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Author Topic: Fan Finance 2.0 Questions  (Read 156847 times)


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Re: Fan Finance 2.0 Questions
« Reply #540 on: 04 October 2022, 10:20:44 »
Or at least during the same month.
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Re: Fan Finance 2.0 Questions
« Reply #541 on: 04 October 2022, 10:23:54 »
Or at least during the same month.

Having finances that bounce back that fast is a "What if I won the lottery?"-level fantasy for me.
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Re: Fan Finance 2.0 Questions
« Reply #542 on: 04 October 2022, 10:31:11 »
Yeah, Levs + Mercs + regular Q3/Q4 product + Christmas for the folks + living expenses + saving to wrap up my degree is... well, it's basically 100% of my budget for the rest of the year.

On that note, dear universe, please hold any expensive disasters until Q2 2023 at earliest.
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Re: Fan Finance 2.0 Questions
« Reply #543 on: 05 October 2022, 18:47:42 »
Counts on what is up to be sculpted for me!
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