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Author Topic: till the last drop of blood - Skye 72  (Read 1130 times)

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till the last drop of blood - Skye 72
« on: 12 August 2011, 10:28:38 »
While searching for a script i found this document:
have written it in 2008 while i spent 4 weeks in Eire.
i have excuse my self for the poor style but as you should know it is not my native language. However I think i shouldn't keep back this story.
it isn't done yet. however i have about 6 different storys for this event, unfortunatly not in english

„Take heart!“ the PPC of his Zeus struck a blue lightning bolt into the front armor of the Toyama.
“Show them what you're made off!” The Coventry Starfire rack fired a volley of LRM into the legs of this white Blakist BattleMech. His breast plate shows a well known Angel, carrying a Sword of Fire!
“Hold the line...” a volley of manmade Lighting Storm ripped away a large part of armor from the front side of the Zeus. The damage was heavy but not critical. 
“Damn you,” hissed Hauptmann Connor, boost his fire to the Toyama with the Large Laser.
“Make a stand!”
A Caesar joined the Zeus; his Hammerfaust Heavy Gauss Rifle was finally able to convince the Blakist Warrior to withdraw.
A moment of peace, a moment of rest. His Company, the third of the second battalion, was send to the far left side of the defenders line in the Macintosh Valley. With the Bannockburn Bogs in the next proximity to the Capital – New Glasgow was for most easy to defend. But not this time.
Two full divisions of this Blakist devils have made it planet fall. Although two full clusters of Clan Wolf are next behind them, the attacker could be able to reach New Glasgow. To prevent this, the last units of the 2nd Skye Guard and the first and only Skye Jaegers stood sturdy in their way.
Here in the grass green plain - New Glasgow only two miles in their back – every Skye warrior bar one, knew what Skye expected by him. They would stand and fight till the last drop of blood.
“Is it over?”
Staff Sergeant Amanda McEavy was a quiet good warrior, descending from an old merchant family she have inherits all logistical capabilities to be the quartermaster of Connors company. But she didn't know anything about tactic. 
“I hope – but i'll know it better! We are the flank...,” he wasn't able to finish his sentenced because his sensors detected new contacts.
“There they come!”
It was the third engagement against their line. Until now the heavy fire from his company was able to shatter the formation of the attacking Wobbies. But this couldn't last long.
He saw the Toyama again, but this time the 75 ton BattleMech advanced against the third lance. The urban lance of Connors company was fitted with ultra heavy Auto cannons and other devastating short range weapons, but lacks long range weapons. So he wasn't surprised that First Lieutenant Perkins used the advanced speed oh his Barghest to close up. His lance mates followed him. A mistake! The enemy commander has only awaited this moment. A fast light  Level II unit  spearheaded by a 55 ton Lightray take the advantage and flew with top speed through the line of the defenders.
 â€œPerkins, fall back!”
The Barghest was now to close to the Blakist Line, he didn't recognize the command, while the large Laser together with the Disintegrator LB 20-X blow away the torso of a damaged Kintaro.
A other Skye Warrior heard the call. The young and auspicious Lieutenant Alex Reece used both Defiance 1001 ER-PPC to smash a light Nexus II. Although overheated his BattleMech was now able to move with supreme speed.
For Hautpmann Connors it seems that his heart beat have stopped, never he have seen an act of such uncommon bravery. Alone now against 5 opponents Reece stood, in the gap.
“Back Reece you’re outnumbered and outgunned!”
The only answer was the century old maxim:  “The more danger, the more honor.” Than he rushes his 75 Ton BattleMech into a Sword armed Gurkha. While the small Mech go prone, Reeces fired his whole secondary armament at point blank into the 35 ton BattleMech. A kick make sure that this Blakist would never be able to stand up.
Then the Blakist Mechs turned their weapons towards the Blue Mech with the white squares in their mid. Although the armor of the Defiance was thick, and the armament of the Blakist was light, Recce wouldn't hold long.
“Second Lance, fast close this damn gap!”
But this attack wasn't the only one. This time the Blakist Commander seems to throw everything into battle. Two Raijins and one Buccaneer rushed Connors Position. In far back there was a deadly Legacy and ... he start to quiver when the sensors marked a fived target - a ZEU-6S... those lousiest of all thieves’!
“First Lance, form up on me!”
Lieutenant Lou Peters Axmen seems to be more than equal to the Buccaneer. While McEavys Caesar together with the Warhammer of Sergeant Major Corbs should be able to neutralize the Raijin. The Legacy was above thousand meters away, time enough to batter those Blakist thieve in the Zeus.
“Lou – the Buccaneer, Corbs, McEavy I need backup, if you're able, destroy the Raijins!”
“Do what I said!”
Fast he swung his PPC towards the white Zeus. 600 meters.
He switched the com towards broadband “Face me!”
The strike hit the enemy Zeus only some centimeters under the angular cockpit.
He remembered that the Word of Blake have build an own version of the Zeus. The 10B only fitted with Energy Weapons, while his main guns are nothing less than two Heavy PPCs, those devastating Particle Weapons have at least a range of 550 meters.
Although it would be the best to stop his Mech or make it backward, Conner wasn't in temper to retreat. Fast- to fast he fired the LRM towards his foe. The missiles missed their target.
An explosion shattered the battlefield. An icon on Connors MFD blacked out.
“Damn you, Recce”, he hissed, while blind anger take grip of him. The opponent Zeus filled his awareness.
“I kill you, you Blakist foul”, he shouted over broadband. Both Zeus fired at the same time. His Zeus was hit before Connor was able to see, the damage he have inflicted. The Gyroscope wasn’t able to hold the balance. So Connors saw in the next moment the grey and rainy sky. His Zeus was bowled by the heavy enemy fire. The 80tons warmachine hit the dirt with armor cracking force. For Connor it fells like running with full speed against a wall.
“The Hauptmann, is down..” the shrill voice of McEavy was near collapse, her voice was shrill than the radio was only static. The enemy PPC must have damaged the communication array. Trapped in his canopy the warrior in his heart wanted to get up as fast as possible and expunge this insult to his pride with enemy blood. However the leader won. He needed communication for leading his crumbling company.