collective at just after midnight this morning. Furthermore, President Redburn has confirmed our civilians within the Rim Collection have been flagged by the Mandrill Collective’s security services and warned not to violate Collective law or they will be detained and depending on their charges, either sent to the embassy or into the Collective’s legal system. Something he did note is that he confirmed his government won’t hold the civilians as potential hostiles or hostages, merely flagged in case of being sleeper agents. So long as they act as proper civilians, the Mandrill Collective will as well.

This doesn’t seem to be one of their “practice runs” involving the removal of intelligence assets as we come to know it, either. Most times they only grab a third to half our primary assets and only a token of our secondary assets, and return them to the embassy twice yearly, often with only a token amount of interrogation, if any. This time, this appears to be the real thing. All our agents have been found with signs showing they underwent full and intensive interrogation. We are still combing through our agents, but have confirmed FedSuns and Lyran Commonwealth agents were also grabbed.

FedSuns Ambassador Keith Malrieux confirmed their agents were returned this morning as well with a warning advising no more “games” until the end of the current conflict is over. Lyran Commonwealth Ambassador Margarette Killner passed on a note informing me of their agent’s executions this morning. This is not, and I must stress this, NOT the usual concerning the Collective. This time they mean business.

What do we know?

Not as much as I would like, but much more than the Lyrans at the moment. My cultural attaches on staff have worked around the clock since the 29th of last month to get this, but as with anything concerning our monitoring of the now-Mandrill Collective, the below is just a juxtipulation of what they saw or have heard and may or may not be fully correct. Please pass on our appreciation to the Federated Suns as I and my staff could not complete this without information they politely and enthusiastically disclosed to us.

And another note…Lyrans are behind the 8 ball…again.

Mandrill Collective

Government: The reformed Mandrill Collective is not a new formation, but rather what appears to be the final evolution of the Rim Collection and Clan Fire Mandrill into one formalized government, with three separate branches of government as the former Rim Collection. Unlike the Rim Collection, the Mandrill Collective seems to now have Clan Caste leanings at all levels within government and society. More on this recent development below.

Castes: The Rim Collection originally kept the Clan Caste system to the Fire Mandrills and Sphinx Raptors during their existence. Unfortunately, the death of Khan Natasha Faraday and the rise of Khan Jordan Truscott has pushed this effort across all levels of government and into mainstream society. Unlike most other Clans, however, the Mandrill Collective allows members to move between the Castes at their leisure and has laws ensuring the rights of the Five Castes are guaranteed and to always be equal among each other. Whether or not that will actually happen is unknown at this time.

Mandrill Collective Senate: The Mandrill Collective Senate is a small council of fifteen members that operate as an oversight council within the Mandrill Collective and is made up of the two senior leaders of each Caste, The Chancellor of the Congress, the Supreme Justice of the Supreme Court, The President of the Mandrill Collective, the Mandrill Collective’s Loremaster, and finally the Sovereign of the Mandrill Collective or their Regent.

Interestingly, the President of the Mandrill Collective serves as the Chairperson of the Senate and the Loremaster and Sovereign (or Regent) serve merely as advisors on the council unless a tie happens. Should a tie happen, the Sovereign acts as the deciding vote.

While the Senate is a powerful institution, it is ultimately held subordinate to the Caste Councils, Congress, President’s Council, and Supreme Court.

Executive Authority: The President’s Council serves as the primary day to day executive authority within the Mandrill Collective. The President is elected every five years and outside the five leaders of each caste, decides the vice-president positions on the Council, subject to Congressional and Senate approval.

Legislative Authority: Congress operates as the supreme legislative authority. Each member sends fifteen members to Congress. Two from each Caste and the final five serving as the popular-elected members.

Judicial Authority: Judicial Authority is divided between the Five Caste Councils and the Supreme Court. If a crime is ascertained to have happened between two members of the same Caste, a judge and jury is assigned by said Caste. In case of a crime happening between members of separate Castes, the Jury is made up from two of each Caste. If the decision of conviction between four and eight, a Trial of Refusal is allowed, in which case ten members (usually Warriors) are selected to fight according to the votes.

Each Supreme Justice of each member and Caste sits on the Council and the presiding Supreme Justice of the Court is elected internally with Senatorial consent.

Caste Councils: Caste Councils serve as elected oversight bodies within the Mandrill Collective, each having investigative and inquisitorial powers. Importantly, they share authority with one another at all levels of government. They delegate local governance to Adjutants who altogether exercises executive authority at the Member and Provincial levels and who act as liaisons to their Caste Councils.

Voting: The decision of how voting would be decided was of predominant importance in the restructuring of the Rim Collection into the Mandrill Collective, as Fire Mandrill Warriors were concerned the reformed Warrior Caste, even enlarged to include the Freeborns of the former Collection, was still the smallest of the Castes. It was ultimately decided the Mandrill Collective would allow a priority-based voting system contingent on assigned Castes (i.e. Warriors had a Priority 5 for their fellow Warriors, but a Priority 1 for voting a Labourer) and vice versa for a Labourer. As citizens are allowed to freely move between the Castes, each is allowed to vote for Electors in each of the Caste Councils.

Uniquely, to be a citizen, a member of the Mandrill Collective must agree to serve at least five years as a service member (i.e. in any one of the myriad services the Mandrill Collective allows) and can be called up if ever needed until becoming a solahma (50 years of age). If not, a civilian is still permitted to vote for their Caste officials, but not outside their Castes. This allows civilians a degree of freedom and say within the Collective, but ultimately ensures the citizens have more power. Members of the Warrior Caste and any member that could theoretically be called up for emergency services are uniquely afforded immediate citizenship within the Mandrill Collective.

Military: The Mandrill Collective has inherited the Rim Collection Touman, already confirmed to be reformed as the Mandrill Collective Touman. Inheriting a strong inclination for combined arms, with heavy use of vehicles, aerospace, and infantry, the lack of contracted amounts of ‘Mechs was not seen as a deterrent, yet reforms in the last two years have strengthened the normal amounts of ‘Mechs found in the touman, targeted within the Regulars, Sentinels, Lancers, Battle, Assault, and the new Hussar Clusters. Thirty to forty-five ‘Mechs are now assigned to each of the units. These units easily make up the bulk of the MCT.

Organizationally, the Rim Collection Touman historically each of the same units usually assigned to a galaxy, with smaller Cluster Combat Teams formed around 2-3 clusters from said galaxy. While this allowed a degree of uniformity with equipment, it made the Cluster Combat Teams predictable on the battlefield. Reforms in the last two years have distributed the type of units found to each galaxy and Cluster Combat Teams reformed into Arms. Instead of the permanent Cluster Combat Teams, the new Arms are designed to be task-related, with clusters rolled in and out dependent on need, granting the Mandrill Collective Touman much-needed flexibility. What we know about the formation of additional clusters for the current conflict is the First and Second Hussars seem to be formed from former Ender’s Cluster militia members, while the 3rd Hussars is made from Kindraa Stewart’s protection detail. With the reform into the Mandrill Collective, the names of many clusters will likely change as well and we will forward them as that information becomes available.

The Mandrill Collective Navy is technically a subordinate of the Mandrill Collective Touman, but is often treated as its own separate branch since before Natasha Faraday’s death. The Mandrill Collective Navy has proven to be a match to any other navy in the Inner Sphere in terms of training and combat preparedness, if not outright numbers, even with the combat losses it has sustained in the last month. It still remains a carrier and dropship-oriented force, but the presence of the Warrior-class battlecarriers in decent numbers now allow the Mandrill Collective the hard-hitting strength it truly needed. The beginning of January saw the full activation of the battlecarriers MCS All Dawn and MCS Fire Mandrill into the Mandrill Collective Touman, though their location is unknown at this time. Currently, Viborg Fleetyards is completing construction of two as-yet unnamed Cassandra-class support cruisers.

The Mandrill Collective Security Forces operate the many militia clusters of the Mandrill Collective and are not officially part of the Mandrill Collective Touman, but rather fall under the authority of the Loremaster. National militia clusters are easily identified from member clusters due to member clusters being named after the member (i.e. First All Dawn Militia, Second Timbuktu Militia). Interesting note is that member clusters cannot be activated for military operations without the approval of the member in question. All but one of the militia clusters seen during the recent conflict have been national clusters, though member clusters have all been reported as being activated for the duration of the recent hostilities.

Current strength:
9 Galaxies (39 clusters, separated into 13 current Arms)
8 Warships (with 2 more expected to be available by 3120)
MCS Warrior (Warrior-class battlecarrier)
MCS All Dawn (Warrior-class battlecarrier)
MCS Fire Mandrill (Warrior-class battlecarrier)
MCS Cassandra (Cassandra-class support cruiser)
MCS Ashstorm (York-class destroyer-carrier)
MCS Firebrand (Hakaze-class escort-destroyer)
MCS Firetender (Isis-class scout-carrier)
MCS Eye of Providence (Fox-III -class yardship)
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
« Reply #1 on: 20 October 2022, 02:00:46 »
And the second part which was prompted by some back and forth between me and James Tanaga

12 Questions the Recent Star League Informational Didn’t Answer (And their answers!)
Author: Matthew Davion, Sovereign Regent of Mandrill Collective

1: Are the Fire Mandrills subordinate within the reformed Mandrill Collective or now the dominant power?

Tricky question to answer. With the former Rim Collection, the Mandrills were subordinate to the Rim Collection and was merely an important member. The new Mandrill Collective still affirms them as a subordinate member, but largely identifies them as the dominant military power within the new government. Thus, the introduction of the Clan Caste system across the Mandrill Collective in return for said Castes to be seen as equals (This will definitely chafe the other Clans), allowing for social mobility across the Castes, and allowing other members critical input into government decisions.

Quick answer: Dominant, but not decisive control of the Mandrill Collective. Forced to share internal power within the Collective and be mindful about other members' attitudes concerning military and foreign affairs.

2: What is the current position of Khan in relations with other senior Mandrill Collective government members?

The Fire Mandrill Khan oversees the Mandrill Collective Touman (their military) and is the senior member of the Warrior Caste in the Mandrill Collective Senate. They are in charge of all military operations and the foreign affairs of the Mandrill Collective, though the Senate, the Warrior Caste Council, or Congress itself can override the Khan. Through the control of those Bloodnamed who have either not named their Elector or those who selected the Khan to vote in their stead, the Khan wields great political influence within the Mandrill Collective.

Within the Collective, the Fire Mandrill Khan shares power with the Mandrill Collective President, Chancellor of the Mandrill Collective Congress, Supreme Justice of the Supreme Court, and lastly the Sovereign of the Mandrill Collective. The Khan has large degrees of political influence.

Quick Answer: Senior military and political official within the Mandrill Collective. Primary military leader of the Mandrill Collective. Shares power with other leaders, but political power has largely been rising since Clan Fire Mandrill became a member of the Rim Collection, as shown by the Collection reforming into the Mandrill Collective and this is expected to continue until a relationship between the military and civilian is largely consistent with established liberal Clan norms.

3: Nutshell answer of what each of the five senior leaders of the Mandrill Collective do? And who are they?

The President oversees the civilian executive government, the Chancellor oversees the legislative apparatus, the Supreme Justice the judiciary and oversight of the Watch, the Sovereign acts as the spiritual leader of the Mandrill Collective and Kindraa Leader of Kindraa Able, the Khan leads the military and foreign affairs. Each branch has input into the other via the Caste Councils and the Mandrill Collective Senate.

President: Damian Redburn
Khan: Jordan Truscott
Chancellor: Elizabeth Becker
Supreme Justice: Miguel Tomata
Sovereign: Victoria Able (Currently represented by Regent Matthew Davion)

4: What is the status of Clan Fire Mandrill's Clan Council with the currently seen political makeup? How politically powerful are Bloodnamed members and the Bloodhouses?

The Fire Mandrill Clan Council has largely been absorbed into the separate Caste Councils. Due to the recent reformation of Clan Fire Mandrill and the Rim Collection into the Mandrill Collective, voting power among members was especially important. Not wanting to potentially incite infighting and conscientious of Clan Fire Mandrill's growing influence within the military, it was ultimately decided in a quiet general referendum late last year to allow each Caste a vote on the national level and to reform the Mandrill Collective Congress.

The recent return of the Kindraa system and the importance of the Bloodnamed Warriors and Bloodhouses to said system means the Bloodnamed and Bloodhouses remain an integral part of the Mandrill Collective. The Bloodnamed Warriors and Bloodhouses assert their political control through the Kindraa and their unique vote in regards with the Caste Councils.

Quick Answer: Highly influential politically. It is expected their influence will continue to expand as the reformed Kindraa system stabilizes.

5: What are the Kindraa and their current status? Why are they important to the Mandrill Collective?

The Kindraa are a by-product of Clan Fire Mandrill from its time as a power in Clan Space. Formerly political-military organizations built around one or two dominant and numerous subordinate bloodhouses, the Kindraa save Kindraa Faraday-Tanaga were all but wiped out as Clan Fire Mandrill fought its way into the Inner Sphere. Later, the integration of House Stewart, the Sphinx Raptors absorption, and the recent joining of Ender's Cluster all helped prompt the reintegration of the Kindraa into Mandrill Collective society.

The Kindraa of the reformed Mandrill Collective are political-merchant entities for the most part. They help to centralize the many disparate political and merchant groups and provide them representation within the new government. Unlike Kindraa of old, the new Kindraa are disallowed from being or becoming military entities, though are permitted shared control over genetic legacies with that of the Scientist Caste. This allows the Kindraa a large, but overall indirect say, in society and government, and are expected to become the economic lifeblood of the Collective.

Essentially, the Freeborn of the Mandrill Collective form a Kindraa using a volunteering Bloodnamed Warrior or group of Warriors to provide genetic legacies in return for material and political return. Per established Fire Mandrill custom, the "father" DNA is allowed to be Freeborn. While Clan Laws does allow for this, it is safe to assume the Mandrills are easily the most liberal of this.

Quick Answer: Think of the Kindraa as a combination of the Noble Houses found within the Inner Sphere and the mercantile aspects of the Sea Fox Khanates who use the Bloodhouses and Bloodnamed to represent them in politics. Notable difference from prior Kindraa and those recently reformed is the clear disallowance of military assets and threat of Annihilation should this ever happen.

6: What are the names of the Kindraa? And are there Freeborn Kindraa?

Already in the dozens, but likely to begin coalescing around traditional Clan Bloodhouses within the next two years. There are Freeborn Kindraa, but as they lack control of Bloodnames, their political power will likely wane once the coalescing begins unless they either negotiate with a Bloodnamed to join them or one of their members win a Trial of Founding. Currently, only the Freeborn Kindraa Able, Redburn, and Sereal are certain to continue once this expected coalescence happens, though Kindraa Stewart's survival is likely.

Kindraa Able will continue due to its national name identity associated with the Rim Collection and now to the Mandrill Collective as their continued survival is needed to continue stabilizing the nation. Kindraa Sereal has already secured a coalition of minor Bloodnamed to join them and continues to ensure its political and mercantile dominance in the Ender's Cluster, so its survival is confirmed. As to Kindraa Redburn, President Redburn and his daughter have both already declared their intent on their respective Trials of Founding, each having the capability to likely win them, and Brienne Redburn has been confirmed to having a shared sibko with the legacy of Natasha Faraday. As to Kindraa Stewart, its survival is likely due to its continued political and mercantile support to Timbuktu and its protective detail being absorbed into the 3rd Rim Hussars.

Quick Answer: Yes

Clan Examples: Faraday-Tanaga, Truscott, Banacek, Nevversan, Showers, Matilla-Carrol, Goulet, Izumi-Quong.
Freeborn Examples: Able, Redburn, Sereal, Hall, Stewart, Howlett, Summers, Sisko

7: Explain the Mandrill Collective Congress and the Councils, specifically the allotment of each vote and how Clan Fire Mandrill and the Kindraa play into it? And is Congress and the Councils one or separate entities?

Altogether, each Caste Council forms a subordinate Council within Congress. Each Mandrill Collective member including Clan Fire Mandrill has 15 votes total set aside in the Rim Congress and the Bloodnamed the remainder. Within that allotment, each member has 1 vote dedicated to each of the Caste Councils. The remaining 10 are divided among each Caste depending on which Caste said Elector is from. (i.e. a Laborer Elector will join the Laborer Caste Council, a Warrior Elector to the Warrior Caste Council, etc). Voting is done by popular priority-selection.

Those Bloodnamed and thus the Bloodhouses and the newly formed Kindraa crucially control the Bloodnamed votes. Each Bloodnamed has a vote allocated to them dependent on Caste (usually Warrior Caste). Bloodnamed either vote in person or their Elector, someone entrusted to vote on their behalf. And most importantly, the votes of those Bloodnamed who are unable to sit in person, nor have entrusted their vote to an Elector, or are a Bondsman, are entrusted to the sitting Khan or the Khan's Elector when unable to vote. And finally, only the Bloodnamed can vote for the Khan and saKhan of the Mandrill Collective, ensuring that while both need not necessarily be Bloodnamed, they nearly always will be.

Quick Answer: Caste Councils are subordinate entities of Congress. Voting is convoluted and ensures Bloodnamed representation and firm control over who becomes the Khan and saKhan of the Mandrill Collective. Khn exercises vast political and military influence in the reformed nation.

8: What are the Adjutants and what do they do?

Adjutants are local leaders voted by the citizens and civilians of each world to act together as their local executive authority at the Membership level and a senior member from each Caste Council is delegated the authority at the Provincial level. While they wield broad executive authority over matters at the day to day level, they are subordinate to the will of the national government.

9: What are provinces and what are their names?

Provinces are an intermediate level of governance within the Mandrill Collective, in between the Member and National levels. Provinces are usually made up of nearby worlds and systems that often share regional issues with one another. Special Provinces (currently only Clan Fire Mandrill Enclaves) can be assigned if the national government deems necessary. The former Lyran systems taken in the recent conflict are likely to form their own Province once the recent conflict ends.

Provinces: 5 Official, 1 To Be Confirmed
Clan Fire Mandrill Enclaves (Special Province)
All Dawn Province
Ender’s Province
Caldarium Province
Erdvynn Province
Florida Province (Awaiting Confirmation)

10: What is the current status of the Clan Fire Mandrill Watch and is it active? If it is active, is its status to the other listed services in the informational? And if active, what is its strength in comparison to other powers and Clans?

Active. The Criminal Investigative Service, National Intelligence Service, Mandrill Collective Militia, Mandrill Collective Security Services, and select military units all combine to represent different aspects of the Watch in total. Additionally, the Watch counts each member's police, emergency services, and public medical services as subordinate elements. The Mandrill Collective Watch is led by the Loremaster and is a member of the Mandrill Collective Senate.

The Mandrill Collective Watch is noted for being strong in analytical and signal intelligence and has a heavy presence in counter-intelligence and domestic security operations. It is average in propaganda, espionage, and psychological warfare operations and is considered especially weak in on-the-ground direct foreign operations, forced to use allied and Clan-shared foreign intelligence assets. Overall, it is considered a respectable intelligence power.

11: Why is the Mandrill Collective expanding?

Two-fold answer. One is to safeguard the precious shipyards at Viborg. The other is to allow some breathing space so the Mandrill Collective can actively begin recolonizing abandoned systems. Once control over the former Lyran worlds have been solidified and the recent conflict has ended, the newly formed Kindraa will likely begin extending the number of Iron Wombs gifted to them by Clan Fire Mandrill and then continue the efforts to economically allow the recolonization to take place.

Quick Answer: Living space without the need to constantly keep an eye on their border as the Mandrill Collective is likely about to start a population boom and rather not have to worry about safeguarding one of their most important assets.

12: What is the Mandrill Collective's relations with the other Clans? Are they a member of the Tukayyid Grand Council? If so, why were they accepted? And how are they viewed?

Another tricky question to answer. They are Clan, but their acceptance among their brethren is mixed and tentative at best. So I will need to break this down.

Clan Status: As Kindraa Farday-Tanaga, they fought their way into the Inner Sphere with barely a galaxy-worth of Warriors. Claimed the Fire Mandrill mantle as their own soon thereafter. Tukayyid Clans grudgingly accepted their resumption as Clan Fire Mandrill once a successful Trial of Absorption took place against Clan Sphinx Raptor due to a technicality of some sort and warning them of the Society. This was publicly accepted via Grand Council decree. Clan status grudgingly confirmed.

Grand Council Membership: They do have a seat on the Grand Council. However, due to their subordinate role within the Rim Collection and arguable Mandrill Collective, said technicality, and their habitual disregard over certain Grand Council agreements concerning technology trading, their membership is tentative, and the Mandrills remain classified as a provisional member. Due to this provisional status, the Mandrills are known as neutral-minded in the affairs of the Grand Council and follow zellbrigen of their opponents, less they fall in favor.

Relations with other Clans: Due in large part to how they came to the Inner Sphere, the Fire Mandrills lack allies. Clans Sea Fox and Ghost Bear have created strong ties with them, the former due to the Mandrills bringing the last of their Clansmen in the Homeworlds along with them to the Inner Sphere and the latter both sharing a close bond of family with their lower Castes. The other Clans respect them for their continued survival yet animosity over their separate ejections from the Homeworlds and the Mandrills part in them and the Mandrills’ continued subordinate role and ultra-liberal attitude among the Clans make them unfit to sit on the Grand Council. Clans Hell’s Horses and Coyote in particular continue their historical rivalry with intense Trials of Possession against the Mandrills. Only the ultra-conservative Falcons remain their true enemies, their disgust of the Mandrills apparent in their Trials.

Quick answer: Murky at best. Clans Sea Fox and Ghost Bear are their allies. The others have a grudging respect for them and will deal with them honorably, but do not want them on the Grand Council. The Falcons hate them. The Grand Council as a whole is undecided but lacks the will to officially welcome or denounce them and instead favors them as a provisional member until the Fire Mandrills show their resolve to finally become an equal. The Grand Council is back to keeping an uncomfortably close eye on the Mandrills since Damian Redburn's announcement of the reforming of the Rim Collection and Clan Fire Mandrill into the Mandrill Collective.
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
« Reply #2 on: 22 October 2022, 02:42:09 »
Carrying on with the timeline proper now with the first part a race featuring the Vector Storm motorcycle from TRO Lancaster (Thank you to the creator and the permission to use it)

This update sets us down a course I've wanted to investigate for a long time - thankfully James Tanaga gave me an idea when discussing the Fire Mandrills current predicament and Clan Smoke Jaguar gave me the motivation for it (let's have some fun)

First Race of Solaris Racing League
Exhibition Track, Dunnet Forest
Solaris, Independent Clan Space
3rd June 3118

   The coming of the Clans to Solaris had initially caused nothing but trouble for the Mech circuits and all the other sports based on the planet but that was not the case in recent years.  With the Clans and Star League Defence Force essentially sharing responsibility for the system everything was becoming more popular and that could not be truer than with the Solaris Racing League (SRL).  Following the smash success of the first season it had been decided that before the season began a high-performance racing aircraft would race against a Dreadnaught Interstellar Industries two wheeled Vector Storm V High Performance Motorcycle.  As the aircraft of the SRL were powered internal combustion engines it had been decided to use the enthusiast’s motorcycle instead of the pure racing fusion powered model the VI.  The spectacle was to promote the SRL but also the league’s sponsor Dreadnaught which would be putting on their own shows across the planet in conjunction with every race intending on promoting their civilian, support and military equipment across the planet.

   Before the race there was an aerial display from a group of ten turbine propelled aircraft from Noisiel.  The exhibition team “Spiraling Zeros” fly a half red half white aircraft and put on some stunning flying displays above the crowds before the race even begins filling the air with multi-coloured streams of air.  These aircraft were far smaller than the aircraft used in the SRL and they were a throwback to some sort of ancient design.

   The race itself was a simple affair Koskova Yartseva in her HL-15 Hellfish Light Attack Fighter would fly the regular Dunnet Forrest track with the Yartseva showing the crowd what they could expect when the actual race happened after while the Vector Storm which was designed to travel faster than the aircraft and at continue cruising at high speed would race around a longer track which went around the forest with its progress broadcast to all crowds on massive Tri-vid screens.  The Vector Storm and its driver Martha Alberchtsen were coloured blue and white while the aircraft was painted bright green setting the two apart.

   The lights went green and the two racers took off on their respective race Martha Alberchtsen was hallway along its raceway while the Hellfish banked and turned around the twisty course through the forest.  On the screens the progress of the two exhibition racers were broadcast to an excited crowd as the motorcycle reached the half way point it was ahead of Yarseva exited Nevis Tunnel entering the Hillhead Stadium to a cheering crowd.  The Dreadnaught built Vector Storm was slightly ahead as it moved under the Interstate Highway 16 and began to climb up over Ben Hob this played to Hellfish’s advantage as it did not have to travel up the hill instead continuing its flight.

   The Vector Storm entered the final stage of the race ahead of the Hellfish entering a modified Janet Porter Stadium the Hellfish banked above the motorcycle as it moved around the tight corners of the stadium having to move at a slower speed than the aircraft bringing the two to a near photo finish with the Hellfish moving across the finish line seconds before the Vector Storm.

Council of Clan Smoke Jaguar
Jaguar’s Howl, Twin Sons
District of Lesnovo, Free Worlds League
9th June 3118

   While the reborn elements of Clan Smoke Jaguar held territory throughout the District of Lesnovo their primary holdings remained on Twin Sons in their capital city which had been built in the equatorial sector of the planet.  There more than one million men, women and children lived most of whom had been born in the District of Lesnovo or the greater Free Worlds League and flocked to the banner of Clan Smoke Jaguar.  Some would learn from the Clansmen and become warriors within the Clan while others would serve its growing worker, scientific and merchant castes unlike the original Clan Smoke Jaguar the current Clan allowed these castes to follow their own paths as long as they benefited the Clan.

   Today all members of the Clan’s Bloodnamed castes had traveled to Twin Sons after being summoned there by Khan Petra Furey.  None of the warriors could miss the green and gold painted Arbitration-class Battleship Arbitration which served as the flagship of the fleet which was based out of Tukayyid and served as the Loremaster of the Clans personal transport.  The Arbitration could engage and destroy almost any other WarShip in known space with a good chance of victory and nothing the reborn Smoke Jaguars had could destroy the vessel.

   For weeks the Smoke Jaguars streamed back onto Twin Sons making their way to Jaguar’s Howl finally entering the Hall of Clan Smoke Jaguar on the required date. The Hall of Clan Smoke Jaguar was a perfect circle and had five tiers of seating which went higher with each tier the lowest ranking Bloodnamed would be furthest from the centre and the higher ranks would be the closest.  Microphones and speakers were built into the entire building so any warrior who wished to be heard could be.  Today standing in the centre of the room stood Khan Petra Furey dressed in the ceremonial uniform which was grey with the Smoke Jaguar crest on its chest, a black belt and black knee-high boots the uniform’s full cape was also grey on the outside with red underneath while on her head Khan Furey wore the head of a Smoke Jaguar, the face of the snarling car above her own.  Beside her stood a shorter woman wearing a similar uniform but this one coloured green on her head she wore the head of a Wolf, the Clan she had come from.

   “This is Loremaster of the Clans Sandra Ward” Petra Furey said introducing the other woman to the Clan’s elite warriors “she has traveled her from Tukayyid to address the elite warriors of Clan Smoke Jaguar.  Listen to her” she commanded them.

   “I am Sandra Ward; I was born a Wolf but I now serve as the Loremaster of the Clans and of the Clan Council which is held on Tukayyid.”  She said “Tukayyid was the Clan’s greatest failure, where our invasion ended, now it is our greatest triumph a world held equally by all of the Inner Sphere and periphery Clans.”  She stepped around the room looking up at the assembled Smoke Jaguar warriors “your greatest failure came after Tukayyid when your Clan died” she snarled looking at them all “the Smoke Jaguars ceased to be, annihilated by the Inner Sphere here and in the Homeworlds, joining the ranks of the fallen Clans.”  She taunted almost daring them to challenge her to a Circle of Equals “but that was not the end of Clan Smoke Jaguar.” She continued “somehow your people, your ideals survived and now you are on the cusp of your greatest triumph.  Cast off the dressing your Clan has collected, come to Tukayyid, reclaim your place within the Clan Council.”


   A week had passed since Sandra Ward, the Loremaster of the Clans, had made her challenge to Clan Smoke Jaguar and the debate between the Bloodnamed warriors was continuing.  Some of the warriors were angry that the Loremaster had challenged them to abandon their position in the District of Lesnovo and Free Worlds League while other Clans like the Mandrill Collective, Rasalhague Dominion and Raven Alliance had been allowed to maintain their connections to their partner realms and join the council.  Unfortunately for the Smoke Jaguars as Ward had explained in each case the Clan force was the dominant one, should the Clan decide the realm they were part of would cease to be, the Jaguars were not in that position with the Free Worlds League.  To rejoin the other Clans the Jaguars had to prove that it could stand on its own feet.


   A week later the debate still raged between the members of the Bloodnamed council with no clear favourite in sight.  In her private office inside the Hall of Clan Khan Petra Furey spoke with her saKhan Vanik Ismiril who towered over her as she hatched a plan to sway her Clan to her line of thinking.  Born to an Elemental Sibko Ismiril like all of the genetically modified infantry troopers of the Clans was taller than any MechWarrior could ever be, his muscles literally had muscles and there were few equals to him in hand-to-hand combat.  Vanik’s dark skin was virtually hairless something he prided himself on maintaining it regularly.

   “They will not miss me immediately.  The District’s politicians can run things day to day and the Clan is busy building up its forces and strongholds within this territory.”  She explained to him “once they do realize I have been gone too long there will be no choice but to reveal that I am no longer within the District.”

   “At which point you will likely lose control over the District” Vanik boomed “I do not have the pool to maintain that for our Clan.” Petra Furey was a power of nature she was charismatic enough to sway many non-Clansmen to their cause.

   “A necessary sacrifice” she said “you may be able to maintain control over the Clan however and with our enclaves across the District we will still hold some sway with the people of Lesnovo.  They allowed us into their space now we can take advantage of it.”  She said viciously smirking “use the people of Illion to help maintain security in the region, I will be taking the Streaking Mist, we will likely need her firepower.”

   “But to turn to them, why make such a call?”

   “Symbolism, our great rivalry put to bed for all to see once the truth is revealed our people together bringing what others have only dreamed.”  She said wistfully “the Loremaster said we needed to make a symbolic gesture to regain our position.  She was right we do and what better one for our people and all Clan peoples, it will win us support where we otherwise would not receive it.”

   “And you believe they can be swayed, Quiaff?”

   “Aff, outsiders far from the fight for Terra their Khan needs a symbol just as we do, we can prove that anything is possible I believe he will buy into that.”

   “And if he does not?”

   “Then I die, and the Smoke Jaguar continues.”  She replied in a matter-of-fact way “this exhibition will not end our Clan but it could inspire its future.  Just keep the Jaguars on the prowl until I return” Petra Furey commanded her saKhan.

Training Mission
Dentieth Pass, Dustina
Arcturus, Clan Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone
14th June 3118

   The green painted customized Timber Wolf cut through the formation of Hell’s Horses troopers but the OmniMech was not part of the scenario and its pilot was intent on killing as many of the Horses troopers as possible with its pulse lasers while calling in artillery barrages with its TAG laser.  Behind the Timber Wolf laid three of its gutted lancemates while a second lance of a Catapult, Adder, Ebon Jaguar and Shadow Hawk remained active in support.  In the air a Hawk Moth VTOL, Verwandlung, buzzed the Hell’s Horses formation.

   Tearing their way into the Clan unit the Timber Wolf targeted a Mars Assault Tank which held the commander of the unit.  From one of the Hell’s Horses units paired particle cannon shots flew high above the Timber Wolf tearing through the air into the Verwandlung tearing the back of the aircraft off completely.  In the cockpit of the Timber Wolf Dominic Nostra turned to see the VTOL spin out of control and disappear over a hill exploding in a ball of flames in the trees beyond, this contract had already been too costly he turned the Timber Wolf back onto the Mars lining up the TAG Laser but as he did a pair of gauss rifles savaged the left side of the OmniMech.  “You son of a…” he cursed twisting his OmniMech onto the vehicle, an Athena Heavy Tank and unleashed a volley of pulse blasts.

   The Athena took the attack and replied with two more gauss shots one fortunately missed the damaged Timber Wolf but the other slammed into the Bounty Hunter’s OmniMech just below the cockpit.  Lasers, missiles and autocannon slugs slammed into the Timber Wolf from the Mars Assault Tank causing damage all over the OmniMech as an artillery barrage from the Catapult consumed the Athena.  As it did a gauss rifle shot from the Athena tore through the head of the Bounty Hunter’s Shadow Hawk killing the red painted BattleMech’s pilot instantly.

   “The Bounty Hunter won’t fall today” Nostra said turning his Mech’s torso savaging the side torso of a Fire Falcon OmniMech.  He then continued his turn and fired more shots into the Mars which sat at the centre of the formation but the large assault tank had kept its front armour towards him and the thick armour held firm.

   “MechWarrior continue your assault; we are on our way to assist!”  Another transmission broke in from the Timber Wolf’s left flanking both the Bounty Hunter and the enemy Mars came a fifty-ton green and black painted Chalchiutotlin Urban Assault Vehicle its pulse laser and missiles engaging the heavier Mars but striking its weaker rear armour.

   “Identify yourself!” Nostra demanded firing more pulse shots into the weakening Mars

   “Arcturus Resistance, we may need a lift after this though!”

   “You’re paying for your travel right now.”  Nostra confirmed guiding an artillery shell from the Catapult down on top of the Mars.  The vehicle was consumed in fire from the artillery shell as pulse laser fire from the Bounty Hunter and the resistance vehicle continued to pound the vehicle.  As pulse lasers burned through the armour of the Mars.  “Mission complete let’s go, resistance stay close.”

   As they retreated through the formation of Hell’s Horses the Chalchiuhtotolin’s missiles, lasers and machine guns cut down enemy Elemental forces in their droves as they retreated.  The Bounty Hunter did not know where they had come from but the vehicle and its crew would be a worthy addition especially with the fall of Kafka.

Four of the Bounty Hunter’s team had been lost on this contract, the Bounty Hunter would need to start again.  Withdrawing into the Lyran Commonwealth Kafka’s support team agreed to take their retirement papers from the Bounty Hunter’s team and left the crew each of them agreeing to keep Nostra’s identity safe, knowing that should they betray that trust then they would pay the price with their lives.

Prison Breakout
Royal Foxx, Magistracy of Canopus
20th June 3118

   Small arms fire filled the air as the small team tore through the prison facility.  Their goal simple reach the high security section of the prison at all costs, killing anyone who got in their way, rescue their lost MechWarrior and escape.  Sparks flew from ricocheting shots and bodies fell on both sides as the team pressed through the facility.  Entering the prison block the guards were shot down at their posts while the team entered.

   “Release the prisoners, find Amanda” one of the troopers said turning back towards the doors aiming his gun towards the door.  Several of the others did the same while two headed into the cells gunning down another of the guards as they did.  A team of guards attempted to breach the prison only for them to be gunned down in a hail of bullets.  The lead trooper turned as his two troopers returned carrying a prisoner between them her face was a nasty mix of blue, red and purple from the beatings she had received but it was unmistakably Amanda Cavalcanti “good to see you.”   The masked leader said looking over the prisoner her navy jumpsuit was torn in several places and there was the hint of blood from injuries elsewhere too. “Those monsters, we’ll make them pay.”  He said glancing over her shoulder seeing several other prisoners “listen up you men and women, I don’t know why you are here or what you’ve done before today but you’re now free and you can come with us.  Or you can stay out of our way.”  Several of the prisoners moved to pick up weapons from the fallen guards readying themselves for a fight.

   The troopers and former prisoners fought out the same way that they had come in fighting their way back out of the facility the same way they had entered gunning down more guards as they did.  Moving back to the loading facility they continued to fight their way out of the building where two BattleMechs stood gunning down any infantry forces trying to get too close.  Beyond them more Mechs stood engaging the defenders.  “All Malcontents this is McCoy package secured, mission accomplished, we’re loading onto the APC and we’re leaving.”  They then fought their way clear of the base and back to their waiting DropShip days later a JumpShip was ready to evacuate them from the system heading back towards Whittington.  War had been declared the day that the Magistracy of Canopus had taken Amanda Cavalcanti away from Schyler McCoy and this round the Malcontents had been victorious.
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
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Nice to see things carrying on. Can't say I like  Rim name being dropped and more Clan society rising.

Good writing, Dragon Cat!
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
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Interesting update
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
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Insert drool here...  :drool:

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
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Nice update, very interesting
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
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Nice to see things carrying on. Can't say I like  Rim name being dropped and more Clan society rising.

Good writing, Dragon Cat!

Unfortunately for the Inner Sphere there's a few Clan states

Insert drool here...  :drool:


Read this one... a reveal I've been working on for a long time (created the planning document for this in 2013 - first update)

Gravesite Pilgrimage
Gamma 1551 AW
Deep Periphery
4th July 3118

   Under the light of a yellow sun in a clearing on a battle-scarred jungle world once known as Barbados in the deep periphery two figures wearing full Star League-era combat armour with cloaks attached entered a small maintained grave site both carried flowers.  Across the planet there was wreckage from destroyed ships, BattleMechs and vehicles from a battle centuries before where thousands of people had died but not for conquest of the planet instead it was for the extinction of a people. Today there was no fighting instead it was a pilgrimage made by descendants of the survivors.

   The two figures made their way through the grave site until they reached a grave surrounded by sixteen seats over the grave was an archway with nineteen totem animals, the totem animals of the Clans.  “Why do we keep coming back to this world?  When the clans have not returned here in decades.”  The male warrior asked glancing over at the woman he had brown hair which had grown longer than a standard military formation would allow he was in his thirties.  The woman was around his age she had long ginger hair which was tied back behind her head in a ponytail.

   “Tradition” she replied “our ancestors died here to allow us to survive into today.”

   “And soon we will be revealed to have survived” he said “and all of those survivors will curse our existence, not that there are many of them left.”  He continued looking over the archway above the grave.

   “There are enough and they have expanded further than we could have expected, if we are revealed too soon, we will face trouble.”  She cautioned him “We won’t squander the chances we have and we will make the Clans remember our name.”

   “Kerensky’s Wolf has their back turned focused on Terra” he said smirking savagely. “The Clans have lost their Homeworlds and soon will lose everything else, we should cleanse the Homeworlds too. There are Clans there which need taught lessons, perhaps we should target them first? Do what the Clans cannot.”

   “Don’t get overconfident, one step at a time, the Clans have messed things up in the Homeworlds enough without us those worlds are not important right now.” The woman warrior said clearing flowers away from the gravesite replacing them with the flowers that they had brought with them.  “We are positioned to make our move on the Inner Sphere and stop the ilClan being formed” she said standing up looking back at the male warrior “we are the Inner Sphere’s only hope of stopping a Wolf led ilClan and if we stop one, rally the Inner Sphere, then we could stop them all.”

   “There is so much Clan space now in the Inner Sphere.” He replied “we might get our revenge on Kerensky’s Wolves but the others are closing on Terra as well.”

   “Aff, we could have moved sooner, helped the Inner Sphere, but we were not ready” she replied “you know this” she said becoming irritated by him they only had so much time to make their plan work.  Their teachings were clear their people had a duty to resist the formation of an ilClan at all costs.  The timeline of this intervention had changed with Clan Wolf moving their occupation zone away from the original invasion corridor now they could not simply position themselves between the Clans and Terra, now they needed to take another plan.

   “Our people descend from those that suffered under the Usurper, suffered following the Great Father and then his despot of a son, we have the outcasts of the Dragon, those that pillaged the periphery and those who explored it.  We have perhaps the most diverse culture mankind has ever known.”

   “And your point is?” The other warrior asked looking up at him from the grave.

   “When does the suffering end?”

   “We have a mandate to follow, it has been the plan since our exile.”

   “And when the Inner Sphere resists us?”  He asked looking at the female warrior “you know the Succession Lords will not simply turn over territory and the Spartans have learned that the Star League has not only been reformed but that it is powerful.”  He warned “I know our plan, and I support it, but our path isn’t as clear as it once was are we going to become the same conquerors that our Khan fought against.”  He asked invoking the title of the one and only Khan of their people, no-one had ever taken the title again after her death.

   “On the bodies that are buried on this world and every other we have fought on we owe them to hold to the course.  We will show the Inner Sphere that our people can protect them from madness of Nicholas Kerensky!”  She snapped “enough of this, we came here for a reason, we must fulfil our purpose.”  She said turning back to the grave her eyes looking over the stone at the Wolverine head emblem engraved at the top it was a symbol of their past, and a symbol of their promise.

   “Aff, Commanding-General Ebon” the other warrior said joining her in prayer.

Clan Hall, Goliath Scorpion Territory
Goldwater, Arizona
Deep Periphery
16th July 3118

   Deep in the heart of Clan Goliath Scorpion Territory on the world of Arizona saKhan Connor Rood entered the Khan’s appointment hall of the Clan’s command Hall in the city of Goldwater.  While the Goliath Scorpions alongside the Blood Spirits had retaken several of the worlds in the Homeworlds they maintained their strongest hold on the colony world of Arizona which they held exclusively.

   Today the righty year old saKhan Connor Rood entered his Khan’s office.  “My Khan” he said approaching Khan Freema Kirov the light of the office glistening off his shaved head.

   “How go the Sand Runners?” The Khan asked using his command’s nickname

   “Hellion Galaxy improves daily my Khan” Rood said looking at the Khan using the Galaxy’s adopted name the Galaxy had taken, of all the Goliath Scorpion units Rood’s Galaxy had the most orphans from former Clans with the majority coming from Clan Ice Hellion.

   “And what brings you back to Arizona?” She asked despite Rood’s age he was a powerful man within the Clan.

   “You brought me back to the Homeworlds now I want to pay it forward and bring other Clansmen back to the Homeworlds.”

   “We do not have the resources to continue sending troops beyond the Homeworlds while the Society remains a threat.”

   “There are men and women who were born as Clansmen.  I do not wish to take all of Hellion Galaxy only the First Cateran Cluster we will join with the Seekers, I know you have out there.  Our Clan needs trained troops” he said “and you need to get rid of me” he suggested “this will be my last mission for our Clan and I want to improve our strength not divide it.”

   “We will not be able to continue to support these adventures, Quiaff?”

   “Aff, my Khan I am aware. I will keep our command going by incorporating some of the warriors I redeem while sending others back to the Clan.”

   “Agreed” Kirov said quickly “good luck saKhan” they both knew she saw him leaving Arizona as a way of removing any sort of challenge towards her leadership.

   “I will make our Clan stronger” he said saluting her with his fist across his chest before leaving without another word.

Star League Deployment Base
Caph, Northwind EDZ
Star League Protectorate
21st July 3118

   After four years on the far-off Magistracy of Canopus world of Gallis Colonel Janina el Arguioui was finding her way around her office.  The last four years had been a busy four years her command the Integrated Combat Support Services had assisted the SLDF in building a new base on the periphery world. What they had built essentially amounted to facilities that rivalled a Castle Brian.  The SLDF at present had a regiment based on the world which had taken over from her Integrated Combat Support Services but the facilities there could easily house a full Regimental Brigade and support it for months in a reinforced series of bunkers.  At present the plan was to share the facilities with the local Magistracy of Canopus troops but what was only known to the SLDF and the Integrated Services was that the SLDF could shut down certain parts of the base, namely those which the Magistracy troops would be assigned to, and not compromise the bases defences.  They could then drive out the Magistracy forces and retake the full base with minimal casualties.  Arguioui did not see that scenario being a problem at present the Magistracy of Canopus was a very strong supporter of the SLDF and was sending as many new recruits as any other member state.  Life had also been busy for Arguioui herself while in the Magistracy she had gotten married and had a daughter making life even more complicated.

   “Colonel” Lt. Colonel Andreas Dandekar said from the door, he was her XO and the man who had turned the world of Caph into cleaner more habitable world while also expanding the forces she had left on Caph to nearly a full regiment of support workers.  As soon as Arguioui had returned to Caph she had promoted the man to Lt. Colonel for his efforts with her new family commitments she wanted to pass on more responsibilities to him after she negotiated a new contract with the SLDF.

   “Yes, Andreas” she said turning towards him

   “Commanding General Victor Focht, Colonel” he said stepping aside to reveal Victor Focht the commander of all of the Star League Defence Forces.  Andreas Dandekar was a mountain of a man an engineer before an officer he barely wore the official unit uniform instead favouring custom made overalls which he said fitted him better.  There was a joke around the unit he could match an Elemental in an arm wrestle while drinking the bar dry.  Their visitor was far smaller and looked slightly younger than the big man Victor Focht was a MechWarrior by training before rising through the SLDF ranks, she had planned to meet with him on Terra in a few months’ time, seeing him here was concerning.

   “Welcome to Caph” she said greeting him he was her employer but not her superior due to her command’s continued status as a mercenary registered unit.

   “Thank you, Colonel, congratulations to you on your marriage and the continued growth of your family” he said stepping into the office.  He wore the green day-to-day uniform of the SLDF with a red sash which was clasped by an SLDF Cameron Star.  “And congratulations to you as well Lt Colonel Dandekar on your promotion and your efforts here on Caph, you have done wonders here” he said looking at the other man who fought his body’s urge to blush in embarrassment.

   “Your praise is greatly appreciated” Arguioui said attempting to cover for Dandekar.  “Thank you, Lt Colonel I’m sure you have duties to attend to.”

   “Yes, Colonel” he said turning to leave the two in the room alone.

   “Actually, Colonel would you mind if he stayed a moment?” Focht asked looking at the retreating Dandekar as he began to sit down.

   “Of course, take a seat Andreas” the Lt Colonel nodded and sat down on a chair at the back of the room.  “Please Commanding-General” she said inviting him to continue.

   “As I said you’ve done incredible work on Gallis and here on Caph” he said “you’ve gone far and beyond the terms of your contract.  You have done very well but now the SLDF wants more.”

   “More?  Our people just spent four years in the arse end of the periphery” Arguioui explained unhappy with the prospect of further travelling for her unit. “We need time to rest and refit.”

   “Absolutely, and we plan on giving you that time.  The Integrated Combat Support Services might never have to collectively leave Caph again.” Focht offered “Colonel, I don’t want your command to travel around the Inner Sphere, I want to use your skills and your resources to train the next generation of engineers who can build a future for humanity.”

   “That sounds like a very long and expensive contract.” Dandekar remarked from the back of the room Focht turned towards him and smirked seeing the man’s motivations.

   “I want to offer something greater than a contract” he said turning back towards Arguioui “I offer your people the chance to leave a legacy on the entire Inner Sphere.”

   “You want to Company Store us?” Arguioui asked using the term when one of the Great Houses absorbed a mercenary unit into their forces.

   “Not quite, you’re not in debt to us, instead you would become serving members of the SLDF” he said glancing over at Dandekar who looked more intrigued than worried.  Your unit would continue to do what it has done for its entire existence, there are hot spots out there that need work, units that need supported built up.”  He explained “the worlds that make up the Protectorate are some of the heaviest fought over worlds in the Inner Sphere some of them need cleaned up, others we wish to fortify along the lines of Gallis and who better to be in command of building it than those that built Fort Gallis and restored parts of Caph?”

   “That’s a lot of responsibility.”

   “Yes, it is Colonel but your unit is one I think that can handle it.  As the command brigade of this new Division, I’d expect some of you to remain here continuing to restore Caph, coordinating the others and training new recruits.” Behind him he heard Dandaker make a noise, he clearly did not want to remain on Caph again.  “Others will want to take on challenges beyond Caph.”

   “That’s quite an offer Commanding-General.” Arguioui stated “but my people are not fighters, we have minimal combat assets.  The SLDF go to hot spots where trouble follows.”

   “I am aware which is why I am going to move the First Special Operations Group into your Division.  They will be the combat arm of your command, they can handle any unit in the Inner Sphere and Clans, but they also specialize in hot zone incident clean ups.”  He suggested the First Special Operations Group was originally formed by two mercenary commands the Devil’s Advocates and Killer Bees that specialized in asymmetrical warfare.

   “Our people will have to discuss this before we agree” Arguioui said the Commanding-General nodded his understanding “but I am leaning to suggesting that they agree to the proposal.”  She said “I think our people have found a home with the SLDF.”  She said over Focht’s shoulder she could see Dandaker nodding his agreement.

   “I will be on planet for at least a week Colonel, feel free canvass your troops before your decision.”

   “Thank you, Commanding-General” she said raising from her chair Focht and Dandakar followed suit with Arguioui reaching out shaking Focht’s outstretched hand.  Focht turned away a moment later ready to shake Dandakar’s hand as well but the large Major was already standing at attention when he turned with perfect military precision he saluted the Commanding-General showing exactly where he believed the unit were going.

   A week passed and the Integrated Support Services officially became part of the Star League Defence Force forming the core of a new support Division.  Colonel Janina el Arguioui remained in command of the unit taking a promotion to Lt. General with her responsibilities focusing on the command, recruitment, and training for further brigades for the Division, as part of these responsibilities she remained in overall command of the unit which was based on Caph and she was in charge of the continued clean-up of the planet.  Major Andreas Dandekar also received a promotion to Lt. Colonel taking over command of the newly formed Second Integrated Support Service Regimental Brigade which was formed primarily from the troops he had commanded on Caph during the unit’s deployment to Gallis.  The Second were being sent to Thorin with instructions to expand the SLDF fortifications and facilities on Thorin.

Forty-Fifth Star League Games
Solaris VII, Star League Stadium
Independent World
28th July 3118

   In the history of humanity there were buildings that never slept, cities that were active throughout the day and night and then there was Solaris VII, the Game World, at no point in the year was the game world “quiet” there was never a day on Solaris in the entire year that you could not make a bet on a live game where a MechWarrior, pilot, vehicle crew or fist fighter were fighting or racing for the win.

   Outside of the primary Solaris Game BattleMech season one competition had gained people’s attention the Star League Games since it was established in 3074 there had been forty-three previous engagements with forty-two winners.  Only in 3091 when the game had been interrupted by a terrorist attack and in 3093 when the games had been cancelled due to war commitments.  Originally taking place in Solaris’ Colosseum more recently it had taken place within the Star League Stadium, the newest and most advanced of all the stadiums on Solaris.

   The competition itself was open to everyone, as Solaris was jointly held by the Star League Defence Force and the Clans, and warriors from across known space traveled to the games to test themselves against other competitors. Due to it being an arena battle the regulars on the Solaris often did well but visitors to Solaris also had as good a chance as anyone who made their livelihood on the game world.

   This year the competition was dominated by visitors with exclusively Clansmen making it through to the final battle.  Star Captain Robin Kerensky of Clan Wolf, Star Commander Warner of Clan Coyote and MechWarrior Hampus of Clan Nova Cat were the final three standing warriors with Robin Kerensky’s Timber Wolf, Warner’s Linebacker and Hampus’ Shadow Cat the last fighters.

   During the battle with his short-range missile system empty Hampus Nova Cat ran circles around the two other OmniMechs sniping at them with the paired extended-range large lasers on his own forty-five-ton machine.  With the traditional dueling rules of the Clans abandoned in the melee of fighting the two heavier Mechs tried to split fire against each other and the speeding Shadow Cat.  The Nova Cat warrior continued to move and hit the other two Mechs wearing them down with pin-point laser fire which degraded thee two enemy OmniMechs to the point that they could no longer fight.  The with neither other two warriors were able to concentrate on one enemy the two heavier OmniMechs fell leaving only one winner.  A secret held by Hampus Nova Cat and his support crew was that Hampus was a member of a new breed of MechWarriors and was known as an “Elstar.” A trueborn MechWarrior bred to be better than the previous generation by focusing on one aspect of warfare in Hampus’ case this additional training was in the accuracy of his laser shots.  All of the Clans had begun to breed “specialist” MechWarriors and only time would tell if they were superior to the regular trueborn warriors.

Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
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The Wolverines return, interesting, but now you'll never stop TT drooling. :D :beer:
I wish I could get a good grip on reality, then I would choke it.
Growing old is inevitable,
Growing up is optional.
Watching TrueToaster create evil genius, priceless...everything else is just sub-par.


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Part 3)
« Reply #9 on: 31 October 2022, 19:10:27 »
The Wolverines return, interesting, but now you'll never stop TT drooling. :D :beer:
but at least we can clean it up easier now.. 
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"