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Author Topic: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II  (Read 15715 times)


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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11/17/3068 Location – Delos IV, Federation Outback

“Pull Back!”

Outback Marshal Major Milton “Stone” Tolum retreated behind a nearby ridge as the Hellion’s missiles rained down on the rocky escarpment.  His Roughneck had been torn up but taken down a few of weird small mechs that were part of the Hellion attack force.  His fellow Marshals and the surviving elements of the Kilbourne DMM were on the ropes and without an HPG on their own.  “****** I wish the Screaming Eagles were here right now.  As much as I hate their little tart of a CO; I do like those troopers.”

He checked his weapon systems again, his Incubus Arms Improved PPC was still online but his Mydron Excel was out of ammo reducing his already insufficient firepower.  “I took an assignment as far away from these Clan bastards as I could but they still followed me.”

“We can’t shake these guys; they’re too fast.”
“Calm yourself Marshal.  We’ll pull them in and take them out.  I fought these guys nearly twenty years ago.  I’ve learned a lot since then.”
“They have too Major.”
“I guess we will find out.”

The Marshal’s Roughnecks and DMM tanks pulled back into the swamplands surrounding Blue City.  Jagermechs and Blackjacks attempted to swat Hellion fighters out of the sky with mixed success before being bombed into oblivion.  A Kilbourne Warhammer and Marauder stood tall using the water to cool their lethal energy weapons creating thick steam clouds behind them.  Both had trouble getting a bead on the quick moving Hellion Omnimechs that leapt and ran around the forbidding terrain throwing lethal missiles downrange with abandon. 

The Whammy’s AMSes sprung to life but it was not enough against the sheer volume being put down range.  Eventually the mech collapsed under the firepower before more Hellions pressed forward into the breach.  The Marauder was brought low by a Point of Protomechs that had dismantled it piece by piece, it had taken a few down with it but in the end the Marauder was pounded into scrap.  A DMM Challenger X found itself out of road and made a final stand against the onslaught.  Its heavy weapons took down a whole Point of Protos and mauled a pair of Hellions but the tank was outmaneuvered and even its thick hide was not impenetrable.  The tank was disabled and more Clanners continued without breaking stride in pursuit of the fleeing Marshals.

As the Marshals continued deeper into the swamp they saw the distinctive flight path of jumping Hellion Omnimechs.  The Marshals were now circled by the enemy, the seven Mech strong group knew it and so did the Hellions.

A Salamander Battle Armor perched atop a Black Lanner Omnimech somewhere nearby, “Major Tolum, this is Khan Xander Drake of the Hellions.  Your men are surrounded, there is no escape.  However you have fought well.  I am strongly considering allowing your people to join the Hellion’s Touman as Bondsmen.  It is a better outcome than what will happen if you do not surrender.”

The Salamander's pilot flames ignited under their flamer mounts, "Make your choice quickly because we won't be staying long.  I have other places to be."


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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11/25/3068 12:58 Location – Cerulean Waters Inc, Cerulean, Federation Outback

Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion and Precentor Cerulean Suraj Clemens were in one of the meeting rooms of the brand new building that Yvonne was about to officiate the opening of, “What about the HPG situation?”

Precentor Clemens blanched at the mention of their troubles, “We're working on it Your Grace.  New Avalon thinks it is something related to latest capacity upgrades to the Outback's network.”
Yvonne tapped her fingers on the brand new glass and metal  “I really need those HPGs functional Precentor.  Kilbourne station lost contact with several border planets in the past week.”
“I know Grand Duchess, you can count on COMSTAR.  We will fix it.”

She stood up, grabbing the large man by the disk pendant that hung around his neck and pulled him down to her level.  Looking him right in the eyes, “You'd better!  I won't have the Hellions or Taurians rampaging in my territory because I can't make a call.  Get out of here and back to work!”
“Yes Your Grace, right away”

Yvonne watched the man run with his tail between his legs.  She didn't know what was up with the HPGs but they had started to act erratically at the worst possible moment.  A Fifth Fleet Warship patrolling the frontier reported that an arc stretching from Delos IV to Okefenokee had been hit by the Hellions in a series of rapid fire raids that overwhelmed their meager garrisons.  They had stolen goods and taken prisoners but didn't occupy any territory.  The Hellions' blitzed through the mission and were gone as quick as they come.

The Outback Legions were on high alert already docked to their parent warships while the March Militias were coming to full readiness.  There were to many worlds to protect and without functional HPGs on the frontier it would be difficult to track down the enemy fleet and bring forces into play to deal with them.  Already the Fifth Fleet's Base around Chirikof was buzzing with activity as the two Warships currently on rotation there were reactivated with their reserve crews and sent toward the Concordat Frontier. 

The situation was giving Marshal Reitman fits on Minette while Yvonne tasked a military physician to care for the old man.  If his heart gave out it would be another worse case scenario.  At least with the HPGs down only a few knew of the Hellions' assaults on the Frontier but they were a very troublesome few.

Yvonne took a moment to recompose herself doing the breathing exercises that she was taught at Point Barrow, techniques that would have been really useful while she was imprisoned on New Avalon.  “Ok, Yvonne you can do this.  You've been in worse situations; but other people's lives are on the line not yours and that makes you feel worse.  Smile like nothing is bothering you.”

Her assistant stood just outside the door watching but not listening to her boss talk to herself.  “Grand Duchess they're ready for you outside.”

Yvonne collected her thoughts looking out toward the ocean longingly, “Thank You Brianne, I'll be there in a moment.”

Fifteen minutes later

Yvonne wore a seafoam green dress that brought out her red hair and stood next to the CEO of Cerulean Waters, inc.  Due to the enhanced security situation a squad of the 1st Outback Legion's infantry along with the CO of the unit stood beside her with the Federation Marshals that escorted her everywhere she went.  The sea breeze was soft and fragrant as it blew the column of water coming from the shining fountain behind the stage.

“It is my great pleasure to attend the opening of the newest Cerulean Waters, inc HQ.  Count Trefel and his people have worked tirelessly to supply the Federated Commonwealth and Periphery with clean life giving water.  Without which these boom times would not be possible...”

Yvonne continued her speech as a man walked through the crowd getting to the press pool before drawing a needler, he fired the lethal projectiles at the Marshal standing in front of him before raising the deadly weapon toward the Grand Duchess.  “Your Imperial Tyranny ends here Davion whore.”

Lieutenant General Ofermen leapt forward covering Yvonne with his body, his weight pulled her down.  Yvonne could see his eyes and mouth open wide as the projectiles rent his flesh before the Marshals gunned down the assailant in a cacaphony of pistol fire.

Everything in Yvonne's world came crashing down from that stage and there was nothing but darkness and chaos.


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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So Loki might have the HPG grid
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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So Loki might have the HPG grid

It was totally the Word of Blake's fault, at least that is what the Propaganda Division is going to say once they figure it out.

Back to the story

11/27/3068 15:41 Suwama Munitions Factory, Anaheim, Federation Outback

The Periphery March Militia Command Post was frantic with activity as soldiers in two different sets of uniforms rushed to ready their war machines for a coming battle.  A young infantry runner opened the flaps of a tan canvas tent before stopping and saluted the officers inside, “Enemies incoming General.  The Concordat's Seventh Corps based on the markings.”

General Arush Singh of the 14th Outback Legion aka “The Messengers of Shiva” looked at the young Corporal before brushing some dirt off his Khaki jumpsuit.  He ordered the rest of the room to their ready positions with just a hand gesture and they departed.  “You ever been in combat boy?”
“No sir”
“You won’t be able to say that much longer.  Lions do not fear Bulls, nor shall you.  Now get to your station.”

The young man stiffened and saluted before running to his position.

General Singh jogged to his own position across the grassland that surrounded the Suwama facility.  His entire expanded LCT plus supporting units from Suwama’s Security force were lined up on a small rise.  Arush found his mech, the Black Hawk-KU “Lion of Lothair” painted to blend in with the nearby terrain.  He saluted the tech that handed him his cooling vest and boarded the machine currently coming to full power.  His challenge phrase, “We tell tales of heroes so that we may know their courage.”

The Taurian Forces set down 128 kilometers from the Factory both forces leaving behind a conventional defense force to secure their rear areas but pushed forward with Mechanized Infantry, Self-Propelled Artillery, Tanks, and Battlemechs.  They met on the Durak Downs the chalky white cliffs and grassland making for a stark contrast to the ensuing bloodbath.  Skirmish forces met and the line solidified on the heavy tanks that both sides brought to the table with them.  The new, agile, and hard hitting Brahma Battlemechs initially caught the AFFC forces off-guard as they were expecting more traditional Taurian tactics and equipment. They quickly adapted but it cost them precious time and too much damage from the cutting edge HPPCs each one of the enemy units carried.

The Seventh Corps pressed the assault with their cavalry units maneuvering against the 14th’s using far more sophisticated tactics akin to the FLWM to isolate and pulverize isolated lances.  The 14th called in punishing firepower from its artillery batteries that tore jagged holes in the enemy line but they reformed quickly.  Arush’s Black Hawk fired everything at a Wolverine 9D spotting for the Arrow IV carriers up range.  The medium mech succumbed to the withering iPPC and cSRM6 fire and his sensors read that it was dead, “About time The Ecole militare sent me a suitable challenger.  I'd have to fight Smoke Jaguars again to get this kind of thrill.”

11/28/3068 17:58 Location – 1000 Springs Military Hospital, Cerulean, Federation Outback

Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion tossed and turned in her hospital bed before waking with a start.  The nurse currently on her round was startled by the sudden movement as was the Marshal seated nearby.  The nurse looked at her with concern, “Nightmares again?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, I guess.”  Yvonne rubbed her head which still ached from the fall three days ago, it had saved her life but given her a concussion and nothing but bad dreams,  “There are unfortunately a lot of dark thoughts on my mind.”
“I’m sorry that I can’t help you with those.  Can I get you something?”
“Something to kill this headache would be appreciated.  What time is it?”
“Almost Eighteen Hundred.  I’ll be right back with the medicine and tell them to prepare your dinner.”

The nurse departed for the pharmacy, “Anything happen while I was out Bruce?”
“No ma’am.  Not that we could broadcast anything to nearby systems except via the Robinson and I’d much rather have the Wings of Liberty
(The 1st Outback Legion’s Aerospace Wing) overhead than use them as our paperboys.”
“Me too.  Did we get a confirmation about the gunman?”
“No confirmation but he’s either a Wobbie or Taurian.  Not that it matters I think.”
“Either way is very troubling.  The Word of Blake attacked Tharkad nearly a year ago, then they disappeared, the Combine is under siege, we are under siege, and now the HPGs are on the fritz.  I don’t want to think about how bad this could get.”
“Aye ma’am, I’m going to stand outside while you eat and make sure the others checked everything before it got to you.”
“Thank You Bruce.  I know you feel bad about General Ofermen but he died serving in combat as much as you Marshals wished it wasn’t necessary.”
“I know any of us would have taken those needles for you or Michael.  We failed in our responsibility and a good soldier died because of it.”
“We’re in a war, soldiers will die.  We just have to make sure they do so for the right reasons.”
“I know Yvonne but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.  Get better soon, we have too much work to do for you to be spending time in bed.”

Yvonne saluted to the man, “Affirmative Marshal, you are dismissed.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Just a quick snapshot courtesy of the omnipresent ROM

Rimward Threats

Due to Katherine's refusal to buy any more FWL War Materiel, as well as the revelation that she is allied with the Clans, and the Combine's credit problems. The FWL Military Industrial Complex is retooling underutilized Quickdraw, Anvil, Trebuchet, Centurion, Falcon Hawk, and Ostscout Lines to produce new mechs for export to the Trinity Alliance, Mercs, the Circinus Federation, and Word of Blake Militia. 

These include the following
Talos (50t, XLFE, 5/8, LB10X, 2 MML5, 2 ERML)
Sarissa (50t, LFE, 5/8, Plasma Rifle, MML7+A4, 2 MG, SPL)
Toro (35t, LFE, 5/8, ERLL, ERML, 2 MML5)
Firebee 3 (35t, LFE, 5/8/5, ERLL, 2 SRM4)
Firebee 4 (35t LFE, 5/8/5, Plasma Rifle, SRM4)
Brahma (60t, LFE, 5/8/3 HPPC, MML7+A4, AMS, ERML, TacCom)
Koschei (60t LFE, UAC10, ERLL)

TDF Condition 3068

Ten Corps {40 Reinforced Regiments (160 Points)} of Regulars, Two Corps of Guards (New Vandenberg and Taurus), Three Warships (Quixote TCS Vendette, Impavido TCS Iron Bull, Vincent TCS Vandenberg)

The FWL also gave Taurus Territorial Industries the license and tools needed to begin limited assembly of the Xanthos MkII (100t SFE, 3/5, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, MRM-30, 2 B-pods, TacCom) and Goliath (6H) quadruped Assault Battlemechs.  Technicron is also improving the yards around Regis' Roost to ensure the WOB Fleet has a secure yard in case it requires repairs after fighting with the Commonwealth Fleet.

MAF Conditions 3068

30 Augmented Regiments across Five Different Corps (Royal Guard, Highlanders, Light Horse, Cuirassiers, Fusiliers), Two Warships (Feng Huang Upgrade MCS Kossandra Centrella, ROM also intercepted reports about a Samarkand Block II named the MCS Diana Centrella, we have not been able to confirm this but are looking into it)

The FWL has licensed and is providing assistance to Majesty Metals and Manufacturing's new Phoenix Hawk and Marauder production lines on Dunianshire.  Additionally Irian Technologies has been hired to provide technology and training in order to increase the dropships produced each year on the planet.  Their Aerospace Yards currently build the Upgraded Leopard, Kuan Ti, Lung Wang, Buccaneer, and Monarch Dropships.

The Magistracy Fleet is maintained at a yard which we believe might be hidden somewhere in the Trznadal Cluster.  It's exact position and the source of the mystery Samarkand as well as the Dictators seen within their borders will be found out eventually but MIM continues to stymie our efforts.


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Another Timeline post because there is just to much stuff going on to get a proper story treatment.  I'm trying to get to the finish line before I write out the shorter stories in isolation as melding them together is quite challenging.


1/7 – Daphne Steiner-Davion gives birth to (Prince) Jacob on Minette.

1/15 – The Word of Blake's 42nd Shadow Division, De Facto Coordinator Franklin Sakamoto's Resistance (Hanko), and the Black Dragons fight on Luthien.  LAW City is destroyed by a nuclear weapon although no one is certain who set it off.  The three way battle is bloody and destructive but gives the Hanko space to maneuver and defeat the Black Dragons on world after they were heavily damaged by the Blakist 42nd Shadow Divison which was annihilated.

1/17 – The CCAF launches Operation-THUNDERSTRIKE against the Tikonov Grand Republic focusing heavily on Tikonov, Nanking, and Fletcher.  The Capellan March is also targeted with the primary targets being Caselton, Kathil, and New Syrtis, Four TDF Corps are engaged on the Rimward Frontier forcing Duke George Hasek II to split his defenses to deal with the onslaught.

1/19 – Black Dragons launch Operation-IRON DRAGON against the Federated Suns Draconis March aiming for New Ivarsaan and Robinson.  The DMM and Regional Commands distracted by other raids and lacking central command hold them off but at a heavy price.  Duke Tancred Sandoval is forced to deploy with the 1st Robinson Rangers in order to protect his dominion against the revanchist DCMS.

1/20 – Federal FWLM forces subverted by Blakist sympathizers along with Word of Blake Militia assault the Commonwealth's Dixie Combat Theater in the Bolan Province.  General of the Armies Reinhardt Steiner leads the defense from the rechristened Tharkad Battlecruiser FCS Seth Marsden (aka the Schadenfreude) rather than Tharkad to limit communication lag.  Archon Katherine still remains in Wolf Space as far as anyone knows.

1/21 – WOBM forces attack Donegal, Coventry, Alarion, Skye, Hesperus, Arc-Royal, and Arcturus but are repulsed by a stronger than expected defense.  The battles that do reach the ground are costly as Word of Blake Militia engage in a scorched earth campaign against their strongest enemy. 

The Battle over Alarion results in the emergency activation of a partially completed Mjolnir FCS Svartalfheim (“Svelte”) to engage the enemy fleet alongside the Port Sydney Naval Garrison and the Commonwealth First Fleet led by the Avalon cruiser FCS Alexander Davion (2 Avalons, Zodiac, 3 Foxes, 2 Eclipses, Liberator, Vincent mk 42, and Lola III).  The FWLN loses the Thera FWLS Delos’ entire battle group (Thera, 2 Eagles, Agamennon, and Zechetinu) but the Svartalfheim is destroyed along with the Zodiac Aries, 3 Fox/Eclipse, Lola III CWS Nature’s Wrath and Vincent mk 42 CWS Trailblazer.

The Battle over Hesperus sees both the McKenna WOBS Blake’s Sword and Texas CJW Falcon’s Nest destroyed in the exchange along with most of their battle groups.  Total cost is ten ships with the Blakists losing six to the Jade Wolves’ four although the survivor (The Whirlwind CJW Emerald Tornado commanded by Commodore Tanya) is nearly destroyed.  The ground battle results in the near destruction of the Gray Death Legion, Two Jade Wolf Galaxies, and the remaining Lyran forces on-planet but the complete destruction of the Blakists.

The Battle over Arc-Royal sees the WIE Werewolf destroyed by the Blakist Flagship, the Farragut Battleship WOBS Righteous Justice, which is heavily damaged in the exchange.  The Wolf in Exile’s fleet is only saved by the arrival of the CWS Nicholas Kerensky’s Task Force, only the Cameron Ulric Kerensky and Potemkin Full Moon survive to make it to Tamar for repairs.  The Word of Blake loses six ships in the process but the survivors return to the Ruins of Gabriel for repair.  The depleted Wolves in Exile and full strength Kell Hounds suffer heavy casualties at the hands of the Blakist 48th and 50th Shadow Divisions and their subordinate WOBM units.

1/25 – Minoru Nova Cat arrives in the Luthien system to rescue Franklin Sakamoto. Minoru’s Nova Cat jumpships head toward New Samarkand with Franklin before continuing the Cat’s search for Theodore and Hohiro Kurita.  Shin Yodama is left in charge of Luthien's recovery

2/1 – The Azami Elders declare independence from the Draconis Combine and take control of factories and stores in their territory to ensure their defense.

2/3 – General Photon Brett-Marik and his cousin Colonel Alys Rousset-Marik unite behind their “uncle” Thomas Marik (now known as a fraud) against Paul and Corrine Marik. They believe the Word of Blake does not have a chance and will bring down the whole of the Free Worlds League in the process.  The Duchy of Andurian, Rim Commonality, and Principality of Regulus claim neutrality in the coming conflict and call for a no confidence vote in Parliament but it fails.

2/7 – Atreus is hit by a nerve gas attack that kills many parliamentarians and civilians while causing massive casualties among the Knights of the Inner Sphere.  The Rim Collection is under siege by the Federated Commonwealth backed Marian Hegemony.

2/11 The Free Worlds League is now embroiled in a vicious civil war fueled by the expansive military industrial complex and return to regional command in the wake of the HPG Whiteout.  Old blood feuds erupt into new violence throughout the successor state.

2/14 – The Hellions continue to contest Crofton in the Federation Outback but take control of the all-important Starcorps Factories on that world.  Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion rallies Outback commands to stem the tide and chase them out of the Federated Suns. 

She commissions Prince Peter Steiner-Davion as a Brigadier in the AFFC despite his hesitation as a new father and affiliation with the invading Taurian Concordat through his wife.  Yvonne gives him an ultimatum; he either accepts the commission remaining in the Commonwealth forever or he will be given passage back to Randis and cut off from his sister forever because he ran away again.

2/17 – The Taurian 7th and 8th Corps continue to skirmish with the Outback Legions and Periphery March Militias in the Outback’s Rimward Frontier.  Generals Marsdin and Singh plan a counter-offensive against the Concordat but are hindered due to the HPG whiteout, Hellions raiding their rear lines, and WoB Shadow Divisions raiding their front lines.

3/15 – The IV Legio of the Marian Hegemony begins a heavy raiding campaign against the Spinward section of the Magistracy of Canopus.  The Third Raventhir Cuirassiers are deployed to deal with them. 

Commander Adonis Valentine and Major Erde Centrella are recalled to Canopus IV from Luxen by the Magestrix.

Canopian Worlds along the Fronc Frontier are attacked by Aurigan Coalition forces and various pirates and mercenaries.  The MAF is heavily engaged along the strategically important corridor from Dunianshire to Detroit.  The Feng Huang MCS Kossandra Centrella is stationed above Detroit in support of the CCAF and MAF garrisons on world and to intimidate the hostile raiders.

3/18 - Franklin Sakamoto lands with both Genyosha and 3 Ghost Regiments attempting to stop the rebellious Black Dragons under Kanrei Minamoto on New Samarkand.

3/23 – Operation-THUNDERSTRIKE runs out of steam as the CCAF even with WOB help is incapable of maintaining momentum against the Tikonov Republic and Capellan March at the same time. 

4/1 - Duke George Hasek II launches his counter-offensive, Operation-SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, with the entire Davion Guards Corps in support against the exhausted CCAF to great initial success. 

4/12 - The Crucis Lancers supported by the Tikonov Republican Guards and Commonwealth’s Third Fleet begin to attack the Free Worlds League’s Terra facing worlds to support the heavily embattled Lyran Commonwealth, leaving the Confederation to their Davion Guards brothers and Capellan March forces.

5/2 – The Word of Blake subverts Magistracy planetary nobles on Thraxa, Vixen, and Gambilon.  In exchange for security from the marauding Marian Hegemony Armed Forces they pledge to follow the Word of Blake rather than their Magestrix.

5/14 – The evacuated MIM Base “Gorgon’s Nest” on Gambilon is overrun by the Opacus Venatori but is destroyed by its failsafe bomb.  This is just the latest battle in the shadow war that MIM and ROM have been fighting for years.

5/22 - Magestrix Emma Centrella sends Curatis to Taurus under cover in order to build a network that might eventually be used to assassinate Grover Shraplen's Junta.

6/18 – Reinhardt Steiner’s Iron Wall is pushed to the breaking point against the FWLM and WOBM and has to withdraw to an arc centered on Caledonia and arcing Freedom to Skye and Bolan to Son Hoa.  The Free Worlds League now occupies nearly sixty Commonwealth worlds but internal strife continues to erode the grip they have on them.

6/22-28 – Colonel Alys Rousset-Marik leads an attack on Irian with her allies, hoping to capture it before the invading FedSuns forces do in order to strengthen her position and save the world from destruction. 

The Word of Blake Militia defenders, in defiance of the natives, use scorched earth tactics to ensure the valuable facilities do not fall into “enemy” hands.  When IrTech Security forces do fight the Word of Blake they are annihilated. 

Colonel Alys gets nothing but suffers heavy casualties for the daring assault.  The victory exposes the Word of Blake’s true motivations against the Free Worlds League by devastating one of their most industrious planets just for spite.

7/4 – Franklin Sakamoto’s Task Force-BLACK SAIL is successful in recapturing Samarkand from the Black Dragons. He consolidates his position while resting and refitting his soldiers to continue the push against the rebel samurai.

7/10 – General Photon Brett-Marik’s Army of True Patriots attempts to create a bridge to Bolan through hostile territory in order to link up with Lyran Forces under Reinhardt Steiner.

7/23 – De Jure First Prince Peter Steiner-Davion’s Task Force ICEBLOCK launches from Minette bound for Crofton and the Hellions’ occupied territory.

7/28 – The Word of Blake backed Circinus Federation goes to war with the Commonwealth backed Marian Hegemony the IV, VI, and VII Legio are recalled from their theaters to defend their home territory.

8/2 – The Principality of Regulus launches a massive assault on Gibson but it is foiled by Word of Blake sabotage.  Prince Eric Cameron-Jones vows that there will be “nothing but dust and rust” when he is through.  The Word of Blake realizing its support is drying up and allies are under attack begins to evacuate key personnel to Terra and redeploy forces to “more hospitable” places.

8/14 – Task Force ICEBLOCK supported by the entire Fifth Fleet led by the Avalon Cruiser FCS Victor Steiner-Davion arrives in the Crofton system and begins the Campaign against the Hellions.

9/2 – Operation – SOVEREIGN JUSTICE ends with the Battle of Sian that sees Duke George Hasek II’s forces engage the CCAF in a naval and ground battle that causes massive casualties including the accidental death of Duchess Candace Allard-Liao.  Her death rallies the Confederation and the death of Duke Hasek’s mother Kym Sorensen-Hasek forces him to return to New Syrtis.

9/21 – The Word of Blake’s “Master” along with the 41st Shadow Division arrives on Canopus IV to confront Magestrix Emma Centrella about their “arrangement.”
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Flash Transmission along Clan HPG Network

All six of the Clans in the Inner Sphere will be meeting in the city of Odessa on Nox to negotiate a cease fire between the Ghost Bear, Hell’s Horses, and Wolf Clans and talk about the possibility of founding a new Great Council.

End Transmission

11/30/3068 Location – Odessa, Nox, Ghost Bear Dominion

The City of Odessa, a rich resort town, on Nox, a world that had seen many masters but currently flew the Ghost Bear Dominion’s Flag.  As one of the few well developed industrial worlds in the former Free Rasalhague Republic it was a tough loss for Clan Wolf but the planet was notoriously unruly and the Bears had won it back fair and square. 

Katherine walked along the beach with three children close behind, blending in perfectly with the other civilian caste that were taking in the pleasant spring day.  A whole year had passed since she made her announcement on Tharkad about her, Vladimir, and their children and while she remained victorious throughout the year it had worn her down at all levels.  The only thing that kept her sane was the fact that she could spend more time with the children.  No longer having to hide her connection to them from the world.  The HPGs being down made it all the more relaxing no longer was she ignorance was innocence even if she dreaded what might come.

Morgan grabbed her hand breaking her out of a daze, “When is Dad going to be done?”
“I’m not sure dear, he is very busy at work with the others. I am certain they will be finished soon.  Clan Laws are much less finicky then those in the Inner Sphere.  He just has to bust some heads to get his point across sometimes.”

Alaric and Siegfried nearby laughed, “Remember when he head butted that Ghost Bear Star Colonel on Rasalhague?”
“Yeah that was great, knocked the guy out in front of his whole Cluster.”

“Okay, it has been really great to spend some time with him, and my brothers…”
Both brothers were chasing each other and wrestling in the sand like their Clan Sibko had taught them.  Even when they weren’t on Tamar an Imperial Wolf Master-at-Arms stationed on the Blood Moon kept up all of the children’s Warrior training and Katherine or one of her staff tutored them on more academic and political skills.

Morgan and Katherine continued walking down the beach the warm white sand crunching under their sandals, “I know your brothers are a bit much but mine were very similar.  Peter got in fights with Victor… and Arthur about anything.  He had the worst temper, but was the only one I could relate too.  We both were stuck in the middle, with each other, between two Realms not feeling like we belonged in either of them.
I turned in and became cold.
He lashed out with an all-consuming rage.

I hope he found peace somewhere…because Victor and Arthur didn’t get the chance.”

“You sound so sad when you talk about him.”
Katherine didn’t realize that she was crying but quickly wiped her face with the sleeve of her dress lest anyone see, “I am sad.  I don’t know what happened to him.  It’s been so long since we last saw each other.  I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.”

02/14/3069 03:47 Location – Verdant Manor, Minette, Federation Outback

A Donar Attack VTOL in the Tan and Gold colors of the 1st Outback Legion landed at the helipad outside the Ridgetop Manor.  Snowflakes were pushed away with the rotor wash creating a small Blizzard that engulfed the nearby area.  Hauptmann Yvonne Steiner-Davion put a brown bomber jacket over her tan flight suit pushing the collar up to ward against the chill before exiting the chopper. 

Her boots left deep footprints in the thin snow as she walked the two dozen meters to her house.  Her co-pilot kept the chopper warm and ready to depart at a moment’s notice while she finished some personal business.  Inside Peter was waiting, “What is going on Yvonne?  Shouldn’t you still be on tour?”

“You have a lot of questions big brother.  I don’t have a lot of time and only need one answer from you.”

Peter looked at her confused but followed her as she walked toward her wing of the mansion. His family wisely stayed out of that side, there were too many painful mementos of time and people lost in her rooms.  Currently though he followed her as she walked leaving wet boot-prints on the recently waxed hardwood floor. Something was troubling her and there was still lots of lingering resentment even after more than a year attempting to make amends.

They stopped in front of an alcove where a folded Federated Suns flag and custom painted advanced neurohelmet occupied a small shelf.  Yvonne lifted the helmet and thrust it toward Peter only barely holding back tears as it revealed the service picture of a young man with red hair, “Are you here to stay Peter?” 

Peter grabbed the neurohelmet and rotated it around, Steiner-Davion, Arthur A. was painted in gold script along the front along with the First Prince’s seal.  The neurohelmet suddenly felt like it was ten times heavier, “They’d never accept me back. I left.  Why should they after what I did?  What I made you do?  How can you give me this?”

The angry sad Yvonne of the office a year ago came back, “****** Peter, I lost both of the men I love most because of you.  I almost died again out there because of it.  I’ve sacrificed so much, lied to Katherine about you at potential risk to myself. 

Now I am going out to fight the Hellions.

The Confederation, Taurians, and Blakists are all running rampant across the Federated Suns.  Its people need us to protect them and I need you to stand up and take on that responsibility.

If you can’t do it then we are finished, forever.”

A long silent moment passed between the two of them and Yvonne put her hands on the helmet again about to take it back, “Father would have been so disappointed.”

She pulled but he resisted, “I am tired of disappointing people Yvonne, it’s been my life’s story. 
Maybe he would’ve been…

Maybe Victor and Arthur would’ve been as well but…

I’m not going to let you go back out there to deal with this alone.  I came back to stay and make amends to everyone I’ve let down.”

Yvonne let go of the helmet leaving it in his hands, “It’s a long list unfortunately but I have to start somewhere.  Where are we going?”

She was relieved but tried not to show just how much so, it was scary enough to face down Taurians alone, the Hellions were a whole new level above even with Peter at her side, “Crofton.
The Hellions have attacked and are attempting to capture the StarCorps factory there.  I’ve already sent for another chopper to take you back to the starport,
First Prince.”
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Looks like Peter being yanked from the dugout and he's get thrown into the game.  I guess he won't be using a Fafnir this rendition.  Hellions are bit of fast lot when it comes to fighting.
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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The cure to the Hellions is lots of minefields filled with LRM launched Thunder-Aug mines.
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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The cure to the Hellions is lots of minefields filled with LRM launched Thunder-Aug mines.

To bad they are not fighting the Confederation, now that would be an interesting battle for certain

Return to Story

02/08/3069 Location – Overwatch Base, Sabari, Bolan, Federated Commonwealth

General of the Armies Reinhard Steiner looked over the holographic war table in front of him filled in as best as possible from the sporadic reports of enemy forces invading the Dixie Combat Theater. The HPG network was still down and although COMSTAR claimed they could fix them,  Reinhard was not so sure. Which is why he was here rather than on Tharkad or Furillo with his brother, their father had died assassinated by League or Blakist agents so this was personal. “Any word on or from Katherine?”

“No General, last reports still had her in Wolf Space.  She wasn’t on any of the worlds recently attacked.” 

“Reports are trickling in from the latest Blakist assaults.  It looks like the Clan Warships did major damage to the enemy fleet, but it was costly.”  Quick holographic notes marked the latest battles around the seven strategic worlds attacked, the battle reports marked off the units lost. 

“The détente between the Clans has freed up more units to head toward the Skye Theater under saKhan Marialle Raddick and Loremaster Ivan Kerensky.  Had they not shown up above Arc-Royal the Kell Hounds and Phelen Kell’s Exiled Wolves would have been annihilated; even now they are heavily depleted and incapable of supporting our position.”

“Loremaster Ivan Kerensky?”
“Dah General, apparently Katherine gave up her title.”

“Crazy bitch, I suppose it’s for the best.”

Reinhard looked at the table, “Hard enough to run one empire in peacetime, war adds a whole new level of difficulty.  At least I have her and Adam’s undivided attention in the back field.”

An alarm marked the proximity warning as RADAR picked up twelve incoming WOB and FWLM dropships escorted by an Agamemnon, “I have more than enough on my plate already."

He loomed over the table and put his cooling vest on, the insignia of a Rhino charging emblazoned across his chest
"AIRCOM, Launch all Fighters, targeting their Aerospace cover.
I want all AAA online and ready to ensure Air Security.
The Seth Marsden will keep the Agamemnon off our backs but it won't get those League bastards out of our faces.”

5/22/3068 Location – Crimson Palace, Canopus IV, Magistracy of Canopus

Magestrix Emma Centrella was looking over the latest MIM reports in her regal robes within which were concealed all manner of weapons.  Still she now was always under the watchful eyes of Raventhir’s Iron Hand.  The elite Royal Guards had foiled ten assassination attempts against her just this year, each ordered by various unknown entities but likely Word of Blake.  “Damn those upstart Marian pirates.  You would be nothing without your patrons and even then we will still prevail as we always have.”

Curatis was let in through the large dark wooden doors at the end of the hall.  His boot heels clicking against the fine white and red marble floor his bald head tracked by an Iron Hand sharpshooter concealed somewhere in the gallery like any other guest to the Palace.  He stopped before being beckoned fourth by Emma and kissed her many ringed hand, “You called for me Your Radiance.” 
“Yes Curatis, I have a very important assignment for you.  I am sending you to Taurus, I don’t like where this is going.  The Word of Blake has subverted all of our allies and thrown them in mass against our enemies.  I am afraid it won’t stop before there is nothing left.  Naomi can reign in Sun-Tzu and Kali before they cause too much damage but I need someone on Taurus to stop the Protector.”

“You want me to assassinate Grover Shraplen?”
“Not unless it’s necessary.  The succession crisis alone would ruin the Concordat as any kind of useful ally in the future.  Erik isn’t old enough to take on the mantle and Cham Kithrong is not popular enough with the TDF to retain their loyalty. 

I did what I could for them but you are my ace in the sleeve.  I need you to ruin Grover in such a way that their invasion of the Federated Suns stops.  I won’t have a future son-in-law live to inherit its radioactive ashes.”

“Of course Magestrix, you can count on me I will leave tonight.”
“I knew I could.  Safe travels Curatis.”
“Be careful Emma, too many knives are coming for you.”
“Thank You Curatis, goodbye.”
“Until next time.”
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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01/28/3068 Location – Parliament Building, Atreus, Free Worlds League

Captain-General Thomas Marik attempted to call Parliament to order, the HPG Crisis had everyone increasingly on edge as Parliament began its session after an extended holiday break made longer by the HPGs being nonfunctional and making jumpship routing even more difficult. 

The imagination of these men and women knew no bounds he thought. Even though “Thomas” had been a COMSTAR ROM agent it didn’t mean he knew a damn thing about the technology that ensured the blessed order’s monopoly on HPG traffic.

“Order! Order!  You will all respect the decorum of this chamber unless there is reason to do otherwise.  There will be no more false accusations about who is at fault. 

I have been assured that the Word of Blake is working tirelessly to resolve the issue.  We will merely have to make do until they do so.  Understand?”

The Two Parliamentarians separated and we returned to their chairs, “Now back to the point, Both SAFE and ROM are attempting to find the source of this issue.  I am ordering Federal Forces to stay back from the Commonwealth border while we do so to prevent starting a war we do not wish to fight.”

Duke Hector Stewart stood up and called out, “Bullshit, Captain-General.  We all know who the source of this is and we should do something about it.  How much longer are you going to allow our enemies to gather strength?  The Free Worlds League is blind, Reinhard’s Armies could be crashing across the border right now and we wouldn’t know it.”

He looked around for an answer, “At least the Word of Blake scares them, they laugh at us while planning our downfall on Tikonov or Tharkad.  With the Combine in shambles make no mistake that we are the next target.  Your attempts at diplomacy have put us on the proverbial back foot to the Three Cs (Clans, Commonwealth, and COMSTAR).”

Other parliament members joined into the discussion before it became a cacophony of voices interrupted once more by the Captain-General, “Gentlemen it is regrettable that we have turned this hallowed hall of power into nothing more than a secondary school locker room with our short sighted endeavors.  I think we should adjourn for the day while we sort through our concerns in a more solitary manner.”

Before he could strike the gavel Minister of Intelligence, Count of Dormouth, and Representative of Marik Paul Marik and the cyborg WOB Precentor ROM Alexander Kernoff walked in, the Leaguers were understandable shocked to see a cyborg so boldly walking beside the Minister of Intelligence, “What is the meaning of this?”

“We have important news to announce.  Brother, may I have the floor?”

The unexpected request was answered affirmatively to do anything otherwise wouldn’t have changed what Thomas was expecting might happen.  Paul Marik walked up to the podium and inserted a data chip into the slot.  “I have found irrefutable evidence of something that I had long suspected.  This man,” Paul pointed to Thomas, “is not Thomas Marik but a COMSTAR double.” 

The DNA test results and a short archival video of the bombing of Janos Marik played, “The real Thomas Marik died in Thirty Thirty Five.  Since then the Primus of COMSTAR has been puppeting this doppelganger before us to fulfill their own ends.”

The collective gasp could be felt throughout the building but Thomas seemed unconcerned, “Do you deny it False Thomas?”

Thomas stood tall even though his age beaten frame fought him every centimeter.  “I deny that I am a COMSTAR puppet, Minister. 

Under my Captain-Generalship the Free Worlds League has seen unpreceded prosperity and security in uncertain times.  I have never compromised this Interstellar Empire at the wishes of COMSTAR and would never do so.  Everything done during my tenure has been my own idea and I have no intention of changing that anytime soon. 

I also deny that your brother is dead though I know not where he is.”

Paul looked back toward him his glasses settled low over the bridge of his nose, “So you admit that you are a fraud?”

“I admit that I am not Thomas Marik, call me Thomas Halas if it pleases you.  There is no blood tie associated with the Captain-Generalship and I have confidence that I can weather anything you wish to throw at me Paul. 

If you wish to depose me there are procedures for such things.  Call for an election.”

“I most certainly will do so.  As a Representative of Marik I call for an election to replace the current Captain-General as I no longer have confidence in his ability to lead.  Who will second this motion?”

Dozens of hands went up in support of a no-confidence vote in Thomas Halas.  “There the motion carries, I nominate my daughter Corrine, a true Marik, for the Captain-Generalship.  I call for an election to be conducted tomorrow morning at ten am.  Does this motion carry?”

Nearly every one of the Parliamentarians voted for that measure it was simpler than having to deal with another bloody coup against the Captain-General and his allies.

Captain-General Thomas Halas rang the gavel to settle the matter, “I am putting forward the motion to adjourn Parliament in the wake of these revelations.  Does the motion carry or should we do this election now?”

The motion carried and Thomas Halas hammered his last motion as Captain-General.  The following day even after a fiery speech Parliament split 47-53 against him and for Corrine Marik.  By noon Corrine was given the Captain-Generalcy and Thomas Halas was forced out of the halls of power but not off-world.
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Wow, that felt sudden. If the Word is in control of the HPG network, why wouldn't they be able to restore it since their likely ones who caused it in part.  They did in canon during the Jihad. 
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Wow, that felt sudden. If the Word is in control of the HPG network, why wouldn't they be able to restore it since their likely ones who caused it in part.  They did in canon during the Jihad.

Well this time Loki not knowing what they had captured, sent the virus via the HPG network, and it might not have been WOB  see this story
11/09/3068 Location – Blackgate Fortress, Etienne’s Sanctuary (Sentarus), The Barrens
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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06/22/3068 06:42 Location –FWLS Olympic, Irian Zenith Point

Colonel Alys Rousett-Marik stood on the bridge of the Aegis FWLS Olympic as it breached through KF space, the bridge was still littered with debris from the battle to capture the Warship from the Word of Blake forces over Marik.  She picked up and stashed a flight of razor sharp flechettes that had embedded themselves in the paneling and now drifted loose after their latest round of maneuvering. 

Her own Sea Eagle needler pistol was slung across her chest, there were too many unknowns even around her own loyalist forces and no longer went unarmed.  The Comm Officer turned toward her, “We are being hailed Colonel, they think we are with the Word of Blake and are expecting us.  I’ve told them we are taking on supplies to combat the Third.”

She smiled, “Excellent, our intel was good then and the Word of Blake still hasn't fixed the HPGs.  I didn’t think we would be that lucky.  Time to send in the Marines.”

08:58 Location – Olympus IrTech Z Recharge Station

Colonel Rousett watched the view screen as the ten S7-A, a popular small space craft for cargo and personnel trasfers between Jumpships, Warships, and Space Stations, drifted silently toward the massive Recharge Station.  Each of the marines was rechecking their combat suits as well, the vacuum capable armor would protect them from most small arms and some of the environmental dangers of space, but not indefinitely, or at all if it was worn incorrectly. 

She looked toward Force Commander Antonin Farkas who was currently strapped in to the chair while they were maneuvering.  She watched carefully as she saw her own helmet’s reflection in his gold mirrored visor, “I’m not just seeing things Antonin. That is the Tirana right?”

The Zechetinu corvette was being tended by workers in EVA suits and their attendant small craft who were fixing damage sustained in the Battle of Atreus that saw the destruction of most of the FWLN loyalist by the Blakists.

The Force Commander looked at the view-screen momentarily dropping his pre-mission briefing, “Yes, Colonel, I thought it was headed back to Loyalty.  We should make her the priority target, I’d hate to see the Olympic blast it to pieces.”

“No we are going to keep our priorities straight Captain.  We can’t crew a Zec right now and use the Olympic’s guns.  That station needs to be ours or else the whole operation will suffer. 

The Commonwealth’s Third Fleet will be coming and they are going to make an awful mess of the place if we don’t get it first.”

“Understood Colonel, just thought we need all the help we can get against the Blakists.”

Alys held out her silvered Diverse Optics Type 60 Laser Rifle, ensuring its power cable would still clear her suit in tight environments and adjusting its stock, she returned it to the Velcro holder on her chest plate, “We do, but we have to pick our battles, enemies, and allies carefully.  I unfortunately can't afford to lose the few people we even have now.”

Antonin checked his rifle as well, unstrapping his suit from the chair as the yellow proximity light went on, “I’m glad I just have to shoot the bad guys Alys.  That sounds like the hard part.”

“Count yourself lucky Captain.  You don’t have your Uncle trying to kill you.”

“Figured you Mariks should be used to it by now.”

Alys just shook her head which only resulted in a small movement of the helmet.

A man’s voice came in over the PA of the empty cargo bay where twenty heavily armed marines (Espatiers), three support personnel, and Alys were strapped in, “Marines, this is the Olympic-One speaking, three minutes to docking.  Six minutes to repressurization.  Complete final checks now and unhook.  We’ll hold the way out open.”

Everyone could hear the docking clamps close over the S-7 for the final pull into one of the station's small craft cubes.  The marines worked their way toward their positions and everyone waited patiently while they repressurized the bay, weapons ready.


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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07/10/3069 Location –Above Tamarind, Free Worlds League

The partially completely and heavily damaged Thera supercarrier FWLS Thessaly along with six other vessels are currently being tended by the Technicron Manufacturing Cageworks (The Nova Cat Transcendent Star and FWLS Leodegrance) were a stark contrast to the barren moon of Tamarind below.  The yard had launched the Impavido TCS Iron Bull which had headed right to the Taurian Concordat earlier in the year.  With no new orders in the system was empty of large warships and filled with friendlies.

“General Marik, sir.”

Photon Brett-Marik, last Commanding General of the 2nd SLDF turned away from the holotable to face the courier.  The past few years had aged him appreciably, dark spots hid in the corners of his eyes and soul, and his raven black hair had grayed more.  It was bad enough to be betrayed by the Combine nearly eighteen months ago only to fight his way clear into another betrayal at the hands of his own uncle Paul Marik.

Without the Nova Cat’s Transcendent Naval Star he might not have even gotten free this time.  Every night before he went to sleep he thanked his lucky stars that Thomas Halas had sent the Free Worlds League to support them in their hour of need.  He was so very fortunate that they felt fit to return the favor with interest.

Now he was leading a liberation of the Federated Commonwealth worlds captured in a flurry of brutal Blakist assaults while supporting his cousin Alys against their Uncle.  Paul was wasting good lives fighting a Fifth Succession War that didn’t need to be fought.  He felt Captain-General Corrine didn’t approve of her father’s measures but she was confined by her office to support the Word of Blake in their Jihad against the Clans and Commonwealth by fearful MPs. 

The Federated Commonwealth’s wrath would be dire and Photon knew enough that such a fight was futile and unnecessary.  The Kapetyn states couldn’t hold their gains especially with Katherine claiming three Clans in her corner.  The League’s only way out now was to stop the Blakists and hopefully spare more worlds their brutality before the nukes started falling again across the Inner Sphere. 

“Speak up Corporal.”

“General, Reinhardt received our message.  He’s pinned against Caledonia trying to break out but the whole of the Marik and Word of Blake Militias are occupying the Dixie Theater.  He has informed Son Hoa that we are friendly and in need of supply.  Additionally Admiral Haken has offered the Alberich Mobile Repair Yard, currently around Buena supporting their First Fleet to us if we require additional repairs or servicing.  Reinhardt said his father had an unusually high respect for you, for a Mari.
 He doesn’t blame us for his death now that he knows what the Word of Blake seems to have been planning all along.”

“That is the highest praise I have ever received from an Elsie.  At least Katherine saw fit to treat me with cold indifference.”

“Is there a return message General?”

“No that’s quite enough I think, it’s not like I can send anything quickly to him anyway with the HPGs still down.  Keep the Scout on stand-by in case I come up with something.”

The man saluted and walked out of the room leaving Photon with a face full of light from the War Table.  He looked over the status report of his Army of True Patriots currently resting up and rearming after fighting their way clear of Blakist allied forces to Tamarind for repairs.

“Thess status report”

A disembodied voice spoke into his earpiece as a holographic map of the vessel appeared, various critical systems were summarized in a bar graph and most of them were red,

“General Marik, this vessel is currently operating at thirty-three percent capacity.  Fighter Deck One is operational but only half the doors work, Fighter Deck Two was incomplete prior to launch.  KF booms three and four are non-functional attempts to dock a dropship to them will result in a mis-jump.  Grav Deck three is off-line, structural integrity is at forty percent.  Main Power Plant, Kearny-Fuchida core, and Lithium-Fusion batteries are optimal as are all external weapons although everything but missiles are at half load.  Crew staffing is below recommending levels but above minimums for capability.”

“So I’ve got a battleship that can’t take a punch or go the distance.  Just frakin’ great.” 

Photon looked at a picture of his uncle from dating back to when he was appointed Commanding General of the SLDF,
“Why did you do it Paul?
Do you really think we can win this fight? 
Because I don’t think we stand a chance and even if we manage to we’ll lose our souls and asses in the process.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Author Insert

I am looking for feedback on the recent way I am writing this story out as there is so much going on and I can't get the detailed slower paced character drama I'm striving for.  I feel too much stuff is happening and my audience (and I) are having trouble keeping up. 

I'll try to bring the far flung characters back to some semblance of order but this is the Jihad we are talking about, and there is precious little order to be had sphere-wide.

Yvonne, Peter, and Devlin Stone will feature heavily in the next couple of entries so I'm hoping to keep a tighter lens but felt you needed an update

Dave Talley

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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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doing great so far, but with a billion characters it gets sort of forced, you have a great job of not forcing it, it moves just fine overall
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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as long as you aren't just tossing in people for the named "stars" it has been good
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Your doing fine!
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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as long as you aren't just tossing in people for the named "stars" it has been good

I do try to have them all have some kind of role to play in the greater story.


06/30/3068 08:17 Location – Soapstone Mountains, Irian, Free Worlds League

Colonel Alys’ Rousett-Marik’s Apollo looked out over the Soapstone Mountains, one of the largest Battlemech factories in the Inner Sphere was inside.  Her force had pushed the surprised Blakists and confused Irian Security forces back to their fortifications.  The pitched battle continued as The Krushers, 1st Free Worlds Guards, and smaller Mercenary units hired out of Galatea pressed forward.  The air was thick with missiles, whizzing autocannon shells, and crackling man-made lightning from the company of Awesomes below.  The upper atmosphere was filled with dog fights between the security forces and her rebels as both attempted to gain Air Supremacy.

The last of the enemies fell back into their firing positions, Alys knew they would do that, unfortunately she didn’t have the time or people to break through the fortifications.  A Blakist Warship would eventually show up and realize there was a problem if she didn’t get through now.  There was no way they would blow up such a major factory and her forces could hold until the Commonwealth Fleet fought their way here after thrashing the Confederation.

Alys looked down at her Battlemech’s multi-function display zooming in a ridge where her recon choppers had identified the nearest strongpoints.  Her Purple and Black Apollo stood still on the ridge as its microwave transmitter opened up to send a message to the Olympic above.  “Captain Vedrick, prepare to fire on these coordinates.”

Above the Aegis heavy cruised FWLS Olympic’s gun crews rushed to their ready stations awaiting their firing solutions.  The broadside guns were pushed out of their protective cowlings and the smaller gun turrets were rotated into alignment.  Captain Vedrick stood silently as he heard the no neck hard charging Gunnery Officer count down their approach.  “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Guns are locked in position Captain, we are ready.”

“We are in position Colonel.”

A moment of delay felt like an eternity, he was about to fire weapons capable of leveling a city on a planet that was until a few months ago friendly.  From a Warship he stole from an old friend he known his entire life. 

Alys’ hard edged voice came in over the radio, Vedrick knew she appreciated the magnitude of the order she was about to issue, “Fire”

Back on the ground Colonel Marik watched with great trepidation, it was a legitimate use of a Warship’s immense firepower.  The people in those fortifications had made their choice but if she was wrong there was nothing but an executioner’s blade in her future.

She readied her battlemech for the imminent shockwave and hoped the other’s had done the same.  They had thirty seconds of warning, a stream of hellish shells crashed down on the hills creating massive craters of the hardened fortifications.  Pieces of Battemechs, grim gray ferrocrete, and natural brown from dirt and trees exploded raining down debris for hundreds of meters around the impact site. 

The shockwaves rippled leveling even more of the old growth forest the bunkers hid in and tearing apart anything in its wake.  The front line of her rebel force hadn’t fallen back soon enough and their multi-ton War Machines were knocked down and scattered like so many children’s toys.  The forces at work flaying armor and separating limbs from the unfortunate as they attempted to catch themselves.

When the cataclysm stopped all she could do was catch herself at the enormity of damage done with just one Warship’s broadside.  Some of her forces were attempting to rise while others lay still their pilots likely concussed if not worse.  For all their sophisticated technology and engineering Battlemechs were just toys in comparison to something like a Warship.  The battered moon field looked like a nuke had gone off and wiped out everything for a square kilometer, “My god.”

A message came in over the broad-wave, “Rebel Leaguers this is Precentor Navit of the Forty Seventh Shadow Division.  You may have broken through the line here but there are others and we will not allow you to seize them.  I'd rather see them burn because The Master wills it.”

Then a massive explosion rocked the zone creating an earthquake as an actual nuke was detonated deep underground.  Pieces of the Soapstone Mountains became rubble and were thrown high enough that the Aerospace fighters above had to leave the area due to damage wrought.

Alys watched as gravel fell down around her, clanging as it hit her cockpit’s armored cowling, “They didn’t."

The young woman was shaking with rage, she would have to keep fighting them down to the last man and never stop now, "You fanatics won’t stop until you burn everything to the ground and leave us nothing.
Just ashes, lies, and dust.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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06/15/3069 07:12 Location – Minette Metalworks Training Ground, Minette, Federation Outback

First Prince Peter and Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion walked through the 1st Outback Legion’s HQ.  Yvonne’s hunch had been correct the Hellions had laid siege to Crofton they were not strong enough to get past its defenses or willing to bombard the facility from orbit.  Yvonne was wearing the Outback Legion khaki flight suit while Peter was wearing a dark blue mechwarrior’s uniform.  More Lyran than Federated Suns but his father’s features shone through and heartened the under-equipped Outback force about to do battle with a whole Clan, even if it was a small one.

Yvonne stopped him before they reached the MechBay, Peter had seen the latest dropship touch down on the already crowded field and knew it was something rushed in from New Avalon, “The Dauntless brought the thing I was hoping for.  Peter have you ever seen a Ryoken Omnimech?”

“No, However I’ve heard they are the most lethal Clan mech.  Assuming you believe the kill counts from the DCMS of course.  Not that their penchant for lighter troopers or heavier cavalry mechs has given them anything but trouble over the centuries.”

“Yes, well it is one of the finer designs and I was going to have a line commissioned to manufacture our, albeit inferior copy still it is a fine machine and the Light Guards and Armored Cavalry have been testing it extensively.  The prototypes had to go to war but Banzai made this one by hand with some Clan tech they had lying around thrown in.  It’s right through here.  Project callsign is FENNEC.”

“Hey you’ve been in a military longer than I have, is that the worst callsign you’ve ever heard?”

Peter shook his head, “No, no it’s not.  Not by a longshot.”

Yvonne keyed the restricted bay open, the Mech Bay was buzzing with activity as Mech Techs ensured that everything had been repaired and would be operating optimally before their job just became patchwork.  Two Battlemechs were still cradled in their carrying rigs nearest their door currently surrounded by mech techs ensuring they made the trip in good repair. 

One a Jet Black Battlemaster and another was a low profile primer coated walker with an over-under gun arrangement for arms, it looked sleek and deadly but not like anything Peter had seen before.

“Wait is that dad’s Battlemaster?”
“Yes, we need everything Peter.  It is fast for its size but a bit under-armed to take against the Hellions.  It’s been sitting in mothballs since…”

Peter embraced his sister before she began to cry patting her gently, “I know I miss him too.  Him, Mom, Victor, Arthur, you.  Even Katherine, I can’t know what you’ve all gone through since I left but I’m going to try and make it up to you. 

Hopefully Katherine will understand that I don’t want to fight her for this.  However I won’t sit around and wait for her agents to come for me if she doesn’t.  I’d rather face down the Hellions.”

That brought more tears from Yvonne, “I’m sorry Yvonne. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.  I never meant to ruin your happiness by returning.  It was part of the reason I left you know that, but we are here together now and I won’t abandon you or anyone else ever again.

Let’s move to a less difficult topic, what does this FENNEC do?”

“Well this one is a little unique, all the models weight fifty five tons and can reach 97 kilometers per hour on flat ground, armed with two of the Improved PPCs that weigh slightly less than the original but are otherwise identical.  To take up the remainder of the weight it has a pair of Clan small pulse lasers rather than the normal mediums and paired Clan anti-missile systems along with a Guardian ECM. 

According to intel reports the Hellions like missiles and due to Katherine’s ‘special relationship’ with the clans over the years their AMS and its ammo can be made right here in the Suns.  Kallon on Panpour is turning out as many as possible to retrofit onto existing designs.  Generals Singh and Marsdin have priority supply due to proximity but the Legions are right behind them.”

“How are they doing down there?  I haven’t seen the latest reports there were other things that required my attention this morning.”

“They are holding the Taurians in place and raiding when they can but the Blakist Forty Sixth Shadow Division continues to stiffen the Concordat’s invasion force.  There are mixed reports of atrocities on both sides but we can’t verify anything.  I fear what will happen to those border worlds, the Taurians are not known for their self-control.”

“With any luck they will just be rumors that will be disproven later even if they cause lingering resentment.  Those two are solid battlefield commanders I trust that they will continue to ensure the Taurians stay off Federated Suns worlds.  Regardless the Hellions need to be dealt with.  The Victor Steiner-Davion was due to arrive this morning with the others, yes?”

Yvonne pulled her noteputer out and put it on a bare metal table nearby she had to do some work before maneuvers today, “Yes, Big Brother is here.  It’s like the strangest family reunion ever but seems so right.”

Peter bowed his head slightly in memory of his older brother and the ship that was now as far as they knew his only legacy, “Agreed, I hope he has better luck this time.”

Yvonne looked at a background picture of her noteputer.  The family together on New Avalon during one of the maybe the only times they were united, “Me too Peter, me too.”

Aboard the Avalon cruiser FCS Victor Steiner-Davion

Commander Devlin Stone and Captain Marcus Roth stood side by side on the bridge looked at the serene world below and the gathering flotilla of Warships that now orbited it.  Both men and their ship were war wearied but they followed orders and headed out toward the Outback knowing full well what they were getting into.  The quick stop at Chirikof to replenish their missile magazines had been the only rest this crew had received in the nearly two years that started with the Blakist assault of New Avalon.  Since then they had been run longer than the normal six month deployment with the back-up crews being rushed to fill voids throughout the fleet.

Devlin turned toward his Captain, “A McKenna, two Cruisers, five destroyers, and three corvettes?”
“Can we bring those down with this flotilla?  This isn’t a Mjolrnir.”
“Aye that it ain’t Commander but we have to do it.  We just need to get creative.  No Clan Fleet is going to save us on the opposite side of the Galaxy.”

Quatre Belle Naval Yards, Quatre Belle, Outworlds Alliance

The QBNY orbited all three of the moons of the planet as well as the Zenith and Nadir Yards. Formerly all but a derelict until last year when the Snow Ravens trialed for and were granted the rights to refurbish it and resettle their civilian castes into the Outworlds Alliance.  President Mitchell Avellar saw them as an excellent insurance policy to protect his small realm from an increasingly dangerous Inner Sphere especially as the Combine continued to spiral into civil war that threatened to return it to their old aggressive ways. 

All of the berths were occupied with Snow Raven vessels undergoing heavy repairs and refurbishment.  The Alliance lacked much of the complex infrastructure they required so schedules would have to be adjusted.  The secret arrangement would have to remain so lest the Combine or Commonwealth attempt to take advantage of the weakened state of their once prized fleet.  The harrowing trip down the Exodus Road saw large portions of it destroyed or damaged at the hands of the Steel Vipers and their allies.  Fortunately the Ravens had saved most of their civilian castes and damaged the Lum yards to deny the Snakes anything for their treachery.

Khan Lynn McKenna sat in her office aboard the Nightlord Battleship Snow Raven enthralled by the bioluminescent plankton in the oceans of the planet below.  A message popped up on her console a scouting report from the Outworld’s Wastes, lost colonies that might still hold resources of interest to the scavenger Ravens and perhaps speed up their recovery.

Her eyes read through the initial synopsis quickly, she placed her fist under her chin, “Now that is interesting.  So they did make it here after all.  Sneaky little bastards.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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07/05/3069 Location- Outback Legion HQ, Minette, Federation Outback

Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion lifted off with squadron the angry insectoid Donar attack helicopters buzzing over the expansive country estate that served as the Outback Legion’s Headquarters.  Her chopper banked northwest toward the firing range and overflew the staging area for the upcoming assault.  The Starport was a never ending ballet, it had been working overtime 24/7 for the past month as Battlemechs and Armor were loaded into dropships.  Cranes off-loaded supply containers from trains to the tan and gray supply trucks which then motored into more dropships.  From her vantage point several hundred meters in the air it looked magnificently ordered even though on the ground it might be a different story.

“Entering the combat area now Major.”  Said her co-pilot sitting behind her in a tandem arrangement, Yvonne was currently serving as the weapons officer in the lower bubble while Nikki was piloting and managing communications with their fellow helicopters. 

Yvonne engaged the 'Evil Eye' targeting systems in her helmet which made the laser turret and eight missiles alongside to follow her green eyes to the target.  A series of arrows marked their targets for the day, ancient Scorpion tank hulls watched by ground side observers.  The strength of the Donar squadron was rapid accurate fire anywhere in the battlefield. Even when she only had a lesser Redtail or Hawk Moth Yvonne was a crack shot, with a Clan tech sight and laser she was unstoppable.

She put the zoomed in sight over the target, “time to light him up” An invisible pulse of laser burned a hole right through the tattered armor, the edges were incandescent red with the heat caused.  “Swing me closer, let’s finish him off.  Then come back for another round.”

“Roger that” she heard through the helmet’s built in comm rig.  The Donar tilted forward and both rotors increased in pitch as Nikki gave it more power from the fusion engine in the back.  The rest of the squadron did the same the chopper wash sounding like a swarm of angry bees except these ones were capable of tearing down an isolated Battlemech from afar.  Each then fired off their missiles and continued on banking for their secondary targets. 

They continued until they ran out of ammunition each pair of co-pilots knew what they were getting into.  The Hellions would not underestimate the threat posed by their choppers and they had their own and knew how to use them better.

Yvonne was in the women’s showers when the message came in over the public address, “All personnel, incoming KF blooms at the pirate point.  Battle stations.”  She rushed into the command room with her hair still wet and nothing on under her tan flight suit.  Peter was there as well and looked at the slight skin showing on her shoulder bemused, “At least you zipped up sis.”

“Even that almost didn’t happen Peter.  What’s going on?”

“Not sure.  We still have a few moments before whatever is coming works their way through KF-space.  Then the boom can tell us.  ‘The Black Prince’
(The name of both Hanse Davion’s Battlemaster and an Overlord) is on standby just outside.”

They waited the tense moments while the deep space RADAR team interpreted the data, “Three warships, Congress, Sovetski, Vincent.  No IFF.  The VDS has attempted to hail them Your Highness.”

“I’m just a Colonel here Ensign.  I can’t be First Prince until the Council agrees and we don’t want to make more trouble by contacting them just yet.  I have enough people gunning for me already.”

“Roger sir, Incoming downlink from the Sovetskii.  Package IDs it as WDS Athena.” 

The Communications Officer turned and faced the royals, as did the rest of the command staff, “It’s the Dragoons sir”

Peter and Yvonne stood up a little bit straighter at the mention of that name, the legendary Wolf Dragoons had gone missing more than a year ago.  Their planet granted to them by his father a smoldering radioactive ruin with no sign of their Warships or survivors everyone expected them to stay gone.  “Ensign direct it to Briefing Room B.”

“Yes sir”

Yvonne and Peter rushed to the room and closed the door behind them.  A static picture of a woman in her late 30s with black hair, hazel eyes, and a grizzled face was in front of the Dragoon’s crest appeared on their screen. The picture turned to real time broadcast with a slight delay as their own camera blinked red for recording, “Grand Duchess Yvonne I am General Maeve Wolf, currently in Command of the surviving Wolf Dragoons.  I apologize for coming without informing you prior.” 

The woman raised her eyebrow as the picture in picture showed Yvonne in mild undress and Peter the handsome red haired man together, “I hope I was not interrupting anything.”

Peter attempted to speak but Yvonne interrupted him, “No you were not.  Your presence puts me slightly at ease General.  I heard about Outreach, MIIO and the TNGB have sent their reports which don’t currently implicate anyone.  I would very much like to know what happened, it was quite the mess there.”

“The Word of Blake sponsored mercenaries to turn on us and brought in a Warship squadron to make sure the job was done.  Two regiments managed to fight their way off and we linked back up with Delta on Buckminster.  The Combine is in ruins and we no longer trust your sister so we are here to offer our services.  Wolfnet had informed me of chatter regarding Hellions.”

“Yes General.  We were just about to set out to Crofton in order to stop them.  Why don’t you stop by we can talk terms.”

“I would very much like that.  Have a good evening Your Grace.”
  The screen winked out and the red light stopped recording the two of them.

Peter sighed, “What a relief to have the Dragoons on our side.  The Hellions won’t stand a chance now.”

Yvonne grabbed a nearby encrypted noteputer slipping a data disk into its drive before typing furiously.  “I’m not so sure Peter.  It’s too convenient there is no way we could hide this build up so they know something is up.  Anyone can broadcast a wrong IFF and we know someone who has old Star League Warships.”

“Who?  The Blakists?”

“Yes Peter.  Look at this.”
  Yvonne cast the noteputer’s screen to the projector.  A TOP SECRET report addressed to Major Nikolai Vasiliev (Operative:  ROMEO) of the TNGB filled the screen.  Dated to just before the HPGs went down it contained a detailed analysis of the Attack on Outreach from the Bureau complete with suspected casualty lists and ONI hacked Dragoon databases most of which were woefully incomplete due to the damage done.  Can’t count bodies that were turned to ash by a nuclear weapon. 

Among them were the Wolf Spider Battalion, commanded by Maeve Wolf.  Human remains were DNA IDed near the site where Jamie Wolf’s Archer, a Thunderbolt with a serial number matching her issued ride, and Wayne Waco’s Battlemaster lay in the toxic ruin of Harlec.

Peter walked up to the screen in amazement, “Your dead boyfriend still gets reports? I have to admit if we didn’t have this there is no way I would think these Dragoons are Blakists.  However, now we do.  I am going to come up with a plan in case you’re right.”

“You go do that Peter.  I have to talk to an old friend.”  Peter walked out to call a meeting of the War Council to celebrate the fact that the legendary Wolf Dragoons were in orbit and suss out whether any of the Senior Officers of the Legion might be ROM that would betray what they knew to their handlers currently en route.

Yvonne looked through the directory and requested the next shuttle transit to the Victor Steiner-Davion currently coming into alignment overhead.  It left in four minutes just enough time for her to put a shirt on under the flight suit but not much more.  Yvonne sat down in the ST-46’s passenger bay next to the Avalon cruiser crew that were given a day of liberty before having to return to work. Her stomach grumbled, “I hate navy food but I can’t put it on the wave.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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07/07/3069 Location – Near Space Orbit, Minette, Federation Outback

Commander Devlin Stone of the 144st Commonwealth Marines floated ever closer to the Sovetskii Soyuz WDS Athena or perhaps a Blakist copy of such.  The rest of the 5th Fleet Marines assigned to the Warships in orbit did the same.  Some joined him on this vessel’s pressure hull while the others were attaching themselves to the other two suspect Warships.  They had no trouble finding purchase on the hulls.  Each of which was rent in many places from combat damage or wear and tear they had recently seen battle.  His Zero-G maneuvering jets puffed slowly as his magnetized boots hit.  He absorbed the impact with his knees and using the spotlights and battle claw gripped one of the many outside recessed handles designed for maintaining the vessel.  His suit could sustain him for twelve hours in space but he hoped he didn’t have to wait that long.

Devlin triggered the point to point laser transmitter and broadcast the prearranged signal that informed the massive Avalon cruiser FCS Victor Steiner-Davion floating silently above Minette’s night side that he was on board.  They sent the all clear, Captain Roth had missiles in the tubes already aimed in the direction of the Athena in case this was a Blakist ploy.  Stone hoped that Yvonne’s suspicions were incorrect but he couldn’t doubt them, there had already been three attempts on her life in the past year and many more disrupted by MIIO and the Marshals.  The Commonwealth was under attack on all fronts and there needed to be an abundance of caution.

Minette Military Starport

A large spheroid Lion dropship identified as WDS Brian Cameron set down on the gray ferrocrete.  Its thrusters burning bright against the coming dusk. The ancient dropship was one of the signature types in the Dragoon’s forces but was also widely manufactured during the Star League Era.  Yvonne’s greeting party waited till the tarmac was cool before approaching the vessel.  The air around them still filled with warm fog from the suppression water that had blunted the thermonuclear fire from the dropship. 

Dressed in her tan combat flight suit Yvonne still managed to look regal having braided her short auburn hair in the latest style.  Flanking her were a squad of Marshals their coyote brown Imperator Autorifles ready in case something went wrong.  A lance of 1st Outback Legion Roughneck Battlemechs and Pilum Missile Carriers were close behind.  The distinct whine of an Anhur VTOL was audible nearby with the other VTOLs and Conventional fighters that used this starport as their base in the distance.

General Maeve Wolf walked down the ramp wearing the Wolf Dragoon’s formal uniform, dark blue with blood red stripping on the ends.  A black clad squad bearing the markings of the feared Seventh Kommando wielding laser rifles also disembarked from the narrow ramp.  “Is that how you greet a business acquaintance Grand Duchess?”

Yvonne kept tight control over her voice, “It is when they show up unannounced via a pirate point with three Warships and seven Dropships over my planet during a time of war.  General”

Maeve seemed annoyed with the tone, “It’s not like I could send an HPG ahead of time considering they don’t seem to work anymore.  I apologize about the pirate point we were in a bit of a hurry.  Regardless here we are.”

Maeve bowed slightly, “The Wolf’s Dragoons are at Your Grace’s service, for the right price of course.” 

She looked at the Marshals gathered around Yvonne as they maintained their distance, “I would prefer we negotiate in private.  Why don’t you just let the boys go?”

“I prefer to not travel alone.  These are dangerous times but certainly somewhere private would be ideal.  Would you like to take the fast way,” Yvonne pointed to a gray Anhur VTOL currently en route to the Starport, “or the slow way?”  She pointed toward a Limo nearby bearing the Grand Duchess’ flag.

Maeve looked back with one eye toward the Kommandos, “What of my men?
“One can join us.  No weapons though.  The rest can ride in a van behind, mine will do the same.”
“I’m not in a hurry Grand Duchess.  I would like the time to talk.”
“Of course General Wolf, surely you have many things to say.  Let’s go then before we are caught out in the dark.”

Yvonne and Maeve both walked toward the Limo with one of the Marshals and a Kommando following shortly behind while getting a door for them.  Yvonne looked toward the Dragoon General, “I’ll take you to Headquarters so you know what you are getting into.”

Maeve sat cross-legged on the plush Limo’s interior, “Oh yes, I should very much like to know who I’m about to deal with.  Surprises can get so messy.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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The Headquarters of the Outback Legions, the so called “Red House” was lit and patrolled by a lance of Battlemechs and platoon of Armored Infantry.  Marshals and MIIO were interspersed into the support staff to hopefully prevent infiltration by hostile powers.  The 1st Outback Legion and associated units were now working around the clock to bring TASK FORCE:  ICEBLOCK online before their impending battle against the Hellions.

The limo pulled into the loop and off-loaded their passengers before returning to its subterranean parking garage.  Grand Duchess/Hauptmann Yvonne Steiner-Davion and General Maeve Wolf stopped talking a flight of Hawk Moth VTOLs passed through the area on their way to the firing range.  “You have a large number of attack helicopters Your Grace, unusual for a Suns Unit.”

Yvonne pointed to the Air Cavalry wings on her combat uniform, “I guess my patronage of Michaelson is finally paying off.  Ever since I became an Air Cavalry officer pilot recruitment has increased fivefold.

As you may know Hellions have something they call a ‘flurry’ cluster that consists of fast hovercraft and helicopters sometimes carrying armored infantry to take and hold and area before heavier forces arrive.  Based on reports they are very effective.  I suppose it would be considered prescient that we have something that can compete on the same level.”

Yvonne walked alongside Maeve as they took the stairs in pairs, “You never told me what kind of forces you have remaining General. 

I feel we should start with that before continuing the negotiation.  As you can see I have many different forces active throughout the Federated Suns, my March Militia is sturdy enough to fight against our lesser foes but the Confederation and Combine continue to press their assaults. 

You probably would have gotten a better pay check aiding the Draconis March rather than come all the way here.  Tancred is a bit overwhelmed as he didn’t expect the Combine to turn on him so quickly.  He’s had to pull the scant few Crucis March militias not currently aiding George.  Hell you could have just gone to Arc-Royal and joined Phelen's wolves for access to their tech. 

Why choose the harder assignment for less pay?”

General Wolf took a moment to reply, “For access to Clan salvage of course.  With Outreach gone we need another source of supply.  The Hellions likely have access to production facilities.”

They passed through the door opened by a pair of Legionaries, “Well you better have another two Regiments of Dragoons and three warships if that is your price.”

They finally settled on a small briefing room overlooking the command center as the Marshals and Kommandoes waited outside, “I think you will find my Regiment is quite capable of achieving the objective.  We are the Dragoons after all.”

Yvonne settled into a padded conference chair and motioned to Maeve who did the same, “Of course, how could I forget?  Let’s talk about your objective.”

The holotable came to life and the Taurian Ministry of Intelligence file on Yvonne Steiner-Davion (Codename - RED QUEEN) appeared on the screen with ten passages bolded for assassination attempts against her.  General Wolf was un-phased but the harsh blue light of the hollow sharply illuminated Yvonne's face, “Who are you really?”
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Woah.  That sudden turn of events.  I'm serious liking this.  I love the Red Queen code name.  ;D
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Woah.  That sudden turn of events.  I'm serious liking this.  I love the Red Queen code name.  ;D

I needed some more drama, makes sense though if you think about it. The TMI file for Katherine is unimaginatively WHITE QUEEN and since the WOBBies are now hand in glove with the Taurians someone has to get a victory and killing a Princess is a perfect opportunity to change their fortunes.  Adds more drama to the eventual fight on the Hellions if Yvonne/Peter's forces have to fight off a Shadow Division first.


The holotable’s blue light reflected into the features of ‘Maeve Wolf’  “I don’t know what this is about Your Grace.  I thought we were talking about fighting the Ice Hellions.”

“No one ever said they were the Ice Hellions, not even themselves.  I didn’t even know of their existence till three years ago.  Drop the act imposter. The Dragoons are dead I saw the report.  I’ve already given the order to board your ships and the fighters are on the way up.  You knew too much in the limo for someone who’s been out of the loop for a year.”

The woman began to clap slowly, keeping her eyes focused intently on Yvonne. “Bravo, I figured you wouldn’t be fooled, had told my Precentor as much, but I’m still close enough.”  In the light Yvonne saw a glint of metal and rolled to the side as a previously hidden knife zinged past her head, thrown underhanded but unerringly accurate.  The blade embedded itself in the chair but only cut a few stray auburn hairs instead of going through her green eyes.

She landed with her pistol already drawn and fired toward where her attacker had been a moment ago.  An axe kick from the woman perched on the table came toward her, Yvonne just barely evading the attack but she could feel the impact through the floor.

Yvonne came up blocking the door as the alarm triggered, things were thus far going as she expected.  The harsh sounds of assault rifles and men in pain could be heard on the other side of the door.  That was good the enemy had laser rifles which meant her people were still fighting.

The other woman was inside the hologram now, disrupting the transmitter in the ceiling, her body low and ready to leap like some primal beast, knife once more in her grasp. “I am called Lilith.”

Yvonne kept her pistol trained on the woman ever cautious to the threat, “One of the Poltergeists?”
“You are remarkably well informed for a frail.”
“I always was a quick study.  Lilith.  As you know the TMI was not the best organization to collaborate with.  My sister and I have moles almost everywhere inside.”
“Well if you know so much.  You certainly know that feeble pistol is not likely to hurt me and that there is no escape for you from now on, one of us will get you even if I should fail.”

She moved slowly gun up and Lilith followed, “Well I intend to be a hard bitch to kill, already had my fair share of near death experiences. As for my gun I guess it depends where my ten mills hit then.”

The pistol fired again aimed toward the women’s head destroying the flat panel view-screen behind.  Yvonne dodged and wove evading her attacker’s blade before sliding across the table.  With a practiced motion her gun was reloaded and firing again before the empty mag hit the floor.  Missed rounds spider-webbed the glass that led to the empty control center and embedded themselves into the concrete of the walls. 

Soldiers from the 1st Minette Mechanized Rifles burst through the door with their rifles ready. Yvonne ducked under the table to get out of the line of fire.  Six Zeus Heavy Rifles leveled on Lilith with a pair of Heavy Riflemen carrying Thunderstroke Gauss Rifles right behind, the massive rail gun held in a harness so it could be safely fired by a single trooper.  Yvonne’s pistol was dwarfed by the firepower from these eight infantrymen and so was the Poltergeist, the 13mm rounds could kill battle armor given enough time. Lilith looked at the squad momentarily taking her eyes of her target, muttering “Futuo Skyla” under her breath

“Don’t move!”
“Or what?”
  She smiled as she raised her hands, “You’ll shoot?”  Lilith kicked a concealed micro-grenade their way.  The potato shaped explosive rolled toward the troopers as she sprinted to the heavy glass window.  The infantry jumped away but fired and the room was filled with a concussive blast that deafened Yvonne on the other side of the room and dazed the troopers while inflicting minor burns.

Once they came to their senses Yvonne rushed to the window careful to avoid the broken glass.  She saw blood on the bottom of the sill and the effects of the assassin on a broken desk below but no sign of her.  One of the troopers carefully looked down as well, Yvonne turned to the man, “Find her!  I’m getting to my chopper.  Things are about to get much louder around here.” 


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Wow, the timid Yvonne of canon is no more!
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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Wow, the timid Yvonne of canon is no more!

That girl died almost six years ago on page 2 of Katherine White Wolf of Ragnarok when Bishop Sortek deposed her with his coup and was reborn on page 4 after going to Point Barrow (literally the roughest Military Academy in the Federated Commonwealth besides maybe Blackjack).  She just hasn't gotten a chance to be awesome until now.


Yvonne ran out of the building into the humid night air, a mild fog had settled around the area but visible was still good.  She ran past ordered infantry and armor crews getting to their muster stations.  Upon reaching the tarmac she stopped to watch a squadron of Assault Helicopters {Hawk Moths, Warrior Vs (cLB-5X), and Donars} lift off.  Their dark shapes looked and sounded like a swarm of angry bugs as they banked flying low and fast toward the rising moon and impeding battle.

Her own squadron was just coming up to speed. The reflective vests of the ground crews visible as they separated to prepare the next squadron.  Her flight helmet’s communication headset was blaring with command phrases, “Get me chopper backup,” being one of the more repeated from at least three different engagement sectors.  The 46th had broken through in multiple places and was causing serious damage to the few remaining stockpiles of materiel for Operation:  ICEBLOCK, supplies that had taken months to gather blown apart in minutes.

Blakist Hovertanks were the worst nightmare for her forces and the 46th had seen fit to bring a number of them along for their surprise attack.  Most of the Legion’s equipment was second rate even if the personnel were top notch.  The Legionaires’ LB-X autocannons could do a number on the fragile skirmish tanks but they had to hit first which was hard enough against a slower Battlemech or Main Battle Tank but nearing impossible against a skilled hovercraft pilot.  It had been the focus of their latest rounds of training but that didn’t mean they could do it reliably yet. 

The only thing in the Outback Legions capable of catching their hovercraft were her helicopters.  The Helicopters that still had to support the rest of the defense force.  Good thing they are fast.  Yvonne jogged across the slick ground, “Dress rehearsal for hell just like Jenkins said at Point Barrow.  Hellions or Shadows doesn’t matter.”

Halfway across the tarmac she dodged a group of coyote brown Pintel ATVs.  Each of the wheeled vehicles carried a squad of heavily armed and grim faced Legionnaires on the skids in addition to the Barret 20mm Autocannon in the turret, the three barrels were already spinning which meant the enemy was closer than she thought.  Their big wheels screeched as the vehicles banked toward the spaceport and sped up. 

Bright fires and white phosphorous flare rounds were alarmingly close and the concussive sound of explosions and cannon fire carried on the wind.  She could see the bright white thruster plume of the Blakist Dropships heading toward that area, they intended for this to be an ambush just to kill her. Any collateral damage was extra but nothing seemed to be going according to anyone’s plans today.

As she neared the Donar Yvonne felt a sharp sting as the tarmac splintered around her, followed by a muzzle report,“Merde!”  She dove for one of the airfield’s muddy partition trenches, drew her sidearm, and stayed low.  Her drab flight suit concealed her in the grass as she looked back at the base to see a lone figure, Lilith, wielding a M42 Assault Rifle.  She had changed into a Legionaires’ uniform and was wearing a helmet and body armor just like everyone else.  Yvonne looked at the pistol in her hands and around for assistance but everyone was busy.  A single riflewoman wouldn’t draw any attention in the middle of an active warzone.  “I’m flattered with the attention but you need to take a hint.  suka”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Yvonne continued to lay there for a moment watching Lilith advanced closer to her.  She heard the distinctive sound of a Warrior V taking off and remembered there was only one of those choppers in her squad.  She keyed the radio on local low power channels, “Renegade-Actual to Renegade-Three”

A women's voice came in over the radio, the distinctive sound of rotor-blades filtered out but unmistakable, “What is it Red?  Why aren't you up here yet?”
“Molly I need you to shred someone near Pad Six.”

Molly's voice wavered but came through clear, “Affirmative,” The Warrior's rotor pitch changed as it pirouetted in the sky nearby to face Pad Six.  “Awaiting target.  Everyone looks the same down there.”

Yvonne reached into her thigh pouch and pulled out a small disk, “I'm tossing a strobe.  Group it tight, I'm in the trench nearby.”  She tapped the center button and saw the red indicator light.  Less than a moment later she lifted up and tossed it toward Lilith before immediately diving deeper into the trench as the assassin fired the rifle at full auto towards her. 

One of the bullets hit her helmet causing it to tear off and skitter to a halt on the pad.  The whizz of the 57mm canister shell fired from the Warrior followed by the sound of LB-X sub-munitions hitting the ground was overwhelming.  By the time Yvonne thought it was done and looked up she regretted it.  Nothing but hamburger meat was left were the Manei Domini assassin had once stood.

Yvonne waved to the Attack Helicopter which turned and continued toward its way-point.  She turned toward the remains, pointing her gun toward the corpse chunks, "That enough gun for you," Yvonne holstered her pistol back into the chest harness she was wearing before recovering her helmet. 

She jogged toward her Donar finally joining her co-pilot who had been impatiently waiting for her arrival.  She flipped down the sight to the Clantech ER Large Laser and pair of quad Short Range Missile launchers, the fog and darkness lifted as the thermal sight engaged turning everything into black and white.  “My turn”


Less than ten miles away Specter Precentor Omicron Ipos released his Bone White Avatar Omnimech from the docking clamps as his Lion dropship WOBS Grace in Destiny touched down.  Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion had become the rallying cry to the battlefields on the Taurian Frontier.  Even with the Commonwealth engaging literally everyone else in the Inner Sphere at the same time the TDF was still stalemated and needed a major victory to rally.

That and her sister was culpable for the collapse of the Second Star League and that was bad enough without the Clan treachery.  If only he had killed Hanse Davion on his first combat deployment nearly forty years ago.  The man had caused more damage in his death than his life which had seen the deaths of millions throughout the Inner Sphere.  His spawn were certainly at least a magnitude more impactful.

The bay door opened and as he stepped off Ipos watched as a Level II of Hovertanks buzzed past his feet, his squad of white Longinus armor attached to their anchor points to augment his firepower.  They had their objectives and he had his.  Ensure Yvonne Steiner-Davion finally dies then push through and break the back of the Outback Legion. 

His 46th Shadow Division was outnumbered but their equipment and personnel were unmatched by almost anything else in the Inner Sphere, all of his soldiers were veterans or trained directly under veterans of the Clan Wars.  Some were even former Federated Suns soldiers that defected to the Word of Blake after Katherine had seized the Archon-Princedom during the Regent's War and resulting purge. 

They would do anything to spite her and avenge their fallen Messiah in her brother.  Their original point of existence had been to kill the Clans of Kerensky on their own home-worlds.  Before that could happen they were re-tasked by The Master and forced to make a U-turn to ensure the fabled Third Transfer still occurred where humanity would finally realize the truth of Blessed Blake's words.

As he pressed toward the Target Location though his targeting computer picked up an unusual reading.  A black Battlemaster with a crisp First Prince's Emblem right on it's chest was leading a reinforced company currently holding a strategic bridge across the wide Highcrest River.  The burned out husks of Legionnaire battlemechs were fewer than those of his Lions.  Disabled and fiery hover tank wrecks floated on the river like burning leaves. Billowing white steam from the still active fusion power plants emanated as some sank into the coursing river.

“Could it be?”  His cybernetic implants enhanced the image, the lines were unmistakable though the unit had been recently modernized.  The serial number on the Battlemech matched the one burnt into his memory.  “That is Hanse Davion's Battlemaster.  I still recognize it after all these years.”

Ipos opened a Point-to-Point Microwave transmission to the Battlemaster, “This is Specter Ipos, Precentor Commander of the Forty Sixth Shadow Division.  You who pilot Hanse Davion's Battlemaster.  Who are you?”

The Battlemaster identifying the source of the transmission turned towards him.  The wrist mounted PPC on its right arm pointed his way, “Spector Ipos. I am the First Prince, Peter Steiner-Davion...and you are a dead man.”


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Re: The Third Transfer, Katherine pt II
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Oops, bad intell.
Someone forgot to mention to Specter Ipos obout Peter being on planet.
Now who will be visiting the nice new re-education camp. >:D :thumbsup:
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