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Author Topic: House Kurita Mercenary Contract Available: Diversionary Raid on Gunzburg (3089)  (Read 1856 times)


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Note: This is part of an AU-game that began with canon up to 3067 and with some canon adjustments thereafter.  The game can be found at

This is an actual contract offered in that game, and I encourage interested parties to join or create their own mercenary units in our universe to accept it.  The story you develop would be written there with others, and can be copied here in reply to this thread!

Registered Contract RD-DR-04-01
Gunzburg System (12.40 x 292.22)
Rasalhauge Dominion


The Draconis Combine is seeking a highly-motivated, highly-skilled mercenary group sponsored by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission to perform a sensitive operation. Contract details are highly classified and will be released to eligible screened candidates upon signage of an MRBC mediated non-disclosure contract. Opportunity offers full salvage rights and excellent pay, already on deposit with ComStar. Please contact our Terran offices for inquiries.
 FR: Tai-sa Tomoe Katsuie
This mission calls for an invasion of the Gunzburg system with the explicit intent of inciting a conflict between Clan Wolf and Clan Ghost Bear. For the purposes of this assignment, you may not use any of your own equipment without the approval of our intelligence agents. You will be provided with all necessary equipment and supplies consisting of salvage obtained by the DCMS in past conflicts with Clan forces and some provided by the Nova Cats. This includes JumpShips, DropShips, BattleMechs, Aerospace Fighters, BattleArmor, uniforms, anti-personal weapons, and clan manufactured ammunition, foodstuffs, and any other necessities. All materials and personnel will be chosen for ability to pass as sourced from Clan Wolf. If necessary, modifications to existing hardware will be made to cover any shortages of equipment or supplies. Authentic Clan Wolf names and biographies will be provided for your personnel.
For the purpose of this mission your unit will undergo one month of training with Clan Nova Cat's 449th Assault Cluster and several Ghost Bear bondsmen in service to the DCMS, who will serve as advisors. Combined with our own intelligence on Clan Wolf tactics and tendencies, you will be taught how to behave as a Clan Wolf invasion force, in Clan etiquette and mannerisms, and Clan culture and history.
You will have no direct support from the DCMS after your departure from Kuritan space. Our intelligence assets will continue to create and distribute propaganda about a Wolf offensive into the Dominion for the duration of the operation. NO CONNECTION TO HOUSE KURITA can be discovered by Clan Ghost Bear or Clan Wolf, and contingencies to prevent this will be taken. It is not necessary to capture Gunzburg if you are unable to do so, merely make it convincing that the attack comes from Clan Wolf.

Depending on the results of this undertaking and your return to Kuritan space, further employment options will be discussed. 

1) Assault the Gunzburg System under the guise of Clan Wolf
2) Maintain the intelligence integrity of the operation

1) Inflict as much damage to Ghost Bear assets as the operation permits
2) N/a

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