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Author Topic: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale  (Read 69079 times)


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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If they didn’t want to come?  Then that was going to be their loss.  Robert was thinking that whoever decided not to come to this meeting would forever be kicking themselves, when it was finally released about what was talked about in this meeting.  Robert had used the same “routing data” on the messages that had allowed a Wolf Net agent onto one of his dropships to get the attention of some high ranking locals.  Robert was having some fun at giving the locals a dose of their clandestine messages about meetings. 


Robert meets the small group at the main hatch of the dropship freshly showered and shaved for this very important meeting.  He even was not in a space crewmen’s single piece jumpsuit.  He had broken out a dress suit that he had picked up in the Colonial City State before he had launched on this run just for occasions like this.  They made small talk as the group of nine makes their way to the briefing room about halfway up the huge dropship.  As the group of locals took their seats and ordered drinks before the meeting got into full swing.  Robert took a seat at “his” end of the table and looked around the room to gauge how the meeting might go.  Everyone on that list of invites had shown up or sent someone in their name.  As they had walked to this room, Robert had made sure that there would not be any late comers to interrupt what he had planned. 

When Robert felt that the time was right, and that was when the others had retaken their seats with drinks in hand.  Robert started to review some notes that had been left on the tabletop near each of the chairs.  Soon other eyes went to those pages in front of them after seeing this cue from the strange leader of this group.  Robert had to fight to keep a smile down as he saw them starting to look at those pages. 

Those top sheets only were about the recent sell of the two Invader class jumpships that Robert had just completed.  One had gone to a mercenary unit looking for an upgrade in the number of drop collars they had access to.  The other one had gone to another cargo transport company, which had just moved its headquarters from a planet in the FWL to the MoC.  This was so that it could better support the growing local markets.  Both ships would start working for their new owners by the end of the week.  And just like that, a years’ worth of jumpships from a major shipyard in the Inner Sphere had just been added to the space lines of the MoC.  Even with only one staying in the local area full time, it was going to be an improvement for all of the local space lanes. 

Robert put his salesmen’s face back on, and he started the meeting in full force.  “I would like to think you all for coming over today.  As I said in the message about this meeting.  My company has a large ticket item that we are looking to trade.  It is the largest and most important single moveable item that my company has ever been “known” to put on the market.” 

The representative for the MoC government looked back at Robert, and then she tapped the now closed folder with two soft taps.  “I thought you had sold those two jumpships before this meeting?  I’m pretty sure that you were already looking at solid offers for them, when you sent the message out.”  The confused look had lasted only a few seconds, before her face froze.  Her eyes went a little glass eyed as she reviewed the words that Robert had just said instead of talking. 

Robert could not help but let a real smile come to his face as he noticed the look on her face.  It even made it all of the way to his eyes in a flash.  The woman was catching onto what she thought he had meant.  “You are correct, about the two jumpships, but that is not the reason I called for this meeting with you all.” 

Virginia was looking around the room without moving her body more than a few millimeters.  Her face was like a stone wall, and it gave nothing away to even Robert’s trained eye.  Robert had not given her a reply message about her offer to join forces of a sorts to fight off the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere.  Without that message, she had no idea why she was here, and she didn’t like not knowing what was going on around her.  Being in the dark was something that she had never liked.  To keep her mind busy, and to keep her from looking around like a kid in a candy store.  She had to fall back on some old training from an almost forgotten teacher. 

Virginia forced her head down and she quickly flipped through the pages in the folder that had been placed in front of her, just like the rest of the room.  When she got almost to the end of those cheap plastic sheets filled with text and the rare images, she gasped aloud.  Virginia had no idea that she had been the first one in the room to make it that deep into the briefing.  She was a trained Wolf Net agent.  She could absorb raw data at a better than average rate, and it showed in her getting that deep into the files so fast. 

Robert still had a smile on his face when Virginia had let out her gasp that drew almost every other eye in the room towards her.  With the eyes of the room starting to look towards Virginia.  Robert hit the button on the desk near his seat, and an image was displayed on the wall behind him.  Robert had wished that he had been able to get a hologram projector installed on this ship, but he had been overruled by Admiral Xi and her staff. 

Hologram projectors were not unknown to the power players within the Inner Sphere, but they were very rare to be seen on something as small as a military dropship much less on a supposedly civilian cargo carrying dropship.  The Hercules was a Mammoth class dropship, and it was the largest dropship that could land on a planet, but it still was “just” a civilian cargo dropship.  Now all of the eyes in the room were drawn to the huge image on the wall behind Robert, and not the Wolf Net Agent sitting beside them. 

“The high end item that I have been charged with…… to sell this.”  Robert points over his right shoulder. 

Now the image started to rotate, and it gives different views of the ship for the people in the room to view.  With the return of the Clans and their use of Warships?  This has inspired the review of the limited information about the warships of the old Star League that was available for the public and even some of the militaries of the house lords.  They were still working on separating fact from fiction or just plain old propaganda, which is still being circulated for hundreds of years after the last warship had been destroyed. 

“I know that some of you will think that this is a MK 39 Vincent class scout warship.  And she is… kind of.  Only she never served with the SLDF Navy, in any capacity that we could find.  We think that she was made by the Capellans to quickly expand their fleet early in the 1st SW.  After that?  The sellers are not sure, and they will not be held libel over any assumptions that anyone else makes about what her history might be.” 

Robert was on a roll, and he put out a light pin to point out some specific areas of the slowly spinning image of the warship.  “If you look closely?  You will notice that she is a little different than is listed on the public references you might have reviewed.  Her capital missile launchers have been removed, is one of the key differences.  In place of the capital missile launchers and the magazine to feed them.  They all have been replaced by some anti-missile systems, and a few other anti-fighter weapons.  The latter is done by adding some 5cm pulse lasers, and some LRM racks to her offensive weapons load out.  She also had some of her cargo bays modified.  That has reduced them, but it still has space for over 90,000 tons of cargo within her hull.  If you go to the last page in the folder?  Now you will see the full stats on the ship as we know them.” 


You could have heard a pin drop or a flee fart in the room, and still Robert had that smile on his face.  “I will ask that these folders do not leave this room.”  Robert added the last part off the fly.  He wanted these people to know that this was not just a free look, and then take as much information as they wanted without leaving something of value behind. 

The head of the military arm of the MoC about came out of her chair now that her brain had come out of vapor lock.  “You have a Warship!!!!”  Of all the things she had been thinking that she was going to be exposed to?  A warship had not been on that list. 

Robert held his hands up to defend himself from the verbal assault.  “First!  We have been calling her a Blockade Runner and not a Warship.  She is so weak in armor and weapons, that taking one of them into battle does not seem like a good idea to the “seller”.  Well, if you had a full squadron of them going into battle with dropship and fighter support?  Now that might make them more dangerous to something other than the crewmembers.  Now she is a great way of getting a Behemoth worth of a load of cargo threw some defenses, or she can carry them under enough weapons to make the defenders keep their distance if they had been expecting only to see dropships.  Oh, and she is operational and complete with her power plants, jump drive, but ammunition and spare parts are a bit more limited.”  It was not up to him to tell this group all of the pros and cons of this ship design or that an aerospace fighter with a nuk could quickly end its usefulness.  Robert’s job was to get their attention and sell the blasted thing. 

The government representative now had her mouth off of the floor, but her voice was low and husky sounding.  That was a big difference after the other woman’s loud screech that must have been heard in the corridor outside of this room.  “You are selling this?…How much?” 

She knew that only the Clans and maybe ComStar, if the latest reports were true, had warships at their command.  All of the major houses were dumping as much money as they could, and maybe a little more, into getting their own Warships back into operation and or production.  She had just seen a report on a transport corvette that the FedCom was working on.  It seemed like every few days a new news report would break on to the airwaves about those warship programs in the other of the Great and not so Great Houses of the Inner Sphere. 

Robert let his smile fall and in a flat tone colored his voice as he spoke.  He was now throwing a turd into the punchbowl.  “2 billion…… C-bills.” 

The room was deathly quiet, and then it exploded in sound like a bomb in an underground tunnel.  Even the Dragoon’s representative was on her feet, even if she was not saying a word.  Her bulging eyes and body language were yelling right along with the rest of the people in the room.  Robert was quite pleased with the response he was able to get out of this group.  He just wished that Jess or Jules was in the room today, they would have loved seeing the faces being made before his eyes.  He doubted that a recording would do their reaction any true justice.  It was some seconds before the volume had dropped low enough for normal conversation to continue.  It was the second highest leader of the MoC government, who was the first one to speak in a normal voice.

“Commander….er Commodore.  The MoC has been living in a boom time for the last handful of years.  But coming up with 2 billion much less that number of C-Bills on short notice?  We just cannot do something like that.  It does not matter how much we both want and could use this…….object.”  She shot a look over to the head of the military, with a look that said, “do not even try”.  She was the one that would have to find the funds and deal with the other political sharks.  The Military had at her level, had to deal with that also, but not like the number 2 in the government did every day and most nights that you counted. 

Robert still had the salesmen smile on his face as he addressed the oldest woman in the room.  “This is not a short-term notice, madam.  And I understand, maybe better than you know, about having to deal with tight budgets in the time of war.  The MoC and FWL are making money as the suppliers for the war effort to fight these Clans.  What my partners were looking at is more along the lines of the deal we made with MMM about what was found on Cate’s Hold.  You know after my people found how large that hidden base really was.” 

Robert had just hinted, that he knew more about what was missing from Cate’s Hold than anyone else in this room.  That could mean that this ship had been there or the means to repair it had been removed by his people before that huge base had been sold.  There was no proof of these mental strings that the minds of these people were equally mentally pulling.  Rumors and second guessing were the past times of overactive minds. 

The representative from MMM looked at a spot on the wall, as two sets of hostile eyes looked her way with flames seeming to leak out of them.  One part of MMM’s representative’s mind was very happy that the company security had held so well.  Besides Magestrix Emma Centrella had been in the loop from almost day one of that…..issue.  So, MMM was covered five ways from Sunday.  And if the people in this room didn’t like it?  Then they could lump it.  MMM had not publicly lied about how they had gotten the recovered half stripped base, but they had not told anyone about how much it had cost them or who knew about the details.  That was all covered under the MoC’s State Secrets act. 

Details of what was there or might have been there until a few months before the base fell under new management were not open for discussion.  Most had thought that MMM had paid or hired the group from Copeland to find the base in the first place.  Who would give up a find, like what had been found inside that mountain on Cate’s Hold for any price outside of a major noble title?  That was something so far out of the norm for their times.  That it would have screamed “look at me, I am different!” loud enough, for all of human space to look at Copeland and his company like they were unicorns farting candy rainbows the size of gas giants. 

After what seemed like an hour to most of the people in the room.  The MMM representatives decided to fill in the blanks that Robert had just hinted about.  “We worked out a minimum payment plan with Copeland and his superiors.  As we made more money and covered our outstanding bills and accounts payable.  We would put in larger amounts of funds into accounts until the agreed total amount was reached.  The total cost of the base on Cate’s hold is something that is listed as a MoC secret and can only be released by direct approval of Magestrix Emma Centrella herself.”  The representative of MMM lifted her nose up a little like she smelled a fart.  It was her way of saying to the rest of the room to..... buzz off. 

Robert now let his smile fall.  “Yes, that was exactly what my boss was thinking when she came up with this idea.”  Robert wanted to make sure that it was known that “he” did not have access to a Warship.  Since this was in the MoC, it was better if the last “owner” had been a woman.  Otherwise, it might be a quick way to wake up with the case of the deads. 

The head of the MoC military had an odd look on her face and she looked around the room before quickly again facing Robert.  “Okayyyyy?  I can get that.  But then why did you want one of the purchase factors for the Wolf’s Dragoons to be at this meeting.”  She had just stopped herself from just saying mercenary or maybe even spy.  Still that little breach was a risk to the Wolf Net agent and to the key leaders within the MoC. 

Robert still had his salesmen’s face on, but he lit it slip a little to let the people in this room know that he was having some fun.  “Well, they could help you come up with the funds.  Or they might want the warship for themselves if you guys don’t want it.  I wanted to put the warship on an open, if somewhat more restricted market.  My boss vetoed this idea, and so here we are.  If you do not want it?  Then I have been cleared to start looking for other buyers from a list that I will not be showing you.  Now that concludes the meeting that I had planned.  Please fill free to discuss this among yourselves for as long as you like while you are in this room.  The delivery and other details that are not negotiable are on the last few pages.  The guard at the hatch will collect the files when you leave this room, please to not break the trust that I am giving you all.  I will be on the bridge of the Bad Kitty for most of the rest of today, if you would like to address any questions towards me.” 

Bedlam followed before the metal hatch had closed behind Robert.  The pair of guards in the corridor shared a set of evil grins with the convoy commander as the sound proofing in the room was tested and found slightly wanting under this stress test. 



The Diamond shipyard:  4 slips that can make Merchant Class, 1 slip under repair/rebuilding (star lord or tramp capable), 1 slip under repair/rebuilding (ex-warship) but now Monolith/Leviathan capable.  Other slips are wrecked and will need many, many more years to rebuild. 

MC vs MoC.  I was asked to use MoC in place of MC due to some confusion.  If no issues I will keep with MoC. 

Col Victor Crutchely:  He is commander of the merc unit Crutchely’s Crackers as seen in chap 35. 

Chapter length.  I had to cut it hear even if it leaves you kind of in a cliff hanger, but 50 page post suck to manage.  As it is, I keep about 100 pages working at one time and that is outside of notes, skeleton, and muscle movements pages.  Hobbies can be so tiring. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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out of curiosity, were the modifications to the Vincent class original (that is, done when it was built) or a refit done later? (iirc this was one of the things the wolverines recovered while exploring the deep periphery, then recovered and mothballed?)


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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out of curiosity, were the modifications to the Vincent class original (that is, done when it was built) or a refit done later? (iirc this was one of the things the wolverines recovered while exploring the deep periphery, then recovered and mothballed?)

This will be mostly covered in the next chapter.  I will not make you wait that long for some of it.  The work was done on this warship by the SLiE after it was recovered to keep the hull out of the Cylon's hands. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Yeah, if FedCom hears about a warship for sale, for 2 Billion.  They might show up and try to slap around 4 Billion before their top leadership even hears about it.  Just for the practical experience of looking at a functional 'warship', let alone any functional use for it afterwards.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Thing is that if the MoC can work a deal to get it themselves, they could probably earn a couple billion a year just in fees to allow fedcom, combine, and FWL engineers come and examine the thing.

idea weenie

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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Thing is that if the MoC can work a deal to get it themselves, they could probably earn a couple billion a year just in fees to allow fedcom, combine, and FWL engineers come and examine the thing.

With careful checks to make sure that one group doesn't leave a surprise package for the next group?

I.e. strip search + buzz cut all over before coming on board, change of clothes to make sure nothing gets brought as part of the uniform, and prepped compadd that is produced locally instead of letting the visitors bring their own compadd along?

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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Nice.  Sets WolfNet back a bit... they were a bit too cocky.
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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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outs of curiosity, would the Vincent be using the TRO2750 art or the TRO3057 art? the historicals for the amaris war and operation klondike used both for depicting the mk39. (a trend that continued for the other classes as well)


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Nice.  Sets WolfNet back a bit... they were a bit too cocky.
Frankly it's weird they even try. They are still clan descendants and hatred of the not named is a very big deal. If nothing else they have no reason to think wolverine descendants would not hate them. They should be thankful Robert did not shoot her or have her narco interrogated. Of course selling a fully functional warship, even a Vincent, basically tells all involved that Roberts people are big news. If they are not being watched before they sure as hell will now. And the magistracy won't be able to hide it either for long either. Other house will get involved sooner or later.

And hi. Been a long time since posted here but this story got my attention. Figured this au long dead. Remember reading the original story on a long time ago.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
« Reply #489 on: 13 February 2022, 20:47:37 »
Chapter 72

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

12 Oct 3051

Robert was looking out over the drop port from the high mounted command center that was almost at the very top of the dropship called Bad Kitty, when he was told that he had a visitor coming over from the Hercules.  Not for the first time, he had to think that the name for this ship matched the class, and mission of this type of warcraft.  Robert thought that he was one of the few people on this mission that knew that this ship had been given the name of Bad Kitty from the time she was first christened. 

Robert looked over at the clock mounted on the far wall, and he quickly did some mental math in his head.  He had left the meeting room on the huge cargo dropship where they had been talking about selling the Blockade Runner a little over two hours ago.  He even knew who was on the way over to see him without needing to be told.  He rose from an extra seat on the bridge when the hatch opened, and a new person entered the room. 

Robert had to fight to keep a true smile off of his face as the now haggard looking Virginia Hall now stood near the ship’s hatch with her escort.  Robert waved to her as a way to clear her to enter the nerve center of his mission.  She gave him a slight head nod, and then he waved to her to come to the back of the bridge.  Now they would mostly be out of the way of the duty crew walking about the command center.  Robert was rewarded with another slight nod of Virginia’s head, and she angled to one side of the room as she stepped deeper into the large open cabin at the top of the Lion class dropship. 

She might or might not know that anything that was said or done on the bridge of this dropship was going to be recorded in visual and audio forms for anyone with the right access and proper codes to review at a later time.  Everyone knew all about the “original” Black Boxes that were dayglow orange and not black, but most only thought about them when they made the news of being recovered after a disaster.  This dropship had some major but hidden modifications to that system of crash recorders.  SLIC had made sure of that little trick on the first day of her last refit before being turned over for Robert to use. 

Robert now let a slight smile come to his face, and it was as fake as it could be.  And both of these people would know it.  “So, I take it that the meeting is over?”  He had lost a bet when an ambulance had not been called after Robert left the Hercules with Jess. 

Virginia forced herself to get her head back into the game of dealing with someone that was very good at the kind of games she played for a living.  This day had turned out to have been way different than she had planned when she had been reviewing her notes over breakfast.  She also had never been treated like a sports ball or anything like this before.  She made a mental note to complain that something like this was never covered in any training she had undertaken. 

“Do you like causing Chaos and starting crap storms on a truly epic scale?”  Virginia raised an eyebrow like she was talking to a particular troublesome adolescent. 

Robert gave his best innocent look that said butter would not melt in his mouth.  “Who?  Me?  Would I do something like that?  You must have me confused with someone else.” 

Virginia rolled her eyes and shakes her head in resignation at both the words and the attitude that Robert was showing her.  But for the first time she understood why Duke Terry like this man.  “Yes, and while I’m at it.  Thank you for throwing me under the Atlas by the way.”  She gave a snort, but it was only half in jest. 

Robert kept the smile on his face for a second longer, and then he let it slowly fall off his face inch by inch.  But after another few seconds, and then he slowly let it come back to his face like a kid in a candy store.  It was his way of paying the Wolf Net agent back for all of the little games she had no doubt played on others.  It was time for her to walk in someone else’s shoes for a few Kilometers, and Robert did not intend to let her off the hook anytime soon.  At least not if he could help it. 


With his work face now once again set, Robert spoke.  “Well?  It was just my way of letting you know that my people are willing to support the Inner Sphere against the Clans.  But doing it in some ways that you all back on Outreach might not have thought of.  This sale has been in the works for a while from my people’s end of things.  Anything else will have to wait until I get back home before anything more can be said, much less done.  Can you tell me much about the meeting, without breaking any laws that we both might regret?”  He was not going to let anyone know that the meeting room had both audio and video bugs. 

Virginia smoothed her plain jacket with her hands, and her face went very still.  The only hint to her mental state was her tired looking eyes.  She now realized that she had pushed a little too hard on that first meeting, and this was Robert’s way of pushing right back.  She had to mark this down as a few points in Robert’s side of the scoreboard.  In the HUMINT world most of the “winnings” was done on these types of boards and only a few times in blood spilled on the battlefield. 

“I think that selling a warship, even a small one, is proof enough to show that you are trying to help the Inner Sphere.  As to the meeting?  The locals are working on a way to come up with the needed funds to buy your “little blockade runner”.  They are looking at having to spread the payments out over two years or maybe a little less if things break just right.  I do have to wonder why you pulled the Barracuda class missiles off that old warship and replaced them with “normal” weapons.  They were powerful long ranged anti-fighter weapons, which would have kept some threats at capital sized arm’s reach.  I know that the FedCom has put a few different types of Capital Missiles back into low rate production over the last year.  I don’t know if the Barracuda class weapons are one of them, but it should not be too much longer if they have not done so already.  I’m sure that all it would take is someone putting an order in for some to push the Fedcom in to making them.  It also kind of takes some of the “special” away from the warship.  Don’t you think?” 

Robert was again surprised by this new information, and he had not even gone digging for it.  “I will make note of this, but with only so many reload missiles that they carried as a normal war load.  I think that it was thought.  That having more but shorter ranged weapons would be better at keeping squadrons of fighters off the ship’s back.” 

Robert was not going to give her a history class on how most of the SLDF WarShips were lost or how many of the House Lord vessels had been lost due to fighters and not to other WarShip class vessels.  “Then you had those big Naval Autocannons that will keep dropships out of the picture, and they can do it from a distance on the cheap side of the budget line.  And besides we had no idea that capital missiles were back into production again somewhere else in the Inner Sphere.  I expected that the Naval Autocannon’s ammunition would be easier to replace than capital missiles if they can work out some basic issues first.  I think that all they would need, is to take one or two rounds out of the ship’s ready magazine and turn them over to a decent sized machine shop.  After a few days of work?  You could have a full magazine’s worth of them ready to go.  That is not something that you can do with missiles the size of a small fighter.” 

Virginia was very still as she stood at the back of the command center of the dropship.  She was quickly working through the information that she had just been given by Copeland.  She was not that well versed in battles between Warships.  She knew how to fight in a mech, and do so with some skill, but that was not her primary or even secondary job.  She wanted to change the subject a little to better fit her needs.  She could find out later if what he had just said was true.  She also had made a note about how Robert had said “put missiles into production somewhere else.”  That was something that Wolf Net could use. 

She forced her voice to stay level, like a golden nugget had not just fallen into her lap the size of a battlemech.  “It would have been a little harder job than that.  But MMM said that they have the Data from something called Athena Corp Division that will get them turning out new naval scale autocannon shells and with the right propellant, in a month or two.  Now, will another Warship be brought onto the market?  I would like to let my people know, with as much information as I can send them.  Warships or the parts to maintain them, are not exactly growing on trees in the Inner Sphere in this day and age.  It would be very much a sellers’ market.  If there was a seller in the first place, that might have items like that and available to be given homes to those in need of those machines.” 


Robert let a loud snort slip out into the air.  “I think that I might know where you can get some for free, if slightly used ComStar warship parts.” 

Robert had to bite his tongue a little harder to stop before he let too much out.  Now he needed a good squirrel or another shiny object to distract her or his little slip was going to torpedo him.  “I don’t know if there is going to be any more warships for sale.  I am just a merchant and not a navy commander of some kind.” 

Both of those statements were full on lies, at least they were when Robert had left the home system to make this run.  He did know that there were at least four other corvettes being held as possible projects if this trade worked out.  They had found or relocated most of them on or after his Pilgrimage run.  He thought that they would be able to put at least that many back into some kind of limited service, at least working enough to get them to the Split system.  After they were sold, then it would be up to the new owners to find a way to maintain them after purchasing. 

The SLDF and Colonial Navy had recovered almost twice that many corvettes that currently were sitting in the cache sites around the New Circe star system.  There also were a few other “small” warships that might be used in the same way that this old Vincent was about to do, besides being a source of spare parts for the current SLDF war fleet.  It would just be the little matter of getting them to a buyer outside of the New Circe Star system. 

Virginia did not show it, on the outside, that she caught the bits of information that Robert had let slip.  She had noticed, and she was going to make sure that her people sent someone out to look around for that recent battle site between warships.  Even if they didn’t find anything physically, there were ways to get useful data.  She also would pass a long that there may be another warship or even possibly a few warships that might be for sale from this group.  She had not believed him when he tried to deflect her.  It was just a gut feeling that she got. 

If the five full and fielded Regiments of the Dragoons could have some warship support.  Those were five regiments that were on top of the 7th Kommando, Home Guard, Black Widows, Fire Support Group, Orbital/aerospace operation group, Special Recon group, Support battalion and who could forget The Zeta’s that all were under the Dragoon’s flag.  Now that would be something to add to the Dragoon’s order of battle.  Hmmmm Warships!!!  When you really need to send a big hammer to somewhere in the Inner Sphere.  When a Zeta sized FU is not enough to get the point across to someone with a thick skull.  The Warships would be a nice upgrade in the FU department. 

“Just let me know as soon as you can, so that I can get the funds lined up.  Now if you do not mind Commodore.”  Virginia kept her face from moving too much. 

Before she could continue, Robert tilted his head and hit her from out of left field like a wrecking ball the size of a small planet.  “What is killing me to know?  Is why the Clans are clearly disobeying Aleksandr Kerensky’s General Order 137.” 

Virginia knew that this General Order was normally called the Hidden Hope Doctrine.  She needed long seconds to come up with something to say, because from the look on Robert’s face.  He was waiting to hear what she had to say.  “I have no idea, but I could send an RFI (request for information) to see what some of the others might think.” 

Robert kept his face still, but his eyes were bright.  “If you want to.  But I guess it’s just a good thing that there’s still a few Star League Loyalist around like us, to deal with a bunch of invading mutineers with a god complex.” 

She got her mental gears going just a little faster than a few minutes before.  Yea, I have got to make sure he does not run into any Zeta’s.  They just might try to kill him, if he said something like that into the face of the wrong person.  “I would like to talk about some business directly between the Wolf’s Dragoons and your company.” 

Virginia was surprised at the lack of shock that should have flashed onto Robert’s face at what she had been referencing.  It was like she was just selling fruit on the side of a road and not dealing with the Wolf’s Dragoons.  That simple phrase should have opened the doors to the largest companies in the Inner Sphere as if by magic. 

Robert only was stunned for a few seconds, and he hides it very well, before he tilted his head and then asked.  “Really?  What would the mighty Wolves want to do business with my people about?”  He was afraid that he might know exactly what the Dragoons wanted some help with.  The odds were great that it was something that Robert could not approve of or that his higher command would balk at providing.  At least they would balk in the short term to medium term to provide what might be asked of the ex-scouts for the Clans. 

Virginia was now smiling so big, that it made her look about a decade younger than her “real” age that was listed on the data files.  “I understand that you have bought a few old tanks on your last run to this planet.  Tanks that have been used by the Dragoons some time ago.  Would you like to buy more of them?  To be blunt, I am talking about the Bandit and Badger class of tanks.” 

She was not going to bring up the Hoplite that she knew that Robert had picked up some time ago from deeper within the FWL.  That was a little bit of a sore point for some of the older fighters still alive within the Dragoons.  It was just that Wolf Net never had the time or wanted to waste the effort to take it or the previous owner down.  Now it was a moot point with the clans so close to Outreach and on the march to take Terra.  At least Copeland had the good sense to have repainted the Hoplite into a color scheme that was not even close to a Dragoon or SLDF style.  Images of it in combat on Ltzehoe had shown the color change, and it had shown that someone had done some updating to that one time lost Dragoon mech. 

Robert felt his salesmen’s face drop down into place like the setting of the sun.  “I don’t know.  I will have to check my shopping list.” 

He did a slight turn and reached for a handy data pad to act as a prop against the Wolf Net Agent.  He spent way more time “looking” for the data than he needed to play this game.  He was about to bring up the mine sweeper game to kill some more time, but he changed his mind at the last second and moved to the next step in the game of intel.  He just wanted to play some with “the all but spy in name” if not in deeds.  She worked for clanners, and they were fair game for entertainment in this Wolverine’s play book.  It was almost ingrained at the genetic level for someone in the SLiE to do this against members of the other clans.  You had to get your jollies when you could in Robert’s current line of work. 

“Ahhhhh!  Here we go!!  Yes, we were asked to see if any more of those two types of tanks were available for purchase.”  Robert looked up from the screen that held bridge messages and not his shopping list. 

“I take it that you have access to some of them?”  Robert looked levelly at the Wolf Net spy, and he let the smile turn into a bland look that said he was not that impressed with the idea.  But he knew in his mind.  That if he could get a dozen tanks, that would make the ground forces very happy back on New Circe.  Robert had only hoped to find the odd one or two battlefield salvage tanks without having to go all the way to Outreach to buy them in bulk.  Currently a trip like that was out of the question for the Styx and Commodore Copeland. 

Virginia had taken some time to get those tanks all of the way out here.  The only thing working for her was that all of the ground vehicles had been shifted to the Home Guards and out of “front line” units some time ago.  That unit was, barely, a reserve unit until those ground combat vehicles were needed to start bringing up a front line regiment back to full strength.  Mainly it was more of a local defense force to protect the civilians with those to old, to young, disabled, or not good enough for a front-line Dragoon unit. 


The Dragoons had over 40 different types of tanks in service with the line units before the start of the 4th SW.  And temporarily moving them to the Home Guard freed up funds for the main combat forces.  This shifting also let the support units get some control on the different types of tanks that the Dragoons used.  The same thing was happening to the mech units, only tanks drew less attention than mechs in this universe.  There also were many of those two types of tanks still in storage, and now they were coming off the lines of Blackwell at a high rate.  All the while the Dragoons were working on “normalizing” the verity of the different mechs, aerospace fighters, and tanks in their units.  That meant a lot of different moving pieces that let things fall through the cracks. 

It was hoped that Blackwell would be able to sell the excess production to the units that the Dragoons felt were friendly to them.  It had been known for a long time that anything connected to the Wolf’s Dragoons tended to draw a premium price when it was sold on the open, grey, or full-on black markets.  Now that Omni tech was on open display by the Clan forces, there was not any reason to keep their capabilities fully hidden.  But now everyone wanted clan tech weapons, if they were going to be spending that kind of money Blackwell was asking per new tank. 

The Wolf was not above doing what was needed to make his wolves a better fighting force.  Selling the older tech and more or less beat to crap weapons to a more open market on Outreach had already been done.  But the idea to do so on this side of the sphere had been her idea, or it was an idea that she claimed to own while she was off of Outreach.  This was going to be the first test of her idea to be selling those two tank types on this side of the Inner Sphere in any real numbers.  To be honest, she was more than a little nervous at the thought herself. 



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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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“I have a full battalion, 36 tanks, which I have in a nearby warehouse that could use a new home.  If the price is right, they can be yours?  I do not have any other spare parts on hand to support them, but each one of them has a full set of Omni pods to outfit them in options that the Dragoons have used in the past.  I am willing to sell them to your people, if we can agree to a fair price.” 

She was rewarded by a pair of eyebrows rising and an arm pointing to the hatch that led off of the bridge.  That was the most real emotions that she had seen this man give up, besides the slip about a space battle with what he claimed were ComStar warships. 

As Robert pointed, his voice was a little husky.  “I think that we can work something out.  Would you like to come to my office?  Then we can get out of the way of these good people while we talk some of our own shop?” 


Robert had escorted Virginia down two full decks and into his working office in the Lion class dropship.  They spent the next hour working on a price for a full mixed battalion of light and medium tanks.  It was a hard sell, but soon millions of C-bills had to be transfer to the woman’s accounts on this planet.  A tentative deal was made on getting more of those types of tanks, but these would be fully upgraded with clan tech, and not the old and almost worn-out age of war tech ones that she currently had on hand.  Robert was open to buying new built versions on an older tech base tanks, but he really wanted the highest tech level tanks that he could swing.  Robert’s orders had been to get more of these tanks.  And so far, they had been old tech and…. well let’s just call them well loved by the previous owners. 

The last part, about the clan tech grade tanks that Robert had wanted, had been why they had taken so long to work out a deal between the two people.  It would also take some time to get more tanks all the way out to this part of space, even with the increase in the number of support ships running between here and the war zone by independent shippers, Combine, FWL, and FedCom Flagged vessels. 

As one of the SLiE gold coins needed to make the deal.  Robert had to relent and pass over the location of where some slightly burned ComStar warship parts “might” be, to finally sweeten the deal.  Only Robert knew that they would not find so much as a slab of armor plate where that battle had taken place a couple of years ago.  Robert had held tightly to that useless information like it was a pair of pocket aces and not a pair of threes. 

During these talks about how long it was going to take to get more tanks out this way, Virginia had made an offhand comment that the huge ComStar jumpship fleet was not supporting with the shipping of war fighting materials or supplies of any kind going to the front lines.  She had no idea what they were doing, only that they were not currently working the shipping lanes.  The loss of all of those drop collars was putting a huge bite on the numbers of ships moving around the Inner Sphere.  To get around this, more and larger cargo dropships were being used to move spare parts, upgrade kits, new production weapons, and the other supplies that the combat units and the planets they were on needed close to the warfronts.  They were fewer and very large eggs to be using where they might be lost to a sudden restarting of hostilities with the forces under the clan flags. 

Virginia had no way to know that the SLiE could make clan grade weapons on their own.  She only knew that they were trading Star League tech weapons, and that they had somehow come up with IER PPCs all on their own.  Right now, Clan grade weapons were totally the cat’s meow for all of the players within the Inner Sphere.  There was no way that Wolf Net would think that Robert’s people would be any different than those other players in this part of the galaxy.  Robert had even been okay with paying the mark up that clan weapons were getting on the……gray market.  Any clan grade weapon that Robert could get was one less that the factories on New Circe would have to make to fight the Cylons. 

After the deal was done, and messages sent around the planet and in at least one case, off of the planet in a very expensive high priority HPG message to Outreach.  The two of them were still in the briefing room on the Bad Kitty.  That was when the spy asked about the resort that she had heard Robert’s old Factor had bought on the other side of the planet.  He corrected her that it was really only an odd long term renting from a set of new owners that he was working with.  Ones that would be coming out this way in the future.  It was a thin lie, but it was the cover story that was being peddled around as one more layer of the onion of lies. 

The cover story was now activated, and Robert was not going to break it any second earlier than he had to.  Robert told her the purchase was a test to see if it was the right way for his partners to diversify out of the salvage business and still make enough money to survive.  Near as Robert could tell, Virginia had bought the cover story.  The only question was going to be how long it was going to last and how fast she would help spread that story, even if she thought it might be a false one.  Robert knew that the cover story business never lasted as long as one of the parties wanted it to.  It had been that way, going all the way back to the Cold war on Terra when groups like MI6, CIA, and the KGB were playing their little games. 


The rest of the stay on Canopus was filled with trucks and even the huge Galaport class transports moving to and from the three dropships that “belonged” to Robert Copeland.  Massive amounts of supplies were bought on the local markets and then loaded on to the two cargo dropships.  The only dropship that was not acting like an anthill under a magnifying glass was the one called Hobgoblin. 

Robert even had reports that the Styx was filling up her own cargo spaces as she bought cargos that they had found just sitting at the jump point.  They were coming right off of dropships that were in the area of the jump point and that had come from other star systems looking for buyers that gave them the best profits.  After all, why have to deal with a couple of weeks round trip to the planet and back if you had a buyer so much closer. 

There were a few other surprises along the way.  Some were small and others were large, and some were so out of the blue that they were hard to believe.  Something that fell into that later category was the results of the inventory and inspection that had been done for the Resort before the deal was out of the legal grace period required under MoC law.  Copeland would be able to exploit this information only because he went with Lora’s idea of going ahead and buying the Resort and not leasing it like he had first wanted to do. 


While they had been checking out the land and doing things like making sure the property lines were correctly marked on the 4.1 million acres of land.  This action had not given any surprises nor had the counting of improved buildings on the land.  The insides of the main buildings proved to be not up to snuff according to the contract, and the previous owners would be getting almost 100k less than they had first planned.  It was going to cost Robert’s people more than that to fix the issues, but it was small potatoes.  And besides what else was found on the land that was not on the sales sheets had more than made up for the extra cost of repairs to the core of the facility of some water and dry rot damage caused by a very minor mistake. 

One of the oldest and most weather worn above ground large storage buildings had turned out to be built over an under-ground garage as some kind of camouflage.  That garage had been supporting an underground mining operation that was not listed on the books of the MoC.  With Robert now the legal owner of the land, which had an illegal mine that now also belonged to Robert.  He was not that interested in running a mine, much less having to put the money aside to cover remediation of the workings of a mine.  Robert would have to pay for the remediation of the areas of the mine that he was not going to see the profits from while it had been an illegal operation.  That also was not something he was interested in doing. 

But thanks to some contacts at the high levels within the MoC government, the hidden tunnels were kept off the public books.  An investigation would be launched to find out who had been doing the illegal mining, but nothing would be immediately done to remediate the land.  Any recovered money would be set aside for use on this land when Robert was okay for people to know about the tunnels under the resort.  Lora had told them that Copeland was looking for a nice safe, mostly dry, and cool place to store some of his cargo out of any prying eyes or risk their loss due to attacks.  That had sanded down the edges of the last issues, and Lora now had written permission to use those tunnels how she wished.  Just as long as mining was not involved in that use. 

They were still checking out all of the tunnels, and it would take a lot more hands, hours, safety equipment, and maps to complete.  When they had time, people that wanted to do the work, and the ones that were safe about it.  They would slowly map all of the underground areas hidden under that huge store house.  So far, they had been finding some nice items just sitting in the tunnels and galleries right below the building.  Right off the bat they had found some real Terex Schaeff made Corx mobile tunnel miners….four of them. 

Those Corx’s had not been operational, but they looked to be repairable.  That is if the right parts for the 200ton machines could be found on the planet.  Parts that also were missing from the support areas that was seemingly setup for them underground.  Also getting something that size out of those tunnels was going to be tough and need some very heavy and specialized equipment.  Doing that same job without anyone noticing what you are doing, was going to be even harder.  Robert chocked it up to being another way to keep some of the families from getting to bored while they waited to be shipped out to the Lyssa.  Lora was not with Robert when the three dropships left the planet to make their way to the jump point, she had too much to do at the Resort


One of the last meetings that Robert had on the planet had been with the military leader of the whole MoC.  They made arrangements for the “down payment” on the warship with Robert already, and now the locals just could not say no to his idea they could help with in using some of it.  They had been very surprised when Robert wanted to trade a lot of the funds into buying a used 52,000ton Mammoth class dropship, and then have it filled with structural steel made on this planet.  The dropship would be shipped to a jump point, and it would be heavily guarded until it was picked up by one of Copeland’s jumpships. 

When Robert had used the plural form of Jumpship, it had not raised a single eyebrow with the negotiation teams.  If anything happened to that dropship or the cargo that she carried while it was waiting to be picked up by one of Copeland’s jumpships?  Then the MoC government was on the hook, and they would have to replace all of it out of their own pockets.  That level of insurance was covered in the price of both the dropship and her cargo.  That part of the contract was not even that rare in this time. 

It would take at least six weeks to get that much steel ready to be loaded onto the huge dropship sitting at the main drop port of the planet.  There just was not that much finished steel product that was not already needed or ordered to support work currently in construction or other operations on this planet. 

We are not talking about just steal ingots for the cargo of that huge dropship.  These purchases were of pipe steel of various sizes, I beams that were rated for light or medium loads, and a little plate steel mixed in for good measure.  Whatever steel that was not needed immediately on New Circe could be stored so that the foundries on New Circe could get a little relief on the other supply needs.  As soon as more steel was made on Canopus, it would be loaded onto the waiting dropship that now belong to Robert. 

Canopus had been experiencing slow growth for some years, and a real boom time for the last solid three years.  In simple terms more and more steel production areas were coming online every few months as older facilities were brought out of mothballs or completed extended refitting cycles to support the growing needs.  As soon as they did, Robert’s huge order was waiting to be filled, all without driving up the prices too much for the rest of the planet’s jobs that need this type of steel.  Oh, and there was money waiting to pay for the steel on delivery without as much as a day delay in that transaction. 

Robert was happy that he was able to get a price of only .40 cents per kilogram on average for the steel that he ordered under that extended contract.  That was at least a quarter of the lowest price that Robert had been able to find back on New Circe before he had left that system.  When pressed by some of the members of the local leadership?  Robert had said that he might take one more load of that type of cargo, but he was not going to sign a contract for that second load or any other loads after this one. 

The local Government of the MoC was happy with the deal that Robert had drawn up.  They had recouped many tens of millions of C-bills that they had put down as a down payment for the warship already.  Not once did they think that Robert was going to stiff them on the deal.  Well, not that often anyway. 


The Mammoth class dropship had been confiscated for smuggling and acting as a slave trader about a year ago.  Even though it had been working for one of the “smaller” Circuses that the MoC was so well known for.  Still, it had been seized, and held for sale for about a quarter of the cost of a brand-new ship.  Many within the MoC thought that it would soon be working again for that old Circus or one just like it moving along the space ways.  It might even be the same one, but under a new name and “ownership” and still be a slaver’s headquarters of some kind.  Then it had been bought by Robert for full listed price, and then it was to be filled with locally made steel.  That was a lot of money being dumped back into the local economy of this planet with a few strokes of a pen. 

You might think that the MoC got the better part of the deal.  They would get a warship and so being the first of the powers in the Inner Sphere to have one in operation.  They were out a dropship that had not cost them a dime, besides the cost of the ground team that took it and the up keeping maintenance cost while it waited to be sold “to the right people”.  They had paid money to Copeland, but most of that money had or soon would be coming back into the MoC’s economy to make the product to fill it.  And the money was sitting in MoC flagged banks.  Also, the MoC government would get the taxes on the income of the workers and half a dozen other ways.  This whole feedback loop would cut the time needed to fully pay off the warship by many months. 

The SLiE was out the funds needed to recover and then repair the small warship with parts that had been on hand or recovered from other ships of the same class that were sitting in cache sites.  The SLiE was out maybe a few million C-Bills for 2 billion C-Bills worth of products that they needed to fight this war against the Cylons.  You can be the judge on who got the mine and who got the shaft on that deal.  It was going to be a learning curve for both sides to find out what this kind of thing was worth.  It was not like someone back in the old Star league had pulled this kind of thing off in the past, and then left notes behind for some kind of guidance. 


The local ComStar Demi-Precentor at the class A HPG on Canopus was very happy with her month.  With huge amounts of money being diverted to rebuild or re-field so much of the Com Guards with new mechs or the updating of older machines to be more combat effective.  Any new business was welcome that crosses her threshold, which could be charged as much as the market would bare to send a message to another star system.  It was all just more money to do Blake’s Will. 

Still, she was shaking her head in wonder as she reads the latest reports on her office computer.  She could see every day the effects of the booming local economy, and she had a few ideas on why this was so, and that information had been passed along to her supervisors as well.  Now a local resort was sending a message, to be played on each planet of the Inner Sphere over a dozen times a day at “prime time” for the next three months of the message hitting that planet.  That was going to make for a record for this reporting quarter going back to Terra from this station. 

ComStar didn’t own those entertainment stations on all of those planets, but they had gotten a cut of the deal for setting up the advertisements as well as the cost of the transmissions of the advert.  The only thing that would have been more expensive, would have been a live conference with another House Lord’s capital for a half hour.  That last type of set up would have generated a lot of income, and it would have generated a lot of information that ROM or other parts of ComStar could use.  An advert was cleaner in the Demi-Precentor’s opinion, and that was an opinion that she carefully kept locked down in her own mind. 


The Dragoon’s spy was also happy with how things were going.  She was still working on packing down a PA(L) suit in a box in one of her safe houses.  Soon it would be added to a chartered cargo dropship taking the next load of Bear Slayers and Royal Flushes PPCs along with a load of other items made by MMM to Outreach.  That PA(L) had been another of the side costs to agreeing to sell clan spec tanks and maybe other clan tech weapons to Robert the next time they meet.  Robert would not be getting the friends and family price for those weapons, but he would be paying what the market would bare in this part of space.  In other words, they would be very expensive. 

Virginia had drawn up more detailed reports to be sent back home with the details of the deal that she had worked out with Commodore Copeland.  She even asked what the Dragoons would be willing to trade for an old corvette class warship or maybe even a list of warship parts they could send her to sell to the locals.  She did say in the message that the seller of the warship would also like some of the Clan Battle armor, just like the rest of the Inner Sphere.  Along with all of the data, she sent along what was a rough transcript of her dealings with Copeland. 

She also covers the odd feeling she got about them having more spare parts for warships or as he called it large ticket items.  Before Robert had lifted off from the planet, she had sent the first sets of messages to Outreach at a priority rate.  It would take a dozen messages to get all of the data in the coded messages sent out, but she had the money to do something like that even if she had to pay the ComStar’s priority message rates.  The raw data would be sent along with this battered armored suit just to make sure that no one had “adjusted” the FTL sent messages. 

The messages were all encoded by three different and successive ways before they were sent back to Outreach on the ComStar run HPG.  That was just how Wolf Net sent data, going all the way back to its founding in 3003, two years before the rest of the Dragoons showed up.  She was betting that the raw data on the PA(L) alone would keep the deal alive and keep her in good favor with the power players back on Outreach.  That did not count the information and location about a possible naval battle between Copeland and ComStar in the recent past. 

Getting those coordinates in a refined form had been received at the cost of the name of a local supplier of small but high quality fusion engines she knew of.  She later found out that Copeland had picked up all of the on-hand stock of small engines from her contact.  That had been over a hundred of the local made knock offs of the Omni 10 and GE 15 class fusion engines.  That manufacturing contact had been very happy with Virginia with the business that she had pushed their way.  So not only had she made a local contact happy, and they would owe her a favor she could call in later, but Copeland was also happy with the deal. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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She did not know how the information about the “Blockade Runner”, a real warship, being sold by the same people who had just bought a Battalion of Bandit and Badger tanks was going to go over back on Outreach.  Oh, and the news that she was “pretty sure” that they were going to bring at least one more Warship on the market.  She also would need more of those types of tanks and other supplies.  She had put a line in the report about if any extra clan battle armor could be sent out this way as a possible item to help her get the edge in bidding for a second warship as an afterthought.  It was her job to send the data and note as many options as she could think of.  What route was taken, was out of her hands and way above her pay grade. 

She had no idea at the size of an anthill that she was about to kick over with those last two parts of her final report.  Until then?  She was going to be very happy and ignorant of the waves moving across the Inner Sphere that only grew in power with each message she sent back up the Wolf Net Chain that was decoded and passed along. 


What Virginia did not know, was that the space battle connected between “someone” and “someone else” had already been known about by many within the higher parts of the Wolf’s Dragoons command structure.  Those leaders moved the confidence in these reports coming from Virginia up to a very high level when the location data was sent to them from the MoC.  Her data matched the location on file for what Wolf Net had already found out near perfectly.  A perfect match of data in the Intel business is strange enough to cause some issues in being truly believed. 

This one space battle had caused a tidal wave of changes in the background of the Dragoons.  Now it was more or less confirmed by a third report that had not even been told to look into that subject.  It was like a diamond had fallen out of the sky and landed perfectly into your ring.  When part of Wolf Net had followed up on the report of two fleets of ships moving around the edge of the Inner Sphere almost two years ago.  They had followed along right behind one of those groups of warships by just a few months. 

Thanks to the laws of light, even when the Wolf Net jumpships had missed the space battle.  The Wolf Net ships could jump further away from that location and then wait for the light or the energy releases to reach them at the speed of light.  It was not a lot of data to be gathered, but it gave them a very good idea of what happened.  It also told them about when the battle had taken place in that star system.  It would take many months or years of computer time and power to get much more useful information out of that raw data, but that was something that Wolf Net thought was worth that level of effort. 


One of the side effects of finding that very effectively picked over space battle site, had been a secret mission immediately launched to where Jaime had hidden his warships and the limited amounts of high-tech weapons, tooling, and other capital assets that they had left in the same place.  Even before Virginia Hall had made her report, this had been done.  The team had stealthily gone out there for two main reasons.  They were to make sure everything was there, warship wise, and then to recover everything smaller than the warship’s hulls that would fit in or on the pair of smaller cargo, passenger dropships and the jumpships supporting this mission. 

Those small dropships were carried on three Star Lord class jumpships that the Dragoons were not using as they waited for things to settle out between the Clans and house lords.  The Wolf would have preferred to have waited until the Clan invasion was decided before he had sent that mission out to his deep space cache area.  But if two someone’s were already using warships in battle against each other on the opposite side of the invasion corridors.  Then he could not afford to wait in starting to do some of the early leg work on improving the ability of the Dragoons to stand up against an enemy that had warships to use against the Dragoons. 

This mission was going to increase the total number of Lion and Confederate classes of dropships within the Dragoon’s total order of battle from what they had before the Clans had shown up.  That would cause some issues for the Dragoons that were still hiding their background at that time, but they had always had a few of those classes of ships that the public could see from the first day that they had arrived in the Inner Sphere.  Those odd dropships had been slowly removed from Dragoon service as they broke down and there were not any of the specialized parts to repair them. 

Now those numbers of rare dropships would again start to climb, and it was a concern by those that were watching the Dragoons.  That would be until word made the rounds again about MMM not only building new Lion class dropships, but they were also offering major spare parts for their maintenance on the open market. 

That news from MMM would lower the issues of those new dropships had caused after a few months of being headlines in the mercenary world.  It was just assumed that the Dragoons had a deal to get those needed specialized spare parts and dropships before news made it around the rest of the Inner Sphere.  Kind of like what they had done when the Wolfhound class battlemech was first seen in the Dragoon’s colors. 

After word was released to the whole Inner Sphere about the “true” background of the Dragoons, very few would look back at the increase in those two rare classes of dropships as being worth the time to check out.  After all the Dragoons had come from the old SLDF.  Soon only Intelligence people and the odd academics would care about the dates that these “new” dropships had shown up on Outreach. 


Now with the rebuilding reaching a pace, at least in the number of personnel within the ranks of the Dragoons.  They would now have more of the “right type” of dropships to help the Dragoons in any deployment they might need to undertake.  The now “extra” older designed mech only transports were not sold off to anyone, no matter the offered funds rumored to have been thrown around.  The Dragoons put any extra dropships in storage.  This was mainly done “on the other side of the mountain” for any future growth of the Dragoons, or they could be used as combat replacements when The Wolf called them back to war. 

Those scout and recovery teams also reported back to The Wolf, and the other leaders of the Dragoons.  The headline of those reports was that none of the Dragoon warships were missing from this cache site.  That had not gone over well with some of the leadership of the Dragoons, because they had no idea where the weapons that the warships had seen to be using could have come from for both sides of that “little” battle.  So, where had those warships and the parts needed to keep them in battle conditions had come from? 

Some other news about what The Wolf had ordered, had not been so well received by the lower-level support staff of the Dragoons on Outreach.  It was that a huge number of Wolf’s personnel had to be diverted to get those now recovered toolings, parts, supplies, and the support space stations back into use in a timely manner.  Getting the Olympus class recharging station repaired without using outside support had been bad enough.  But once those huge new assets had started adding to the Dragoons in some fashion, this grumbling came to a screeching halt. 

At the same time, the first round of news about what was found on Cate’s Hold had caused a second mission to be sent out to that hidden spot of space by the Dragoons high command.  That team was to start the slow process needed to reactivate the warships many years earlier than the most optimistic plans had dictated for their return to Dragoon control.  Besides the confirmation of a space battle with the possible IDs on the two combatants to think about.  Then the news had reached them, which said someone had just sold a warship on the open market to one of the most minor political and military powers of the Inner Sphere.  Now granted, it was only a corvette class warship, but it still was a major event for the whole Inner Sphere to have to deal with.  That was the third strike, and so more effort was put towards this six pack of warships in getting to Outreach as fast as they could. 

All of this was almost three years earlier than anyone on his staff had planned for.  Jaime knew that this was going to cause some major issues down the road.  But that was down the road, and he would have to deal with it then.  That is what he would have to deal with once too many people outside of his people knew about those warships, and other large space assets that the Dragoons were slowly bringing back into operation for them to use.  Both of those were somethings that the Great Houses had not been able to do for generations. 


By the end of the month of finding out about the “pending” sale of the warship to the MoC.  The Wolf’s Dragoons would send another major group of techs and supplies out and they were to bring all of the warships to their new home on Outreach as fast as this new manpower and supplies could facilitate.  The group of personnel on that herculean task was an undercover mission supplied by Wolf Net.  As they moved through the Inner Sphere, they could not be directly or indirectly connected back to the Wolf’s Dragoons by any of the Intel agencies of the Inner Sphere.  They were just another supply mission going “somewhere” as far as other Intel agencies knew. 

This new diversion of resources was going to have an impact on a few of the other long-term projects that the Dragoons needed done.  But they had enough warships crew’s, at least simulator trained, to get the warships moving in the right direction and work on any issues on the way to Outreach.  The loss of the Hephaestus was again being deeply felt by the Dragoons in this deep space operation. 

With the warning provided by Virginia Hall, the command group of the Dragoons had also looked at what kind of funds they could set aside if they could “find” another warship on the sale’s market.  The Dragoon fleet was currently made up of “only” six warships, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 1 Frigate, 2 Destroyers, and one lone Vincent Mk 42 Corvette.  A second Vincent class warship could be very useful, even if it was just used as a source of very hard to find spare parts for the MK 42 that the Dragoons already had access to when the fleet finally arrives at Outreach.  It could even be a nice training ship to spin up warship crews or train the growing number of Dragoon aerospace fighters in how to fight Warships of both the clan and Inner Sphere varieties. 

The downside was that this last diversion of assets, manpower, and funds was not even going to interrupt the very much not wanted order to move to counter the expected Clan attack on Luthien.  The Dragoons had……issues with the current leaders of the Combine, but they had been ordered to help them by Davion.  And the Davions had helped the Dragoons when they had fled the Combine after the battle of Misery, and they now were under contract to that house doing the asking.  All of Jaime’s demands to be released to fight the clans had now come back to bite him on the back side.  Leave it to The Fox to turn the tables on a Wolf. 


Jaime looked at the order of battle that he was sending to Luthien.  It was almost the kitchen sink of what the Dragoons could call on to do battle with.  Zeta was staying behind on Outreach along with a few other still rebuilding teams, training units, and the Home Guard.  But all five of the active Dragoon core combat Regiments and both Kell Regiments would be having to leave soon to start the long trip out to Luthien.  That was not going to be a small movement of forces, and it was going to take every jumpship that the Wolves and Hounds could muster and just a few more supplied by the FedCom to carry the needed troopers and the huge amounts of supplies needed to support an operation of this size and complexity. 

Jaime had only been able to fully upgrade Alpha and Beta Regiments and part of Gamma regiment with clan tech level weapons and mechs.  Due to the special logistics and training needed to support Clan tech of any kind.  It had been agreed to update the Dragoons in a fashion that was different than their last rounds of rebuilding had gone.  The Dragoon support teams had learned a lot of lessons during that rebuilding, and this was their chance to not repeat any of those perceived mistakes.  One key item was that Mechs or Fighters would be only fully upgraded or not with clan tech.  Any main combat units would have a full Clan tech load out or not.  Jaime and one or two others had wanted to just slap on any available clan tech weapons on whatever they had, and then move on to the next mech or fighter in line to repeat the work. 

It had been the Dragoon support and repair units that had balked at this original plan.  They had put forward that there was no way for the repair techs to know what mech was equipped with what modification when they came in for combat repairs under that idea.  It also had not helped that only about a third of the techs were from Clan space with the rest raised as Dragoons, coming from war orphans, or being outright Inner Sphere trained techs filling out the support ranks.  It would take them a few more years to get all of the techs up to speed on working with and maintaining clan tech standard combat equipment.  That might have been different, if they still had access to the now long destroyed Hephaestus station.  And just like that the old wounds caused by the Combine came back to bite the Dragoons. 

They had said that Wolf’s and the rest of the Dragoons staff’s current plan would slow down the return of any battle-damaged unit back into battle.  So, lance by lance the Dragoons were updated.  The Dragoons were first updating their mechs, adding battle armor, and then working on their tank upgrades.  It was starting with Alpha Regiment, and that regiments mech jocks were now all sporting Clan Omni mechs. 

The only mechs that had not been switched out for Clan mechs was Jaime’s Archer class mech.  Many of the old Dragoon hands had not like giving up their old rides after becoming so used to them.  The Wolf would have to step in and do private interviews, and soon only his command lance was still Inner Sphere or Star League era designs in that unit.  After all, how often did The Wolf see combat anymore?  And the psychological impact of seeing him walking around in that famous mech was worth a dozen heavy Omni mechs. 

Only those older mechs were not the same that had seen combat in the 3rd SW or the other battles that the Dragoons mech jocks had survived.  Thanks to the monetary support generated by the sale of all of the age of war PPCs, the huge mark up on the H-Class, and the Magna FireStars that the Dragoons were not using.  This had allowed for all of the Dragoons mechs to be updated first with late Star League tech weapons.  The secret sale of Nighthawks also had been a major help to the bottom line of the Dragoons.  By the time that they were starting to update to Clan tech any mech, tank, and aerospace fighter that was not clan tech already.  The mechs would have been called a Royal design or better to be used in the Dragoons.  With only one planet to support them, it was taking time to even do the lowest level of upgrades.  But the Dragoons were getting more and more powerful every week that they were not in combat. 

If they had enough time and funds, every unit within the Dragoons would be updated to full clan tech.  But those same repair staffs were drawing up plans to update some of the core designs used by the Dragoons with clan tech modifications instead of hand making each Clan Omnimech.  The working names were kept quiet but a note of IIC was added to each design that the Dragoon support teams had come up with. 

They were currently looking at the Archer, LAM, Annihilator, Falcon, Firefly, Hoplite, Imp, Shogun, the lighter Marauder and heavier Marauder II for making into this IIC update.  These were based on plans that the Clans had come up with during or not long after Operation Klondike had been concluded.  There also were ideas for plans called Gallowglas, Highlander and War Dog along with a double handful of others.  There was only so many manhours that the staff had to work with, and they were maxed out. 

Right now, the conventional combat units were focused on the only two clan grade Omni units that Blackwell could make in any large numbers.  The 30ton tracked missions were filled with Badger Cs, but it was rounded out with other units to better fight together.  After all, not every mission needed a 5-ton infantry bay that was found on the Badger Cs.  And sometimes that mass could have been better used for weapons with more range and/or punch.  The same situation was true of the 50-ton hover tank/APC called the Bandit C.  The Dragoons just didn’t have enough time or resources at this time to put other Clan tank designs they knew about into production on Outreach.  Besides they had all of those other combat vehicles in storage that just needed updated Star League weapons to give them a new lease on their combat lives. 

Any additional increases on the space asset front would have to wait until the Luthien situation was worked out.  It was expected that around the beginning of June of 3052, the six warships that the Dragoons had originally been issued should be in the Outreach system.  But they still would not be “combat ready” to go against the Clans or even against most Inner Sphere space-based assets.  They also would be way too late to help in these next set of coming battles with The Clans, but they would be a lot closer to the growing infrastructure that the Dragoons were building in the Outreach star system.  After all what good was it to have weapons, if you lacked the skill and parts to keep them going in more than one battle? 


Jaime gave a snort as he forced his mind back to the tools that he had in his hands and not what was as good as wishing upon a star or looking for a magic wand hidden under his desk.  The Kell brothers had their First Regiment fully upgraded also with clan tech equal to the two Wolf regiments just not ALL in OmniMechs.  The Kell’s second regiment and the rest of Jaime’s units had all of their PPC’s changed out for Bear Slayer or Broadsword type weapons.  The rest of their combat units were carrying as much late Star League equipment as they could fit into their hulls that made sense.  Most of the updates were focused around improving and updating the heat management systems, then adding weapons firepower, and then crew safety was looked at near the bottom of the list.  The other “caping” figure on getting updates done was time to do the work. 

The only age of war tech weapons left on those machines were due to mission needs and pilots’ personal preference in the use of machineguns or 5cm lasers.  After all, not all pilots wanted a 5cm pulse laser in place of two normal 5cm lasers.  That was only one example, and there were dozens of others that the techs, pilots, and commanders had to work out a conclusion that made the support, repair crews, pilots, and commanders all happy with the updating of their rides. 

As Jaime looked at all of the units on his noteputer one more time, he hoped it was going to be enough combat firepower.  He could only hope that the clan forces were blooded and attrited down enough to help him pull off a win against them.  He was again thankful for the income generated by selling the extra Star League grade PPCs, the new Bear Slayers, the old spare parts, and the “extra” Nighthawk class battle armor.  Jaime did not think that he would have been able to get as much done as he had, at least if he had not had access to that surprisingly deep well of funds.  Before he had only been counting on the funds that he could have diverted from Blackwell to do the work. 

Money could not fix everything, but it did help cover the overtime cost and buying the needed but hard to find materials on the open market.  Now if he could just get away from having to hand build each and every one of those clan designed battle machines and their weapons he was about to risk in battle.  They had almost used up all of the clan tech XL engines that Blackwell had been building up over the last decade under the noses of ComStar and the rest of the House Lords. 

Jaime had to stop thinking about that, and he got back to coming up with a plan on how he was going to defend a planet that he didn’t want to be on.  Not for the hundredth time he wished that he could rely on his son, Mackenzie Wolf.  But Jaime knows that the younger Wolf was not as good as he was at this level of planning and operations.  Jaime knew that he was going to need to pull out all of his tricks to win the next battle.  The battle that was going to be for the capital of the house lord who had killed so many of his people not so long ago. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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12 Oct 3051
Helios Alpha
Planet Gemenon
Near the base of the Gramada Mountains

SGT Sink looked across the open area spread out before him.  This team had broken into two parts after they had their morning meal.  One group was still back with Eric and his infection inflamed leg.  They were keeping an eye on him and the still locked heavy iron gate that separated this compound from the rest of the road network.  Sink took this team right down the road on the bet that it would lead to what should be the main house or command center.  That had turned out to be true, but they had also passed many buildings to both sides of the road and there were hints of more hidden buildings or structures deeper in the darkness provided by the tall trees. 

Now Sink and his team were looking at a traffic loop made by the road.  In the center of that loop was what had to have been a very costly fountain that was long dry.  You could see a turn off of the traffic loop that looked to head to a huge garage, but the huge 5 story home was what Sink and his team were focused on.  It was in a word…massive.  It looked more like a high end hotel in some entertainment show and not a home for a single family. 

Sink and the rest of the team were using the thick trees as cover while they surveyed the huge home.  He puts down the field glasses and looked around to Mo that was behind a tree about 5 meters to his right.  They were looking for any signs of trouble, signs of movement made by animals or human like.  They also were looking for any signs of damage.  So far, they could not see anything out of place or setting off any of their internal alarm bells.  All of the windows were closed and the doors that they could see looked like they were secured.  Sink looked around him and he got looks and signs back that said they had not seen anything out of place from the rest of the team. 

Sink looked back around, and he did a chin lift towards Mark, and Mark looked back with a little head nod before stepping away from his tree and started to advance on the huge building.  It would only take him a few more steps before he would be exposed to anyone watching from the building.  Only the center area of the road loop was exposed to the sky and there was no way that Mark would get any closer to that hole in the cover than he had to. 


Mark held his rifle at the high ready as he used a wall that made up a guide rail going up a flight of off-white cut stone stairs wide enough to have driven a small car up as cover.  He looked around before he started going up this next half of the stairs.  At the quick step he went up the next 8 dirt and leaf covered stone steps.  He stopped and used the stone corner to look at the door to the second level of this massive building, and then he quickly scanned the windows that he could see from this closer location.  Nothing seemed to be off, and he slowly made his way up the last set of stone steps to the huge wood like double doors with very ornate carvings that should allow him access to this huge building. 

Mark took a few deep breaths and slowly stood from the cover of the post and made his way up to the heavy door at the top of those last steps.  They already know that there were only high mounted windows in the doorway, so only people in higher floors would be able to see him from this location.  He didn’t slam into the closed door like some entertainment show.  This job needed to be done quietly and doing something like knocking on the door by slamming your backside into it was not quiet.  He slowly put his back near against the side of the recessed door and waited some more.  He knew that the rest of the team was watching him along with this part of the recovering and rescue team.  His heart was about to beat out of his chest, but that was the only sound he heard. 

After what seemed like an hour to Mark, but part of his brain knew that it was at most 15 seconds.  From the tree line came first SGT Sink and about ten steps behind him came Mo out of the tree line at the wolf trot.  They followed nearly in Mark’s footsteps across the blacktop loop towards the stairs to the main door of this building. 

When they had stopped moving across the blacktop road, Mo was at the bottom of the last set of steps.  Mark reached down and tried the door……it was locked.  That was not much of a surprise.  Any door not locked to the outside world would have been opened already or a trap.  Mark reached down and pulled out a special knife just for this kind of work.  After pulling it out he waved to show what he was planning on doing to the rest of the team. 

The two part thin metal of the cutting blade was a tight fit into the center door seal.  Mark had a good idea of where the locking devices might be.  And thanks to the years without power, alarms would not be an issue.  With a hard hit to the butt of the weapon and it went in just far enough into the seal between the two door halves.  With a quick look around to make sure it was safe, Mark activated the SLiE supplied weapon/tool.  The hum was just audible to Mark, but he knew that it would not travel that far. 

This was not the first door Mark had to open.  If it had been?  He would not have been the first person to cross the open ground.  It took a few seconds for the Vibro blade to open the gap enough for the blade to start to be pulled down by gravity.  Mark let the weight of the tool do the work and without so much as needing a sawing action to help it along.  The tool was soon below the ornate metal around the door handles.  This area should hold about 90 percent of the locking devices that Colonials used.  Mark had no idea when he was cutting wood, metal or something else with the high tech knife.  He had to lift up on the handle at a little of an angle to pull the working blade out of the door jam, when he had thought that he had cut the locks. 


Mark put the tool back in his hip mounted holder and by the time that he looked back up, Mo was on the other side of the entry way.  Mo gave Mark a nod and Mark gave a silent prayer, and then he slowly pulled on the handle on his half of the door.  This was the hard part.  He had to put enough pressure on the door to overcome any rust, but not too much that it would slam into any back up physical locking devices that the door might possess.  Then there would be only the sound that rust on the hinges might make. 

The door was tight and at the first sound of rust breaking free Mark stops pulling.  He can feel Sink come up behind him, but he hears the soft hisss of penetrating oil being applied to the now kind of exposed hinges.  Mark gave a slow twenty count to give the oil time to work.  With the count done, Mark started to slowly pull again.  The door seemed to be easier to move, but the sound came back, and he had to stop and let Sink put more oil on the slightly more exposed hinges. 

The third time was the charm and while Sink kept the oil ready, and Mo covered Mark and Sink from any surprises coming out of the doorway.  When Mo and Sink had moved up to the door, two more of the team had sprinted from the tree line to the stairs.  When the door was open enough those two came charging up the last part of the stairs to be the first to enter the building.  Mo, then Mark, and then Sink would enter behind the first pair.  The rest of the forward team was there for back up if things went south on the entry team. 

When nothing happened for a preset time, the rest of the outside team started tactical moving towards the newly opened doors.  They would hold at those main doors until they were called up, one way or the other by the mission leader.  This was not the first time that they had done this game, and it would not be the last.  Well, it would not be the last as long as this one didn’t turn out to be some kind of trap. 


SGT Sink looks around the room.  It was a stone wall room with not a low ceiling but not a high one either.  This place was sitting in the bottom layer of a two story basement and what was sitting under 5 stories of luxury living above that.  This room had started out as a huge ambrosia cellar and now it had a new use.  It had taken them all day to sweep this one building of threats.  It had not been a complete sweep, but it was done well enough to know that they were alone in the building.  At least they were alone in the only ones with two legs. 

Before the sun was down, Sink had sent a pair of his team back to the guard building.  Without a way to communicate between the two teams over such a distance.  He thought it was better to have everyone under one roof, so he had picked the larger roof to be under.  Both buildings were very well made and besides some water damage in one of the 15 bathrooms in this building.  Both were very serviceable as a place to call “home”. 

To keep light from being an issue, they had set up their camp on the first level of the basement.  There were still windows, but they were few, smaller, and high up on the walls.  They were nothing that his team could not take care of with their on-hand supplies and some things they had found.  Blacking out windows was second nature by now. 


They had spent all the next day looking around.  This building had the feeling of a mausoleum or something along those lines and not a real home.  Sink knew that they were going to need to be here for some time, so he moved his “command center” down one more “floor”.  While the rest of the team checked out the place for damage.  Sink, Mo, Eric, and Mark started moving bottle after bottle into a storage room with a strong lock.  The ambrosia cellar was huge, but it was made to “display” 10,000 bottles and it did not have that much real working space.  There had been many empty spots, but not that many, and a few dozen bottles had been broken before SGT Sink’s team had come down.  They had been broken long enough that any liquid had dried up. 

With the first level basement “blacked out” and the second level more like a mine than a “normal” home.  The team had a lot of space that was dry, and with limited access to call home.  Sink knew it would not take long before “items” from the home or general area would find their way down here to make life easier for his team.  Sink had been drawn to the third floor library, and it was not just on the third floor.  The bookshelves went all the way threw to the fifth floor but the area where the addict should be, was just open space with huge dark wood beams and thick looking tin panels.  Sink had no idea what type of books these might be, but he knew that every book would be inventoried, packed down, and shipped back to New Circe. 

That had been where they had found “the letter”.  It had been sitting but weighted down on the huge wooden desk in the library/office by a book and an empty cigar box.  This had caused a search to be launched for anything else that might have been missed in the first few looks.  A second note was quickly found in the bar area, but the sheet of paper had been exposed to more light in that location.  The light coming in from a nearby window had faded the lettering into just a few oddly spaced lines.  The letter in the library also was faded, but not nearly as bad. 

The letter had been from the people that had lasted for months after the Cylons had attacked and destroyed the Colonial’s way of life.  It was not a detail list of what had happened to them, but it gave Sink an idea of what had happened to those that had lived here.  Sink looked down at the letter on the relocated desk. 


Miss (unreadable),

If you are reading this?  We stayed until the fuel ran out for the generator.  (unreadable) took most of the security teams and anyone that had medical knowledge two days after the power grid went down.  We can see smoke coming from The Refuge, and (unreadable).  They felt that they should go and at least try and help.  That was on the third day after the attack, and none of them have since returned to us.  One of the maids thought that she heard weapons fire a few days after they left and coming from the general direction of The Refuge.  I was able to talk the rest of the staff out of going to look for them after two weeks of waiting. 

When we refilled the smallest generator with the last of the stored fuel for (unreadable)?  I started making plans for wen we lost power.  We filled the (unreadable) with as much food as we could that would not go bad along with some gear that we have been making for sleeping outside in the weather.  On my orders, I had all of the fuel pulled from the rest of the transports that we will not be taking when we run out of power.  That power loss happened last night, and I will be taking those that want to, down to T(unreadable). 

(unreadable) is closer to the main roads and easier to reach from (unreadable), but I feel that T(unreadable) is safer and closer to your possible line of travel.  We will wait there for you and your family.  We will make sure to scout the areas, so that we can return to your home once we are together again.  We will only take enough weapons and ammunition for those that know how to use the weapons without too much risk to the rest of us.  I promise that (unreadable) will not be carrying so much as a frakking letter opener on this trip.  I hope you don’t mind, but I will need to take some of the gold cubits your father collected over the years.  It is in case we need to do any trading between (unreadable) and (unreadable). 

Signed (unreadable)? 


SGT Sink put the letter down and absent mindedly flattened it one more time with the palms of his hands.  He would make sure that a copy of this letter was put in with any papers that were found in the library/office and the small number of files that they had already found off in the kitchen.  At the first reading of the short letter, it would not seem to have been worth that much to the current occupiers of this facility.  But Sink and Mo were not your average readers. 

This letter had said that they had small and larger generators for power to run at least the main building of this compound.  All they would need to do, was to have someone check them out and have some fuel flown in.  They also would have some transportation that was left behind.  After over seven years of sitting around without anyone looking after them.  They would need some work and fuel, no matter if any fuel was left behind are not.  They would need the same skills to fix the power generators, and Sink knew some of his people had those needed skills. 

The other useful items of information that the short note carried, was that they were going to maybe leave some weapons and ammunition behind.  SGT Sink knew that none of them had been back to this building after whoever wrote the note had left and locked the doors behind them.  The other item of note was that they had said.  It was that they were taking some old gold cubits from a collection of some kind.  All of that said, that there was at least one safe hiding in this building.  And that was something that they were looking for.  All they had to do was find it or hopefully many of them without the Cylons noticing them. 

As he was thinking about were a hidden safe might be and not really looking at anything going on around him.  So far, they had not found the safes when they had searched this building the first two times.  Currently they were taking images of what was in every room of this building as data files to be sent back to New Circe.  That work was being done by four of his team.  And when they were done taking those images, then they would start moving items to a central area before it was shipped off planet.  They had found a very small landing area with an equally small hangar hidden under thick trees not far away that should fit a Raptor without any issues.  Now that would help in getting supplies in and cargos out for this whole local area. 

They were keeping six members of his team just for security and guard detail in a rotating task for his team.  They only had four people in this building, and the rest of his team was both mapping out the rest of the area behind that tall stone wall and searching any of the other buildings that they had found.  They were not looking for things, but threats of all kinds.  Most of the time they would mark down what the building might have been used for in their patrol notes.  They had a lot of land to look over, but the map at the guard point near the gate gave them an idea of how many they should find as a minimum.  Sink had made sure that everyone knew that there could be more out there, that were either too small or to out of the way as not to be noted at the guard shack at the main gate. 

So far, they had found two garages, one with high end cars and the other with one work truck but a lot of open spaces that held very old oil stains.  They also had found the grounds keeper’s home and his work shed.  They also had marked out some “spare homes”.  Were some people might have a spare room in their home.  These people had whole homes set aside to do the same job.  They had found some food that was still more or less still safe to eat.  But they were still looking for the weapons storage areas, and anything that looked like it was used to hold old gold cubits or other things that held value before the Cylon’s new war on the humans. 


They had been in this compound now for just about two weeks.  Sink was trying to get his brain to go blank as he worked.  He was the one packing down this huge library of all of its books.  Finding a library with anything useable was very rare without having to go through a huge amount of decontamination, and decontamination and books did not mix.  They had the first Raptor land on the landing pad two days ago.  It was the first one that was assigned just to support his team and no other tasks as far as he knows.  It was only supporting a crew of two on that craft, and it had taken most of his team to get the craft under cover of the slightly damage cover of the hidden hangar.  But the Raptor crew had problems understanding the rules of living on a Cylon controlled planet.  They could catch on about not using lights at night and a few other rules.  All you had to do was hit them on the head hard enough and often enough for your directions to take root. 

That issue was what he was thinking about, when he reached for another hand full of hard back books, but they would not come off the shelf when he pulled at them.  He pulled harder and the three books in his hand would still not move.  Now he looked to see what was going on.  After three days of work, they had given up trying to inventory the books in this place.  Sink reset his grip and pulled a little harder on the thick maybe leather covers.  This time the books tilted back, but they still didn’t come off the shelf.  With most of the books packed down from this part of the shelf, he could see that the books were attached to something thick going back into the back wall of the shelving unit. 

“What the Frakk?”  Sink pushed the books back into place, and this time he heard a soft click off to his left and closer to where the main desk used to be.  Now looking that way, Sink pulled the books at an angle again.  He heard the click again and this time he saw part of the wall to wall shelving unit had moved out just a little.  “Really, what the Frakk?” 

Sink walked down the wall and pulled on the slightly open…something.  He pulled his colonial issued handgun and after a steadying breath he opened the hidden door.  Clearing a room alone is one of the big no-nos of close quarters combat, and Sink was going to be doing it any way.  With the shelving unit/door now fully open, Sink slowly entered the room. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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There were no windows in the newly exposed room.  And the only light was coming into the library/office and then into this new room was from the long but very narrow windows near where the desk had been before it had been moved underground.  This caused some odd shadows to be cast in the windowless room.  But the light mounted on the side of the handgun came on with a little move of Sinks pointer finger.  A blue/white beam of light was just widely focused enough to give Sink an idea of what he was seeing. 

The hidden room had a small desk mounted against one wall, but on three of the walls were four weapons racks that took up the two longest walls and more racks to both sides of the desk.  They were not filled with weapons, but there seemed to be at least a dozen long guns that looked to be mainly focused on military styles that very high end security people might be trained on how to use. There also seemed to be some hunting type weapons in the mix that could be seen from Sink’s location.  There also was some law enforcement style body armor on exposed shelves below the weapons racks.  Sink ran the light deeper into the small room and his heart almost stopped when his light reflected off hard cold metal. 

There was a metal door at the far end of the room, walls don’t have seams and hinges.  The color of the metal was a dead giveaway of what it was made of.  Then there was a coat of arms of the Battlestar Atlantia from the 1st Cylon war standing out in high relief dead center and right at eye level.  That would mean that the door was made out of the armored belt of a great battlestar.  You were not going to just cut threw that stuff with a handheld torch. 

Sink let the weapon drop from high ready to back in its holster.  “Well, Frakk!!!  Looks like I’m going to have to make contact with Ragnar.  I hope that safe cracker is as good as they say.  Or we are frakked sideways.” 

That had to be where the last owner kept the good stuff.  Then Sink thought about the hidden door.  “OHHH, Frakk me sideways!!!!  Now, we are going to have to get a portable DRADIS and scan every inch of this whole Frakking walled in compound.”   



What is the ComStar Fleet doing?  I don’t know how ComStar got all of those units from across the whole Inner Sphere to Tukayyid in May if the clans came back in November.  So, I came up with this idea. 

Why is the Resort so large?  The National parks of Katmai in Alaska is only 500k acres smaller, Denali is 600k larger, Gates of the Arctic Park is 400k larger, and Wrangell-St Elias park is 1.2million acres larger than what Copeland bought.  There are a lot of planets with very low populations, so land would be very cheap. 

Have you noticed some odd breaks in my posting?  After looking up so much data on the Dragoons and reading “someone’s” SI into battletech.  I had to take a break and I did a draft of a SI centered on the Dragoons (like 250 pages worth and the wife and dogs were so not happy with me).  It will be some time before that hits the net…if ever.  I just have too much to do right now. 

The Dragoons order of battle:  The Dragoons are working up to what was seen in the Mercenary 3055 book, but not all the way there yet.  Oh, has anyone else noticed that they don’t have enough dropships in the Wolf’s dragoon book and the Merc 3055?  Before the 4th SW they had 12 Overlords, 13 Unions, 4 Fortresses, 2 Intruder, 6 Fury, 4 Leopard, 4 Leopard CV, 2 Gazelle, and 1 Triumph. 

The dragoons had a lot of good intel when they first got to the Inner Sphere.  So how did they get it.  Maybe wolf net was working before the rest of them publicly showed up.  It would explain how they knew to take all the Star League tech off the mechs and not bring the other space stations or warships with them. 

Steel production.  The US makes about 7.3 million tons per month and still imports 1.7 million tons a month.  A Mammoth would hold about 37 ktons. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Thanks for the update cawest, it's always a good lunch break when you drop a new chapter. Also, I hope you do end up posting your SI story idea, I always enjoy seeing what people would get up to when popped into the deep end. And more BT fan fiction is never a bad thing.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Thanks for the update. Glad to see it, and looking forward to when you release the other SI.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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I kinda want them to drop several warships on the market just to see how everyone freaks out. And their purchases must really confuse those watching. Selling warships and advanced weapons but buying colonial and construction supplies like mad. Though it feels so weird that the dragoons would treat with suspected wolverines. Wonder how they would feel the dragoons stole their weapon? Probably amused it is used to kill clanners and well wolves are honorless backstabbers. The dragoon though should be really worried if they actually think about it because if the wolverines are alive their purchases they can track says they are growing fast and either fueling it with leftovers they should not have or they are actually doing well enough they are building warships and wargear and selling it as surplus for stuff they can use. If this is surplus how many galaxies and navel star do they have?

The colonial storyline honestly feels like it should be its own story really but is very interesting though I have a hard time believing the cylon war would last this long before the biocylons are dealt a death blow or got lucky themselves.


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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A very nice update, cawest.

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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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more about the Dragoons is coming.... right now, only one person (a spy born in the IS thinks she knows).  the meeting would be like the CIA and an KGB having lunch in Berlin or in Canada.  you would be surprised how often they did just that.  the last run to clan space for the WD's was about 32 years ago and you add in Misery, Crossing or the rest of the fighting of the 4th sw and there are not that many clan born left with in the WD.  yes, they are in leadership roles and Zeta BN.  So maybe a 2 or 3 hundred out of thousands.  But who knows what Jaime Wolf thinks.   >:D >:D >:D >:D


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Except neither side considered the other arch evil monsters that must die on detection. We are talking about people that when they discovered a brother bloodline to a wolverine bloodline that never left with the sldf their response was competing stars hunting down and killing them for honor and a chance at their own bloodname houses. If this girl thinks she is dealing with wolverines she should have been indoctrinated in this response. If anything if she thought she was dealing with wolverines she should have found some proof then called for aid and this is something that should have the dragoons contact the clans to warn them that there are probable wolverines in the magistracy doing something. Or at least Jamie would try to send a message to Natasha.
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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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i don't believe that this was the Dragoons, or the Wolves.  If i remember that part of the timeline it was the Falcons


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Blood right scenerio pack. Vipers and nova cats iirc. But the act was explicitly signed off by the grand council and ilkhan Ulric Kerensky with the vipers getting first shot because they killed the first guy at tukayyid and cats found excuse to jump in second. In either case the dragoon still are part clan and their leaders even if freeborn were raised in that culture. They may have turned away from it but not all of it. This girls findings should provoke a freak out and if Natasha was not already back with the wolves she would be leading a crusade to hunt down Captain Copeland and crew and force DNA tests and narco interrogation.
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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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i don't believe that this was the Dragoons, or the Wolves.  If i remember that part of the timeline it was the Falcons

nope, Steel Vipers, but the Ghost Bears were also looking for Relatives of the Wolverines to exterminate, and so were the rest of the invading clans INCLUDING clan Wolf.

Just happens that Khan Breen of the Vipers went so far as to resign her Khanship to go blood-hunting after Tukayyid.

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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Chapter 73

By Cliff
Beta and Clean up:  Not done
Reviewed by Hotpoint and Cannonshop

Mid November 3051
Lyran side of the of FedCom

Peary Clemson was sitting in the kitchen of his nice home that they were renting with a placid look on his face, but he was wracked with despair.  He was trying to work out what to do next, and he had run out of things that might work, at least in his head.  Word of what was being called the 5th Wave of the clan attacks had started with world after world again falling to the clan invasion.  It had not taken long for this news to spread at the speed that was only possible due to the faster than light messages coming out of the HPGs run by ComStar.  This news flow was sped up because of the number of fleeing jumpships jumping as fast, as far as they could without killing their crews, or breaking their ships to badly.  The only thing that could spread faster than the rumors within the Inner Sphere in this day and age, was bad news. 

The “year of peace” had given him hope that the Clans would not be back, or at least not be back in his lifetime.  But they were, and they had been reinforced by more and new clans along with their attached units.  He had wanted to leave this planet almost a full year ago, but his father had vetoed that plan to flee deeper into the heart of the now united FedCom.  This road blocking was causing his son no end of lost sleep as he worried about the future of his family. 

All he wanted to do was save his family from this new war and any future wars if he could help it.  He had thought living on this planet was perfect when they had first landed.  They were not near a contested boarder, but they were still deep enough as not to have to risk too many pirate raids from the outer edge of the FedCom.  There should have been enough FedCom mech units and aerospace fighters to stop these attackers, and they had seemed to have slowed them down.  But something in Peary’s mind told him that they still needed to go just a little further.  They had been lucky that they had fled at the first news of something strange happening on the edge of “known space”.  What he didn’t know was how far this enemy would make it into the country he had been born into. 

So, every week after arriving on this planet, he found himself looking at transportation routes to get deeper into this side of the FedCom.  Then he would work on a way to talk his father into moving, again to some place safer from the clan onslaught.  By now he knew what would not work in talking to his father, so he would have to come up with something different.  Peary was interrupted in his mental jungle gymnastics, by his 8 year old daughter.  She was pulling on the thin sleeve of his over shirt with the persistence only found in someone of her age group.  When Peary looked down, he was drawn deep into her deep blue eyes.  The eyes that matched those of his long dead wife.  Every time he looked into those eyes; he had remembered that loss.  The Dropship crash had left him with only an empty casket to put in the ground without him even having that little bit of closure. 

“Daddy!!  All of the lights are on!  Daddy!!  All of the lights are on!  Daddy!!  All of the lights are on!”  She tugged again and started to try to pull him towards the entertainment system in the next room. 

Peary let himself be drawn into the room by his little girl, and on the display were tri-d images about some kind of Resort wanting people to come spend their money there.  In the background was a song about leaving all of the lights on for a long-lost person or love.  Peary was dumb struck, and he could only watch the last 30 seconds of the message as it was displayed on the screen.  Peary was locked kneed, and he was planted to the floor of the apartment like some great oak with his arm being pulled at an odd angle to his body.  When he finally had been turned around, he saw his father sitting in an overstuff chair in the corner of the room.  He noticed the sly little smile on his father’s face.  A smile that his son had not seen in a very long time. 

The Elder Clemson knew that their last name had been picked out from an old list of warship classes from old Terra’s wet navy past.  It had been when his father had left a well-hidden planet to spy on the Inner Sphere, and he was to help with the cycle of resupply runs that they needed to keep prepared for the return of an old and evil enemy.  That man had died when the now Elder Clemson was only ten years old.  That death had been due to an industrial accident that thankfully had been quick for the 100 souls lost, that had included the first Clemson. 

That sudden death had cut off the training of the now elder Clemson abruptly, and it had only barely started in the first place.  His mother had been a drunk, and that had only gotten worse after her husband had suddenly died in that industrial accident.  That had left a 10 year old boy clinging to what little training and stories that his father had given him before he had never returned from work that day.  It had been a life ring that the young Clemson had felt saved his life until he was able to move out of the growing hell hole of a home. 

Now the Elder Clemson made eye contact with his son being pulled around by the arm by his granddaughter.  His son let his young daughter lead him to the second overstuff chair before letting go and leaving the room.  The Elder man gave his son a knowing look before speaking.  “I think a trip to Canopus IV would be a good idea.  What do you think, son?” 

The Elder Clemson knew that it was not going to be that easy to talk his son into taking this route.  But at least now they had someone to talk to, and a place to run to with the whole family.  The elder Clemson had been pinning his family’s lives on those long ago vague stories and a song lost to the mists of time in the Inner Sphere.  He had faith, and at least this time it seemed to be paying off for the Clemson family.  Soon it was going to be the time to see if his faith had been misplaced for all of these decades. 


The round trip for messages between the two planets should have taken a few weeks.  There was a faster way, but this small family could not afford to pay for faster delivery of the message outside of the “normal” route of faster than light messages.  This planet was not a major world, but Canopus was and rapidly growing, so it would not take that long for their message to reach the desired end point as it had done even half a decade ago.  Then it would only take someone to read those messages all the way on the other side of the Inner Sphere before the next move could be made by the family……or someone else. 

By the time that the Clemson family had sent the first message across the whole of the Inner Sphere from the Local ComStar run class C HPG.  They had seen the advertisement a few times on the tri vid mounted on the dwelling’s wall.  Each time it played; it made the case easier for the elder man to sell it to his son.  The song in those adverts brought back many long lost memories to the elder Clemson, and it seemed to take him back to some “happier” times every time that advert played.  It would not be long before Trace Adkins was rediscovered by millions of music fans thanks to Every Light in The House playing in the background of that advertisement. 

It was not that much later, only about a week from that first message.  Then the Clemson’s family name was added to a list of names that also just happened to contained names like Fletcher, Sumner, Akizuki, and a dozen other names that were on a list that Lora had been given by Jess from the almost forgotten SLIC files.  Any messages that made it to the Resorts and had made a reference to White Christmas or leaving all of the lights on?  They also were moved to the top of the list for getting a room at the Resort and the launching of a return contact message was sent. 

This jumping of names caused some issues with some of the locals that were hired to “run” the newly reopened Resort.  It would take some time before the local hired workers had stopped asking questions about why these unknowns were getting the full VIP treatment from this newly reopened resort.  All while names that were of known nobles were just bumped down the line like they were nobodies or riff raff of some kind.  They just had no idea of what the Resort’s senior leaders’ thought was an important person in their books.  They were just lucky that the Resort was new and large enough that this bumping down didn’t really happen that often to affect the arranged arrival dates of those noble families looking for the next “new” thing. 

Lora would not discuss anything that was outside of a very strict outline that Jess and she had worked out to anyone, that was not part of the Family or their close network.  Most of the people that contacted the Resort were coming on their own C or H-bill, but not all of them fell into this category.  That was another fine line that she was having to navigate with very little guidance and even less experience.  Travel tickets were passed along to those that “fit the profile” for any name that they knew was on the SLIC list. 

The ones that were borderline were just handled like any other Resort would have done, which might or might not change after they had arrived.  SLIC also had given Jess genetic samples of all of the people that had gone into the Inner Sphere.  They had also supplied the names that they had left with, and a few possible aliases that might have been used after getting first set up.  Robert and his family had the gift of being the only ones that knew what ones of them that were still active.  It was carefully not looked at how someone in his family had gotten that information. 

The families that were still active within the Family Network were coming out of their normal jobs, and they were bringing “things” with them that they might need a little help with getting them to the Resort.  Most of these “things” might fall in the category of “normal consumer goods” as what someone born with in the Inner Sphere might think about it.  As names on the list were contacted by the Resort, the subject of luggage and other transportation issues would be brought up by those that were more familiar with the resupply missions that New Circe had been running.  Both sides had to worry about someone unfriendly that might be keeping an eye on them, so no one was bringing a battalion of battlemechs or something along those lines with them. 

They also could not make it look like they were moving to the resort to live.  The slowly growing map of those old mining tunnels were going to come in handy for storage that needed to be kept out of the public eyes.  Then you had the tanks that Virginia Hall was going to have shipped out that would need to be held somewhere safe and low keyed.  Still those people were only moving that way for a list of reasons that these moving families would give out to others when asked.  After all, they had a lot of open jobs in that area of space, now that the MoC’s economy was booming like it was.  Oh, and it just happened to be on the other side of known space from the invading clans.  The last was enough reason for 99.9 percent of the people to fill their curiosity. 

Lora had already spent nearly five million C-bills of her budget on shipping cost in the first few months that the Resort was opened.  Her budget would get some of that back in the end of the trip, but right now it was costing a lot to get some of the most active families ready to be pulled out of the Inner Sphere.  The first people to come into the resort were the extended members of “The Families” that were the closest, or the ones that had been planning for this move too happened for some time before the song had been sent out.  And the first families had just arrived when word of the new clan attacks had reached Canopus from the other side of the Inner Sphere. 

Few would know that the warning and other news had not come out of the ComStar news service HPG reports on the planets of the MoC.  Most of the information had come on the wings of jumpships or slipped into coded messages to certain groups on the planet and nearby systems.  The next fastest sources of this types of information were coming out of the FedCom Central News Service and the Voice of the Dragon news service.  MiM and Lora were some of the few that noticed this was happening with the data flow.  ComStar was “helping” but for some reason they were not being totally truthful about the news coming from the Clan front.  What they had to figure out was if this was just them passing on the wrong rumors or was this an active form of deception being performed by the leaders of ComStar. 

It was “only” 32 days after the first message that was sent by the Elder Clemson on the HPG network going to Canopus.  Then the whole family of the Elder Clemson and their remaining luggage were boarding a cramped modified cargo dropship at the nearby drop port.  They had not been able to save much money since they had arrived on this planet after fleeing the clan invasion of their old home at the end of the first months of this new war.  They had been more worried about speed than anything else at that time. 

They would not have even been able to afford this normally cheap ticket, if the Resort had not paid for three seats and 30kg of luggage for each of the family members coming on this vacation.  They would be packed into that modified cargo dropship almost like sardines or processed meat.  It stayed that way for three weeks, before they would change dropships for the first time.  Then they would be taking a single 2nd class cabin on a real passenger liners for the rest of the journey to Canopus.  As far as any of the crew on those dropships knew, these were people just looking to start a new life in the MoC.  By now this was not so rare of a story for the dropship and jumpship’s crew to hear and talk about in the bars outside of the drop ports around the Inner Sphere. 

Bivouac system
15 Nov 3051

Robert was relaxing in the cabin on the huge gravity deck on this space station as they waited for a guide to show up.  The Styx had been moving around stars that had no planets and also in the deep black of space to try to stay off anyone’s (read ComStar’s) threat radar.  They did some scouting along the way, but they were just killing time so that they would not arrive to soon even with “LF batteries” to speed the run of the jumpship to this location.  The plan was that when the Styx arrived at this star system it would leave all three dropships behind to check out the local area and do some light trading.  At least before the jumpship started making a short time trip back to pick up the load of steel and the SLDF’s newest dropship.  All the while moving as fast as the Styx could while hiding from the rest of the Inner Sphere. 

At the same time, the Styx was working under a false IFF calling herself the Uncle Ralph when she showed back up at Canopus.  Her crew would also check in with Lora and receive any reports that needed to be sent to Robert or if things went really bad, run all the way back to New Circe.  Robert was hoping for an update on what might have been found in those tunnels while he had been gone, and an update on how the plan was moving about any of the lost Families making contact.  After both types of pickups were done by the hiding Styx until “it had recharged its jump drive” then it would start moving along.  These were types of data that they didn’t want to risk sending on a ComStar Run HPG.  It was risky enough to be sent over encrypted radio. 

Then the modified Tramp class jumpship would again stay in the deep black of space as it returned all the way back to the Split system with the Mammoth class dropship full of different types of construction steel.  It would drop off the fully loaded cargo dropship.  She also would transfer the crews of the two invader class ships, which had been sold on Canopus months before the Styx had made this run back to see the Lyssa. 

What the newest dropship in the SLDF, her cargo, and those jumpship’s crew did on the Lyssa, was not that important to Robert.  He could only make suggestions that the cargo dropship should be kept there, and then it could be used to help bring in large masses of cargo from the rest of the Inner Sphere in the future.  This would make supporting this mission easier for the SLDF.  Besides that trading, it would be in a ship that all of the Intel groups in the Inner Sphere knew that “belonged” to Copeland supply and salvage.  At least that was the plan while a group from the SLiE were staying in the Bivouac system. 


Currently Robert, Jess, and two infantry troopers that were acting as the leader’s escorts were being given a very detailed tour of the newest additions to the Bivouac System.  Robert and Jess were very impressed as they finished being shown an operational small pressurized shipyard and a larger pressurized yard under construction.  They all were buried deep inside a mostly mined out asteroid far from any jump point that even the craziest Casper Drone warship would not have use on a bet or dare.  And this was only one of the caverns that this orbiting 3km wide rock held.  How many other caverns were on this rock?  That was something that was not discussed in polite company, but it had to be more than a few more large type caverns by the look of things to even a casual observer with a working half brain could conclude over a beer. 

Robert looked over to the guide of this show and tell of the local production.  “You had been busy!  I take it that your dealings with MMM have turned for the better after all?” 

That had been a good deal to start with between the two groups, and it was a lot better than anyone in an all most forgotten star system could have hoped for in their wildest dreams.  But that was a long way from being better for the people living in that almost forgotten system, that now had items that someone the size of MMM wanted or needed to have access to.  There were hundreds of stories about companies like MMM taking over whole planets to get what they wanted. 

Margit Little smiled a knowing smile at the older man floating near her.  She had been “elected” the leader of the system just a few months ago.  The last leader of this star system had been her mother, until she had decided that it was time for her to step down from the leadership role in this system.  Her mother was now in charge of what was currently being called the Bivouac Aerospace Company by a growing number of nearby planets and star systems. 

Margit was always the one of that pair of women that was a better people person, and she was better at the political games than her mother had ever been.  What her mother was very good at, was being the battleax that you hit others over the head with, or she could just body checked them into a nearby wall.  Now that the Bivouac system was back on the Inner Sphere’s map and more importantly.  It was now on one of the main trading routes that pumped the life blood of the Inner Sphere.  They needed subtle and Margit had that skill, and she was very effective at the political games well above her years in raw natural talent.  And her mother was anything but subtle, but if she was needed to help the star system at any time.  She was very close by, if Margit needed to use that battleax one more time on those with overly thick skulls.  Being so close to her mother, Margit also was one of the few people in this star systems who knew how important these people were in the past and what they could do in the future for the Bivouac system. 

“BAC and MMM are currently on very good working terms, and they are getting better with every shipment we exchange between them.  We are the number one outside supplier of refined strategic ores to two of their factories, and we are closing in on that position for supporting all of their main factories on Canopus.  The cost of shipping has been dropping so much over the last year, that it is almost now cheaper to import certain common refined ores from us as it costs them to mine it on the planet and then shipped the refined ores over land to the factory.  Then we have been using that modified Tramp almost to death, and she has been a huge boost in income going to our people.” 

Margit had to quickly grab a nearby hand hold to keep from moving to far from Robert.  “I might not have agreed with the price, at the time, for that jumpship.  But it has more than paid for itself already, and now we might even one day be able to buy another one just like her from the FWL.  Besides selling ores to MMM and some smaller operations.  BAC is the largest builder of Small Craft hulls or sub dropship sized craft in the whole MoC.  We currently have six months of backlog on orders for small craft and other hulls.  I know that MMM and the MoC frowns down on taking orders and keeping a backlog on the books as a rule.  But we have worked this way for longer than I have been alive.  If we make a change?  It will have a strong reaction from our customers as well as by my people.  This seems to be understood and currently accepted by the leadership of the MoC, even if they are not happy with how we work.” 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Now her face showed a frown to the two outsiders.  “We still have to import weapons for our defenses and to finish fitting out any of those small craft hulls before shipping out.  Those weapons mostly are coming from MMM as payment for finished goods that we are shipping to them.  They give us a nice price break for those weapons, but sometimes we still have to go to outside sources like the FWL or even the CC for items that MMM might not have when we need them.  We even have been known to pick up the odd item on the mercenary market.”  She gave Robert a knowing smile, but she didn’t say more on that subject. 

She now shoots Copeland a side long look at noticing the silence from the man.  When he did not say anything, she continued her walking/floating briefing.  “During the Year of Peace, and maybe even more now that the Clans are back to taking planets.  If it is packing decent amounts of weapons, you have very little problem finding a buyer or even having a bidding war for it to a point.  That is unless you have something that they want more badly than the odd spare weapon.” 


Jess caught the look, and she knew that her boss had also seen that look, even if he was playing like he had not noticed it.  What she didn’t know, was where that statement from the young woman might be going.  And that worried Jess.  They had already traded some of the remaining Star League grade weapons to BAC and the local government out of the cargo bays of the Hercules.  They had even sold a lot of the infantry scale weapons to them. 

Jess does her own fishing with the younger woman.  “It also seems like your repair business is really booming.  It looked like you had a few ships waiting to be worked on when we jumped in, and your holding pattern around the station was as full as we have seen in some of the more major worlds we have stopped at.”  The last part was only mostly true, but it did hint that Robert and crew had been to a lot more high traffic worlds across the rest of the Inner Sphere. 

Now Margit was positively beaming with pride at what the strange woman had said about “her” system.  “Yes, we are.  It has taken some time, but now we have about six months of maintenance backlog that we have been scheduled to work in our repair yards and bays.  As with our production backlog, that is as far as we schedule out to keep the MoC investigators happy and off our backs.  We have been working with other groups of repair bay owners to get the MoC to agree to a one year backlog for repairs.  But they have yet to budge on that topic.  We even have people waiting in case something may open up all of the sudden in the repair bays.  That is why we have been building these two pressurized shipyards I was just showing you all.  They are for us or reserved for the people from this system anyway, to use.  I hope you were not wanting to get some work done on your dropships or the Styx?” 

Near as Margit could find out, no one had ever worked on the Styx or one of the dropships that was known to have worked for Copeland in the past.  She had talked to a lot of people about a lot of different topics. 

Robert was watching as a huge chunk of metal that must have amassed a thousand tons being moved into the cave mouth holding the still building shipyard.  He could not see what was being done in the smaller but working shipyard from this location.  It just looked like a mass of metal, and it did not look like any ship that Robert had ever seen or heard about in all of his travels or study.  He had never seen a Snowdon, so seeing one in action was lost on him.  He had noticed that half a dozen new small factories were in different stages of construction in those shipyards he had seen. 

Robert had to fight down a chuckle.  “Oh no!  We are good in that department.  We have made agreements with another system that does all of our maintenance work that our crews can’t handle.  I was just wondering what you are not showing me.” 

Robert half turned and made eye contact with the “President”.  It had been pointed out that the locals had done away with the title of “System Manager”, that had been normal for a few hundred years while this had been a company owned and worked star system.  To Robert it was just another word to mean the same thing.  At least this group treated those not in a leadership position as something other than slaves.  That was something that SLIC had found in all too common occurrence within and outside of the Inner Sphere. 

Margit looked around and then she gave Robert a level look.  In a soft but flat voice.  “Mom said that you were very sharp, and that I should be very careful with even blinking wrong around you.  She also said, that if I was asked a question by you.  That I should not lie, and you would keep anything quiet that I ask you to not spread around.  My mother trust you, and the number of people that she trusts.  Well, I can count them on one hand with fingers left over.” 

She gave a slight shoulder shrug at the flat looks she was receiving from the pair of outlanders that had proven so helpful to her people in the past.  “This is one of our public improvement projects.  Do you remember that project where they turned a small hollowed out rock into a massive grow house on your first visit to our little out of the way system?” 

She waited for the older man to nod that he understood what she was talking about before she continued speaking.  “There was a second rock that they had first tried and failed, on that modification from way earlier in our history.  While they were working on it, the outer hull of the rock developed a crack that was large enough to fly a Monarch class passenger liner threw from the outer skin to the hollowed section if you had a good enough pilot.  In that asteroid we are putting in a medium sized habitat, a pair of 17000ton class medium factory satellites, a small unpressurized yard, and then after all of that is done.  We will start on putting a large unpressurized shipyard in that rock.  One of the medium class factories and the small unpressurized yard have already been put into operation over there, and we are keeping that information from any visiting outsiders.” 

“After that.  We are going to be looking at making a real factory on a third rock that we have been mining on for some time, but it still has huge veins of ores we can get at.  That way we don’t have to move the ores to the smelters, and then move them to our production areas.  This should cut down on time, cost, and manpower to do all of the moving.  We will have to pull in someone like MMM to help plan out that one idea.  We need that because we can currently only grow past a certain point.  We have been using that twinning function to sell those small factories, but the MoC has made it very clear that they are to know who is buying each and every one of them.”  Margit kept her face still as ice, as she talked about the MoC’s main Intel department demands on her people. 

Jess felt her jaw drop, but Robert was just nodding his head in understanding and asked his own questions.  “Those sound-like the scale of plans of someone we know that lives around these parts.  How were you able to swing all of that in such a short time?” 

Margit was smiling again.  “After Mom made that deal with you for the LF Tramp and the other dropships.  Mom and I were able to do a deal with a few friends over at SelaSys Incorporated.  Currently we are selling them some of the extra LF battery blocks we can make.  We are only able to slowly make them, but every one of them is sold at a premium price.  When we replaced those two small class factory sats without breaking a sweat to get back on track with other needed production.  We traded some of those battery blocks off for a “complete” copy of the software package needed to run the larger factory satellites along with plans to make them by only using our small sats ability.” 

Jess snorted; Robert raised his eyebrows.  Margit smirked, and then she went on talking.  “Yea that did not work out as well as we would have liked, but we had enough data to get the things done as we needed them.  We had the small shipyard making more of the small factory class satellites as fast as they could.  At first it was to get us back on schedule of our long ranged building plans that kept getting pushed back.  The last four of that type satellites, four for our own use that is, are in the building yard now.  The six you saw here.” 

She points over her shoulder to the cavern.  “Those are earmarked to be going to their approved new owners, when they are complete.  After we get them done, then we are only going to be making a few more of the larger type of factory sats from now on for our own use.  Most of their output, will be to get the rest of the shipyards we want to build into operation.  It is a risk having larger factory satellites for an attacker to target.  But we are running into the issue of having to little personnel to run so many smaller and less efficient factories.  We might make more of the smaller class for the open market if MiM gets their act together and lets us do the business that will let us grow.”  She put a little bit of scorn in her tone at the end. 


As the young lady was talking.  Robert was pulling up the data on the Medium Class Factory Satellite in his brain and he quickly pulled up the information about the capabilities for what she was talking about.  He was impressed, if the locals could pull off getting the factory of that size into “factory level” production.  He could think of a few uses, so he went fishing.  “That is a lot of support.  Are you thinking about making jumpships?” 

This comment got the other woman to laugh, and she started to twist in the low gravity.  “No!  Not even if we had a Germanium refining plant and the spinning facility needed to cast a jump engine core.  We would not be going down that road, at least not in my lifetime anyway.  It takes too long, and the specialized equipment needs too much support just to make one jumpship every other calendar year.  We are looking at making dropships and other deep space items, but not jumpships.  Right now?  We will make the hull plates, frames, and other things for dropships like for the Leopard, Leopard CV and the Union class dropships.  We then will work with MMM, who will load the operational software on the dropships for what we don’t have.  As we get more copies of the flight and fire control software for those dropships?  We will use their services less and less, as we get into full production of those core designs of whole dropships.  It has worked out pretty well for both parties so far.” 

She did a little head shake and kept talking.  “I had pushed for making cargo lifters instead of military dropships.  We would not be targets for raids by people who want to add a few military dropships to their order of battle or dump them on the black market.  When we talked to MMM about working together?  They had a threat assessment for our system already generated, and it showed that it did not matter what we make dropship wise.  We will be targets no matter what, for pirates or just “other groups” around this area of space.  That pushed us into this direction of making combat dropships for sale to the MoC or FWL.” 

Robert could tell that the woman didn’t want to believe what she had been showed by the largest military supply company in the MoC, but she knew that she had run out of cards to play in this game.  She was a very good politician after all.  Robert kept his head moving as the young woman kept talking.  Maybe she was talking a little slower or Robert’s brain was having an easier time of keeping up with her.  Her voice was light on the cool atmosphere of the cavern. 

“They did have a point about a few things.  We should be able to make four Leopards for almost the same effort needed to make a single Mule class dropship.  MMM is okay with us making Leos and Unions, they have been overloaded with building orders for years now.  I think that they are getting pressure to make more Lion’s and looking to make maybe larger combat dropships.  I think that they are going for the Overlord class, but that is just a guess.  MMM will get a small cut on the sale on each of the dropships that they have helped with in any way.  We are still working on a shopping list for what we will build besides spare parts that we are now known for, but that will be only after we get all of the “real” production lines well online and all of the bugs worked out of them.  We can always sell more of the small attack craft to keep the out system cash flowing into our coffers.” 

Robert started talking when the women let the air go still for a few minutes.  “So, you are sticking with only large item production and the support local repairs plans.” 

Margit snorted.  “Oh, no!!  We also are supplying spare parts for jumpships and some dropships as well as, Endo Steel, Ferro-Fibrous armor, and thanks to another merchant ship that we made a deal with.  We can also make some of the components for the new high efficiency heat sinks to go along with the LF battery modules.  It’s not as well rounded industrial production as I would like, but it is what we have.”  Jess and Robert were impressed by the information they had just been given by the local leader.  Other information was passed along as they were shown around this still growing production abilities of this asteroid base. 


The last of the anti-missiles systems were snatched up by the Bivouac Aerospace Company, not long after Robert and Jess had returned from their tour.  Those systems had not been selling that well so far in the travels of Copeland and his dropships.  Everyone wanted things that went boom or zap and not what might be “only” a specialized machine gun in their eyes.  Purely defensive systems like that one just was not sexy enough for most mech jocks to want to cough up the money to buy them.  But out here without an atmosphere to help defend you from space, the ability to thin out a missile attack was worth the expense to these locals.  Robert moved over 100 of those systems in just a few days, and Robert made notes that the market for them in this system was still not saturated. 

They were also able to pick up some more ores and refined metals as payment to transport two dozen small craft for one of the Magistracy’s quickly building or expanding military Academies.  Robert had been planning to go that way before they had stopped over here.  SLIC had said that they had wanted to get some detailed updated information about that area.  This just makes it easier to explain why he was heading into a new area of the MoC.  It also was a good use of his time by making this deal with the locals.  Besides it gave him a reason to do a little more sightseeing and testing on what might be available on the markets in that area of space.  There was not that much known as major manufacturing in that part of space, besides were he was heading.  The MoC just didn’t put an academy on just any planet under their control. 

They could not leave this system until the Styx returned from her mission, so Robert and Jess did their jobs and let the crews on the dropships have some down time with the locals.  When the Styx returned to this system?  Robert would open the floor to see about taking some more of these ”new” factories with him.  If he couldn’t get the whole deal, the satellites?  Then maybe the locals would just sell him the tooling that made those small habitats into “real” factories.  The SLiE didn’t so much need the factory small Satellites.  But they very badly needed the 250 tons of tooling that was fitted into the factories like there was no tomorrow, and Robert would do whatever he could do to fill that need for New Circe. 

It took some effort and many meetings before it was brought up that MiM only wanted to know who was buying these factory “satellites”.  But he had asked, if MIM or others in the MoC had said that they would restrict the sale of tools and tooling that the locals can make?  After the local legal department had checked the communications, Robert’s guesses had proven to be correct.  Robert was now able to get a thousand tons of tools, or what was equal to four small class factory satellites.  That was for some first-generation extended range 8cm lasers, 5cm pulse lasers, about a dozen more of the anti-missile weapons, and some cash that Robert had collected on weapons sales in this star system.  Both parties thought that they got the best part of that deal that had been worked out.  Besides the tooling, Robert was wanting information to be leaked out that “his company” was now taking cargos, if the right conditions were met. 


Jules was on the edge of his seat as he sat in the command chair on the bridge of the SLS Styx.  This ship was almost defenseless, as it made its way to Canopus without carrying any dropships on her long round hull.  The Bad Kitty and the Hercules needed the firepower that the escort provided in the form of the Hobgoblin and her heavy fighters while they were left in the Bivouac System.  The Styx “only” had her clan grade ER 8cm lasers and second generation anti-missile systems.  That was way more firepower than any other jumpships outside of Clan controlled space could claim.  As part of her defenses was that she was staying away from any star much less any star, which might have people living in it for as much of the trip as she could.  The jumpship should be safe, as long as they didn’t break something along the way. 

That was also one of the reasons that the jumpship held both an HPG and TacFax along with the highly trained crews needed to run them.  The crews could not just relax on this move between trade centers.  They also had to do some paint work and reload the jumpships IFF while they traveled on her hidden route between the stars.  The altered IFF would electronically hide the identity of the Styx as the M/V Uncle Ralph and state that she was part of Copeland Supply, Salvage and Resale Company to anyone with the right equipment to pick up the codes.  A few of the specially trained paint crew would change the physical look of the Tramp class ship or for anyone that would see the Styx at something near to close range as measured while in deep space. 

When Jules got to the Canopus system, he had to order the artificial gravity shut down as the massive dropship was attached to his ship.  Jules was able to see the plasma flares from the pod mounted Bally Tech Super x40s as the huge dropship drew closer to the jumpship.  The 277m x 277m x 170m dropship seemed to be larger than that, as it slowly closed the distance to the Styx.  The crew of the Tramp would have to float like that, at least until the “prize” crew of the mammoth class dropship had been sent back to the growing number of support craft at this jump point. 

The stay in this system was scheduled to last for at least seven full days.  They were “recharging” the drive and those times were known down to the minute by anyone that was in this line of work.  By local regulations, Jules could have let the locals know that he was going to be using the LF battery.  If he had gone that route, they could have been gone at the end of the first day.  But picking up the Mammoth class dropship and her cargo were not the only reasons to be in this star system.  Besides one small company owning two rare Tramp class, and both fitted with the extremely rare and newly rediscovered high tech battery would be very hard to explain.  It was not unexplainable, but it would raise some questions. 

They had to check in with Lora, and she updated him on the Resort with coded and decoded messages.  They were sent at the speed of light from the planet towards the jump point, just as if she was updating the parent company of the Resort that she was running.  She was reporting that it was going well, and the first families had landed, and more were known to be currently in transit.  Jules could have picked up a dozen of them right now, if he wanted to wait for a long range shuttle to make the trip all the way to the jump point.  But that was not part of the plan, and he passed along that it was better to wait until there was more of them. 

While he was just sitting here at the jump point, Jules had released another set of funds for Lora to use for her project.  Still, all of that data transfer was done in less than a day.  But still they were “recharging” the jump drives like any other jumpship known to the Inner Sphere.  The main reason to stay for the full seven days at this jump point was to “tap” into any messages that the planet’s HPG might send out for the week that the Styx was sitting at the jump point.  Even a HPG station on a capital that was the size of Canopus could only send messages out only every other day.  So, they would have to wait and collect as much data as ComStar might be sending out or receiving from this growing power.  Those intercepted messages would help the leadership know about how closely ComStar was tracking this company. 

It was with some relief when the Uncle Ralph (Styx) was able to leave this system.  While they had been “recharging there jump drive”, they had been messaged every few minutes for information about their travels.  It was the opening move to find out if any of the many waiting dropships could catch a ride on the two visibly empty drop collars on the jumpship.  Blowing off those attempts to contact without letting the rest of the system know that they were being blown off, had all fallen onto the shoulders of Jules. 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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The first jump out of this star system would take the Styx to a lonely spot between the stars that no one would dare to look for them at.  Jules would wait there for six hours as everyone on the jumpship dropped whatever they were doing to take on just one job.  That six hours was enough time to search the new dropship and get rid of any trackers that might have been slipped onto them by some second or third parties. 

After that “break”, and the pull of gravity was back on the bodies of the crew of the jumpship.  Seven days of Zero g fell into the fun category, and not yet into the causing any health issues category for the jumpship’s crew.  That didn’t mean that the whole crew was happy to have decks being back to being decks again.  You can’t please everyone all of the time, but you can please most of the people most of the time. 


The Colonial made drive did what it could do, and they were on their way at a pace that the crews were more comfortable with.  Soon every other hour the ship was moving fifteen light years like a well-oiled machine that it was.  The only star system that it would stop at was within Duke Terry’s Ltenhoe system.  This stop had the Tramp now going under the name of Charon, under short term chartered contract out of the Outworlds Alliance to Copeland supply, salvage and Resale Company.  The one good thing about having the dropship, was that the empty crew bunks on the huge dropship would ease the overcrowding that the Styx had been dealing with after dropping off the three dropships with Copeland and his team. 

The Styx would only be in that system for only a total of six days.  That would let any spies think that one of Copeland’s ships, the Charon, was just faster charging her “drive”, but she was really checking in with Terry and spying on ComStar again.  The Charon would send coded messages down to the planet to let the planetary Duke know that it was almost time to start her plans for her own Exodus.  This was not required, but it helped with the communication and any future plans.  The more data they had, the more likely that they would succeed. 

Jules received messages in return at the speed of light from the planet light hours away.  One message was addressed to him and some of the others were for Robert, and some that were just covering junk mail.  The message to Jules was an update on Terry’s assets that she was going to use for the Exodus from the planet.  It would seem that she had been able to “acquire” a passenger liner after Robert had left, but she didn’t list the type or capabilities of this liner that she had somehow gotten her hands on.  There were not any clues on how this event had happened, but it would make the next part of the plan easier for Duke Terry to work around.  At least now she had a minimum seat count on who she could get out. 


When the timer on the bridge of the maybe Charon reads zero?  The Styx was gone again with her colonial made drive’s emissions being concealed by the HPG burst.  This time she did not end up in the space between the stars or in a jump point of any kind for that matter.  The Styx was in a preplanned location above the super Earth sized planet in the Split system. 

Jules had to have a meeting over on the Lyssa as soon as his ship was settled in from the many jumps it had made in the last few months.  He needed to bring up to speed the rest of the SLiE fleet and leadership about the changes in the plans that Robert had put together or modified after last contact with higher command.  Jules was not looking forward to having those meetings.  He also had to do a data dump of all of the reports that had been done along with the raw data that the Styx had collected on her travels. 

The fully loaded Lion from the newest combat unit to form in the SLDF was going to be Key to this many revised plan.  This was going to be their first deployment off of New Circe by any of the units on the slowly building of the 205th Royal Assault Mech BDE.  She was supposed to be only used if Copeland found that he needed the ground forces as a big hammer to help pull out Duke Terry and her people, or if they were needed to help pull out the Families.  It was always better to have a condom and not need it, than need one and not have one. 

Robert still would have some of the cargo bays and opened bunks in the Infantry bays on the modified Lion called Bad Kitty.  He also had the returned cargo space when the old style jump drive had been removed from the Styx.  They also might have some cargo space in the Hercules, but there was not a guarantee on the amount of open space that would be in the Mammoth class dropship when it came time to launch her Exodus. 

That was all of the space that Robert could plan on as being close to the facts when he had started this mission.  Now with Duke Terry having a passenger liner, this had changed things some.  But still what Copeland and Terry could do was going to be tided very closely to what the SLDF and the SLiE could push out this far down the supply lines, and what the political realities would let them do.  What the SLiE could do in that arena was not fully known when Robert had launched on this run to the Inner Sphere.  This information was not going to be risked being sent over the TacFaxs much less on an HPG message that ComStar, the Clans, or even unknown third parties could receive.  The SLDF, much less just SLIC, was worried about leaking information with the Cylons and others being around.  The story about the WW 2 German Enigma codes and machines had resurfaced on New Circe.  There were many people that didn’t want to revisit that episode of Hubris. 

Jules was in the Split system for only three days, and it was a very busy 72 hours for him and his crewmembers.  In that time, the crewmembers from the two invader class ships had left the Tramp class jumpship and made their way to the massive Star Lord in close orbit.  You never knew when you might need a few extra dropship collars, and this craft had six that were not currently being used by anyone in the Split system. 

A TacFax message was sent from the Styx to Robert, still relaxing in the Bivouac system, to let him know they had made the trip safely to the Split system.  One of the nice things about the TacFax was that they were completely passive when they received messages from another TacFax.  They only generated a power output of any kind when they sent a message into hyperspace to move faster than the speed of light.  Soon each of the dropships used by the SLDF and the SLiE would have one of the new communication devices and a trained person to use it. 

First, they would have to outfit all of the warships in the SLDF navy, all of the support ships the combat ships needed, along with the upper level headquarters of the war effort.  The only slowdown in the deployment was that the TacFaxes were handmade devices, and only a handful of former Cylon refugees or POWs had the skills and time to make them.  They were at the point that they could make them or work on making improvements on them, but they could not currently do both jobs at once.  It was like they were making pocket watches but starting at the raw ore level and working until you put the device on the sales floor.  Oh, and you only had a dozen people to do all of that work.  That number of skilled workers was growing, but it was very slow work. 

Jules did not have any idea when the next support ship would be coming to the Split system.  Robert had told him to unload all of the cargos that had been acquired so far from the Styx, and that included any personal items that the crews didn’t need.  This also just happened to be the way that was going to be how Lora was getting her “household goods” sent to her new home.  Yea Robert was a sneaky SOB, but he was the Crew’s SOB.  Then Lora’s cargo was going to be stored on land that belonged to Robert, but it would be on New Circe until Lora could make it to that hidden planet and decide how she was going to sell it. 

Without being planning on it, by Robert or anyone on the Lyssa.  This cargo run was going to be a test run for the future returning Families, as well as the start of a stream flowing to New Circe filled with cargos of much needed items.  Jules also passed along word that the Blockade Runner needed to be made ready to be handed over to the MoC, just as Robert had planned.  This would put the small warship’s crew on notice that they needed to be ready to leave and to train a new crew that would be made up of people from the Inner Sphere. 

All of that would be just as Admiral Xi and SLIC had worked out months ago back on New Circe.  Besides the Mammoth and her cargo full of steel, over three thousand tons of cargo was moved over from the Styx to the modified Olympus class station.  It was a learning curve for the crew of the Lyssa to handle cargos like this.  The hardest individual items were the battalion of tanks that had been built by Blackwell. 

Soon the Styx would be returning to the Inner Sphere, and on this run she would lift the “small” warship to a location within one jump of the Canopus star system.  The data for this” holding” star system had been gathered on one of the “killing time” missions to hide the true abilities of the Styx.  The jump from there to the capital of the MoC would be the only real or updated jump drive training that would be given to any of the local born crew.  Crewmembers that the MoC would send to “holding” to take over ownership of the Vincent class warship.  That was the plan, anyway.  And everyone knows about the plans of mice, men, and wolverines. 

The reason for the delay in getting the SLS Styx back to the rest of the worlds of the Inner Sphere was caused by the unloading of the cargo bays on the jumpship in 100ton or smaller lots.  As soon as the last container of cargo was unloaded from the cargo bays, which had at one time held a “normal” jump drive were locked down.  It took a lot less time to attach the 420K tons of warship to 250K tons of an empty heavily modified Tramp class jumpship.  It had not taken but an hour to top off the Styx with the colonial made specialized fuel for the faster than light engine.  They were going to need that fuel for the many short jumps they would need to use because the Styx was carrying so much mass. 


The massive jumpship was gone again in a blurring of motion that was “normal” for Cylon and Colonial made jump drives.  The Styx could have “towed” the Star Lord class jumpship to a jump point before she had left, but that would have taken time that the Styx didn’t have.  The small craft housed on the Lyssa would slowly tow that old jumpship to a jump point, from where her more conventional style jump engine could function without destroying the ship and or killing the crew of the vessel. 

After dropping off the small warship, the Styx was taking a least time approach to make her way back to meet up with Robert in the Bivouac system.  They would only need a few days to cover those many hundreds of light years.  The Styx and her crew would have time to rest and run some more of the needed maintenance after arriving back in the Bivouac system.  They would have to wait around seven days to “recharge” the engine at least to keep the cover, so why waste that time.  That is unless Robert changed the rules….again. 

There now were more LF batteries in use around the Inner Sphere, and the real-world facts were being passed around if you had the right set of ears.  One of those facts, was the stress that those high tech batteries put on a “normal” jump drive when they were used.  These batteries had their uses, but they also had an upper limit on how many double jumps you can do before you needed to replace them, or you spend a lot of time and money on maintenance of your jump core.  This “new” information was going to make the Styx’s movements that much harder to keep to her cover story, but not impossible.  They could keep this cover story as long as no one knew who was providing the major repair work needed to support Copeland’s company.  They could do this as long as the jumpship didn’t have a major engineering casualty while within the Inner Sphere. 

That down time in Bivouac would also give them time for any last-minute deals to be done, before they started on the way to a few more different systems that Robert had already planned for.  Jules just smiled as he thought about this run.  The HPG team would slip in a message into the ComStar data feeds addressed to a few certain persons within the MoC government.  The coded message would let them know that something special had arrived and that they should head towards Holding.  One of the things that had always made him edgy, was that he quickly got bored with life.  That was not the case on these runs to the Inner Sphere. 

That was the last thought of Jules in this star system as it carried the small warship on the first step of it having a new home in the Inner Sphere.  When that team was ready, a Tacfax message would be sent to Robert.  And then Jules would put a message into the ComStar data stream for them to know where the MoC’s new warship was.  Then all the MoC would have to do was get a crew there, finish paying for the trip, work out how to make spare parts, and keep someone like ComStar from trying to blow it apart.  Oh, and make sure that the CC and the FWL didn’t try to take it away from them so that it could be put to “better” use in their eyes. 

When the warship arrived in the Canopus system in late December 3051.  The crew of old timers would go to the Resort and help Lora with whatever they could.  The news of the warship arriving in this star system was so huge.  That no one noticed that after the warship arrived over the planet, that some of the small craft had not landed at the capital but at a Resort.  Those older people had left behind a lot of training materiel, but it was mainly focused on how to maintain the blockade runner.  How to use it was going to be up to the new crewmembers of the warship to work out. 

Shaky System. 
3 RGT, 3312 Mech BDE, 331 Royal Mech Div.

Lieutenant Colonel Fredrick Charikov looked out of the armored glass that covered the front of his command battlemech.  This was the second time that his unit had been deployed to what was called The Shaky System by the higher officers within the SLDF.  This star system had been a gold mine that had supplied the SLDF Navy and the SLiE with a long list of much needed or otherwise very useful items in the war effort against the Cylon Empire.  They were currently there in the hope of finding anything that the mixed team of DOME and Star League Corps of Engineers had been forced to leave behind during their ill-fated last evacuation of this star system.  That was why he had been sent to this planet, twice.  If the outer system had so many useful items, then the planet might have even more.  Both of those two Star League groups were very well known for the size and the durability of their constructions.  Those facts had not made the life of people like Fredrick very easy. 

So far, the aptly named planet Shaky had not revealed any of her possible secrets.  But there was too high of a chance that those two groups had left something behind.  And the SLiE had to recover it or destroy it so that it would not fall into the enemy of mankind’s hands.  That risk of the Cylon Empire finding this system was the reason that a regiment of first line combat troops of the SLiE was currently here.  Anytime that an expedition was launched to this planet to looked for items left behind, a heavy escort had to be attached to them for the entirety of the mission.  This greatly added to the cost of these types of missions, but Clan Wolverine was not known for risking people of these searching groups of mostly academics.  The Cylons had proven that they didn’t care if you thought that you were a noncombatant or not.  All they needed to know was that you were a human, and that was enough for the Cylons to want to kill you. 

The Regimental commander was not going to let any rust develop on his unit’s fighting skills while they spent up to six months on this planet watching the academics dig around in the dirt.  Each search team had a lance or Platoon of warriors attached to them, to act as their close escort.  The dropships that had brought them all to this planet, they also held a rotating guard force of a full company.  The rest of his combined arms force was out in the field conducting war-games three out of every four weeks on the ship’s calendar. 

The only break in the training would be when a major earthquake strikes the area that was above 6 on the open ended R scale.  The risk of landslides, tidal waves, and other dangers was just too high to keep training going at all hours.  This rule was a pain to work around, but it was easier to deal with this added training issue instead of pulling a mech or tank out of a crack in the ground or out from under a landslide. 

Fredrick looked down at a display as his 100ton Pulverizer II Omni mech rocked slowly forward and back in the air.  He had to fight down a little motion sickness at the unnatural rocking of a 10m tall combat machine over road his multi ton gyro.  “Yep 6.7 or better…..might be a foreshock.  There goes my training schedule again.  What is wrong with this Frakking planet and screwing with my training plans and schedules?”  He made a sour face under his helmet.  “Well, at least I don’t have to deal with 2nd BN on top of this frakked up planet.”  He had no idea that he had been talking aloud to himself. 

The 2nd Battlemech Battalion, 3rd Regiment of 3312nd Mech Brigade of the great 331st Royal Mech Division was supposed to have been deployed to help with the escort mission to the planet called Shaky.  That is right until half of the unit’s enlisted personnel and 20% of the officers had failed a surprise Drug test launched by SLIC.  It was a test that seemed to have come out of the blue just before they were about to board the dropships. 

The use of Chamalla extract was a growing problem that the Colonials had brought with them almost eight years ago to New Circe.  That plant extract had been one of the first items band from importing into the SLiE side of the planet.  That had fueled an underground smuggling network in the area of were the SLiE ruled.  SLIC had found part of this network and tracked it to that unit…hence the surprise mass drug tests that was undertaken. 

The loss of so many of the unit’s personnel and not just some key personnel due to failing the drug testing.  The whole battalion was down checked off of active deployment until it could be brought back up to full strength.  The last thing any sane person would want to happen, was for a mech jock or tanker to start having some hallucinations or visions while they were going cross country with anti-mech scale weapons.  Much less being in that state of mind when an earthquake hit them while they had live ammunition on board.  The Gods only know what they would think was happening to them in that mix of drug and real life stress. 

He had spoken aloud, and it was not because he had mental issues of some kind or that he just liked hearing his own voice echoing around his cockpit.  This speaking aloud was something that was beaten into every mech jock in their earliest days of “real” mech training going all the way back to the first conflict using battlemechs.  Just like the pilot voice and data records that were added to aircraft in the 20th century, Mechs had some of the same systems that preformed this same function and for the same reasons.  It was a great way to find out what caused major damage to a multimillion C-Bill piece of equipment without relying on the pilot’s memory. 


Fredrick reached over to his radio to make sure everyone was okay and to tell everyone to stay away from cliffs or steep hills.  They would limit any movement for the next few hours until the sun rose to make navigation of any new hazards caused by the quakes easier.  This was a strong and close enough earthquake to auto cancel this training event.  This was the third time this month that a quake had been large enough to stop training of his units.  That was just a normal month on the planet called Shaky for a very good reason. 

Before he could do that bit of required administration for the safety of his unit, the radio came to life on the Emergency all hand settings.  “Cylons jump signature!!  Cylon Jump Signature detected in system!  90 seconds to arrival!!  All units go to ground!!  This is not a drill!!”  This alert repeated three more times before the station followed its own orders and “went to ground.”  They would cut power generation as well as shut down all active transmitters to try to hide in the background noise of this star system. 

Technically the dropship’s commander should not have legally given that order to all of the forces on this odd little planet.  Then again, those were standing orders from high command that broke more than a few older SLDF regulations.  Still Colonel Charikov hit the same channel activation button.  “This is Hammer 6……shutdown!!!  I say again…..shutdown!!!” 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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As soon as the last word had left his mouth, Fredrick’s hand was flying towards his mech’s emergency engine shutdown button.  Little did he know, was that this order and actions were already too late to hide.  The Cylons knew that the humans were down there, and they had a good idea where they were at.  Well at least they knew what part of the planet most of the humans were on.  Oh, and close counts when you used large enough nuclear weapons. 


The huge DreadStar had received the navigation data from one of the Cylon heavy raiders that had first jumped to the outer edge of this part of space.  Getting to this location had not been easy, and even the Cylons had needed to take small steps.  A long time was needed for them to work out the next small step on the path that the Cylon Empire was taking looking from more humans to kill.  This small step process was faster and safer, for the human forms.  So, the Cylons had just let the small craft do all of the leg work for the larger capital warships. 

The group of Heavy Raiders had been dormant and collecting data for a few days that they were in that area of space.  The Cylon entry point was in between the Oort cloud and the “normal” jump point of Inner Sphere style jumpships.  Then they had fired up their sub-light engines and they had “slowly” headed towards the star at the center of this star system at a steady, but constant  thrust rating.  Soon those modified Heavy Raiders were moving fast, even by Cylon standards.  By now they were moving about as fast as their armor could protect them from any grains of sand and tiny rocks that they might hit as they raced deeper into the more crowded parts of the star system. 

The Heavy Raiders had not been in “Active” mode, and they had not been spotted by the humans.  But the humans on the ground had been detected by them using radios to communicate with each other in their training movements.  The navigation data and the information about humans being on this planet was compiled.  All of that data was sent back on one of the Heavy Raiders while the rest of the Heavy Raider group went deeper into the system soaking up more and more data as they went.  They were like fast, dark data vampires as they closed the distance to the possible enemy. 

The remaining Heavy Raiders would not jump out and go back to their Basestar.  Their coding said, that if they found humans?  They were to wait in this star system after one craft was sent back to the nearest Cylon Capital warship.  They were to wait until they were relieved by a human form Cylon, or the orders sent by them.  So, when the Dreadstar jumped into the orbit of the oddly placed planet.  It would use the extra data that had been collected from the rest of the scouting Heavy Raider squadron at the speed of light. 

This Cylon Empire capital warship was a modified Dreadstar.  She was the first of her kind, but she would not be the last of her kind to take up the call of battle against humans.  It looked like an old Hades class Basestar connected to a cut in half second Hades class ship, and then those two half parts of the Hades were attached to the port and starboard of the core Hades class Basestar.  The internal volume was alot larger than just using two whole Hades class vessels to do the same job.  This was due to the lack of needing dedicated engines and other internal support systems that was now supplied by the core Hades to the attached halves. 

The other modifications done on the Hades were the layers of heavy armor, and fitting of even more heavy class KEWs cannons.  But these cannons were in place of fitting fewer missile launchers to the warship’s outer hull.  This one craft had a lot of Cylon made and designed heavy cargo lifters to act as assault landing craft for the ground troops that also was carried within her hull.  This capital ship should be able to “take on” any of the human capital ships, but only long enough for it to run away.  Ship to ship combat was not the reason for this modified Dreadstar.  She was the taker of planets, not the taker down of human warships. 


As the Number One smiled, two full Cylon ground Divisions were on their way to the main continent on the odd planet below them.  Thanks to the data supplied by the Heavy Raiders, the Number One in command of this ship knew generally where the humans were on the planet below him.  For just a few seconds the Dreadstar seemed to be covered in a cloud of some kind.  Then long thin fingers of red started falling towards the planet out of that cloud of unburnt fuel that had wrapped around the metal warship.  Those were missiles falling towards the planet, but they were soon joined by shells that were the same sized as was used by the Mercury Class Battlestar.  When those cannon shells were fired towards the target, they had left no trace as they flew through space.  With no trace of their passage, until they started interacting with the planet’s atmosphere, their arrival was a surprise to those on the ground.  Cylons surprises on humans tended to only leave a lot of dead humans in the wake of those surprises. 

Normally if the Cylons wanted to launch an orbital bombardment, they would have launched one of their specialized Orbital Bombardment weapons optimized for that kind of thing.  That device would fall towards a planet and when it reached a preset altitude?  It would start shedding layers until the first short guided red tipped missiles were exposed.  As the weapon fell deeper into the atmosphere, layer after layer of nuclear tipped missiles would launch from the larger carrying projectile.  Many human cities had died under those Cylon weapons. 

Only now all of those specialized Cylon weapons had by now been mostly used in action or the few remaining survivors had been pulled from the active Basestars and then disassembled.  The salvaged nuclear warheads from those devices were needed to be used on “normal” anti-Battlestar missiles on Heavy Raiders or capital sized Cylon combat ships.  The need to fuel the increasing large complement of fission powered Praetorians had caused the Cylon Empire to be stretched in both making Praetorians and turning out more nuclear devices of the size the Number Ones were used to.  The Colonials and SLDF were not the only ones that the needed logistics was being a bane to the planned execution of their war plans. 

From the high ground provided by the orbiting of the Dreadstar over the planet.  The falling “conventional” ordnance was very hard to intercept by the people they were falling on.  The anti-missiles systems on the dropships were able to take out some of these falling capital missiles, but they could not even touch the falling cannon shells.  But that was why military dropships had a thickly armored hull.  The laws of math and war said that you simply could not avoid or shoot down all of the enemy’s weapons fire. 

All three of the dropships took heavy damage, but they were not completely taken off the field of battle by this Cylon onslaught.  It was just that they would not be taking off again from the planet’s surface in the near future.  At least not without a lot of work being done on some of the damaged areas on those dropships.  The combat and academic units out in the field were on their own, and more than a few were knocked down by the pre landing bombardment launched by the Cylons.  Very few of those mechs and tanks were mission killed by that bombardment.  But some were taken down, and more had taken some damage to the Cylon weapons. 

The rain of missiles and cannon shells was not meant to kill all of the humans on the planet.  It was more to make sure that the humans kept their heads down as the landing force had started coming down in waves from the huge Cylon Basestar.  The Number Ones might have been hardheaded, self-centered, and convinced of their near god hood level of intelligence.  But if you hit them hard enough over the head?  Then even a Number One could learn, it just took a lot of pain and not a few repetitions for them to be more…receptive to other ideas.  You can fix dumb, and you can fix stupid.  But that last one is going to hurt…them for a long time afterwards. 

One of those ideas that had been beaten into the Number One’s heads, was that you didn’t land your invasion forces within the incredibly long ranged capabilities of the colonials and their new allies’ weapons.  The other thing was that you didn’t attack the humans until you have over whelming levels of combat forces.  At least having over whelming force in the area where you were expecting to make contact with the humans in the first place. 

As the first landing waves of Cylons made sure that the local area was clear of threats.  The landing craft would make a second and a third return to space to bring down more of the Cylon ground fighting units.  But they had the time and after three runs from orbit to surface without issues and doing so they had landed the 2 full Cylon Ground Divisions.  After they were on the ground, only then did the Cylon combat forces start to leave their landing zone.  But this one time?  It was going to prove the exception to that rule about hitting the humans with one powerful fist.  They enemy gets a say in your battle plans… that is why they are called the enemy after all. 


LT Col Fredrick Charikov had used the time that the Cylon’s landing had given them, as the Cylon’s had slowly gathered their forces from the Cylon Basestar in orbit.  He had been gathering up his own scattered and now battered forces as best that he could.  He could not form all of his units of his regiment into one place in the limited time he had.  In only one place did he have what was left of one ad hoc combat battalion in one place.  The rest of his command were spread out in smaller sized units around the local area. 

But Charikov was able to get many of his scattered combat companies online, and those smaller combat units were getting ready for the Cylons as fast as they could with whatever they had on hand.  Still that battalion was not a “unit”, but two mech companies and a tank company that happened to be close together at the time of the surprise Cylon landing.  The mech companies were to have been attacked with the heavy hover tanks acting as the OPFOR for the training event.  Then the Cylons had party crashed the training event, and so now this battalion sized force was formed. 

The 3rd Regiment of the 3312 Mech Brigade was part of the 331st Royal Battlemech Division.  In a change from the clans and the rest of the SLDF, this unit used four Battalions and other base four for the rest of their formations.  But for this deployment it was made up of one battlemech battalion, a heavy hover tank battalion, and a hover APC equipped infantry battalion.  It was a powerful force, but it was now outnumbered over 10 to 1, and the humans had just lost all of their air support.  That was thanks to the damage done to the dropships that had been holding all of their aerospace fighters when the Cylons had launched their surprise bombardment. 


The Number One acting as the ground force commander was normally “just” in command of the 12th Cylon Division.  Now he was acting as the commander of his division, and he was in command of what was being referred to as the 4th Cylon Ground Corps.  At least it was now that the 7th ground division was added to this combat ship.  As the overall commander of these two Cylon ground divisions, he was well back behind the lines of any expected combat.  From this position he was to manage the battle of the Centurions, Praetorians, and the few other human form Cylons. 

To help manage battles like this had caused another modification to be done to some of the Centurions of the Cylon Empire.  This one modification had turned some combat Centurions into the sole job of transmitting data back to a command center run by human form Cylons.  These data relay Centurions were spread out along the battlefront, all so that it was almost like the Number One was at each point in his battle lines all at the same time.  The Number One could tell how he thought the battle was developing, and he ordered five squadrons of Heavy Raiders to launch an attack and provide air support for the rest of the Cylon Ground Corps. 

The One gave an evil smile as the data played out as he had expected that it would.  That data now showed him the spoiling attack forming by the humans.  Then in a blink of an eye a wave of about a dozen 50ton hover tanks cleared a low ridge and charged into the advancing Cylon front lines.  The overflying Heavy Raiders data showed him that less than two dozen of the walking human combat machines were supporting this attack against the heart of “his” division. 

The hover tanks started sweeping their weapons across the front ranks of up armored Centurions as they passed in a blur of motion.  The Number One had not cared at the numbers of metal Cylons dropping under the weapon’s fire of these attacking hover tanks.  Their job was merely to draw the enemy in, and that was what the falling Centurions were doing.  Everything was going according to the plan that he had worked out when he had been ordered to attack this planet by the Number One still on the command bridge of the capital ship. 

The attacking hover tanks streaked back towards the low ridge after their attack runs, only to turn around and fall in behind the advancing battlemechs.  To provide heavy fire support to the smaller Centurions, the One moved his lines of Praetorians mini mechs closer to the point of battle.  The humans in their huge mechs charge forward, and the heavier Cylon Praetorians were soaking up the fire right along with the lighter Centurions that were closer to the ground.  All that the Cylons could do was take the hits from the longer ranged weapons used by the human’s fighting machines. 

When the humans were in range, a wave of very good Cylon made missiles were launched into the human war machines from the greater number of heavy Cylon walkers.  Now the numbers were not working out as a positive for the Cylons, and the lower number of human mechs worked for them.  The Cylons could only target so many weapons on each enemy human war machines, before the missiles were launched in near enough as it didn’t matter into one wave of weapon’s fire.  So, the cloud of missiles fell over to the other side of the battlefield, but it was diluted by over 30 human combat machines to soak up all of that Cylon weapons fire. 

That Cylon missile fire was diluted even more because each one of those human combat machines had at least one Laser based anti-missile system fitted.  They could not stop all of those Cylon weapons, or even most of them.  But they could stop some of the guided weapons that were headed their way with the intent of killing the humans.  This was the classic Cylon missile spam attack, and the humans knew what to expect and were not surprised by it.  The human mech pilots were not happy, but they also were not surprised by what was now just a “normal” missile spam attack. 

The Number One smiled again as the images showed a few of the smaller human machines stagger out of the human’s line of battle, but that smile went away when none of the human machines fell to the ground or looked to have been knocked out by his massed missile attacks.  The Number One put his finger to the screen and it zoomed in with his mental command. 

The Cylon equipment developers were still working on a wet interface that could be used in the field.  But currently the slightest bit of dirt would have a devastating effect on the current generation of wet devices, and so they had used old Colonial components for their main field headquarters.  This grated on the members of the Number One lines, but there was little that they could do but work on getting “proper Cylon” gear for the Cylon field commanders to use. 

The “General” One had to zoom in some more and the ID number on the Praetorian was clear for him to see in his mind.  The number matched one that was on a list that only he and the Number One on the flagship knew about.  “Frakk, it’s not in close enough.  What is wrong with that thing?  Well, I guess I will have to take over myself.”  He had spoken softly and more to himself than for any real need to give commands. 

The “General” One gave some direct orders to that one Praetorian class walker.  And soon the Praetorian was moving to engage one of the larger walking human mechs that was shooting down so many of his heavy raiders.  When the walking Cylon warmachine was close enough to almost touch the 80ton human mech, a fresh set of orders went out of the Cylon command center on the Cylon specific wireless system at the speed of light.  With the last few orders sent, the General One went to look if he could see where else his attention was needed.  He found some, and more specialized orders were sent out to those Praetorians. 


Many kilometers away, as the crow flies.  A small package that was attached to the back of the Praetorian that only weighed in at 120 pounds and was a 152mm around when it activated.  The pilot of the Rifleman III had no idea what was going on.  She was working on taking out as many of the attacking up armored Heavy Raiders as flew within the range of her weapons.  She was taking fire from one of the Cylon Battlemechs, but it was just chipping away at her side armor and was not that much of a risk just yet.  Soon one of her “escorts” would take care of the nit that was taking small bites out of her armored skin.  Then the world changed, and she had a front row seat to hell. 

The Cylons had no idea that they had just reinvented the W48 from the United States’ Army back in the time of the cold war on Earth, just with a Cylon twist.  When the code was received, the weapon activated and in less than ten seconds the area was ground zero to .072kilotons or 30TJ of energy that was released in about a microsecond.  Soon all along the line of Cylon attackers more of these “small” nuclear bombs were activated on the back of the large Cylon machines.  In this eye blink the attacking human combat battalion was destroyed.  It had also cost the Cylons almost a short brigade from the 7th Cylon Ground Division to do that work.  But they had removed a lot of humans and their equipment from the battlefield in this field testing of a new Cylon tactic. 

If someone had just looked at the numbers lost on both sides of this battle, it would have been a draw.  It was not uncommon for a SLDF and Colonial Mixed battalion to be able to take on and force off of the battlefield a Cylon ground brigade while being gutted.  What the use of these “small” devices did, was to force a large hole into the human defensive lines.  This worked as planned for the Cylons with the nuclear weapons, it was just that the plan was crap.  That is not to say that it would work for that long against the humans.  Humans were known to counter surprises very quickly. 

Now if the SLiE had been part of the clans or the Cylons had used these weapons against some clan unit.  They would have reacted with a lot more……. Aggression, and most likely they would have charged right into the guns of the enemy that had dared to fight wars not according to their rules.  Now Clan Wolverine and the SLiE had a large supply of nuclear weapons of their own, and they had planned on using them against the rest of the clans when the time was right.  They had worked out long ago that if they used these weapons, then it was a good bet that someone would return the favor of sending you cans of instant sunshine.  So, they had already worked out battle plans decades before the SLiE ran into the colonials and then the nuclear weapon happy Cylons. 


LT Col Fredrick Charikov looked at the line of markers going across his command screens.  His eyes shot up and he could see the line of dark black and orange laced clouds rising higher and higher into the air.  He could not move for a few seconds, and then his training kicked in.  His hands went to his radio and flipped it to a rarely used setting. 

Fredrick was about to do a full powered radio transmission to any human radio on this side of the planet.  His transmitter was about to put out enough RF energy to cook any of the trees that were nearby.  Not that they were already probably going to die because of such a wide use of nuclear weapons any way.  “Six to all units!  Go for Magic Mushrooms 4.  I say again.  This is Six!  And go for Magic Mushroom 4!  Light these Frakkers up.  Good hunting, and I will see you all on the other side.  Six out.” 

He looked down and resets his radio RF power back to something that would only reach to his local lance and not much further.  “Major Buckler take Sargent Sergent and head north.  I will take Sargent Kumar and head south.  Let’s see how we can bleed these Frakkers.” 


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Re: spinoff BSG crossover Copeland Supply, Salvage, and Resale
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Major Buckler was the second ranking officer for this unit, and he used the heavy autocannon of his mech to render a salute to the senior officer before breaking north at the trot.  All around what remained of the 3rd Regiment broke down into preplanned smaller units to keep from giving the enemy a target worth using a WMD on.  The idea was that the combat units would be small enough that the enemy would not “waste” a nuclear weapon on trying to kill them.  And if the Cylons did use one?  Then it would reduce the risk to any other combat group in the area of those unlucky enough to be at ground Zero of the blast of Einstein’s magic math problem. 

This was not a great plan or even a good plan as those things went.  One of the down sides would be that now the Cylons could use their larger numbers to swamp the smaller groups of human defenders.  The humans would lose some of the effectiveness that their better weapons gave them in this war.  The way that the 3rd Regiment members thought about it, was that it just means that the humans would not take as many Cylons down at one time. 

But as old Uncle Joe always said, quantity has a quality all of its own.  Now the hard part was to find out how small the unit needed to be, so that the Cylons would not open little cans of sunshine on them out of hand.  It was going to suck as a learning curve.  The one time lance of four massive assault class mechs broke apart and each pair of massive combat machines made their way to the sound of battle and nuclear detonations killing their friends.  The March of Cambreath was playing within the minds of more than just this one lance. 


SFC Brenties Infantry platoon was backed up by an ad hoc lance of hover APCs only a few meters behind them covered by trees and cut brush.  These were not the normal 10ton hover APCs that his unit had been issued when the Colonials had arrived over New Circe.  These were newer or at least recently rebuilt versions of machines used for about the last century and a half on New Circe.  These had the old 60 rated generic ICE engines replaced by 60 rated Leenex model fusion engines.  The now opened space once used for fuel storage, the larger, and bulkier engine was now used to carry a half ton more supplies and a second generation 5cm pulse laser mounted in the front hull.  It still had its 12.5mm Machinegun in the top mounted turret that just cut down Centurions like ripe wheat.  Brenties had to admit, that it was a nice modification to the old age of war designed machine.  He had thought that just because it was old did not mean that the weapon system was not still good and useful for many tasks. 

Besides making support out on the battlefield easier without the supply chain needing to bring fuel just to run the APCs.  When they were back on New Circe that was not an issue and being able to hide was more important than supporting them off planet.  The fusion engine also allows for quicker recharging of all of the energy weapons that the squads used in the fight against the Cylon Empire.  The SLDF had always used a slightly modified Mauser 960 pulse laser rifle for the infantry unit’s main weapon.  With the coming of the Cylons, this had not caused any changes, at first. 

Now with the up armoring of the main ground force combatant designs of the Cylon Empire.  More energy weapons were added, at least to the front line units to counter the enemy reaction to the first contacts with the SLiE.  Gone were the old slug throwers side arms and they were replaced with double barreled Colonial pistols or a growing number of Blazer style handguns.  Now the SLDF ground teams didn’t have to carry more and different ammunition to their jobs.  At least now the different types of power packs were limited only to three different types of power storage devices for their energy weapons.  They still had to make room for any extra 12.5mm ammunition needed for the turret machinegun and extra grenades for the 960’s every person was carrying. 

Brenties had heard rumors that the old ICE engines went into helping maintain the now very overused cargo trucks needed to supply the whole SLDF ground forces in other units or doing work back on New Circe.  He had no idea that there was a limit on this modification cycle making this type of Hover APCs.  That the limits on getting more of the APCs converted was having the right sized fusion engines that Copeland was bringing in from the Inner Sphere was not something most thought about. 

The NCO adjusted his position deep in his fighting position that had been dug for him to use.  As he looked at the hidden hover tanks, he thought about the other testing equipment.  While his unit received these hover APC’s, another unit had received some of the Hilux gun trucks that the Colonials were so happy about.  Brenties was not sure about this light truck and its use off planet, and it was not just about the underpowered and overweight gas engine they used. 

The Hilux gun trucks had not been armored and carried a team of four, but the 30mm KEW was nice to use when you needed to thin out the Cylon wave attacks.  The KEWs also had a little longer range than the 12.5 machinegun on the APCs, but not by that much.  The second generation 5cm pulse laser had a lot longer range, and it would punch threw two or even three of those up armored Centurions if the angle was just right. 

SFC Brenties had a smile on his face as he thought about the lasers on those APCs cutting down Centurions, then his eyes drifted down at the black badge on the front of his battledress.  That black badge was his radiation detector and danger ranking.  And the black color said that he was in a bad way, because there was not a higher level of tracked radiation that a human body had been exposed to without a huge amount of medical care. 

Brenties ripped his eyes away from the badge and they went to the video feed that his thin wire cam was displaying for him on the insides of his helmet.  In that view was a large group of Centurions complete with heavy shields carried in one arm.  An Observation Point had reported the group of Cylons moving this way a little while ago.  The hope for this platoon was to take out this group of unsupported Cylons.  The NCO smiled when the group of walking AI’s turned as one when they cross a trail that had been carefully left behind by one of the platoon’s hover APCs.  If the Cylons followed that “trail of signs” it would lead them right into the teeth of this unit’s firepower. 

With the sudden turn toward the dugged in SLDF small unit hiding from the Cylons.  The NCO knew that it was about time to get some pay back for the radiation sickness he knew that was waiting to start on him as soon as tonight.  Only you had to be alive to have that body wracking sickness, and a black badge left even that fact in doubt.  He activated the very low powered radio link to the rest of his soon to be very sick troopers. 

“Okay you apes.  Fire off your grenades on my mark, then reload with what you have in your holes.  We can get more when we get back to the dropships.  Blazer and SRM team, hold fire for the Pretorian mechs.  That is unless they get within 50meters, then do what you need to do to those Frakkers.”  He stopped talking and the radio cut off. 

The NCO was not going to get into too many details for his people.  Brenties had a good combat platoon, and they already knew their jobs.  He also was not going to say that they would have to live to make it back to the dropships.  The dropships that were about 300km from them in a straight line from their foxholes. 

SFC Brenties now was looking closely at one corner of his data feed.  He was eye locked on a tree limb half sticking out of the ground.  On the side of the brown limb that faced him was a red line about as thick as his thumb.  When he counted the third Centurion that had pass that mark in the open field.  The NCO stood up in the back of his fighting position and put his rifle at an angle that his weapons fire control system said was proper to hit the area of ground he wanted.  Then he yelled into the radio, “FRAG OUT!!!” 


As the last of the two words left the NCO’s mouth that were older than the Star League had been, the first of six explosive balls flew out from under the laser’s barrel.  His actions were mirrored down the line of foxholes.  Normally the 960 fired a mix of different types of grenades when it dumped its whole magazine like this.  But while fighting the Cylons, the SLDF had found out what worked the best.  So smoke, incendiary and IR Flares were removed from “normal issue” and now the ground forces only carried HE/FRAG.  The other types of grenades were carried in their dropship, but as a rule, only the big firecrackers were carried out in the field. 

There had been talk of removing the Fragmentation warheads and then increase the HE load, but it was found that while the FRAG would not stop a Centurion or damage them enough to put any of them totally out of combat that were within their blast radius.  The fragmentation rounds would make the shields the Centurion carry shatter like cheap glass.  With those shields down, or now useless, the laser fire was more effective in putting the Centurions down for the count. 

As soon as the grenades had left the bottom of SFC Brenties’s pulse laser rifle.  He had jumped to the forward part of his foxhole like his butt was on fire.  And now for the reason that this was a modification of the old Star League weapons was so important.  Without all of the junk in the weapon instead of being in the trooper’s rucksack, the weapons were lighter for the trooper.  Even for someone the size of the current generation of the average SLDF ground pounder.  Lifting a weapon like that over their heads for a firefight of any “common” length was not easy. 

The NCO used the camera and fire control system mounted on his weapon sticking over the top of the lip of his hole in the ground to fire into the wave of Cylons.  SFC Brenties didn’t take down a Centurion with every shot, but he took one down with at least every second pull of the trigger.  And he very rarely missed what he had been aiming at with this kind of range.  This was not normal for the rest of the troopers on this line of holes in the ground to achieve, but it was close.  This was not the first battle for most of them.  The lasers were not the only weapons firing, as some of the SLDF troopers fired off any grenades that were still attached to their field kit. 

The NCO was in “the zone”, and he didn’t remember pulling his weapon down to change the spent power pack.  At least not until he realized that he was patting the pockets of his battledress looking for another replacement power pack.  Part of his mind knew that this just had to be wrong.  The NCO had started this battle with six extra power packs, and that was not counting the one in the weapon when the battle started.  Now that his mind was back in working order, he looked and could “see” what was going on around him.  The whole area that he had been firing into was covered in a cloud of thick dust or smoke. 

“Ceasefire!  Ceasefire!!!”  He was about to yell this command into his radio a third time.  That was when he noticed that the numbers of weapons being fired made a large drop, and soon no more weapons fire was coming from his side of the battlefield. 

The NCO used his weapon’s optics to scan a larger area of the battlefield.  At first, he couldn’t see anything, but as more smoke and dust had slowly started to clear in the local area.  Now he could see more and more burnt and blasted hulks of Cylons stretching out into the distance of the open field.  When he could not see any threat?  He popped his head out of the foxhole and put the more powerful field glasses to his face. 

After the first quick scan of the local area.  The NCO started a second scan, but he also had things to do besides looking around.  In war you had to be a multitasker, or you didn’t make it to the Platoon daddy level of command.  “Squad leaders!  Check your people.  Runners go back to the rides, and pick up the backpack power cells.  Then start handing them out to anyone that needs them.  Make sure you bring back the spare weapons to replace combat damaged ones.  The extras can go into the backup fighting positions.” 

Brenties was still scanning the battlefield that spread out before the line of holes his people were firing out of.  He knew that this was only going to be the first battle and there would be others in the near future.  The Cylons would now know where this group of humans were hiding, and they would move the nearest heavy unit over to kill them.  The NCO just hoped that his team were not large enough in numbers for a nuk to be dropped on their heads by the Cylons.  He could always pull back into a new area, but he had seen the map when they had gone to ground here.  The next good fallback line was over 10kms away, and that was too far to make it if the Cylons were close.  And he knew that the Cylons would be close on their heels. 

It was less than ten minutes later that SFC Brenties felt the ground start shaking.  He had been in combat with the Cylons long enough to know that a lot more Cylons than the scouting force was now closing in on him.  He was just glad that they had the time to get every one of the large backpack sized power packs for the rifles.  Also, all of the remaining grenades had been passed out, and now the APC’s were empty of combat supplies.  Every trooper under his command with a 960 had a total of nine of the deadly little devices of joy making projectiles.  If the enemy had only waited another ten minutes?  The platoon runners would have been able to pick up another set of recharged small power packs for their energy weapons, which were sucking energy off of the fusion engines as fast as they could and not short out something important. 

In a low voice.  “Well, you fight the battle with what you have and not what you wanted.”  Fell from the NCO’s lips and into the open mic of the unit’s radio. 

He kept scanning the area in front of his hole in the ground, and after what seemed like forever.  He saw the first line of Centurions running towards him, but he knew that the mechs would be right behind them.  When he scanned across the open field one more time, to make sure that the Cylons were only coming up the one way towards him.  He looked back towards the growing number of Cylons, and he could now see the tops of their light weight mechs coming up behind the front ranks of “small” Centurions. 

He activates the unit’s “push to talk” radio to everyone and this time the APCs would also be able to hear him and the orders.  “Okay here they come.  When they hit the mark on the ground, the troopers will fire off their grenades by squad.  Blazer, SRM team, and the APC’s fire on the Praetorians out there.  Those are your primary targets until you run out of weapons effect.  Time to pay the debt that all people owe.” 


The attacking force was made up of two full Cylon ground battalions and each of them had a Cylon company of larger Praetorians to add firepower to their little brothers.  They should have had Heavy Raiders support, but the remaining ones were currently being serviced on the Dreadstar.  The Cylons knew in what direction the humans were.  All they needed to do was see what remained of the 12th Division’s scout company.  Then all they had to do was close the distance and kill the humans that had ended the Cylon scout company as a fighting force. 

This new attacking wave of Cylons was still working its way over the field of smoking and broken Centurion hulks when the tree line in front of them erupted in laser fire and missile smoke trails.  As the lasers hit the first Cylons. small explosives dotted the ranks of the attacking wall of metal in dark clouds streaked with bright fire and silver flash of SLDF made metal hitting Cylon made metal.  The attacking Cylons didn’t stop in their run when the weapons fire started hitting them.  They just pushed closer and closer to the human fighters in their fighting positions. 

SFC Brenties was picking his targets as the attacking Cylons got closer to the hole he was standing in.  His unit was stacking them up like cord wood, but soon the Cylons were only 200 meters away and then they were 150 meters from him.  The APCs had fired their weapons so much that the carefully applied cover of wood and leaves was smoking or outright burning on the small craft.  It might have been the APC’s firing their weapons or the incoming fire from the Cylons that had set those small fires.  In the end it didn’t matter. 

The 5cm pulse lasers were cutting into the Cylon sized mechs in pulses of invisible energy that blasted the small mechs into wreckage.  It took a few hits to kill this generation of Praetorians, but the crews were working together, and each pair of APCs were picking their huge targets.  So, the smaller Centurions where able to get closer than they would have been able to.  Then the hover APCs had to start firing into the shorter but heavier waves of Cylon attackers. 

And still the Cylons came on with the range going quickly from 100 meters to 75 meters.  Even with the mass that the current Centurions now had to haul over the battlefield, they should have moved faster on the attack.  They were, but the ones in the front ranks were being turned into slightly used spare parts almost as fast as the next line of Cylons could move forward.  This had the effect of slowing the attackers down in closing on the humans. 

When the Centurions crossed the 15 meter mark, the weapons fire was starting to slacken from the human lines.  It might have been due to the human casualties, or it could have been that the members of the infantry platoon were out of power for the energy hungry weapons.  On an open radio channel that the platoon sergeant knows would make it back to high command, he gave his last commands.  Not for the first time he had wished that he had some artillery to have called down some final protective fires on these chrome domes.  But this was not that kind of war. 


“Okay Boys.  These Frakkers are not pulling back this time.  Fix bayonets!!!  Die on your feet, and not on your Knees.  For the Star League!!!!  Wolverines!!!!!” 

With the last word on his lips, SFC Brenties jumped out of his smoking and mostly collapsed foxhole that had served him so well.  He used his now powerless rifle as a buckler to block a down swinging bladed arm of a Centurion like he had been trained to do.  With the enemy attack blocked by the useless weapon.  The NCO brought down his vibro ax just like his grandfather, a slave pulled from a Combine world, had trained him starting at seven years old to do. 

A Viking ghost once known as Egil Skallagrimson shed an equally invisible tear as he saw his descendent going into battle for the last time on this physical plain.  The old ghost almost smiled as one of his own channeled the Berserker without needing training or help from his side of the realm to achieve that horror.  All he could do was watch and wait as the NCO went into the line of death yelling his death song of profanity, as he cut down one after the other of the metal Cylons. 

The old ghost almost felt each cut on the human that he was watching fight a hopeless battle.  Egil thought it was over when an arm moving almost too fast for the ghost to see took the helmet off the NCO in a vicious swipe of metal claws.  Only to see and hear the roar of the NCO coming up off the ground and he decapitated his would be killer with a high-tech axe.  But the old fighter knew that there was no way that his descendant would last much longer in this fight.  There was only so much that one, even riding the Berserker, can take.  Egil forced his eyes to remain open when the final blow finally came.  The long metal fingers flashed in from the NCO’s unguarded side and cut deep into the all too human body.  It was over but for the last few cups of warm red blood to flow out of the body and the releasing of the soul for him to collect from this battlefield. 


All along this battle line others on this side of the planet fought the wave of death coming towards them.  All of them were watched by ghosts from the past and they waited to greet their kin that were soon to die in battle.  Those ghosts wore Blue, Grey, Butternut, and half a hundred different types of camouflage that covered their own signs of combat.  They still had their ghostly shields, long swords, bows, bowie knives, Pennsylvania rifles, Springfields, Garands, M16s, M4s, AKs, and Mausers.  And all were wishing that they could help fight this one more good fight.  But they could not, and that was not why they were there on this day.  They were there to help this group of heroes into this new realm that would be strange for them. 

The ghosts saw the humans they were watching attacking the machines with whatever they had at hand.  Empty SRM Launchers were used to bat away blade hands, so that the loaders could close in and smash red eyes with six-inch long vibro bayonets.  They also saw humans getting disemboweled but living long enough to empty their sidearms into the heads of their metal attackers.  Oh, and they saw more of the blinding glare of nuclear detonations.  About the only favor that the group of ghosts could do, was letting the newest members of their kind to stick around in the local area to see who was going to win this latest battle in the very long war of good vs evil. 


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The SLS Yukon had been sitting quietly in this star system for a few weeks.  They were not part of the escort for this mission looking from more hidden technology or useable items.  The ground unit didn’t even know that she was in the stellar area much less in this star system.  The first warning that the Yukon had that an attack was coming, was at the same time the ground units were alerted to the fact.  They were not on an alert, so the warship’s crew needed a whole ten minutes to get their feet under them.  Soon they were recalling their close in CAP, but they were only just getting ready to launch an attack on the Cylon Capital warship when the nuks started to be detonated on the planet’s surface.  The Yukon was a match for any first or second generation Basestar, but the newer ones were a different kettle of fish. 

The alert was sent via a TacFax message out in an omni direction, and the staff went to work on coming up with an idea on how best to counter the warship and support the ground units of the SLDF being attacked.  As it worked out, they came up with an idea when the first set of nuclear detonations were picked up on the planet’s surface.  First this updated information had to be passed along to New Circe, and then they could lower the boom on these frakkers. 

As soon as that alert was confirmed being sent to New Circe and the rest of the SLDF about the mass use of nuclear weapons by the Cylons on ground targets.  The Destroyer sized Carrier class Warship powered up her Colonial made drive and she jumped behind the gas giant that Shaky orbited.  As soon as the huge planet was between the human crewed warship and the Cylon crewed one.  The SLS Yukon fired up her huge engines and the command had been quickly given to redline them.  Thanks to the cover of the giant planet, the Cylon’s had no idea that she was there or what she might be doing.  That is until the nose of the warship came screaming out from around the gas ball at speeds not normally safe to be at this close to any orbital body much less a planet. 

When the Yukon was “sighted” by the enemy warship, the human jump fighter’s micro jumped and started working on the cloud of Cylon Heavy Raiders near the capital warship.  They had been on their way to provide much needed air support to the Cylon ground forces.  The thirty human jump fighters were badly outnumbered, but they had two things working for them against the space based Cylons.  One was surprise, and the other was almost more important than the surprise they gave the Cylons.  The up armored Heavy Raiders had been outfitted to provide air support for the ground forces and not outfitted for counter fighter/Viper operations. 

The remaining ten human aerospace fighters were not jump capable and they rode off to the sides of the charging warship acting as close escort.  Those few fighters were the warship’s CAP, and they were there to stop any Cylons that tried to sneak in and kill their ride home.  They would not be out of the battle for long, but every second that they were not killing Cylons was driving them more and more nuts to get a knife stuck into the enemy.  Soon the Cylons would do their own short jumps to attack the human warship, and they would run right into the teeth of ten very angry and skilled human space fighters. 

The Yukon was moving so fast that the One in the command center of the modified Dreadstar had a problem understanding what was going on.  In that slight delay, the smaller warship was able to bring her nose mounted heavy naval autocannons and medium class naval PPCs into play.  Then the side mounted navel lasers reached out at the speed of light to run their light speed fingers all over the Cylon warship’s armored hull.  It was long range, but soon the Yukon was scoring more hits on the armored hide of the Dreadstar.  It would not take many hits like that before the human weapons started to make it through the new outer armored skin and to start working on the “normal” skin that the old Hades had been designed with. 

The “Admiral” Number One now had an idea of the risk that he was in.  And the huge Cylon warship started to fire her own cannons that had come off of or designed like the ones that a Mercury class Battlestar had fitted to the chin of her great alligator like head.  Those huge cannon shells were joined by Cylon missiles after a not short delay in firing.  The delay in firing of those heavy missiles had been in the need to move the ground attack missiles out of the firing queue and then replace them with weapons that were better at countering human warships.  Still that delay was amplified when it came to moving large nuclear anti-ship warheads for those anti-ship weapons.  The scout heavy raiders had not reported seeing a human warship, so those heavy warheads had not been activated much less fitted to the heavy missiles.  That might have been a slight oversite on the commander One’s part, not that he would admit something like that. 

The Yukon was able to weather the storm of Cylon weapon’s fire, and she still charged into the guns of the enemy that had used nuclear weapons on the planet below.  The human warship had taken many hits from the Cylon weapons, and she was leaving a virtual cloud of armor fragments in her wake.  She had not slowed, and her engines were on the brink of overloading, but her captain would not slow down.  Not even with the engineer officers screaming over the inter-ship radio that said the sub light engines were at risk of blowing up under their feet.  The warship’s antimissile systems were working in overdrive mode to swat down the Cylon’s missiles as fast as they could.  All while the Yukon fired every weapon that was pointed even in the general direction of her Cylon enemy. 

As the range fell between two combatants, more and more of the human warship’s heavy weapons struck home onto the Cylon Capital warship.  The same was true for the Cylons, but not as much as what the human ship was landing on the machine’s ship.  The Dreadstar had more engines than was normal for a Cylon Battlestar at the start of this war.  Still, it was not what a human would have called Fleet of foot when the spurs were put to the great craft.  The smaller human warship was fleet of foot, and she used that maneuvering power to mitigate some of the incoming Cylon fire with pure engine power and piloting skills of her helmsmen.  The Dreadstar was throwing out three times the firepower than what the small human warship was able to accomplish, but the human’s weapons hit harder. 


The medium class Naval PPC was a huge weapon, and its charged particles were moving at near light speed.  A PPC has three main parts to its destructive effects that made them such a favorite weapon for the SLiE.  They are the heavy impact force, EMP part, and the heat part…lots of heat.  The Number One in the command center of the Dreadstar had started trying to shift the huge warship around to spread out the damage that was growing at an alarming rate on his flagship.  That moving would prove to be his undoing.  What he should have done was just pull out of the battle, but that would have left two full Cylon divisions on the ground.  That would have had a major negative impact on the Cylon Empire’s future plans 

The bolt of purple/white ball lightening that was characteristics of a PPC blast had been delayed in being fired from this weapon due to a combination of power loss, heat spike, and battle damage done to the human warship.  The lone energy bolt flew straight and true to its Cylon target.  It was just that the target had moved a little between the times that the other purple bolts had left the bow of the Yukon and when the last had arrived at the Dreadstar. 

For a split second the Cylon capital ship was a washed in autocannon and energy weapons impacts.  Then the last shot came down, the enemy warship had moved a little in how you measured things on the scale of a space battle.  Now a hole that had been blasted into the Cylon ship earlier in the battle had become more aligned with the incoming purple bolt of lightning launched from the SLS Yukon.  It was not a perfect energy strike into that hole in the armor, but it was close enough for government work. 

The edge of the autocannon hole that was closer to the center line of the Cylon ship, took about a third of the PPC hit and it only made the existing hole a little wider.  If anything was coming behind the last energy blast, then that expanded whole in the armor would have been helpful.  Currently nothing was, and that part of the naval PPC hit did exactly zero benefit for the human fighters.  But now the destabilized energy bolt went deep into the Cylon warship.  The remaining impact energy was enough to finish off the armor at the bottom of that autocannon crater.  The power of the charge particles forced their way 10 meters deeper into the hull of the Cylon ship. 

Those 10 meters of hull under the last armor layers were gone, but the shockwaves went out from this impact point at faster than the speed of sound.  The closer to the impact point, the more violent the shock was.  In some of the rooms, it was like a Terrier going after a rat.  Those items in those few rooms were shaken that badly as well.  And as any ship builder would tell you, off axis shock is a type of damage that was almost impossible to design for.  Most of the time they just did a guess on the level of this type of shock happening and they just added a few more percentage points to the planning data.  This time a decimal point might have been put in the wrong area when this ship was designed and then later built as fast as the Cylon yard could.  Power lines, coolant lines, all were broken, along with other objects that were shaken off their fixed mounts. 

Then the heat from the strike moved at the speed of conduction threw that part of the Cylon warship.  Now some things will not burn when they are in a liquid form, and great care was taken with what was placed close to the armor layer.  Still another five more meters of the inner hull went from solid to molten metal and ceramics in a blink of an eye.  This heat then started to vent back into space, but vacuum was a poor conductor of heat.  Just ask any crewmember on a Battlestar and they would tell you, there was a reason that they wore just undershirts when not on duty.  But metal on the other hand was a very good conductor of heat, and very quickly it went deeper into the warship.  Soon a lot of those fluids that were safe when liquid and even just after turning into gas, all were exposed to heat that drove them pass that safe level of temperature and went deep into the dangerous levels. 

Now that the bolt of energy was this deep in the enemy warship’s hull, the slight EMP effect came into play for the humans.  The EMP effect damaged the Cylon systems in this part of the ship, that was in an area not expected to see this kind of damage when it was built.  Soon motors of all kinds took an energy surge that cause them……….issues.  Most of those motors would just shut down and the crew of the huge warship would have to replace them post battle.  But that was not going to happen to all of those damaged motors.  In a few cases the motors or other systems shorted out in a shower of very hot and very long-lived sparks. 

When one of those systems reacted like that in a room that held super-heated and now very flammable fluids and high temperature gasses?  The pressure would build up…explosively.  One of these exploding room forced open one of the main fuel lines for the thrusters that the command center was currently overusing.  This literally added more fuel to the fire.  In less than five minutes these raging fires reached more fuel tanks and ammunition bunkers, and that was the end of the DreadStar.  It still was going to be a long five minutes for the Yukon to live threw. 

New Circe
Lord Protector’s office

It was very late on this side of New Circe, and by all rights everyone sitting in this room should have been in bed a long time ago.  The Lord Protector put down the digital device and rubbed her overly tired and red rimmed eyes.  When they felt somewhat better, she looked around the room.  She was betting that every person in this room felt as tired and useless as she currently did.  She had not felt this tired since she had her first set of twins and thought that she could handle them not sleeping threw the night and a full-time job for the first three months of their lives. 

The Lord Protector gave a slight head shake to get her mind back on the current issue, and she went back to looking at the bearer of this latest round of bad news.  Then she asked a single question that was weightier than the few words would suggest.  “We lost them all?” 

The head of the SLDF ground forces didn’t so much as flinch at the pointed question.   “No, the exploration team is okay.  And about a tenth of the deployed 3rd Regiment was successfully recovered from the planet’s surface.  But they are all suffering from different levels of radiation sickness and other injuries related to combat.” 

Jenifer felt like she had been punched in the guts by an assault mech.  “It was a waste to have kept sending teams to that Frakking planet. Query affirmative.”  The disgust was ringing loud and clear in her voice. 

Admiral Xi looked around without moving her head more than a few degrees.  “Not really Lord Protector.  We know now that the land, rivers, and lakes do not hold anything of value to us, but we still have the planet’s seas to search.  We know that the old SLDF and the Star League Corps of Engineers likes to hide things underwater almost as much as they like using mountain ranges to do the hiding.  It would have been nice if they would have made things easier for us to find, but that just was not their style.  Query affirmative.  I still think it is worth the time and effort to keep looking, we will just need to be more careful with our exposed teams and any surface camps.” 

The head of the ground forces looked like he was sucking on a lemon, and he waited for a few seconds before realizing that he agreed with the navy supply puke.  “Admiral Xi is right.  Now we know that the Cylons also know about the planet.  So, any of my units that go there will not be caught spread out doing training missions and not ready for a surprise orbital insertions and landing.  I hate speaking ill of the dead, but at least Charikov made the Cylons bleed to kill his command.” 

The Lord Protector was a little taken aback at the statement from her commander of all ground units within the SLiE.  She had to school her features to hide her surprise.  “So, I take it you’re advocating to continue sending the search teams and their escorts to Shaky.”  She now made a face and picked up the device that held the official report filed by the captain of the very badly damaged SLS Yukon.  “Will you be able to recover the battlefield? Query Negative.” 

The General now looked a little uncomfortable at the pointed question.  “No, or at least not at this time on the land mass.  The Cylon used smaller than normal nuclear weapons, but they used a frakking lot of them on not a small part of the planet’s land surface.  And all of those blasts were as good as ground or subsurface strikes.  This pumped a lot of crap up into the atmosphere on top of the conventional orbital strike they launched to cover the landing of their ground forces.  That planet is going to be starting the downhill slide into a Nuclear Winter in a few weeks.  Also, those Frakkers salted the bombs with a mix of Cobalt and a Tylium alloy of some kind we have not been able to identify before tonight’s meeting.  That has dumped a lot of long lived radioactive soup all over the places that also were near the sites of the fighting.” 

“By the time that this soup is safe, even if we used every ounce of our glycine-manganese radiation Sorbent, that we have on hand to protect our people.  That planet will be well into its “normal” ice age pattern when the computers project the effects of Nuclear Winter have subsided, but that might be useful for our needs.  While we wait on the atmosphere to settle out, we can do the work in small bites.  Oh, and we will need to pull out those Oppies to recover the dead and try to recover anything useful on the land surface.  At least the Colonial made Viper and Raptor flight suits are excellent protection from this kind of soup as long as they have airtight seals.  Having our people in those suits will help a lot in any recovery of our dead and weapons.” 

Admiral Xi jumped into the conversation now.  “And even then, we will only be recovering any wrecks to be re melted down into ingots and the like.  It is just too hot in all the ways that we can measure, and most of that is due to the Salting those frakkers did to their warheads.  We have lost every weapon and the larger systems that the 3rd Regiment landed on the planet with, and that includes most of the equipment that the search teams had been outfitted with.  That is going to take time to recover and then replace what was lost.  But if we don’t recover it?  Then you can bet that the Cylons will.  Query affirmative.”  Cylons didn’t really worry about radiation of any kind, so they might be able to recover something that would help them in this war against the human race for what they think are acceptable losses. 

The Lord Protector still had that sour look on her face.  “Yes, let’s get back to that.  We will have to rebuild that unit.  The public will demand that we do that and do it quickly.  Query affirmative.  I know that we will not be able to refit the unit with the same level of equipment that we just lost, at least where the fighters, dropships, mechs, tanks, and APCs are concerned.  At least we can use what is left of 2nd Battalion as a starting point.  The infantry weapons and body armor for them will be easier to replace than even finding new personnel to fill the ranks.” 

She looked over to the ground forces commander and then back to the head of the SLiE supply department.  “Pull what you need out of the cache sites as you have new crews and pilots for them.  I will waver the yearly limit until this unit is back to full strength.  The cache sites were meant to be used in times of war and to replace combat losses.  I think both fit in the 3rd Regiments case.  As soon as new Omni tech weapons come off the production lines, they will still need to go to full active units.  But any extra will need to be sent to this unit for their rebuilding.” 

The Lord Protector got a lost look in her eyes, and she didn’t say anything for long enough that the rest of the room started to worry that she was going to drop a huge bomb on them.  And to a point they were right.  “We have finished fielding all of the small units with Weasel light powered battle armor.  If I remember the numbers right, even counting the limited battle losses they have sustained.  We have about twelve hundred suits in deployment to all combat services.  I think that it’s time to start looking at fielding them to some of our main ground units.  I think this unit would be a good fit to start this and work out any issues that “we” know are going to come up.  We might as well get that started now.  Query affirmative.” 

The leader of the SLiE got another lost look in her eyes as she worked on something that had been said before in this meeting.  It took her tired mind a few seconds to get back to it in her mental filing cabinet.  “Okay why would working on this planet be better in some ways during its ice age instead of how we have been doing things?” 

The general was caught flat footed and then rocked back in his office chair.  “Well for a few different reasons.  One is that the ice age will slowly lower the ocean levels across the whole planet in an almost perfectly uniform manner.  That alone will expose more and more of the shorelines around the planet’s oceans.  This will help us find any hidden underwater access points to the mainland or to islands that we might have missed so far.  Not that we think this is likely to have happened with the systems that the Colonials have given us, but it is always good to double check these things.  Also, as the ice builds up, and the oceans will get shallower.  Then we can use one or more of the Neptune’s to scout under the ice and in the waters of the oceans.  They can go deeper and deeper in the water without needing hyper specialized craft with the falling sea level.  We can use a grid or a type of spiral searching method as they get deeper looking at what is around the sea floor.” 

He stops talking for about two seconds.  “I am kind of partial to the grid pattern method, but I know never to tell someone how to do their jobs.  Next it is very well known that it is hard to see threw sea ice to any measurable depth, even for the old SLDF.  That is why the old SLDF liked hiding so much in deep water.  But the same is not true when you’re looking up threw the sea ice or water.  So, when our sealed and safe Neptunes or other support craft comes up close to the surface?  They can scan the local space with very little chance that someone is looking the wrong way at just the right time.  This will help protect any search teams that we send to Shaky during this time of extreme cold weather.” 

The Lord Protector was impressed with the out of the box thinking.  Using something like the Neptune would lower the risk, the number of her people, and it might be just crazy enough to just work as advertised.  She went to a new page on the electronic device and reviewed the data on it.  With the notes taken, she got back to the reason that this meeting was called.  What had caused the destruction of the 3rd RGT, 3312nd Mech BDE, 331st Royal Mech Div. 



LT Col Fredrick Charikov and 3rd regiment:  It has 2 BNs of Mech, Bn Armor, Bn inf along with fighters and dropships support.  Number One has over 50 small nuclear weapons on Praetorian.  They take a long time to build but use less resources than a standard Cylon nuclear weapon.  W48 155mm .072Kton or .30TJ. 

The ghost watching idea.  I got it remembering an old comic called Haunted tank. 


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Nice update. The ghost watch was kinda of cool to see along with seeing one of the hidden family's not quiet knowing what's going on and only half assed know coming home.