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Author Topic: Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe  (Read 841 times)


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Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe
« on: 04 December 2020, 10:50:05 »
The Outworlds Alliance Succession War timeline.
2772:  David Avellar becomes president of the OA.  David Avellar sets out to change the OA constitution to allow laws to pass and be enforced by a two thirds majority.  House of planets(1 vote per planet), House of the People(1 vote per 100,000 people) to be added.  Planets may succeed but will get no OA support if they do.
Factories to build heavy APC’s on all province capitals started.  The heavy APC is planned as the main OA garrison unit.  The APC is named the Mitchella and has multiple designs.  The first change is the dropping a one machine gun to put either a SRM 4 or LRM 5 and one machine gun in a turret.  A 3 ton infantry bay is used for both.  A command version, dropping the infantry bay for 3 tons of communication gear and a cavalry version, dropping the infantry bay for a second SRM 4 in the turret are two of the most notable of the 12 designs which cover fuel, ammo, MASH and other uses.
Current builds as of 2772.
Alpheratz:  12 Wasps, 12 Stingers, 12 Locusts.
Ramora:  12 Seydlitz, 6 Lightning.  They also build small craft, life boats and escape pods which are sold to the SLDF.
Currently Germanium is mined in Toten by the SLDF.  The system of Quatre Belle has a SLDF fleet repair yard.  Ramora has a warship yard under SLDF control.
Mitchella is producing unknown vehicles.  David pushes for them to start the design of a 50 ton tank using a 200 ICE engine to use to garrison all province capitals and factory worlds.  The Alliance tank has either a LRM 5 and AC 5  or a LRM 20 in the turret with both having a SRM 4 and machine gun facing the front.  In addition a 25 ton hover craft using the 120 fusion engine of the Wasp/Stinger with 3 medium lasers and a SRM 4 in a turret and production of a 40 ton fusion tank with a large laser, LRM 5, SRM 4 and 2 machine guns in a turret and a 3 ton infantry bay, using the 160 fusion engine from the Locust line will be designed.
Sevon:  Alliance Motors Limited is tasked with designing the Spacehound industrial mech using a 160 fusion engine for space mining and several varieties of the Rockhound industrial mech using a 160 fuel cell engine for terrestrial mining.  Plans for other industrial mechs such as the harvester ant are sought.
Initially plans are to build small craft and industrial mechs to generate money for rebuilding and expansion.
2782:  OA recruits one regiment of the 284th Battlemech Division and two battalions of the 165th Mechanized Infantry Division.  About 120 Battlemechs, 80 Vehicles of Star League, but unknown, type and 20 Aerospace fighters.  The OA petitions for rights to convert the Ramora warship yard into a jumpship production line to build Merchant jumpships.  Plans for the Trojan dropship are acquired from the Taurian’s and the OA asks to be able to produce this design at the Quatre Belle yards.
2784:  Alpheratz Guards and Alliance Grenadiers reformed from SL units recruited in 2782.  General Kerensky announces his Exodus plan. 
The OA recruits the Ulm and Wavefront Titan class drop ships from the 125th independent aero wing and uses them to guard Quatre Belle and Ramora.  The OA bargains with the TC for a rent to own use of one of their Snowden mining stations.  Plans for their Spacehound industrial mech and aerospace training instructors are part of the exchange.
2789:  Comstar Mercenary Review Board formed.
2790:  Taurian’s start producing the Tigress small craft.  OA acquires plans to produce the Tigress.  Plans for the Gotha aerospace fighter are acquired.  One of the Seydlitz lines is converted to build it.
2795:  MASC, Narc are lost.
2796:  AMS lost.
2800:  Outworlds Alliance Military Review Board formed.  Hiring of small mercenary units for guarding factory/province capital worlds and pirate hunting approved.
2807:  Quickcell starts producing the Scorpion tank.  Plans are acquired as it uses the same 100 ICE engine that the heavy tracked/wheeled APC does.  Production of the Sparrow(Angel) light strike fighter starts on Ramora.  Every planet in the OA will receive at least a flight for recon.
2809:  Kong Interstellar produces the downgraded Black Knight.
2810:  Ferro Fibrous armor lost.
2819:  BAP lost.
2820:  Black Knight production destroyed.
2821:  1st Succession War ends.
2824:  Comstar starts recruitment in the periphery.
2830:  2nd Succession War begins.  Production of the 50 ton Protector conventional fighter on Ramora is started.
2833:  Swarm LRM’s lost.
2835:  Wynn’s Roost and local planets succession from the Outworlds Alliance.  Planets retained due to change in constitution and production of garrison units to protect each world.
2838:  Operation Holy Shroud.
2840:  Taurian Cyrano VTOL factory destroyed.
2841:  Mk VII small craft production starts.
2843:  Holy Shroud ends.
2855:  Colonel Hendrik Grimm I leads remnants of the 65th Lyran Regulars to Oberon.
2860:  ERPPC lost.
2864:  2nd Succession War ends.
2865:  Double Heat Sinks and XL engines lost.  Mountain Wolf Battlemechs designs and begins production of the 35 ton Corbie battlemech using a 175 engine.  Moving at 5/8/5 and have a large and two medium lasers it marks a massive upgrade in OA battlemech capability.
2866:  3rd Succession War begins.
2882:  Faslane Yard Ship and Elephants drop ship production started by Comstar.
2901:  Marten VTOL production starts.
2901:  2nd Alliance Air Wing forms on Dneiper.
2904:  Ferret VTOL production starts.  Production of both the Marten and Ferret on Mitchella is sought so these VTOL’s may be used to assist in recon for worlds not having large garrisions.  A request to design a 30 ton strike VTOL is put in.
2920:  Marian Hegemony founded.  Comstar tour and reopening of comm. links to periphery.
   Karnov production starts.
2922:  1st Legio formed.
2933:  Comstar warship fleet established.
2937:  Hunter LRM tank production starts.
2941:  Comstar starts production of Dante Frigate.
2943:  Vedette production starts.
2945:  Mountain Wolf Battlemechs Vendrel plant destroyed, Alpheratz plant abandoned.  Mountain Wolf Battlemechs is tasked with designing a 60 ton battlemech, the Crow, moving at 4/6/4, with 2 large and 2 medium lasers.
2947:  Behemoth production starts.
2958:  Chevalier production starts, Comstar.
2960:  Magellan JS production starts, Comstar.
2964:  Ronaine Avellar negotiates with Hohiro Kurita.  Four new lines of Lightning aerospace fighters are built on Ramora and the 24 built each year are sold to the Draconis Combine.  Plans for the Charger battlemech are acquired and designs for an 80 ton mech, moving at 3/5/3, with an AC 20, LRM 20 and 3 medium lasers are put in production.  Previous plans to build the 60 ton Hellcat and 80 ton Vulcan are dusted off and lines set up using funds from sales of the Lightning to the DC.
2967:  Wild Weasel VTOL production starts.
2971:  New Samarkand metals start supplying raw materials to the OA.
2979:  Tripitz affair, Holy Shroud II.  OA units on scene to escort it back to Quatre Belle for refit counter the unknown raiders and save the ship.  The OA, having secretly recovered and repaired two Pinto warships has the knowledge and facilities to put this warship back in service for the TC.
2980:  Maltex fields the Assassin battlemech.
2982:  Defiance Industries produces the Manticore tank.
2984:  Discovery of Merkava factory on Vannes.
2987:  Production of Pike tank starts.  With the chassis the same four turrets are designed for use.  The first has 2 AC 2’s, 2 SRM 4’s and 2 LRM 5’s.  The second has two AC 5’s and 2 SRM 4’s.  The third has 2 LRM 20’s and the last a Sniper artillery piece.  All have 6 tons of ammo for their weapons.
2988:  Catherine Humphries begins rule of Andurien.
2989:  Maximilian Liao begins rule of the Capellan Confederation.
2990:  Dormandaine settled by the OA.  Circinus Federation begins settling of worlds around Circinus.       Zarantha Calderone begins rule of the TC.  Kallon starts production of the Hornet battlemech.  Olivetti Weaponry formed.  Catherine Humphries approaches the MoC about an alliance and economic and military cooperation.
2991:  Janos begins rule of Free Worlds League.
2992:  Blantleff colonized by the CF and IL.  With a signed, but secret, treaty, technical assistance flows into the MoC.  Production of the Sabre ramps up to 30 a year with half being sold to Andurien.  The Shadow Hawk has its SRM 2 pulled and 2 medium lasers added.  Production ticks upward to 12 a year.  The Calliope battlemech is designed using the 40 ton Hermes II as a model.  Moving at 6/9, it has a large laser, SRM 4 and LRM 5.  As they already produce the 240 fusion engine for the Manticore this reduces production concerns.  The 75 ton Penthesilea, using the 225 fusion of the Sabre aerospace fighter and moving at 3/5/3 is also designed.  It is armed with a large laser, AC 10, PPC and 3 medium lasers.
2994:  Rusenstein is Primus.
2998:  Brutus tanks production starts, CC lukewarm to it.
2999:  Ian Davion begins rule of the Suns.
3000:  Comstar begins recruitment in the Periphery.  Magistracy of Canopus approach’s Kressly Warworks about purchasing 12 a year and about opening a factory up in the MoC.
3002:  Anton is duke of Procyon, General Crawford is courtmartialed.  Mechbuster begins production.
3004:  Jolly Roger affair.  The MoC doubles their order(secretly selling half to Andurien) and construction of a subsidiary factory for the Brutus is started.
3005:  Tiepolo is Primus.
3007:  Katrina becomes Archon.  Blackwell starts building units for Wolf Dragoons.  Kestrel VTOL production starts.  Exterminator, downgraded, production started by Kallon Industries. 
3009:  Marius begins rule of Marian Hegemony.
3010:  Merlin production starts.  Production of the Crow starts in 2945 instead.  Acquire plans for the Centurion aerospace fighter and begin production.
3011:  8th Galedon regulars formed.  Hanse commands 3rd Davion Guard.
3012:  Oberon Confederation formed.  Kyalla Centrella rules the MoC.  Hanse commands Capellan March.  Marauder II production starts.
3013:  Michael Hasek rules New Syrtis.  Ian Davion dies.
3014:  Hanse attacks Halstead station.  Marik civil war.  Laurel’s Legion forms.
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Re: Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe
« Reply #1 on: 04 December 2020, 11:36:10 »
So, the point of this is to see what the OA and other periphery realms could do to stop the bleeding.  The OA is the worst with over 70 lost worlds by 3025.

In 2780 the OA is listed as building the Wasp, Stinger, Locust, Seydlitz and Lightning.  Nothing else, the Hunter and Vedette don't start production until the 2900's.  They have a horrible constitution and a dislike of battlemechs.

Step one:  Change the constitution and the way worlds are represented.  Sure, you will lose a few worlds to succession, but you will gain a lot of ability to get things done.
Step two:  Make money.  Build small craft, Merchant jump ship and Trojan drop ship for use and sale.  Build industrial mechs for use and sale.
Step three:  Defend your worlds from pirates.  Build Mitchella heavy APC-tracked, factories on every province capital producing around 20 per year for each factory.  That is 140 a year total with an average front line use of 20 years with about 10 more years in reserve.  That lets you put about 16 APC's on every world, regardless of importance.  Build a single wheeled and hover heavy APC on Mitchella to provide worlds with terrain that lends to the alternative movement type the use of it.  Build a Sparrow(light strike fighter) factory on Ramora to supply every would with at least a flight of fighters.
Step four:  Defend province capitals and factory worlds with the heavier Alliance tank.  You have about 12-15 worlds you need to defend and one factory producing 20 a year will make 400 over the 20 year lifetime use of a front line tank.  Build a Protector conventional fighter on Ramora and send 6-12 to each world to boost its defenses.
Step five:  Build 7 defensive units to respond to any crisis in the province it is stationed in.  Here is where the Shrew fusion hover, Outworld fusion tank and 30 ton VTOL's come in.  Supported by Mitchella APC's it would allow each province to have 30 APC's, 14 Shrew, 14 Outworld and 16 VTOL's(Mohawk and Comanche), along with 36 platoons of infantry.  Each unit would be backed up by 28 battlemechs and 20 aerospace fighters.
Step six:  Build 3 mobile combined arms units like the ones for the provinces but double the number of aerospace fighters and battlemechs.  Build one battlemech only force with 132 battlemechs and 26 aerospace fighters as the hammer.
Step seven:  Have the transport assets to move them all.  You will be producing the Trojan, with a cargo capacity of 1533 tons.  Build a variant that can move 24 light tanks and 12 platoons.  Buy Unions from the TC and refit them to hold 6 aerospace fighters and 8 battlemechs.  By a small number of Leopards and command units.  You will be building the Merchant, so there you have it.


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Re: Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe
« Reply #2 on: 04 December 2020, 11:56:17 »
By 3014, when my AU will kick off the OA should produce the following per year.

12 Stinger, 12 Wasp, 12 Corbie(35 ton), 12 Crow(60 ton), 6 Shrike(80 ton).  Every mech jumps, something that tanks can't do.  This makes them more useful to the OA who doesn't like battlemechs.
6 Seydlitz, 6 Centurion ASF, 6 Lightning(24 more being sold to the DC), 6 Gotha, 6 Hellcat, 6 Vulcan.  They love ASF, give them some.
140 Mitchella heavy tracked APC's, 20 wheeled, 20 hover.  20 Alliance medium tanks, 12 Shrew hover, 12 Outworld medium fusion tank, 20 Mohawk/Commanche VTOL, 20 Ferret VTOL.
12 Sparrow light strike fighters, 6 Protector heavy fighters.
1 Merchant jump ship, 2 Trojan drop ships, many different type of small craft for use and mainly sale.  Possibly the Union(OA version).  In later years Merchants and Trojan's would be for sale, with just enough(small reserve) being retained for the military.
Lots of Rockhound, Spacehound and other industrial mechs, mainly for sale.

How can they do this?

Quatre Belle naval repair yard.  If it can repair a warship it can be converted to build a 3200 ton drop ship.
Germanium mines in an asteroid belt in the Toten system.  For use by that jump ship line at Ramora, now you know why they rented the Snowden station.
Ramora shipyard, listed as the warship yard being mothballed.  If it can build a warship it can build a jump ship.
Ramora also builds small craft and aerospace fighters.  VTOL's and conventional fighters should be a piece of cake.
Alpheratz has light mech factories and will use Mountain Wolf Battlemechs when available.
Mitchella produces vehicles.
Praxton produces fusion engines.
Lushann produces some of the best lasers in the inner sphere.


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Re: Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe
« Reply #3 on: 07 December 2020, 01:34:57 »
Okay I'm interest but could you "highlight" the AU parts of the timeline, so we can see the changes exactly, some of them I spotted but I'm not Fully up to date on current canon so.
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Re: Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe
« Reply #4 on: 07 December 2020, 07:50:38 »
Are you going to start up actual fan-story based on what you have posted so far on this thread for your AU's Timeline version of the AO or is this something else?
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Re: Alternative history for the OA for an alternative universe
« Reply #5 on: 07 December 2020, 18:19:54 »
Mountain Wolf Battlemech produced the Night Hawk Battlemech during the Uprising, they might be able to maintain it.

Deep Spin, SLDF maintenance yard was located at Linden to support DoME efforts in the "wastes". That was where the 963rd Independent Aero Wing was stationed when the Uprising started.

Just a few tidbits, or the OA could expend the effort to actually maintain the "Wastes" so that they don't lose all 70 systems.