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Author Topic: Zeta - 4th SW - The Last stand at Tartarus  (Read 561 times)

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Zeta - 4th SW - The Last stand at Tartarus
« on: 02 May 2019, 10:56:58 »
Hey, I was just skimming my Google docs - when I found this story. I can remember that I've started it some years ago, as part of an MWO short story contest, but ignored the conditions and didn't take part.
While I'm not a native English speaker I hope you can enjoy this part, still.
Feel free to add correction or critics, and yeah I know it's not finished but - when its unreadable nonsense I don't need to write further correct  ^-^

Zeta was marching.
While the Dragoons made their last stand.

Zeta, equal to all Regiments but only a battalion.
Zeta never cunning but always unperturbed.
A force as implacable as a moon and as destructive as a tsunami.

After the Misery campaign, the still limping Dragoons were forced to fight for their survival, again. Takashi Kurita, blinded by his dictate of honor, has ordered the destruction of the Dragoons. Creatures grown from intrigues and greed are eager to follow these orders, in a race to beat their competitors.
The five mangled Regiments did fight on Glenmora, Harrows' Sun and Wapakoneta.
Finally, on Crossing those brutalized regiments merge, to form just a single regiment.
The AFFS High Command decided to remove the Dragoons from the list of active units, but too late.
Wolf knowing that Kurita would not stop trying to destroy them, did choose the Tartarus Cladera as the place of his final fight.

Four regiments of the Galedon Hussars arrived only weeks after the first Dragoons made it planetfall.
Although mangled in late fighting those regiments were comparible fresh. The ranks were full of green warriors fresh from the academy. Everybody was eager to earn honor and glory in the defeat of this remarkable foe.

Besieged for almost 30 days, badly outnumbered but determined the Dragoons fought on. There was nothing to gain on Crossing but everything to lose.
The line crumbled.

And then Zeta arrived, coming down the slope of the caldera.

“Faster, Faster!”
The call was made and passed through the ranks.
Every warrior repeated the credo in the humming noise of their cockpits.
I know it, because I did it. While the Zeus mighty strides made me feel like a pinball. BattleMechs are able to cross any terrain, sure - doesn't mean it is a good idea. I had bruises already on legs and arms. Every misstep on the rocky and traitorous soil send a shock through my spine.

“Faster, Faster!”
Colonel J. Elliot Jamison shouting at his command. His battered Stalker leading the charge in the best tradition of Zeta.

Faster? Impossible, but not on this day. Even the slowest Mech like Fanciers Banshee kept the pace.
It was fear that haunted us. Not of the terrain behind, but the situation in front.
Those that survived Misery were haunted persons, cracked in mind and body. Something kept them going, kept them upright where lesser man and woman collapsed.
I think. the spirits of the dead didn't allow them to rest.
No wonder, they had left most of their dead on the forsaken ground of Misery. In the end, not even a company of Zeta was standing and most of the fallen BattleMechs went down with their pilots.
And now the remaining Dragoons were about to meet the same fate if we arrived late.

A Marauder II,  from Tara Lucas’s Red Company, made a wrong step and fell down. One of the new, fresh blood -Like me. Provisional added to Zeta to boost its strength. Trained but never tested.

“Watch your step, the next who falls will lose his license - forever!” Tara was as angry as she was good. She expected nothing beyond perfection and the history of her company did prove her expectations.
The Red Company had suffered badly but survived. The company's rival in the race to be the best company throughout the Dragoons however did share a worse fate. The White Company ceased to exist on Misery.
I really hoped that the second Company wouldn't face the same faith again. If only for the reason that I was part of it.

Beyond directed IR connection, Colonel Jamison had ordered total radio silence, but even the recivers didn’t get a Dragoon signal. Lots of coded chatter of the Snakes, or the Davion units, but the Wolf link was silent. So no data uplink meant no updated tactical situation, we were blind out there, something unsettling.
I didn't serve long enough to really understand the difference Major Cameron was able to do.
With sophisticated equipment and great skill, he provided valuable tactical information and orchestrated the different elements in a combat theater into an organic unit.
But there was no link, although even the Irian E.A.R device of Camerons Hermes II should be enough to surpass any possible jamming
So we rushed down the slope without informations about the strength and position of the enemy mechs. The usual doctrine would have asked to advance carefully, but we all felt that time was running out. We hope that it was not too late, and we feared that it was.