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Author Topic: The Sixth Spring (AU)  (Read 1445 times)


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The Sixth Spring (AU)
« on: 11 August 2011, 20:18:33 »
One day I had way too much free time, and too much news and books floating around in my head, so I decided to dump this out. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Year: undetermined, 3150?

What were the third through fifth springs? Well, presumably they were lost in the records of time and eventually erased by Comstar revisionists.

It all started with the invention of the second-generation HPG Network, a rare collaborative effort to ensure that no one power would wield as much influence over communications as Comstar, the Word of Blake, the Republic of the Sphere or anyone else ever again. This would prove to be as important as the invention of the K-F drive and the battlemech...


Capellan Confederation: A public agitator, calling himself "The Third Coming of Thor," was proclaiming that everyone should share everything and live virtuous lives so that they may be invincible to bullets and lasers. He was obviously a nutbag, which is why it was rumored that his "Purple Scarf Movement" was actually run by one of his cousins, nicknamed "Little Book Farmer Hero" by those in the know. Despite the fact that 90% of the content of this movement's rhetoric was absolutely absurd, the other 10% seemed to resonate with the people, resulting in massive protests against the government wherever that these messages reached.

Draconis Combine: Rifts were developing within the DCMS. By the end of it, two cliques began to emerge: the Modernization Clique and the Revanchist Clique. The Modernization Clique believed in using diplomacy and subterfuge to keep the borders stable in order to buy time for massive improvement projects at home, with their slogan being "ClanTech equipment for the lowliest of peasants!" The Revanchist Clique wanted to focus on sheer quantity of military forces so that they would be able to retake all of the worlds which were owned by the Draconis Combine at one point or another, rallying under the slogan "Alshain or Dishonor!" After a number of very public assassinations on both sides, it semed like civil war was imminent. Clan Nova Cat found itself being edged into the Modernization Clique since their plans would increase their importance.

Federated Suns: After what could be most charitably described as some trouble within the Davion family, not helped by accusations of various bloodlines being tainted by all of the other noble houses of the sphere, the outer Barons were able to secure more and more power for themselves. An emergency regency was formed, but proved to be so fractious and disunited that members of it resigned early and often. Eventually things got to the point where both the Regency Council and Privy Council were de-facto dissolved. A minister by the name of Cernel Stalvern was able to seize de-jure control over both these councils and proceeded to try to ram a number of decisions through the High Council to enrich himself and his cronies. One of the consequences was that many of the infantry, artillery, and other garrison forces were not paid on time.

Free Worlds League: The people were not satisfied with previous reforms and decided, once and for all, to dislodge the existing families from their offices and fill the seats with common folk. They were aided by a number of elements within the military who were similarly displeased at their inability to get promoted due to lack of connections with any big-name family. The families, in a rare moment of solidarity, united to form a counter-revolution and suppress the commoners. The spirit of reform proved unstoppable, however, and before long many government officials and MPs were resigning. The Free Worlds League proceeded to serve as a safe haven for revolutionaries of all varieties from the other factions, training them in the various techniques that were used within the FWL. How well it can export the revolution remains to be seen...

Lyran Alliance: Strong collusion between the core Steiner family and a few select corporations caused the other corporations to get very angry. Consequently, the corporations decided to take matters into their own hands by getting heavily involved in politics to reform various processes. The insider corporations pushed for various low-intensity wars in order to deflect attention, but after a few years, this had the side-effect of making the people very angry at the unnecessary wars - something which the outsider corporations were quick to take advantage of. Meanwhile, Clan Wolf-in-Exile smelled an opportunity to increase their standing within the realm.

Republic of the Sphere: The Fortress Republic was too much for some to bear. ((TBC pending fan input))


Ghost Bear Dominion: Tensions were brewing between the Laborers and Technicians. The Laborers saw the integration process between Clan Ghost Bear and the Rasalhague Republic as an opportunity to advance their standing. The Technicians, on the other hand, wanted to maintain their position as strictly superior to Laborers in every way. The people of Rasalhague found themselves embroiled in this simmering situation, making strange alliances that one may not expect: the impoverished sometimes tried to ally with the Technicians, while the upper-classes sometimes tried to ally with the Laborers. The warriors had their own internal conflicts: the most hardcore Clanners wanted to pursue a limited opportunistic strategy, while the most hardcore ex-Kungsarme nationalists wanted to aggressively retake all worlds that used to be part of the Free Rasalhague Republic and deliver a number of punishments on those who tried to pick it apart in the past. These factions within the Warriors united in their belief that the Laborer vs. Technician crisis needed to be resolved, and so a pair of Trials of Absorption were declared between the Laborer and Technician castes. People took up heavy rocks, kitchen knives, pickaxes, hatchets, and any other deadly implements they could find, and the streets began to run with blood...

Hell's Horses: ... ((TBC pending fan input))

Imperio Escorpion: While La Nueva Castile enjoyed their privileged status and access to ClanTech, the Ummayyads languished as they found themselves frequently relegated to lower castes. The warriors knew this was an unsustainable arrangement and told the scientists and merchants to "go figure something out." So, the scientists and merchants decided to try creating mixed bloodlines, and to arrange lopsided trials in such a fashion that both the Castilians and Ummayyads would have to see each other as equals. Initial successes were quickly wiped away by vicious ethnic conflict as the streets became dominated by ethnic and religious gangs. A few of these gangs even mixed in some of the weird drug-fueled practices of the Goliath Scorpions.

Jade Falcon: Not everyone was on board with the Mongol Doctrine, and some warriors even cursed the name of Malvina Hazen openly. ((TBC pending fan input))

Raven Alliance: Clan Snow Raven noticed that the majority of the people of the Outworld Alliance just wanted to improve their standard of living, and thus sought to meet their needs, betting that this would allow for the Clan to become stronger than ever before in the long run. The Avellar family did not like the idea of becoming irrelevant and thus told Clan Snow Raven something different. ((TBC pending fan input))

Sea Fox: Smelling blood in the Sphere, they sought to manipulate events and play sides against each other in such a way that they would buy the most expensive hardware possible. The Technician and Laborer castes saw a chance to increase their living conditions, and united so that they could control industrial production. This worker's union sought a more autonomous and internal-consumption-driven economy that benefitted the people, as opposed to their current low-wage export-driven policy. The Warrior caste had to choose whether to support their traditional export-driven allies in the Merchant caste, or to try a different direction for the Clan.

Wolf: ... ((TBC pending fan input))


Magistracy of Canopus: The Magistracy found itself imperiled by a mutated and twisted remnant of the Word of Blake that was savvy enough to have survived the Counter-Jihad. This Blakist faction railed against alcohol, drugs, pornography, prostitution, gambling, video games, comic books, hex-based wargames involving miniatures and dice, and any other evil it could point at. It took root in the more rural and backwater parts of the Magistracy, telling worried parents that if they believed in the Word of Blake then their kids would suddenly start behaving properly. Of course, this would also be coupled with the implantation of tracking devices in their children. Canopus found itself repeatedly the host of small but vocal protests by the Blakists, and every time a Canopian or tourist sneered and jeered at a protestor, the protestors simply became more determined and turned up the volume on their megaphones ever louder. The Magestrix and the Capellan Confederation agreed that "this eyesore must be removed as soon as possible."

Taurian Concordat: ... ((TBC pending fan input))


While the Inner Sphere continued to burn in flames, as it always had for hundreds of years, the scientists of the homeworld clans were slowly but steadily working on technologies that would supposedly help bring about a post-scarcity society and therefore allow the warriors to keep doing their thing until the end of time. Wiser warriors also supported projects to reduce the oxygen and nutritional needs of humans as an interim measure. They called this their "Silver Age," not as big as the Golden Age but nevertheless a marked improvement from the Wars of Reaving.