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Author Topic: The Cyclops (AU)  (Read 1911 times)

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The Cyclops (AU)
« on: 09 April 2011, 14:30:04 »
Following a comment on another forum here is one of the early snippets from my AU timeline

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Cyclops, Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser
Unexplored Deep Periphery System
96 Light-years Core-ward Cirincus Federation
14th August 3040

   Exploring deep space was part of parcel with being part of ComStar’s Explorer Corps some of the things that were found in deep space were amazing and some finds were so much different from others.  Captain Isabelle Cain had been a merchant JumpShip Captain once upon a time but ComStar had bought her JumpShip and her service, she’d begun serving as a Explorer Corps officer commanding the Merchant-class JumpShip, Spirit of the Periphery, and a ComGuard Union-class DropShip, the Blessed Mission, with one spare Docking Port for a civilian DropShip which would help the JumpShip blend in as a regular vessel prowling the space lanes.  Luckily for them on this particular jump they were not transporting a civilian vessel on this mission and they could keep this find a secret for ComStar‘s eyes only.

   The Spirit of the Periphery had jumped into the system with the Blessed Mission attached and almost immediately been surrounded by small craft, fighters and DropShips of various pirate and mercenary bands.  The near defenceless JumpShip had been ordered to surrender to Queen Jennifer Briton II the leader of the Cyclops.  Not knowing what this was and being totally surrounded by the pirates the ComStar Explorers had no choice but to surrender with Captain Isabelle Cain taken into custody aboard the Cyclops.

   Following nearly a week in custody inside the unknown pirate base, known as Cyclops,  which appeared to be a massive uncharted Spacestation likely cobbled together from space junk Isabelle Cain had been able to finally meet Queen Jennifer Briton II, a beautiful woman in her early thirties with a beautiful well kept body and striking long black hair.  “Captain, it is so nice to meet you.”  Jennifer said moving slowly, although this area had stronger gravity than the area Isabelle had been held in it was still less than one standard gravity in strength, she was dressed in a long red and black dressing grown, which perfectly fit her trim figure, her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders.

   â€œQueen Briton, it is nice to meet you.”  Isabelle said quietly “very interesting indeed.”  She said again

   â€œLikewise captain, it appears that you are not the merchant your papers claim you are” she said rounding her desk looking at Isabelle Cain, who hadn’t cleaned in a week and was still dressed in her standard well worn merchant jump-suit uniform, all part of her cover she had nothing to show she was from ComStar.

   â€œWe are explorers as well as merchants, there were rumours that the Star League Defence Force had come this way when they destroyed the Rim Worlds Republic during the Reunification War, I take calculated risks in our journeys to see if they left any relics behind.”  Isabelle said keeping generally to her cover story.

   â€œAnd who would you report these finds to?  Captain, the Star League has been gone for centuries, no-one cares where their army is now or what they did back then before we were just figments of our mother’s wrenched imaginations.  We care about the here and now.  Now here and now you have delivered me a new JumpShip and a new DropShip both in near perfect condition, even with the recent discoveries from the Helm Memory Core at NAIS, and across the Inner Sphere, these are very rare finds, especially for people like me.”

   â€œYou’re base is a rare find for me also.”  Isabelle said without thinking, knowing she’d stepped over her bounds slightly she knew she’d have to say more.  “You are correct Queen Briton we are not purely merchants, though we do make a side profit on such things our main work is more complex. I work for an organisation that is interested in exploring space, we chart new worlds for colonisation, Star League finds and worlds that have previously fallen off the grid.  We could use a base such as this.”

   â€œThis base has been in my family’s name since we found it centuries ago, it will be ours as long as we bring breath to our lungs, no-one will ever take it from us.”  Jennifer Briton said suddenly there was an edge to her voice, she was angry.  From the way she spoke of the base and the lighter than norm gravity Isabelle knew they were on a ship or space station but little else.

   â€œOf course, we would never want to control this station, it is yours and you are quite welcome to maintain control over it and the system, our resources and expertise do not stretch that far. However, we would be interested in perhaps using it as a supply base?  Perhaps an information centre as well?  We could come up with some arrangement I’m sure…”  Isabelle said her voice drifting away inviting Jennifer to make the next move.

   â€œYes, we could perhaps, but what would be in it for me and my family?”

   â€œWell I’m guessing that this station is a relic of the old Star League?”  Isabelle asked Jennifer didn’t speak so Isabelle continued along those lines “and I’m guessing you cannot find as many spare parts as you once could?”  Jennifer nodded briefly “my organisation has access to Star League-era parts, supplies and other essentials.  You allow us to use this base as a re-supply base and information gathering point and we will bring a constant flow of parts allowing you to keep this base operating for generations to come, we could also assist you with dealing with threats to your station.”

   â€œWe have no enemies.”  Jennifer said proudly and confidently “the man who found this place and built this base from its bare bones, my great-grandfather Paul ‘Mad Dog’ Briton knew that the only way this place could survive was if everyone respected its neutrality, his control over the station and this system and the Station’s status as a free port.  We have maintained this for centuries it is the number one rule of the Cyclops, no-one except my people have weapons on board this station and anyone who tries to use their ships weapons does not last long.  Your organisation would be held to the same rules.”

   â€œRules we’d happily follow, having a base in this region and an ally would be very helpful for us in our explorations.”

   â€œWe are not allies” Jennifer warned “we are business partners, nothing more.  I owe you no loyalty and you owe me none either.”

   â€œI think we can deal on that” Isabelle said quietly she knew that ComStar had the resources to take most objectives it needed, but that would mean showing more of their cards than they were ready to.  With access to this base they wouldn’t have to spend resources on it.

   â€œOr something like it.”  Jennifer said smiling “now I think it is time to show you and your people around.”  She said stepping forward pulling Isabelle to her feet “and perhaps get you a bath.” Jennifer continued a smile appearing on her face.  They then headed over to the windows where Isabelle was treated to a wonderful, amazing sight.   They were in space as she thought onboard a space station of some description on one of the Gravity Decks rotating around a long core, with dozen of DropShip Collars and around them there were several other Gravity Decks all of various different sizes and dimensions, obviously more had been added over the years.

   â€œAmazing” Isabelle whispered looking out, around them in space there were several DropShips, several of designs and names that Isabelle knew by sight some deadly enemies but at peace here.  “Unbelievable.”

   â€œI almost say the same thing.”  Jennifer said quietly, “you are right, this used to be a Star League creation” she said beginning to explain a little of what this place was.  “The Cyclops formerly known as the SLS Cyclops was recalled from mothball to serve the SLDF during the Reunification War.  It was an unlucky ship, some called her a cursed ship, however she served with distinction during the conflict right up to the point when Stefan Amaris staged his Coup de etat against the Star League and Alexandr Kerensky decided that Terra would be his next target.  The Cyclops jumped beginning its long journey home when its core overloaded and killed half the crew and passengers.  A week later SLDF found her rescued the crew they decided that the Cyclops was unsalvageable removing what they could to repair other vessels in their battered fleet.  Self destruct charges were set but never exploded, for the first time in its history the Cyclops was lucky.  Several pirate bands used it but none had an idea what to do, Mad Dog came along with a plan, taking control he stripped what he didn’t want and began down the path we are still on today.”

   â€œAmazing, it’s a Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser” Jennifer said finally seeing the vessel for all its worth under all the additions the pirates had added, one of the largest SLDF vessels in mass production capable of transporting twenty-five DropShips at once they were the backbone of transporting the Star League‘s massive Corps formations.

   â€œNot any more, it’s our base of operations and the one free port in this region.”

   â€œWell, Queen Briton, I can guarantee that my organisation will want to use this base for its operations and that your station will greatly benefit from out little arrangement.”  Isabelle said, within a week more ComStar vessels had arrived.  These vessels were under various cover names and false companies that all answered to this exploration firm Isabelle Cain claimed to work for.  In fact these vessels carried higher ranked Explorer Corps and ComGuard officers that could speak for ComStar and agree to Queen Briton’s terms they signed off on agreements that the people they sent to the station would cause no trouble and would pay over the odds with equipment and supplies for the exclusive use of three DropShip collars and for permanent residency of one DropShip at the Station for support personnel.  They also agreed to begin supplying the station with upgrades and spare parts that could fit a Potemkin-class Troop Cruiser, fortunately ComStar had always maintained one such vessel in their secret WarShip fleet, like the Cyclops a hold over from the Star League and so had parts to spare.

   With new supplies and capabilities opening on the station new partners quickly began to arrive as word spread of the station’s new capabilities and facilities the Cyclops Station experienced a new lease of life as business once again picked up for the Free Port.  Meanwhile ComStar had a base to strike out deeper into the Periphery in search of other mysteries of the Periphery.

Hope you enjoyed, my thanks to JA Baker for creating this station giving me the idea

Comments welcome
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