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Author Topic: What IF....  (Read 1943 times)


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What IF....
« on: 06 April 2013, 06:57:48 »
The HPG was invented before the Jump drive?

Here's an idea-- we get Russia and the US, no alliance, but they get into a space race when in 2012, some bright sorts tyring to build a better microwave create the first HPG.

Now, slowboats, while still slwo, can phone home. And rather than get into a nuclear war, the Eastern and Western Blocs, to say nothing of the developing world, the neutral world, and some football players from Liverpool, all get into the slowboat, cryosuspension deep space race.

Now the worlds, those that don't fail or choose to deliberately fall off the grid, stay in contact with earth, learnign about the new developments from the most settled world in the galaxy. But they also don't send out a lot of daughter colonies, given teh time factor, so by the year 3000, there are about 30 or 40 worlds, many of them fairly heavily populated, with the old, and still balkanized earth at the center of a growing sphere.

But in 3000, in another attempt to create the perfect microwave, the Jump Drive is developed and quickly disseminated to all the other worlds.  All of whom now see lots of worlds around them, empthy worlds, free for the taking, except for those @*(@*!!!! from that other colony world who jsut sent out their own jumpships.  It's 3020 now-- what does the universe look like?


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Re: What IF....
« Reply #1 on: 06 April 2013, 09:57:40 »
Well, for starters it REALLY sucks to be a slowboating popsicle who arrives to find 'his' Colony had been settled long, long before he arrived.


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Re: What IF....
« Reply #2 on: 06 April 2013, 15:20:32 »
Well, for starters it REALLY sucks to be a slowboating popsicle who arrives to find 'his' Colony had been settled long, long before he arrived.

But, with the ships having HPG's on them, the ships can recieve updates about the planets they are headed to, and other options for target colonies. Even redirecting the ships as needed.
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Re: What IF....
« Reply #3 on: 07 April 2013, 04:31:24 »
Barring some sort of suspended animation it would be very hard to keep a colonial expedition fed for the voyage. Fuel for the ship wouldn't be a major issue - a 1mt vessel in BT would require only 30,000 tons of fuel to accelerate for a year and decelerate for a year, with a 10% margin of error. That's enough to get pretty close to lightspeed at 1g acceleration. Mind you, it'd be unfortunate if you hit something, but you take your chances.

It'd certainly be possible to get automated probes to nearby star systems in a decade or so to carry out some basic surveys and see if there are colonizable worlds.
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