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Author Topic: Whelps in the middle of nowhere  (Read 737 times)


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Whelps in the middle of nowhere
« on: 27 September 2020, 09:46:12 »
Secondary Barracks
Middle Of Nowhere - Kerensky Cluster

Despite the late hour, Star Captain Franziska was sitting in the part of her quarters designated as an office for organizing her trinary. But it wasn’t working on that that kept her up. Even if she wanted to, with the power plant for their barracks under repair, none of the freeborn warriors had enough lighting to work this late. In fact the only Illumination came through the window behind her back, reflected from one of the planet’s moons.

What was keeping her up was more personal. Despite the fact she had been in charge of these warriors for nearly a month now, Franziska was still plagued by doubts if she could lead them well in battle. After all, she had yet to engage in combat since she became a warrior.

Her worried musings were interrupted abruptly by a number of events happening in quick succession.
First the darkness of the night behind her seemed to recede as faint light reached her window.
Second Franziska’s ears were filled with a deafening wall of sound.
Third, a few pieces of broken glass hit her back lightly.

She stood up and turned around just in time to see the next series of explosions as even more ordnance impacted the other building of their small garrison. Above the ruined building, a bright light closing it heralded the approach of the invaders' dropship.

They were under attack by an honorless enemy. There had been no batchal, no bidding for who would lead the defense. Just a cowardly attack with artillery.
Turning her back to the burning piles of rubble that had been the main barracks, the Star Captain did the only thing she could do. Grabbing a flashlight, she began to make her way through the barracks.

“Rise and Shine Warriors of Clan Diamond Shark.” She bellowed repeatedly while she slammed and kicked open every door along her way to the Mechbay. “We are under attack by honorless surats, so get up and to your machines.” The only times she was a tad friendlier was when she knocked on the rooms occupied by her Elementals. Getting those in a bad mood might have been too risky in the current situation.

Followed by half a dozen sleep deprived MechWarriors, and a handful seemingly well rested ones, Franziska stepped out of the barracks into the chilly night air. She quickly crossed the small road towards the MechBay and reflexively tried to turn on the lights. Of course with the secondary power supply out of order, and the main one bombed to Hell and back, the only illumination were the flashlights and glowsticks the warriors carried inside.

Finding the way to her Highlander IIC was quite a challenge, as the Techs had left some of the material lying around on the floor, not to mention how different the building seemed with so little illumination.
But after a few minutes of stumbling through the dark hall, she came face to face with her Mech’s aquamarine Leg armor. Holding her flashlight in her mouth, Franziska slowly ascended ladder after ladder to reach the entry hatch of her Mech.

As she climbed into the cockpit, the Star Captain marveled at how well the techs had restored it all. After all she had sent a Gauss-slug through here during her Trial of Position. The fact she forgot to bring a cooling vest or suit only occurred to her as she was about to strap herself in. Ah, forget it. The heat won’t kill me quicker than the enemy. She thought quietly as she put on her Neurohelmet and began to power up her warmachine.
Once her comms were online, she selected her Star’s frequency.

“Greyfox Star for Greyfox One, Check in.”

“This is Greyfox Two, all Systems Nominal.” Came the response from the Stone Rhino’s Warrior.

“Greyfox Three here, all green and eager for action.” The Star’s third Assault Mech, a Supernova.

“Greyfox Four for Greyfox One, ready for combat.” Their Vapor Eagle.

“Greyfox Five is ready for Action.” And finally the Star’S lightest Mech, a Conjurer.

“Greyfox One to Star, Understood, stand by.”

Having confirmed her Stars readiness, Franziska switched to the Trinary Command frequency to check in with the Commanders of her light and Elemental Stars.

“Redfox One for Greyfox One, report your Star’s readiness.”

“Redfox One here, we are all ready to move out.”

“Understood, take your Warriors and find out where the Enemy dropship landed.”

“Roger that.”

Moment’s later the five light Mechs, a Jenner IIC, a Commando IIC, a Locust IIC, an Incubus and a Piranha began to move out into the night.

“Greyfox One for Snowfox One-One.”

“Greyfox One Listening.”

“All Elemental Points are ready to move out, awaiting further orders.”

“Understood, fall in behind Greyfox Star and stick close to us, we’ll match your speed.”

This had always been her headache with the Trinary she had been given Command of. With no OmniMechs there was no easy way to transport their Elemental Star. Which was probably the reason they were organized as a trinary with two stars of Mechs and oen of Elementals in the first place, rather than some kind of understrength Binary Nova.
Switching back to her Star’s frequency, she ordered them to move out and follow the general path of Redfox Star.

30 minutes later Redfox Five had found the enemy’s landingzone. When she reported back to the star, they were surprised to hear their enemy was fielding a star of light OmniMechs to defend it.

“Redfox One, repeat, OmniMechs defending the Landingzone, quineg?”

“Aff Star Captain. According to Redfox Five, the Invaders have a star of OmniMechs, primarily light machines, defending the ground around their DropShip.”

That confirmation was not what Franziska had hoped to hear, but at least it sounded like they had the advantage in numbers and tonnage.

“Any information in regards to that DropShip she wants to share with us?”

There was a short pause before the response from Redfox One, Presumably to confirm the information with the scout.

“It appears to be a modified Mammoth though from the looks of it, there are no weapons able to fire at ground forces while Landed. I repeat, no weapons to defend itself with.”

“Understood, no apparent Weapons to attack us with directly.”

Which meant that the Artillery that had destroyed the rest of their Cluster might be its only weapon in working order. That of course meant their best chance at fighting off these honorless swines was to close in on them and the drop ship so the Artillery was useless.

“In that case. Redfox Star, regroup at Redfox Five’s position and engage the enemy forces.”

“Are we supposed to drive them off on our own, quineg?”

“Neg, Grey- and Snowfox Star will reinforce you as soon as possible.”

“Understood, Redfox One out.”

When they did finally catch up to the rest of their Forces, only two of the enemy Mechs were still fighting back. But they had not gotten away unscathed either, Redfox Five’s Piranha was lying on the ground, both legs torn to shreds.

Though just as the rest of Gamma Trinary was arriving to reinforce Redfox Star, a trio of unknown Mechs were stepping out of the forest. The Shadow Cat in the center of the new hostiles had net’s filled with what looked like supplies strapped to it’s back. The Executioner to its left was loaded in a similar manner.
As she tried to get a look at the third enemy approaching, she noticed the Arctic Cheetah jump behind Redfox One’s Jenner IIC.

We are having none of that. Franziska thought as she tracked the jumping Mech with her weapons. Just as it was touching ground, a light beep indicated the Streak SRMs had acquired a target lock. Pressing the trigger, Franziska unloaded all her weapons into the spineless surat that was about to interfere in Redfox One’s fight.

First to impact was the slug from the Gauss, which completely obliterated the right leg.
Next came the Long Range Missiles that removed all the armor on the rear torsos.
While the lasers went wide, the Streak SRM took off the light Mech’s other leg, leaving it to crash onto the ground rather than land gracefully.
Pointing her Weapons at the approaching Assault Mech, Franziska opened an open Com Channel.

“This is Star Captain Franziska of the 99th Strike Cluster, Surrender now and your worthless lives might be spared”

While sparing their lives was more than these bandits deserved, claiming their remaining Mechs as Isorla intact would make rebuilding their cluster easier once this was over.
But the only response from their enemies were salvos fired at Greyfox Two from both approaching mechs.

“I will take on both of them, do not interfere.” came Greyfox Two’s voice over the Coms.

“Greyfox One here, Understood.” Switching to the command channel again, Franziska continued.
“Snowfox Star for Greyfox One, form up behind me. I will open the door for you to storm the DropShip.”

“Snowfox One-One, understood, we will follow you into the belly of the beast.”

As she turned to make good on her words, the Star Captain noticed the enemy Shadow Cat about to step onto the downed Redfox Five. A moment later that feet was no longer attached to the hip actuator as a trio of Lasers melted the structure holding it off.

“I am your opponent, leave those already defeated out of this.” Came the voice of Greyfox Two, both over the same open channel Franziska had used moments and his Stone Rhino’s speakers. Nice one. Franziska thought to herself, a smile on her lips. Now let us get through this door. As her 90 ton machine got up to full speed, she fired a salvo of missiles towards the closest bay door on the DropShip. After sending out a second salvo, she turned the torso so the Impact with the door would concentrate on her Mech’s shoulder.
Seconds later, accompanied by the screech of tearing metal, Franziska stepped into the DropShip and turned on the external speakers on her mashine.

“I claim this DropShip and all it contains as Isorla. Any honourable warrior may find me here at the entrance to challenge me over this.” Turning the speakers of and commed her Elementals. “Take control of this DropShip now, kill all who do not surrender immediately.”

Mere minutes later, as the sun finally fully crested the horizon, all enemy resistance had been eliminated. With the help of one of the MechBays in their new DropShip, the MechWarriors of Gamma Trinary had disembarked their machines once they had stored all the salvage in the DropShip.

There had been barely two dozen men to the pack of bandits. While there was more ammunition for the Arrow IV system mounted on the nose of the dropship, it seemed they did not have enough manpower to reload it while also getting the eight Mechs they had used ready.

As she was pondering how to best return the supplies to the civilians they had been taken from, an Elemental running up to her drew the Star Captain’s Attention.

“Star Captain, there is something you need to see.”

“Did you catch one of them alive? Or found out where they got their Mechs from?”  Franziska inquired as she turned to follow the giant woman back to where she had come from.

“No, and you won’t believe me anyways.” The Elemental commented with a shake of her head. “It is a good surprise though.”

“I’ll judge that myself when we...” Franziska commented, but started to trail off as she caught a glimpse of the prize held in the cargo bay she was led towards. “Am, am I dreaming?” she inquired incredulously.

“Neg Ma’am. Should I punch you to confirm it?”

“Neg” Was all she could say as she took in the sight before her.
Strapped to the floor of the cargo bay was another fifteen OmniMechs.

“How did some simple Bandits get their hands on so many OmniMechs?”

Before her escort could respond, another Warrior stuck his head into the cargo hold.

“Star Captain, we need you to take the coms.”

“What is it?”

“A Batchall was just issued.”

Looking at the Elemental next to her, Franziska sighed. “Let us go and see who armed these Bandits to soften us up.”

Not waiting for a reply, she made haste towards the DropShip’s comstation, where a Hologram of an aging Warrior was displayed.

“The Snow Raven desires to add the shiny gem that is this world to his nest, who dares to try and wrest it from his beak?”

“This is Star Captain Franziska of Clan Diamond Shark’s Sigma Galaxy’s 99th Strike Cluster. We will defend this world with a Trinary and it’s attached DropShip.”

Turning the Com’s Microphone off for a moment, Franziska turned to the Elemental with her. “Make sure the Arrow IV batteries are fully loaded. We will need them if we hope to win this.”


Not sure when, or eve if I'll continue with this. I mostly wrote it as the idea would not leave my head, nor let me write the things I try to update regularly.

Still, once the black pixels had displaced the white ones, I decided there's no harm in sharing it with people. So I do hope you enjoyed if you read it.


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Re: Whelps in the middle of nowhere
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interesting start to the story. Where do the bandits come from, is there a connection with the Snow Ravens - the timing seems incongruous, interesting points to continue with! :thumbsup:


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Re: Whelps in the middle of nowhere
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Re: Whelps in the middle of nowhere
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Great idea, love to see more, please!
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Re: Whelps in the middle of nowhere
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Firing the tagging unit
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