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Author Topic: My AU, Katherine, White Wolf of Ragnarok  (Read 18724 times)


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Re: My AU, Katherine, White Wolf of Ragnarok
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New Extended Scene, Katherine and Vlad's first night aka 12 hours from Bondswoman to Bedmate

Context - Katherine just graduated from her Wolf Trial of Position to become a Star Commander, during which she had an ammo explosion, the neural feedback ("Feedback Fatigue") of which has turned off a lot of her normal braking behaviors.

03/29/3058 22:14 Location – Governor’s Palace, Tamar, Wolf Occupation Zone

Wolf Khan Vladimir Ward heard a knock at the door, he had been expecting a visitor but not so soon and waited until the second set before getting up.  He slowly walked across the solid hardwood floor adjusting the drawstrings of his sleeping pants.  He opened the great oaken door to see the newly graduated but unassigned Star Commander Katherine (Wolf) currently leaning against the door-frame dressed in a red tank top and gray pants giving him an excellent of her, now a fully trained Clan Warrior, body that caused his heart to pound and other things get firmer. 

“You look lonely in here Vlad,” she looked around taking in the marvel of what was once the Duke of Tamar’s bedroom, everything was grand, a massive four poster bed comfortably set in the middle, exotic taxidermied animals from the planet Hunter’s Paradise lined the walls, the furniture was still present, more for the fact that it was bolted to the floor than it served much purpose to the minimalistic Clan Warlord.  The Warlord whose personal possessions scarcely filled a duffel.

She got close her voice almost as low as a whisper that drew him closer, “this bedroom is much too large for just one man.  Would you like some company?”

Khan Ward lingered where he was determined to keep her there long enough to complete a second long close up look at his former bondswoman, “Katherine, I was not expecting you so soon.  I does get a bit cold sometimes and the bed is just too large.”

She put her hands on his scarred (some of which were from her sword) and sculpted chest taking time to feel his pecs and work her way down to his arms, “Well if you wore a shirt perhaps you would not be so cold.  I on the other hand have never been hotter and could use some relief.”
Before he could wave her in she brushed past him taking time to ensure they had a long and sensuous connection as she danced behind him.  He didn’t protest her abrupt departure from his sight instead closing the door behind her, “Is that chilled wine in the bucket?  How very surprising,” she walked over to the table near the bed and inspected the bottle, “Weingarten Württenberg Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) Three Thousand Eighteen. A fine year I am certain, no doubt the late Duke Kelswa would have agreed.  You are off to a good start for showing a lady a good time.  However there is one thing.”

Vlad was confused unfamiliar as he was with the spheroid ways of “courtship” nor how they differed from the “coupling” he was accustomed to.  The intricacies of which still vexed him despite detaining several random Tamarine women over the course of the last week to inquire about such things.  All of whom were strangely terrified by his seemingly innocent inquiries.  “What is this one thing?”

She turned suddenly looking him right in the eyes, fierce and immediately dangerous, baring a wicked perfect smile. Vlad dropped into a defensive stance at the sudden movement his lifetime of reflexes borne of combat training allowing him his senses even in a situation like this, “I’m not thirsty.”

Katherine jumped on him wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms behind his shoulders crushing him to her body.  Eight weeks of tough military training made her even stronger and driven then when he first met her on the Dire Wolf for their sword duel. 

Though she seemed possessed of a madness only hinted at before, which made it even more exciting.  She was irresistible at that time otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered to keep her on Tamar for himself.  Although he couldn’t show nor did he think she would have accepted it if offered initially.  No, not in front of his people here with just the two of them nothing was going to stop him now.

The two of them exchanged kisses so passionate and eager that Vlad could barely stop himself from just throwing her down now and cutting the clothes right off her with the knife he kept nearby.  However, she was pulling him back toward the bed where the tables would be turned and he would be at the mercy of a freeborn woman.  Something that was unacceptable to the proud Trueborn Warrior.  He was the Khan here she would do what he wanted, how he wanted it done.

He smashed down on her thighs with his elbows breaking the grip and shrugged his shoulders throwing her across the mattress, she rolled out and recovered with a wounded yelp the only thing hurt was her pride.  She threw her head back which caused her shoulder length blonde hair to tumble loose and frame her face, whose icy blue eyes focused intently on him with anger at the rejection of her affection, her mouth twisted into a snarl. 

Vlad stared back at her with a grin, “A sneak attack; very un-clanlike, if you want something here you will have to win fairly.”  He began to remove his sleeping pants and Katherine followed starting with her boots then heading up until nothing was left.  The two of them stood poised on opposite sides of the bed ready to pounce on one another, “I know you at least improved your ground game from last time. If it were not against protocol I would have taken you soon after seeing you and Katya wrestle on the Lair and never let you leave.  Not even Katya afterwards was enough and that is rarely the case.  I am more eager than you know for a rematch.”

Katherine looked out of the half-light of the one remaining light on in the room, he was eager all right and so was she, “Oh I know all kinds of tricks Vladimir.  You will be the one that will keep coming back once I am through with you this time.”

All the hairs on his arms stood up in anticipation of just such an encounter, something that had not left his mind since the first time he saw her.

EXXXTRA Scene (I did write one having read a half dozen romance books to get down the descriptions.  However, the mods might already have me on a watch list for swearing.  I don't want them to block me for explicit descriptions.  If I ever repost this on another fanfic site.  I'll hyperlink it)

Katherine woke up to an alarm 05:00 blinked on the clock in an unfamiliar room.  Rising to a seated position she realized that she was naked and that there was a man in the bed with her, or rather she was in his bed rather than her cot in the Barracks.  Parts of her hurt that hadn't in the past two years, ever since Galen left her.  She looked over at her bed-mate who slightly stirred, “Khan Ward?  Oh Kat what did you get yourself into last night?”  Looking around she noticed the now empty wine bottle in the bucket of water and her discarded clothes.  Attempting to move with as little disruption as possible she went to the bathroom and redressed.  She had to get out of here, she stopped before reaching the door thinking that was juvenile of her, it's not like she could tip toe around it.

While she paused Vladimir stirred, “Katherine wait!”  He rose taking a moment to put his underwear back on. “I have something to give you.  Come this way.”  Khan Ward took her to a chest of drawers and opened it pulling a red leather jacket out of it and presented it to her.  “This is not really something I am familiar with doing but I would like you to have this.”

She took it, putting it on and looked in a nearby mirror, it looked good and she did a little twirl.  “Thank You but I do not have anything for you.”

“Bring something back when you return.”
“When I return? From where?”
“Tharkad, Lyran Alliance, Commonwealth, whatever you call it now.  I do not want us to be enemies, I have enough enemies even though I cull them regularly, I have want of allies.  The Wolves cannot take Terra alone but we will lead the effort when the Truce expires with or without your help.  We must, it is our destiny to do so, anything less would be dereliction of duty.  You can help and we can help you and the Inner Sphere.  We already are, entire worlds are being aided by our technology and personnel as we speak.”

“You want me to betray my people?”

“No, but I cannot convince them to aid us.  Your people do not control Terra, all of this,” He points out the window at the rising sun, “is a means to an end, the End of the Clans, The Fulfillment of the Mission given to us by Aleksandr Kerensky centuries ago during the dark days of the Exodus, it's all in the Remembrance you have read and keep close.  I will not force you to help us, you can leave and never return if you desire but I would prefer it otherwise.  Katya already has a position open for you in the Watch.  All I ask is you take this and agree to return again.”

Vlad produces a small metal box from the same chest of drawers and opens it revealing a silver Wolf accented bracelet.  “Your Codex Star Commander Katherine”

Katherine looked at him for a moment and took the bracelet clasping it to her wrist, “I will be return Vladimir but I have to do some things first.”

“Of course, Katya should be downstairs in the offices within the hour.  Your companions are still at the Starport, I will task a Patrol vehicle to take you there.”
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Re: My AU, Katherine, White Wolf of Ragnarok
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09/22/3063 Location - UCM Building, New Avalon City, New Avalon

CB - "Greetings everyone welcome to Eyes on the Sphere I am Corrine Belame, with me today I have Divya Sahni, Sasha Malair, and Diana Allegin. 

We also have a special guest Archon-Princess Katherine Morgan Steiner-Davion, Your Highness it is a pleasure to have you with us today"

KSD - "Thank you I am pleased to be here as well, you may call me Katrina if you'd prefer no need to stand on ceremony."
CB - "Now Katrina we have had your sister Yvonne on a long time ago before she left New Avalon.  What did you want to speak with us about today?"
KSD - "Thank you Corrine, well I wanted to talk about a new set of programs I am working on, The Next Generation Initiative.  Now this initiative will be a fundamental shift in how the Commonwealth will be ruled. 

I have proposed to be more inclusive with the Inner Sphere and Near Periphery.  As you know previous generations have long neglected education and jobs training while looking down on our neighbors.  To that end I intend to adjust the military-industrial complex of the Commonwealth states and move funds into development of the Spinward and Anti-Spinward Regions."

SM - "Your critics have accused you of collusion with Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao and Coordinator Theodore Kurita that have destabilized the Cappellan and Draconis Marches.  The Brotherhood of Cincinnatus, Wolves-in-Exile, Kell Hounds, and Free Skye have increased their activities grabbing headlines along the way and the Trinity Alliance has strengthened the Confederation after decades of decline.  Why would you draw down the Commonwealth militaries in an increasingly dangerous Sphere?"   

KSD - "I would like to correct you on that, the Inner Sphere has always been a dangerous place. I mean Luthien Armor Works has been partially idle for most of the year with no end in sight while they deal with internal troubles.  The Combine just fought off an attack from Clan Ghost Bear and an illegal invasion from the Draconis March.  The Coordinator's daughter was assassinated by the same terrorists that killed my brother Arthur.  The Free Worlds League has shown no aggression since Guerrero the fault of an ill-advised action made by my brother Victor.

To the critics its not as if the military budget of the Commonwealth states has shrunk dramatically most of it will be invested in better aerospace assets, the Mjolnir and Avalon class Warships have been coming on-line breathing new life into our stagnant aerospace forces.  We already have so many mechs in the hands of noble armies and federal military forces and more tanks than we can count.  The people of the Federation and Alliance have never been safer despite a looming clan threat, a threat that will be dealt with soon enough."

SB - "Onto a different topic, your rule has not been without controversy the executions of Eric Dresari and Thomas Bradford and multiple invocations of Noble Laws to cast down their peers have chilled your relationship with many planetary rules.  You have had strained relationships bordering on rebellion with Dukes Tancred Sandoval, Robert Kelswa-Steiner, and George Hasek.  Why do you keep looking for trouble?"

KSD - "Oh I like interesting challenges really.  Each of them is a challenge; like most men in power they don't like being told what to do.  It was tragic what happened to Dresari and Bradford but I cannot have nobles taking up arms against me without penalty.  That is no way to rule an interstellar empire. 

James Sandoval the former Duke of Robinson launched an invasion into the Combine out of the blue, Duke Tancred was empowered to deal with the fallout, I didn't tell him what to do besides rein his father in, I think the lingering effects will be minimal

Duke Hasek was sponsoring terrorists and hiring mercenaries through shell companies to fight the CCAF.  His private forces took up arms against the federal forces I sent into the Cappellan March to secure strategic assets there, I don't want to fight him but I won't be undermined by a March Lord with an axe to grind,

Duke Kelswa-Steiner was stirring up separatist elements in Skye the same ones that forced my brother Peter into exile and provided reason for SLDF peacekeepers to be deployed to the Lyons Thumb.  His imprisonment was the least punishment for such actions.

Opinion polls have shown that my actions against the more abusive nobles in the periphery and the expansion of the Federation Marshal Service and Alliance Border Guard to deal with the bandits there has been a popular move, Filtvelt, Alarion, Timbuktu, and Woodbine all stand to benefit greatly from that expansion.  The Federation and Alliance require checks and balances to ensure peace and prosperity."

DA - "Now excuse me you don't have to answer this if it is to difficult but you have lost two brothers while one is missing somewhere in the Sphere.  How are you and Yvonne dealing with it?"

KSD - "Well I can't speak for Yvonne but I am dealing with it as best a possible, Victor's loss was terrible I felt awful for months but he died heroically while defeating the Smoke Jaguars and liberating their occupation zone.  Arthur was worse though it brought back so many terrible memories of my mother's death, it was even on a live feed. I had nightmares."

DA - "Is there anything you would like to say to Peter?"

KSD- "Peter I'm sorry that you felt you had to leave, but it is just us now, Victor and Arthur are gone.  You don't have to hide we can make things better between us."

CB - "Heartfelt, I am sorry you had to relive some of those terrible memories.  We just have a couple more points of discussion more in keeping with this program. 

In a rather unorthodox approach you have publicly stated that you have a cordial relationship with Magestrix Emma Centrella despite her alliance with the Confederation and her daughter's relationship with Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao."

KSD - "I have; it amazes me that having a friendly relationship with another state is considered unorthodox.  How far have we fallen that we don't even bother to talk to one another.

I have great respect for her, she has done astounding things.  She even sent me a Daimar Majoris dancing horse, most people don't know this but I have hobbies like any other person.  I love equestrian sports and Nolan, the horse, has performed magnificently. 

Now I have to think of something she might like, perhaps we will speak on it during one of the side-bars on Marik."