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Author Topic: Serpent and Dragon  (Read 1936 times)

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Serpent and Dragon
« on: 09 April 2011, 14:01:21 »
Here's another snipped from my AU.

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Absolute Truth, In System
Turtle Bay, Star Adder Occupation Zone
13th May 3072

   The Absolute Truth was burning meaningfully towards the Nadir Point above the Turtle Bay sun.  For the last week Star Admiral Tobias McKenna, the vessel’s commander, had overseen the complete rearmament of his Nightlord-class Battleship.  The vessel was now fully stocked and crewed by the best warriors the Star Adders could provide, it was ready for anything, including the planned renewed invasion of the Draconis Combine.

   A day’s travel ahead of them there was a flash and another vessel appeared on the scanners “can you identify it?”  Tobias asked looking at the Holo-tank it was a long and very heavy looking vessel, like nothing the Clans currently fielded.

   â€œSir, it identifies as a Yamato-class vessel, we have no records of this type of vessel, sensors indicate the vessel is at least one sixth larger than the Absolute Truth.”  The sensor operator said, a new class of vessel developed obviously by the Draconis Combine without the Clans knowing anything about it, the Clan Watch would hear of this.

   â€œBring us to full Battle stations.  Inform all DropShips, Fighters, ProtoMechs and Battle Armour crews to prepare for combat.” Tobias said, the Absolute Truth was a standard Nightlord except for some changes the Star Adders had only recently made.  The fighter capacity had been doubled to forty aircraft, the BattleMech bays had been removed and replaced with a ProtoMech hold of seventy-five machines.  The Absolute Truth now also carried half of its planned twenty small craft that would serve as boarding craft for its five hundred Elemental Battle Armour Marines.  This was the Nightlord’s first modifications to become a Nightlord II-class vessel since the Star Adders had recently gained the blueprints from Clan Snow Raven.  Weapons wise the vessel was mainly a normal Nightlord however there were some changes and it was time to test some of them.  “Continue full scans, inform me when we are within six hours of the vessel.”  Tobias said moving from the room heading directly for the communications room, he needed to contact the Khan via the vessel’s onboard HPG.

   The two mammoth vessels continued towards each other for the next two days the Absolute Truth discovered the vessel was more than a match for them and that it was called the DCS Musashi, Tobias McKenna still continued to use the class designation instead of trying to pronounce the Japanese name now they were finally entered visual range.  Tobias was standing on the bridge of the Absolute Truth looking at the incoming vessel, it was gigantic even more massive than his own vessel, on the Holo-tank display he could see DropShips and fighters launching from the enemy vessel.  “Launch all DropShips and Fighters, have them concentrate on the enemy fighters and DropShips.  Gunnery positions prepare for firing.”  He said, it was time counting the enemy small craft Tobias could see his fighters were more numerous but the enemy had two DropShips more than his this would be a tight battle on the small craft side.  The Star Admiral smiled as he thought ‘then again naval battles are decided by the WarShip not the fighter’

   â€œSir, forward weapons coming into range” the gunnery control officer announced.

   â€œAll weapons fire at will” Tobias said the fore Naval Laser, Naval PPC and Naval Gauss Rifle positions fired immediately followed by more Naval Laser and Naval Gauss fire from the forward flanks of the Nightlord moments later.  Tobias watched as the weapons all hit the fore areas of the enemy vessel, conventional weapons targeting fighters also fired by the Star Admiral cared little for them, the enemy WarShip was his target.  “Helm bring our nose up and to port, Gunnery prepare starboard broadside weapons.  Also have port weapons clean up some of their DropShip forces”  He said the Absolute Truth responded almost immediately one million-two hundred thousand tons of WarShip moving turning brining the next line of weapons into line.  The enemy WarShip was also firing Naval Lasers and Particle Cannons lashing out in far greater number than his Nightlord could ever hope to field.  Tobias waited for the impact but nothing came, instead the enemy had taken out three of his four DropShips in one volley!  “Trying to show us we are not significant a threat?”  Tobias murmured to himself seeing the Absolute Truth was almost in position, just as the enemy Yamato fired again, this time the forward flank weapons.  Naval Missiles, Naval Gauss Rifles and yet more Naval Lasers lashed out this time all targeted on the Absolute Truth.  The entire length of the mighty Battleship was rocked by the assault as the starboard broadside armour was battered by the enemy volley.  Tobias was knocked back into his command chair “Broadside Fire!”  He called out, the weapons positions along the vessel’s length responded along with the fore and rear flanks the entire Broadside lit up a massive array of Naval weapons fired at once all targeted on the enemy WarShip’s fore and flank armour, the conventional weapons again targeting fighters.  A few volleys of lasers and one Naval PPC totally missed but most hit savaging the already damaged forward sections.  Even this mighty construction built by the Draconis Combine was not built for such an assault and Tobias could see the vessel had been badly hurt by the assault “helm bring the nose back down and into a steep starboard turn.  Weapons forward fire as she bears broadsides finish off their DropShips” Tobias said as the distances continued to close between the vessels the Absolute Truth’s gunners shot down half of the Yamato’s DropShips freeing up some of their fighters to target the enemy Battleship.  “Cargo bay have ProtoMechs and Elemental Marines prepare for an EVA Assault” he said, one of the benefits of commanding a vessel the size of a Nightlord was the increased options the vessel had.

   â€œStanding by Star Admiral”

   â€œSir, enemy is turning, broadside arrays on Yamato coming online.”  The sensor officer said as the Yamato’s guns come on-line Naval PPCs and Lasers lashed out while conventional arrays targeted the Star Adder fighters.  The Absolute Truth was torn into luckily the vessel had turned enough for the damage to be spread over previously untouched armour, the Star Adder vessel had gotten lucky this time.  As the Nightlord continued its turn Naval Autocannons on the Absolute Truth’s side opened fire tearing holes in the Yamato’s side, Naval lasers, Gauss Rifles and PPCs followed up causing more damage to the vessel’s broadside armour.

   â€œRelease ProtoMechs and Elementals” Tobias said before the Yamato returned fire again, from air-locks and cargo bays all over the Absolute Truth opened releasing five hundred Elementals and seventy-five ProtoMechs all equipped with Jump Packs allowing for Space Travel all bound for the Yamato.  They would latch onto the hull and targeting air-locks, view ports and cargo bay doors would begin to burrow into the Yamato’s hull opening it to space.  The Yamato opened fire with Naval Lasers and PPCs opening yet more holes in the Absolute Truth’s side but causing no major damage.   The Capital Autocannons and Gauss Rifles of the Nightlord were causing more damage despite the Yamato‘s heavier armour.

   â€œSir, we are getting energy and radiation spikes from the Yamato.”

   â€œWe couldn’t have hit a major reactor?”  Tobias said as the Absolute Truth continued to fire and turn, then it dawned on him the Yamato may be trying to escape from battle by jumping clear, he‘d heard stories of Inner Sphere barbarians trying the famed Crazy Jane Manoeuvre.  If the Absolute Truth was in close proximity then they would be destroyed too, it was a manoeuvre made famous by a former Star League Captain who hunted pirates using such a tactic getting inside their Jump Radius ensuring they could not escape.  “Helm full acceleration, escape course from the Yamato before she jumps.”  Tobias said, as the Nightlord turned the Yamato followed it’s turn firing Heavy Naval Autocannons into the rear of the Absolute Truth’s weaker armour, the Radiation levels had returned to normal, a ruse.  “Sensor officer, if we survive this you will face me in a trial for this.”  Tobias warned just before the Absolute Truth was hit by a dozen Capital Grade Killer Shark Anti-Ship Missiles from the Yamato’s forward launchers, creating several large holes in the Absolute Truth’s weaker rear armour.  “Rear guns concentrate on the areas of the Yamato we hit with our main broadside guns.  Have our ProtoMechs and Elementals hit the holes in their Broadsides.”  Tobias ordered as the Absolute Truth’s crew tried to salvage the situation.  The ProtoMechs and Elemental Marine troops began landing on the Yamato at the same time using magnets in the feet of their machines and suits to grapple on then use their weapons to tear holes in the Combine Vessel’s hull.  Around the vessels aerospace fighters and surviving DropShips continued to strafe them trying to knock them off the Yamato’s hull.  “Weapons officer co-ordinate with ProtoMechs and Elementals, I do not want our own guns taking down our people.”

   â€œSir, we are approaching celestial body 72” the secondary sensor officer said, in battles this officer would normally remain out of the battle acting as support to the primary who controlled targeting and analysis sensor arrays, however they also had authority over secondary and long range sensors.  Celestial Body 72 was a rogue asteroid of the Turtle Bay system outside any gravitational pull of any planet or the star, a null area, it also acted as an interdictor to the Jump Drive systems on most vessels so was to be avoided by any manoeuvring WarShip under normal circumstances.

        "Boarding teams finding heavy resistance on Yamato's hull and inside the vessel - heavy crew presence and marine defence."  Another crewman reported the marines were barely aboard and under heavy attack.

   â€œUnderstood, Helm full acceleration speed now.”  Tobias said the engines began to respond to the additional thrust now calling for 2.5 Gravities of Acceleration Tobias sat down on his command seat to brace against the new force.  He watched as the Yamato matched them for speed and smiled.  "How is our marines doing?"

         "Continuing heavy resistance to Elementals, ProtoMechs are being targetted by Yamato's point defence."

   â€œSir, course correction needed or we will enter celestial body 72’s gravity in twenty-three seconds.”

   â€œUnderstood, sensors, give me a count at fifteen seconds.  Helm prepare for any course correction you deem necessary to avoid that contact… on my order.”  There was a series of ayes from the crew around him “Have our Elementals and ProtoMechs to prepare to disembark from Yamato, Fighter Control to provide support and protection to them.  Launch all small craft boarding craft for Search and Recovery Operations.”  Tobias said moments passed as the ten small craft began launching from both sides of the Nightlord as it closed on the asteroid.

   â€œSir, what are we doing?”  Star Commodore Jessica McFadden, his executive officer sitting at the weapons console asked.  Tobias ignored her, she was a former Burrock warrior and would never have been his choice but she was a decent officer and an excellent gunner so he put up with her.

   â€œFifteen seconds, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten...”  The sensor operator said they were now perilously close to the gravity well of the asteroid.

   â€œFull turn!”  Tobias said the Nightlord pulled straight upwards, the Yamato also took evasive action pulling to port and heading downwards ‘under’ the asteroid straight into the gravity well shutting down its Jump Engines.  The two vessels continued to trade blows at extreme range for a few minutes more but sitting at his command chair Tobias could tell this battle was over neither vessel was really capable of continuing at this pace and another battle would end quickly.

   The shuttles and fighters returned as did the only remaining DropShip everyone of his auxiliary craft were heavily damaged half the fighters destroyed, twenty-six ProtoMechs returned two-thirds lost, Surprisingly four hundred-and-fifty of his Elementals had returned all with heavy damage but operational.  Looking at the stats Tobias wondered that if he’d pressed the assault would the Elementals been able to defeat the Yamato’s crew and internal defenders and take the ship?  Or detonate the weapons stores?  Questions for another time, today the Absolute Truth had encountered a superior craft to any the Clans had encountered since returning to the Inner Sphere, the Inner Sphere were matching some of their greatest accomplishments and not all the Clans would have Nightlords and Leviathans to protect them.

   â€œStar Commodore, take over recovery operations.”

   â€œSir, are we not pressing the attack while they struggle to clear the gravity well?”

   â€œNegative, we got lucky today, that vessel has superior weaponry to our own and is less damaged.  We will return to battle with them but not now.  I must speak with the Khan.  Take over recovery operations, Quiaff?”  He asked challenging her to defy him.

   â€œAff, Star Admiral” she said moving from weapons to the command chair without another word.  Tobias moved out of the command deck to speak with the Khan, from there he heard the news directly from his Khan the Draconis Combine had launched an all out assault on the Star Adders assaults intent on pushing them from the Inner Sphere, in a move similar to the Inner Sphere’s assaults against the Smoke Jaguars.

Hope you enjoyed, this little snip
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The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Serpent and Dragon
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Nice naval battle, thanks for sharing.


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Re: Serpent and Dragon
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Nice detail, good modifications to the Nightlord.
May no one ever know less then me......