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Title: Hypothetically Speaking: The Timeline!
Post by: Liam's Ghost on 31 January 2011, 05:27:19
Comments and questions welcomed. A (massive) work in progress.

November 3067
*The Star League Conference concludes, the Capellan Confederation withdraws. Comstar, Word of Blake, and Taurian Concordat are confirmed as full members.
*Theodore and Hohiro Kurita disappear enroute back to the Combine.
*A coup is launched on Luthien, details are unclear as to who started what. Among the dead are young Shinjiro Kurita.

December 3067
*An SLDF Cease Fire is put into affect in the Pleiades Cluster, Comstar and Word of Blake troops take up station in the Pleiades Cluster.
*DCMS troops, identifying themselves as Loyalists, attack Nova Cat forces (as well as Ryuken Ni) in the Irece Prefecture
*Additional "Loyalist" forces attack Ryuken-Roku on Ningxia. The Ryuken Regiment is forced to retreat, however it is reported that the Loyalists failed to locate whatever they were looking for.
*Isoroku Kurita arrives on Luthien at the head of a task force, restores order, and declares himself Coordinator. Among those regiments to declare for him are the "Loyalist" formations that attacked Irece and Ningxia. Regardless, his reign is publically accepted given the lack of completely palatable alternatives. Under Isoroku's order, the ISF begins a massive purge to eliminate the black dragons.
*Ordered to stand down and enter "temporary protective custody" by the very forces that had just attacked them, Clan Nova Cat declares war on Isoroku Kurita's Regime.
*Shortly after a private meeting with the Director of the ISF, Sho-Sho Shin Yodama leads the Izanagi Warriors and Genyosha in a breakout from the Luthien System, nearly destroying the already damaged Second Sword of Light regiment in the process. Once safely away forces loyal to him broadcast claims that the Black Dragon Society has subborned the Combine government. In response, the Voice of the Dragon labels Shin Yodama a traitor and murderer of the director of the ISF.
*A series of naval actions against the Nova Cats and mutinies against the loyalist regime inflict crippling damage on the Combine warship fleet. However the loyalist naval forces manage to perform well beyond expectations (creating speculation that they may have had help), costing the Nova Cats much of their own fleet in the process.
*The Word of Blake commences offensive operations in the Chaos March against the forces of the Allied Mercenary Command, in the process unveiling considerably more forces than they were originally believed to possess. Outreach and Northwind are blockaded, the rest of the AMC is crushed by New Years Day.

January 3068
*Jade Falcon Forces invade Graus. Jade Falcon WarShips and other forces commence disruption raids throughout the Lyran Alliance.
*Word of Blake Forces invade Outreach. Through misdirection and brute force, they gain a significant advantage against the defending forces.
*Nova Cat second line forces drop on Luthien and Pesht. Luthien holds, but Pesht falls to the Nova Cats. Delta and Sigma Galaxies (presently operating outside the Combine) are taken into protective custody by the SLDF. Alpha Galaxy concentrates on securing the Irece Prefecture and protecting the evacuation of the clan's civilian castes.
*Rebel Forces sieze numerous worlds in the rimward of the Combine, indicating that among the military the Rebellion is much stronger than anticipated. It is only now that the Rebellion declares its loyalty to "the last of Lord Theodore Kurita's Line", specifically not his son Minoru.
*The officers and personel of the 2nd Taurian Lancers are placed on trial by the Star League for War Crimes.

February 3068
*The last holdouts on Graus surrender to the Jade Falcons.
*Organized resistance on Outreach is crushed by the Word of Blake, and Cameron St. Jaimas arrives on planet to officially declare victory. A guerilla campaign continues.
*Northwind surrenders to the Word of Blake. As part of the surrender, Northwind is placed directly under the authority of the Star League Council and First Lord, and the regiments of the Northwind Highlanders are incorporated into the SLDF.
*After much debate in the Star League Council, the council votes to recognize Isoroku Kurita's regime in the Combine, call upon rebel and Nova Cat forces to stand down and submit to Combine authority, and promise to hand over those Nova Cat troops in Star League custody to the Combine Government. In exchange they recieve a guarantee of continued Combine cooperation and support in the Star League. House Davion and Comstar dissent in this decision, but are unable to sway the vote.
*Nova Cat forces successfully break out from their confinement on Tukayyid with the support of a task force of Nova Cat warships, which arrive at a pirate point and escort the escapees from the system. Comstar's 472th Division (Invader Galaxy), accepts full responsibility for failing to stop the escape.
*First Lord Thomas Marik names Ceasar Steiner as Commanding General of the SLDF. As his first act, he signs orders to commence a joint operation to retake Graus from Clan Jade Falcon.
*Citing the small size of the SLDF, the Star League Council approves the Hausenberg Program and the construction of WarShips for the SLDF.

March 3068
*War Crime Trials for the 2nd Taurian Lancers conclude. Though acknowledging a "painful lack of judgement among all involved" the Court rules all defendants innocent of all charges. In response, elements of Hansens Roughriders nearly riot at their base on Bromhead.
*Acting on his own authority, George Hasek invades Tikonov.
*A Star League Task Force under the command of General Edwin Amis launches an invasion of Graus. A hidden force of Jade Falcon WarShips surprises and engages invasion force, causing heavy losses. Regardless, a beachheah is established. When forced to account for the heavier than expected losses, General Amis undiplomatically blaims the Star League Council for costing the SLDF the services of Clan Nova Cat.
*Hansen's Roughriders sieze transport assets and supplies at their duty station on Bromhead and disappear into the periphery.

April 3068
*Despite reinforcement by front line troops, Nova Cat forces are driven from Pesht by a Loyalist counterattack.
*Clan Snow Raven invades the Combine's Tabayama Prefecture. Coordinator Isoroku requests and recieves Comguard and Blakist troops (under SLDF command) to repel the invaders. .
*Loyalist Combine forces score an important victory against the Rebels at Quentin, reclaiming the vital manufacturing facilities.

May 3068
*The last Capellan resistance surrenders on Tikonov.
*Despite numerous attempts to shore up support, the Shraplen regime and the TDF itself continues to hemorage popularity within the Taurian Concordat, as more and more information comes to light concerning the military and political blunders of the regime. Word of concern among the Star League Council for the Concordat's stability only worsens the situation, as radical elements of both pro- and anti- Shraplen movements see this as a sign that the League may use the current crisis as an excuse to occupy and subjugate the Concordat, each seeking to blame the other for this percieved threat.
*Hansen's Roughriders launch a brutal raid against Amber Grove. The Taurian Military is paralyzed by civil disorder and contrary orders and unable to respond to the raid.
*After two months of heavy fighting, a cease fire agreement is reached on Graus. Clan Jade Falcon is granted possession and territorial rights over the Zenith Jump Point, and agrees to withdraw its forces from the planet.
*Isoroku Kurita's regime reveals the name and parentage of the "Rebel Kurita". The Kurita heir the Rebellion has chosen to support is identified as the son of Omi Kurita and Victor Steiner-Davion. The revelation is a significant blow to the Rebellion's popular support, but not a fatal one.

June 3068
*Hansen's Roughriders attack Sterope. Forces under the authority of the Seperatist Cham Kithrong move to intervene, but are badly routed by the Roughriders and are unable to prevent the raiders' escape. Trying to scrape up some measure of victory from the humiliating defeat, the seperatist commander attempts to sway Sterope away from the Taurian Concordat and towards the Calderon protectorate, completly misjudging the local political situation. The planetary militia chases the seperatists offworld.
*Loyalist Combine probes of the Irece Prefecture reveal that the Nova Cats' civilian castes have been completely evacuated. No clues are found to indicate where they have gone. Loyalist forces invade the prefecture to gain control of any leftover industry or technology, but their assaults meet heavy resistance.

July 3068
*Mercenaries under an unknown employer attack Tamar. Among those killed is the freshly minted warrior Katherine Wolf, who appears to have been the mercenaries' primary target.
*Joint Aeronautics Diversified, a shipbuilding company based in Sol's asteroid belt, signs a licensing agreement to build the Cargomaster and Cargoking class dropships, and announces plans to produce the new Jadis class jumpship (displacing the Monolith as the largest conventional jumpship in service). The company declares an ambitious production goal of a full megaton of transport capacity, including the necessary jumpships, within the year. This will make the yard the most productive shipbuilding firm in the Inner Sphere.
*Hansen's Roughriders land on the Outback world of Czomad. Hoping to acquire supplies from the local AFFS garrison, they are instead ordered to stand down. Instead, they smash the garrison, loot it for supplies, then burn an agricomplex before departing.

August 3068
*Loyalist Combine forces abandon any further push to secure the Irece Prefecture. Battle lines in the Combine have at this point largely stabilized, though the advantages of the Nova Cat and Rebel forces are rapidly slipping away, while the loyalist advantage of public support and shear weight of numbers continues to grow.
*Despite the setback on Sterope, the secessionist government of the Calderon Protectorate begins to believe the time for reunification is at hand, as unrest in the Concordat reaches an all time high. The first plans for a military intervention by Protectorate troops to restore order in the Concordat are drafted.

September 3068
*Snow Raven forces are ejected from the Tabayama Prefecture. SLDF troops remain in the prefecture to guard against further Raven incursions.
*The Combine government accuses the Federated Suns of supplying rebel forces with arms and equipment. The Federated Suns denies the claim, though the Star League council calls for an independent investigation.
*Hansen's Roughriders arrive in the Tortuga Dominions. After a brief clash resulting in the death of Paula Trevaline, the remainder of Death's Consorts align themselves with the Roughriders at the promise of plunder.

October 3068
*Federated Suns, Word of Blake, and Capellan troops clash on Tall Trees. After the initial clash, AFFS forces are withdrawn from the planet on the order of the Reagent. Word of Blake forces quickly dispose of any further resistance and claim the world as part of their protectorate.

November 3068
*Disaffected members of Hansen's Roughriders bring news of the events in the Tortuga Dominions to the Federated Suns.
*Nova Cat forces begin withdrawing from the Draconis Combine, bound for a minor periphery state of small significance.
*A cabal of senior Taurian officials demand Protector Shraplen resign, under threat of prosecution. Faced with the enormity of his failures, he accepts retirement from public life and hand the reigns of power to Brenda Calderon. A number of senior Taurian military officers are placed under arrest.

December 3068
*Cham Kithrong, taking advantage of a Concordat provided command circuit, rushes to Taurus, expecting a hero's welcome. Instead, he is informed by the new Taurian Protector that he must surrender himself and his senior officers for trial on charges of treason, or face open war against the Protectorate. Protector Calderon is reported to have claimed "you lowered us to their level" comparing Kithrong's behavior and the events it caused to the machinations of the House Lords.
*Claiming he could no long in good conscience serve a Star League that supported the Regime of Isoroku Kurita, Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion announces his retirement. Some time later he turns up on Solaris as part of a minor stable.

January 3069
*SLS Alexandr Kerensky, the first purpose built SLDF warship launched in nearly three centuries, enters service. The vessel is imediately sent on a goodwill tour of the Star League member states.
*The SLDF and League Council begins negotiations to purchase the derelict warship Vandenburg from the Taurian Concordat.
*Violent riots break out on former Calderon Protectorate Worlds. The former protectorate military declares a "strike" refusing to return to the fold with the TDF unless Cham Kithrong is released from custody. The deteriorating situation forces the Concordat to rush troops into the former Protectorate.

February 3069
*Two galaxies of Wolf Clan troops cross the Jade Falcon occupation zone to conduct heavy raiding in the Lyran Alliance.
*Hansen's Roughriders, now heavily reinforced by new pirate allies, attacks Errod's Escape, taking advantage of the local chaos. They route the garrison and hold the planet for three weeks, causing massive devastation as they loot or burn anything of value.

March 3069
*The Star League investigation into Combine accusations that the Federated Suns is supplying rebel forces concludes. It is determined that these weapon shipments are originating on Solaris from parties unknown, and are being shipped through minor Draconis March nobles hoping to prolong the fighting and further weaken the hard line Combine government. The Regent vows to bring an end to the smuggling activity through Fed Suns space, but balks at the offers of League assistance in the matter. Unproven rumors link the weapons smuggling to Victor Steiner-Davion.
*The first sightings of "the ghost ships of Shiloh" are reported. Witnesses claim sighting drive flares inbound to and outbound from Shiloh, specifically from areas under the authority of the Exituri. Local officials report no unusual dropship or jumpship traffic in the system, and the reports to the contrary never become more than a local curiosity.

April 3069
*Ghost Bear forces begin attacking the Wolf Clan occupation zone, taking advantage of the Wolves' Lyran adventures.
*Comguard and Wolf-in-Exile forces hand the Wolves a decisive defeat on Arcturus.
*The last Nova Cat troops leave the Combine.
*Loyalist Combine forces retake Benjamin from the rebels. The war begins to turn against the rebellion.
*Terrorists claiming Combine loyalties destroy a star of Snow Raven warships with nuclear weapons over Ramora.

May 3069
*Victor Steiner-Davion disappears from Solaris VII.
*Jade Falcon forces invade the Wolf world of Vulcan and begin troop movements to threaten additional Wolf worlds.

June 3069
*Mercenary forces under Davion employ mount recon raids into the Tortuga Dominions, discovering that Hansen's Roughriders have already left the area. One of those left behind is a navigator able to provide the information necessary to find the Roughriders' new base in the Pirates Haven star cluster.
*Wolf clan forces land on Westerstede, defeating LAAF troops sent to block their advance.

July 3069
*The first work is begun on the construction of the Concordat's first modern jumpship capable shipyard, with heavy funding coming from the Star League.
*A debate on the floor of the Free Worlds Parliament of the economic drain of supporting the Star League leads to a fist fight.

August 3069
*An unconfirmed sighting places Victor Steiner-Davion aboard a ship at the Midway jump point working with Combine rebel leaders.
*A raid sponsored by the Prefect of the Capellan world of Rollis against the Taurian world of Laconis gets out of hand, causing grievious civilian casualties. Acting on his own initiative, George Hasek orders mercenaries to occupy Rollis to "prevent further Capellan agression against our Taurian allies".

September 3069
*Khan Vlad Ward finally calls off the Lyran campaign as both Ghost Bear and Jade Falcon troops advance within reach of Tamar.
*A hastily assembled coalition of Taurian and Fed Suns troops engage Hansen's Roughriders in the Pirates Haven star cluster. Defections within Hansen's own regiment seal their fate. Colonel Hansen comits suicide rather than surrendering. The planet of Haven is claimed by the Taurian Concordat with the blessing of the Federated Suns.
*The Loyalist Combine regime determines the location of Kitsune Kurita and the Rebels' High command, Sakuranoki.

October 3069
*Capellan March troops and CCAF forces clash along the border of the Capellan Confederation as a result of the Rollis incident.
*Victor Steiner-Davion abducts Kitsune Kurita and escapes Sakuranoki just ahead of a loyalist bombardment of the capital city. Victor and his son will subsequently disappear from the Inner Sphere.
*Galedon is bombarded by Clan Snow Raven in retaliation for the Ramora attack. Several hundred million die. Enraged loyalist and rebel Combine forces attack into the Outworlds Alliance in response.

November 3069
*With no heir to back any longer and faced with a common enemy, rebel forces surrender to the Loyalist Combine regime. Formal peace terms are surprisingly lenient, however former Rebel formations are stripped of any names and honors and are sent into the Outworlds ahead of loyal formations, drawing the most difficult and dangerous assignments.

December 3069
*A cease fire is reached along the Capellan border. All AFFS troops return to Federated Suns Space on the order of the Regent. Elements of the Word of Blake Militia take up station on Rollis as Peacekeepers.
*The Star League Council votes for war against Clan Snow Raven. Comguard and House Davion troops are the first to enter the fighting alongside the Combine, with many more to follow.
*A deep periphery trader tells a friend at a tavern on Trondhiem about a "great gathering of ships" he encountered recently deep in the periphery. Both men subsequently die when the tavern burns down due to a faulty gas main.
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Post by: Dirk Bastion on 31 January 2011, 16:17:15
I for one prematurely welcome our new Star League overlords.
(Yay Brenda!)
Title: Re: Hypothetically Speaking: The Timeline!
Post by: Hawkeye Jim on 31 January 2011, 17:20:21
Massive may be an understatement.
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This looks fun
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Nice to see this didn't die with the old boards.
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I have a pathological fear of not having backups.  :)
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now 3070, the beginning of the great war!

January 3070
*Ice Hellion raiders are encountered along the periphery edge of Combine space.

February 3070
*The Lyran Alliance formally changes its name back to Lyran Commonwealth.

March 3070
*SLDF "Hausenberg" formations join Davion, Kurita, and Comstar forces already engaged in the Outworlds Alliance.
*An unidentified and extremely virulent disease breaks out on Huntress and Strana Mechty.

April 3070
*A protest outside the Jade Falcon embassy on Solaris turns violent. Each side claims the other fired the first shot. Police intervention results in a massive clan rampage through the streets of Cathay. Damage to access tunnels under the Solaris River results in heavy flooding in the Cathay district.

May 3070
*A short message is sent from Mars to a staging area in the periphery. The contents of the message, in its entirety, is "It's Go Time."
*Invaders utilizing SLDF standard issue equipment and apparently bottomless numbers of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons attacks the Clan Homeworlds. The initial battle plan seems to have no purpose beyond engaging military and civilian targets on as broad a front as possible. Both sides suffer staggering losses.
*The Huntress and Strana Mechty viruses each achieve pandemic status, with further outbreaks across the homeworlds, far faster than natural transmission can explain.
*Clan forces on Huntress attack the Star League enclave en-mass.
*Contact between the Homeworlds and the Inner Sphere is lost.

June 3070
*Solaris' planetary government, with the approval of the Lyran Commonwealth, institutes internment of clan citizens.
*Clan Jade Falcon mounts reprisal raids against Lyran targets in response to the Solaris riots, the destruction of the Jade Falcon embassy, and Solaris internment.

July 3070
*Clan naval forces in the homeworlds secure naval superiority against the invaders. Ground warfare continues.

August 3070
*The arrival of Word of Blake and Free Worlds League naval assets results in a string of SLDF victories against the Snow Ravens in the Outworlds Alliance. Raven forces begin withdrawing from the alliance, meeting up with their remaining military and civilian castes from the Homeworlds at a minor periphery state off the collective "radar" of the Star League.
*Ground warfare in the homeworlds grinds to a halt through attrition. The death toll from the homeworld plague, Invader WMDs, and associated affects has passed two hundred million with no sign of slowing. Surviving clan forces begin pooling resources for a retaliatory strike against the Inner Sphere.

September 3070
*Working alongside former clan prisoners, Clan Nova Cat attacks Solaris VII in force, following visions of some sort of messianic leader to be found there. They destroy a pharmeceutical company and occupy and loot Solaris City of all useful military hardware before leaving the planet. They are believed bound for Capellan space.
*Scientists on Strana Mechty, working to determine the long term affects of the various weapons used against the world, learn of a toxic "red tide" that is growing with terrible speed in the world's oceans. Projections indicate that this will eventually kill all other marine life on the planet, and, within a generation at present rate of growth, poison the atmosphere and render the world uninhabitable. Further study indicates similar toxic algea blooms present on all of the homeworlds, as well as other damaging micro-organisms. Conclusions indicate that without massive efforts, the homeworlds will be rendered completely devoid of any complex life within two generations.
*Communication is restored between the homeworlds and the Inner Sphere. Upon being informed of the situation in the Homeworlds, clan forces in the Inner Sphere commence a full scale assault against the Star League.
*The decision is made to abandon the Clan homeworlds.

October 3070
*Though lacking coordination or organization, initial clan attacks against the Inner Sphere make considerable gains on all fronts through surprise and brute force.
*General Quitman Brown is killed alongside his men in the defense of Ft London.

November 3070
*Star Adder forces, hoping to establish a beachhead in Lyran space, are handed a stunning defeat on the Lyran world of Kowloon, spurring a Lyran counter attack in the region that results in the effective destruction of the Star Adders' expeditionary forces.

December 3070
*The clan exodus from the homeworlds begins.
*Tharkad, Donegal, and Arc Royal are bombarded from orbit by Clan Jade Falcon. Jade Falcon forces smash into the Arc Royal Defense Cordon, without regards for honorable combat, but are held up by Lyran, Wolf in Exile, and SLDF forces.
*Ghost Bear forces advance into the Free Rasalhague Republic. Ghost Bear, Diamond Shark, and Ice Hellion troops invade the Draconis Combine, destroying everything in their path.
*Hell's Horse and Wolf forces leapfrog across the Jade Falcon occupation Zone and FRR to attack towards Terra.
*Goliath Scorpion forces, roughly a galaxy in number, attack targets in the Federated Suns outback.

(final note: as always this timeline is subject to change. Events may be added of changed around as necessary for the good of the story. Input is welcome.)
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Good to see you survived the crash of 2011.
It doesn't look like the Homeworlds survived there crash.
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It doesn't look like the Homeworlds survived there crash.

I believe in being thorough, though the first strike didn't destroy everything....
Title: Re: Hypothetically Speaking: The Timeline!
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Am I misrecalling, or did you adjust this timeline between last shown on Old Board, and this incarnation?

Reminds me, I need to dig if I kept the SLDF Volunteer Battalion "Wiking"... :D I know their designs are somewhere, at least...
Title: Re: Hypothetically Speaking: The Timeline!
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I've expanded it. I intend to present the full timeline out to the end of the great war, then go from there.