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Author Topic: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}  (Read 16372 times)


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Re: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}
« Reply #330 on: 09 January 2021, 16:59:08 »
... whilst riding a hexapuma ... :)


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Re: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}
« Reply #331 on: 09 January 2021, 17:13:24 »
... whilst riding a hexapuma ... :)
would only need a few tweaks to turn it into a song about the Republic of the Sphere and Stone..


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Re: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}
« Reply #332 on: 09 January 2021, 17:30:07 »
I wonder how different things will be from when Administrator stories went.
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Re: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}
« Reply #333 on: 09 January 2021, 21:19:53 »
Oho!  8) Are we about to see another tech breakthrough?  :drool:
Do not be so sure. I have been thinking a bit about certain events in Kowloon. If someone wanted to test out a way of mucking with hyperspace transit (which is what the fortress wall was) would not one example of this be a damaging feedback to the core? Canonically I think part of dark age blackout resulted in HPG systems blowing up. From the specific hyperspace components physically exploding when Interacting with hyperspace.


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Re: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}
« Reply #334 on: 09 January 2021, 21:45:34 »
Well, It's difficult to think of a worse punishment than decades of "This is what I did to my daughter."  I also like the fact that he understands that forgiveness is not his to ask for, nor is it mandated for his daughter to give to him.


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Re: Important People. (Alternate Ngoverse}
« Reply #335 on: 10 January 2021, 02:28:10 »
Well, Liz is trying to work with the Archon to prevent the realm from exploding into a second Civil War with the Victorists getting pruned this time.  Many of them catching the pointy end from either Lyran loyalists or Katrina supporters who believe it is a good time to get the long knives out.

Since it was the First Royals who got decimated by traitors there will be a lot of dead heirs or siblings of heirs who got killed in this ******.

We have not heard of the external responses to the coup either.  The RoS has not responded in one way or another and neither has their ally Clan Jade Falcon.

On a different tangent, I wonder how interested CJF would be in getting Patrick to serve either as an exchange, just so they could perhaps get access to his genetic legacy. 

He has proven himself to be a brilliant Engineer, administrator, and leader.  His scores show that he would have performed exceptionally as a Mechwarrior.  He has combat leadership on leading a response squadron over Tharkad, leading to the destruction of several enemy warships.

His leadership in pushing forward a quantum leap in KF theory on the engineering side should get him memorized for future generations for the Alcubierre-Ngo-Roshak-Falconne gates.  This is a step beyond getting mentioned in the remembrance for most Clanners.

Depending on who is leading CJF currently, they could either be very interested in the whole package or just his military leadership.