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Author Topic: Who are the Free Guilds?  (Read 1087 times)


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Who are the Free Guilds?
« on: 26 April 2014, 18:20:06 »
Hey gang, I just wanted to start a thread discussing the Free Guilds and what exactly they are in Clan society. Now I am aware that as of now they have been retconned from canon as an error made by Focht (see the link below).,16102.0.html

But for the sake of this discussion let’s just say the Free Guilds do exist and Focht didn’t screw up. What do we know?

Khan Elias Crichell proposed as part of Operation Revival, that in accordance with writings from the Kerensky Archives, that the ilClan assume control of the Free Guilds, which are the merchants, techs, scientists, and other lower castes whose affiliation is to Clan society and not to one Clan. (JFSB pg 21)

Khan Crichell acknowledged the logistical concerns of Commander Jessica Buhallin of Iota Galaxy and Logistics Overseer Tanner Calbot only so far as to order Falcon bankers to contract a few extra transports from the Free Guilds. The Free Guilds, in return for the Falcons' long-standing disdain for their caste, charged that Clan extraordinarily high fees for each ship, while giving the other invasion Clans a far more reasonable rate. (JFSB pg 21)

Free Guilds appears in the Index of the Invading Clans Sourcebook (JFSB pg 21)

The ilClan would assume control of the “Free Guilds” – those elements of the civilian castes that form part of Clan society but do not belong to a specific Clan.(CWoK pg. 18)

So I have always wondered who the Free Guilds are and how/why would the Clans tolerate their existence? The development of Spacer Cultures like the Belters in the Terran system and those mentioned in Historical Operation Klondike got me thinking – could the Free Guilds be Clan Spacers?

It kind of makes sense to me given the terrestrial ‘Mech perspective of the Clans and the BattleTech universe in general. Most everything is ground based and off world societies don’t get much play. Given the only thing we know about this group is that they are an independent or autonomous faction within the Clans and they loan out ships to others I think the Spacer ideal could really work.

I got a bunch of idea seeds I have jotted down for a possible fanon history of this interesting Clan faction but I’d like to know what you think first.