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Author Topic: The Ghosts of Bensinger  (Read 711 times)


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The Ghosts of Bensinger
« on: 30 May 2020, 12:21:59 »
My take on a sequel to "A Cold Collaboration" by Jason Hansa and a comment made by him on this forum.

The Ghost’s of Bensinger: Search and Rescue
   Created in 3055 by the descendants of the 12th Star Guard 7th Regiment the Ghosts were mostly a rumor on Bensinger rarely heard and even more rarely seen.  In the first 20 years of their creation there were only a handful of times they were spotted by Clan garrison troops who were busier with pirates or natural disasters to challenge them.
   This came to a close on 3076 when it was revealed through the Watch that members of the Clan Jade Falcon Scientist Caste and their dependents were found in the town of Déline.  Fearing they were members of the Society Star Commander Minerva immediately assembled her Star to destroy them.  By the time Star Colonel Kris arrived with his trinary he saw Minervas Star face to face with a two companies of Inner Sphere Battlemechs.  Although both sides were posturing as soon as his forces were in sight a voice was heard on one of the command links.  “This is Point Commander Zoey the scientists you have found were duped by their superiors into believing what they were doing was for the good of the Clan.  Fearing for the lives of their families they hid on this planet renounced their research and have found a place here.  I and Watch Commander John have already granted them safecon.  If you want a fight come and get it.”
   After two tense hours in secret Star Colonel Kris, Point Commander Zoey, and Watch Commander John entered negotiations.  Although no one else knows what transpired all that everyone knows is that the protection of the scientists was guaranteed, Zoey was promoted to Inquisitor, and that a new search and rescue unit was formed under Zoeys command answerable to the commanding officer of Bensinger and the Watch commander.
   All Battlemech pilots are current members of the constabulary and almost two thirds are considered part time spending the rest to “Serve and Protect” the community.  All battlemechs seen are Inner Sphere models uprgraded to be considered “C” class with Clan heat sinks and weapons but no upgraded chassis or armor.  The drivers are recognized as technicians due to the type of work involved in the SAR efforts while each APC is also accompanied by at least one Nurse.  Every member of the Ghosts is also a certified EMT for emergency purposes.
   Inquisitor Zoey is the current commander of the Ghosts having risen through the ranks of the police force she has a history of being a leader and a planner.  She received the honor name Momma Bear for defending her people and the harsh disciplines they faced when angering her.

   Although possessing a small but solid core of technicians before the reveal this has grown as some technicians that have created roots on the planet and have opted not to leave.  In addition, the Bensinger police force also has access to VTOLs and other air transport to assist in SAR.

   Currently there are 3 Search and Rescue ground teams.   Each SAR ground team is composed of 18 Battlemechs, 4 Heavy tracked tanks with hitch, 4 light hover craft, and 4 APCs modified as mobile EMT units.  There have been rumors that more Battlemechs and Tanks are available but no one has confirmed or denied.  Paint scheme is a red cross with a bright blue background.
1.   The 7th Stiltsons ground team
   “Remember, Remember the 5th of September”
   CO: Point Commander Gary
   Originally composed of the descendants of the 12th Star Guard specializing in search and rescue of lost hunters and especially arrogant Clanners.
2.   Phoenix Guard ground team
   “Don’t lose sight of what is important”
   CO: Point Commander Sarah
   Originally composed of former Clan Jade Falcons and Clan Steel Vipers this unit is known for creating controlled avalanches and rock slides along with cleaning them up.
3.   Billy Goat Gruff ground team
   “Ain’t no mountain high enough”
   CO: Point Commander William (Nickname “Gruff”)
   A former Pilot in the Clan Hell’s Horses, a jovial spirit, and a specialist in rough terrain.  William was offered to join and train new members in piloting in rough and difficult terrains.


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Re: The Ghosts of Bensinger
« Reply #1 on: 30 May 2020, 14:42:01 »
I'm Genderfluid.
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Re: The Ghosts of Bensinger
« Reply #2 on: 02 June 2020, 17:13:49 »
could be interesting setup
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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Re: The Ghosts of Bensinger
« Reply #3 on: 02 June 2020, 19:04:41 »
Don't know if I will expand on it but I am hoping (praying) that Jason Hansa (or another author) will one day make a sequel to a Cold Collaboration especially since in 3150 Bensinger may be on the front lines for Pirates, Bandits, and Bandit Kingdoms.

Here is the Quote I got From Jason Hansa were the idea helped perculate:
"Yes- I've sketched out an idea I internally call "the ghosts of bensinger" and would be the survivors helping the vipers about 10 years later deal with a pirate raid and a natural disaster.  The vipers coming to understand they're a force that only comes out when the planet's in danger, NOT to challenge/support any one clan.  but it's just a nugget, I don't have any flesh on that yet, nothing on paper, etc."
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