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Author Topic: Father-Daughter day  (Read 1120 times)


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Father-Daughter day
« on: 20 November 2022, 11:47:17 »
Capellan Commonality Bank
November 3022

The epitome of feminity, a cat like stride, such were qualificative usually bestowed upon Sylvia Borojevic. But as she hurried down the corridor, any whom would have set eyes upon her would rather have tought of a drug-addled Westerhand hooker during the height of tourism season at the end of her day. Barely managing to reach the intercom whitout breaking an ankle in her high-heeled shoes, she truck the door and started nervously hitting the button. As acknowledgement of her presence was given, she tried her best to communicate through the device, but could only stutter incomprehensively. The door opened and she stepped in.

The Duchess slowly adopted a ramrod straight position in her chair, as its leather coating creaked against her leather suit. She locked her eyes in her assistant's, waited a few draw of breaths, then slowly etched a smile and unpursed her lips.

-What is it Sylvia?
-Your father!

The door opened with violence, hitting the handsome guard standing besides it square on his nose. As a sharp cry of pain resonated and Sylvia let out a pathetic whimper,  Candace Liao braced herself for the incoming struggle. Apparently, this is not one of his better days.

-Delay me would you? Try to contain me, have you? I should have you skinned alive! No one, especially not one of you unpalatable banking bureaucrats should even be allowed to dare stand in my way!

All the nerves and veins of Maximillian Liao looked as if they were straining to escape his skin as he screamed out his curse. As Sylvia collapsed on the floor, fainted, the chancellor turned to the aching door guard, looking him up and down. Glaring at him as if he were some mangy seagull come to poop on his deck, he made a step forward, sending the guard in wild shivers, then stuck his thumb in the poor man's mouth, forcing him to open it. Quickly looking at his teeths, he then took one hand, looked whithin it, then turned to his daugther.

-Is THIS what you lay with these days? A baby-faced boy-toy without the hint of a calluse in his hands? If you must absolutely refrain from living a proper life, you could at least spare our name of such dishonor! Out of my sight you flimsy mongrel, and drag that harlot with you!

The Death Commando accompanying his celestial wisdom actually managed not to smile as he kept the door open for the pair.

A minute passed as the two Liaos intentsly led a battle of will-power, preparing for what was to come. unlocking his stare, Maximillian massaged his temples for a brief moment, then passed his hands in his face. Candace took the iniative.

-I wasn't expecting you father, or else I would have made arrangements.

As she was talking she pulled two small glasses from her desk, then took out a bottle as she continued.

- What do I owe your gracious visit on my world on this fine day? Plum wine, father dearest?


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #1 on: 21 November 2022, 22:03:27 »
Maximillian eyed the liquid.

-You wouldn't have anything stronger per chance?

She shrugged.

-It will do I suppose.

She waved nonchalantly to the chair facing her desk.

-Have a seat.

Without a word they sipped the liquid. Tension ran high. Once more they were face to face, once more resentment simmered, ever present, ever overbearing. As they finished their respective glasses, they both assumed position. Candace leaning back and crossing her legs, sitting both her hands on her knee, Maximillian leaning forward, elbows on the desk, hands joining together, index fingers upright, the fingernails crossing. The leather's creaking was the only audible sound through this perfectly executed and timed choreography. Each twitch of muscle carefully calculated and executed. Once more they faced one another. Once more, after nearly another minute of this silent face-off, Maximillian broke first. He tried to shake off the loss by attacking.

- I'm well aware of your latest dealings. Did you really think you could by-pass my authority unnoticed?
- Pray tell, my loving father, what you speak of?

Maximillian's left eye twitched.

- Sonic Fryers! As if it wasn't enough that you ignore the basic tenet of keeping international trade limited to approved luxury goods, now you're feeding the bastards!

She shrugged.

- Oh please, if we didn't give them the means to fry their chicken, they'd just eat it raw.
- At the very least they'd get salmonella.
- Besides, while I allowed one tenet to be ignored, two others are enforced. The shear volume of fryers sold ensure that far more f-bills are transfered to our treasury then any limited edition hovercar. The Borojevic family offers many fringe benefits to their employees, ensuring a more then reasonable living standard to a fair number of our citizens.
- Collusion! All of it! I know very well where you got that little lackey of yours!
- Oh please, you never made such a scene when I granted that loan to Firmir Commercial, yet we both know a fair deal of their "lost in transit" products end up in the Capellan March.
- Few entrepreneurs are as trustworthy as the Kardhor family. Few company serve the citizens in such a steadfast fashion. Few items are as essential as household appliances.

The chancellor slowly raised his stare into his child's eyes. Menacing emotions and frustrated desires of kinship raced briefly behind his iris.

- The "lost in transit" products, you assured me we received taxes on those.
- I did, and its true.

He grumbled.

- Let's be honest, this semi-autarky is starting to wear down the economy. A one legged duck will never be more then a lame duck. You can't expect me to insure a certain competitivity with the other successor states without abiding to the basic concept of inter-state trade. The corporations need more liberty if they are to keep taxes flowing in. It's not like if we can depend on the nobles whom constantly defer their due.
- You and your liberalization of the economy! In this sick, sad world we live in my daughter, we can only rely on those who prove to be of our own. The corporations are nothing but nincompoop peddlers! Trading their grandmothers for a jar of rhubarb jam. They care nothing for the well being of the capellan nation. Theirs is a but a self-centered existence. Filial piety demands otherwise. Nothing outside the state, everything whithin the state.

She slowly adopted the same posture as her father, her every move of a robotic precision.


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #2 on: 22 November 2022, 20:33:07 »
- Well then father, what's it going to be? Should I take back my word and exact ounishment for actions benefitting the citizenry?

Maximillian regally rose from his seat.

- Too late now. You've put me before a done deal. I've seen the numbers and can't argue with success. But do mind your place daughter.

Candace nodded. Silent face-offs were common place between the pair, but this silence had something awkward about it. Maximillian sighed and looked for a brief second at his feet before adressing her with a sad voice.

- You should start making preparations, I shall have need of you sooner then later on Sian.
- Father, don't do it. I know of your project. The odds are against you. The risks outweight any pay-off.
- I've planned for every contingency.
- Chancellor, listen to I whom would be your Zhong Kui. If your gamble fails, you'll lose the mandate of heaven.

Maximillian erupted in a mad cackle.

- The mandate of heaven.

He bowed his head towards his daughter who's cold and calculative demeanor had escaped for the laps of a moment and made his way towards the door. As the death commando opened it, the chancellor of the confederation turned to him, throwing him an angry look.

- I hope you enjoyed yourself?

The commando snapped a sharp salute.

- The chancellor wills it.

And the two of them made their way down the long corridor as Candace looked upon their turned backs.

Celestial palace

Romano Liao was playing with her toy 'mechs besides the celestial throne, her daddy's Cyclop clubbering a Battlemaster. Suddenly, Maximillian Liao's voice rose.

-To the nine hells with the lot of you! Get out of my sight, i'll suffer your incompetence no more.

As the group retreated with many bows, Maximillian turned to his daughter.

- You know, sometimes, I wish I had been born a simpleton. I would have become a dog breeder.

She smiled.

The chancellor made a gesture towards one of his guards.

- Fetch me the director of the maskirovka. I have a new list.

Romano rose to her feet and went to hug her sitting father.

- I love you daddy.

- Ah my precious daughter, loyalty is the greatest wealth of all. Come now, how would you like to go launch a cruise missile and wipe out some marine wildlife?

- Yay, yay yipee!


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #3 on: 22 November 2022, 23:09:02 »
 ;D  I like it, will there be more?
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #4 on: 23 November 2022, 21:08:52 »
Hadn't really considered it. But since someone manifests interest...

I've got half a mind to do something with Romano but my take on the character would be rated-R. Knowing there's most assuredly some young teens coming by the forums as guests (Hi kids!), I'll see if i get an idea to tone it down a bit and still be happy with it. (My take of) Maximillian makes a great burlesque character, but Romano's a very different animal from Candace, less the ideal partner for this kind of dance. I'll try to come up with something.

idea weenie

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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #5 on: 24 November 2022, 11:20:41 »
One thing that Candace could have used, "Father, the traders buy using our own currency, so eventually that currency will return and enrich our worlds.  If the Davions think to attack, the traders will try to prevent it as that will make them unable to use their traded wealth.  In the meantime they sell to us the mineral wealth that would have gone to our enemies, strengthening our factories."

As for Romano, will it be rated-R due to her preference for 'aggressive interrogations' and 'stress positions', or something else?


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #6 on: 24 November 2022, 20:00:46 »
One thing that Candace could have used, "Father, the traders buy using our own currency, so eventually that currency will return and enrich our worlds.  If the Davions think to attack, the traders will try to prevent it as that will make them unable to use their traded wealth.  In the meantime they sell to us the mineral wealth that would have gone to our enemies, strengthening our factories."

Not sure I get your meaning right... But as for currency, the plan was actually to amass as much foreign currency as possible, hence capellan industrys would only accept  for federated suns buyers to use the F-bill and would refuse they use the L-bill. Logically the aim is to be able to play on the fluctuation of inflation of other nations, a form of economic warfare, though i'm no economist myself to delve further in this.

R-rated 'cause she's bat-shit crazy my good citizen. While you can make a good political satyre with the likes of Stalin ("the Red monarch" ain't bad, but "the death of Stalin" is pure genius, especially considering the utter crap that was the graphic novel that inspired it), I double dare anyone to make something humourus whit polpot. Pretty much the same thing here, "Ilsa (Elsa? been a long time), she-wolf of the SS" is a more fitting story then the above with the likes of Romano. Take that as you will.

Still, this is good practice and I keep thinking about it, something will pop up eventually during break time. I thought I might have something, but my idea of using Dolmann Kor...something, was a dead end. I thought he was a depressive wino but he's actually a weak-willed gambling womanizer..."yes boss" jokes have their limits. To be continued.


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #7 on: 26 November 2022, 20:00:25 »
Celestial Palace

Romano was walking down the hall. The strain of the last few years is strating to wear down. I can feel it. A new spring. My strength is growing, I see how they all react as I order them, whitout a word. My power, my gift to wield for the grandeur of the confederation. Fried chicken. I havn't had fried chicken in what? 2 years? I wonder what Chandra Ling's head would look like once deep fryed. I have to get Tsen Shang off his numb booty and acting like he has a manhood on this. Now what's this?

Standing in front of a door in the hall, Maximilian had his pants down, a hand stabilising him against the door and was holding his wee-wee. Visibly he had urinated against the door.

Poor old hound. Poor father. You looked so dashing, ready to climb the ladder of your cyclops. Hm, isn't that that devil Allard's old office? Oh that steel danh. Now where was I?

Maximillian wailed, then slowly turned his head towards her.

- Jasmine?

If only slapping him would be of use. This can't go on. Dignity before survival. Dignity for survival. Perhaps with a lightly sugary beshamel sauce?

- She's off climbing. Stand aside my dear genitor, I'll send for your nurse.

She lightly pushed the chancellor aside, opened the door, then tip-toed, careful not to set foot in the room, to reach the intercom standing besides the doorway.


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #8 on: 27 November 2022, 10:43:09 »
A few days later, Romano was sitting on the celestial throne, supervising her cleaning service.

You, dust off that tablet. Use circular motions, that's right. Wipe that smudge. Take off the table cloth to dust that tablet. Water that plant. I said water THAT plant. No the other one you incompetent twit. Oh for the love of...

She stood from the throne, screaming at the top of her lungs.

-Respect my authority!

A leap and a few paces, as a tiger attacking it's unexpecting prey, and she was face to face with the poor servant.

- I told you THREE TIMES to water THAT plant!

The servant was shaking.

He looks like he's gonna melt. Fried chicken with ice cream? Unconventional side-dish. Something's wrong.

She shot for the kitchens, walking as fast she could. When she erupted in the vast room, smelling of a thousand delicious aromas.

-Where is the lead chef?

Everyone turned to her with a freightened expression, then immediately a hundred fingers pointed to an old woman, white as a ghost. Romano approached her, an angry look on her face.

- I've had vision of fried chicken. And ice cream. Do you know of a recipe combining the two?

Stuttering, the chef did her best to reply.

-Well, not ice cream per say, but maryland chicken might fit the bill your highness.
- Tell me of this "merryland" chicken.
- Oh, um, well, you heat butter and oil in a pan, fry your panned chicken breasts, then you cut banana's in half, fry them too. And then with some butter you caramelize some sugar and make a beshamel with it, all in the same pan to give the sauce a light banana taste.
-You will make this for tonight, and it had better be finger lickin' good.


Sitting at the table in front of Tsen Shang, Romano was wolfing down her specially ordered dish.

- I say Tsen, this "merryland" chicken is the best darn fried chicken I've ever eaten.
- Hmhm, tender, crispy, that sauce is quite the discovery and the banana's fit like a charm.
- Have you ever had a dog?
- Ah, no.
- You're not helping.

They ate in silence then parted ways.

Walking towards the throne room, she mused.

Is it better to kill your faithfull companion yourself or have someone else do it? How is the guilt distributed? Another hand or a detached mean of execution? Can you take a king out for a walk and shoot him? Poison.

She reached for the closest intercom.

-Operator, get me Tsen Shang.

A few seconds passed.

- I am all ears my chancellor.
- Tsen, I need poison. Fast acting and painless. Got something for me?
- At your command celestial wisdom, I have a candidate. The only downside is the easily distinguishable taste which makes it impossible to make indetectable.
- That won't be a problem.

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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #9 on: 27 November 2022, 14:00:54 »
Ah yes, the Liao family. They keep putting the "fun" into "dysfunctional"...
"Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl."
-Frederick the Great

"Ultima Ratio Regis" ("The Last Resort of the King")
- Inscription on cannon barrel, 18th century


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #10 on: 27 November 2022, 17:36:21 »
This is happening too fast, but then this has gone on long enough. Might have been better to plan this further, but this is the best I could do on such short notice. Bah, dirty laundry is but a family affair, so is folding up loose shirts. But then, this is already so much more then what you allowed old Tormax, isn't it father?

- Mother!

Little Sun Tzu Liao was starring at his mother, a puzzled look on his face.

- What are you doing with that platter?
- I'm going to put down your grand father.

She walked past him, annoyed.

Such impertinent question. He can't understand what's going on. Guess I sould re-phrase that.

She turned back and walked towards him. Carefully she kneeled in front of him, carefull not to drop the meal. She tried to take as kindly an expression as she could muster, as soothing as voice as she was able.

- Your grandfather is going on a long, long travel. I'm sending him to merryland.

The boy didn't answer and she barely ackowledged his facial expression as she started for the 'mech hangar.


Once such a powerfull man, now incapable of using a fork. The things I'd do for you old man.

She fed him as much maryland chicken as he accepted, then made him drink 2 glasses of whisky through a straw. Standing before him, arms crossed, she was incapable of offering a smile to a tormented soul that would never notice it anyway.

-All right father. I've arranged for a last combat drop. Your going to sit in your cockpit for your finale voyage. Lets get you into this wheelchair.


Dolmann Kavajk, you insufferable buffoon, you'd better make yourself scarce after this one if you know what's good for you.

A tired man was sitting on a stool, cane in hand, a woman in a vintage 26th century nurse uniform at his side. Once he saw her, he labouriously stood, his weak right leg nearly giving under the stress, the right prosthetic arm offering little dexteruty to help in his balance. Thankfully, the woman helped him. He exhibited a compassioned filled smile which died down as she approached, her own expression killing any mirth.

-Everything is as I ordered?
- Of course, I supervised it myself.

An awkward silence installed itself, then Dolmann had a nervous smile and hunched over to face Maximillian, visibly discomforted by the absence of light in his old friend's eyes. His voice was filled with saddness

-Well, this is it Ras. It's been an honour serving you.

He turned to Romano.

- I would've followed that man deeper then the nine-hells
- Get out of my sight Dolmann.


Maximilian had been sitting in the Mechwaariors seat for 15 minutes, Romano besides him, sitting on a stool, elbow against knee, hand supporting face.

I must. But something's missing. Something's not right. Sometimes, for some peaople, things don't turn out as they would've hoped.

Suddenly, the chancellor's slippered feet started shifting on the pedals. His right hand went for the joystick, the left for the throttle, his stare focused a hundred yards away. For a few minutes he jerked the commands, sweating, then a mad cackle shook him.

-Damn you Dolmann where is your unit! That Battlemaster and its hordes of hell is decimating my company! I can't shake that Victor hounding me! I can't help them! You must flank them! Now!

He was trembling with rage.

- The heat is unbearable! I'm overheating! Ammunition will explode any second! I need support now!

Romano stood to her feet, grabbing the container containing the poison. Clearing her throath, she made the best impression of her mother's voice as she could.

- My husband, take this liquor, it shall cool you down.

He lloked at her startled as his eyes became fogged once more, but he managed to grab the drink and chug it down. As he wen't back to his apathic self, she stroked his head and kissed his forehead. Letting go of her father's head after the kiss, it dropped to the side. Romano wiped the tear forming in her eye.

Now that I have done this, nothing can hold me back.


Now I'm barely considerable as a wanna-be amateur writer. While I wrote a fair number of academic essays, story writing has been limited to a super-hero spoof mainly driven by inside jokes with my mates, a short story submission and fiddling around with a personnal project that I've only thought about and not really worked on for the last few years...But this fanfic, especially the second series, was haunting. Now I had much fun coming up with one-liners for Maximillian and improvising something around them (though I DID have a story to tell and knew where I was going), but it was nonetheless tragic. But Romano... once I accepted this could only be written by getting out of my comfort zone, grabbing the bull by the horns and telling the story through her eyes...well, yeah, haunting. Didn't sleep much last night, happy this is out of my system, happy this is all tied up. Perhaps some will understand. I really do hope all whom have read it will have enjoyed this humble fanfic.

If I write another BTU fanfic (perhaps will, really good exercise, changes me from inane facebook posts), it's gonna be light-hearted and every character's gonna have fun. Perhaps "Hockey night in Noisiel", that'd be a hot ticket.


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Re: Father-Daughter day
« Reply #11 on: 29 November 2022, 19:47:10 »
Some litterature thoughts.

Romano Liao being an unknown quantity outside this community, I figured I'd share this here.

It might seem ridiculous to most, but as I accepted that the best way to approach a story with Romano was to try and walk a mile in her shoes and wrote the first part of the short, it dawned on me that I had touched something dangerous. "When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you" is so used that's its cliché, but it is nonetheless true. Insanity with a method, a relative grasp of reality, a precarious position at the top of a corner of the food-chain...and, it dawned on me as I wrote my first phrase, the accumulated strain of the 4th succession war and Andurien invasion. something like 8 yeras of being to the brink of extinction, the extinction of life's purpose, of a way of life, of a whole people in a sense. The weight of the responsibility's as everything was crumbling around you would've been more then most grand statesman could bare. But she made it through, though most probably with a heavy toll on her weak mental stability.

She is, in many ways, a haunting character to impersonate. But for all the...lack of appreciation she provokes, I couldn't help but develop a great respect, as much respect as a fictionnal character can evoke, at any rate. So yeah, a haunting character, the night after I set myself in her shoes (in all relativity, I must again humbly underline), I couldn't help but be held by certain feelings, certain impressions, certain questions as to my being. I won't bore you with the details, but it also set me on the path of another reflexion.

Now I'm a big fan of Melville, Moby Dick is a personnal favorite amongst everything I read in my life and, as any Moby Dick and Melville fan, I read Bartleby the scrivener and coincidently had to study it in university. There's many a theory as to the origin, mneaning and everything of Bartleby...but looking through my (weak) memory and wikipedia, I realize that nowhere is it mused that Melville hit a writer's block through the character of Achab. Might sound strange, but I almost imagined myself rowing to my doom, led by the she-wolf of the Capellan Confederation, madly menacing the Leviathan with the torn limb of Justin Xiang... Almost imagined the short-circuiting synapses within my brain as I shared the eyes of the unshakable chancellor, facing a white peril, not really sure which one of us was the vengefull spirit. But I merely wrote a vignette. Must've been something else having to donne Achab's Ivory leg for a whole novel. Stopping now.