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Title: A Chaos Campaign Guide to Betrayal of Ideals
Post by: strategoslevel3 on 10 July 2021, 07:46:10

At the start of the year 2823 there were 20 Clans. 20 named by the all father, Nicholas Kerensky, the IlKhan. 20 Clans who had stood victorious, only two years earlier, after the liberation of the Pentagon Worlds. By the end of 2824, there would only be 19…

Clan Wolverine was, without doubt, one of the most successful Clans to emerge from Operation KLONDIKE.  Having defeated implacable foes such as the Sand Confederacy and the Rasmussen Elite, but even in their time of greatest triumph, the seeds of their annihilation would be sown.
The IlKhan, Nicholas Kerensky, criticized Khan Sarah McEvedy, for her use of total war tactics, such as concentrated fire, during KLONDIKE.  And despite their heroism, despite their bravery, and despite their honor found in victory, others would look on, with anger, with fear, with jealousy… foremost amongst these was Khan Karrige of Clan Widowmaker.

After their victory, the Wolverines claimed a large holding on the Pentagon Word of Circe, in addition to their holdings on Strana Mechty and other worlds and they continued to prosper.  Their cities and holdings grew.  Their capital of Great Hope on Circe stood as a testament to their strength, and some even called the great city McEvedy, in tribute to their Khan.

An avalanche starts with the smallest pebble.  The pebble caught by the wind of fate slowly begins to roll.  As it does so, it gathers more energy, a slave to the very laws of physics themselves.  One pebble hits another, and then another, and if enough pebbles fall at the same time, the very earth itself may crumble.  The first pebble was Khan McEvedy’s decision to allow members of her Clan to migrate between castes, a simple move to allow for the production of more food.  The next pebble was the production of new models of BattleMechs, something that no other Clan had done.  The Stag II and the mighty Pulverizer both were armed with new Enhanced PPC’s.  With the same range as the SLDF ERPPC using a magnetic constriction pulse to stabilize the particle burst, the new Enhanced PPC was a fearsome weapon… and so the avalanche began…
Title: Re: A Chaos Campaign Guide to Betrayal of Ideals
Post by: FenderSaxbey on 10 July 2021, 16:01:42
Very well done!
Title: Re: A Chaos Campaign Guide to Betrayal of Ideals
Post by: strategoslevel3 on 10 July 2021, 18:39:21
Thanks. I really love to play in “Historic” scenarios based of the fluff and wonderful books and enjoy writing these!