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Author Topic: The Broken Commonwealth...  (Read 20838 times)


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Re: The Broken Commonwealth...
« Reply #180 on: 03 November 2020, 14:37:34 »
I was enjoying it, but if your muse leaves there's no way to force it. Thank you for the story so far, and may the next one flow better.
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Re: The Broken Commonwealth...
« Reply #181 on: 03 November 2020, 14:53:45 »
   The Pox upon you Cannonshop, the artist curse.

The artist looks upon their greatest works and plumbs failure, and lack of perfection.

    As the outside viewer I see artistry and life created as if a miracle.
 That said I have enjoyed all your creations, and will be happy to see the next Cannonshop miracle.
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Re: The Broken Commonwealth...
« Reply #182 on: 03 November 2020, 17:12:45 »
From the last couple chapters, I was expecting Trillian to be assassinated and one of the other Archon-wannabes take over.

That would push Kowloon away from the LC completely, and might even set it up where the Kowloon system takes over part of the LC, importing refined material and exporting military forces to protect other areas.  Completely voluntarily on the other systems, but when there are pirates and Clans looking over your planet, and you find someone who just wants taxes in the form of refined materials, you go for it.  Even better if some of those 'taxes' are used locally to build up planetary industry, but with ruthless accountants to make sure there is no embezzlement.

I'm sure the common people on the other planets would find it hilarious if the corporate overlords got visited often by Kowloon accountants, and whenever theft is found those people have their funds confiscated by the government and used to help build a school, a tech center, a library, aso.  Figure X of the wealthiest people get audited every year, and as the income drops, so does the likelihood of being audited.

It'd be hilarious if the Kowloon Commonwealth became wealthier per capita than the rump LC governed from Tharkad that everyone is fighting over.


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Re: The Broken Commonwealth...
« Reply #183 on: 03 November 2020, 17:57:39 »
If you are taking recommendations 3005 is an interesting place to start a story.

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Re: The Broken Commonwealth...
« Reply #184 on: 03 November 2020, 22:14:49 »
You have done a lot of stories on the Ngo-verse - why not back out a bit, take a wider view, and follow events from a different viewpoint?
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