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Author Topic: Round 1 2017 Fan Funding - Catapult CPLT-C2 (Dark Age Catapult) - Funded  (Read 14482 times)


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I will be sending the vouchers out today. You will receive a email from IWM with a voucher code & a link. It is best if you go to IWM webstore and log in with your account first before you click the link in the email. Just easier for you, after you click the link, it will add the voucher to your account. At check out payment page you will select PayPal or Credit card payment and then check the Use voucher checkbox below those payments. This will let the store know you want to use your voucher amount and if you spend more then the voucher the store will then have you pay the difference with which ever payment method you selected.
Thanks for the update and the instructions.


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My apologies all for the long delay for updates and the rewards for the top fundicators.

Here is a bit of an update on the model using feedback from the wonderfully talented and helpful IAMCLANWOLF.

Take a look!

Also, I'll be PMing the winners to confirm shipping adresses and I'll have the 3d points out the door in the next few days.


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I like what I see. Justin must be fun to work with, he's shown some incredible creativity in his work and I'm glad you get to collaborate with him.

His kitbashes are so great as well, it's hard to tell where parts were added since everything looks like it belongs there.


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Heh... I'm just glad Matt puts up with my crap!!

All kidding aside-- I do very much enjoy creating orthos.
And, am happy Matt and Dak will work with me.
Thanks for the kind words.
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I would be happy to work with them too! Doesn't seem like there's a shortage of talent at all in your circle. I still can't get over how great that Stalker you sent me looks. (sorry to go on a tangent)


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Just a update, I have received master copy and will be assembling soon. As soon as I hear that production molds are done I will post for sale.