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Author Topic: Andery Ascendant: AU Timeline  (Read 3040 times)

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Andery Ascendant: AU Timeline
« on: 26 January 2011, 21:53:27 »
(Feb) Official start of the Pentagon Civil War
(12 Feb) Major General Nicholas Kerensky leads the Second Exodus to Strana Mechty
(8 June) The Second Exodus fleet begins landing on Strana Mechty

(1 Jan) Major General Nicholas Kerensky institutes a series of live-fire combat tests to determine who will remain in the SLDF.

(11 June) Nicholas Kerensky announces the formation of the Clans.
(1 Sept) The Clan Trials of Position begin.

(31 Dec) The last of Kerensky’s 20 Clans is officially ready for action.

(27 Dec) An assassin attempts to kill Nicholas Kerensky.

(9 June) Nicholas Kerensky declares himself ilKhan; the civilian population is split up evenly between the twenty Clans.

(4 May) Operation SABLE SUN, the intelligence-gathering mission within the Pentagon systems, launches.

(12 Oct) IlKhan Kerensky initiates the Clan Eugenics Program.

(2 July) Operation KLONDIKE begins with landings on each of the Pentagon worlds.  Khan Absalom Truscott dies on Arcadia.  Khan David Kalasa dies on Babylon.
(28 August) Nicholas Kerensky dies in an AMF raid.  Andery Kerensky, despite some protest, assumes the mantle of ilKhan.
(31 Aug) Andery issues orders to cooperate with those forces that will accept Clan dominance.
(5 Sept) Steel Viper Khan Ellie Kinnison dies leading a suicidal charge after learning of Nicholas’ death.
(3 Dec) Eden campaign ends.  Nicholas Kerensky is interred aboard the McKenna’s Pride.
(9 Dec) Circe campaign ends.  All Clans involved have absorbed some of the opposing forces.
(14 Dec) Arcadia campaign concludes.

(28 April) Babylon campaign concludes.
(26 May) The Black Brian on Dagda falls, effectively end¬ing the Dagda campaign and the last military operations in the Pentagon; Operation KLONDIKE is concluded.
(1 June) The Coursing begins; for the most part, the Coursing is concluded by the end of the year.
(1 July) Andery Kerensky joins Clan Wolf.  Nicholas’ legacy is assigned to the Jade Falcons.
(12 Aug) The Blood Spirits dispatch ilChi’s to all Clans, only the Smoke Jaguars turn them away.
(3 Sept) Phillip Drummond steps down as Nova Cat Khan.  He is succeeded by his daughter, Sandra Rosse.
(15 Sept) Snow Ravens and Cloud Cobras set up outposts on Fasa.

(15 January) ilKhan Andery Kerensky marries Coyote Khan Dana Kufahl, forging long lasting links between the two Clans.
(1 February) Caste restrictions are eased, by order of the ilKhan.  This allows limited movement between castes based more on ability than desire.
(20 February) Clan Wolverine unveils prototypes of its new Stag, Pulveriser and Mercury II BattleMechs. [Note: Yes this is later than in canon, but seemed for more realistic to me.]
(14 April) Elizabeth Hazen steps down as Khan of the Jade Falcons, elevating Lisa Buhallin as her replacement.
(1 May) Wolverine saKhan Dwight Robertson dies in a trial of grievance against Jason Karrige.  Franklin Hallis is elected to replace him.
(17 March) Clan Snow Raven establishes near total control of Lum.
(20 May) Clan Widowmaker and Wolverine forces clash on Dagda.  The Wolverines win by a narrow margin.
(6 June) Windham Khatib steps down as Cloud Cobra senior Khan so he can guide the spiritual aspects of Cloud Cobra life.  Rafe Kardaan succeeds him.
(July) Clan Jade Falcon Culling takes place.  Hard line elements led by Carl Icaza are removed.  Some are exiled to fringe outposts to serve out their days in disgrace.  Carl Icaza himself is executed as an example to others.
(August) Jason Karrige dies under mysterious circumstances.  New Khan Mariel Sanders reveals to the ilKhan that he had been conspiring against his fellow Clans, seeking to place his clan above the others.  The Karrige blood heritage is discontinued by order of the ilKhan.
(September) Fire Mandrill infighting spills over onto Widowmaker territory, wounding several warriors and killing many civilians.  IlKhan Kerensky orders the Fire Mandrills to cease and desist.  Khan Sainze attempts to comply but cannot control his Clan.  In a new round of fighting Sainze is killed and the fighting continues out of control.  Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon are called upon to intervene.
(October) ilKhan Kerensky orders to dissolution of Clan Fire Mandrill.  Trials begin for the Mandrills resources.  Many warriors are snatched up by other Clans, but are kept from spreading their discontent.
(November) The post of Loremaster of the Clans is established.  Jennifer Winson becomes the first to hold the post.
(December) A report from Loremaster Jennifer Winson reveals that not all Fire Mandrill warriors can be accounted for. It further reveals that a number of civilians from the Fire Mandrill and other Clans have vanished, along with two stars worth of warriors not of the 800.

(20 January) Ethan (Moreau) becomes Loremaster of the Goliath Scorpions.
(8 May) Ethan Moreau participates in what becomes the first trial of founding, creating his own bloodname.
(4 July) Widowmakers begin crackdowns on their civilian castes, ostensibly to keep them in line.
(August) Limited clashes occur between the Widowmakers and Wolverines.
(15 November) Clan Wolverine warriors discover a plundered Brian’s Cache in their territory.  It had at one time contained artifacts of the 331st Division.

(8 March) Star Captain Michael of the Snow Ravens successfully completes a trial of founding for the Guillory bloodname.
(15 May) Andery Kerensky issues an order allowing new trials of position for Clan secondary forces.
(20 May) Clan Auxiliary forces are recognized by the ilKhan.
(August) With the graduation of cadet classes and inclusion of warriors not descended from the 800, most Clans can now field 3 clusters.

Trials of possession are becoming the norm.
(12 June) Star Commander Michael of the Nova Cats successfully wins a trial of founding for the Connelly bloodname.
(30 October) Fire Mandrill sibs are reassigned to other Clans by Jennifer Winson.

(12 April) First Coyote mech plant goes online on Circe.

(1 Jan) Clan language laws come into effect, making English the only official language.
(Aug) There is increasing unrest amongst the civilians of Clan Steel Viper.
(19 Sept) Smoke Jaguar saKhan Liam Ismiril leads an assault on Circe, intent on claiming Sandra Rosse as bondsman.  Instead the tables turn and it is Liam Ismiril taken bondsman.

The feud between Clans Nova Cat and Smoke Jaguar escalates.
Clans Cloud Cobra and Snow Raven continue exploration of the Kerensky Cluster.
Clan Blood Spirit forges stronger ties to Clans Steel Viper and Wolverine.

(5 Mar) Khan Stephen Cage discovers that saKhan Lucius Moore has been using performance enhancing drugs on many Ice Hellion warriors.
(7 Mar) Khan Stephen Cage dies in a trial of grievance with saKhan Lucius Moore, who also dies.  A dispute over who will succeed him rapidly spirals out of control, sparking an Ice Hellion civil war.
(17 April) Clan Ghost Bear introduces the Hunter class scout JumpShip.
(2 June) Ice Hellion civil war concludes.  Anastasia Kyle becomes Khan.
(19 June) A motion is made in the Grand Council that Clan Ice Hellion is too weakened to remain viable.  Clan Jade Falcon wins the right of absorption.
(30 July) Jade Falcon absorption of the Ice Hellions is complete.
(8 Aug) Trials begin for several Ice Hellion legacies now held by Clan Jade Falcon.
(21 Aug) Mia Taney is taken bondsman by Clan Mongoose, which also gains control of her legacy.
(5 Sept) Liam Ismiril becomes a Nova Cat warrior.

(6 June) Merchant caste uprising occurs in Clan Widowmaker.
(Aug) Clan Widowmaker warriors, at the direction of saKhan Kyle Vordermark and Star Colonel Cal Jorgennson, eliminate over a third of the merchant caste.
(Sept) Widowmaker Khan Mariel Sanders challenges her saKhan to a trial of grievance over the slaying of the merchant caste.  Instead of fighting he runs and the Khan declares him abjured.  Sanders challenges Jorgennson, emerging victorious.  The heritage of both Vordermark and Jorgensson are reaved.
(14 Dec) Clan Wolf asserts that Clan Widowmaker has lost its right to self governance.

(2 Jan) Clan Widowmaker faces Clan Wolf in a trial of refusal.  The Widowmakers barely win.  As surkai, Khan Sanders steps down and allows the ilKhan to appoint the moderate James Nevski as the new Khan.
(10 Jan) Clan Widowmaker begins a mass streamlining of their touman and eases restrictions on the civilian castes.
(22 Feb) Formation of the Orion Keshik, made up of the elite warrior of every clan.  It is named Orion to honour the mech piloted by Aleksandr Kerensky.  The Ebon and Katyusha Keshiks are also formed.
(April) Bandit Kyle Vordermark slays Goliath Scorpion Khan Cyrus Elam in battle.  Jenna Scott becomes senior Scorpion Khan.
(21 May) The new, leaner Widowmaker touman faces its first challenge when Clan Smoke Jaguar attempts to lay claim to Roche.
(5 July) Clan Snow Raven scouts survey a world they designate Hellgate.
(11 Aug) Shipyards at Lum are now fully operational.
(22 Aug) Widowmaker forces under the command of Star Captain Minaka catches up with the bandits lead by Kyle Vordermark.  She slays the former Khan in battle.
(1 September) Minaka Widowmaker wins a trial of refusal, successfully redeeming the Vordermark bloodname.
(30 Sept) Minaka Widowmaker wins the Vordermark bloodname and is promoted to Star Colonel in command of the 110th Widowmaker Hussars.

(13 May) Star Colonel Liam Ismiril is victorious in a trial of possession for his genetic legacy, making Ismiril a heritage jointly held by the Nova Cats and Smoke Jaguars.
(30 Nov) Clan Snow Raven establishes a minor colony on Hellgate.

(25 July) Clancy Truscott elected Clan Star Adder Khan.
(11 Sept) Clan Star Adder moves its capital to Sheridan, in the Kerensky Cluster.
(22 Oct) First graduates of the eugenics program enter the varied toumans of the Clans.

(19 April) Clan Cloud Cobra settles Zara. [Note: in canon Zara is later renamed Homer.]
(27 Sept) Clan Goliath Scorpion discovers a cache left by Clan Fire Mandrill.

(1 Jan) Shandra Dinour elected Khan of Clan Goliath Scorpion.
(12 April) Minaka Vordermark is elected saKhan of Clan Widowmaker.
(25 July) Clan Jade Falcon’s first Kerensky sibko enters the touman.  5 warriors passed their trial of position.  Of particular note is MechWarrior Horus, who passed with 3 kills.  The only open slot in the touman allows him the rank of Star Commander.

(13 Aug) Davis Riley is elected Khan of Clan Mongoose.

(18 Feb) Clan Goliath Scorpion develops an underwater industrial exoskeleton.
(6 May) Clan Goliath Scorpion develops necrosia from the venom of the goliath scorpion.
(17 June) Clan Mongoose settles Tokasha.
(17 Oct) Star Commander Horus succeeds in a trial of position, becoming a Star Captain in the Jade Falcon Guards.

(9 Aug) Star Captain Horus wins the Kerensky bloodname.
(1 Dec) Clan Jade Falcon officially moves its capital to the world of Ironhold.

(16 May) First Guillory sibko enters the Snow Raven touman.
(1 August) Clan Mongoose assaults Clan Star Adder colonies on Tathis and Marshall. Marshall Massacre.
(3 September) Hell’s Horses Khan John Fletcher dies just days after his one hundredth birthday.  Patricia Cobb elected Khan of Clan Hell’s Horses.
(2 Dec) Clan Star Adder claims Tokasha.

(18 Mar) An arms race begins between Clans Coyote and Wolverine.
(3 June) Gerek Tchernovkov becomes saKhan of Clan Coyote.
(28 Sept) Rafe Kardaan steps downs as Cloud Cobra Khan.  Homer Telinov is elected Cloud Cobra Khan.
(11 Nov) Loremaster Ethan Moreau whips up a frenzy of searching for Star League artifacts amongst the Goliath Scorpions.

(12 May) Clan Coyote begins research on OmniMech technology.

(25 April) Clan Ghost Bear Khan Sandra Tseng dies defending her genetic legacy from Clan Smoke Jaguar Khan Franklin Osis. Toramano Tseng becomes new Clan Ghost Bear Khan. Shortly thereafter, Khan Hans Jorgensson retires.
(30 July) Clan Wolf’s first Kerensky sibko graduates on Strana Mechty.

(30 Jan) Clan Sea Fox develops modern iron womb technology.
(4 Feb) Clan Nova Cat moves their capital to Barcella.
(17 May) Clan Jade Falcon conducts a trial of possession against Clan Cloud Cobra for the world of Zara.  Clan Jade Falcon successfully wins possession of the world.
(8 June) Exploration of the Kerensky Cluster is complete.
(2 Aug) Clan Mongoose scouts discovers a leftover Clan Ice Hellion cache. Clan Goliath Scorpion wins the cache from them in a Trial of Possession.
(15 Sept) Joyce Merrell steps down as Khan of Clan Snow Raven.  Nadine Torshi is elected to replace her.
(4 Nov) Clan Wolverine locates a cache of artifacts on Marshall that seems to confirm Ethan Moreau’s vision.
Trials begin between the Scorpions and Wolverines for possession of the cache.
(7 Dec) Horus Kerensky earns command of the Falcon Guards.

(23 Mar) Jerome Winson suffers a massive stroke.  Rather than wasting away, he poisons himself.
(25 Mar) Ferris Ward elected Khan of Clan Wolf.
(3 April) Phillip Drummond becomes Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat.
(17 May) The first bloodname competition amongst the Guillory bloodline of Clan Snow Raven.  Devon Guillory is the clear winner.
(17 July) Clan Widowmaker calls a trial of possession for New Kent, capital of the Steel Vipers.
(21 July) Widowmaker conquest of New Kent is complete.  This begins a long downward spiral for the Steel Vipers.

(18 Feb) Lincoln Osis dies in battle against the Ghost Bears.
(20 Feb) Tessa Furey elected Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar.
(30 Mar) A Clan Snow Raven exploration fleet leaves the Fasa outpost.

(29 May) Clan Smoke Jaguar wins a trial of possession for the Steel Viper enclave on Marshall.
(22 Aug) Lisa Buhallin steps down as Khan of Clan Jade Falcon.  Phillip Buhallin is elected to replace her.  Horus Kerensky elected saKhan.
(31 Oct) Steel Viper forces on Grant’s Station attempt to evict the Wolves.  The battle goes poorly for them.
(13 Dec) Clan Snow Raven exploration fleet discovers a densely packed cluster of a dozen worlds located in a nebulae not unlike the Pleiades Cluster.  It is named the DeChevilier Cluster.

(3 Jan) Clan Wolf launches reprisal trials against Steel Viper enclaves on Grant’s Station.  The Vipers are soundly beaten and forced to abandon the world.
(21 Feb) Clan Coyote unveils the first OmniMechs.
(5 Mar) Clan Jade Falcon establishes an enclave on York.
(24 Mar)  Mapping of the DeChevilier Cluster is complete.  The 12 worlds are; Arkham, Atlas, Booth, Dorenthal, Haven, Kanton, McKenna, Parington, Shang, Starici, Warren’s Anchorage, and Zim.
(19 May) Clan Blood Spirit Khan Ceana Boques initiates stringent training programs and warrior training for lower castes, along with revitalizing the technician and scientist castes. She also launches increased exploration and colonization efforts.
(12 June) The Seeker movement emerges amongst the warriors of Clan Goliath Scorpion under the leadership of Lan Kirov, who becomes the first Seeker Master.

(18 April) Dana Kufahl dies.  Delia Mannix is elected Khan by the bloodnamed of the Coyote.
(25 May) Zeno Danforth elected Khan of Clan Burrock.

(2 Nov) A trinary of Steel Viper warriors lands on Circe intent on battling the Snow Ravens.  When the battle turns against them, the Vipers retreat into the civilian districts, resulting in hundreds of civilian casualties.
(11 Nov) Sarah McEvedy retires.  Franklin Hallis elected Wolverine Khan, with Trish Ebon replacing him as saKhan.

(10 Jan) Snow Raven Khan Torshi brings forward a motion for the absorption of Clan Steel Viper, citing the attack on Raven civilians and the constant stream of losses the Clan has suffered. The motion passes.
(16 Jan) Bidding for the Steel Viper absorption is complete.  Clan Wolf wins the bidding.
(1 Feb) Clan Wolf forces land on Arcadia.  In the first hours of combat the Viper saKhan is killed in battle.
(12 Feb) Clan Wolf forces land on Hector and Zara, the only remaining enclaves of the Vipers.
(3 Mar) Clan Steel Viper abandons its enclaves and attempts to escape Clan space.
(22 April) Clan Wolf completes its absorption of Clan Steel Viper.  Remaining elements of the Viper touman are incorporated into Wolf forces.
(30 April) Sanra Mercer is taken bondswoman by Clan Goliath Scorpion after Loremaster Moreau experiences a vision.
(14 May) Clan Blood Spirit wins the rights to many Steel Viper Bloodnames from the Wolves in a series of trials.

(7 April) Hans Jorgensson, former Khan of the Ghost Bears, dies in his sleep.
(6 Aug) Clan Blood Spirit forms Sigma Auxiliary Galaxy.

(21 Aug) Clan Coyote launches several attacks, eventually consolidating control of 5 worlds; Delios, Foster, Kirin, New Kent, and Tameron.
(5 Oct) Goliath Scorpion seekers settle EC821-387D, renaming it Camelot.  Camelot becomes the Seeker base of operations.

(15 April) Trials begin for OmniMech technology.
(7 June) Ferris Ward dies in combat against the Smoke Jaguars.  Terrance Radick is elected to replace him, with Alexis Ward becoming saKhan.

(2 May) Clan Wolf wins OmniMech technology from the Coyotes.
(23 Dec) Clan Wolverine wins OmniMech technology from the Wolves.

(17 April) Tomans Banacek elected Clan Star Adder Khan.
(19 April) Clan Coyote forces assault Clan Star Adder using OmniMechs. Colony after colony falls.
(5 May) Taking advantage of the Coyote attacks, Clan Mongoose also attacks Clan Star Adder.
(15 July) Clan Jade Falcon acquires OmniMech technology from Clan Coyote in Trial of Possession.

(25 May) Clan Star Adder acquires OmniMech technology, bringing the total up to nine.
(9 Aug) Horus Kerensky slays Phillip Buhallin in a trial of grievance and becomes senior Jade Falcon Khan.

(2 May) Clan Blood Spirit acquires OmniMech technology in a trial of possession against Clan Mongoose.
(14 July) Clan Star Adder attacks Clan Mongoose, driving them from several lesser enclaves.

(12 Feb)  Andery Kerensky steps down as ilKhan due to illness.
(13 Feb) Horus Kerensky is elected the third ilKhan of the Clans.
(9 Mar) Andery Kerensky dies and is interred aboard McKenna’s Pride with his father and brother.
(18 Oct) Trish Ebon elected Khan of the Wolverines.

(5 Nov) Clan Wolf develops powered infantry armor, eventually called Elementals.

(12 Jan) In the first battlefield use of infantry battle armor, two Stars of Clan Wolf infantry manage to defeat a light Star of Clan Nova Cat OmniMechs.
(27 May) In a series of Trials of Possession, Clan Hell's Horses gains battle armor technology and Clan Wolf gain enhanced infantry genetic materials.
(8 June) Clan Star Adder counterattacks Clan Coyote.
(23 Aug) Alexis Ward is elected Khan of Clan Wolf.

(15 Feb) Clan Wolf wins an enclave on Haven.
(4 June) Clan Jade Falcon wins enclaves on Atlas and Zim.
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Re: Andery Ascendant: AU Timeline
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Thanks for sharing, please continue.
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Re: Andery Ascendant: AU Timeline
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Oh, I will.  Always plan on continuing. :)
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