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Author Topic: Fan Finance 2.0 Guidelines (Updated 12/18/2016)  (Read 18626 times)


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Fan Finance 2.0 Guidelines (Updated 12/18/2016)
« on: 10 January 2015, 12:28:00 »
Welcome to the new Fan Finance that we are opening up again, but with several changes. All of the changes are below in the guidelines. There may be some additional tweaks and adjustments after we see how our changes have worked out. Our goal with the changes is to help control the flow of items to be funded so that we can avoid them being paid for and waiting to be completed and then released, sometimes this was a long time for some items. Since the forum is locked down more than normal, we will have a thread created for any questions.

Below are the Guidelines for Fan Finance 2.0

Funding Process

Step 1: We will create a suggestion thread per round, it will be open for one to two weeks depending on how the response is. Limit to two suggestions per user. During this time we will also let the person who suggested the item know if it can be done, due to if its already planned for later in the year. When the suggestion thread is closed, we will create a poll with a select number of suggestions. During this step, we will also determine the cost for the sculpt, some there is a flat rate for new sculpts, such as Mechs $800 and Vehicle & Mech Scale Fighters $500. The flat rate is for both Hand Sculpted or CAD Sculpted / Printed designs. Pricing for Battle Armor and Infantry will be determined on a case to case basis depending on the item selected. Additional variant parts to new sculpt depending what is involved might be extra cost.

NOTE: Fan Financing 2.0 project for 2016, we are limiting suggestions to Mechs, vehicles, BattleArmor and Mech Scale Aerospace Fighters. Variants of a particular Mech or Vehicle can be suggested as well.  As we continue the project we will add more types to later rounds, such as ProtoMechs and smaller fleetscale / microscale will join the list of Fan Financing items.

Step 2: The poll will be created and open for one week and the top two or three from the poll will be able to have Funding threads created so people can pledge money towards the item. To keep the poll from being over crowded, it will be limited to 10 suggestions. The 10 selected will be pulled from the suggestions thread based on the total number of times a suggestion is nominations in the thread.

Step 3: The winner will have there Funding threads opened first for people to pledge money towards. During the funding stage, we would like one person to become the Lead contact for the item being funding. So that they can collect all of the contact information (Name, email, and amount) for the backers and then help to make sure peoples payments are sent to Iron Wind Metals PayPal address. This can be done by forwarding the payment confirmation email that is received from PayPal. Then IWM will pay the sculptor for there work.

Step 4: Once IWM has been paid, then I will create the thread on our QCC forum and sculpting will begin. When sculpting has been complete and approved by QCC it will be turned into IWM, then we will open up other Funding thread until all three of the poll winners have been sculpted. Once all three winners have been funded and sculpted, another suggestion thread will be opened for the next round. The completed sculpted items will be worked onto the web only release schedule.

Fan Finance Credit

All credit for Fan Finance project will be issues in forum of a voucher through IWM online store. So when I get the collected information for a funded sculpt, I will send out emails from the IWM online store to redeem the voucher of the amount that each person pledged to the sculpt. Credit is still 1 to 1. So now when you place a order with IWM on there webstore, you can use your credit for the purchase.

What can be suggested to be funded

Only official designs that are from any of the FASA/FanPro/CGL Published TRO and online TRO PDF can be suggested for funding. The item also needs to have existing art work, unless its a variant of a known design.

New Classics are not eligible for Fan Finance

Job of Lead Contact

When the funding goal is reached:
  • Send a PM to Speck (if he has not already contacted you) asking for IWM PayPal address and Specks email address.
  • Send a PM to all financiers that...
    • asks for their full names and email addresses
    • include IWM PayPal address
    • gives any special instructions for labeling the payment to avoid confusion.
    • Remind people to forward the PayPal confirmation email to Specks email address with a note in the body for what is being Funded
  • Be aware that the forum limits you to 10 personal messages per hour. (One PM to five people counts as five PMs.)

When all of the funds have been sent to IWM:
  • Send a PM to speck with each financiers full name, email address, and amount paid.

Sending money via PayPal:
  • Login to PayPal
  • Under the "Send & Request" tab, choose the option to "Pay for Goods or Services" 
  • From there, follow PayPal's instructions for sending money
  • Be sure to use the notes section to specify the reason for payment

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