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Author Topic: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)  (Read 4212 times)

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Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« on: 09 September 2013, 03:07:05 »
[[Posted 15-09-2009, 21:19:10]]

"I was down the Glen,
one Easter Morn'.
To city fair, rode I.
The Armed Lines,
of marching men.
Did slowly pass me by.
No pipe did hum, no battle drum,
did sound its loud tattoo..."

-The Foggy Dew, Canon Charles O’Neill

Dinh Diep, Kowloon, Founding Street, 1530 Hours local time...

It began with rationing.  Kowloon produces billions of metric tonnes of food, but the natives don't see a lot of it.  Most of it is shipped off-world, feeding the Rim Worlds that, due to climate, soil, or other conditions, can't support their populations. 

Food is big business in the Rim Worlds, and the Big businesses are owned, directly or indirectly, by friends, relatives, and close associates of House Amaris.

"The problem, with the Kowloonese."  Star League Attache Major Glenn Sandforth commented.

"They've been a problem for a long time, Glenn." Henri Polcot, the assistant to the Governor, agreed, "Ever since we conquered them in 2491."

There were no demonstrations today.  The new curfew, and the tightened rationing had apparently taken the wind out of it.

"How is the sweep up of vietminh cells proceeding?" Glenn asked.

"Well...we arrest quite a few, but every one we detain makes three more." Henri said, "I think the new Rationing, and possibly some of the other social-control measures may start showing some results-certainly the 'English only' policies aren't working-last night, two of my officers arrested a storekeeper for speaking Viet-in public, no less."

"It's like any other Periphery shithole, Henri, you need to break them before you can civilize them..."

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #1 on: 09 September 2013, 03:07:38 »
[[Posted 15-09-2009, 21:48:55]]

B-Street Bar, Dinh Diep...

"Fi' dollah." the girl was adamant, "No less."

"Come on, honey...that's too much."  Lt. Stringer of the Recon Lance insisted, "Three."

"Fi' dollah. I' Clean." she said, "Make you boom-boom real good...but no less than fi' dollah."

"Just pay her, Stringer.  Jesus..." Lt. Shoemaker said,  "Christ, it's not like she's a virgin or anything.  Pay the bitch, get your jollies out back, and let's get it over with."

Stringer paid the whore, and they went out the back door, into the alley.

A few seconds later, over the booming thump of the music, a womanish shriek erupted.

The rest of the 5th RG's recon lance were barrelling out into the alley.

Stringer was on the ground, balled up, and there was blood everywhere.

He'd been 'unmanned'.

"Find the bitch that did this." Shoemaker said, "NOW...and call a Medic."

Stringer was huffing and screaming. "S-s-shse she bit it OFF!!!"

It was surreal...

Quote from: worktroll, 15-09-2009, 22:37:44
Clean ... and good dentistry.

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #2 on: 09 September 2013, 03:08:08 »
[[Posted 15-09-2009, 22:42:43]]

.5KM outside of Madame Meredith's Girls School, 1630 hours...

Anh Trang Ngo had spent most of the afternoon with her theatre group.  She was sixteen, and they were putting on a play.  She's forgotten her train-pass, so walking home was the only option.  Things on the streets had been quiet, and while she'd forgotten the public transport pass, she still had her crossing papers, identicard, and a signed note from the faculty advisor allowing her to walk home in the cool autumn air.

She should have been fine.

If she didn't look like a certain bar-girl, she would have been.

Then again, to the 5th Republican Guard's headquarters and recon section, all the native girls look alike...just slopes.

On the corner of 25th and C streets is where a carpenter found her.  Her hips had been broken.  She was still alive at that point...but she bled out before the ambulance arrived.

The constables interviewed people, of course...and nobody saw anything-at least, nobody told the Constables, in their snappy Rim-Worlds Republic Militia unfiorms anything...

But Anh was a popular girl.  She was well known in this part of the community.

Word of the gang-rape spread.  simmering angers built up...

Quote from: Idea weenie, 16-09-2009, 01:08:03
Well, sounds like the 5th is in for an 'interesting time'.  AKA they have to stay on their base, to avoid being knifed in public.  Until their base gets overrun.
Quote from: glitterboy2098, 16-09-2009, 04:55:36
i was going to post an over the top celebration of the 'loonies returning..then i read the start of the story. now i feel sorry for Rim Worlds...

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #3 on: 09 September 2013, 03:08:51 »
[[Posted 16-09-2009, 22:04:33]]

August 14, 2729...

Tracked vehicles armed with machine-gun and flamer rolled through Dinh Diep's streets, while VTOL "Ghetto-Bird" transport/gunships cruised relentlessly.  Public gatherings were forbidden now even in daylight.  The Governor looked out over the city, and there was foreboding in the air.

"Battlemech patrols on all streets." he said, "I want reaction forces ready when we open the warehouse for the monthly distribution."

People moved through those streets-of course.  Factories for the Rim Worlds still had to produce, after all, ports still had to move goods to the spaceport, taxes still had to be collected.

and it was in the factories, that the anger of the people simmered and spread, the Factories, the docks, the railyards-all the places that people HAD to gather in order for the Rim Worlds to collect the tithes and taxes.

Colonel Draven noted the orders, and then...

the Governor's receptionist came in.

"Sir." she said, holding out a stack of messages.

"What is it, Lucy?" the Governor asked.

"Sir...the factory managers for a dozen Nationalized enterprises have been trying to contact seems that the morning shifts have not reported to work...and the Port Authority director has been ringing my desk for hours."

"What about?" he asked.

"The same problem." she said, "Workers not reporting for their shift...I think we may be seeing the beginning of an illegal strike."

The Colonel grabbed his comm-link just as it beeped.


outside, a section of the street exploded.

"What is it, Colonel?" the Governor asked.

" the barracks..." the Colonel was distressed, and already walking stiffly to the door.

"WHAT IS IT??"  the Governor demanded.

"Somehow, sabotuers have turned the showers into...flamers." the Colonel told him, "the water taps...half my Regiment, sir, and I am getting reports of rioters entering the compound...organized rioters, with guns!"

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #4 on: 09 September 2013, 03:09:41 »
[[Posted 16-09-2009, 22:21:21]]

Right proudly high over Dublin Town they hung out the flag of war
'Twas better to die 'neath an Irish sky than at Sulva or Sud El Bar
And from the plains of Royal Meath strong men came hurrying through

Garrison Barracks, 5th Republican Guard...

Jin Ne "Jimmy" Qua sighted down a hunting rifle at a running Rimjob soldier carrying a neurohelmet.


the Rimjob 'mechwarrior went down in a heap, his blood and brains left on the wall beside him.

Jimmy jacked another 7mm round into the chamber, letting the barrel cool as he moved to the next shooting position.  There was no jubilation, no feeling at all in Jimmy.  "Dinh, take your boys around left and see if you can't do something about that guard-post."  Jimmy said.

They'd come out of the back-country, where the sentiment was strong and preparations for this day had gone on for years.  Jimmy had done time in a unit like the one they were now facing-one of the few ways to get out of the inflicted poverty was to do a stretch in the army...which, incidentally, proved a great way to learn how to fight them.

He keyed a cryppy Com brought in by a black-marketeer.  The coms units were made in the Free Worlds League, not Lyran or Rim Worlds made, and had come as a kind of 'care package' intended to discomfit the Lyrans and their allies.

"Vu, how's the sabotage at the Barracks going?" he asked.

"They're burning, Jim, that stuff's a miracle." was the answer, "It worked just like we thought it would-put some into the base's filtration system, and it does the rest."

A jet of flames leapt out in the distance.

"Looks like they're trying to put the fires out..." Vu Thanh added, "almost amusing."

"Yeah, almost.  Remember, they've got better than a Battalion of armour not here, and we want the hardware HERE  intact if we can get it." Jimmy scolded, "but keep up the distraction."

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #5 on: 09 September 2013, 03:10:11 »
[[Posted 18-09-2009, 08:15:47]]

Capitol Street Rationing Station, 1800 hours...

Dinh Janh Ngo wasn't a happy man.  "White, Nghien, the Governor's men are getting organized on Meridian avenue, in Founding park.  Take your sharpshooters and start 'doing' anyone with a neurohelmet, or anyone that gets saluted,  Cho, did your people get mines planted on Main and third?"

Benh Cho nodded, "They did.  It's ready to pop when and if you need it."

Dinh looked grim, "We'll need it.  If we can't cut him off from calling for help off-world, this could still fall in on itself."

"I can't believe we're actually doing it..."  Quhon Li commented, "I mean,  after all this time..."

"Believe it." Dinh told her quietly, "two hundered and thirty eight years of abuse and oppression is now blowing up in their faces-we've got to make a stand."

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #6 on: 09 September 2013, 03:10:58 »
[[Posted 18-09-2009, 21:23:05]]

August 17, 2729...

SLS Belleau Wood, Nadir Point, Kowloon system...

The governor of Kowloon was a bedraggled, nervous mess-his silk robes were in disarray, his attendents frantic and nervous, and his holding was now in the grip of a full uprising.

"...fifth Republican Guard's cantonment was over-run in mere minutes, the seventh and the thirteenth took a few more days." He said, "and now several of the other communities have joined the uprising.  General, we need your help.  This disorder could spread off-world."

Brigadier General John Chivington nodded slowly.  "What did you people do to piss off an entire world like that?" he asked.

The Governor shrugged and spread his hands, "I don't know-things were pretty much business-as usual...well, there WAS some grumbling over necessary adjustements to ration allotments, and some of the troops got...frisky, but that's all happened before!"

"I have orders to restore order and get this cluster ****** under control, what I need from you is an honest, or as close as you can get to honest, assessment of what my men will be facing down there-you mentioned they took a Regiment in minutes, then took down two more in a few did they do this?" he asked.

"They used inhumane sabotage against the Fifth-something they put into the water-system that ignited when the taps were turned on and the water was exposed air- then, they took the equipment from the Fifth Republican Guard's motor pool and 'mech storage area, and launched mobile attacks on the other two units while they were organizing...and there were IED's in use-a number of streets and open areas were seeded with minefields, the seventeenth's combat-strike company was laid low with the aid of IED's and was horrible."

"Okay...go get settled down and cleaned up, mister Governor, I'm going to have to talk to my staff and we'll work out a plan..." Chivington said dismissively.

The Rim-Worlds official hurried out of the wardroom, his staffers on his heels.

the General turned to his S-2, "Tell me good news, Harvey."  he said.  Lt. Colonel Harvey McEvedy shrugged, "SigInt analysis shows they're using modified civilian comms, likely free-worlds made, good tactics too-I'd say there's professionals either working as cadre, or running the show in the entire.  Other than demanding surrender at garrison and police posts, no demands from this movement yet-no appeals either-at least, nothing we can pick up from orbit."

Chivington beetled his brow, and commented, "Weird.  Usually these things, they make demands, take hostages, something... Sat imagery?"

the S-2 brought up a holo.  "Definitely quieter in the Capital today.  There's repair of damage going on, stores appear to be open...not as many tanks as the imagery from a week ago, before this all blew up."  Harvey looked at the Brigadier, "If we let it just die down..."

"Can't.  House Amaris is a major ally of the Cameron family, and they want this rebellion put the First Lord wants this put down, which means we have to put it down."  He snorted, "Even if it's a mission I don't like."

"We're going to have to do something about those moving 'mech columns then...the guys running this are smart." Harvey said, "They look like they've moved the bulk of the hardware out of the central location into the outskirts of the city, little bases, nothing vulnerable to a single decapitating strike..."

"and we don't know who's leading this?" the General asked.

"We've got some possibilities..."  Harvey brought up a row of images.  They were all in uniform-either SLDF, or Rim Worlds Republic.  All the faces were asian, all had names that the General would have a hard time pronouncing without coaching.

"Veterans.  These are the highest-ranked military vets, based on payroll's pension records, in the city, or around it." Harvey said, "notice something?"

"No 'mechwarriors."  Chivington said, "But there's definitely someone piloting those battlemechs for them."

"Right." Harvey told him, "My guess would be this man-" one of the suspects' images expanded.  "Dinh Janh Ngo, formerly Major Ngo, Star League Special Operations, he retired last year and came back to his homeworld, his place happens to be..." the image receded as a map image appeared, "Here-a farming community about sixty Kilometers Northwest of Dinh Diep.  He's a corker for certain-nine tours suppressing insurgencies all around the rim, command and staff college at Sandhurst, Specialties in asymmetrical operations and their counters-if he isn't the man in charge, he's got the ear of whoever it is.  I like him for two other reasons-one, his family dates back to the first batch of settlers, and one of his direct line ancestors was the last sitting president of the Kowloon Free Republic."

"The other reason?" Chivington asked.

Harvey sighed, "Domestic Intel says his niece was gang-raped on the fourteenth, the suspects are Rim Worlds troops executing a 'dungaree leave' reprisal after an incident with a whore who bit down on one of the Leutenants in the 5th Republican Guards' recon company."

"How many other incidents from that one?" Chivington asked bluntly.

"best estimate? more than thirty, spread all over town." Harvey told him.

Chivington said a very bad word, and made a grossed out face, "Jesus, Harvey...sometimes I think I signed up on the wrong side!  They're not making demands, because they're not interested in making demands-they're out to kill some soldiers."  he composed his expression, "Not that I blame 'em for that...but it makes our job a HELL of a lot harder."

Quote from: croaker, 19-09-2009, 02:26:57
"It's like any other Periphery shithole, Henri, you need to break them before you can civilize them..."

Uh-huh. Buddy, I'd wish you good luck, but... there ain't that much luck in the universe.

And reminded as I am of the Troubles...

   High upon the gallows tree swung the noble-hearted Three.
   By the vengeful tyrant stricken in their bloom;
   But they met him face to face, with the courage of their race,
   And they went with souls undaunted to their doom.

   "God save Ireland ! " said the heroes;
   "God save Ireland" said they all.
   Whether on the scaffold high
   Or the battlefield we die,
   0, what matter when for Erin dear we fall ! "

   Girt around with cruel foes, still their courage proudly rose,
   For they thought of hearts that loved them far and near;
   Of the millions true and brave o'er the ocean's swelling wave,
   And the friends in holy Ireland ever dear.

   (Chorus repeat)

   Climbed they up the rugged stair, rang their voices out in prayer,
   Then with England's fatal cord around them cast,
   Close beside the gallows tree kissed like brothers lovingly,
   True to home and faith and freedom to the last.

   (Chorus repeat)

   Never till the latest day shall the memory pass away,
   Of the gallant lives thus given for our land;
   But on the cause must go, amidst joy and weal and woe,
   Till we make our Isle a nation free and grand.

   (Chorus repeat)

*whistles* "An' Kowloon, long a province be, a nation once again...."
Quote from: croaker, 19-09-2009, 14:06:30
An appropriately-altered "Northern Irish Children's Lullaby", according to Tommy Makem:

Up the long ladder and down the short rope!
To hell with Amaris and Gods Bless Ngo!
An' if they send more goons,
Why we'll call the dragoons!
You can go straight t' hell, all y' Star League Buffoons!

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #7 on: 09 September 2013, 03:11:34 »
[[Posted 19-09-2009, 20:03:30]]

"...nobody's really sure what happened next.  What we DO know, is that when the SLDF peace-keeping force radioed the city, the response was not exactly friendly..."

-Adept Peter Ross, Comstar Historical Archive, 3045 A.D.

"...the Irish always had the best war-songs.  The original tune was written to commemorate the 1916 uprising...which was also a bloody nightmare, one that led to a successful later revolt..."

-Dinh Pham, recording artist, Kowloon on his recording of "The Foggy Dew" in English. (Commonwealth Broadcast Corporation, 2791)

Dinh Diep, 1500 hours, 18 August, 2729...

"...Star League warship in orbit, and a task force.  My friends at the shipyard say it's a partial task-force probably escorting a Division."   Anh Cu'ong brought up the imagery.

"Any chance they'll join the rising?" Jimmy Qua asked.

"And take on a Star League navy vessel? They don't have the kind of equipment for that, and the SLDF already put a Marine battalion on the'd be suicide, but worse, it'd be futile suicide.  We win on the ground, or we don't win."  Ngo spoke up and the others looked at him.  "Not that we're probably going to win this round anyway...but nobody wins in the first punch.  That's for Holovid shows and comic-books.  Cu'ong, tell your friends in the orbitals to keep their heads down-that's instructions from ME, as long as it's the SLDF, they're bound by the Ares Conventions-which ties their hands in the space-to-mud.  THey open up another front out there, they'll last about as long as it takes that cruiser to get their range.  They're more valuable to us feeding us info right now so that the Mobile Columns can move to intercept them at their landing zones and we can prepare hot receptions with what we've got down here."

Quote from: Nerd, 20-09-2009, 14:56:15
"The only tree that grows in Schotland
Is the bonnie gallows tree. . ."

Ye gods, an ex-SLDF commando taking it out on the Rimmers for going after his niece. . .

I hope the SLDF CO in orbit knows enough to get him to the negotiating table.

Even if it means the Guv getting brought in with "body guards."
Quote from: Aceraptor, 21-09-2009, 16:46:27
Quote from: lowrolling71, 21-09-2009, 16:18:00
Well this looks like a fairly short rebellion. Thanks for sharing.

Oh no, its far from over, SLDF ends up razing the city to the ground remember? SLDF will be driven to that, and looking at their current attitude itll be some while untill that happens

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #8 on: 09 September 2013, 03:12:05 »
[[Posted 08-10-2009, 22:53:21]]

Landing Zone Gloria, outside Dinh Diep, August 10, 2729...

the Recon lance came down in a Confederate on what was the likely best landing spot.  The dropship boiled away soil and trees and grass-using the engines to clear away any nearby minefields.

It was a move so standard to the Star League's training that nobody gave it a second thought-besides which, it worked well in other counter-insurgency missions.

Being hit by artillery and mortars, therefore, during the 'transition phase" where the armoured bay doors over the landing-jacks are open, but the ship's weight is still balanced precariously on a fusion torch, was the last thing they'd expected.

The dropship's landing jacks on the port-side were heavily damaged...all of them.

It slewed, the pilot fired reaction thrusters to get it under control, and the dug-in anti-tank guns opened up from the treeline up-slope.

it was just enough that the dropper 'dipped' and the starboard landing gear dug in...

it rolled down the hill, scrambling and tossing cargo and contents and passengers like a giant drinks-tumbler.  Crewmen died, and the recon 'mechs were slammed around.

A few minutes later, the forces coming down recieved the first response to their hails.

"Go Away."

Quote from: Nikas_Zekeval, 09-10-2009, 12:55:56
Quote from: lowrolling71, 08-10-2009, 23:32:20
Well that works more effectively than any "no trespassing" sign that I can think of. Thanks for sharing.
OTOH now they KNOW to look for such opposed groundings.  If you are trying to break up an invasion it might have been better to save it for a major landing, rather than a probe.  OTOH with a Warship in orbit I'm not sure how much beating up the ground pounders can do in the long run in general.
Quote from: Warclaw, 10-10-2009, 15:18:31
Quote from: Nikas_Zekeval, 09-10-2009, 12:55:56
The Loonies have ZERO hope of standing off an invasion by force of arms.  Hitting the dropship was as at LEAST as much psy-ops as combat resistance.

This was about setting a tone, and putting the Star League commanders  (plus, more importantly, the troops) on notice that they can expect to bleed for every inch of territory and pay a cost in pain and bodies for whatever gains they make.

Morale is a fragile thing....break a man's spirit and you have beaten him before the first gun is fired.
Quote from: Aceraptor, 10-10-2009, 15:42:36
and broken morale is a infectious thing, it only take a few men to panic/lose their nerves to weaken a combat force
Quote from: MisterPants, 10-10-2009, 18:03:05
Quote from: Ajax_Wolf on 10-10-2009, 17:47:36
Considering the SLDF commander knows who is leading the Kowloon's ground forces, the smart move on his part would be to take the smallest dropship down the the dropport, ask for landing clearance, and when the dropship is parked, walk out with a card table and two chairs and politely ask Major Ngo to join him for a chat to settle the incident.

But you know how the army brass thinks ...
More to the point, how Amaris thinks...he doesn't want the SLDF commander to actually work things out with Kowloon, he wants Kowloon subjugated to his whim.
Quote from: Nikas_Zekeval, 10-10-2009, 18:36:39
This sums up why Ngo would never show up.

The particular relevant lines:
"I'm sure you even believe that, but things have progressed too far for that to be true...  And I know any promise a soldier makes, a politician will turn into a lie."

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
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[[Posted 10-10-2009, 23:09:06]]

September 1, Hue...

If there was a center of "Friendship" for offworlders, it was Hue.  Situated along a bend in the Little Yangtze's main channel, and astride tributary 3 (known as the Powder river on local maps) Hue was a more recent city than most on-world.

It was settled by Terran immigrants to the Rim Worlds Republic, from, of all places, Vietnam.  But these were separated from the planet's greater population by centuries of change on Terra, and by being the descendents of many of the groups the original Kowloonese left Earth to escape.

Consequently, the remnants of the 5th, 14th, and 7th Republican Guard-those remnants that escaped ambushes or survived combat with the uprising, were gathered here.

The Dictator class dropship bearing the Command element of the 336th Royal Battlmech Division dropped into Hue without incident, and to the great relief of the Rim Worlds and Star League Loyalists concentrated in the city.

"Status?" General Chivington demanded from the Consul of Hue, "We took fire on the way down."

"I know, sir-we've got control of a zone wide enough to hold the door open-Barely." the Consul told him, "So far, they don't have enough Tac-Air to put up a decent CAP or enough of the air-defense grid, but that was just going to be a matter of time."  the Officer walked with the Politician to a map-room.

"These four installations are at greatest risk-with those, they can put up a detection grid and guide missiles from damn near anywhere...and they're under seige right now."

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
« Reply #10 on: 09 September 2013, 03:12:50 »
[[Posted 18-10-2009, 21:46:28]]

September 5, 2729, outside Dinh Diep...

In less than three weeks, the SLDF had rolled up most of the heavy formations, and pushed the "Free Kowloon Army" back into the area around the Capital.

"We can't win this fighting conventional."  Ngo reminded the others.  "Break up the surviving units outside the valley, orders are to go to ground for now."

"But...we were so close." Anh Cu'ong insisted.

"Yeah, and three broken regiments with a levy of volunteers is just an excuse to get gutted by a Royal Battlemech Division." Ngo said, "our best hope is to make enough trouble that the SLDF thinks it has to stay here-that will make the Rimjobs mind their manners."

"So we stage an epic?" Qua asked.

"Yeah." Ngo said it with distaste, "We draw 'em in, and chew 'em up where they're not that good-urban fighting, and we make it take long enough that their brass are certain they've got to put an SLDF garrison down here instead of turning it over to the Rimjob military."

HQ, 336th Royal Battlemech Division, 22KM south of Hue...

"He's going to draw us into the city." Chivington said, "it's the only hope he's got to do enough damage to make a viable counter-move."

"You really think he's stupid enough to think he can counter-attack?" Colonel McEvedy asked, "Christ, they've got next to nothing left after Khe Sanh! no Air-support or Tac Air, their artillery's mostly destroyed, no resupply..."

"He'll do it, if he wasn't going to, he'd have surrendered." Chivington stated flatly, "He'll draw us in, hoping that the close confines will break up formations and force us into bite-size chunks...only we're going to slam that door for him-on his fingers."

"How're we going to do it, sir?" the S-3 asked.

"We pinpoint his headquarters and hammer it-our orders are to pacify the planet and restore legal governance." Chivington said it with distaste, "That legal government is the reason we're here, but we're going to follow those orders.  At fourteen hundered, I want advance forces moving into the city-don't use the highways, they're mined, push through buildings if you have to, but I want Beagles moving into all the sections of the city at once, give 'em nowhere to run.  Anti-Infantry forces to follow immediately after-call fire on any point of resistance from the air-wing, we've got air-superiority, we damn well need to use it. Once the city's breached, move heavy 'mech formations ahead, and pull lights back to flank security, I want Highlanders taking point on this with Guilliotines and Black Knights on their heels, the light 'mechs can handle surrendering or retreating or shocked enemy-hammer them, don't piss on them."

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
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[[Posted 18-10-2009, 22:12:40]]

Dinh Diep, 14 September, 2729...

The insurgents had tricks, and they were using them.  Losses since the order to breach the city were mounting fast.

Alpha Sixteen Echo...

"Transmissions pinpointed..." the recon company was taking a lot of fire near the power plant, and now, they knew why.

"Relaying to Six." 

The recon 'mech suddenly pitched, and the screens went temporarily dark.  Alvin Purvis pulled his eject handle by reflex, and bounded up-away from the pitching battlmech, as the building he'd landed on collapsed in on itself in a pillar of rubble and fire....

HQ, 336th Royal Division, 3 KM inside Dinh Diep, at the site of Public School 4

"We've got a transmission from the recon for the One-Six Battaliion-they've found what looks like your headquarters."  McEvedy, the Division's S-3, handed the offprint to General Chivington.

"Damn, that's close to the power plant..." Chivington said.  The imagery showed a number of heavy-weapons platforms moving in the area.  The next print, using the Beagle, showed a bunker complex below.  That's where their sally-out forces are moving...take that out, the game's up.

He made a snap judgement call.

"Okay, we're not going to break that with conventional weapons...and we MUST break it."  He said, He keyed the frequency himself. 

"Sir, that's a violation of the Ares conventions." McEvedy protested.

"That's why I'm doing it instead of ordering YOU." Chivington told his subordinate, "Technically, it's not a breach-at least, not a serious one-it violates the spirit of the law, but not the letter...and we've gone and taken fifty percent casualties trying this the old-tried-and-true way..."

"Archangel, this is Ezekiel six actual, do you copy, over?"  Chivington demanded.

"Ezekiel Actual, this is Archangel Actual, the Lord Hears You."  the captain's voice over the comms sounded tense.

"Archangel, Wrath of God, Grid 1525310891, there's a bunker complex we can't penetrate, Over."

"Repeat that, Ezekiel Actual?"  the voice of Belleau Wood's captain was incredulous, "Authenticate India Charlie Three, over."

"I said,  Wrath of God, Grid 1525310891, I authenticate Victor Sierra One, OVER."  Chivington barked.

"May god forgive us, Out."

A heavy Naval PPC generates a small typhoon as it slams through atmosphere, along with a thunderclap and a wall of plasmafied gasses around it, but in spite of the power to nearly destroy everything for half a kilometer around the impact zone, the real power's in the delivery at the recieving end.

Unfortunately, the grid was wrong by about two hundered meters south and east.  Instead the ancient, pre-Rim Worlds bunker complex that had once housed the Kowloon Free Republic's in-city reserves, it hit the one target in the valley nobody, not the insurgents, not the Rim Worlders, not the SLDF, wanted to hit.

The containment building for the number one reactor was built heavily-lessons from the twentieth century Tchernobyl disaster, the 21st century accident at the syria Planum water-cracker, and revisions of safety protocols throughout the (brief) history of Fission-Dominated power generation led to a very well built, almost meltdown proof, plutonium pebble-bed breeder reactor.

Almost is the key word here.  Naval PPC bursts are measured in megatons/second.  No amount of buffering, or shielding, could prevent what happened next.

The fuel atomized and energy stacked geometrically as a small portion reached critical mass.

A typical city-killer "Radioactive dirty bomb" is roughly the size of a pair of oil drums stacked end-to-end, and contains enough radioactive material to pollute several hundered square kilometers in a single burst.

Dinh Diep's reactor core was heavily sheilded...just enough to concentrate the energy before the structure let go-and dispersed several thousand tonnes of radioactive waste, and fuel, Plutonium and Uranium and Americium and all the other 'stable' radioactive isotopes blew out in a SUPER Tchernobyl event.

The Dinh Diep valley contained over three million people-even with the fighting, there were still over two and a half million in the intial radius of dispersal...

nobody not wearing military environment gear was safe.

Quote from: maddog2584, 18-10-2009, 22:23:06
and now we have the reason for the kowloonese hatred for the sldf abd the clans,because I am sure that the general was never punished and the kowloonese believe that the power planet was the deliberate target of the strike.

 why you should always be sure of your target.

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
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[[Posted 18-10-2009, 22:23:38]]

Denoument,  Unity City, Terra, October 11, 2735...

"Go ahead and try to bring those charges, Leutenant." General Chivington told the young prosecutor, "I'm covered."

Aaron DeChevalier looked at the document the General's counsel handed over as evidence. "...a Pardon?" he was aghast.

"Signed by the First Lord." Chivington said,  "you, and your friend Kerensky can't do anything to me that the Cancer, and the memories, aren't already doing."

Quote from: Worktroll, 18-10-2009, 22:50:32
Quote from: Cannonshop, 18-10-2009, 22:23:38
"you, and your friend Kerensky can't do anything to me that the Cancer, and the memories, aren't already doing."

Indeed. And there's why I hope that, if Heaven & Hell exist, there is a Purgatory - which is sometimes in this world.
Quote from: Aceraptor, 19-10-2009, 06:27:49
Quote from: croaker, 19-10-2009, 05:10:33
And all the 'loonies are going to see is "Pardoned by the First Lord". Not the reasons. Damn....

What reasons? Except that the First Lord was an idiot that supported Amaris? The General did put down the rebellion, just like he ordered.

The 'Loonies are gong to paint the SLDF with the same brush along side the Rim Republic from here on out I bet, and its no surprise why they would do that, the SLDF's arrival during the Amaris Coup is going to be interesting to see.
Quote from: maddog2584, 19-10-2009, 08:29:57
A government agent, enters your space, and kills a city and gets pardoned by  the first lord, Of course this will inspire hatred and a willingness to leave the rim worlders and SLDF dead and dying, in the most painful way possible.

Quote from: blacktigeractual, 19-10-2009, 21:25:13
Zeus father and savior what a true and total cluster-****** :o

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Re: Kowloon Rising (A Ngo story by Cannonshop)
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Thanks for posting this.
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