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Title: Kerensky’s Lost Hope - Book 1: Conundrum Of Fate
Post by: Blacknova on 04 March 2013, 23:10:31
As we plod along with the game for the Kapteyn Universe, the writing of the other books of The Other Option - Kapteyns First Strike are on hold, so I thought i would begin to fill in the backstory for the future Clan Invasion.

Chapter 1

Novoy Moscava, Eden, Pentagon Worlds.
1 December, 2821.

The fighting raged over the ruins of the fallen Exterminator, as BattleMechs from Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon, traded vicious and continual fire with the two remaining AMF Mechs, which were rapidly withdrawing from Cameron Park.

The Exterminator was pock marked by shell and missile craters and showed a torn a ragged upper right side to the world as it lay twisted on its left side.  The Wolf Clan insignia was barely recognisable to the medical team, which was struggling towards the canopy over the jagged and torn metal of the left shoulder.ovoy Mosc

The fighting in the park was less than ten minutes old, with the now downed Exterminator having run into the AMF lance by complete chance.  The single Mech had managed to fight off its tormentors for nearly eight minutes, damaging all of them but unable to drop any.  In that time, the Mech was battered into an almost unrecognisable and barely functional state, however, the Warrior’s efforts had allowed a Star of Mechs from both the Wolf and Jade Falcon Clans to arrive and rescue the situation.  Not far behind them were an infantry squad and the medical team, both from Clan Hell’s Horses, who had been undertaking civilian assistance work two blocks away.

After carefully negotiating the damage from an AC/10 strike, the medical team reached the battered head of the Mech, which was lucky to be intact.  Just as the medical team were arriving at the park wall, an AMF Mech had aimed a vicious kick at the Executioner’s head, partially missing its mark due to a Wolf gauss rifle slug hitting the AMF Griffin in the chest as the reinforcements arrived.  Though the kick missed the cockpit of the downed Clan Mech, the blow to the head was still savage.

It took three members of the team to pry open the cockpit, none of the Horse infantry helped, as they were busy covering the scene and watching for AMF forces as the Clan Mechs moved off in pursuit of the two remaining rebel Mechs.  Once the cockpit was open, only the tiny medic Karlo was able to slip in side the cockpit, as the Griffin’s kick had caved in much of the left side of the head.

Karlo wormed and wiggled his way down to the pilot.

“Hello, you Ok? Clan medics here to help.”

There was no answer.  Karlo reached the pilot, who was slumped over the Mech’s console and checked for a pulse.  It was there, but weak.  He looked around – there was too little space to do much of anything in here.  He looked across the console and had an idea.
“Hey Ryan” he called out to his team leader “I’m blowing out the canopy so we can get to this guy.  He’s alive, but not so good.”

“Do it” was the muffled reply.

A few buttons pushed, an override code entered and a lot of squirming, swearing and cuts later, Karlo blew the canopy out with a thump, and was greeted moments later by the smiling face of Sasha peering over the edge.

“Having fun Sasha?” Karlo asked.

The look on Sasaha’s face had the answer as her smile faded to horror.  Unable to see what had startled Sasha, Karlo tried to peer around the pilots neurohelmet, but could not manage the feat without falling three meters to the ground and so gave up.
“Sasha, SASHA!  What is it?  What’s wrong with him?”

Sasha looked at Karlo, “It’s Kerensky!  It’s Andery Kerensky!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   

Novoy Moscava, Eden, Pentagon Worlds.
1 December, 2821.

Nicholas Kerensky sat back as the feed from HPG cut out, his right hand came up and rubbed his mouth as he breathed in deeply.

“Jerome, you will need to get my Wolves ready to move to Dagda.  It appears that despite his confidence, Khan Karraige will be unable to complete the campaign.  I would think that Khan Hazen’s Falcons will need to depart as well.”

Jerome Winson, Khan of Clan Wolf, nodded. “Dagda’s a bloodbath and the Clans there have not the strength or skills to finish the campaign.  However, I think the Wolves will be more than enough force to end the fighting.  The Falcons would best be left to pacify Eden whilst we are gone.”

Nicholas smiled, a rare occurrence these days.  “Jerome, there will be glory enough for both of you there.”

Before Khan Winson could answer, as communication technician wearing the drab grey jumpsuit of Clan Wolf called out, “Priority signal from Wolf three two.”

Winson looked over at the man, who was at a battered terminal on the far side of the bunker’s command centre. “Let me hear it.”

The crackling of the speakers was amplified by the hard surfaces of the room, but remained clear enough.  The technician spoke into a throat microphone “Wolf-3-2, repeat last transmission, over.”

“Wolf Pack, Wolf-3-2.  Engaged and destroyed rebel lance in Cameron Park.  Horses MedTeam 5 inbound with one casualty” there was a pause “Casualty is Katyusha 2, over.”
There was absolute silence in the bunker as the message sunk in.  All eyes turned towards Kerensky, who seemed unperturbed by the news to those who did not know him well.  In Khan Winson fear blossomed, as he could see Kerensky’s eyes.  Those eyes now filled with hate and rage.

Kerensky spoke, in a deceptively mild voice.  “Jerome, I am going to meet the medical team on their arrival.  In the meantime, find the remnants of the AMF, find all of them, and kill them all.”

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   

Novoy Moscava, Eden, Pentagon Worlds.
2 December, 2821. 

The machines in the room beeped and whirred, as the figure on the bead, it head wrapped thickly in bandages lay still.  In the room were five figures, one easily recognisable as a doctor, with his green scrubs and white coat.  He stood to the right of the bed, with the four other figures facing him across the prone figure.  The person to the front of the group was Nicholas Kerensky, ilKhan of the Clans, his stern face and bald head foreboding as he looked at the doctor and began speaking.

“What do you propose?”

The doctor swallowed, “We must keep him in the coma, as the trauma was severe.  How long for is not clear yet.  We have stabilised him and set his breaks, but the cranial damage could well mean that there will be no recovery.  Beyond that there is not much more to do.  He will be monitored constantly and I will make daily reports ilKhan.”

Kerensky nodded once, then turned his head slightly to the dark skinned man to his right.  “Khan Osis, take your forces and relive the Wolves in the coursing of the AMF, you will remain here with Khan Fletcher until we return.”

The Smoke Jaguar Khan knew better than to argue with the ilKhan at a time like this, despite his anger at being left behind on guard duty.  “Yes, ilKhan.’  He saluted Kerensky’s back, turned and left the room.

Kerensky continued talking as Osis left.  “Khan Fletcher, you will secure Novoy Moscava and support the Jaguars as needed until our return.  I would also like you to personally thank your medics for me, I will not have the time.”

Fletcher bowed his head slightly “Certainly ilKhan, it would be my honour.  I look forward to welcoming your return.”  He too turned and left.

The last Khan, an older lady, weathered but fierce, came forward to stand next to Kerensky.  “He became more than I ever expected of him.”

“More than any of us expected.  Get your troops ready for Dagda Elizabeth; we leave as soon as we are ready.”

“Yes ilKhan.” Hazen executed a parade ground perfect, though unacknowledged salute, before leaving the room, followed by the Doctor.

Kerensky stood over the bed for several minutes more, before reaching out and touching his brother’s hand once.  He then left the room without a backwards glance.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   

New Hope, Circe, Pentagon Worlds.
3 December, 2821

Sarah McEvedy, Khan of Clan Wolverine sat tall behind her desk, reading report, after report, after damm REPORT!  Since the end of Circe’s brutal northern campaign two weeks earlier, her life of leading combat operations from the cockpit had been replaced by administrative duties that would have made a BSLA career paper pusher want kill themselves.

Nevertheless, things could have been worse.  The Wolverine lower castes from Strana Mechty were already on world in droves, seeking to mould the captured territories into the Clan Way, or more correctly the Clan Way of the Wolverines.  McEvedy knew, in order to get the most out of the battered Pentagon enclaves, she and her people would need to be flexible with the Clan system, otherwise the recovery of these worlds and the growth of Wolverine society would be slow and painful.  Her lower castemen took much of the load from her shoulders and were already working miracles, something she would not forget.

Despite her foresight, others were not so sure.  Word of her practices had already reached the ears of other Khans, both on world and across the Pentagon, with several sharp rebukes having been sent already, though as yet nothing from the ilKhan.

I’m not surprised.  Those idiots Karraige, Osis and Cage have drunk so much Kool Aid that the last independent though any of them had was in 2807.  Still, we all drank a little, I’m here aren’t I?

She looked backed down at the current report – Operations to Integrate the Remaining Waste Water Systems of Circe – and sighed.

Before she could begin reading again, there was a knock at her door.


Her aide, Star Commander Franklin Hallis entered, his stride and face as purposeful as ever.  Still trying to win the war single handed I see Franklin, thought Sarah amusingly to herself.

“Communications traffic from offworld Khan McEvedy, ”  He paused “This one you best read first.”

He handed over a slip of paper and McEvedy smiled “Another complaint from that ass Osis?”
She looked at the paper, read, then froze.  Not Andery.  This changes everything.

Franklin seeing the look on his Khan’s face spoke quickly, “He is alive, but in a coma.  There is no word yet as to what his recovery might be or entail.  Also, the Wolves and Falcons are moving to Dagda to assist in ending the campaign there.”

McEvedy looked with sharp eyes at Hallis, “It does not matter who goes to Dagda, it matters who is at the ilKhan’s side.  Andery is the key to our future, all the Clan’s future, without him matters will rapidly get out of hand.  Get me whatever information you can from the Doctors on Eden and get saKhan Robinson, I’ll be leaving Circe by tomorrow at the latest.”
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Interesting start
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I wonder how this will change the history of the Clans.
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In many many ways.  I have them fully mapped out to 3033 and we will get there along the way.
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Title: Re: Kerensky’s Lost Hope - Book 1: Conundrum Of Fate
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Ascendancy Military Force.

And good stuff, Blacknova.
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I like it! Tagged
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Ascendency Military Force.  The Levic Ascendency was the major power on Eden during Operation KLONDIKE.
Title: Re: Kerensky’s Lost Hope - Book 1: Conundrum Of Fate
Post by: James Tanaga on 05 March 2013, 23:09:08
Realistically the AMF was one of only two major powers Kerensky thought could endanger the invasion. The other being the people inhabiting the decommissioned warships.

Wonder what will be going on in this timeline. I wonder if the Kerensky Dominion who saved the Snow Ravens will be treated better ittl.

Great start Blacknova! Keep it up!
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Looking forward to seeing how you have changed the clans. O0
Title: Re: Kerensky’s Lost Hope - Book 1: Conundrum Of Fate
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Realistically the AMF was one of only two major powers Kerensky thought could endanger the invasion. The other being the people inhabiting the decommissioned warships.

Wonder what will be going on in this timeline. I wonder if the Kerensky Dominion who saved the Snow Ravens will be treated better ittl.

Great start Blacknova! Keep it up!

Everything in the story is canon up to Andery's ambush, so the Dominion is treated as in canon.  The survival of Andery of the Pivot Point, from ther the changes begin and cascade.  I will try to have another chapter up tomorrow, but work is a little crazy tomorrow so it might be 2 days time.
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I'll make some guesses about what Andery's survival does.

Title: Re: Kerensky’s Lost Hope - Book 1: Conundrum Of Fate
Post by: David CGB on 07 March 2013, 07:09:45
I'll make some guesses about what Andery's survival does.

  • Prevent the Annihilation of the Wolverines
  • Somehow ensure all of the orginal Clans survive to take part in the Invasion.
  • New forms of Trials.
much less crazy going around the Clans I hope
Title: Re: Kerensky’s Lost Hope - Book 1: Conundrum Of Fate
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Hopefully less politics and fewer stupid pills.

Maybe fewer bigger clans.

Four clans invade in 3001 because there are only four clans but they each have 150 ish clusters.

All above is wild and unjustified speculation on my part.

Skald! More Saga please!
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Chapter 2

CSF Starswimmer, Deep Periphery,
29 May, 3032

The alarm klaxon’s blaring had Selim Nagasawa awake immediately, its hollering filling every part of his mind as sleep receded rapidly.  Selim quickly pulled back the webbing that held his long dark body from floating away in zero G and pushed up from the bed, then from the wall, floating quickly to his locker.  Ripping open the locker, he grabbed his combat suit, boots and then his helmet.  The suit went on quickly, but the boots proved harder, for just as he moved to put on his left boot, the Starswimmer began to accelerate, slamming him into the deck as the acceleration induced gravity took hold.  Rolling with the fall, Nagasawa was up and into both boots in rapid time.

Charging out the door to his small stateroom, Selim turned right and pounded down the austere passageway towards the bridge, which was handily near, his status according him the use of one of the vessel’s more important suites.  Fifteen seconds got him to the bridge, where the members of the bridge crew and the ships Star Commodore were already in combat suits and ready for action.

Star Commodore Elias Nagasawa saw Selim enter, and though technically outranking him, saluted as the elder man entered.  Selim Nagasawa, though only a senior member of Clan Sea Fox’s Merchant Council, was a former Khan of the Clan, having held the position from 3012 until 3026.  Nagasawa would still have been Khan, had his own Crusader oriented views not become the focus of his opponent’s campaign against him.  The current Khan, Harold May, had made much of Nagasawa’s political views, which the apolitical Sea Fox Clan viewed as bad for business.  Seeing the writing on the wall, Nagasawa took the option of self demotion to the Merchant Caste, that along with the Warrior Caste controlled the Clan anyway, and rapidly built up his power base there.

With a secure base of power and a desire for conquest, the current voyage had been Nagasawa’s brain child.  It was an opportunity for Clan Sea Fox to add both territory, well separated from the claws of the other Clans, and greater trading options across a wide swath of space, both of which were valuable to the Clan.  The Hanseatic League and the worlds of Nueva Castille, recently charted by long range Sea Fox exploration ventures, were to be the objects of the Sea Fox mission, the former for trade and the latter as a test bed for conquest.  Though Khan May opposed the venture, the Clan did not, and Selim Nagasawa was selected as the senior Merchant appointment to the voyage.  Though no longer a Warrior, Selim was deferred to by Star Commodore Elias Nagasawa who, as a member of the former Khan’s Bloodhouse, knew where the power on this expedition really lay.

Following his salute, the Star Commodore checked a display briefly before addressing the former Khan, who had moved around the central holotank to stand at the younger man’s left side.  “ovKhan” – the rank was ceremonial, but showed respect – “an unknown ship jumped in system three minutes ago at extremely close range.  We have been unable to classify the vessel, but it appears to have one hard point that is occupied and masses somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 tons.  Sensors indicate the vessel has some light armament.  I have ordered an approach and all weapons stations are manned and boarding parties are assembling in shuttles two and three.  We are currently trying to hail the vessel.”

Selim nodded whilst taking in the holotank’s display.  Remarkable, it has jumped in almost on top of us; less than 1,000km.  Selim noticed a strange insignia on the other vessel’s nose as the CSF Starswimmer manoeuvred around to bring her port broadside to bear on the smaller ship’s bow.  Talking to no one in particular, he said “Zoom in on the bow.”

Moments later, the strange vessel seemed to expand within the tank as a technician zoomed in on the insignia.  A large blue and white star, set on two circles and with groups of triangles radiating out made no sense to Nagasawa – he had never seen such a device before. 

“Do you recognise that emblem Elias?”

“No I do not.  Nor do I recognise the class of vessel.”

Both men stared for a few moments at the holotank until their concentration was broken by the communications technician.

“Sir, unknown vessel has answered our hail.  It says…it says it is the Terran Hegemony Ship Outward Hope?”

Both Nagasawas stared at each other for a moment before Elias spoke, “It is not possible.”
Selim grimaced and turned to the technician “Tell that ship that any offensive action or attempt to charge its drive will be met with a full capital broadside.”

“As you wish ovKhan” the technician said.

“Should we not issue a batchall ovKhan?”  Elias asked in a shocked voice.

“To a vessel of unknown type and origin, this close to the Homeworlds?  I think not.  That would give them time to communicate or try to plan an escape.  We must take this ship quickly and learn what we can as quickly as we can, lest there be others nearby.”

Though appearing uncomfortable at the thought of not issuing the traditional batchall, Elias provided his assent through his silence, though technically he could overrule the former Khan.  Elias, having risen as high as he had, was a smart man and knew when politics was the master better served.

Moments ticked by as the CSF Starswimmer, a Carrack-class armed transport, positioned herself to maximise her broadside of Naval Lasers and Autocannon.
“Sir, the Outward Hope says she will make no move and requests free passage out of the system.”

Selim’s answer was the only one he could give in such a situation, just five jumps from the Clan Homeworlds, “Neg. Tell the Outward Hope to prepare to receive a boarding party and prize crew or be fired upon.”

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   

CSF Starswimmer, Deep Periphery,
29 May, 3032

   Selim Nagasawa waited patiently behind the small desk in his office, with Star Commodore Elias Nagasawa standing slightly behind and to his right, at parade rest.  The two shuttles, packed with Elementals and regular marines, had taken little time to secure the Outward Hope, however, the damage to the interior of the ship and its attached DropShip was extensive, as the crew had wrecked all the control systems, computer systems and most extraordinarily, the onboard Hyper Pulse Generator.

   Though such wanton waste bothered the former Khan, the reports back from the boarding crew were worse.  Those onboard were continuing with the fiction of being part of the Terran Hegemony.  Unless those currently being brought to him could provide a better explanation, he would be quite happy to return them to their ship and then obliterate it.

   Before Selim could ponder the unusual situation any longer, two unarmoured Elemental guards entered and saluted, “The command staff from the Outward Hope, as requested ovKhan” declared the flame haired Elemental to the right.

   Filing in between the two huge guards, came four men, the first three obviously cowed by the size of their guards.  The fourth was not, appearing at most to be mildly curious about his surroundings and situation.  Then Selim saw his eyes, eyes that though unassuming, were taking everything in, rapidly and completely.  You will bear watching, or be useful for interrogation.

   As the four men halted in line before Nagasawa, he cocked his head slightly to the guards, who turned and left the office.

   “I am Selim Nagasawa, Senior Merchant Factor on board this vessel,” then gesturing with his right arm “and this is Star Commodore Elias Nagasawa, commander of the Clan Sea Fox Ship Starswimmer.  Tell me, who are you and why the fiction of the Terran Hegemony?”

   The man to the centre left of the four, a stocky and short man, with a balding head and narrow eyes spoke up in a surly tone “I am Captain Archibald Breton of the Terran Hegemony Ship Outward Hope.  This is my executive officer, Shannon Moore,” he continued, indicating to the large, dark haired man to his right. 

He then indicated to the blonde haired and genial looking man on his left, “This is Captain Alexis Savarov of the Terran DropShip Explorer’s Rest and finally Science Expedition Leader Villius Tejh.”  Breton’s final introduction was of the elder man, with salt and pepper hair and the eyes that seemed to see everything.

Selim frowned, “You did not answer my second question!”

“No he did not,” said Villius “Captain Breton is not noted for his willingness for polite conversation.”  This last elicited a scowl from Breton.  “However Senior Factor Nagasawa, I can perhaps assist you with your question.  We are part of a Terran Exploration Group deep space research voyage, launched in 3030 to chart the Coreward reaches.  I do not know from where you come and how long news takes to travel to you from the Inner Sphere, if at all, but the Terran Hegemony was reforged in the fires of war in 3026.”

How is this possible, thought Selim, the last Dragoon report said nothing of this, though that was in 3018 when Terra was ruled by Starcoms or some such.  He paused, before asking his next question, “Who founded this Hegemony?”

Villius answered again before the others could speak, “Director-General Angus Hamilton, former Precentor Martial of ComStar’s ComGuards.”

Who?  Thought Selim.  After a pause, he looked to Elias, “Take all but Villius here to be held with the rest of their crew.

“Yes ovKhan.” Answered Elias as he moved forward towards the prisoners “You three, move!”  The three men to the left of the line turned and walked out of the room, followed by the Star Commodore, leaving Selim and Villius alone.

Villius spoke first “Your boy there is a dutiful one.”

It was the tone of Villius’s statement that caused Selim to ask “Boy?”

Villius nodded, “I assume he is adopted, as white as his skin is compared to your own, but he serves his father well.”

Father?  “You think I am the Star Commodore’s parent?”  Selim started laughing, and when finished looked to Villius.  “I am no man’s father, we are merely of the same Bloodhouse.”

It was Villius’s turn to look confused “I am not familiar with the term Bloodhouse; perhaps you could explain it to me?”

Selim paused, A nice diversion of topic there, and you learnt from me whilst giving me little.  My turn now.

“Perhaps another time Villius.  However, I wish to know more about this Hegemony you claim to be part of.  I am not totally convinced of the authenticity of your tale.  Also, I wish to know how the Hegemony came about and why did it send you all the way out here?” Far to close to our homeworlds for comfort. 

Villius bowed slightly, “It is quite the tale.  May I sit whilst I regale you with our story?”
Selim extended a hand towards a simple metal chair set to his left on the far side of the desk, “Yes, you may.”

“Thankyou.”  Villius moved to the chair and arranged himself as comfortably as he could and began his tale.

“Are you aware of ComStar and its long guardianship of Terra?”

ComStar.  That was the name of the organisation the Dragoons did not trust.

“Yes.”  Selim answered simply, not willing to let this stranger in on how little he knew of the Inner Sphere since 3018.

“Very well then,” Villius continued, “In 3023, ComStar elected a new Primus, Myndo Waterly, who wished to change our stance of neutrality within the Inner Sphere to a more aggressive strategy aimed at accelerating the Order’s plans.”

Selim interrupted “Our stance?  You speak as if you were part of ComStar?”

Villius smiled a grim smile “Selim Nagasawa, I have the honour of presenting to you the former Precentor of Sian and member of ComStar’s ruling body, the First Circuit.”

“So you are no longer part of ComStar?”

Villius chuckled “No one is part of ComStar anymore.  Hamilton’s Operation REMUS saw to that.  However, I was removed due to Myndo Waterly’s politicking before the Order’s fall and reassigned to the Explorer Corps, which is how I came to be all the way out here.”

So, you are a victim of politics too. Selim leant forward “This Operation REMUS, what was it?”

Villius settled himself and seemed to be casting his mind back, “I need to provide you with a little background first?”  Villius gave Selim a questioning look, to which a nod was received,

“Prior to Waterly’s assent, she was directed to strengthen and enlarge the ComGuards, the military arm of ComStar, which was, until then, quite small.  Her control over the organisation was never what she thought it, with certain failures in the orders plans forcing a massive and rapid build up of forces.  Precentor-Martial, General if you will, Angus Hamilton oversaw this build up, a man who is far more cunning than one would expect.  The forces he raised were loyal to Terra, largely drawn from that system, and then to him, not the ComStar order.”

Selim interrupted “You raised a force not loyal to your Order and are surprised it acted against you?”

Villius shook his head, “Not at all.  I was against such an expansion before my loss of power, but I was a minority.  Waterly, in her arrogance, thought she could control the Guards and would have time to indoctrinate them, but her foresight was sadly lacking on this occasion.  When Primus Waterly, who by this time I a sure was quite mad and following her own deranged beliefs, ordered the ComGuards be used against the Inner Sphere, Hamilton struck.  Up to that point, the actions of the Order under Waterly had brought our dealings with several powers to light and threatened our very existence – though I do believe that was Waterly’s plan all along.” 

“Apparently, Hamilton was not willing to use force to empower ComStar and so mounted a devastating coup in December of 3025.  The Order had no hope and Terran forces took most of our assets quickly.  The following month, Hamilton launched the war the Waterly wanted, but under the banner of a united Terra attempting to reforge the Hegemony.  He appointed himself Director-General, the people latter confirming his appointment, and fought a rather successful, though bloody campaign to retake the Hegemony.  Since then, Hamilton has held the Hegemony to peace and internal growth, though his military is head and shoulders above those of the Successor States, especially his navy, making war against the Hegemony a very costly undertaking.”

Selim waited before responding, mulling over what he had been told, “But why are you here, so far from the Inner Sphere?”

“As I told you, I lost my seat on the First Circuit and at that time was “exiled” to the Explorer Corps.  The Corps was a ComStar effort to survey the regions beyond the Inner Sphere and when Hamilton seized ComStar’s assets, the Corps was taken as well.  With little love left for my old order and an opportunity to pursue my other calling, I was happy to become part of the Terran Exploration Group.  We have been moving Coreward for two years now, only turning Spinward when we began detecting unusual radio signals that indicated multiple inhabited systems.  This system was to be our base for a month whilst we gathered data before returning to communications range to request additional orders.”

Selim was shocked and his mind quickly raced.  They had found us.  Only the Kerenskys know how lucky we are.  This information will be the catalyst that starts the invasion, of that I am sure.  But I need to use it to my own and the Sea Fox’s advantage.

Selim looked Villius in the eye.  “You won’t be going home again Villius, but you may find a new home, depending on how much assistance you can be to me.” 

He thought for a moment “Star Commander Elton” he called, and within moments a mouse haired Elemental with a nose that had seen better days walked in.


“Take Villius here to a private set of quarters away from the other Bondsmen.”

“Yes ovKhan.”

Bondsman?”  Asked Villius.

“All in good time.”  Was the only answer he got from Selim,   “And send for Star Commodore Nagasawa.”

“Yes ovKhan.”

Following Villius’s departure, it took only five minutes for the Star Commodore to arrive.  When he entered, Selim had made his decision and plotted his own course back to power.
“Star Commodore,” Selim began, “plot a course for Babylon, we are aborting our mission and returning home.”

“They are Terran then?  The Hegemony is restored?” the excitement in the Naval Officer’s voice was palpable.

“It is Elias, and it is time to remove that weasel Harold May from the Khanship and replace him with someone who can lead Clan Sea Fox to the place it deserves.  I will need to retest as a Warrior, but that will be simple enough, then I will call the Clan together and usher in the new era.”
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looks good so far
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Oooh, interesting!  Please do go on.  :)
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So here's a GREAT big change in history! The Clans will not be happy to learn that someone had reforged the Hegemony.
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This is getting good
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Chapter 3

Novoy Moscava, Eden, Pentagon Worlds.
6 December, 2821.

Khan Sarah McEvedy of Clan Wolverine walked stiffly up the long ramp leading to the Star League Grand Hospital, or what remained of it after the fighting of the Civil War.  The effects of two high-G DropShip runs had taken a toll on her during the rapid journey from Circe to Eden via pirate points.  Once, such exertions would not have bothered her, but after the long combat operations on Circe, she was far more tired than she liked to admit.  I’m not that young anymore either, she though as she glanced at her aide, Star Commander Franklin Hallis, who strode along easily at her side.

The pair, dressed in olive Clan Wolverine fatigues and combat boots, very similar to those once worn by the SLDF, approached a pair of figures just outside the large and gleaming, but cracked main doors to the hospital.  The man on the right was older, with a patchy white beard, bald head, and narrow eyes and he wore the dusky uniform of Clan Hell’s Horses.  The man to the left wore a mottled purple jumpsuit and stood tall and proud, his dark skin gleaming in the afternoon light, matching the gleam that came from his arrogant dark eyes.

Stopping before the small welcoming committee, Sarah cam to attention and saluted, an action mirrored by the two opposite her, though the elder man’s salute was more far more relaxed than the parade precision of the dark skinned man.  The elder man brought his arm down and squinted his narrow and weather beaten eyes at Sarah, who stood before the setting sun.

“You got her quickly Khan McEvedy,” he smiled, “Maybe too quickly for your own good if the tightness in your walk was anything to go by.”

Sarah smiled back, returning the jibe “We are not all as young as we once were, are we John?”

John Fletcher, Kahn of Clan Hell’s Horses chuckled, “No, we are not what once we were at all.”

Sarah indicated to Franklin, “This is my aide, Star Commander Franklin Hallis.  Star Commander Hallis, this is Khan Fletcher and Khan Osis.”  She ended by looking towards Franklin Osis as both Khans returned Franklin’s own salute.

Osis took her look as an indication to talk.  “You assume much by arriving here McEvedy.”
“I assume friendship Lincoln, something you never seem to have grasped.”
Osis bit back, “Power needs no friends.” Then he paused, “I have matters I wish to discuss with you McEvedy, important matters that will not wait.”

This again Lincoln?  I really don’t care what you think of the ways of the Wolverines.

“Lincoln, aren’t you meant to be cleaning up after the Wolves, whilst they gain glory and honour on Dagda?”

The insult, calculated and measured hit Osis like a brick.  The look from Khan Fletcher went from shock, to an attempt not to smile, to a cautioning look at Sarah, almost warning her off such a topic.

“I clean up after NO ONE!”  Osis bellowed.  “If you came here to insult my honour, then we can meet in combat to settle your grievance.”

Sarah dug deeper, “I meant no insult, I merely sought additional information regarding to a known fact.  However, if you do not wish to share such information, I will attend to my other business here with Andery.”

Osis bridled further, “I have better things to do than talk nonsense with a Khan who cannot control her rabble lower castemen.”  With that, he turned and stalked away, leaving the two Wolverines and Khan Fletcher to the last of the sunset.

“You play a dangerous game baiting that one Sarah, he is deeply aggrieved at being left here and seeks targets for his wrath.”

Sarah nodded, “However John, a raging animal is not a thinking one.  If he comes for me, it will be in an arena of my choosing, where he will learn that aggression and power are not the only requirements of a warrior.

John cocked his head and shrugged, “It’s your battle.  However, you did not come here to fight: you came here for Andery?”

“Yes.  How is he?”

John looked down at the cracked pavement, “Not good.  He is in a deep coma he may not come out of and there has been no change in his condition.”

Sarah nodded, expecting no more.  “I’ll see you before I leave John, but I want to see Andery now.”

John Fletcher turned sideways to let Sarah past and patted her shoulder as she did, followed by Franklin, who nodded to the Hell’s Horses Khan as he passed.
As the two entered the hospital through the rattling automatic glass doors, a gust of cool air and shinning bright light greeted them.  Sarah took in the room at a glance and saw that there were guards from several Clans present.  Wolf, Jaguar, Horse and Coyote.  So Dana is here too.

A Coyote, a Star Colonel by his rank pips, approached from the desk to Sarah’s left and saluted.  “Khan McEvedy, I am Star Colonel Simon Koga.  Khan Kufahl asked that you be allowed immediate access upon your arrival.”  Indicating to the lifts he continued, “Take the central lift to floor five, turn left and go to room 517 on your right.”

“Thankyou Star Colonel Koga.”  Sarah moved towards the lift, which opened on her approach.  She entered, followed by Franklin, who pressed the button for floor 5.
“Wait outside the room for me when we get there Franklin.”

“Yes, Khan McEvedy.”

The lift thudded to a rough stop on the fifth floor and once the doors were open, both Wolverines exited and turned left.  On arriving at the closed door or room 517 Sarah paused, as Franklin moved to the wall and stood at ease.  She then reached out to the plain handle, twisted and pushed.

As she began to walk into the darkened room, illuminated only by the monitors and the faint afterglow of the now set sun, a voice spoke.

“Hello Sarah, I knew you would not take long to get here.”

Still as creepy as ever Dana.  “Hello Dana, I came as quickly as I could.  John told me there has been no change.”

Sarah could just now make Dana out in the gloom, sitting to the right of the bed, back to the wall, her right hand over Andery’s left.  Of Andery, there was only a long lump, with what appeared to be bandages around the head.  Dana waited for the door to thump shut before answering.

“No Sarah, no change to the Doctors, but he is in there, I feel him.  He is searching for something.”

More of your mystical nonsense Dana?  He is in a coma, likely for a good while, and the only thing he is searching for is either consciousness or death.  Sarah only nodded, knowing better than to get involved with Dana’s ideas on spirituality, especially at a time like this.

Sarah moved to Andery’s side, reaching out to his right shoulder and touching it, just as Dana turned a small lamp on, bring light to the room and showing Sarah Andery’s peaceful, yet bandaged face.

“What is the word from Dagda?  Does Nicholas bring salvation?  Dana asked.

Sarah nodded again, “The Wolves and Falcons will land within hours.”

Dana’s voice took on a reverent tone, “Then what he foretold will come to pass.”

You really worship him, don’t you?  More so now that we have returned to the Pentagon.  Why so many of you treat Nicholas like a demi-god is beyond me.  He is still a man, a great man I’ll grant you, but nothing more.

“They still have to break the Black Brian.  It will not be an easy task.”
Dana shrugged the comment off.

Sarah continued, “Without Andery, I am concerned for Nicholas.  Together they were always so good, but one without the other could mean trouble for the Clans.”

Dana looked hard at Sarah, “Trouble for the Clans, or trouble for Clan Wolverine Sarah?  We all are aware of your unusual practices with your lower castemen.  Nicholas has been too busy to deal with you, but he will have you mend your ways.”

“Why mend that which makes us stronger and is not broken?”  Sarah asked.

“Because you are breaking faith with the unity, by placing those who do not deserve it above their station.  Ill times will come of it if you do not repent and fix your ways.”

It can’t be that bad? Thought Sarah to herself.

“Have you been speaking to Khan Osis Dana, or perhaps Karraige or one of the other hardliners?”

Dana frowned at Sarah, “I have little time for those two savages, however, I have all the time I possess for those who walk the path of the true Clan Way.”

Sarah leant back against the wall, “Dana, there is no true Clan Way yet.  We are so young and only so recently returned, that to restrict ourselves with societal straight jackets will cause our recovery to be painfully slow.”

“So be it Sarah, we are not to question the greater way that Nicholas has laid out.”

Sarah decided to let the matter drop, arguing with Dana was like trying to argue with Khan Khatib, pointless and guaranteed to annoy.  She returned to an earlier point.

“Dana, what I meant by trouble for the Clans was the balance Nicholas and Andery bring to each other.  Once, during the Exodus and before the Civil War in the Pentagon, I would never have thought Andery capable of what he has achieved with Nicholas, few did, but his work is incomplete.”

“Yes, it is incomplete Sarah, but I always saw his potential.”

Sarah had to stop herself raising her eyes, Of course you did.

Sarah continued, “All that time, when he was like a younger brother to me, he never drove himself like Nicholas, yet he was always so…intent?  I suppose that is the right word to describe him.  He was so intent about finding the better way to do something, no matter what the cost.  Nicholas sought greatness, to be better than his father, but Andery just waited for it, almost like he knew it would arrive one day and he would need to be the best man he could when it did.  When the Civil War came, they found each other and found they complemented each other better than ever before.  We need that still, as their work is not yet complete.  Nicholas is our heart and mind, but Andery is our soul.  Without Andery, we will be soulless and that is not something I wish to see the Clans become.”

Dana sat for a time pondering Sarah’s words before responding.  “Yes Sarah, you are right.  I apologise for doubting you.  We all need Andery, Nicholas most of all.”  Dana then bowed her head and closed her eyes.  “Would you leave us for a time Sarah?”

“Yes Dana.  I will keep in contact from Circe.”

Sarah turned and walked to the door.  As she was opening it, Dana spoke, with her head still bowed and eyes still closed, “The others will not see things as I do.  You will face many trials before Andery awakes and many foes, both seen and unseen.  You will find a new path beyond that dreamed of by the ilKhan and you will loose all that you are in the process.”  Then her eyes opened and she looked at Sarah, “However, during your trials to come, know that my Coyotes will leave you in peace, in honour of your friendship with Andery.”

“Thankyou Dana.” Was all Sarah said before letting the door close.

On the walk back to the lifts and out of the building, Sarah said nothing, pondering Dana’s words.  Both Wolverine Warriors got into the back of a small air car and  settled themselves as it pulled away down roads that would return them to their DropShip. Damm them all!  She finally thought to herself,  We WILL be better and find a new path.

“Franklin, what of the reports we received before landing.”

Franklin, as unruffled as ever, opened a folder he had carried with him all along.  “The Merchant Caste is requesting that 350 of the Labourers that were assigned to the caste during Operation KLONDIKE be retained as Merchants.”

Here we go then.  “Do it.  And get in touch with the Civilian Council.  Tell them not to assign the top 10% of each caste as yet, they will form a reserve for assignment where needed, as they will be the most adaptable to service in another caste.”

“As you wish.  There is also the request of the Scientist Caste to from a more flexible arrangement with the Technician Caste for research purposes?”

Sarah smiled, “Give them the go ahead.  If we are going to earn the ire of the other Clans, we best be prepared and have the best technology available.”

Franklin frowned and looked to his Khan, “Are we expecting trouble?”

“Soon enough,” answered Sarah.  “From several fronts most likely.  The Jaguars and Widowmakers are already about to call us out and I am sure there are more Clans willing to follow their lead, especially if they see us as easy pickings.  The ilKhan may get involved as well, which will be difficult to deal with no matter what happens.”

“The ilKhan would side against us?”  Franklin asked in a shocked voice.

“If it suits his aims or he sees us as a threat, then yes, we would have to face off against him in some way.  However, if we are strong enough and smart enough, I do believe he will see our way as useful, as long as Andery awakes that is.”

“You fear that without his brother the ilKhan may act rashly?”

Sarah sighed, “I do not fear it Franklin, I expect it.  We need to prepare ourselves and play for time.  We need Andery to awaken and allow us the room we need to become what the Wolverines should, not be dictated to by the narrow minded views of some Clans and the insecurities of the ilKhan.”

Franklin looked shocked at the words of his Khan regarding the ilKhan.

“Don’t be fooled Franklin.  Nicholas Kerensky has done much, but anything he sees as a threat he deals with brutally.  Only his brother can rein him in and on our path, I can see the ilKhan as an obstacle.”
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Sounds like if Andery wakes up then Clan Wolverine might get spared it's inevitable fate.
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About time Andery got out of bed.
There's work to be done. O0
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Nice update Blacknova.

Sounds to me like it's a race against time for the Wolverines. My guess is Clan Wolverine will try to buy as much time as possible while Andery is in his coma. This will be fun to read! Keep up the work!

James Tanaga
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 O0 Liking This  O0
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im confused... but i assume this is meant to be AU, right (if im using the term properly that is)?
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im confused... but i assume this is meant to be AU, right (if im using the term properly that is)?

It's Blacknova's Alternate Universe (AU) Clans for the Kapteyn Universe - and buckle up because it's going to be a wild ride  >:D
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What he said.

Currently the Inner Sphere story is at March 3026.  so this Clan story is set both before and after.  The flashbacks allow me to show how the changes to the Clans in this AU came about, whilst showing how the Clans of 3033 react to the news coming from the Inner Sphere.
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Chapter 4

Sea Fox Enclave, Babylon, Pentagon Worlds
28 June, 3032

Soon to be Galaxy Commander Selim Nagasawa smiled at the staggering O-Series OmniMech of his opponent, Star Colonel Willam Cook of the 7th Cruiser Cluster.  Willam, piloting a Clan Factory Standard (CFS) O-MAD-SF1 Marauder, had made a fatal mistake in choosing to fight augmented: He had allowed Selim to choose the battlefield and Selim had chosen well.  The tight confines of the Kellog Mazes, a series of small canyons and old open cut mining operations, allowed Selim’s O2-THR-SF1 Thresher to jump in and out of combat at will, only engaging when range and timing suited him.

The THR was fast and could jump, allowing Selim to bring his Ultra AC/10 and twin ER Large Lasers to bear at whatever range suited the situation.  Star Colonel Cook’s Marauder was much slower and could not jump, though it packed a fearsome punch, with an ER PPC, two ER Large Lasers and four Streak-6 packs, along with a few smaller weapons.  However, the monster’s heat sinks could not cope with the heat load and a lucky strike had taken out the Marauders right arm in an ammunition explosion, along with two of the SRM racks, a Large and Medium laser and battered the torso, damaging the engine shielding.

That early success had dictated the rest of the battle, as Selim sought to keep hitting the right side of Cook’s Mech, whilst Cook fought desperately to keep Selim from exploiting his weakness.  Continued patience.  Selim thought to himself, a rare Clan trait, one learned during his exile in the Merchant Caste.  The Trial of Position had lasted forty five minutes so far, an extraordinary time in such Trials, but a necessary step against the deadly Marauder.

Clan Sea Fox law, much to the chagrin of many other Clans, allowed a Bloodnamed Warrior to retire to the Merchant Caste with no loss of honour, where they often filled senior rolls within that caste.  However, should a retired Warrior wish to return to the Warrior Caste, they only had to win a one-on-one Trial of Position to re-enter the Warrior Caste at one rank lower than they left.  In Selim’s case, he was Khan when he departed, with victory here bestowing on him the rank of Galaxy Commander and, along with his position as head of the Nagasawa Bloodhouse, the right to call a Clan Council.

What was even more satisfying about the slow death of Willam Cook’s Mech, was that Cook was a Ristar protégée of Khan Harold May, the man who had deposed Nagasawa as Khan in 3026.  Khan May was watching and as yet had no clue as to what the real reason for Nagasawa’s attempt to re-enter the Warrior Caste was.  As the Clan had stagnated since he last held power, Selim was positive that he could regain his old position with the news of the Terran Hegemony, once he was reinstated as a Warrior.

Selim drove his Thresher ahead and to the left at full speed, as he saw the Marauder was tracking to its own left.  Bad move.  Cook was trying to turn as well, to shield that side from damage, but Selim’s autocannon and two large lasers hit home before Cook could complete the manoeuvre.  The twin beams and shells tore into the torso, shattering the engine’s shielding a causing the entire machine to shut down instantly, whilst the return fire did little more than rip the terrain up before and to the right of the Thresher.  The Marauder stood for a moment before gravity pulled it down onto its left side and then onto it face.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   

Selim Nagasawa sat stood tall and proud as Khan Harold May pinned the insignia of a Galaxy Commander upon his uniform, a task he knew the man would despise.  Behind the Khan were the Warriors of the 7th Cruiser, with their battered Star Colonel at the fore, a bitter look on his face.

I see you learned your unforgiving nature from our illustrious Khan, Star Colonel.  Selim thought, as the Khan stepped back and saluted.  Selim returned the salute and was about to speak when Khan May, his dark eyes under and even darker brow, beat him to it.

“Galaxy Commander, you will report to Delios and assist in the administration of that world until such time as we can find a Galaxy for you.  You are to depart immediately.”

Delios was the smallest of the Sea Fox enclaves in Clan space, garrisoned by few Warriors and offering little hope of glory, however, Selim had other plans and smiled at the Khan as he spoke.

“Khan May, I would be honoured to follow your orders, however, as the leader of Bloodhouse Nagasawa, I have matters to put before the Clan Council that cannot wait and plan to call an conclave today.”

May scowled, “What business does a washed up Warrior who was thrown out by the Clan have with a full Council?”

Selim cocked his head to the side and smiled, “Why, the election of a new Khan of course.”

May drew himself up and snarled, “You have no chance of being Khan!  You were drummed out of the Warrior Caste for your views, views that would have cost us much had you been allowed to further them.  Clan Sea Fox has no need of your Crusader philosophy!”

Selim let the Khan’s tirade wash over him, enjoying the fact that May really had no idea how spectacular his fall would be.  “Khan May, my views are my own and as you will see in a weeks time, the entire Clan will support my bid for my former roll, as I possess a vision that catapult us to greatness.”

“Always looking for that which is not there Nagasawa?  You must know that few of your former supporters will arrive on Circe before the Council and that there are enough Bloodnamed Warriors on Circe to form a quorum already.”

“I am fully aware of this my Khan.”  He said the last in a mocking tone.  I want them to see your fall at my hands in a chamber full of your own erstwhile supporters.

Khan May seemed a little perturbed at Selim’s understanding of his apparently poor position, with a hint of doubt creeping into his words, “Then call your meeting, I will see you on the floor of the Council and then kill you in a Trial of Grievance!”

Selim saluted, again speaking in a mocking tone, “I look forward to the opportunity to disappoint my Khan.”

May returned the salute, but said no more, turning on his heal and walking off the parade ground as Star Colonel Cook dismissed the 7th.

Nagasawa began walking off in the other direction, no apparent destination in mind and was quickly joined by Star Commodore Elias Nagasawa, who had been standing to the side of the ceremony with a few other former supporters of the Khan.

“Galaxy Commander.”

“Yes Elias?”

“Galaxy Commander Kalasa and Star Colonel’s Clarke, Sennet and Ahmed pass on their congratulations, but will be forced to wait upon the Khan before they can congratulate you in person.”

Selim snorted, “It is nice to see they still like to try and play both sides.  They were useless supporters last time around, running to May the minute the wind changed and are now only hedging thier bets.”

Elias shrugged, “Better some support than no support.”

“I don’t need support Elias, I have Villius and his information.  When I drop that bomb shell in the Clan Council in seven days time, little Khan May’s support will evaporate.”  Selim changed tack,   “Your service and ability to keep things quiet has been of the greatest assistance and I will forward your name as the next Star Admiral for the Clan, especially with Star Admiral Torus Sutherland’s recent performance showing him up for the incompetent he is.”  It does not hurt that Sutherland campaigned against me last time either and having a loyal member of my Bloodhouse as a Star Admiral will cover my back from that angle.

“Thankyou Galaxy Commander.”  Was all Elias said.

“Now,” continued Selim, “we had best get ourselves to a communications station and send out the call for a Clan Council.  I don’t want to keep Khan May waiting for too long, it would be the height of rudeness to issue such a threat and then not follow through, do you not agree Elias.”

Elias smiled, “Yes Galaxy Commander, I do.”

With that, both men moved deeper into the base, both supremely confident in their future.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   

Khan May watched through the office’s window as the two figures disappeared from view around the corner of a building.  “That freeborn idiot will be eviscerated in the Council.  Apart from a couple of Nagasawas, there are few other of his old supporters on Circe.  He must have something he thinks is of great importance, but nothing could be significant enough to return a Khan to power from retirement.  It has never happened before and I cannot see how it can happen now.”

Galaxy Commander Adelaide Kalasa was the first to answer, “Nagasawa would not be back if he did not think he could win.  The Hansa mission was passing through an area we know the Clans once pursued the Spacefarers in.  Perhaps he has stumbled upon a lost enclave of those people?”

May dismissed her with a wave of the hand, “If that were the case, he would have destroyed them and moved on.  Unlike the Not-Named, they have no real relevance today.”

“Perhaps then it is the Not-Named?” said the pale skinned and white haired Clarissa Clarke.
May paused for a moment before answering.  “That may be a possibility to those of lower rank, but as a Khan I am privy to certain information.  The Not-Named followers of the Betrayer never took a route through that part of space.”

Despite several curious looks, which Khan May ignored, he gave no further information regarding those the Clans never openly spoke of.  Several minutes of silence passed as each mused on the possibilities.

Rika Ahmed finally broke the quiet, her small and hideously scarred face writhing as she spoke, “Perhaps the good Galaxy Commander has found a lost colony, or colonies, and sees them as a far more viable target than the Hansa or Castilians.  With that sort of information and a target far closer to our own space, but hidden from the other Clans, he could think to provide the Sea Fox with its own Exeter Cluster without interference from the other Clans.”

Harold May nodded as Ahmed finished, “You may be onto something there Star Colonel.  Such an asset would be of great value to the Clan, but hiding its location from the Council would be treason.  If this is what he has discovered, then we shall have it dragged from him after I defeat him on the Council floor.”
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Something tells me the Wolverines still got annihilated.
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Something tells me the Wolverines still got annihilated.

"Followers of the Betrayer"... makes me think Andery may have gone with them.
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Maybe not just the Wolverines are gone....
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Something tells me the Wolverines still got annihilated.
The only thing we know right now is that it's obviously not the Sea Foxes.  It's most likely to be either the Wolves or Wolverines - depends on whether Andery or Nicholas ends up guiding the Clans.  It could be just about anyone else though.
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i have to question whether the 'crusader' philosophy is the same thing to us? The wolverines.... hmmm
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My guess is that the Not-Named in this fic are the Widowmakers, fleeing after they killed Nikky.
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you know, i know what to make of the Windowmakers (so little has been written about them, even in Op K). the pic of the WM Khan himself looks like some 80's hairband frontman...
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Which is reason enough for them to be to be annihilated.......... >:D
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Very nice and thanks for sharing. Wondering if the Director had the foresight, resources, and luck needed to keep the Helm memory core from being disseminated as well.
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There is no helm core in the KU.  Instead, several smaller and more numerous finds have been made.
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Ok then it is settled..... I  am here for the ride just please do not kill off Miller's/Barber's Marauder IIs.
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Can't promise anyhting there.  If one of the players drops them into a bad place, then all bets are off.
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Chapter 5

New Hope, Circe, Pentagon Worlds.
15 September, 2822. 

Khan Sarah McEvedy watched as the Wolverine Clan Council hall emptied of its last chattering and disgruntled Clansmen.  McEvedy remained seated on the dais, musing over the news she had been forced to bring to her Clan.  For the last nine months, Clan Wolverine had been surging ahead of the other Clans, even Kerensky’s own Wolves, a fact that was generating much friction with the other nineteen Clans, as well as the ilKhan.
Dam you Nicholas!  Thought Sarah, We were on the way to creating a new path, but you could not let us explore our full potential.

saKhan Dwight Robertson broke her thoughts, “The lower castes will be restless following this Sarah, we had given them much.  The ilKhan likely thinks that with his reforms enacted and our lower castes in turmoil, we will fall back to the pack.”

Sarah smiled, despite herself, “We won’t though, we have too much of a lead now.  What our people managed in nine months will take the other Clans two or three years to match.”

Dwight sat on the edge of the Khan’s desk, his worn face devoid of an expression, “What if more oppose us, as you suspect already?”

Sarah pursed her lips and made an unconscious fist on the desk, “Then we must, as before, play for time.  Word from Eden is that Andery will awaken, though they don’t know when or in what condition.  We must do all we must to delay the other Clans until he is wake and can temper his brother.”

Dwight nodded, then scowled, “And what of these “agents” that your ferrets have found?  You mentioned them in passing before we joined the Council.”

Sarah paused before speaking, “agents.”  She said.  “It would seem that the other Clans learned of our ways through the use of spies.”

“WHAT!?” gasped the saKhan as he shot to his feet.  “That is an outrage!  This must be brought before the Grand Council immediately.”

Sarah looked steadily at her saKhan, “I do not think accusing Nicholas Kerensky of espionage in the Grand Council will get us anywhere.”

saKhan Robertson went white, “You think the ilKhan is involved?”

Sarah nodded her head, “Yes, I believe he controls this “watch” as it is called and was the force behind its creation.  He will go to lengths even he despises to ensure the continuation of the Clans in his mould.”

Robertson sat back down on the edge of the desk, “This is beyond anything imaginable.  What can we do if the ilKhan is against us?”  Before Sarah could answer, he asked another question, “How do you know all of this?”

Sarah leant back, crossing her arms, “You remember the Smoke Jaguar raid in March?”  He nodded, “Well that raid and several that followed it were far too well placed and provisioned for luck to account for their battle array and timing.  By April, I was sure that the Jaguars had a source of information regarding our dispositions and capabilities, then the Widowmakers hit us, then the Fire Mandrills, Burrocks, Ghost Bears, Jade Falcons, Mongeese and Wolves all struck.  The timings and Trials were all to well planned and executed and so I started looking.  Please forgive me if I did not tell you, as I did not know from where we were leaking information.”

Robertson smiled, “I understand Sarah.”

She nodded her thanks and continued, “I issued orders to two officers, Franklin Hallis and Trish Ebon, to find the source of the leaks and report back to me.  What they found were that lower castemen from the Clans striking us were feeding information back to their parent Clans.”

Dwight crossed his own arms, “Their perfidy is this prevalent already?  What of the other Clans, do they suffer in this way?”

“No Dwight, they do not.  I looked at the attacks on the other Clans and, from the information available, I realised that it was only the Wolverines who were being targeted in this way.  That meant only one thing: Someone was coordinating the actions of these Clans against us.”

“You believe it to be the ilKhan?  Why?”

Sarah cocked her head, “Because no Warriors are involved in actually gathering the information.  Nicholas does not want his chosen tarnished.  An individual Clan might plant Warriors in this way, but I know Nicholas would be totally against such an action.”

Robertson frowned, “What are we to do then?  Start our own watch?”

Sarah looked hard at Dwight across the table, “I think that would a particularly bad idea Dwight.  If we were caught, operating outside of the ilKhan’s own watch, our actions would be seen is a very poor light and if we were first discovered.  It would not matter if we brought accusations in the Clan Council against the others, we would be immediately held up for punishment.”

“What would you suggest then?”  Asked the saKhan.

“We do the unexpected whilst we try to reorganise ourselves.”

The saKhan nodded, “Add to that we have all these civilians to move back to their original castes, as well as dissolving our civilian reserve.  That alone is going to cause chaos for us.  Then there is the increasing number of attacks from more and more Clans.  We will be lucky to hold our place over the coming year.”

Sarah could not but agree, Nicholas has us right where he needs us.  “Kerensky is looking for a scapegoat Dwight, ever since that business with Kinnison and the issues with the Falcons and their culling, along with all the other rumblings going on as we try to adjust and integrate into our new lives.  Something needs to give, and with Andery out of action, I truly believe it will be the ilKhan’s patience.  Here on the Pentagon, he has less ability to have direct oversight, so he needs to show us all who is still the one to kneel before.  Something will happen and soon and for what I can see, the Wolverines are going to be in the middle of it.”

saKhan Dwight Robertson looked depressed by his Khan’s analysis.  “I suppose this will put a hold on our plans to give the lower castes a direct vote in the Clan Council.”

Sarah chuckled, “Yes.  It will have to wait.  We have a big enough target on our chest at the moment as it is, though when painted on one of those new Pulverisers, it does not look so big.”

Clan Wolverines new Assault Mech, the Pulveriser, was the latest statement in the Clan’s efforts to get out in front of the other Clans.  The Mech had performed well in recent Trials and rumour was that other Clans may soon start to Trial for the design.  However, for now the design was still unique to Clan Wolverine, leaving the Clan with at least one tool the other Clans had no access to.

Sarah changed topics, “Dwight, I think I have a way to limit the problems with our fellow Clan’s spies.”

“Shoot them?”  Asked the saKhan sardonically.

“No.  Isolate them in one easy to administer place.  I want you to quietly move all non-Wolverine lower castemen to our new colony on Tathis.  The colony is to be cut out of the main network and all future captured lower castemen will be sent there until we can end this espionage mess.  At least there they can only damage one small colony and not the entirety of the Clan.”

“The other Clans will work out what is occurring soon enough, what do you plan to do then?”

Sarah laughed, “What can they do?  Complain in the Grand Council that their spies are corralled?  It lets them know we are onto them and shows the ilKhan we still have our honour.  Without the intel their attacks will become less effective, providing us with the advantage.”

Dwight looked at his Khan and raised an eyebrow,  “They will react in ways we cannot foresee.”

“Correct, just as we are to their own actions.”
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I hope Andery wakes up soon.
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Have the Wolverines gotten their enhanced PPC into production yet?
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Yup, as it featured on the stock Pulveriser.
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Nice, now about those ER Pulse Lasers........