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Author Topic: History of the Akki-Tsubasa - Part One: Enter Aura Wings  (Read 1305 times)


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Note: This is the history of the unit that I am now the CO of, though it was founded by someone else and I took over some years later.  It will take some time for me to catch up with the current years the unit is in.

Officer's Quarters, Leopard CV-class 'Leading Edge'
Geosynchronous Orbit of Astorii, Second moon of Brisbane
Brisbane System, Taurian Concordat
11 June 3076, 0409 hours ship-board time

A ticking sound was coming from the alarm clock near the woman's bed.  An unusually red-haired woman of Japanese features otherwise rolled over sleepily as the ticking continued, just barely rowsing her from a pleasant sleep.  Her dreams were filled with glorious victories, sweeping commendations, cheering crowds, and best of all lots and lots of money.  Finally after a few more tosses and turns she awoke with a dumb smile on her face, as though she were a patient just coming off the last effects of some sedative.  Then she realized where she actually was again and the smile was replaced by a bored and passive expression, her eyelids closing slightly instead of the bright eyed look from a moment before.

She sat up, throwing the sheets off of her as she became aware of the ticking sound.  Ticking sound?  'Damn thing must be broken...' she thought, eyeing the mechanical alarm clock she'd had for a long time that usually emitted an ear shattering bell chime.  It was past time for the alarm by about ten minutes, and it must have been ticking ever since then.  As if to echo that concern, her communicator vibrated to life where it was magnetically attached to the aluminum post at the side of the bed.

Reaching down she yanked the thing off and brought it up to her face, clearing her throat in case it was dry and hoarse from her sleep, then pressing a button on the device and saying "Flannigan..." in as professional a voice as she could muster at the moment.

"Captain Flannigan.." the voice of a man came from the other end.  "You were expected on the bridge by now, is everything alright?"

He didn't actually sound concerned Gina thought to herself.  But she didn't think anything else of it, rising quickly as she hurried to get properly dressed.  "Yes I know, I'll be there in a few minutes Lieutenant" she said and set down the communicator to get herself washed up and into 'uniform', though that consisted merely of her best civilian clothes so far.

Ten minutes later, on the bridge...

Gina arrived on the bridge not a moment too soon or too late as far as she was concerned.  The humble innards of the Leopard CV type DropShip they called theres were more than a hundred years old at least and had once been the property of some other obscure mercenary unit she didn't care enough to remember the name of.  As of the past few months though it was hers, as well as the squadron of fighters now sitting neatly in it's hangar.

"Better late than never, huh?" a green eyed, brown haired man said as he turned around at the sound of the door sliding open to the bridge to permit his Commanding Officer to enter.  He rose to his full height as he turned his whole body towards her, rising over eighteen tenths of a meter and noticeably taller than Gina was.  He wore a MechWarrior's uniform, one of gym shorts and a wife beater that showed his healthy, lean build.  One couldn't tell his age just by looking at him, he could have been anywhere from twenty five to thirty five but showed no ill effects of age yet.  Jacob Brockton, her XO and one of her best friends.

"I'm sure you would have gotten on fine without me if it had been never..." Gina replied smugly as she stepped up and leaned on the backs of one of the chairs, the one the comms officer usually sat in.  "Have the Rangers made contact yet?" she asked.

Jake looked towards the dash and one of the crew, who wore a headset.  "No, nothing yet.  We've only spoken to traffic control at the space station.  Everythings cleared away with them and we're awaiting clearance to dock.  Some shipping transports will be on their way out not too long from now, then we can get started."

Gina nodded.  The Brisbane system was now occupied by Capellan forces.  Specifically the Kingston and Long's Victoria Comminality Rangers.  Most of the losses the VCR had suffered had been to their Air Rangers, making hiring Gina's 'Aura Wings' necessary.  Aura Wings..., the ring of the name still echoed in her head whenever she thought of it.  Not more than a few months old now and they were hers.  How a young woman in her twenties from the Outworlds Alliance had come to lead such a band, and why she was so far from home now was a whirl of events even she didn't fully understand.

To be continued...
Lieutenant General Saori 'Sense' Arai
CO, Aura Wings Mercenary Brigade