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Author Topic: Review it: The Mercenary Sigurd campaign  (Read 1323 times)


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Review it: The Mercenary Sigurd campaign
« on: 08 September 2012, 22:52:56 »
This is a portion of the Siguard campaign i wrote up for my son's battletech campaign. Your mission: review and edit the hell outta of it. Its typed like the walk though for the Mechwarrior 2: Mecenaries, mixed with a little of the Chaos Campaign formate. i just want to hear some opinions and critique. The boy has had fun so far, until he ran into the clans, LOL... i will post more segements (there are the three letter options that i created for the arc plus the 5 missions from the video game, as well as optional that occurs during the same time as the 3rd and 4th mission)
Planet: Sigurd
Type: Deep Strike Raid
Begin Date: March 1, 3049
End Date: February 1, 3050
Maximum Pay: 3,500,000 C-bills plus bounty and bonus
Minimum Pay: Bounty
Salvage Rights: Excellent

MISSION A (Flank ER3052)
WP cost: 75
Codename: Faith Healer
Planet: Sigurd
Terrain: mesa desert
Time of Day: Mid Day
Temperature: 29 Celsius
Pay: bounty only
Expected Resistance: Oberon Confederation 1st Regiment [3M, 2H] (25,000 C-bills each) (ASN-21 Assassin Custom, HOP-4C Hoplite, KTO-18 Kintaro, Shadow Hawk SHD-2K DOA, LNC25-02 Lancelot)
Your Callsign: Warhound [1 RD Lance + 2 Player 'mechs; 2/3s of the force deploy from any edge other than the Defender's after Turn 5 Movement Phase]
Primary Targets: [Destroy!]: Find and destroy the pirate's Medium and/or Heavy units (Reward: 150 WP)(100,000 c-bills); [No quarter]: Destroy/Cripple All Resistance (Reward: 200WP) (100,000 c-bills)
Return to Nav Point Beta for recovery

'OK. Recon Two Baker Two found a repair site 40 klicks east of our LZ. Send two of your fastest units to back up R2B2 as they only consist of a Cicada, a Hermes II and a pair of Locust-M's. 2 Mediums and 2 heavies on site. Now move it!'

Optional Bonuses:
+50 Moderate Gale: Apply a +1 to-hit modifier on all Missile weapons attacks.
+50 Blowing Sand: Apply a +1 to-hit modifier on all Energy and Pulse weapons attacks.

Artillery Strike: A single Arrow IV Inferno Homing Round is available to the Attackers during turn 3, arriving turn 4. The round (either from one of the Attacker's own units not directly involved in this mission or from the Red Devils) will require the Spotter to have LOS for the attack. If any friendly unit has TAG and the unit can successfully TAG the target Hex (or Target, if it is an enemy unit), then the round hits the target hex or unit. If TAG fails or no Spotter has LOS of the intended target, roll the hit location as normal. The distance of the ARROW IV unit means that the missile attack will be rolled last, after all other weapons fire is declared and played out. If TAG, that during the movement phase was successfully rolled to-hit, is damaged with a critical hit, TAG will be considered a failed TAG for arrival purposes (to represent the sheer maximum distance the missile flew to arrive, thus the risks involved.)

'The first battles across the cold planet of Sigurd were fought in small action battles, usually lance verse lance. One such fight, between the Baker Recon of Battalion Alpha, The Red Devils and elements of Lucas's Minions was noted, not for what was there that day, but whom. Nine months earlier, Lucas's Minions Mercenary Company headed up a 'Fast Action' force in reaction to a raid by the Oberon Confederation on New Catalonia. Working with a lance of KungsArmé 2nd Kavalleri light mechs, the mercenaries hope to hit the pirates dropship, preventing their escape. No one could have predicted the outcome that resulted.

The pirates in turn attacked the Mercenaries dropship, a modified Union Dropship, destroying it in the process. Once the mercs came in blazing, the ring leaders of the operation left their underlings to die and left with several tons of loot. The KungsArmé lost two machines in the battle to save the Merc's dropship and lost a third (one Commando left to guard the otherwise powered down pirate Overlord Dropship) once the battle for the 'Married with Children' was lost. In their anger, the Rasalhagans took priority on salvage and left only broken mechs as 'reward' to the mercenaries. Between the many friends that died in their dropship, as well as millions of c-bills in supplies that blew up once the ammo stores exploded, the unit suffered further failure with many defections (some with their assigned machines). It took 7 months and being hired to fill out the final company of the 2 battalion strong Red Devils Recon before their fortunes changed.

The mercs actually ran into one of their own on Sigurd. A battered Shadowhawk traded fire with the mercs, eventually falling to them as well. Reviews of the Battleroms were inconclusive but the Mercenaries theorized that though their former machine joined the pirates, there was no telling if the original pilot did the same...'

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