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Author Topic: A Sickness (Ngoverse/FGC'62-91 tie-in)  (Read 19356 times)


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Re: A Sickness (Ngoverse/FGC'62-91 tie-in)
« Reply #90 on: 20 September 2013, 08:58:37 »
Thread necromancy!

Just got done reading this (I played it first time through, after all).  And, yeah, Niops was running around with, what...a Naga (NMS Melusine), two Vincents (NMS A Momentary Lapse of Reason and NMS Neko Bijin), four Trackers (NMS Emilie, NMS Marlow, and I forget the other two), and a gaggle of Model 96 Elephants, Pentagons (one of which was named Rocket from the Crypt) and Mule-Qs.  Oh, and we'd brought Elizabeth Ngo back from the dead as a robot.

Oh, and somehow, the First Lord of the Star League was an elf from Niops, while the Director General of the new Terran Hegemony, at the end, was Apollyon, who had, among other things, been heavily backed by a Terran councilwoman who worshipped Yog-Sothoth.

I think my brain just got twisted reading that...
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Re: A Sickness (Ngoverse/FGC'62-91 tie-in)
« Reply #91 on: 20 September 2013, 09:50:52 »
Anything connected with the Old Ones will do that to a mortal mind.
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Re: A Sickness (Ngoverse/FGC'62-91 tie-in)
« Reply #92 on: 27 September 2013, 23:40:15 »
Heh, I remember this. :) I did a little RP in the aftermath of it, when Arluna and a few other planets were deciding whether to go with the clans, the Lyrans, or independant. A couple of nice little speeches from the latest member of a long line of Lyran enlisted men....